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Okay, I am new here in AO3, and I would like it if all y’all treat me with kindness.

Info about the story:

  1. Omegas are rare, especially Male Omegas.
  2. Feral Omegas are considered myths because it’s been so long since anyone has met an actual Feral Omega. 
  3. Izuku is a Feral Omega.
  4. Alphas make 25% of the population, Betas make 70% of the population, and Omegas make 5% of the population.
  5. Slick tastes the same as the Omega’s scent an example would be: Naruto smells like Citrus, Sasuke said, and he taste like Orange Juice.
  6. Izuku was kidnapped at age 4, due to his “quirkless” status, but he still meets Katsuki.
  7. Izuku is thought out to be quirkless.
  8. It pains me to say this, as a major BakuDeku shipper, but this is Platonic BakuDeku.
  9. Katsuki doesn’t bully Izuku, he is still bullied, though.
  10. Inko is a Beta and Hisashi is an Alpha.
  11. Hisashi’s Parents are owners of a Support Company.
  12. Hisashi divorced Inko because of Izuku’s quirklesness.
  13. Hisashi is not All for One (though it is canon and no one will tell me otherwise)
  14. All for One is the one that kidnapped Izuku.
  15. Inko is awesome.
  16. True Mates or Fated Mates are rare to come by.
  17. Izuku’s quirk is an evolved version of Inko’s and Hisashi’s quirk.
  18. Inko and Toshinori meet while trying to find Izuku.
  19. Toshinori and Inko are fated or true mates.
  20. Toshinori is an Alpha.
  21. Toshinori is 29 years old, as is Inko.
  22. Nana doesn’t battle All For One, therefore she is still alive, but she does battle him when Toshinori is 31.
  23. Izuku and Hanta are fated or true mates.
  24. Hanta and Izuku meet in U.A.

This is all I could think of now, I am posting Chapter One next.

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The Kidnapping of Midoriya Izuku


”Kacchan! Kacchan! Happy Birthday Kacchan!” A four year old Izuku said.

”Heh, thanks Deku!” Katsuki smirked.

Izuku pouted, “Kacchan! That’s not my name! It’s Izuku! I-zu-ku, not De-ku.”

”Well, my name is Katsuki, Kat-su-ki, not Kacchan.” Katsuki smiled. He knew Izuku can’t pronounce his name well, that is how the name “Kacchan” was born.

”B-but, I can’t pronounce your name very well Kacchan. You know that!”

”’S not my fault your a baby, Deku,” Katsuki laughed out, “Anyways, where is Auntie Inko and Momma?” 

“Oh! Mommy is at the grocery store and Auntie Tsuki is getting something from the house,” Izuku nodded to himself, “But that means we’re alone with the other kids, of course.”

”Y’know, we’re pretty smart for 4-5 year olds.” Katsuki thoughtfully said.

”Yeah, Mommy said that too,” Izuku nodded. 

“Heh, why are you with Quirkless Deku, Kacchan?” A chubby boy said, behind him was a bony boy and a skinny girl smirking at them.

”Shut it, Chubbs, only we can call each other that!” 

”Aw, did I get on someone’s feelings?” The one nicknamed ‘Chubbs’ said as he saw Izuku look at him with a glaze in his eyes. 

“Shut up, Tsubasa.” Izuku glared, which was impressive for a four-year-old. Tsubasa cowered a bit with the two behind him whimpering.

”Whatever, lets go guys!” Tsubasa said. 

“Okay, c’mon Aki-chan.” The bony boy motioned for the girl to go with them.

”Hai,” the girl mutters.

”Let’s go play, Deku,” Katsuki smirks. 

”Un, Kacchan!” Izuku smiles.

Whilst playing a game of tag with the other kids Izuku sees purple mist crawling up to him.


”IZUKU!” Izuku hears mini explosions and a pull towards the opposite side of the purple mist. He sees Katsuki, his mom, and Mitsuki rushing towards him. The other kids are running to their parents crying or staring fearfully.



The mist engulfs him and all Izuku can see is black.

Minutes before the Kidnapping 

“Oh! Mitsuki, fancy seeing you here, where’s Izuku and Katsuki?” Inko questioned.

”I left the brat and Izu-chan at the park, we’re celebrating Katsuki’s birthday there.” Mitsuki answers.

”Oh, then let’s go there!” 

“Yeah, anyways how’s life, now that the scumbag left?” Mitsuki questioned.

“Oh! Well, it’s—” Inko said but got interrupted by a scream.

”KACCHAN! KACCHAN! SOMEONE!” That was Izuku’s voice! They turned their heads to see a purple mist engulf him slowly.

“IZUKU!” They scream, whilst they hear mini explosions behind them, that gave Inko the idea to use her quirk and pull him towards them. 

“KACCHAN!” Izuku screams.

”DEKU!” Katsuki is reaching forward to grab his hand before the mist engulfs him whole.

Everyone in the park is silent, you could hear a pin drop with how silent it is. Tsubasa and the fraternal twins stare in shock, the adults and kids are crying and frightened. Until someone finally called the police and tells them what happened. 

Inko just dropped on her knees, and stares at the place where Izuku was seconds ago.

Katsuki stares, that’s all he could do when he’s in shock.

Mitsuki is frozen for a second before going over to Katsuki and Inko and hugging them whilst crying, “Sorry, sorry, so so sorry!” She screams out.

Masaru barely comes, hearing the commotion and seeing his family crying and staring at a place he rushes over to them. 

“What happened? Mitsuki!” 

”I-I was just g-going to g-get some-something for K-Katsu-ki’s party w-when we he-ard a s-scream, a-and we saw I-Izuku being engulf-fed by p-purple m-m-mist, t-this is my f-fa-ult, I-I’m re-respon-sible for th-is!” Mitsuki screams. 

Inko just looks at her and hugs her. “I-it’s n-not you-your fau-fault, Tsu-ki,” Inko screams before their attention is casted down to Katsuki, whose been staring at the same spot Izuku was in a couple minutes ago, silent and frozen. “K-Katsuki?” Inko questions, afraid of his reaction.

”I-I’m sorry, Auntie ‘Ko, I-I’ll find him, once I become a hero! I’ll find him, I swear!” He screams before a cry catches up to him, it’s not long before he’s full out sobbing.

Police come and question families until one points at the Bakugou-Midoriya family in the ground.

”Excuse me,” a female police officer  said, “I’m sorry to interrupt, but can you answer some of our questions?” 

“Y-Yeah, of-of course.” Inko went with the police officer to where a detective was waiting for them. Katsuki stood up and followed Inko to put in his cents. 

“I-it’s my fa-fault, ‘Saru, I-I left them alone, w-with out supervision,” Mitsuki whimpered out. 

“Honey, it’s not your fault, did you know this was going to happen?” Masaru questioned. Mitsuki shook her head, “B-but I le-left them alone, I could have- I could have helped, could have pulled him towards us!” 

Masaru could tell his wife was pulling at straws to keep blaming herself. “Oh, Mitsuki, it isn’t your fault sweetie, we didn’t know this would happen, YOU didn’t know this would happen.”

“Oh, ‘Saru!” Mitsuki whimpers before hugging her husband and joining Inko an Katsuki.