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Not For Very Much Longer

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They sat in silence for several minutes. It would be days before they would reach Transylvania let alone land on the moon drenched shores of Transexual. They had gone up to Riff Raff’s bedroom, which had become Magenta’s as well, to gather the minimal belongings they had in the castle. Their joy for returning to their home planet had quickly diminished after they realized the number of corpses that had accumulated in the Frankenstein Place; most of which they were responsible for the deaths of. Riff Raff could barely meet his sister’s glassy eyes after what he had done to the groupie. Columbia had been a real friend to Magenta during their grim time as Frank’s staff, and although he absolutely detested her squeaky voice and her childish demeanour, he was grateful for her kindness towards his beloved sister.

Magenta sat on the end of the bed, back turned to her brother, hardly processing what had happened in the past hour. Occasionally, she would receive flashes of memory, mental images of Riff Raff clutching the laser gun or Frank’s body floating lifelessly in the pool. 

“Riff?” She glanced over at her brother, who was hunched over, holding his head in his hands. She shifted towards him and placed a hand on his back, which was immediately swatted away. 

“Don’t touch me!” he yelled at her. “I don’t want you tainted by a murderer.” Her eyes were wide. “That’s what I am. A heartless, perverted murderer. I’m no good for you.” He stared out the bedroom window, which showcased a view of the cosmos. 

Riffy…” That was a name that she only called him in special circumstances, like when either of them were sick, or when he was absolutely miserable. She didn’t try to touch him this time. 

Almost out of nowhere, her brother broke into tears. “I’m so sorry…” he told her, “I know she was…special.”

The girl’s name didn’t need to be spoken for Magenta to know who Riff was talking about. She sniffled softly. “Just tell me… why did you kill Frank?” His past words echoed in her mind, “They didn’t like me! They never liked me!”

“After what he put us through? Magenta…”

“How do think the Old Queen will react?” She raised her voice. “That wasn’t the plan! Riff, you’re going to-“

“It’s the damn gas Magenta! Do you have any idea how many times he made advances on you in the halls no matter how many times you protested, how many times he said that our love was disgusting, how many times he lashed me with his whip for not playing by his rules? No. Because of the goddamn gas.” Riff stared at his sister with heartbreak in his eyes. He would never let anyone touch her again. Not anyone but him.

“What are you talking about?” she asked him. 

He went over to his cluttered desk, and pulled out a thin notebook from underneath a thick layer of scientific research papers. “I started keeping track after I found some whip markings I didn’t remember receiving.” He opened the notebook and began to read an entry. It was one from only two days before.

I am at the end of my rope with Frank. He is decent as a work partner, worse as a housemate, and the opposite of benevolent when it comes to treating his staff. Magenta didn’t come to bed last night. About an hour before sunrise she stumbled back into the bedroom, completely inebriated. She was tussled too. I could tell what that horrible man had done. He had gotten her drunk on Transylvanian wine (probably laced with something else) and violated her. I had never felt that angry in my entire memory. He has soiled my perfect sister, and now he must be stopped.

Her eyes were wide, a look of shock and distress on her face. “I don’t remember that happening at all.”

“He used the gas to make us forget how horribly he treated us. It’s how he kept us under his high heeled boot.”

“So that’s why you…” her voice was quiet, and cracked as she spoke.

“Yes. I did it for you.”

“Riff, I don’t want to be your motive for murder-“

“I did it to protect you Magenta! You heard what he did to you-“

“But you’ve killed a Transylvanian prince! Surely the Old Queen will-“

“Forget the Old Queen, it had to be done. I had to protect you.”

“You can’t die…” she almost whispered. A single tear ran down her cheek.

He took her pale face in his hands. “I’m not going anywhere,” he assured her. He kissed her full on the lips, as though he were trapped in the icy, barren reaches of space, and she was his last breath of oxygen. “I love you, my darling sister, and I will never let anyone hurt us ever again.” He pressed a kiss to her widow’s peak.

“I love you too, Riff.”

He helped her undress out of her uniform, and after she sorted out her hair. She had seen the style in one of Columbia’s magazines and thought it would scare Brad and Janet. Let’s just say it took more than one can of hairspray. Not that Columbia would be missing it anyway. 

She had finally gotten her hair out of that hideous beehive and was removing her makeup when she broke down. She tried to be quiet, she had to be strong for Riff. He would never forgive himself if he thought she blamed him for what happened to the groupie. Deep down she knew that Columbia couldn’t have gone with them to Transexual, but a part of her wanted to believe she could have. Riff Raff, who had gone to make sure the castle was on the right course had heard his sister’s weeping from outside the bedroom door. He entered the room and tiptoed to stand behind her at the vanity, gently pressing a kiss to the top of her head. As Riff wrapped his arms around her, Magenta leaned into his embrace for a moment, then buried her face in his still uniformed chest. She looked up at him, her face a little damp with her tears. “Take me,” she said, her voice was quiet, “I need you.”

He swept her into his arms, holding her close to his chest, and carried her to the bed they shared, promptly beginning to trail kisses down her neck to her collarbone. She pulled off his uniform and undid his garter belt, leaving him only in his underwear. She let out a lengthy gasp as he sucked her collarbone. Riff’s hand slid under the black babydoll Magenta had replaced her uniform with, pressing her body closer to his eager lips. Magenta rolled Riff Raff over so she was now straddling him. She pulled the babydoll over her head, as her brother eyed her breasts. Sweeping her auburn curls behind her shoulders, she leaned down to kiss Riff’s lips. Riff Raff was overcome by the sensation of his sister’s breasts brushing his chest, and her tongue occasionally sliding into his mouth as they kissed. He ran his hands down her bare back, and gently bit her lower lip. He let out a lascivious grunt as Magenta trailed her fingers down his stomach and began to stroke him through his underwear. He moved his mouth from her lips to her chest, beginning to kiss her breasts. “Mmm…Riff,” she mumbled. He was growing harder by the minute, so he took her hand, guiding it. 

“I thought you didn’t want me to touch you,” Magenta mocked. 

“You’re already ruined,” he said between kisses. 

“Right,” she agreed as she felt Riff’s stubble scratch at her chest, “You’re no good.”

You’re no good,” Riff said back, Magenta started to laugh, which turned into a sharp inhale when Riff slipped his fingers into her underwear. She bit her lower lip, tossing her head back and moaning with pleasure when he touched her in just the right spot. Her brother took her waist, placed her down on the bed, then rid himself of his underwear. Magenta watched as he climbed back into bed, his lanky form accentuated by the starlight. He got on top of her, pulling her underwear down to her ankles for her to kick off her feet. “Mmmmm… my dearest sister,” he purred, his eyes raking down her frame, she looked even paler in the dim light, “how delectable you look, how absolutely divine.”

She giggled shortly. His tongue started just above her navel, tracing a path up to her neck before kissing her on the jaw. As they began to make out, Riff Raff’s hand caressed Magenta’s waist. He could feel her half-smile against his lips as he began to tease. He tangled his fingers in her curly tresses. 

She cried out when he entered her, not in pain but in exhilaration. He wrapped an arm around her back as it arched, and grinded against her. As he picked up his rhythm, she let out little gasps and moans, and occasionally she mumbled his name. “Brother-” Her breathing became ragged as she approached her climax. She screamed his name when she did, and he followed her not too long after; releasing inside of his sister.

“My darling Magenta,” he said, going back to kissing her neck, he was also breathing heavily, “you are the most beautiful woman to ever live.”

“You’re just saying that because you’re in love with me,” she sarcastically replied.

“How did you know?”

She giggled at his quip, then pulled him into a long kiss.

“Come what may,” she told him, “promise me we’ll always be together.”

“I promise.”

He rolled off of Magenta to lie on his side, wrapping an arm around her waist. As he pulled her towards him, she curved into his embrace. She closed her eyes and snuggled into his chest. “Hold me,” she whispered, “and don’t ever let go.”

He placed the gentlest of kisses to her head and told her, “I won’t, my dear. As long as I live.”