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Mana’s Mouth Took Possession of His Body

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Theme: Mana’s mouth took possession of his body.


Essential sentences: “That chessboard is truly magnificent.”

“But I’m a carrot!”


Author: ~Blue_Mana~


Mana woke up one morning with a terrible headache. He crawled to the kitchen, where he found Gackt in the process of preparing breakfast.


Mana: “Mornin’.”


He embraced Gackt with his right knee.


Gackt: “You haven’t recovered from last night… ^ ^”


Mana: “What did we do last night?”


Gackt: We played chess with Yu~ki and Kami.”


Mana ate a piece of toast with his shoulder blade*.


Mana: That would explain why my mouth appears to have taken possession of my body…”


Gackt: “That chessboard is truly magnificent.”


Mana: “What?”


Gackt: “It all happened last night...”




Mana: “What can I get you? ^_^”


Kami: “Anything but carrots. I hate them.”


Yu~ki:“But I’m a carrot! T-T


Kami: “But I like you, Yu~ki.”


Gackt: “How about we play a game of chess?”


Kami & Yu~ki: “Ok!”


Mana: “I will look for the chessboard.”


The guitarist came back with the said game, but slipped on some carrot peel and fell, bumping his jaw on the chessboard.


Gackt: “Be careful, Princess! It is said that those who bash into this millennium chessboard will be possessed by an uncontrollably chubby force.”


Mana: “You are an idiot for believing things like that.”


Gackt: “You can laugh, but you’ll see tomorrow! è.é"


Mana was in the process of drinking through a straw with his buttocks.


Mana: “Am I doomed to be possessed by my mouth?!?”


Gackt: “Yes, I am truly sorry…”


In the end, life didn’t change much for Mana.


*The author wrote homoplate instead of omoplate (shoulder blade).