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BNHA Gets a Group Chat

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AllMightJR added Shouto, floaty, GearBoy and 7 other's to the chat.

AllMightJR named the chat McFreakin Lose It.

HotandFurious: Really Deku

AllMightJR: What? Aizawa said we need to learn to bond more.

Tapeman: but where is the rest of the class?

AllMightJR: I got tired of adding people. We can just add them as we go

acid: thats fair

floppy: so what exactly is the point of this?

AllMightJR: I'm not sure. We can just talk?

LetsGetCreative: That's a wonderful idea!

rocksarefriends: please, Momo, change your name

LetsGetCreative: Green is not a creative color

floaty: i dont feel safe anymore

HotandFurious: What the fuck are you quoting?

AllMightJR: Oh no

GearBoy: Oh no

Shouto: Oh no

Tapeman: oh no

HotandFurious: What??

Shouto: Even I know that video. How do you not??

AllMightJR: Kacchan doesn't watch a lot of YouTube

rocksarefriends: no, please. please.



HotandFurious: It's just a stupid video

acid: he says that now


rocksarefriends: did he really just binge watch the whole series?

HotandFurious: It's just videos

MemeBoi: you looked like you were enjoying it

HotandFurious: The fuck I was

AllMightJR: Shoukd we send other cursed YouTube videos then?

rocksarefriends: please no

AllMightJR: Just kidding

HotandFurious: I don't see the big deal about the series I watched

Shouto: I think the videos just creep some people out on a deep level

HotandFurious: Fucking pansies

MemeBoi: r00d!

rocksarefriends: I second that!

floaty: now theres three of them?

LetsGetCreative: I'm not surprised honestly

LetsGetCreative: Bakugou and Midoriya do have a lot of common interests

Tapeman: are you saying they're similar?

GearBoy: Oh no

Shouto: Oh no

floaty: oh no

rocksarefriends: oh no

acid: oh no

LetsGetCreative: Oh no


AllMightJR: Kacchan...


AllMightJR: ...

Shouto: Izuku isn't pathetic!

HotandFurious: IzUkU iSnT pAtHeTiC

HotandFurious: Shut the hell up Icy Hot Bastard

floaty: Kirishima, get your dog

rocksarefriends: shit. Sero, you want him?

Tapeman: he LITERALLY wants to KILL me. FUCK NO

rocksarefriends: damn...Mina?

acid: he broke my door last time

rocksarefriends: dammit. I dont wanna be a punching bag tonight

HotandFurious: Fuck you. I don't need a punching bag

AllMightJR: He used to have one and it didn't work

HotandFurious: ...

HotandFurious: We're gonna go there?

AllMightJR: You fucking started it asshole

HotandFurious: You're fucking sensitive

AllMightJR changed HotandFurious's name to Asshole.

Asshole: Real mature Deku

AllMightJR: You're the one that blew up about br called similar to me!

Asshole: Who'd wanna be like you?!

AllMightJR changed Asshole's name to BAKAchan.

BAKAchan: You're fucking asking for an ass kicking

AllMightJR: At least it's fair this time



AllMightJR left the chat.

BAKAchan: Shit

BAKAchan left the chat.

floaty: what the hell just happened?

GearBoy: I'm not sure. Should we go check on them?

rocksarefriends: I got Bakugou

Shouto: I've got Izuku

LetsGetCreative: Um...I'm really concerned...


rocksarefriends > bakusquad

rocksarefriends: Im glad that Bakugou isnt in this chat

acid: what happened?

rocksarefriends: he just had a panic attack. Im holding him right now. he calmed down

MemeBoi: oh my god. is he okay??

Tapeman: do we need to get anything?

rocksarefriends: hes going to be okay. he was trying to talk to me but all he could get out was 'Izuku' and 'sorry'

MemeBoi: is it because of what they were talking about in the chat?

rocksarefriends: I think so. Bakugou has told me a little bit before. he and Midoriya grew up together. but I think the conversation they were having is deeper than we can understand

Tapeman: thats not worrying at all. I know they haven't liked each other much but...Midoriya saying he hates Bakugou?

acid: he must just be really upset

rocksarefriends: yeah...


Shouto > Izuku Protection Squad

Shouto: I'm going to kill Bakugou

GearBoy: Woah, let's calm down

Shouto: Izuku just started having an anxiety attack! You know how long one can last for him!

floaty: but beating up Bakugou isnt going to make Deku better

floppy: right. Izuku would probably feel worse if you did

Shouto: Fuck

GearBoy: I know everything is stressful right now. But we just need to give him and Bakugou time for now. I'm sure things will get better.

Shouto: So you're defending that asshole?

GearBoy: No! But we can't do anything right now. If we get the teachers involved before Midoriya is ready, we could make it worse.

Shouto: ...

Shouto: You're right. I'm sorry. I just can't stand see Izuku like this

floaty: none of us can. But he's going to be okay

floppy: yeah! why don't we do a movie marathon in his room since it's friday?

Shouto: Let me ask

Shouto: He said that it's okay. Just bring some of the fruity snacks with you please. Izuku requested them

GearBoy: I'll get the snacks!

floppy: Uraraka and I will he right up

Shouto: Okay!

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Shouto > McFreakin Lose It

Shouto added AllMightJR to the chat.

AllMightJR: Hey...

rocksarefriends added BAKAchan to the chat.

AllMightJR: ...

BAKAchan: Izuku, I'm sorry

AllMightJR: So I'm Izuku now?

BAKAchan: If you want me to continue to call you Deku I will. I just figured apologizing would be better if I said your name

AllMightJR: So you can't even say it to my face?

BAKAchan: Well I've been trying but your door is locked and you can't hear me over the music blasting in your room

AllMightJR: How long have you been outside my door?

BAKAchan: I've heard you listening to Bad Blood by Taylor Swift at least seven times now

floppy: really?

Tapeman: I knew he was upset times?

BAKAchan: Blank Space and Black Widow by Iggy Azalea were mixed in

acid: and I thought I was bad

MemeBoi: the fact that he is listening to those on repeat is impressive and sad

AllMightJR: I'm mortified

BAKAchan: Will you just open your door already. This tub of ice cream isn't going to stay frozen in this shitty air conditioning

floaty: you got him ice cream??

rocksarefriends: he also bought Midoriya's favorite spicy candy. like, fifteen boxes of it

BAKAchan: I only bought five boxes!

rocksarefriends: really? Those boxes are huge then

AllMightJR sent a photo.


GearBoy: Is that an All Might plushy AND a bunny one??


Shouto: If this is how Bakuhoe apologizes, I want him to apologize to me

BAKAchan: I ain't fucking apologizing to you because I didn't do anything to you. But I'll let the 'Bakuhoe' slide

LetsGetCreative: Um, where's the Bakugou I know? This isn't him

BAKAchan: Oh fuck off. I can be nice

AllMightJR: I can't believe you went out and bought the spicy chocolate I love on top of the other candy. That store is all the way over by where my mom and I live

BAKAchan: I might have messaged Auntie to meet me halfway...

AllMightJR: My mom has been wanting to see you for forever!

BAKAchan: Yeah, yeah. She told me too

AllMightJR changed BAKAchan's name to Kacchan♡.

Kacchan♡: ...Fine

AllMightJR: Yes!

Kacchan♡: But can you please remove the heart

AllMightJR: ...Fine

AllMightJR changed Kacchan♡'s name to Kacchan.

Kacchan: Thank you

floaty: why did you even put a heart to begin with?

AllMightJR: Because I'm happy! Kacchan got me so much stuff. And he's sharing the ice cream with me

Tapeman: you both like the same ice cream?

AllMightJR: Kacchan hates chocolate ice cream, but he's eating it with me. I didn't make him

Kacchan: You'll make yourself sick if I don't eat half of it for you. The last time you were left alone with a tub of ice cream you threw up

AllMightJR: I was ten!

Kacchan: Still don't trust you


MemeBoi > bakusquad

MemeBoi: definitely gay, right?

acid: definitely gay

Tapeman: Bakubro literally hates chocolate ice cream. he was complaining about it the other day

rocksarefriends: Bakubro isn't gay???

acid: oh honey

acid: hes the gayest

MemeBoi: he hasn't looked at or flirted with a single girl

Tapeman: but he was checking out Todoroki last week

acid: and he was totally checking Iida out two days ago!

rocksarefriends: what

Tapeman: you didn't notice??

acid changed rocksarefriends's name to captainoblivious.

MemeBoi: too long

MemeBoi changed captainoblivious's name to dense.

Tapeman: thats just mean

Tapeman changed dense's name to Purebean.

Purebean: why

Tapeman: it's better than the other too

Purebean: fair


AllMightJR > McFreakin Lose It

AllMightJR: Kacchan. I can't eat all this chocolate now

Kacchan: I know. Stop so you'll be able to eat dinner later. My treat

AllMightJR: That's too much Kacchan!

Kacchan: Shut the fuck up and take it. I won't do this again

floaty: unless you fuck up and have to apologize again

Kacchan: ...

Kacchan: Yeah...

Purebean: dude, you're so sweet right now

Kacchan: Shut the fuck up. And what the hell happened to your name?

Purebean: long story

acid: Kirishima is just a pure bean

Tapeman: Don't worry about it~

Shouto: I'm worried

LetsGetCreative: I am as well

Purebean: it's fine lol. but

Purebean changed LetsGetCreative's name to Cutea.

Cutea: Finally couldn't take it anymore?

Purebean: I don't understand why you made your name on here that

Cutea: I just thought it was funny

GearBoy: Is the excitement of today over yet?

Shouto: I hope so. This Saturday has been way too long

floppy: Maybe we should add more people soon?

AllMightJR: Why wait?

AllMightJR added Tails to the chat.

Tails: Uh...

Kacchan: Welcome to hell

Cutea: Hey Ojiro!

floppy: I'm kind of surprised. I thought you'd add Tokoyami first

AllMightJR: I talk to Ojiro just as much as I do Tokoyami

Tapeman: ah

acid: hi Ojiro! I'm happy you're here!

Tails: Glad to be here. But I'm confused?

Kacchan: Izuku made a group chat for the class but got lazy yesterday and didn't invite everyone

floaty: so we're adding people as we go

Tails: Oh! So I'm this first of the rest of the class to be added?

AllMightJR: Yep! And this doesn't have to be exclusively class 1-A. We can add others. But we'll figure that out later

Tails: Sounds good to me

Tails: I have to go now though because I'm grabbing dinner with Koda, Sato and Shoji

Kacchan: Izuku and I are leaving too. I'm taking him to get katsudon

AllMightJR: Aww!

floaty: dang

floppy: damn

acid: lucky

Purebean: I'll order some pizza for the rest of us!

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AllMightJR > McFreakin Lose It

AllMightJR: Can I please add Shinso??!

Tails: I don't see why not

GearBoy: Isn't he not in the hero course at all?

AllMightJR: He can still talk to us!

Kacchan: He's not too bad

floppy: lets kick Mineta out and replace him with Shinso

GearBoy: We can't just do that!

floaty: sure we can. I don't think Aizawa would be opposed

Tapeman: true

MemeBoi: i vote for throwing Mineta out the window

Kacchan: I second that

acid: me too

GearBoy: WE CAN'T

Cutea: I can make the rope to immobilize him

AllMightJR: I'm not sure if I should be concerned or not

Shouto: Yes

Shouto: Now will you add Shinso already?

Purebean: I want to see my little boy

Tails: Here he comes


AllMightJR: Dammit

AllMightJR added mcimbalance to the chat.

mcimbalance: so this is what Todoroki was talking about

Shouto: Welcome to hell, fucker

Kacchan: You and him talk about the chat?

Shouto: Yeah. I was pissed off at you Friday after the incident and the 'Dekusquad' told me I had to be nice

mcimbalance: so he came to me to vent about how pissed off he was

Purebean: well then...

Kacchan: ...

Kacchan has left the chat.

Purebean: shit

AllMightJR: ???

Purebean: NOTHING


Purebean > Kacchan

Purebean: you okay?

Kacchan: I don't know

Purebean: it's not another panic attack is it?

Kacchan: No

Kacchan: I just feel like shit. I know I fucked up...

Purebean: but it doesn't give Todoroki the right to make you upset about it

Purebean: it isn't his business

Purebean: and Midoriya has forgiven you

Kacchan: I know, I know

Purebean: I'm coming to your room now. hang on


AllMightJR > McFreakin Lose It

AllMightJR: Everything was fine! Why'd you have to bring up Friday like that?!

Shouto: What? He made you upset

AllMightJR: I already forgave him! And he apologized.

mcimbalance: look, i didnt do anything

Tails: Guys, Kirishima just sprinted into the kitchen and then ran off with a bunch of snacks.

acid: hes going to Bakubro's room

AllMightJR: Is he okay??

Tapeman: he'll be okay. Kirishima is gonna take care of him

MemeBoi: don't worry about it

AllMightJR: ...Okay...

Cutea: Midoriya, why don't you join me for tea?

AllMightJR: That sounds like a good idea. Be there in a moment

GearBoy: That escalated quickly

floppy: I'm worried about Bakugou

floaty: I am too

Tails: I'm joining Momo and Midoriya for tea. Momo asked me to tell you guys not to bother us for a bit

GearBoy: Understood!

floppy: okay!

floaty: sure thing


AllMightJR > Kacchan

AllMightJR: Kacchan?

Kacchan: I'm okay Izuku

AllMightJR: I had no idea that Todoroki was talking to Shinso

Kacchan: I know

Kacchan: I just feel bad about it still. I know I went too far and that I sounded like my middle school fuckself

AllMightJR: But it's okay now! You've been doing better. I know that you're mouth gets ahead of you sometimes

Kacchan: ...Kirishima said I should take off a day or two and go home

AllMightJR: Do you want to?

Kacchan: Not at all

AllMightJR: Then don't. You don't have to

Kacchan: Kirishima means well. He just doesn't know the old hag

AllMightJR: You don't have to tell him

Kacchan: I know

AllMightJR: I'm here if you need to rant

Kacchan: I'm fine. But...can I change your username?

AllMightJR: Sure!

Kacchan changed AllMightJR's name to #1Hero.

#1Hero: Kacchan!

Kacchan: Just fucking take it. In the future it'll be my title

#1Hero: Okay Kacchan. Thank you!

Kacchan: Yep. Can you add me back to the group chat now?


#1Hero added Kacchan to the chat.

floaty: who gave you that name??

Kacchan: I did

Shouto: What

Tapeman: what

Tails: What

GearBoy: What

mcimbalance: what

#1Hero: Kacchan gave it to me


Purebean > bakusquad

Purebean: gay

Tapeman: hella gay

MemeBoi: super gay!

acid: holy fucking shit


Shouto > McFreakin Lose It

Shouto: Um. Why?

Kacchan: Because I fucking can

#1Hero: It was really sweet. Though, I didn't plan on mentioning it. I didn't think you'd want everyone to know

Kacchan: It's just a username

#1Hero: I know

Purebean: Bakubro is on a sweet streak!

Kacchan: Shut up shitty hair

acid: and there it went

Tapeman: right out the window

MemeBoi: bon voyage

Purebean: >:(

Kacchan: Fucker

Purebean: >:(

Kacchan: You are literally in the same room as me and are the only one I let into my room

Purebean: I know >:D

Kacchan: I fucking hate you

#1Hero: You're a softy, Kacchan

Kacchan: I did not come back to this chat to be attacked like this

Tails: We love you~

Kacchan: ...

Kacchan: I'm not saying it back

floaty: boo

floppy: aww :(

acid sent a photo.

Cutea: OH MY GOD

MemeBoi: soft Bakubro???


#1Hero: Oh! Kirishima sent that to me too! Drunk Kacchan is so cute

mcimbalance: he drinks??

Shouto: I'm also surprised

Purebean: I couldn't pass up the opportunity of everyone seeing a cute and cuddly drunk Bakubro

Kacchan: I'm going to kill you

Tapeman: RUN KIRI




#1Hero: I'll hide you Kirishima

Kacchan: Like hell you'll hide him!

Tails: Should we stop Bakugou?

floppy: nah

floaty: i wanna see what happens

mcimbalance: me too

Tails: Okay