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he has a way with words

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Meet me at your locker at the end of the day, the note had read. It was written on a small, pale pink post-it, in swirly handwriting. Jungkook stood by his locker, and absentmindedly twisted the lock. 


It was 2:30 now, and whoever had written the note (he was betting that it was that girl who kept hitting him with her hair, and then loudly apologizing while fluttering her weirdly long eyelashes) was now 5 minutes late, as class had ended at 2:25. 


Jungkook was about to walk away, crumpled note in his left fist, when he felt a tap on his shoulder. 


It was kim namjoon, the smartest boy at their school. They weren’t friends per se, but namjoon was related to taehyung, who was dating jimin, who was jungkook’s best friend. 


“Hey jungkook,” the elder said, smiling widely at him. 


“Hey namjoon. What’s up?” He asked. He guessed he could spare some time for taehyung’s cousin. 


namjoon smiled nervously. Jungkook watched as he wiped both hands onto his jeans, before adjusting his glasses, where they rested on the bridge of his nose. 


“I.. uh… I need to tell you something,” namjoon stuttered. 


jungkook smiled. “Sure, what is it? I’m just waiting for someone, so be quick.” 


Namjoon looked at him, confusedly. the elder shook his head, let out a breath before looking up at jungkook. 


“Jeon jungkook, I have a crush on you. I really like you, and I hope you like me too.” 


Jungkook stood there, stunned. He opened his mouth, and then snapped it shut again. “Word,” he said, pathetically. 


Namjoon frowned. “What-?” 


“Gotta go, bye, namjoon.” 




But jungkook was already running out of their high school. 


later, namjoon laid on his bed, while cursing seokjin and yoongi for convincing him to confess to jungkook. 


"in our defense," seokjin said, trying to hold back laughter, "we did not think he would say 'word' and then run away." 


"hyung!" namjoon groaned into his pillow. "he gaped at me like a goldfish and then left!" 


yoongi snickered. "I really thought that brat liked you, joon-ah. I heard he's into the smart ones." 


namjoon rolled over, and flopped onto seokjin. "thank you, yoongi-hyung. that makes me feel so much better." 


"yah, no need to be a brat." 


seokjin sighed, and wrapped his arm around the youngest. "he doesn't deserve you anyway, Joonie. if he's too stupid to realize what a great boy he has in front of him, then his own damn problem." 


namjoon pouted. "don't call him stupid. he's very smart!" 


yoongi snorted, "please joon-ah that boy did not have a single brain cell in that head of his." 


namjoon's pout increased. "I don't care! I really like him." 


seokjin and yoongi exchanged weary glances. namjoon seemed too deep for comfort. seokjin brushed the youngest's hair, and hummed a small song for him. 


"joonie, if he really wants you, he will fight for you. there's plenty of fish in the sea, honey," seokjin murmured softly. 


"jin-hyung is right, kiddo. you never know when the right fish will come pulling on your wire!" yoongi added enthusiastically. 


"yoongi, please, for the love of god, stop your weird fish analogies," seokjin said. 



the next day. namjoon tried hard to forget about jungkook's rejection. it helped that namjoon didn't see the young boy at school the entire day. 


it was the end of the day, and namjoon was by his locker, when his binder fell out of his grasp, and onto the floor. millions of papers he had mindlessly stuffed into the binder came spilling out all of the floor. he groaned, and bent down to slowly pick them all up. luckily, school had been over for an hour now, and he was the only one in the hall. 


namjoon grumbled as he picked up random papers, each with a different subject written on the sheet. "Jesus Christ, what did I keep in here?" he said. 


"oh wow, let me help you!"


namjoon looked up to see jung hoseok, the captain of the soccer and dance team at their school. he was older than namjoon, but only by a few months. they had only spoken once before this, when namjoon had to drop off a change of clothes for taehyung, during their rehearsal. 


"oh, hey, hoseok-ssi," namjoon said. "thanks for your help!" 


he smiled at the elder, and went back to picking up the papers, and didn't see the blush that spread across hoseok's face. 


"no problem, namjoon-ah," hoseok said. namjoon smiled at the friendly honorific. 


together, the two boys made quick work of the mess, and had collected all of namjoon's papers. hoseok handed over his pile, and namjoon pushed them all back into the binder. he would have to sort out the mess later. 


"you're a lifesaver, hoseok-ssi!" namjoon said, smiling. 


hoseok returned the smile. "hyung is just fine, namjoon-ah." 


namjoon smiled wider, "alright hyung." 


they awkwardly stood, smiling at each other till namjoon coughed, his cheeks a light pink. "I better get going, or i'll miss the last bus. I will see you tomorrow, hoseok-hyung." 


hoseok smiled, then slowly turned confused. "wait you take the bus? how far do you live?" 


namjoon shrugged. "not very far. it's a short 20 minute ride." 


hoseok frowned. "its cold outside, and the next bus doesn't come for 15 minutes. let me drive you home, namjoon-ah." 


namjoon shook his head. "no, it's really alright, hyung. I don't want you to have to go out of your way for me!" 


"it's really no problem, namjoon. who knows, maybe we live close to each other!" hoseok reassured the younger. "just let me drive you home? please?"


namjoon pouted. "...well alright. just this once!"


 "just this once," the elder promised. "come on, I wanna stop by mcdonalds for a burger! I'll buy you one, okay? hyung's orders!" 


namjoon giggled at elder's antics. "okay, hyung." 


the two left the building, giggling and brushing against each other the entire way to hoseok's car. 



little did they know, some little bunny was watching with a frown on his face. 



"bye, hyung," namjoon spoke. "thank you again for the ride." 


"no problem namjoon-ah. i'll pick you up tomorrow morning okay?" 


namjoon nodded, as a small blush graced his cheeks. "okay, hyung. i'll be waiting!"


"goodnight, joon." 


"night, hyung." 


namjoon entered his house, and quickly greeted his mother and father, before running upstairs to his room. he quickly threw his bag onto the rug, and pulled out his phone to text yoongi and seokjin.



okay. so. jung hoseok just dropped me off at. my house. thoughts?




wow, I really did not think this would happen so quick


namjoon stared down at his phone, and quickly responded to yoongi. 



what??? are you??? talking about???


didn't hoseok have a crush on you last year? he mentioned it during our trig class


oh yeah! I remember that. he was so embarrassed cause he though we were dating lmao


1. ew

2. why the fuck would I date you? 



in my defense, you never asked 

and I forgot


namjoon slammed his head onto his pillow. hoseok had liked him? had like liked him? it seemed too impossible to believe. namjoon thought back to their time in the car. hoseok had been nice, and sweet and really funny. he kept cracking jokes to try and make namjoon laugh. he even promised to pick namjoon up tomorrow morning for crying out loud! 


maybe he still likes me, namjoon thought. 


but there's jungkook! his brain reminded him. we can't forget about bunny boy! 


namjoon sighed, as it was true. he still really liked jungkook, even if the boy had rejected him. but a voice that, suspiciously, sounded like yoongi said forget about that brat! you have a great boy who likes you right here! go for it joon-ah!


maybe I should give it a chance? I still don't know for sure, but there's no harm in giving it a go, right?


and so, namjoon put his phone aside, and walked over to his closet. if he was gonna try and get hoseok to like him enough to ask him out (or something) he needed to plan accordingly. he pulled out the clothes that seokjin said looked the best on him, and left them out for tomorrow morning. 


with that thought, namjoon ate dinner, brushed his teeth, took a shower and went to sleep, dreaming of a new tomorrow. one that included a certain red haired boy. 



when his alarm rang that morning, namjoon was tempted to throw it out the window. then he remembered the conversation he had with hoseok last night. 


ill pick you up around 7:30 okay? ill text you when im outside. 


past namjoon had nodded. present namjoon looked at his alarm and instantly jumped out of bed and rushed into the bathroom, pushing his little sister out of the way. 


"hey, not fair!" she yelled. 


"hyejin, now is not the time!" he yelled back before slamming the door in her face. he instantly rushed into his morning routine, and trying to wrestle his bed head into something mildly presentable. 


the clock had read 7:25. five minutes before hoseok was set to arrive. 


fuck fuck fuck, why am I so dumb? namjoon thought as he spit toothpaste into the sink. 


on the counter next to him, his phone dinged with a new message. 



hey im outside! ヾ(*ΦωΦ)ノ


oh my god, he uses  emojis. he uses emojis!


namjoon ran out of the bathroom, and back into his room, quickly pulling on the outfit he had picked out last night. thank god for past namjoon. he grabbed his backpack, checked for his materials, and ran out the door, yelling a small "bye!" to his parents as he left. 


"good morning, namjoon! are you ready for school?" hoseok asked, a smile on his face. 


namjoon felt the color rise on his cheeks. "yup, totally ready. haha, I can't wait!"


alas, he was not 'totally ready.' 


"you look nice, today, namjoon-ah," hoseok said, "I like your sweater." 


namjoon smiled. this was his favorite sweater, gifted to him by seokjin. "thank you, hyung. you look very nice today, too!" 


Hoseok was wearing an orange hoodie, with simple ripped jeans and orange converse. his hair was parted to the side, and his glasses rested nicely on his face. he blushed, and mumbled a small thank you to namjoon. 


"I got us Starbucks, by the way," hoseok said, awkwardly rubbing at the back of his neck. "unless you don't drink coffee! you don't have to take it, it was a stupid idea-" 


namjoon just smiled, and sat down next to him. "it's fine, I love coffee!" 


namjoon is a big fat liar, because he does not like coffee. 


hoseok sighed in relief. "here, this one is for you!" he handed a medium sized cup to namjoon. 


namjoon smiled, but inside he was dreading having to drink it. "thank you, hyung!" 


hoseok looked at him expectantly, and slowly namjoon took a sip. he tried to hide the grimace, and luckily succeeded, as hoseok turned to face the road, and started driving them to school. 


once they arrived at the school, and namjoon jumped out of hoseok's car. it was cold that day, and being the idiot he was, namjoon had forgotten to check the weather that morning. he shivered, and rubbed his hands up and down his arms, in an attempt to keep warm. he waited for hoseok in front of the car, and soon enough the elder came walking around. 


"it's really cold today, huh?" hoseok said. 


"yeah," namjoon replied, "I didn't bring my jacket with me." 


he could picture where his jacket was, right on the staircase leading up to his room. 


hoseok frowned. "I have an extra jacket in my car if you want it?" 


namjoon stared at the boy, and watched as he slowly turned red. "I mean, you don't have to take it, I just don't want you getting cold!" 


"i'll take it, please," namjoon giggled, and hoseok reopened his car, pulling out a letterman jacket with his surname stitched onto the front. hoseok shyly handed namjoon the jacket, and watched as he pulled it on. 


"is this your soccer jacket?" namjoon asked. 


hoseok nodded, but didn't say anything else. the bell rang, and all the students began to rush inside to class. namjoon pouted, because he didn't want to have to separate. 


"you wanna sit with me during lunch?" hoseok blurted out. namjoon nodded eagerly, and smiled wide at the older boy. 


"I'd like that!" he nearly shouted. "ill see you then?"


"yeah," hoseok said, and watched as namjoon ran into the building. he slowly followed behind, and once namjoon was out of sight, turned up the staircase to his homeroom class. 




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jungkook was, to state it plainly, not a happy camper. in fact, one might describe jungkook as the evil child, who's parents have obviously never said "no!" once in this child's life. 


"why the ugly face, kookie?" jimin asked, as he sat down across from the younger. his boyfriend, sitting down right next to him. 


jungkook just turned his blinding glare onto his best friend. "the only ugly face around here is yours and your dumb boyfriend's." 


taehyung giggled at the offended look on his boyfriends face. "don't mind, jiminnie! he's just annoyed at hoseok-hyung!"


"no i'm not!" jungkook angrily responded. yeah, maybe hoseok-hyung wasn't jungkook's favorite person at the moment, but that was besides the point! 


"oh?" jimin said, his once offended face turning into one with a smirk and smug eyes. "is this because he's been hanging out with a certain blonde?" 


jungkook slumped into his chair at the table. "just shut up, jimin!" 


the brunet rolled his eyes. "just shut up jimin!" he imitated. "stop acting like a baby, jungkook. didn't namjoon confess to you, like, two days ago?" 


a blush spread across the youngest's cheeks. "yeah, so what? i ruined it anyway." 


taehyung frowned at him. "yeah, you did. yoongi-hyung told me about it. i can't believe you said 'word' and then ran away from him." 


"i was nervous, okay! i thought it was gonna be that annoying girl in my class, not your cousin!" he shouted at taehyung, slamming his hands onto the lunch table. he glared at taehyung, who glared right back. 


"damn, who shit in your cereal? you don't have to be so fucking loud, jungkook. have some decency, seeing as namjoon-hyung is sitting over there!" taehyung whispered back, gesturing behind jungkook. 


he turned around, and saw namjoon, who was sitting by himself in the corner of the cafeteria. that's weird, jungkook thought. namjoon usually sat with kim seokjin and min yoongi. both upperclassmen were sitting at the table diagonal to namjoon, and seemed to be in the middle of a heated argument while watching their friend. 


"hey, why's he sitting by himself?" jimin wondered. "he usually sits with those upperclassmen, right?"


jungkook shrugged, "does it look like i care? maybe he got into a fight with them? they're staring at him anyways..." 


jungkook's voice died off when he saw someone put their hands over namjoon's eyes. he followed the hands, up the arms, up the neck to the person's face. it was hoseok. he watched as namjoon jumped, before yelling a loud "hyung!" and turning around to face the laughing elder.


"ah, i see," taehyung said. "i didn't realize that this was why hoseok-hyung seemed worked up last class. now, would you look at that! namjoon's even wearing hoseok-hyung's soccer jacket!"  


jungkook's eyes zeroed in on the small writing on the front breast pocket. in fancy, golden letters it read, Jung- hoseok's last name. namjoon seemed to be drowning in the jacket, and hoseok seemed pleased to see him wearing it. 


"... are they eating lunch together?" jungkook whispered. they watched as hoseok pulled a bag out of his backpack, and began taking out tupperware full of food, and setting them in front of namjoon. the blonde's face lit up, and he began to open each item and digging in. 


"oh my god, hoseok even brought namjoon lunch! you don't even do that!" jimin said, as he hit taehyung on the shoulder. "and we're actually dating!" 


taehyung sheepishly grinned, while rubbing the arm jimin hit. "i'll go buy you something right now, jiminnie!"


jungkook turned around right as taehyung left, and slumped down in his seat. "this is stupid. i didn't know they ate lunch together." 


jimin frowned at jungkook. "why do you even care, jungkook? you don't even like namjoon in the first place." 


jungkook flushed bright red. "well- i... still- but!" 


jimin rolled his eyes at the flustered state of his best friend. "just drop it, okay jungkook? namjoon's better off with someone who actually wants him." 


jungkook glared at jimin, then grabbed his backpack. "that's not the point, jimin! whatever, i gotta go. see you later." 




"just drop it, okay?" jungkook replied, repeating jimin's words. 


and with that, jungkook left his best friend and the cafeteria, glaring at the back of hoseok's stupid head. 


"where'd jungkook go? what did i miss?" taehyung said, setting a container of fries before jimin. his boyfriend, in turn, responded with slamming his head onto the table, and groaning loudly. 



"this is really good, hyung! you cooked it all yourself?" namjoon asked, staring at hoseok. the elder nodded enthusiastically and pushed more food towards the younger, watching as he continued to eat more food. 


"you, uh, got some on your cheek," hoseok said. 


namjoon blushed, and frantically wiped at his face. "is it gone?" 


hoseok shook his head, and reached out to brush it off himself. "there, it's gone." 


namjoon's cheeks darkened even further, and he quietly thanked hoseok. 


"yum! you're a really good cook hyung!" namjoon said. 


"if you want, i can teach you how to make some stuff!" hoseok replied. "like jajangmyeon!" 


namjoon nodded. "i would really like that," he said, looking at hoseok through his lashes. hoseok blushed a dark red in return, his face matching his hair. 


"you could come over tonight! we'll eat it for dinner," hoseok said, smiling shyly. 


namjoon returned the smile, and the two boys continued eating lunch together, all while stealing looks at the other.  



jungkook sat in the back of his physics class, staring (more like glaring) at the back of hoseok's head. he angrily scribbled down notes, and almost ripped a hole through his paper with his harsh writing. anytime hoseok raised his hand, and answered a question correctly, jungkook slid further down into his seat. he was wishing for the class to be done, as his next lesson was english, which he coincidently had with namjoon. 


once the bell rang, jungkook hurried to stuff his notebook into his backpack, and waiting for hoseok to do the same. by the time the elder finished, they were the last two in the classroom, as the teacher had left for his lunch monitor duty. 


he slowly approached the elder, and tapped him on the shoulder, a smile on his face. "hey, hoseok-hyung! what's up?" 


hoseok turned around, and smiled at jungkook. "nothing much, jungkookie! what about you? doing okay?" 


jungkook nodded. "are you busy after school today?" 


"yeah, i am, sorry jungkook. i promised namjoon that i'd teach him how to make jajangmyeon! he's gonna come over after school today!" hoseok said excitedly. 


jungkook's smile disappeared instantly at the news. "you're hanging out with kim namjoon after school? at your house? alone?" 


hoseok nodded, confused at the change in jungkook's demeanor. "um, i guess we will be alone, but uh yeah, we are. why? is something wrong?" 


"i just thought you should know that he's in love with me," jungkook blurted out, "he told me that two days ago." 


beat that, hyung, jungkook thought. 


hoseok froze in his seat. "... i didn't know that." 


jungkook sighed, and shrugged. "yeah, he left me a note on my locker. he told me after last period had ended." 




jungkook shrugged again. he noticed the small downturn of hoseok's lips, as the elder stared at his desk. jungkook felt a shiver of satisfaction run up his spine at the plunge in hoseok's attitude.


"i just thought you knew, seeing how close you guys have gotten," jungkook said. "seems like he would tell you everything." 


hoseok shook his head. "no, uh... he didn't tell me... we only just started hanging out, but i'm sure he was gonna mention it soon."


"yeah, probably. namjoon doesn't seem the type to lead people on, y'know. i don't think he's over me anyway."


"yeah, right...i'll, uh, see you later jungkook."


jungkook watched as the elder stood up, and slung his backpack over his shoulder. he walked out of their classroom with his head held down, and a frown on his face.


with a small chuckle, jungkook following him out and headed to his next class, where he would hopefully catch a conversation with one kim namjoon.  


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raincheck for tonight? 


yeah no problem! 

are you okay, hyung? 


namjoon pouted down at his phone, and the unread messages. he didn't know why hoseok suddenly rescheduled, but it must have been important. the boy slumped into his seat, and opened his english notebook. he mindlessly scribbled on the page, and waited for the lesson to begin. 


he usually sat towards the front of their class, and alone as neither of his friends had this class with him. he was very surprised when someone sat down next to him, and the surprise doubled when he saw that it was jungkook. namjoon quietly moved his things closer to himself, and wiped his suddenly sweaty palms on his jeans. why is he sitting with me? he hasn't spoken to me in days, namjoon thought. 


he watched out of the corner of his eye as jungkook spoke with the girl sitting one table over, as the younger casually spun his pen with his fingers. he hadn't said a word to namjoon, nor looked his way once. soon, their teacher started her lesson, and handing out papers for partner work. namjoon was used to working alone, but now with jungkook next to him, they were forced to work together. 


"is 'my math teacher name are mrs. choi' correct?" jungkook spoke, breaking the silence between the two of them.


namjoon shook his head, "it should be, 'my math teacher's name is mrs. choi' as her name is her possession. also, mrs. choi is a noun so you will use 'is.'" 


jungkook opened his mouth in an 'ah' understanding before fixing his mistake. "you're really good at english, namjoon-hyung." 


namjoon shrugged. "i just learned it through American TV." 


suddenly, jungkook turned towards the elder. "hey, are you busy after school today, namjoon-hyung? would you be able to help me study for the next exam please?" 


namjoon thought it over. he technically wasn't busy, but he didn't know if it was a good idea to be alone with jungkook. well we won't be alone in the library, his brain supplied. first, namjoon checked his messages before replying. still no answer from hoseok. and as much as he did not want to be with jungkook, the boy obviously needed help, "yeah, i'm free. we can meet at the library. at three o'clock." 


jungkook smiled, "thanks, namjoon-hyung! you're a lifesaver." 


namjoon felt a small blush heat up his face. "n-no problem, jungkook." 



later, namjoon sat in the middle of the quiet library, awaiting jungkook's arrival. the blonde was impatient, as jungkook was already ten minutes late to their study session. he anxiously bit at his bottom lip, and played with the skin around his nails. 


after another ten minutes, the younger walked into the library, his books in his arms. he sat down across from namjoon, and pulled out a pen from his bag.  namjoon frowned at jungkook, and leaned over to speak to him. 


"what the hell, jungkook? i thought we said at three o'clock, not three twenty!" he angrily whispered. 


jungkook squirmed under namjoon's gaze. "i got caught up with my last teacher. sorry." 


namjoon huffed, and opened his notebook. while he had been waiting, he had taken out the study material and practice problems he had prepared for jungkook. he wordlessly handed the sheet to jungkook and told him to start. "we'll work on what you get wrong," he explained when the younger looked at him confusedly. 


namjoon worked on his math homework while he waited for jungkook to finish. it was over half an hour later when jungkook completed the twenty problems. namjoon checked over his paper, and corrected the mistakes, and took time to explain every little thing to jungkook. namjoon gave the younger another different sheet and told him to try again. 


"this is so hard, namjoon-hyung!" jungkook complained, having only finished the third problem in the last ten minutes, "can't we do something else?" 


"like what, jungkook? we're here to study, not fool around," namjoon said sternly, and returned to his own work. jungkook grumbled something under his breath, but namjoon heard one name, loud and clear. 




"what did you say?" namjoon asked, staring at the younger confusedly. "what about hoseok?" 


jungkook placed his pen down before facing namjoon. he had his hand propped up on his fist. "you wouldn't be this mean to hoseok, would you?" 


namjoon blushed. "that's none of your business, jungkook. and he is your elder, just because he's not here doesn't mean you can get disrespectful!" namjoon reprimanded jungkook.  


"what do i care anyway?" jungkook sneered, rolling his eyes at the same time. "he's stupid and doesn't deserve my respect." 


"jungkook, that's rude and untrue! you don't even know him!" 


jungkook fumed at the way namjoon protected hoseok. "and you do? he just wants to get into your pants. no wonder he invited you over tonight." 


namjoon paused, and stared at jungkook. "how did you know about that, jungkook?" 


namjoon had only mentioned his plans to seokjin and yoongi over text. 


the younger's eyes widened at the little slip he made. "know what?" he said, trying to play dumb.  


"don't pull that shit with me jungkook," namjoon said, "i'm not an idiot. you didn't say anything to hoseok-hyung did you?" 


"what, don't want him to know that you're in love with me?" jungkook asked, finally allowing the dam inside him to burst. "its a little too late for that, hyung. i thought he already knew, seeing how close you guys are. he was very surprised to find out the truth." 


namjoon felt his world stop. he couldn't believe that jungkook did that. that he said that to hoseok. 


"you had no right to say that to him, jungkook. no right at all!" he shouted. their schoolmates turned to watch them.


"why not, huh, hyung? you didn't want him to know the ugly truth right? didn't want him to go away? he would've found out eventually." 


"be quiet, jungkook!" namjoon yelled, as tears began to pool in his eyes. people shifted around them, some whispering about separating the two. anyone could see how worked up namjoon was getting. 


"i won't!" jungkook yelled back, "he only wanted you for your body anyway. he doesn't really care about you!" 


namjoon broke down in tears at the words. he quickly packed his materials away, and into his backpack. 


"what, can't handle the truth, namjoon? he doesn't like you, cry me a fucking river." jungkook said. "trust me when i say, he doesn't need someone like you in his life. a weird, kiss-ass with only two friends!" 


"fuck you, jeon jungkook. stay the hell away from me," namjoon snarled, swinging his backpack over his shoulder. the boy rushed out of the library, tears making their way down his face. 



namjoon angrily threw his backpack onto the floor of his room, and threw himself on the bed. he felt like screaming, crying, even ripping his hair out. 


he flipped onto his back, and stared at the ceiling full of glow in the dark sticker he and yoongi had placed one year when they were younger. they were worn, even though namjoon barely touched them. they gave a faint glow, in the darkness of his room, as he had the blinds shut tight. 



need someone to talk to?

i heard about what happened in the library


namjoon groaned as he read the messages. he couldn't even begin to imagine the rumors that were already spreading about him and jungkook. about him and hoseok. 



can you guys come over? 



be there in ten with ice cream




namjoon hurried to try and arrange his room into something presentable, before giving up. he changed into his comfiest sweats and pulled the covers of his bed over himself. 


about fifteen minutes later, hyejin spoke through his door, her voice softer than it usually was. "oppa? yoongi-ssi and seokjin-ssi are here. should i let them in?" 


"yes, please, hyejin-ah." 


the door to his room opened, and revealed his two best friends, who had pitiful looks on their face as they stared down at the lump he made on his bed. his sister peeked around them, saw his red-rimmed eyes, and quietly excused herself to the living room. 


seokjin held a plastic bag in one hand, and walked into his room first, yoongi following closely behind, after shutting the door. the two elders laid on either side of him, and seokjin pulled out two pints of vanilla and chocolate ice cream for him and yoongi, and one gallon of strawberry- which he quietly handed to namjoon. the three dug into their ice cream, and laid in silence, the only sounds being their furious scrape of spoon to ice cream. 


yoongi placed his ice cream in his lap, before shifting to face namjoon and seokjin. he opened his mouth to say something, but snapped it shut once more. he opened it again, but this time spoke, "how's the ice cream, joon-ah?" 


namjoon smiled at yoongi's attempt to break the silence the three friends were under. "it's cold. as one would expect." 


"i have whip cream, if you want a topping," seokjin offered, already pulling out the can. namjoon nodded, and watched as seokjin covered his ice cream with the sweet cream. 


"thank you," namjoon said. 


the eldest nodded, and laid his head onto namjoon's shoulder. soon enough, yoongi did the same, until namjoon was surrounded by the warmth of his best friends. 


namjoon felt the tears prick at his eyes again, and let them drip out onto his cheeks. he sniffled, and began crying harder, all the while shoving strawberry ice cream into his mouth. yoongi and seokjin didn't say anything, giving namjoon the chance to let out his emotions. when namjoon felt his nose running, yoongi shoved a tissue into his face, which he gratefully took.


"this is fucking stupid!" namjoon complained.   


seokjin sat up, and glared at the younger. "there is nothing stupid about having your feelings hurt, joonie. what he did was wrong, and anyone could see that." 


yoongi nodded against namjoon's shoulder. "i knew that kid never had any sense in him," he grumbled. "the fact that he had the balls to yell at you in front of everyone... that kid is asking for it." 


namjoon snuggled closer to his sheets. "don't beat him up, yoongi-hyung. you'll be expelled." 


yoongi shrugged. "shit happens." 


seokjin sighed, "no, yoongi. you can't fight him... at least, not before i do." 


yoongi held up his fist, which seokjin bumped with his own. namjoon laughed at them, and smiled for the first time in hours. 


"this might not be the best time to bring this up," seokjin said, "but weren't you supposed to be at hoseok's tonight?" 


namjoon's smile disappeared instantly. he showed his friends his (still) unread messages, and they frowned at message thread. 


"he didn't even say why?" yoongi said. 


namjoon shook his head. "he didn't even say hello when he walked by me in the hallway." 


seokjin grabbed the phone from namjoon's grasp, and examined the message. "this doesn't seem like hoseok. he would usually have a good reason to cancel on someone so suddenly."


"jungkook mentioned saying something to hoseok... you don't think that's why he cancelled, right?" namjoon said. the realization slowly dawned on the three, and they all sighed simultaneously.  


"that brat made hoseok cancel on you!" yoongi said. "he really has some nerve-"


"don't they have physics together?" seokjin interrupted. namjoon nodded, before letting his eyes shut. 


"i think so," namjoon replied, as yoongi quietly ranted. the youngest took his phone back, and rested it on his chest. he hoped that hoseok didn't let this change anything between them, and wished for the elder to text him. 


"it'll be all better tomorrow, namjoonie," seokjin said, gently patting the boy's messy blonde hair. 


it'll all be better tomorrow. 

Chapter Text

namjoon woke up the next morning, and scrubbed at his face with his hand. he groaned at the light streaming through his windows, and let his arm fall over his eyes. 


"who the fuck thought that was a good idea?" yoongi complained, rolling onto namjoon, as he held his stomach. "i'm never eating ice cream again." 


"you said it," seokjin mumbled, half of his body on the bed, the other half brushing the floor. "i feel like I've been run over by a truck. how did i even end up like this?" 


"i've said it once, and i'll say it again. you snore like a military truck, hyung." namjoon nodded in agreement, despite seokjin's appalled look. 


"i hear nonsense," seokjin responded. "time to get up anyway. i shut off namjoon's alarm twenty minutes ago." 


and with that, the three boys got up, and began getting ready for the school day ahead of them. namjoon took out an oversized sweatshirt, which he hoped would help hide his face throughout the day. if anything, it didn't seem like seokjin and yoongi were planning on leaving him by himself, unless absolutely necessary. 



by the time the boys arrived at the school, there were still students out in the courtyard, joking around before the first bell rung. when their class noticed the trio, they tried to subtly stare at namjoon, who was quickly hidden behind yoongi. 


seokjin pushed the door open for them, and they walked in. namjoon looked around, desperately hoping to see a familiar redhead somewhere in the vicinity. he didn't see hoseok anywhere, and frowned. 


"do you think he's ignoring me?" namjoon asked. 


seokjin sighed, and whispered, "i don't know, joonie." 


"this sucks," the youngest whined, and pushed past his friends, rushing to his locker. he ran past everyone's pity-filled face, and rounded the corner to his locker. namjoon twisted the lock, and slowly opened the small locker, and began to shove his books in. he slipped his books for the day into his backpack, and closed the small door. 


the blond trudged slowly to his first class, and slunk into a seat in the back corner. he could hear the whispers of his classmates around him and tried to drown them out, letting his arms bracket his face. 




namjoon's head snapped up as he looked into hoseok's brown eyes. the elder leaned his weight onto his right foot, before letting his bag rest on the floor and throwing himself into the seat in front of namjoon. 


"hyung," namjoon said, swallowing the lump in his throat. "i- uh-" 


the redhead giggled, and waved his hand in the air. "we can talk later. i... i heard about what happened with jeon." 


the elders face turned sour at the mention of the underclassman. namjoon slumped into his seat, and avoided eye contact with hoseok. 


the elder's mouth opened and closed, as he tried to find something to say. finally, he said, "i hope you're not listening to what everyone's been saying." 


namjoon sighed, "no, i haven't... is it bad?"


hoseok didn't reply. instead, he said, "sorry for canceling on you. i don't even have an excuse for why i did."


namjoon shrugged. "it's okay. i know why you did, anyways. he told me."


"i shouldn't have listened to him. what's between you guys is in the past. right?"


namjoon nodded. "definitely. i never realized how much of a dick jungkook could be."


"you are definitely right there. um, i know we didn't get to hang out, but i was wondering if you still, uh, if you still wanted to come over? i still want to make you jajangmyeon." 


"i'd really like that," namjoon said, smiling widely at hoseok. "are you free tonight?"


hoseok nodded enthusiastically. "i'll meet you at your locker after school?"


as the bell rang to begin their first class, namjoon replied with a quiet yes, and opened his notebook for the start of class.  


the rest of the day went as normal as it could be for namjoon. he continually ignored the whispers that seemed to follow him, and he dodged any questions he got from overly curious classmates. once, he saw his cousin taehyung, who tried to stop him, but namjoon had rushed away upon seeing jungkook standing next to him. 


he hurried out of his fifth class, and power walked to the cafeteria, and scanned the room for his friends. he didn't see either yoongi or seokjin, and assumed they were running late. he found an empty table, plopped down, opening his lunch box and eating whatever his mother had packed for him. soon enough, the cafeteria began to fill around him, and he once again ignored his schoolmates, focusing on the sandwich in front of him. 


the sunlight streaming through the windows reflected harshly on the table, but was soon gone when someone sat in the way. namjoon looked up, expecting seokjin or yoongi, and instead saw jungkook, staring straight at him. 


he stiffened, and then glared at the boy. "what the hell do you want, jungkook? i thought i told you to leave me alone." 


namjoon felt all eyes on him and jungkook. "why are you still hanging out with him?" 


"excuse me?" namjoon asked. 


jungkook rolled his eyes, "why are you still hanging out with hoseok?"


"that's none of your business," namjoon snapped. "now leave." 


jungkook ignored his request and repeated the question, staring expectantly at namjoon. 


"i don't owe you shit, jeon jungkook. leave me alone," namjoon said, quickly packing his lunch, and made his way out of the cafeteria. he turned the corner, but was pulled back by the iron grip on his wrist. 


"what the hell, jungkook?" namjoon shouted. "let go of me." 


"no," jungkook sneered. "not until you tell me why you decided to go out with him again." 


namjoon struggled to pull his wrist free, and every wiggle just made jungkook's hold tighter. he glared at jungkook, and tried to pry his hand off. 


"tell me," jungkook insisted. "tell me."


namjoon felt tears in his eyes. "you're hurting me," he whimpered. 


"just tell me, namjoon." 


"let go, jungkook. it h-" 


"tell me!" jungkook shouted. he pulled namjoon forward, shouting right into his face. 


"let go!" namjoon screamed, trying to pull free from jungkook's iron grip. "jungkook, it hurts, let go!" 


"no!" the younger shouted. "i'm not letting you go." 


"jungkook, please. it hurts, please let-


namjoon was yanked out of jungkook's grip. 


"what the hell is wrong with you, jeon?" hoseok said, as he held a sobbing namjoon. yoongi and seokjin stood next to him, the eldest quickly pulling namjoon out of the way. 


jungkook glared at the elder. "shut the fuck up, hoseok. i didn't do anything to him." he watched as seokjin fussed over namjoon, and how namjoon cradled his wrist. 


yoongi seethed at jungkook. "are you fucking stupid, jungkook? you almost broke his wrist." 


"yoongi-" seokjin started. 


"no, hyung. this brat has pulled too much shit with joon," yoongi said. he rolled up his sleeves, and looked ready to punch jungkook. 


jungkook chuckled. "what are you gonna do about it, min? you couldn't protect him the first time, this won't change anything." 


jungkook felt a hand on his shoulder, pulling him backwards. "walk away, kook." 


"stay out of this, taehyung," jungkook snapped. he shook his friend's hand off, and turned to face hoseok and yoongi. 


hoseok stared at taehyung in shock. "what kind of cousin are you? can't you see how much your best friend is hurting namjoon?" 


taehyung said nothing, and stared at the ground. "it's none of my business what goes on between him and jungkook." 


yoongi glared at the pair, but let his hands fall to his side. namjoon didn't need anymore drama. "leave namjoon alone, jeon. i won't ask again." 


jungkook frowned, and stared at hoseok. "sorry i fucked up your bitch," he said. 


namjoon froze in seokjin's hold, and stared at jungkook in horror. he watched, almost as if everyone was in slow motion, as hoseok lifted his fist and punched jungkook right in his face. jungkook fell backwards at the impact, and glared up at hoseok, holding his jaw. 


hoseok bent over him, grabbing his shirt by the front. "you better stay the hell away from namjoon, if you know what's good for you. he doesn't need someone like you in his life." 


"and you," hoseok said, facing taehyung. "have some decency." 


the elder turned around, wrapping his arm around namjoon as he led him to the nurse.