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  • TLOZ fanfics (TLOZ_fanfics) by dmichelle312

    03 Dec 2018


    My ships: Link/Vaati, Link/Gan and Kafei/Anju (I also love Vaati redemption arcs and Ganondorf redemption arcs).

    Note: I ship two different Links with two different characters, they're not the same Link*, and just for the record, I don't do polyshipping so you won't see me support threesome and foursome ships anytime soon, this kind of thing sickens me and is a turnoff for me because as far as I'm concerned there is no love and faithfulness in this it's just lust, I do monoshipping ONLY, which means I'll ship a character with only ONE other character, as opposed to poly or multi shipping. In this case, I ship MC Link with Vaati, and an non-MC/other Link with Gan.

    Here are gathered all the good TLOZ fanfics I found on AO3 and FFN.

    Note: Some of these fanfictions have mature content in them and are only for adult readers. I attached a warning to those specific bookmarks. Don't read the M-rated fanfics if you are under the age of 18. I can't be held responsible for people reading things they're not supposed to read. It's the parents' fault for not monitoring what their minor children read on the Internet.

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