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loving you is easy

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Peter sat on the edge of the building with his feet hanging off. It was is favorite part of his day, after an evening of patrolling, he would sit and watch the sunset over the city. Being Spider-Man could be tough at times, so getting that nice view of the city he protects, was like a breath of fresh air.

“Hi.” It was female voice, scaring Peter. He jumped a little bit at the sudden encounter. “Is Spider-Man scared of me? Wait, you are the real Spider-Man, right? Not like, a serial killer in a mask?” The voice rambled on, making Peter smile. He turned around to see a girl with gorgeous caramel skin and brown curls. Thankfully Peter was wearing something over his face, she would’ve seen him practically drooling.

The hair, the grin, the soft freckled face shining in the moonlight— it all seemed so damn familiar. 

Then it hit him.

She was in his classes, actually, he’s known her for quite a long time. She was the girl who sat in the back with her nose in a book, the one who always said what was on her mind, and the girl who always stared at him when he wasn’t looking.

It was Michelle; his Decathlon Team captain.

He noticed her, and she noticed him, but never once have they ever spoke a single word to each other outside of Decathlon. Now, of course, she had no idea or probably wouldn’t even think to expect Peter Parker, the nerdy kid with only Ned Leeds as a friend, to be this amazing Avenger.

“I am the real Spider-Man, trust me.” Peter said, laughing afterwards.

“Oh, really? Or am I being tricked? It’s not everyday I see someone sitting on the roof of my apartment building,” Peter’s face lit up, she lived here? He thought, he sits up here almost everyday and not once has he ever seen her.

Maybe he’s just too tired. Or maybe he wasn’t observant like she was.

Peter got up and did his signature backflip, watching the girl’s face light up in excitement.

Show off.

“So, like, why is Spider-Man sitting on my apartment building?” 

“I come here after I’m finished patrolling, to relax.”

She walked closer to him, Peter felt his heart racing. Here’s the thing, Spider-Man is like, a jock. He is the person that Peter Parker wishes he was. Spider-Man is bold, he isn’t afraid of what people think of him, and he is definitely not scared to talk to girls. Peter Parker, on the other hand, is a the total opposite. It’s true. Peter thinks he's awkward, and he rambles about things that no one else cares about. He would never, ever, get this far with a girl, especially the daring Michelle Jones— if he wasn’t hiding behind that mask.

Peter Parker would jump off the building if this was happening to him.

“What’s your name?” Peter asked, remembering she was supposed to be a stranger. She sat down next to him, letting her feet dangle off the edge. She smiled at him, letting a single crooked tooth peek through. Peter never realized how pretty she was. Her face was always buried in a book during school, and even during Decathlon meetings.

He always found her sorta cute. Maybe a little more than cute.

“I’m Michelle Jones. But you, Spidey? You can call me MJ,” She paused, twiddling her thumbs, “You know, like, if you want.”

“Nice to meet you, MJ. I’m Spider-Man.”

“That’s kinda obvious.”

He observed her. The way she laughed, smiled, and tapped her two beat up converse together. He’s never met someone like her. He’s been with this girl his whole life, ever since middle school, but never gotten to know her. She was different than she was in school. Michelle wasn’t the quiet, shy girl he thought she was. 

She was funny, bold. Quite blunt, which he thought was a good thing.

Total heart eyes.

Peter Parker was falling in love at first sight.

Peter and Michelle talked all night.

Hours seemed like minutes.

Watching the sunset, seeing the bright lights overrule the city. It was almost like an instant connection between the two.

“So, what’s your favorite part about being Spider-Man? It must be awesome to like, save people.” Michelle asked, scooting in closer to Peter.

When the sun went down, so did the temperature. 

New York City could be brutal.

“I never really thought about it. I guess I just like knowing that I make a difference. That the people I save get to go back to their families, you know?” He said, watching a smile grow on Michelle’s face. 

“You have a heart of gold, Spidey.”

He was so glad Michelle couldn’t see his face, it was probably as red as a stop light. 

“So, tell me about yourself, MJ.”

“What do you wanna know?”

“Anything. About you, your life, anything.”

Michelle looked down, trying to hide her smile. No one in her life ever really cared about her life. Everyone always asks her about college and academics. How she got to be so smart, and how many colleges accepted her. No one ever cared to ask about anything other than that. But Peter? All he cared about at this moment, was her.

“I moved here when I was like, eleven. I think middle school. I was raised in Queens ever since. I’m a senior now though, and captain of the Decathlon Team which isn’t like, the first thing I tell people. But, I think it’s really cool. Academics mean a lot to me.”

“Wow, I’m a senior too. And Decathlon!” He froze, forgetting that he was Spider-Man and not Peter Parker.

He coughed loudly in an attempt to make it seem smooth, "I mean, Decathlon?! That seems cool. You must be like, really smart.” 

“Spider-Man goes to school?!” She exclaimed, thankfully she wasn’t stunned by the fact he literally exposed himself.

Nice one, Parker.

Michelle was way to head over heels to process what he was actually saying.

“Yeah, totally. Superheroes need education, too, right? I’m trying to get into Columbia, NYU, or MIT.”

“I never really thought about that, you’re right. But you’re trying to go to NYU? Me too!”

“Yeah, Mr. Stark is trying to pull some strings.” Peter said and laughed.

It’s true, the only reason Peter has any chance of getting into an Ivy League is because of Tony. When Spider-Man duties call, school is no longer in the picture.

Although his grades weren’t really his best friend, he was actually very smart.

“Mr. Stark as in… Iron Man?” Michelle questioned.

“Yeah! You could say he’s like, my dad. He’s, uh, kinda the closest thing I have to a parent,” He couldn’t mention Aunt May, that’d be way too obvious, “My parents died when I was young. So, he cares a lot for me.”

“I’m sorry for your loss,” She said, as he shrugged his shoulder, “It was a long time ago. I barely knew them.”

"My parents are weird. I’m forced to work part time at my dad’s company, like, filing papers all day. And my mom isn’t really in the picture anymore,” She paused, “She, uh, she left when she found out my dad basically chose his job over her. It’s whatever, I guess.”

Michelle yawned, scooting so close to him that their thighs were touching.

Quite intimidating.

She rested her head on Peter’s shoulder. Her hair smelled like vanilla and honey; a smell that lingered even through his mask.

Winter in New York City was so brutal, yet here she was, with nothing but a light cardigan on, sitting with him.

“You should go home, before you freeze to death.” Peter said, placing his arm around Michelle in an attempt to keep her somewhat warm.

Maybe a little flirtatious, too.

She pulled his arm around her tighter, feeling the texture of his suit against her hand. 

“Are you warm in this?” She asked, curious due to the thickness of his suit.

He nodded his head, “Yeah, I am. But you look like you’re really cold, MJ.” He observed, she was shivering and her body temperature was super low. (The Peter Tingle comes in handy, sometimes.)

Peter was so tempted to embrace her so that Karen, the fancy chip, could make his suit warm up so she wasn’t cold.

“Trying to get rid of me, Spidey?”

Peter immediately went into panic mode, “No, no! No, I just, I just want you to be warm, and, and safe!”

He watched Michelle’s face light up in excitement. She did that giggle that made him fall for her instantly.

“I’m just playing with you, but I should really get home anyways.” 

“Let me take you?” Peter offered, “Spider-Man offering to take me home? I’m flattered!”

He couldn’t tell if she was being sarcastic or not, but he still laughed either way. Peter and Michelle walked back into the somewhat shitty apartment building, to her door. 

“I’ll see you around, Spider-Man.”

“Goodnight, MJ.”

She smiled at him and gave him a hug.


Peter has never, ever had a girl who was under the age of forty hug him. Her warm embrace felt so right, she shut her door and he just stood there.

Thinking about her.

Peter walked out into the cold winter night and thwipped down the block to his apartment. 

“You have a heart of gold, Spidey.”

That sentence lingered in his mind, he thought about Michelle. He thought about her crooked tooth, the smell of her hair, and the way her eyes twinkled under the moonlight. Turning off his light, he fell asleep with a smile on his face.

As the days went by, Peter (Well, Spider-Man) and Michelle had a daily thing.

After Decathlon meetings, he would do his daily patrolling, and then they’d meet on top of her apartment building. They’d watch the sunset, and Michelle would even bring Peter dinner. He wouldn’t eat it until he returned home though, because he refused to take off his damn mask.

“So how was patrolling today? Is that what you call it? Patrolling?” Michelle asked, slurping the chow mien noodles from her Chinese takeout.

Peter nodded his head, “Yeah. Basically I just spy on the city when Mr. Stark doesn’t have anything for me to do.”

“Interesting,” Michelle said, “And what kind of things does he make you do?”

“Hey, that’s confidential,” Peter said sarcastically, “Just kidding, he just makes us fight people, that’s all. Well not fighting, but like, it's hard to explain. That’s where all of the Avengers get together. Most of the time I just patrol though— Except for that one time where Thanos like, blipped us all, but, I don’t bring that up anymore.” He rambled on, but Michelle was listening to him, mentally writing it all down in her brain.

“Are you interviewing me or something?” He asked, realizing that she’s been asking so many questions tonight.

Usually they just talk, but tonight she was just so curious. 

She let out a giggle, “Maybe,” Peter gave her a look, “Okay, yes. It’s for The Daily Bugle. I write some articles for them, and you are like, the perfect subject.”

“Subject? Geez, Michelle, way to objectify me!” He jokingly said.

“You know what I mean, dumbass!”

“I didn’t know you wrote for them, how come you never mentioned it?” Michelle looked down like she was embarrassed, “I don’t know, it’s not that big of a deal, I guess. It’s not like a real internship. Just a thing for school. My writing isn’t the greatest, but, I’ll let you read the article about you!”

“That's totally a big deal. But hey, make sure you use a good photo of me, you know, ones with my good side.” Peter said, Michelle smiling like an idiot.

She made him soft— As Spider-Man, he’s a badass, a crime stopper, tough and strong. When he was around Michelle, it was like his whole mind melted.

“Every side of you is good.” Michelle said, giving him a light smile.

Peter smiled back.

Maybe blushed a little bit.

Or a lot.

“So how did Spidey save the city today?” She asked, avoiding the silence, “I saved a little girl from being hit by a car. A grandma almost got her purse stolen, she also bought me a churro for saving her. She was really nice.”

“Wow,” She said, stuffing her mouth with noodles, “I wish I could do something like that. Like you said, actually make a difference, you know? Instead I’m stuck writing about how other people do.”

“I mean, there’s some days where I wish I was just a normal high school student. Sometimes I wanna ride the subway, hang out with my friends, party, but instead I’m stuck watching old people come in and out of stores all night.”

“I get what you mean, but you’re not really missing out on anything. I thought the same thing, I thought being a senior was gonna be fun, you know? Like going to partying all night, having off periods, getting accepted into all my dream colleges. Turns out I do the same thing everyday, just over and over. I’d much rather safe the city than study and file papers in an office all day.”

“I guess you’re right, that sounds really boring.”

“Shut up, loser. It’s funny, like around you I can be MJ. MJ is bold and interesting. She speaks her mind and talks about things she's passionate about. But at school, I’m boring old Michelle. The girl who’s all quiet and reads all the time. I like me better when I’m with you.”

There she goes again, resting her head on his shoulder. 

“You know what?" He exclaimed, Michelle gave him a questionable face, "Be MJ all the time. We should live life on the edge! Do something different with our lives. Go to parties, go have fun. Fuck doing the same thing over and over!” Peter said, laughing right after, MJ giggling along.

“Maybe I will, Spidey. Maybe I will,” She paused, "As long as you'll stay by my side."

“Of course, I'll stick with you forever. I’m glad I met you, Michelle. I’m happy I finally have someone to talk to,” He glanced at Michelle, her eyes gazing into the holes of the suit.

She saw brown eyes, pretty chocolate brown eyes. She wanted to see what he looked like so badly. She wanted to see the person that made her mind melt, heart race, and gave her stomach butterflies. She wanted to hold his face and give him a kiss.

He wanted to do the same, but he knew he couldn’t.

“Take it off,” She purred, gesturing to the mask.

“You know I can’t do that, MJ.”

“Yeah, I know. Maybe one day.”

“Maybe one day.” He repeated, she rested her head on his shoulder and they talked the night away.

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One month passed, then two months, and now three. Every single day Peter and Michelle would spend the evening together.

They’d talk about anything and everything, no moments were dull with them. 

“I wanna try it,” Michelle said, eating the Thai food that she got delivered. She kept nagging Peter to eat it, but he wouldn’t even take his mask off halfway.

It was a little annoying.

Peter chuckled, “Try what?”

“You’re web thing. You know how you like, swinging from building to building with your string?” She said, making Peter chuckle again, “My web shooter?” He asked, now this time Michelle burst out into laughter.

“What’s so funny?”

“That sounds so sexual!  My web shooter ,” She mocked, giggling so hard that tears almost formed in her eyes, “But seriously, I wanna try it. Is it like flying?”

“Michelle! Get your mind out of the damn gutter. Plus, you’d be scared to death even if I let you try it,” Peter said, seeing the reaction Michelle would get.

She set her fork down and crossed her arms, “Oh, really? You are bold, Spidey. Very, very bold. I don’t get scared.”

“Okay then,” Peter adjusted his suit and stood up, “Come on,” He opened his arms, signaling her to come closer.

Taking a deep breath, Michelle wrapped her arms around Peter, feeling the heat from his suit. Her head fit into his shoulder so perfectly, they almost forgot what they were doing. 

“Ready?” He asked as she nodded her head, "Wait! Hold on!" Michelle looked down and immediately regretted it.

She never realized how far up they sat.

“Let’s go!” Peter jumped off the building, holding Michelle close into him (thank goodness for his special strength, right?)

She screamed.

“Ahh! I don’t wanna look! I don’t wanna look!”

Peter was laughing his ass off, “I got you, Michelle. I got you.”

She slowly lifted her head from his shoulder, seeing the city fly right past her. All the people looked like ants, they were swinging from building to building.

Michelle immediately looked back down as they went faster, “Where are we going?! Oh my gosh!” She exclaimed as they swung just inches from the ground from a light pole.

“Yo, Spider-Man’s got a girlfriend!” A random bystander said as they reached the ground. They were standing on a building in the middle of Times Square. 


A photo was taken.

Neither of them noticed.

“It’s so beautiful up here. It’s so different than Queens, ya know? All the people, all the lights.” Peter said, observing the city as Michelle was struggling to untangle her hair.

The brown curls were in knots.

“I’m never doing that again,” She paused, “Never.”

“Hmm, thought Michelle Jones never gets scared.” 

“Shut up, asshole!” She exclaimed, playfully hitting him, “Ooh, ouch.”

Michelle pursed her lips, making a pouty face at him.

Peter’s heart melted.

They sat down on the edge of the building, sitting close together so they were touching. Michelle took a deep breath after recovering from her adventure.

“Spidey, this rich boy at my school is having a party.”

“I heard that rich people parties are crazy.”

“Should I go? I’ve never been to a party, like ever. Maybe a birthday party when I was four, but that’s it.” Peter was curious about who was throwing this. He never heard anything at school about a party. 

“I mean, is it legit? You know how people throw fake parties to kidnap you?”

Michelle laughed, “No, Spidey. I don’t know what universe you live in where people throw fake parties. But this kid, he’s cool. I mean, I’ve never talked to him because I barely talk to anyone, but he seems like a good guy.”

“His name is Harry Osborn. You probably don’t know him, but his family owns these big companies. Pretty cool, I guess.”

Peter’s eyes widened under his mask.

He even made a face of disgust.

Harry Osborn was his ex-best friend.

In middle school, they were inseparable. His Aunt May had a thing with his dad, so they were always together. But once ninth grade hit, they both had a crush on the same girl. 

Both of them obsessed over her, a girl with blonde hair and green eyes— Felicia Hardy. She looked like an angel with the personality of a devil. A heartbreaker who didn’t give a single care about others. Peter and Harry didn’t realize that, they were too mesmerized by her looks.

Harry eventually got with Felicia, leaving Peter behind with no friends. He chose her over him, so Peter spent the majority of his freshman year alone. That’s when he met his new friends, Ned, Betty, and Michelle. He decided to join Decathlon and focus on his academics.

Although, Felicia Hardy disappeared out of nowhere. One day she was at school, one day she was just gone. Nobody knew where she went, not even her boyfriend, Harry. She left him a note in his locker that said, “You were fun, XOXO Felicia,” and that was it.

Just like that.


Even though he got over his crush on her, Peter despised Harry ever since.

But now he met Michelle, and she was so different.

He liked everything about her, not just her looks. Her personality, her giggles, her jokes, all of it made Peter feel things he’s never felt before.

He was so in love with this girl who didn’t even know his real identity.

“I think you should go. You deserve some fun. Are your friends going?” Peter asked, covering up the fact that he totally didn’t want her to go, in fear of the same situation happening.

“Sorta. They’re dating, so like, I’ll probably just be there by myself,” She paused, “You know, I’d invite you, Spidey. But, you don’t wanna tell me who you really are.” Michelle rested her head on his shoulder and sighed, “I wanna be able to take you on dates, to fancy restaurants, to parties, and at the end of the night? Have you take me home and  do a bit more .”

Peter chucked, “A bit more, huh?" Michelle nodded her head, "Yep," popping the "P" sound.

"You’d fuck me even though you don’t know who I really am?”

Yeah, he immediately wanted to jump off the building after he said that, but hey, he’s Spider-Man— Not Peter Parker. He can be as bold as he pleased.

She thought about it for a minute, wrapping her arms around him, “Yes, I’d definitely fuck you.  If  I knew who you were. But, since I don’t, then nope. Cause that’s just weird.”

Michelle Jones literally just offered to have sex with him.

That’s insane for someone like Peter, but what if he tells her who she is and she’s disappointed? That he wasn’t in her league?

He couldn’t risk that embarrassment. 

“Well, then it looks like you'll just have to wait. I’ll show you one day, Michelle, don’t worry.” Peter said.

He caresses up and down her thigh. It makes her go a little crazy. Her mind did somersaults.

Part of her thought she was dumb for falling in love with someone behind a mask, but part of her also knew that whoever was under there was an amazing person. She knew she’ll eventually find out who he was. It was worth the risk.

“Oh my gosh, do you like, have sex while you’re in your suit?! I never even thought about that!” She exclaimed, making Peter laugh, “No, now  that’s  weird! Never.”

“I remember the first time I hooked up with this boy, he had Spider-Man posters hanging on his wall. It was kinda creepy, it was like your eyes were totally staring into my soul.” Michelle was very open with Peter (In his Spider-Man get up), so it made Peter quite curious when he heard all of this. He couldn’t ever picture quiet, shy, Michelle Jones hooking up with someone. 

“When I first hooked up with this girl, it was really awkward. She kept talking to me, like during it, and not even like dirty talking. She was trying to have a full-on conversation with me!” Peter told Michelle, who was giggling and tracing the lines on his suit. 

Peter wasn’t lying, surprisingly. He lost his virginity to a girl that he met over the summer in his sophomore year. They met in summer camp, and then he never saw her again. He claims he just wanted to “get it over with,” and it was one of the weirdest things Peter has  ever  experienced.

“You’re into that kinda stuff?” Michelle asked, “Wait, don’t tell me. Actually, tell me, I’m curious!”

“Dirty talking?” He asked as she nodded his head, “Hmm, guess you’ll never find out.”

She hit him in the shoulder, “Wow… That’s so mean. You’re the one being all secretive!” She chomped on her noodles, "Ooh, I'm never taking off my mask! Ooh, I'll show you one day! Mhm." She mocked, making Peter blush.

“You know, the more I think about it, the more I realize that sex is weird. It’s like enjoyable, but at the same time, super annoying. It’s either really nice, or really awkward. There’s no in-between,” Michelle explained. Never in her life would she have thought she’d be talking to an Avenger about sex, but, here she is.

“I agree with that, one hundred percent. Even though it's been awhile, I remember the less shitty parts about it.”

“You know what, Spidey? I’m gonna go to that party. You’re right! I deserve some fun. Do you know how long I’ve been studying for midterms? And with college coming up?” She groaned into his shoulder, “I just want fun."

She did a little giggle, "Maybe I’ll even hook up with someone!”

“Geez, MJ. Are you feeling bold tonight or something?"

“I honestly don’t even know. I feel comfortable talking about this kinda stuff around you. You’re like my best friend now.” Michelle said, glancing up at his mask. The light made her eyes twinkle, and her right tooth stuck out as she smiled at him. Her eyes were like pools of chocolate and Peter fell right in.

“You’re my best friend, too. I’m pretty sure I talk to you more than my actual best friend, since he’s always with his girlfriend,” Peter explained, talking about Ned and Betty. They were like two peas in a pod and were a little  too  open about their relationship.

Peter was like their couples counselor, and that wasn't a good thing.

“You got a crush on anyone, Spidey?” Michelle asked, raising one eyebrow at him. 

What does he say? Does he say her? I mean he definitely has a crush on her, but is it okay to tell her? Peter’s mind was trying to calculate all the possible outcomes. He decided to stay mysterious.

Maybe , maybe not. It’s a secret.” He said, looking down on MJ, who was still heavily entertained by tracing the lines on his suit, “How about you? Does  the  mysterious Michelle Jones have a crush on anyone?”

Maybe. Actually, yeah! I do. I never told anyone, not that I have anyone to tell. But hey, I trust you.”

Peter’s eyebrows raised beneath his suit, “Who has the honor of having Michelle Jones' heart?”

“Obviously, you wouldn’t know him. He’s really cute, he has brown hair with nice waves in it, a nice jawline, and he's super smart…" She swooned, "I’m like totally rambling, sorry. I like you, too. Not just as Spider-Man, either. I don’t know who’s hiding under there, but I like him, a lot.”

Peter wondered who that brown-hair-nice-jawline-boy could be.

It was him all along.

And he had no idea.

Chapter Text

It was an afternoon after school, and the Decathlon meeting was about to end. 

For the past few months, Peter tried his hardest to avoid Michelle when he wasn’t Spider-Man. 

Bad idea.

Possibly good.

He was scared she would recognize his voice, or find out that it was him someway, because she was smart and really damn sneaky.

For all he knew, she probably knows that his secret!

To his surprise, he was actually quite successful at his avoiding, until Michelle ran up to him as he was about to exit the library.

“Hey, Peter?” She asked, Peter’s eyes widened in surprise, considering the fact that Michelle never talked to him in school, or at all, really. 

He was about to act like he couldn’t hear her, but he couldn’t. She had that charm in her eyes that was irresistible. 

“What’s up, M- I mean, Michelle?” He was about to call her MJ. Only Spider-Man knew her as MJ.

He laughed it off smoothly as she continued, “This is probably really awkward, considering I don’t talk to you a lot, but I was wondering if you’re going to Harry’s party tonight,” Peter’s face lit up, “I don’t know anyone else who’s going, besides Betty and Ned, and you know, that’s like totally awkward having to third wheel.”

“Uh, yeah! I’ll go, if, if you really want me to.”

“I do! Thank you so much, Peter. I’m so tired of being alone all the time.” Michelle said, hugging him as he stood awkwardly.

He hugged her back. He felt her soft hair brush against his fingers.

“Wow, I can’t believe it. Michelle Jones going to a party? Never thought I’d see that,” He joked.

“Shut up, loser. Someone really special to me told me that I need to live life on the edge, so that’s uh, that’s what I’m trying to do.”

Peter’s eyebrows rose, she actually took his advice. He was partially kidding, expecting her to just laugh at it. But, now he’s going to a party with her? As plain old Peter Parker? 

He needed to tell her the truth before things got too far.

“I can meet you at your place,” Peter offered. 

He had a really good idea, he just needed to make sure it worked for sure.

“Okay! Does seven sound good? I can make you dinner before we go, but I’ll warn you, I’m not the greatest cook!” She did her little giggle, causing Peter’s face to warm up. He immediately looked down, avoiding any eye contact.

Spider-Man definitely had an impact on Michelle.

She was more talkative, happy, possibly a bit more bold.

She had the right qualities that Peter immediately fell in love with, from the second she talked to him.

He rushed home to his little apartment he lived in with his Aunt May. 

Slipping on his Spidey suit, he hopped out the window and patrolled the big city.

So much was on his mind, like how MJ would react when she finds out, what’s gonna happen at Harry’s party; Peter barely heard the sound of an old woman trying to cross the busy street.

A few hours passed, and Peter took down a shoplifter and a carjacker, but finally it was 6:46pm and he needed to get ready for this night that was bound to be full of surprises.

It was nerve racking.

Slipping back into his bedroom window, (via the fire escape), he called for May.

“Aunt May! I need help! It’s an emergency.” Peter called, as soon as she heard “emergency,” May was in his room like that.

“Peter, what’s wrong, honey?! Are you hurt?!” She exclaimed, “I’m not a good doctor!”

“I’m going to a party, with a girl I really like. In like twenty minutes, May, I don’t know what to wear!”

Taking a big sigh of relief, she smiled, “You may be nineteen, but you’ll always be my little baby boy, Peter,” She said in a high pitched baby voice that made his face cringe, “I just need your help, please.”

They went through four different outfits. 

First one, no.

Too fancy.

Second one, bleh.

Didn’t match.

“Look at you. Your face, your muscles, your hair? My baby is all grown up!” May exclaimed. 

Peter and May finally set on a white t-shirt with some jeans. Casual, but classy is what she claimed.

May put some gel in his hair, defining the slight curls he had. Topping it all off with a cologne she bought him for Christmas a while back. 

He claimed it made him smell manly, whatever that was supposed to mean.

Peter also told May all about Michelle.

He boasted about how amazing, smart, talented, and kind she was. He also told her about his plan to tell her that he was Spider-Man.

“Breathe, Peter. You got this! If she really likes you, she will like you for who you are, trust me.” 

“I hope you’re right. Thank you, Aunt May.” Peter said, giving her a hug. “You might need this,” Aunt May said, tossing him his Spider-Man suit.

It was now 6:58pm and he zoomed over to Michelle’s apartment building, which was only a couple blocks away.

She was distracted up on the roof, watching the sun set alone.

After calling and texting her phone a million times, he realized that she was probably up there.




His heart was racing by the minute, this was the moment he was about to tell his biggest secret to someone.

Peter, with the tight red Spidey suit on, walked up to her.

“Peter?” She asked as he sat down next to her. Michelle gave him a small smile. It was light, she was clearly sad about something, “Oh, hey, Spidey! Sorry, I thought you were someone else.”

He chuckled, “Wow, MJ, I thought I was special.” Peter said, jokingly. 

Michelle hit him in his shoulder, and it kinda hurt him. She was stronger than he expected, “I’m taking your advice, Spidey. I’m going to the rich boy’s party.”

Bold Peter was kicking in, “Oh, so that’s why you look extra cute tonight.”

He’s trying to flirt.


Peter saw Michelle’s face turned a dark red underneath the moonlight.

She smiled and then sighed, “I was supposed to meet a friend at seven. But he’s late, or he stood me up.” Her voice saddened, “For some reason I thought he liked me. I guess I was just over thinking things.”

He didn’t know how to respond to that.

This was it.

There was no way in hell he could let her think that.

This was the moment. 

He can’t fuck this up.

“What are you thinking about?” She asked, turning to face Peter and tucking her stray curl behind her ear.

“Kiss me, Michelle.”

She smiled, looking down and then back up again.

“That means you have to take it off, Spidey.”

He took a deep breath and slowly began to remove the mask, Michelle watched his fingers grip the base on his neck, tugging at the soft, cherry red material. He pulled it up, revealing his neck, then his chin, and his lips. 

Oh, his lips. 

Catching sight of his soft looking, perfect shade of pink lips, she stepped even closer to him.

As soon as the mask was off, Peter Parker stood there in front of her. 

Peter Parker, the boy on her Decathlon team, the boy who she always tried to talk to, the one who she’s been swooning over since freshman year, “Oh my god,” She said, before immediately locking her lips onto his. 

He kissed her back, his hands finding their way into her soft brown hair.

They explored each other, Peter took MJ’s lips into his mouth, tugging at her bottom lip gently with his teeth, feeling a soft grin between the two of them.

A natural.

His tongue ventured deeper as hers did the same. Both of her arms were wrapped around his neck, his on her back, pressing them closer and closer.

Michelle couldn’t believe this was happening.

She was kissing the boy who she’s liked ever since they were fourteen. She couldn’t believe that the Avenger she fell in love with, was the boy she’s liked for all this time.

She slowly parted the two of them, gazing up into Peter’s chocolate brown eyes, “I always had a feeling it was you.”

He caressed the side of her back up and down, his warm embrace comforting her in the Spring night.

“How?” He asked, combing through her hair, “I’m observant. You out of everyone should know that. Washington D.C. in our sophomore year, missing Decathlon meetings. I knew something was up,” Michelle kept smiling, “I can’t believe I figured it out, I was only like, 67% sure!”

“Does this change things?” He asked, afraid to hear her response.

“Why would it?” Michelle asked with her arms still locked around him with her head buried in his chest, “I don’t know. I figured you’d expect some type of good looking dude to be Spider- Man,” He chuckled, “Not me.”

She chuckled, “I didn’t have expectations, Peter. I liked Spider-Man for who he was, it never mattered to me what he looked like.”

They were completely pressed together, “I really like you, MJ.”

“I really like you, too.”

They kissed again under the soft glow of the moonlight.

“We should probably get to that party now, huh?” 

Michelle said, resting her head on Peter’s chest, he laughed, “Time to live life on the edge.”

“I guess we should.” 

Peter and Michelle took an Uber (No web-shooting while drunk, it was Peter’s rule for himself)  to Harry Osborn’s mansion, it was almost the size of both of their apartment complexes combined. 

He got out first, opening the door for her.

“Wow, such a gentleman,” She said, getting out.

Michelle was wearing something that was different from her typical style.

She wore shorts that showed off her long legs, usually covered in jeans or leggings, and a sweater that showed a sliver of her stomach.

She told Peter that tonight she was MJ.

“Damn, I wish I lived in a house like this.” Peter said as they walked closer to the door.

They opened it and music blasted throughout the entire house. The floors were covered in crumbs of food, spills from beer, and the smell of marijuana lingered. It was just like how it was in movies.

“This... this is...” Michelle said, walking towards the kitchen island, “Exactly what I expected!”

Peter raised his eyebrows, walking closer to Michelle, who was now pouring beer from one of the many kegs, “Michelle, you drink?” She nodded, “Tonight I do.” 

Tonight she did, indeed.

Taking a huge sip from the red Solo cup, “You want?”

Peter Parker wasn’t really a partier, if that wasn’t obvious. But, MJ wanted to have fun, and sober Peter was cautious and concerned— Which didn’t sound like a lot of fun to him. So, he reluctantly nodded and she handed him a cup.

He took a small sip, remembering the last time he drank was almost five months ago, at Ned’s eighteenth birthday party, “Bleh, this is disgusting!”

He made more remarks about how it tasted like rubbing alcohol.

Nonetheless, he continued to drink it.

Living life on the edge, right? Even if it killed his tastebuds.

Michelle giggled, “I know right, this tastes terrible! But I can’t stop drinking it!” 

Tonight, Peter was the observant one.

He had two drinks, but Michelle lost count.

He wanted to tell her to stop, but he figured as long as he watched out for her, she’d be okay. Peter believed it wasn’t really his place to tell her what to do.

They danced to the loud music that shook the flooring of the house.

Peter twirled MJ around a few times, she stumbled a little and fell once or twice, but it was the most alive they’ve felt in ages.

“This is so much better than studying!” She yelled to Peter, “Hell yeah it is!” They both laughed and danced the night away.

“Is that... Michelle Jones?” Harry Osborn said, walking towards her. Peter’s eyes widened at the site, he was feeling something that he’s felt in the past. 


Harry had curly brown hair, the clearest skin, a jawline sharp enough to cut, and a smile with dimples.

Peter believed he looked like Michelle’s vision of Spider-Man.

“Yes, it is, and what about it?” She said, twirling and dancing around Peter. He stepped closer to her, signaling for her to stop. His heart was racing.

There was no way in hell that’d he let Harry take the girl he loved, again.

Not a fucking chance.

“Nothing, I was just admiring your beauty. How come you never dress like this at school?” Harry asked. His charm and glisten in his eyes made Peter wanna throw up. He was clearly trying to do this just to make Peter angry.

“Mmm! Those long legs look delicious.”

He was so close to punching him.

A good hit in the jaw would shut him up, right? Arguing back with him, telling him to stay away from her— But not tonight. He came he with MJ, all he wanted to do was have fun with her. 

To answer Harry’s question, she just shrugged her shoulders. 

“What are you doing here with him? You’re too pretty for him.” Harry kept asking all these questions to Michelle and Peter couldn’t take it anymore, “God, Harry?! What are you trying to get at?” He butted in, “Come on, Michelle. Let’s go.”

“Awe, leaving so soon, babygirl?” Harry asked, slurring most of the sentence. He was a total mess.

His system was flooded with more alcohol than MJ’s, definitely.

“Fucking asshole,” Peter muttered under his breath as they trailed away from Harry, who was probably on his tenth cup of beer.

But, to be fair, both him and Michelle were pretty drunk, too.

So, he called an Uber for them.

Modern day cabs.

Michelle gripped Peter’s hand and wrapped it around her shoulder, “Take me home, Peter,” She paused, “And we can do a bit more.”

“A bit more, huh?”

She nodded her head, placing a soft kiss his hand.

At this point, Peter just needed some relief. 

Harry never changed from freshman year, he still wanted what Peter had.

Some people never change.

They sat on the steps of his house waiting for the white Lexus to arrive.

Peter gave Michelle a cup filled with water to sober her up a little bit, and to prevent the both of them from having terrible hangovers in the morning.

Minutes passed and they sat in silence. 

There was really nothing to say.

They just liked each others company.

Michelle drank the ice water like it was the last thing on earth. 

She rested her head on Peter’s shoulder as he placed his hand on her thigh, caressing it up and down slowly, “I had fun, Peter. Thanks for coming with me.” 

“I wouldn’t have wanted to come with anyone else.”

The Uber arrived.

It looked a little sketchy, but it was New York; everything seemed a bit odd.

The two got in the back, Peter helping Michelle navigate into the seat.

The white car moved, leaving Harry Osborn’s mansion behind. 

Peter was so thankful to get out of that hellhole. 

“Peter?” She whispered, moving into the middle seat, “Yeah?”

“I think we should hookup,” Michelle whispered softly in his ear, taking his hand and sliding it further up her leg.

She let it rest there, as he naturally rubbed small circles into her thigh.

It was safe to say the entire car ride back to Queens was full of tension.

Michelle was sobering up (slightly) and all Peter could think about was the way her lips felt on his.

They wanted each other so desperately, and it was taking every little ounce in their bodies to not just go at it in the back seat.

“My Aunt is still at work,” Peter breathed as he helped Michelle get up the stairs.

She could barely process what he just said.

Al she wanted was him.

She fumbled and he tripped, but finally they made it to his apartment and before he could even open the door, Peter grabbed her and pulled her into a kiss.

This kiss was different than the one before. 

The first kiss was slow.

It was passionate, slow, and gentle.

This kiss was hard, consisting of Peter’s shirt halfway off and his fingers running through her hair and down to her ass.

“Bedroom,” He panted, “We should probably go there,” Peter said, Michelle wincing because he broke the kiss.

She nodded her head as she jumped into his arms, and it wasn’t easy in her drunk state, but they made it work.

He carried her into his bedroom, placing her down on his bed.

“Are you sure you wanna do this? We’re drunk,” Peter asked before taking off her sweater.

“I’m sure. I’d never second guess myself with you, Peter Parker.”

He nodded his head, “Just making sure.”

Growing impatient, she helped Peter take her sweater off faster. His hands fumbled with the zipper on her shorts, dragging them down and getting them tangled between her ankles. 

Michelle made a comment about how she was supposed to be the super drunk person. But, she was soon proved wrong when he unhooked her bra in less than a second, “That was fast,” She commented, Peter was too busy admiring her tiny breasts.

They weren’t big, but they were perfect to Peter.

Now, she was laying completely naked beneath him. 

He took a moment to look at how beautiful she was. 

Peter’s mouth connected with her breast while the other one was cupped in his left hand. Michelle could feel her stomach tighten, squirming underneath him, her back arching up from the bed as she pushed his head down further. 

He peppered wet kisses down her stomach as her hand continued to push him further down. His lips connected with the inside of her thighs sloppily and he looked up at her face. He signaled her with his finger in a “come here,” motion.

Michelle trailed to the edge of the bed and Peter placed her hands on his belt. 

She unbuckled it, pulling his jeans and boxers down all in one. Before she could do anything else, Peter laid her back down on the bed. He held her down with one of his arms while the other continued to fondle her breast. 

One of her own hands slid down her stomach, but Peter caught it and pinned it down next to her.

“You’re beautiful, Em,” He panted softly before giving her what she wanted.

Taking a deep breath, Peter pushed gently into her. A soft moan released from her lips as he got further in, “Peter,” escaped her lips as he continued to pump into her. It was like music to his ears. Michelle Jones was a goddess to Peter Parker, he loved every single thing about her. 

The loud moans and soft noises that came from her mouth encouraged him more. Michelle’s head was rolled back into the pillow, “God, Em. Such a good girl,” Her hands gripped tightly into Peter’s flannel sheets. It smelled just like him, it made her curious how she couldn’t smell the distinct scent when he was Spider-Man.

He whispered the most dirty things in her ear, lanswering her question she had months before, “So you, fuck! So you are a dirty talker.” Michelle breathed, wrapping her arms around his neck, clinging onto him as he kissed her.

His name rolled off her tongue numerous times until they finally came.

Both were panting; Michelle looked up at Peter, who was covered in a sheer layer of sweat that glistened under the light, “That was…” She was basically out of breath, “Holy shit. That was the best thing I’ve experienced in a long time.”

She found herself still admiring Peter.

He didn’t say anything, but instead responded with another kiss.

A slow one now, just like their first one. Passionate and meaningful.

Slowly breaking this kiss, “ You were amazing,” Peter said, helping Michelle get up off the bed to go to the bathroom, she fell as soon as she stood up, “Michelle! Are you okay?!”

Michelle started to blush, and giggled softly, “Peter… You literally fucked me so hard that I can’t walk!” She shamelessly admitted, stumbling her way to the bathroom.

Peter lips parted, but didn’t say anything. Instead, he laughed along with her.

How did he get so lucky?

A few minutes later, Peter was already under the covers about to go to sleep.

Michelle came out with one of Peter’s big shirts on, it was a dark gray with small holes in it. She claimed it was soft as silk.

Suddenly, it was her favorite shirt— It smelled just like him, and even though she was a little bit taller than him, it fit her like a dress. 

A small smile grew on her face, “Uh, hey, can I spend the night? I kinda told my dad that I was staying at Betty’s,” twiddling her thumbs, “I get it, though, if you can’t. Because your aunt and stuff.”

“No, no, of course you can,” Peter said, “I’ll just shut my door, she won’t bother us,” He patted on the bed next to him, “Come.”

Michelle jumped on the tiny twin sized bed, snuggling in close next to him, “I can’t believe we just did that,” She said, “Me either, but I’m glad we did.”

She yawned, rubbing her eyes.

Peter reached over and turned out the lamp. Laying in complete darkness, two bodies intertwined.

Michelle’s head rested comfortably in Peter’s arms as if she belonged there.

“I’m happy you’re a dirty talker,” She whispered, making Peter chuckle, “I’m glad.”

Yawning again, “You should be. It was hot.” She closed her eyes and that was the last thing she said before drifting to sleep. Peter wrapped his arms around her, with her curls directly in his face, giving off the vanilla scent that smelled like pure heaven to him.

“I love you, Em.” He whispered softly.

When he turned to look at her, she was fast asleep.

Early morning awoken the two, the bright light shining through the sheer white curtains that Peter had in his room.

Michelle’s eyes opened slowly, adjusting to the morning sun. Her hangover wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t the best either. Her head hurt like crazy and she could barely remember anything.

That was until she rolled over, hitting the body of Peter Parker.

“Holy shit,” she whispered to herself.

Just like that— The memories came back to her.

The party, the Uber ride home, Peter and her having sex.

She closed her eyes again, and then reopened them.

It wasn’t a dream.

She had sex with Peter Parker! Reality hit her like a truck. She was in the same bed as him, in his shirt!

Michelle smiled and rolled over to face him, she shifted around so her head was resting on his shoulder.

The twin bed wasn’t necessarily that most spacious thing.

She just stared at him. Not in a creepy way, but she just admired him. 

He looked so peaceful, like he had no problems in the world.

Although, in reality, he had to face many problems daily. After all, he was Spider-Man: teenager by day, superhero by night.

Michelle closed her eyes again, thinking how she’s liked this boy since she was fifteen. Now she’s eighteen, and about to graduate in four months. 

That was proof that time will eventually do its thing.

Then she thought a little about graduation. Once she graduates, she off into the open world— An official adult.

She’ll have her own responsibilities, she’ll have to live on her own, and she’ll finally have to decide how her relationship with Peter will work.

Peter plans on going to Columbia, which is in the city. Michelle wanted to go to NYU, which is also in the city. She figured the both of them will together still, right? The thought of it stressed her out, and her hangover wasn’t really helping.

She groaned softly, putting her pillow over her face to block out the sun.

“Morning, Em.” A tired Peter said, scooting in even closer to cuddle her, she smiled, “Is that my new nickname?”

Em. She thought it was cute. It kinda slipped out during sex, but she really liked it.

It was different than MJ and way better than Michelle. For some reason she always hated her full name.

“Yep, it is now. It’s cute. How are you feeling?”

“Like absolute shit.” Michelle groaned, burying her head into Peter’s shoulder.

“Me too. My head has its own heartbeat.”

The two talked about all the fun they had last night.

How it was amazing, fun, and very stress relieving. Peter mentioned how they should’ve done it a long time ago. 

“Peter?” She purred as he looked down at her. Her soft lips with her right tooth peeking out formed a dopey smile, “I love you, too. Whether you’re Peter Parker or Spider-Man, I really do love you.”

They made it official. 

After months and months of pining of each other, having rooftop dates after Peter’s patrolling, they finally decided to become a couple.

She was his.

And he was hers.

Chapter Text

Peter and Michelle now been together for almost four months now.

The past months have been the best of their lives.

Picnics in the park, Chinese takeout on the roof, and swinging from building to building after Decathlon meetings. (Some steamy sex, too.) Peter always thought of the best dates, whether they were last minute, or planned ahead; Michelle always looked forward to them.

Graduation also came around.

It was nice, Aunt May got a good photo of the two of them in their cap and gowns, Michelle’s father even took the day off.

Which was a quite are occurrence. To be quite honest, she couldn’t remember the last time she saw her dad for more than thirty minutes. He’d come home for maybe ten minutes to grab paperwork he forgot, or his one (of many) briefcases. He’d say hello to her and then leave.

She was used to it, so seeing him at her graduation was a big shocker. 

He came and went all the time, but this time, she left. 

She moved out into her own studio just minutes away from her dream school, NYU.

Michelle got accepted into NYU (which was no surprise) and Peter got into Columbia with tons of help from Tony Stark. They start their first semester in two months, and she was actually quite excited.

Only one thing made her questionable— Peter has been focusing a lot more of being Spider-Man than a student. 

Which of course, Michelle understood. But, as Peter said himself, Spider-Man needs an education, too.

He hasn’t officially said he was gonna go to Columbia, after all, it wasn’t his top choice.

His top choice was MIT.


Thinking about the future and college in general just stressed her out.

Today, Peter was busy with superhero stuff, and Michelle was working hard for The Daily Bugle.

It was sunny Saturday afternoon, and Peter had Avenger stuff to take care of, Tony claimed their meeting was urgent. On the other hand, Michelle had absolutely nothing on her agenda.

Peter offered to take her with him this time, but she didn’t want to interrupt or distract him. (He gets distracted very easily, it was something she’s observed over the years.)

The sky was sunny and bright, along with the trees that were slowly starting to get greener. Michelle leisurely walked through Central Park; it was one of her favorite places in the world, or in New York at least.

Something about made her feel so relaxed. Watching the people that come from all around the world, seeing the birds fly around, it was the perfect spot for her writing.

She was still working on her Spider-Man article, since she got a little side tracked for a few months.

Many details were added, like how it had Karen in it, the special chip in his suit. How the wonderful web shooter worked, this was bound to be her best piece yet.

“The mysterious figure who lingered in the skyline… Teenager by day, the cities protector by night…”

By this time, Michelle was trapped deeply in her thoughts. She was in her writing mode, her creativity was springing everywhere, until something stopped her.

“You...” A high pitched, female voice said from behind her.

“Huh?” Michelle asked as she turned around to see a woman.

She seemed to be the same age, or maybe a year or two older.

Her hair was bright white like snow on a winter day, with the most stunning green eyes she’d ever seen.

“You were the girl kissing Spider-Man!” The mysterious pale blonde girl said, sitting on the bench, gracefully sitting right next to Michelle.

“Uh, how do you know?” Michelle asked, tapping her foot up and down consistently.

How did she know?

Where did she see them?

How did this girl even find her?

She uncrumpled a piece of newspaper that she pulled from her pocket.

Michelle observed her.

The way she moved, the way she dressed, it was so mysterious. Weird, sly, like she was some type of spy or something.

The photo showed Spider-Man swinging from a building with Michelle in his arms.

Her arms were wrapped around him, while he was showing gripping around her waist.

But their lips were connected.

She remembered it clear as day.

Michelle wanted to kiss while swinging, but Peter didn’t wanna reveal himself. So, he only lifted up half of his mask, only revealing his lips, in which she placed a kiss on. It felt really romantic, until moments later they fell on top of each other.

(Guess no one caught a photo of that.)

Someone must’ve caught them at the perfect time.

“Where did you find that?!” Michelle exclaimed, the odd girl laughing, “This is New York City, baby. People take notice in things, especially when a girl, is with the cities beloved protector. So, what’s the deal?”

Michelle scoffed.

Closed her notebook, too.

The girl was prying and was getting on her last nerve, “Who are you? And why are you so concerned?”

“Sorry, I never introduced myself,” She held out her hand, “Felicia Hardy.”

Michelle’s eyes widened, she’s heard that name before.

It sounded so damn familiar, but she couldn’t think of where she’s heard it.




Nope. Her mind drew a blank.

Nonetheless, she shook her hand, “Michelle Jones.”

“Miss Michelle, well, well,” Felicia chuckled, “Doesn’t that sound like a goody two shoes name?” 

“You never answered me. What the hell do you want?”

Fiesty MJ.

“Oh, nothing. Curiosity kills the cat right?”

Something was off about this girl, Michelle hated the way it felt. She was mysterious and secretive, that was two things Michelle Jones hated. She hated secrets with a burning passion.

“Bullshit! You’re lying. What is it?” Michelle asked Felicia, who gave her a daring smirk, “Michelle, you’re adorable. Like a little kitten. I can see why Peter likes you so much.”

Michelle’s eyebrows skyrocketed, “Wait a second, how do you know?!”

The girl giggled, “Oh, me and Peter go way, way back. Me, prissy little Peter, and the hottie, Harry Osborn. Oh, my sweet Harry. I wonder how he’s doing these days.”

Was this real?

Was Michelle still drunk from the wine she sipped last night?

Perhaps she’s just having a very vivid dream?

How in the world is she having this conversation?

Is the government secretly watching her? Trying to get Spider- Man’s identity confirmed?

Michelle scoffed, “Well, for starters, your Harry is an asshole. How do you know them?”

“A love triangle, darling. That damn Peter Parker... never knew when to stop. He was obsessive. Annoying. And jealous,” She paused as if she was reminiscing on the past, “Man, did that Tiger have some jealousy issues.”

“Pshhh- Peter? Jealousy issues?”

That wasn’t him.

“Yes, kitten. Peter and his jealously. They both wanted me.”

Michelle made a questionable face at her.

This girl was very confident in herself.

Maybe a little too much.

“Best friends, those two. Stuck together, like super glue! Until me, at least. They went at each other’s throats for me, and honestly, I never really cared for either one of them. I just enjoyed the entertainment!”

“That’s evil! Why would you ever do that to them?” Michelle was a mixture of intrigued, yet disgusted that she’d ever play with their hearts like that.

“It’s called fun, sweetheart. I dated Harry to see poor Peter’s reaction,” Felicia giggled, “I will never forget the look on that boy’s face. Pure anger, pure jealousy! I thought Peter was gonna kill him right there in front of me!”

Michelle was stunned.

Prior to this moment, she had no idea that Peter and Harry were even friends. Harry was a popular, rich boy. Football star with fake friends. Peter was a nerd, if she was being quite honest. He only had Ned and her.

And based on the party argument, they seemed to be polar opposites.

“Harry and I lived happily forever,” She frowned, “Until my dad got sent to jail. I disappeared out of thin air! Broke him out of jail and forgot all about those two. I’ve been out hiding ever since. But, now I’m back in New York, and I need a friend.”

“So you come and stalk me?”

“Not stalking. I naturally hide. I linger in the dark, perhaps I come off a little mysterious,” Michelle nodded her head to the word 'mysterious', “It’s just a few skills of the Black Cat.”

Michelle’s eyebrows rose yet again, “Black Cat? As in the burglar? The thief?”

“Bingo!” She exclaimed, biting her lip. Felicia held some sort of charming aspect to her. MJ liked it. It was a little cocky. But cute.

“I like you, Michelle. You seem observant. Bold. You say what’s on your mind. Not many people have these assets you have," She stuck out her hand that had a freshly done manicure, "Friends?” Felicia asked, asking for Michelle’s approval.

Michelle thought about it for a moment, what was the worst that could happen? She needed some girl friends.

Ned and Peter were cool and all, and Betty was okay. But Felicia was different, she reminded Michelle of herself in a way.

“Okay. Why not? Friends.”

“I have to go, but tell your little buddy Spider-Man about me. Please?”

Michelle reluctantly nodded her head and Felicia Hardy disappeared into the sea of tourists.

Later that night, Peter came over to watch Netflix and eat her favorite Haagen Daz ice cream with him. It was his idea of a “date.” She found it quite romantic, especially now that they live on their own. 

Their “sleepovers,” can get a bit more interesting now.

Many thoughts filled her head.

She got her usual pint of chocolate vanilla swirl, while Peter got rocky road.

It was halfway melted by the time they got settled.

Michelle bullied him about how her flavor was much more superior and flavorful than his.

Snuggling into his bed, the warm flannel sheets against her skin, Peter turned on his TV and flipped through the Netflix categories.

“What do you wanna watch?”

Michelle shrugged her shoulders, “Horror? I could use a good scare.” 

She only said that so Peter would cuddle and hold her when she got “scared.” 

Clever MJ move.

He put on The Conjuring, and they dipped into their half melted pints of ice cream.

The movie started out quite slow, talking about the backstories and such, “So how was your Avengers stuff?” Michelle asked after slurping her ice cream loudly.

Peter hated that sound.

She says it’s like ASMR.

He disagrees.

“It was pretty fun. Mr. Stark was being moody, so everyone was being uptight. But, he’s hoping to upgrade our suits soon, it’s gonna be so cool.”

“Hmm, sounds interesting. Maybe I’ll come next time.”

“I’d be a lot happier if you came. What’d you do today?”

“Well, I went to Central Park to work on my Spider-Man article,” Peter smiles, “I can’t wait to read it, it’s been months!” She continued, “And I met a friend.”

He raised an eyebrow, “A friend?”

“Yeah, apparently there’s a photo of us swinging across the city in the newspaper. She came up to me and we kinda just clicked. So, now we’re friends.”

Michelle was playing dumb, “You would love her, Peter. She’s just like me, really pretty, too.”

“And this girl’s name is…?”

“Felicia Hardy.”

Peter dropped his spoon straight into his ice cream. The loud sound of the metal spoon clanking against the bowl, he exclaimed, “WHO?!”

Chapter Text

“WHO?!” Peter exclaimed, letting the metal spoon collide with the bowl. Michelle raised her eyebrows, “Felicia Hardy, she said she knows you.”

She shot Peter a look that was quite scary.

“Michelle, I hope you didn’t believe a single word she said. She’s an evil liar!” Peter exclaimed, Michelle’s daring look turned into an open mouthed smile. She definitely hit a nerve there, “Geez! She didn’t tell me anything bad. Calm yourself, Tiger.”

“Well, what’d she say?”

He was acting like she exposed his biggest secret, which she didn’t.

If he even had one.

Did he? Was he hiding something from her?

Michelle grew kind of concerned.

She had to breathe for a second.

“She was telling me about you and Harry, how you both used to like her, and stopped being,” She made quotation marks with her fingers, “Best friends.”

Peter let out a big sigh, “It was a long time ago. I forgot all about her, until now, I guess. She was kind of an asshole.”

“I mean, I don’t care if you liked her or not. It was literally five years ago.”

“Yeah, I don’t know what I saw in her.”

“But hey, why didn’t you tell me you and Harry used to be friends? I thought he like, hated you,” Michelle said, continuing to eat her chocolate vanilla swirl ice cream.

It tasted like heaven.

Nothing in her world compared to the taste Haagan-Daz.  

Well, except for Peter.

“He hates me because I liked her, too. He was just jealous,” Peter smirked, “Little did he know that she liked me all along.”

Michelle’s face dropped, “What? Peter Parker? A player? This wasn’t included in her story!” Suddenly, she was so invested in this little love triangle.

Peter set down his ice cream, preparing to tell Michelle everything.

Mhm, the drama.

“Felicia Hardy is nothing but a stone cold liar. She is beautiful, but that girl knows how to fabricate some shit,” Michelle nodded her head to the ‘beautiful’ part, “We were freshman, and Felicia was new to the school. No one ever noticed her, which was hard to believe, but Harry like, immediately fell in love with her.”

“And you didn’t?”

“No, I mean, I did, for a little while. But, then I noticed all the bad qualities in her. She was manipulative and secretive. She was almost a little scary, if I’m being honest. Then Harry dated her, because Harry gets every fucking thing he wants.”

Oh, how Peter hates him with a burning passion.

Michelle, who deeply invested in this conversation asked, “So, how do you figure that she liked you all along?”

“She dragged me into a classroom and tried to kiss me.”

Michelle’s eyes widened, she would never have enough courage to do that. She thought maybe if she was a little more bold like Felicia, her and Peter would’ve been dating a lot earlier; not when they’re about to start college.

“Did you kiss her back?”

Peter shook his head, “Nope, surprisingly. Her personality was a huge turn off.”

“Cheers to that,” Michelle said, tapping her spoon with his, “And what about me and my personality?” She asked. 

He took the ice cream pint out of her hands and set it on the nightstand next to his bed. 

“A turn on.”

She giggled, “Such a loser,” as he placed his lips onto hers.

Reciprocating, she climbed on top of him, sitting in his lap. Peter feels the cold hard wood from his headboard press into his back as Michelle completely mounted over him. He could feel gentle scrapes from her teeth along his lips, sinking in lightly, but soon licking over the area to sooth it once more.

His hands always found a way into her brown hair, combing through it softly. Her long lashes tickled his face as she blinked, and the feeling of her short nails as her fingers ran through his hair and his neck.

Their make-out sessions always got heated, and it was a hit or miss on just how far they take it. Sometimes just a single kiss is all they needed, sometimes they craved just a bit more.

Her hands moved quickly from his neck to them hem of his shirt— She craved more and so did he, putting both of his hands on her waist, “On your back, baby,” he instructed. Michelle wasted no time adjusting to her position, laying on her back as Peter towered over her.

One by one, her shirt came off, then her sweatpants, and finally, her bra.

A lacy bra.

It was discarded to the floor.

She laid there in just her underwear; Peter still had his pants on, but she cared less as soon as she felt his hands trail down further, “Mhm, these aren’t these cute?” He smirked as he ran his fingertips beneath the band of her black lace underwear.

It matched her bra.

She figured she should upgrade her lingerie collection. Basic bras and underwear weren’t cutting it anymore, and hey, it worked out.

“I need you”, Michelle whispered, “I want you,” She loved how Peter could go from cute and dorky, to hot and steamy in just a few seconds.

It was like his alter ego.

He was pretty good at living double lives, it seemed.

“What do you want me to do you, Em?” Peter asked, the word ‘Em,’ rolling off ever so softly, “Anything you want,” She answered.

He gave off a smirk, “You want me to use my fingers?”

“Yes,” she whined as she felt Peter’s finger press against her, “Please.”

Nodding his head, Peter slowly pushed a single finger into Michelle’s core, which immediately tightened around it, making him chuckle. He moved it at a slow pace at first, teasing her to the max.

She begged, “Do something, please!”

He then inserted a second finger, working with the wetness around her. Michelle let out the softest moan as she threw her head back into his pillow screaming, “Fuck!” 

That soft moan turned into yell when he moved faster.

“You want it faster, baby?”

Her toes curled and her right hand gripped the sheets, it was almost like she forgot how to speak. She nodded her head quickly as he picked up the pace.

“Use your words, Em.”

She whimpered, feeling the tight feeling in her stomach form, “Harder,” the soft moan escaped her lips, “I can’t hear you.” Peter said.


Peter did what he was told to do and added a bit more pressure, just enough to send Michelle over the edge. He curled his fingers inside her and felt her walls tighten around him, “Release, baby. Just like that.”

Her body relaxed as she reached her orgasm.

“That felt… really good.” Michelle said, calming down after her climax. 

“You felt really good.”

She smiled, damn, that boy made her blush like no other.

“Geez, Em. Is there anything you can’t do?” He asked, Michelle let out a small giggle, “I can’t decide where we should eat dinner tomorrow!”

Peter planned a fancy dinner date for them, to make up for all the time he’s spent working for Tony and the Avengers.

Of course she understood, she didn’t really mind it. Saving the world is more important. But, he promised he would “make it up to her,” and she was looking forward to that.

It was almost 11:00pm, and Michelle yawned (sexual activities always seemed to wear her out, or maybe it was just Peter, and how good he was in bed, who knows?), she turned to the side as Peter laid next to her, “You look really pretty right now.”

She smiled at him, “You look pretty, too.”

Early the next morning, Michelle woke up in her bed alone. On his nightstand there was a note that read, “Bank robbery. Super urgent! But, good morning, reminder that I loveeeee you.” 

Reading the note, a coy smile grew on her face.

He always knew how to make her smile, even if he wasn’t there.

She got up, walking into the tiny living room of her own apartment. Living alone was so relaxing to her, she had no one else to worry about but herself.

As her coffee pot was brewing, there was a light tap on her window.

A light tap that grew louder and louder. Turning around, Michelle jumped as if a monster was standing on her fire escape.

Well, there kind of of was.

“Felicia?!” Michelle exclaimed, with a permanent look of shock on her face. She opened the window as the girl slipped in.

“Are fucking stalking me?! How the hell do you know where I live?!” 

“MJ, I’m a burglar. I’m a thief. I’m sly and secretive. I follow people for living, that’s literally what I‘m good at.”

“You mean, you’re a stalker who likes my boyfriend?”

Felicia plopped on Michelle’s couch and sighed. She made herself comfortable as if she lived there, “I do not like Peter, trust me. He’s not even my type.”

Pouring the freshly brewed coffee into her cat printed mug, she walked into the living room and sat right across from Felicia.

MJ sat there staring at the girl, who was touching almost everything on her coffee table.

She had so many mixed emotions about her.

“How do even know? You said you knew Peter, not Spider-Man. And I know damn well that he didn’t tell you.”

Felicia was right, Michelle was not afraid to say what was on her mind.

It was a good thing.

“Goodness gracious, sweetheart. How many times do I have to say it? I’m a goddamn superhero! Following and stalking people is my specialty! I saw him one day, he ripped off that mask and underneath it was a boy I would’ve never expected.”

Michelle placed her coffee mug on the table, “Okay, okay. I get it. So you found out and never told anyone?”

“Who is there to tell? I was in love with him at the time, the last thing I would do is expose him.”

She immediately jumped, “Aha! You little liar, you do like him! Is that why you’re here? Telling me all this fake shit about him?!”

Michelle felt anger inside her, and maybe even a hint of jealousy.

Jealousy wasn’t something she experienced very often, except for when Peter liked Liz in their sophomore year.

She figured that he liked Felicia before her, she was yelling at Peter’s first love, after all.

“No, MJ. I am not here to steal your little boy toy. Although I am confused on how he got with someone like you. You’re like, not his type at all,” Felicia said, laughing like that was supposed to be a joke, “And to be honest, I forgot about him. I don’t even know what he looks like now.”

Michelle scoffed, and she scoffed hard, “Yeah, that’s hard to believe. I thought you were so good at stalking. You’ve never kept an eye on Peter Parker?” She asked, sipping her coffee and smacking her lips after.

A bit of sass was added into that sentence.

She was angry that she said that.

A punch would look pretty on her perfect face, how does she have the right to tell her that she wasn’t Peter’s type?

But then she thought that maybe Felicia was right.

He fell hardly in love with her, and Michelle was practically the complete opposite.

Michelle just tried to forget about it.

Let it go, right?

Felicia on the other hand, rolled her eyes to the back of her skull, “You know, I tried, okay? I tried to get a peek at him, and I couldn’t find him out of his suit. Is that what you wanted to hear?”

Michelle nodded her head, “Hmm, I see. I still smell bullshit.”

She was right.

Of course she was right, Michelle Jones was never wrong.

She knows a phony when she sees one. But something stood out about this girl, something that was so intriguing to her. 

As much as she wanted to hate her, she couldn’t.

Maybe she was desperate for a friend. Maybe not. Who knows?

“Whatever. It looks like he takes his role very seriously, being Spider-Man and all.” Felicia said, combing her fingers in her white locks of hair.

Clearly.” Michelle responded with a slight attitude in her voice.

“Mmm, you’re so feisty. Very protective of that boy. What’s he gonna do for college, anyways? I assume he’ll spend full time at the Avengers Tower, right? With Tony Stark and his little superhero friends?”

Michelle shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know. We talked about it, but he hasn’t decided if he’s actually go yet. He got accepted into Columbia, so I’m happy for him.”


“But, what?”

Felicia did yet another eye roll, at this point it was her signature move, “Come on, I know you have to have at least one problem with that. You seem to have a problem with everything,” Michelle sighed, “And if I did? Why would I tell you?”

“Gosh, kitten. You are just so uptight sometimes, I’m supposed to be your friend. Friends tell each other stuff.”

Michelle never had a friend that was a girl, so all this stuff was new to her.

She never even had a best friend in high school, it was always just her and her books.

That’s all she need.

Blowing on the surface of her hot coffee, “Whatever. He’s been spending so much time over there. Focusing on the Avengers, being Spider-Man, which is fine to me. But, he always comes home tired and exhausted. He just needs a break.”

“You know that’ll never happen. Once Peter Parker’s heart is set on something, he never stops.”

“But, it makes him happy. That’s all the matters.”

The two girls were startled in surprise as there was a knock on the door, causing Felicia to smirk in delight, “It’s him, isn’t it?”

“Uh, I don’t, I don’t know.” 

Michelle honestly didn’t want to open the door.

She wanted to see Peter, but not with Felicia around.

She admitted to herself that she was definitely a little jealous.

(Okay, maybe a lot jealous.) 

The last thing she wanted was for Peter to fall back in love with her.

Michelle stalled around.

Fixing the books on the coffee table.

Dusting off the pillow.

Acting like she didn’t hear the loud knocks.

Felicia finally got up and opened the door herself, “Felicia! Stop! It’s probably just the mail man!” She exclaimed, getting up to try to stop her.


The pale skin girl turned the knob on the front door, revealing Peter Parker in all his glory. He was wearing a white tank top, showing off his biceps, his hair was gelled all curly (That hairstyle made Michelle go crazy), and a sheer layer of sweat covered his forehead.

“Hey, handsome, it’s been a while. You look good,” Felicia purred, giving him a sultry look that made Michelle want to throw up. Her eyes looked up and down Peter’s body, admiring his abs that were visible through his tank. 

Michelle was getting so angry, she knew for a fact that she still liked Peter, even after all these years.

“Felicia, leave.” Peter said, giving her a deadpan look of hatred. Felicia ignored him, moving onto the next subject, “How old are you now, nineteen? I haven’t laid my eyes on you in years.” 

He nodded his head and stepped in the door, “Listen, I don’t want to talk to you right now, or ever, for that matter,” Peter walked over to Michelle, who was still sitting angrily on the couch and gave a kiss.

Felicia raised her dark eyebrows, “Nice to see you, too, Peter.”

“Peter’s right, you should, you should probably leave,” Michelle said, getting up to open the door for her. She made a frowning face, “Kicking me out too, kitten?”

“We can talk later. I’m sure you’ll figure out a way to find me.”

Peter watched the two girls converse, and never in a million years thought that the two girls he fell in love with would be standing in the same room— As friends. He wanted it all to stop. Peter didn’t want to see Felicia’s face, her personality made him sick, and the last thing he wanted was for her to rub off on Michelle.

“See you ‘round, darling.”

Felicia stepped out, and Michelle immediately shut and locked her door.

“Michelle, what the hell?! Why was she here?!” Peter exclaimed at his girlfriend, who stood there with her arms crossed, “She’s my friend, Peter. Am I not allowed to have friends?”

Peter scoffed, “I never said that. I just don’t like her, that’s all.”

“She’s not terrible.”

“She’s a bitch.”

“I’m giving her a chance.”

“That chance won’t last long.”

“Peter, I don’t wanna argue with you.”

“We’re not arguing.”

“Then why are you still talking?”

“You gonna stop me?”

Michelle stepped in closer to him, letting her arms cling around his neck and pulling him into a kiss, “I just did,” she muttered as he gripped his hands around her waist, “I’m sorry, Em, I didn’t mean to yell,” Peter said, caressing and rubbing small circles in her back.

“No, I’m sorry. If I’m being completely honest, I’m, uh,” She hesitated, “Never mind,” She didn’t want to admit to Peter that she was jealous of his ex-crush.

That’s just weird, right? Michelle Jones doesn’t get jealous. She doesn’t let people get to her.

Except for the charming Felicia Hardy.

Maybe she’s a little jealous of her.

“What is it?”

“I’m… jealous. Felicia’s the kind of person I want to be,” Michelle said, looking down because she felt embarrassed saying that out loud, “Jealous? Why?” Peter questioned.

“She’s pretty. She’s bold, she’s funny, charming, and I’m boring. I’m boring and I’m uptight,” she paused, “Felicia told me that I was uptight and I wasn’t even your type. I don’t know why you aren’t leaving me for her,” Michelle said, almost on the verge of tears. She was always sort of insecure growing up. Getting bullied for being antisocial, picked on for being the smartest in the room.

Peter took his hand and placed it on her cheek, turning her head so they were looking eye to eye, “Michelle, listen to me,” She looked down avoiding his face, “Michelle, I love you. I love your book jokes, I love the random facts you say out of nowhere, I love when you hit me for being stupid,” She gave him a tiny smile, “You’re perfect to me, and I will never leave you, no matter what.”

A small tear crept down Michelle’s cheek, but Peter immediately wiped it.

“I love you, Em.”

Sniffling, she hugged Peter and buried her head into her shoulder, “I love you, Peter Parker. I really, really do.”

He wrapped his arms around her tightly, comforting her as she cried into his shoulder. Peter felt the warm tears soak through his white tank top. He never realized how vulnerable she could be. 

Michelle, for the year that he’s been with her, has never once has she cried in front of him.

She always held a strong stance, and seeing her cry broke Peter’s heart into a million tiny pieces.

“It’s okay, baby. I’m here,” Peter whispered in Michelle’s ear.

He wanted to kill Felicia.

How dare she tell Michelle all of those things?

Telling her she was uptight?

Not his type?

Who did she think she was?

“I love you,” Was all Michelle could say as she sobbed into his shoulder.

It was like all of her emotions were flowing out. All the emotions she kept caged inside of her body just flew out like a river.

“How about I take you on a date tonight? A real date, not just ice cream and Netflix.”

Michelle sniffled and looked up to him, “Can, can we get those vegan burgers?”

Peter hated those damn vegan burgers from the restaurant downtown, but Michelle loved them, so of course he would say yes.

He laughed, “If that’s what your heart desires, then yes.”

She looked at him, all doe eyed and glassy eyed, “I’m not crying by the way, my eyes are just sweating.”

Peter shook his head and pulled them both onto the couch, “Yeah, okay, loser. Wanna watch a movie?” He asked, propping his legs up on the coffee table, with Michelle’s head resting in his lap, “Can it be a funny movie?”


“I like Zootopia.”

Peter put on the movie and played with Michelle’s hair. Twirling his fingers and attempting to braid her brown locks as the movie progressed. He smiled, hearing all the little giggles and laughs coming from her.

All he wanted was to see her happy.

Chapter Text

One Month Later

“Okay, so what’s the plan?” Michelle asked Peter, who was eating a slice of pepperoni pizza on her couch, “Plan for?” 

He stared at that damn pizza like it was the greatest thing on planet earth.

Sometimes, Peter can act completely dumbfounded and it bothered the hell out of MJ. Whatever. His smile made up for it. Michelle also wanted to say something about him eating on her brand new couch, but she was trying this new thing where she’s less ‘uptight’ and more ‘chill.’ 

It’s been really hard for her.

Sarcasm and uptightness runs through her blood, she couldn’t help it.

“College, idiot!”

She crosses her arms, annoyed as one could get.

Peter raised his eyebrows, staring at an intimidating MJ.

“Oh, right. College.”

“You got accepted into MIT. That’s your dream school, one you thought you’d never get into, and you didn’t bother to tell me? I had to hear it from Betty, who heard it from Ned, who heard it from Flash, who overheard you on the phone.”

Peter has been specifically avoiding that topic for the past few months, well, ever since graduation. Michelle is totally set, ready to start her first semester in four days. Peter on the other hand, isn’t quite prepared.

“It’s not a big deal, MJ. I’m not even smart enough. Plus, it’s too late anyways, it’s already a month in. To make things worse, I have until tomorrow morning to decide, and there’s no way I’ll make a decision by then!”

A slap would look pretty on the side of his cheek.

She held in her anger.

“Peter, you dumbass! If Tony Stark can get you into MIT and Columbia, two top dollar schools, you know damn well he can get you in that school by the end of the month without a problem.”

“Em, do you know how far MIT is from NYU? It’s far. Too far.”

“Then go to Columbia, go somewhere!”

He shook his head, “I don’t wanna go there, Em, I literally just got into MIT!”

Michelle groaned over dramatically, “Then go there!”

“Well, I don’t wanna do that, either.”

Her hand was seconds away from his cheek, then she took a deep breath. In and out. Inhale and exhale.

“MIT is like, a state away, Pete. It’s worth it, this has been your dream school since like, forever.”

Peter’s not prepared, meaning he’s been focusing more on Spider-Man. Every second of every day, saving the city is all he ever thinks of.

“What happened to 'Spider-Man needs an education, too?’”

“MJ, you know how important Spider-Man is to me. Mr. Stark, the entire city, depends on me! College might just be a little too much handle right now,” He paused, “Tony always tells me to follow my gut, and college just isn’t in the path.”

Michelle stayed silent for a moment. She honestly didn’t know what to say. She was about to comment about how shitty his analogy was, but that would just cause more problems. After all, it wasn’t her decision in the first place, she was just disappointed.

“You aren’t the only Avenger, Peter.”

“Yeah, but I’m supposed to be the neighborhood Spider-Man! The city’s protector.”

Michelle was about to roll her eyes again, but decided it was best if she didn’t.

“I mean, if that’s what you think, then whatever. Do what makes you happy.”

“What? Are you gonna be mad at me now?” Peter said, all puppy eyed. Michelle chuckled, “No, stupid. I mean, I get it, I just want you to be successful, that’s all. College is always good, you know?”

“But, being an Avenger is also good.”

Michelle took a big sigh. 

Avengers this, Tony that, Spider-Man this, so on and so forth. 

Think about something else for once, Peter. 

College, an education? 

Something that doesn’t involve all his time and energy?

All Michelle wanted was to have a conversation with Peter that didn’t involve them. Those subjects makes him happy, and she’s all for his happiness, but she just wants to have talks with her boyfriend, without them.

At this point Michelle is just irritable. 

She wants Peter to have an education at a really nice school, he believes she (as well as Spider-Man) is more important. Why can’t this decision be easy? Plus, they’re kind of in that gray area where everything about each other gets on their nerves. Michelle thinks it just a phase.

“Peter?” Michelle asked, glaring up into Peter’s mesmerizing brown eyes, “What’s the matter?”

“Please, can we just have a single conversation without you including them?” Peter’s face went totally confused, “I miss our old talks. The one’s we’d have on the roof in senior year. Where no Tony, or Avengers, or saving the world was involved,” She sighed, “I try to talk about our future, your future, my future, and you always have to tie them in.”

She sighed, “I feel like you don’t even care about what I say anymore.”

Maybe that was a bit much, but it’s what needed to be said. 

Gray area, remember? Every damn thing.

“Em, Em, please don’t say that. I do care, I promise! I talk about other things!”

“Do you?”

Peter was silent, recollecting all their past conversations. He realized, almost every time he talks to Michelle, he brings up at least one of those subjects, “I’m an asshole, aren’t I?” He said, bluntly and quite flat out.

Michelle nodded her head, “Yeah, Peter. You kinda are.”

He couldn’t tell if she was being serious or if she was just kidding. 

Honestly he had no clue at this point.

“I’m sorry, baby. I promise you,” He caressed the side of her cheek, “I will only bring them up when necessary, okay?”

“You promise?” 

“Pinky promise.”

They gave each other small smiles, totally forgetting about the subject of college, “Can I patrol with you one day? I just wanna see if it’s as fun as you make it sound all the time,” Michelle asked, holding her hands up and imitating him shooting his webs, “Hell no. I love you, but that’s way too dangerous.”

“Please? Pretty please with a cherry on top? That’ll make up for it,” She purred, making a pouty face, “I don’t wanna put you in danger, Em.”

She frowned.

Peter smirked at Michelle, patting the probably crumb-covered couch for her to come sit next to him.

“I can think of a different way to make it up to you,” He said, Michelle’s eyebrows raising to the roof, “Oh, really?”

She sat down next to him, “And how could you possibly do that?”

“You guys are annoying,” Felicia said to Michelle, who was typing vigorously on her keyboard on her intern application, “What do you mean?”

“You and Peter assume that sex fixes everything.”

“Oh, shit. Does it not?” Michelle asked sarcastically, continuing to type. 

The clicks on her keyboard got louder by the second.

As Peter got an offer to attend MIT, Michelle got a real internship offer at The Daily Bugle. Not just some senior girl hoping that her work gets in, but she’d be actually writing for them. It was a really big deal to her.

You could say that Michelle has a lot on her plate at the moment.

Felicia did her signature eye roll, “Don’t play dumb, kitten. You know sure as hell that Peter is being annoying right now.”

“He isn’t annoying. He’s just busy, maybe being a little stubborn, but not annoying.”

Michelle hung out with Felicia for the day, since Peter was going out with Ned, his best friend. 

Felicia was the closest thing Michelle had to a best friend, and she figured it was better than spending her Friday night alone.

Even though Felicia can be annoying, irritating, and makes MJ wanna rip her hair out, she can be a nice person to vent to.

“Stubborn is annoying. Are you still mad at him?”

“No, not really. I just want what’s best for him, you know?” She shut her laptop lid, “He got accepted into MIT, which has been his dream college forever. You know, before Columbia. He doesn’t think he’s smart enough to go.”

“Lemme guess, Tony Stark had something to do with this?” Michelle nodded her head, “Hmm. Interesting. Peter is as dumb as one could get.”

That was a little over dramatic.

Peter is smart, he really is. He just has his priorities mixed up. Spider-Man before education, saving the world before getting a real job, Michelle before anything else, so on and so forth.

“You know the real reason why he isn’t going, right?” Felicia asked, attempting to braid Michelle’s brown hair, “He doesn’t wanna leave you.”

Michelle thought about that for a moment. 


They could still be together, long distance, right? People do that all the time, especially in movies. Four hours isn’t a long time. It’s not that long. He said it himself, he’ll come every weekend. 

Peter Parker always keeps his promises.

“If he goes to MIT, he fucking goes, you know? He won’t live down the block from you, he’ll live, shit, in a whole different state. You won’t get to have sex with him every night,” Michelle made a disgusted face, “Basically, he won’t be your boyfriend anymore.”

“I, I don’t even know what I want him to do anymore, okay? School is more important than I am, and he has an amazing offer, Felicia. I’ll always be here, this offer won’t.”

“Just think about what you’re asking him to do, MJ.”

Peter and Ned were going out tonight. They weren’t old enough to get into any strip clubs or bars, after all, they’re only twenty, (Well, almost twenty. Peter’s birthday was approaching soon) so they settled for some nice talks over Slurpees.

“You know, Tony was able to get me into MIT. I don’t know if I should take or not. Michelle wants me to, but fuck, Massachusetts to New York City? It’s too far, man.”

It wasn’t just a block away, a subway ride away, it was states away. Hours away! He hated the though of it. Stunned at how nonchalantly Peter said that, Ned exclaimed, “Peter, that’s amazing! ”

“I figured you’d say that, but I don’t think I’m gonna go. I can’t, I can’t leave the city.”

“You mean you can’t leave Michelle?” Ned asked bluntly as Peter nodded his head, “She wants me to go, but I leaving her? Leaving Spider-Man? I can’t do what Tony wants me to do if I’m all the way in Massachusetts, Ned.”

“Listen, Michelle loves you. She’s always wanted what’s best for you. If she wants you to go, then go. Tony wouldn’t have given you the offer if he thought you weren’t fit for it. MIT has always been your goal before Columbia. Peter, you’re stupid not to take this offer.”

You don’t get it. I can’t fucking leave her, Ned.”

“But you can’t be Spider-Man forever. You've protected this city for almost five years. Michelle will always be here for you, man. MIT, that's like a once in a lifetime offer.”

He sighed, tapping his foot up and down. He was in a predicament between Michelle, Spider-Man, and college. It’s Michelle, it always been Michelle. Nothing could ever change that, but she wants him to get an education. She wants him to be successful and go to his dream school. 

He has to go, right?

She would hate him forever if he didn’t take it.

“Whatcha thinking about?”

Massachusetts to New York City is only four hours away. He could ask Tony for a plane, or for all he knows, maybe he created some type of teleporting thing! He didn’t care at this point.

“I, I think I’m gonna go.”

Later that night, Peter rushed to Michelle’s apartment. He had some drinks and was ready to tell her. He didn’t want to, but time was running away from him.

“Michelle?” He called as she came out of the kitchen with her cup of tea and her laptop open, “Oh, how’s the application going?” She gave him a toothy smile, “Great. I’m about to submit it.”

“That’s great, babe. You’re gonna get it, don’t worry.”

Michelle knew he did not just rush all the way to her apartment to congratulate her on finishing her application, “Is everything okay?”

Peter took a deep breath, tapping his foot a few times, and smiled, “I’m gonna go, Em. I’m gonna go to college, for you.”

Michelle sat down her piping hot mug and ran over to give him a big hug. A bear hug, more like. She didn’t say anything, she just hugged him tightly. 

Peter couldn’t tell if she was happy or sad, she just squished him between her arms.

“You have no idea how happy I am for you, Peter,” She said, kissing him gently on the forehead, “See? You’re finally gonna experience life as a college student.”

He looked sad, super sad.

Puppy eyed.

Wide eyed.

Maybe a bit teary eyed.

“Em, what’s gonna happen to us?”

Chapter Text

Peter knew once he went to college, things won’t be the same.

With college, comes no Spider-Man. Well, only for big things, but no more patrolling. No more being right next to the Stark Tower, no more saving old ladies from getting their bags stolen. 

It was almost bittersweet, being the neighborhood Spider-Man for four years was some of the best times of his life. 

Now he’ll only be Spider-Man when he needs to.

And that’s gonna be hell for him.

Also with college, comes no Michelle. And that right there, is the the heart wrenched problem. 

Both, him and Michelle, knew this would happen one day. They knew that dating in their senior year, probably wasn’t the brightest idea, but they did it anyways. Why? Because they love each other, and they have a lot of hope in their relationship.

Peter already made plans for how he and Michelle can still work things out. He’ll drive down every weekend, he can go check in on Mr. Stark, Ned, spend time with Michelle, it’ll all work out perfectly— In his head, at least.

“You leave in a week,” Michelle sighed, rolling over to cuddle him. 

It was quite early for them to be awake on a Sunday, but Peter had to start packing. Michelle was good at helping with that. Except most of the time she spends helping him, she complains how “she wants to keep that shirt.” (Peter’s shirts were really comfortable to sleep in). 

“I’m gonna miss you so fucking much, Em,” He frowned, grasping her hand. It was finally time they talk about it. 

They were avoiding this dreadful, depressing topic, ever since Peter announced he was going.

“We have to talk about it.”

“I don’t want to,” Michelle sighed, looking away from him.

They had to.

“What are we gonna do about us?” Peter asked, Michelle combing her fingers through her hair it, not wanting to hear the words coming out of his mouth, “I… I don’t know.”

“Four hours, it’s uh, it’s a long time.”

Peter agreed and nodded his head, “Can you be honest with me for a second, Em?” He asked, frowning even harder. The tension in the room was terrible. A mixture of pain and sadness filled the air, “Yeah, yeah, I can.”

“Do, do you really think we’ll work once I’m gone?” His voice cracked a bit, Michelle was vigorously tapping her two thumbs together. Neither of them wanted to have this conversation, but it was inevitable.

Did she think they were gonna make it?

Four hours?

Visits only on weekends?

“I honestly don’t know, Peter.”

“Whatever you say, Em, I know you still love me and I still love you,” He was so close to crying, but he couldn’t, he had to make that final decision they’ve been avoiding, “Just be honest with me, do you think long distance is gonna work?”

It was silent for a moment. 

You could hear the two of them breathing heavily, see the stinging in their eyes from the tears they were holding back.

Michelle looked up, trying to make the tears go back in her eyes.

“N-no. I… I don’t think it’s gonna work,” And the tear fell. One after another. She tried so hard to keep it together, but hearing those words come out of her mouth made her break. 

Why did she want him to go? 

How could she be so dumb and let him leave? 

He was fine being the neighborhood Spider-Man.

“Okay, uh, okay,” He sighed deeply, “Then what are we gonna do?”

“Peter, you’re giving me questions I don’t wanna answer.”

“I’m sorry."

“It’s okay,” The room was filled with silence. Their minds were boggling, thinking of how they can still make this work.

She sniffled, “We can be, we can be friends, but, but with benefits. We can have something with no strings attached. It’ll be just like before.”

Friends with benefits.

Peter chuckled, “Are you really down for that?” He attempted to lighten up the dreadful mood a little bit, “So we can fuck, but the words ‘I love you,’ are out of the picture?” 

Michelle nodded, “Mhm. If we’re just friends, it’ll work, right?”

Peter agreed, “Yeah, okay. You’re okay with this?”

“I thought of it, dumbass,” She wiped her tears, laughing, “I, um, I just want you to be able to go to your dream school. I want you to be successful, Peter, and MIT… It’s gonna be good for you. Trust me.”

“Okay. We can, we can do that. Uh, are you sure you’re okay with this? I just wanna make sure.” 

He didn’t want to agree if she wasn’t really okay with it.

Michelle nodded, “Friends?” She asked.

“With benefits,” Peter added, making Michelle smile, “Can’t forget that.”



“So what, you really ended it?” Felicia scoffed at Michelle who was consistently refreshing her Gmail inbox for a word back on her internship. 

She sighed, “We didn’t end it. Well, we ended it, but not really,” Taking a sip of her iced black coffee (It gave her energy), “We’re friends with, you know, benefits.”

Felicia giggled, “MJ, that’s the stupidest thing I’ve like, ever heard you say!”


“You’re telling me, that you guys are a couple with no strings attached?”

Michelle nodded her head, “We had a really long talk about it. No feelings were hurt, we talked like real adults for once,” She refreshed the page for the millionth time, “God damn it! Why aren’t they emailing me back?”

“Maybe, if you’d stop breaking the refresh button, they will. You’re a talented writer, trust me, they’ll accept you.”

“Thanks. I wonder how Peter feels about all of this, I mean, last night he seemed pretty good with it. He like, agreed it was a good plan.”

“Explain to me why it was a good plan again?” Felicia asked, seconds close to yanking the computer out of Michelle’s lap and throwing it onto the clamoring loud street.

“Well, Peter isn’t gonna live in New York anymore. Which means our relationship probably would’ve ended, in a bad way. So, we decided to do the inevitable… nicely,” She paused, “Like, if we wanted to, we could see different people, not that I would, but at the end of the day we can sleep in the same bed, have sex, and not have to worry about all the baggage that comes with it when he leaves.”

“If that makes sense.” 

Felicia raised her eyebrows, “I mean, I get it. It’s just fucking dumb. You know things like that never work out,” She was blunt and honest about it. 

She explained how eventually Peter will get tired of coming back to the city, how he’ll have a new life at MIT. 

In retrospect, Felicia was kind of being a bitch about it. But, then again, she was a bitch about everything. It was her way of keeping Michelle in reality. Reality being, there was no fucking way this friends with benefits thing would work out.

“Felicia, I have this theory where it’s like, if you really love someone, time and distance won’t change that. Peter and I are just taking a small break. I have my internship and classes to focus on, he has his education to focus on. This was for the best.”

She let out a small, “Whatever you say…” under her breath.

All of the sudden, Felicia made this loud gasp, “Wait a minute, if Parker is in Massachusetts, that means… No more Spider-Man!” 

Michelle sighed, “Yeah. That’s right. No patrolling at least. I think it’s gonna be good thing, Spider-Man drained all his energy from him,” She recalled the days that Peter would come over, bruised and beat up, eye bags visible, hair all messy. 

Michelle hated seeing him like that, he beat himself up over it, too. He’d say things like “I should’ve done more,” and “I could’ve saved them.”

Transitioning away from the Peter subject, “How come you never talk about your superhero thing? Peter always talks about Spider-Man, how come you never talk about being The Black Cat? She’s just as important as Spidey.”

Felicia laughed, “Oh, kitten. I’m on the opposite spectrum of Peter. Spider-Man’s a hero, and I’m kinda a villain, if I’m being honest.”


“I just need topics to write about. I’m writing one about Peter, I have been for a while. I started it in senior year, when we met. It’s really special, and it’s done now, but I wanna publish it when I get the internship,” She paused, “You know, if I get in.”

Michelle needed this internship. Writing is her passion, it’s something she believes she’s really good at, and this offer would prove it. It was all her mind could think about. You know, besides Peter. 

“And you wanna write about me?” She asked, Michelle smiling and nodding her head, “Awe. No one really likes villains, it’s all Spider-Man this, Iron-Man that.”

“Yeah, of course. You’ll see my stories on all the cover pages, just watch.”

“That’s the spirit, MJ! Keep up that, uh, optimism?

Felicia still disagreed with their little plan.



By the end of the week, Michelle and Peter, surprisingly, took their “breakup” quite well. 

Later that evening, Peter explained to Ned what happened and he was surprised that he wasn’t crying his eyes out. 

“You’re totally cool with this, man?” Ned asked, handing Peter a beer from his mini fridge.

College life.

“Actually, I am. I feel like it could’ve ended way worse. With like, screaming and yelling, but this way we’ll still be close, and we can still have sex with no strings attached.”

“Ew, that last part was an overshare.”

They opened the can of beer and clinked it together, “To Peter finally getting an education!” Ned exclaimed, “I’m gonna miss you, dude. A lot.”

“I’m coming down every weekend, Tony already has a private jet set up and everything. I’ll make sure you’re on my list. For sure.”

“Must be nice to have a billionaire mentor.”

Peter took a sip, “Yep. It sure is."

“So like, Michelle’s actually okay with this whole ‘friends with benefits’ thing?” Ned asked, swiveling around in his desk chair, “That doesn’t really seem like her type of thing.”

In his head, he was thinking almost the same thing Felicia thought when MJ told her. It won’t work. It can’t work. No possible way! He wasn’t gonna burst Peter’s bubble, though.

“Yeah. It was her idea, after all. This week, we’re just gonna do everything together before I, uh, leave on Sunday.”

About an hour went by, Ned and Peter were definitely drunk, playing games on his PS4 and yelling at the other players through the microphone. They always had the best times together, drunk or not. Even in high school, drinking in Ned’s basement and playing battle Royale games until the sun rose.

“Hey, man. I should probably head back to Em’s before it gets too late, I’ll be back sometime this week,” Peter said, checking the time on his watch. It was almost 11:00 pm. He didn’t realize how long he stayed, or how drunk he was. 

Whatever, he’s 19 about to go to college. 

He’s trying to live his best life while he still can. 



“Em?! Emmm, where are you?” Peter called out, stumbling into the apartment. 

Michelle was reading her book, as always.

“I’m in my room!” 

He walked into his room to see her hair thrown in a bun and her cute glasses sitting perfectly on the bridge of her nose, “Whatcha, whatcha reading?”

“I’m not telling you. You’re gonna make fun of me.”

“I’m not gonna judge you for what you read. I’m just trying to make some conversation and be a good friend,” Peter said, laughing afterwards, “Ew. Don’t say the F word, it’s gonna take some time to get used to.”

“Right, right. Yeah. Sorry, Michelle,” Her name rolled off his tongue and he laughed. 

She looked at him with a confused face, “Ooh, you’re drunk, aren’t ya?” Michelle asked, closing her book and setting it down on the nightstand along with her glasses.

“Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. Hint, I am.”

He certainly was.

“I figured, dumbass. I’m reading Fifty Shades of Grey. Really smutty, but the plot is actually kinda good. Felicia let me borrow it.”

Peter made an audible, “Bleh,” sound at the mention of Felicia.

Usually Michelle reads things like, Jane Austen or Little Women. But, she figured she’d branch out and not read things from the 1800s. Fifty Shades of pure smut was enough to fill that void. The things she read were actually kinda hot, she wasn’t gonna lie.

Maybe she was just horny.

She couldn’t tell.

“Oh? How interesting.”

He stumbled against her door. 

Flushed red from embarrassment, laughing it off like nothing happened,

“You’re totally drunk. When you drink a lot, you laugh a lot. it’s funny.”

He laid down next to her.

The first thing he noticed was how good she smelled.

Her hair was damp, she just got out of the shower prior to his arrival. It was the smell of that expensive vanilla shampoo that costed her an arm and a leg. But, it was worth it, she claimed. He thought so, too. 

“So, tell me more about your little book.”

She sighed, facing him, “Well, he just tied her up and started to fuck her. That’s literally the entire book, yet somehow I’m still reading it,” Peter raised his eyebrows, “Mhm, sounds fun.”

Michelle chuckled, “Fun?” He nodded his head, “Yep. Sounds like they’re having a good time.”

“You interrupted me when I was getting to the part where he started to pull her hair.”

Bold Michelle.

“Ooh, wow, sorry,” He said sarcastically, “I mean, it was just getting good, and boom. I heard you.”

“Mhm, come here,” Peter said, pulling her into a kiss. A rough kiss, tongues trailing everywhere. The biting of lips and caressing of cheeks, Peter rolled on top of Michelle, dominating overtop of her, watching her take her hair out of the bun, letting the hair free. 

His hands roamed down her body, caressing her breast underneath her shirt, watching them harden through the sheer fabric. He chuckled as she let out the faintest sound, helping her take off the shirt. 

Continuing to trail his hands down even further, he tugged at the waistband of her sleep shorts, asking permission to take them off.

She nodded her head, “Please,” Peter already had them off in an instant, he moved his hand down to her heat, feeling the wetness already pooling there, “Wet from just kissing, huh?”

“Always wet for you,” She mumbled, kissing him once more. He smiled, looking into her eyes, “Let’s have some fun,” Michelle nodded her head, tangling her fingers into his hair as he whispered, “Hands and knees,” into her ear, giving her goosebumps that ran straight down her spine.

She turned around positioning herself in the center of the bed as he said, smirking at her eagerness. 

Peter, now standing at the edge of the bed, took ahold of her ankle and dragged her closer to him, she giggled as he did.

He takes a hold of himself, rubbing the tip of his cock up and down her folds. She waited there, begging for him. He dips the tip inside, just enough to collect her wetness before spreading it her folds and rubbing the head of his cock against her clit. 

She whined, “Please, Peter,” before rolling back into him. 

“Look at you, Em. Begging for me.” He rasps, “So sexy,” resting his forehead against hers, “You ready?” he asked as she nodded furiously, “Please, please!”

Slowly slides himself inside her, making her whine at how good it felt.

His hands quickly made their way to her waist and one in her hair, giving it a slight tug. She gave him a moan in response, “Oh, you like that, huh?”

She nodded her head, “Yes!” as he pulled her hair harder, arching her back with every thrust.

Panting and out of breath, he flipped her on her back and leaned down to kiss his her again.

His hands slid up and down her the sides of her tiny body, “Scoot up,” He says, nodding to the headboard. Michelle scooted up the bed, laying her head back down on the pillow, watching Peter crawl onto the bed hovering over her.

He started off by kissing her neck, leaving marks that’ll be there tomorrow, then down to her breasts. Taking one into his mouth, he began to suck. Her moans came out as soft as a kitten’s meows, “Peter, please, I need you,” Michelle moaned, he quickly grasped both of her wrists, pinning them above her head.

“Keep ‘em there,” He warns, looking into her eyes with his bloodshot from the alcohol. 

His fingers quickly found their way into her wetness, running and up and down her folds, “Does that feel good?” He asked, getting a “Mhm, yes,” and her pushing back against his fingers as a response.

Peter rubbed up and down her folds, teasing her to the max, spreading the wetness that was already collecting there. Slowly he inserts a single finger, curling it down, hitting that spot deep inside her that drew out a long moan.

“Fuck, Peter,” She purred.

He loved hearing her say his name.

He begins pumping his finger in and out of her slowly, keeping it perfectly curved to where it hit her sensitive spot over and over again. 

Just as she thought it couldn’t feel any better, he inserts another finger in, curling it perfectly, “Oh my god!” Michelle whined, pushing back against him, “Your moans are so fucking addicting,” He said softly, slapping her ass cheek making her back arch.

“Peter, I’m gonna, I’m gonna come.”

“Do it, baby. Come for me,” He panted, moving his fingers faster. In a matter of seconds, they were coated with her warm juices, pulling them out, “Fuck,” She panted, catching her breath, she collapses on the bed.

Michelle turned over, giving him a smile. 

By the ned, there were very visible marks on both of them. Long red scratches ran across Peter’s back, dark bruises on Michelle’s neck and collarbones. He laid down next to her, both breathing heavy. Sex was just as much as a workout.

“You know I have to say it… One last time.”

She closes her eyes tightly. 


She couldn’t bear to hear it.

“I love you, Em.”

Those were the words she didn’t wanna hear, but she said the same back anyways.

“I love you too, Peter Parker.”

Chapter Text

And just like that, Peter Parker was off into the real world.

He started his first semester at MIT, and Michelle got her internship at The Daily Bugle.

The surprising part was, the plan that they had going on, worked. He would FaceTime her every night, and spend hours talking about the most random shit. About how her day went, about his classes. He’d send her Snapchat’s of him getting really drunk, or just making funny faces at her. Sometimes, on accident, Michelle would answer the FaceTime call topless. (An accident!) Peter would get all flustered and tell her how much he missed her.

And for a while, to everyone’s surprise, he would actually come down every weekend and check in with Tony, spend time with Ned, and at the end, go to Michelle’s apartment. Those nights were the ones she cherished the most. The two were always so happy to see each other. Before Peter could even make it two steps into the door, Michelle would be all over him.

She’d basically tackle him to the ground, they’re lucky if they even get close to the bedroom.

They’d have some sex and then cuddle, talking about life. Catching up, just as friends would do. Michelle would ramble on about how the line was long at the café she goes to every morning, how she has even more writer’s block now that she actually gets published.

Peter would say how he misses patrolling, how college kids are douchebags, and how he started to drink energy drinks so he could finish his homework.

“You know those things can give you heart attacks?”

“Says the one who drinks iced coffee like it’s water.”

She hit him on his back causing him to yelp, “Ouch!” It took her a moment to realize why he did that. She hit the scratch marks on his back.

“Toughen up, loser.”

Just recently, Peter told her how Felicia Hardy was quick to jump on him once he was gone. Michelle knew that shit would happen from the second she told her, “I don’t know why you’re still friends with her,” He complained almost constantly.

“I have her, because you’re not here.” 


“Don’t be.”

She would tell him how Harry Osborn tried to get at her once he heard that Peter left. He called him a ‘desperate bastard’ and then kissed her some more. 

They would kiss each other softly, touch each other (maybe not as softly) Peter would leave marks on her neck, her collarbones, inside her thighs, marking her as his even though she wasn’t. 

Not anymore.

This continued on for a while, until it all just faded away.

A week would go by, Peter wasn’t knocking on Michelle’s door. A week would turn into a month, a month would turn into four, and before she knew it, a year has passed.

A whole 365 days passed without a word from Peter Parker.

He just stopped showing up one day.

At first, Michelle just thought he was busy. College students— Essays, homework and reading. They’re busy people, the have an education to focus on. But, once the third week went by, Michelle knew Peter wasn’t gonna come back.

She texted him sporadically.

‘Hey, loser. Forget about me?’

No response. Just blue bubbles.

She would Snapchat him.

A photo of her in bed, hair spread out like a lion’s mane against her silk pillowcase.

‘Feeling a little lonely.’

He never opened it.

She even hit up his Facebook account. (He made it to keep in touch with his Aunt May) Michelle was desperate for just a single ‘hello’ from him.

‘I miss you, idiot.’

There was a green dot by his name showing he was active, but still no response. That’s when she knew, Peter Parker was gone. She felt the cracks in her heart grow bigger, knowing her was online and avoiding her messages.

‘Never mind, I guess.”



No response.

And she left it at that.



Two Years Later


Michelle Jones, age twenty-two, was on her last year of college at NYU, and was a full time publicist for The Daily Bugle. She was a sophisticated woman now, drinking her hot vanilla lattes on her way to the subway, showing up perfectly on time to her classes, and writing her articles with ease.

Felicia was no longer in Michelle’s life. Michelle found out that she tried to hookup with Peter while he was away, and was convinced that it was her plan all along to steal him away from her. What Peter told her was just a small part of what actually happened.

"You what?!"

"You took him for granted, Michelle! If you really loved him, you would've stayed with him!" Felicia yelled back to Michelle, who was pacing furiously around the room.

"I didn't want to get hurt in the end! I love him, I'll always love him, but you? You knew that! So why would you try to get with him?!"

"Calm down, kitten. You left him, you broke his heart! All he wanted was someone to love and now he can love me!"

And just like that, Michelle kicked Felicia out of her apartment and locked all the windows and doors. Their friendship didn't last as long as she thought it would. (She was always quite unsure of her, but that pushed her to her edge) But, whatever. She ended up taking her job as a superhero more seriously over the past few years, noticing the amount of bank robberies that have been going on.

Surprisingly, MJ didn’t mind the loss, she was never really the greatest friend to her.



Michelle, also hit rock bottom at one point. (Well, maybe more like two weeks ago) She went to a bar in the city and ran into Harry Osborn, who dropped out of college, for the first time since the party years ago.

She was drunk, he was drunk, and they hooked up.

The two took an Uber to her place and he fucked her until the sun rose. He told her a bunch of things, like how he’s been wanting to do that since high school. How he always thought she was so hot. She couldn’t form a remark in that moment.

It was the first time since junior year that she hooked up with someone who wasn’t Peter. 

She wasn’t gonna lie to herself, it was nice. Really nice. She was quite surprised, and he even asked her out on a date. A real date, to a fancy restaurant (courtesy of his father's money), and she accepted. Michelle figured she needed some spice in her life, and decided to give him a chance.

They drank a bottle of expensive wine and talked over some overpriced seafood.

By the end of the night, she realized that Harry was still a total asshole.

It just wasn’t the same.

He wasn’t like Peter.

Speaking of him.

Peter Parker, also age twenty-two, was also in his last year at MIT. 

Just recently, he decided to make a big decision. 

It was his last year of college.

He needed to go back to New York. He’s spent too much time in Massachusetts, and all of it was so toxic. He was in a bad relationship, he wasn’t doing that well in his classes, it all was just hell to him.

So he enrolled in a local community college which is right down the road from Aunt May’s place.



For the bad relationship aspect, two years ago, at the beginning of his freshman year in college, he met a girl named Gwen Stacy. 

A sweet, pale skinned sorority girl.

To Peter, she filled MJ’s empty void. It wasn’t the healthiest coping mechanism, but it worked, for a while. She was there, because Michelle wasn’t. Of course, she wasn’t the same. She wasn’t as funny. Smart. Charming. Her smile wasn’t as cute, and Michelle was just a better person overall.

But, Peter eventually got tired. 

Not of Michelle, he could never get tired of her. 

The distance finally got to him.

He hated the fact that he couldn’t be with her. He couldn’t be with his MJ. 

Of course, he could have sex with her, cuddle her, but he couldn’t say that he loved her. He couldn’t whisper the words ‘I love you’ as they fell asleep. He couldn’t tell her that she looked beautiful whenever he felt like it. (Which was something he did quite frequently)

It killed him that he had to leave her the next morning.

It just hurt him even more.

As much as he hated to admit it, breaking up with her would’ve hurt less.

To absolutely no surprise, he still loves her, even two years later. He checks her social medias occasionally, (In a non stalker-y way), keeps the heart emoji by her contact name, and even types out a ‘Hi,’ once in a while. 

He ends up not sending it.

Peter reads her articles on The Daily Bugle, too. 

She published the article about him, around the time he started to drift away from her. It was Michelle’s way of grabbing his attention, just hoping that he’d text her back. 

The ‘Spider-Man’ piece was almost two years in the making, and ended up being one of the most read articles on the site.

He wanted to congratulate her, but Gwen thought it was best for him to distance himself from her.

She wasn’t the greatest influence of him. 

Gwen was manipulative, bossy, and quite honestly, didn’t give a shit about school. It wasn’t attractive to Peter. He figured he just dated her to have someone to love.

But, last month, he broke up with her.

It wasn’t easy, as he really did like her, but her qualities weren’t the same. 

He wanted his MJ. 

She was the only girl to ever make him feel happy. She gave him butterflies in his stomach, made him blush whenever she would compliment him, she felt like his soulmate.

Michelle Jones was someone that nobody could ever compare to. 

Peter told himself that he was so stupid to ever let her go. He knew it was a bad idea, and he did it anyways. It was really something he could never forgive himself for. 

She wasn’t like the rest.

As cliche as it sounds, it’s true.

She would give him the smartest remarks when she wasn’t right. She would smile with her front tooth sticking out whenever she got nervous. There was something about her that Peter just couldn’t stop thinking about lately.

You see, Gwen usually checked his phone almost once a month while they were dating. 

She wouldn’t let him open Michelle’s snaps. Her messages. She’d make him decline phone and FaceTime calls. She cut Michelle off for him, and there wasn’t anything he could do about it. 



Today, Peter opened Michelle’s Snap from two years ago. 

Gwen was gone. His college, MIT life was gone. 

He was back to being the old Peter Parker, and with the old Peter, comes MJ. 

He can finally talk to her again without worrying about getting scolded, or even yelled at, by Gwen.

For some reason, Peter found himself quite nervous and scared to see what she sent him.

He scrolls down to the very bottom of his chat section, laying his eyes on the “Em <3” with the red square next to it. His hands almost shake trying to touch it.

He taps the box.

There she was, on his screen. Brown hair spread out on the cream colored pillowcase, he could smell it through the screen. The smell of her shampoo was always so nice. Her lips parted in a smile, the tooth visible.

‘Feeling a little bit lonely.’

He takes a sharp breath, a lump formed in his throat like he was gonna cry.

He tapped the screen.

This time, it was a black screen.

No MJ. No brown hair. No smile. Just a black screen where he could see his reflection. 

‘Peter? Forget about me?’

No. Of course not.

He tapped.

‘Okay. I guess you did.’

And that was the end of the snaps.

Peter opened the camera, swiping to a funny filter. A dog one? No. That’s basic. Bear ears with hearts floating around them? Perfect. He takes a selfie.

‘I miss you, Em.’

His finger hovered her name, he glanced at the heart, double checked to make sure he looked good enough. Over the years, Peter grew up a little bit. He lost his baby fat. His jawline got sharper, his muscles and abs got more toned, but his hair was still wavy.

The finger returned to her name, tapping it, he took a deep breath and pressed send. 

It was a waiting game at this point.



300 miles away, Michelle checks her phone at the small coffee shop that she sits in. 

She looked at her phone and almost dropped it. 

Turning her phone off, and back on again, she makes sure she was reading it right.

A Snapchat notification.

“From Peter Parker <3”

(She kept the heart there, too.)

Part of her wanted to open it, part of her wondered why the hell he had the audacity to ‘all of the sudden’ snap her back after two whole years.

Turning her phone off, she ordered her latte. Sat down, opened her laptop lid. Checked her phone again, debating whether or not she should open it. 

Peter fucking Parker. Her high school sweetheart. The love of her life. The one who she was supposed to be with forever.

Texting her back after two years of straight up ignoring her.

Fuck it.

She had to open it.

Her left foot tapped lightly, her thumb hovered over his name. 

Click it. 

Click it. 

Click it. 

Her brain was running around in circles, not knowing what to do.

She does it, and boom.

Peter Parker fills her screen. 

Hair perfect as ever, baby fat gone. Jawline sharp enough to kill, the look in his eyes told her that he was tired. Stressed out perhaps. Yet that damn smirk on his face made her wanna throw her phone across the room.

“I miss you, Em.”

Em. He was the only one to ever call her that. Not even Felicia, (Who she no longer ‘associates’ with) or her current best friend. Not even her parents say that. It was her name to him. She hasn’t heard it since he left. 

It’s always been MJ to others, but Em to Peter. 

She felt that familiar stinging in her eye. The water collecting in it, wanting so desperately to fall out. She held her thumb down on the photo, not wanting it to disappear. He looked so different, yet still the same. That smile that she fell in love with never changed.

Michelle hustled to the bathroom, fixed her hair, put on a thin layer of clear lipgloss and swiped over to the camera. Slided through the filters. So many options, but she settles with the the pink toned one, with the hearts above her head.


A small smile, tooth sticking out as always, her hair flipped to a right part. 

‘Took you long enough to respond. How’ve you been, Tiger?’

She hovered the ‘Peter <3’ 

Does she even respond? He cut her off, and now he suddenly sends her a happy selfie as if nothing was wrong? She sighed to herself, swiping back to look at the photo. Is her smile okay? Is she being too mean?

Fuck it. 


Now or never, right?

She closed her eyes tightly and pressed send without looking. Yeah, she quickly regretted it. Many thoughts rushed through her head.

Four hours away, Peter Parker finally received the notification he’s been pacing around his room for.

‘From: Em <3’

His heart drops to his feet. In all honesty, he thought she wasn’t even gonna open it. He wouldn’t have blamed her.

Hands shaking, he presses the notification and the red box loads.

Why was he so scared?

Peter was afraid she’d say something like, “Don’t talk to me,” or “Delete my contact.”

He opened it.

Michelle Jones, his MJ, his Em, filled his phone screen.

Beautiful, clear tan skin, perfect eyebrows, lucious hair, and that adorable tooth.

The fucking tooth.

‘Took you long enough to respond. How’ve you been, Tiger?”

He held down on the photo, staring at the girl he fell in love with. He swiped to the camera, took a selfie. A coy smile with tired eyes.

“I’d be better with you here.”

And send.

He missed the sound of her voice, her giggle, her soft lips against his. 

Peter couldn’t take it anymore.

300 miles.

Four hours.

It was too much.

He had to see her again.

Chapter Text

It was 5:43 in the morning and Peter was up bright and early before the sun.

His roommates were hungover from the party last night, but he quickly packed all his shit into his, old and beat up Jansport backpack. 

Community college, Aunt May, and of course, Michelle Jones, here he comes.

A new beginning, as he would like to call it.

He grabbed a Red Bull (He was still on his weird energy drink phase) out of the mini fridge and headed out the door.


The sun was starting to rise and he was out of Cambridge. Peter has never went on such a last minute, spontaneous trip before. Something about MIT was so draining and boring, Massachusetts in general was just nothing compared to the concrete jungle called New York City. It’s always been his home.

So far, his road trip was off to a bumpy start. 

First, he was only on a quarter tank of gas, and getting gas was Peter’s least favorite things to do. 

That’s what he missed about Spider-Man.

No car, no gas, just him and his webshooter, swinging from building to building with no care in the world.


Peter is in New Haven, Connecticut. About two hours passed, and all his adrenaline and desire to stay awake was knowing the fact that might see Michelle. And that’s a might. Peter has no idea if she still lives in the same apartment, shit, he doesn’t even know if she still goes to NYU.

Not to sound like a stalker, but Peter did his research. He wasn’t gonna flat out ask Michelle where she is. He figured that would be too weird, so his plan was to just show up “unexpectedly.”

Or maybe he’ll just get the guts to text her.

We’ll see how that plays out.

You see, Peter still follows Michelle on Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook.

And to his luck, she’s an avid influencer. She posts pictures of her coffee, her working in cafés, and especially selfies. Those damn selfies. Just a few weeks ago, she posted one with Harry Osborn, which confused Peter greatly, and most definitely made him jealous.

Once again, he’s chancing this entire thing.

Michelle has always been the kind who likes to keep things on the down low, especially relationships. She could be dating (as much as that would break his heart even more) Harry Osborn and he would have no idea! Peter tried his best not to sweat it, one picture doesn’t mean anything. Maybe they’re just friends now.


Peter is finally back where he belonged.

New York City.

The city full of surprises. That terrible, polluted smell, the honking of taxi cabs, the sea of tourists that flow in the streets. He missed this. 

Peter pulls out his phone, goes on Snapchat, swipes— Takes a very tired (yet cute) selfie, swipes over the filters to a geotag that says ‘NYC.'

‘Back in the hometown. ;)’

He hovers the “Em <3” but doesn’t click it. Instead, he deletes the “;)” and presses “My Story.” 

Boom. He sends it.

“Peter! Oh, Peter!” His Aunt May called as she greeted him outside her apartment building, “Come here, boy!” She pulled him into a hug, “I missed you so much! I’m so glad you’re back.”

Aunt May was actually quite okay with Peter studying at a local college for his last year, she was just happy he was still getting some type of education. Plus, she missed him as much as he missed her. May was almost to the point where she was gonna adopt a cat to keep her company.

“I missed you so much, May,” He said, hugging her tightly.

The last time he saw her was five months ago, for her birthday.

“I assume you’re gonna go visit Ned now, huh? You haven’t seen him in ages.”

Peter shook his head, “I’m actually gonna see someone else.”

Aunt May gasped, “MJ?!” She asked while unlocking the door. 

For New York City, Aunt May had a quite decent apartment. Sure, the door got jammed a little bit, the floorboards squeak, and the hot water only runs sometimes, nonetheless, it was very cozy.

Peter sighed at the sound of her name.

“Uh, yeah. I don’t know if I’ll actually see her though. I don’t think she ever wants to see me again,” He laughed it off, but Aunt May knew he was being serious.

He flopped down on the couch that’s been there since he was fifteen, propping his legs up on the glass coffee table and resting his head back.

“Peter, don’t say that.”

“I cut her off, well, Gwen cut her off. She probably hates me.”

“I miss Michelle,” She paused, taking a sip of her coffee, “To be honest, I never liked Gwen.”

He chuckled.

“I know you didn’t, and yeah, I miss her, too.”

He picked up his phone and goes on Michelle’s Instagram page. Clicking on a photo of her laptop and coffee, and glances up to the location. 

It was a tiny coffee shop, she had more than five photos at this place. It was only a 10 minute walk! 9:00am, Michelle usually is up and working at this time. It’s worth a fucking shot, right?

“Maybe you should just call her.”

“She won’t wanna talk to me, May.”

“You don’t know that!”

His options were to either find her, or suffer humiliation when she doesn't answer his call. He thinks he'd rather just see if she just happens to be at this coffee shop.

Michelle left her apartment, laptop and wallet in her hands. Every morning before classes, she walks to a tiny coffee shop on the corner that sells the most delicious French pastries and the most amazing vanilla lattes.

She checked the time on her watch, 9:03am. Right on schedule.

Today she was wearing her favorite chunky green sweater, leggings, and her fuzzy boots. It was only twenty degrees in the city today. Grabbing her scarf and bag, she headed out the door. She’s lived here for most of her life now, she was pretty used to the cold.

It was only a ten minute walk, after all. 

The air hits and she can see her breath form in front of her. The cold made her hands feel numb, but she didn’t mind it. It was better than sweating. Plus, New York City was always so pretty in winter, anyways. The streets with snow piled to the side, the icicles that hung from the buildings. It was all just gorgeous.

She crosses the road about to head into the (hopefully much warmer) coffee shop.

“Excuse me, oh, uh sorry!” A familiar voice said as he bumped into her, almost making her slip on the layer of ice. He caught her as she stumbled onto the slippery sidewalk.

Their eyes met.

Their lips parted.

And his hand was still on her back for support.

It couldn’t be real.

She had to be dreaming!


“Hey, Em.”

She was almost at a loss for words.

They were standing in the middle of the busy New York sidewalk in the freezing cold.

“What, what are you doing here?” 

“I don’t know, if I’m being honest,” He said, laughing shortly afterwards.

Michelle didn’t even know what to say. She didn't know if she was happy he was here, mad it took him this long, or confused on how he knew she'd be there.

“Can I buy you something to drink?” Peter asked, finally removing his hand from her back, which she realized, she didn’t mind it being there.

She nodded.

Peter walked to the booth that Michelle was sitting at and handed her a a mug.

“How’d you know?” She asked, looking down at the gray mug with beautiful foam art on it. 

It was her favorite vanilla latte.

“You post a lot about it on Instagram.”


It like it wasn’t awkward, it was just strange. Both of them were in their twenties now, and the last time they talked (in person) was almost two years ago. They just sat their, staring at each other from across the booth. Neither one of them said anything, both at a loss for words.

“Help me understand, Peter.”

“Understand what?”

“I thought you forgot about me,” Michelle said with a sigh, “One day you just stopped showing up.”

“And I assume you hate me for that,” Peter quickly said, blowing on the surface of his hot black coffee.

“As much as I want to, I can’t. Felicia was right,” She sighed once again, “It was bound to happen. I should’ve known.”

“Are you still friends with her?”

She shook her head.

Peter rose his eyebrows.

He thought they would be the best of friends by now, perhaps living in the same apartment, sharing their deepest and darkest secrets, or going to parties every night. To hear that they were no longer friends was actually quite shocking to him.

Why not?” He asked.

“You know why, Peter. She tried to hook up with you on multiple occasions. I knew that. And, uh, that was kinda the last straw for me.”

“Yeah, she did. I always told her to leave, then she fell off the face of the earth again.”

That was true. Ever since Michelle told her to “get the hell out of her life,” no one has seen or heard from her. She was probably robbing banks and causing mayhem. Michelle could care less now.

“Why? We weren’t together at the time. She was much better looking than me, anyways.”

“Don’t say that, Em. I didn’t get with her because I was still in love with you,” Peter smiled softly, “I still am.”

Michelle took a sip of her vanilla latte, smacking her lips after. She even let out a small chuckle, “Hmm, is that so?” 

“I’m sorry, Michelle, I really am. There’s no way in hell I will ever forgive myself for what I did to you. Please, just— I don’t know. I’ll understand if you don’t wanna talk to me after this.”

This girl made him loose all of his speech. Everything that he wanted to say in his head couldn’t come out. 

Michelle sat there, wanting to be angry. She wanted to ignore him like he ignored her, but sitting in that booth? Right in front of him? She remembered how fucking good it felt to have him around. He was like a breath of fresh air.

Maybe she was just glad he was back, and didn’t want him to leave her again.

“Peter, I get it. I don’t need a reason. People drift away, it’s fine.”

Thank goodness she became more understanding over the years. 

He wasn’t really in the mood to explain Gwen to her anyways. It would’ve been a hell of a long story.

“I mean, you’re here now, even if it’s two years later,” She paused, “Wait. Why are you even here?”

Michelle will literally rip his head off if he tells her.

Community college was the last thing she wanted for him.

Fuck it.

He’s done too much to her already.

“I, uh, I enrolled in a local university. Like, like a community college here in the city. It’s only a few minutes away from May’s.”

Her eyebrows rose.

“Yeah. Aunt May is getting older, I missed Tony, I missed you, Em. I couldn’t take it out there any longer, I just wanted to come home.”

She wanted to indeed, rip his head off, but she agreed with him. 

She missed him, too.

All these years she’s been telling herself that he wasn’t gonna come back, that she should just move on, that Peter Parker was gone forever.

But, he’s back now.

And she still loves him as much as she did when they were together.

“That’s good. Yeah, that’s great, I’m really happy for you.” 

That was awkward.

“Aren’t you gonna be mad at me? I thought you wanted me to go to MIT?”

Michelle shook her head, “Peter. You’re twenty-two years old, I think you’re pretty old enough to make your own decisions. Times have changed.”

“Right, right.”

For the rest of her day, Michelle could not stop thinking about him.

After her classes, Liz (her new “bestie”) took her out to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. 

’Hey. I’m glad I bumped into you today.’

Michelle smiled, reading the text notification from Peter on her phone.

‘Mhm, bumped into. Sure ya did.’ 

‘Really! I did. A total coincidence.’

‘Uh huh, loser. Whatever you say, stalker.’

They wanted to see each other, but neither wanted to make the first move. It was as if they were teenagers who were crushing on each other. It was like falling in love, all over again.

Taking a deep breath, she typed onto her keyboard, ‘Wanna come over? We can study…and do other stuff.’ 

Now that he’s back for good, she wanted things to go back to the way they were. 

‘Is that even a question?’ 

A bigger smile took over her face.

“Earth to MJ… I’m up here, you know,” Liz groaned, looking at Michelle who was glued to her phone, rapidly typing on her keyboard, “Who are you texting?” She asked with no response.

‘And other stuff? Geez, I’m intrigued, Em.’

Michelle giggled down at her phone in the middle of a restaurant, feeling her cheeks warm up a little. Looking at down at Peter using “big” words (for him, at least) like intrigued, made her think that college was at least teaching him something.

Liz on the other hand, was staring at her like she was crazy.

“What, are you gonna hookup with Harry again or something?”

Michelle’s eyes bolted up in an instant, “Ew! No. Well, I would, but no! Definitely, no.” She exclaimed.

“Oh, then who’s the lucky guy this time?”

“Uh, Peter Parker.”

Liz almost spit out her salad, “Peter Parker as in the boy you dated in high school?!” 

She nodded her head.

“I thought he like, disappeared forever!”

“Well, I kinda ran into him this morning. It was weird, well not weird, and that was the weird part,” Michelle explained the whole “slipping” situation, and how it turned out to be Peter, and how he apologized to her.

“And you just accepted his apology, like that? After he did that to you?” Liz asked, surprised that Michelle forgave him so fast, “You don’t get it, Peter, he’s amazing. He’s easily one of the best people I’ve ever met. I know he had to have a good reason, I just didn’t want to pry.”

Since that weird and uncalled for conversation, Michelle and Peter had a lot more “study dates,” whether they were at that coffee shop or at Michelle’s apartment.

They’d spend hours flipping through the textbooks, but not understanding. Playing Harry Potter or a kids cartoon in the background. All of this is accompanied by a few (or maybe a lot of) glasses of wine. Peter though, he was more of a can of beer type of guy, but it made sense— Michelle always thought she was a little fancier than him.

Over the past two weeks, their relationship was slowly starting to rekindle into what it was before college, before Felicia, before all the bad shit. Peter finally grew out of his obsession over the Avengers, and came to accept that Spider-Man was now in his past.

Michelle was sipping on the wine that Liz gifted her, it was her favorite, while trying to help Peter study for his upcoming test. Peter took a sip from her glass, making a bitter face.

“Why’d you make that face? It’s good!” She exclaimed as he clicked his can of Budweiser, her face dropped.

“Okay, wow, Peter. You cannot say mine tastes bad when you drink that.”

He laughed at her and took a sip.

“Hey, I thought we were supposed to be studying!” Peter said, making her giggle.

Oh, that giggle.

He missed it. 

So fucking much.

“Peter, you know damn well you haven’t looked at that textbook the entire time you’ve been here.”

“I did, like once. Or maybe twice.” 

They sat with their backs against her bed with the drinks beside them. They were playing music and doing everything but studying. The whole time, Peter kept looking at her like she was the most important thing in the world, and she noticed. 

At this point, the amount of tension was eating them alive.

“Peter?” She purred, grasping his attention immediately, “What’s wrong?”

“Just kiss me already.”

And boy, he did.

They locked lips, a feeling that they’ve been desperately craving. A feeling that they’ve missed. It was as if they needed the taste of each other to survive.

Her hands tangled in his hair, bringing back all the memories.

The last time they kissed was two years ago, in the same bed, in the same spot. It was a soft kiss, a goodbye kiss, just until the next weekend. 

Little did they know that it really was a goodbye kiss, for a few years at least.

Deepening into the kiss, Peter placed his hands on her waist, picking her up gently, “I’ve missed you so fucking much,” He said between the kiss, “I missed you, too,” Michelle said as he placed her down on her bed.

He climbed onto of her, attaching his lips onto her neck, “Oh,” She moaned every so softly into his ear.

“You like that?” Peter whispered as he did it again, “You… you know I do,” She said, feeling her breathing getting more rapid as he moved further down. He helped her take her top off, which was a blouse with three of the top buttons undone— Peter claimed she looked “so sexy,” in it.

She felt the goosebumps spread across her like a wildfire when his lips hit just above her jeans.

Peter tugged her jeans down, exposing her long caramel toned legs. Running his hand down the inside of her thighs, he looked up at her, “You’re wearing lingerie.”

Michelle smiled and nodded her head, “I know.”

“Good girl.”

And that sentence alone made her feel like she was gonna explode, grabbing him to kiss him again. She forgot how sinful his words could be, and how much she enjoyed it. 

God, it felt so right. 

The feeling of his lips back on hers, his hands gripped around her waist and in her hair, she didn’t want that feeling to ever end.