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On the Run

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“It’s okay. You’re safe now. I’m taking you home,” Cas told the blood covered Samandriel in his arms. Cas had just teleported them out of the facility that Crowley had tortured the younger angel. Currently, they stood behind a vehicle, Samandriel leaning against it in his weak state.
“No! You can’t take me back there, Castiel,” Samandriel shouted, his face anxious. He clutched the elder angel’s arms tighter.
“Why not?”
“You don’t understand. I told Crowley-” Samandriel knew he would be punished for what he was about to tell his brother. He knew he messed up- “things. Things he shouldn’t of known. He got to our coding out secrets; secrets I didn’t even know we had!”
Cas stared at the frightened angel in disbelief. “What secrets?” he asked not understanding the severity of the situation.
Softer now, Samandriel spoke, “Heaven, Naomi.”
“No. W-who’s Naomi?”
“Who is… Listen to me closely,” his voice trembled as he pulled his brother forward ever so slightly to address how serious this was, “I’ve been there. I know! They’re controlling us, Castiel!”
“What do you mean?” Cas, still a ball of confusion, asked his brother.
After those four words were uttered, Samandriel was left to stare at the blank expression of his brother. Samandriel’s eyes widened, he knew what was happening. They had gotten his brother. He tried to push away, but Castiel’s grip was tight.
Seconds after Castiel’s expression changed, it changed back. The elder angel was now staring down at the struggling angel in his grip.
“Let me go, Castiel. They’re controlling you!” the young angel pleaded.
Castiel removed one hand to ready his blade. Samandriel took this as an opening and dolphin dived out of his brother’s arms. He scrambled across the pavement on his stomach, too out of it to do much else.
Castiel strut after him with ease, blade held firmly in his hand. He easily caught up and kicked his brother to his back. He towered over his shaken brother readying his blade. Out of instinct, Samandriel kicked out at his brother. His foot collided with the blade, flinging it out of reach. Castiel, now enraged, reached down and strangled his brother’s throat. He lifted the younger into the air and hurled him across the pavement.
Samandriel lay in a heap, dazed and wheezing. Castiel trudged toward him, collecting the blade as he went. Samandriel knew he wouldn’t be able to fend off his brother, even if he was fully healed.
“Please, Castiel, don’t do this,” he wheezed through bloodied lips, “You are stronger than them.” Castiel gave no sign of acknowledging any of this, so the younger collected his strength.
Castiel continued toward him. Samandriel managed to get himself to his feet, painful as it may be. His chest heaved as he faced his brother, tears and blood mixing over his cheeks. Castiel didn’t stop, if anything he sped up. Samandriel could barely hold himself together.
Castiel finally went for a lunge, which Samandriel had been preparing for. He jumped out the way, tripping his brother as he went. Now he had a couple seconds before he’d attack again. With all his strength, the younger kicked Castiel in the head, to give him a few more seconds. Now, as quick as he could, Samandriel staggered down the street, ignoring the pain thundering throw his body.
He didn’t stop, not for a good amount of time. Enough to put distance between himself and his brother. He was too weak to teleport so that was his best bet. He began to slow outside of a bar, one of the few establishments open this time at night. He approached the large windows to gaze at the humanity that it contained as if he was visiting the zoo. He backed away. It wasn’t time to watch, he had to heal and take care of himself.
He went to pass the door when a sharp pain jabbed through his head. So many voices. He wasn’t used to them anymore; they were searching for him. He gripped his head. He stumbled into the alley around the building to the dumpsters behind it. There he tripped and collapsed in the trash.