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BNHA/MHA Ficmas 2019

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I am known as Chai on tumblr! My username is sleepychai-fics. Please feel free to follow me there!

I've decided to take up the challenge of Ficmas for the whole month! The fandom, if you can't tell already, is My Hero Academia!

Requests were made on tumblr previously in the month.

I've decided to post this on AO3 as well to accomodate for those who prefer this site but I also have a masterlist on my tumblr for those who want to read on tumblr. Without further ado, here is the schedule! 

Day 1 | Snowman | Hitoshi Shinsou GN!Reader

Day 2 | Gingerbread House | Katsuki Bakugou x GN!Reader

Day 3 | Decorating the Christmas Tree | Fumikage Tokoyami x GN!Reader

Day 4 | Jingle Bells | Izuku Midoriya x GN!Reader

Day 5 | Ice Skating | Katsuki Bakugou x Fem!Reader

Day 6 | MistleToe | Mezo Shoji x GN!Reader

Day 7 | Christmas Sweaters | Himiko Toga x GN!Reader

Day 8 | Family AU, Christmas Dinner | Fumikage Tokoyami x GN!Reader

Day 9 | “Honey, why is there a reindeer in my house?” | Hisashi Yamada (Present Mic) x GN!Reader

Day 10 | Family AU, night out at a Christmas Festival | Shouto Todoroki x Fem!Reader

Day 11 | Person A tries to calm Person B down as the frozen lake beneath them starts to crack | Keigo Takami (Hawks) x GN!Reader

Day 12 | Hot Cocoa | Shouto Todoroki x GN!Reader

Day 13 | “You do realise that the eggnog has alcohol in it, right?” “Psssh nooooo.” | Shouta Aizawa (Eraserhead) x Fem!Reader

Day 14 | Christmas Party | Katsuki Bakugou x Fem!Reader

Day 15 | “Snowball fight!!!” | Shouta Aizawa (Eraserhead) x GN!Reader

Day 16 | Christmas Ornaments | Tomura Shigaraki x GN!Reader

Day 17 | Rescue Mission | Yuga Aoyama x GN!Reader

Day 18 | Cuddles by the fire | Tamaki Amajiki x GN!Reader

Day 19 | Person A donates to Community Shelter, in the process finding out Person B is homeless | Shouta Aizawa (Eraserhead) x Fem!Reader

Day 20 | Gingerbread Men | Kurogiri x GN!Reader

Day 21 | Gift Exchange Nemuri Kayama (Midnight) x GN!Reader

Day 22 | Secret Santa | Hitoshi Shinsou x Fem!Reader

Day 23 | Person A invites Person B to their family night because Person B has no one to celebrate with | Dabi x GN!Reader

Day 24 | “It’s Christmas eve and you managed to end up in the emergency room…” | Izuku Midoriya x GN!Reader

Day 25 | Surprise | Mezo Shoji  x GN!Reader

Day 26 | Blizzard | Dabi x Fem!Reader

Day 27 | Skiing/Snowboarding | Eijirou Kirishima x GN!Reader

Day 28 | Cuddle Pile | Hitoshi Shinsou x GN!Reader x Denki Kaminari

Day 29 | Smores | Katsuki Bakugou x GN!Reader

Day 30 | New Years Resolution | Dabi x GN!Reader

Day 31 | Midnight Kiss | Keigo Takami (Hawks) x GN!Reader


Hope you enjoy them as they come out and have a very merry ficmas!


Chapter Text

You eagerly bounce on the balls of your feet, hand outstretched towards Shinsou, who quickly tightens the laces of his boots.

“Come on Hitoshi! Hurry up!”

“I’m coming!”

He ties off his shoes and stands up, sauntering over to you and taking your hand in his. You are quick to drag him outside, leaving him no room to hesitate or resist.

The two of you burst through the dorm doors and enter the snowy environment, finally joining your fellow classmates.

Your fingers slip through Shinsou’s as you dash through the snow kicking it up every so often and watching it splatter across the ground in front of you. Excitement bursts out from you in the form of laughter. 

A squeal erupts from you as Shinsou picks you up off the ground, spinning the both of you several times before plunging the both of you into the snow. 

Laughter continues to bellow out from you as you thread your gloved fingers through his hair. The two of you remain laying atop the snow for a few minutes, bathing in the comfort of each other.

An idea comes to your mind. Shinsou looks up at you as you gasp. Your eyes glimmer with enthusiasm whilst he simply looks at you, utterly confused and kinda worried for what you have planned.

“We should build a snowman!”

Ok, not as sinister as he was thinking. Shinsou’s lips quirk upwards. He jumps up, pulling you up with him. You both quickly set to work.

You dump snow into a pile, forming the base. That was the easy part. The body was proving to be harder than you thought. It took three attempts to lift the body onto the base, each time it fell apart in your hands. After the fourth attempt scattered among the ground, you decided to build it up from the base.

At least every two minutes or so, one of you would flick snow at the other. A competition was brewing.

Finally, after over an hour, you were adding the finishing touches. Using your finger, you carve out a curved line, adding the snowman's lips. You take a step back, Shinsou right beside you, and admire your masterpiece.

“It looks goofy.” Shinsou rests his hand on your lower back, pulling you into his side.

“It’s our goofy baby!” You wrap your arms around him and lean up to blanket his lips in a kiss. You nuzzle your face into Shinsou’s chest.

“You know I love you right?” He asks, his voice edging on a sly tone.

Furrowing your brow, you lift your head out of his chest.

“Yeah, of cour-” You words are cut short as a snowball is slapped against your face.

War has begun.

Chapter Text

“Can you stop being so pedantic?!” You shout as you drop choc chips in the frosting.

“No!” Bakugou barks back whilst adjusting the choc chips in place.

“Oh my god, you’re such a perfectionist.” Grabbing the bag of sprinkles, you proceed to pour them out, scattering them on the frost-covered roof.

“What’s wrong with that?!” Bakugou questions as he brushes off the loose sprinkles.

You throw down the bag causing a handful of sprinkles to disperse across the bench. “This is not the time to be a perfectionist!”

“Yes it is!” He retorts.

“We’re decorating a damn gingerbread house!” You snatch the box of smarties away from him before he has a chance to grab them. Taking out a handful, you effortlessly drop them onto the gingerbread house.

“At least try to make it presentable.” His hands are quick to line them up as they drop.

Shaking your head in frustration, you put down the smarties and pick up the nearby jelly beans. “It’s going to be eaten! What difference will it make to the taste?!”

Bakugou plucks the jelly beans out of your grasp and lines them up on the edge. “The flavour will be more equalised!”

“Ugh you’re impossible.” You step back from the bench and turn to wash your hands.

“You’ll thank me later when you taste it.”

You scoff. “Whatever.”

Bakugou steps back, seemingly finished with his ‘masterpiece’. You stand beside him, arms crossed over your chest as you observe your creation.

The windows and the door is perfectly cut out. White icing lines the window sills and door frame. Sprinkles evenly litter the white frosted roof while smarties line the edge of it. On the front, chocolate chips are scattered across in a somewhat organised fashion. Jellybeans act as the fence, standing vertically along the edge of the dough, stuck in place by a thin strip of icing.

The perfect gingerbread house.

In Bakugou’s opinion.

“What do you think?” He asks as he slings an arm around your shoulder, a proud smirk on his face.

You hum, staring at the gingerbread house. Your eyes flicker to the leftover bowl of frosting, a mischievous thought crossing your mind.

“Well,” You reach over and pick up some of the frosting. “You could always be a little sweeter.” As the words leave your lips, you swipe Bakugou’s nose with the frost-covered finger.

Bakugou simply stares at you with a blank expression, processing what you had just done. All while you smile at him in faux innocence.

Bakugou suddenly breaks out a malicious expression, your smile dropping as you watch him take a small handful of frosting.

“You’re gonna regret that.”

You can already feel the dread of having to scrape it out of your hair...

Chapter Text

You ease the polished ornament onto the branch. “How many do we have left?”

Tokoyami glances at the box beside him as he adjusts the fairy lights in place. “We have a few left.”

“That’s good. We get to test out these lights soon.” You reach behind you to grab another ornament.

Dark shadow appears directly beside you, offering you an ornament as he eagerly asks; “Can I hang the tinsel?!”

Once the momentary shock of his sudden appearance passes over, you take the ornament with a smile. “I don’t see why not.” You look up at Tokoyami who nods his approval.

Dark shadow grins and dives in the box, retrieving the shimmering material and zooming to the top. He immediately begins to wind the tinsel around the tree. 

You giggle at his excited behaviour as you return to threading the last few ornaments on the tree. 

“Do all the lights work?” You ask, plucking another ornament out of the box.

“They should,” Tokoyami replies, having finished adjusting the lights. He fishes out the plug from the box and makes work on detangling it. “If not then we have plenty of spares we can replace them with.”

SIghing, you step back from the tree. “Let’s hope we don’t have to. It’s a pain having to replace them. They’re always screwed on tightly and half the time I’m scared I’m gonna break  it.” 

Tokoyami hums in agreeance.

Dark shadow circles around you, propping his head onto your shoulder. “I did it!”

Instinctively, you reach up to rub his head. “It looks great.”

“It looks amazing.” Tokoyami replies.

“You ready to test out the lights?” You ask as you place your hands on the light switch.

Tokoyami inserts the plug into the powerpoint and turns to you, a smile stretching across his beak. “Ready.”

The room plunges into total darkness the moment you flick the switch. However, it’s only temporary before Tokoyami flicks on the fairy lights.

Lights of various colours blink to life, illuminating the room and accentuating the decorated tree. Each light twinkles in a pattern, enchanting the room with its effect.

Your expression fills with triumph and astonishment.

“You deserve the honours.” You turn to Tokoyami, who holds out a golden star, glistening in the twinkling light.

Your smile widens as you take it.

“Here, let me help.” Dark shadow wraps his arms around you and almost effortlessly picks you up, lifting you up to the top of the tree.

You slide the star onto the top branch, securing it in place by pushing it down further. 

Dark shadow slowly glides down, carefully setting you back on solid ground.

Tokoyami entwines his fingers with yours and pulls you into his chest where he slides his arm around your waist. “We did it.”

Dark shadow snuggles into your neck, a soft purr resonating from him. The smile never ceases from your lips as you plant a small kiss on his head. Your unoccupied hand settles on Tokoyami’s back. “We sure did.”

Chapter Text

You jump as strong arms wrap around your waist, practically slamming the fridge door closed next to you. The tension immediately leaves you when soft kisses press against your neck. 

“Shit babe. You scared me!” You say as you ruffle your fingers through his unruly locks.

Izuku simply chuckles and mumbles into your neck. “Sorry.”

You smile and lean into his embrace. “I have a present for you.” You announce, patting his cheek twice.

Izuku reluctantly pulls away. “Really? It’s not even Christmas yet.”

“I know,” You reply, opening the nearby cupboard and pulling out a small box. “But this deserves to be opened now.” You hand the box to Izuku, a small smile splayed on your lips.

“You didn’t have to-”

“I know that. But I wanted to. Now hurry up! I want to see your reaction.” You begin to grow agitated with each passing second, a flurry of excitement and nerves sending you into an impatient jittery mess.

Izuku laughs softly at your restlessness and quickly rips open the box. 

You watch anxiously as Izuku stares at the gift. He takes it out of the box, bringing it up to inspect it closely.

A flower crown, made from garland pine, is decorated not only with tiny berry-like ornaments, but also with jingle bells.

Izuku looks back up to you, appreciation clearly marked on his features.

Giddiness takes over as Izuku places the flower crown on his head. He gives it an experimental shake, hearing the bells chime in response. A grin explodes on his face.

You burst into laughter as Izuku almost aggressively shakes his head, the bells echoing throughout the house loudly. It doesn’t take long for him to get dizzy.

He reaches over and drags you by the shirt to engulf you in a bear hug.

The two of you are reduced to breathless giggles, mumbling into each other's embrace.

“I’m glad you liked it. It was painful to make.”

“I love it. Thank you so much (Y/n), I love you.”

You place a firm kiss next to his ear, your cheeks burning from the force of your smile. “I love you too Izuku." 

Chapter Text

You glide along the ice, skates slicing through the ground and allowing you to skim across the rink. Target locked, you pick up speed, shards of ice scattering with each slide of your skate. 

With a smirk, you twist your body around, piercing the ice with the blade of your skate.

Katsuki nearly shits himself and has to take a few seconds to correct his balance as you come to an abrupt stop, mere inches away from him. 

“Jesus fuck (Y/n).”

“Hi!” You laugh at his reaction, marking the visual memory of his facial features into memory.

He sighs, the shock seemingly passing over. Taking you hand into his, he kisses your cheek. “I want to try something.”

You hum in response, pulling him closer to you and nuzzling your face into his cheek. “And what’s that?”

“I want to throw you.”

Not it’s your turn to be slammed with shock. You hastily pull away from his cheek and stare at him, his absurd request taking you completely off guard. “Wha- you want to what?!”

“I want to throw you into the air as we skate. You can do that spin of yours or some shit.” His explanation brings total relief to you. “You don’t have to. I just wanted to try something different.”

“Oh gosh. I’m fine with you doing that. I thought you were just going to fling me through a window or some shit.” You giggle breathlessly at the thought.

“No! I would never do that!”

“Babe, I know, but the way you said it implied it that way.” You hold onto his shoulders, trying to suppress your laughter to regain your breath. Once you compose yourself, you lock eyes with Katsuki. “Are you sure you want to do this? You’ll need to keep track of your balance, especially when throwing me.”

“I know baby girl. I’ve been skating for almost a year now. I want to get better and learn a few tricks.”

You snicker at his expression. “Of course you do babe. I’m happy to do it.”

Katsuki smiles, taking a gentle hold of your waist and pushing off the ice, pushing you backwards. “Alright. Let’s do it then.”

Smirking, you turn in his grip, facing forward and synchronising your feet with his. The two of you skate around the rink a few times, taking the time to mentally prepare and build a flow of momentum.

“You ready babe?” Katsuki asks as we approach the straight edge of the rink.

“Let’s do this.”

Katsuki speeds up slightly, and you feel him bend down, getting into position to throw you up.

With a tight grip on your hips, he begins to lift you up.

Your skates have barely left the ground when his skates slip out from underneath him. The grip he has on your hips forces you to plummet down along with him. You both grunt from the harsh impact. Katsuki momentarily loses control of his breathing as the wind is knocked out of him.

You shoot up off of him, kneeling beside him. “Katsuki!”

He can only gasp for air in an attempt to regain control of his breathing. You grip onto his hand, squeezing it to the rhythm of your own breathing to assist his own. He lays there, gasping for a few more minutes, your grip on his hand never disappearing. 

Once he manages to snag back control of his own breathing, he looks up at you, his red eyes holding exhaustion and relief. “We’re not...doing that...ever again.” He says between deep breaths.

Letting out an airy chuckle, you lean down to press your forehead against his. “Agreed. For a second I thought your ribs were broken or something.” 

“At the very least, they're bruised.” He replies.

Sighing, you lift your head up and sit up. “Come on. We deserve a break.”

With help from you, Katsuki manages to stand up straight. “We deserve the fucking day off.”

You laugh at his comment, gently guiding the both of you off the ice.

Chapter Text

“I’m going to guess that we both had the same idea.”

Shoji tears his eyes away from the window, turning to face you as you saunter towards him. He morphs one of his limbs into a mouth. “It got a little too loud for my taste.” He replies, shifting his position on the sofa.

“Yeah. You mind if I join you?”

Shoji nods and gestures to the spot across from him. “Go ahead.”

Smiling, you take you spot, sinking into the cushions. “So, you have any plans for the holidays?”

Shoji shrugs and turns to look out the window. “Not really. I’m just going to stay with my family for a week.”

You nod, resting your head on the backrest of the couch. “Yeah. I don’t have anything planned. My parents are busy with work at the moment but we’re trying to find time to hang out.”

“You won’t be staying with them?” Shoji asks, his eyes flicking over to you.

You shake your head. “What’s the point if they’re hardly going to be there?”

Shoji nods. He understands your point. He might do the same thing if his parents were working.

His eyes linger on your relaxed form. He wants to ask you a question, but he’s worried you might refuse. Though it couldn’t hurt to ask, right?

Just when he’s ready to give voice to his question, Ashido hollers loudly.

“Hey, Shoji! (L/n)! Look up!”

Both of you are dazed with confusion as you follow her demand. Mistletoe hangs from the ceiling, directly between you, a red ribbon tied at the top.

“Oh my god.” Shoji turns to face you as you bury your face in your hands. “She scattered these everywhere. I even found one outside my room!”

Distantly,  you can hear Ashido chanting: “Kiss kiss fall in love!”

“(L/n)?” You look up at Shoji, eyes shimmering with...something. Shoji couldn’t quite tell what. “We don’t have to kiss. If you don’t want to.”

A soft smile graces your lips. You sit up, crawling closer to Shoji. “Do you want to?”

To say Shoji is shocked is an understatement. There’s no denying the feelings that Shoji had for you. He didn’t know when they started growing, but he let it linger for a while. He never intended to pursue them, because now he has an opportunity to.

Here you are, barely inches apart, asking him if he wants to kiss you. Of course, he wants to kiss you. He wants you as his own. He wants you to be his precious date-mate. But do you want this? Or are you asking purely to satisfy the principle of the Mistletoe?

Shoji tries to speak, he really does, but all that comes out is choked off words and stutters. His face feels unnaturally hot.

You laugh at his attempts to speak. A minute passes by before you decide to end his misery.

Leaning forward, you gently hold the mouth-formed limb. Your soft, plump lips gently press against his slightly chapped ones.

Shoji is completely silent, staring at you with wide eyes as you kiss his limb. Did you just-? Are you-?

He watches as your hands move to cup another one of his limbs. Your eyes meet him, and he seems to translate the silent question you’re asking. Without a second thought, Shoji morphs his limb into a mouth.

Your smile shines up at shoji and he swears his heart does physical somersaults. His eyes trace your every move, carefully watching you.

After you kiss the second limb, you move on to the next. Shoji morphs it to a mouth, letting you gently cup it and press another caressing kiss to it.

This process repeats until every limb has been graced with a kiss.

Once kissing the final limb, you sit up and stare at him, your eyes gleaming in the light.

Shoji doesn’t think.

His arms surround you, effectively blocking you from public view. He then yanks off his mask, revealing his facial mouth. He then gently cups your cheeks and pulls you closer to him. Finally, as your face gets closer to his, he presses his lips against yours.

It’s different from all the others. It’s more than a simple peck on the lips. It carries more emotion.

His lips are clearly dry and slightly cracked, and he’s worried you might push him away because of it. But all his worries slip away once he feels you press further into the kiss.

The kiss, although stiff and uncoordinated, electrifies within the both of you, your hearts fluttering almost in sync.

You pull away from the kiss, panting from the temporary loss of oxygen. Shoji stares down at you, a faint blush adorning his face.

The bright smile returns to your face and Shoji can feel the ball of butterflies in his stomach burst into a frenzy.

No words need to be spoken, the warm embrace having enough assurance of the strong bond the two of you now hold.

Eventually, your senses return to normal, no longer solely focused on the two of you. It’s then, do the both of you hear the squealing mess that is Ashido.

Chapter Text

You flinch violently as your front door slams open. You stand up defensively, whipping out your pocket knife as a stranger comes skipping through your house.

However, you relax as the stranger’s body begins to deform and melt. You heave a heavy sigh.

“I thought I told you to warn me whenever you visit. I was ready to kill you.” You deposit your pocket knife as you walk towards the kitchen.

“I know!” Himiko skips over to you, thrusting a shopping bag into your hands. “I got you a present!”

Cautiously, you take the bag from her. “It’s not anything dangerous or illegal is it?”

“Nope!” Himiko replies, popping out the ‘p’. You watch as she begins to prance around the kitchen. You can’t help but chuckle at her restless state.

Carefully, you grab the content in the bag. It feels soft in your hand, that eliminates anything dangerous. You hope. You pull out the contents, unravelling it from its’ fold.

In your hands is a black coloured sweater, decorated with an array of snowflakes and candy canes. A border lines the top and bottom of the front of the sweater. What adorns it are trees, snowflakes and...pole dancers? In the middle of the sweater, in big red writing reads ‘HO’.

You smile, your expression radiating joy and gratitude. “Oh Himiko, I love it!”

“Put it on!” She impatiently says, now jumping with every step she takes.

Keeping up with her demands, you slide the sweater over you. “It fits great Himi!” You say as you tug the sweater down.

“Wait till you see mine!” Without a second to waste, Himiko yanks off her jumper, revealing her own sweater underneath.

It’s a similar design with the same pattern and border. However, there is a portrait of Santa, dark shades covering his eyes, and some smaller writing that reads; ‘Where my Ho’s at?”

Himiko’s expression is gleaming with a mix of mischief and joy. It’s off-putting, to say the least. But after a few back and forward glances at both your sweaters, it finally clicks.

You burst into a fit of giggles, Himiko following right after you. With no warning, she leaps into your arms, wrapping her arms and legs tightly around you. You shuffle back a few feet, not being prepared for the attack. Once you regain your balance, you snuggle into Himiko, rubbing your cheeks into hers.

“I love it Himi!”

“I knew you would!” She tightens her grip around you. Her breath fans over your ear, a tingling sensation shooting down your spine. “After all. You are my ho.”

Pulling back from her, you smirk, a challenging glint appearing in your eyes. “You wanna bet?”

Himiko only smirks back, before full on attacking your face with kisses.

Chapter Text

Carefully, you carry out the large turkey over to the dining table.

“Fumi! Can you get the kids!” You call out, tossing the tea towel onto the kitchen bench.

“On it!” You hear his reply.

You rush into the kitchen, throwing on oven mitts and almost yanking the oven door off.

“Let me help you with that.” Fumikage’s mother appears beside you as you lift a tray of potatoes onto the stove.

“Oh no, it’s fine! I just need to put everything in its dish.” You go to pick up another tray from the oven, but feathery fingers stop you.

“Let me do it.” She slides the oven mitts off your hands.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes! I’ll handle it from here.” You watch as she slides her own hands in the oven mitts and uses them to pick up the tray of carrots.

Reluctantly, you turn away and let her complete the task. You reach up to open the cupboard of dishes, but a pale hand leans on the cupboard, stopping you from opening it.

You meet the eyes of Fumi’s father. “I’ll set the table.”


“You’ve done plenty. We’ll handle the rest. Go get your kids.” He says, a reassuring smile on his face.

You sigh, realising that it’s pointless to argue with either parent. “Thank you guys so much.”

“No. Thank you for inviting us.” Fumi’s mother interjects.

With a relaxed smile, you leave the kitchen.

As you walk down the hall, you hear the pitter of little footsteps coming towards you. Smiling, you dive down, picking up the two-year-old as she comes dashing round the corner.

You lift her high into the air, earning a squeal followed by a fit of giggles.

“Got ya’!” You say with a bright smile.

The toddler, Ahmya, kicks out her legs in excitement and makes grabby hands towards you.

“Sun! Sun!” She cheers.

“She loves her sun.” Fumikage joins you at your side as you adjust Ahmya on your hip.

“And she loves her moon.” You lean up to place a kiss on his beak.

Ahmya gurgles happily at your display of affection. She resembles a mix of the two of you. Her (skin colour) face taking after you, along with her (e/c) eyes and (h/c) hair. However, her small yellow beak and the (h/c) feathers that adorn half her arms are all from Fumi.

“Daddy look!” You both turn your heads to look down at Kayda, who enthusiastically shows off her picture.

Fumi kneels down and runs his fingers down her slicked-back hair. “That’s a very good drawing Kayda. Why don’t we go to the dinner table with grandma and grandpa? You can show them your picture if you want to.”

Kayda gasps and jumps on the spot. “Yes!”

Kayda is six-years-old and almost a carbon copy of Fumi. Her face, although human-like, is covered in black feathers and a small orange beak replaces her mouth and nose. Her hair is naturally slicked back against her head, reaching down to her shoulder. Her pale skin tone from her neck d0wn directly comes from Fumi. The only noticeable trait she has of you is her (e/c) eyes.

Kayda sprints out of the room, leaving the two of you to laugh at her enthusiasm. Fumi leads the way into the dining room, and what awaits is a feast.

The turkey takes up the middle, surrounded by a large variety of foods ranging from vegetables to marinated meats. There’s barely an inch left of visible table left.

“Wow. It looks great.” You say as you place Ahmya into her high chair.

“It smells great too.” Fumi adds, taking his seat next to Ahmya.

“Well don’t give us any credit.” Fumi’s mother walks into the room, his father following close by with Kayda in his arms. “(Y/n) cooked it all.”

“We just made it all look pretty.” Fumi’s father adds as he sits Kayda in her chair next to Fumi.

You smile in gratitude for their comments. As you take your seat on the other side of Ahmya. “Thank you so much.”

They both smile in return, taking their own seats. “Well, don’t let us dilly daddle. Let us feast!”

The rest of the night goes by quickly. Stomachs are filled to the brim, wishbones are broken, Christmas crackers are popped and discussions are made and laughed about.

Ahmya has made herself an artwork out of food. Pieces of meat and vegetables lay in her lap and her face was covered in sauce. A paper crown from a cracker was placed on her head but it has been big enough to slip down to her neck.

Kayda moved on to colouring sometime during the meal. Her face was mostly clean and she kept adjusting the paper crown on her head.

Eventually, the night concluded with a carols sing and dance, courtesy of the energetic Kayda.

You and Fumi look at each other, eyes twinkling in the light. You two were beyond happy with what you had. It truly was Christmas joy.

Chapter Text

The headlights blink on and off and the audible click of the locks latching in place indicate the car is now secure.

You let out a yawn as you flip through the keys. “I am tired.”

“Me too. I think I might sleep  on the couch.” Hisashi adds as he stretches his arms above his head. 

“That makes two of us.” You insert the house key into the door lock, turning it and pushing the door open.

You only take three steps into the house before you freeze in shock. You feel Hisashi right behind you, obviously in the same state. 

“Honey,” Your voice is firm and barely above a whisper. “Why is there a reindeer in my house?”

You hear the hushed curse from Hisashi. You sigh internally and look past the reindeer, who simply stares at the two of you, where the back sliding door sits slightly ajar.

“Did you close the back door when we left?” You keep your voice low, as to not disturb the reindeer, who continues to stare blankly at you.

“Yes, I did.” Hisashi defends himself, though he soon realises his mistake. Unfortunately for him, so do you.

“Did you lock it?” You inquire.

“I thought I did.” He replies.

“Well, obviously not.” You sigh. “Just open the back door more and let me handle this.”

Slowly, you step through the hallway, making your way to the kitchen whilst Hisashi makes his way around the animal. Once you reach the fridge, you open it and grab out a carrot.

You then walk cautiously to the reindeer, gently waving the carrot in front of it. This seems to gain its attention.

“That's it. There we go. Come on.” You prompt it to follow you as you walk backwards.

Hisashi fully opens the back door, allowing you to step through, the reindeer closely following you, their nose twitching at the carrot.

You continue to walk outside, taking several more steps away from the house before you feed the reindeer the carrot. They bite into the carrot and pull it away from you.

Smiling, you give the reindeer a gentle pat before running inside. You practically slam the door closed and flick the lock into place, hearing the audible click. You lean against the door, heaving a sigh of relief.

Hisashi comes up to you, placing a hand on your shoulder and giving you a reassuring smile.

You slap him across his chest. Although it wasn’t hard, he acted as though it had hurt.

“This is exactly why you need to double-check you lock the doors. Especially at Christmas!”

“I thought I did!” He defends himself. 

You scoff, walking towards the bedroom. “You’re a pro-hero for christ sake. This should be second nature for you!”

“I’m sorry!”

Chapter Text

Your fingers gently clasp onto your daughter's wrist, guiding it towards the creature. 

“It’s okay. He won’t hurt you. He’ll just nip the carrot out of your hand.”

The girl simply hums at your assurance, letting you control her movement.

You feel her stiffen as the reindeer approaches her, his snout reaching for the carrot in her hands. You feel the brush of the animal’s hot breath against the back of your hand.

Subconsciously, you begin to run your other hand across her stomach in a comforting motion. “It’s okay sweetie. He won’t hurt you.”

The reindeer opens his mouth, briefly showing off his teeth before taking hold of the carrot. He bites off a large chunk of the carrot, munching on it as your daughter giggles.

“I did it Mommy!”

You smile, hugging her tightly against your body. “You did such a good job Emiko! How about we give the rest of the carrot to this baby reindeer here.” You gesture to the baby reindeer who stumbles towards the two of you.

Emiko offers the remaining carrot to the baby. They sniff it for a few short seconds before yanking it out of Emiko’s hand and devouring it.

Emiko turns around and instantly wraps her arms around your neck, her (h/c) and red-streaked hair brushing past your cheek. You chuckle at her behaviour, standing up and securing her on your hip.

You make your way out of the reindeer pen, giving you thanks to the animal keepers on the way. You see your husband standing off to the side amongst the crowd, your son cradles over his shoulder. 

Smiling, you make your way over to him.

“How was it?” Shouto asks as you approach him. 

Emiko turns her head to gaze at her father. “I fed a reindeer a carrot!”

“Did you?”

Emiko cheers in response. “Yeah! And I even fed a baby one! And Mommy helped me!”

You giggle in response. “Did you like it?”

Emiko bounces in your arms, her excitement clearly bubbling out. She stops to open her mouth for a big yawn.

“I think that we need to go soon, and put the two of you to bed.” Shouto says, grazing the knuckles of his fingers across Isamu’s cheek, who snuggles further into his neck, his heterochromatic grey and (e/c) eyes drooping and slow-blinking.

Emiko whines in response, rubbing her eyes and burying her face into your shoulder. You can hear her on the verge of tears. 

“Hey, we had a really fun day today and you’re exhausted.” Reasoning with a child is futile, but it doesn’t hurt to try every once in a while.

“But I don’t want it to end.” She whimpers in your arms. 

You chuckle at her as you rub her hand up and down her back. “Awh I know sweetheart. But we did lots of things today.

You glance over at Shouto as you cradle Emiko. His eyes leer away from you briefly, a sign that he’s contemplating something. He returns his gaze to you and mouth’s a single word to you.

Smiling, you turn your attention back to Emiko. “How about we go to one more activity, and on the way you tell me what we did today.”

Emiko nods and pulls her head out of your shoulder. You adjust her beanie on her head before beginning the walk.

“Emiko, what did we do today?” Shouto asks.

“We took pictures with Santa. Me and Isamu sat on his lap. And then he gave us candy canes.”

“Santa was very generous wasn’t he?”

Emiko nods, a smile beaming on her face. “Uh huh! And then we went ice skating!”

“Yes. Daddy fell on the ice didn’t he?” You add, shooting a teasing glance at Shouto, who looks at you with disappointment.

“Yeah! It was funny!” Emiko lets a smile rip across her face.

“It was very funny.” You giggle alongside Emiko.

“Okay, that’s enough you two.” Shouto interjects, rolling his eyes at you. “What else did we do Emiko?”

“We went on a carriage ride around the whole festival! It’s so big! I wish we could stay here longer.” Her plea is ineffective once another yawn rips out from her.

“I know sweetie.” You brush your fingers across her cheeks. “I promise that we’ll do more next time.”

“Pinky promise?” Emiko holds out her pinky.

You curl your pinky in hers “Pinky promise.”

“Emiko,” Shouto calls out to your daughter. Isamu lifts his head out of his father's neck, his half red and (h/c) hair swishing the movement. His (e/c) eyes gaze at the bright display they stopped at. “Look” Shouto gestures to the dazzling house.

Emiko turns towards her father's gaze and her eyes shoot open in complete awe. “Wow.”

A street full of houses are included in the festival grounds. A large crowd of people scatter the street, gazing at the brightly decorated houses.

Each house is distinctly different, but one factor remains the same. All their decoration involved lights. From three-dimensional to mechanical to simple display decorations, some lights flickering occasionally in a pattern. The street is easily nominated as the best feature of the festival.

You stand there, staring at the variety of decorated houses. Your hand intertwines with your husband’s. You sneak a glance at him, finding a content smirk gracing his lips.

Isamu’s eyes sparkle in the lights, twinkling with amazement. One of his arms loops loosely around Shouto’s neck whilst the other hangs limp down his side.

You turn your gaze to Emiko, who stares unblinking at the houses. Her mouth hangs open, her expression depicting bliss.

Turning your own gaze to the house, you let your own smile split your face.

Being here with your own family, now this is christmas joy.

Chapter Text

Ice cracks beneath your feet, nothing but fear rushing through your veins. A whimper escapes your lips as you stare at your feet, the visible cracks in the ice disappearing beneath them.


His heart breaks upon hearing your voice.

“It’s okay sweetheart. Everything will be okay. I’m here baby.”

If it wasn’t for the frost that had blanketed his wings, he would’ve gotten the both of you out of the vicinity. But he has to improvise. He has to tread carefully and save you.

“I-I’m scared Keigo.” It kills him to hear you crying his name.

“I know baby, I know. I need you to look at me sweetie.” He tries to coax you to look up, but in your panicking state, it’s proving harder than he thought.

“I can’t.”

“Yes you can. You need to look at me. Don’t focus on the ice okay?” Why did he think that skating on a frozen lake would be a good idea?

Slowly, you tear your eyes away from the ice. You eyes shine with unshed tears, a dry pathway of tears embedded on your cheeks. His heart clenches painfully at the sight.

“Everything will be okay.” He hopes to hell and back that he’s convincing enough for you. “I’m here. I won’t let anything happen to you. I promise.”

You begin to shift your gaze back to the ice.

“No no no, I need you to keep looking at me (Y/n). Do not focus on anything but me. You hear me? I want all of your attention on me.” He’s getting desperate, he knows this, but he needs to make sure you’re paying attention to him.

Reluctance brushes past you before you follow his commands.

By habit, he sends you a reassuring smile, before stretching his arm out towards you.

You shake your head almost frantically. “I-I can’t”

“Yes you can (Y/n). I will save you. I won’t let you fall. Just reach for my hand, please.”

Seconds pass by at an agonising pace. He remains still, his smile never faltering, neither does his outstretched hand.

Relief crashes into him once seeing your shaky hand reach out to him. “That’s it baby. You’re doing great.”

Your fingers barely touch his, before the haunting sound of breaking ice reverberates throughout the area.

On pure instinct, he yanks you into his chest, picks you up off the ground and bolts.

The edge isn’t that far, and it’s only a couple of steps, but the feeling of the ice falling beneath his feet has Keigo believing he’s in slow motion.

He dives forward, twisting around to have you facing up, before colliding with snow sheeted ground.

Keigo cradles you into his chest, his fingers threading through your hair as he presses a firm kiss on your forehead. You sob relentlessly into his chest, fear still coursing through your veins, though there’s a mix of relief there as well.

“It’s okay baby, I got you. You’re safe now. Nothing will get to you. I’m here.” Keigo whispers these words to you, comforting you as best he can.

“I...I want to go home.” You whimper into his chest, tightly clinging onto him. It’s all you can do to make yourself believe your safe, your warm, in his arms.

“Yes. We’ll go home and I’ll make you a nice big mug of hot cocoa, then we’ll cuddle on the couch with all the blankets in the house and watch that movie you love.”

Carefully, Keigo stands up with you still clinging to him. He holds you close to his body, almost afraid to have a loose hold on you. 

He walks away from the lake, not having the heart to look back and see what could’ve been you.

Chapter Text

The smell of chocolate bliss invades your nose, and you’ve barely stepped foot in your house.

You let out a content hum, absentmindedly shutting the door and discarding your shoes and coat before gravitating towards the kitchen.

“(Y/n)? Is that you?” Shouto’s voice comes from the kitchen.

“Yes it is. Is that your glorious cooking I smell?” You answer your own question once you turn the corner into the kitchen. Shouto peers over a pot, steam steadily rising from it. Two large mugs stand aside on the bench.

“You’re just in time.” He turns the stove off and grabs the handle of the pot. He then proceeds to pour it’s contents into the two mugs.

Your mouth waters as you watch the creamy chocolate substance pour into the two cups. Lumps fall into the cups and it takes you a couple of seconds to realise that they are mini marshmallows.

“You put marshmallows in?” You ask as you step closer to Shouto.

“Only for a minute.” He replies, pouring out the last few drops before putting the pot in the sink.

He takes out whipped cream and chocolate flakes from a nearby cupboard and proceeds to add it to the drinks.

You practically moan at the sight. “Honey, you’re going to put me in a chocolate coma.”

A breathy laugh escapes Shouto. “I was looking online for hot cocoa recipes because I wanted to surprise you.” He hands you a mug. “I found this one and I know how much you love chocolate so I figured I’d give it a try.”

You take a sip.

“Does it taste okay?”

Okay was a big understatement. What went through your mouth was an explosion of milky flavour. The taste of the creamy chocolate lingers in your mouth, even after you swallow. The marshmallows give the distinct texture that adds to the overall taste and the whipped cream is the perfect addition to heaven. Your knees go weak at the taste.

Shouto watches as you devour half the mug before coming up for breath, your nose essentially swimming in whipped cream.

“This is the best hot cocoa I’ve ever had. You need to make this for the rest of my life.” You say as you greedily take another gulp.

Shouto smiles, brushing his fingers through your hair. “I’ll be happy to comply with your wishes, my love.” He leans down and presses a soft kiss to your forehead whilst his fingers trail down to trace the ring that resides on your finger.

Chapter Text

Shouta barely manages to catch you as you clumsily slip off the stool.

“Be careful (Y/n).” He picks you up and sets you back on the stool.

‘Excuse me! I am full of care!” You slur, your body swaying involuntarily.

Shouta remains standing behind you, his hand gently planted at your back as extra support. He takes a glance at the table, immediately finding the cause of your state. A heavy sigh leaves his lips. “You do realise that the eggnog has alcohol in it, right?”

“Pssh. Nooo.” You lean back against him, lips curled in a drunken smile. If it wasn’t for Shouta standing behind you, you would’ve collided harshly with the floor.

Kayama snorts as she saunters over to the other side of the table. “She’s off her rockets.”

Your head rolls forward and your eyes lock on to Kayama’s, eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “I was never on a rocket. I’m always off a rocket.”

Kayama sets off into a fit of laughter while Shouta tries to stifle his own.

“Do you know how much she’s had?” He asks as he regains control of himself.

Kayama takes a few more seconds before she responds. “She had three here but I saw her have a couple more with Mic and Snipe.”

“It’s soooo yummmy.” It’s hard to decipher exactly what you said but somehow they managed to.

“You need to go to bed.”

You protest against Shouta. Or try to anyway. You’re leaning almost all your weight on him and your eyes are shut, completely against your control. Your mouth opens and closes but all that comes out is incoherent mumbling.

“Sweetie, you are drunk off your tits.” Kayama tries to reason with her.

“But...I tits.”

Kayama snorts and covers her mouth with her hand, quickly stopping the laughter that’s bubbling in her throat. She turns her attention to Shouta. “Guest bedroom is free tonight. Tuck her in there. The bathroom is across the hall for her tomorrow.”

Without another word, Shouta swiftly picks you up from the stool, careful about the pace of his movement. You have no energy to resist him, so you simply lean your head onto his chest and let him carry you.

Shouta carries you through the house, passing by Snipe, Mic and Thirteen in the living room. They’re all clearly drunk as they laugh, but not as drunk as you. Yet.

He takes you to the guest bedroom, the door slightly ajar allowing him to open the door with his foot.

The light from the hall pours into the room, providing enough light for Shouta to find the bed. He gently places you down on the bed, quickly adjusting the pillow before dragging the covers up to your shoulder.

You hand holds his gently before he gets the chance to let go of the covers.

Shouta peers into your eyes as you stare up at him, your mind struggling to keep them open.

“Can you...stay with me, Shouta?...Please?”

He doesn’t take long to think about it. He nods before lifting up the covers and sliding in next to you. One of his arms snakes around your neck and down your spine, bringing you closer to him. His other hand lays at your waist, gently holding you close to him.

You’re out like a light, and Shouta follows close behind you. But not before placing a kiss at your temple.

Chapter Text

Katsuki huffs, crossing his arms over his chest, a glare set into his features. “This party is lame.”

You pat his shoulder. “You’re only saying that because you lost celebrity heads.”

“Whatever. That game is stupid anyway.” He complains.

“You agreed to it.” You take a sip of your drink.

“‘Cause it’s the only thing to do here.”

“There’s really no pleasing you is there?” You say as you place one hand on your hip. Katsuki only groans in response. “Fine then.” Without any warning, you grab his hand and drag him with you as you stride through your house.

“Wha? Where are you taking me?!” Katsuki is clearly annoyed by your actions, yet he makes no move to stop you.

You ignore him, continuing to drag him behind you. Eventually, you pass by the Bakusquad and after calling out to them, they follow you out the back door.

“I didn’t want to do this till later tonight because I wanted to make the night last long,” You let go of Katsuki’s hand as you approach a table. A stack of cups are placed on the table and you make quick work on setting them out on the table. “But since your such a pain in the ass, why not start it now?” You open up a small esky that sits under the table.

As soon as you stand up, the squad erupts into cheers and hollers and you finally get the see a satisfied smirk on Katsuki’s face. You hold up a bottle of whisky and a ping pong ball.

“Beer pong?”

Katsuki’s teeth shines as he smirks. “Is that a challenge?”

You shrug, your own smirk playing on your lips. “Maybe.”

Katsuki takes his position on the opposite side of the table. “You’re on.”

You pour a shot of whisky into each cup. Although you didn’t have any measuring equipment with you, and the cups were quite large, so it’s most likely closer to a double shot in each cup.

The bakusquad builds up a betting pile to guess who would win. They were all hooting and cheering you both, eager to see the champion and witness your drunk antics.

As soon as the ping pong ball bounced on the table, the game was on. 

Thirty minutes had passed by of back and forth ball throwing, drinking shots and cheering.

Ultimately Katsuki won whilst you ended up completely shit-faced.

Your mind was thoroughly foggy to the point where Katsuki had to actively hold you up. Despite him having taken a few shots himself, he still acted fairly sober.

Music blares from the speakers and no one could stop you from dragging almost every party guest to the dance floor. 

The night continued with you practically grinding against Katsuki. He didn’t complain. In fact, he returned the favour throughout the night. 

Katsuki drags you over to the living room, pushing you onto the couch.

You whine out in protest. “Nooo. I wanna keep dancin’.”

“No way baby girl. You nearly passed out on me.” Katsuki plops next to you, firmly planting his hand on your thigh. “You need to sit down for a bit.”

You can only manage a mumble in response, leaning your heavy head on his shoulder. After a few passing minutes, you force your head to look up at Katsuki.

“Hey, Katsuki?” He hums in acknowledgement. “Did you enjoy the party?”

Katsuki smiles and pats your thigh. “Sure did princess. Thanks.”

You find you can’t manage to speak anymore so instead, you lean up to plant a soft kiss on his lips.

As the kiss progresses, Katsuki trails his hand up to cup your cheek and you feel the other laying on your hip. It’s not long before you move to straddle his hips, the two of you continuing your heavy make-out session that hints to further actions for the night.

Chapter Text

Class 1-A buzzes with energy as they charge out of the dorms, leaving you and Shouta to saunter after them.

Arms stretch above your head as you let out a large yawn. “How are they so energetic? They barely finished their breakfast.” You adjust your beanie before entangling your hand in Shouta’s.

“How would I know?” He gruffs as he grips your hand. “It’s hard enough for me to teach them.”

You smile, turning your gaze to him. “You seem to manage them well enough. Now, why don’t you stop being harsh for once and admit that you care about them?”

Shouta growls in response, eyes hardening to glare at you. “I don’t.”

“Liar. You just value your pride and reputation.” You retort, grinning from ear to ear.

“Whatever. I just want Kayama to hurry up and watch over the class.” He looks away from you, nestling farther into his scarf. From an outside perspective, it seems he’s doing so to seek warmth from the harsh cold. But you know he’s only hiding his embarrassment.

Deciding to let the subject go for a bit, you turn back to observe the class.

Half-built snowman’s scatter the field, along with a few make-shift forts. A few students lay on the ground, snow-angels in the making.

The peaceful scenery only lasts for a few more minutes, before all hell seems to let loose.

“Snowball fight!!!”

All of a sudden, Midnight, Present Mic, Snipe, Ectoplasm and Cementoss spring up from various points of the field, and begin pelting snowballs across the area.

You watch in both horror and amusement as snowballs fly through the air, striking unsuspecting students. Your eyes set on one snowball in particular as it barrels towards you at an alarming speed.

You duck away just in time. But you forget that your hand was still tangled with Shouta’s. You successfully dodge the snowball, but at a cost.

The snowball splatters across his face, the remaining clumps of snow falling between his scarf.

You try to hold it in. You really did. You want to be mortified at what you just witnessed. But the laughter that bubbles in your throat practically explodes out of you.

You slap a hand over your mouth, which is useless but hey, you’re still trying at least.

Tears prick your eyes as uncontrollable laughter continues to rip from you. Distantly you can hear many other voices of laughter join you.

Shouta stands still, the snow melting against his face and sliding down his face. It makes him shiver involuntarily, especially when some of it trickles down his neck and into his clothing.

Slowly, he turns to face you. His blank stare pierces you as you clutch your stomach as it aches with your laughter.

You don’t miss the change in his aura. It makes you falter as an uneasy feeling settles over you.

Your laughter finally simmers down as you watch Shouta slowly lean down. Oblivious to his intentions, you continue to watch him curl a snowball into his gloved hands.

As he straightens up, you finally see the malicious sparkle in his eyes.

You bolt.

The snowball hits your legs and you squeal on impact, diving into a nearby fort.

You make quick work into forming your own ammo. You peak over the fort, eyes searching for your target. As soon as you spot him, you immediately begin to fling snowballs at him.

Shouta ducks and weaves between your shots. Out of the 12 you threw at him, only half a single one got him.

You sink back into the fort, creating more ammo.

A shadow falls over you and you barely have the chance to look at your attacker, not that you need to, you already know who it is. Curse his agility and stealth.

Your head is plunged into the snow for a brief second. You shudder violently as you pull your face out of the snow.

Instinctively, you kick your arms and legs out, picking up snow and throwing it towards the offender.

Your limbs are quickly restrained as Shouta tackles you into the snow, his body pressed atop yours.

You groan at the weight, trying with all your might to push him off of you, but to no vain.

Shouta’s hot breath fans over your ear, causing you to stop your movement, a rush of heat spreading across your cheeks as he speaks.

“Shouldn’t have done that kitten. Now you’re in for it.”

Ooh boy. Now you’re fucked.

Chapter Text

You hear Tomura shout in frustration as you enter the house.

“Tomura? Are you okay?” You call out in caution, sliding your shoes off as you clutch the shopping bag in your hand.

“Do you have my spare gloves?”

You turn the corner into the living room. Tomura looks up at you, irritation clear on his features. He stands next to a miniature christmas tree set atop a side table. His hands are open, palms up, and upon closer inspection, you see a sprinkle of dust.

Ah. So he disintegrated another ornament.

Sighing, you place your bag onto the chair beside you. “Yeah. I put them in the drawer in the coffee table.”

As you say this, you retrieve the gloves from said drawer. You walk over to him, unclipping the strap. “What happened to your other ones?”

Tomura stays silent as you slide the gloves onto his hand. The gloves only have two fingers to them. Simple artist gloves that stop all five fingers from touching the same object.

You let out an airy chuckle as you clip the strap around his wrist. “Don’t worry about it. I got something for you while I was out.” As you finish sliding the other glove onto his hand, you saunter over to the bag on the chair.

Tomura watches as you pull two boxes out of the bag. 

You hand one over to him. “Try not to disintegrate these. Okay?”

Tomura stares at you as he takes the boxes from you. He peels back the top of it and peers inside. His eyes widen as he views the contents of the box.

Carefully, he pulls out the string of an ornament and twirls it around, marvelling at its design. The ornament is dark blue in colour, a gaming controller adorns it along with the text ‘Player One’ written below it.

Tomura looks up, after taking in the design, to find you holding up a similar ornament, except in red and ‘Player Two’ written below the controller.

A soft smile plays at his lips.

Together, without ushering a single word, you turn to the small tree. You slide the ornaments in place next to each other, near the top of the tree.

As you step back, you wrap your arms around Tomura’s. “Do you like it? I saw it in the mall today and immediately thought of you.”

Tomura turns his head to face you. After a few seconds of gazing at you, he presses his lips to your temple.

“You’ll always be my player two.”

Chapter Text

This wasn’t how it was supposed to be. The mission was supposed to be simple. Quick in and out recon mission in an abandoned part of town. Your last mission for the year. But you didn’t anticipate the weak structure of the building. 

Such a simple mistake that led to tragedy. All it took was one misstep, and the whole building caved in on you.

You're lucky enough to escape the rubble, but now you're stuck in a small space. You can’t move. Not without the threat of shifting rubble. The air is musty and humid and full of building particles. Oxygen is dwindling, you can feel it.

The atmosphere is cold, winter clearly showing no mercy. Your tattered costume barely offers any warmth. Hypothermia is setting in. You can feel it crawling through your bones.

You don’t know how much time has passed, or if anyone has even realised you’re gone. You can’t reach your phone. You have no way of contacting help.

You’re cold. You’re stuck. You’re alone.

As you lay there, trying to keep awake, all you can think about is Yuga.

Tonight you were supposed to come home to him. To celebrate Christmas with him. Celebrate the years you’ve spent with each other. Celebrate together with close friends and family. Be in each other's arms.

Now, you might not even make it out of here alive.

The distant yelling of voices causes you to flinch out of fear.

Someone is coming closer to you. Actually, sounds like a group of people. Are they friends? Are they enemies? Will they help you? Or will they simply ignore you? Maybe watch you rot in the rubble.

It’s so cold. You hope they’ve come to help you.


That voice. Could it be Yuga?! Is that him?!


That sounds like Hagekure now. She seems a lot closer.

You wriggle in your spot, despite your intense chattering, you speak.

All that comes out is cut off cries, barely audible. But it’s still enough.

Your vision is foggy with tears and black spots, but you see figures approach. A faceless figure approaches, you somehow manage to recognise her as Hagekure.

Vaguely, you feel her place her coat atop your chest, tucking it underneath the rubble that lays atop of you, providing you as much warmth as she can possibly give you.

Your perception of time starts to disorientate, an effect of the growing hypothermia.

One minute, you’re crying as gloved hands cup your cheeks. The next, the rubble is nothing but pebbles and your body is being heaved out of them and into a warm chest.

Bright specks obscure your vision for a second and it takes you more time than necessary to realise that it’s the sparkly cape you’ve come to love so dearly. It drapes across your body, providing the extra warmth you needed. 

He’s here. He’s saved you. You’re safe. He has you in his arms, his warm arms and his warm cape surrounds you.

You’re safe. You’re warm. You’re tired. He can feel this too.

“Sleep mon amour. You’re safe now.” His soft voice is alluring. It only takes you one minute to let it soother you to slumber.

You’re alive, for one more Christmas with him.

Chapter Text

As soon as Tamaki closes the door, he feels himself relax. After a hectic day in the streets with villains and an unnaturally large spike of small-time crimes, Tamaki is completely and utterly exhausted. His quirk was almost constantly in use and the day left him barely any breaks between jobs.

He’s sore. He’s hungry. He’s tired. But most importantly, he’s missed you.

As he shoves off his shoes and throws his work bag on the floor, he hears the distinct clicking of keys and the crackling of fire.

‘Ah, they’ve got the fireplace on. They must be doing work on their laptop.’ Tamaki thinks as he rounds the corner to the lounge room.

Sure enough, there you are, seated in front of the crackling fireplace with a blanket draped over your shoulder and your laptop perched on your lap. 

The room is dark, nothing but the dim front door light and the flickering flames of the fire bringing a soft, warm light to the room. The wavering light of the fire casts your face in a beautiful glow, accentuating your features in what Tamaki believes is a holy saint.

To him, you are the most precious being in the world. You’re breathtaking. You’re remarkable. You’re awe-inspiring. And you’re way out of his league (in his opinion). But somehow, you choose him. So, he takes every moment he gets to treasure the exotic beauty that is you.

And you always seem to catch him in the act.

“Hey Tamaki.” Your soft voice accompanies your smile. Just one look at him, and you can see that he is completely wrecked.

Originally, he was going to drag himself into bed, not wanting to disturb your work or bother you in any way. But now? Now he just wants to bury himself in the comfort of your arms. Your presence alone just has him feeling blissfully relaxed.

He doesn’t even remember the brief walk to you. All he seems to register is your arms curling around his torso, dragging him to lay down on top of you, your laptop now forgotten elsewhere.

His muscles practically melt in your touch. For a minute, he worries about his weight on top of you. But as you pull the blanket over him, and dig your fingers into his shoulders, he’s rendered completely immobile.

“You okay?”

Tamaki can barely utter a response. But he tries anyway. “‘M cold.” It wasn’t exactly clear but it was something.

You giggle. “Good thing I had the fireplace on then.” 

Tamaki can only hum in response, already having spent his remaining energy.

You notice with ease. It doesn't take long for you to soothe him to sleep. The warmth of the fire, the comfort of your arms, the very thought of spending Christmas with you. It’s more than enough to lure him into a peaceful slumber.

Chapter Text


You jump upon hearing the familiar voice call your name. Frantically, you turn around, eyes locking onto curious dark ones. “Shouta!” You watch him as he places a box down on a table before making his way to you. “Uh-What, uhm. What are you doing here?!”

“I was dropping off some old clothes.” Shouta furrows his eyebrows. “What are you doing here?” You watch his eyes look you up and down.

He’s observing your clothes. You old, tattered and slightly grubby clothes. Shit.

“Me? Well - I - Uhm…” Panic begins to set in. It’s been roughly a year since you started dating him. It was an open relationship, for the most part. “Well, uhhh...This,” There’s no way you can tell him your situation. He doesn’t need to hear your shit. “This is…”

Shouta can practically see your inner conflict and although he’s concerned, he remains silent and patient.

A heavy sigh escapes your lips. There’s no use in hiding it. I mean, he’s essentially caught you red-handed.

You look at him with a dead-pan stare, emotion washed from your face. “This is my home.”

Shouta just stares at you in shock, taken aback by your bluntness. “This is your home? A community shelter?” He asks for confirmation, unable to properly process your words.

You breathe in, gathering up what little pride you have left. “I uhh, I lost my house a few months back. I have a job but it’s not that well paying. It’s not much here but I manage. I pay for what I can and help who I can. It’s hard someday. But it’s okay. Because I’m getting through it.” At some time during your monologue, you avert your eyes to the ground. Unable to look him in the eyes.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” The concern is blatantly obvious, for a person who usually pushes his emotions away.

“Why would I bother you with something like this? I’m still surviving life.” Your reasoning isn’t the best but you decide to stick with it.

“You shouldn’t have to live like this.”

You scoff. “Neither should anyone else.”

“I know but… you don't deserve this.”

“No one does, but look where society put them.” You faintly gesture to all the other people around you. 

Shouta is silent for a few seconds. You begin to think he’s given up on you. And you can’t seem to blame him for doing so.

“Move in with me.”

You head shoots up to look at him. “What?!”

Shouta steps closer to you, now less than an arm's reach from you. When he speaks, his voice is entirely laced with worry and desperation. “Let me take you back to my place. Let me give you a permanent place to stay. Let me give you a home. I know you don’t want to be selfish, but I can’t stand seeing my girlfriend suffer through life like this. I’ll do what I can to improve this place for others, I promise. But for now (Y/n), please. Let me help you.”

Tears involuntarily spring to your eyes. His offer is unbelievable to you. For a minute, you think he’s lying to you. But then you remember that it isn’t in his nature to lie about these sorts of things.

“Shouta, I-”

“Please.” He pleads. His eyes twitch in a way that strikes through your heart painfully.

You can’t stop the tears from overflowing your eyes. Without a second thought, you close the distance between the two of you and sob into his chest.

Shouta holds you tightly against his chest, comforting you through soothing words and carding his fingers through your hair.

For the first time in months, you felt intact. As you cry into Shouta’s chest, you can’t help but think of how lucky you are to have found a home with him. In his arms. In his house. It doesn’t matter.

You finally felt a sense of belonging.

Chapter Text

“It’s a bit late to be baking.”

You look up from the kitchen bench and into the sharp yellow eyes of Kurogiri. “Did I wake you? I didn’t mean to.”

Kurogiri shakes his head as he moves to stand next to you. “No. You didn’t. I didn’t find you in bed with me. I wanted to check if you’re alright.”

You smile. “I’m fine. I just couldn’t sleep for some reason. I remembered I had the ingredients for gingerbread so I decided to bake some gingerbread men.”

Kurogiri hums and you feel the ghost of his hand on your lower back. “How long have you been out here for?”

You shrug, returning your attention to the half decorated set of gingerbread men. “About an  hour.” Arming yourself with a frosting-filled piping bag, you continue your decorating.

“They look delicious. The league will love to eat them.”

“Oohh no. No no no.” You intercept. “These cookies are reserved for the two of us only. Fuck the league.”

Kurogiri hums in a delighted tone. “Really now? Well, I hope you don’t mind me eating one now.”

You smile. “Go ahead.”

Kurogiri takes one of the decorated men and bites into it. You watch him as he does so and can’t help but laugh as a bit of the frosting lingers on his ghastly face.

You put down the piping bag and reach out your hand, swiping off the frosting with your thumb. Kurogiri watches as you proceed to lick the frosting off your thumb.

He smiles, subconsciously savouring the taste of the gingerbread. “Delicious.”

You huff out a laugh, wrapping your arms around him, bringing him into a hug. “I agree.”

Chapter Text

Nemuri’s gaze flips over to the bag that is placed in front of her on her desk. Her eyes then avert to yours, a small smile on her lips. “What’s this?”

“An early Christmas present.”

Nemuri quirks her eyebrows. “You can’t wait three more days to give it to me?”

You shrug, your own lips curving into a smile. “Better now then never.”

Nemuri smiles, deftly pulling out her drawer and taking out a small rectangular box. “Well, I guess I should give you your own gift.”

You take the box with a smile as she hands it to you. “You open yours first.”

“No, you.”

“I gave yours first.”

Nemuri scrunches her nose at your retort and gives in. You watch with a satisfied smirk as her hand dives into the bag.

She pulls out a pair of knee-high boots, decorated with an intricate glittery lace design that spreads from the heel of the boot to the end of the knee. A bit of loose lace hangs in strings at the top of the boot, small gems attached to the ends of them.

Nemuri instantly recognises the gift. “Oh my god! I’ve been looking for these for weeks! I thought they sold out!” She scrambles to yank off her shoes and try on the boots.

“They did. I bought the last pair.” You say, watching her slide the boots on.

She gushes over them briefly, jumping up and down in her excitement. “I love them so much! Thank you!” She brings you into a tight hug, which you happily return. “Ok, now it’s your turn.” She pulls back from the hug and looks at you expectantly. 

You don’t waste much time in peeling off the lid of the box. What is revealed to you is a simple black choker. A fairly large pendant is attached to it. The pendant shimmers like tiny stars in the light. Ingrained in the middle is the letters ‘N.K.’. It takes you less than a second to realise it’s Nemuri’s initials.

“Wow.” You say as you gently take it out of its box. “It’s beautiful.”

Nemuri smiles and offers to help you with an outstretched hand. You hand her the choker and turn around, letting her clip the choker in place around your neck.

Once done, you turn around to face her, a hand coming up to touch the pendant. Your eyes sparkle with love as you gaze into Nemuri’s eyes.

“Now,” Nemuri steps closer to you, hooking her finger around the choker. “Everyone will know that you belong to me.”

She pulls you into a kiss by the choker and you melt into it.

You both ignore the grunt of disgust that comes from Aizawa.

Chapter Text

You sigh, completely exhausted and relieved for the end of the day. As soon as your locker is opened, you bury your head in it, resting is against its inner wall.

“I did it. I actually fucking did it.” You mutter under your breath.

Two weeks ago, a handful of your friends decided to do a secret santa event. Today was the day you gave out your gifts. Momo had given you yours this morning, a set of scented candles you had your eye on for a few weeks. And now, just after school has finished, you have dropped off your gift. 

Who was your gift for?


You swear your friends had rigged the card draw. They’ve known about your silent pining for six months now. Of course, they would’ve set you up to this. The teasing you received from them was relentless.

You planned to personally give it to him. You did. But your nerves got the best of you. The whole day you had been tailing him, intending to shove it in his hands and run. But no. Every time you tried, your nerves stopped you.

So, you decided to do the next best thing. Break into his locker and put it in there.

It took almost your whole free period, but with a hairpin, you managed to do it. With a quick note, you shoved the present in his locker before slamming it shut and bolted out the corridor, just in time for the bell.

Your gift had taken lots of time to make, and your fingers resulted in having blisters and red raw skin for several days. But you were sure it was worth it. God you hoped he liked it.

It was finally over. You’ve given him the gift. He doesn’t know it’s you. But that's okay. He doesn’t know and that's totally okay.

“Hey (Y/n).”

You squeal and slam your locker door closed out of fear. You panicked eyes meet Shinsou’s amused stare. “Shinsou, hey! What’re you, ...What-What’s up?” You clutch tightly onto your bag, your whole body tense with nerves. God, why are you so shy?”

“Nothing much. Just wondering if you wanted to catch up tonight? Maybe go for a coffee or something. I know this really good cafe that makes really good cakes and buns.”

Is-Is he asking you out? On a date?! No. Impossible...Right?

“Uhh. Yeah! Sure! Definitely!” Smooth (Y/n), real smooth.

Shinsou’s lips twitch into a smile. “Cool. Saturday sound good?”

“Yep! Of course!”

Shinsou’s fingers suddenly grab your chin, tilting your head closer to his. Your brain struggles to register the close proximity between you two. You feel his breath fan over your lips.

“Cool. I figured I needed to show my secret santa how much I appreciate her gift.”

And believe it or not, there it was. Hanging from his neck, was a hand-threaded necklace with a custom-made charm in cursive writing, reading ‘My Hero’.

“And what better way to show her then take her out on a date?” His lips are so close to yours...And then they’re gone. Almost in a heartbeat.

“I’ll see you Saturday kitten.”

...Kitten?! ...DATE?! AS IN ...AN OFFICIAL DATE?!

(Y/n).exe has stopped working…

Chapter Text

“Well, you sure look busy.” You say as you approach the bar, taking your seat next to Dabi.

Dabi simply groans in annoyance, not taking his eyes off his whisky.

You rest your elbow on the table, propping your head on your hand. “You okay?”

Dabi shrugs. “I guess. Yeah.”

You sigh, eyes gazing over Dabi’s expressionless face. After a few silent seconds, you stand up, walking to the other side of Dabi, towards the door.

“Well, if you’re unoccupied, why don’t you come with me to visit my family?”

“Really dollface?” Dabi’s head snaps over to you, his gaze bland but piercing.

“What?” You are beyond confused at this point.

“You want to invite me to your parents' house? Babe, look at me.” He stands up, arms stretched out beside him. “I have hideous scars and I’m a villain.”

You cross your arms over your chest, sending him your own fierce glare. “I know Touya.” You watch him flinch at the use of his first name. “I’m a villain too.” You sigh, shaking your head before taking the two steps between the two of you. You take both his hands into yours.

“Look. I understand why you might dislike this time of year.”

“I don’t-” He cuts himself off as you raise your eyebrows, daring him to continue with his pitiful lie. He sighs in defeat.

“That’s why I’m inviting you to visit my family. They know about me and the league. Shit, where do you think half the intel for our missions come from?” You let go of his hand in favour of wrapping your arms around his waist. “All I’m trying to say is you don’t need to worry. They will accept you for who you are. They did for me. You don’t have to come.” You lean in to press your lips to his cheek. “But if you want to, the invitation is there for you.”

You pull away to leave, but Dabi’s hand on your back only pulls you back in. His head rests atop your and you opt to nuzzle into his chest.

“Thank you (Y/n). I… I think I will go with you.” He mumbles into your hair.

Your lips twitch up into a smile. “Great.” You step away from him, you hand sliding down his arms to clasp onto his.

“I love you Touya. Scars and all.” 

Dabi smiles, appreciation and adoration etched onto his features.

“I love you too.”

Without another second to waste, the two of you leave the base. Hands tightly knitted with each other.

Chapter Text

“Izuku Midoriya.”

Izuku squeaks and jumps in his spot on the bed. Shakily, he turns his head to the door.

You glare at Izuku with anger, your arms crossed over your chest. There is no doubt that you are absolutely pissed.

Izuku gulps. “(Y-Y/n) - “

“Christmas. Eve.” You cut him off, voice firm and bordering on the line of shouting. “It’s Christmas Eve and you managed to end up in the emergency room.”

“I’m sorry. Please don’t be mad.” Izuku whimpers, turning his haze to his lap. He is the human form of a kicked puppy.

You sigh. “I’m not mad Izuku.” You stride over to his bed. Izuku looks up at the sound of your feet tapping on the floor. He sits up and shuffles over, allowing you to lay down next to him.

You rest your hand on his chest, feeling his strong heartbeat pulsing in his chest. Izuku wraps his arm around you, avoiding pulling the tubes out with expertise that he shouldn’t have.

“I just worry about you. That’s all. I understand that this villain was tough, but it really hurts to see you get hurt.” You rant, nuzzling your head into his neck.

Izuku hums, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. “I know. I’m sorry for ruining Christmas.”

“Don’t worry about that. We only had lunch with your Mom and dinner with the others. I’m sure they’ll understand. Heck, they might have predicted it.”

Izuku laughs along with you to your comment. “Yeah. I guess. We’ll make it up to them on New Years.”

“Yeah.” You sigh in content, snuggling further into Izuku’s side. “At least you don’t need surgery.”

“E-Excuse me. Sir?”

“Please for the love of god don’t tell me I spoke too soon.”

Chapter Text

Christmas Day. A day of celebration, religious principles and of coming together as a family.

It’s a day of giving and receiving. A day of surprises and expectations. A day of appreciation and happiness.

It truly is a day of glee and tranquillity.

However, the uneasiness you see in Mezo’s eyes as he asks you to follow him outside sets off all kinds of alarms in your head. You can’t help but drown yourself in worry.

Your hand clutches onto on of his and you let him lead you outside. His grip is gentle and reassuring. Not enough to quell your growing anxiety, but enough to settle it down a bit.

After a few minutes of trudging through snow, you arrive at a dimly lit gazebo.

Mezo stops in the middle of the gazebo. He doesn’t let go of your hand, but he doesn’t look at you directly in the eyes either.

Your anxiety is quick to lunge forward. “Mezo?”

“I love you.” Those three words easily slip from his lips. It’s muffled and no other limb apart from the one you’re holding has transformed into anything. So you know it’s from his facial mouth. Normally, those words would make you feel appreciated. It still doesn’t but the overwhelming concern suppresses it.

You watch as Mezo peels back his mask, letting you view his chapped mouth. Mezo finally meets your gaze.

“You make me feel… ecstatic. Like nothing, I’ve ever felt before. I… can’t describe with words exactly how you make me feel. But it’s different. The best way to describe it is… it’s like we’re in a different universe. We explode on each other sometimes, but we always rebuild from it, we restore each other with a new spark of life and love. Every second I spend with you has me feeling like I belong to you. I’m so happy to have you in my life, you have no idea what it’s like.”

Tears stream down your face. Hearing him say all those things about you has you reeling in adoration, anxiety now long forgotten. But he isn’t finished.

“Your smile is so bright, it lights up my day no matter what. The way you hide your face in your hands when you’re shy has butterflies lose in my stomach. I love everything about you. And there’s nothing anyone can do to stop me from loving you.”

One minute, you’re looking up to meet his eyes. The next, you’re looking down.

He’s kneeling down on one knee. He’s let go of your hand. Two of his limbs now have a hand, cradling a small box.

Is… Is he?

“(Y/n). I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want to know that you’ll forever be by my side. I want to hold your hand as we walk through life together.” He opens the box, revealing a sparkling diamond ring. The band itself is gold with diamonds implanted into it. Not too simple, but not too exquisite. It’s just right. A perfect description of your relationship. 

You gasp, hands shooting up to cover your mouth.

“I want to be your husband.” His voice cracks with nerves. “(Y/n), will you marry me?”

A sob sputters out from you. Tears stream down your face. Behind your dampening hands, a smile broadens.

 You nod your head in rapid succession. “Yes, Mezo. Yes Yes Yes!!!” You collapse into him, wrapping your arms around his neck.

Mezo visibly relaxes and sinks into your hold, all six of his limbs circling your body in a tight hug.

His heart flutters in his chest,  blessed by your acceptance to forever be a part of his life.

The two of you cling to each other, breathing in your scents. Tears stream down your cheeks, caused by the overwhelming feeling of happiness bubbling inside of you.

Mezo gently pulls you away. You sit in between him, smiling brightly as you watch him take out the ring. You offer your hand to him, spreading out your fingers to give him easier access. The feeling of the cold metal sliding onto your ring finger only affirms the legitimacy of the engagement.

More tears leak from your eyes. You rush to wipe them away before pulling Mezo in for a deep kiss. 

Your first kiss as fiances.

Chapter Text

The harsh cold wind whips around you, pelting you with snow. It feels like knives are continuously scratching at your body. Even with your protective snow gear.

You gasp as you trip forward. Dabi catches you by the arm, pulling you back into his chest.

“Come on. We’re almost at the shack. We’ll settle there until this blizzard passes.” Dabi keeps a tight hold on you. 

Sure enough, through the hazy thick blizzard, you see a small cabin, barely visible through the rapidly falling snow. It’s only a couple hundred metres away, but with the growing blanket of snow and the resistance of wind, it will take you longer than usual.

You huddle close to Dabi, slowly trudging through the snow. The wind continues to whip snowflakes around you, changing directions every few seconds, causing you to wobble left and right.

Finally, after 20 minutes of treading through the thick snow and maintaining balance with the wind, you make it to the door of the cabin. 

Dabi wastes no time in slamming his hand against the door. It opens with ease, slamming open with the combined force of Dabi and the growling wind. Dabi pulls you inside with him.

You growl as you feel the wind cease its attack on you. Dabi throws the door close. It resists against the wind, so he’s forced to push his body against it to close it properly.

“‘It’s easy’ he said. ‘A short side quest to complete our main mission’ he said. ‘A quick in and out adventure’. Fuck Shigaraki. Next time he can get the shit himself.” You rant off as you make your way over to the shabby kitchen, shivering uncontrollably.

“To be fair, it’s not entirely his fault princess. This blizzard wasn’t expected.” Dabi retorts, following you to the kitchen.

You scoff. “I swear my tits are about to fall off.”

Dabi’s hands come to rest on your hips from behind you and his lips come brush past your ear. “I’ll be sure to catch them for you.”

A snort escapes you at his comment. “Oh shut up. Go start on the fire. I’ll start with the hot cocoa and pray that the stove still works.” 

Dabi laughs and eases his hold on you. “Sure thing princess.” He heads over to the fireplace, adding logs of wood before setting it alight with his quirk.

You get to work on making hot cocoa. Thankfully the stove lights up relatively easily. You pursue to throw in whatever ingredients you can find into the pot, stirring them over the hot stove.

As you do this, Dabi wanders around the cabin, collecting any blankets and pillows and throwing them in a pile in front of the fireplace.

Once you deem the hot cocoa ready, you pour it into two cups, you carelessly throw the pot in the sink and flick the stove off. 

You carry the two mugs in your hands as you walk over to Dabi, who has now situated himself across the blankets and pillows.

Dabi smiles and reaches up to take a mug. “Smells delicious doll.”

“Feels really warm babe.” You respond. You waste no time in sitting between Dabi’s legs and leaning back against him.

You both relish in the warmth of the fire and yourselves. Now words are necessary, just the comfort of each other is all you need.

Chapter Text

You leap off the snowy ramp, bending your back, willing your body into a backflip. You land upright with ease on your ski’s, gliding down to the bottom of the slope.

As you slow to a stop, you look back to the slope, watching Kirishima drift towards the ramp on his snowboard. 

Eijirou winks at you, his teeth shining with his smile. You watch him and he takes off from the ramp, spinning three times mid-air before landing upright. The cocky grin he wears is big as he skids to a stop beside you.

“Show off.” You slap your hand across his arm playfully.

Eijirou laughs. “Awh come on babe. That backflip was great!”

“That backflip took me 2 years to achieve without almost breaking my neck!” 

Eijirou grabs your keeps, the feel of his cold mittens rapidly spreading across your face. He presses his lips to yours. “You’ve come a long way. Now,” His smirk grows and his eyes darken, a challenging look etched onto his face. “Wanna race down this slope?” He gestures to the steep slope, trees and snow ramps scattered across the slope. “Loser buys dinner.”

Your own smirk grows. “It’s on.”

Without another second, the two of you are off, zipping down the slope and weaving between obstacles with expertise.

Chapter Text

Blankets and pillows are strewn about across the living room floor. You carefully adjust some pillows to lean against the couch, acting as a soft backrest. You stand up, looking at your handy work.

“Hey guys, do we have any-” You’re cut of abruptly as Hitoshi tackles you from behind. You groan as you face plant into the soft nest. You shuffle yourself around in his grasp.

Hitoshi immediately sees an opportunity and dives for it. He nuzzles into your neck, pressing a flurry of kisses to your skin. You can’t help but burst into a fit of giggles, hands finding purchase on his arms.

“Denki!” You call out in between giggles. “Get your ass in here!”

“I’m coming!” Denki replies, sounds of rustling plastic following suit. 

Hitoshi stops his peppering kisses and resorts to wrapping his arms around you. “Did you set the movies up?”

You nod, nestling into his chest. “Yep. I connected the USB to the T.V. so we wouldn’t have to move for the night.”

“Not that I’ll allow you to.” Hitoshi tightens his arms as if making his point true.

You scoff. “Well duh. Why would I want to leave this spot anyway? You’re too cuddly and warm.”

Hitoshi chuckles. “Where’s Oreo?”

“Last I saw her she was laying on the couch watching me.”


Both you and Hitoshi flinch at the sound, instinctively preparing yourselves for the oncoming attack.

Denki crashes atop the two of you, a bag full of snacks clutched in his hands. You and Hitoshi grunt on impact. 

“Denki.” You groan in annoyance.

Denki laughs in response. “Sorry! Didn’t want to miss out!”

“So you decide to crash into us full speed?” Hitoshi questions.


Both of you sigh. Denki adjusts his position, laying on his back across your laps. You grab the bag from his hand and open it. 

You gasp. “You got macarons!” You snatch the treats out of the bag.

“Yep! Got them from the new sweet shop down the road.” Denki replies, smile beaming up at you. 

“Oh fuck yes. So glad that shop got renewed.”

Hitoshi and Denki both laugh at your sweet tooth. 

Oreo pounces in between you, instantly curling into the embrace. Hitoshi smiles and lifts a hand to pet her.

“Hey what about me!” Denki whines. 

“Oh hush. We love you just as much.” You reply, entangling your fingers with Denki’s.

“I don’t.”

Both you and Denki gasp at Hitoshi, looking up at him with horror.

“Hitoshi!” You flick his forehead as Denki pouts.

“I’m joking!” Hitoshi laughs, reaching another hand to card through Denki’s locks. 

All three of you relax into each other bathing in the comfort as a movie begins playing on the TV. The soft rumbling on Oreo’s content purring further adds to the blissful atmosphere.

Chapter Text

You turn to Katsuki as he growls. His red eyes glare daggers at the remaining crisps of what used to be his marshmallow.

You chuckle, shaking your head. “Katsuki, you’re burning your marshmallows!”

“I know that!” Katsuki grunts, throwing his stick into the fire and crossing his arms over his chest in a pout.

You shake your head. “Come on. Stop pouting. I’ll make you a s’more.” You pluck out a marshmallow from the bag and pierce it through the end of your stick.

“What the fuck is a s’more?”

“Get me a couple of those crackers and a piece of chocolate and I’ll show you!” You say as you hover the marshmallow over the fire, keeping it just out of the flames reach.

Katsuki does as he’s told, grabbing the crackers and breaking off a piece of chocolate. 

“Now put the chocolate on top of the cracker.” 

Katsuki follows your commands with a grunt.

You pull the marshmallow away from the fire and direct it over to Katsuki. You take the other remaining cracker from his hand. “Hold the cracker still.” You place the marshmallow on top of the chocolate then you squish the other cracker on top. You push down on the cracker and pull out the stick.

“There you go. Now eat it!” You cheer as you push the s’more closer to him.

Katsuki looks at you warily before taking a careful bite out of the corner.

You watch him with a thin smile, waiting for his reaction as he chews it.

Katsuki nods. “Not bad.”

The smile grows on your face and you pump your fist in the air with a cheer. You lean over to him, placing a quick peck on his cheek. “Sometimes you need to take things slow in life.”

Katsuki quirks an eyebrow at you. “I dare you to say that in bed.”

You slap him across the chest playfully. “Oh shut up.”

Chapter Text

You wrap your arms around Dabi and nudge your head under his arm. Dabi can’t help but chuckle as he glances down at you.

“Little bit insistent are we?”

You nod, smiling brightly at him. Dabi sighs, returning his gaze to the darkening sky. 

“You got any goals for the New Year?” You ask, nuzzling into his hand as he places it atop your head.

Dabi shrugs. “Not really.”

You groan in annoyance. “You know, it’s bad luck to enter the New Year without a resolution.”

Dabi hums in response, his mind wandering as he sets his gaze to look at the twinkling lights among the dark sky. “Who says?”

You look up at him, a smile plastered on your face. “Me!’

Dabi chuckles at your response. He pulls you closer to him, shuffling you around to his side and lazily hanging an arm around your shoulders. You unwrap one arm from his waist and reach up to grip his hand on your shoulder.

“Come on, you have to have some sort of resolution.” You lean your head against him, eyes sparkling up at his.

Dabi meets your gaze, and he can’t stop the smile from forming on his lips when he sees the loving look in your eyes.

“Alright then.” Dabi squeezes your hand and looks back out to the horizon. “My resolution is to burn the hero system to the ground, then rebuild it from the ashes. Improve for those who actually need it. I might even bun the police system down for being so ignorant to the ‘petty’ shit.”

You listen to Dabi, nodding with every point he makes. “That’s fair. I actually have a similar resolution.”

“Really now?” Dabi looks down to you, a smirk playing at his lips.

You meet his gaze. “Uh huh. This world doesn’t care for the ‘low-lives’. Half the reason we turn to villainy is because we’re ignored and turned down when we need help the most.” 

Dabi’s gaze pierces you with a sense of knowing. He knows your backstory. He knows what lead you down this path. Just like you know what lead him. He understands the meaning behind your words, and how much action your willing to take to make your words true.

He leans down, pressing his lips against yours. “I’ll always be here for you baby.” He rests his chin atop your head and you take the opportunity to press a gentle kiss to his neck. “No matter what.”

“I know. And I appreciate you for that.”

Chapter Text

The soft flutter of wind brushing against you alerts you to the presence of a familiar bird.

“And what is this little dove doing out so late at night?” Keigo lands beside you, his wings bending to relax behind his back.

You smile, turning your head to look at him as you bring your legs to your chest. “Enjoying the last night of the year.”

Keigo chuckles at your response. “I take it your spending the evening alone?”

You sigh. “Yeah. My friends are out partying. Normally I would tag along with them. But I just didn’t feel up to it.”

Keigo nods in understanding. “Fair enough.” He takes a seat next to you, his legs stretched out in front of him. “If you knew you’d be spending the night alone, why didn’t you call me?”

You shrug. “Wasn’t sure if you were busy or not. I didn’t want to disturb you or anything. I figured that being one of the top heroes you’d be busy taking care of villains.”

“Never hurts to try though.” His gold speckled eyes bore into you.

A feeling of guilt washes over you as you tear your gaze away from his. “I know. I just… don’t want to be a bother to you. And I wasn’t sure if it would be a silly request.”

You hear him sigh heavily and a second later you feel his arm curl around your waist. He drags you into his lap, his wings coming to cage your body between his. “Asking me to spend the night with you when you’re alone will never be a silly request. I actually crave those night. For many reasons.” The wiggle of his eyebrow has you scoffing at his dirty mind. You slap his cheek lightly as he chuckles. “But the main reason is that I get to spend my nights with you. I can have you all to myself without anyone around. And neither of us will be lonely, because we’re spending our nights together.” His arms tighten around you, his lips pressing against your temple.

You relax into his hold nuzzling into his chest and wrapping your own arms around him, wary of the wings attached to his back. “Thanks Kei.”

Just then, you hear a loud bang. The both of you look up, watching in wonder as an eruption of colour sprinkles the sky. Fireworks explode one after another, marking the end of a year, and the start of a new year. 

“Guess we lost track of time.” You mutter, eyes mirroring the speckles of colour as they light up against the dark canvas. 

Keigo nudges his nose against your cheek, encouraging you to turn to him. “I guess so.”

As Keigo presses his lips against yours, you feel a different set of fireworks go off. Your lips tingle with the sensation of Keigo’s plump ones moving against yours. You melt at the feeling, craving more of it as your tongues meet to press against each other. 

Your silhouettes are mere outlines against a canvas of the night sky. Fireworks continue to explode behind you, spreading colours throughout the canvas of the scene.