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Second Generation

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Dean sighed “-we're almost finished here. Just let us gank this werewolf first.” He gruffed into his cell quickly ending the call.

Sam turned to him raising an eyebrow in wait for an explanation of why Bobby had called in the middle of a hunt. By the way Dean’s jaw ticked, Sam could easily see that the man wasn’t too excited about whatever Bobby had to say.

“Change of plans. Bobby needs us after this. Something about a hunter that needs help.” Dean grumbled not taking his eyes off the road. “Somehow this hunter got a freaky psychic ability.”

The younger Winchesters brows wrinkled “How is that possible? And why does he think we can help with that?” Silence filled the Impala for a few moments, with only the rumble of the engines purring filling the small space.

“He said you might be able to give‘em some advice, because of your whole... psychic vision thing the other year.”

Sam’s scrunched brow smoothed out unsure how he should feel about that. Not knowing how to respond he just gave Dean a silent nod, gazing out the window.

“Just focus on this werewolf for now. We're only an hour out from Bobby’s anyway.” Dean ordered as he pulled into a graveled parking lot of a bar the pack was supposedly known to frequent.


“No! Max you promised!” Elliott shouted up at her big brother. They were standing in front of Bobby’s salvage lot, and had been shouting at each other for the last five minutes.

“Yeah, I did! And so did you!” Max shouted right back. Furry steaming out of his dark green eyes. Elliott ground her teeth together. Yes, she may have promised Max that she wouldn’t use her new found power, but how could he blame her? It was almost two months ago the short, blonde discovered she had a strange ability. She could do something extraordinary. She could heal people! Well- sort of.

On a hunt gone wrong a wendigo had clawed up her big brother Max real good. Elliott was just a second too late to save Max from the thick piercing claws, but was able to deep fry the creature before it could get another slash at him. It wasn’t so bad that he would need a hospital, but it was deep enough that she would have to stitch him up. There also wasn’t any way he would be able to avoid the scars that would surely form. Elliot cursed putting pressure on Max’s wound, trying to stop the bleeding when it first happened. It felt strange, like the rest of the world dropped out leaving everything fuzzy. The only thing she could seem to focus on was Max and his bleeding slashes. With a wave of nausea her stomach flipped in her gut. The world was blurred and hearing clouded. That’s when the pain started. It was small at first but soon grew. Before she could even comprehend what had happened Max was leaning over her shouting and putting pressure on the painful gashes that had suddenly appeared. It wasn’t until later in the motel room as Max stitched her up did she even realize what had happened. She had healed her brother's wounds somehow, by transferring his injuries into herself.

After they had calmed down quite a bit and had time to process, they experimented. Wanting to know if it was a freaky one-time fluke, she had Max make a small cut on his own arm. It wasn’t a fluke. Max had been freaked, terrified even. He didn’t want to see his little sister hurt. Especially when it was not her injuries to bare. Max made Elliot promise that day, to never use her ability to heal anyone again. For her own safety.

She had kept that promise. For as long as she could. Elliott honestly had meant to keep her promise, but being a hunter meant being around a lot of injured people. It was a vamp hunt, the second time. A young teen was bitten and drained only to the point of wooziness. Elliott had arrived on scene before Max unable to help herself from healing the terrified teen. The poor girl didn’t deserve this, and it was nothing for Elliott. She had had much worse. Elliott then told Max that she hadn't been quick enough and a vamp got her before she had decapitated the leach.

The second time it was a preteen that was hurt in a scuffle with a wreath. Then a little kid hurt by a witch. She had managed to hide all three of the incidences from Max. It wasn’t until her fourth time that she was caught red handed. The little boy had been thrown around by a restless spirit. Max had salted and burned the bones but the spirit was still there. Elliott had the little boy and herself encircled in a ring of salt when Max returned to find the spirit still at large. When the connection to an old necklace was realized Max had quickly salted and burned it. When he returned to find Elliott hugging the boy healing him and absorbing his wounds, Max couldn’t blame her. He just wanted her to understand the dangers. Only when she had let slip about the others, she had healed did he really get mad. Max had made a phone call and drove straight to Bobby’s for help.

“It was only some bruises and cuts. Nothing too serious- and nothing I couldn’t handle!” Elliott defended herself zipping her jacket up to hide one of the bigger bruises by her collarbone. Leaving the only visible mark a small fading discoloration on her left cheek. Max huffed and rolled his eyes at her poor attempt to hide the bruise.

“Seriously? It wasn’t serious when I had to stitch you up after you were ‘bit’ by that vamps?” he did the air quotations at the word ‘bit’. He ran his hand threw his brown wavy hair exasperated. “Or the supposed wreath attack that left you with a serious concussion?”

“I know it was dangerous, Max. I just-” she sighed leaning back against an old ford bumper. Her hazel eyes not looking up from her boot covered feet. “Max, I couldn’t just let them hurt like that. I’ve had way worse. I can handle it a lot better than they could have.”

“I know it has to be hard Bug.” Max’s features softened as he spoke. He took the couple steps to close their distance, his hand came up to rest on her shoulder. Forcing her to look up to him. “Seeing someone injured and walking away knowing you can help can’t be easy. But you are my little sister Ellie. I can’t just sit back and watch you put yourself in harm's way. Don’t you see it is not just the injuries? What if another hunter finds out about this? If you heal someone that blabs what do you think another hunter would do to you?”

Elliott smiled sadly. She knew that she was different. She knew this ability made her a freak, but hearing her big brother Max’s words stung worse than she thought it could. It made her feel better that this freaky ability could have potential to help others. She tried to think that if the situation was in reverse how she would feel about Max doing it. Sighing she had to admit that there was no way that she would fee okay if Max was hurting himself to help others. She gave Max a reluctant nod.

“I understand.” she whispered sadly “-but you promised you wouldn’t tell a soul. You told Bobby! He is like an uncle to us, why would you tell him?”

Max straightened up his posture, trying to keep his eyes on hers and not on the approaching figure behind her. “You didn’t give me much of a choice Ellie. Bobby said he has connections that could help us with this.”

Elliott’s hazel eyes grew comically wide “What?! He told others? What happened to keeping it a secret? What is stopping this connection from offing me! Or selling me to a mad scientist for experiments?!? What-”

“You really think I’d do that to ya’ idjit?” Bobby’s gruff voice interrupted her rant, startling her so much she actually jumped and spun around to face him. “You two are like family. Families look out for each other, and that’s what I am doin’. The hunters know their shit. I trust those idjit brothers with my life, and are as much family as you two are. They have helped a lot of people, including some with ‘psychic mumbo jumbo powers.’”

Max smiled brightly at Bobby, and gave him a pat on the back in greeting. Elliott on the other hand felt her cheeks heat up and darken. She loved Bobby and knew he wouldn’t really do anything to hurt her. She was just wound up and scared.

“I’m sorry Bobby...”

“I understand you are scared girl but you don’t get to keep secrets from me.” Bobby scolded then turned to Max. “-and you!” Max’s smile fell and his brows shot to his hairline. “When your baby sister develops a freakin power, you tell me!” Bobby cuffed them both upside the head before having them go inside to explain in more detail.

It took a few hours to explaining Elliott’s new found ability. By the time they had finished it was past dinner time and none of them had anything but beer. Max decided to go on a food run after his stomach grumbled for the second time. That left Bobby and Elliott, to research whatever they could find on psychic powers. She wasn’t even sure what she was looking for, or how any of it might help. But it seemed to satisfy both Bobby and Max. She had almost finished her first book in a pile of many when the front door slammed open, rehashing off the wall making her and Bobby jump to attention.

“Bobby! Could use your help over here!” A rough deep voice barked from the front door. “Sam’s been bitching all the way here. Bitch tried to play nice with a werewol-” The man abruptly stopped when he had turned the corner, and eyes landed on Elliott sitting on the old couch. He was tall with short sandy brown hair. Definitely older than her, probably closer to her brother Max’s age.

“I did not bitch the whole way!” A second male voice called out behind him, annoyance clear in his rough snappy tone. “You were the one who suggested a game of fetch with the damn mutt...” Just like the first man he trailed off his sentence the moment he had view of Elliott. He froze almost as if paused on a television screen. Elliott had thought the first man was tall she wasn’t expecting to see the giant that followed him in. His darker brown hair was shaggy, much longer than his friends. Broad shoulders hunched slightly as he held his upper right arm that appeared to be bleeding slowly, dripping red in between his large fingers. His hazel eyes jumped from Bobby to Elliott unsure if he should continue.

“Idjits.” Bobby grumbled before standing up and walking up to the men. “Sam, Dean this is the hunter I was telling you about.” Sam and Deans postures seemed to relax some as the older hunter continued. “Elliott Anders, meet Sam and Dean Winchester. There here to help.”

Elliott fidgeted uncomfortable with these hot strangers knowing her secret but sucked it up with a soft sigh and stood to face them. “Hello...” She gave them an awkward wave and scratched the back of neck. “Thanks for um, helping me out with this whole... thing.”

The taller shaggy haired one, Sam, gave her a soft smile. But Dean the shorter of the two huffed and grumbled “Apparently it's what we do.” Which got him and elbow to the rib by his brother.

“Of course, were happy to help.” Sam interjected shooting Dean a glare.

Bobby just rolled his eyes. “Sit down ya’ idjit. I’ll get the first aid.” He ordered Sam as he walked away. Sam followed his direction hesitantly.

“Here, let me see.” Elliott offered, sitting down next to him on the musty couch. Sam let her move his bloody hand to inspect the wound. There were three deep gashes that although were still bleeding had slowed quite a bit. He would definitely need stitches.

“Sorry about my brother. Dean’s not a fan of other hunters.” Sam explained as Dean wondered into the kitchen in search of beer.

“Well I don’t really blame him there.” She chuckled feeling uneasy herself with the unknown hunters. She caught and ignored Sam’s frown at her words. “Unfortunately, it looks like you’ll need some stitches.”

Dean spoke up from the doorway as he walked back in beer in hand. “So, what’s this freaky ability were here for?”

“Dean.” Sam warned.

Elliott bit her lip nervously. “It's hard to explain. I can, I – uh- um-” She stuttered causing Dean to chuckle and Sam to shoot him a stern glance. “I can show you?” She hesitated nervously. These were hunters. Hunters hunt freaky things, like she now was. She reminded herself that they were friends with Bobby. Bobby wouldn’t put her in danger.

“Elliott, you don’t have to-” Sam paused as she gripped his arm right below the gashes.

Elliot felt her world tilt and vision go fuzzy, as she focused on Sam. She felt her stomach drop, leaving a hollowed-out sensation. Everything wobbled around her, as all sound was muffled like she had cotton stuffed into her ears. Then like always the pain came. Slowly as if on slow motion she felt the deep gashes slicing down her upper arm. When she had completely healed Sam the world started to become a little clearer. She could feel the exhaustion and headache that always came after using her ability.

“Dammit Ellie!” Bobby’s scolding tone broke through the fog, snapping her back to reality. Dean was on his feat wide green eyes scanning his brother anxiously for harm. Bobby stood behind the couch his bearded jaw ticking, but Sam just stared wide eyed almost in shock.

“Did you just-did you just heal me?”

Elliott opened her mouth to answer but Bobby beat her to it in an annoyed grumble. “Not exactly.”

Sam’s forehead scrunched in confusion. His eyes ping ponged back and forth from Elliott to Bobby. The moment he saw it his face fell and eyes popped open. His brows shot up to his hairline and mouth hung a gap. Then he snatched her now bleeding right arm. She gritted her teeth as his large fingers overlapping in his grip on her just below the new wounds.

Elliott flinched at the pain but Sam was to shocked to notice. “Ow!” She snapped and tried to tug her bloody arm free but he held tight.

“Give it back.” Sam demanded meeting her hazel eyes with his. Confused awe filled his face along with a bit of guilt.

“Back?” She panted. “I don’t understand.”

“Reverse it. Undo it. Something!” Sam barked “You just freaking took- transferred my injury onto yourself!” He took the wet cloth Bobby handed him and started dabbing her bleeding arm.

“Doesn’t work like that, giant.” She sighed. Sam’s brows furrowed in dislike at the nickname.

“So, you’re like Rogue from X-Men?” Dean questioned stunned by what he was seeing.

“No!” Elliott rolled her eyes “Well sort of, um, not really. Rogue took others life essence and memories and stuff. I just take injuries?” She shrugged unsure how to word it, then gave an amused huff. “You a fan of X-Men?”

“Why would you just do that?” Sam scolded, not giving Dean a chance to respond. Then leaned down to pull her up from her crouched position on the floor, that she was only just noticing she was in. Realizing she must have fallen off the couch while healing Sam, she ducked her head to hide the darkening of her cheeks. Once he settled her on the couch, he went straight to work. Using the wet cloth to dab at and clean up the blood that was dripping down her arm.

"Aww man.” Elliott whined looking down at her now blood tee-shirt. “Max is going to kill me.” She pulled the graphic tee sleeve away from her frowning at the once grey fabric.

“You bet your ass he is.” Bobby thundered. “I have half a mind to kill ya’ myself. You told your brother you wouldn’t do that again!”

“Not that.” She sighed. “This was his favorite shirt.” Dean snorted, nearly shooting beer out his nose in a coughing laughing fit. Both Bobby and Sam glared at the older Winchester.

“You’ll need to sit still while I stitch this up.” Sam shook his head in disapproval.

Throwing his hands up exasperated Bobby grumbled something under his breath as he left the room. They heard the back door shut and knew he was going out working in the garage. Dean held out a bottle of whiskey for her, seemingly out of nowhere. She was more of a bourbon girl herself but she knew it didn’t matter what it was as long as it was strong to help with the pain. Elliott took the bottle gratefully and downed a few long chugs with a small shiver from the after tastes. All while Sam readied the needle and thread. He held his hand out for the whiskey to sanitize the now much cleaner gashes. She took another pull before handing over the bottle.

“Ready?” Sam questioned cautiously. Elliott gave a strong nod, before Sam doused her gashes with the alcohol. She hissed quietly at the sting gave another nod for Sam to start stitching. “You really shouldn’t have done that Elliott.”

“It’s not a big deal. You two wouldn’t have believed it unless you saw it anyway.” Elliott focused her gaze on the floor trying to ignore the sharp needle tugging the thread throw her flesh. “I’ve had worse, don’t feel bad on my account.” Sam worked quietly focused on his task, as Dean finished his beer. After a moment of silence there was a loud growl of an old muffler, as a vehicle pulled into Bobby’s. “Uh, fuck. Max is going to be so pissed.”

They listened intently as the rumble of her brother’s old pickup died and the driver’s side door creaked open before slamming shut. Although Elliott couldn’t actually hear his footsteps, she imagined them in her head, stomping up to the front door. She tensed as the front door opened.

“Pizza’s here!” Max called out happily unaware. Elliott refused to look up and meet his eyes as she heard him turn the corner and stop.

“You gotta be fucking kidding me Elliott!” Max hollered. “I leave you alone to pick up a god damn pizza and you already-” stopping mid-sentence he looked around the room angerly “Where is Bobby?”

Her head snapped up to meet his eyes. “Max, don’t get mad at him! Bobby was in the other room getting supplies to fix Sam up and I just, did it. He’s almost as mad as you. This is on me. It’s my fault not his.” Max’s green eyes wavered between her and Sam who still had the needle in his hand hovering over her almost stitched up gashes. “Max this is Sam and Dean Winchester. The hunters Bobby told you about.” Elliott tried to distract Max, with the introduction.

Max sighed and rubbed his temple with the hand not holding the pizza boxes. He cleared his throat and gave both men a nod. “Thanks for patching her up.”

“Yeah, of course. I’m sorry about all of this.” Sam apologized and finished up the last stitch. Max gave another nod before turning to bring the pizza to the kitchen. Dean followed behind him asking him a question neither Elliott or Sam could hear.

After an awkward and guilty explanation of what had happened after Max left for pizza, all five hunters sat around Bobby’s small kitchen table to finally eat. The pizza could have been bad but Elliot was too hungry to notice. They were a few beers in when the topic of her “X-Men Rogue abilities came up again.

“I don’t know Bobby. There’s not much to go on.” Dean shrugged taking the last slice of pizza.

“Usually an ability like this there are two different options.” Sam added brows knit together turning to Max. “Can you do anything psychic-y too?”

Max chocked on his beer hitting his chest to calm the fit. “No, no, no. Definitely not. Why?”

“One way her ability is possible is threw blood. Like it could run in the family.”

“Max is normal, so was Dad, and as far as I know so was Mom?” Elliott shrugged and Max nodded his agreement.

“What’s the other option?” Max questioned shooting a look at Bobby.

“Someone or something gave it to her. Most likely via curse or spell.” Dean grumbled. Sam frowned at the thought of his psychic powers like when he used to get visions and where it came from.

“So, I assume this is a new thing then? You weren’t born with it, so when did it start?” Dean interrogated.

Elliott was staring at her beer picking at the label distractedly, doing her best to avoid eye contact and process what was happening. She couldn’t remember anyone cursing or putting a spell on her.

“Elliott?” Sam’s soft voice broke through her cloudy thoughts. “Hey, Elliott, it’s going to be okay. You’re not in this alone. Do you remember when you realized what you could do?”

Elliott and Max’s eyes met remembering the gruesome wendigo attack. “It was late August.” Max supplied with a distant look, obviously remembering what had happened.

“Right after my twenty second birthday, on a wendigo hunt down in Wichita.” Elliott supplied continuing to pick at the saturated beer label.

Sam turned to Dean having a telepathic conversation before he turned to Elliott worriedly. “Twenty second birthday? Did your mom die in a fire when you were a baby?” Elliott was too confused to see Max shoot Bobby a cautioned glare.

“No, Sammy. It’s a coincidence.” Dean cautioned gruffly. “We killed- I killed that demonic shit. Azazel is dead. This has to be something different.”

“What? What are you talking about?” Max straightened in his chair, uneasy at the Winchesters words. Elliott couldn’t help but worry herself.

“Your mom? How did she die?” Sam pushed ignoring Dean.

“Vampires.” Max answered quietly. Sam sighed in relief and gave a small nod before running a had threw his hair.

"Now will someone tell me what the hell is going on? What does our mother have to do with this?”

“She doesn’t. I’m sorry I brought it up.” Sam mumbled.

“No. Sam, you don’t ask a question like that and not explain.” Elliott refused standing up from her chair.

Sam to Deans disapproval explained to the Anders a bit of their back story. He explained that a demon had killed their mother in a fire when he was a baby and that he had psychic visions after his twenty second birthday due to this demon.

Elliott felt for the Winchesters. From what she had just heard they had been through a lot. The fact that Sam was once a freak like her made her feel a little more normal. Sure, visions are much less freaky then what she could do, but still. She felt closer to the younger Winchester than before, she wasn’t so scared of him knowing about her anymore.

“But that all stopped when Dean killed the demon bastard that started it, right?” Bobby questioned leaving as much out of their personal story as possible. Sam nodded quickly in agreement.

“So, something probably gave me, or cursed me with this ability? Or am I some genetic freak?” Elliott questioned softly as she gripped the back of the chair in front of her.

“Hey, now. No one is saying that darlin’.” Bobby interjected.

“I need a smoke.” Elliott grumbled and stomped out the backdoor letting the door slam shut behind her.

“Ellie!” Max called out and pushed his chair back to follow her, but Sam stopped him.

“Hey, Max. Let me try?” Sam asked permission. “I’ve been in her shoes.” Referencing to his past visions. He looked at Dean before continuing. “As much as my big brother wanted to help me, he couldn’t really understand.”

The muscles in Dean’s jaw jumped with tension but he nodded at Max in agreement. Max exhaled deeply through his nose before nodding in defeat. “Alright. Go.” Max went to the fridge for another beer sitting down with a thump and rubbed his temple exhausted as Sam quietly left to find Elliott.

Elliott pulled out the pack from her leather jacket, sighing sadly at the last cig in the pack. She dug out a lighter from a different pocket and smiled softly at it. Her favorite lighter. Lighting the end, she inhaled slowly, then exhaled as she felt her shoulders relax some. She knew it sounded stupid to have a favorite lighter, but she couldn’t help it. It wasn’t the Bugs Bunny cartoon figure on the old lighter that made it her favorite, no it was simpler than that. It was her dads. Her dad had given her the silly thing on her very first hunt. It was shortly after her twelfth birthday, and it was just a simple salt and burn, but it meant a lot. Fuck did she miss him. She could hear his approach before she could see him. She took another drag leaning up against the rusted-up SUV in the junk lot.

“You know, smoking kills” Sam’s reprimanded his voice rough and serious. Elliott couldn’t help but laugh.

“Yeah, and so does hunting.” She tried to hide her smile by taking another hit.

“I’m sorry about back there.” Sam went to lean up against the rusty vehicle next to her. Their shoulders brushing one another as she took a longer drag.

“I was just a little worked up I guess. I didn’t mean to freak you out.”

“No, no, Sam you’re okay. I know you are all just trying to help. I’m just-” She exhaled a puff of smoke slowly before dropping the cig and squashing it out with her boot. She shrugged “I’m not use to being a case, I guess. It’s not very a good feeling being investigated like I’m the weekly victim. Normally I’m the one doing the investigating. Not the one being investigated.”

“Ellie, I know this sucks, trust me. I’ve been there, I had freaky death visions, and felt constantly under a microscope. It wasn’t fun and even though my brother couldn’t really understand he helped me through it.” Sam turned toward Elliott his side now leaning against the SUV. “Honestly I think we can help.”

“What how? What can we possibly do about my ability? It’s not like we know who or what did this to me. There is nowhere to go from here, Sam. Don’t waste your time on me. It’s a hopeless cause.”

“Stop.” Sam interrupted her rambling shaking his head in disbelief. “It’s not a waste of time Elliott. It’s your life. We might not have leads now, but I’m sure something will turn up that could help us figure this out.”

“Why?” Elliott turned to face him directly and had to tilt her head up to meet him. He had to be at least a foot taller than her. “Why would you offer that? You don’t owe me anything. You don’t even know me.”

“True.” He shrugged. “-but I do know what you are going through, and you shouldn’t have to go through it alone.” Her heart pounded unsure what to think of his sweet words. Her long blonde hair wisped by her face in the breeze. The moonlight paled her copper tones that were normally so bold in the daylight. She tucked a strand behind her ear and looked up to him.

“Thanks. I uh- I'm not sure how much good it will do, but thank you. It’s nice to know someone understands.”

They stayed outside for another hour or so just talking. Telling each other their more comedic hunting stories. When they finally headed back to the house Elliott couldn’t stop yawning.

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The worst part about staying at Bobby’s was that with so many hunters under one roof there were limited sleeping arrangements. Bobby had two guest rooms for hunters to crash when needed, but there were four of them. Dean had already crashed in one room and Max in the other when Sam and Elliott returned to the house that night. She had assumed the Winchester brothers would take one room and the Anders siblings in the other. Elliott groaned internally it wasn’t like her and Max hadn’t ever shared a bed before. Likewise, they had grown up on the road, in shitty motels. She had always been the one that had to share a bed because she was the smallest. Forcing her to have to share with either her dad or Max, but that had been years ago. Her dad had been dead for almost five years now, and she was now use to having her own bed. She would have gladly taken the couch if Sam hadn’t jumped at the chance to sleep there. Apparently, Dean was a snorer and he wanted a break.

The lights were already off when she came into the room. She quietly snuck into the opposite side of the bed getting in, doing her best not to wake her big brother. Of course, hunter instincts and all he half woke up with a grunt. Max lifted his head to look blurrily over his shoulder to glance at Elliott.

“Nigh’ Bug.” he grumbled as he started falling back asleep.

“Night, Maxi-pad.” She mumbled back falling asleep herself, but not before hearing his grunt of annoyance at his terrible nickname.

After an uneasy night of tossing and turning she finally gave up on sleep when she could see the sun rising through the windows. Making sure not to wake her snoring brother she quietly made her way to her duffle to throw on a hoodie. Then made her way down the stairs. She hesitated on the midway down when she could make out a ‘whispered’ fighting.

“Why would you say that?” a hiss that sounded like Dean argued. “Don’t we already have enough on our plate without worrying about some girl?”

“What? Like you just getting topside?” Sam’s harsh whisper retorted not getting a response from Dean. “Until you want to start talking about it Dean, we have some room on our plate.”

Elliott wasn’t trying to easy drop she just didn’t want to interrupt the brothers. They kept arguing while she was trying to decide if she should go back to her room or not.

“She needs our help Dean. They both do. Why wouldn’t we offer to help them out?” Sam continued, but before Dean could answer her socked foot slipped on the edge of the stairs creating a loud “thunk”. She cringed closing her eyes as the Winchester’s conversation abruptly halted. Taking the rest of the stairs down she plastered on a fake smile.

“Morning.” Elliott nodded at them making her way to the freshly made coffee.

“G’morning.” both Winchesters mumbled back.

The day went by slowly every one of the hunter’s noses stuck in a book or a laptop. Elliott’s eyes were droopy and heavy as she laid out across the couch on her stomach reading what felt like the billionth book of the day. She wasn’t even sure what she was really looking for. A way to contain her power? Maybe who would be capable of cursing her with this power? She wasn’t sure and all the words on the page were starting to get blurry. She glanced around the room Sam hadn’t moved from his position in the armchair next to her. His hazel eyes scanned back and forth as he read something on his laptop. Mas was sitting on the floor near her his back up against the couch, reading a large book. Dean had spent most of his day in the study with Bobby, doing research in there.

Groaning quietly Elliott shut her eyes and rubbed her eyelids, needing a break. She could feel Sam’s gaze flick up to her from his laptop, but only for a moment before they went back to continue reading. Elliott rolled her shoulders back blinking to focus in again. Usually Elliott really liked to do the research on a case, but research involving herself was not as satisfactory. It only made it more aggravating. The most exciting part of the day was when Max and herself had taken a break to make everyone sandwiches for lunch earlier that day. Time past slowly and it was almost dinner time. Elliott who not only hated cooking was also very bad at it, actually wanted to make dinner instead of ordering in. Anything to get away from the long study session.

“Alright that’s it.” Max complained “I need a break. We all do.” Elliott say up with interest. Smiling she was surprised he a had lasted as long as he did. Research was never his thing. Sam looked up from his laptop at Max then to Elliott. He smiled back at her. Elliott knew exactly what Max was going to suggest which is exactly what she needed.

We’re going out.” Max declared loud enough for Dean and Bobby to hear in the other room.

“What?” Sam questioned. “What about the research? Helping Ellie with her power?” Max tilted his head sideways a little thrown off at hearing Sam use his sisters nickname.

“Don’t know about you Sam but I could definitely use a night out.” Elliott smiled doing her best to convince him this was a good idea. “We had been on hunts back to back before we got here, and my eyes could really use a break.”

“Come on Sammy, can’t be good to stare at a computer screen all day.” Dean chimed in as he made his way into the room. Sam sighed looking up to his brother from the couch. They had a silent conversation using their eyes. It ended with Dean smirking and Sam agreeing to go out.

Dinner went by quickly with their excitement to get out of the house. Bobby had opted to stay home despite all of their protests. Elliott threw on her very basic signature outfit. A graphic tee tucked loosely into high waisted jean shorts. Living on the road gave her limited clothing options with the need to travel light. She slipped on her leather jacket and laced up her combat boots. She had a fleeting thought of what it might be like to be a normal girl. Having a choice of different outfits and shoes, not having to always look the same. She pushed the thought aside and brushed out her hair before leaving the bedroom.

Elliott made her way down the stairs running her fingers threw her long copper blonde hair. Sam and Dean were in the living room and she could hear Max and Bobby talking in the kitchen. Somehow Sam and Dean looked cleaned up in their normal plaid and worn denim attire.

“You clean up nicely.” Sam smiled down at her when she entered the living room. His smile was contagious and had her grinning widely right back.

“Not so bad yourself, Winchester.” Elliott responded doing her best to hide the pinkening of her cheeks. Dean smirked taking in both of their goofy grins and cleared his throat knowingly, before turning to her.

“Elvis? Really?” Dean questioned scrutinizing her graphic tee choice with a raised brow.

“Hell yeah, Elvis. He is the king.” Elliott defended lightly smile never fading. Sam chuckled and Dean shrugged.

“Well I’d offer to drive and all but my truck is only a single cab. Unless some of you want to ride in the bed?” Max informed the Winchesters happy for the excuse not to be the designated driver for the night. Elliott rolled her eyes at her brother.

“Yeah, no.” Dean huffed like it was the most ridiculous idea that he had heard. “We're taking Baby.”

“Baby?” Elliott turned to Sam for an explanation.

“Dean’s name for his Impala.” Sam huffed his smirk betraying his pretend annoyance. Dean was already outside the door heading to his Baby with Max following. Before Elliott or Sam even got out the door, they could hear Max’s voice pitch with excitement. As he fanboyed over the classic car.

“This is your car?!?”

Elliott shook her head stepping out the door with Sam behind her. “Oh boy. Two car nerds. Max won’t be able to shut up.” Elliott chuckled under her breath but loud enough for Sam to hear.

Sam laughed smiling down at her “Yeah, and Dean won’t shut up about Baby. We're in for a long ride.” It was a very nice car Elliott thought. She didn’t know much about cars in general. Sure, she knew the basics like how to change a tire or do a quick oil change, but that was about it. Max had taught her when she was a little girl. Told her everyone should at least know the basics.

“Can I drive?” Max eagerly bounced up and down. Both Sam and Dean burst out laughing.

“Dude, he hardly lets me drive it.” Sam chuckled.

“What he said.” Dean pointed at Sam getting into the driver’s seat. Sam continued chuckling as he got into the passenger's seat. Elliott and Max quickly got in the back ready for the night out.

“Fine, but I get shotgun on the way back!” Max claimed wanting to inspect the car’s every detail. The very short car ride was stuff full of car talk from the older siblings. Leaving the younger two to glance at each other amused at their brother’s obsession.

Once at the small bar the four found a booth easily. There was a small crowd probably a busy night for the small town, bar. Dean had declared they do shots to start the night out right. He gave Sam a wink before he left to get the shots along with some beers.

“So, how long have you known Bobby?” Sam asked the pair across the booth from him.

“Oh, we’ve known him for a long time, I was just a kid when Dad and Max met him on a hunt just outside Roswell.” Elliott smiled fondly.

“Oh, yeah! That’s right.” Max chuckled “You were convinced the shape shifters were actually aliens.”

“Really?” Sam’s brows rose and lips curled up into a smile. He burst out laughing when Elliot turned beat red and punched Max in the arm.

“I was ten!” Elliott huffed as the two men continued laughing. Max rubbed his arm where Elliott hit him not able to keep him from laughing.

“You thought Bobby was an alien for like a week straight! She wouldn’t even look at the guy.” Max barked with laughter, his hand hitting the table unable to control in himself. Sam’s whole body shook with laughter.

Just then Dean returned with a tray full of beer and shots. “What did I miss?”

“Nothing.” Elliott answered too quickly, still red in the face. Dean set down the tray of booze an amused smile lighting up his face.

“Come on Ell. Don’t leave me out.” Deans smile morphed into a growing smirk as Max retold the story in much more detail than necessary. Elliott took her shot without waiting for the others hoping to lessen her embarrassment.

“Oh Ellie, don’t be too embarrassed. We were all kids at one point or another.” Max jested elbowing her in the ribs. “To new friends and new hunts.” Max lifted his shot and both Winchesters followed. Elliott held up her beer having already downed her shot, and everyone drank.

“Yeah, Ell. You should have seen magician boy over here.” Dean teased gesturing to his brother with a smirk.

“Dean.” Sam objected eyes darting from him to Elliott.

“Man, you should have seen it. He had the top hat and cape and everything.” Dean taunted, continued completely ignoring Sam. Now Sam’s cheeks seemed to be darkening. Elliott having just been made fun of herself tried to cover her giggles.

“Dean I was a kid.” Sam quickly retorted.

“A dorky kid.” Dean stated giving Elliott a wink, that had her laughing a little louder. Sam sighed in frustration taking a couple long pulls of his beer.

“Oh, come on, Sammy. This is what big brothers do,” Dean jested patting his little brother on the back, before turning to his new friend. “Isn’t that right Max?” Max chuckled an agreement as the two raised and clinked their beers together. Sam rolled his eyes and Elliott jammed her elbow into Max’s ribs.

“Hey. What was that for?” Max scowled at her and rubbed his sore ribs.

“That’s what little sisters do.” She mocked and smirked looking up to Sam. “Come on Sam. Let's leave these old farts to get another drink.”

Sam’s face split into a brilliant smile as he nudged Dean to move, so he could get out of the booth. Dean gave Sam a brow waggle when Elliott and Max weren’t looking. Dean chuckled and gave Sam’s back a pat before getting out of his way. Elliott saw the way Max’s dark green eyes darted suspiciously between her and Sam as the giant scooted out of the booth. She groaned internally at his protective big brother attitude that flared up from time to time. Usually it wasn’t too much of a problem. Max didn’t seem to ever really care if she went out looking for a hookup, he might not have encouraged it but he didn’t get annoying about it. Not until it was a hunter did, he ever seem to be bothered by it. Like sure he had no problems with her hunting blood thirsty vampires but a hot hunter was a problem.

Quickly before Max could say anything, she grabbed Sam’s thick forearm and pulled him to the bar. She leaned against the sticky bar counter waiting for the bar tender. “Brothers.” she sighed and shook her head.

“Yeah, but they have their moments.” Sam admitted just thankful to have his brother back from Hell.

“So-” Elliott smirked eyes glancing up at Sam from under her lashes. “-magicians?”

“So, aliens?”

She bit her lip feeling the heat burning her cheeks. “Touché.” The bar tender, an older gruff looking man with a mullet turned to them next.

“Just another round of beers, four of us.” Sam requested pushing his empty bottle to the man.

“Actually, could we just get a pitcher for all of us, sir?” Elliott asked with a grateful smile.

“No problem, darling.” The mullet-ed man returned her smile and went to get their drinks.

“Oh! And a bourbon, diet coke!” Elliott called out. He gave her a nod and got to work making their drinks.

Sam laughed, “Thirsty?” he mocked playfully.

“I just spent all day researching for something to help out with my freaky ability. I deserve a freaking drink.” She laughed.

“Well I can’t argue with that.” Sam shrugged smiling down at her. The gruff bar tender set down their pitcher and Elliott’s drink, before grabbing and setting down four empty glasses. Sam grabbed the pitcher and the empty glasses turning to head back to their booth. He paused turning back around and sitting in the bar stool with a sigh. “Looks like our booth is taken.”

“What?” Elliott spun to see Max and a curvy brunette swapping spit almost on top of one another in their booth. “Of course.” she sighed. “-but where is-”

“He’s enjoying himself plenty.” Sam huffed. She followed his gaze to see Dean with a girl that had to be the twin of the curvy brunette that Max was snogging. Dean had the girl pinned up against the pool table slobbering all over her neck.

Elliott snorted. Her hand came up to comer her mouth and her eyes went wide in utter humiliation. Sam laughed so hard his head rocked back.

“Did you just snort?” He grinned down at her as she settled herself into the stool next to him.

“Hey! No more embarrassing stuff magician man.” She shot back most of her drink and gave him a narrowed mock glare, doing her best to ignore the heat in her cheeks.

“Alright, alright. Promise.” Sam chuckled and poured himself a glass from the pitcher. He never stopped smiling as he took a chug. She was something else. He could feel butterflies in his stomach. Something he hadn’t felt since Jess.

Elliott on the other hand was terrified. She never had good luck with guys. Luckily, she had liquid courage by her side tonight. She would leave the worrying about this for future Elliott.

“Since we are going to be here for a bit,” She glanced at the two couples enjoying their night. “How about we play a drinking game?” She offered finishing off her bourbon and diet coke. He licked his lips as he watched her, then took a drink of his own.

“What do you have in mind?”

“Well, we each get five turns to guess something about each other. If you guess wrong you drink. But if you guess right, I drink. Winner gets to pick a shot for the looser.” She smirked up at him questioningly.

“Ah man I haven’t played this since college.” Sam smiled fondly.

“You went to college?!” Elliott’s hazel eyes lighting up with stunned, interest. “Like, College, college? With books, and dorms, and everything?”

“Yeah, dorms, books, and everything.” Sam shyly admitted running a hand through his shaggy hair. “What about you?”

“Pfft. Yeah right.”

Sam frowned. “Why not? You seem interested?”

“I’ve always been great with books and studying but put a test or homework in front of me and I freeze up-” She paused a moment before her head snapped up to narrow her eyes in a glare. “You sneaky shit.” Sam recoiled confused. “You’re trying to get more info to do better at the game. Nope. Not gonna happen.”

“Oh, no, I wasn’t -”

“Mhhm.” Elliott hummed with disbelief. Sam opened his mouth to defend himself but stopped and shook his head.

“Fine. Ladies first.” He gestured for her to start.

“Okay, College boy.” Sam huffed at the nickname. She narrowed her eyes at the gorgeous giant in front of her in thought. “You’re a hunter, so you obviously like helping people and you were pretty good at stitching me up, -you were premed at a local yet discreate university.”

Sam smile widened at her failure. “Stanford Prelaw.”

Elliott felt her jaw drop “Whoa.” She shook her head in awe before downing almost half her beer. “I can’t imagine you being a stuffy lawyer, you’re way to nice.”

“My turn.” He smirked and Elliott felt his eye give her a once over. She bit her lip nervously. “Let’s see, you said something earlier about liking Elvis.” He gestured to her shirt before continuing. “I say you probably choose Elvis as one of your favorites to spite and piss off your brother, who likes something completely different.”

“Nope.” She grinned triumphantly “Max loves Elvis too. He was our Dad’s favorite and we just both followed in his footsteps. Go on, drink!” she cheered. Elliott took her leather jacket off as Sam drank, but when his eyes softened at the sight of her stitches, she put it back on.

The game went on with Sam only getting one more guess wrong, and the other three correct. Elliott on the other hand only got one of her five guesses right, that he was a dog person. Again, they kept getting distracted with conversation. Somehow their chairs had gotten closer and closer throughout their little game. So close that their shoulders or knees would brush one another periodically. It didn’t help that she was drunk now, Sam less so but still drunk.

“Wow, we really went at it.” Sam chuckled as he finished off the last of their current pitcher. Elliott giggled drunkenly in agreement, feeling the side effects of their game. “You’re telling me. I don’t normally drink like this, but rules are rules Jolly Green. You won fair and square.” she slurred. Then giggled again at Sam wrinkling his nose in dislike at being called Jolly Green.

“No, Elliott. It’s okay, really you don’t have to drink anymore.” Sam protested. He could tell by the slightly slurred words and the way she swayed in her stool so she leaned towards him that she was already pretty drunk. He didn’t want her to drink more if she couldn’t handle it.

“I’m no quitter!” Elliott slammed her fist on the bar trying to disguise her drunken bliss with a seriousness. “Well? Winner has to pick a shot for the loser. What am I having?” She lost her attempt at being serious when he flashed that contagious smile. Her gaze flicked from his haze eyes to his lips unconsciously leaning in. Sam slowly doing the same.

“How’s it going over here?” Dean patted Sam on the back making both him and Elliott jump back as if caught doing something bad. Sam turned to give Dean his iconic bitch face but it was a little lazy and slower than usual. “Wait, are you actually drunk?” Dean huffed amused not waiting for an answer and turned to Elliott. “Is he drunk?” Sam rolled his eyes at his brother, lightheartedly and Elliott giggled nodding. “You got Sammy drunk?”

“All at the low, low cost of getting myself drunk.” Elliott answered proudly lifting her chin. Getting a chuckle from Dean.

“Just about closing time, you all ready to head back?” Max strode up to the three at the bar. Max took one look at Elliott and chuckled knowingly. He ruffled her hair and she swatted him away drunkenly, before trying to fix it.

“Wait, Dean what happened to tonight's conquest? Strike out?” Sam asked scanning the small dumpy bar.

Dean smirked “Already satisfied.” he gestured to the men’s restroom door where the curvy twin he had been with all night had just walked out of. The brunette did a quick glance around the bar then adjusted her skirt.

Sam scrunched up his face grossed out. “Classy.”

“Nice!” Max nodded in appreciation, causing Elliott to laugh so hard she nearly fell off her stool and onto Sam. She would have if Max hadn’t caught her with a stern look.

“What about you Maxi-Pad? You strike out?” Elliott swatted away his hold that was trying to keep her balanced.

“Got her number, and we plan on being in town for at least a little bit. I got time.” Max shrugged. But Elliott knew the truth. Ever since their last visit at the Harvel’s Roadhouse, Max hadn’t followed through with any of his conquests. Max had always been a lady's man until his ‘not-girlfriend’ Jo had been part of the picture.

They got up from their stools and Elliott felt the floor tilt beneath her. She reached out to grab hold of the bar stool to steady herself but missed. Gripping a canvased covered arm instead. She let her gaze slowly follow up the jacket sleeve to see Sam. When their eyes met, she turned away quickly letting go of her grip.

“Sorry, little drunker than I thought.” she admitted quietly as they made their way out to the Impala, Sam’s hand slipped to the small of her back to lead her there. She stumbled into the back seat and Sam joined her on the other side. Max was serious about calling shotgun apparently, not that Sam really seemed to mind. Elliott was out like a light. Her mouth hung slightly open in drunken sleep as her head resting on Sam’s broad arm. It would have been shoulder, if he wasn’t so freaking tall. Sam did his best not to move, not wanting to wake her. He felt his lips curl up in a smile when he looked down at her.

Max kept glancing back at Sam, and his little sister. As much as he was glad that she looked happy tonight, she was his baby sister. It was his job to protect her. Whither that be from monsters or heartbreak, it was his job. Sam may seem like a good enough type of guy but he was a hunter. Hunters were always complicated. Max did his best to distract himself by admiring the interior of the classic car, even getting his hands slapped by Dean when he reached for the buttons on the dash.

When they reached Bobby’s, Max turned back to see Elliott still zonked out on Sam’s side. Dean turned off the ignition and snickered at the two in the back seat.

“Ellie, were back, wake up.” Max patted the back of the seat. She jerked up out of her sleep quickly. Whacking her head into something brick hard that grunted on impact. Elliott winced and held her head but eyes went wide when she saw she had smacked into Sam’s strong jaw.

“Oh, shit! I’m sorry!” Elliott apologized biting her lip, doing her best to ignore the boy's laughter in the front seat. Sam held his jaw but cracked a smile.

“Nah, it’s okay, just a bump.”

“Alright kids inside.” Dean rolled his eyes playfully. Everyone piled out of the sleek Impala and into the old house.

“You alright?” Sam mumbled quietly when he caught her rubbing her head. Elliott jerked her hand away like it was on fire and gave him a quick nod. Keeping her head down to avoid meeting his eyes. Too embarrassed by her clumsy drunkenness she went straight to bed even though the rest of them stayed up to talk and drink a little more for another hour or so. Although it had a few bumps, she felt like the night had gone well, and went to bed smiling.

Chapter Text

“Wake up, Ellie! Rufus called, he has a case he wants us to take care of!” Max barked giving the bedroom door a couple pounds. After she gave him a groggy response, she heard him shuffle away and down the stairs. Slowly, Elliott got up stretching happy that she was only slightly hungover. She could deal with the small headache behind her eyes. Just grateful it wasn’t a queasy stomach. She dressed quickly in her go to, graphic tee, shorts, and leather jacket. Sighing sadly knowing summer was soon coming to an end and shed have to go back to jeans. Elliott was a summer girl. Even with all the scars and bruises she acquired she couldn’t help but love the feel of the warm sun on her skin.

She greeted Sam and Dean as she entered the kitchen. Then snatched a piece of toast from Max’s plate. “Hey!” he tried to grab it back but she ducked out of the way and stuck her tongue out at him childishly. Max rolled his eyes and sat up from the table to bring his now empty plate to the sink.

Max cleared his throat. “Well it was nice to meet you both, Sam and Dean, and thanks for trying to help with Elliott’s -uh –thing. But were going to be heading out this morning.”

Sam and Dean did a double take, glancing from one another to their new hunter friends confused. “Wait, what? Where are you going?” Sam straightened up in his chair his lost eyes meeting Elliott.

“We got a case. Small town Minnesota locals have found bodies exsanguinated . Obviously, a vamp nest.” She shrugged, surprised that Sam seemed so upset at her leaving. Not that she didn’t want to spend more time getting to know the giant Winchester, especially after their outing last night. But she was a hunter, she had a job to do.

“What happened to needing our help?” Dean’s brows knit together as he glanced between the two siblings.

“It’s not like we have any leads. As much as I want to figure this out there is nothing, we can do but research at the moment, and we've done as much as we really can here anyways.” Max explained with a half-smile that didn’t quite reach his face. Elliott could see right through her brother. They were close, had grown up with no one but each other. Being on the road, hopping from school to school and never settling in one place for very long didn’t give them an opportunity to make any real friends had led to them becoming more than your average siblings. They were each other's friend, and because of that she could read him better than anyone else could as she knew he could read her just as well. She could read it all over his face and body language, as much as he tried to disguise it. It was obvious to her he needed a distraction. Max was overwhelmed by her, and she couldn’t blame him. She was overwhelmed by her newly found ability.

“Might as well stay busy. Hope we find something along the way.” Elliott added not admitting she really needed a distraction as well. At least not out loud. She wanted to work a case, not be the case.

“We want in.” Sam blurted standing up from his chair at the kitchen table to meet Max’s hesitant stare. Dean’s brow furrowed as he turned to his brother as if he had grown two more heads.

“That's nice of you Sam, but we can handle a little vampire nest. This isn't our first rodeo.” Max chuckled.

“I’m sure you can handle yourselves. We just want to help. I kinda owe your sister for healing-taking those gashes from me.” Sam struggled to come up with a decent excuse to stay with Elliott just a little longer. The girl who had him feeling things he hadn’t dreamed of feeling since Jessica. He turned to his brother for help.

Dean sighed. As much as he didn’t like to work with other hunters, Sam had a point. She had taken on those pretty nasty gashes and would probably bare some ugly scars that she didn’t deserve. That, and he wasn’t blind he could see how this tiny hunter was affecting his brother. Dean may not be the ‘smart one’ but he wasn’t and idiot. “Not like I could ever turn down a chance to behead some leaches,”


Elliott and Max drove in their rusty old ford pickup. The old man of a truck was struggling to keep up with the fast, sleek, perfection that was the Impala. Max groaned and whined for majority of the ride. He had been wanting to trade in “the Beast” for a vintage classic. Elliott fought Max on this subject so many times in the past that she had known what to say to argue her point quickly. Just like always she started off defending The Beast by explaining how he might be old and rusty but the ford was much more inconspicuous than a fancy red flag of a vintage classic sports car would be. Then as always when that didn’t work, she was able to shut him up with the one inarguable reasoning. It had been moms. With that Max shut right up. She didn’t like to bring it up because she knew it brought the tone down, she only ever used it as a last resort. Max couldn’t help the smile as Elliott turned up the radio to the song playing. Johnny Cash’s A Boy Named Sue beat through the old speakers. The two smiled at each other before singing along, completely out of tune and off key. Singing in the funny voices during the parts their dad had.

They pulled The Beast into the run down looking motel parking next to the Impala that had gotten their before them. Max went to get a room and sent Elliott to the Winchester’s room.

Elliott knocked on the room number thirty seven. Hearing muffled voices through the cheap wooden door before they stopped. A couple moments passed before the door swung open revealing Sam’s bright smiling face, holding the door open for her. Looking up to him she had to tilt her head back some to look him in the face. Again, his wide dimpled smile was too contagious and had her smiling just as wide back.

“Damn. You are tall.” She breathed and shook her head at him playfully. A loud laughter from behind Sam had her peering past the giant into the small dingy motel room. Dean was sitting on the closest bed his head tilt back barking out laughter.

“Yeah, I’d assume everyone's tall when you’re a hobbit sized.” Sam quipped back as Elliott was walking in. Elliott felt her jaw drop stunned, the corners of her lips curled up slightly amused. She had not expecting him to retaliate.

Dean’s barking grew louder into a fit of hysterics. He got up and slapped Sam on the back wiping his eyes of tears. “Ahh, that was good.”

“Hey, five, two is near average height.”

Sam chuckled and Dean was roaring with laughter again.

“Alright, alright. Can we get started on the hunt now, Jolly Green?” Elliott crossed her arms over her chest straightening her back.

“Where’s Max?” Dean asked now that he had cooled down from his laughing fit. Before she could answer there was a knock at the door.

The four hunters got down to work. The news article had described the four bodies drained of blood that had been found within the last month. Sam and Elliott jumped to the web. Sharing Sam’s laptop because Elliott’s was still in the truck. She scooted her seat even closer to the shaggy haired hunter as they sat at the small rickety motel room table. She leaned in just a little more to read better, letting him type not wanting to overstep her boundaries. It wasn’t her laptop after all, and she would not be too happy if someone had tried to take over her laptop.

They shared their findings that the newspaper had omitted. Turns out along with the dead bodies the small town had at least two missing persons reports. Both young women in their twenties. Then deciding to split up to cover more ground. Max and Elliott left the Winchesters to change into their fed suits to do the same in their own room.

She groaned internally entering her motel’s bathroom with her old fraying duffel splattered with dirt, stains and what was probably blood. Elliott’s least favorite part of hunting had always been acting as some sort of official to gather info. She had the confidence and knew what questions to ask. She just hated the outfits. She’d never liked the dress up part of the job.

Elliott sucked it up like she always did and buttoned up the off white blouse before pulling her skirt on over it. The skirt was black, went to her knees. Although it was tight at her waist it flared out as it went down. To Elliott this was an important feature because she needed the ability the fight at a moment's notice. Although she would never admit it, she had admired the tight like those pencil skirts women on tv wore making their ass look good. On a more positive note because the material didn’t cling to her body, she could hide various weapons holstered to her thighs. Lastly, she slipped on her little red MaryJane's that had less than two inch heels. As much as she didn’t like high heels, the less than two inches was not enough to hinder her running or fighting. Plus she mussed, maybe I won’t look so much like a hobbit.

After quickly brushing her long copper blonde locks leaving it down, she exited the moldy motel bathroom. Max handed Elliott, her FBI badge and charcoal blazer without a word. Then reached to fix her blouse collar, she swatted at his hands and fixed it herself. The knock on the door let them know the Winchesters were there. Max opened the door to the brothers, and invited the ‘FBI’ suited men in. Elliott had never really cared for men in suits, she always for them more attractive in a causal rugged way, but damn! Sam looked hot in a suit. She could see his muscular arms covered tightly in his white button up flexed as he clutched his suit jacket in his hands. Her gaze followed up his corded arm and noticed how his shaggy hair curled slightly at the ends, near the collar of the white dress shirt.

Not until Dean cleared his throat did, she realize she was staring at Sam. She blinked quickly, looking anywhere but Sam. Missing the way the giant had been staring right back at her. Dean mumbled something about distractions to Sam that made Sam’s cheeks tinge pink. Sam elbowed Dean in the ribs, getting a grunt from his older brother.

“Call us if you find anything new.” Elliott spoke up as they all left the motel room. Holding her hands out expectantly a crooked grin on her face.

Max rolled his eyes before digging the keys out of his suit pocket. “He’s an old man. Take it easy on him.” He warned waiting for the blonde to agree before dropping the truck keys in her expectant hand. Elliott’s grin grew into a full on smile as she gripped the keys in one hand and saluted her brother with the other. Then she grabbed Sam’s wrist and pulled him to follow her. They could both hear Max and Dean muttering to each other and feel their eyes follow them as they got in the truck.

The sun was shining and it was a warm day. Elliott had pulled the rumbling truck into the sheriff station, the radio low so they could talk. After slamming her door to make sure it actually shut, she met Sam on the other side of the truck and smoothed out her skirt to make sure her weapons were not noticeable. Then straightened her spine to appear taller.

“Ready Jolly Green?”

“When you are hobbit girl.” Sam patted her back shoulder eyes twinkling with amusement. He opened the door to the station for Elliott to go in first. She went straight to the lanky officer sitting at the front desk.

“Agents Martin and Tolkien.” Elliott announced holding her badge up for the officer as Sam did the same. “We're here about the recent deaths and disappearances.”

“FBI? Wow.” The officer blanched. “I’m Officer Bernard. The sheriff is in his office, this way.” Officer Bernard lead them down the hall.

“Tolkien and Marin?” Sam leaned down to whispered out of ear shot from the officer. Elliott bit her lip and shrugged up at him, feeling heat in her cheeks when Sam’s smirk was equal parts playful as it was appraising.

Sheriff Sandra was grateful to help them if it meant the murders stopped. She loaded them with case files and answered all of their questions. It was a nice change of pace, usually the FBI was not wanted by the locals.

After they had gathered all the info, they needed and texted Max and Dean an update they hopped back into The Beast. Before she even started him up, she pulled off her little red heels with a sigh. “Well at least it wasn’t completely a waist to wear these stupid things. Sheriff Sandra mentioned both the old Dwyer farm and the Lafitte shoe factory had been recently vandalized after noticing these things.”

“Yeah and because there is four of us, we can surveillance both places at once-” Sam’s voice trailed off looking at the heels she had set on the bench seat between them. “-wow, your feet are small-” Sam accidentally said out loud. Sam went a shade of pink at his slip and Elliott could do nothing but laugh.

“See! Not a hobbit.” She chuckled grinning at him.

The ride back to the motel Sam was stuck in his head. He felt butterflies in his stomach as he watched her drive. Full lips spread in a wide brilliant smile, head bopping along to the sixties rock station. He was in awe of her, how she could be in the hunting business and still be so light hearted and happy was beyond him. Especially while having to deal with her unique ability. That couldn’t be easy to deal with, and yet she seemed to be carefree, and strong.


Sam was at the wobbly motel table on his laptop clicking and typing away. Max was in the other chair across from him going through the files he and Dean had gathered at the morgue.

“Definitely vampires. Bite marks match, and vic’s all drained.” Max mumble without looking up from his paperwork.

“Restraint marks along their wrists as well.” Dean remarked his observation from the morgue as he sat on one of the beds cleaning his weapons.

“Then why didn’t they dispose of the body? Why attract attention?” Elliott puzzled shuffling through her duffel on the other bed.

“My guess?” Sam finally looked up from the screen with a sad sigh. “Newbies.”

“Explains the disappearances.” Dean nodded eyes focused on his task.

“Now we have two possible nesting locations.” Elliott offered not wanting to dwell on the sad truth.

“Actually, I’ve narrowed it down to the one.” Sam clicked on a tab opening up a small article turning the laptop so the other hunters could see. The three crowded the screen abandoning their previous tasks. “So get this, the old shoe factory’s roof was torn off by a tornado a few years back, and from the image here, there would be no possible shelter from the sun.”

“Nice work Sam.” Elliott complemented with a wide smile.

“Abandoned Dwyer farm house here we come.” Max concluded turning to Elliott’s duffel bag on the bed. He pulled out a leather holster and threw it to his sister. She caught it easily and made her way to him, strapping the holster to her thigh. Then took the machete he handed her, putting it in place in the leather. Max admired the gleam of his own, as everyone got prepared.

Dean dug through his own bag on the bed closest to the door. He grabbed a handful of syringes filled with dead man’s blood, turning to the table dropping a few for Sam. He turned to the Anders siblings, looking mostly at Elliott.

“You used dead man’s blood before Princess?”

Elliott jaw clenched in mild annoyance at the cocky hunter’s words. “You under the impression I’m a newb?” Giving Dean a pointed look before turning to her brother for support. Not wanting to say something she’d regret.

“She can handle herself Dean.” Max chuckled.

Elliott snatched a couple syringes from Dean with an eye roll. Tucking one into the inner pocket of her leather jacket and another in her combat boot, where her extra cigarettes and lighter were tucked into her sock. “And don’t call me Princess.”

Max snickered silently. In all honesty he was very proud of his little sis, and he knew their dad would have been too. She was an excellent hunter, after all he did teach her everything she knew.

Dean put Baby in park about a block from the abandoned farm house, The Beast right behind her. Normally both teams of hunters would have just waited until the next morning at sunrise to attack, but with their numbers doubled and still a few hours till sun fall they didn’t feel the need to wait.

Max and Elliott piled out of the truck looking in the direction of the rotting barn, as the Winchesters got out of the Impala and did a quick weapons check.

“Alright. Now, Max, Ellie, you two come up from the south side. Sam and I will take the north.” Dean commanded all business. Sam and Elliott immediately nodded their obedience and Max after a moment did the same, not use to following orders. “Remember, surveillance only until I give the signal.”

Splitting up Max and Elliott followed the tree line to the south side of the barn. Then creeped up to the worn down building. It was just as bad from the back as it was the front. The planks that boarded up the windows were rotting and discolored. The farm house was once painted white, now only the faded chips of paint that hardly clung on left. A small window about ten feet off the ground looked like the easiest way in. Elliott turned to Max and silently gestured for a lift up. Rolling his eyes Max cupped his hands at knee level. She used his hands to step up with one hand bracing herself on the wall of the barn the other on his head. Max grimaced a slight scowl knowing Elliott was just trying to annoy him.

Elliott crawled in the window with easy and stealth. Looking around for Vamps as she did. Once inside she did a double check before turning back to the window. Bracing herself on the frame she laid down on her stomach and reaching out to pull Max up from outside. Max reached up unable to reach his sister’s out stretched hands.

Elliott mouthed “Jump!” giving Max a pointed look. Raising a brow and gritting his teeth before he nodded. He took a few steps back to give himself a bit a running start. But he missed her reach by an inch and his body slammed into the side of the barn with a loud thump. Both Max and Elliott cringed. So much for the element of surprise. There was no way the vampires hadn’t heard that. Max gestured for her to get inside and out of site before he snuck around to the other side. Elliott watched Max run around the corner then ducked inside the window, just in time to hear new voices.

“I said I don’t fucking know. Just know that it came from over here.”

Hand clenching the machete at her thigh, Elliott worried about her big brother.

“Well I don’t see anything. Let's just get inside before we get burned, the sun hasn’t gone done completely yet.” A second voice complained.

Hiding silently out of view of the widow Elliott ran her hand through her hair as she could hear their footsteps get further away. After a moment she peaked back out the widow to see the pink hue along the horizon. She turned back to observe her surroundings in greater detail. She was in a small corner room that was almost bare probably used for storage at one point. Pulling out her machete she crept out of the little room and along the hallway. Listening carefully, she was able to pick up muffled voices from further into the barn. Following the sounds doing her best to stay in the shadows.

“Blood sucking leach let me go!” Max’s snarled shout had Elliott’s insides freeze up.

A loud smack and a pained grunt made her knuckles white gripping her machete tightly. Anger boiled under her skin, at the thought of those bastards hurting her brother. No one gets to hurt her big brother but her. Cooling her anger Elliott readied herself to fight. The original plan out the window now that they had Max.

She leaned against the wall peaking around the broken door frame. A large room opened up just as bare as the little storage room she’d climbed in. Max. Max was being held by two male vampires. One a muscular vampire that must have been turned in his late forties with greying hair on the top of his head as well as his beard. The other a short but fit brunette that looked like he had been turned when he was close to Elliott’s age. The room held three more vampires just standing around and laughing at the captured hunter. A large bearded male, and two females a frizzy haired bleach blonde and a darker skinned girl with a pixie cut. She ducked back out of site to brainstorm.

“Found the source of that thud. A hunter.” A female voice spit with utter disgust.

“Hunters kill in packs. Spread out. We’re not going to be defeated by some pathetic humans.” A gruff southern voice commanded.

Elliott took a few steps back still close to the wall, her machete held high ready to strike. Just like she predicted a vampire turned the corner. The leach never even saw it coming. She swung her long blade slicing through his neck in one blow. Unfortunately, his head landed on the warped wooden floor with a wet thunk. Three of them entered the hallway swiftly. Their wicked grins faded quickly at the site of their nest mate’s headless corpse.

“Olly, olly oxen free.” The blonde hunter taunted loudly. She hoped it would get Sam and Dean’s attention where ever they were.

“Ellie!” She could her brother rough shouts to her, his voice held panic that she might have been caught. His shouts got louder as she came into his view. Elliott was backed up into the room the three vamps stalking her closely. Before they were just defending their territory, getting rid of the hunter pests, but now they were angry and vengeful for their fallen mate. Once in the center of the room Elliott stopped backing up and smiled gripping her bloodied weapon.

“The hell you smiling at hunter bitch?!” A bearded vampire growled. “I’m going to rip you to shreds so slowly-”

He wasn’t able to finish his threat, as his head was lopped off from behind. Sam stood tall scowling at the corpse. His bloody machete dripping as the body fell to the ground near the bearded head. His hazel gaze softened as it landed on her searching for any injuries. When he was satisfied, he nodded at her and both Winchesters went on attack mode.

Sam going head to head with the frizzy bleach blonde female vamp. Keeping up with the blurry like movements, as he dodged a hit. Swinging his machete to behead the blood junkie, but she was fast ducking his swing with a high pitched laugh. While she was still crouched down, she swung her leg out to sweep his legs out from under him. Sam went down hard breath knocked out of him. Her skinny long fangs descended when she lunged at her prey, but he was ready for her. Sam flung her off of him to the dirty floor. She slid on her back, her hair collecting dirt and dust in its fizzy fried locks like an old mop.

Dean was there as well going after the fast moving girl with the pixie cut and darker complexion. He kicked the leach back a few feet but just as he lifted his machete to behead the blood bitch, she moved with unnatural speed. Dean got a hard fist hit to the gut. He grunted at the superior vamp strength. His hunter instincts had him ducking just in time to miss the swing that came next.

With Sam and Dean taking on the two vamps Elliott made her way to Max. The two leaches holding her brother in place snarled as she started to approach. Her stride fast and meaningful, glaring at the monsters who dare hold her brother from her.

“Stop right there, sugar.” The Cajun accent warned from the fanger on Max’s right.

Elliott slowed hesitating when the Cajun's large fingers snaked around Max’s throat, his other hand had Max’s right arm behind his back pulling sharply upward to still the hunters struggles. When she kept slowly moving the hand on Max’s throat moved into his hair gripping and pulling his head at an angle for better access and bared his long sharp fangs.

Freezing in place, she glared at the threat in front of her. She was halfway in between the fighting hunters behind her and the vamps holding and threatening her brother. Her only family.

The sound of a sharp blade running through flesh and the wet thud of a head hitting the floor behind her had the shorter brunette vampire holding Max cry out. “Deborah!!” His eyes widened with rage before he moved. Racing to the sound of fighting and the fallen corpse behind Elliott. Leaving Max with only one blood sucker holding him down.

Max saw it as his opportunity and swung his free arm elbow first into the gut of the Cajun that was still holding his arm. The blow landed perfectly causing the blood sucker to grunt and loosen his hold on the Max. Not giving the vamp a chance to react the hunter kicked his booted foot into its knee, and tried to pull out of its hold on his arm. The kick had only caused the leach to stumble, its unnatural strength gripping tighter to Max’s forearm. The vamp sneered at him lip curling revealing his fangs.

Elliott started moving again as Max got a good punch to the fanger’s face. She watched as the monster bared its fangs menacingly. Then the greying vamp moved too fast for her brother as its fingers wrapped tightly around the back of Max’s neck holding him still, while its other hand had his forearm twisted up behind the hunters back.

“I said stop right there!” The Cajun vamp ordered. His sickly sweet accented voice echoed in the open room. Elliot paused, hesitating. Her brows furrowed, she could no longer heard the sounds of the brawl behind her. Taking a chance, she glanced over her shoulder. She inhaled sharply not expecting the scene behind her.

“Shit” Elliott cursed under her breath. The frizzy blonde, and the girl with the pixie cut were now nothing but headless corpses, but apparently there had been more vampires throughout the barn. Three to be precise. The three new vamps and the shorter brunette that had dropped his hold on Max were holding the Winchesters. Sam was face first on the dirty floor struggling against the shorter brunette and a young blonde woman that held his arms behind his back. Sam’s eyes flicked around wildly desperately searching for a way out.

Dean on the other hand was on his back a scowling viciously at the two vampires holding him down. One of them a bald tattooed man that held his hands back behind his head and the other was a young dark blonde woman that had straddled his hips. The blonde in his lap inhaled deeply before leaning down to his face. Her tongue flicked down and licked a deep cut on his cheek clearing it of blood. Dean cringed away as little as he could in disgust. It took Elliott a moment to place where she had seen the three girls. The missing persons reports.

“Drop the blade, cher.” The southern vamp smiled, voice soft yet demanding.

Elliott hesitated. Knuckles turning white in her tight grip on the machete. Her eyes darted around the room. Landing first on Dean still writhing under the blonde to get free. Then to Sam being held down a hand forcing his cheek into the floor, messy hair in his face unable to move it out of the way. Her hazel eyes met his through the brown locks wanting to find a way out of this mess.

A loud ‘SNAP’ shattered the silence, followed by a gut retching scream. Elliott’s wide eyes flew to Max as his painful shout died down into a quiet groaning. Worry filled her eyes as she took in his posture hunching over his right arm that was hanging at an awkward angle.

“Don’t make me ask again.”

“Okay! Okay, just... don’t hurt him.” Elliot quickly shouted and dropped her blade before the bastard could hurt him again.

“Good girl.” He cooed roughly. She glared, gritted her teeth at his words. When her glace darted back to Max they softened concerned, for her brother and his definitely broken arm. “Gerard.”

The bald tattooed vampire stepped up silently behind Elliott pinning her arms to her sides with a coiled arm around her front. Elliott struggled helplessly against the superior vampire strength. She yelped loudly as his thick fingers knotted in her hair and yanked her head to the side, exposing her neck.

“Now,” The Cajun vamp smirked “Normally I’d have you executed for even hurting my nest.” He sighed. “-but I came here to repopulate my nest, and you cher, are just my type.”

“No!” Max roared struggling despite his broken arm, as the vamp behind Elliott brushed his nose along her neck and inhaled deeply.

“Don’t touch her!” Sam shouted joining her brother’s loud protest. She could even hear Dean growling along with them. Elliott could do nothing but wince and push up to the balls of her feet to try and relief some of the pain tugging at her scalp.

“Oh, now.” The Cajun scolded. “Don’t fret gentlemen. It seems we now have some openings in our nest.” Elliott tried to tuck her hand up her sleeve subtly while the others talked.

“So what? You think if you turn us we won’t kill you?” Dean sassed trying to bide his time. Doing her best not to alert the vamps of her movements, she struggled a bit fingers fumbling.

The entire nest laughed at the oldest Winchester’s threat. “The bond of a maker and his child is unexplainable, but I’ll be sure to remember you said that after your first feed.” The Cajun chuckled. Dean took the opportunity to look at Sam getting his attention and then subtly bringing his glance to Elliott. The Winchesters confidence grew as Dean smirked up at southern vamp.

“As kinky as this is I’m not into blood sucking leaches.” Dean quipped with a snarky smirk. The Cajun raised his brow at the hunter before turning to the bad vamp, and gave him a small nod.

Just as Elliott finally grasped the syringe up her sleeve she cried out. Sharp fangs descended into her flesh. Just at the spot between her neck and shoulder met. She could hear angry shouts, and hollers from the hunters. Ignoring them she flicked the cap off the needle with her thumb and plunged the dead man’s blood into the leaches neck. He grunted, and his fangs recede before he stumbled back. Falling in a heap on the warped wooden floor with a loud thud.

Quickly while everyone was stunned Elliott dug into her boot and rolled the second syringe along the floor to Sam. Now with the vamps distracted he had a free hand. Sam snatched it and stuck the brunette holding him in the shoulder. Dean thanks to the chaos bucked the blood bitch on top of him and started swinging. Fist flying at one while Sam had pounced on the other.

Angry eyes of the Cajun met Elliott’s as he hollered. Elliott dove for her machete and turned it on him. Max had crawled to his own machete that was discarded to the side when he had been captured.

“Stupid, hunter bitch.” He growled

“Don’t call her that.” Max growled back from behind the leach. Then swung his machete with his left arm, unable to do so with his right. Without the strength of his right arm he only got half way through its neck. The wide eyed vamp fell to his knees his screams muted by the gurgling gags and choking. Elliott stepped closer and gave the last swing, the head peppered grey and black hair rolled at their feet. She gave Max another once over smiling in relief, as the Winchesters made their way to them.

“That was awesome.” Dean’s lips curled up into a goofy smirk, patting Elliott on the back.

“Ellie, are you okay?” Sam questioned pretty hazel eyes narrowing in on her still bleeding neck.

“Hmm? Oh.” Elliott’s hand went to cover her wound. “I’m fine. I’m fine.” She panted with a smile. Trying to clear her hazy thoughts she shook her head slightly wincing at the pain it caused. Sam grimaced before taking a hesitant step closer to her.

“Ellie.” Max chide stepping up to her and gently turned her head to the side with his good hand to see the bite wound. “Let me see it.” He huffed and pushed her hands away that were trying to bat at his.

“Max. I said I am fine.” Elliott pulled Max’s hands off her. “You on the other hand are definitely not fine.” Eyeing the broken arm cradled to his chest.

“Now I could reset it and plaster it up for you but it’s, gonna hurt and it won’t be great.” Dean spoke up gesturing to Max’s bum arm.

“Gotta say from experience, it’s worth going to the hospital on this one.” Sam gave him a sympathetic smile.

“Or...” Elliott mumbled lifting an eyebrow at Max. Confused he just frowned at her for a moment. That was until he saw her hand reaching out slowly to him. Eyes widening in realization he stumbled backwards to get out of reach.

“No!” Max shouted stumbling back from her even more. “No. Don’t you dare.”

“Max, come on it’s no big deal. I know how much you hate hospitals.” She pushed taking a few steps to try and reach him.

“I said no. Sam? Dean? A little help here?” Max kept backing up but turned his pleading eyes to the Winchesters for help.

Sam caught on that Elliott was trying to ‘heal’ her brother by taking on his own broken arm, and quickly reacted. Just as she got to Max, Sam’s giant arms wrapped around her little waist and hoisted her off the ground. Taking a couple steps back to let Max get away.

“What the Hell? What are you doing? Sam, put me down!” Elliott shouted struggling in the giant’s strong hold. She squirmed and kicked enough that he had to tighten his hold on her, her back pressed up tightly to his solid chest. Restricting most of her movements.

“Dean, bring Max to the E.R. Elliott and I will clean up here.” Sam grunted when he felt her rear back into him. He kept his hold on her trying not to squish her like a boa constrictor. Dean gave his brother a nod, and an annoyed pointed look to the struggling hunter in his grasp before motioning Max to go.

“Thank you, Sam.” Was all Max said before turning to leave, Dean following behind.

“Oh, come on. I won’t do anything. Just put me down. I should at least go with him to the hospital.” Elliott bargained still not letting up her squirming in the giant’s arms.

“Shut up.” Dean groaned shaking his head at her before walking toward the door as well. Elliott growled under her breath aggravated. She arched her back in a particularly strong thrust of her hips to try an escape the hold.

Sam grunted as her hips rocked back into him. His head dropped down with a groan to rest on her shoulder. “Stop.” He practically growled in her ear. Elliot froze when she realized what she had probably done to Sam. In fact, she could start to feel it stiffening at her backside. His warm breath tickled along her neck as he exhaling slowly, creating goosebumps along her skin. Not until the sound of the Impala rumbling to life did Sam let her go. Releasing his constrictor like arms. Face warm Elliott turned around to face him incredible embarrassed at the awkwardness she had just caused.

“I am so, so sorry Sam. I didn’t mean to-”

Sam waved her off “No, I’m sorry. That was -I just- I –I –Umm...” His voice deep as he stuttered struggling to find words. Running his fingers through his shaggy mane he shifted from one foot to the other, doing his best to discretely adjust himself, and not letting his eyes meet hers. Elliott’s face heated up even further not letting her gaze leave her boots.

“Um-” Sam cleared his throat. “-how’s your neck doing?” It was an obvious change of subject but Elliott jumped at the chance to make things less awkward. Especially with the dangerous thoughts running through her head. Not that she could totally blame herself, Sam was a god damn mode. With the hair and the shoulders and the muscles, how could anyone not want to take that giant for a ride? He was definitely out of her league, but that didn’t stop the images that played behind her eyes.

She must have taken too long to answer because his hand cupping her cheek shook her from her thoughts. His thumb tilted her head gently to get a better look. Unlike when her brother had tried to assess the damage Elliott let the giant hunter take a look.

“You’ll need a few stitches, but just a few.” Sam rumbled. “I’ll start cleaning up here. Maybe you should sit down, you’re looking a little pale.”

Sam had stopped Elliott with a pointed glare when she had opened her mouth to argue that she was fine. Even though Elliott felt she was more than capable to help clean up Sam had forced her to sit it out. He had the female hunter sit on an old wooden crate as he collected all of the dismembered heads and corpses into a large pile. It didn’t take long for both to agree that the easiest way to clean up the mess had to be to torch the place. Too many bodies and too much blood. It was a rather large nest.

Sam had set ablaze to the old Dwyer barn. Then they say in The Beast watching until it was obvious that it was going to burn to the ground. Destroying all of the evidence. The adrenaline from the hunt had been fading. Elliott was secretly glad Sam had offered to drive, not that she thought he would have taken no for an answer anyway. She was sure that it was a mixture of adrenaline loss and maybe a little bit of blood loss that had her feeling heavy and tiered.

When they arrived at the old motel the Impala wasn’t in the lot, so Max and Dean were still at the hospital. Elliott couldn’t help but feel bad and was equally relieved as she was anxious Max wasn’t back yet. She grabbed her old duffel from the bed of the truck, gave Sam a tired smile and turned to go to her motel room for the night.

“Ellie, wait.” Sam’s hand rested on her good shoulder, nodding at her bite wound. “Let me clean that up for you.”

“I’ll be fine, Sam. It’s nothing.” She turned to look up at him and waved him off.

“Nothing or not. Still needs to be patched up.”

Wanting to argue but too exhausted to, she sighed an agreement. Sam smiled at his success and lead her into his motel room. He closed the door behind them and went to get small hand towels from the bathroom. Running them under warm water while the other hunter dug through her duffel for her med kit.

“Sit.” Sam motioned to the bed so he could work on stitching her up yet again. She obeyed with a huff through her nose. Moving to sit next to her, he folded one of his legs in and letting the other rest off the bed. Sam’s large hand gently brushed her side braid out of the way, grimacing at the long blonde strands that were now crusted red brown before he started mopping up the blood.

“Your supplies are looking a little depleted.” Sam mumbled softly going through her med kit.

“Yeah, should probably restock before we find another case.”

Usually Elliott didn’t have to resort to using her bourbon to sanitize, but Sam wasn’t lying. She really did need to restock her med supplies. Sam was an expert and was quick. Only needing three small stitches it was much faster than the last time he sewed her up.

“Thanks Sam. You didn’t have to do this.” she said softly as he finished placing on a bandage.

“This is twice now I’ve had to patch you up.” he sighed. Elliott turned to face him their hazel eyes connecting. “-but you did great today. During the hunt that is.”

Elliott wasn’t sure if she really agreed with him there but took the compliment anyway.

“You weren’t so bad yourself, giant.”

Her hand reached out and settled on his knee. She didn’t mean to do it, it was like her hand had a mind of its own. When she didn’t see any negative reaction from the hunter, she let it sit there. In fact, he licked his lower lip, his eyes darkened as he searched her face. Like a magnet Elliott felt herself leaning in as if being slowly pulled to him, as he did to her. Less than an inch away, she could feel his hot breath mix with hers. Hesitating for only a moment he closed the distance. Their lips met sending sparks from her brain all the way down to her toes. Humming into his lips at the sensation. The kiss started out slow and innocent but picked up pace as their mouths moving against each other. They broke the kiss for a gasp of air and panted. Elliott met Sam’s dazed and bright face, both stunned and wanted more.

“Been wanting to do that for a while now.” He breathed.

“Me too.” she whispered back and bit her lip a little self conscious that a guy like Sam would ever want to kiss someone like her. The blonde looked up into those galaxy like hazel eyes and thought fuck it. Someone would have to be crazy to not want to make out with this man. She smirked up at the giant before attacking his lips again. Just like before sparks lite up her body the tingling settling low in her belly. This time she leaned into him more, as his fingers slid through her hair, hand cupped the back of her head deepening kiss. His tongue swiped at her lower lip trying to gain entrance. Releasing a moan, she parted for him, his tongue meeting hers fighting for dominance. She could feel his other hand gripping at her hip, some of his fingers on her bare skin due to her shirt riding up. Her hand slid from his knee, up his thigh, a low hum rumbled from his chest. The moment her soft fingers brushed the waistline of his jeans, Sam pulled away.

“Wait.” Sam panted breaking their connection. “Wait, maybe- maybe we should slow down.”

“No.” Elliott panted not wanting to stop. She leaned in to kiss him again but he pulled back, stopping her. She was sure Sam could see the hurt that flashed across her face at his rejection but she pushed past it masking her feelings. She wasn’t going to be one of those annoying girls that pined for the guy that didn’t like her back.

“I’m sorry, Sam, I didn’t mean to force you-” Clearing her throat, she turned away to get up.

“Ellie, wait.” Sam grabbed at the hem of her tee shirt and pulled her too him, so she was almost straddling his legs as he sat on the edge of the bed. “I just- I like you. I don’t want to ruin this with moving too fast. I haven’t felt this way in I don’t know how long,” He lied. He knew the last time he felt this way was with Jess, but even then, his memory must be fading because this was more intense than he remembered.

Elliott blinked a little stunned at the blunt straight forward words. She wasn’t expecting that. “Sam,”

This time Sam looked a little nervous when he replied. “Ellie?”

She leaned into kiss him to relax his nerves. “I like you too, Jolly Green, but why try to slow down? Why not live in the moment?”

Sam stared at her for a moment before answering by attacking her lips. She hummed leaning into him reciprocating. With both of his hands on her hips he pulled her closer almost straddling his lap. One of her hands tangled in his messy hair and the other rested on his chest.

Their lips parted for air, and Sam’s hands were tugging at Elliott’s tee shirt that still had both her own drying blood near the collar, and spatters of the vampires she had slayed. Once he had tugged her shirt off, they were back at each other's lip's hot sloppy kisses. Elliott was secretly proud of herself able to hide the small wince of pain at the tug of the new stitches. She let her hand trail down his chiseled abs to the waist line of his denim. The hitch in Sam’s breath when she unbuttoned his jeans had her biting back her grin. Unzipping his pants, and letting her hand slip under the fabric to palm him. His groan sent a pleasurable shiver down her spine. He felt huge and hard, under her hand palming him through the fabric of his boxers.

She watched him pulling her hand away slowly to tug his pants and boxers down to his ankles, letting his cock spring out. His lust filled haze eyes watched as the blonde licked her lips, letting her hands drag along his bare legs as she slowly slid off the bed and on to her knees.

“Uhn- Ell-” Sam groaned feeling her hot breath on his cock, teasing him. “You don’t- t have to-” He stuttered, but Elliott knew exactly what he was going to say and instead of assure him that she wanted to do this verbally she showed him physically. Sam’s sentence trailed off into a deep moan as her mouth wrapped around just his head, sucking the right amount. Then letting the tip of her tongue slide along the slit. His fist gripped the sheets at his side's breath shaking. Making sure to look up at him as she took more of him in, little by little. Taking all that she could before gagging and glided one of her hands up from his inner thigh to wrap her fingers around his shaft that she wasn’t able to fit. His beautiful hazel eyes were wide and lust blown. Sam’s large hands were holding her head gently letting her move on her own, thick fingers tangled into her knotted coppery blonde hair. Sucking a little harder as she pulled back to his head then taking him back in as much as she could again. The gasp he released had her wanting to smile with pride but as her lips were already busy as she could do was hum. That seemed to really intensify things, as Sam’s fingers gripped tighter in her hair, it was obvious he was doing everything he could not to thrust his hips and fuck her throat. The control he displayed sent a shiver down her spine. She pulled back to grab a gulp of air the corner of her lip lifting in a grin before devouring his length as much as she could again, her tongue running along the underside and her hand followed her movements pumping him where she couldn’t reach.

“Gnhh, I, Uhn” Sam tried to speak. “Ellie. I-I’m gonna...” He warned meeting her dark lustful haze gaze that silently told him it was okay. Knowing he was close she continued to quicken her pace and when she could feel his hips try to refrain from erratically thrusting, she hummed her approval and sent him over the edge as her growled out a moan. She slowed down as he released his load down her throat letting him ride out his orgasm before pulling away. Saliva stringing out connecting them. She wiped the back of her hand along her bottom lip and chin to get rid of any remaining saliva that might be there.

“See? Living in the moment can be fun.” Elliott panted with a small smirk looking up at him. Sam reached out and pulled her up off her knees and onto him. His lips kissing her gently met hers not even caring as he tasted himself on her.

He chuckled breathily hand reaching up and brushing a few blonde strands from her face his other hand on her bare lower back holding her on his lap. “More then, just fun, and it is not over yet.”

She swallowed hard his deep post orgasm voice slow and rumbly, it made her lower stomach fill with heavy desire. His mouth was on hers leaving sloppy kisses, pulling her close to him so she was right up against him then crawled up the bed pulling her with him. The sloppy kissing moved from her lips, to her jaw, and down the good side of her throat sucking and even nipping a little along her collarbone. She could feel his hands all over her cupping and kneading her through her bra, not even noticing when his other hand had unclasped it. The bra was thrown on the floor as he flipped them over so she laid on her back. His mouth was at her nipple tongue swirling around then flicking at the sensitive bud before moving to the next. She moaned tilting her head back into the pillows at the cool air that hit her nipples after flicking them with his tongue. Lips and teeth and tongue moved leaving sloppy kisses down between her breasts and then trailed down to her waistline causing her breath to hitch.

“Sam just because I-” Elliott’s hesitated breath hitching as his rough callused fingers gently tickled her bare skin along the waist line of her shorts. “-I- you don’t have to do that.” Sam that was now between her legs looked up at her in a predatory way that had Elliott wanting.

“You think I’m going to miss an opportunity to taste you, make you writhe for me?”

She gulped the heat low in her belly growing. Sam nipped at her skin above the shorts before his fingers quietly to unbutton and unzip them. His gaze met hers to make sure she was okay with this before his fingers dug into the sides of her panties and pulled down her shorts along with them, letting them drop to the floor. A moment of self-consciousness came over her as those beautiful hazel eyes took her in. Sure, knew she wasn’t ugly, in any other life it might be different, but she was a hunter. Being a hunter, her body may be muscled and well-toned but was riddled with old scars, new bruises and the current stitches, not exactly beautiful.

“Beautiful.” Sam breathed. She blushed at his awe.

“Not so bad yourself handsome.” She whispered back trying to defect the complement. Thankfully Sam didn’t seem to notice because he smirked and he lowered himself between her legs again. His nose brushed her center as he inhaled deeply, groaning on the exhale. Of course, he didn’t go right for it and teased her a bit as he tongued and kissed at the creases where her thighs met her center. Not until he heard her huff of impatience did, he move in. His tongue ran along her wet folds, then up to swirl around her clit without touching it. She moaned at the tightness that build in her belly. Sam’s haze eyes looked up mischievously at her before he devoured her. Lips sucked at her clit and his tongue flicked out flicking it making her yip and mew. Large warm hands held her quivering thighs wide so he could continue his feast on her flesh. She was almost there the world was a blur she could only feel the building pleasure. Two large fingers lined up and had her moaning before he even sank them into her, giving her walls something to clench down on. His tongue swirled around the sensitive bud again without touching it as his fingers began thrusting in at a perfect pace.

“Cum for me.” Sam pulled away to rumble. His fingers curled to the come here position inside her and she screamed out at the sensation, but when his mouth attached to her clit sucking tongue flattening putting pressure on it as he licked, she fell over the edge with a choked scream. Making sure to slow down his pace as she rode out her high.

She lye there panting, goofy smile on her face. Sam climbed up the bed to hover over her forearms on either side of her head holding him up off her, and kissed her softly. Her lips moved with his slowly, like her brain was still catching up.

“I think we seized the day.” Elliott breathed. Sam smiled at her going to his side to lay next to her.

“Hope it’s not just the one day we get to seize...” Sam trailed off not wanting to be too pushy but that was too great not to ever do again. She was too great. He didn’t want to lose whatever this was he could feel between them.

“I’m not going anywhere.” Elliott smiled at him as they lay naked side by side. She leaned into kiss him when they heard the rumbling engine of the impala. Despite both of their words they jumped apart as if they had been electrocuted breaking the moment entirely. Scrambling like mad people they searched the floor to pull on their missing clothing. Not ready to share what they had with anyone else yet. They still needed to figure it out themselves. By the time they heard the sound of keys rattling in the door Elliott had thrown her shirt on whimpering at the tug of the stitches once again, and Sam fumbled with his belt. They both stood near the bed trying to control their breathing.

A tired Dean opened the door followed by a grumpy looking Max now sporting his new cast. Max glanced around the room and gave Elliott a pointed glare before he turned to shut the door behind him. Elliott’s eyes went wide seeing her bra on the floor between her and Sam. Sam’s long legs stretched out and kicked her undergarment under the bed. Max turned back just missing the move, but by Dean’s playful smirk he did not.

“You dare try to heal me, and I’ll break your freaking nose.” Elliott huffed a laugh knowing he didn’t suspect anything had happened between her and the young Winchester and also because she knew he would never carry out the threat. She gave her brother a nod in agreement, he was still just worried about her and probably stressed from the hospital visit. Max really did have a fear of hospitals.

They said their goodnights to the Winchesters, Elliott and Sam’s lingering a bit longer unsure if they should keep whatever they were between them for now or not. Elliott shared a look with Sam before following her brother out of the door to their own motel room for the night. She sighed as she lay in bed that night going over what had happened. As complicated as this could be it felt amazing. She was almost floating with happiness as she fell asleep. Thoughts and worries of powers, monsters, and drama leaving her completely as she dreamed.

Chapter Text

Elliott shifted in her bed not wanting to wake up for the day yet. Her sleep had been much better than any she had, had recently. Smiling up at the ceiling alone in her motel bed, she focused her thoughts on Sam. Replaying their time in the motel room over and over again. The way his lips felt on her, the way they moved down her body, his forceful yet his sweet eyes hesitated asking for permission. Sam was everything a girl could want and more. Not only was he tall, strong, and drop dead gorgeous, he was sweet, kind and very smart. He patched her up twice granted the first time was because she had healed his wounds, but still. It had been maybe a week ago or so that she had first met the young Winchester but neither one of them could deny the attraction. Staring at the mold spot on the motel ceiling Elliott tried to process what had happened and why she felt so much pull toward the giant. Sure, she had her one night stands before, every hunter has, but this was different. What she felt for Sam in a mere week or so was not like anything she felt before, and as exciting as it should be, she was more scared. Letting out a frustrated sigh Elliott turned to her side to face the blank motel wall. The movement sent a sharp pain to her bite wound along her neck, tugging at the new stitches.

Max let out a deep whimper in his sleep, from the other motel bed snapping Elliott out of her thoughts. She turned slowly this time to look at her brother in his bed. Sleeping on his back snoring, her eyes landed on the bulky casted arm that lay across his torso. Now wasn’t the time to be thinking about boys, she scolded herself. She had been slow and careless letting her own brother get hurt. Now because of her he sported the cast to prove it. Family had to be number one priority, what little family she had to start with had already dwindled. Max was all she had left, it would always be Max and her against the world. It didn’t matter if she couldn’t stop thinking of the sexy giant Winchester that made butterflies flutter in her stomach. She had to protect what little family she had left and couldn’t get distracted. She didn’t want to fight with Max, she knew her scolding was coming for trying to heal him last night. So she did want any little sister would do to lighten the mood, she decided to mess with him. She picked out a couple sharpies from her bag, hopefully he will be more annoyed with this for now she thought with a smile.

The morning was a little awkward as both siblings were up and getting ready for the day. Max stayed mostly quiet and keeping out of arms reach of his sister, no matter how much she swore she wouldn’t heal him. Although she very much wanted to, she would respect his wishes, even if it was her fault, he was hurt in the first place.

“I was just trying to offer to heal you Max!” Elliott tried to explain as Max came out of the bathroom dressed in his torn up jeans and tee shirt. “I didn’t actually do anything.” Max sighed shaking his head at his little sister.

“You were closing in on me, Ellie.” Max grumbled his brow raised to give her a pointed look.

“No-” Elliott’s voice went a pitch too high to be believable “-okay, well I, I just-” She groaned accepting defeat.

“Elliott you realize that would have solved nothing, right? You would just be the one riding shotgun to the ER.”

“I know, but it’s my fault. That leach broke your arm because I wasn’t fast enough. Because I didn’t listen to the monster holding my only brother hostage.” Elliott admitted looking away to hide her shame. Max stood their stunned for a moment before he engulfed her in a tight hug, forgetting that he had been trying to avoid touching her.

“No. No don’t you dare blame yourself for this. This is absolutely no way your fault Elliott!” Max held her tighter, ignoring the dull throb of his casted arm. “That happened because we are hunters. That’s just the job, Bug. You get hurt, patch yourself up and you keep on fighting. Always. Besides look who is ash and who is just in a cast?” Max pulled away trying to lighten the mood. Elliott did her best to look convinced, knowing that she couldn’t be swayed giving him a soft smile. After that Max was no longer silent and tried to keep up the conversation with his little sister. To which she appreciated greatly, but still could help noticing he continued to try and keep out of her reach.

Max and Elliott entered the little retro diner in a renovated mobile home called ‘Dottie’s Diner’. It was a very small diner, but the tacky fifties theme Elliott found cute. Business was slow today as they were only two other groups of customers near the further end of the trailer. They picked a booth closer to the door. Elliott sat down and slid across the bench to make room for her brother. Max sighed before choosing to sit across from her, to further his distance.

“For real?” Elliott accused. “How many times do I have to say I won’t heal you?” Max rolled his eyes but didn’t answer his sister, moving his focus to the diner’s entrance as the Winchesters walked in to meet them.

“Nice art work.” Dean chuckled and smirked eyeing the doodles on Max’s cast, before sitting down next to him.

Max gave his sister a pointed glare, and huffed. “Someone thought it’d be fun to doodle flowers on my cast while I slept.”

Sam smiled brightly down at Elliott and sat down next to her laughing. His denim covered leg brushed hers making her brain go fuzzy for a moment. She blinked clearing her head and smiled proudly at her brother's annoyed glare.

“Don’t you like my artwork?” She teased and mocked a pout.

“Just wait little Bug. If you’re ever in one of these stupid things” Max taunted but honestly hoped against it “-let’s just say revenge will be sweet.” Max taunted his little sister playfully.

“At least it’s just flowers, Max. She could have drawn a lot worse on there.” Sam laughed. The waitress came up then and took their orders quickly before leaving them again. Due to the almost deserted diner the service was quick.

“You were incredible last night Ellie.” Sam praised. Elliott’s eyes went wide and she choked on her water. Sam smirked before he went to continuing. “If it weren’t for your quick thinking in the nest, we might not have made it out of their so unscathed.” He turned to her as she stopped coughing and cleared her throat doing his best to keep from laughing. Sam stretched back and let his arm rest behind her along the top of the booth. Darting her gaze around to see if Max or Dean would catch his double meaning. Dean hid a knowing smirk as he sipped his coffee, but Max didn’t seem to notice. Then she let her gaze pull back to Sam to give him a small smile. The stupid butterflies in her stomach were at it again and her heart beat much louder. She bit her lip as their hazel eyes locked.

“Yea, even I have to admit you were pretty badass back there Anders.” Dean added when the couples gaze lasted a little too long. “Didn’t know you had it in you Princess.” Then took a large bite of his breakfast sandwich.

“Told you I can handle myself.”

“That’s right. Elliott Anders ain’t no damsel.” Max smile was full of pride. “You know she took out two werewolves on her own with only one silver blade.” He bragged.

“Wow, I gotta hear this.” Sam’s eyes widened with wonder.

“Oh, yea, spill it, sweetheart.” Dean challenged before Max had him move out of the way to use the restroom. Leaving Elliott to tell the story. Max gave her a wink and made his way to the restroom across the mobile diner.

By the time Max got back they had swapped a couple hunter’s stories and paid for the bills. “So we ready to get on the road Elliott?” Max asked stiffly. She met her brother’s green eyes with a confused and sad smile, before nodding. Sam slid out of the booth followed by Elliott, he placed his arm on her shoulder and leaned in to her to whisper in her ear.

“How’s your neck?” his warm breath tickled the hair around her ear and sent a visible shiver down her spine.

“I’m good.” She breathed biting her lower lip again as his concerned gaze flicked from her bandaged neck to her bottom lip between her teeth.

“Elliott, we have to go.” Max interrupted with an annoyed sigh.

Sam and Elliott looked away and stepped apart. Dean led all of them out to the parking lot, a little bummed out himself that the case was already over. He liked Max and Elliott. They were good people, great hunters, and he wanted Sam to keep smiling like he had been this last week or so.

The Winchesters and Elliott chatted about where they should go from here, while Max stayed unusually quiet. Elliott figured he had seen Sam’s arm around her earlier and was putting two and two together. In fact he didn’t speak until they reached the old motel.

“You two head in.” Max nodded at the Winchesters. “I need to have a word with Elliott.”

Dean shrugged and turned to their room and Sam’s concerned gaze bounced between Elliott and her brother, he gave Elliott an encouraging smile before following his brother.

“Max, look I can explain.” Elliott started not meeting his eyes “It’s no big deal. Sam and I just kinda click. I know you get all protective big brother and I understand, but you don’t have to with Sam he-” She paused at the sight of her brothers grin. His hand raised and landed heavily on her shoulder not paying attention to mind her bandaged neck. Her brows furrowed at his lack of care of keeping his distance from her anymore. Max’s grin turned wicked when she stepped back out of his grasp.

“We’ve been looking for you.” Max looked her up and down. “You will be perfect.” Max’s bright green eyes flickered to a deep obsidian black, filling even the whites of his eyes before she could blink.

Elliott’s eyes shot wide open brows up to her hairline jaw hung low in horror. “Demon.” she breathed out backing up in shock, but he followed her step by step not letting her gain more distance. “No! No, Max he – he, he has the anti-possession charm!” Still taking steps backwards to avoid the thing possessing her brother.

“Well see that, is your own fault Bug.” The thing laughed using Max’s nickname for her, in a voice in a way that just wasn’t right. “Someone’s crappy hunting has gotten poor Maxwell’s arm broken. Had to take off the damn thing to fit the cast.” The demon grinned with her brothers face when he saw the guilt flash across her face.

Elliott was so focused on the demon using her brother’s body in front of her she hadn’t noticed another demon come up behind her. Arms wrapped around her from behind pinning her own arms down at her sides, she let out a surprised shout and struggled in the tight hold. The demon behind her chuckled holding her tight to his broad chest, not even flinching at her attempts to kick her feet back into his shins.

Sam and Dean’s motel door swung open hearing Elliott’s shout. With guns drawn, and bodies tense, aiming at the demon that held Elliott’s back to its chest. The other demon barked laughter with Max’s voice, drawing their attention from Elliott and her captor.

“He’s possessed!” Elliott shouted at Sam and Dean. “Max! He doesn't have his charm, Max is possessed!” She thrashed in the other demon’s arms.

The Winchester’s aim whipped around to Max’s form. The moment they met Max’s onyx eyes they were both thrown into the air and slammed hard into the motel’s brick wall. They both fought against the demonic force holding them in place.

“No!” Elliott gasped her struggling increasing.

“Let her go!” Sam demanded in a growl.

“You want us, right? Just let her go, she’s not a part of this!” Dean snarled at the demons.

“You?” Max’s voice cooed softly. Then went to stand in front on the older Winchester. The demon tilted his head to the side looking at Dean curiously. “Dear boy, who ever said we wanted you?”

Sam’s brows knit together at the demon’s words. Then his head snapped up his terrified eyes widened meeting Elliott, still being held back. Elliott felt slow. She didn’t understand why Sam was looking at her like her like that, and it seemed even Dean had understood as his face mimicked his little brothers.

“No...” Sam breathed eyes darting from Elliott to the demon residing in her brother. The words echoed in her head, Max’s voice cooing. She looked up to the sets of eyes on her and understood. She swallowed hard throat gone dry. Her body stiffened and lips parted to give a witty retort, but all that came out was a squeak.

“Me?” Not able to comprehend why a demon would want her. It didn’t make sense. Sure, she had a power to heal people but demons don’t need healing, not when they could just find another body to possess. “No. You have the wrong girl. I don’t know who you are after but, I’m just a small town hunter. I’m a no one. I don’t even hunt demon's normally.”

Both of the demon’s chuckled. She could feel the demon’s grip loosen ever so slightly as his chest rumbled at her back.

“Oh, no, no, no Elliott. You are very important. We’ve been searching for you for some time now.” Max’s voice assured.

Her blood ran cold, terrified and shocked. The demon riding her brother rattled on about her having a grand purpose but she couldn’t hear him over the rushing sound in her ears. Her mind had clouded over and her stomach flipped making her feel like she was going to be sick. She heard another voice over the rushing. Thinking it was probably Sam but could have been Dean for all she knew.

The rumble of the chest at her back snapped her out of her daze as the demon laughed. Blinking up to look at Sam she gave him a determined gaze before she acted on her hunter instincts. With the demon’s hold on her loosened while he was laughing, she thrusted her elbow back into its gut with all of her strength. Then snapped her head back into his nose. It broke with a loud snap and she broke out of his hold easily. Adrenaline muffled the pain from her headbutt. She ran towards the demon ridding her brother, fist raised scowling at the thing that dare possess her big brother.

“Get out of my brother!” Elliott howled throwing a swing at him, landing a solid hit to the side of his face. The visual of her brother’s head snapping to the side had her hesitating on her second hit, and he caught her fist with a smirk. Max’s fist flew as the demon retaliated hitting her cheek with the demon’s full strength. Elliott didn’t remember falling down but she was groaning in pain on the concrete rolling over to her side. She could hear Sam and Dean shouting but felt slow as she couldn’t make it out, but even with her mind moving slow she knew what to do.

“Exorcizamus te omnis immudus spiritus, omis satanica potestas omnis-” She groaned out ignoring the pounding in her head. She stopped her chanting with a yelp as his fingers tangled in her hair and roughly jerked her head up. It took much more than it should have to force back the whimper as her head felt like it was about to implode.

Eyes squinting at the blurry world to see Max. The demon licked the blood from his split lip she had caused him. Ah, ah, ah.” he tisked his fist clenching tighter in her hair. The other fist balled up and struck her again. This time she couldn’t hold back the cry that fell from her throat, the sharp pain made everything flash white. She gasped for air, forgetting to breathe.

“-Incusio infernalis adversarii omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica-”Sam’s voice continued the exorcism causing the demon in Max’s to release his grip on Elliott’s hair. Elliott couldn’t see very well and the world spun, she knew she most likely had a concussion. Although she couldn’t see it, she could hear both demons struggling as the Winchesters started chanting together. While Dean’s voice carried on chanting Sam’s shouted at her, calling her name and yelling at her to run. But she was still moving slow, trying to pull herself up off the earth as it spun around her. Finally getting to her feet she tried to do as Sam ordered.

“Get her!” Max’s voice demanded from behind her then screeched from the exorcism. Elliott was wobbling on her feet eyes squinting to make out the figure that was fast approaching. She stumbled back a few steps before falling back unbalanced. Ass landing hard on the concrete. The world was slowing in its spinning and she could now hear Sam screaming out to her. She moved to get up again doing her best to stand, and follow the orders of the shaggy hair giant.

“Night, night.” A voice behind her cooed and before even getting a chance to turn to the voice white hot pain shot through her skull making everything go dark.

Chapter Text

Pain. That was what brought Elliott out of the darkness, it increased as she became more aware. A sharp throb from the back of her head radiated throughout her skull. The pain made opening her eyes difficult. Her sore cheek felt swollen and puffy. She groaned out loud at the pressure pulsing in her skull. When her hand didn’t come up to rub her temples her eyes popped wide open to look down. Breath caught in her throat panicking.

She was strapped down on a cold metal examining table. Many leather straps buckled tightly to hold her in place. Her sternum, hips, wrists, knees, and ankles were all strapped down, so tight they hurt, digging roughly into her skin and sure to leave a mark. Elliott shivered, looking down at her nearly nude form. The cold air had goosebumps raising all over her skin as she was dressed in nothing but her bra and panties.

“No.” Elliott sucked in a sharp breath, pulling against the restraints testing their hold. Nothing no give, not even an inch. All her struggles got her were leather biting into her skin. Without stopping her struggles, she scanned her surroundings, looking for an exit. A dim light bulb flickered above her casting the small room in shadows. Smooth concrete flooring covered in dark stains and slanted slightly to the center of the small room to what looked like a drain. She shivered again not wanting to think about why the drain was needed. The walls were not much different made of heavy concrete cinder blocks. No windows, putting two and two together she figured she was underground. A shiny metal kart sat at the other end of the small room, too far from her view to see its contents. With the tight restraints limiting her movement she could only twist her head around at an awkward angle to see the wall behind her. Just barely able to make out a wooden door. The only exit. Her only way out.

“No, no, no,” The restraints held tight not letting her budge and bruising her wrists. Think, think, think... Remember your training. She reminded herself. Elliott Anders was a hunter, if anyone could get out of this strange predicament she could. Grounding her teeth in frustration at the inescapable restraints Elliott growled. Maybe if she had been in her leather jacket, she could have reached her small dagger hidden along the sleeve, she could have freed herself. She swallowed hard hopping that was the only reason she was so exposed.

Elliott let her head fall back to rest on the table hissing at the pain. She probably still had a concussion. Thoughts racing as she stared intently at the ceiling. Why was she even here? Surely the demons had made a mistake. What would they even want with her? Did they know that she could heal people? But even so why would demons care about healing when they could just jump from body to body? Was Max okay? Sam? Dean? Her thoughts spun like a carnival ride in her head, round and round they went. Although she had no way to tell time, it felt like hours that past, while she just lay there shivering, as thoughts continued to circle in her head. She was beginning to think that the demons had just left her there to die.

Muffled sounds from behind the wooden door had Elliott’s breath quicken. A distinct click of a lock met her ears soon followed by the creek of the door slowly swinging open. If Elliott wasn’t in such a terrible position, she might have found it annoyingly cheesy like in a bad horror movie. Heavy boots thumped against the concrete, slowly approaching her from behind, out of her line of sight. Her body tensed stealing herself for what might be coming.

“Finally awake, are we?” A deep yet smooth voice purred out of sight. “-and here I thought sleeping beauty would sleep through all of the fun.”

The man stepped closer, to the girl strapped to the table, yet still masked by the shadows in the dull flickering light. Elliott could only could only see the man from the neck down. He was tall. Very tall. Maybe even as tall as Sam, but she couldn’t be sure, not at this angle. Almost anyone would seem tall from the view she had lying back on the table. He wasn’t just tall though. He was built, big and muscular. The man’s shirt stretched tightly over his broad chest and shoulders. Displaying his rippling muscles. It was obvious this demon had chosen this meat suit for a reason, both strong and intimidating.

“Who are you? What do you want from me?” Elliott demanded through clenched teeth, glaring up at the shadowed figure. Although she could not see his face hiding in the shadows, she could just tell he was smirking down at her amused.

He chuckled at her. “I’m here to make sure you fulfill your destiny, little one.” Taking just a few steps coming into the light and out of the shadows, he towered over her. A shiver ripped through Elliott as she glared up at his face. He was older in his mid to late forties. Styled dark hair peppered with grey just like his beard. In any other situation she would have thought the man attractive, but here and now that didn’t even cross her mind.

Elliott laughed masking her fear before giving him a condescending glare. “You fucking morons snagged the wrong girl. I’m just background hunter number three.” She snarked. “I don’t know who you are looking for but it definitely ain’t me. -‘cause the only destiny I have, is to gut you demon sons of bitches, and send you back to Hell!”

“Am I supposed to be threatened by that?” His rough voice quirked as the corner of his lips curled up slightly. He reached his hand out to Elliott, she jerked away from his touch as much as she could. He ignored her protests, and stroked the hair on the top of her head. Much like a dog.

“Fuck off!” She hissed.

His jaw ticked in annoyance and eyes flashed to a cloudy bright yellow. Her own eyes wide in shock, she flinched away and pulling uselessly at the leather restraints. Unable to move let alone gain distance from the piercing demonic yellow eyes. She had never seen a demon’s eyes go that color. This wasn’t your average demon.

“Sweetheart, you’re wrapped up tighter than a present on Christmas. You won’t be going anywhere, let alone ‘gutting’ anyone.” The back of his hand traveling down from her hair, knuckles brushing along her swollen cheek. “Think about it, little one. How do you think you even got your little ability?”

“No,” She denied shaking her head. Her breath uneasy but was able to keep her fear back masking it with anger.

“Yes. You’re special because of me, I’ve been looking for you since that hunter, you call ‘father’-” He rolled his eyes, fingers gesturing quotations around the word father. “-hid you from us.” His hand fell from her face and rubbed her inner arm.

“What-What are you talking about?” She choked, on the shock not even trying to pull away from the demon’s cold touch this time. It was useless she couldn’t pull away from him in the leather straps that kept her immobile. She had powers because of him? A yellow eyed demon gave her the ability to heal people? No that makes no sense.

“You are special Elliott Anders. You are the last of your generation. The rest of the second generation may have all burned out. But you, will flourish. I will make sure of that.” The demon’s eyes somehow brightened its yellow hue almost glowing as he searching her horrified confused face before turning away from the hunter.

“What are you talking about? What generation? What do you want from me?” Elliott sputtered at the demon’s back, ignoring her as he made his way across the room. Her mind tried to decipher the yellow eyed demons' words. This couldn’t be happening. She had powers because of a demon? A demon that was spouting off that she had some sort of destiny he wanted her to fulfill? Whatever the demon had planned for her it couldn’t be good.

“What-What are you doing?” Her heart beat quickened watching the yellow eyes turn back to her, rolling the shiny metal kart towards her. Stopping in front of her he turned his back to her yet again to give his attention to the kart. The broad back blocking her view of the kart and what his hands were doing. Then he turned around a large needle in hand, Elliott’s breath hitched and stomach flipped. She blinked as the room blurred “Stop-stop-stop! No.”

Her hazel eyes locking on the syringe full of a dark red liquid in the demon’s hand. The blood drained from her face and gut hollowed out as a cold sweat broke out on her clammy skin. She whimpered lurching against the restraints that wouldn’t let her budge. The cloudy yellow eyes paid no attention to the hunters struggles as he strolled closer without a care.

“Stop! No! What the Hell is that?!” Elliott demanded her mask of bravery and confidence completely lost. The demon gently ran the rough pad of his thumb over the crook of her arm. His glowing yellow eyes concentrated on his task, pressing down to find a vein.

“I said what the Hell is that?!” She screeched, trembling on the table.

“Think of it as,” He thought for a moment. “-a demonic power boost.” Elliott’s eyes widened even more in fright. “Normally I’d just let you ingest it, but directly into the bloodstream will have a greater impact. Especially since your last does was when you were six months old. Besides, I don’t think you’d like the taste of demon blood.”

The moment Elliott heard the words demon blood she felt the world freeze around her. As if time slowed down in her shock and terror. What would it do to her? She didn’t want to find out. Thoughts of what her dad and brother would say played in her head. Their voices screaming at her to get up and fight! To not lay down and take it like a damn damsel in distress. She snapped out of it by the shouts in her head. As if she had been dowsed in ice water the world unfroze.

Fighting with everything she had, she lurched and tugged at her restraints, struggling to move even an inch. She howled in fearful frustration her voice echoing on the concrete stone walls.

“Noo! Get away from me you demon shit!” Never ceasing her fighting.

The demon hummed carefree to the hunter’s struggling and leaned over her with the needle. In a last ditch effort Elliott did the only thing she could. Sucking back before hocking a fat loogie in its face. He froze. Elliott froze as well, breathing speeding up to the point of near hyperventilating. Cold anger building behind the glowing yellow eyes. His fist was fast and had her head snapped to the side. Pain radiated off of her already swollen cheek, her headache pounding like a drum.

“You, know-” He sat back and wiped his face of her saliva. “I was never going to hurt you. But now? Now you're going to wish I had.”

“Fuck you!” Elliott growled but her voice was unable to hide its shaking. Before she could process what he was doing a damp dirty cloth was shoved into her mouth and tied around her head muffling her swearing.

“You’ll need training.” He muttered more to himself then her. His clouded yellow eyes focused back on his task on her vein in the crook of her arm before continuing. “Good thing I know just the demon. Great at breaking spirited souls like yours.”

A tear escape and roll down her cheek, when the needle piercing her skin. She didn’t notice a few more escaped when she scrunched her eyes tightly at the feeling of cold demon blood entering her bloodstream.

The injection affected her almost instantly. Her eyes drooped and head lulled to the side feeling weighted down. The room wobbled, stomach filling with unease, but the worst she thought was how slow and sluggish her mind felt. A whimper fell out, muffled by the gag.

Her stomach lurched when she felt the demon’s big cold hand cup her limp face rough fingers were gentle as his other hand pushed sweaty stands of hair back. “It’ll get better, little one. You may feel week now, but soon after a few more doses' you will feel stronger than you ever thought you could.” His voice cooed above her thumb stroking along her wet swollen cheek. “-but unfortunately, we will have to alter your dosage with your obedience training.” Her head lolled again watery eyes unfocused, but trying her best to glare up at him.

“As much as I love that spirit little one, you’re not for me.” Was the last thing she heard, as the world blurred her into unconsciousness.


Elliott was jolted awake. Drenched in dirty cold water. Shivering, and no longer strapped down to a table. Her toes struggled to find purchase as she hung by her wrists. She glanced up to see her wrists bound together by thick rope looped over a meat hook high above her head. Elliott could hear her teeth rattling. Then man standing before her, was not the same demon. This one held a now empty bucket and a lopsided grin.

“Ahh, there we go.” The man had a truly sinister voice. She couldn’t tell if he had an accent or if the way he held his jaw when speaking had his voice come out as a muttered drawl. He stood a few feet away from her. Pointy features the man appeared to be similar age as the yellow eyed demon, and had some scruff along his jaw. Unlike her he was dry and fully clothed. She was suddenly glad she had just been dowsed in ice water. Glad he wouldn’t be able to see the shiver that ran up her spine when she looked into his cold cynical eyes. Elliott being the hunter she was held her mask through the body wracking trembles. She clenched her jaw shut to keep her teeth from chattering to better glare up at him.

“Time for your first lesson, Barbie.” The man drawled with his crooked jaw muttering his words.

“And I suppose you are my professor?” Elliott sneered sarcastically. That only seemed to amuse the man in front of her.

“Hmm, you are going to be fun.” His eyes lit up and his grin curled deeper. “You will call me Professor Alastair, but if you keep up that spirit, I’ll just have you call me Sir.”

Elliott’s chuckled. “Good luck with that, dick bag-” Her head snapped to the side mid taunt. The already bruised and swollen cheek throbbing with new pain. Alastair examined the ring on his finger now speckled with a bit of her blood.

“Now, now, Barbie.” He reprimanded calmly. Even with her face throbbing she managed a sneer at the nickname and condescending tone. “We’ve got a big day ahead of us. First lesson is always the hardest.”

Elliott’s eyes followed his movements as he made his way to the metal kart near the table she had been strapped down to earlier. Her breath hitched and body tensed, but her father did not raise her to just lie down and take it. So she swallowed the hard lump down her dry throat, preparing herself.

“Let me guess, Lesson One- suffering through your nonstop yacking?” She sassed forcing herself not to break eye contact.

Alastair hummed almost purring as he rolled the cart covered with a bloodstained cloth over to her. “Lesson One: Submission.” Her eyes wide in horrified eyes wide with anger.

“You gotta be fucking kidding me. You might as well kill me now, because I submit to no one.”

“They all say that in the beginning.” Alastair shrugged indifferently, before ripping away the bloody cloth. All sorts of shiny scary tools and objects, most of which she didn’t even recognize. He picked up a small scalpel turning it over in his hands examining it closely before turning to the hunter dangling in front of him. Predatory look in his eyes, like a cat playing with a mouse.

“Now, don’t think because you belong to him, I won’t be able to hurt you. He won’t care if I mark you up. Just as long as you are still useful.”

“Him? Him who?”

Alastair raised a brow then lifted the scalpel, dragging the sharp blade along her side. Elliott couldn’t help buy yelp as the cold metal sliced her skin like butter. The cut started out shallow just under her ribs, and curved but as he pulled the blade down, the bastard dragged the tool deeper ending the slice at the hallow of her hip. Cold air stung the freshly sliced flesh. Blood dribbled down her abdomen to the lining of cotton panties. She sucked in oxygen through her teeth hissing.

“Who is him, what?” Alastair drawled, eyes narrowing at the hunter expectantly. Elliott’s brows scrunched up not understanding what the demon wanted. Alastair sighed and rested the scalpel on her opposite hip threateningly. “Come on Barbie. Who is him, what?”

She huffed when it clicked. Did he really expect her to call him Professor or Sir? This demon had the audacity to think she would really stoop that low? Elliott Anders? Hunter, fighter, call anyone Sir? Hell fucking no.

Her hands gripped at the rope above her tied up wrists. Using all of the arm strength, she had she pulled herself up a couple inches. Quickly she kicked out with both legs. Only grunting at the stab of pain and blood trickling from scalpel now lodged into her hip from the kick. Elliott’s bare feet hit Alastair in his kneecaps, taking him by surprise. The kick would have knocked any normal person on their ass but Alastair only stumbled back a few steps. She swung with the hook that she was tied to. Doing her best to use her bodies weight to try and swing off the meat hook, but the hook was too curved and she only managed to flail helplessly.

Her failed attempt had her whole body swinging like dead weight. Toes, scraping the ground trying to still the uncontrollable rocking, and let off the pressure of her now very sore shoulders. Blood fell freely from her slash and the still embedded scalpel stab due to her exertion. She panted doing her best to block out the sting of the bleeding wounds. Elliott slowly lifted her gaze back to Alastair. The man’s eyes now whited out completely. She jerked back and heard her gasp echo in the windowless room.

“Oh, Barbie doll, you’re really going to regret that.” Alastair muttered licking his lips. Whited out eyes somehow focused on her. What the hell is up with these demons having weird colored eyes! He reached out and twisted the scalpel in her hip. Her screech echoed along the walls before dying off into a whimper. Elliott’s breath quickened as he approached her, this time with a nasty looking mallet in his hand.


Elliott’s back arched mouth opening in a silent scream. Her screams had echoed the room for hour, now it was like her voice had given out. The strain on her shoulders had turned into a painful tingling before finally a blissful numbness. Although the it could have just been dulled down due to the pain everywhere else. Alastair hadn’t been exaggerating. She noticed he didn’t do anything that would out right kill her, only hurt her and keep her in pain for as long as possible. He had been experimenting with different tools of torture, to see what made her scream and squirm in pain more. So the fact that her voice had given out was not pleasing him.

“Barbie, you are starting to bore me.” Alastair came around from behind her to look her the face.

She brought her hooded eyes up to his, intending to glare at the demon but she was too exhausted. Her jaw slack hanging open, to accommodate her shallow breathing. Eyes unable to hold the anger she wanted them to. Instead of anger they were filled with pain. She could feel her whole body ache, bruises patched along her pale skin, cuts and slashes open stinging, as they slowly leaked blood. There was dried blood around her mouth that cracked and flaked when her tongue touched the corner of her lips. Alastair grabbed her jaw to force her hooded eyes on him. Before he could say a word the door behind him cracked open and the deep voice of the yellow eyed demon spoke.

“Enough for today, Alastair.”

Elliott watched as Alastair nodded at the blurred figure of the yellow eyed demon behind him face falling with disappointment. She wasn’t sure how but she was released from the hook. Blinking slowly, she realized she was being carried. The face of the yellow eyed demon blurred into her vision and his shushing is all she remembered letting her eyes rolled back in exhaustion.

Elliott felt herself floating in and out of consciousness drifting from a dream like darkness to semi awareness. Waking up meant pain so she clung on to the dream like state as long as possible. Mind wandering to her family. She knew Max would be proud of her. Not once did she give in and call Alastair by that ridiculous title, but she honestly didn’t know how much more she could take before submitting. Especially if he used that fucking blowtorch again. Her head lolled onto her shoulder. Max, Sam, Dean, Bobby. Where they alright? Where they looking for her? Would they be able to save her?

She was so tiered. Just wanting it to end already. Not sure if Max was still possessed, or if he and the Winchesters were hurt. As she started losing her grip on her dream like state Elliott did her best to stay in her head and focus, trying to block out the worst of the pain. She brought her mind back to the time her brother Max had taught her how to change the oil in The Beast. He was abnormally patience with her. Letting her take her time to memorize what each part was called let alone actually do the oil change herself. Instead of just watch him do the work on The Beast. She was only fourteen when he taught her. Then when the pain flared up again, she changed her thoughts to Dean. His rough voice echoed in her head a mixture of playful disgust scolding her for smoking. God she could really use a cigarette right now. When the thought of cigarettes had her craving the aches and pains flared once more. She moved past that craving and on to Sam. His bright smile, his laugh, the way he made her feel. Remembering their one night together, the way his lips had left her own tingling and how that tingling spread pleasantly throughout her entire body. She wondered if he really had meant any of what he said that night. That he actually liked her. Not like it mattered now, that she was torn up and far away from the shaggy haired giant.

Elliott jolted awake suddenly feeling large cold hands enclosed around her wrist. Her sudden jolt had her releasing a strangled cry as pain wracked her body.

“Hush now, little one.” The yellow eyed demon soothed. The room was fuzzy she knew she was disoriented but that didn’t help clear her mind any. She felt the last leather restraint tighten on her wrist. Squinting her eyes, head lulled around to see, although she didn’t need to see to know she was back on the cold metal table.

“No,” Elliott breathed eyes blinking slowly up at the bearded demon with yellow eyes. “No more, please.”

“Don’t fret little one. There will be no training today.” He hummed softly. Her eyes sloped down to see his finger prodding the crook of her arm. A whine escaped her lips, knowing what he was going to do.

“No, not again.” Her exhausted limbs were heavy and refused to even struggle in their binds.

“I’m going to make you perfect for him.” His yellow eyes glanced over her before pulling out a syringe filled with dark red.

“No, no, no, no.” A tear left her bloodshot eyes rolling down the side of her bruised face. “Please, Don’t- Don’t do this to me.” She couldn’t hear his chuckle distracted by the needle being inserted into her vein. Then he pushed down the dreaded plunger emptying the demon’s blood into her blood steam again. The yellow eyed demon just smiled wickedly, a gentle hand stroking her head again as if she were dog.

“I don’t want to be a monster.” She whimpered as the blood took effect. It was better than the last time for sure, but still made her lightheaded and dazed. The pain from the other day of ‘lessons’ dulled considerable, relaxing her muscles.

“This wouldn’t be so hard on you if we could have found you before this.” The yellow eyed demon sighed. “If it weren’t for that bastard hunter stealing you that night,”

“Wha-?” Elliott slurred but felt her heart picking up. His cloudy eyes narrowed and the corner of his lips curled up to make that wicked smile worse.

“You really don’t know, do you?” He chuckled looking down at her confused drugged out frown. “That hunter lied to you your whole life, didn’t he?” Elliott glared now that she was able to push past the pain. She felt stronger, yet her head was still floating up in the clouds. “He’s wasn’t your dad, little one.”

“You’re crazy!” She hissed.

“Believe what you want child, but the truth is he kept you after a hunt. Took you before we could. He and his son raised you, but they are not your family.”

“You liar!” Her heart sped up, the fog in her brain had her mind moving slow as she tried to process the demon’s words. She tried to lunge at the demon forgetting about the leather straps holding her still. Whimpering from the jolt of pain that shot through her. Reminding her that although dulled down she still had many wounds.

“Then when that bastard hunter finally died, whatever he had used to keep you hidden slowly faded away. He is the one that lied to you. Not me.”

“No.” Elliott shook her head in denial. The demon looked down at her with mock sympathy. Dad? Max? No. They wouldn’t lie to her. This was a demon. Demons lie. She had to remind herself, this yellow eyed bastard was trying to break her. It couldn’t be true.

“As much as I love our little story time, if you are just going to deny the truth, why should I talk?” He patted her head like she was his pet and turned leaving her to stew in her own thoughts. The door echoed shut behind her. The demon blood clouding her mind again, the demon’s words repeated in her head. She quietly sobbed until the heavy feeling in her head had her passing out, to meet the blackness once again.

Chapter Text

Although the first few days were rough, it just continued to get worse. Elliott could feel her hope of escaping this concrete prison dwindle each passing day, along with her strength. It was day eight in this Hell hole if her calculations were correct. Not that she could see the sun or even a clock. She was only able to tell another day had passed by when she woke to find the opposite demon she had seen before she shut her eyes. They seemed to be on a schedule. One day yellow eyes would pump her up with demon blood and the next day Alastair got to ‘train’ her.

By train, they meant torture. Even when the pain was too much and she shamefully gave in to him and called him ‘sir’ Alastair had tortured in other ways. Worse ways. Elliott had been so proud of herself up until that moment. She had refused to give into the bastard's demands, held her head up tall against all the excruciating pain. If it weren’t for that fucking blowtorch, she knew she could have held out longer. If she could have just pasted out from the painful flames like she had from his other tools, she wouldn’t have given in. Alastair had stopped melting her flesh the moment she screamed her submission.

“Stop! Please-!”

“All you have to do is say the word Barbie.” He taunted over the roar torch.

“S-s-sir, please st-stop, S-sir.” She stuttered in shame.

When the torch was turned off silencing the room she panted in relief, her shame taking a backseat as she revealed in the moment of peace. The after burn took a second longer to feel but was just as torturous as the flame itself and had her relief turn to hissing cries. Melted burned flesh throbbed with scorching heat along her left leg. On both the inside of her thigh and along the back of her calf her flesh was charred black and bloody. Not to mention the burn on her ankle from the second session with the demon.

“See, now that wasn’t so hard now was it.” He set the torch down then turned to her hanging form, with a wicked smile. “Now, as your teacher I am here to show you discipline, but what kind of teacher would I be if I didn’t reward good behavior?”

Of course, Alastair’s form of reward was not a reward at all. The thought of his cold bloody hands on her bruised and used skin had her trembling. According to the yellow eyed demon if she just ‘quit being a stubborn little bitch Alastair wouldn't have to go that far’.

Elliott hung there shamed, hurt, and not even fully conscious. The mixture of Alastair’s ‘reward’ and the after burn on her flesh had her floating in her head. She clung to it, dreaming of her brother, friend, and the beautiful Winchester. Knowing when she woke, she would be strapped down to the cold table and given demon blood. The thought of the demon blood numbing her pain had her heart zinging with need, and that scared the crap out of her. She didn’t want it, but she needed it. She needed the demon blood to numb the pain. Unfortunately, she was sure that’s what the demons were planning on. Doing her best to fight through the craving she focused her cloudy dreams again towards Max, Bobby, Dean and Sam.

Commotion from outside her windowless concrete room threatened to wake her as she hovered in between sleep and consciousness. The only door creaked open like it usually did. Elliott fought but was losing her battle to stay asleep. Giving all she could to cling on to the dream like state. Instead of the slowly approaching footsteps of the yellow eyed demon she could have sworn she heard a sharp inhale, but she knew she was just on the edge of wakening up fully.

“Ellie-” a familiar voice breathed out, then there was a rush of footsteps. Strange dream she thought eyelids heavy and closed.

Two warm fingers touched her neck, making Elliott spasm away as much as she could hanging by her wrists and began shouting. “No!-No-No-No-Don’t! No more!” Her voice croaked more than shouted as her body trembled. Breathing fast and shallow, unfocused eyes wide doing their best to see which demon was in front of her, terrified Alastair might have come back for a round two. The large warm hands moved to steady her struggles.

“Whoa! Whoa, whoa, hey- Ellie-Ellie?!” The familiar voice now shouting her name. No, Elliott thought her nick name. “Dean! In here!” The voice shouted out behind him before turning back to her. His giant hands moved up to cup her face. Then she realized who the voice belonged to, seizing her struggles. Sam. “Hey-hey, hey! Ellie! It’s me, it’s Sam. I’m not going to hurt you.”

“Sa-m” Elliott croaked wet eyes now focusing on his big beautiful face. Gorgeous hazel eyes full of worry met hers. His usually bright face was heavy with guilt and relief. She wanted to sob in relief, but wouldn’t allow herself such a weakness, she already had a few tears slipping and didn’t want to break anymore. Unfortunately, she wasn’t able to hide her emotions from Sam.

“You’re safe. We're going to get you out of here.” Sam voice broke as she leaned her head into his cupped hand. “Dean!” He turned and shouted behind him turning to her again. She could feel his eyes scan over her mutilated body, assessing the worst of the wounds.

Elliott looked away embarrassed at her condition. Black and blue patches spotted her skin, charred melted skin on her leg, with blood that was dry and crusty in some places and wet and dripping in others. Blood dribbled down from deep cuts on her ribs and torso. The cotton panties were ripped but still on now stained with different shades of reds and browns. It was her only form of clothing, seeing as her bra was now just shreds on the floor a few feet away from her dangling body.

“Holy shit.” Dean’s shocked voice breathed from behind Sam. Not helping her shame and embarrassment.
“Dean. Get the rope.” Sam ordered. His face tight with cold anger or it could have been sympathy she couldn’t tell. Dean visibly cringed when he got closer to but gave Sam a nod and started work on the rope.

“Hey, Princess. We're going to get you out of here okay?” Dean rumbled focusing on cutting the rope holding her hands up to the meat hook.

“Okay.” Elliott whispered back with a shaky breath. Doing her best to be the strong hunter she was raised to be.

Sam’s hands felt hot on her cold skin as he perched one on her bare waist the other on her bare back doing his best to avoid the worst of her injuries.

Even though Elliott knew it was coming and she mentally prepared for the pain she couldn’t help the gut retching cry that escaped her lips, as her arms fell. Her vision whited out for a second, and heavy arms that had lost all feeling fell limpless dangling at her sides. No longer numb a painful tingle was starting to spread through her shoulders and arms.

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Sam rushed out cringing. Gently he lowered her to the ground. Elliott gritted her teeth together grimacing to keep back the sob that wanted to escape.

“S-kay, mh-okay.” She mumbled through her painful panting. Sam felt his heart plummet into his empty stomach. He situated himself on the bloody cold concrete so she could rest comfortably in his lap.

“Aw, Ellie-” Sam voice cracked. “Please don’t say that. You- You're not okay.” Their eyes locked on one another as she let out a shaky sigh. The broken gaze on Sam’s face made her own heart ache. She tried to give him a comforting smile but she was sure it came out as more of a grimace. A shiver racked through her whole body and before she knew it Sam was taking off his flannel. Not wanting to cause her any more pain he just laid it over her near nude body like a soft blanket.

“Sam,” Dean growled pulling away Sam’s gaze. Elliott felt Sam’s large frame tense, arms stiffen around her. She followed his gaze to Dean, now standing by the table with the used syringe in his hand. Dean’s terrified expression matched Sam’s. Elliott just closed her eyes bowing her head shamefully not wanting to see how they were reacting. They couldn't have known what she had been shot up with? If they had known they wouldn’t have rescued her right? Because she couldn’t be normal after that.

Sam gave her a gently squeeze when he caught the blonde’s reaction. He cleared his throat. “Come on Ellie, let’s get you out of here.” Sam softly soothed even though his eyes were tense. Managing to crack a small smile for her, he continued. “Your brother’s going to be happy to see you.”

“Max?” Elliott’s voice cracked and eyes widened panicked at noticing he was not there with Sam and Dean. Terrified he was hurt or still possessed. “Where is he? Is he okay?” Her eyes darted to the door searching for her big brother.

“He’s fine, I promise.” Sam soothed tucking her sweat slicked hair behind her ear.

“Yeah, stubborn moron.” Dean grumbled but stopped when he met Sam’s glare. Elliott’s panic subsided but Dean’s comment had her still worried.

“Okay Ellie,” Sam spoke seriously adjusting his hold on Elliott to slide one long arm under her knees and the other along her back. “I’m sorry, but this is probably going to hurt. On three?” Elliott bit into her swollen bottom lip with a nod as he moved her still painfully tingling arm over his shoulder. She missed the look Dean gave Sam. “One-” Before even getting to two Sam quickly lifted her as if she weighted nothing. The howl of pain Elliott let out had Sam regretting his decision to follow his brother’s silent advice. “Sorry-sorry!”

Her fist tightened grasping the back of his undershirt. “What happened to two and three?” Elliott whimpered. He gave Dean a bitch face jaw ticking. Elliott let her head roll on to Sam’s shoulder close to his neck, breathing deeply through the pain. She didn’t hear the words but could feel the vibrations of his grumbled growl at his brother.

Dean led the way out with the demon knife in hand, Sam followed closely with Elliott tightly in his hold. Once outside the night’s breeze blew through Elliott’s greasy sweaty hair. At that moment she relaxed more into Sam’s hold realizing she was really out and saved. Sam could feel her tight muscles melting from their tension as the night breeze hit them.

Sam sighed at the sight of the Impala. More specifically the sight of Max handcuffed to the steering wheel. After what he’d just seen inside the abandoned building. After seeing the aftermath of what those demons had done to Elliott, he didn’t think he could handle the possible bickering Max and Dean might have.

“Ellie!” Max’s shouts jerked Elliott out of her comfortable daze. Her head snapped up to see her brother but it shot a ripple of pain through her causing her to flinch and whimper.

“Easy.” Sam growled softly over her brother’s shouts. “Elliott take it easy. He’s okay. He just see’s you.” Sam’s irritation towards Max grew at seeing her distress over his shouts. Not that Sam could really blame him. If it had been his family Sam couldn’t say he’d have reacted any better.

Elliott had trouble focusing but when she did see Max it took her another second to understand what she was seeing.

“If he breaks Baby’s steering wheel, I’m gonna kill’em” Dean rumbled.


Max was struggling with the cuffs, that were latched to both his unbroken wrist and the wrist still covered in the cast from the vampire hunt a week ago. He normally could get out of cuffs easily but his busted right arm made it improbable. When he had refused to stay behind at the motel, he thought he had convinced the Winchesters that he needed to help find his little sister. That his bum right arm wouldn’t get in the way, but he thought wrong. He had been struggling in the cuffs from the moment they surprised him and attached him to the steering wheel. But when he saw the giant Winchester carrying the small, limp, broken form of his little sister, he all but panicked. Struggles intensified and he began shouting. The closer Sam got the worse Elliott looked. Bloody, bruised, and his heart broke when he realized she was in nothing but the young Winchester’s shirt.

His shouting seized as he breathed “What did they do to you?!”

Max’s eyes were glued to his little sister, wanting more than anything to take away her pain. If he wasn’t a nervous wreck, he would have thought it ironic. Dean’s head popped in the Impala blocking his view. He snapped his fingers to get Max’s attention.

“Max. She’s gonna be alright. She’ll need some stitches and some serious r and r, but she is going to be okay.” Dean whisper shouted at him. “But Max? You need to calm down. She is in a lot of pain and she doesn't need you stressing her out more. Alright? Hey! Understand me?” Max furrowed his brow at the older hunter but nodded vigorously before his eyesight was back to Elliott.

“Dean.” Sam grunted from behind him. Without another word Dean moved around to open the back door.

“Why’s he handcuffed?” Elliott mumbled into Sam’s neck.

“We didn’t think it was a good idea for him to come to a demon fight with a broken right arm.” Sam softly explained for her.

“Thank you.” She sighed and tried to pull her head up. She didn’t want Max to see her weak like this. She didn’t want anyone to see her like this, especially the way she was found. It was too late for Sam and Dean, but she had to be the strong hunter Max knew she was.

“Ellie, I’m just going to slide into the seat holding you, alright?” Sam warned her not wanting to jostle her injuries again. As Sam slid into the back, she could hear the clicking of the metal cuffs up in the front seat.

“Ellie.” Max breathed urgently grabbing her attention.

“Hey, Maxipad.” Elliott braved a small smile up at her big brother. He was leaning over the front bench seat to see her better.

Max gave a wet chuckle and sagged in relief. She was cracking a joke. That was a good sign. She even knew he wouldn’t ream her a new one for that awful nickname. Sam adjusted his hold to make sure she was more comfortable and Dean shut the door. Max wanted to leap over the bench seat and hold his little sister. To hug her and check over her injuries himself, but Dean was already hitting the gas. So Max just leaned over the front bench and cupped her bruised face, to convince himself that she was real, and that she wasn’t going anywhere.

“Oh, Bug. I’m so, so sorry! This is all my fault. I-” Max started but was cut off by Elliott’s small voice.

“Stop. Please. It isn’t your fault-” Elliott mumbled.

Dean obviously had heard he exhaustion in her voice because he stopped her. “Max, let her rest.” His eyes bouncing back and forth from the empty road to the rearview mirror. Max sighed and pulled away from her sitting back down in his seat, but never taking his eyes off her.

Sam leaned back to let Elliott nestle her head back into the crook of his neck. Where she was in and out of sleep as they drove. Sam leaned down and gently pressed his lips to the top of her head. A week. She had been missing for an entire week. It somehow felt much longer than a week. He stroked a hand down the back of her head that was nuzzled in his neck, smoothing her long, greasy, copper blonde locks back. He hadn’t known her that long but he couldn’t deny there was a connection. Elliott inhaled slowly as if she might wake up but nuzzled in closer to him, her cold nose brushing just along his collarbone. In any other situation Sam would probably feel uncomfortable being so close to Elliott while her brother stared in the front seat, but not now. He was too happy to have her back in his arms to care. Sighing again Sam continued to stroke her tangled hair, comforting himself that she was there with him.

“How bad is she?” Max turned whispering to Dean. The older Winchester’s gaze flickered up to the rear view mirror to see Sam cradling the sleeping hunter.

“She’ll need stitching, but she’s not bleeding out, so that’s a good sign. Also, some nasty burns, I don’t even know what they could have-” Dean shook his head not able to finish the sentence. “She’ll need some strong antibiotics to ward off infection. Those black eyed bitches weren't trying to kill her. They wanted her in pain.” Dean growled so low Sam could hardly make out what he was saying. “-but Max?” Dean sighed gripping the steering wheel remembering what he had found on the metal table. “They weren’t just hurting her.”

“The Hell is that supposed to mean?” Max bit out a little louder than he had meant to. Dean felt Sam’s eyes glaring up at them, but luckily Elliott didn’t stir.

“We found a used needle, near her, Max.” Dean breathed keeping his voice low. “They were dossing her up with something.”

Max whipped around in his seat to look at his sleeping sister. “What? That’s- Why?”

“Don’t know, but you are not alone. We will figure this out. Together.” Dean let his eyes bounce back and forth from the road to the rear view mirror.


“Ellie,” Sam murmured softly in her ear when they had pulled up to their shitty motel. Elliott groaned, her hazel eyes creaking open. Squinting up at her giant. “Hey, sorry baby, I gotta get you inside now, so we can patch you up okay?”

Sam’s gentle tone had her relaxing and almost falling back asleep, but she gave him a confirmation hum. Sam lifted her with him as he got out of the Impala, causing her to groan again. As Sam walked them to the motel door, she could hear Dean and Max muttering behind them. Max appeared in her line of sight again as he opened the door for Sam to carry her through.

Sam gently set Elliott on the bed furthest from the door. Max came over with a bottled water for her to drink as Dean came in the door with a few duffel bags in hand.

“How we doin’ Princess?” Dean’s gruff voice somehow soft as he questioned her. Elliott pulled on a small smile and parted opened her mouth to respond but Dean spoke again, before she could. “-and if you even think about saying you’re okay, all three of us will kick your ass.”

Elliott’s lips curled up and she huffed a painful laugh. “In that case, -like shit.”

“Lucky for you Bug, the Winchesters here got their hands on some heavy duty pain killers.” Max rattled an orange pill bottle. She could hear his worried pitch through the light hearted playfulness. He tapped the orange bottle in his palm knocking out a couple capsules. Pausing to look down at his black and blue little sister, then knocking a third pill out onto his palm.

She felt the bed dip as Max sat on the edge dropping three pink pills into her open hand, then uncapped the water bottle for her. Max and Dean watched as she took the pills down gratefully, gently drinking the rest of the bottle.

“Now that’s the good stuff Ell. With any luck you’ll pass out before we get very far patching you up.” Dean warned her a bit too late, but Elliott could care less. She was excited to have the pain fade. Especially without being shot up with demon blood. Sam came out of the bathroom with an ice bucket full of warm water in one hand, a bottle of whiskey in his other and a couple small towels thrown over his shoulder.

Starting on a second water bottle she glanced up at Sam. Elliott couldn’t help but tense up knowing what was going to come next. She already hurt all over she didn’t want to have to feel their hands examining her or the sharp needle that would stitch her up like a rag doll. Sighing at the whiskey in Sam’s hand knowing very well that it wasn’t going to be for drinking.

“Starting to feel a little claustrophobic-” Elliott huffed feeling like an animal at the zoo. “-with you three stating at me.” The three men huffed humorlessly.

“I’ll go, uh-” Dean cleared his throat. “I’ll get some dinner. I expect you’ll be sleeping when I get back, but want anything specific?”

“Could really go for a pack of Marlboro Reds,” Elliott smiled crookedly, already feeling the medication kicking in. It moved through her like a breeze flowing into her mind, her eyes starting to droop, half mast.

“This is the only time I’m supporting your nasty habit.” Dean pointed his finger at her but couldn’t hide his slight amusement. Then turned his finger to her brother. “Which by the way is your fault.”

“Thanks De.” Elliott yawned. Dean walked over to kiss her forehead then twirled his keys as he walked out, closing the door behind him.

“I’m just going to clean you up with some warm water first, see what needs to be done.” Sam hesitated with the warm wet cloth not wanting to cause her anymore pain. The combination of the drugs and the gentle strokes of the warm wet cloth had Elliott’s eyes drooping further.

“Feeling better Sis?” Max sighed feeling a weight lift off his chest at finally seeing his sister relax.

Sis. That echoed through her mind and squeezed her heart. “Sis?” Elliott slurred face scrunched up, droopy eyes closing.

“Yes, Sis.” Max and Sam chuckled at her drugged out state. “You know sis, short for sister? Because you are my sister.”

“Nng- tha’s not wha the demon said.” Elliott slurred frowning her lips in a pout. Max’s eyes when wide and Sam looked over at him confused.

“Wha-What, what are you talking about, Ellie?”

“Is it tru-?” Elliott forced her eyes to flutter open training her unfocused gaze on Max. “Did, did dad just find me on a hunt?” A tear slipped quickly falling down her cheek.

Max felt his heard pang and drop to his stomach like led. His mouth hung open trying to find words. Sam glanced between the two dumbfounded. The silence had given Elliott her answer and she didn’t even feel her tears fall.

Sam felt a pang in his chest looking at her distraught tears. He felt a strong urge to comfort her but knew that it wasn’t his place he gave her hand a gentle squeeze and stoop up. Leaving to bathroom to dump out the now dirty bloody water in the sink. He needed to give the siblings a minute even if all he wanted to do was hold her and tell her everything was going to be alright.

She felt Max’s hands cup sides of her head, which was slightly awkward due to his chunky cast. He held guilt in his green eyes, he saw himself guilty of getting his little sister captured and now his guilt had multiplied. Guilt that he had kept the secrete of how she became his sister. But that was it, she was his sister blood or no blood. Yes, he had lied to his sister all because of their father’s orders, and here poor Ellie had to hear it from a blood thirsty sadistic demon.

“You are my sister.” Max growled out. “Blood or no blood. You are my family and I will fight for my family until my very last breath.” He wiped away a stay tear off her cheek with his thumb clumsily due to the cast. Elliott looked down to his cast and started giggling at the girly brightly colored hippie flowers she had doodled all over it only a week ago. A small sob escaped but she kept on giggling in her drugged haze smile. Max smiled back at her while she lazily traced the flowers with her finger, blinking and fighting the drugs pulling her to sleep.

“You are my little sister, Ellie. Nothing will ever change that. -but right now, I need you to sleep and let your big brother take care of you.” Elliott mumbled something about ‘brothers’ as her eyes finally drooped shut nodding off. She was finally safe, and with her family.

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Everything hurt. Elliot wasn’t even fully awake, but everything ached. Though at second thought the pain wasn’t as bad as she thought it should have been. Maybe the yellow eyed demon didn’t wait this time for her to wake before shooting her up. The worst of the pain was her inner thigh and calf, it burned, and there was a tightness on her side just below her ribs. Groaning and gripping her burning thigh, before she froze. She wasn’t restrained. Gasping, blood shot eyes snapped open and she jackknifed out of bed.

“Hey-hey-hey! You’re safe! Elliott, you’re safe. Take it easy.” Sam cooed as he hovered over Elliott trying to keep her calm and not pull her stitches or reopen any of her other wounds. He was afraid to touch her for the same reason.

Elliott’s panicked eyes landed on Sam as her chest heaved quickly not able to fill her lungs. Her eyes widened confused by her own actions. She could see Sam, and could see the blessed old motel room not the awful cold concrete prison. She could now remember last night's rescue, knew that Sam, Dean, and Max had saved her from that terrible place. She remembered it, but something was happening, like her body didn’t seem to remember like her brain did. The blood that rushed in her ears and blocked out most of her hearing, sounding like Alastair's wicked blowtorch. Her breath rapidly drawing in short bits, but not enough to properly fill her lungs. She wheezed brows scrunched in confused terror. The crumby motel room was tilting and began blurring in and out into the dark concrete room, covered in blood stains. She could hear that awful blowtorch rushing, burning into her thigh and calf, melting and charring her flesh.

“Elliott!” A voice shouted over the hissing gas of the torch. “What’s wrong with her?!”

“Ah, shit. She’s having a panic attack.” Another voice spoke, but the roaring of the flames made it difficult to make out their words.

Sam’s voice Elliott put together. Suddenly a very warm, and very large hand cupped her along the jaw and the back of her neck. Making her unfocused gaze land on him. Hazel eyes, much deeper and darker than her own, landed on her. Sam.

She felt her hand being pulled upward and placed on her own chest. Then the other hand was pulled up and out, landing on something solid and warm. Elliott didn’t leave Sam’s galaxy like eyes. Her palm resting on his rock hard chest. Feeling the rising and falling with his exaggerated breathing. Then it was coming back slowly and she could hear again. The hissing gas died down, and she realized there were no flames. She wasn’t there in the concrete room she was here, in the motel with Sam.

“Follow my breathing, Ellie,” Elliott tried to obey his soft calming voice, gasping for air trying to fill her lungs. “Long deep breaths. Come on. You can do it. Just follow mine.”

Sam’s gentle concern had her focus. His chest moving under her palm rising and falling slowly. Large hands holding her own to his chest, warm and comforting. His voice deep and commanding yet calm and gentle.

“That’s it. There you go. Good girl.” Sam praised as Elliott’s breathing calmed, now mimicking his. The tall hunter was crouched down next to the bed to meet her wide eyes.

“Ellie are you okay?” Max and Dean asked at the same time. The two now in her line of sight just over Sam’s broad shoulder. She blinked a few times feeling exhaustion and embarrassment consume her. She was better than this. She was tougher than this. She didn’t have panic attacks she helped victims that did.

“Yeah, I’m fine, I-I mean I’m good now.” She corrected herself not feeling up to bickering about her not being fine. Avoiding eye contact she looked away to hide her shame. “Thank you, Sam.” Sam’s hands lingered above her chest a moment longer before dropping to his sides and gave her a small smile.

“Ellie-” Dean stepped closer, obviously wanting to help but not sure how.

“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t -I, uh- that's never happened before.” Elliott breathed confused at her own actions.

“No, no. Ellie don’t be sorry. You did nothing wrong.” Max stopped her with a guilt heavy voice. Mentally kicking himself for taking off his anti-possession charm bracelet. This was all his fault, if it weren’t for him his little sister wouldn’t look so broken, he reprimanded himself.

“Yea, Elliott don’t feel bad. We’ve all been there.” Sam added.

Elliott sighed and nodded to exhausted from the panic attack to drag out this conversation further. All the while thinking yeah right, you all have had a massive panic attack in front of your older brother and his hot friends. Her stomach grumbled making for the perfect distraction.

“Food. You need food.” Dean rambled. “Max, Sam, which one of you want to come with to get food for the road?”

“The road?” Elliott asked glad for the subject change.

“Yep. We're bringing you back to Bobby’s for some r and r.” Dean stated.

“I’ll go. I know her favorite.” Max gave his little sister a wink.

“Sam be ready to go when we get back.” Dean ordered before pulling Baby’s keys out of his front pocket. Max gave Elliott a gentle hug before following Dean out the door.

Elliott groaned and stretched as she heard the rumble of the Impala fade. Her entire body was stiff, sore and bruised. She could feel the tug of stitches along her lower ribs and hip.

“How long have I been out?” Elliot groaned quietly as she turned to the side of the bed letting her feet could dangle off the edge.

“You’ve been in and out of it for... little over twenty four hours?” Sam estimated, packing up a duffel. Elliott’s brow arched. “We were going to try and wake you soon if you didn’t on your own. At least to get you to the car.”

She blinked at her clothes, not remembering dressing into the sleep shorts, and over sized tee. In fact, she felt cleaner as well. She ran a hand through her hair and although it still got caught in tangles it felt softer, free of greasy and the bloody clumps. Had someone washed her hair? Cleaned her up?

“Did you wash my hair?” Elliott bawked confused.

The young Winchester snorted from the bathroom as he gathered their belongings. “You don’t remember that? You woke up pretty loopy, I think Max gave you one too many pills honestly, but you were demanding that we let you shower. We knew you couldn’t stand up on your own so we compromised with a bath. You feel asleep half way through and we got you to bed.”

“Oh god!” Elliott whined “I’m so, sorry.” Her cheeks were beet red.

“Don’t worry about.” He called from the bathroom.

Groaning again Elliott let her head fall into her hands, elbow resting on her knees and rubbed her temple. She peaked up under her fingers to see something amazing sitting on the night stand next to her. A brand new pack of Marlboro Reds just waiting for her. There was also a lighter. The corner of her lips tugged up at the zippo. It had an image of Elvis on it. The king was printed on the side of the zippo in his iconic white blinged out jumpsuit. She huffed amused, just knowing Dean had thought of her when he got it. Letting her toes touch the stale carpet first she held on to the night stand and bed ready to prevent her from falling. She swayed some as she put weight on her feet, standing still to bracing herself.

Sam walked out of the bathroom just then, duffel bag in hand. Shock zinged through him at the sight of Elliott on her wobbling feet holding on to the night stand.

“Whoa! Take it easy. You shouldn’t be up and walking around yet.” Sam dropped his duffel and rushed to her side.

“It’s okay, Sam. Can’t just sit on my ass all day.” Elliott breathed, doing her best to hide the pain.

“That’s exactly what you should be doing. You’re really hurt Elliott. You need to rest.”

She rolled her eyes playfully at him. Even though she didn’t mind how his hand warmed her lower back trying to steady her swaying. “Alright, alright. I’ll rest- after a quick smoke break.” She smirked up at him hopefully.

He responded with his classic ‘bitch face’. They bickered for a moment before Sam gave in. Sam would most likely give into anything the blonde wanted right now. He had missed her, searched long hours day and night to get her back. Even if she was extremely hurt and needed to rest, he couldn’t say no. Not to that face. The face that was somehow was able to smirk with black and blue patches, stitches and awful burns.

Elliott’s smile was playfully crooked and bright even with the healing split lip. Hazel eyes that seemed to switch from green to blue-green on a whim were bright despite the dark bruise blossoming under her eye and along her cheek, and that was just her face. He had been the one to patch her up last night, he saw everything. The bruises, the cuts, the horrible burns. Somehow, the hunter only needed minimal stitching, the worst along her ribs and hip. All of the other cuts were shallow enough it wasn’t needed so they were just patched up with gauze. The burns were covered in a layer of ointment and bandaged properly. She would hold permanent scars of her time captured. Would forever have marks along her soft freckled skin. She was so strong and deserved whatever she wanted even if it was a stupid cancer stick.

Sam couldn’t help but admire her endurance as he helped her outside to smoke. She was stubborn and tried to bat him away to walk by herself. Of course, he hovered, hands only an inch away to catch her if she lost her balance. Once outside Elliott leaned against the wall, for support. She tapped the carton against her rope burned wrist to pack the cigarettes. Hands fumbled with the carton until she’d gotten one out. With a few tries she was able to flick the Elvis zippo to produce its flame, all the while ignoring Sam’s protest to help. Inhaling deeply as she lit up. Letting a moan escape and head fall back softly to the wall. She felt her whole body relax slowly exhaling a puff of smoke.

“Oooh fuck, that’s better.”

Sam tried to distract himself, to ignore the way his body was reacting to the hunter’s moans. “So, unhealthy.” Sam muttered under his breath. Wrinkling his nose at the smell.

Elliott chuckled he looked cute with his nose wrinkled up like that. “Give it a rest Jolly Green.” She took a long drag before continuing. “I mean if I don’t deserve a smoke after being taken, tortured, and shot up with- I deserve a damn smoke.” Catching herself just in time. Hoping Sam had missed the her slip up, but she was not that lucky.

“Ellie, what did the demons do to you?” Sam pushed, face still scrunched but now in concern. Running her cigarette free hand through her tangled but clean coppery blonde locks. Elliott didn’t want to answer him even if she knew how to answer. This wasn’t just torture, and they knew it, but how do you say that out loud? How do you tell your crush let alone anyone that you were shot up with demon blood? She avoided his gaze more looking to her bare feet on the warm sun soaked concrete. The girl with the demon blood. She could never admit that although it disgusted her, she could actually feel her body anxiously jittering for another hit of the red syringe. Fuck.

Sam’s lips parted about to speak but stopped when the rumbling of Baby’s engine reached their ears. The Impala pulled up parking right in front of them. The purring engine cut off and both Max and Dean stepped out.

“Hey what are you doing out here? You should be resting.” Max chide briskly walking to her side and turned to give the young Winchester an accusing glare.

“Stop.” Elliott complained. “I will. I promise just please let me have a damn smoke break.” Max sighed and gave her a small smile, before holding out his hand expectantly. Elliott automatically held out the pack for him to grab one.

Dean rolled his eyes and huffed at the siblings. “You both are gross. All packed up Sammy?”

“Yeah, duffels are on the floor.” Sam motioned to the motel with a nod before going into grab the bags.

“Dean?” Elliott stopped him from following his brother into the room. “Thanks for my lighter.” She gave him a lopsided grin twiddling the zippo with Elvis’s image in her fingers.

“It’s what the gas station had.” Dean shrugged deflecting her gratitude and went to grab the bags. He wouldn’t admit he saw the stupid thing in a thrift store window a few days ago, while on the trail to find her.

They ate in the Impala anxious to get back to Bobby’s. Elliott found out that they were in the middle of Nebraska, meaning it would take a very long six and half hour car ride to even reach Sioux Falls. Of course, Dean was driving so it would no doubt be shorter but still, a long ride.

Sam sat in his normal seat up front next to his brother. Elliott rested awkwardly stretched out behind Dean’s seat, trying to find the least painful position as possible, and Max sat back with her. Despite her grumbling stomach she found she wasn’t that hungry. It was maybe an hour in and she was the last one to finish lunch, after mostly picking apart the sandwich. Tossing the Styrofoam box into the designated trash bag.

“I can’t believe that is you favorite.” Dean teased from behind the wheel.

“Don’t knock it until you try it.” Elliott defended. “It is the king of all sandwiches.” Getting a laugh from Sam and an eye roll from the other men.

“Peanut butter and bananas I could get. Hell, I made that for Sammy all the time when he was a kid. But Peanut butter, banana and bacon? That’s strange, and I love bacon.” Dean huffed shaking his head.

“Honestly it isn’t that bad.” Max admitted. “It all depends who makes them, really. Elliott here makes the very best Elvis’s.” He reached over and ruffled her hair.

“Can’t say I’ve ever tried one with bacon” Sam chuckled at Elliott as she fixed her hair. “-but if what Max says is true, I couldn’t turn it down if you made it.” Elliott blushed and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. She couldn't hide the wince as her fingers brushed her bruised cheek.

“Looks like it’s time for more pain pills.” Max sighed and dug through his old bag at his feet. Ignoring his sister’s protests, he dumped a single pill in his left hand.

“Max, really stop. I don’t want to pass out for an entire day again. I’ll be fine” She protested.

“Only one pill, Ellie. You’ll probably just pass out for some of the trip. So just take it, please Bug?” Max pleaded using the nickname he’d given her when she was a little girl. She sighed and agreed. They needed to talk. They both knew it, but neither wanted to talk about their family drama in front of the Winchesters. “Thank you.” He breathed as she downed the pill with a sip of her pop. She felt tired almost instantly her aches and pains dulling as her mind started floating.

Unlike last time Elliott didn’t just black out from the medication. Nightmares fill her heavy sleep, flashes of glowing yellow eyes, and syringes full of the dark red liquid that gleamed in the flickering light. The leather straps, and rope tight around her writs taunted her. Her own blood trickling down her body to drip to stain the concrete floor below her toes.

Elliott shot up panting. Her breathing much easier to get under control then last time she woke up. She felt two pairs of eyes on her from the front seat, but instead turned to look at the only pair that wasn’t on her. Her big brother was zonked out with his head resting on the window jaw lax and the tiniest bit of drool at the corner of his lips. Surprised that she hadn’t woken him as her legs were laid across his lap as he slept.

“How long was I out?” Elliott breathed avoiding Sam and Dean’s concerned eyes.

“Ellie- It was just a nightmare. It wasn’t real.” Sam comforted not letting her deflect.

“I asked how long was I out?” She asked a little louder clearly not acknowledging his concern.

Dean cleared his throat “ ’bout three hours.” The older Winchester’s eyes flicked to from Sam right next to him to the women in the back seat, before focusing on the road again.

“Elliott.” Sam continued to push. “You’re going to have to talk about it sometime.” His eyes got bigger giving her a look that reminded Elliot of a sad puppy.

“No. Actually I don’t.” She denied and tried to snap but those damn puppy dog eyes had her breaking.

“I’m not saying you have to now. I’m not even saying you have to talk to me, if you don’t want to.” Sam tried to explain wishing she would just let it out, and he could be one step closer to kill the demon scum that hurt her. “I’m just saying that the sooner you talk about what those black eyed bastards did to you, the sooner it will get better.”

“Yellow eyes.” Elliott corrected with a mumble. She was looking out her window watching the scenery pass so she completely missed both men stiffened reactions.

“What was that?” Sam hesitated, sure he had heard her incorrectly.

She turned to look at him surprised to see how intently both him and Dean were staring at her. “Dean the watch the road.” She snapped before turning to Sam. “The demon. The one in charge, his eyes weren’t black. They were yellow.”

The Impala suddenly screeched to a halt on the side of the empty highway. Throwing Elliott from her seat, to smash into the back of the front bench and land on the floor with a pained yelp. Max startled from his sleep and eyes went to his little sister before searching for danger.

“Dean!” Sam shouted hand still on the dash bracing himself. While Max shouted “What the fuck!” at the same time.

“The Hell did you just say?!?” Dean roared eyes wild in a fearful fury.

Max’s hand reached out to help her off the floor of the Impala. “Hey. Don’t talk to her like that.” Max warned, helping his sister back into the seat. Holding her stinging side Elliott stared at the older hunter in shock, unable to find her voice fast enough.

“About his eyes dammit!” Dean shouted at her ignoring her brother completely. Max was nearly glaring daggers at him. Sam interrupted Max as he was just about to rip Dean a new one.

“Ellie, are-are you sure this demon had yellow eyes?” Sam face may have shown utter shock and fear but his voice was soft and calming.

“Y-Yes.” She squeaked. “I’m sure, I can’t get them out of my head.”

Sam turned to Dean in panic “Dean. No, it can’t-it can’t be him.”

“We killed him. I killed him. This can’t be happening.” Dean growled. “Azazel is dead. I killed him with the fucking colt!”

“Dean we don’t know it’s him for sure. It’s not like she’s one of his ‘gifted children-’ Oh god-” Sam felt like he was going to be sick. His face paled and heart sank at the realization. “No-” His dark hazel eyes locked onto the confused and slightly terrified girl in the back seat.

“No-no, no, no. She can’t be!” Dean whispered following his little brother’s train of thought. “Her healing can’t have anything to do with that yellow eyed fucker. Be-besides,-” Dean cleared his throat trying to come up with any excuse he could. “You said her mom died from a vamp nest, not a fricken nursery fire.” Dean’s words had Sam’s breath hitch and eyes water. The younger Winchester turned a stunned face to Max, remembering the sibling's discussion right before she passed out last night.

“Max...” Sam gulped “How did Elliott’s biological mother die?” Max’s gaze bounced between the Winchester totally confused. All he could piece together was that the Winchesters had a past with this yellow eye demon that had, had his sister. He didn’t understand what this had to do with Elliott’s biological family.

“Biological? Wait, you were adopted?” Dean barked brows shooting up to his hairline.

Max turned away from Dean to his sister. Although she looked terrified and confused, she placed her hand comfortingly on her brother’s shoulder. “Elliott is not my biological sister.” Max started. All three could see Dean’s jaw to tick. “My dad saved her on a hunt. She was just a baby-my dad never told me the whole story, but- he-he said he saved Ellie from a demon in a house fire. She was the only one to make it out.”

“Son of a bitch!!” Dean roared fist slamming into his steering wheel.

“What-” Elliott swallowed the hard lump forming in her throat. “-what does this mean?” Elliott asked timidly arms wrapping around herself holding in her stinging side. Dean ran a hand down his face. He couldn’t even look at her but Sam’s did. His eyes were wet and full of what Elliott could make out was guilt? Or maybe pain? She wasn’t sure but it made her worried.

“Fuck.” Sam breathed his heart broke for her. Sam couldn’t hold his connection with those innocent green-blue eyes any longer and stepped out of the Impala. He couldn’t take it. This was too much. Elliott didn’t deserve this. The Anders siblings and Dean watched as the young Winchester got out of the car, shutting the door behind him. He looked pale enough to be sick.

“It means were fucked.” Dean sighed in sympathy for both the poor girl and Sam. He seemed to be taking it very personally. “When we met, we told you both Sam use to have visions. Do you remember what we said about how?”

It seemed so long ago to Elliott. That day the Winchesters had lumbered into Bobby’s bickering and bleeding, had to have only been two or three weeks ago. One of which Elliott had been held captive and tortured.

“Are you saying that the, demon that had me that-that had me, is the same thing that gave Sam his visions? That it was this-” Elliott spoke softly guarded, anxious of how Dean would react again to the demon’s eye description. “- the yellow eyed demon?”

“Wait, no.” Max interjected connecting the dots. “You said that, you killed that thing. You said that that was how Sam’s visions stopped.”

“That’s what we thought.” Dean mumbled looking out the passenger window to his little brother. Sam was now pacing back and forth, fingers roughly combing through his hair and shaking it out at the ends.

“The Hell is that supposed to mean?” Max growled anxiously.

“It means we need to talk.” The older Winchester turned to the two in the backseat before bringing his focus to the girl. “And I’m sorry but I’m not just talking about Sam and I here. You’ll need to tell us everything that happened Princess.” Elliott met his sympathetic green eyes before reluctantly nodding.


“But were waiting till we get to Bobby’s ‘cause I need a fucking drink.” Dean grumbled.

The last hour of the drive was awkward as fuck. Tension was thick, no one said a word. Dean didn’t even turn on the radio. Elliott fidgeted in her seat, trying to stay as pain free as possible. She wasn’t sure but she might have torn a stitch or two when Dean had sent her flying and tumbling onto the floor of the Impala. Her cut below her ribs stung and she might be able to feel a small wet spot under her shirt. Either way she wasn’t about to break the tension in the car, and there were much more important things to worry about. She zipped up her leather jacket to cover the possible wet spot on her shirt, when she kept feeling all three pairs of eyes glancing at her.

Elliott’s relief at their arrival was short. Bobby’s place had always been like a home to her, and there was nothing she needed more after what she had been through the last week. The moment she stepped out of the Impala the reality of what she was going to have to say hit her. They wanted to talk, more specifically they wanted her to talk. Wanted to her to tell all of the horrible and gory details she had experienced. She let out a shaky breath as she leaned against the Impala, reliving that nightmare was the last thing she ever wanted to do.

Dean and Max grabbed all the bags from the trunk as Sam without meeting her gaze helped the limping hunter into the house. Elliot let out an undignified squeak, the shaggy hunter apparently deciding the stairs would be too hard for her to get up and lifted her into his arms, just like he had the other night when he rescued her. Bobby was on Elliott immediately, the very second that Sam put her down. The old, gruff hunter squeezing her into a bear hug, that was probably just a little too tight, but she would never complain. Then of course the sign of affection was followed by a gruff word or two that ended with him calling her an idjit.

It was a full house of hunters again, all five gathered in Bobby’s messy study. The older Winchester had just finished telling Bobby what they had discovered, an hour ago in the Impala. Every one of them were too anxious to sit, but her body was too exhausted to stand so she was the only one not standing. She sat in the more cushiony chairs in front of the desk, that Sam stood at the corner said desk, staring into his empty glass. Max of course stood next to her, his hands gripping the back rest of her chair as Dean continued on with the story.

“Let me get this straight. You think that yellow eyed bastard is still alive? Even after I witnessed you put a bullet between its eyes?” Bobby questioned from behind his desk, arms crossed. Dean nodded topping off his and Sam’s drinks, before settling to lean his hip along the other side of the desk as his brother. “-and you think he’s after Ellie here to what? Make his demon army two point oh?”

“D-demon what now!?” Elliott sputtered coughing on her bourbon. Searching the room for an explanation. “What the Hell are you talking about?”

Sam cleared his throat to speak up “That was his goal. For me.” He spoke quietly terrified Elliott would either hate or fear him after she knew his past. That he was tainted, wrong. The boy with the demon blood, his melancholy thoughts provided. “I was six months old when the yellow eyed demon -Azazel, we later discovered his name was- had gotten into my nursery and-” he sighed. “-and fed me his blood.” Sam breathed out the last part quickly unable to meet Elliott’s wide eyes. “That was before he pinned my mom to the ceiling and sat her on fire. Then later he did the same to my college girlfriend.”

“Oh my god-” Elliott gaped at him but when he refused to me her eyes she turned to her brother. Max just stared at his amber colored drink jaw clenching. “Does that mean the same thing happened to me?”

Dean cleared his throat gruff voice hallowed as he spoke. “We think so Princess.” Just like everyone else in the room couldn’t keep eye contact, though he did last longer than the others. “There’s more.” He nodded at Sam to continue the rest of their past.

“I already told you about how I got death visions, a little after I turned twenty two. They didn’t stop until I woke up in a ghost town with others like me. Each of us had a different ability.” Sam braved a quick glance down to her but dropped it and ran a hand through his shaggy hair before continuing. “Azazel, the yellow eyed demon put us all there to battle royal to the death. The only survivor was going to lead his army of demons, but we killed him before it could come to that.” He chanced a second look down to her with sad eyes that flashed with hurt when he read the fear crossing her face.

Elliott’s breath hitched, as she stiffened. She leaned back away from the giant Winchester. He killed others like her, she suddenly felt on edge. Did he think she had to die too? “You-You killed the others like me?”

“No! No, no-” Sam’s brows shot up at her conclusion. “I didn’t! I swear. Well I guess I kinda killed the one guy- but he killed me first!” Sam rushed to explain. Elliott’s fear morphed into utter confusion at the nonsense. “Wait, no. That sounded weird. I-I-um, you see-” Sam fumbled rushing again to trying and explain. Bobby muttered under his breath and shook his head at the stuttering giant.

“Alright, Sammy. I’ll take it from here.” Dean jumped in to save the poor guy. He rolled his eyes and patted his brother on the back.

Dean went on from there, with enough detail that it was much easier for the brother and sister to follow. Explaining how Sam was killed, how he had made a crossroads deal to bring Sam back. When he told them that he had been to actual Hell, his story lost all detail. Dean finished his long story with an angel. A real life angle named Castiel, that pulled him out of Hell for reasons still unknown. When he got to the part this Castiel warned them about sixty six seals that if were broken would release the devil and start the apocalypse Max had to sit down. Dean rolled his eyes at their disbelieving stares, unbuttoned his flannel and rolled up his tee shirt sleeve. To show his only proof, Max and Elliott gaped at the hand print scared on his upper arm.

Elliott’s eyes were comically wide at she looked. She had an urge to touch it, but obviously didn’t feel it appropriate. Max’s gaze was glued to the scar as well, even after Dean pulled down his sleeve and buttoned up his flannel.

“Did that even- could that even happen?” Max blinked dragging his gaze away from the older Winchester’s arm to flicker from Dean, to Sam, to Bobby and back again.

“This is insane.” Elliott ’s voice pitched shaking her head.

“Say’s the girl with the demon blood.” Dean bit back. Her wince had him immediately regretting it. He didn’t mean to hurt her he just was tired of having to explain their private lives, let alone try to convince them it was true.

Dean’s words hit Elliott like a punch to the gut. It felt like the air had been knocked out of her, but she recovered quickly. She worried her lower lip between her teeth, and let her eyes fall to stare at nothing.

“I have demon blood in me.” She whispered not in a question but a statement. Sam’s large hands dwarfed hers. Stopping her from unconsciously picking at her cuticles. When she eventually looked up to him, he was doing that thing with his eyes to look like a beaten puppy dog.

“We don’t know that for sure Ellie.” Sam spoke softly still holding on to her hands. “-but I don’t think this can all be a coincidence. I-”

“No. I know I do.” Elliott’s voice tight and wavered as she continued. “He- he- he shot me up w-with-” Her voice cracked and eyes filled up unable to finish. She couldn’t get the words out, didn’t want to say it out load. The tension in the room rose and four sets of perceptive hunter eyes fell on her.

“No.” Her big brother grunted eyes about to spill over as well. He covered his mouth and jaw with his shaky un-casted hand.

“I’m sorry.” Elliott whimpered and ducked her head tears freely fell now. “I-I tried to get o-ut to get aw-way.” She slurred letting out a near quiet sob. Elliott’s memories flooded her senses as her babbling apologies turned into begs and screams in her head. The demon’s hums echoed in her ears. The blood filled syringe gleamed it the dim light as the demon with glowing yellow eyes stepped closer. His humming calm and carefree as her panic ensued. Cold rough fingers prodding the crook of her arm, gently to feel out the vein. The humming paused only for it to coo in her ear, “It’s alright little one, it will get better the more you have.”

“Elliott!” Max shouted over her memory. She snapped out of it when her big brother shook her shoulders, shouting for her. Elliott gasped sharply and quickly glanced around taking in her surroundings. Panting she calmed her heart from its racing pace, before she noticed all the eyes in the room were full of pity as they watched her.

“I can’t do this right now.” Elliott stated monotoned. Then stood up slowly trying to ignore the pull of her stitches and the wet spot soaking the side of her shirt. She made her way out of the room with a struggling limp. Snatching the bottle of bourbon on her way out. Grunting her way up the stairs using the wall as support.

When she finally got to the top and reached the upstairs bathroom, she shut the door behind her, locking it quickly. Leaning against the door she let a sob escape her lips as she slid to the cracked and dirty linoleum floor. This couldn’t be happening. She was a freak. Like Dean had said, ‘The girl with the demon blood.’ The pathetic girl with the demon blood. Who the hell has two panic attacks in one day. She wiped her wet cheeks and lifted the bottle of bourbon to her lips. Chugging as much as she could without coughing. Why her? Why did this have to happen to her? She sniffed and took a much smaller swig. Clutching her knees to her chest bottle of bourbon held in a loose grip, giving herself a few moments to just cry.

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Elliott sat there leaning against the bathroom door for only a few minutes but her mind wander. Not wanting the men to come up and see her, she pulled herself to her feet. As it turned out pulling herself to her feet was a bigger challenge than she expected. Her body was weak, torn, stitched and black and blue. Entire body screaming out in pain as she got to her feet, only allowing low grunts to escape her lips. As she straightened a sharp pain flared up below her ribs, reminding her that she probably tore out some stitches.

She turned her back to the mirror before undressing, knowing she had to look awful. Elliott didn’t think she could handle seeing her own appearance at the moment. Yep. A few stitches had torn, and her shirt was now garbage. Luckily the cut was within her own reach. She limped to the shower and turned the knobs to get the hot water just right. Taking a couple last sips from the bottle, and stepped into the shower. The water burned her skin in a good way but felt scorching when it sprayed on her burn marks along her leg. Hissing at the burn, tears fell blending with the water and soothed her puffy eyes. She was strong she reminded herself. She could get through this, she was a tough hunter but for now, where no one could see her, she would let herself wallow. Let herself show weakness because no one was around and because the moment she stepped out of this shower she would be herself. The tough hunter her dad and Max had raised her to be.


Sam rubbed the back of his neck and sighed, staring up at the ceiling when he heard the shower turn on. Guilt was consuming him.

“How do we stop this?” Max croaked. His eyes were watered over, a single tear had fallen that he quickly wiped away. “Tell me she’s going to be alright.”

“We're going to do everything we can, Max.” Bobby comforted.

“That’s not what I asked!” He snapped irrationally.

“Hey. Cool it Max. We're all pretty freaked out here, alright? You need to chill.” Dean warned.

“Chill? You want me to chill?” Max turned on Dean. “My baby sister was tortured and injected with god damn demon blood!! And you want me to chill?!?”

“Max,” Bobby cautioned.

“No!” He shouted “This is both of your faults!” Pointing at the brothers. Sam winced and dropped his head. The older Winchester’s jaw ticked at the accusation, glaring daggers at the distraught hunter for blaming Sam.

“Stop it right there.” Bobby’s hard gruff roar caught Max’s attention. “Take a minute, before you start pointing fingers boy.” The older hunter commanded leaving no room for argument. Max still hesitated eyes flicking up to the ceiling in the direction of his sister before snatching his keys. Leaving the three men in the study to take a drive and cool off.

“Bobby?” Sam hesitated. Guilt was overwhelming him. “How is this even possible? How can Azazel still be alive?”

“Both you and your brother have died and come back. What’s to say there isn’t a way for a demon to do the same?” He offered taking his old baseball cap off to run a hand over his head and put it back on.

“You think it’s possible?” Dean questioned.

“At this point?” Bobby huffed, rubbing his eyes with his thumb and forefinger. “Dean you literally escaped Hell a couple months ago, angels exist, and there apparently are seals that if enough break the damn devil will be released. I’d say anything is fucking possible at this point.” He sassed. “Now we got a lot on our plate, and yes anythin’s possible but right now we gotta be there for Ellie. -and Max. The idjit don’t mean what he said. He’s just protecting his only family. Just like you two, they are all each other has left.”

“But Bobby. What if- What if this is my fault? I didn’t become what they wanted me to be, they are forcing it on her-” Sam started unable to shake the heavy feeling in his gut. Bobby being Bobby of course read him like a book.

“It’s not your fault, boy. -either of yours.” Bobby added glancing at Dean quickly. “But she will need help, and we're gonna give it. All that we got. Who better to help then someone that’s been through this?”

“Of course.” Sam nodded vigorously. Elliott had grown on him quite quickly. She was smart, strong, and quick on her feet. A great hunter and a beautiful woman. He would do everything he could to get her out of this mess.

Dean cleared his throat and gestured his head to the clock on the study’s wall. “ ‘bout time she had another round of those pain killers, Sammy.” Sam gave his brother a tight smile before going to get it for her.

“Good man.” Bobby grumbled to Sam as he climbed the stairs.

Sam shifted the prescription pill bottle and glass of water into one hand to knock gently on the bedroom door Elliott occupied. He waited a moment not getting an answer. Assuming she had passed out again he opened the door quietly.

Furrowing his brows at the empty bed he expected her to be in. Sam took in the dark room, the bed was still made, perfectly undisturbed. He was about to panic afraid she had been taken again when he heard a high pitched grunt from the other side of the bed.

“Ellie?” Sam questioned softly from the doorway, getting nothing but a huff in response. Slowly making his way over to the bed his heart dropped at the sight. Elliott was sitting on the floor back against the bed, first aid kit open, trying to re-stitch her bloody side. “What the-”

“You going to help or just stare?” Elliott bantered trying to push away the anger at being so vulnerable in front of Sam. She sat there, needle in hand sewing herself back together. Her hair was still wet, as she sat on the floor exposed in a sports bra and running shorts. It wasn’t like he hadn’t seen her bare skin. He had seen her naked before, he’d seen her twice actually, but it was obvious that she was uncomfortable and in a fair amount of pain.

“What the Hell happened? I stitched that up last night.” Sam fretted kneeling next to her and taking the needle from her shaky hands.

Elliott gave him a rueful grin and huffed. “Your brother’s driving is pretty dangerous.” Sam frowned at her words before he got it. Shock painted his face. “I know who’d have thought being thrown around the backseat of a car could lead to ripped stitches?”

“Your stitches have been ripped out all day?!” Sam nearly shouted, teeth grinding with anger. “Dammit Dean.”

“Hey no biggy, I’m alive.”

“Why didn’t you tell us?” He demanded more than asked.

She snorted. “Yeah, sure. Hey Dean, Sam, I know we just discovered the your archnemesis might still be alive and be connected to the random ass hunter you recently met and just saved, but a couple of my stitches ripped when you slammed on the breaks.”

Sam sighed and ran his free hand through his hair. He settled down to her side to stitch her up, and went straight to work. “You should still have asked for help.”

“I would ha-ave gotten it eventuall-y" Elliott’s voice braking when the pain of the needle broke her skin and dragged the thread through. “Fuck that hurts.” Sam sighed losing some of his anger and gave her a tight smile of comfort before focusing on his task. He finally finished off the stitching turned to her.

“Hand me the first aid kit.” Sam held out his hand expectantly.

“Thank you Sam, but I can bandage it up on my own.”

“I never said you couldn’t. Now hand me the first aid kit.”


“Dammit Elliott. Just let me help you.” Sam growled. Frustration getting the better of him. “Why do you have to be so stubborn.” Elliott ran her fingers through her hair, still damp from her shower. Handing over the first aid she sighed. Sam pulled out some bandages and burn ointment, before getting to work.

“You really don’t have to do all this giant.” She frowned avoiding his eyes by watching his large hands work on her.

“Ellie, do you really think I could just leave you here to patch yourself up? I’m not a monster.”

“Sam?” Her tone of voice flipping from annoyance to timid on a dime. He looked up to her in concern as his hands kept working. “Am I a monster now?” Sam’s hands froze on her burned thigh, only having wrapped the bandage around once. “Am I going to go dark side?”

“No.” Sam growled. “No. Elliott look at me.” he ordered hands tightening on her thigh just below her burn. Waiting for her to meet his eyes then locked on. Trying to convey how serious he was. “Elliott Anders, you are in no way a monster. There is no way you could ever be. Ever. I have been down this road and I know where your mind is going, but don’t you listen to it. Not for a damn second. I’m still here. I’m still fighting the good fight, against the evil that goes bump in the night.”

Elliott brought her eyes back down to his hand on her thigh, and let out a shaky breath. “But Sam, I’m not as strong as you. What if I-”

“You are so strong Ellie. You are a smart fierce, beautiful,” Sam smiled and ducked his head to get her to meet hers when she looked away. “-and stubborn hunter.” She huffed a laugh, and Sam’s smile brightened. “So if I could get through this mess, I know without a doubt you will be fine.”

His face was only an inch away from hers, she could feel his hot breath along her face. Her heart began to speed up and she leaned closer slowly. Gaze flickered onto his and then down to his lips. He leaned closer hand sliding up her thigh as he subtracted the distance. Right as she went in close enough to meet his lips, she let out a whimper as her stitches tugged sharply. Sam snapped away quickly at the sound. His hazel eyes wide with worry. Mentally reprimanded himself for almost taking advantage of Elliott, while she was hurting like this.

“I’m okay. It’s okay” Elliott clutched her newly stitched side. Cursing herself for being stupid enough to make a move while this beat up.

“No, I’m sorry. I didn’t -I should have-”

“It’s not your fault I’m beat to shit right now.” She smirked. Sam felt his heart weighing down. Guilt washed over him like a wave. The way Sam saw it was his fault, he was who Azazel was originally after. The hunter blamed himself, even if somehow, she didn’t. Helping her into bed and giving her the pain pills with water, he said goodnight. As her eyes began to droop, the giant leaned down, lightly pushed her hair out of her face to press his lips to her forehead. He heard her muffled goodnight before he left making sure to leave the door ajar just in case the blonde needed him.


Elliott woke suddenly with images of yellow and white eyes playing behind her lids. Grateful she had not had another one of those panic attacks, she looked around the room to help convince her speeding heart that she was in no danger. It was morning. She could see the sun shining through the old warn down window curtains. Although sore Elliott was more comfortable than she had been in weeks. The bed she would normally describe as stiff and lumpy felt like a fluffy cloud after her time on a cold metal table. Trying to ease out her aches and pains she moaned and wiggled in the soft material. She sighed knowing the next few weeks were going to be torture. It would take at least a couple weeks until her stitches could come out, but if she was lucky, her bruises could fade after a week. She honestly had no idea how long it could take for her burn marks to heal, and felt restless just thinking about it.

Unable to get back to sleep she slowly stretched what she could wincing at the pull of her re-done stitches. Not bothering to change out of her sleep shorts and throwing on a baggy tee Elliott hobbled her way out of the room. At the top of the stairs she mentally growled annoyed that going down stairs seemed like such a massive task. Making sure to grab the rail to support herself, before taking the first step down. She forced herself not to wince at the sore muscles and the tug of the stitches. Telling herself to buck up, that it didn’t hurt that bad, and that she was no damsel in distress. That she was supposed to save damsels no be one.

“Whoa there. Take it easy.” Sam cautioned. His voice thick with sleep as he stood on the lower level. “Hold on Ellie. Let me help.” He quickly set down his coffee mug and made his way to the stairs.

“No, it’s okay. I can handle it. I’m fine.” Elliott grumbled. Frustration was coming off of her as she continued her slow process down the stairs.

“Just because you can doesn't mean you should.” Sam scolded making his way up to her. She tried to get down faster, to reach the bottom of the stairs before he could reach her. Unfortunately moving faster only made it harder to hide the pain on her face. “Wait- Stop- Ellie-”

“I said I’m fucking fine,”

Sam paused on the third step brows shooting up stunned. Elliott took one look at the giant and felt bad for snapping. She knew she wasn’t mad at him. She wasn’t mad at any of them, she just hated feeling weak. Especially in front of people she cared about.

“I’m sorry.” Elliott sighed. Halting her painful process down the stairs, to rub her temple, the mixture of frustration and pain giving her a headache. “I’m sorry Sam. As much as I would love a knight in flannel, I am not a damsel in distress. So, thanks for your offer but I am a big girl. I can do this.” She softened her eyes and gave him a determined smile.

Sam although concerned couldn’t stop the laugh that escaped his throat. Misinterpreting his laugh as taunting Elliott scowled at the man.

“Sorry,” He chuckled. “It’s just you could never be a damsel in distress.”

Elliott’s scowl fell smoothing out her features and lips parted at his words. A real smile appeared on her lips and cheeks went warm.

“So what?” She let her smile morph into a smirk. “This is just you trying to be a gentleman, and I ruined it?”

“Not yet. You can still let me be a gentleman.” He smirked right back. Sam watched her worry her bottom lip between her teeth, and tilt her head down to hide her blush.

“Fine.” Was all she said back. Sam laughed his way up the stairs to meet her, she was not even half way down. Elliott looked up at him with a thankful smile when he slid his arm around her back, and automatically her arm moved to his upper back. Too short to sling her arm over his shoulder she gripped his side for support.

They took the stairs slowly. Slower than Elliott really felt necessary but she didn’t mind that much. Sam’s warm hand felt huge cupping her hip to hold her steady to his side, to help her down the stairs. The warmth of his hand through her baggy tee was giving her stomach butterflies.

“See? That wasn’t so bad now was it?” He mumbled softly once the two had reached the bottom of the staircase. She felt her heart race when he didn’t remove his hand. Their hazel eyes met, and breath stuttered when his fingers lightly grazed her cheek tucking a lock of copper blonde hair behind her ear.

“No,” She whispered back, head tilting up to look him in his beautiful galaxy like hazel eyes. “But I still could have done it on my own.” She gave him a crooked grin, unconsciously leaning into him. Sam leaned in as well giving an amused huff.

“So stubborn.-” Sam was silenced by her lips. He kissed back shoulders sagging. The man’s lips made her own feel tingly and light headed, as they moved with each other. Wrapping an arm around his torso to pull him closer she let her other hand slide up his chest to the nape of his neck. Shaggy brunette hair in between her fingers. She could tell Sam was being extra gentle not to hurt her. The way he softly moved his lips and was leaning down more than he probably needed to so she didn’t have to go up on her toes too much. That was fine for now, but she wouldn’t let him keep it up for long. One of Sam’s hands moved to cup the back of her head holding her there. The other still on her hip. She let her tongue slide along his lips asking for entrance, to deepen the kiss just a little more. He parted for her, and their tongues danced along each other.

“I got breakfast!” Dean’s shout had them both nearly jumping out of their skin. He was making a ruckus at the front door out of eye sight. “Someone wake sleeping beauty before her food gets cold.”

Elliott gave Sam an awkward apologetic look that mirrored his own. She blinked a few times before clearing her throat to answer the loud Winchester.

“I’m up Dean.” The blonde announced loudly for him. She went to take a step back from the giant but he stopped her, his arm going around her waist firmly to support her weight. Dean walked in holding bags that most likely held their breakfast.

“Good. We got a lot to talk about.” Bobby added stepping into the room gesturing them all into the kitchen.

“Of course we do.” Elliott grumbled to herself quietly. Not looking forward to this talk at all.


Once settled down into the kitchen with the other four hunters Elliott had no choice but to give them the gist of what had happened to her. All five of them sat around the kitchen table, not even touching their breakfast sandwiches.

“The demon said he was fulfilling my destiny?” Elliott braved, going into some details. “It was one of the first things he said to me. That I was a special something. That I was the last of-” Elliott trailed off trying to remember his wording correctly. “-last of a special second? Uh, Special generation? No, dammit. What was it?” Elliott tried but her brain kept just supplying images and her own fear.

“Ellie, it’s okay if you don’t-” Max began.

“Second generation.” She blurted interrupting him.

“Second generation? The Hell does that even mean?” Bobby questioned from the front of the table.

“Second generation of special children.” Sam’s hollowed voice answered. Eyes wide in terror while a memory flashed across his mind.

“Oh I already got my army, or I will soon anyway.” The yellow eyed demon tilted his head a gloating smirk curled on his lips. He was telling Sam what he needed to know to escape the ghost town alive, and to become the leader of his demon army.

“You son of a bitch.” Sam retorted coldly.

“Honestly I’m surprised you haven’t guessed.” Azazel began circling the young hunter. His star player. “I mean why do you think so many of children flamed out already? Max Miller and Andy’s brother what’s his name. They weren’t strong enough. I’m looking for the best and brightest. Of your generation.”

Sam eyed the demon suspiciously “My generation?”

“Well...” The demon tilted his head from side to side debating wither or not to explain his slip up. “There’s other generations, but let’s just worry about yours.” Pointing at Sam before stepping closer.

Sam’s stomach turned, it felt like he was going to be sick. Every pair of eyes on him. When he looked up into the hazel eyes across from him his heart panged in his chest with guilt. Abruptly standing from the table and took a step back, he couldn’t think sitting still he needed to move. The others waited patiently as they watched the young Winchester start to pace the kitchen floor.

“I should have seen this coming. He –Azazel –the yellow eyed demon said something. When –when I was in that ghost town. I don’t think he meant to. He said something about looking for the best of my generation. He said there were other generations, Dean! I –I should have-” Sam rushed sputtering in horror. Holding his head with both hands running his fingers through his shaggy hair.

“Sammy, you didn’t know-” Dean stood up and made his way to his brother to calm him down.

“He-He deflected me when I questioned him on it, but he fuck-! Dean, he distracted me by bringing mom and Jess up –and I just-!” Sam slammed his fist into the wall making everyone jump. He growled through his teeth, eyes beginning to filled up. Elliott stood as well, to limp over to him across the kitchen.

“Sam. It’s okay.” Elliott reassured him. Her stomach was in knots seeing the strong hunter so upset.

“You-” Sam shook his head, large wet puppy dog eyes landing on her. “-It’s not okay Elliott. Look at yourself!” He nearly shouted. Elliott couldn’t help but flinch, then brought her gaze to the cracked linoleum floor under her feet to hide her hurt. Max stiffened in his seat ready to jump in if needed.

“It’s not your fault. No one blames you for any of this.” Elliott stated firmly, but Sam opened his mouth to argue. Luckily Bobby stopped him before he could continue his self blame tirade.

“Listen to the girl ya idjit. That was a demon Sam. That’s what demons do. There is nothing you could’a done that would’ve changed this anyway. The only evidence we’ve ever had about these psychic kids were their mothers dying in a house fire. Ellie didn’t even know that herself until now.” Bobby scolded gruffly giving him a pointed look.

Sam rubbed the back of his neck, and she approached him slowly to better hide her limp. She wrapped her arms around the giant hugging him tightly. Murmuring quietly just so he could hear. “He’s right giant.” He let his arms wrap gently around her and hugged her back lightly. Tense muscles relaxing as she rubbed soothing circles on his lower back.

The young Winchester calmed and gave a tight nod to the others, but no one believed he wasn’t still kicking himself. Elliott shifted in his hold putting weight on her other leg. The giant looked down at her and instantly another wave of guilt washed over him. Here she was covered in in black and blue, stitched back together like a rag doll, and comforting him. Just after having to tell a room full of hunters the horrible story that she lived through. Elliott smiled up at him, concern filling those big hazel green eyes. Sam sighed mentally scolding himself, before he cupped the back of her head to pull her closer. Planting his lips gently to the crown of her head, not caring that Max, Dean, and Bobby were in the same room, obviously watching them.

“So we need to look up these fires? To find the others like Ellie?” Max spoke up finally finding his voice. It was obvious to Elliott that her brother was still bewildered by this whole situation. That he was doing his best not to put blame on anyone.

“That’d be my next step.” Bobby gruffed.

“No.” Elliott’s voice collected the eyes in the room. Stepping away from Sam she went to lean against the counter needing some space to keep talking about what had happened in her captivity. Sam let her, watching closely to help her if she needed him. “He said I was the last one. That the others all... burned out?”

“Shit.” Dean cursed. This meant she wasn’t safe. Not like she was safe before, but now she was the only one of this generation she would be hunted down. He knew she didn’t want to talk about it, but there had to be more. Dean walked over to her slowly, to stand right in front of her. “Is there anything else you can think of Princess? Anything that might help?”

“I don’t know.” Elliott shrugged, avoiding Dean’s intense eyes. Itching at the skin around her cast absently not waning t to think about the cold concrete room.

“Ellie if you were the last one of this um- second generation, of special children, why did they almost kill you?” Her big brother questioned slowly almost hesitantly.

Elliott’s back straightened muscles tensing arms crossing over her chest. “He wouldn’t kill me.” Her eyes flicked quickly to Max before darting away. “He told me that I wasn’t for him. That I belonged to someone else.”

“Belonged to someone?” Max nearly shouted at the same time the Winchesters barked “What? Who?”

“I would have told you if I knew.” Elliott snapped getting aggravated. “He wouldn’t tell me. But he didn’t like my attitude so he brought in one of his special lackeys in to ‘break my spirit’.” She sighed then mumbled under her breath so quietly only Dean standing less than a foot away heard. “A demon with white eyes.”

No one in the room saw Dean’s face pale, he masked his stunned horror quickly but his brain still went on. He knew who this demon was. Other than Lilith there was only one demon that he knew that had white eyes, and would fit the description as a specialist. Alastair, his torturer and later sick twisted mentor. Dean felt like he was going to be sick, almost queasy. He knew firsthand what that demon could do and he was hurting for the poor girl even more because of it. Wanting to comfort her but not wanting reveal his own traumatic time under that demon’s knife Dean stayed silent.

The copper-blonde hunter could feel their pity, as she unfolded and refolded her arms, completely done with this subject. It was all too much. “Are we done now?” She asked impatiently finally meeting their eyes. It was worse to see the pity and sympathy than to just feel it.

When no one answered she grumbled something about needing a minute before limping her way out the study. Making sure to grab her brother’s leather jacket off the back of his chair on the way. It was too bright and sunny for such a crappy day, as if the clear blue sky and chirping birds were there just to mock her. Pulling out Max’s cigarettes and lighter from the pocket and letting the door slam shut behind her. Elliott wandered the old salvage lot to find the familiar rusted old SUV to lean up against. The anxious fidgety feeling that she usually got after not smoking for a long period of time was making her snappy and made her hands shake slightly, but this time the feeling did not go away when she took a long first drag. Normally it took the edge off, and right now nothing was feeling better. Something was wrong, she felt off.


The moment they men heard the back door slam shut all four hunters worried eyes flicked in its direction. Max stood and Sam straightened his posture, both about to follow Elliott. Even Dean pushed off the kitchen counter he had been leaning on to follow her. That is until Bobby halted them all in their tracks.

“Give her some space boys.” He took a sip of his Irish coffee.

“Bobby those demons are probably still after her. She shouldn’t be alone, out there.” Max argued anxiously.

“The property is warded. She knows that. Elliott’s a smart girl. After what she’s been through, having a bunch of us in her face is the last thing she needs.”

“Bobby’s right.” Dean cleared his throat agreeing with the older hunter. He may not have talked about his time in Hell but he could sympathize with being tortured, by Alastair. He didn’t want even to think about what that bastard could have –no did do to her. Mumbling something about working on the Impala before heading out the opposite door.

“Here.” Bobby gruffed gesturing for Sam and Max to follow him to his steady. Then pulled out a few demonology books from the shelf. “We got work to do.”

Dean had every intention of working on Baby. He even had the hood up and his tools were laid out, but he couldn’t stop his eyes from wandering around the salvage lot in search for Elliott. Giving in he sighed loudly and shut Baby’s hood to wander the property. It didn’t take him long. The smell of cigarette smoke had been easy to trail.

Elliott was sitting in the dirt with her back leaning up against an old tireless SUV. Her knees bent one hand holding the cigarette to her lips and the other fiddling with a lighter.

“You know that shit will kill ya.”

“Your brother said the same thing last time I was out here.” Elliott smiled.

“Well did he ask you to share?” She was surprised to say the least. Dean didn’t smoke, but who was she to judge? He joined her plopping down beside her on the dirt patch.

“Yeah right. Sam’s too good for that.” She smiled fondly.

“Yeah, he is.” The corner of Dean’s lips turned up proudly. Seeing him so proud of his brother made her heart happy. Elliott wanted to add that Sam was too good for a lot of things hunting, smoking, and if she was honest with herself, even her. Sam was out of the mess with this yellow eyed demon Azazel. Who was she to drag him back in? He no longer had visions, but she was still the freak with a power and pumped up demon blood. Sam deserved much better, she thought.

Dean cleared his throat snapping her out of her head. He sat there with his hand out expectantly. Rolling her eyes, she handed him the pack and lighter. It was the one he had gotten for her. The image of Elvis in his white blinged out jumpsuit printed on the front of it. Dean of course would never admit it but he saw the zippo passing a little ma and pop shop when on one of their false leads. A demon they had ‘interrogated’ had led them down to Memphis. Lighting up he inhaled and coughed a little not use to the feeling of smoke down his throat and lungs. He wished Elliott could have seen Memphis, the city had Elvis shit was everywhere and although he wasn’t into the king of rock himself, he could appreciate her taste. Originally, he had gotten the zippo as a gift but later he realized it was a way to convince himself that they would find her.

“I don’t want to talk about it Dean.” Elliott sighed breaking the silence.

“That’s okay. I don’t really like talking about stuff, anyway. I’m just here.” He shrugged taking another puff, this time without coughing. She sighed and looked to her feet.


It wasn’t long before they finished their smoke break. Dean had kept to his word and stayed silent, and Elliott had kept to hers not speaking up. When they finally decided to go inside Dean had to help her up, from the ground. Her limbs were sore and she knew it was definitely past time to take another pain pill. Dean made sure to help her all the way to the front door before going back out to work on Baby. It seemed everyone needed a few moments to think.

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The next two and a half weeks went by excruciatingly slow. It was all rest, research, and more rest. Elliott was going mad with all the stupid rest. The only fun she had was after dinner every night the hunters took a short break to have a movie night. All piled up on the couch and recliner with pillows, candy, and bowls of popcorn.  

The first night Sam and later Dean had requested that Elliott pick one of her favorite movies. Knowing they wouldn’t like her favorites she gave them a few different options, but Max of course jumped in and told them what her real favorite movies were. Although surprised they did not hate The Wolfman. They had too much fun making fun of the black and white Universal Monster Movies. Dealing with monsters in real life was much different than Hollywood, but that’s why she liked them. The next movies had all been action, and a comedy thrown in there. Jurassic Park, Rush Hour, and one of Dean’s favorites The Hatchet Man VI. 

On the research side of things Bobby’s vast library had nothing on Azazel, or demons coming back from the dead. Bobby had even reached out to any contact that might know about the yellow eyed demon. Finding absolutely nothing, which frustrated all of them. It was another week before Max had gotten Dean to saw off his flower doodled cast. Max was thoroughly enjoying his arm’s freedom. 

Elliott was feeling almost like herself again. Nightmares still occurred but either were not as bad, or she was getting use to them. Her bruises had faded, smaller cuts healed, and although her larger cuts stitches were out she still had a little more healing. They would definitely leave scars, but the worst Elliott thought was the textured scaring that was still healing from her burn marks along her leg. Her thigh would never be smooth and soft like it once had been, instead a large burned rippled scaring patch there and at the back of her calf. She loved her shorts but felt that wasn’t going to be an option anymore.  

So when Elliott found what looked like a vampire case at dinner she was hopeful. After fighting with mostly Max but a little with Sam, Dean and Bobby about staying out of it, they came to a compromise. Max had offered her a deal. If she stayed back at Bobby’s and rested while he and the Winchesters took care of this vampire, she could go on the next hunt. That is after she got tatted up. Max had gone to a tattoo parlor shortly after arriving at Bobby’s to get the anti-possession symbol tattooed on his chest. They kept holding her back to get her own done until she had healed completely. She agreed and begrudgingly handed over her research.  


It was late and everyone but Elliott and Max had gone to bed, resting for their drive tomorrow. The two sat across from one another on the rug, the coffee table between them. Bobby’s old chess board was being used for the first time in years.  

“Oh, no you don’t.” Elliott giggled after Max moved his knight.  

“Just wait Bug, I got a plan.” Max taunted back with a knowing smirk. 

Elliott was happy she was able to spend time with her brother. Neither of them were used to being around so many people for such a long period of time. It was usually just the two of them, and before that it was just them and their dad.  They hardly had a chance to talk since she was rescued, and they really needed to talk, but neither wanted to be the one to bring up the subject. That, is how they had ending up playing chess at three in the morning. 

“Yeah, a plan to die.” She sassed right back. “Check!” She laughed moving her bishop. Confidence high as she finished her beer.  

“Hmm. You sure about that?” At his words Elliott’s confidence plummeted. Max’s knight in direct shot of her king with nowhere to go. “Checkmate.”  

“Dammit.” Exasperated she let her head fall back and grumbled. “How do you always win?” 

“I’m just that good.” Max chuckled as he set the pieces back.  

“Yeah, because you taught me how to play when we were little, you purposely left out different strategies. I bet when dad taught you how to play he told you different strategies.” Elliott huffed.  

There was a moment of silence before Max spoke up again in a soft hushed tone. “Hey, Bug?” Getting a hum in response. “We're still good right?”  

“Of course we are Maxipad.” She gave him a sly grin. “We already talked about that.” Elliott defected knowing exactly what he was trying to talk about. Honestly to Elliott it wasn’t that big of a deal anymore, a shocker yes but it changed nothing between her and her brother. Just because Max wasn’t her biological brother and the man she knew as her dad wasn’t either, didn’t change how she felt about them.  

“Have we though? You gotta have questions, or are at least curious? Maybe even a little mad at me?” Max reasoned softly. 

“Max. Stop. Really we don’t have to talk about this.” Rolling her eyes she stood up to grab another beer.  

“Please Ellie. I need to. I need a clear head to hunt with.”  She gave him a reluctant nod and sat on the couch as Max mirrored her.  

“What do you want me to say Max?” Elliott mumbled messing with the hairband on her wrist. “I-I guess I am just too afraid to want to know anything more. You are my brother blood or no blood. Same with dad. I’m just-”  


“I don’t want to find out I have another family, Max. I already have one. As curious as I am, they are my blood, not my family.” 

“I honestly don’t know much, but it’s been killing me that I know stuff you don’t so, just let me tell you what I know at least?” He waited for Elliott to nod. “I only know what Dad told me. I had to have been two or three when he brought you home. So, I don’t remember much. He told me that he saved you from a demon that killed your mother and set the house on fire. According to Dad she was a single mother with no known family.”  

Elliott eyed her brother, curiosity getting the better of her scooting forward. Although she tried to show little interest. Absently she played with the hair tie on her wrist watching her big brother, waiting for him to speak again. 

“Dad had just started hunting, we had been on the road for less than a year. You see Mom- uh, my biological mom- did die from a nest of vampires, but there is something you don’t know. She was eight months pregnant with my little sister when she was killed by the nest.” He looked away but returned his gaze to see Elliott’s jaw slack. She was shocked, but she didn’t look upset, so he continued. “Dad, he wasn’t just devastated. He was distraught with grief. He had lost the love of his life and his unborn daughter. So, when he saved you, a baby girl near the same age his own daughter should be and found out that you had no other living family, he couldn’t just let you go.” He let his mind wander back to the night their Dad had saved her.  

Little Max was sitting alone in the crummy motel room like he always was now. Dad had an important job to do. That’s what he had told Max. Dad said that he was going to make sure other kids didn’t lose their mom’s and unborn sisters like he did. That’s why he couldn’t stay at the same school with his friends anymore, and that’s why they had to move around so much. He just wished he wasn’t so alone. He stared off into the television screen, Scooby Doo was playing but he was too zoned out to be really watching. 

Max jumped alert with the door opened. He stood on his bed to see his dad’s tall figure walk in carrying something in his arms. Car lights flashed behind him from the busy street before the hunter closed the door. He turned and with the one hand that was not carrying the unknown bundle, re-salted the door.  

“Max,” His Dad turned to him with a determined gaze.  

“Dad? What’s going on? What is that?” 

“Max, how would you feel about helping out and taking on some responsibility around here?” Little Max just nodded his head vigorously. The boy wanted to be like his Dad, and would do anything the man asked of him. He scooted to the end of the bed and stood up straight to show how serious he was.  

The bundle in his Dad’s arms moved and Max’s eyes went wide. A puppy, was his first thought. Billy his old best friend before they started moving had gotten a puppy to teach him responsibility. Oh, how Max had begged both his Mom and Dad for a puppy after that. Maybe Dad had finally given in? But then the bundle made a very un-puppy like squeal. His Dad then smiled softly at the bundle and kneeled down for little Max to see.  

“This is Elliott,” Max leaned forward green eyes wide looking down at the sleeping baby wrapped in a soft purple blanket. A little matching bow clipped to the wisps of her light colored hair. At first he was disappointed. There was no puppy, but then he remembered a soft purple blanket like the one the baby was wrapped up in, sitting in the crib of his unborn sister’s room.  

“My sister?” Max breathed without taking his eyes off the little baby.  

“Well Max, you see just like us, Elliott here lost her Mommy.” Max’s eyes already prickled with tears. “Only she didn’t have a Daddy or big brother.” 

“What’s going to happen to her?” Max asked sadly reaching out to brush her little fingers that gripped the soft purple material. 

“She needs a family Max. She needs a big brother to watch out for her. Do you think you can do that? Could you be her big brother?” Almost immediately her little fingers wrapped around his pointer finger. Max smiled proudly up at his Dad. 

 Max nodded again eyes almost begging. “I can. I promise! I’ll be the best big brother, ever, she won’t ever get hurt.” Max swore quietly to not wake his new little sister.  

His Dad chuckled “Good. Because she will need you. Her Mom was taken by a demon in a fire. There is no one else but us to take care of her now.” 

 Elliott didn’t know what to think. She certainly felt a little betrayed and maybe even used? But she couldn’t really put blame on her father or even Max for keeping his secrets. Her thoughts wandered, heart aching for their Dad. The man had gone through a lot of heartbreak. Still she couldn’t help but wonder what life would have been like if her Dad hadn’t saved her. Would she be normal? Grow up with an adopted normal family? In a foster home? Or would the yellow eyed demon have taken her that night, or found her shortly after? She shivered at the thought. 

Max’s arm reached around her pulling her into a side hug. “Please don’t thing badly of Dad. He may have used you to fill a hole in his heart but he truly loved you like you were his own. Dad raised you, loved you more than anything else, Ellie.” Max promised had resting around her shoulders and gave a comforting squeeze, earning him a soft smile.  

“He loved you too Max. He was just tougher on you, but we both know that is because he trusted you to be more than me.” Max huffed his disagreement. Unwrapping his arm from around her and playfully pushed her with his shoulder. A thought crossed Elliott’s mind and she hesitated to ask. “Max?”  


“Was I always-” She hesitated. “Did, uhm, did Dad change my name?” Wrinkling her nose in dread. 

Max snorted “No. No, no you were always Elliott. Your birth mother named you that.” He could see his little sister’s shoulders sag in relief. “I think Dad said her name was Hellena Finnegan.”  

Taking a minute to absorb that. Hellena. That was a pretty name, she thought. She had probably been a beautiful woman. Elliott wondered if she looked at all like her at all.  

“Elliott Finnegan. Finnegan?” She hummed. “Sounds Irish? Or maybe Scottish? This is a lot to take in. I don’t know what to say, or even what to think.” 

“You don’t have to say anything. I Just- just tell me if you are mad?” Max sighed eyeing his little sister with worry.  

“Of course, I’m not mad.” Elliott rolled her eyes. “I could never be really mad at my annoying big brother. Or Dad.” She teased and added on the last part. “-But, this is probably why I can never beat you at chess. I don’t have you and Dad’s strategizing brains.” 

Max threw his head back laughing. “Patience, Bug. One day you are going to kick my ass in this game, just wait.” 

That night was completely restless for Elliott. As she laid there in bed, she had no control over her thoughts as they whirled by. All on family, and blood. She had so many questions, yet she was unsure if she wanted the answers. 

 If she hadn’t been taken in by her Dad would she have grown up normal? Like going to school dances, being girly, dating boys, and later maybe going to college. She never seriously thought about college, and when she had it had been for the idea to help her study skills for case research. The one time she had looked into online courses considering majoring in something like ancient history with a focus on mythology and folklore. Elliott had no clue what she would have majored in if she was never a hunter. 

 Did she even want to be normal? She didn’t know. Sure, she had thought about it from time to time, but never truly considered it. Hunting was her life, and she was good at it. Sometimes Elliott would watch other girls her age while on a case and imagine what kind of life they lived. Every time she did, she couldn’t help but think yes it might be a safe normal life but it must be boring. Her mind kept circling new questions popping up every moment. Needless to say it was a very long night.  


Elliott gave up trying to sleep after laying there for hours. The neon light from the microwave in the kitchen read four oh seven. After staring out the window for an hour and downing a couple glasses of water. Then finally snapping out of it, deciding to make herself useful and attempt to make breakfast for everyone. The thing was she had never been good at making food that required actual cooking, but she had watch Max and Bobby make scrambled eggs and bacon, so she was sure she could do it. 

The sun was just starting to rise when she had finished making the scrambled eggs, the only way she knew how to make them. Just finishing up the bacon, she popped some toast in the toaster. Then turning to bring the dirty pan to the sink. Just as the pan got all sudsy and she started scrubbing the smoke alarm started screeching, disrupting the silence. Elliott jumped a foot at the ear splitting noise dropping the sudsy pan to cover her ears. The pan clattered to the floor suds and water flying splattering on the cabinets and the linoleum floor. 

Elliott hardly got to turn to see what was causing the smoke alarm to scream when thunderous foot steps raced down the stairs. All four hunter’s instincts on high alert eyes were wide looking for danger before landing on her. Sam stood in the kitchen doorway frozen to the spot. His post sleep brain moving slow as he processed what he was seeing. He stumbled forward as Dean pushed him through the doorway, tall frame blocking the others view.  

Dean quickly shoved past her. That is when she finally noticed the toaster. Dark smoke rising a small flame licking the upper cabinets. The older Winchester ripped the cord out of the wall and dumped the glass of water she had been sipping at on the burning machine extinguishing the flames.  

The screeching alarm suddenly halted causing the silence to echo. She turned again to see Sam smoke alarm in hand apparently, he had ripped it from the ceiling to dismantle it. Of course the giant didn’t even need a chair to stand on to reach the ceiling. 

Four hunters eyes were on her expectantly. Not being able to hide her face as it burned red she mumbled. “Breakfast?” 

Max’s barking laughter filled the room embarrassing the girl further, but succeeded in lightening Bobby and Dean’s scowls as they joined in her brother’s laughter. She couldn’t even look at Sam, face red enough, but she was pretty sure she heard the giant let out a muffled laugh. 

The rest of the morning was full of jokes of Elliott’s cooking skills. Even Bobby joined in. Complaining about the burn marks on his kitchen cupboards. Max and Dean were by far the worst Elliott thought and by the time they were about to leave Elliott all but pushed them out the door. Sick of hearing them taunt her. 

After saying fair well to Max and Dean she went back inside to help Sam with the last of the bags. Max and Dean were too busy laughing and quipping jokes about her inability to make toast to help with the bags. Sam had a duffel bag slung over his shoulder carrying another in hand when he saw her walking in the front door, frustrated and grumbling under her breath. He couldn’t help the way his lip curled in amusement. She was adorable when she was so worked up. The lopsided pout and fierce eyes were so cute on the tiny hunter. Like a kitten that thought it was a lion he mused.  

“You know the more you react the more they are going to mess with you.” Sam stopped in front of her. Elliott was about to snap a quick retort at the giant but when she met his bright smile and twinkling eyes her anger seemed to deflate.  

“Just embarrassing.” Elliott muttered looking away from his beautiful galaxy hazel eyes to try and re-inflate some of that departed anger. “Sam I,” Elliott started the same moment Sam said “Elliott,” They both chuckled Sam ran a hand through his hair and Elliott fiddled with the hair tie around her wrist. He gestured for her to go first. 

“I uh, just wanted to say thanks again Giant. You know for going easy on me with this whole toaster fiasco. -and uh watch out for him?” Elliott gestured her head out the door at her brother, who was fangirling with Dean over Baby’s trunk. “He seems to find trouble far too easily... and he’s all I have left.”  

Sam took a step closer now only a couple inches away. “As much as I think your brother can handle himself, I promise I won't let anything happen to him.” 

Sighing she let the tension fall out of her shoulders, unable to move her gaze away from the young Winchester’s face. As she leaned in her gaze darted from his soft hazel eyes to his lips and back. Sam’s hand went to her shoulder reassuringly.  

“Thank you, Sam.” Elliott whispered. Then something came over Sam. The last time he kissed her he was in control of his actions, he had been hesitant, but careful with every move. Not this time. He couldn’t help it. His large hand moved without his brain just needing to touch her as it glided along her shoulder up to her neck. Cupping the back of her head to tilt it up as he leaned down. Their lips were suddenly on each other and moving passionately. He kissed her without warring without even deciding to. Her small hand was in his hair at the nape of his neck, to hold him close, the other gripped his flannel doing the same. Just as his free hand moved up her waist a shout from outside threatened to interrupt them.  

“Sam, hurry up! We're wasting daylight!” Dean’s voice barked from outside.  

Sam growled and broke the kiss to chancing a glance at the door. Elliott swallowed the whine that dared try to escape her throat when Sam broke the kiss. Both were panting slightly catching their breath, heart’s racing and shy smiles on their faces as the gazed at each other.  

“He’s not all you have left.” Sam breathed. It took Elliott a moment to remember what they were talking about, but when she did her smile widened.  

“Sam!” This time the shout coming from her own brother, getting impatient as well.  

“Give me a minute!” Sam turned to yell towards the screen door. Elliott her bit her lower lip hiding her smile when Sam turned back to her. “When I get back, we are going to get back to this.” He bent down, and kissed her again, lasting only a couple seconds. 

“Promise?” Elliott flirted with a crooked grin. Sam hummed and wet his lips, teeth scrapping over his bottom lip. Then Baby’s horn broke the moment. He sighed gave her a wink before picking up his duffels and heading out the door.  

Elliott exhaled loudly shocked by the moment just shared. She was usually such an awful flirt she was surprised that she actually said that. Her fingers touched her lips lightly feeling that amazing after tingle that she got the last time they had kissed. When she heard a throat clear behind her she whirled around to find Bobby standing there with a brow raised and arms crossed. 


“Save it.” His gruff voice assured. “I’m not the one you gotta worry ‘bout.” He gave her a pointed look. 

“I don’t know what you are talking about Bobby. It was just a kiss.” Elliott denied lamely as she made her way back to the living room.  

“Yeah, sure.” Bobby huffed amused at her defensive behavior. He followed her into the living room stopping her from picking up a lore book. “You think I haven’t noticed the two of you make’n googly eyes at each other that past few weeks?” 

“You’re seeing things old man. Besides, he’s not stupid enough to actually like me.” She picked up her book to continue research on rare and obscure demons.  

“Elliott J Anders, don’t you lie to me.” Bobby barked stealing her attention from the book she was failing to focus on. “-and stop with that self pity crap already. You were raised better than that, he scowled.  

She sighed sick of arguing. “It was just a kiss Bobby. I don’t really feel like talking about it. Remember we are in a horror movie not a chick flick.” Elliott sarcastically deflected getting an eye roll from the older hunter. 


Bobby wasn’t blind, he could see the way the young Winchester and the short hunter had a connection. It had been a couple of days since the boys all left, but he wouldn’t bring it up to Elliott again. It was painfully obvious that she was in denial, and he didn’t want to touch that drama with a ten foot poll. The hunter had even caught her smiling at her phone like a damn teenager, every time she got a text from the tall hunter. It was just as Bobby had finished making chili for lunch not letting Elliott near the kitchen again, that her phone went off.  

Elliott answered her phone quickly expecting Sam’s daily check in call without looking. “What happened now? Did Max get thrown in jail again?”  

“Oh, sister, you have such little faith in me.” Mocked Max on the other side of the phone. 

“Max?” Elliott questioned straightening her back from slouching in the kitchen chair. 

“Of course its’s Max. Who else would it be? Listen Ellie this case is a little weirder than we thought it would be.”  

“How so?” Elliott intrigued.  

“Ellie?” Dean’s vice now interrupting through the phone, letting her know she was on speaker.  

“Still here Dean. What’s going on?”  

“Sam here thought your nerdy brain could help us -” Dean started but was cut off with a grunt after a thunk. Then a shuffling noise echoed through her phone. 

“Hello? Dean? You still there?” 

“We're here Ellie. Dean’s just being a jerk.” Sam chimed in making her smile brighten. She heard Dean in the background growl out 'bitch’ and her brother's laughter before she continued.  

“You wanna tell me what is going on Giant?”  

“Yeah, um weird case.” Sam cleared his throat. “It is like those movies you like so much. We had an encounter with Dracula-”  

“Like cape and everything,” Max exclaimed interrupting Sam.  

Sam cleared his throat again continuing. “-a wolfman with an actual snout and fur, and a live-undead? -mummy.”  

When Elliott didn’t answer Dean jumped in again. “Ellie, hello? We could use your nerd brain here.”  

Elliott blinked. “Yeah. Sorry just- that sounds mental. -and dammit, I should have been there for this.” She huffed leaning back in her chair to stare at the ceiling. 

“Yeah, yeah we get it. There is no changing that now Bug. Move on.” Max sighed obviously annoyed at her complaining. She could practically hear him roll his eyes. “Listen, now the Dracula dude called us some weird names. Thought you’d be able to help figure out what it means.” 

“Okay, hit me.” 

“He called me Renfield. The Hell is that supposed to mean?” Elliott threw her head back again laughing hysterically, she couldn’t hold back the fit even if she wanted to. “Hey! Stop laughing like a damn hyena and tell us if that means anything.” 

“You don’t remember watching Dracula with me?” It took some control but she was able to calm herself enough to answer. “Renfield was Dracula’s insane, bug eating, henchman. It sounds like he thinks you’re his mindless servant!” Elliott unable to help it started up another fit of giggles.  

“What about the names Mina and Harker?” Sam huffed trying to disguise his own laughter. 

“Mina is the damsel in distress that Dracula is obsessed with and Harker is her betrothed.” Elliott explained as her laughter died down again. “Oh, man who is who? Which one of you is Dracula’s intended bride Mina?” She gushed mockingly. 

“The bar winch!” Dean nearly shouted “Gotta go. Thanks Ell.” Before she heard a click of being hung up on.  

Elliott stared at her phone exhaling loudly letting her shoulders deflate. She wished she was there, experiencing the strange hunt and wanted to be more useful than a stinking web search. 

Exactly seven minutes later her phone buzzed with a text from Sam. She brought the spoon full of chili back down to her bowl before reading it. The sweet giant was apologizing for his older brother hanging up on her and promised details later.  

It wasn’t until the next day around noon when she finally got a call from Sam. He explained that it was a crazy shifter that had an obsession with classic movies. He went on to give her more detail, about Dean in lederhosen and how Dracula was so appalled that ‘Renfield’ (Max) would betray him. The two spent hours talking and laughing on the phone. Apparently, Dean and Max had decided to go out and indulge in the small town’s mini October Fest. While Sam declined claiming that he wasn’t in the mood to partake in the festivities, that he would rather relax in their motel. If he were honest though, he just wanted to talk with Elliott. 

When the hunters finally returned to Bobby’s Elliott had to hold herself back from running to Sam. She was liking him a lot more than she originally intended to. She forced herself to greet each of them equally not wanting to show her favoritism. They had arrived at dinner time, takeout in hands. Dinner was a blur, it was all laughs and smiles as they once again retold their story of the crazy shifter. After she had, had her fill of sweet and sour chicken with steamed rice she snatched a fortune cookie and excused herself for a walk. That’s when the two finally had a moment alone.  

Sam found her laying on her back in the bed of an old rusty truck, staring up at the stars through the few clouds. “What are you doing out here?” 

“Waiting for you.” Elliott turned to him leaning up on her elbows to give him a shy grin. She patted the space next to her in the bed of the truck.  

“You know Max and Dean are waiting on us for the movie night, right?” Sam raised a brow at her, smiling before accepting her offer and climbed up into the truck bed. 

“Let me guess bickering over Jet Lee or Jackie Chan flicks?” She laughed. The tall hunter laid down next to her to look up at the starry sky, their shoulders pressing up against each other's in the small space of the truck bed. Now with the change of view he could see there were storm clouds approaching from the west, slowly covering up the twinkling stars.  

“You know it.” Sam smiled and turned to face her. 

“Then we’ve got time.” Elliott worried her lower lip between her teeth. “Besides, I have a feeling after tomorrow we won’t be seeing a lot of each other for a while.” 

Sam’s smile fell. “What are you talking about?” 

“Max didn’t tell you? We’re leaving for Arizona tomorrow. He found a case.” She gave him a small smile wishing they could have spent more time together but at the same time dying to get out on a hunt again.  

“But-but what happened to hunting together? Hunting down Azazel? It’s not safe out there for you Ellie.” He sputtered. 

“Now that we know how I am able to do my weird healing thing, there is not much we can do besides find Azazel. We have all researched like mad men and got nothing. There is not much more to do here.” Elliott shrugged. “ -and honestly, I’m dying to get back out there and hunt. Bobby’s going to keep hitting the books, and of course I’ll keep looking between cases but what else is there to do?” She explained the same way Max had explained to her. 

Sam opened his mouth to argue back but nothing came out. He sighed. “It’s not safe out there Ellie. Those demons could still be after you. I really don’t like this, and-and this demon stuff has something to do with me. What if something-” 

“Sam.” Elliott stopped him with a small smile placing a hand on his large one that rested between them. “We still have tonight, and of course, tomorrow before we head out. I do plan on getting that tattoo to keep me safe.” She let her other hand rise up to his flannel covered chest where she knew he had his own tattoo. Fingers softly tracing the star she knew was beneath the fabric. Her soft eyes glided down from his to where her hand lay on his hard muscular chest.  

The giant didn’t respond, verbally instead just leaned in and kissed her. Her hand tightened in his flannel as he intensified the kiss the other hand snaked along his lower back pulling him closer. She leaned into the kiss with her whole body until she was sitting on the giant’s lap straddling his hips. A low growl vibrated from Sam’s throat, sending a pleasant shiver down her spine. Before she knew what was happening, Sam had flipped them so he was now hovering over her, he was now straddling her thigh. One of his hands tangled in her copper blonde strands the other supporting his weight. She nipped at his lower lip, and heard another satisfying growl from his throat. Sam’s lips moved across her jaw and neck leaving sloppy kisses and nips as he went. The large thigh between her legs started moving, and rubbing against her core, she was unable to suppress the moan that escaped her lips. 

“Sam. Too many clothes,” She panted, tugging at the hem of his flannel. Begrudgingly he broke apart lips leaving her clavicle to unbuttoned the thing, throwing it off his shoulders to the side of the truck. She pulled her own tee shirt off quickly but groaned when she saw Sam still had his under shirt on. “Fuck how many layers do have to wear?”  

Sam chuckled. “Someone’s impatient.”  

“You can’t tell me you haven’t been thinking about doing this for weeks.” Elliott pulled at his under shirt and Sam let her tug it off. Staring for a moment at his ridiculously sculptured abs. 

“You got me.” Sam mumbled his own eyes focusing in on her chest, before he was on top of her again.  

The kiss was fiery and passionate as if neither were really willing to say goodbye. His hands palmed her through her bra. Then pulled the fabric down to reveal her perky soft breasts, mouth attaching to her left nipple sucking and tonguing it. Teeth scrapping gently along the perky nub before he withdrew to blow a cool air on it. Elliott arched her back at the sensation before he moved to give the same attention to the other.  

“Sam,” Elliott whimpered, and she could feel his smirk on her breast. She arched her back thrusting her hips up wantingly. The giant was too far down her body for her to reach his jeans, so she unbuttoned her own.  

“Hmm” Sam hummed approval. Then his lips were off her breast to hook his fingers in the sides of her jeans. As he tugged at the denim, he laid small kisses on her torso to her center. He felt her fingers on his belt, but stopped so he could rip her jeans the rest of the way off. His were soon lying next to hers next to them in the truck bed.  

Sam hesitated for a moment, the sight of the healed burn marks along her thigh and calf he felt his heart ache. Self consciously, she moved her hand to cover the scared rippled flesh catching his gaze, but his hand wrapped around her wrist stopping hers. Then he leaned down to lay a soft gentle kiss along the marred flesh.  

“Don’t hide from me. You’re beautiful.”  

Elliott swallowed unable to find her voice, as the giant trailed his gentle kisses back up her body to her lips. She could feel his hard length on her thigh as he leaned over her, his leg between hers. Running his thigh slowly up and down her center, had her panting again.  

“Fuck your wet.” Sam groaned, pausing to look at the shine on his thigh. Elliott felt herself go a little pink at the sight. 

Her hand fell between them and wrapped around his cock, she smiled when his breath hitched. Pumping him a few times had him release a groan. 

“Uhh- Sam. Please,” She moaned out as his finger entered her slowly joined by a second. Soon they were thrusting into each other's hands.  

“Please, what?” Sam teased.  

“Please just -just fuck me.” She arched into his hand her own hand slowing down unable to focus on him with her own pleasure peaking.  

“Good girl.” Sam growled approval then let his thumb rub circular motions on her clit and curled his fingers in a come hither motion that had her falling over the edge.  

“Sam!” Elliott moaned, throwing her head back. His pace slowed letting her ride out the orgasm. She panted, a goofy smile lit her face when he stopped and came in close for another kiss. His breath was hot on hers as they both panted. “Wow,” 

“We're not done yet Ell.” Sam smirked adjusting so his hard cock to setting between her outer lips. Rutting her hips up along his shaft in agreement she licked her bottom lip, pulling it between her teeth. Then moved to center him at her entrance.  

“Wait, wait-condom, in my pocket.” Sam struggled to speak, pulling away slightly to gesturing to his discarded pants.  

She just pulled him back to her shaking her head. “On the pill.” 

That was all he needed before he pushed forward. Her breath caught in her throat as just the head entered her. Sam was agonizingly slow going, just to keep her on edge.  

“Fuck- Sam,” She panted “Please.”  

Sam smiled before giving into her and his own desires and thrusted forward till he was completely sheathed in her warmth. Both let out a loud moan, Elliott’s hands gripped tightly to his shoulders. His own grip tight on her hips. He stayed like that for a few moments letting her adjust to him before he started to move again. Slowly he pulled back till just the head was still in. Then thrusted forward harshly. Elliott cried out in pleasure. He set a fast but perfect rhythm that had Elliott meeting his thrusts. His mouth was on her neck sucking and nipping, her fingers dug into his shoulders as she neared her peak again. When his thrusts started to stutter, he moved one of his hand from his tight hold on her hip to dip between them. The moment his thumb landed on her clit it was over. The both fell over the edge loudly, screaming each other's names. Sam’s thrusts slowed as their orgasms ebbed. Panting she stared up at him giving him that hazed goofy smile. He pulled out slowly then leaned down again. Lips softly brushing her cheek then her lips.  

A loud crack of thunder roaring across the sky was their only warning. Rain pelted down drenching them in a matter of seconds. Sam let out an exasperated sigh breaking the kiss. She couldn’t help it high off her post orgasm she threw her head back in laughter. It was contagious and Sam was soon laughing as well. He stood up grabbing their dirty drenched clothes. Elliott struggled getting into the pair of soaked jeans, but eventually got it.  

Sam had to lean down and gave her a quick peck unable to help himself, she was adorable. All giggly sopping wet and one of the brightest smiles he had ever seen her wear. After helping her down from the bed of the truck the two laughed their way to the house. Just in time to hear Bobby complain about the Jackie Chan movie choice.  

Sam went straight to his room to change into dry clothes but Elliott couldn’t help but stop in the living room doorway and stare. Bobby had always been like family to Max and Elliott, but Dean was new. Sam too technically, but he was way more than that. Elliott could see the way Max and Dean bickered like brothers, a lot like how she and Max did. It was nice to have a bigger family. It had been just the two siblings for so long. It felt right. 

“What are you trying to do? Turn my house into a lake? Stop dripping on my floor and get some dry clothes on!” Bobby bellowed out gruffly snapping her out of her head. Elliott gave him a Cheshire grin taking a few steps closer to Bobby. Leaving puddles as she went.  

“Oh, no. No ya don’t.” Bobby warned but was too late. Elliott had embraced him in a big hug drenching the older hunter’s once dry clothes. Bobby growled in complaint and pushed her away. She laughed her way up the stairs to change, hearing Dean and Max’s Laughter as she went. Despite what she may have ahead of her Elliott was happy. After everything she had been through Elliott could not only smile, but be happy. She reveled in the feeling soaking up the moment, knowing just like everything else in her life it may pass her by all too quickly. 

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It had been almost two months since Max and Elliott Anders had left Bobby’s house. Sam and Elliott kept in touch though. At first it was just after one or the other had finished a hunt, but it soon escalated. Now they were at the point of daily texts and calls. They talked about everything. From their exciting hunts to the mundane of what they had eaten that day. Max could obviously see there was something going on between his little sister and the tall Winchester, but let it be. After what Elliott had been through with the yellow eyed demon, he just wanted her to be happy.

“Looks like we're going to Nebraska again.” Max threw the Omaha World Herald at his sister sitting across from him. They were at a small dinner in the middle of nowhere just fueling up after their latest case.

“Animal attack leaves two college students' dead. The bodies were found just off the local college Wayne State’s campus. Nebraska Wildlife Officials are only able to speculate this was the work of a mountain lion. Though Nebraska has had mountain lion attacks in the past it is rarely seen so far from the state border-” Elliott read out loud with little interest. “Could just be an animal attack? She didn’t want to go back to Nebraska. That was where the demons had held her captive, and she wasn’t in a hurry to go back to the cornhusker state.

“Or, could be a werewolf.” Max stated flatly before taking a rather large bite out of his bacon cheeseburger. She gave him a pointed look and waited for him to swallow the large mouth full. “It’s a full moon. We only have two days before it moves on or we’d lose it.”

“Alright. Let’s go.” Elliott sighed standing from the booth to leave. She stretched and cracked her back, still sore from the salt and burn they had just finished last night. Grave digging wasn’t good for anyone’s back.

Wayne Nebraska wasn’t too far, just a short four hour drive. Elliott laid on her back, head on the empty middle seat while she let her bare feet dangle out the open window. She was almost asleep when their song came on the radio. Max smiled wide and glanced down to her quickly before looking back to the road. Reaching over he turned up the volume, the Beatles, Here Comes the Sun played through The Beast’s speakers. Max and Elliott had heard this song a hundred times over. Their Dad had always said it was their mother’s favorite.

“Little darling, it’s been a long cold lonely winter,” Max sung a large smile on his face thinking back to when he used to sing this for Elliott as a baby. She always zonk out before he could finish the song.

“Little darling it feels like years since it’s been here. Here comes the sun,” Elliott joined in. Her singing like it always had been was completely off key, no matter how hard she tried.

“Here comes the sun, and I say, it’s alright.” They sung together. Elliott didn’t move from her position but looked up and gave her brother a smile as they continued to sing. “Sun, sun, sun here it comes. Sun, sun, sun here it comes. Sun, sun, sun here it comes. -”

They went on singing finishing the short song off key and smiling. Elliott sent a quick text to Sam about her brother being a sentimental dweeb before they arrived. That would be the last text she would send him in days.

The town was very small almost everything besides housing was on one main street. They pulled into the itty bitty police department and hopped out of the pickup. An older grey haired lady sat at the little wooden desk in the front, typing slowly on an old computer.

“I’ll be with you in just a moment.” Max coughed to hide his laughter at the old woman as she typed very at a snail’s pace. Elliott rolled her eyes at him and gave him a pointed look. Although she also found it funny that the woman was just poking at the keys with just her pointer fingers, Elliott had manners and knew better then to laugh. “Alrighty what can I help you two with today?” The woman smiled sweetly greeting them happily.

“We’re agents Gaiman and Pratchett,” Elliott answered holding up her fake badge for the older woman to see. “We're with Nebraska Wildlife Services.”

“We're here to examine the bodies of the recent animal attacks.” Max explained badge in hand giving the old woman an alluring grin.

“Oh, what a tragedy. Those poor girls.” The grey haired woman sighed sadly. The ‘agents’ nodded their heads in agreement. “Officer Dwyer should be able to help you out.” The woman got up her little heels tapping on the tile as she disappeared behind the main doorway. When she returned, she was with an officer they presumed as Dwyer. Officer Dwyer was young probably around Max’s age. The officer was tall but to Elliott everyone was tall, had scruffy dirty blonde hair that matched his unshaven face, and was displaying a small beer gut.

“I thought wildlife service's just left.” The man furrowed his brow. Confused eyes narrowing on the agents.

“We are team B, actually.” Elliott lied.

“Yep, we do a second report to make sure everything matches, and nothing gets missed. To rule out everything we can.” Max added on to the lie smoothly.

“Oh?” Officer Dwyer scratched his head absently running his fingers through his dirty blonde locks unsure of the two, but not knowing any better.

“Yep, mostly just fact checking. We’ll be out of your way in no time. Promise.” Elliott gave him a soft smile and met his dark green eyes innocently.

He blinked at Elliott for a second before shaking his head. “Alright, yeah.” He cleared his throat. “The town’s morgue is down the stairs. Connected to the station being such a small town and all.” Officer Dwyer shrugged.

“Thank you, Officer Dwyer.” Elliott offered politely. “We're sorry for any inconvenience.”

“Just call me Andy. We’re too small town for formalities, and no it’s okay. Sorry if I seem unwelcoming. Just not use to this kind of thing.” Officer Andy sighed. “-but I’m sure you see this all the time agents-” Andy hesitated waiting for their names.

“Maxwell Pratchett,” Max answered then nodded to Elliott. “-and Agent Elliott Gaimen.” Andy gave them both a nod showing them to the stairs.

“This is where I leave you to it. If you don’t mind, I have a mountain of paperwork and terrified civilians to calm down.” Officer Andy bid them farewell before leaving the way they came.

“He seem a little out of it or what?” Max quipped when he was out of ear shot.

“I’d be too if I were in his shoes. Officer of a ho-bunk town where nothing happens and not one, but two students turn up dead?” Elliott led the way down the stairs to the wall of metal.


“Well my money’s on werewolf. Hearts the only thing that’s missing.” Max stated after their thorough examination of the two victims. He peeled off the latex gloves and disposed of them in a little trash bin.

“Looks like both girls were found just out on the edge of town, one near a public park the other behind the movie theater.” Elliott informed Max reading off the clipboard in her hands.

“Okay. We still have some daylight lets interview families, then start a stake out.” Max planned.


Interviewing the families turned out to be pointless. Nothing helpful whatsoever. The only thing they knew about the girls is that they were both students at Wayne State College. The girls had different majors, different friends, and had nothing in common. Unfortunately, the stake out didn’t go much better. They took turns sleeping while the other kept an eye out. Max had to wake Elliott from her nightmares more than once. She was thankful he didn’t mention it. It was embarrassing enough without having to talk about it. The sun came up and the two finally called it, driving to the nearest diner for a much needed breakfast.

“Well that was a total bust.” Max complained staring sleepily at his syrup drowned waffles.

“-and we only have one more night of the full moon. If we don’t get this right tonight, it’s over.” Elliott grumbled, she felt extra sleep deprived, because of the stupid nightmares. She only got maybe two hours of sleep all together.

“We got this Ellie. Just need to think this through.” Max sighed watching his sister push her barely eaten biscuits and gravy away. Not in the mood to eat, she rubbed her temple to alleviate the growing headache.

“Okay.” Elliott took a large sip of her coffee. “We know the theater didn’t have any activity. That leaves the public park.”

“-and the school.” Max threw some cash down to the table for their uneaten meals before they started towards the door.

“You think the wolf is luring students straight off of campus?”

“Unless you got a better idea, it’s out only lead.” The moment they stepped out of the diner Max held his hand out expectantly. Elliott rolled her eyes before digging through her jacket pocket for the carton. She handed him a cigarette and pulled one out for herself.

“Last one I am sharing with you, ya mooch.” She teased handing over her Elvis lighter, but not before she lit her own. Max almost never bought his own pack, finding it much more convenient to steal hers.

“Oh, come on Ellie. You know I am always losing mine.”


It was a little afternoon when they pulled up to the college campus. Already knowing the two victims weren’t in any classes together they just wandered around campus for clues. Both stopped when they came across a photo collage of both deceased students. Flowers and little LED candles set around it to pay respect to the girls. A laminated paper sat above it read ‘In loving memory.’

A student not much younger than Elliott walked past them sniffling. She set down the purple-blueish stalked flowers that Elliott recognized as monkshood. After setting the flowers down the red headed student took a small step back, her watery eyes taking in the memorial.

“I’m sorry for your loss.” Max spoke quietly, moving his hand to her shoulder. Elliott gave the pretty red head a sad smile in comfort as well. The girl just nodded and kept her gaze on the ground.

“Thank you.” She sighed. “They were both such nice girls.”

“You knew both of them?” Elliott questioned surprised, because according to their interviews the other day they didn’t have friends in common.

“Yea. They both were part of the school’s hiking club.”

“Hiking club?” Elliott blurted out not even trying to hide the confusion on her face. How did she not think to investigate clubs and activities? The red head gave Elliott a warry look not sure what to say.

“Sorry.” Max jumped in again. “Elliott’s a new transfer student, I’m showing around campus.”

“Oh.” The girl smiled at both of them. “I’m Jennette, freshmen. Education major.” She boasted.

“Elliott, sophomore. History major.” Elliott quickly responded. “This is Max, my tour guide.” Elliott noticed that Jennette’s eyes were now dry.

“When they finally kill this mountain lion you should really consider joining the hiking club. We find all kinds of interesting wildlife and flowers. That’s where I got these.” She gestured to the monkshood flowers she had laid down at the memorial.

“You know I think Elliott would love that.” Max gave the ginger a flirty grin. “You don’t happen to have a card or a pamphlet for her, do you?”

“I, uhm-” Jannette licked her lower lip before nibbling on it. “I might have a pamphlet in my dorm...”

Max’s flirtatious grin curled even more. “Perfect. Lead the way sweetheart.” Jennette giggled and rose a brow suggestively.

Elliott opted to find a restroom while her brother followed the freshman to her dorm room. As annoyed as she was being ditched for her brother’s flirty side quest, she wasn’t all that bothered. Max and his ‘not girlfriend’ were so on and off lately she felt bad. Max may act like a man-whore, but he never finished the deal unless he really liked the girl and he wasn’t in a relationship. Elliott also knew he and Jo had recently broken up, but she had seen them break up and get back together so many times she had lost count. Elliott had no faith in their current break up lasting. This latest break up had been over a fight, Max had been furious with Jo for hunting on her own. No matter who he tried to distract himself with he was obviously hung up on Jo.

Since it was such a small campus Elliott was done exploring and looking for any other clues in no time. She ended up waiting for Max to ‘get the pamphlet’ in the truck bed. About an hour latter Max strolled up to his pickup. Smirk on his face and hair disheveled, he handed her a pamphlet.

“There really was a pamphlet?” Elliott huffed jumping out of the bed of the truck.

“Hey, don’t look at me like that. I’m just working the job.” Her big brother smirked getting into the driver's seat as Elliott got in the passenger's side.

“Oh, yes. Doing the college chick is definitely working the job.” She rolled her eyes. “There are faster ways to learn about the school clubs and activities.” She wiggled her phone in his face. Batting the phone away he snorted and started the truck.

“Faster ain’t always better.” Max winked and Elliott’s nose wrinkled in disgust. She didn’t need to hear about her brother's sex life.

“Just reaping the benefits of the job.” He chuckled as they drove.

“So according to this.” Elliott flipped through the pamphlet trying to move on from the current topic. “Hiking club meets just outside that park we talked about.”

“Also, Jen told me some of the hikers didn’t stop doing the trails until the last attack. So hopefully the park will be empty.” Max added while keeping his focus on the road.

“Oh, she’s Jen now?” Elliott taunted.

“Shut up.” Max snapped back only making her snicker.

They pulled up into the deserted parking lot next to the park and hiking trails. Elliott jumped out and slammed the door shut. The two made their way around to the bed of the truck. Lifting the latch to pull down the heavy door to the bed. Elliott gave Max a wide smile before pulling up plastic bed liner to reveal the hidden compartment. Their dad had custom made it himself. The original truck bed had been gutted and dismantled. Only to be put back together with the flat bed raised higher allowing the one foot deep hidden compartment. The Beast was a hunter’s truck through and through. Both siblings smiled at the hidden arsenal before digging through it.

“Good thing there is no one around.” Elliott observed before grabbing her glock.

“We can thank the paranoid towns people for that.” Max let out an amused huff before checking the magazine of his own gun. “Jen- Uh Jennette- said the whole town has been scared to death after the last kill.”

She couldn’t help the way her lips curled up when he used the freshman’s nickname. Before she could comment though Max had tossed her the small box of silver coated bullets. She rolled her eyes and loaded her mag.

The Anders family had quickly learned some important things about silver bullets. It wasn’t like the old movies Elliott loved so much. The first time Max and their father had to use silver bullets they had melted silver they had gotten from a shitty pawn shop in Little Rock. Good think their dad was smart enough to fire a couple test rounds. He had discovered that pure silver was too soft of a metal to create a functional bullet. The pure silver bullets had little to no accuracy or worse had messed up the firing chamber. After a few more experiments Max had hypothesized that the bullet only needed to be coated in the silver to have the desired effect. This not only gave the bullets better accuracy but was a Hell of a lot cheaper as well.

Elliott loaded the mag into her glock took off the safety tucking it into her waistband. She felt her phone vibrate with a text notification. Knowing it was most likely Sam because she hadn’t contacted him since the day before. It was very unusual for them, normally it was a constant back and forth texting even during busy hunts, to the point that it got on her brother’s nerves. She was just tired and couldn’t focus on the case and Sam right now. Telling herself that she would text him when they got back to their motel after putting down the werewolf, she ignored the message for now.

“I’ll be bait.” Max announced kneeling to hide his silver coated blade in his boot.

“No Max. You’re not.” Elliott stated matter of factly. She could almost hear her brother’s eyes roll.

“Ellie, I get that you are a capable hunter. I do. Trust me I remember that ghoul from New Orleans.” He chuckled before continuing. “-but I’m the oldest, which means I’m in charge.” Her jaw ticked in irritation.

“Max.” Elliott argued. “This bastard has been going after young women-” She paused pointing to herself. “-who are by themselves. I know you want to go all protective big brother on me, but this is the last full moon for another month. We don’t have another choice. This is our last chance and it’s not worth more bodies piling up.”

The brunette groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose at his little sister’s logic. “Why do you always have to be right?”

“One of us has to be.” Elliott smiled triumphantly up at him teasing lightly and gave his shoulder a pat. “For real we’ve done this so many times before. It’s a milk run. Don’t worry so much, you’ll get wrinkles.”

“Ha, ha.” He feigned laughter. “Let’s just get this over with Bug.”

The sun was starting to set, casting an ugly cat puke orange-pink across the horizon. Elliott set off on the trail camera in hand glock tucked in her waistband hidden from sight like the silver blade in her inner jacket. Trying to look like a student out taking photos of nature. She couldn’t pose as a jogger because the work out clothing would have done very little to conceal her weapons not to mention she wasn’t exactly comfortable wearing shorts anymore with her burn scars. Alone on the hiking path that weaved through thick trees, she couldn’t even hear Max but knew he was following at a distance.

Time dragged on. It had been more than a few hours of wandering pointlessly snapping photos and the sun had gone down a while ago. She was worrying that they might have gotten it wrong and missed there shot when something caught her eye.

The small screen on the digital camera displayed the photo of the patch of monkshood she had snapped a photo of. She was admiring the color contrast when she noticed the two glowing dots in the background of the photo. It kicked her instincts into gear, senses now on high alert.

Setting the camera down slowly Elliott kneeled in the dirt path pretending to lace up her boot. Barely hearing its approach, she readied herself. The werewolf lunged out of the darkness, but she was quick. Blade from her boot was gripped tightly in hand as she slashed out at it. The werewolf whimpered with wide eyes, pupils' in slits. It was a man she did not recognize. He looked down at the burning slash along his forearm in surprise before turning back to her, fangs bared and snarling.

The werewolf charged abruptly. Claws swung at her, but she avoided them easily. He howled in frustration when she slashed at him again. Slicing into his flesh a few more times before he heard Max quickly approaching. Elliott took the moment to stab the thing, but he turned last second and she missed. The silver blade now buried to the hilt in its shoulder. It let out a strangled shrieking howl before running off.

Elliott swore and chased after the wounded creature. Glock at the ready, now that her blade was in the beast’s shoulder as he ran away from her. Not waiting for Max to catch up, needing to gank the werewolf before it could get away and slaughter anyone else. So, when Max called for her, she refused to slow down, needing to stay on its trail.

There was a small blood trail that led to a storage shed the size of a two car garage. Elliott followed it running in not even noticing her silver blade that lay in the dirt only a few feet away from the entrance. The blade that only moments ago had been lodged into the wolf’s shoulder.

A single but bright bulb lit up the small storage building. Deflated beach balls, hula hoops, volleyball nets, and other objects used for outdoor recreation lined the walls. Before Elliott even knew what hit her, she was thrown into the opposite wall. A snap echoed in the shed as she slammed into the wall hard, her left arm and head taking the brunt of the force. Elliott’s vision flashed white and pain radiated off her left forearm that now hung at an awkward angle. She cried out cradling her arm to her chest, but quickly looked up hearing the predatory growl from the other side of the room. The werewolf’s lips curled up in a sneer displaying its large fangs.

Elliott immediately went to her glock with her good hand, but nothing was there. She hissed a curse when she saw her glock sat on the dirty ground between her and the fowl creature, directly in the middle of the room. She had dropped it when it had thrown her across the room. A shot rang out and Elliott looked up to see a bloody bullet wound sizzling from the werewolf’s stomach, before noticing her brother holding his own gun. A loud furious howl bellowed from the creature. It turned to the new hunter that had wounded it, letting out a fierce growl before charging. Now that Max was on it, Elliott crawled forward to her glock with her left arm held closely to her chest. She was almost there, when she met resistance. Her foot caught in the damn volleyball net. Struggling harder to reach the glock, foot so tangled in the netting she couldn’t get any further.

Max aimed his pistol for another shot this time aimed close range at its heart, but the werewolf was too fast. It grabbed onto Max’s arm, slamming it into the wall until Max’s hand was forced to let go of the gun. His other hand went to his jacket to pull out his silver blade. The werewolf snarled and caught Max’s wrist as he went out to stab the beast. It gripped so tightly on his wrist that he whimpered and dropped the silver blade as well, now weaponless.

Elliott’s struggled wildly. The fucking net caught her boot in a web, completely tangled, and she could only reach out so far.  The glock was just centimeters away when the unthinkable happened.

The sound of ripping flesh had Elliott lose her breath. A gut retching scream ripped through her big brother’s throat. Max hardly had time to look down at his chest raggedly ripped open and bleeding profusely before it continued to dig at his insides. The creature ignored Elliott’s shrieks of horror as she watched it tare into her big brother’s chest. Max’s eyes were unfocused but looking in his little sister’s direction as he sputtered and coughed up blood. Tears streaming down her face her wild struggles finally freeing her from the net.

Two shots rang out and echoed through the room. Both the werewolf and Max fell to the dirt floor. She dropped her glock, wasting no time rushing over to her brother’s side, falling to her knees next to him. His dark green eyes were empty. Void of the usual mischievous spark they normally held. Frozen in a dull lifeless gaze. Elliott let out a sorrow filled ear shattering scream that ended in wet sobbing.

“No, no, no, no-” Elliott cried hysterically. Quickly she moved his head onto her lap. “I can heal you- I can heal you, I can heal you,” She squeaked repeatedly. She placed a shaky hand on his upper chest avoiding the shredded flesh that was openly flowing with deep reds and browns and focused. She put all her energy into it. When noting happened her breath stared to speed up even more. Trying again she closed her wet eyes trying to focus, she pushed down putting more pressure on her hold but that only caused more blood to spill from his open chest. She continued trying to heal him for over twenty minutes before it sank in.

“Noooooo!!!” She screeched at the top of her lungs wrapping her arms around her brother to hold him close. The grief stricken shock was so overwhelming she could no longer feel the pain in her broken arm. Salty tears and blood coated her face and body as Elliott started rocking back and forth with her brother’s limp body in her arms.

“Max?” Elliott croaked quietly before letting out a wet sob. “Max, please! I can’t- you can’t leave me. Please Max don’t leave me-” Her voice broke again before sobs and wails took over any possible words. She just sat there covered in his blood holding him tightly while rocking back and forth for hours, maybe longer. After some time, her sobs quieted but the tears kept coming, her throat was on fire, raw from her screams, body shaky and numb. The hunter knew she was in shock but was too numb to care. She didn’t think anything could ever matter again. Max was-

She was too numb to notice her and Max’s phones going off. Tears slowing but not stopping as she stared blankly ahead whimpering. Time passed without her permission, without her knowledge. Minutes, hours, Elliott wasn’t sure, nor did she care. Time wasn’t important nothing was. Elliott knew she had been there for a long time, but what she thought was possibly a handful of hours was much closer to twenty four, when she was disrupted from her haze.

“Oh, fuck.” A familiar voice broke the silence from behind her, although it sounded much further away. Like through a long tunnel. The feeling of two hands cupping her face made her twitch, bringing her to the surface of her mind. Although looking right at the man in front of her it took Elliott a few moments to focus. Shaggy brown hair, and watery hazel eyes full of grief and concern met her unfocused puffy eyes.

“Sam?” Elliott breathed so quietly he didn’t hear it.

“Hey, hey, hey, Ellie. It’s me. It’s Sam.” Sam comforted softly. His thumbs stoked her wet streaked cheeks gently wiping some of the tears away.

“I tried-” Elliott croaked brokenly. She pleaded as she clung to her brother’s lifeless corpse. “I tried-but it didn’t work!” Sam’s eyes narrowed not understanding what the poor girl was rambling. His brows furrowed and he glanced up to Dean from where he knelt. Dean was standing behind her on the phone with Bobby. Trying to tell the older hunter what had happened looked to be difficult for him as his gruff voice cracked and grief filled gaze darted from Sam to Elliott, avoiding Max’s body.

I tried!” She sobbed again much louder. Sam pulled her tear soaked face to his chest and held her as she sobbed. “I, couldn’t heal him.” Her words were muffled by both her sobs and his chest, but Sam still heard her. His face contorted in sorrow, heart bottom out to his stomach. She tried to heal her dead brother, he realized. He closed his eyes and held her tightly. Sam would never say it out loud, but he was thankful that she hadn’t somehow transferred her brother’s death onto herself, and he knew Max would have felt the same.

“Are, you hurt?” Sam asked gently pulling her back at arm's length to give her a once over. There was so much blood everywhere he couldn’t tell if any of it was hers, but luckily, he didn’t see any bite wounds. He noted how she was cradling her left arm to her chest as her other arm still wrapped tightly around Max.

Elliott didn’t answer just stared blankly back at him with puffy red eyes. Sam could tell she was in shock and she most likely had broken her arm. “Ellie. Are you hurt?” He repeated slowly trying to get the blonde to understand, but nothing. She just kept staring blankly and gave a small shrug before she repeated her mantra over and over again of “I tried.”

“‘course, Bobby. I’ll call you back in the morning.” The older Winchester rumbled from behind her. Dean had a hard time looking at the mutilated body of his friend, so he kept his eyes on Sam and Elliott as he hung up the phone. “I’ll clean up things here. She need a hospital?” Understanding Dean’s words Elliott stiffened, head snapping around to meet him. Her hold on her deceased brother tightened.

“Don’t you touch him!” She shouted venomously. When her left arm flexed to tighten around Max protectively, she winced and let out a whimpered. Now that she was lucid, she her pain was coming back. Her whole body aching from being in the position for so long and arm throbbing where it had broken.

Both Winchesters were taken aback by her threat but understood where she was coming from, both had seen each other die and knew firsthand the painful ach she was currently experiencing. They also knew she needed to get to a doctor to get what must be a painful broken arm fixed up.

“Ellie, I won’t do anything you don’t want me to.” Dean crouched down speaking softly as if not to spook her. Elliott closed her puffy red eyes tears leaking out but she visibly relaxed. “I just wanted to put him in the car and clean up this shed.” She opened her eyes to see green. Green eyes that were almost like her brothers, but they were wrong. Elliott hadn’t noticed how similar their eyes were before. Only Dean’s eyes were much too bright, Max had an earthy darker green rather than Deans apple green. She was pulled out of her thoughts again by the painful throb in her arm.

“Is that alright Ellie?” Sam softly questioned to the side of her. She hadn’t realized until then that Sam was running his large gentle hand along her back in soothing circles. Elliott parted her lips to answer but nothing came out. Looking back down at her big brother before giving a small sob. She closed her eyes tightly tears leaking through as she gave him a nod.

“Dad had an old doctor friend not too far from here. I’ll give him a call tell him you’re on the way.” Dean instructed Sam, giving him a sad expression before giving him an address.

“Come on Ellie, let’s get you fixed up, baby.” Sam murmured gently. Elliott hesitated eyes darting from Sam to Dean then down to her brother questioningly unsure what to do next, or how to move away. Not sure how to let go of her big brother.

As if they could read her thoughts Dean leaned in to take hold of his friends' corpse as Sam helped her pry her grip off him. Elliott couldn’t help the quiet sobs as Sam got her to her feet and quickly turned her away from the gruesome scene. He led her out to the truck supporting most of her weight as he did.

Elliott didn’t remember much after that. She remembered thinking the drive was too short, that they couldn’t have gotten to the doctor’s already. It felt like she was in and out of her own mind, not really even there. She remembered seeing posters of dogs and cats putting together that this ‘doctor’ friend was actually a veterinarian. The man still got the job done leaving her left forearm in a chunky white cast.

Before she knew it, she was standing in a motel with Sam. It wasn’t the room that she and- she stopped the thought and swallowed the large lump in her throat. The giant Winchester had covered her arm in a couple plastic shopping bags and led her to the hot shower. Exhaustion hit Elliott hard once she stepped out of the bathroom, but she didn’t think it was even possible to fall asleep right now. Not when her world had fallen apart, but she was wrong. It didn’t take long at all. Elliott fell asleep in Sam’s arms. The feel of his large hand stroking her back and the sound of his gentle shushing as he whispered sweet nothings to her, had her passing out in no time.


Dean was exhausted. He had to admit he thought Sam was overreacting when he asked him to drive to Elliott over an unresponded text message. He had originally laughed at his little brother’s worry calling him a worry wort. It wasn’t until a day and a half past with neither of the Anders siblings answering their phones that Dean changed his tune. Dean wished that he would have just listened to Sam’s intuition. Then maybe Dean wouldn’t be pulling up to the motel lot with his friend in the trunk wrapped in white sheets.

He was as quiet as possible. The bathroom light was on with the door cracked open. Keeping it dark enough to sleep but light enough for Dean to navigate the crumby motel. In the bed furthest from the door Dead found his brother awake laying down with the poor girl draped over him. She was thankfully sleeping off her exhaustion, head resting on Sam’s chest. Elliott’s new casted arm slung over him, fingers wrinkling his sleep shirt in her grip. Sam and Dean shared a silent conversation their eyes full of grief and worry. It was obvious what had happened. Like most hunters the life took Max. It was hard to accept, because it wasn’t anything extra powerful, not a big bad, just a regular bad. Just like any hunt could end. It was an awful reminder and losing a friend to the hunt was nothing new to the Winchesters, but it didn’t hurt any less. Dean’s heart ached for his own loss but also for Elliott’s. He sighed breaking eye contact with his brother before leaving to jump in the shower and get in his own bed, waiting for sleep.


Elliott woke the next day groggy and sore. Her head ached, eyes and throat were raw and puffy, and her left arm was throbbing. It wasn’t like the books and the movies where the character had a blissfully unaware moment that was soon ripped away by remembering what had happened the day before. No, she knew. The moment she was conscious she was aware of what had happened, she felt her heart drop what was left of her it breaking further the longer she laid there. Cracking her sore and sleep crusted eyes open as if she could find Max standing in the motel room, chalk it all up to the worst nightmare ever.

Sam sat at the small table coffee in hand and a breakfast sandwich barely nibbled on lay forgotten in front of him. Turning to look for the other Winchester she stopped when the sound of the running shower met her ears. Her heart hurt. She wanted to go back to the numbness. This couldn’t be reality. It couldn’t be real, Max couldn’t have- she didn’t even think the word.  Not her big brother. Her strong, fearless, protective big brother, that raised her. Taught her how to read, ride a bike, and how to fight like one of the boys. Her only family, she thought the realization hitting her like a punch to the gut. She was alone now, no Dad, no Max, no anybody. Elliott Anders was all alone. Silent tears fell down her cheeks as she just laid there. She didn’t realize she had let out a whimper until the bed dipped behind her. A large warm hand rested on her shoulder through the blankets. Not responding Elliott just continued to stare ahead of her and gave a wet sniff.

“Hey, Ellie.” Sam whispered, his large hand gave her shoulder a squeeze.

“He’s gone.” Elliott whispered back, saying it out loud somehow making it ten times worse.

“I’m so sorry baby. He was such a good man, a great hunter. We're all going to miss him so much, Ellie.”

Elliott nodded turning to see her Giant. “What-” She swallowed. “What do I do now? Without Max-” Her voice cracked. “Without him I don’t know what I am supposed to do? I don’t want to hunt alone,”

“You think I’d really just leave you by yourself?” Sam questioned softly even though he was frowning at her. “You are not alone Ellie. I’m here, we are here. Dean and I aren’t going anywhere.” He scooted down to lay down beside her and pull her into his arms. Hugging her tightly her back against his warm muscular chest. Laying a kiss on the crown of her head. Elliott couldn’t help but think yeah, you’re here for now, but months from now she would be alone again. The Winchesters weren’t used to hunting with others. Pushing the thought aside she would cross that bridge when she came to it, for now she’d just take it one moment at a time. Sam knew there were no words that could help so he just held her and hoped that it was enough for now.

Dean walked out of the bathroom and gave the two a sorrowful look. He was already dressed and was toweling his short hair dry. The bed dipped again this time in front of her as Dean took a seat. Then her good hand was in his as he gave a comforting squeeze. He looked up to Sam and told him to shower so they could ‘take care of something’s before heading to Bobby’s. Sam hesitated but got up after he gave a soft kiss to the nape of her neck. They could hear the shower start but Elliott still couldn’t find the energy to sit up.

“I’m so sorry sweetheart.” Dean spoke softly trying to give the girl any comfort that he could. His words only seemed to create more tears as another whimper escaped her throat. Dean gave her hand another squeeze. “I know there is nothing I can say that will make this any better. Trust me. I know.” He let out a long sigh before continuing. “When Sammy died? I was a mess, I-”

But that was all Elliott heard. That was it, she thought. Gears turning in her head. She didn’t have to lose her brother. There was another way. She could see him again. The tears slowed as she mentally planed out her next move. Completely ignoring the older Winchester’s attempts at comforting her.