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Unusual Payment

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Working inside Passione was a pretty big deal. If you told anyone that you worked there (which you shouldn’t, considering how it’s a fucking mafia), you’d get a good variety of comments and questions. Once you told them that you were one of their professional prostitutes, then they’d get a little skittish and probably try to leave the conversation.

The thing about being one of Passione’s professional sex workers was that it wasn’t as bad as people thought. There’s always someone to ask for help, the pay is good, and life’s necessities were high priority; food was never an issue, the rooms were well furnished and customizable, and health insurance was never an issue. It also helped that the workers were a mix of stand users and non-stand users; knowing this was very important in case you needed help with something so you knew who to go to.

Today was mostly a day of helping the newcomers. (Y/n) had been working for Passione since the beginning of the brothel’s opening, and was one of the most skilled workers there, so she was usually the one helping the people who didn’t know that much.

She was currently giving a tour of each floor to some of the new men, making sure they knew which areas they could go in as they got used to the place. While explaining the last room on that floor, she got a text.

“I’m sorry guys, I have a client soon. I’m gonna go find someone who isn’t busy to continue the tour. Stay here.” (Y/n) waved off to them as she made her way to her room, scouting out for anyone who knew the works like she did. Once she found someone, she sent him back to the group, letting him know that they were done with that floor and to keep touring upstairs.

When she reached her room, she reread the text, changing into a lacy black teddy before putting a white t-shirt and pink pants over it. She grabbed what she needed, checking the list once more before leaving to the location.


The address turned out to be one of the most high end hotels in the area. (Y/n) smiled as she entered inside, looking around as she made her way to the front desk, letting the woman in front of her know that she had an appointment with someone. The lady let her go on ahead, and (Y/n) gave another smile as she wished the woman a good day.

The client was on the last floor, room 539. (Y/n) knocked on the door, a slightly muffled voice ringing out the moment she put her arm down.


“Che l'Imperatore mantenga il suo regno e accetti la sua famiglia.” (May the Emperor keep his reign and accept his family.)

“Come in.” The voice called, the door opening.

She stepped inside, looking around as she heard the door close behind her.

“Is it safe to assume this is a check in?” (Y/n) asked, keeping her gaze ahead until told otherwise.

“Yes, but that’s not all.” The velvety voice answered. “I’ve been frustrated with the gang lately. Some of the areas are being uncooperative, and I need to take a break. That’s why I decided to call you today, so I can get what I need done with someone who knows how to do their job.”

“I’m glad that you thought of me.” (Y/n) chuckled, waiting for him to give her instructions.

“Did you bring everything, puttana?” He walked toward her, placing his hands on her shoulders and running them down her arms.

“You only asked that I bring handcuffs, so that’s all I brought for you, imperatore.” She handed them to him, grinning at how quickly he decided to start.

“Good.” He leaned into her ear, his hot breath sending a small shiver down her spine. “Now turn around and face your Lord.”

She followed his instructions, the sight of Diavolo filling her mind. He was wearing what he always wore when you came over, his weird mesh shirt and purple jeans, spotted hair flowing down his shoulders and purple lipstick neatly applied onto his lips.

She knew that wouldn’t last the entire time.

(Y/n) continued to follow his commands until her clothes where on the floor, the teddy being the only thing on her body.

“On your knees.” (Y/n) obeyed, following him to the bedroom, where he sat on the edge of the bed.

He freed his erection, ordering her to suck. She crawled over, swaying her ass from side to side as she made her way over. Once between his legs, she held his length in her hands, running her slender finger up and down his shaft before lowering her lips onto him.

As she slowly began to suck, he snaked his hand into her (h/c) locks, gaining a tight grip as she sent waves of pleasure through him. He growled at the feeling, trying to keep his composure; He was her master for now, after all. He didn’t want all the fun to go away too fast or for her to get any chance of gaining control over him.

(Y/n) started to get faster, but it wasn’t the right pace for Diavolo, so he began to ram her head down onto him while bucking into her mouth. She made a choked moan in reply, making his cock twitch in her mouth.

“Fuck, that’s it. Keep it there, puttana.” Diavolo groaned with a smile, leaning his head back. He moved faster, basking in the noises she made as she choked on him.

Soon enough, he shoved her down to his base, strings of cum going down her throat and lingering in her mouth as he pulled out. (Y/n) started coughing, finally being able to breathe normally.

“That was good.” The pinkette spoke out as he regained his senses, watching the girl beneath him struggle to breathe.

“You’re welcome, imperatore.” She replied once she found a steady breath.

Diavolo ordered her to stand up and turn around, putting the handcuffs on her as she complied. She then moved up to straddle his lap like he commanded her. He ran his fingers over the teddy, his lacquered nails occasionally catching on the fabric.

“I bought you this one, didn’t I?”

“Yes,” (Y/n) shivered as he touched her through the fabric. “It was my first tip from you. Also my first tip in general.”

“Ah, yes. I was your first customer.” Diavolo continued his contact, reminiscing when he decided to start a prostitution ring. “You were so nervous for your evaluation, it was adorable. And you fought past your shakiness to do the best you could. I’m glad I chose you to be the person I check on.”

“Me too, imperatore.” The (e/c) girl began to smile, but cut herself off with a squeak as Diavolo started tracing her sex through the teddy.

“Oh, you’re soaking. I’m a bit surprised that it didn’t get on the carpet.” He gave a cheeky grin as he pushed the fabric aside, his touch on her messy lower lips starting to drive her crazy.

“What do you want, puttana? You need to use your words.” His free hand grabbed (Y/n)’s cheeks, squishing them so tightly that it was hard for her to speak.

“P-Please fuck me.”

“With what? My fingers?” Diavolo asked, releasing her cheeks as he pounded two digits as deep as he could into her pussy.

She jumped at the sudden movement, trying not to squirm too much. She gave a loud squeal, trying to tell Diavolo to stop.

“What do you want me to fuck you with, puttana?” He teased, slowing his pace inside her a little bit.

“Y-Your cock, imperatore! Please fill me with your cock and fuck me until my pussy’s numb!” She cried out breathily, whimpering at the moment he pulled his fingers out.

“Good girl,” Diavolo cooed, helping her adjust her legs so they could wrap around him. He lined himself up with her dripping core before slamming her down onto him. “I knew you could use your words. And you asked so politely, too.”

As she cried out his role, he kissed her neck and collarbone with fervor. Diavolo smiled at the warmth of her skin, his lipstick smearing all over her delicate skin and mixing with the bruises from the harsh lovebites he decided to place on her.

“How do you feel, puttana? Is this what you were hoping for?” The devil of a man groaned into her ear, sighing in bliss as he hit one of her sweet spots.

“This is more than I could ever ask for, imperatore! I’ve missed this feeling so much!” (Y/n) choked out between his hard thrusts and her own squeals of pleasure.

Diavolo was reaching his end, and he knew (Y/n) was as well from how her walls clenched around her and how she was struggling to not yell out his real name. He sped up his pace, wrapping his arms around her waist before standing, continuing to ram his hips into her. Her legs tightened around him, and he knew that she wanted to hold onto him.

He gave a singular chuckle before letting a deep growl leave his lipstick smeared mouth as he felt her cum around him. He slowed his pace a bit as she released, turning them around to place her on the bed once she was finished. Diavolo pulled out, stroking himself until he came on her, uneven white lines of his seed landing on top of her lingerie and her skin.

Resting his forehead on hers while they caught their breaths, he gave her frantic kisses around her face, continuing to smear his lipstick.

“That was amazing, boss.” (Y/n) gave a satisfied sigh when she could breathe again, smiling at the man above her.

“I’m glad you think so. Now,” Diavolo leaned back up, helping her do the same before taking the handcuffs off. “Let’s get you cleaned up and get you your tip.”

(Y/n) nodded in agreement, following him to the bathroom. He wiped her teddy clean and cleared her body of lipstick, having her help him clean his face and apply a clean layer of the beautiful purple onto his lips. As they cleaned each other up, Diavolo asked about how the workplace was going. (Y/n) was happy to tell him that everything was going well as usual and that everyone was

Cleaned up and almost ready to go, they walked back to the entrance to talk about (Y/n)’s tip and to let her get dressed again.

“So have you found anything in particular that you’d like, or are you still not sure?”

“Actually, I’ve found something that I’d like.”

“Ah, much has changed from the last check in. What’s your tip?”

(Y/n) smiled, buttoning up her pants as she spoke.

“Worms on a string.”

Diavolo was quiet for about a minute, while (Y/n) was somehow able to keep her laughter inside.


That was when she couldn’t hold it in anymore and belted out in giggles. She pulled out her phone, pulling up a picture through tears of laughter.

“Okay… can I just buy some from Amazon and have them shipped to you?”

“Yeah, that’s fine.” She wiped her tears, putting on her shoes as he made the purchase. He let her know that the purchase was made, and when it was time for her to go, gave her a kiss on the cheek.

“You are a strange girl, (Y/n). A pleasant one, but very strange.”

“Thank you, boss.” She smiled, letting him move to another room before leaving, knowing that he can’t risk anyone knowing of his identity (besides you, of course).
The drive back to the base was a nice one, knowing that your tip would be arriving within a few days.

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Another day, another client. Well, today was actually two; the text said that they were Narancia and Mista, and they turned out to currently be in an abandoned house. (Y/n) reread the text, making sure to follow the instructions for getting in.

She moved from the broken mailbox to the flowers at the other side of the yard, making sure to skip like the text said. After a minute of admiring the flowers, she tucked some of her hair behind her left ear, giving the ‘okay’ sign before lowering her hand. She heard three short knocks on the door, and slowly made her way over, letting herself in.

“Hello?” (Y/n) called out, soon noticing a note on the wall next to the door.

We’re down in the basement, first door to the left. Please take your shoes off before coming down. If you brought anything, place it by the door as well.

-Narancia and Mista”

(Y/n) put the letter down, along with her bag before taking off her shoes and making her way down. Once she got to the door, she knocked three times, entering when she got the invitation.

Inside the room were two boys; the one on the left was wearing a white T-shirt, gray sweatpants, and a light blue beanie while the other wore an orange and purple striped shirt with red sleep shorts decorated with little airplanes on them.

“Hi, Miss (Y/n)!” The boy on the right waved, a small blush on his face.

“Hello!” She waved back giggling at his childishness.

“You dunce! You’re supposed to introduce yourself first.” The left boy hit the right upside the head, immediately ignoring the other boy’s cries as he introduced himself. “I’m Mista, and this is Narancia. I’m sorry about him, he never completed elementary school.”

“Hey, you don’t need to go around telling everyone that!” Narancia punches Mista in the chest, starting their quarrel on the bed.

(Y/n) watched, not being able to hold in her laughter. They eventually stopped, waiting for her to calm down.

“You two are so weird. I just got here and you’re fighting!” She said between chuckles.

“Oh yeah, we should probably get to what we paid for.” Mista pointed out, moving off on Narancia.

“Before we start, I’d like to ask something.” The boys looked at (Y/n), humming in wonder as to what she might ask. “If you can’t answer this it’s fine, but I was just wondering why you wanted to meet me here.”

“Well,” Narancia started, fixing his position on the bed. “We were sent here for a mission, and we’re supposed to be here for six days. We finished the mission late at night on the third day, which meant we would have to go back the next day. Mista here has tetraphobia, so we decided to stay the rest of the expected time and celebrate finishing the job early with a little fun.”

(Y/n) giggled at hearing about Mista’s fear, causing him to fluster as he tried to deny the fact, but Narancia wouldn’t let after Mista exposed him. She looked around the room for a clock, noting that they had about forty minutes left.

“So,” the boys looked to her as she spoke, eyes widening as they watched her take off her shirt, revealing her mint green bra and soft skin. “How do you guys want to do this?”

They stared at her in awe, surprised at how she changed the atmosphere so quickly. They could already feel their erections growing, and all she did was take off her shirt.

Narancia and Mista looked to one another, not sure what to say.

“Do you guys want me to take the lead?”

“Yes!” They yelled in unison, their faces covered in embarrassed pink blush.

“Alright then,” (Y/n) chuckled, tucking some hair behind her ear. “Mista. Stand up for me.”

The male jumped at his name, standing up as instructed. (Y/n) walked around him, grazing her fingers on different parts of his body. She moved in, her body right up against his.

“You’re a virgin, aren’t you?”

Mista tensed up are her words, confirming her suspicions.

“You don’t have to worry then, I’ll take care of everything, caro.” She assured him, placing her hand softly on his cheek. He nodded in agreement, and she leaned in to place her lips on his.

Mista was surprised at first, but began to relax into her touch. He started to kiss back nervously, soon getting the hang of it and followed the push and pull of her heavenly lips. She guided his hands down to the small of her back before resting her own under his beanie, resulting in it falling to the floor. He would have yelled at her for having it land on the floor, but he couldn’t have cared less right now.

(Y/n) broke the kiss, giggling at Mista’s clear want to continue. Narancia gulped, gaining her attention.

“I hope you don’t think I forgot about you, fidanzata.” She turned towards the male on the bed, making small steps towards him while he just babbled nervously.

(Y/n) giggled at his reaction, pushing him down on the bed and securing his wrists together with one hand. Narancia looked into her eyes, his face expressing that he was cautious and a little embarrassed. She assured him that everything would be alright as she placed her lips gently on top of his, allowing him to get used to the rhythm.

Mista watched from behind as she gave the younger boy the attention he needed, feeling more embarrassed as his erection grew at the sights and sounds. Soon enough, (Y/n) used one hand to lift her skirt up to her hips, inviting Mista to help her out and do as he pleased. He walked over to her, pulling her mint green panties to the side to look at her pussy, letting out a low hum of approval as he saw how wet she was.

His first instinct was to kiss and lick the area around her juices. Mista grinned at his idea as he dove his head into her heat, eliciting a squeak from (Y/n).

“Shit! That feels so good, caro!” She cried out, knees getting weak at she tried stay above Narancia.

As she started to lose her balance, she released her grip on the boy’s hands. She braced herself with one arm on the bed while freeing his length with the other, a yelp escaping Narancia from the surprise contact.

“Aww, it’s so cute! Just like you, Narancia!” (Y/n) cooed. He shivered under her as she started to jerk him off, causing her to giggle before choosing to press more kisses onto his slightly chapped lips.

(Y/n) moved down to Narancia’s neck after a while, allowing him to moan aloud. Mista then decided to stop teasing her and get to the point, leaning and lining up with her entrance. As he slowly pushed into her warmth, they both gave long sighs of pleasure, staying put before beginning to move, groaning at how wonderful she felt inside.

“Fuck,” Mista sighed, placing his hands on (Y/n)’s hips as he began to go faster. “I never thought anyone could feel so good.”

“I’m glad you’re enjoying yourself.” She replied between curses and moans. She sped up her pace around Narancia’s dick, adding some pressure here and there.

This was the reason Mista and Narancia had decided to do this in the basement; if anyone was outside, they would have a harder time listening in on the fun that they were having. As the three gave their calls of release and shouts of pleasure, they weren’t embarrassed knowing that no one outside could hear them.

“Fuck, I-I’m gonna cum!” Mista and Narancia whined in synch, trying to control themselves for a little longer.

“Do it, boys! Cum for me!” (Y/n) slammed her hips into Mista and jerked Narancia off as fast as she could, helping them and herself reach the releases they needed desperately.

Her efforts went into effect instantly, Narancia staining his shirt with his seed while Mista came inside of (Y/n). As Mista slowed down, small streams of his semen escaped her, going down her thighs and collecting some of her juices from around her slit. He pulled out, watching as her pussy pushed out his load.

Mista fell to the ground, while (Y/n) was able to fall next to Narancia on the bed. They took deep breaths as they eventually gained their composure, making small talk about how amazing the service was.

(Y/n) was the first to stand up, and cleaned everyone up with some nearby tissues before asking if they felt like they were ready to give their tip. Mista asked if she could wait a few minutes, and so she played with Narancia’s hair until Mista was ready.

“Alright, what should we tip you? Do you have a preference?” Mista stood up a few minutes later, putting his beanie back on.

“My tip is worms on a string.” (Y/n) replied, smiling as she saw his expression turn into confusion.

“Who do you think just has-“

“I knew I needed to bring my worms!” The raven haired boy jumped from the bed, running out of the room for a moment. When he returned, he handed you two worms, light blue and orange. “Here you go!”

“Narancia, what the fuck?”

“You never know when you’re gonna need a worm, Mista!”

“You should just be grateful, Mista.” (Y/n) place an arm around the two. “If you guys didn’t have any, you would have had to buy me some from Amazon or something. Now you don’t have to spend more money.”

“I guess you’re right. It’s just… why? Why worms on a string?”

“Why not?” And with that, she kissed each boy on the cheek before taking her leave, walking a few blocks away from the house before calling a taxi.

During the somewhat long drive home, she played with the worms, putting the tags into her skirt to let them hang once she reached the base.

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Today’s location was a very interesting place; it looked like it either could be or was a bar, but the inside had no indication of it ever being so.

“Hello?” (Y/n) called out, admiring the decorations while looking for anyone who could be home.

“WHO IS IT?” A voice yelled, stomping out to the top of the stairwell.

The man had blue curls stuck to his head and red glasses, causing him to stand out. He instantly made eye contact with (Y/n), his face seemingly stuck in anger as he continued to yell.


“The door was unlocked.”

“Fuckin’ Melone didn’t close it after him. I’m gonna freeze him in the shower when he gets back.” He turned his head to the side and growled, facing (Y/n) again as he invited her up. “You can come up, just lock the door before you do. And take off your shoes. I deal with enough dirt in the house, I don’t want you tracking in any more.”

He turned around and walked back to where he was originally. (Y/n) walked back to the door, closing and locking it before taking her shoes off. She then made her way up the stairs, walking down the hall until she saw the door with the nameplate “Ghiaccio”. It was slightly open, so she assumed that he was the only person in the house and her client as she stepped in the room. Ghiaccio was on his bed, arms under his head as he looked at the ceiling.

“What can I do for you today, Mr. Ghiaccio?” (Y/n) asked, closing the door once she was inside.

“First, don’t ever call me Mr Ghiaccio ever again.” He snapped, sitting up and pointing at her as a warning. The motion and tone of voice sent a chill down her spine. “Second, you’re going to sit on that couch over there and give me controversial topics to rant about. Nothing too serious like politics, just stuff that you can argue with your friends about and stay buddies.”

(Y/n) looked at him weirdly. “Is this… a fetish thing?”

“Hell no!” He yelled, moving to sit on the edge of the bed. “I’m just constantly full with rage and need someone to listen to me rant. Since the rest of La Squadra’s gone for the day, I thought I’d hire someone.”

“It’s a little weird that you decided to hire a hooker for this, but this is probably one of the easiest things I’ve been paid for.” She moved to the couch.

“What’s my first topic?” He stood up, walking over to the couch.

“How about… the difference between how Americans and British people spell things?”

“We’re in Italy, why should I give a damn about how other countries spell shit?” His face was dripping with ‘what are you, stupid?’, and he asked for a new topic.

“How to get in the shower?”

“OK HERE WE FUCKIN’ GO!” He began, making hand gestures as he started. (Y/n) set a timer on her phone to stop him five minutes before the session ended to get her tip as she listened to him argue to himself. “YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO TURN THE WATER ON OUTSIDE OF THE SHOWER! THAT WAY WHEN YOU GET IN, THE WATER’S THE RIGHT TEMPERATURE!”

“Am I allowed to comment on these?” (Y/n) raised her hand a little to gain his attention.

“NO. IF ANYTHING YOU SAY UPSETS ME, I WILL GET YOU FIRED.” She took a mental note of that, shutting up until asked to speak.


“Milk before or after cereal.”


This continued for the next hour until (Y/n)’s timer went off.

“What’s that for?”

“So you wouldn’t go over the time you paid for. Also so I could get my tip before I left.”

“That makes sense.” Ghiaccio sat down next to (Y/n), taking a deep breath.

“Hoo, That felt nice!” He stretched a bit, standing back up. She followed suit, smoothing out her outfit. “What you I owe you?”

“Worms on a string.”

“You’re joking, right?” She shook her head no. “What kind of prostitute asks for a children’s toy?”

“This one. Now hand ‘em over, or pull out your phone and order me some.”

“Alright, alright.” He groaned, grabbing his phone off of his desk, going to Amazon and finding a deal he was okay with paying for. (Y/n) helped put in the shipping address, then put the delivery date in her calendar.

Before she could leave the room, Ghiaccio thanked her for her service, letting her know that it was nice to have her just sit and listen. She told him that it was her job to do what the client wanted and that if he ever needed to rant about anything, he could always hire her again. He smiled, sending (Y/n) off after letting her know that he planned on it.

Chapter Text

(Y/n) twirled in front of the mirror one last time before leaving, making sure she looked as good as she felt and that the bright green hair clip was visible.

Earlier that day, (Y/n) had gotten the text for her appointment, which had been scheduled for the whole night. That meant that she’d be staying with the client until morning, so she had been preparing all day. The good thing was that the client only requested that she wore a green hair clip, so she was free to choose whatever she wanted to wear and pack.

(Y/n) decided to wear a nice form fitting black dress with some high end lingerie underneath and some matching knee high heels. For jewelry, she kept it simple, choosing to only wear small studs. Her makeup was minimal, deciding to only wear mascara, eyeliner, and some light lipstick.

As for packing, the client didn’t request for her to bring anything, but she decided to bring some pajamas just in case.


The address turned out to be a sex club, which surprised (Y/n) a little bit. She walked in, searching for anyone waving her over. Moving to the bar area, she saw a man with green hair like a jester’s cap smile when she entered, motioning for her to come over. As she did, she noticed a man by his feet wearing a mud-like suit that showed some of his chest and face.

“(Y/n), I presume?” The man asked, pushing a cup of water towards her. She nodded, humming in agreement as she sat down. He held his hand out to shake after using it to gesture to the man below. “I’m Cioccolata, and this is Secco. It’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you as well.” She shook his hand, interrupting the handshake as she felt something nuzzling her leg. She chuckled, carefully petting Secco in the head. He let out a pleased hum, then moved back to Cioccolata.

“Before we begin the night, are you alright with me drugging you?” (Y/n) asked why, giving him a wary look. He explained that it would be a part of their play, emphasizing that he was a doctor and telling you about the drug that he’d be using.

“The effects are slow, and they don’t harm you. You won’t be out for long, either. And if your worried about me killing you, let me be the one to tell you that doing so would be pointless. Even though I do kill for fun, I know my place and that I’m not permitted to hurt anyone in Passone unless I have direct orders from the boss.”

“Now,” Cioccolata crossed his leg over the other and stacked his hands over his knee. “With that information, are you okay with being drugged?”

“Yes. Knowing this makes me feel a lot better, thank you.” (Y/n) smiled, tucking some hair behind her ear before grabbing the glass to take a sip of water.

“Just so you know, your water hasn’t been drugged yet. I don’t know when I’ll do it, so to help, I’d appreciate it if every once in a while you’d leave to give me the chance.”

She agreed to help, starting up a conversation afterward. They talked for a few hours, Cioccolata successfully drugging her water during one of her bathroom breaks. Once the drug kicked in, she fell into a gentle sleep. Cioccolata and Secco then carried her out to their taxi. The doctor told the driver where to drop them off, smiling as he watched Secco bounce in excitement for what was to come.


When (Y/n) gained consciousness, she furrowed her eyebrows as the bright light above her seemed to pass through her eyelids like they weren’t there. She eyes soon adjusted to the harsh light, finally opening to let her look around. She tried to sit up, only for her bound arms and legs to fail her, causing her bare back to hit the semi-cold metal under her.

“Wh-Where am I?” She asked aloud, not quite sure if she was trying to ask anyone in particular.

Was there anyone to ask?

The nights event hit her like a punch to the face, calling out for Cioccolata and Secco.

“You don’t have to worry, bambola. We’re right here.” A familiar voice called out. (Y/n) turned to the voice, revealing Cioccolata.

She smiled at him in relief, a sudden shake to the table she was on grabbing a scream from her throat. The table only shook for a second as Secco jumped up, resting his hands on the table, looking at (Y/n) with an ecstatic smile. It was in this moment, looking over to him, that she realized she was naked.

“Secco! Not yet!” The doctor snapped, slapping his cheek to push him off the table. The dog-like man gave a sad whine as he hit the floor.

“I apologize for his impatience.” Cioccolata rest his hand on her left shoulder, the coldness of his skin sending a shiver down her spine. “We’ve been planning this for a while, and he’s been very excited to meet you.”

(Y/n) gave a little smile at Secco’s enthusiasm for this meeting. She felt something dusting around her core, slightly ticking her.

“Ooh! What is that?” She giggled, wriggling in her restraints.

“It’s Secco’s treat.” Cioccolata grinned, chuckling at he heard his pet perk up at the mention of his treat. “I thought it would be nice to let us both have fun with you, and Secco will enjoy this a lot more if he has his sugar.”

A small whimper escaped (Y/n)’s lips as the tickling feeling quickly went away. Cioccolata ignored her, turning to Secco. He instructed the man to hop on the table like a dog owner, the suited man following his instructions and shaking the table as he did so.

He tested Secco’s patience for a while until he decided it was time for him to be rewarded for his good behavior. As soon as the order was given, Secco’s tongue ran wet trails all over (Y/n)’s pussy.

She screamed in surprise and pleasure at the feeling. The way that he swiftly licked around her lower lips made her shake and moan as if she hadn’t been touched like this in years. Cioccolata watched with a wide smile as she struggled to stay coherent with her squeals of delight while praising Secco.

“Good boy, Secco. Keep going until you get to have her natural sugar.” The doctor’s voice was low, mixing with the laps of pleasure Secco was giving (Y/n) and making her twitch. After some harsh licks on her clit, he moved his tongue to slide inside of her with haste. (Y/n)’s walls clenched around the muscle, screaming and quivering as she came.

Secco didn’t stop there, and continued to taste her sweet nectar until Cioccolata stopped him. At this point, (Y/n) was crying from the heavy overstimulation. He ordered Secco to get off the table and watch, tossing him some sugar cubes before moving his attention to his temporary whore.

“Was that nice, bambola?” He asked, wiping a tear as he caressed her cheek. She nodded with a slightly broken smile. Looking at it made him genuinely happy, which made him wonder about what was so special about her that gave him the urge to keep her unharmed, to just watch her be pleasured without damaging her skin. He shrugged the thought away for now, wanting to have his turn with her.

Cioccolata planted a kiss on her lips, letting his free hand hover over her stomach and slowly move down to her heat. He released her lips from the kiss, her content expression turning into a pained one as he rammed two fingers into her.

She choked on moans as he pumped the digits into her. Cioccolata praised her as she clenched around his fingers, pleasing messy green kisses all over her chest and face.

Each second of overstimulation was blissful torture for her as she eventually couldn’t even moan out words, just garbled sounds of unimaginable ecstasy. She lost count of how many times she had cum as soon as the doctor began giving her pleasure, note never realizing that he was counting.

“You’re doing so well, bambola.” Cioccolata cooed in her ear, placing a kiss next to it as (Y/n) continued to tremble harshly.

She wanted to be free from the table. She wished that she could just ride Cioccolata’s cock and scratch his back while he rammed himself into her. There was no way for her to free herself, though. If she could, she wouldn’t be able to control herself to ask for him to pound into her anyways.

After probably her eighth orgasm, Cioccolata finally slowed his pace. Once his movements stopped, he looked to (Y/n). Her eyes were dancing around the room in a post-orgasm haze as her body tried to regain its breath. He sucked her juices off of his fingers, humming in delight at the taste.

“Secco,” The doctor called out, gaining the man’s attention. “Clean her up below, then help wash her in the bath, please.”

He nodded at the order getting right to work. As Cioccolata left, he could hear Secco’s loud licks and (Y/n)’s loud groans of continued overstimulation.


The next morning, Cioccolata woke up around 8:30. He tried to hold (Y/n) closer, but quickly realized that she wasn’t there. He looked to the foot of his bed, nothing that Secco wasn’t there either. After getting up and putting on some slippers, he left his bedroom, only to be slapped in the face with a delicious scent.

“Good morning, Cioccolata!” (Y/n) called out as she heard his footsteps. “I hope you don’t mind that I’m making breakfast.”

“Not at all cara, you can't help if you’re hungry.” He replied, making his way over to her and chucking at how Secco was rubbing up against her leg.

Once breakfast was cooked and consumed, (Y/n) gathered all of her belongings while Cioccolata took care of the dishes. She walked back into the kitchen when she was ready to leave. Cioccolata wondered why for a few seconds before Secco ran up to him and clawed at his legs, grumbling a reminder to tip her.

“Ah, that’s right. You still need your tip.” He put the dish he was cleaning down, walking over to her to discuss her payment.

“Well, what would you like, Miss (Y/n)?”

“Worms on a string, please.”

Cioccolata cocked an eyebrow in confusion.

“Wait, do you mean real worms?”

(Y/n) shook her head no, looking over to Secco as he rubbed against her leg again, nuzzling and licking her leg while grumbling something that vaguely sounded like “good choice”.

She giggled at the man below, patting his head before pulling out her phone to show Cioccolata an image.

He was still a little confused, but went onto Amazon and ordered some anyway. Once the order was placed, she gave her goodbyes. (Y/n) hugged Cioccolata, telling him that last night was one of her favorites.

She bent down to hug Secco, who wasn’t sure what she was after until it clicked that she did this to his master. He hugged her, blushing a bit as she kissed his cheek and thanked him for helping out with making last night incredible.

As she walked away from the house to enter the city and find her way home, she wished that they would call again soon.

Chapter Text

“One moment, darling!” A high male voice replied, followed by quick footsteps and the door opening. (Y/n) knew the voice to be Squalo’s, and couldn’t help but smile at his beautiful sound.

“Hello, caro.” (Y/n) greeted once the door revealed the redhead, engulfing him in a hug. Her smile got bigger as she felt his warmth.

“Welcome back, bella.” Squalo’s calm voice sent a pleasant shiver down her spine. He let her inside, letting her know that they paid to have her for the rest of the day and that Tiziano was upstairs waiting for them.

(Y/n) met Tiziano and Squalo when she first started out; they were her first real clients (Diavolo wasn’t really considered a client when she first started since he was the boss and it made sense for him to have someone to check up on.). At the time, Tiziano and Squalo had wondered what it would be like to have a threesome, and decided that experimenting with one of Passione’s workers would be best.

They had never actually experienced the pleasures of a prostitute before, so they didn’t care who they got. (Y/n) was the only person who wasn’t already with a client at that time, so they sent her over to the two lovers. After that first night, Tiziano and Squalo grew a strong relationship with her, inviting her over to late night hangout sessions to get to know her and her body better.

Squalo and (Y/n) reached the bedroom, where Tiziano was touching up on some flower vases. The ginger knocked on the wall twice, gaining his love’s attention.

Amore mio! You’re here at last!” The platinum blond male made his way over to (Y/n), arms open for a hug. They met in the middle, tightly holding each other while Squalo caught up, placing his hand on Tiziano’s shoulder. They pulled away from the embrace, the three of them looking at each other and making sure that they were all ready.

Once each party had given their consent, the men moved to the bed, sitting on the edge of it as (Y/n) stripped, tossing all of her clothes into a pile. The open balcony door allowed wind to sweep through the room and beams of light to hit her body as if the angels were highlighting her gorgeous body. Once she was in nothing but her matching lingerie, she stood still, waiting for instructions.

(Y/n) knew that the instructions would have to hold for a while, as Tiziano and Squalo were still admiring each and every part of her. The way her (h/c) hair shined in the afternoon light, how her silky peach lingerie made her skin look so soft, how her curves were accentuated by the gentle light, everything about her was absolutely perfect to them.

“Come here, cara.” Tiziano beckoned. (Y/n) followed his instructions, making small steps as she approached the two men.

She stood a few inches away from them, lacing her fingers together behind her back as she waited for more orders.

Neither one spoke, choosing to run their fingers over her smooth skin, sending goosebumps to wave through her. The blond and ginger chuckled at her reaction, asking her to move onto the bed. As she sat down on her legs, the two instantly attacked her skin, littering it with small kisses and bites.

With each touch to her skin, she let out a mewl of enjoyment, grabbing onto them whenever she could. They’d occasionally stop to change the receiver or to allow the clothed men to free themselves from their delicate fabrics.

The three soon decided that the lovebite festival was over, wanting to move onto more pleasurable actions. (Y/n) took off her lingerie before lying down on the bed, her hair surrounding her like arrows pointing to an expensive prize. Tiziano lied down in front of her, Squalo lying behind her after lubing up his cock.

“Ready, tesoro?” Squalo questioned as he lined up with her asshole, knowing that Tiziano was already lined up with her pussy.

“Yes, miele.” She replied, gripping the blond’s soulders tightly as they entered simultaneously.

Their pace was slow at first, letting her adjust to being twice as filled. No matter what pace they were going at, all three were groaning in pleasure at what they were feeling. (Y/n) loved having both of them inside of her, and the men loved feeling her and each other at the same time. While waiting for each one to move faster, she’d share kisses with the man in front of her, then twist to kiss the man behind her before going back to Tiziano.

Moments after both of them having a decent pace, Squalo sped up, (Y/n)’s blissful cries becoming more loud and frequent.

“Go faster, Tiz! Faster than Squalo!” He grunted in understanding as he started to push into her more quickly, eventually passing Squalo’s speed.

“Should we see how fast we can go, Tiz? I think we’d all enjoy feeling release sooner rather than later.”

“Agreed, caro.”

Each man started to move as fast as they could, their hips slamming into (Y/n)’s body vigorously. The speed and angles were driving her crazy, quickly sending her over the edge.

“O-Oh f-uck!” She dug her nails into each man’s shoulder, fueling them with more passion. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Do it, amato. Cum for us!” Squalo called out, biting on her shoulder. He could smell her shampoo, and groaned as it filled his mind.

Her walls suffocated both of their cocks, sending them into the state of release shortly after she started. They continued to push into her as their cum filled her up, effectively stuffing her until her body couldn’t hold it anymore. They pulled out, two small streams of cum gliding down her thigh until they met with the sheets, becoming one mixed pool.

Panting and sighs of relief filled the room as they calmed down from their orgasms.

“Round two after we we calm down?” Tiziano asked.

“We have all day, why not?” Squalor grinned, sitting up to kiss his boyfriend.

“Agreed.” (Y/n) sat up as well, dipping her finger into their cum that resided by her legs, scooping some up to get a taste. She then let Tiziano and Squalo have a taste.

“Mmm, we taste good.” Squalo commented, gathering some more on his own fingers.

“Absolutely divine, just like you two.” Tiziano smiled. They giggled at the compliment, then began to prepare for round two.


It was around 9 pm, and (Y/n) was ever so happy that the two had her over.

They’d had three rounds before they started to get hungry, and decided to take a dinner break before continuing, which ended up with the three having seven round of delicious, sweet sex.

Currently, Tiziano and Squalo were asleep, cuddling with each other while (Y/n) gathered her things to leave.

After double checking that she had everything but the tip, she made her way to a Christ by the door, opening it to reveal a sea of worms on a string.

With how the men have known (Y/n) since the beginning of this career and how they try to have her over at least once a month, they were the first ones to hear that she wanted to be tipped in worms on a string. They chuckled at her request, telling her that until the world falls to hell, they would give her whatever she wanted.

So they bought her a special treasure chest and filled with with worms on a string so she can take a handful as she leaves.

(Y/n) looked back at the bed, walking over to give Tiziano and Squalo one last kiss before she left.

Chapter Text

It was lightly raining as (Y/n) exited her last client’s house. She stood by the door for a few seconds, watching the rain fall as she scooped the are for anything with cover to wait for a taxi under. After finding something, she made her way over, being careful not to trip in her heels.

A few minutes of waiting later, (Y/n) recurved a call telling her about her newest appointment and the location. She put the address into maps, smiling as she noticed that it wasn’t too far from where she already was. Once the taxi pulled up, she got in and told the driver her new destination.

This house was pretty close to the last client’s, but it turned out to be hidden behind a beautiful forested area. After paying the fair and exiting the car, (Y/n) commented to herself about how this looked liked a vacation home. She looked around as she walked to the door, hearing the faintest sound of waves. She knocked on the door, and it opened a few seconds later.

“Hello, miss.” The man at the door spoke, a tired smile on his face. He was wearing a light blue short sleeve and gray sweatpants, his dark. “Is it safe to assume you are the one I’ve made an appointment with?”

“That’s correct, Mr. Bucciarati, was it?” She gave her own gentle smile in return.

“Please, call me Bruno. Please come in as well.” He moved out of the way, gesturing for her to come inside.

She nodded, feeling upbeat at his politeness as she made her way into the building. It reminded her of a grandparent’s cabin, filled with homely decorations and little trinkets; yet it also reminded her of youth with the scent that wafted throughout the house.

“Your name is (Y/n), correct?” His low, calm voice brought her out of her thoughts, bringing her attention to him. She hummed positively, a pleased grin on her face.

“What can I do for you today, Bruno?” (Y/n) turned after admiring the place once more, her (h/c) hair moving with the wind as she turned her head towards him.

“I’ve been very stressed lately.” He sighed, moving over to her. “I decided to take a break from my area of the gang for a few days, and also thought that hiring one of Passione’s best… women of the night to help me relax.” He explained, putting his hand on her left shoulder.

“Well then, lead the way and I’ll do what I can to help you relax.” (Y/n) put her right hand on top of his, a sweet and calming smile on her face.

He gave his own smile back, carefully taking her hand and leading her to the master bedroom. The room kept that nice homey feeling, making her feel some nostalgia from her childhood. She looked to the sliding glass door, which gave her an astounding view of the lake behind they house. She walked towards it, mesmerized at its beauty.

“It’s a nice view, isn’t it?” (Y/n) looked at his reflection in the door, noticing that he was sitting on the edge of the bed.

“It really is.” She smiled, looking back to the scenery for a few more seconds before turning towards him. “Shall I start?”

The raven haired male nodded, pulling out his flaccid dick as (Y/n) walked over to him.

She kneeled in front of him after taking off her dress, tucking her hair behind her ear with one hand while beginning to jerk him with the other. Once he was hard enough, she pulled back slightly to take off her bra.

(Y/n) moved back to his dick, sitting up a bit as she pushed spit out of her mouth and aimed it on his tip. Bruno let out a surprised noise at the feeling of the semi-cold liquid slowly going down his length. She did this once more before placing her breasts around his shaft and sliding them up and down.

“Oh, fuck.” Bruno bit his lip at the pleasure. Her breasts were so soft and warm around him in contrast to him and her spit -which was helping add more enjoyment on his end with how slippery it was- and it made him feel like had ascended into heaven.

While Bruno was gripping the sheets with his eyes closed and kept his focus on the pleasure, (Y/n) could only stare at the tip of his cock as it played peek-a-boo between her breasts. The more she looked at it, the hunger she got for it.

The moment she saw him start to leak precum, she couldn’t take it anymore and lowered her lips onto him, red lipstick marks staining his shaft.

Howls and groans of ecstasy were ripped from him as she buried him in her chest and mouth. He moved a fist into her hair, his iron tight grip pushing her farther onto him.

“This is perfect, (Y/n).” Bruno complimented between moans, barely able to warn her that he was about to cum.

She hummed in acknowledgment, tipping him over the edge. He pushed her down as far as she could go, the corners of her lips touching her breasts as he came into her mouth. Considering how he took up quite a bit of her mouth, she was able to swallow most of his seed before pulling away.

“That was amazing, (Y/n). Thank you.” Bruno panted, releasing his grip on her (h/c) locks.

“I’m glad.” She looked to him, unaware of the mix of cum and saliva dripping down her chin. Bruno held her cheek in his hand, wiping the mess off her face and cleaning his hand on his sweatpants.

“I hope I didn’t hurt you too badly when I shoved you down?” He looked at her with caring eyes.

“I wasn’t hurt at all.” She assured, standing up. “I’ve gone through much worse.”

Bruno’s face expressed sadness for a split second after her words, hiding it as he told her that he was glad she felt alright. He was in the process of tucking himself back in when (Y/n) brought up an idea.

“Do you want to talk to me about what’s been making you stressed?” He moved his gaze to her as she spoke. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Bruno thought about it for a bit, gorgeous blue eyes wandering around in though.

“That sounds nice, but I don’t want to trouble you with my problems. I’m sure you have other clients as well, and I didn’t hire you for that long.”

“It’s okay. I can make sure that I don’t get anymore clients today, I won’t make you ask you to pay for more time, and I won’t require two tips.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure. It’s important to talk about your problems. And honestly,” (Y/n) sat down next to him, looking at him as she spoke. “Nothing super interesting happens at the base. They only conversations I have with my friends there are about weird clients and other work things.”

He looked away as he thought more about the offer. The room was quiet, but it was a nice peaceful quiet. He put his hand on her thigh when he made up his mind.

“Thank you. I’d really appreciate it.” Bruno gave a thankful grin.

“No problem.” (Y/n) smiled back. She stood up and moved to her dress, pulling her phone out of a pocket to let the secretary know to not give her anymore clients. She put her phone down after getting a response and moved back to the bed, this time to the top. She leaned against the backboard, patting her thighs as she motioned him over.

“Now come here, lie down on my thighs, and tell me what’s been going on.”


They had talked for hours, ending the conversation around seven and silently cuddling for about two hours after that.

“If you don’t mind, I think I should take my leave know.” (Y/n) gently pat rubbed his cheek before sitting up, allowing Bruno time to move his head off of her breast.

“That’s alright. I shouldn’t keep you all to myself, anyways.” He chuckled, getting up to stretch. “Thank you so much for this, (Y/n). It truest means a lot.”

“You’re more than welcome, Bruno.” She replied while getting dressed. “Oh and I won’t tell anyone about what you’ve told me, in case you’re worried about that.”

“I was a bit, thank you for letting me know. Oh, I need to give you your tip, don’t I?”

“That’s right.”

“Well, what would you like?”

“Worms on a string.” (Y/n) casually answered, smoothing out her dress.

“Aren’t those the fuzzy things on fishing line that have tingly google eyes?” She nodded in response. “Hold on a minute, I hope you don’t mind if I leave for a moment. Narancia won’t notice if he’s missing a few.”

As he said that, he called out his stand and punched the wall, opening a zipper. (Y/n) admired the blue humanoid for as long as she could before he went away. It was rare for her to meet other stand users (or more accurately, to see them in action.), so she liked to watch then for as long as she could.

Bruno opened the zipper enough for him to stick his head in, then opened it up completely when the coast was clear. He came back a few seconds later with a few worms in his hands.

“Here,” He handed them to (Y/n), closing her fingers around them gently. “And thank you once again for helping me out.” He hugged her, feeling her arms wrap around tightly in turn.

“You’re very welcome, Bruno.” She gave him a kiss on the cheek before pulling away.

“If you don’t mind, can you use your stand to take me home? It at least close enough to the case where I can walk?”

Bruno’s blue orbs widened in hearing about his stand. “You saw Sticky Fingers?”

“Yeah. I have a stand too.” (Y/n) temporary called hers out, letting them wave hello before calling them back.

Satisfied with her reply, he punched the wall again, opening the zipper to reveal the wall of one of the many alleys that led to the base. She thanked him for being willing to do this, and he thanked her once more for helping out. Once she made it through, the zipper closed, and she began the short walk back to her room.

Worms in hand, she giggled as she felt their softness, looking back to the day and being grateful that she offered her ears -and her body- to help Bruno release his stress.

Chapter Text

It was rare that anything like this happened, but it’d all work out for (Y/n), so that’s all that mattered.

Today, there were two clients, and both of them were wanting her to meet farther away from where most clients asked to meet. Because of this, (Y/n) thought that it would just be easier to stay at a hotel up there for a few days. After talking to one of the higher ups and getting permission, she packed her bags and set off for her temporary home.

Once she made it to her room, she put all her stuff wherever she felt it needed to go. While unpacking, she got a text from her first client, asking her if he could come over to her location instead. She gave him the ok, sending her address and room number before continuing to unpack.

Shortly after putting everything into a good spot, heavy knocking on the door called for (Y/n)’s attention. She ran to the door, opening it to reveal a tall, gothic-looking male with a beautiful shade of purple coating his lips.

“I’m Abbacchio.” Hs spoke, putting his hands in his pockets. “You must be (Y/n)?”

“That’s right.” (Y/n) answered, allowing him inside.

He strolled in as if he’d been there before. (Y/n) brushed the act off, moving so she could look at him as she spoke.

“What can I do for you today?”

“I want you to drink my piss.” (Y/n)’s eyes widened at his bluntless, returning her face back to normal as continued asking.

“Right now?”

“No,” Abbacchio replied, pulling a hydro flask from somewhere behind his coat-shirt thing. “Once I finish this and need to go. I’ve almost drank all the water in it.”

(Y/n) tried to hold in her snickering as pulled the bottle out, but failed, filling the room with laughter.

“What’s so funny?” Abbacchio folded his arms, finger hooked onto the flask’s lid.

“Are you a VSCO girl?” (Y/n) cackled as she there in some “and I oop”s and “sksksksksk”s.

“You’ve got to be kidding me.” He growled, rolling his eyes. She stopped laughing, looking at him with a bit of fear. “I deal with that enough at my base, I don’t need to deal with it here. I can here to have you drink my piss, not annoy me.”

“Sorry.” (Y/n) apologized, putting her arms behind her back and intertwining her fingers as she looked away. The way her spoke make her feel weak, and it aroused her a bit.

“It’s alright, I guess. You wouldn’t have known about how I’m used to those comments.” He chugged the last of his water and looked around for a place to put the bottle down. He made his way to the coffee table, setting it down there as she sat on the couch.

“If you sit and fold over your legs, that adds pressure on you bladder and can help induce urination.” Abbacchio looked at her, surprised that she’d offer help.

“Th-Thanks.” He followed her advice, lavender hair falling down to his face as he leaned down. He let out a soft groan as he felt the pressure on his bladder.

“Once you’re ready, just come into my room. We’ll use the bathroom in there.” (Y/n) called out before walking into her room to change and get ready.

Thanks to the added pressure, it only took about five minutes for Abbacchio to feel the need to go. He stood up, wincing at the strangeness of the pressure leaving as the need to go increased. He walked through the only door in the room, not paying too much mind to what was in her room as he walked to the bathroom.

(Y/n) was in the tub wearing a (f/c) crop top, high waisted skinny jeans, and five scrunchies on her right arm. The tall man groaned, face palming.

“I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help myself.” She gave a look that showed that she took pleasure in his disappointment, but also did have a sliver of regret.

“It’s fine, let’s list get this over with.” He walked over and pulled out his cock, preparing himself. She did the same, pulling out her own hydro flask and placing it between her tits.

“Aim for the inside.” (Y/n) leaned forward, enunciating the bottle. He nodded, rubbing his cock a few times to help.

As he began his release, he aimed for her shirt while trying to get it into the bottle. She giggled at the feeling of it’s warmth through her shirt, small peaks forming through the fabric.

Abbacchio groaned as he emptied himself and the added knowledge that she wasn’t wearing a bra. He thought about how she might not have been wearing panties either, shuddering at how her jeans would probably show a damp spot after this.

A whimper brought him out of this thoughts. He looked at (Y/n), aiming back for the bottle’s opening after realizing that he had accidentally moved his directory to her crotch.

“I think I’m gonna have to go once you’re done. Can I go in the bottle?” She asked, her voice lightly coated in want.

“No.” The man sternly replied, sending a shiver down her spine. “Once I’m done, you’re going to wet yourself like the little slut you are.”

He smirked at the thought, while (Y/n) earned another wave of heat as she imagined it. His face slowly returned to normal as the last few spurts of urine left him.

They stayed in place for a while until Abbacchio ordered her to stand. She obeyed, putting the lid back on they hydro flask and putting it on the ground. Feet hip width apart, she waited for further instructions.

“Go.” Whimpering at his tone, she pushed until she could feel her jeans getting wetter below, sighing at the blissful feeling it gave her.

He watched intently as (Y/n) darkened her skinny jeans. He crouched down and started running his hands over her shaky thighs, delightfully shaming her for it. He stood back up, rolling up a sleeve before unbuttoning her pants and sliding sliding his hands down to her core.

Abbacchio grinned as he quickly learned that he was right in guessing that she didn’t have any underwear on and slid two fingers passed the waterfall of pee and into her aching warmth. He moved his fingers slowly while she continued to release and cupped her fluids in his hands at the same time. Shaky whines and moans filled his ears as she trembled at the feeling, easing her body into letting out the last few streams of urine left her.

(Y/n) was about to sigh in relief, but interrupted herself with a choked moan as Abbacchio began to ram his fingers into her touch-deprived heat. His fingers quickly warmed up firm being inside her as he pumped them in and out.

“F-Fuck!” She quivered, her knees wanting to give out from under her. Gripping onto him, she buried her face into him, but he pulled her away, keeping her in place.

“Don’t hide your face from me, puttana.” He growled as he started hitting her sweet spot, sending her into a quick, wet orgasm.

Once his fingers were removed from her, (Y/n) fell to her knees. He watched her as she caught her breath, grabbing the hydro flask for her to drink from. She took it from him, waiting to catch her breath before opening the bottle and messily drinking from it.

The yellow liquid -which was kept nice and warm thanks to the hydro flask- dribbled down (Y/n)’s chin and into her shirt’s fabric and she guzzled it down.

Abbacchio was about to order her to slow down, but decided against it, opting to kneel by the tub and watch it drizzle onto her clothes. Once she finished, she pulled the flask away from her lips, continuing to pant from a lack of consistent breathing. He continued to watch her as she started to breath normally, eventually standing up to leave the room.

“Once you’re clean, we can talk about your tip.”

He stepped out and closed the door, moving to the living room to wait for her.


Clean and dressed, (Y/n) made her way to where Abbacchio sat. He looked up at her, not moving his head from where he had it.

“So, what’s the tip?”

“Worms on a string.”

His face morphed into a mix of annoyance and confusion as he stood up.

“First you annoy me by calling me a VSCO girl, then you ask me for worms on a string? I’m already sick and tired of Narancia talking about them.” He mumbled the last part, sighing at the whole ordeal.

“If I don’t get my tip, I won’t leave you alone.”

He groaned, grabbing his hydro flask and her hand to drag her out of the room. She was barely able to grab her keys before they were locked out, a little disgruntled at how he wasn’t explaining his plan.

They soon made it to a small toy store, where Abbacchio told her to wait outside. About a minute later, he came out with a small package.

It was a worm on a string.

A singular worm.

She chuckled, about to ask him why he only bought one, but he was already gone.

(Y/n) shrugged it off, walking back to her hotel room with her new friend, smiling as she made him twirl around her fingers.

Chapter Text

While waiting for the next client, (Y/n) decided to see if there was anything good on the hotel’s T.V. After not finding too much, she pulled out her phone to scroll through whatever she wanted. While reading a random article that was recommended, she got a text from the client, asking if he could meet at her location. She gave her approval of the request and sent her address, then stood up to make sure that the place looked decent.


A knock on the door brought (Y/n) away from the book she was reading. She marked her place and got up to unlock the door. This client was about the same height as the last, but looked like a goth clown rather than just a plain goth. Her eyes widened at his muscular stature, but returned her features back to normal.

“(Y/n), I presume?” He spoke, his low voice sending a wave of heat through her. She nodded, moving aside to let him in.

“I’m Risotto.” He nodded to her, the soft jingling of his hat filling the room. “Where should we start?”

“Out here’s good, if you’re okay with that.” (Y/n) replied, taking off her shirt and holding onto it until he gave his consent. He hummed in approval, moving to the coffee table to place his hat.

Risotto stopped undressing as he began to take off his coat, looking over to (Y/n), who was taking off her pants. He looked back down to his chest, then again over to her in nervousness.

“...can I ask something?”

She looked up in wonder, cocking her head to the side as he continued.

“Do you know what a ‘Big Titty Goth Girlfriend’ is?”

(Y/n) stopped in her tracks, stifling a laugh. She slowly finished undressing, looking up to Risotto as she answered him.

“Yes? Why do you ask.”

“My team keeps calling me one, and I don’t know why or what they mean.”

She moved to the couch as she thought of a simple way to explain, asking him to join her on the couch once she thought of it. After explaining Big Tiddy Goth Girlfriends, he just stared at the coffee table, then slowly moved his gaze to his chest.

“I… guess that makes sense to why they call me that.” He ran his hands over his chest, lost in thought.

“I’d have to agree with them. You have a great goth look, and you have a very nice chest. I’m a little interested in seeing how you’d look in the style.” (Y/n) nodded to herself, her words caught his attention, and he looked at her in wonder.

She decided to look up some photos of BTGGs to show him. While they scrolled through the images, she heard him hum as he started to get a better idea of what they were. (Y/n) got an idea, getting up from the couch and letting him know that she’d be back.

A few minutes later, Risotto’s attention was grabbed by the sound of heels clicking against the hardwood floor of the front room. He looked up, his red eyes widening in shock as he gazed up and down her form, unable to speak.

(Y/n) was wearing an exquisite black lingerie maxi dress with matching stockings and knee high heels. The mixed fabrics covered her beautifully, hugging her soft skin marvelously. There were so many straps on her that they looked painted on. All of the details made Risotto speechless, and very turned on.

“This,” (Y/n) began, gaining his attention. “Can be considered ‘Big Tiddy Goth Gf’ clothing. And honestly, you’d kill it in something like this.”

“Can we go shopping for ‘Goth Gf’ stuff?” He rushed, heavily blushing as he continued. “I’ve never felt so strongly about something like this, but I need to know what it feels like to become a Big Tiddy Goth Gf.”

(Y/n) grinned, reminding him to pay for more time before they left. She left the room to change into more appropriate clothing and waited for Risotto to dress back up as well.


Once they got back from shopping, (Y/n) let Risotto know that he could change in her bedroom. While waiting for him, she slipped out of her clothes, revealing her lacy black lingerie. She decided to sit on the couch and tease herself while she waited.

The door to her bedroom opened, and she let out a pleased sound as she looked at Risotto in his new self: a black harnessed bra with a pentagram in the front, matching mesh panties, garter belt, thigh high fishnets, and some 2 ½ inch platform boots. He was also decorated with assorted jewelry -his favorite being a black studded choker- and a clean coat of black lipstick.

“How do you feel?” (Y/n) adjusted herself to sit on her legs.

“Like a new me.” Risotto beamed, twirling around. “I feel so… free. I’ve never felt this good before.”

“Come over here and get ready to feel even better.” The girl on the couch pat next to her, a sly grin on adorning her features. He obliged, sauntering over to her. With each sway of his hips, she felt herself get more excited for what was to come.

The moment he sat on the couch, (Y/n) straddled him and slammed her lips over his. He held her tightly as they kissed, tongues racing around each other as they smeared his lipstick. Their kisses were passionate and hasty as they gripped at each other’s skin, littering each other’s backs with scratches and small nail marks.

“I can’t take it.” (Y/n) pulled away, the string of saliva between them snapping the moment she spoke. “I need you now.”

“On it.” The white haired male nodded. She lifted herself off enough that he could push his panties aside, his erection springing free. (Y/n) did that same for herself, slamming down onto him after lining up his tip with her aching core. They both yelled at the blissful feelings of becoming one, looking deeply into each other’s eyes with ecstatic smiles.

Risotto held a tight grip around her lower back as he rammed his hips into her, while she bounced herself in synch. She wrapped her arms around his neck, leaning in so her breasts would press against his chest. He groaned at the feeling, tilting his head back. (Y/n) decided to attack his throat with kisses and small bites, receiving more sounds of approval to escape him.

The girl on top soon stopped kissing his neck, allowing him to look at her once more. He dove in to fight with her lips once more, beautifully destroying the black coating on his lips once more. His mind was becoming so focused on the flow of her mouth against his that he didn’t realize that she had removed one arm from his neck and was pulling at his nipples.

“Harder!” He squeaked, his high pitch startling her a bit. She obeyed his command, eliciting more out-of-character squeaks from him.

“You sound so adorable like this!” (Y/n) cooed, twisting the bud between her fingers. “I wonder what sounds I’g get if your nipples were pierced.

That phrase, along with her hard slams against him set Risotto off. He harshly dug his nails into the flesh of her hips, taking control for the rest of the time. He gave his all into his thrusts now, desperately needing his climax. The past he set quickly got to (Y/n) as his tip hit the sweetest spots inside her.

“Oh, god! That’s it, Risotto! Right there!” Her words were rushed as a little slurred as her mind slowly entered a haze.

One particularly perfect hit later and they both can undone, Risotto calling out her name with closed lids as (Y/n)’s eyes rolled back while unconsciously allowing drool to fall down her chin. They were both shaky messes as they orgasmed together, (Y/n) leisurely falling onto his chest.

“That was… I’ve never felt that good before.” Risotto heaved, looking at the (h/c) haired girl on top of him. She gave a barely audible ‘uh-huh’ as she was lost in her post-climax haze. He chucked at her cuteness, waiting for her to speak a full sentence before saying anything else.

“Did the clothes make this a better experience?” (Y/n) spoke up, her words clearer than before.

“They certainly did.” He answered, petting her head with a calm smile. “Now, what is your tip?”

“Worms on a string.” She tiredly giggled.

He gave a confused look even though she couldn’t see it, gently putting her on the couch so he could grab his phone from her bedroom and look them up and change at the same time.

After getting dressed and figuring out what they were, he walked back to (Y/n), who was lightly dozing on the couch. He softly laughed at her adorableness, then woke her up and asked her to help fill the rest of the Amazon order out.

“I made sure to buy you a lot of worms for being so kind in helping me out.” He told her. “I’m definitely going to ask for you again. And next time, I might have nipple piercings.”

“I’m glad I’ve helped and inspired you. You’re a very pretty goth gf.” She giggled. Risotto contently smiled, kissing her cheek before leaving.

As he left, (Y/n) cackled to herself as she talked aloud about the shipment, eventually quieting back down and going back to sleep.

Chapter Text

Some clients could be very simple looking, while others could jarringly stand out. (Y/n) liked being surprised by who her clients were, especially the ones who don’t look like they’d casually call for a woman of the night.

The moment she opened the door, she knew tonight’s client was one of those out of place ones.

“So… the boss sent you?” (Y/n) asked, playing with a random strand of hair.

“Y-Yes, that’s correct.” Doppio stuttered, his body barely shaking out of nervousness. “B-But not to evaluate you. He told me he did that recently enough. Tonight is just for me.”

“What do you mean, exactly?”

“I mean that the boss sent me to please myself. He thinks I’ve been a bit overworked, so he set up this appointment so you could help me relax.”

(Y/n) nodded in acknowledgment and understanding, leading him to the bed. She sat him down before slowly shedding her clothes. Doppio heavily blushed at the show, his reaction placing a teasing grin on her face.

“I’m glad to see that you’re enjoying the show, Doppio.” She giggled as he flushed harder. She continued to tease him like this until she was down to her frilly pink lingerie, ordering him to turn around and undress.

Once he was down to his red boxers, he turned around and immediately began to stutter in nervousness. (Y/n) chuckled as she sauntered over to him, the clacking of her thigh-high pink heels filling any spaces between her breaths and laughter.

“You have the cutest reactions, caro.” She gave a few more giggles behind her hand, placing it on his shoulder afterwards. She paced around him slowly. “This is going to be fun~”

Doppio was about to open his mouth, but (Y/n) beat him to the punch, ordering him to lie down on the bed. The bed dipped as he obeyed, soon lowering again when she began to crawl onto the bed and wander over to him.

(Y/n) absolutely loved how he reacted like a deer in headlights whenever she did anything; it made him seem even more innocent than he was and it helped her feel dominant over him. She decided to attack all available skin on her way to his face, drinking in his moans of pain and pleasure. He whined when she licked and bit at his nipples, pulling coos of adoration from her lips.

Her teasing came to an end as her body approached his face, a relieved sigh escaping his small lips. His relief didn’t last long, noticing that (Y/n) was pulling her panties to the side. Doppio quivered in arousal as his hazel eyes followed her pussy, gulping as she hovered over him.

“Ready, fidanzata?” She looked him in the eyes, snaking her fingers into his pink locks.

“R-Ready, padrona.”

Her eyes widened at the name he chose for her -and at realizing how she never even told him what to call her- while she lowered her hips gently onto his face. Doppio shot his tongue out, exploring her folds. For someone so timid, he really knew how to eat a girl out.

(Y/n) was instantly crying out as the wet muscle proved her heat, driving her hips into his face more. His nose rubbed in her clit, and she began to yell curse after curse at how good he was.

Each lick of her cunt had a different feel, sending her into a heavenly state of ecstasy. Doppio latched onto her thighs, diving into her sweetness even more and causing her to tighten her grip in his hair. Cries and high whines filled the room as she quickly climbed up to her release.

“Sh-Shit!” She yelled out as the pinkette dove his tongue into her core, exploring her deliciousness and warmth. Her walls quickly tightened around him, yelling out as her release washed over her, causing her to push into him as much as she could. She got up once she finished, Doppio’s tight grip on her thighs releasing, revealing small nail marks.

Sliding her body down to his clothed member, (Y/n) watched Doppio’s eyes wander around her body. His face was almost as pink as his hair while his gaze moved the last article of clothing he wore. She slid his boxers off, giving his erection permission to spring forward. She grinned, moving some of her (h/c) hair out of the way before lowering herself onto him. (Y/n) made sure everything was nice and snug prior to looking up through her lashes onto Doppio’s features.

The way he could look so excited, nervous, and desperate at the same time pleased (Y/n). She let her core swallow him up by slamming her hips down onto his. He gripped the sheets and began the orchestra of moans, and (Y/n) chuckled, joining him after a nice hit to one of her sweet spots. She grabbed onto his hips, sending shots of pain through him as she dug her nails into his soft flesh.

P-Padrona! I’m g-gonna cum!” She bit her lip as she drank in his expression.

“Then do it! Cum for me, darling!”

She gave her all into the last few bounces, slamming down harshly when the time was right. They came together, screaming out in bliss and shuddering in synch.

Once (Y/n) had calmed down from her high, she got off of him and lied down next to him. Cradling his face to meet hers, she looked into his half lidded eyes.

“Did the boss pay for me to be here just for tonight?”

“No,” Doppio mumbled tiredly. “You don’t have to leave until 12 tomorrow.”

“You did really good, y’know?” It was pretty clear that he was tired enough to not have too much of a filter. (Y/n) giggled at his words while he tried to tell her about how much better he felt. He only did this for about a minute or two due to falling asleep mid sentence.

(Y/n) chuckled to herself, changing into some pajamas she packed in her purse before joining the male in slumber.


Soft sunlight fell onto Doppio’s groggy features, giving emphasis to his freckles and tired expression. He scrunched his as he slowly sat up and let the room fill his vision.

Buon giorno, Doppio.” He looked over to (Y/n), who was wrapped lightly in the sheets. Everything from last night filled his memory as he stared at her gentle smile, turning him into a flustered mess.

B-Buon giorno, Padrona!” He stuttered while tucking some of his soft, pink hair behind his ear.

“You don’t have to call me that anymore, Doppio.” (Y/n) chuckled, sitting up alongside him and running her fingers lightly down his back. “You can just call me (Y/n).”

“Alright.” He turned his flushed face, a sweet smile on his face.

As they got up and dressed, the pinkette remembered that he needed to tip (Y/n). He asked her about it while he put on his sweater.

“I take worms on a string.” She replied, smoothing down her hair.

Doppio stopped for a second, looking over to her in excitement.

“Oh! I love those!” He finished putting on his sweater, digging through his pants pockets. “Here, I make sure to have some on me at all times!!”

She laughs as she takes the worms from his hand, her smiling getting bigger as she noticed he only carried pink ones.

They finished getting dressed, and Doppio thanked her for the amazing work she did for him, the boss, and the gang with a hug before leaving. (Y/n) gathered all her things and made sure the room was clean enough, leaving after she confirmed that everything was in order. She walked down to the lobby, turning in her key and walking outside.

While waiting for a cab to take her back to base, she found a way to attach two of her new worms to her earrings.

Chapter Text

“Man, I’m tired.” (Y/n) mumbled to herself as she entered her room, slipping out of her heels and placing her bag by the door before running to her bed. She flopped onto it, cherishing its softness.

“It’s been way too long since I’ve had to work this hard. Hopefully I don’t have anymore clients today.” Groaning, she moved up the bed and into the covers.

Her phone buzzed, a frustrated sigh leaving her lips as she pulled it out of her dress pocket. She read the details from the text, a big smile on her face as she reached the end.

The client wanted her to dress as comfortable as possible.

“Yes! Thank god!” (Y/n) shot out of her bed and ran to her dresser to change into some soft pajamas, not caring how the rest of her looked. She stepped into some light colored moccasins, grabbed her bag, and ran out of the building as fast as she could to the bus stop.


(Y/n)’s wonder was piqued as she noticed the location was a casual mansion. It made her feel at home, even though she probably wasn’t going to be there that long. She had heard rumors that Bruno Bucciarati -who had been a previous client- lived here with his gang, and that somehow make her feel even more welcome.

When she reached the door, she landed some steady knocks onto it, waiting for anything in return.

“Who is it?” A feminine voice yelled, quick footsteps following the question.

“It’s (Y/n). I have an appointment.” The person inside gave an excited “ooh”, swinging the door open in an instant.

“Come in, come in!” They welcomed her in as if they’d known each other for years, giving (Y/n) a hug as the door closed.

While rushing upstairs, they introduced themselves as Trish, letting (Y/n) know that the house was all theirs for the day and that she’d be here until tomorrow afternoon.

Trish pushes the door to her room open, flopping on the bed. The (h/c) haired girl laughed, positioning herself against the backboard. The pinkette crawled up once (Y/n) was comfortable, resting her head on the other girl’s breasts.

“Just to be clear, I’m here to cuddle and chat?”

“That’s right.” Trish confirmed, snuggling into the girl under her. “I don’t know how long since I’ve talked to another girl, and Jesus Christ, the boys here don’t seem to have ANY manners. So I hired you to cuddle and chat about what’s been happening in the outside world because all I know now is that Mista never showers and that people don’t know how to work with the mafia properly.”

(Y/n) laughed at her frustration, apologizing for it after. Once she had calmed down, Trish started a conversation after telling her that if she needed any food or drinks, they could leave the room to get them.


Hours had passed, and everyone was back from their assorted missions. Each one had quickly learned that Trish wasn’t the alone in the house and that she wasn’t to be disturbed, only seeing glances of her visitor whenever the two had to go get a drink or something to snack on. The only time they were interrupted was when Bruno came up to tell them that dinner was ready.

(Y/n) introduced herself to everyone and learned their names before they all dug in, holding in laughter as she gazed at the nervousness in the familiar faces.

When dinner was over, the two girls want back into Trish’s room to continue chatting and snuggling.

“You’re very comfortable, by the way.” The pinkette commented, pressing herself closer to (Y/n).

“You’re pretty comfortable yourself.” She smiled gently at Trish. “Can I kiss you?”

“Sure, why not?” The (h/c) haired girl moves to peck the smaller girl on the cheek, eliciting the cutest giggles to leave her plush lips.

As more time passed by, they continued to talk and snuggle, deciding to put on a movie at one point. They didn’t pay too much attention to the screen though, mostly pointing out funny flaws and mocking weird scenes while pouring affection onto one another.

Sometime around one in the morning, the movie ended, leaving the two in a pile of snack wrappers. (Y/n) was the only one awake, so she opted to clean up a bit before sleeping alongside Trish. She carefully got up from the bed, using the streams of streetlight coming from the blinds to figure out what to throw away. Once the area (from what she could tell) was clean enough, she tucked herself back into bed next to Trish, dozing off with the smaller girl in her arms.


Even when morning came, sun softly peeking through the blinds, the two girls remained in their soft and cuddly nest of blankets and pillows. It was about ten thirty when (Y/n) began to wake up, (e/c) eyes blinking slowly as she slowly stretched as to not wake up Trish. Unbeknownst to the hooker, her client had woken up five minutes prior.

“Good morning, (Y/n).”

“Good morning, Trish.”

“GET UP GAYS, BREAKFAST IS READY!” Narancia bust the door open, then ran downstairs to eat.

“IF ANYONE’S GAY, IT’S ALL OF YOU! I JUST KNOW HOW TO RESPECT WOMEN!” Trish yelled back, gaining a chuckle from (Y/n).

“I mean I am bi, but anything I do with a woman is much more tame than what any of them do to each other in five seconds.” She explained, laughing along.

They got up and made their way down to the table, thanking Abbacchio for the food. Breakfast was similar to last night’s dinner, which was filled with conversation and laughter.

After breakfast, Trish and (Y/n) went back to cuddling upstairs until (Y/n) had to leave.

“Don’t I have to tip you before you leave?” Trish asked, loosening her grip on the strand of (h/c) hair she was playing with.

She hummed in agreement, sitting up after watching Trish get off the bed.

“What do I give you?” She turned to face the older girl, a pleased look on her face.

“Worms on a string. As many as you’d like to give.”

“Huh.” Her face has a soft surprised look.

“Maybe Narancia isn’t as dumb as I thought.” She mumbled to herself while she looked around the room, locking her eyes onto her dresser. After grabbing something out of one of the drawers, she walked back to (Y/n), handing her some pink worms.

“Here, take a couple. I’ll just tell him I lost some and he’ll give me more.” She gave a sweet smile, thanking (Y/n) for coming over and being such a wonderful person to talk to as she walked her to the door.

(Y/n) gave her goodbyes to everyone there, kissing Trish on the cheek and thanking her for a fantastic time before walking to the nearest taxi pickup.