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I don't need you.

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It was a weekend, which for class 2-A ment a day (hopefully) without villains and to relax of course, maybe even catch up on some school work. 

Currently everyone was sitting in the common room, watching whatever was put on the TV, some on their phones and some students in the kitchen making snacks. 

Midoriya was sitting watching TV when his phone vibrates, causing him to jump, he checks his phone and sees he has a phone call from an unknown number, not wanting to disturb anyone's peace he leaves the room to answer it. 

"Hello?" Midoriya says, 

A low voice is picked up, "hey Izuku! It's your dad, just wanting to know how you've been!" now, receiving a call from your dad wouldn't be that strange, but in this case it is. Midoriya has not seen, or spoken to his dad since he was 4, barely remembers the man. 

Deciding to be polite, he answers, "uh yeah I've been good?" 

"That's great! Hey you're at U.A now aren't you? You've always wanted to be a hero" Hisashi carries on, as his nothing changed between them, like Izuku didnt spend 11 years without him.

Deciding to get to the point Midorya answers, "What's this about? I've not seen you in years and now out of the blue you call me?" there's a silence, the man not knowing how to respond, 

"Well.. Uh son," he coughs, thinking of something, "I just want to know how you're doing, how your mother's doing" 

"Well I'm doing great, and if you oh so badly want to know how my mother's doing, call her yourself," he answers, abelit coldly to him. 

There's a sigh on the other end, "look I didn't ask for attitude" 

"And I didn't ask to speak to you, yet here we are" the younger Midoriya cuts in. 

"Izuku, you're acting like a 5 year old." Midoriya decides not to say how the man didn't even know him when he was 5, "look I'm sorry I've been away for most of your childhood, but I've been busy with work" Izuku laughs, 

"Yeah, so? You're so busy you couldn't drop a single message? Anything? For 11 years, I've not heard a word from you, nothing. But now? Now you call me? Yknow, I was starting to believe you just left me and mum" Hisashi sighs angrily, his patience wearing thin. 

"Izuku, I was hoping for a nice conversation with my son. Clearly your mother didn't raise you right" now that, that got Midoriya angry, 

"Didn't raise me right? Oh so you're saying that being an absentee is better? My mother is better than you could ever be as a parent, and she was single for the most of it, heck when you were there all I can remember is how you didn't care! You just went to work, came home and then slept. You never helped her, you never helped me. I don't need you" Midoriya hung up the phone, ignoring the constant buzzing of messages he was getting. 

He walks back into the common room, sighing he sits back down. Bakugou walks up to him, ignoring the classes looks of fear that there'll be a fight, instead Bakugou shows him his phone. On the screen shows a message from auntie Mitsuki, 

Old Hag

That b****! 

What is it now

The motherf***** hisashi has been calling inko! 

Pretty sure he called izuku too

F*** really? 

Deku did just come back looking p***ed after on the phone

Speak to him will you for me? 

I'm going to inkos now, she's upset

I think she's upset**


Midoriya looks up at him and groans, "yeah he called me" he says, ignoring the curious glances the others are going them. 

Kachan growls, "God that f***er! What he even want?" 

"To be honest, I don't really care what he wanted." now that got the class more interested, Midoriya saying he didn't care? Something serious must've happened. 

As if the two boys just realised the company they have, Bakugou nods his head to the door to go talk outside about it, the smaller boy nods and walks out. 

Uraraka quickly stands up, stopping the two from leaving, "what are you about to do? You'll get in so much trouble for fighting again!" 

Bakugou tries to get past her, "we're not about to fight round-face! And it's none of your business anyway!" Iida decides to take charge, 

"You two could get expelled for this behaviour! It's unsuitable for a UA student!" Midoriya on the end of his string, due to an unexpected call from an unneeded father, snaps,

"We're not about to fight! My dad called! Me and Kachan are going to go talk in private since he knows about what's going on!" he sighs grabbing Bakugous arm and walking past Iida and Uraraka, ignoring theirs, and the classes shocked faces. 

Bakugou and Midoriya walk outside the dorms, sitting on a nearby bench Bakugou spoke first, "What did he say to you?"

"He was asking about how I was, how mum was. I did sort of snap and say how he left and never talked to me.. He said mum didn't raise me right." 

"What? Aunties awesome though? She didn't get any help from that f**cker! Even when he was with you guys!" kacchan says angrily, 

"That's what I said! I hung up after that.. I'm pretty sure he's messaging me though" Midoriya brings out his phone, and low and behold there's 50 messages from said unknown number, "How'd he even get my number?" Midoriya mumbles, the anger wearing off and replacing it self with sadness. "Why did he even leave us. I would've understood he had to work, but not even a message? A birthday card?" the greenette wipes his eyes, refusing to show tears over the man that left him, however that didn't stop all the thoughts coming to his mind, "D-did he not like me? He left when I was announced as quirkless.. Was he ashamed of me?" his voice wobbles. 

"He's a d*ck" Bakugou says calmly (or as calm as he could),


"Hisashi Midoriya is a d*ck" the exploady boy says again, "That man left a child he helped make, and a wife he promised that he will love and hold. It wasn't your fault Izuku that the man left, its his for not having the effort" with that Midoriya begins to cry, not sad tears, happy that his friend, his brother, is comforting and making his feel better. 

Bakugou gives a disgusted face at the tears, but continues to sit with Midoriya, soon enough the tears stop, "Want to go back in? It's cold out here" Midoriya nods, wiping away the remaining tears, Kachan stands up, and with a lift of Midoriya's hands, he helps bring the other boy up. 

Midoriya looks at his phone, looking through the messages he received from his father, he winces at some of the tasteful ones. Bakugou notices and takes the phone off him, putting it in his own pocket, "Nope, I'm not spending another 10 minutes sitting outside with you crying cause your sperm donor is being a little b*tch. Let's go in" Midoriya laughs slightly and follows him inside. 

The common room still had most of the class inside, nervous to see if there were any fights, and worried about Midoriya. 

Midoriya and Bakugou walk into the room, Midoriya stopping at the looks they are giving him, plus the clear sign that he had been crying clear on his face. 

Todoroki stands up, "are you okay Midoriya?" he asks the question everyone was nervous the ask, 

"Ah I'm good, don't worry. And I'm sorry for snapping at you guys earlier, uh.. Yknow my dad-" 

"That stupid b*tch a** motherf**ker" 

"Thank you Kachan, him called me and I guess I was angry at him.. Not you guys" he looks at Iida and Uraraka, hoping him shouting at them didn't change anything between them all. 

Todoroki walks up to him and puts a hand on his shoulder, he quietly whispers, "Is your dad bad?" Midoriya shrugs,

"He's not been around" Midoriya whispers back, a small smile on his face. Todoroki nods, getting the bad father thing. 

Iida and Uraraka walk up to him, hugging him, "We forgive you!"

"Yes, we both understand family troubles! Please do not worry, you're not expected to be happy all the time" Midoriya smiles at them. 

Bakugou sits back down in his place next to Kirishima, opening up his phone and messaging his mum, 

Old Hag

Spoke to deku

Hisashi has blown his phone full of messages, I'm going to get his number a bully him

Deku cried but I think he's good now


Inkos crying

Auntie always cries

So does izuku


But she's not sad, she's happy cause apparently izuku straight hung up on hisashi after owning him

Inko got quite an angry message from him saying about "what your son said to me" and the "nerve of him" 


Bakugou looks over at Izuku, he won't say it, but truthfully he's happy his friend had grown to be a person like he is, even without the so called man of the house. He's going to be an amazing hero (though he's still going to be number 1).