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Lovey Dovey (Pt. 1)

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The TV droned on as Leo sank down onto the couch beside his brother. It was Saturday and the leader was feeling indulgent; he wanted to cuddle and watch TV with his mate—er… boyfriend. With his boyfriend.

Blushing at the too-soon sentiment, Leo nosed impatiently at his immediate younger brother’s bicep, trying to encourage the arm up and around his shell. He let out a soft click. There wasn’t anyone else in the room, after all.

“Hey, babe.” Raph greeted, finally lifting his arm for Leo. The smaller turtle immediately snuggled into his side, chin resting on the lip of his plastron and legs draped across his lap. “You’re cuddly today, huh?”

“Yep,” came the simple, nonchalant reply. Leo rubbed his cheek against Raph’s scent gland, an egg-shaped dark spot where his shoulder and neck met. “Very.” He hummed.

Chuckling, Raph rubbed his cheek against the other’s head, a soft rumble climbing up his throat. The happy churring had the blue clad ninja wrapping his arms around his boyfriend’s neck and pressing a deep kiss onto his beak.


From the shoji of the dojo, Hamato Yoshi watched his two eldest sons, happier than he’d seen them in a long, long time. Leonardo was perched in his brother’s lap, arms wrapped tightly around Raphael’s neck as they nuzzled and kissed lovingly. Despite the inappropriate placement of Raphael’s hands—one on his leader’s bottom, holding the smaller turtle flush against him, plastron to plastron, and the other on the bottom ridge of his shell, idly, lazily stroking the little tail that was stretched up for the attention—the scene was undeniably adorable. While not quite innocent in behavior, Splinter thought there was nothing nefarious about the nature or intention of the situation. Only a yet-to-be-declared love and adoration for each other that brought a proud smile to their father’s face.

He decided to close the door when he noticed a slight rocking movement was developing between the two. The high-pitched whimper and dark chuckle that soon sounded from the other room forced him into his bedroom, where he could hear nothing. That could be interrupted by someone that wasn’t him.