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The train swayed gently side to side as it raced down the tracks, the repetitive click-clack of the wheels as they bounced over the rail junctions provided a pleasant monotonous background noise. The quiet murmurs of conversation blended in with the rushing sound of the wind whipping past the windows of the cabin, curtains drawn to provide privacy for those who sat within. The luscious green landscape and cloudless starry skies of summer hurried past, the mountainous terrain cradling the locomotive as it buzzed through. The world outside was silent and motionless, a layer of light misty fog laid like a cottony blanket over the dewy earth that spread out from the tracks and then sloped up, up, up the mountainside in the distance.

Jimin leaned his head against the darkly tinted window of the private train cabin and watched the sky change as the first warm golden fingers of sunlight finally stretched over the crest of the mountaintops, the stars fading away as the sky shifted from inky blackness into warm hues of orange and pink flowing into a rich blue. His manager Yoongi’s voice droned on from the seat across from him as he discussed the details of Jimin’s sudden vacation to the executive that had accompanied them. He caught snippets of words, “resort… privacy... a couple months… no company contact…,” but otherwise he allowed the words to flow in one ear and out the other. He knew it was rude to ignore the conversation, to stay quiet and not acknowledge the others in the cabin, but he shied away from communicating with people he didn’t know unless it was required of him for work.

Being a shy and solitary person didn’t go hand in hand with the job titles of the industry Jimin was employed in. Idols were often seen as proud, boisterous attention seekers, the life of the party and the ones everyone dreamed of becoming. Jimin wasn’t any of those things, but as the world renowned idol “Mini”, being shy and reserved instead cast the perception that he was smug, stuck up and bratty in the eyes of his fans, the media, and even within his own company. The persona he wore when on stage and in front of the cameras was one of confidence, vanity, and pure sex appeal. But when the lights turned off and the makeup and fancy outfits removed, Jimin yearned to be alone with a book or cuddled up conversing with one of his few close friends.

“Jimin… Park Jimin,” a stern voice beside him snapped him out of the stupor he’d fallen into, he turned to look into the sharp piercing eyes of the woman beside him, calculating gaze that judged his every move. He didn’t remember her name, he didn’t remember if he’d even asked for her name or if she had supplied it herself, but most of the higher ups from the company rarely interacted with him and often treated him like an object rather than a person.

“I’m sorry,” Jimin murmured, dark chocolate eyes barely visible through shaded lenses of the sunglasses perched on the tip of his button nose, “I didn’t catch that.”

“Yoongi-ssi was just telling you very important information regarding your stay. We’ve booked you under a false name to keep the press and any fans from finding you. Only the highest level of staff at the resort are aware that you will be staying there, we have been assured that you will only have selected staff that will attend to your needs and that they are highly trusted.”

Jimin nodded at the ridgid woman beside him, golden bronze bangs falling in front of his eyes before she harshly turned back Yoongi. He knew when he was being dismissed and no longer pertinent to the conversation at hand, so Jimin turned back to the window, the fog melting away as the first rays of sun washed down from the sky onto the landscape below, leaving behind a vast expansion of rich emerald turf. Yoongi and the woman continued on their conversation, discussing the finer details that needed to be ironed out before they left their best idol without any staff, managers or bodyguards to recover from the stress induced conditions he’d been plagued with daily for months.

Of course, with fame came a rapid influx of fans and paparazzi, a lack of privacy and a constant watchful eye over his every move. Additional staff had been hired and after he’d been mobbed leaving a recording session, bodyguards had become his constant companions. However, no amount of bodyguards could keep the throng of frenzied fans from reaching him and as his demand rose from within his own country to worldwide, the number of people who wanted a part of Mini skyrocketed. The mania surrounding his popularity made it hard to relax at the end of the day or to even spend time off with friends, he became isolated from anyone who wasn’t an employee of his company, fans spent days camped outside of the private residence he was provided and he found himself scared to leave his dorm. Spending days with the curtains drawn and the lights off.

This contributed to where he was now, staring at the vast green rush of trees and sky as his company transported him to an undisclosed resort to escape the panic and anxiety that had mounted with each day he awoke to fans camped outside or rushing after his private car. The mob of people just kept getting increasingly worse as his fame rose, the crush of people and hands as they ripped at his clothes, pushed and pulled to get just the slightest touch of the poor, helpless idol. He had been terrified as his bodyguards tried and failed to keep the hoard of fans and cameras away and the idol had been rushed to the nearest hospital after he’d collapsed after a panic attack. He was referred to a therapist to help him deal with the emotions overwhelming him but Yoongi could see that it wasn’t helping as the boy pulled further and further into himself.

Jimin had been left out of much of the discussion between his company executives and the doctors, he had known they didn’t want to prescribe him any medication as that would be frowned upon for an idol, but his weekly therapy sessions were not repairing the downward spiral those closest to him could see happening. And so the executives had called an emergency meeting and spent days throwing various ideas back and forth to help ease the panic their idol was experiencing, to get him back out on the stage as quickly as possible. An idea had stuck, suggested in passing by Yoongi who was the closest staff member to him, Jimin would be sent to a private resort away from the public for the summer to work on writing lyrics for his upcoming comeback but to also give him time to heal and recover from the trauma he had endured. The only stipulation he had asked for when they’d finally come to him to inform him of the decision, was that he be left without staff so that he could feel like a normal person and not one always under the watchful eye of someone else. It had taken a lot of consultations before they had agreed, as long as Yoongi stayed at a nearby resort close enough to reach him if needed, Jimin conceded to that compromise and went back to his dorm to pack.

Jimin adjusted the black mask that covered the lower half of his face and shifted against the cool leather seat, he had felt the anxiety trickling from his body as the train traveled further from the skyscrapers and bustling commute of the city into the quiet and tranquility of the country. He felt the veil he wore slipping away, Mini once again giving way to become Jimin. He tried to keep the heavy lids of his wide round eyes open, wanting to absorb more of the beautiful scene that lay outside the windows, but he allowed the voices and the hum of the train to lull him to sleep.

The sounds of the kitchen reverberated around the large space, staff flitted about as they went through their mindless routine of end of day tasks. Dishes clanged loudly into metal sinks, the soft brush of broom bristles on the tile floor, and the quiet murmur of conversation as the staff discussed their shift and plans for the rest of the night. The whorl of a fan kicked on as the back door was propped open to help the stifling heat from the ovens escape out into the balmy night air, sweat drenched hair stuck to foreheads and necks, the delicious mixture of various foods still clung to the air.

Jungkook leaned his tall, toned body against the cool metal surface and counted the tips he had received after a long afternoon of waiting tables. A rivet of sweat rolled down his sharp, angular jaw, cascading slowly down the tanned skin of his muscular neck before it disappeared underneath the constricting collar of his pressed white button up shirt. He’d just finished stuffing a wad of cash into the snug back pocket of his black slacks when he heard his name being called from the co-owner’s nearby office. He quickly untied the black apron from around his slender waist and tossed it into the nearest laundry bin before entering the office.

“Hey boss, what’s up?”

“Jungkook-ah, my best employee, I just got out of a very important meeting with Namjoon and you were the first person I thought would fit this particular job.” Seokjin boasted. The tall, broad shouldered man looked like he took up most of the room as he sat behind the large desk, paperwork in neat piles across its surface. Jungkook squinted suspiciously at the man, he’d known him long enough to know when he was being bribed.

Jungkook crossed the small space and lowered his body into the soft leather chair across from Seokjin. He tried to imagine what special job Seokjin could possibly have that immediately made him think of the boy. He ran his fingers nervously through along his nape in the ends of his fading peach colored hair, a habit he couldn’t quite drop.

“Uh, alright. What’s the job?” he questioned.

A smile crossed Seokjin’s handsome face as he leaned back in his chair, he ran his hands up and down the arms of the chair before crossing them over his chest and took in the boy who sat across from him. Jungkook looked a mess, but that was because he was one of Seokjin’s hardest workers. His hair was plastered to his neck as a glistening sheen of sweat covered his sun-kissed face and stuck his shirt to his well defined chest. They had been introduced through a mutual friend of he and his partner Namjoon, Jungkook at the time was struggling to cover funds for college, and what started as an employee/employer relationship had turned into a real friendship.

“We have a VIP guest coming in, part of the agreement of his stay is that I can’t tell you anything about him but he’s about your age and he’s being assigned a small team of employees to cater to his needs to allow him privacy from the other guests. I’d hate to lose you out on the floor but I needed someone I could trust to take care of this guest and be somewhat of a personal assistant to him. Look at it as being a friend for hire, the kid just needs someone to keep him company and help get him anything he needs.”

Jungkook furrowed his brow as he looked over at his boss, dark coffee colored eyes narrowed as he scrutinized the words Seokjin was telling him. He didn’t want to be some spoiled rich brat’s babysitter and he hated the idea of losing valuable tips not being on the floor waiting tables. Don’t get him wrong, working the floor definitely wasn’t easy either and quite a few obnoxiously snooty guests had no problem looking down at him, but he could get past that by giving them his signature bunny smile and charming his way into decent tips.

“Seokjin-hyung, I really don’t want to babysit some stuck up snob and lose out on tips. How long do I have to be his personal bitch?” he argued, leaning back and mirroring his boss’s posture.

“Look, I know. I spoke to Namjoon and we’ve agreed to raise your pay during this assignment. It will definitely cover whatever tips you would have lost out on plus an additional bonus. This is a really good opportunity, Jungkook-ah. The kid will be here for the rest of the summer, his people said he needs privacy and they felt it best if he didn’t have to mingle with the other guests in the dining room or around the resort. But they didn’t want him to be completely alone, it’s their own way of keeping an eye on him and making sure he’s ok.”

Jungkook allowed the words to swirl around in his brain, he could live with coddling this kid for the summer if it meant he’d make more than he usually would with tips. The idea that he didn’t have to be on his feet all day, sweating his ass off while being looked down upon as nothing more than a servant to the other more affluent guests certainly held an appeal.

“Months… do I have to wear a suit?” Seokjin threw his head back and erupted in laughter, he sounded somewhat like a windshield wiper but Jungkook would never tell him that to his face.

“No, no. Let’s call it business casual, you can’t come in here looking like a grungy college kid in those big ass hoodies you love to wear, but I do expect you to have some decency to dress appropriately. You’re still working after all, let’s say nice pants or slacks and a decent shirt, ok?”

Jungkook nodded approvingly, it’s not that he hated the uniform he was required to wear as a member of the wait staff but the long button up shirt wasn’t the most comfortable and it was a bitch to clean to keep it crisp and white. Being able to dress a little more freely and his own age while getting paid more was going to be definitely worth it.

“Ok, I’ll do it. What kind of schedule do I need to keep? Do I get to know anything about this guest before he arrives or is this going to be one big surprise?”

“I can’t tell you anymore about the kid, Namjoon is pulling in a large favor with an old buddy of his and honestly the resort is being paid a large amount to keep everything quiet.”

Jungkook sat forward intrigued, he really wondered who this very important guest could be that required so much special attention. The resort had plenty of important guests during the time that he’d worked there, but they’d never received a guest who’d paid to have such confidentiality and exclusive treatment.

“He should be arriving tomorrow morning, they are taking the first train out of Seoul, so I expect them in before lunch. We’ve decided to put him out in one of the private beach cabins, I expect you here bright and early, I’d like for you to get him situated and help with any necessities he might need right away. You won’t really have a set schedule and you can have the weekends off to go back home and spend time with your mother, he shouldn’t be needing you in the middle of the night or even all day, so don’t worry we aren’t working you to death.”

Jungkook continued to absorb all the information Seokjin was telling him, nodding as his mind worked through what this job would entail. If the boy was close to his age like Seokjin had said he imagined he could schedule some of the excursions that the resort offered or even convince the boy to go out exploring in the nearby town. He just hoped that he wasn’t as stuck up as some of the other kids his age that stayed at the resort, on vacation with mommy and daddy’s money and feeling entitled to treat people like shit.

“Now I know you have quite the trek back and forth to the resort… so Namjoon and I went back and forth on that and we’d like to offer a cabin to stay in during his stay. It would make things a lot easier and more accessible for our guest and it will certainly save you the rush of going back and forth on the bus. So you’ll both be staying in the duplex cabin at the end of the resort, that way you’ll each have your own unit but you’ll be close enough to keep an eye on him.”

Jungkook and Seokjin hashed out a few more of the finer details before he stood to leave, hugging Seokjin as he came around the desk, it was already late and he needed to make it down to the bus stop before the last bus of the night rolled through and he ended up having to walk home. He made his way back into the kitchen, the noise level significantly quieter as just a few solitary chefs remained prepping food for breakfast the following day. Jungkook snuck behind one of the chefs and grabbed a slice of watermelon he was slicing and jumped out of the way as a hand came back to swat him away, he laughed as he pushed the back door open and stepped out into the humid, moonlit night.

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The bus ride home was quiet, just the sound of the wind as it whipped past the windows and the gentle hum of the wheels along the pavement, but then not many people rode the bus this close to midnight. Jungkook sat near the back like he always did, earbuds in as he listened to his favorite graphic design podcast, the episode today was on improving your web designs. He’d always had a knack for doodling and viewing the world around him artistically, and so naturally he’d found himself double majored in graphic design and photography. This would be his last summer before his final year of college, he couldn’t wait to graduate and be able to move into his own apartment and get a job, even if he would miss his mother.

Jungkook lived at home as an only child with his mother, his father had passed away when he was young- too early for him to remember, leaving her struggling to support a one parent household with no help or other family assistance. During his childhood he remembered watching her juggle to maintain a shitty part time job while putting herself through school and providing her only son with the attention and love he needed, often coming home tired and worn down but she never let Jungkook see the smile slip from her face. Now she worked dayshift as a nurse in the local hospital a town over, the two like ships passing in the night- as Jungkook found the afternoon shift to provide the best tips, and he was so proud of her.

However, being a single parent brought with it financial insecurities and when Jungkook got accepted into the Arts and Design college he’d been hoping, scholarships and grants would only cover so much. Thus he seeked out a job of his own that would help him support himself in college, anything that was leftover after his aid was the responsibility of his family and he couldn’t imagine asking his mother to dip into the little savings she had. One afternoon before he left for his first year of college, Jungkook had sat on the beach with his best friend Hoseok, the two nursing a couple of beers and discussing their upcoming endeavors. It was while coming out to Hoseok, he’d had more of a buzz than he originally thought, that his friend mentioned a gay couple he was close with that owned a private resort on the beach nearby.

Hoseok introduced Jungkook to Namjoon and Seokjin in hopes they could offer moral support, gay man to gay man. It had been one of the greatest gifts Hoseok had ever given him, not only had it allowed Jungkook a chance to speak to other gay men, to receive advice and support on issues he was unsure how to discuss with others, but it had also landed him a reoccurring summer job that paid quite well for the twenty-two year old college student. He’d quickly become close with the two men, especially Seokjin who’d treated him as a younger brother and helped him gain the courage to finally come out to his mother.

Coming out to his friends, while a little nerve-wracking, was nothing to how he felt about actually telling his mother. During his childhood she had always been encouraging of his dreams, caring and loving and pushed for Jungkook to be who he wanted to be, but that didn’t stop the small inkling of worry Jungkook had carried. So when he finally blurted it out while she stood at the stove and cooked the last meal he’d have at home until fall break, he was pleasantly surprised when she had turned around and pulled him into a hug, both forgetting about dinner while they cried .

From that day on his mother had given him nothing short of overflowing acceptance of his sexuality, allowing him to confidently share this part of himself with other friends and loved ones, to embrace who he was. He’d had just one serious partner since, not that he hadn’t experimented during high school, but he’d never had a long relationship. His previous boyfriend had helped him explore more of who he’d wanted to be and given him the chance to love someone openly, but months later they’d found that they were better off as friends rather than lovers.

The bus came to a jarring halt jerking Jungkook out of his reverie, he looked up to realize he’d arrived at the closest stop to his home, gathering his belongings he moved to the front of the bus . He waved goodbye to the bus driver, a face he’d come to recognize as they often ran this route, and stepped off the bus into the humid night air. He didn’t live as close to the beach as the resort was situated, but the smell of the ocean still lingered in the breeze here, just the lightest of briny fragrance that let you know that water was nearby. The walk home was equally quiet, the faint chirps of nearby crickets and the soft crunch of his shoes along the gravel path, giving him a chance to let his mind wander again. He didn’t have far to go, maybe a mile from the bus stop, but he enjoyed this time of night when everything was asleep and he had the chance to just think.

Jungkook savored the breeze that swept over his body, cooling him from the humidity that clung to the air, and wondered about the guest who would be arriving in the morning. They often got a lot of rich, business professionals into the resort or the children of executives, nobody quite of such importance that they had required strict confidentiality. He wasn’t up to date on any of the popular actors or idols, finding that he enjoyed spending his free time out photographing the scenery rather than watching television. He also didn’t go out to bars or clubs very often, so he hoped that his guest would be ok with that, knowing that he couldn’t confidently recommend anywhere to go out and party if they’d wanted.

Jungkook slowed when he saw the porch light of his home still lit ahead, his mother would be sleeping by now, having to wake early in the morning for her shift. He considered sitting outside on the stoop and allowing himself the chance to enjoy how bright the stars were in the pitch black sky but he knew he needed to sleep himself. So Jungkook slipped quietly into the house and padded down the hallway to his room, he got to work packing a bag of belongings, he didn’t have time to pack everything he would need for the summer but enough to last him till the weekend. Once he felt he had sufficiently gathered anything he might need, he took a quick shower before he laid down in bed. He let his mind wander back to the guest and what they might look like, who they might be…

The sun had crested fully over the mountaintops when they exited the train station and made their way to a nearby rental car lot. Yoongi and the unnamed woman spoke between themselves briefly before she bowed to both then turned and walked away, quickly blending within the crowd and disappearing from view. Jimin nervously eyed the crowd of other people nearby, worried that he would be spotted and hysteria would ensue, he pulled down on the brim of his large bucket hat ensuring his face was well hidden. He could feel the panic rising, his skin tingled in anticipation of the oncoming panic attack, his breath came in hot, short bursts moistening the inside of his mask.

“Hey, hey, Jimin-ah,” Yoongi whispered between them, only loud enough for the pair to hear. “Calm down, no one sees you, you’re ok.”

Jimin nodded tentatively, eyes still quickly scanning his surroundings, he felt vulnerable now standing at the counter with his back to the crowd. Yoongi quickly finished their paperwork and ushered Jimin through the crowd and across the parking lot to their awaiting vehicle. He could feel the tension coming off of Jimin in waves, the boy was practically vibrating with nervousness, and the last thing he needed was a hysterical idol in a public place. Jimin climbed swiftly into the car and locked the door behind him, he waited as Yoongi loaded their luggage in the trunk and took the driver’s seat before allowing himself to relax.

“We’ve got a bit of a drive before we get there, why don’t you just relax some more, ok? Calm down, we’ll be there soon.” Jimin hummed in response and allowed his tiny frame to melt into the seat and turned to stare out the window and let his mind drift.

Jimin had left home at the young age of fifteen, moving hundreds of miles from his hometown to become a trainee with the dream of one day becoming an idol and perhaps making his family proud. He didn’t want to call it running away, but when your family disowns you for who you are, running away seems like a perfect description for his decision to leave. See he’d always known he was gay, years spent staring longingly at the other boys in class, daydreams filled with images of kissing the boys of the soccer team. When his family found out he had hoped they would be supportive, he was their son after all and who better to support who he was than them? But they had been disgusted and ashamed and soon his home had felt like a prison he would never escape. Becoming a famous idol he decided was his only option to redeem himself in the eyes of his family, that perhaps they would look beyond his flaws and be proud of him for this.

So Jimin had packed as much as he could into his worn out backpack and used what little money he’d saved to purchase a one way train ticket to Seoul. He would never forget the looks on his parents’ faces when he told them he was leaving, indifference when he had wanted to see heartache, when he had wanted them to tell him to stay. He’d left heartbroken and used the last shred of hope he clung to in order to audition to become a trainee. After passing the audition he waited until he was safely secured in the trainee dorm before breaking down in the shower. He had never felt so relieved, and yet so isolated, somber and afraid.

Being a trainee was not quite what Jimin had expected, the management wasn’t as kind as he’d hoped and a lot of his fellow trainees seemed to get much joy from backstabbing others in order to push their way to the front. Being a closeted gay trainee had never been so hard, Jimin had hoped he would have someone he could confide in and yet he had never felt more ashamed of who he was; different, unacceptable, and unwanted. He couldn’t help the way his heart raced around the other male idols and trainees, the warmth that would flood his cheeks he excused as overexertion, but he wouldn’t and couldn’t let this flaw in his character ruin his chances of debuting. So Jimin put on a mask, one that he could wear in front of others, taking it off in private to drown in his own remorse.

He often pushed those feelings aside, spending all of his time perfecting his sweet melodious voice but even more time sharpening his passion, dancing, making him one of the best dancers in his field. He was regularly used as a backup dancer for the other debuted idols within his company and with that he had more exposure to others like himself, and so could secretly explore his sexuality with other gay idols, but never the same person twice. Stolen kisses in dark hallways during music shows, late night rendezvous that left him feeling dirty and ashamed, he locked himself away in the studios to practice the guilt away… he had to do something right. His efforts made were rewarded, he stood out like a flame in the dark, so much potential his company pulled him from training to debut as a solo artist. So a month before his seventeenth birthday, Jimin was styled, primped, and primed and then thrust into the world of idols as ‘Mini’.

However, his success was not immediate nor easy to come by and Jimin spent a year clawing his way through the toxic industry and tried to keep his head afloat, trying to keep a grasp on himself as a person. He wondered if perhaps he would have to quit, years of training and hard work gone, a forgotten idol who never made it. He could imagine the looks on his family’s faces when he returned to his hometown, tail between his legs, more of a disappointment than he was when he’d left. But hope came in the form of his only real friend, someone whom he’d kept in touch with since leaving home and had grown into success himself, Taehyung.

Taehyung had come to visit him shortly after debuting to celebrate his success, going out to commemorate Jimin becoming an idol, there he’d been scouted on the street to star in a kdrama. What had become a very successful kdrama at that, Taehyung quickly went to the top of the industry, an actor everyone wanted to get their hands on. It was during a meeting for a new upcoming series that Taehyung had suggested one of Jimin’s songs to use as their OST, the executives had loved it and the exposure had shot Jimin into the spotlight. Now at the age of twenty he’d accomplished more than a lot of other more seasoned idols, streaking into stardom and to the tops of the charts across the world. With fame however came loneliness and the desire to enjoy the things normal people his age did, but if he wasn’t Mini than who would he be?

These were thoughts Jimin tried to push from his mind as they drove down the long, winding drive to the resort tucked away by the ocean. Jimin couldn’t remember the last time he’d had the chance to truly enjoy the water, to let the waves lap over his feet and squish the sand between his toes. He hoped that he would have enough privacy to be able to freely walk the beach and let the waves pull the negativity from him and wash it far, far away. His life had been fully encompassed with his alter ego, Mini, and he felt like each day he was that person he lost a little bit more of Jimin.

He listened to Yoongi as he explained to Jimin that he would be staying nearby a few towns over, he had plans of his own to enjoy what would be his own first vacation in the years he’d worked as Jimin’s manager, but that he would be close and available immediately if Jimin needed him. Yoongi continued to explain to him that he wasn’t to let anyone know that he was Mini, though he assured he didn’t have to worry as the owner of the resort had chosen someone who was unfamiliar with the artist. He urged Jimin to use this chance to be Jimin, to do whatever he wanted and always wished to do, to find himself again. Jimin sat quietly in the passenger seat and let the words that Yoongi said seep deep into his mind, into his heart, igniting something he hadn’t felt in a very long time… hope.

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Untitled Untitled

He could feel his eyes on him, staring daggers into the side of his head as the trio stood on the driveway at the back of the main building, the private entrance that was rarely used except by employees, and watched the approaching vehicle. His alarm had failed to go off on time and so Jungkook had dressed in the first thing he laid hands on in his closet and rushed out with his luggage to catch a ride to the bus stop with his mother. They had embraced quickly, Jungkook promising to call and come back on the weekends to visit, before parting ways. He let his eyes slowly travel over to the man glaring at him incredulously and met Seokjin’s gaze, shrugging his shoulders and trying to give his best puppy dog look in forgiveness.

He stood on the drive in the exact outfit Seokjin had asked him not to wear, his most comfortable and worn black hoodie hung off his frame and his faded blue jeans slung low on his hips. He looked like a grungy college student and he hoped that Seokjin wouldn’t kill him in private later. He watched as the elder begin to open his mouth, more than likely to scold him for being a rebellious child, when the car came to a stop in front of them- a blessing really. Jungkook turned and watched as two men exited the car, his eyes were immediately drawn to the small, lithe body of the passenger.

Jungkook wasn’t sure what he had expected, but this quiet, petite boy in front of him was definitely not it. It was obvious that the boy was much shorter than him, by at least a few good inches, but otherwise he was mysterious. Other than bowing politely to the trio, he’d yet to make eye contact with anyone or speak a single word.

“Ah, Jinnie-hyung! Joonie-ah!” the driver called out causing Jungkook to rip his gaze from the boy over to Seokjin, doe eyes wide in surprise, ‘Jinnie-hyung?!’

The two men bowed to each other before Jin pulled the shorter man into his embrace, the two hugging tightly before the mystery man turned and did the same with Namjoon.

“Yoongi-ah, I’ve missed you. I hope your trip was ok?” Seokjin questioned, giant grin spreading across his face. Jungkook continued to glance between the three, he hadn’t realized they were that close when Seokjin had mentioned this being an ‘old buddy’ to him yesterday. This made this entire situation even more intriguing, who did Seokjin and Namjoon know that needed so much secrecy?

“It was good, very quiet. The train isn’t as crowded at the ass crack of dawn, plus we had our own cabin. I’m very sorry I won’t be staying this time, but you understand the circumstances.”

Jungkook tuned out the conversation as the men walked away chatting, his eyes wandered back to the small boy who stood beside the vehicle with his tiny hands clasped in front of him and his head bowed, he was eerily quiet. He let himself really take in the sight before him. The boy didn’t look like anyone of importance, but he could tell that the loose black slacks and slouchy gray shirt that hung from his body were luxury brands. He really wanted to get a good look at his face, but he hadn’t removed the black mask that covered the bottom half nor the giant bucket hat that covered his head, hiding even his eyes from view. Jungkook’s eyes raked up the slim figure, he was small but fit, his shirt laid gently against what appeared to be a strong, toned chest and Jungkook let his eyes linger on the perk round ass, his pants clung to it deliciously.

“This is who I was telling you about, Jungkook-ah, come here and let me introduce you. Jungkook-ah!” Seokjin called out. Jungkook hoped that his face wasn’t as flushed as it felt, he didn’t realize he’d been spacing out, he spun around to the men approaching. He quickly bowed again to Yoongi and reached out to shake his hand, he kept his face blank as Yoongi squeezed tighter than generally acceptable.

“It’s very nice to meet you, Yoongi-ssi.”

“Pleasure is all mine, Seokjin-hyung was telling me you’re one of his best employees and that you’re very trustworthy and loyal.” Yoongi eyes narrowed as he scrutinized the kid in front of him, the person he’d be giving complete trust to care for the small idol. He’d watched Jimin grow through the years and considered him family, a younger brother… perhaps even like his own child. He glanced over at the delicate boy and sighed, loosening his grip he accepted he needed to have faith in the opinions of his friends, they trusted this kid and so should he.

Jungkook beamed at the glowing review, he puffed his chest out in pride. He knew that Seokjin wasn’t just saying that because they were friends, he had spent his time as an employee here doing the best that he could to gain the trust of his employers. He felt the apprehension of the man before him and understood that he was being handed a very significant duty, the quiet boy off to the side was important.

“Certainly,” Namjoon exclaimed, he clasped a hand down on Jungkook’s shoulder like a proud father, “Jungkook-ah has been with us for years and he has never betrayed our trust, he is the right man for this job. Speaking of, we’ve placed both boys in one of our more private two-story cabins along the beach, you know the one Yoongi-hyung, beautiful views and should afford the privacy you requested.”

“Thank you,” the words were merely breathed into the air and yet Jungkook heard them loud and clear like the boy had shouted. His head jerked from Namjoon back to the boy before him in shock. He’d never heard such a beautiful voice before, it was breathy and soft, it sounded as sweet as candy. He let his gaze linger, watching the space between the mask and hat in hopes he would catch even just a glimpse of the other’s eyes. Jungkook wasn’t disappointed, the boy raised his head slightly and Jungkook was rewarded with the sight of the most beautiful brown, catlike eyes he’d ever seen. They widened when their gazes met and he quickly dropped his head back down, blocking Jungkook’s view with the wide brim of his hat.

“It’s our pleasure, as discussed with Yoongi-hyung, we have assigned one of our best employees to assist you during your stay. Jungkook-ah, while young, is a very respectful employee of mine and we trust that he will keep your privacy and anonymity in tact. He is very familiar with not only our resort but the area as he’s lived nearby his entire life. Please feel free to ask him any questions and please don’t hesitate in asking for any requests, we will gladly grant them to the best of our abilities.”

“Thank you for doing this on such short notice, you don’t understand how appreciated this is...” Yoongi let himself trail off as his gaze fell on Jimin, “I’m going to get going myself, I’ve got my own schedule to keep.”

Jungkook watched as the boy’s head came up sharply to look in Yoongi’s direction. He looked like he was absolutely terrified to be left alone and it pulled at Jungkook’s heart strings, why was he so afraid of people he didn’t know? Yoongi walked over to the younger and pulled him into a tight hug, the other wrapped his arms around the man and grasped the shirt on his back.

“You’ll be ok. I’m not going to be very far away. Spend this time being Jimin again. Seokjin-hyung and Namjoon-ah will make sure nothing happens, you’ll be ok. I’ll call you in a few days to check on you, but you can call me anytime if you need me. Be Jimin again.” Yoongi whispered reassuringly before squeezing gently and detaching the small boy. He walked back to Seokjin and Namjoon to whisper quietly to them, the staff who’d joined them moments before having finished unloading the luggage from the trunk. Yoongi bowed one last time to the group, climbed back into the car and drove away.

“I will leave you with Jungkook-ah, he will show you to your cabin and help you get situated and comfortable. Thank you for choosing to stay with us and we hope it meets all of your needs.” Seokjin said, ever the professional before giving Namjoon a look that only the two seemed to understand.

The boy bowed deeply and murmured his thanks again before turning and angling his body toward Jungkook. He stood quietly, hands clasped again gently in front of him as he anticipated Jungkook’s instructions. Namjoon patted Jungkook briefly on the back before he sauntered to the awaiting staff to give directions on where to deliver their guest’s luggage, walking back through the private entrance of the main building and leaving the pair alone.

Jimin had felt his heart rate increase when he locked eyes with the gorgeous stranger before him, he was tall and young and handsome and... Jimin was in trouble. Yoongi hadn’t given him much details about the person who had been assigned to help him during his stay. He’d questioned why he needed anybody at all, but when Yoongi had asked if he’d rather get to know one person or a bunch of random staff members, Jimin had quickly agreed he’d rather deal with just one person. Yoongi however had failed to mention to him that the man -scratch that- BOY, because he had to be close to Jimin’s age, would be so, so extremely attractive.

“Uh, well, as you heard I’m Jungkook and I’ll be your- I guess you could call it, personal assistant during your stay here. I didn’t catch your name…” he trailed off, Jimin could feel the heat rushing to his cheeks. How in the hell was he supposed to answer this greek god standing in front of him without stuttering, he was an idol- he performed in front of tens of thousands of people and yet he felt unworthy to speak to this exquisite human. But Yoongi had left him here and he was an adult, barely he felt right that moment, but he’d had to deal with far bigger and scarier things than talking to a cute boy.

“O-oh, uh, I’m-” Jimin snapped his mouth shut when he realized he wasn’t sure what he should say. Could he tell this stranger his name was Jimin? Most of his fans knew his real name, but the general public only knew him as Mini, Yoongi wouldn’t have paired him with someone who knew him right? He had told him to ‘Be Jimin’, did that mean it was ok to tell him his real name?

Jimin looked up again and saw the confused expression on Jungkook’s face, he realized that he’d completely forgotten to answer him, lost in his own thoughts and concerns.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry! Jimin, my name is Jimin.” he answered softly. If his face wasn’t red enough before he knew he had to look like a tomato by now. He was glad he’d worn the mask to keep himself somewhat secretive, though it never seemed to help with his fans, because right now it was a shield to hide his flushed face. He looked up again when he heard Jungkook laughing.

“It’s- it’s alright. Jimin-ssi,” he chuckled, “let’s get to our cabin.”

If Jimin thought Jungkook was handsome before, it was nothing compared to Jungkook when he laughed. The way his eyes crinkled so prettily and when he smiled his teeth almost made him look like an adorable bunny. Jimin was in so much trouble. He followed Jungkook to a nearby golf cart and got in next to the boy, he was so much bigger than him, he felt so small and tiny next to him and the thought made his stomach clench in yearning. It had been so long since he’d been touched by another person in a loving manner and he so loved men who made him feel small.

“So Jimin-ssi, I hope you don’t mind me asking… is Yoongi-ssi your dad?” Jungkook asked as he navigated the golf cart down a small, winding gravel path. Jimin stared off to the side trying to remember every detail of the resort as they passed. He knew that the building he’d driven up to with Yoongi was the main building, a quaint little three-story building that reminded him of a large cottage. It didn’t clash with the scenery at all, seeming to blend in with the trees and shrubbery like it was meant to be there. As they’d veered off from the main path down the trail they were currently riding, they were flanked on either side by trees that soared into the air creating a canopy above them and shading their path. Jimin couldn’t see the ocean yet, but he could hear it and he could certainly smell it, the fresh, briny aroma cocooned him in memories. He took a moment to come up with a lie, he knew that Jungkook would have at least some questions for him.

“No, not quite. But he’s been a very important part of my life for so long that I could consider him my father.”

“Oh, well, I guess we should get a few more formalities out of the way. Not to be rude, but I can’t quite tell if I should call you hyung or not… you know with the…” Jimin glanced over to see Jungkook gesturing vaguely to his own face. He realized that he still had his disguise on and he glanced around again and knew that he could remove them safely without worrying someone would see him.

“I’m only twenty, you look like you might be older than me, so that makes you my hyung, Jungkook-hyung,” Jimin answered as he removed the bucket hat from his head and hooked the mask under his chin. He glanced over at Jungkook and smiled, causing the boy to jerk the wheel and curse under his breath. The smile quickly left his face as a pit of worry sat heavy in his stomach, had Jungkook recognized him? Had Yoongi been wrong when he’d said Jungkook wasn’t familiar with the artist?

“Fu- sorry, sorry!” Jungkook exclaimed, carefully getting the golf cart back under control and back on the path safely, “you have a beautiful smile, it just caught me by surprise. Sorry. Jimin-ah it is!”

Jimin felt the weight lift and he let himself relax, laughing at Jungkook, his eyes squinting into tiny beautiful crescents as a smile lit up his face.


Jungkook gripped the wheel of the golf cart as they neared the cabin, the trees thinned out and the beach came into view. The pristine, tawny sand expanded out for miles and sloped gently into the vast turquoise water, the waves gently lapping along the shore. He shook his head to clear his thoughts, he’d never been flustered by another human being before, but the ethereal boy that sat next to him had his head spinning. He could feel the warmth radiating from Jimin’s body, just close enough his body tingled in awareness but far enough away they didn’t touch, he wasn’t sure if he could handle feeling Jimin’s touch.

When Jimin had removed his bucket hat he’d glanced over in curiosity and what he’d seen had left him speechless, causing him to jerk the wheel in shock and left him deeply embarrassed, he was usually much more confident and pulled together. Jimin couldn’t be real, there was no way a boy as beautiful as him walked the Earth with mere mortals such as himself. His sun-kissed hair was fluffy and a little ruffled from the hat, sticking up cutely in the back, and brought out the smooth, honey skin of his flawless face. Jungkook couldn’t help but hope and wonder briefly if Jimin was gay, because the pair of rosy, pillow soft lips that sat upon his face would be a sin not to kiss. And his laugh, wow- if he’d thought his voice was beautiful it was nothing compared to the tinkling music that was Jimin’s laugh. The way his entire face would light up, his eyes crinkling up into the most stunning eye smile, Jungkook had never felt himself so magnetically attracted to someone before.

He brought his attention back to the scene in front of him as the cabin came into view, hidden within the trees, it remained hidden until you were right upon it. This cabin wasn’t used very often, being the furthest out on the property it made it less popular to those who didn’t want to walk that far, but Jungkook thought it had the best views and it was his favorite cabin. The front door opened up directly onto the beach and because it was so hidden from the rest of the resort you could leave the windows and doors open at night and let the ocean lull you to sleep. Jungkook couldn’t wait to spend his mornings on the second story porch watching the sunrise and he knew Jimin would find the privacy exactly what he’d wanted, the beach was entirely private since no other properties were around for miles.

“O-oh… wow!” he heard Jimin whisper beside him, he smiled as he pulled the golf cart up beside the small cabin, the sound of the waves almost drowned him out. The breeze here was stronger than it had been on the trail and Jungkook closed his eyes as the salty, air washed over his face, blowing his hair gently from his forehead. Any regrets Jungkook had the previous night about this assignment blew away with the gust of warm air across his face, a couple months in a cabin on the beach were exactly what he needed.

“Welcome,” he chimed as he hopped off the golf cart and walked around to the side door, searching in his pocket for the keys. He glanced back at Jimin and smiled as he unlocked the door and held it open for the boy, “to your new home away from home, Jimin-ah.”

Chapter Text

Jimin wasn’t sure what he’d expected when Yoongi had explained he was staying at a private resort, maybe a cookie cutter room in a hotel that looked the same as every other one no matter which city he’d visited. But as he sat on the bed in his own quarters on the second floor, this was without a doubt not what he’d envisioned. The cabin almost reminded him of a duplex, except the shared small basic kitchen and living area on the main floor and the porch that wrapped around the front of the second story. Jungkook had explained to him that it was often used for friends and their families, two staircases on either side of the house went up to a set of rooms each and he assured he would keep the door in the hallway separating the sides closed for Jimin’s privacy, unless told otherwise.

He let his eyes travel around the room, taking in the white linens and soft blue and taupe accessories. The contrast with the dark wood of the furniture, window and door frames created a relaxing beach feel. The door that exited on the porch was left open and the salty sea air spilled in, ruffling the curtains and working to naturally cool the room, Jimin could see blue-green waves lapping at the shore. He sat on the edge of the bed and tossed his mask and hat into the chair situated catty corner to the bed and let himself flop backwards, he closed his eyes and let the sound of the ocean loosen the worry wrapped around him like a vice. He felt his body melting into the mattress below him, breathes coming even and slow, not quite asleep but not awake either -- floating.

The sound of light rapping on the porch door pulled him from his brief slumber, he turned his head toward the sound and was rewarded with Jungkook leaning against his door frame. The light spilled around him, casting a halo around his well-built body that accentuated his broad shoulders that tapered down to a slim, fit waist, it threw a long shadow across the floor. Jimin felt his heart rate kick up and heat swirl low in his belly, he hadn’t been this attracted to anyone before, he didn’t know how he felt about that. He tried to imagine how he was going to survive the remainder of his stay with Jungkook so close, just a short distance down the hallway.

“Ah- uh, sorry to disturb you. I tried to knock on the hall door but I don’t think you heard me. I realized I don’t really have your number so I could text to see if you needed anything.” He brought his hand up to the back of his neck and pulled on the hair, ruffling the light peach edges. “It’s a little late, but I was wondering if you wanted anything for lunch? I could call the kitchen staff to deliver something, or I could whip something together... they stocked the fridge downstairs with essentials.”

Jimin fished his phone from his pocket and glanced at the time, it was after lunch but still too early for dinner. He hadn’t been able to eat on the train, his nerves had gotten the best of him and left his stomach swirling the whole trip. Thinking about food now had it rumbling awake and begging for some form of nourishment.

“Oh, uh, yeah. Food sounds good.” He tried to think of what he’d like to eat that was within the approved list he’d been given from his company. He was required to keep himself in shape, he followed a very strict dieting and exercise regime, but he wondered if that applied during this time. They had wanted him to relax, could he maybe relax the strict eating regime as well. “I’ll be down in a minute, let me just freshen up real quick and I’ll see what you have in the fridge.”

Jungkook nodded before he turned and walked away, the light flooding into the room with the absence of his body in the doorway. Jimin pulled Yoongi’s number up on his phone and shot a quick text off clarifying if he was allowed to be a little lax on his “diet.” He wondered if he’d arrived at his destination yet, Yoongi had said he’d be somewhat close by but Jimin didn’t know how close by that meant. His phone pinged a minute later,

Yoongi-Hyung: Jimin-ah, eat whatever you want. Don't worry about the company wants right now, what does Jimin want?

“Oh.” he blurted out into the empty room. Yoongi was serious about what he’d said to him before leaving. He stared at the text for a few more minutes, he didn’t want to admit he felt lost but he hadn’t been Jimin in such a long time he wasn’t even sure what ‘Jimin’ wanted. He decided he’d head down to Jungkook and take a look in the fridge and see if anything called out to him, he wasn’t sure if he could even cook anything besides ramyun. He paused at the door at the revelation, would Jungkook find it strange that someone his age didn’t know how to cook? How could he explain that he’d never gotten the chance, that he’d lived alone and the most interaction he got was from the regular delivery person when he’d order food. He couldn’t tell him that other than that, his staff provided food to him during any other event. He took a few deep breaths and assured himself that he’d figure that out if the question arose, with that Jimin left his room and headed downstairs.

Jungkook looked up as he heard quiet footsteps come down the stairs and then shuffle softly into the kitchen. Jimin rounded the corner and knocked the breath from him once again, he wondered if he’d ever get used to seeing the perfection this boy radiated. Without his mask and hat on, Jungkook got to appreciate his full beauty and wow was it something to devour. He was like an angel walking on earth, Jungkook swore he could see light radiating around the boy everywhere he went.

“I’m not really sure what I want, I figured maybe I could look in the fridge first,” Jimin questioned, fidgeting on his feet. Jungkook could see that he looked hesitant and he wondered what had happened in the few minutes since he’d seen him upstairs.

“Yeah, yeah. It’s mostly basic stuff. Things for breakfast, snacks and drinks. I think they put some ramyun in there and some other things. Seokjin-hyung said mostly we could order whatever we wanted a few hours ahead and staff would deliver it for us. Or if you felt comfortable, we could drive over and eat dinner in the restaurant?”

Jungkook watched the emotions as they played out on Jimin’s face, the idea of eating with the other guests at the resort made him look tense. He walked over to the fridge and pulled the door open, he stepped aside and waved a hand toward the selection of food within. Jimin giggled at his antics and came over to peer inside, he watched as the boy would grab something and inspect it before putting it back. In the end he grabbed a small container of sticky, white rice, an apple and a bottle of water. Jungkook raised his eyebrows at the selection and looked over at Jimin.

“That’s… I don’t know if I could call that lunch? Are you sure that’s all you want? I was gonna order some kimchi from the kitchen, it’s amazing, the chef uses an old family recipe and it’s to die for. I could order some for you as well...”

Jimin glanced down at the food in his hands, even though Yoongi had told him to eat whatever he wanted he felt a nagging in the back of his mind telling him that he needed to maintain his figure while on vacation, he could imagine the exercise regime they’d put him on if he gained weight. The thought of kimchi sounded amazing though, he couldn’t remember the last time he’d had homemade kimchi, perhaps the last time he’d actually been home.

“Oh- yeah sure, kimchi sounds good. I’ll take some too, please.”

Jungkook watched as Jimin placed the food back into the fridge and then walked over to the living area and folded himself onto the corner of the couch, he looked even smaller with his legs tucked up under him. He called the kitchen and gave them their orders, his favorite chef was in working so he knew the kimchi they got was going to be heavenly. They had a little bit of time before a member of the staff made it over with everything, so he figured this would be the perfect time to delve into his curiosities. He made his way over to Jimin and sat on the opposite end of the couch, he could tell that Jimin was still a little uncomfortable.

“Uh, so Jimin-ah…” Jungkook trailed off as he tried to think of the best way to ask questions without invading into Jimin’s privacy. He was here for a reason, obviously, so he didn’t want to pry, but he was going to be practically living with the boy for the summer so he felt he should get to know at least a little bit about him. “What’s your favorite color?”

Jimin had started to tense as Jungkook began to speak, he wasn’t sure what kind of lies he was going to have to weave. He needed to call Yoongi and get his story straight, he should have paid more attention on the train. But when the actual question had slipped past Jungkook’s lips Jimin couldn’t help but giggle, he didn’t know if Jungkook was doing this on purpose to ease Jimin’s worries but it was working.

“Um, blue. But like all the shades of blue, I love the pale blue of the sky first thing in the morning- you know when the world is still waking up. And you know that deep blue of the ocean, when it gets darker and darker the deeper the water. But I guess my favorite shade is that dusky navy blue right after the sun has set and the stars are starting to appear in the sky, when you see the last of the sun bleeding from the sky… that blue is my favorite.”

Jungkook stared at Jimin as he enthusiastically told him about the color blue, the way his face became so animated and he moved his tiny hands around as he tried to explain to Jungkook what he loved so much about that color. He laughed as Jimin finally came to the end of his speech making the boy giggle as well.

“Oh my god, I’m so sorry. That was more than you asked.” Jimin hid his face behind his hands and Jungkook could see the tips of his ears turning red, it was cute… he was cute.

“No- no, I liked it. You turned a normally boring question into so much more, I feel like it explained who you were a lot.”

“O-oh, um, I heard them say you were in college. What are you majoring in?”

“God, I could talk about this all night and bore you to sleep, but let me give you the cliff notes version,” he smiled over at Jimin, bunny smile on full display, “well, I’m actually double majored. Which is crazy, because I really didn’t need that much workload on myself but I feel like the both of them together will really help me expand my career once I graduate. Ugh, I’m already rambling. Anyways, I’m majoring in graphic design and photography. I’d love to design websites for companies one day or even help design artwork used in advertisements or like albums and such.”

Jimin just smiled at him and nodded his head to show he was following along, his eyes were so big and Jungkook could tell he was drinking in every word that left his lips.

“That sounds amazing, Jungkookie-hyung.” Jimin slapped his hand over his mouth as soon as the words left his lips, eyes wide as saucers as he stared at the boy sitting across from him.

“Oh- I- o-oh, I’m so sorry, Jungkook-hyung.” Jungkook peered at Jimin with big, wide doe eyes, he was surprised to hear the endearing nickname leave the boy’s lips. They had only known each other for a few hours, did this mean Jimin was feeling comfortable with him already?

“Jimin-ah, it’s ok… it’s alright. It’s cute, I like it. You can call me Jungkookie if you’d like.” He started to reach over to grab one of Jimin’s hands but let his hand hang awkwardly between them as he hesitated before dropping it onto the couch. “It’s fine, really.”

“Ok, Jungkookie-hyung,” he whispered shyly, head tilted to allow his bangs to cover his eyes but not enough that Jungkook couldn’t see the blush that was spread across his cheeks, the rosy hue made him look even more beautiful.

“What do you like to do for fun, Jimin-ah?”

Jimin tilted his head to the side as he contemplated what he liked to do for fun and furrowed his brow as he tried to think of something he actual enjoyed doing that didn’t involve work. He’d been in this industry for so long he felt like he’d grown up in it, he hadn’t had time to enjoy life as a teenager and now as a young adult.

“Um, I listen to music and I like to draw.”

Jungkook watched as Jimin struggled to answer the simple question, he wanted to delve deeper but he knew that would be asking too much and he had been told to keep the boy’s privacy. He went to open his mouth and tell Jimin he didn’t have to answer anymore when the boy interrupted him.

“What about you? What do you like to do for fun?”

“Well,” Jungkook brought his hand up to rub the back of his neck, he should have known the question would come back around to him. “I listen to podcasts on my way home every night, mostly about graphic designing. I like to go out and take pictures, usually just the scenery or people out enjoying their day, whatever calls to me really. I also like to listen to music.”

Jimin’s curiosity got the best of him, he knew he shouldn’t ask but he wanted to know so bad. His desire to know all about this stranger, to learn what he loved and disliked, to know if he’d like the music Jimin put his blood, sweat, and tears into making.

“D-do you have any favorite songs or idols you listen to?” He peered over a Jungkook and tried not to look too conspicuous.

“Oh, this is gonna sound horrible… I love listening to music but I don’t really pay attention to who is singing it. I do have some favorites, but,” he paused and closed his eyes as he started to hum a familiar tune, “this song has been stuck in my head lately but I don’t know who sings it, the guy sounds like an angel, his voice is so beautiful.”

Jimin felt his heart hammer away in his chest, that was his song, oh my god that was his song. He couldn’t deny the fluttering of pleasure that swept over him, Jungkook liked his song! He thought Jimin sounded like an angel! It still surprised him to find people who enjoyed his music but for some reason Jungkook liking his music felt different, he wondered if he’d listened to any of his other songs? Did he like those as well, he secretly hoped so.

“I- I’ve heard that song too, it’s very nice,” he murmured before a knock on the door caused both boys to jump.

“Lunch! I’ll grab it,” Jungkook jumped from the couch and disappeared toward the side door staff used for deliveries to the cabins. Jimin could hear him speaking softly with whomever was at the door before Jungkook came back into view with a bag that contained their food all boxed up.

He set the food up at the table and Jimin came and sat across from Jungkook, pulling one foot up on the chair and resting his chin on his knee. The food smelled amazing and his stomach grumbled loudly when he realized how hungry he was. Jungkook handed him a pair of chopsticks and settled into his own chair.

“Alright, eat up!”

The boys shared the containers of food between them as they continued small talk, Jungkook kept his questions to things that weren’t too invasive and spent most of the time telling Jimin about his life. Their conversation flowed comfortably until Jungkook revealed he was gay and he heard Jimin’s sharp intake of breath.

“Is that ok? I know not many people are comfortable with someone who is so open about their sexuality.” Jungkook peered curiously at Jimin, he hoped the boy would be ok with his admission and that it wouldn’t be a problem since they had quite a bit more time to spend together.

“No, no. It’s ok. That’s very brave,” he whispered, eyes on the table as his mind took off a million miles a minute. Jungkook was gay! And so brazen about it, he felt his skin tingle as a wave of pleasure rushed over him. He knew he couldn’t be in a relationship, forbidden by his company- especially a gay relationship, but he wondered if he could allow himself to express that part of himself he kept hidden so far deep within himself just as freely. Jimin glanced up through his bangs at the boy who sat across from him, they locked eyes and Jimin felt his stomach jolt with desire at the idea of allowing himself a chance to flirt openly with the fine specimen of a man.

Jungkook opened his mouth to answer, stomach clenched as he gazed back at the boy whose eyes held something hopeful, a flash of desire as the boy swiped his tongue out quickly to wet his lips before his phone dinged and stole his attention. Jimin picked up his phone and furrowed his brow at the text message notification from Taehyung, he hadn’t messaged his friend to tell him he was away yet. He knew how much he would worry if he’d heard how much everything was taking a toll on Jimin. He pulled up the message, he could still feel Jungkook’s gaze on him heating his skin, and blanched when he saw the words on his screen.

TaeTae: Hey! Why didn't you tell me you were going on vacation? I had to find out on Naver?! WTF? [Link Attached]

Jimin felt an icy rush of terror course over his body as his trembling thumb pressed on the link Taehyung had sent him, the article that popped up showed Jimin being guided through the train station in Seoul, pictures of him entering his train cabin, and then pictures of Yoongi and him getting into the rental car when they’d arrived. He was being followed, always being followed. He stood quickly from his seat causing the chair to knock back and hit the floor with a loud bang, he flinched as Jungkook stood abruptly as well.

“Are you ok? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.” Jungkook reached out to the pale boy across from him but retracted his hand when Jimin flinched away from him. The boy was breathing harshly, sucking in shallow breaths as he glanced at his phone and then at the large windows that looked out on the beach.

“I- I… I have to go.” Jimin turned and rushed toward the stairs leaving Jungkook stunned before he hurried after him. He took the stairs two at a time as he heard the heavy steps of the boy in front of him going down the hall, he reached the top and turned down the hall to catch a glimpse of Jimin as he practically dove into his room and slammed the door behind him. Jungkook stood outside the door, hand raised to knock and faltered. He wasn’t friends with Jimin, he’d only met him today… what was he going to do, what would he say?

He lowered his hand back to his side and stood quietly outside the door, he strained to hear inside the room but it was deathly quiet. He glanced down the hall toward the stairs and then back at the door before deciding he’d let Jimin have some time to himself. He hoped he would come down for dinner and explain what happened or that things would be ok. He hoped.

Jimin sat curled up in the chair in the corner of his room, curtains drawn and lights off, the fading sunlight filtered through the small gaps he couldn’t eliminate in the fabric. The tremors that shook his body had subsided some and he no longer felt like he would pass out as he forced himself to take slow deep breaths.

He wondered if Jungkook was worried about him, he’d seen the look on the boy’s face before he fled the kitchen, he’d heard him chase after him. At the time it had only enhanced his terror, the feeling of fans mobbing and chasing him flashed through his mind. Once he’d had time to work his way out of the panic attack, he was grateful that Jungkook had cared enough to worry about him and wanted to make sure he was alright.

It didn’t matter though, it didn’t matter how many cared for him because it was never going to be enough. The grabbing hands and the cameras and the lies and secrecy were never going to go away. He would never have a normal life, he trembled as he imagined being alone forever, who would want to be with him if this was his normal life. He gasped for air as he felt another panic attack sneaking up on him, crushing anxiety pressing in from all sides, he was drowning without a life preserver. Jimin smashed the heels on his hands into his eyes as wet, hot tears poured down his cheeks, it felt like he would never be ok.

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Jungkook relaxed back into the chair as the salty, warm breeze blew past him into the open doors of the cabin, he could hear the curtains rustling against the door frame, the sun had set behind them and bathed the surf in brilliant shades of orange and pink, but now the sky was darkening. He had waited apprehensively for Jimin to come down for dinner and when he hadn’t he’d texted the boy to ask if he’d like Jungkook to order him something, but he never received an answer in return. He wasn’t sure what he should do, he considered calling Seokjin and telling him what had happened but he didn’t want to embarass Jimin, however, he also wanted to make sure he was alright.

Jungkook rose from the chair and slipped his toes into the sand as he walked from under the cover of the porch closer to the beach, he turned and looked up towards the rooms and specifically at Jimin’s windows, the curtains still drawn tight and the space completely dark without a shred of light slipping between the gaps. The last traces of daylight clung stubbornly to the sky as the first stars of the night began to slowly twinkle against the black, velvety heavens, Jungkook worried his bottom lip between his teeth as he contemplated going up and checking on the boy.

In the end Jungkook’s uneasiness won out, he climbed the stairs on Jimin’s side of the house and stood once again in front of the boy’s room. He hesitated before knocking on the door, what if Jimin was sleeping or wanted to be left alone, but he couldn’t imagine the boy going to sleep without having eaten at least something. He knocked softly and waited, a dim sliver of light illuminated under the door as a lamp inside was clicked on, he couldn’t hear the boy moving about but he lingered patiently for the door to open. The sight before him as it opened broke his heart, Jimin had changed into a pair of loose gray sweats and a large, white baggy shirt that dwarfed the boy and made him look even smaller... tinier, but it was the younger’s face that made his heart clench. The boy had obviously been crying, his puffy eyes bloodshot, face red and blotchy and that cute button nose looked like it had been rubbed raw. Jimin peered up at him from underneath his disheveled bangs, glistening orbs peeked through the small crack in the door, his face questioning though Jungkook could see something else swirling in his eyes.

“Hey, I hope I didn’t wake you up,” he spoke softly, his eyebrows coming down in concern at the broken boy before him. “You didn’t come down for dinner and I tried to text you… But that doesn’t matter, I ordered a few things and put some leftovers aside for you.”

Jimin sniffed and patted at his face gently, he knew he had to look like a hot mess and he couldn’t believe he’d even opened the door, but something about Jungkook made him feel safe.

“Oh, it’s ok Jungkook-hyung, I wasn’t sleeping. I- I don’t think I could eat anything right now though.”

“That’s ok. Um, would you like to go sit on the beach with me? It’s pretty cloudless out tonight and the breeze has picked up enough it’s not stifling hot out there. The stars are coming out, it's a beautiful sight.”

Jimin nibbled his plump bottom lip between his teeth as he looked up into the older’s pleading doe eyes, he really wanted to climb back into bed and cry himself to sleep but Jungkook looked so hopeful and he was so glad he’d come to check on him. He nodded and opened the door further to join Jungkook in the hallway, shutting his door softly behind him. Jungkook turned and lead their path, walking down the stairs behind him Jimin finally had the chance to really take in a new angle, the older was so broad and sturdy. Even through his worn out hoodie, Jimin could see the boy’s muscular shoulders shifting as he swung his arms while hopping happily down the stairs. The jeans he wore clung to his toned ass and Jimin felt his face heat up when Jungkook glanced over his shoulder to make sure he was still there, he thought he saw a glimpse of a smirk played across the other’s lips.

Jimin could smell the beach before he actually saw it, Jungkook had the doors and windows of the first floor wide open allowing the briny current to swirl through the room. He took in a deep breath and closed his eyes when he reached the door jam and felt his entire body relax, the beach was the best part of home he remembered, the happiest of his memories. He slipped his slippers off at the door and dug his feet into the cool sand, it squished between his toes as he sunk in with each step. Jimin kept his eyes on the boy in front of him as he guided him in the dark down toward the water, he could hear the waves lapping at the shore, the sound a metronomic push and pull that set his mind at ease. His mind wandered causing him to almost run into the back of Jungkook, the boy stopping suddenly in front of him, he turned to Jimin and motioned for him to sit beside him in the sand.

Jimin squatted down first, he didn’t really want to get sand into his pajamas and he certainly didn’t want to drag it back with him into his bed, but the urge to push his fingers deep into the chilly sand was too much and he sat and leaned back using his hands to support himself. The soft granules slipping through his fingers as he pushed them further into the slippery earth as it spilled over his hands.

“Look up, Jimin.” Those three words spoken softly beside him urged him to lean his head back and gasp. The darkness was laid out like a warm, black blanket that extended across the expansion for as far as he could see and within that blanket sat millions of glittering stars. It had been years since Jimin had truly seen this many stars, it brought back memories of the beach with his family, his mother holding his hand as they laughed and ran away from the surf, his father yelling after them for the duo to stay dry. They were bittersweet memories and they tugged Jimin’s emotions in different directions, he wondered if his parents still went down to the beach at night and if they thought of him. He wondered if they saw him on the tv, in the paper, or in the news, he wondered if they were proud.

“It’s so beautiful,” Jimin finally whispered back, his eyes trying to take in every twinkling star. He wanted to memorize this night sky so that he would never forget it, he wanted to be able to remember what this looked like when he got back to Seoul and the night sky was washed out by the bright lights of the city and the constant hum of traffic.

“Yeah, it is,” Jungkook murmured, eyes on the boy beside him with stars in his eyes. He looked so fragile like this, like a boy made of glass that could shatter at the slightest touch. But to Jungkook he still looked beautiful, his face now devoid of makeup and his hair pushed back from his face giving Jungkook a better chance to etch every smooth curve into memory. Jimin glanced over and caught him staring, the two gazing at each other in the dark, mapping out the emotions that played across the other’s face. “Are you ok?”

“Maybe one day,” his lips tugged up into a small, bittersweet smile, “but thank you Jungkook-hyung.”

Jungkook smiled and pulled his eyes away from the magnet that was Jimin’s gaze and looked back up into the night sky. This was his favorite thing to do at night, when the world was sleeping, to come out and watch the stars map out the sky. Everything was quiet and right in the world, under the darkness of the sky you could be whomever you wanted to be without the judging eyes of others.

“You… ugh, you don’t have to, but would you like to talk about it?” he asked tentatively, he didn’t want to glance over at the boy beside him in fear he wouldn’t be able to pull his gaze away. He continued to stare up at the vast, inky blackness smattered in tiny, sparkling balls of light, he felt perhaps Jimin would open up to him here in the dark, he could whisper his secrets to the ocean and it would pull them far, far away.

“Um,” Jimin started, voice still hoarse from all the crying he’d done earlier, “a friend sent me something upsetting. But it wasn’t the friend that upset me, but what had been sent.”

Jimin glanced over at Jungkook who was leaned back and staring up at the stars, peachy hair shining bright in the surrounding darkness like a beacon. When the boy continued to stay mute and didn’t turn to question him, Jimin felt relieved he could tell him what he wanted to without being interrogated.

“I, uh, I have panic attacks sometimes. I’m sorry I ran away early and worried you.” Jungkook looked back over at the boy beside him as the whispered words were carried away in the breeze. The stars reflected in his scared and sad eyes, Jungkook could see that with just a few words Jimin had told him something that terrified him, that he’d breathed out into the universe a flaw he kept hidden inside.

“It’s ok, Jimin-ah. I know you don’t know me well enough yet, but I’m here if you need me. Please don’t feel like you have to do that alone.”

“Ok,” one word released between them that sounded both hopeful and frightened. They turned away from each other and peered back up at the night sky, both remained quiet as they listened to the waves gently washing away the secrets that had been whispered into the glittering heavens. Tomorrow would be a new day.


Jimin watched as the sun bloomed slowly over the horizon of the vast shimmering ocean, he leaned against the railing and let the rays warm his face and the gentle breeze tickle the hair against his forehead. He’d sat on the beach with Jungkook last night and watched the stars for what felt like hours, it had been comfortable sitting silently together watching them shift across the sky as the waves played a soft lullaby against the shore. Jimin turned and climbed into the chair sitting outside his door, he curled himself into a little ball and grabbed the small notebook he’d brought with him. He knew he had been asked to work on his new album and he didn’t think he could but the atmosphere here had already awakened the creative side within himself and he itched to scribble down words that flooded his brain.

He didn’t know how long he spent hunched over scrawling words across the paper, releasing his thoughts into markings on the white canvas as the story in his head flowed out through the pen into a song. Jimin cracked his neck and squinted as the sun’s rays assaulted his eyes, the glowing globe now settled above the horizon and cast a warm glow across the sand below, it was going to be another beautiful day. He could hear Jungkook shuffling downstairs and the smell of food wafted up from beneath the porch and invaded his nose, he grabbed his stomach as it churned loudly beneath his shirt and laughed.

Jimin stood stretching his arms high above his head, he tucked the notebook under the pillow on the chair beside him before he headed back into his room and straight for the closet to rummage through his clothes. The breeze coming through the window alluded to it being a warm day, so Jimin pulled on a pair of white shorts that stopped mid thigh and a loose blue button down shirt, he left the top button at the neckline open to reveal just the smallest glimpse of the smooth tan skin of his decolletage. He pushed aside the voice in his head that told him he wanted to look nice for Jungkook, but he couldn’t deny that he was very attracted to the boy and after last night he hoped he could gain his attention.

Jimin froze at the entrance to the kitchen, the view in front of him too tantalizing to continue forward. Jungkook was hunched over the stove, black shirt stretched taut across his back, the delicious muscles flexed as he worked eggs in the pan in front of him. Jimin was pretty sure he was going to die, the view causing his pants to tighten at the alluring image that flashed in his mind of those very muscles shirtless and flexing over him, bodies damp with sweat. He shook the thought away and adjusted his shorts before shuffling quickly to the table to sit and hide the problem he was currently having, he felt like a hormonal teenager all over again. He’d kept this part of himself buried so deep down all the time it was relieving to embrace it.

Jungkook turned slightly as he heard the boy enter the kitchen and caught a sight that made his mouth water, Jimin’s long, slim legs and thick, luscious thighs as they disappeared into tiny little shorts that did nothing to hide the younger’s excitement. He turned his attention back to the eggs in front of him as he listened to Jimin pull the chair out at the table behind him and smirked, he hadn’t flat out asked the boy which way he swung but after his reaction to Jungkook’s admission yesterday and the problem he was currently adjusting in his seat... it told Jungkook enough. Jimin was attracted to him just as much as he was attracted to said boy, this was information he wasn’t sure what to do with, but his thoughts wandered anyways. Namjoon and Seokjin had never had a policy stating you couldn't fool around with guests or other employees, but it was something Jungkook had never done because he worried about the implications if things ended badly. But maybe this time...

“I wasn’t sure how you liked your eggs, so I just made a bunch of scrambled ones,” he turned slightly and looked at the boy sitting at the table, trying and failing to look anywhere but at the feast laid out before him.

“U-uh, scrambled is fine, thank you Jungkook-hyung.”

“Did you want to go do anything today? I thought perhaps we could walk down the beach, it’s pretty private this far from the main resort so I don’t think we’ll run into anyone.”

Jimin smiled up at him, his eyes becoming tiny, little half crescents that made Jungkook’s body heat up. His face was still a little puffy from sleep and Jungkook thought it made him look even younger and more adorable, he just wanted to do everything in his power to make this lovely creature continue to look at him with that radiant smile.

“That would be nice, I have some things to do up in my room but I can hold off until later.”

Jungkook plated the eggs and grabbed a couple of slices of bacon for each of them and delivered everything to the table. He sat across from Jimin and smiled when the boy grabbed his fork and immediately dove into his food and hummed appreciatively. He knew Jimin had to be quite hungry after going to bed on an empty stomach, he’d tried to talk him into eating when they came back in from star-gazing but Jimin had declined.

“Mmm- this is so good, thank you,” he purred, appreciatively moaning around the greasy piece of bacon between his lips. It had been so long since he’d allowed himself to eat anything this fattening and greasy, he briefly wondered how much extra time he would have to spend at the gym to work off any extra weight he was sure to gain during this time, but quickly pushed it aside at the magnificent, bunny smile Jungkook gave him. They let their gaze linger on each other for longer than normally acceptable before Jimin broke first, cheeks flushed red as he looked back down at his food. He heard Jungkook chuckle across from him and swore the boy whispered ‘cute’ underneath his breath, Jimin smiled down at his food, he didn’t get to flirt often with boys and he liked the way it made his stomach erupt in butterflies. Yoongi had told him to be himself, to be Jimin again… and he wanted to let himself like this boy, but mostly Jimin really, really wanted this boy to like him too.

The pair let the sound of the waves and wind whistling by their ears be the only sound between them, a natural soundtrack as they walked together up the beach, toes digging into the hot sand. Jungkook had brought his camera with him and Jimin would stop every time he brought it to his face to line up the perfect shot of the water crashing against the rocks, he liked the way he felt so comfortable being around him even when they didn’t have anything to say.

“Can I take your picture?” The question broke the silence between them as Jimin stopped to turn and look into Jungkook’s imploring eyes, he was no stranger to posing for pictures but lately having his picture taken had done nothing but cause anxiety as the cameras were pushed into his face against his wishes. He smiled up at the boy and nodded, he couldn’t get past the way he felt so safe and relaxed with Jungkook, it was a feeling he hadn’t had in a very long time.

Jungkook brought the camera back up to his eye and centered the shot, Jimin was peering at him through the lense, his almond eyes wide and puppy like, the sun cascaded down onto his skin and bounced off his hair like a halo. He looked like a literal angel and Jungkook felt his chest erupt in butterflies, his skin tingled in anticipation of something he didn’t yet know was happening. He pressed the shutter and took a burst of photos as Jimin scrunched up his nose and smiled, he was going to kiss this boy if it was the last thing he did.

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Jungkook watched the boy in front of him as he took off running down the beach, chasing the waves as his melodic laugh rang through the summer air. This had become their daily routine the past two weeks, after eating breakfast together they would walk the beach while Jungkook took pictures and Jimin would talk and talk and slowly reveal tiny snippets of himself he felt comfortable letting the other know. As he’d become more comfortable in Jungkook’s presence he’d slowly shed his uptight and cautious exterior and let himself really enjoy himself, bouncing around excitedly at the chance to walk freely on the beach unbothered, not another soul on their stretch of sand. They would part ways once they got back to the cabin so that Jimin could spend time to himself in his part of the house, he’d found himself in a trance writing lyric after lyric, this unfamiliar freedom had allowed his creativity to flow out of him onto the paper.

By mid afternoon they were drawn together again like magnets, hovering around the other as they played games in the living room or helped the other cook on nights they didn’t feel like ordering from the resort kitchen. And the flirting, god the flirting, it had reached a level Jungkook was sure he would combust if it didn’t progress past timid brushes of fingers, coy glances and light teasing. The tension between the two grew thicker each day, sparking so hot Jungkook was surprised the cabin hadn’t erupted in flames. He’d called Seokjin during his first weekend back home, visiting briefly with his mother and restocking his luggage, and casually mentioned what was going on and if pursuing was acceptable. Jin had chuckled and told him he was fine with whatever happened, they were both adults who could make their own decisions, but he did remind him to be mindful of what Jimin wanted and was comfortable with. Jimin hadn’t come out and flat out told him his sexual preferences, but Jungkook had an idea the boy at least found him attractive and as long as Jimin showed interest and continued to flirt so would he. Even if they parted ways at the end of the summer having done nothing but flirt and become close friends.

Jungkook convinced Jimin that morning over a bowl of cold cucumber soup, rice and galbi delivered hot and fresh from the kitchen to go hiking with him, he had so many pictures of Jimin by the ocean and he itched to get him in a new scenery. Jimin hadn’t shown any interest in straying further than the private beach in front of the cabin and he wondered if he could get the boy out of the house. He’d laughed and then gasped in surprise upon learning that Jimin had never been hiking before and so Jungkook promised he’d go easy on him and stick to the more beginner, local trails he knew. He was sure Jimin would want to leave right away, the boy had bounced excitedly in his seat at the prospect of doing something new, but instead he’d insisted that they still continue their morning beach walks.

“Jungkookie-hyung! Look! Look! A sea star!” Jungkook’s stomach still swooped at the nickname Jimin had bestowed upon him his first day, as they sat together on the couch and awkwardly got to know each other. He’d received plenty of various nicknames from his friends and ex-lovers during the years, but this was a new one and it made his skin tingle every time it left Jimin’s sinful lips. God those lips, he’d been daydreaming of kissing them for days, the way Jimin would lick them unconsciously while he flirted would drive Jungkook wild. Even now Jimin had them pulled up into a broad grin, his cheeks rosy from the sand that swept across their skin, and Jungkook couldn’t help the way his eyes were drawn to them.

Jimin ran up to him with the large, bright red creature in his grasp, tiny fingers delicately but firmly holding the slippery being from falling. His loose white button down shirt fluttered in the breeze, he’d pushed the sleeves up to avoid getting them wet in the surf, but one cuff looked like it had been hit with some droplets from the surf. Being back at the ocean, the sand under his toes and the wind that whipped through his hair had been exactly what he needed. He’d spend the rest of his life thanking Yoongi for choosing this place if he needed too, the beach was cathartic and freeing.

“Oh wow! That’s a big one, or does it just look big in those adorably tiny fingers of yours, Jimin-ah?” He cooed teasingly at the boy, he hoped and received the faint red blush that spread across Jimin’s cheeks. Jimin giggled and threw his body against Jungkook, the older wrapping his arm around the slender waist to keep him from falling. His fingers gripped Jimin’s hip before he loosened his hold, he ached to pull the boy flush against him and steal the laugh right from his lips.

Jimin grinned as he looked up into Jungkook’s large mocha eyes, he felt his skin heat up where Jungkook’s hand laid against his hip, flames shot to his core at how large his hand felt on his body. He licked his lips and resisted the urge to snuggle closer into the warm, solid body against him. The past week had been amazing so far, the two had continued to flirt back and forth but Jungkook had never pushed further than Jimin was comfortable. He knew the boy was holding back and he wondered what he needed to do to get Jungkook to take that extra step and finally kiss him, he felt he was too shy to make the first move himself.

“Jungkookie-hyung, my fingers aren’t that small,” he whispered, glancing coyly up at the boy. He felt Jungkook’s breath hitch and smirked as he pulled himself from his grip to return the starfish to the water. He glanced out at the crystal clear ocean and lifted his arms out beside him as the breeze swept over the water and crashed into him, dusting him in a fine salty mist and taking with it all the negativity in his body.

“Jimin-ah, you ready to go hiking? We have a little bit of a drive and I don’t want it to be too hot when we get there.” Jimin turned his body to peer over at Jungkook and smiled, he kicked his bare foot in the surf one last time before he skipped over again in excitement. Jungkook shook his head and laughed, he wondered if Jimin knew how adorable he looked when he did things like this.

“Yes, let’s go!” He bounded off in front of Jungkook back toward the cabin, sand kicking up behind him as he leaped through the scalding hot sand, the sun high enough in the sky to warm it up on just the right side of too hot. Jungkook laughed at the sight as he stalked behind him, Jimin’s tiny figure disappearing through the door, his high pealing laughter ringing through the empty rooms.

“Change into better shoes!” He called up after Jimin, catching a glimpse of a toned calf as the boy leapt over the last step onto the landing.

Jungkook took the stairs two at a time in his side of the cabin and rushed into his room to change into a pair of loose white linen pants, it might have been hot outside but he hated the way the low bushes brushed against his skin. He heard heavy footsteps echoing back down the stairs and quickly slipped on his sneakers and hurried downstairs to meet Jimin in the foyer by the side door.

“Ready?” He asked, though he already knew the answer by the exuberant expression on the boys face, smile so wide his eyes disappeared into tiny half crescents that Jungkook loved. Jimin nodded excitedly which only made Jungkook giggle at him as he pulled the door open, “Alright, let’s go.”


Jimin stared up in wonder at the trees around him, the trunks shooting up into the sky and bright leaf covered branches jutting out to canopy the forest floor below. They had been walking for at least an hour, a private trail Jungkook told him he knew would be empty, the pair walked silently together as they climbed up, up, up the mountain. Jimin loved how peaceful and quiet it was, the wind whispered through the trees, the quiet hum of insects that chirped nearby, the tranquility that leached into your bloodstream the further and further they walked from humanity. His parents never took him hiking, they had felt wandering through the woods was a waste of time, when the ocean was right there and so close. He glanced at the boy standing a little beside him, they’d wandered into a small meadow off the path to rest, Jungkook had once again taken his camera out to capture the beauty around them.

Jimin sat back in the cool damp grass and watched as Jungkook moved slowly around the meadow and took various shots of the nature surrounding him. He’d been so absorbed in his photography the entire trek Jimin felt like he was being ignored and he was done with it, he carefully lifted himself from the ground and crept over to the boy lining up yet another shot of some flowers peeking out from a decaying fallen tree. Jungkook didn’t notice the presence behind him until Jimin was right up on him, the heat of his body radiated from him and left his body thrumming. Jungkook went to lower the camera to acknowledge him when Jimin snatched it from his hands and took off running the other direction toward the line of trees that surrounded the clearing.

“Hey!” He stood in shock momentarily, Jimin’s giggles echoed off the trees as he swooped behind a large tree trunk to hide. His hands curled against the missing weight of his camera, eyes tracking the movement of Jimin’s white shirt as he rushed from one tree to another. Jungkook shook his head and jogged after the boy, he quietly stalked into the brush as he tried to pick up the sound of Jimin in the thick wooded area. A hiccup of a giggle to his right had him swinging around and catching Jimin against the tree before he took off the other direction, he gazed down into twinkling eyes, cheeks round and flushed.

“You caught me,” Jimin whispered, his breath came in soft gasps as he gazed coyly up at the boy caging him in. Jungkook smirked down at him as he brought his hands from beside Jimin’s head and slide them down the rough tree trunk to either side of his chest.

“Stealing isn’t ok, Jimin-ah. What if you dropped my camera and broke it?” He teased, he watched as a soft pink tongue flicked out and wet supple, plush lips. Jimin’s skin flushed from his cheeks down his neck, pretty rosy blush disappearing under the neckline of his delicate white shirt. The boy stuck his bottom lip out and pouted up at Jungkook, his eyes peeking up at him from under dark lashes as he tried to pout his way out of trouble.

“But Jungkookie-hyung, you’ve ignored me this whole time.” Jungkook chuckled as Jimin whined, he couldn’t be any more endeared by how cute and adorable he was with him. Jimin caught his bottom lip between his teeth and he leaned forward slightly and peered up through the fringe of his golden locks, Jungkook’s eyes widened and his breath caught at how beautiful he looked. The light filtered through the trees and caught Jimin’s hair and face just so, casting light around him like a halo, an actual angel walking on earth.

“W-well, what are you going to do to keep my attention then,” he rasped, eyes flicked down as Jimin released the lip worried between his teeth and it popped back out, bitten red and inviting.

Jimin felt his heart hammering in his chest, stomach coiled tight as butterflies erupted through his core, the air between them sizzled with tension. He looked up into the eyes of a boy whom he’d never felt more comfortable with, who made him feel alive again. He hoped all the subtle flirting they’d done during the week was in fact that, that Jungkook was as attracted to him as he was to the boy. If not, this was going to get very awkward, very quickly.

Jungkook had watched plenty of scenes like this in movies, the way everything in the world would still and cease to exist, everything would fade to black leaving the two lovers the only thing on the screen. He felt Jimin’s hand trail up his chest and fist into the front of his shirt as he pulled him in, he didn’t realize they had gravitated closer until he felt the other’s breath ghost over his lips, so close he could taste him. He gazed into hooded eyes and watched them flutter shut, Jimin licked his lips in anticipation, goosebumps erupted across his skin at the prospect of what was going to happen. He couldn’t see or feel anything but the boy before him, the heat that radiated from his body as they inched closer until they stood chest to chest just a heartbeat apart. The sound of silence surrounded them as time slowed down, a promise that this was something they would savor.

“Tell me to stop,” Jungkook whispered as his lips brushed feather soft over Jimin’s. “Jimin-ah, tell me to stop.”

He groaned in satisfaction as Jimin tugged on his shirt and pushed himself up on his toes, finally, finally bringing their lips tenderly together. Jungkook ran his hand softly up Jimin’s side, he felt the boy quiver under his touch as he left behind a trail of fire, before he gently cupped his jaw. Jimin’s lips were as pillow soft and moist as he’d imagined, he tilted his head and sucked the plush flesh of his bottom lip between his lips and nipped gently on it with his teeth. Jimin gasped at the sting and brought his other hand still gripping the camera up to curl around Jungkook’s hip, pulling the boy impossibly closer.

Lips glided languidly, gently against each others’, the sound of quiet wet smacking the only sound that reached their ears, the forest had gone silent for them, stilled for them in this moment. Jungkook pulled back slightly to lick cautiously at the seam of the boy’s mouth, soft grunt of pleasure when Jimin’s lips parted with a soft pop to deepen the kiss, he pressed his lips back to the red, swollen mounds. Tongues, tentatively sliding against the other as they slowly mapped out the warm heat that lay within, then firmer and more determined as they pulled roughly at the other to be closer, closer as an inferno erupted between them. Jimin’s mouth was dangerously sweet, an addicting candy that Jungkook wanted to taste forever, tongue licking against the roof of his mouth as he drank in the soft, whimpering moans he pulled from within.

Jimin gasped as Jungkook’s thigh wedged between his own to slot them closer together, he could feel the building excitement between them pushed against his hip- throbbing and hot, heat poured into his groin. His own rousing erection pulsed between his legs as he pulled Jungkook’s hips tight against his own, the older withdrew from his lips to run them softly across the apple of his inflamed cheek and down his jaw. His head tilted back to allow him more access, crown hitting softly against the hard trunk of the tree, the light filtering through the branches above splashed across his already heated face.

“J-jungkoo- h-hyung,” he breathed as Jungkook sucked lightly at the soft skin where his jaw met his neck, hot, wet mouth leaving behind a trail of fire as he licked softly down the velvety honey skin to the juncture of his shoulder nipping gently.

“Jimin-ah,” he whispered, lips tickling lightly against the skin of Jimin’s clavicle, “is this ok? Please tell me if this isn’t ok.”

“H-hyung,” he gasped, eyes squeezed shut as his breath rushed out in soft puffs, his skin felt like it was on fire and he was moments from erupting. This was nothing like what he’d experienced before, the other boys he’d been with during his trainee days had been a mix of experimentation and rushed eagerness to relieve sexual frustrations.

“I like you Jimin-ah, more that I should.” Jungkook lifted his head from Jimin’s shoulder and looked cautiously at Jimin’s face, big round eyes opening to gaze into his own. The sound of the forest exploded around them, Jimin could hear the blood rushing in his ears, heart pounding frantically in his chest. Jungkook liked him, like… LIKED him. He had been hoping for this for days and yet now with the words left to float between them he was terrified. He couldn’t have this, whatever this would become, he couldn’t drag Jungkook into his frantic, self-deprecating life. But Jungkook’s large eyes looked so apprehensive and hopeful, and he wanted to be selfish, he wanted to have this. Every detail of his life was planned and set forth before him, every moment and emotion tracked and scrutinized. He wanted to have something that was just his, something that he chose and wanted, he wanted to finally be happy.

“I think…,” he trailed off as he let himself search further into the dark pools of Jungkook’s eyes, allowed himself to feel the solid, warm body pressed so intimately against his in the middle of the forest. “I think I like you too, Jungkookie-hyung. But I’m scared, I’ve never done this before, it’s like I’m stumbling in the dark.” He felt the tension drain from his body as he watched Jungkook relax against him.

“Jimin-ah,” Jungkook wrapped his arm around Jimin’s slender waist and kept him secured against himself, carding the fingers of his other hand in the soft strands of hair against Jimin’s nape as he brought his lips back to tease feather soft against the other boy’s, “let me be your light, I’ll catch you.”

Jimin sighed into the kiss as Jungkook’s lips sealed against his own again, soft and tender in reassurance. He didn’t know what this feeling was that was blooming within his chest but he knew he didn’t want to be scared of it, he was finally going to let himself feel.


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Jimin awoke the following morning and stared at the ceiling as the early morning light filtered softly through the curtains and danced across the bed and walls. He brought his fingers to his lips and touched them gently, memories of the day before flashed in his mind. Jungkook and him had left the forest after their confessions and made the trek back down the mountainside, the older tentatively reached out and engulfed his tiny hand within his own as they hiked quietly back to Seokjin’s car. They had separated briefly as they climbed into the car, Jungkook taking his hand again once seated and kissing the back of it tenderly, eyes bright and happy as he glanced at Jimin before driving them back home, fingers intertwined as they rested along the center console.

The sun was sitting low in the sky when Jungkook had kissed him softly after they’d arrived back and then drifted off to his room to allow Jimin the time he usually took during the early afternoon to himself in his room. He had told Jungkook that he spent his afternoons reading to relax, another lie added onto the pile of lies he had weaved the last two weeks when the boys sat and spoke to each other. He would include small truths within his answers and stories, but he still couldn’t allow Jungkook to know who he was… what he did for a living, and the other never pushed him to tell anything private about himself. But this feeling within him that fluttered wildly throughout his chest made him want to open up to Jungkook, to allow him into the walled up space Jimin had built around himself from others for so long.

He’d gone back to his room and immediately grabbed his notebook from its hiding spot, under the pillow on the porch chair where he often left it, and frantically started writing, words poured from his fingertips onto the blank canvas below, words he never thought he could express. Line after line of poetry in the form of a song, so hopeful and light and vulnerable, when he stopped to reread what he’d transcribed a flutter in his chest told him this was an emotion he wasn’t ready to admit yet, one he’d never experienced before. The song would surely be a masterpiece, he knew right away it wouldn’t need any major changes made and he’d be able to record it as soon as he got back to the studio. He jotted down some quick notes along the bottom of the page of the melody he hummed softly to himself, this song would be different from anything else he’d ever written before. Jimin looked up and out the open doors of his room toward the ocean, the sky once bright and cloudless was bleeding into night and he knew he’d been in his room longer than he’d expected, though Jungkook hadn’t come up to remind him of dinner.

When he exited his room the smell of food wafted up the stairs and assaulted his nose, he could hear Jungkook murmuring quietly below, Jimin guessed he was on the phone with his mother- something he’d caught him doing often later in the afternoon and it made him smile. He rounded the corner as he listened to the sizzle of meat hitting a hot skillet and caught Jungkook pushing his cellphone into the back pocket of his pants, one strong veiny arm reached out to turn pieces of meat with a pair of tongs. He helped Jungkook finish cooking dinner, the two lightly brushing fingers across exposed skin, unspoken words and small knowing smiles shared between the two. Later that night they sat close together on the beach, thighs touching and fingers dancing lightly against each other as they kissed delicately under the vast expansion of stars.


His hand drifted from his lips and fell softly onto the billowy comforter draped across his body, his eyes fixated on a spot of light dancing across the ceiling. Jimin’s mind did what it did best and he wondered what would happen that morning between the two, would things be weird or really awkward? This was all new for him and he didn’t know what it was like to ‘like’ someone, to see someone as more than just a casual one night stand and to be more than just strangers relieving stress in the dark never to speak again. But then his brain shifted gears quickly and he began to wonder about his parents, how they’d be even more disappointed in him for pursuing a gay relationship, for giving into this unforgivable and disgusting side of himself. He hadn’t even spoken to his parents in over five years now, yet the overwhelming shame washed over him like it was yesterday, the disappointed looks and silence as he’d left home for good. He’d tried to reach out to them shortly after debut, but when his father had answered the phone he’d monotonously said ‘We don’t know anyone named Jimin’ and then hung up.

Jimin felt his chest tighten as his breath came in harsh gasps, his vision blurred and he blinked rapidly to clear the tears flooding his eyes, his skin trembled and dread sat heavy in his stomach. His fingers grasped the comforter beside him tightly as he tried to remember the tricks Yoongi had taught him to bring himself back down from a panic attack, but in the heat of things his mind would shut down and all he could think was that this would never end.

A light tapping on the door had Jimin swinging his head in the direction of the sound, eyes wide and panicked as he chased breath after breath.

“Jimin-ah?” He heard the hesitation in Jungkook’s voice, “Uh, you haven’t come down for breakfast yet, is everything okay?”

Jimin squeezed his eyes shut as he willed his body to cooperate for once and allow him a sliver of control, the room fell silent again except for the gasps of air trying to enter his lungs. He knew if he didn’t alert Jungkook he would assume he was sleeping and leave him alone, but right now he really needed his help as his vision turned fuzzy and he worried he might pass out.

“Jun- hhhng,” the words slipped past his lips, not quite shouting but certainly not a whisper. He hoped that Jungkook was still waiting outside his door and that he heard him. He closed his eyes in relief as he heard the doorknob turn. Jungkook peeked slowly into the room and glanced around until his eyes landed on the small boy huddled under his blankets.

“Jimin-ah, oh my god! Are you okay, don’t answer that… you don’t look okay.” Jungkook rushed to his side, kneeling on the edge of the bed beside the boy, the mattress dipped under the added weight of his knee pressing into it’s soft surface. His hands fluttered over the petite body, eyes wide and flicking rapidly over his face, “I don’t know what to do, how can I help you?”

Jungkook grabbed his phone from his back pocket and quickly began to type on the screen, eyes never leaving Jimin’s face as he watched tiny beads of sweat ripple slowly down his brow, bangs now plastered to his forehead. His eyes snapped down to the illuminated glow of his phone and he quickly absorbed the words across the screen, gaze flitting back to the other in worry. Jimin squeezed his eyes shut again as his hand fisted the material on his bed, body trembling like he was standing outside naked in the snow, he felt his heart trying to beat its way out of his chest. These attacks came so much more easily now and for reasons other than the cause that started them, the intensity in which they hit scared Jimin as they seemed to get worse and worse each time.

“Jimin-ah, Jimin… look at me,” Jungkook ordered softly, Jimin’s eyes flew open and locked with the boy’s across from him, “Okay, I need you to breathe for me. I need you to follow me, do what I do, okay?” Jimin jerked his head up and down, his vision blacked out around the edges with each movement. Jungkook began to count, deep breaths in followed by steady breaths out, he reached out and grasped Jimin’s hands in his own, squeezing reassuringly. He stared into Jimin’s frightened eyes and hoped the quick search he did on his phone would be enough, he could see the boy trying his best to concentrate on Jungkook’s instructions.

What felt like hours later, Jimin allowed himself to drown in the stars inside Jungkook’s eyes as his vision finally began to clear and his breathing slowed back down to a normal rate. He felt Jungkook’s thumb brushing slowly over the back of his hand as he continued to guide Jimin out of his attack, repetitive and soothing. Jimin’s muscles still felt tight with tension, but the trembling had started to subside and his heart didn’t feel like it was ready to burst from his chest.

“Thank you,” he whispered, voice slightly hoarse from the strain of his chaotic breathing. Jungkook looked visibly relieved to see Jimin breathing normally again, his head slumped down and he took in a choking breath before looking back up at the boy in front of him.

“You scared me, are you okay…. Can I hug you?” Jungkook rambled on before enveloping Jimin in his arms and crushing him against his broad chest after the smaller boy nodded meekly. “Gods, Jimin-ah, that was so scary. Are you okay?” He pulled back and brought his hands up to cup Jimin’s face between his palms, Jimin’s dewy flushed face looked even smaller sandwiched between his large hands, cheeks smushed together and large pillowy lips puffed out. He didn’t give him a chance to answer before he pulled his face back into his chest and wrapped his arms around him again, squeezing him tightly to his being and burying his nose into the top of Jimin’s fluffy hair.

“Mphmh,” Jimin mumbled against the soft fabric of Jungkook’s t-shirt, his mind wandered slightly to how chiseled it felt beneath his cheek and how his musky scent seemed to envelop him. Jungkook pulled back again as he heard the muffled sounds of Jimin’s voice and stared into his dark almond eyes. “I’m fine now Jungkookie-hyung, thank you.”

“Okay, okay, do you need to talk about it?” Jimin shook his head and gazed past Jungkook to watch the shadows playing across the dresser across the room. It was later in the morning than he’d expected, his panic attack must have lasted longer than he’d thought and he frowned at the idea that they would now miss their daily morning walks. He peered back up at Jungkook when he felt a finger under his chin that tipped his head back to look at him again. “Are you sure?”

“I’m fine, I- I just started thinking about some things and my mind fell down a rabbit hole of some bad memories and… yeah, I let things get out of hand. I’m alright.”

Jungkook searched his eyes, large doe eyes probing the emotions he could see swirling within them, he must have been happy with what he saw because he nodded briefly before letting his hand drift lightly down Jimin’s neck to rest at his nape. Jimin shuddered at the feather-light touch as memories of the previous night slammed into the forefront of his mind, he became very aware of their close proximity and that Jungkook was situated on his bed, his face heating up more than it already was. Jungkook must of realized something similar as he lifted his thumb and traced is softly down Jimin’s pulse point, the frantic beat pulsating just beneath the surface of his smooth, honey skin, eyes drifting down his face to rest on soft rosebud lips. Jimin watched as Jungkook began to lean forward and licked his lips in anticipation.

“Are you going to kiss me, Jungkookie-hyung?” he breathed, body moving toward the boy like a magnet.

“Do you want me to stop, Jimin-ssi?” Jungkook teased, his warm breath fanning over Jimin’s lips, a whisper away from touching.

Jimin glanced up into Jungkook’s bambi eyes and let his own drift shut at the first caress of his lips against the other’s. Their lips slid tenderly against each other, Jimin ran his hands up the hard planes of Jungkook’s chest and gripped the front of his shirt, he sighed into the kiss as their lips slotted together perfectly like two pieces of a puzzle. He parted his lips and timidly licked the seam of Jungkook’s mouth, humming happily when the other tilted his head further and deepened the kiss. Jimin tasted like the sweetest nectar, Jungkook sucked on his tongue like he needed him to live, the younger’s whimpers sent fire shooting down his core. Jungkook gently fisted his fingers into the hair at the nape of Jimin’s neck, using his other hand to balance his weight as he pushed closer to the boy.

Jimin tugged on his shirt, pulling the other closer as he felt Jungkook shift to hover over him, warmth spread through him like wildfire as he licked into his mouth, addicted to the taste of the older. Jungkook gripped his hip and squeezed as Jimin’s head hit the pillow, the older boy pressing his weight into the smaller as their kisses turned less sensual and more urgent. With every slide of their lips Jimin realized every kiss he’d had before this had been wrong, he would give up everything to stay right here in this moment forever. The older pulled back and looked down at the angel below him, golden hair splayed out like a halo on the pillow and lidded eyes, pupils blown wide. Butterflies erupted in his chest and he knew that he couldn’t let this boy go, he wanted to cherish him and keep him safe from anything that might harm him. He didn’t know what problems plagued Jimin to cause him to react like he had, but he promised himself he would spend the rest of the summer showing him he cared and hoped the boy would confide him in.

“I think we should stop,” he breathed out, cock pulsing hot and heavy between his legs at the sinful boy laid out below him, “You had a really eventful morning, let’s just take it easy. We have all summer… baby.”

Jimin felt himself flush from the tips of his ears down to his toes at the pet name, soft gasp leaving his lips as he looked up at the adonis above him. Jungkook looked like sex on legs, muscular biceps stretched the fabric of his tight white t-shirt, lips swollen and red, the look of desire in his eyes shot straight between Jimin’s legs and made his cock pulse. He wanted Jungkook, more than he’d ever wanted anyone before.

“Let’s go get some breakfast in you, yeah?” Jungkook smirked down at him, he shifted and ignored the way his erection rubbed against the tight confines of his pants. He couldn’t wait to see Jimin fall apart beneath him, but he knew right now he needed to recover from earlier and he would feel much better getting some food in him.

“What if I just wanted to stay in bed and makeout?” Jimin teased, surprised with how steady and flirty he voice sounded, his heart took off in his chest. Jungkook’s eyes widened and he licked his lips, gaze falling down to the spit slicked mounds of Jimin’s mouth, this boy was testing every ounce of resolve in his body.

“Jimin-ah,” he warned, voice low and growling, it sent shivers of pleasure down Jimin’s spine, “Baby, please don’t test me right now.”

Jimin felt every fiber of his being vibrate in anticipation, the last bits of negativity and worry from earlier slipped from his body as he looked up into the wanton eyes gazing hungrily back down at him. His stomach protested loud and angry in interruption, causing both boys to jolt and stare down at the offending sound. Jungkook laughed and threw his head back, bunny smile lighting up the room, Jimin couldn’t help but join him and giggle.

“Okay, alright, let’s go eat. Apparently, I’m really hungry.”

“Alright, get dressed and I’ll meet you downstairs. It’s too hot out to walk the beach now, but Namjoon-hyung called me this morning and I want to run an idea past you. We’ll talk while we eat.” Jungkook lightly pecked Jimin’s lips then sprang from the bed and strode to the door, he glanced back at the boy laying in bed, he looked so small surrounded by the large puffy comforter. Jimin nodded at him as he sat up and smoothed his hair down, he knew it had to be sticking out in every direction. Jungkook paused at the door and let his eyes drift over Jimin’s face, slightly puffy from sleep but flawless, his eyes were scrunched into those adorable little crescents, the boy looked much better than he did when he’d entered the room. Once he was happy with his assessment he smiled and left the room, pulling the door shut behind him.

Jungkook watched pleased at the boy eating across the table from him, he brought his glass of cold, fresh orange juice to his lips and surveyed the ravenous angel, Jimin had dived into the omelet as soon as his tush had hit the seat, extreme hunger overtaking him. He’d moaned around another bite of food and glanced questioningly at Jungkook as the food melted in his mouth.

“Okay, so…” Jungkook trailed off dramatically, he chuckled as Jimin rolled his eyes and shoved another bite of food into his gorgeous mouth.

“My mom told me last night she’s going to be out of town this upcoming weekend, so I won’t be going home to see her. When I mentioned this to Joonie-hyung, he asked if we had plans because he’d love to get the cabin cleaned better than the spot cleaning the maid does while we walk the beach. So I was wondering if you’d like to go do something?”

Jimin swallowed the food in his mouth and sat forward, “Honestly, I don’t get out to do things during my free time, so I’m not sure.”

“Well, you can say no if you want to, but I thought maybe we could go camping?” He looked so cute when he was begging, his brows pulled together and big doe eyes looking up at Jimin.

“Camping?” Jimin’s voice lilts at the end in question, head tilted slightly to the side. Jungkook almost cooed, he reached a hand across the table and ran a finger across the smooth expanse of Jimin’s forearm.

“I know a place, it overlooks the ocean, it will be private.” Jimin smiled brightly at him, eyes squeezed together as he nodded. Jungkook beamed back, his finger trailed over the dip at Jimin’s wrist before he splayed the rest over the the tiny fist rested against the table. “What would you like to do today?”

“Can we, um,” Jimin felt the blood rush to his cheeks and he dipped his head down to hide the blush he knew had blossomed across his face, “could we cuddle on the couch and watch a movie?”

“Yeah, yeah, we could do that.”


The two had picked up the kitchen after breakfast and then had made their way into the living room to the two-seater couch. Jungkook had questioned Jimin on what he’d like to watch and after a back and forth on the vast number of movies the younger had never seen the older had chosen a recent action flick and settled back into the cushions. Now thirty minutes into the movie, Jimin was sure he didn’t know what movie they were watching or even what had happened thus far. His mind was entirely filled with the feeling of Jungkook’s hand where it rested curled along his hip. He had pulled his legs underneath him and in doing so had leaned against Jungkook to help get himself situated and the boy had taken that as an opportunity to slide an arm behind Jimin and pull him closer.

Jimin really, really wanted to continue what they had started in his bedroom that morning but he was unsure how to initiate something like that. He tried to think of the flirting he’d seen done in the movies and kdramas he’d watched, brain arguing with itself on just climbing into the older’s lap or pulling him down on top of him. He felt Jungkook’s hand as it squeezed his hip and he whipped his head around to glance up at the other, he watched as the the older’s eyes meet his own before skimming down his face to glance at his lips. He felt the distance between them lessening and shifted his position against Jungkook, turning more toward the boy as their lips met, his hands skimmed up the hard planes of his chest to wrap around his neck.

Jungkook parted his lips and pulled the sweet flesh of Jimin’s bottom lip between his own, sinking his teeth gently into the pillowy meat as the other moaned and heat erupted low in his belly. He ran his hands along his slender waist, fingers danced along the hem of his shirt before plunging underneath to caress the hot, soft skin beneath. His fingers gripped Jimin’s sharp hip bones as he licked into the sweet hot cavern, hands fisted in his hair and he pulled the younger onto his lap. Jimin gasped as he was lifted so easily into the other’s lap, he brought his legs on either side of strong firm thighs before attacking Jungkook’s lips again with his own. Heat pooled between his legs as his cock filled and throbbed, he tried to resist the urge to settle down further into his lap, fighting the need to roll his hips into the heat radiating from below.

“Jung- kookie-hyung,” he moaned as hot wet lips trailed down his slender neck, Jungkook bit into the juncture between his neck and shoulder and Jimin hissed at the pleasurable pain that trembled through him. He threw his head back as Jungkook began to suck marks into the skin along his collarbone, last reserve lost as he rolled his hips down and gasped at the friction he needed so much.

“Fuck,” Jungkook groaned, thumbs digging into the dip in the younger’s hipbones as he pulled him down against him and rolled his hips up to meet him, cock throbbing painfully in his jeans as their clothed erections rubbed against each other. Jimin pulled Jungkook’s face back to his own as they met in a kiss that was mostly teeth and tongues, gasping breaths into open mouths as their hips found a delicious rhythm. Jimin squeezed his eyes shut as he fisted Jungkook’s hair and thrust his hips down, pleasure coiled so tight at the base of his spine, it had been so long and he could feel his release racing up on him.

Jungkook winced at how hard Jimin gripped his hair, but watching the younger grinding down into him was everything, he couldn’t look away from this celestial being falling apart. Jimin’s eyes were closed and lips parted in pleasure, head thrown back and elongating his beautifully slender neck. His skin was glowing, a thin sheen of sweat laid across the surface as he frantically rolled his hips down to meet Jungkook’s. The older ran his hands up and under the thin shirt and felt the skin beneath tremble as his fingers danced across damp skin. He rolled his hips up to meet Jimin beat for beat, he was painfully hard and his cock strained against the tight confines of his jeans. He watched as Jimin’s breath caught and hips jerked erratically, fingers gripping painfully tighter in his hair before he arched beautifully above him and moaned his name, Jungkook was sure he could cum on the spot from the sound of the younger moaning his name like that on repeat.

Jimin loosened his grip as he took in giant lungfuls of air, body humming with pleasure at the orgasm that had just ripped through his body. He felt Jungkook’s hands smooth down his back and he opened his eyes with a gasp.

“I- oh my- Jungkookie-hyung, I’m so-,” the words trapped in his throat as Jungkook pulled him closer and slotted his lips against his own. The tension in his body melted away as he softened into Jungkook’s hold and pressed himself closer to the boy. He could feel Jungkook’s hard, pulsing length against the cleft of his ass as the boy pecked his lips, once, twice before pulling away to chuckle.

“I’m alright, Jimin-ah, I think you needed that.” He rubbed his hands soothingly over the delicate, creamy skin of Jimin’s back. Jimin blushed furiously and tucked his face into the crook of Jungkook’s neck, he couldn’t believe how fast and easy he’d gotten off.

“Baby, look at me.” Jimin lifted his face shyly as Jungkook gently pushed him back so he could see his face, “Has anyone told you how absolutely gorgeous you look when you cum?”

Jimin was sure he looked like a tomato, a bright red tomato about to explode with how utterly pleased yet shy he felt at the words spoken to him. He captured his lip between his teeth and shook his head bashfully.

Jungkook smirked and pulled the younger closer to him, arms encircling his tiny waist and pulling him flush against his strong, broad chest. He nosed along the smaller’s delicate neck, breathing in his intoxicating scent before nudging at his ear, lips brushing against the soft flesh as he whispered in his ear,

“I can’t wait to go camping, baby.”

Chapter Text

He fluffed the towel through his damp golden hair one more time before tossing it into the nearby chair and collapsing onto the bed, the soft fabric rippling beneath him as he sank within it’s billowy fluff. His phone buzzed from the nightstand beside him and a big boxy smile lit up the screen, soft melodic tune breaking the quiet of his room.

“Taetae!” Jimin smiled at the deep laughter that echoed through the line, no matter the distance between them Taehyung always seemed to know exactly when to call.

“Jiminie, I haven’t heard from you in weeks! Are you avoiding your soulmate, are you hiding something from me?”

He laughed and pushed the damp hair from his forehead, he hadn’t meant to neglect his best friend, but he wasn’t surprised to hear Tae hit too close to home on why he hadn’t called. He’d had so much fun with Jungkook the past few weeks he’d completely forgotten and with the shift in their relationship recently the other boy had consumed his mind. Jimin selfishly wanted to keep this secret to himself but the desire to tell his friend was too strong.

“Tae, oof- I’m sorry. Things-,” he trailed off as he wondered how much he should reveal, but he knew in the end his soulmate would learn everything anyway. Taehyung had a way of pulling all of his deepest, darkest secrets from him without as much as a fight. “Tae, I met someone.”

Jimin pulled the phone from his ear as Taehyung's husky voice yelled through the speaker, he caught snippets of words before the line quieted back down. He had expected such a reaction, his love life (or really lack thereof) always saddened his friend and he knew a revelation such as this was not what he expected when he’d called.

“What do you mean you MET someone, oh my god Jimin-ah, you better start talking fast. Who?!”

Jimin smiled shyly and rolled across the mattress onto his front, he felt like a schoolgirl gushing about their crush over the phone to her friends. Memories of what he’d done with Jungkook on the couch hours before flooded his mind and he felt his face heat up, cheeks stained red. His body still hummed with the residual pleasure that had rippled through his form, his neck littered with dark marks of passion left as proof that he hadn’t imagined it.

“Tae,” he sighed happily, “the guy who was assigned to help me during my stay. I don’t even know how to explain it, he’s tall and handsome and so muscular and god the way he looks at me makes me feel like I’m going to ignite.”

Taehyung chuckled and Jimin sighed, eyes closed as he felt the ghost of Jungkook’s grip on his hips, the way his fingers had scorched his skin as they skimmed across his burning flesh. The sensual roll of his hips that met Jimin’s, how he’d pulled him down against him to create the delicious friction that had propelled Jimin into the most extravagant orgasm he’d ever had.

“He’s just so brazen and flirtatious, he sits and listens to me and we spend hours just talking. Like... he wants to get to know me and spend time with me. The way he kisses me Tae, stolen kisses with other idols and trainees are nothing compared to him. And when he touches me...”

“Wow, Jiminie…” Tae trailed off, the sounds of murmured conversations on the other side of the line all that could be heard. Jimin was sure Taehyung was on set at his new kdrama, it wasn’t set to wrap up for a few more weeks. The two had planned a get together once he was finally free, a pre-pre debut party for just them, until then they kept in touch through calls and texts.

“I’ve never heard you talk about anyone like this before. Has Jiminie— have you finally found love?”

Jimin gripped the phone in his hand, knuckles white as he heart took off like a racehorse in his chest. Love? Was that the feeling that had planted itself deep within, a tiny sprout that grew and grew into an exquisite bud ready to blossom with just the right touch? A feeling that had consumed him whole, that knocked around his heart and begged to be noticed, to be freed and embraced.

“Jiminie…. Jimin?!” Jimin shook his head as Taehyung’s voice pulled him back to reality and he looked back down at his phone. He quickly brought it back to his ear, realizing he’d zoned out and grown quiet.

“S-sorry, Taetae. L-love, I- what do you mean, I can’t be in love with anyone. I- no, I can’t drag someone else into my life and let it destroy them like it’s done me. I can’t love anyone, Tae I don’t deserve it, not whe-“ He cuts off abruptly as the sound of Taehyung’s voice boomed into his ear.

“Don’t you dare! Don’t you dare deny yourself love, Jimin! You are worthy of every ounce of love given to you and you have every right to fall in love with someone and to let yourself love them. Do not let your atrocious parents continue to poison your heart.”

“Tae,” Jimin whimpered softly into the phone, his vision blurred as tears pooled in his eyes. He felt the warmth of his words wrap around him like a security blanket, hope igniting in his heart.

“Jiminie, my best friend, my soulmate, please don’t stop yourself from experiencing one of the most amazing feelings someone could ever experience. One of the most precious gifts you could give another person, if you love him, please don’t deny him those feelings. You don’t understand what it’s like to be loved by you, Jiminie, it’s a beautiful, wonderful thing. I would know.”

Jimin sniffled and rubbed the back of his hand across his cherry red nose, tears tracked down his creamy skin and dripped onto the white cotton blanket below. Taehyung always knew exactly what he needed to hear, what needed to be said to open his eyes and show him that he wasn’t the person his parents’ had made him believe he was.

“Okay,” he whispered, his fingers swept across his face and tried to dry the tears as they fell, “okay, I will Taetae.”

The warm summer current flowed over his hand as it rollercoastered slowly up and down out of the window, the breeze rushed in through the open space and whipped his hair wildly around his face, cheeks scrunched up into a wide, happy smile. Jungkook’s fingers tapped out a melodic rhythm in time with the song on the radio, his fading peach hair danced in the wind as they made their way along a lonely country road by the ocean. Jimin laughed as he watched seagulls playing in the breeze, soaring high into the sky before swooping down toward the seashore, a beautifully choreographed performance in the sky.

A familiar tune tinkled through the speakers and Jimin first found himself unconsciously humming along before he opened his mouth and quietly let the lyrics flow from within. Voice escalating into a crescendo until he sung above the far away voice pumped through the sound waves into their speakers.

“Whoever it may be, save me, me,” he crooned, voice lilting above the rushing wind and filling the small space within the car, “Save me, it continues even when I run away.”

“Jimin-ah!” Jungkook’s voice shot into his ears and Jimin snapped his mouth shut, turning wide eyes to stare at the boy next to him. Jungkook glanced quickly at him before turning his eyes back to the road before him, “Oh my g- Wow! Baby! You sound amazing! I love this song!”

Jimin blinked at Jungkook like a deer caught in headlights as the boy began to sing along loudly to the song, voice harmonizing beautifully with his own coming through the speakers. Jungkook turned quickly to him, giant bunny teeth on display as his charming voice bounced through the car. Jimin found himself smiling, eyes scrunched up as a giggle burst from his luscious lips. Jungkook really had no idea who he was singing along with, that he was sitting in the car with the very idol whose song he said he loved, the people who would kill to be sitting right where he was. He brought a hand to his face and covered his mouth with the tips of his tiny fingers, he shook his head as song burst forth from his lungs once again. Maybe one day Jungkook would tell his friends he sang a duet with a world famous idol along a dusty old road on their way camping, he’d tell them their voices meshed together in hypnotic symphony, how they blended together like they were made for one another.

“I am still the same person I was before, I am here, the same person I was from before, but,” he pushed aside the irony that swirled through his mind with each word, the song hit too close to home and settled heavy in his heart, “an overgrown lie is trying to swallow me whole.”

Jungkook reached across the console and rested his hand along Jimin’s thigh, squeezing the tense muscle beneath his large fingers and causing the owner’s breath to catch. Jimin’s voice turned breathy as the song ended, he focused his eyes on the figure seated beside him, he let his gaze trail over Jungkook’s statuesque form. The boy glanced quickly over and caught his eye, the stars swirled around the large chocolate pools and his nose scrunched as he smiled before turning back to the wheel. Jimin felt the bud implanted in his heart quiver, petals preparing to unfurl into a beautiful, exquisite flower. For once in his life he would listen to his heart and not the opinions of those around him, he would be selfish in his desire for another. He was scared, he’d never allowed something like this to grow within him before, but he couldn’t allow himself to let this wither and die, he wanted to watch it bloom.

Almost an hour from the resort Jungkook pulled the car into a small market, the further from the cabin they’d driven the further the distance between homes and businesses. They’d turned onto a solitary road and Jimin was sure they hadn’t passed another vehicle for miles, the last home he’d seen long behind them. Jungkook had explained they were in a smaller town over from the resort, a secret little hideaway he’d found with a friend, summer nights often spent camped on the ocean ledge drinking until sunrise.

“We have to stop here for supplies for tonight, it’s the last market before we reach our destination.” Jungkook explained as he switched off the engine and exited the car, Jimin glanced around the small parking lot, there were a minimal amount of cars parked outside. He hadn’t brought a mask or hat with him, grabbing only a pair of sunglasses to shield his eyes from the sun during their drive, his stomach clenched with worry at the idea of being spotted. Jungkook opened his door and reached out his hand to the younger boy, he’d plopped a large black bucket hat onto his head and it shaded his large doe eyes as they implored Jimin.

“Baby,” he questioned, brow furrowing as his hand remained outstretched to the unmoving figure seated within the car, “we won’t be long, but if we don’t get food now we’ll starve tonight.”

Jimin let his hand be enveloped by Jungkook’s large, warm palm, fingers curled around his dainter hand, engulfing it. He adjusted his dark glasses over the bridge of his small button nose and his eyes darted around his surroundings as Jungkook pulled him from his seat with ease. His mind immediately flew to his image, always worried how he looked when out in public, and he let himself mentally access the outfit he’d thrown on that morning; small khaki shorts that stopped above his knee and showed off his smooth, toned legs and a dark billowy striped shirt that hung from his shoulders but still showed off the lithe form beneath. Heaven forbid today was the day everything would come crashing down, at least he’d look good splashed across the headlines of the local magazines. His hand leapt to his neck, the dark marks left days before now faded but still visible, a rosy necklace that bloomed down the side of his velvety skin and disappeared under the neckline of his shirt. He’d almost forgotten about the claim Jungkook had left on his smooth honeyed skin, he hoped they’d faded enough to look like bug bites.

Jungkook pulled him toward the door and the cool blast of conditioned air hit his face as they entered the small market, he released Jimin’s hand as he grabbed a small hand basket and took off toward the meat department in the back of the store. Jimin trailed behind him like a tiny duckling, eyes always watchful for other shoppers who might recognize an idol in their midst.

“I brought a small grill, I thought maybe we could have some samgyeopsal?” He turned to the smaller form behind him, eyes leaving the case in front of him lined with various varieties of raw, pink meat. Jimin’s eyes skimmed over the rows and rows of fresh, cut meat and turned his face up to gaze into the eyes of the boy beside him, fresh grilled pork belly sounded incredible.

“Yeah, that sounds amazing. Oh, could we do roasted sweet potatoes?” Jimin clasped his hands in front of him and tucked them cutely under his chin as he blinked sweetly up at Jungkook, imploring him to concede. Jungkook’s chuckle was enough of an answer and he beamed at how easy the older had caved to his cute demands.

“Whatever you want, baby.” Jimin’s cheeks flushed, pink blooming across the bridge of his nose and setting the tips of his ears aflame. Jungkook had been especially shameless since their escapade on the couch just days before, rarely calling the dongsaeng by his name and instead bestowing upon him the pet name. Jungkook had turned back to the butcher and the two murmored between them as Jimin took in more of the market, his eyes falling on an aisle stocked full with snacks.

His eyes land on a familiar yellow bag in the middle of a shelf and he felt his body drawn toward the aisle like a bee drawn to a field of flowers. He stood before the wall of snacks, a rainbow of colors as his eyes stayed locked on the bag, fingers grasped the crinkly material as his mouth flooded with memories of the delicious treat on his tongue. Memories of his childhood, of Taehyung and himself walking to the local convenience store to share a bag while they swung on the swings at the park nearby and discussed their future.

“Oh, honey butter chips. I love those, you want to grab a couple bags?” Warm hands encircled his waist and pulled him back against a hard, solid body. His slim body cocooned within Jungkook’s broad form, his arms wrapped around him, hands clasped together securing his slender body against the other. Heat crashed into him as Jungkook’s lips ghosted across the nape of his neck and a pair of hot, wet lips skimmed up his neck to tickle at his ear. “Get whatever you want, baby.”

Jungkook felt shivers run down the length of Jimin’s taut body, his pliant form molded against his own like he was made for him, golden halo of hair fell back against his shoulder as his lips traced the shell of his ear. Jimin’s skin was so sweet beneath his lips and he wanted to see how much sweeter he tasted elsewhere. Visions of Jimin’s body arching so beautifully above him still prominent in his mind, the way he’d moaned Jungkook’s name had played on repeat the past days, fist tight around his cock as he’d spilled over his hand to thoughts of the boy laid out beneath him.

“Let’s go grab a few more things and get out of here.” Jimin bobbed his head, soft, fluffy hair brushed against the fabric of his shirt and tickled his neck, he carefully released the boy and pulled him down the aisle. He reached out and grabbed a couple bags of the honey butter chips as they passed and guided Jimin toward the rest of the store.

Jimin tagged along beside Jungkook through the remainder of the aisles the taller steered them down, a variety of foods placed into the basket until it was filled to the brim and he pointed him toward the cashier. They stood in line behind a small, older lady checking out and Jimin again let his eyes wander, always scanning for anyone who might recognize the singer. He turned his attention back to the defined muscular back in front of him, Jungkook was glancing at some of the candies displayed by the register but Jimin’s eye immediately caught on a magazine just before him. He knew the other hadn’t seen it yet, Jimin’s glowing face taking up a majority of the cover, ‘Mini Comeback Soon?’ splashed across the bottom, it would have been hard to miss. He shot his hands forward without thinking and dove them under the large white shirt framing Jungkook’s body, his hands traced along the hard, powerful muscles of his back and dipped into the ridges of his ripped abdominal that twitched beneath his touch. He felt Jungkook jolt before he turned in his hold and wrapped an arm around Jimin’s waist, pulling the boy into his body.

“Jimin-ah?” his voice lifted in question as he gazed down at the other, eyebrow raised quizzically.

“Sorry, it’s so cold in here.” He pressed his face into the soft cotton shirt and held Jungkook tight to him, keeping his attention on the petite boy in his arms and away from the ruinous magazines behind him. Jungkook chucked and pulled him tighter against him, sliding his thigh between his legs to bring them closer together and help leech some of his own body heat into the other.

Jimin felt the tension in his body drain out onto the floor as they finished checking out, Jungkook grabbed the two large paper bags in one arm to keep the other securely fastened around him as they walked back to the car, his eyes never catching sight of the magazine. Jimin climbed back into the car and sank into his seat as a van carrying a group of teenagers pulled in while Jungkook loaded the bags into the trunk, he jumped as the door beside him slammed and the older dropped his body down onto the leather.

“Alright, let’s go baby!”

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Chapter Text


The smell of sweet, musky smoke from the campfire reached his nose as he pounded the last stake into the hard soil, tent now erect and securely fastened for their night by the water. His eyes found the delicate form bathed in the last honeyed rays of the sun along the cliff, the boy’s arms wrapped around his body as the wind tickled his skin and fluttered his clothes. Jungkook allowed himself to feast in the vision, Jimin’s shorts kissed the top of his milky thighs, long gorgeous legs glowed in the golden warmth and making the older’s mouth water, sandy strands dancing in the wind. They had reached the camping site shortly after stopping at the market, Jimin had been in awe at the splendid beauty of the spot and Jungkook couldn’t argue, it was quite remarkable.

He remembered stumbling along this spot on the cliffs with Hoseok years before, they’d been out driving late at night to escape the stresses of school and life, when they’d taken a wrong turn and ended up here. Parking the car they’d taken in the lush green pastures that spread out around them, guided by the sounds of crashing waves they stood at the edge of the cliffs, sheer surface falling sharply down into the angry water below. The view had been breathtaking, clear turquoise water stretched out as far as the eye could see, the face of the cliffs jagged and sharp as the enraged, white-foamed sea beat against them again and again. It felt like standing on the edge of the world, nothing but white-capped water and crisp blue skies, the rugged terrain stretched for miles.

Jimin turned and locked eyes with the hooded gaze that ogled him from across the crackling fire, he felt heat brush over his skin and it wasn’t from the flames that licked at the burning wood. Jungkook had quickly started to set up camp upon their arrival, tasking Jimin with separating the supplies brought and getting everything needed for dinner placed together for easier access. The tent was suitable, large enough for two bodies to sleep within with plenty of additional space between them, Jungkook had chosen to leave the cover off the top so that the stars would spill into the small confines as they slept.

“I’m going to start the grill, can you wrap the sweet potatoes up in the foil and nestle them into the embers around the fire?” Jungkook’s voice sounded rough and husky and Jimin couldn’t control the goosebumps that erupted along his skin. The air around them crackled with tension since they’d arrived, he’d caught Jungkook’s eyes roaming over the pale skin of his upper thighs more than once as he crouched down to organize supplies, his body thrummed in anticipation.

Jimin nodded before striding over to the grill and bagged food to rummage within for the necessary items. He could feel Jungkook’s gaze on him again, rosy pink blush blossoming across his cheeks and spreading down his neck, he leaned forward to dig into the bottom of the bag knowing the fabric of his shorts stretched taut along the voluptuous curve of his ass and caused the hem to ride up along the creamy skin of his thighs. His heart took off in his chest at his brazen display of teasing, his fingers grasped the rough surface of the potatoes and he faltered before pulling his figure back up, eyes cast to the ground at the idea of turning and meeting eyes with Jungkook again.

He could hear Jungkook moving about behind him, he focused on wrapping each potato in a layer of silvery foil, the sound of the fire popping gently against the quiet sounds of the afternoon. His body jolted as a large warm hand pressed lightly against the small of his back and slid around his tapered waist, Jungkook’s chest coming to rest against him as he hooked his chin over his shoulder, warm tantalizing breath caressed his face. Jungkook was so close, he would need but to turn his head and feel those soft experienced lips against his needy skin.

“I’ll get the grill going, it’ll be dark soon.” Jimin’s eyes fell closed as the boy’s gruff voice washed over him, the warmth of his chest pressed so intimately against him set his body aflame.

“O-ok,” Jungkook smirked at how affected Jimin was to his presence, his own body hummed with awareness and a strong desire to pull the boy closer, to bury his face against the silky skin of his long slender neck and suck more purpled bruises along it’s delicate expanse. He could feel the air between them, pulled tight and straining, ready to snap at the slightest touch. He inhaled Jimin’s intoxicating aroma and loosened his hold on the boy, stepping away before he started something he wouldn’t stop until Jimin was blissed out and sated beneath him.

They’d sat pressed together, thigh to thigh, as they ate the scalding hot meat from the grill, heat exchanged between the pair as the air vibrated between the two, tension high. The sun had finally set, the sky a painted watercolor of crimson and violet and peach before a thick blanket had enveloped the painting and brought the stars out from hiding. Jungkook grabbed the empty plates between the two and stood, his body revolted at the idea of moving away from the sweet smelling boy beside him, his hand brushed the inside of Jimin’s thigh purposely as he rose.

“I’m just going to toss these in the bag I have in the car,” Jimin turned from where he sat as Jungkook’s figure moved away from him. He was drunk on the feeling between the two, the charged touches exchanged all night had him on edge. His thigh burned where Jungkook’s fingers had grazed his naked flesh, blood rushed between his legs as heat poured into his belly. He wanted to be bold, he wanted to be as brazen and confident as Jungkook was and show the other exactly how much he wanted him.

As he stood his legs shook beneath him like a newborn deer and he clenched his fists as he scolded the shy, nervous boy within. He’d never been the one to be so forward with another, all his past sexual experiences having been initiated by others and never himself. But he could feel the way Jungkook held himself back, never pushing Jimin too far, though he desperately wanted to fall down this hole with him. He strode with purpose toward the tall, sturdy body closing up the trunk of the car and spun him around. Jungkook started beneath his grasp, quick intake of breath as his wide eyes peered quizzical down at the younger.

Jimin surged forward and pressed his lips to the other, Jungkook stumbled back into the car and reached out to grasp the younger’s hips. He moaned into the kiss as Jimin slotted their lips together fervently, parting his lips to breathe harshly into the other’s mouth as he licked inside. Jungkook’s fingers dug into the soft flesh as he pushed a knee between Jimin’s thighs and rolled their hips together. Arousal slammed into him as he felt Jimin’s throbbing hard bulge press into his hip, a strangled moan escaped his lips as tiny fists grasped tightly onto his shirt.

“Hyung- nngg,” he whimpered against Jungkook’s swollen lips, hesitant fingers skimmed along the waistband of the older’s sweats, “wanna… wanna suck you off.”

Jungkook choked on air as he felt warm fingertips dance feather soft against the hard planes of his stomach, slipping briefly below the elastic band hugging the fabric low on his hips. His cock twitched as he imagined Jimin on his knees, his ethereal beauty completed wrecked as Jungkook filled his pretty mouth. He looked down into blown out pupils, Jimin’s eyes glazed with want, desire, lust.

“Baby, yo-you don’t have to do that. Lemme take care of you.” His grip on Jimin’s hips was painfully tight, fingers digging into the cleft of his hip bones, sure to leave behind small finger shaped bruises.

Jimin’s fingers slipped past the snug band and brushed along the pulsing hard vein along his shaft, he pulled Jungkook’s bottom lip between his teeth, the sting on just the painful side of pleasurable. His thick plump lips skimmed down the sharp angle of his jawline, while a finger traced up Jungkook’s hot rigid cock as it twitched beneath his touch, he nipped at the older’s frantically bobbing adam’s apple.

“Please,” he breathed, small chubby fingers attempted to wrap around the thick throbbing member. Jungkook’s cock burned in his grip, the impressive girth jerked beneath the pads of his fingers. His mouth salivated as his mind conjured up guesses of how large Jungkook was, how he’s lips would feel stretched around him as he swallowed him whole.

“F-fuck… fuck, ok. Yeah, baby, yeah you can suck me off,” he licked his lips, attempting to wet his suddenly dry mouth. Jimin’s gaze on him, the younger’s eyes fluttered as he dropped to his knees, he looked fucking sinful, swollen spit slicked lips so close Jungkook felt his breath fan over his straining bulge, desperate to feel those erotic lips around him.

Jimin’s hand slipped from his pants as he took the waistband in his grasp and tugged them down, they caught on his knees as he leaned against the car and looked down at Jimin, the smaller gazing upon his cock like he’d just been served dessert.

Jimin groaned in appreciation when Jungkook’s pulsing fat cock sprang up and slapped deliciously against his lower stomach, flushed pink and oozing from the tip. He was even bigger than he’d felt, long and thick and veined, rock hard as blood hammered beneath the surface. Jimin wrapped his fingers around the base, fingertips nowhere near touching and twisted his hand up, milking a string of precum from the slit and making him salivate.

Jungkook threw his head back as he felt Jimin’s hot, wet tongue lick across the head of his cock, his hands flew to the boy’s golden locks, fluttering over the strands. His eyes fell back to the irresistible scene below him and he groaned as Jimin’s plush lips stretched obscenely around the head of his cock and suckled.

“Mmm,” the younger moaned around the sensitive glans as precum trickled onto his tongue, bitter and addictive. His mouth spread painfully wide around the massive cock, it felt heavy on his tongue as he swirled it around the tip, licking up every drop that leaked from the slit. He let the cock fall from his lips, shamefully loud pop ringing in the night as his lips broke suction, a string of saliva connected still to the angry, red head.

“So, so big.” He flattened his tongue and ran it up the hot twitching length as Jungkook’s fingers finally fisted in his hair, curse falling from his lips as Jimin licked hot wet stripes up the aching member. When he was satisfied he’d coated every inch in spit, lips and chin covered with drool and precum, he wrapped his lips back around the swollen tip and swallowed him down, his eyes watered at the sting of fingers clutched desperately in his hair.

Broken moans floated into the dark starry sky as Jimin bobbed his head rhythmically, Jungkook could feel the head of his cock hitting the back of Jimin’s tight, hot throat over and over again, firm grasp stroked and twisted around the base where he couldn’t reach. He chanced another look and watched as his throbbing cock disappeared inside Jimin’s sultry mouth, glistening puffy lips strained around the thick girth as drool dribbled down his chin and tears stained his cheeks. He could feel flames building at the base of his spine, stomach coiled up tight and ready to explode.

“B-baby, fuc… I’m close, fuck it’s so tight.” Jimin’s tear filled eyes flicked up his body and locked with the other, he pressed closer shoving Jungkook’s cock down the constricting heat of his throat and gagged around the deliciously heavy weight. His throat fluttered around the intrusion, swallowing and squeezing lewdly around the thickening length. It was all too much as stars erupted in Jungkook’s vision, fingers clenched tight in soft fluffy hair as his orgasm crashed into him, tugging Jimin’s face into the soft nest of hair as the base of his cock. Jungkook slammed his eyes shut and he cursed as his cock erupted, hips jerked erratically, thrusting further into the blazing tight cavern, spewing ribbons of hot cum down Jimin’s throat as the boy suctioned his lips around it and swallowed, milking him for every last drop.


He took in large lungfuls of air as his vision cleared and the rushing of blood in his ears subsided, he was certain his soul had left his body through his cock and that Jimin was in fact the devil disguised as an angel. The small boy sat below him, legs tucked up underneath himself as he gazed shyly up at the other, a contradiction to the lewd indecencies he’d just performed. He was a vision, blond hair askew where fingers had tugged and gripped it, lips puffy and swollen, his chin covered in a thin wet sheen of spit. He looked wrecked and Jungkook wanted to burn this image into his brain forever, his softening cock twitched as Jimin’s soft tongue flicked out to lick a stray drop of cum from his filthy mouth, this boy would be the death of him

“Was it ok?” Jimin’s soft whisper fluttered through the sticky summer air to his ears, he could feel the sheen of sweat along his thighs drying in the breeze, goosebumps erupted across the naked flesh.

“Ok?! Was it ok?!,” he choked on his spit as he thrust his fingers into his damp hair, pushing the locks from his sticky forehead.

“Fuck, baby. I’m not sure if I’m still living.” Jimin giggled as he ran the back of his hand over his mouth, he tried to dry the fluids that stuck to his skin, body becoming aware of the graveled surface beneath his knees.

Jungkook bent forward and grabbed the top of his sweats, pulling them back up over his muscled thighs and softening cock. He leaned back down to grasp the shoulders of the kneeling boy and yanked him back to his feet. Jimin yelped at the sudden action, one moment sitting back on his feet and the next staring at Jungkook’s heaving pecs.

“Tent, now!” He growled, bending forward and hoisting the dainty boy over his shoulder as he stalked toward the tent. Jimin gasped, breath pulling sharply into his lungs as he was lifted without any effort and thrown over Jungkook’s shoulder, moans falling from his swollen lips as his erection pressed into the hot solid muscle of his pec.

Once inside the tent the rushed burning desire coursing through his veins slowed, the need to fuck Jimin hard and fast and rough subsided, replaced with the need to draw this out and take his time. He lowered the petite boy gracefully onto the cushioned layer of foam and down of the makeshift bed, Jimin’s hair cascaded around his face and tangled in the tips of fingers as his hand fell to rest against his temple. He sat back on his knees and let himself stare, eyes commiting to memory Jimin just like this, soft and pliant and waiting, chest heaving and skin flushed.

He nudged a knee gently at the small gap between Jimin’s bent knees, a silent command answered without question as long slender legs fall apart, he crawled painfully slow up the exquisite body spread out below him. He dragged the tip of his nose and lips over the still clothed boy along the way, hot breath seeped through the fabric and sent chills down his spine, hands clutched in his peachy soft strands. Jungkook’s hand leisurely followed the same path driving Jimin wild, squeezing his creamy toned thigh before caressing up the gentle slope of his hip as he slipped beneath soft cottony fabric and trailed up scorching hot skin, shirt left bunched up in its wake. Jungkook’s lips skimmed across his adam’s apple, teeth scraped gently along his jaw before he finally, finally hovered over Jimin’s impatiently hungry lips.

“Jimin-ah, baby, I want to make you feel so good,” Jungkook purred, his tongue dipped out and traced along Jimin’s thick bottom lip, “I wanna make you fall apart.” Jimin’s eyes fluttered shut as he moaned, body arched off the sleeping bag, his cock strained against the zipper of his shorts as his entire body flushed hot and needy.

“Pl-please,” Jungkook’s route up his velvety smooth skin halted as fingers brushed against the tight peaked bud of his nipple, his breathy whine transforming into a sinfully lewd moan as the older pinched and rolled the taut bud between them. His hair stuck to the damp skin along his temple, body overheated and on fire, flames licked beneath the surface with every touch and word that kissed his skin.

“Please, what?” He teased. Jungkook felt blood rushing back into his cock, it laid heavy between his thighs and pulsed with each seductive sound that escaped those voluptuous lips. Jimin gasped, high and ragged, nails dug into Jungkook’s back as the older grinded his throbbing length against the swell of his ass.

“Jungko- nnghh, kookie, p-please… touch me,” Jungkook groaned at the impatient whine that spilled from Jimin’s gorgeous mouth, he’d barely touched him yet he looked so completely fucked out already. Jungkook’s warm hand continued to trace along the creamy soft skin of his chest, every nerve in his body screamed, he just needed him to yank his clothes off and fuck him already. He didn’t understand why Jungkook was moving so slow, his previous “lovers” had all but ripped his clothes off by now in their rush for quick release. Rendezvous in dirty out of the way hotels, empty backstage dressing rooms or the backseat of cars while drivers and managers stood watch with cash stuffed pockets and signed nondisclosure agreements to keep their lips sealed. Other idols, often closeted or in-denial, looking for a quick fuck, nothing was ever slow, nothing was ever this loving.

“I got ya, baby. Shhh,” his lips pecked at the others soft, soft flesh, once, twice, before they pressed firmly to the honey flavored mounds and drank in all his breathy moans. Jungkook lightly dragged his nails down Jimin’s torso as he leaned back, sitting up and back onto his calves, he memorized the sight below him, burning it into his mind forever. He reached an arm behind him, corded veins straining against the tensed muscles of his golden tanned skin and grasped his shirt, he pulled it over his head before tossing it aside. Jimin let his gaze study every delicious inch of Jungkook’s bare chest, from his strong broad shoulders down to the firm peaks of his well-defined pecs, dark cherry buds pebbled from arousal, further south to the mouthwatering and unholy rock solid abs that went on for fucking days and the deep v-line that disappeared beneath his low hung sweats. His cock twitched and ached in his pants, tip oozing at the chiseled aphrodisiac staring down upon him, eyes glazed and pupils blown wide with blatant lust.

Jungkook grabbed the shirt bunched around Jimin’s armpits and pulled it over his head, tossing it to join his own somewhere behind them in the tent. He let his fingers skim back down Jimin’s glowing honeyed skin, the light from the full moon and stars sparkled off his unearthly form, Jungkook again believed he was in the presence of an angel. Soft, lilting moans spilled from holy lips as goosebumps erupted under the followed trail, destination reached when his fingers hit the band of Jimin’s shorts. The feather soft touches left Jimin’s body overwhelmed, Jungkook was driving him crazy.

“Lift your hips, baby” he whispered, leaning forward to press a gentle kiss above Jimin’s belly button, skin burning hot to the touch. Jimin lifted his hips as Jungkook wiggled him out of his shorts and boxer briefs, skin flushed pink as the older’s eyes traced over his exposed body. Jimin was a vision, long and lean and awe-inspiring, flawless and toned with curves in all the right places, it made Jungkook want to thank the heavens for creating this divine creature.

“Gods, how are you so pretty everywhere?” Large skilled hands seared into the skin of his thighs, so close but still so far from where he wanted them most, his cock curved pink and angry where it laid against his stomach begged for attention. He whined as Jungkook stood quickly, searing touch falling from his inflamed skin, and watched as he pushed his sweats off, kicking them off to the side. Jimin’s hands reached out at the loss of contact, tiny grabby fingers outstretched to the now disrobed, he whimpered as Jungkook knelt back down and situated himself between his milky, outstretched thighs. Jungkook braced himself over the impatient angel, their bodies tingled between them as he hovered, and connected their lips in a heated kiss. He licked across the roof of Jimin’s mouth, tongues caressed as he tasted the bitter remnants of himself that still lingered, moans filled the sticky summer air.

Jimin gasped as Jungkook’s hand finally enveloped his neglected cock, strokes slow and thorough and maddening, he squeezed at his oozing head before sliding back down. Lips ghosted across his face and down his slender neck before a hot wet tongue licked back up and sucked the shell of his ear between sharp teeth to bite, the sting shooting pleasure to his core. Jimin’s skin was an addicting nectar, a mixture of salty and saccharine sweet, it reminded Jungkook of days on the beach, it reminded him of home.

“I’m going to open you up now, baby, relax for me.” Warm breath blew softly into his ear and his body trembled in anticipation, legs falling open more as Jungkook’s pace on his cock slowed before releasing his aching cock. The other boy reached across to the other side of the tent, rummaging inside the backpack packed with his clothes he’d brought along like a claw machine, his hand finally emerged with his prize: a small bottle of lube and a foiled condom packet. Jimin trembled with awareness, spit slicked lips parting as a heavenly moan serenaded the heavens at the distinct sound of the popped lid.

He traced his palm up the golden skin of Jimin’s thigh, unblemished surface hot to the touch as it trembled beneath his fingers, he squeezed impatiently when he hit the crease where leg met body. Between the pads on his other hand Jungkook warmed the slippery liquid before pressing his middle finger to the fluttering rim, the celestial being below him bowed exquisitely at the touch and whimpered. His eyes raked down the body, strung tight, the sensual curve of his back to the mouth watering swell of the thickest ass he’d ever laid eyes on.

“Baby, your clothes don’t do this ass justice.” His finger circled the tight pink ring of muscle as his other hand kneaded and pulled and pushed at the ample flesh. He gripped the voluptuous mound, too much ass for his hand to hold, and released it to watch it jiggle in the starlight. He felt the pretty pink pucker beneath his fingertip flutter, thighs quivered as Jimin whimpered at his teasing.

“Hyungggg,” Jimin’s eyes squeezed shut as every nerve in his body froze, his entire soul focused entirely on the hot wet finger slowly circling his rim, breath caught in his throat as it finally, finally pushed inside. Jungkook bent forward and attached his lips to Jimin’s heaving chest, he nipped and sucked along the unsullied canvas, painting it’s surface in a watercolor of magnificent purple marks. He let his finger drag lazily along the smooth sweltering walls, broken moans music to his ears, tight little hole sucking him up greedily.

He was sure he was going to pass out, body and soul so completely blissed out in pleasure, the feeling of Jungkook’s lips on his skin as his finger worked magic against his sleek walls. He couldn’t catch his breath, air forced its way out of his lips, his chest heaved, sounds he’d never made before in his life filled the air as Jungkook pushed a second long sinful finger into his tight hole.

“Pl- plea… please, Kookie.. Koo- please.” He begged, fingers picking up pace as they scissored inside of him. Every muscle in his body pulled tight as the older brushed them against his prostate, pressure built at the base of his spine, Jungkook hadn’t even fucked him yet and he was ready to explode. He stared up through the mesh ceiling of the tent, moon bright and high in the sky and flooding the space with light, he blinked back tears clouding his vision, salty little rivers trailed down his cheeks and clumped his long lashes together. One, two, three nudges and galaxies exploded behind his eyes, ribbons of hot white cum streaked across his sticky chest, cock twitching as the last remnants of cum dribbled out to pool at his belly button.

“What the fuck, what the actual fuck…” he breathed, vision clearing as his body hummed to awareness, velvety moist tongue lapping up the stripes of cum splattered across his skin. Jungkook leaned up to connect their lips, pushing his tongue into Jimin’s panting mouth, he moaned at the taste of himself. He sucked on the older’s tongue as a third finger pressed inside, the stretch so good but not enough, he needed Jungkook inside him… now.

“Please, Jungkookie-hyung, please just fuck me. I’m ready, please… wanna feel you, please…” he whined against his lips, he felt the other’s pull up at the corners to smirk against his mouth.

“So needy, baby. Don’t worry, I’m gonna fuck you so good.” He promised against the pout, he pulled his fingers slowly from Jimin’s tight heat eliciting a pleading noise that made him chuckle. Jungkook sat up and grabbed the condom he’d tossed down beside himself and quickly rolled it on, drizzling a little more lube onto his painful hard cock. He looked down at the fucked out boy beneath him, he pumped his throbbing cock before bracing himself over the delirious angel writhing beneath him, settling between quivering thighs and nudged his cock head against the sensitive puckered skin.

“Shhhh,” he breathed into Jimin’s panting mouth before pushing into the snug sultry heat, his eyes rolled back as he pressed slowly forward, “fuck… fuck, oh my god, you’re sooo tight.” Jimin’s sweet little hole was like a vise around him, his hips now flush against his plump ass, he wanted to keep his cock seated inside his sweltering walls all night. Jimin gazed up into the large doe eyes, he felt so full and content and wanted, his chest ached- heart hammering wildly as he felt the petals of an exquisite flower bloom within him. A warmth so encompassing and vibrant and shocking time stopped, the petals unfurling into every corner of his soul so all he could see, all he could feel was the overwhelming love that burst forth and took his breath away. He blinked back tears, but not tears of pleasure but tears of joy, he let himself drown in that feeling as Jungkook kissed him softly and began to move.

Jimin moaned high and ringing, fingers grasped at Jungkook’s bulging biceps, sliding against the other’s sweat slicked skin as his muscles clenched and rippled with each thrust into him, long thick shaft sliding sensually against his trembling walls. Their lips met frantically, more teeth and tongues than lips as they panted hot desperate breaths into each other’s gaping mouths, sticky humid skin meeting rhymically as Jungkook set a slow deep pace. He was so close already, Jimin’s velvety walls hot and snug against his length, hole clenched heavenly around him with each down stroke. He braced himself up on his elbows and snapped his hips forward, small breathy sobs falling from Jimin’s swollen lips with each nudge of his glans against his nerve bundle deep within.

Pleasure sparked deep in his groin, small fingers pulled him close as he thrusted deeper, faster into Jimin’s unforgiving heat. He felt Jimin’s hand trace down their slippery bodies to grasp his own neglected cock, strokes matching the snap of his hips as they both chased the ecstasy racing upon them. He plunged his fingers into the boy’s saturated golden locks, hot summer air sizzled around them as he hips stuttered and jerked, cock pulsing as his orgasm slammed into him and he filled the condom buried inside Jimin’s clenching walls. Jungkook’s head lolled forward, pressing his clammy skin against Jimin’s dripping forehead as their chests heaved, hot sticky cum painted their skin as the younger’s cock jerked between them.

Jimin fought to catch his breath, he slid his hand up Jungkook’s damp slick skin and grasped the drenched peach strands at his nape, he stared into the swirling pools of emotions that gazed back at him. His heart and body and soul so full and sated, overflowing and warm and terrified- Jungkook smiled down at him and pressed his lips tenderly to his own, Jimin felt the newly blossomed flower within his heart shimmer and pulse, he loved him. He loved this boy and it took his breath away with how deep and raw it made him feel, he pulled him closer and tried to pour every ounce of that feeling into the kiss. His entire life he’d never wanted to keep something, keep someone, as much as he did this boy. He loved him and he never wanted to let him or this breathtaking emotion go.

Chapter Text

The sun crested the surface of the water and set the world aflame, the sky awash in golden hues of yellow and orange. Jungkook tried to stretch his arms overhead, hands skimmed against the rough canvas of the tent, toes pressed into the opposite side and pushed the fabric out, bowing the tent and vibrating the entirety as the wall snapped back into place. His fingers grazed against warm, velvety skin as he dropped his hand to the side, he peered down at the boy laid out beside him, the smooth honey skin of his back rose steadily with each deep peaceful breath. His eyes followed the gentle slope of Jimin’s toned back, the delicious curve of his waist and dimples of Venus just visible under the blanket bunched up against the mouth watering swell of his voluptuous ass. Memories of the night before flashed in his mind, Jimin’s body writhing beneath him, sinful sounds escaping those gorgeous lips as he clung to Jungkook and let himself fall apart. Deep purple bruises bloomed against the column of his neck, soft steady heart beat pulsed beneath the surface, he was absolutely stunning.

Jungkook sat up carefully and shifted away from the delicate body, grabbing his sweats and pulling them on before he slipped from the tent into the humid morning air. He unfolded his body and pulled it taut, arms reached high into the morning sunlight as his muscles tightened and groaned from the tight sleeping quarters. His eyes traced across the horizon, the water sparkled in the golden rays of the sun, soft misty fog that laid across its surface dissipating in the blazing heat. His core and thighs ached slightly this morning, it had been quite awhile since he’d participated in such strenuous activities like he’d done the night before, but god he wanted to do it again. He lit the grill before going about collecting the necessary items needed to make them both hot tea and oatmeal, he filled the kettle with bottled water before setting it on the grate and headed back into the tent to wake his sleeping angel. Jimin laid exactly where he’d left him, lithe body laid out across the sleeping mat, arms tucked up under his head and face pressed into the crook of one elbow, hair stuck up every which way. He looked adorable and Jungkook held back the urge to coo, he held his breath as the sleeping boy shifted in his sleep, a leg pulled at the sheet covering the lower half of his body and tugged it down over the plush, perk mounds.

Jungkook’s eyes trailed over the delicious swell of Jimin’s ass, even more enticing in the golden morning light, his cock twitched in his sweats, filling rapidly at the sinful display before him. He knelt next to the dreaming angel and gently tugged the remaining fabric off his celestial form, his hands itched to caress and touch, he groaned as a soft whimper fell from Jimin’s slightly parted lips. He licked his lips and let the tips of his fingers brush down the velvety skin, goosebumps erupted along his path and the boy moaned softly in his sleep as he shifted, a smirk played on his lips as a brilliant idea came to mind.


Jimin scrunched his eyes as his body shook off the last fingers of sleep and awareness bloomed behind his lids, the dark blanket of sleep falling away as his body jerked to awareness. Everything was hot… too hot, flames licked under his skin as he groaned and shifted against the soft fabric of the sleeping bag, his body felt heavy and sluggish, weighed down by the waves of intense feeling that washed over his being. His chest rose rapidly as his breath caught in his throat, his eyes fluttered, struggled to open against the blinding light that streamed into the small space. He moaned as his cock rubbed against the silken surface, hard and pulsing, tip already glistening with precum, pressure built fast at the base of his spine. Jimin blinked rapidly as the outline of his pillow and the edges of the tent finally came into focus, his mind strained to piece together the sensations that wracked through his body, core strung tight and ready to snap. A moan burst from his lips as he felt wet heat lick against his fluttering hole, he grasped the cottony fabric, eyes blown wide as realization slammed into him.

“Good morning, baby,” Jungkook rasped from out of sight, hot breath brushed against the exposed hole and it clenched around nothing. His large hands kneaded at the plump flesh, pulling it apart and massaging the ample fat before he leaned back down, his hot, wet tongue licked back across Jimin’s tight little hole. The boy gasped, legs shook as a shudder raked across his glowing skin, an indescribable feeling overwhelmed him at the unfamiliar experience.

“O-oh my… Kooo,” he whined, pushing his hips back against the warm, velvety muscle that licked and sucked against his puffy rim. His oozing cock brushed against the sleeping bag, precum smeared against its quilted surface, flushed and pink and begging for release. His hands grasped and clawed at the cushioned blanket, mind swirled uncontrollable in colors and feelings, he couldn’t embrace any one thought that passed quickly through his brain. Jungkook sucked and nipped against his swollen rim, plunging his tongue into the sweltering, sleek cavern as Jimin quivered and whined. The boy clenched around the soft muscle invading his most intimate skin, his hips gyrated and shook as he tried to push back into the mind-blowing sensation, warmth cascaded across his flesh as his skin flushed. Jungkook licked a fat, wet column across the abused hole before sinking his teeth into the soft flesh of Jimin’s ass, he pulled back and slapped his hand down across the reddened mark and watched the rounded fat jiggle and a pink handprint bloom across the surface.

He prowled up the other’s trembling form, pressing hot, wet kisses along the unblemished skin as he sucked dark, reddened marks along the way. Jungkook nosed along Jimin’s damp, slick neck, his hard, neglected cock nested between Jimin’s thick quivering thighs. The boy moaned and arched beneath him, tilting his head into the crook of Jungkook’s neck to allow him better access to bite and lick and suck at the tender skin.

“You want my cock, baby. Want me to fill you up so good?” He growled, he nipped the soft, pliant flesh of Jimin’s neck, the boy beneath him whined and bowed his back, the younger’s delectable ass pushed against his throbbing member.

“Y-yes, please,” He breathed, involuntarily wiggling the swell of his backside against Jungkook’s hard length, he needed the other to stretch him open, fuck him until he couldn’t remember his own name. His head dropped onto the soft, cushioned pillow as Jungkook’s slippery fingers brushed against his hole, pressing gently before pushing inside, long, slender fingers curled inside him in search of his prostate. Jimin flattened his chest against the mat and pushed back against the intrusion, fucking back onto the lubed fingers in a rushed attempt to get Jungkook’s thick cock inside him quicker. “Please, please just fuck me already. N-need you, please hyung.”

“Fuck,” he groaned as he sat back and pulled his fingers from Jimin’s tight heat, he hurried to slide the condom down his pulsing cock, pumping the angry, neglected length in his hand to spread the lube before pressing the head against Jimin’s fluttering entrance. He pushed into him slowly, tight ring of muscle greedily sucking up the glans and clenching deliciously around him. His hands found the fleshy skin of Jimin’s hips and gripped as he slid completely into the sweltering tight cavern, cock stroking against the silky walls as they enveloped his length. His hips pressed firm against the swell of Jimin’s ass and he paused, kneading the flesh beneath his fingers as he breathed deeply at the tight constricting heat that drove him to the edge, lewd ringing moans swirled through the air to his ears.

Jimin bit into the fluffy down-filled pillow as Jungkook’s cock stretched him open, the sting an exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure, long, drawn out moan muffled by the thick fabric. He pushed back against Jungkook, a silent plea for the other to please move and he clawed at the blanket as the boy’s massive length caressed his walls as he pulled out before slamming back in. Jungkook watched as Jimin’s pretty little hole swallowed him whole, his cock disappearing into his willing body as pressure built quickly at the base of his spine, sensual moans filled the small space as Jimin tried to arch his back and press the cock further into him. He pistoned into the delicate boy, the sounds of damp skin slapping echoed off the plasticy fabric of the tent, his core clenching as his orgasm raced toward him. He watched as Jimin’s back bowed below him, body pulled taut as a bowstring as his hole clenched painfully around Jungkook’s length, hot, white ribbons of cum painted across the bedding. Stars burst in his vision as his hips jerked, fingers digging into the supple flesh as his own orgasm slammed into him, pressing his cock deep into the hot, sweltering walls as it twitched and jerked and filled the condom within.


Jimin pressed his cheek to the damp surface of his pillow, air rasped between his lips as he fought to catch his breath, body flushed red and tingling. He had never once in his life experienced what he just did, from Jungkook eating him out to coming untouched, he was sure he wouldn’t survive the rest of this summer. Jungkook was draped across him, heavy and warm, thudding heartbeat against Jimin’s back as his hot, ragged breath fanned across his damp skin. He could live in this moment forever, just Jungkook and himself, no fans, no cameras, no music… just this. The sounds of the seagulls singing as they danced in the breeze, waves crashed angrily against the jagged rock face, their harmonized gasping breaths as their bodies molded together like two pieces of a puzzle. He winced as Jungkook leaned back and pulled his softening cock from his swollen hole, small remnants of lube drizzled out and down the seam of his balls. He heard Jungkook rummage within his bag and sighed as a cool, wet cloth slide gently against his puffy hole, cleaning the last remains of their coupling from his still sizzling skin.

Jungkook stroked his hands up Jimin’s trembling body, the skin trembled beneath the pads of his fingers as the boy came down from his orgasmic high, he soothed out the tension in the taut muscles. He pushed the boy over, rolling him onto his back and fitted himself between his jittery thighs to tenderly kiss his red, bitten lips.

“Jimin-ah,” he breathed, nipping at the swollen flesh as tiny fingers threaded into his locks and pulled him closer, “I’ve got breakfast on the grill. Get dressed baby.” Jimin whined at the loss of heat, as fingers slipped from Jungkook’s peachy strands as the boy stood and pulled his sweats on, they dipped low on his hips and Jimin’s eyes followed the small, dark patch of hair that disappeared beneath. He licked his lips at the chiseled physique that hovered above him, he wanted to get his hands on him, he wanted to see how he tasted against his tongue. A chuckle broke him from his reverie and he flushed crimson at the realization that Jungkook had been watching him feast at the unexpected show. He threw his hand over his face to hide his embarrassment and realized he was still laid out naked before the boy, he peaked between his fingers and caught Jungkook’s glazed, hooded gaze trailing over his body.

“Hurry up baby, before I keep us in this tent all day,” His voice hoarse and gruff with desire, Jimin felt the tips of his ears burst into flames as the boy let his eyes trail over him once more before he abruptly left the tent, Jimin was sure he’d seen a bulge pressed against the front of his pants. He rolled over and pressed his face into the pillow and screamed, his heart thrummed in his chest and his body tingled with the overwhelming feeling of love that continued to overflow from within. He wanted to call Taehyung and gush to him about how wrong he’d been to deny himself this emotion, he wanted to drown in it, to let it overtake him so that all he ever felt was the undeniable flutter that overtook him when Jungkook looked at him, touched him, kissed him.

They spent the remainder of the morning walking along the cliffs, fingers intertwined as the salty sea breeze rushed against their skin, Jungkook talked about lighting and angles and technicalities of photography as the younger listened. Jimin had pouted and whined when Jungkook had announced they needed to pack up and start the trek back to the cabin, but his aching backside pleaded with him to shut up and imagine the mind-blowing sex they could have on an actual comfortable bed. The duo strolled through the lush, green fields back toward their campsite and spent the remainder of the early morning gathering up all their supplies, taking much longer than normal as they found themselves lured to each other and pressed kisses into smiling sun-kissed lips.

The ride home had been quiet and peaceful, Jungkook’s hand had rested along his thigh as Jimin took in the passing scenery, fingers traced tiny shapes along the smooth, creamy surface. Soon enough they’d pulled along the gravel drive to the rear entrance of the main building, tall broad figure coming into focus as the car got closer and came to a stop. Seokjin stood with a hand on his hip and a smirk played on his face, Jungkook briefly wondered if he’d done something wrong or if the cleaning staff had found anything strange while picking up. The pair exited the vehicle and Jungkook strode over to his boss, guard falling when the elder slapped a hand down onto his shoulder and laughed.

“Jungkook-ah, my boy, you’re back earlier than I expected. And why are you still dressed like a hobo?” Jungkook glanced down at his outfit as tiny giggles erupted behind him, he still hadn’t taken Jin’s original instructions to heart and had dressed like the grungy college student he’d been asked not too.

“Uhh,” he sputtered, neck flushed red as his hand came up to rub against the warm surface. His ripped jeans and large baggy shirt were exactly what Jin hadn’t had in mind when he’d said ‘business casual’. “Sorry?”

Jin rolled his eyes and let his gaze fall upon their small guest hidden well behind Jungkook’s towering frame, this was the first time he’d seen him outside of the confines of the cabin since he’d arrived. His cheeks were round and rosy behind the hidden tips of his fingers, eyes scrunched up into adorable little crescents as the most beautiful giggle slipped from his lips. Jin felt himself coo internally at the boy before he set his stony gaze back upon his employee.

“Did you fill my tank up? You left it on empty last time you used it?” Jungkook gulped as Jin braced his hands on his hips and cocked an eyebrow at the younger. He felt Jimin step closer to him, hands bunched into the back of his shirt as he pressed his forehead against the tensed muscles of his back. He nodded in answer, his mind distracted by the warmth of the smaller pressed up against him, hot breath seeped through the thin cotton of his shirt and sent chills down his spine. He wanted to finish this conversation quickly and get back to the cabin, he wanted Jimin writhing and begging for his cock on his bed, he wanted to spend the rest of the day balls deep in his tight sleek heat.

“Honey- oh!” Namjoon came to an abrupt halt at the scene before him, he’d expected to find Jin once again feeding the stray cats in the back but was surprised instead to see Jungkook and their guest there as well. “You’re back early! How was camping?”

The trio glanced over at the sudden intrusion, Jimin felt his skin flush at the memories of their trip and buried his face further into the soft fabric. He hadn’t had time to speak properly with the owners of the resort since his arrival, he’d mostly seen them in passing as they’d stopped by to speak with Jungkook, as a famous idol he would think he’d be more brave at meeting new people but he could only muster up the courage when he wore his mask as Mini. Yoongi had been the only person at his company he felt comfortable talking to, the only person he didn’t turn into a blushing, stuttering mess with and saw him not as a cold, stuck up snob. He felt a hand reach back and stroke gently down his side, a comforting gesture that sent butterflies fluttering in his chest, he hadn’t realized he’d tensed at the newest addition and clutched tighter onto the shirt.

“It was good, yes I filled your tank, man we are so so tired. I’ll see y’all later,” Jungkook rambled as he turned and pulled the smaller boy to his chest, dainty squeak bursting from his lips as he tugged the boy toward the awaiting golf cart, “you’ll have someone grab our stuff right? Thanks Jin-hyung, Namjoon-hyung! You’re the best!” Jin and Namjoon stood with mouths agape as the golf cart speed off down the path, tinkling giggle fading in the distance.

Jimin’s eyes shot open and he blinked into the pitch black darkness of his room, his heart beat rapidly against his chest, breath dragged raggedly through his parted lips as he brought a hand to his face and pushed his drenched locks from his forehead. He kicked frantically at his blankets, legs tangled in the sheets as panic rose in his chest at the constriction, the need to escape coursed heavy through his veins. He stumbled from the bed and faltered through the dark inkyness in search of the light switch, shadows played along the walls as the moonlight filtered through the gaps in the curtains, his eyes flickered at each movement as the hair on his arms stood up. Jimin’s fingers clawed at the textured walls, search coming up empty as the pads traced down the smooth surface, his hand hit the cool metal of the doorknob and he yanked the door open and rushed into the still hall.

Jimin hunched forward and braced his hands on his knees, forcing air into his lungs as his mind tried to remember what had awoken him so suddenly, so violently. Flashes of images played across his mind, hands… so many hands as they grabbed and yanked and thrust and pushed. His body trembled, adrenaline surged through his being as the immediate desire to run slammed into him, to run and hide from the ghosts of his nightmare. He lifted his head and locked eyes with the open door in the middle of the hall, Jungkook had left it open after Jimin returned to his room earlier in the night, he’d chosen to sleep in his own bed that night as words had flooded his mind and the urge to write had overtaken him.

He shuffled quickly down the long passage and stopped at a door that looked identical to his own, Jungkook had left it cracked open and Jimin pressed forward and peered through the gap into the silent, shadowy room. Tiny fingers pushed against the wood, the door soundlessly fell open as soft, deep breathing reached his ears, his eyes adjusted to the absence of light and he made out the figure cocooned in blankets on the large bed. Jimin glanced briefly down the hallway toward his own room before tiptoeing toward the slumbering figure, he stood and stared down at Jungkook’s motionless silhouette, chest rising and falling gently with each breath. He hesitantly lifted the edge of the heavy comforter and eased his body onto the mattress, freezing when it dipped at his light weight and Jungkook shifted restlessly in his sleep. Jimin scooted across the silken sheets until he felt Jungkook’s warmth radiating off his body, he was suddenly freezing as the sweat cooled on his skin, he reached out and let his fingertips rest gently against the hard planes of the other’s chest, rhythmic heartbeat pulsing beneath helping to slow his own and ground him.

“J-Jimin-ah?” Jungkook croaked, eyes fluttered open and blinked at the boy laid next to him. Jimin snatched his hand back and jolted at the sudden sound, heart in his throat. “Baby? Are you ok?” Jungkook sat up and let the blankets fall from his shoulders as he reached out and pulled the small boy toward him.

“I-I had a bad dream,” he whispered, voice cracking as the images raced back into the forefront of his mind and tears flooded his vision. Jungkook made a sympathetic sound and crushed the boy to his chest, wrapping his arms around him as he rocked him back and forth and soothed a hand down the trembling back.

“Shh, I’ve got you. It’s okay, you’re okay.” He reassured as he pulled back and pressed soft, gentle kisses along the clammy skin on Jimin’s face. His movements slowed as the quivering being gradually stilled, slow, deep breaths fanned across his bare chest and the fingers that tightly grasped his waist loosened.

“Hey, you wanna sleep here tonight?” Jimin nodded, his teary eyes looked up into Jungkook’s large, concerned doe eyes as the older pulled the two back down onto the mattress. Jimin shimmied forward and snuggled into the warmth of Jungkook’s chest as the other pulled him tightly against himself, his face pressed into the pleasant heat of silky smooth skin, ear flat against his chest as Jungkook’s heartbeat echoed in his eardrums. Jungkook smoothed a hand down his back, over and over again as his eyelids grew heavy and his breathing slowed. His mind tried to grasp onto the words being whispered into the soft nest of hair at his crown, but sleep tugged at his conscious and he let himself be pulled into slumber.

Chapter Text

The breeze swept through the room and fluttered the curtains framed against the door, soft billowy fabric that danced in the wind and cast soft shadows from the early morning light. The waves crashed smoothly along the shore, the gentle push and pull as the water lapped against the golden sand, a never-ending lullaby that lulled the figures embraced beneath the soft, warm comforter in slumber. Jimin’s eyes crept open as he glanced at the tiny, luminous rainbows that vibrated against the ceiling, likely lights reflected from the glass of water left on the bedside table overnight. He curled into the protective heat of Jungkook’s body as it wrapped around his own, hot, sticky bodies tangled beneath the too warm fabric.

He took in the sculpted features of Jungkook’s face softened by sleep, long, dark lashes that kissed his cheeks, prominent nose and pouty lips squished together against his pillow, he found the boy so breath-takingly handsome even in his slumber. Jimin tried to shimmy away, he wanted to stretch his sore muscles and shower away the remnants of last night, his body ached in the most pleasant of ways, but muscular arms enveloped him and kept him trapped against Jungkook’s hard body. Since his nightmare days prior Jungkook had refused to let him sleep alone again, instead insisting the boy share his bed, Jimin couldn’t deny the way his heart fluttered at the idea. The duo had fallen back into their regular routine, breakfast together followed by walks on the beach and afternoons briefly spent apart before cooking dinner together and falling into bed, though now their time together also included soft touches, lingering kisses, and fits of passion.

Jungkook was insatiable and Jimin loved every second, moments of desire slammed into them throughout the day and they often left a trail of clothes behind in their rush to the closest stable surface. Jimin was sure he’d burned off the extra weight he’d gained since staying here during all their passionate coupling the past few days. He ran a finger lightly down the planes of Jungkook’s face, smoothing out the wrinkle between his eyebrows as his face scrunched at the soft tickle. Dark brown orbs gazed at him as the boy blinked into consciousness, soft smile pulled at his lips as his leaned forward and brushed them gently against Jimin’s plump pout.

“Good morning,” Jimin whispered against his lips, eyes fluttering shut as strong arms tightened their grip around his body.

“Morning,” Jungkook rasped, his fingers dragging down the naked expanse of Jimin’s back to squeeze his plush ass. Jimin giggled and pushed against the boy playfully.

“My ass is sore and I would like to get some breakfast and shower in, keep your hands to yourself.”

Jungkook whined and buried his face in the younger’s neck, nipping at the sensitive skin as his hand kneaded the rounded flesh in his grip. Jimin could feel his arousal pressed against his hip and it made his stomach clench, heat pooling heavy into his groin.

“Fine, ok. Go take your shower, I’ll start breakfast.” Jungkook relented and released the small boy from his grip, he rolled to the opposite side of the bed before springing from the warm confines of their nest, he flashed a smirk over his shoulder when he caught Jimin gazing at him hungrily and sauntered into the attached bathroom. He could only blame himself for standing and following Jungkook into the small, enclosed room, for the pleasant ache in his back the rest of the day, for the need for a second shower after getting dirty during the first.

Jimin rinsed the final dish from dinner and placed it in the dishwasher, he poured in the washing detergent and started the unit before closing it, mentally patting himself on the back as it hummed to life. Jungkook had taught him how to use the machine, but not before laughing his ass off and then choking in shock while giving the smaller some serious side-eye, because who doesn’t know how to wash dishes? He looked out into the living room where Jungkook was settled on the couch speaking to his mother, she’d called while they’d been cleaning the kitchen, though getting handsy with each other and making out pressed up against the counter could hardly be considered productive cleaning. He could hear Jungkook humming in affirmation to words spoken through the line and snuck off toward the stairs, leaping up them and down the hall toward his room, sliding through the door frame before skipping toward the porch. He’d had lyrics bouncing through his mind all afternoon and he itched to get them down on paper, fingers tapped a melody against the skin of his thigh as he grabbed the small notebook and decided to join Jungkook downstairs.

Jungkook looked up briefly as the smaller boy climbed into the space at the end of the couch, slotting his body between outstretched legs and extending a leg as he slipped his foot under the fabric of the older’s shirt and pressed cold toes to his skin. Jungkook hissed and jerked back from the cold intrusion and shot Jimin a nasty look, phone cradled to his shoulder, as the other giggled into the couch cushion.

“No, no, sorry I’m still here. Sorry Mom,” Jungkook groaned into the phone, he rolled his eyes at the boy and fell silent as his mother continued the conversation. Jimin smiled as Jungkook leaned back and closed his eyes, small sounds leaving his lips to confirm he was still listening, he loved the close relationship the other had with her. He pulled the notebook out and flipped to the first empty page, fingers once again tapped against his knee to the melody repeating in his conscious. Pen hit paper and musical poetry flowed from within and out onto the blank parchment, word after word, line after line, until he had a solid chorus and the beginnings of a verse. He closed his eyes and hummed softly to himself, putting the lyrics to the melody that drummed through his blood.

“Baby, that’s beautiful… what are you humming?” Jimin’s eyes snapped open and he stared at the boy who was looking inquisitively at him from across the couch, he didn’t realize the other had hung up the phone or that he wasn’t humming soundlessly to himself. His mind raced to come up with a lie, another lie… to add to his mountain of lies.

“O-oh, I’m not even sure. I think it’s something I heard on the radio?” His head tilted to the side as his voice raised in question at his deceit, he hoped Jungkook would be ok with his unconvincing fabrication.

“Oh, hmm, it’s very pretty.” Jimin released the breath he didn’t remember holding and watched as Jungkook pointed at the notebook grasped in his fingers. “I see you with that up on the porch at night, diary?”

Jimin glanced down at the notebook filled with his most inner thoughts, transcribed into sonnets and put over music for the world to enjoy, small parts of himself that he shared with his fans- his darkest secrets they believed to be random phrases and words stringed together to create a tune.

“Poems,” he whispered, peering up at the other through the fringe of his hair, “I like to write poetry.” Jungkook beamed at him, smile so bright and full it lit up the room and warmed Jimin from the inside.

“Oh, I love poetry! Could I- could I hear one maybe? If that’s ok?” Jungkook looked so endeared, head tilted and lips pouted, eyes so big and wide Jimin couldn’t say no. He dropped his head and felt the blood rush to his face, cheeks painted a beautiful shade of pink, he’d never told anyone lyrics to his songs before- apart from the music producers, but often he just emailed them off and they replied back with any changes they felt needed to be made, never in person while his soul was so exposed and vulnerable. His eyes skimmed over the intricate brushstrokes across the page and paused along the newest characters scrawled along the bottom, his heart hammered in his chest as he focused back on the other.

All of this is not a coincidence, just, just by my feeling, the world is different from yesterday, just, just because of your joy. When you called me, I as your flower, as if I had been waiting, bloomed painfully with you.” He was singing by the last lines, voice breathy and soft, he stared into the other’s eyes and tried to convey the feeling that took over his soul, the meaning behind the words that crept past his lips. Jungkook just stared, pupils blown wide and swirling with emotion, his heart beat against his chest as the angelic sounds poured into his ears and wrapped around the thundering organ. His stomach clenched and the skin on his arms pimpled with goosebumps, butterflies erupted in his chest as he came to terms with the feeling that had reverberated through his soul for days- he’d fallen in love with this small, celestial boy.

Jungkook pushed off the couch arm and grabbed the delicate angel between his legs, pulling him against his body and sealing their lips together in a heated kiss. Jimin moaned against him, notebook dropped between the two as his hands came up and snaked around the other’s neck, fingers weaving into his hair. Jungkook wrapped his arms around the slender waist and pulled Jimin flush against him, pouring every ounce of emotion into the kiss, a wordless message in every slide of his tongue, every tender caress of skin on skin, every breath shared between the two. He loved this soft, beautiful boy.

Jimin gasped as they parted, lips swollen and red and tingling for more. He shuddered at the emotions he saw churning in the large chocolate orbs, Jungkook’s face flushed pink, soft, peach hair disheveled and awry, chest heaving as hot breath raced past his parted, spit-slicked lips.

“That was beautiful, Jimin-ah.” He rasped, voice heavy with emotion. Jimin swiped his tongue over his abused lips and gulped, warmth spread through his body, filled his soul and overflowed.

“Thank you,” he breathed.

“If the rest of your poems are anything like that, you should really publish them.” Jimin blushed, ears hot and tinged red. Words forced their way up his throat and he swallowed them down, he wanted to tell Jungkook about all the lyrics he’d written, all the beautiful songs he sang for the world and those he’d kept hidden to himself.

“Maybe one day,” he lied, the words sat heavy on his heart, they left a bitter taste in his mouth.

“You ready to go to bed?” the older asked wiggling his eyebrows. Jimin scoffed and pushed against his hard chest, Jungkook fell back against the couch and laughed.

“Uhh-,” he whined, climbing from the couch and peering down at the other still chuckling against the pillows, “can we cuddle instead?”

Jungkook sat up and looked into soft, puppy dog eyes and felt his desire to fuck Jimin into the mattress melt away. He couldn’t deny the boy when he looked at him like that, he’d give him the world if he asked, he’d climb the tallest mountain and bring him the moon just to see him smile.

“Ok, yeah, we can cuddle.” He rolled his eyes as he pushed himself up from the couch, the smaller yipping with glee as he skipped off toward the stairs, he could hear him thumping up, up, up. He glanced down and caught sight of Jimin’s notebook and pen peeking out from under the coffee table, he must’ve dropped them earlier in Jungkook’s rush to get his hands and lips on the boy. He bent down and picked it up, an urge so strong to flip through the pages and read the eloquent words he knew must grace each page. Jungkook shook his head, shaking the idea from his brain and chastising himself for even thinking of invading the other’s privacy, he set the notebook down carefully on the table, doing the same for the pen, then turned and walked away from the oh so enticing object.

He took the stairs on Jimin’s side of the house two at a time, he was sure the boy had gone to freshen up before bed and wanted to wait for him to finish. Jimin emerged from his room just as Jungkook crested the top of the stairs, a wave of guilt washed across his face that had the younger scrunching his eyebrows in question. He pushed the emotion aside and shook his head, quickly giving Jimin his signature bunny smile not to worry the other.

“Let’s go, baby.” He reached his hand out and enclosed the small fingers of the other as he pulled him down the hall toward his room- no, their room.

Jungkook traced his fingers up Jimin’s smooth, velvety skin, the other shuddered slightly at each feather soft pass of the tips over the flawless surface. The night was tranquil, room peacefully quiet sans the sounds of the waves out the open door and their quiet breathing, space blanketed in shadows as the soft moonlight streamed through the curtains. He wanted to live in this moment forever, relive it every night for the rest of his life, this delicate, warm body pressed against him- heated breath fanned across his chest and petal soft lips rested gently against his skin.

“Can you tell me about your family?” Jimin whispered, he felt the fingers on his skin pause before continuing their faint path up and down his back.

“My father died when I was a baby, he worked the night shift at the factory to allow my mother to stay home and care for me. There was an accident… my mother said they showed up at the door to tell her he wouldn’t be coming home.” The air shuddered past his lips with each word, he remembered the emotions that played across his mother’s face when she’d told him the story when he was old enough to understand. He remembered her clutching the necklace with his ring, knuckles tensed and white as tears streamed silently down her pained face, his father had been her soulmate, her better half, the love of her life and she’d lost him.

“They’d both lost their parents at a young age, so it was just her. I remember watching her come home at night, barely able to keep her eyes open, swaying on her feet… but she always made sure I was happy, she was always my biggest supporter.”

Jimin smiled softly, he grasped the other’s shoulder and pressed a gentle kiss to his chest. He felt light and warm and happy listening to Jungkook talk about his mother, he knew the other was so caring because of her love.

“I guess that’s why I work so hard at school, I want to help support her now, I want to ease this heavy burden on her shoulders she carried making sure my life was happy. What about you?”

The silence stretched between them, the fluttering of the curtains in the breeze and their steady exhaled breaths all that could be heard in the dark, silent room. Jungkook wondered if he’d crossed a line, pushed too far into the privacy that Jimin had needed and sought on his stay here.

“My parents disowned me when I was fifteen,” words whispered against his scorching skin, his body pulled taut at the confessions breathed into the dark night, “because I told them I was gay.”

He felt the hot, salty liquid drip, drip, drip onto his skin, he grasped the smaller boy and held his breath, he knew Jimin kept a lot from him and that he trusted him enough now to tell him his secrets took his breath away.

“They told me that I was a disappointment, a blemish on the family name,” his voice cracked with each word that slide past his quivering lips.

“I felt like a stranger in my own home, like an unwanted guest overstaying their welcome. So I left,” Jungkook blinked back the moisture that clouded his vision, Jimin’s words wrapped around him like a vice and squeezed the breath from his lungs. “Yoongi-hyung and Taetae are the only family I have.”

Sobs clawed their way up his throat, heart wrenching, soul-sucking sobs. He swallowed them down and gripped the older’s skin, nails dug into the firm muscle of Jungkook’s arm. His body tingled, stomach tied in knots, he sucked in large lungfuls of air in an attempt to keep himself grounded.

“Hey, hey, baby.” Jungkook’s calm, soothing voice washed over him. Jimin felt the other shift and roll to his side, he was soon enfolded into the protective, warm body. “I’m so sorry, I wish I’d known you sooner, maybe I could have…” Jungkook trailed off as his mind wandered to the years of loneliness Jimin must have endured, he thought of all the times he’d needed his mother. The countless reassurance and support he’d sought during his teenage years, the confidence he’d embraced because she was always by his side, always there waiting in case he fell. He couldn’t imagine the people you relied on the most to be there for you, to love you and care for you, to just throw you away so easily.

Jimin took a shuddering breath and felt his body relax into the comforting hold, he melted into the strong, protective grip that swaddled him from the crippling loneliness and disappointment that wanted to invade his mind. The anxiety and panic washed away, so quickly it scared him, Jungkook’s presence and reassurance soothed his aching heart. He could get used to this, to laying in his arms and letting all the worries of the world just fade away. He’d been skeptical when the company had sent his on this vacation to fix his battered soul, work disguised in the form of rehabilitation, he’d never thought he’d find healing in the body of a boy- that love could mend what had been broken.

“Thank you,” he pressed into the tender skin above Jungkook’s heart. He pulled back and stared into the worried eyes of the one he’d fallen in love with, so deeply and fully, head-over-heels in love. He wanted to open his soul and give himself completely to this one boy, his hopes and dreams, his fears and worries and insecurities, to place his heart in the other’s hands.

Jungkook smiled softly, he brushed his thumb across Jimin’s damp, flushed face, wiping away the trails of hot, somber tears, the smaller nuzzled into the warm palm and kissed the delicate skin.

“I’ll always be here for you if you need me, ok? You know how I feel, Jimin-ah, right?” Jimin felt warmth flood his chest at the implication, did he mean… that he felt the same? Three words bubbled up his throat and threatened to burst from his lips, they consumed him from the inside and clawed at his chest, begging to be released.

“I know,” he whispered instead. Jungkook pulled him into a tender kiss, lips brushed lightly together as they conveyed unspoken words neither was ready to say.

They slept tangled in each other that night, a mess of arms and legs as they pressed together, bodies breathed in sync, heartbeats harmonized as the waves crashed along the shore. The gentle push and pull as the water lapped against the golden sand, a never-ending lullaby that lulled the two lovers embraced beneath the soft, warm comforter in slumber.

Chapter Text

Jungkook smiled softly as he watched the boy across from him distractedly eat his breakfast, spoon circling his agape mouth like a baby bird waiting for it’s momma to hit the target and fill it’s belly until it was warm and full. Phone in his hand, his eyes locked on the illuminated screen, his hair a mess and skin glowing after their morning tumble in bed- Jungkook thought he looked devastatingly gorgeous like this. They’d attempted to get up early and downstairs to eat, the beautifully clear blue sky outside had called to them, begging for squishy footsteps along the shore, but instead they’d fallen back into bed- a sweaty tangle of limbs, undulating bodies, and heated, shared breaths and kisses.

Jimin spooned the hot oatmeal into his awaiting mouth while he lazily scrolled through his phone, he skimmed over unread emails and unopened notifications- reminders of the demanding life he was avoiding, his skin flushed as he avoided the gaze of the other, pleasant hum of emotions that vibrated under his skin at the attention. He didn’t realize how much he loved moments like this, when they sat quietly and just enjoyed the presence of each other. He didn’t realize that something as simple as this was what he’d been missing his entire life, that sitting across from the boy he loved eating oatmeal would fill his heart and soul to the brim.

“So after our talk on the couch last night,” Jungkook dropped his eyes to the cooling food in front of him, avoiding the inquiring eyes that peeked through messy, blond bangs at him. “There is an exhibition the next town over, about poetry, I thought maybe- I mean we don’t have to, but would you like to go?”

The spoon in his hand drooped, spilling the warm liquid back into the bowl, he stared at the older before a broad smile spread across his face. The normalcy that had enveloped him in the small span of time he’d been at the resort was refreshing and exhilarating, the mundane things many had taken for granted, he thrived on.

“Yes! Like at an actual museum?” He was as excited as a child given a free pass at a candy shop, he wanted to experience and absorb all of these things he’d never done before and store them away to savor when his time here finally came to an end. Jungkook chuckled at the visible excitement that trembled through the other boy’s body, he looked ready to vibrate right out of his seat.

“Ok, I figured we can head that way after breakfast? I just need to call Seokjin-hyung and beg him to let me use his car again.” His fingers reached for the phone secured in his pocket and squeezed gently over the hard silhouette it made in his pants. He really needed to get a car of his own but most of his money went toward school and whatever was left he saved away to be able to afford an apartment after graduation.

Jimin clapped his hands excitedly and pushed his food away, he stood quickly from the table and collected their dishes before depositing them in the sink.

“Done, let’s go!” He exclaimed as Jungkook watched wide eyed from the table, a deer caught in headlights at the adorable boy flitting about the kitchen cleaning up.

“I… ok then, why don’t you go get changed and I’ll call Jin-hyung.” He blinked as the boy nodded and zipped from the room, thuds echoed through the house as he bounded up the stairs and Jungkook heard him crash into his room, door bouncing off the wall as he threw it open. He shook his head and stood, digging the phone from his pocket and scrolling through until he found the number he was hunting for.

“What do you want?” Jin growled through the line, Jungkook brought his hand to the nape of his neck and rubbed the skin roughly as he cleared his throat and prepared to beg the elder.

“Jin-hyung, my favorite person, the best boss in the world-”

“Jungkook-ah,” he warned. Jungkook chuckled and wandered aimlessly through the space, he found himself leaning against the doorframe that opened outside, the beach was beautiful this morning. Not a cloud in the sky and a surprisingly mild day, luckily they wouldn’t spend the day sweating their asses off if they chose to walk around the town after the museum.

“I want to bring Jimin to the poetry exhibition, could I borrow your car again… pretty please?” He tried to convey the level of puppy dog eyes he was currently displaying, his voice dripping, saccharine sweetness as he took advantage of the weakness he knew the elder had for him. He heard Jin sigh and then muffled sounds as he imagined the phone pressed to broad his shoulder as he spoke with Namjoon.

“Namjoon feels uneasy about this, you keep an eye on that boy do you hear me?” Jungkook jolted at the protective tone delivered through the line. Did they think he was going to lose him? That Jimin would wander off like a lost puppy into the crowd, chasing down butterflies and kittens?

“I, uh, don’t plan on losing him, Jin-hyung.” He chuckled, rolling his eyes at the absurd statement from his friend and boss.

“I’m serious Jungkook-ah, keep your eyes on him. Don’t let him out of your sight.”

“Ok, Jin-hyung, I hear ya. It’s just a museum, we’ll be fine.” He ended the phone conversation after promising to fill the elder’s tank, clean his car and photograph the couple’s upcoming anniversary party, he almost wondered if he’d been able to bargain a better deal with Namjoon.

He could still hear Jimin shuffling around upstairs so he made his way to his room to change for the trip himself, he’d take a quick shower and throw on something comfortable then they’d get on the road.

Jungkook had left Jimin in the idling car as he was yanked back into Jin’s office before the duo could leave. Namjoon had made his way from the lobby into the fragrant, kitchen office and stood against the doorframe as Jin chided Jungkook into taking his earlier warning seriously. When he’d questioned why they thought Jimin, a full-grown adult, would just wander off during their visit, Jin had quickly shut him down. He’d explained he wasn’t worried about the boy strolling off but more so about them being in town, in the crowds, and please just make sure nobody bothers him.

He’d returned to the car and found Jimin fiddling with the radio, working his way through the various stations until he’d found one to his liking before melting back into the seat. The first twenty minutes of their trip was a boisterous karaoke as the two took turns singing ridiculously off key to whichever song played next, seeing who could outdo the other. Jimin had fallen silent after that, humming quietly to himself as he surveyed the soft, rolling fields, the vehicle traveling further and further from the beach he’d become familiar with into new, unknown territory.

Jungkook, however, spent this time inside his own head, replaying the words and warnings from the elders about bringing Jimin into town. His imagination raced with all the possibilities for their reasoning, was Jimin part of a secret mafia family? Or was the boy in the witness protection program? Could he secretly be a member of an unknown royal family and had to be hidden away before taking the throne? He’s chastised himself with each more exaggerant and ludicrous idea that had popped into his brain. Jimin had seemed perfectly fine at the idea, in fact he’d been downright exuberant when Jungkook had brought it up. Wouldn’t he be hesitant and the first to reject the offering if it was dangerous? He itched to ask but in their time together he’d found the other would gracefully, reroute the topic of conversation if it seemed to get too personal.

The outline of town soon came into view and the stillness of the vehicle was burst as Jimin bounced in his seat. It wasn’t a very large town, nothing like the bustling skylines of Busan or Seoul, but the streets were still packed with locals and tourists as they scurried about on the sidewalks, hands full of bags and phones pressed to ears as they scampered about. Jimin pressed his face to the window and took in the various store fronts as they passed, restaurants and cafes and boutiques. The buzz of anxiety that seemed to stream through his blood was a mere whisper in the presence of Jungkook, his body unknowingly putting trust into the older to keep him safe from harm.

Jungkook pulled the car into the museum parking lot, paying the attendant before swinging the vehicle into an empty space near the back of the lot. The boy next to him tugged on the long sleeves of his blue and white striped shirt, he pulled the dark hat he’d brought with him down over his fluffy, sun-kissed hair, covering his eyes from the bright sunlight outside.

“Ready to go?” Jungkook asked, switching the engine off and turning to look at the eager passenger.

He nodded as he pushed the door open and climbed from the car, walking around the front to meet the other, he watched Jungkook pull a dark bucket hat over his disheveled peachy nest. The older reached for his hand and Jimin felt his body hesitate momentarily before intertwining their fingers together. Jungkook beamed down at him, eyes hidden under the wide brim of his black hat, it completed the all-black ensemble the boy had chosen to wear for their trip, right down to the sleek, black camera that hung from the strap around his neck.

“So this exhibit has actually been here for a few weeks, my best friend, Hobi-ah, mentioned it to me in passing the day it opened and when I found out you write poetry it immediately came to mind. I checked this morning and it ends this weekend so we caught it right in time.”

“Oh!” Jimin smiled up at the other as they swung their intertwined hands and strolled through the lot toward the entrance of the building. His eyes flicked around and took in the surrounding buildings and swept quickly over the hustle of people on the sidewalks, awe-struck gaze always finding its way back to the impressive being beside him. His heart fluttered and stumbled thinking about how Jungkook had taken what he’d said the night before and planned a special trip for the two of them, listening to a passion of his own, even if he’d told a little white lie, and devised their trip on a whim.

Jungkook quickly purchased two tickets for the exhibit and pulled the boy inside, the museum wasn’t too crowded that day, more than likely because most had already come out to see it. They entered the large, open space and Jimin gasped in awe. The walls were covered, framed poems, loose leaf poetry, even words scrawled on makeshift walls. Jungkook smiled at the wide-eyed boy and tugged him forward.

“Jungkook-hyung, this is amazing. Look at all these poems, all of this writing.” He rushed to the first framed-in sonnet, the taller dragged behind him chuckling. His eyes slid over the carefully typed text, absorbing every word as they swirled through his brain and warmed him with joy and happiness from the inside.

The couple moved languidly through the brightly lit area, they stopped at each poem and read each word, felt each emotion that was transcribed onto canvas. Jungkook watched the emotions dance across Jimin’s face, joy, sorrow, anger, humor, each poem invoking a different feeling in the smaller. The tranquil stillness between the two was comfortable and relaxed, neither felt the need to fill the space with idle nonsensical commentary, a light squeeze of their hands passed on all they wanted to say.

As they reached the final displays, Jimin paused at a poem that set his heart fluttering, the words so familiar to him they conveyed how he felt about the boy whose hand engulfed his own and kept him close.

Before I called her name,
she was nothing
more than a gesture.

When I called her name,
she came to me
and became a flower.

Like I called her name,
will someone please call my name
that suits my light and fragrance?
I, too, long to come to her
and become her flower.

We all long to be something
You, to me, and I, to you,
long to become a gaze that won’t be forgotten.

The words wrapped around him, secured him in their warm embrace as they moved him deeply, shook him to the core with the emotions that had swept through his body the last few weeks. His mind took off with lyric ideas for the song he was currently working on now, it was much more deep and personal than a lot of his other songs, he’d never written one this heartfelt before and he knew the love that radiated through his body spurred the words he’d scrawled into his notebook.

“Jungkook-hyung… thank you, this was wonderful.” He breathed, glancing up at the other and pulling him closer.

“You’re welcome, baby,” his warm breath fanned across Jimin’s parted lips, their body’s drawn to each other like moths to a flame. He pulled the younger’s soft, plush bottom lip between his own and sucked on the honey, sweet skin drawing a low moan from the other. Jungkook ran his fingers up Jimin’s pliant body and cupped his jaw, he tilted his head and slotted their lips together. Heated breaths exchanged as their tongues danced languidly together, Jimin wrapped his arms around Jungkook’s slender waist and pushed himself against the other’s solid body.

Jungkook could feel his body heating up as the soft, warm figure pressed intimately against his own and knew he needed to slow things down, they were in public and this certainly wasn’t the time or place to let their hormones race out of control. He slowed their kiss and stepped away from the boy, Jimin’s swollen lips chased after him as a whimper escaped his mouth.

“Baby,” he whispered between the two, his gaze fell to a man standing off to the side hidden behind a pillar. He looked out of place and awkward, he carried with him a large bag Jungkook immediately recognized as a camera bag, and his face was covered with a mask and dark sunglasses… inside the building. The man quickly turned from the couple and Jungkook shook off the uneasy feeling that slithered across his skin, attention back on the beautiful boy before him.

“Baby, lets wait till we get home, this isn’t the place.” Jimin straightened up and looked around, bringing his hands to his cheeks to cover the rosy blush painted across his skin.

“Yeah,” he sighed, “can we walk around the town? I saw some cute shops I want to browse around in.”

“Of course,” he grasped the younger’s hand in his own, his larger fingers completely engulfing the other’s much smaller hand, “I’m hungry too, so let’s grab a bite to eat, also.”

Untitled Untitled

Jungkook pulled the smaller closer to him as they made their way through the streets, Jimin had dragged him into a multitude of shops and boutiques, fingers flitting across soft fabrics and tiny little knick-knacks. Stolen kisses behind racks of clothes and quiet alleyways, hands never straying far before they found their way back together, their eyes taking in the beautiful colors and patterns always met and lingered on one another. The couple soon meandered through the local park, taking in the historical statues placed about and enjoying the cool breeze that swept over their skin. It felt domestic, the way they strolled hand in hand through the town, no stresses or worries, just enjoying each other.

The sun had begun its descend in the sky, the hustle of workers getting off work and rushing to meet their friends and family for afternoon shopping and dinner. They’d entered the large town square, ornamental fountain placed in the middle, benches lined along the paths winding through the plaza, and drifted through. Jimin had stopped to smell the bloomed flowers along the path when Jungkook noticed him again, following silently behind them but always hidden away behind shrubbery or other visitors.

He’d seen the unknown man from the museum again first across the street from the restaurant they’d chosen to eat lunch at, camera in hand this time as Jimin had fed him pieces of meat from his plate, he realized they were being followed. His guard was on high alert and his eyes kept flitting to the crowds around them, now with his vision cleared he saw people looking, double takes and fingers pointed their direction, words whispered as they passed.

His stomach clenched in apprehension, maybe he should have taken Jin’s words to heart, maybe he shouldn’t have brought Jimin here. His brain had been so clouded with emotion and the desire to do something special for the boy he’d fallen in love with he’d completely forgotten the entire reason Jimin was staying at the resort. He’d needed privacy, he’d needed seclusion.

Jimin giggled beside him, high and melodious, pulling his attention back to the sun-kissed locks and gorgeous smile of his “date”.

“Kookie-hyung, take my picture?” He asked coyly, long lashes batting prettily as he skipped toward the fountain in the square.

Jungkook glanced around at the large mass of people gathered in the space, families and teenagers, couples milling about enjoying their day. The hair on his neck stood on end, something wasn’t right and he couldn’t grasp what made his body tense with worry.

“Yeah, yeah, sure, baby.” He pulled the camera to his eye and lined up the shot. Jimin was a natural, his honey skin glowed in the afternoon sunlight and his smile could brighten anyone's day. Jungkook pushed the shutter and took a series of photos, he zoomed in and out to change the distance and froze, there in the viewfinder behind Jimin was the man again. Camera pressed to his eye and lenses trained on the small boy, Jungkook felt the blood in his veins freeze, he needed to get Jimin back to the car and back to resort… now.

He dropped the camera to his side and glared at the unknown man, the stranger turned quickly and disappeared into the crowd as he realized he had been spotted, his cover blown. Jungkook gasped as Jimin’s soft body crashed into him, arms wrapped daintily around his neck, the smaller boy pushed up onto his tiptoes and pressed a kiss to the older’s surprised mouth. Jungkook quickly gripped the younger’s hips to keep them steady and flicked his gaze down to the blinding smile that radiated up at him, his body throbbed with the desire to keep him safe, to get him home.

“I had so much fun today, thank you.” Jimin pressed another soft, slow kiss to the boy’s lips, he tried to convey how much he appreciated this and how very much in love he was with him. He hadn’t experienced this much normalcy in years and the stress and tension this relieved from him lifted a heavy burden from his shoulders, he felt like he could breathe again.

“You’re welcome… but I think we should head back now.” His eyes scanned the crowds for the mysterious man who’d been trailing them, his muscles relaxing when his hunt turned up empty, he seemed to be gone. Jimin nodded and reached for his hand, intertwining their fingers, he started to steer them back to the museum parking lot where they’d left the car. The duo had just reached the end of the square when Jungkook’s phone went off in his pocket, pulling the device from the depths of his jeans he furrowed his brow to see Hoseok’s picture on the screen, his friend was away on vacation and wasn’t due back for weeks, it had to be an emergency.

“Hey, Hobi-ah, what’s up? I wasn’t expecting to hear from you till the end of the summer,” he watched as Jimin drifted away from him, the boy once again smelling the flowers along the trail.

“Jungkook-ah! What the fuck! You didn’t tell me you were seeing an idol!”

Jungkook startled at the loud, boisterous voice that boomed through the line. His mind raced as the words churned in his brain. Seeing an idol? What in the world was he talking about?

“I have no idea what you are talking about, why in the hell would you think I’m seeing an idol?”

“Your picture is all over the internet, man! Kook-ah, they have pictures of you making out, holding hands, and canoodling all over town with Mini! You’re splashed all over the tabloids. Twitter is blowing up...”

Hoseok’s voice faded as blood rushed behind his ears, his heart thundering against his chest. His gaze fell to the small boy sitting patiently on a bench waiting for him, his own phone chiming and drawing his attention. He watched as Jimin read over the notification and the blood drained from his face, his phone immediately ringing and startling them both, his wide eyes flicking to Jungkook’s as the two stared quietly at the other.

“I gotta go, Hobi-ah. I’ll call you back.” He didn’t give the other a chance to respond before disconnecting the line, his phone immediately chiming with incoming notifications he ignored. His eyes never leaving the frightened boy across from him, his skin pale and trembling.

“Is it true?” He asked, the sounds of their phones alerting repeatedly, background noise as the two continued to gaze at one another. Jimin stood, his legs wobbled and he grabbed at the park bench to steady himself. He’d let himself get too comfortable, he’d felt so at ease and safe with Jungkook he’d forgotten who he was, that he was so easily recognizable. He’d been so, so stupid and now it was all ruined. Now he was exposed to the world, exposed to the boy he’d spent weeks lying to. The boy he loved who stood across from him... looking at him like he was a complete stranger.

Chapter Text

The silence was eerie, the quiet before the storm as the duo drove back to the resort, a hopeless black void that engulfed the small space and choked the occupants inside the car. Jimin had turned his phone off when the incessant and continuous notifications had become too much. He felt frozen, suspended in time as the car propelled them forward. Jungkook hadn’t given him time to speak, time to answer any of his questions, instead he’d hustled the boy quickly back to the car and mentioned he’d seen the man following them and they needed to leave now.

The tension within the car was high, so thick and suffocating it sucked up every happy emotion it could get its fingers on, Jimin felt empty, he felt numb. He had always known this would happen… a nagging whisper in the back of his mind, that his happiness would be ripped from him, he’d been allowed the brief chance to taste the fragments of a normal life- to taste the warm, filling joys of true euphoria and love. He had ruined everything, Jungkook would never speak to him, he would never want to associate with a person like him- someone who lied and deceived the one he loved. Loved, god he could forget ever feeling that again, he wasn’t worthy of love from another… not when he kept so much hidden.

Rolling, luscious fields slowly turned back into the familiar landscape of the resort property and he felt the slightest twinge of relief wash over him. They’d been gone for most of the day, the sun sitting low on the horizon and taking the light from the sky with it, everything washed in the dark, dreary shadows that plagued their hearts. The car came to a jarring halt at the rear of the building and Jungkook exited the vehicle wordlessly, he stomped through the back entrance leaving the shivering boy alone in the car. Jimin felt tears building in his eyes, the constriction in his throat as he fought the urge to break down and sob right there, the last thinning threads of sanity that held him together fraying. He hiccuped and forced air into his lungs, he pushed the door open and climbed from the car, stumbling toward the awaiting golf cart he knew would bring him back to the cabin. It felt like the last moments before execution, his final meal, his final words… his final ride.

The golf cart jolted, jerking Jimin from his thoughts, his body flinched at the rigid boy who sat down roughly beside him. He peered beneath the brim of his cap and glanced at the stone cold expression painted across Jungkook’s face, his arms tensed, veins corded up and down the stiff muscles. He caught sight of Seokjin standing in the door frame to the kitchen, he couldn’t look at the sympathetic gaze cast his direction, he couldn’t meet the man’s eyes and ask for forgiveness for what he’d done to Jungkook. The golf cart shook and pushed forward, the main building falling away as they excelled down the small path that had brought Jimin to the cabin the first day, he wondered if this would be the last.

The lined trail was dark, the canopy of trees that had felt welcoming now felt ominous, long, spindly fingers pointing down casting judgment, the waves crashed angrily in the distance, a haunting melody as the path thinned and the cabin came into view. Jungkook parked the vehicle outside the side door and stood, he turned and looked at the small boy sitting quietly on the seat, he was curled into himself, making himself smaller… invisible.

“We need to talk, Jimin.” His voice felt foreign, unfamiliar in his ears as the terrified boy met his gaze, shining, tear-filled eyes that glistened in the glow cast from the light spilling from within the cabin. Jimin climbed from the cart and followed the other into the cabin, Jungkook roughly set his things down on the kitchen table before heading to the couch and sitting down.

“Who are you? Is your name actually Jimin?” Jungkook’s voice oozed with disappointment and anger. His onyx eyes bore into Jimin’s as the silence between them thickened, Jimin stood sorrowfully before him before he sagged onto the other end of the couch.

“My name is Jimin, Park Jimin… but I am known as Mini. I am an idol.” His voice cracked and wobbled as he blinked back tears, eyes imploring the other to please, please forgive him.

“I knew you needed privacy, but this feels…. I feel deceived. I feel misled and lied to. And now my picture is all over the internet, my name is splashed across the cover of god knows what and my life, my private life is out there for all to read.” His arms waved out in front of him before falling lifelessly into his lap, his chest heaved and his heart hammered against his ribcage. Jungkook’s phone had blown up after the phone call from Hoseok, his mother had called to say reporters were staked outside the house and she didn’t understand what was happening.

“Jungkook-hyung… I- I am so sorry.” A sob ripped from his throat and the pain that radiated through his body flung him forward, he curled into himself and cried hot, salty tears that stained the linen of his shorts. “I never meant for this to happen…”

“I’m just- I’m just so angry right now. And I’m hurt.” He stood quickly from the couch causing the smaller boy to flinch away from the sudden movement, “I need to get home to my mother, I need to make sure she’s alright. I don’t think I can talk to you right now without saying something I’ll regret.”

“P-please, please, don’t leave me.” Jimin wailed, body wracked with emotion as the only good thing in his life walked out the door, “p-please. I- I love you. Please don’t leave me.”

Jungkook stood frozen at the words, hand on the cold, metal knob, every fiber of his being told him to turn around. To walk back to the boy that he loved… to the boy who loved him, that if he walked away right now he would regret this.

“I just need time, Jimin.” He whispered as he yanked the door open and disappeared into the bleak, inkyness of the night.

The click of the door tore through his shattered soul, the house enveloped in silence. He breathed…

and breathed…

and then…

… … nothing.

“H-hello?” Jimin croaked into the phone, his voice still raw and hoarse from the painful sobbing he’d done earlier. Jungkook had left, he’d walked out the door and left Jimin alone as his heart shattered inside his chest. It had taken him an hour to calm himself down, to pull the pieces of his demolished soul together and stand from the couch. He’d dragged himself from the living room, stumbling up the stairs as air struggled to enter his lungs, he’d pulled himself into the shower and sat curled under the icy stream, body numb and frozen.

“Hey kid,” Yoongi’s voice crackled over the line, he sounded so far away and yet the familiarity wrapped around Jimin like a security blanket, something he desperately needed right now. Yoongi was all he had now, he was the closest thing he had to family and he needed him.

“You sound like shit. I’m guessing things aren’t going great over there either?”

Either? Jimin felt icy terror wash over him, the pictures, the company. He’d forgotten about the pictures splashed across the front of every online newspaper, the pictures spread and spread through texts and tweets and blog posts.

“No.” A single word whispered into the darkness as a solitary tear cascaded down his flushed skin. His mind, his entire soul, had been so completely enraptured with Jungkook and how he could get him back- he’d forgotten about the company. He could envision the meetings now, the hurried and frantic phone calls that had spread through the executives- frenzied conversations as the news had reached it’s fingers into every corner of the media and internet.

“I’m sorry kid, I really wish I wasn’t calling… but I think you already know why I am.” The silence stretched between them, the only light in the pitch, black room slithered through the curtains, the moon high in the sky. Lightning flashed in the distance, lighting up the sea, angry, undulating white caps that crashed fiercely against the shore. The wind whipped through the room, stirring up the curtains and linens, chilling Jimin to the core as his body trembled and shook.


“They aren’t happy, they want me to have you back in Seoul by noon tomorrow. I really, really hate to say this but I’ll be there to pick you up in a couple hours. I have us booked for the first train out at five.”

Jimin pulled the phone from his ear and glanced at the time on the screen, the light stung his eyes and he jerked back from the intrusion squinting, it was a little after midnight- he didn’t realize he’d spent so long crying in his room. He didn’t realize it was so late, Jungkook had been gone for hours now… he hadn’t come back.

“B-but… I still have a month left here, Jungkoo- can’t I stay a little longer?” He pleaded, his throat ached and scratched with each word that made it’s way past his swollen lips. He couldn’t leave, he had to wait for Jungkook, he had to find him and make everything okay again. He heard Yoongi sigh across the line.

“Kid, I tried. I really, really tried. The media knows where you are now, someone followed you back to the resort, they followed you back to the cabin. Fans are already spreading theories across the internet, it’s a shitstorm. I have to get you out of there… now.”

Jimin’s breath hitched at the idea of being swarmed at the resort, the peaceful beach ruined with hordes of fans and media trying to get just a glimpse of Mini, trying to get a piece of the frightened idol. His puffy, red-rimmed eyes stared out the open porch door into the turbulent skies, his gaze swept across the beach as hot, white flashes lit up the sand- frantically searching for silhouettes against the surf.

“I’m sorry kid, I really am. Pack your stuff, Namjoon-ah is going to drive over and pick you up. I’ll see you at the main building soon.”

The line cut off and plunged everything into silence. The house was quiet, even the waves outside had become eerily calm, everything had stood still to bare witness to the fucked up life of Park Jimin. Jungkook hadn’t answered the dozens of calls or texts Jimin had sent, he’d ruined everything with his lies, with his deception. He was as worthless and disappointing as his parents had said, Park Jimin would never account for anything good. A flash of lightning lit up the room, breaking the somber and sinister emptiness of the space, the deafening roar of thunder rumbled through the house- through his soul. The storm was coming… and there was nothing he could do to prepare for it.

Jungkook had sped back to the main building after leaving the cabin, irritation and concern coursed through his veins as he stormed into the office to tell his boss he was going home, that he needed to leave and check on his mother. Seokjin insisted on driving him, refused to let the boy ride the bus and attempt to fight his way through the mob that stood guard outside his mother’s door. The elder had immediately asked if he was ok, of course Namjoon and him were very well aware of Jimin’s secret... who he was, he’d apologized for keeping it from the younger but it had been part of their contract with the idol’s company. Jungkook understood of course, he couldn’t be angry at his employers for following orders, for doing as they were told… he was angry at Jimin for not trusting him enough to tell him.

The throng of press outside his family home had been immense, he’d been bumped and shoved as he tore through the cameras and hands and questions, so many questions. His mother had enveloped him in a hug the moment he’d stepped foot inside the door, slamming the structure shut in the faces of flashing lights and jumbled words. She’d immediately gone about the house covering all of the windows, the hum of the crowd outside hushed by the heavy fabric covering the glass.

Now he sat at the table, head in his hands, regret coiled heavy in his stomach, his heart constricted with the choice he had made. His mother had promptly scolded him for leaving Jimin at the cabin, unguarded, trembling and alone. Her stern words had cut deep, tore away the anger and frustration he’d felt at the young idol and left him raw, exposed, and ashamed. He shouldn’t have left him, he shouldn’t have left without letting the other explain. The anxiety he’d felt going through the crowd outside had been humbling, his mother asking if perhaps that was what Jimin felt every day, perhaps that was why he’d escaped to the resort.

He had yelled at the boy about the pictures… about the invasion of his own privacy, and that was exactly what Jimin had to live with every single moment of his day. The uneasiness, the secrecy, the panic attacks- it all made sense, and it made him feel like the worst person in the world. He was doing exactly what Jimin had dealt with for most of his life, he was judging him for something beyond his control. God- he was doing exactly what his parents had done, he had abandoned him when Jimin had needed him the most, when he needed his reassurance and support. His forehead hit the hard wood of the table and he groaned in agony, how could he ask for forgiveness, he couldn’t blame his sweet, angel one bit if he chose to never speak to him again, to never grace him with another one of his heavenly smiles.

Fingers carded gently through his hair, warmth trickling down his body and cocooning him in love and reassurance. His mother hummed gently and cupped his jaw, drawing the boy from the table to look into her empathetic eyes, his own large brown eyes reflected in her gaze.

“Bun, do you love him?” Her voice wrapped around him and kept him from harm, she had always been there when he needed her. Always knew exactly what to say when his brain and heart pulled him in different directions. He nodded, her soft, warm hands caressed his skin and soothed the worry and tension from his body.

“You need to go to him, if you love him then you need to go to him and tell him that.” She whispered, her eyes searched his face as her hand smoothed over his hair. He knew what she saw, what she’d always told him in moments like this when he sat before her with his heart in his hands asking her to help put the pieces back together, he looked like his father. Sadness flashed across her face as her fingers skimmed down his cheek, just as fast as he recognized the emotion it was replaced with a sad smile.

“What if he doesn’t want to see me anymore, I- I just left him there.” his voice cracked, the images of the boy curled into the couch, wide, glazed eyes peering at him as he’d walked out the door.

“Well, Bun, then he doesn’t see you, but can you sit here and live with yourself if you don’t try?” He closed his eyes and pressed his face into her hand, he knew what he had to do. He’d never felt this way about anyone else before, he’d never felt this kind of all encompassing love that filled him from within… he had to try. He lifted his head and pushed back from the table, nodding at his mother as she smiled reassuringly at him. She pushed her keys into his hand and hugged him tight before he slipped out the back door, he drove past the confused faces of the press as he raced back toward the resort, he had to tell Jimin he loved him as well… he had to fix this.

He drove down the dark roads, hope filled his heart as he repeated over and over the words he wanted to say to the boy. The words that he hoped would sooth and fix what had been broken, that would patch together the cracks he’d put in their love when he’d walked out that door. The car drove down the quiet, dark road, thunder rumbled in the distance as the storm moved further and further away, as he moved closer and closer to an already desolate cabin.

He felt empty inside, cold, barren, lifeless- devoid of happiness. The rain had come and gone, heavy raindrops that beat against the window panes and covered the sobs that wracked his body after hanging up the phone with Yoongi. The soft knock on his door had him leaping from his bed, hope racing through him only to be replaced with utter devastation as Namjoon stood quietly on the other side, grabbing his luggage and motioning for Jimin to follow him down. Yoongi had arrived at the resort shortly after he’d made it back to the main building, Namjoon had been respectfully quiet during their trek from the cabin- only asking if he was alright before falling into silence. His manager had wrapped him in his embrace and whispered quietly into his ears, words muffled by the constant hum of despair that coursed through his veins.

The drive had been silent, Yoongi’s hands gripped the steering wheel as he’d glanced regularly at the sniffling boy beside him, soft whimpers escaped him as he trembled in his seat. Dark silhouettes rushing past as the car sped down the lone road away from his refuge, away from the one he loved. They had parked in the empty lot and Jimin followed closely behind his manager as they made their way into the building. The station was thankfully deserted as the duo had walked through, quickly boarding their train and settling in the private cabin Yoongi had been lucky to secure at such short notice. He’d watched the idol curl into the seat, face pressed against the glass as the train had slowly left the station, tears still silently coursed down his flushed face.

They’d arrived back at the train station in Seoul quickly, Jimin couldn’t remember the long trip, couldn’t remember having even left the previous terminal. As the train car pulled closer to the building he could see the crowds of paparazzi gathered by the exit, word had spread quickly that the idol was returning to town. The locomotive came to a jarring halt, jerking Jimin from the panic that crept over his skin, the feeling of thousands of bugs undulating just under the surface, waiting- waiting for the right moment to tear him apart from the inside out. The throng of people disappeared behind the exterior of the building as the train came to a stop, platform empty but for a single soul. He could see her standing there, crisp, pressed suit, shined heels, and stone-cold gaze. His blood froze at the implications of her attendance to his arrival, he wasn’t going back to his apartment- he was being brought straight to the company.

“Jimin-ah, hey let’s go.” He turned at the soft, compassionate tone that overlaid Yoongi’s words. He nodded, standing from his seat and following the elder from the train cabin off the train and onto the platform. A handful of bodyguards awaited their descent from the stairs, where they had manifested from he was unsure, encircling the young idol as they began their forward journey into the station. He kept his eyes trained to the floor, tuning out the harsh words spoken from the woman as she sidled up to Yoongi during their trek. He jumped as the elder’s hand grasped his arm, drawing his attention from the cold, marble floor.

“We need to get you changed.” He felt like he was floating, a constant hum buzzed through his ears and made everything sound like he was underwater. Which honestly is how he felt, like he was drowning while everyone watched, while everyone pointed and stared. He followed Yoongi to the private quarters the train station had provided and changed quickly into an outfit that had been thrust into his hands by the indifferent woman. He looked at himself in the mirror, checking to see if his appearance was acceptable and blanched at the stranger that stared back at him, he was pale and listless- like a soulless body on puppet strings. He placed the dark glasses he’d been given over his vacant eyes, wanting to hide the ghost that peered at him through the glass.

He exited the room and stood before the elder, the other’s expression looked pained and empathic, Yoongi opened his mouth to say something and decided against it, shaking his head before motioning the boy to follow him. Jimin could see the stares, he could see the phones pointed his direction, he could hear the whispers that bounced from person to person as they moved through the lobby. They continued their trek through the station, the rumble of excitement grew as they neared the sliding glass doors, the buzz of noise that could only mean one thing- a large crowd.

“Are you ready?” Yoongi whispered beside him, fingers touched his arm tentatively.

“Do I have a choice?” he questioned, his gaze swung to the rigid woman who stood on the other side of Yoongi. Her lips pursed so tight and face so stern he was sure she would leave this train station looking thirty years older.

“No,” the elder breathed.

Jimin could hear the anguish in Yoongi’s tone, the sorrow that he was going to shove this broken idol into a pack of hungry wolves. He adjusted the dark glasses perched on his nose and straightened his shoulders, patting his face to bring color back to his cheeks and reanimate the corpse that he was currently occupying. He ran a hand down his crisp button up and dusted the invisible dirt from his pressed, black slacks. Jimin gave a curt nod to the manager and surrounding bodyguards and they began to move in sync, a choreographed dance that had been perfected over and over throughout the years. The glass doors swished open and the cacophony of sounds rushed into his ears, a harsh change from the calming beach he’d grown accustomed to the past five weeks. Shutters and lights exploded, questions yelled through the crowd as they made their way down the sidewalk to his awaiting car. He looked straight ahead, head held high and face devoid of emotion, his mask securely in place. A bodyguard in front of him opened the door to the sleek, black car idling on the curb and he felt the tension in his muscles loosen as the end was so close in sight- but then he heard it.

‘Can you tell us more about Jeon Jungkook!?’ He froze, back ramrod straight at the mere mention of the name… Jungkook. The mask, slipping as his heart took off inside his chest, the voices and the cameras and the flashing lights all crushing in to smother him. He felt the tight grasp along his biceps, his feet lifted so that he floated on air, the feigned delicacy as he was shoved into the back of the vehicle. All of this he ignored, all he could hear, all he could feel, all that consumed him was the name he heard repeatedly yelled toward the vehicle as the doors were slammed shut. Jungkook, Jungkook, Jungkook.

“To the office.” she snipped, voice cold and emotionless. His glazed eyes wandered back to the window, taking in the mass of bodies pressed along the sidewalk, cameras to their faces as they snapped picture after picture. But none of them were the photographer he searched the crowd for, the boy with the soft, peach hair and the adorable bunny smile that filled his being with warmth, none of them were him, none of them would be him. He’d lost his warmth, he’d lost him, he’d lost Jungkook.


Chapter Text

The only light in the room glowed from the small lamp atop the end table, light spilling across the floor and illuminating the soft, white carpet, a perfect halo reflected along the ceiling. The tap-tap-tap of a pen against paper, a rhythmic metronome that broke the silence of the room, tap-tap-tap pause tap-tap-tap. It was mid day but the inside of the spacious apartment felt more like twilight, every curtain drawn tight, to keep out the warmth of the sun but also the sound of the crowd.

It had been a week, seven days, one hundred and sixty-eight minutes since he’d last seen or heard from Jungkook. Not that he would know really, his phone had been confiscated as soon as he’d arrived at the company after returning to Seoul, he could still see the smirk on her face as she’d ripped it from his hands. So here he sat, in his cold, lonely apartment working on lyrics because that’s all he’d been allowed to do. Taehyung had tried to visit him earlier in the week, he’d seen the news spread across the internet and had been concerned for his friend, but his “bodyguards”- no babysitters- had forbidden the actor from entering the building. He was on lockdown, timeout, solitary confinement. As long as his contract was still valid he was still bound to fulfill his duties, a captive in his own home.

His only visitor or face from the outside world had been the regular delivery man who’d dropped off his meals each morning, one breakfast, one lunch, one dinner- all strictly calculated to ensure the perfect caloric intake to guarantee the idol would lose the weight he’d gained. He’d known this would happen when he’d allowed himself to be lax on his diet, but the new regime they had him on was stricter than normal, the workout sessions more strenuous. He was to return slimmer, more toned, perfection from head to toe. The first days had been hard, his stomach protesting at the lack of food fed into its gurgling depths, but by now he could manage- his body already accepting the significantly smaller portions.

Mini was to comeback in less than a month, three weeks to the day actually, a hopeful bandaid and distraction to mull over all the headlines and chatter involving the pictures. The images had disappeared from the internet- likely taken down after threatened lawsuits from his company, all that remained were the daily articles discussing the matter, discussing his newly discovered sexuality and what this would mean for his career. At least, that’s the snippets of information he’d been able to bribe from the delivery man, hands stuffed with cash as he asked for any information he could get… any news on Jungkook. But the other had disappeared, his family home abandoned, the reporters had been forced to disperse- to focus all of their time and energy on the idol instead. The executives at the company forced to work overtime to fix his mistakes, to correct all the fuck ups Park Jimin had bestowed upon them.

So here he sat, pen in hand, the crisp blank pages of his notebook glaring up at him. Jimin had received emails about the songs he’d written at the cabin, they’d loved them all of course… his best work yet. He’d written enough songs to complete a full album, but they wanted one more, a cherry on top to what could be his best selling album yet. But the happiness and warmth that had spurred all of those lyrics were gone, replaced with sadness and despair, the sonnets of love that had swirled through his heart and mind had disappeared. He closed his eyes as a lone tear slid down his pale face, Jungkook’s face always there behind his eyelids, his wide doe eyes and adorable bunny smile. He missed him… but he didn’t deserve to miss him and no matter how much he argued with his heart, it beat over and over for the boy he had lost. Jimin opened his eyes and roughly smoothed away the warm tracks that flowed down his cheeks. Words flowed onto the parchment, line after line as his anguish spread across the page, a tragic end to the love story the album would paint. Not everyone gets their Prince Charming, not everyone gets their happily ever after.

Jungkook held the phone to his ear, eyes pressed shut with his head in his hands, hoping… praying. He’d lost count of how many times he’d called the number, how many times he’d texted and waited to see if the message had been read.

“Hi! You’ve reached Jimin, I’m so sorry I couldn’t pick up, but leave me a message and I’ll be sure to call you back!”

He slammed the cellphone down into the soft cushion beside him and growled in frustration, Seokjin glancing at him from across the room in sympathy.

“Still no luck?” The elder asked, his hands pushing the cloth over the smooth marble countertop, cleaning away the dust and dirt that wasn’t there.

“Uggghhh, no!” Jungkook snarled, casting his phone a withering look, “It’s been a week and it doesn’t even ring! Straight to voicemail over and over again.”

Jin tossed the rag onto the table and moved through the kitchen into the living room, after Jungkook had arrived back and found the cabin empty he’d continued to stay in case Jimin returned. Namjoon and Seokjin had also insisted that he stay, they had rid the resort of the trespassed reporters and offered the cabin to the boy and his mother until things died down, Jimin’s company had paid it through the summer as a way of apologizing for their troubles.

“I don’t want to jeopardize his job,” he started, causing the younger to glance inquisitively at him, “but would you like me to contact Yoongi-ah and check on him?”

Jungkook sprung up from the couch and rushed to the other, gripping his arms tightly in his fingers, eyes wide like a mad man. How had he forgotten about Yoongi?! He’d learned only after finding the cabin abandoned and rushed frantically into Jin’s office that Yoongi was the young idol’s manager. Of course Yoongi would know how Jimin is, he’d be able to contact him!

“Yes! Jin-hyung, yes, please call him!”

Jin pried Jungkook’s fingers from his biceps and stepped back from his frantic friend, he imagined he would wake with small oval sized bruises the next day, the younger really didn’t know his own strength. He hated the idea of calling Yoongi to ask him about work, it was the one subject they didn’t broach when they were all together, mostly due to heavy nondisclosure agreements the manager had signed.

“Ok, but you have to stay quiet in the background. I can’t have you screaming over me or I won’t be able to find anything out. Understand?” Jin raised an eyebrow at the vibrating individual before him, the boy nodded desperately before launching himself back onto the couch cushion. The elder pulled his phone from his pocket and kept a steady gaze on the other as he pulled up Yoongi’s number and called, pressing the phone to his ear as it began to ring.

“I’m honestly surprised you didn’t call me earlier, Jinnie-hyung.” The line crackled with static at the distance between the two, Yoongi sounded just as far away as he was. Jin chuckled and rolled his eyes, honestly he should have known not to worry about calling him about Jimin, the way Yoongi has spoken about the young idol he knew his friend cared for him deeply like a son.

“Well, I figured when shit hit the fan you needed to lay low. I didn’t want to get you fired. Namjoon would never let me live it down if I did.” Jungkook could hear the low, deep chuckle of the manager through the line, every nerve in his body on high alert waiting to hear about the boy he loved. He stayed still, he stayed quiet, slow soothing breaths so he didn’t miss a single word.

“So I’ll just get right to it then, Yoongi-ah. I’ve got one really stressed out kid here in front of me, he’s been trying to call the boy all week and it’s gone straight to voicemail…” The silence over the line slide cold and icy down Jungkook’s spine, was this it… was Yoongi going to tell him that Jimin never wanted to speak to him again? He braced himself for heartbreak, after what he’d done leaving the broken boy here alone he deserved to be told to fuck off.

“Gods, I could get fired for this but I don’t give a fuck cause I’m pissed. They took the kid’s cellphone away, he’s practically barricaded in his damn apartment like it’s a prison cell. They won’t even let me see him!” Jin felt anger bubble up inside him, he couldn’t believe that a company would treat their employee that way, that they would treat a human that way.

“They’ve got him locked up in there writing lyrics. He’s expected to record all the songs this weekend, they plan on releasing a new album and he’s going to have a comeback in like three weeks. Which honestly I don’t even know how they plan on doing everything in that short period of time, but his contract is due to expire soon and he hasn’t signed the renewal yet… I think they are scared.”

Jin glanced at Jungkook and met his eyes, he could see the same anger that coursed through his veins reflected in the younger. He had only met the idol a small handful of times during his stay at the resort, but the overflowing love and affection in Jungkook’s words about Jimin he’d heard over the last week had been enough for him to want to protect the small boy.

“What can we do?” Jin’s voice boomed with authority as he set his jaw and waited for his friend to answer. He itched to drive to Seoul himself and kidnap the boy, hide him away from the awful executives who treated him like less than a person.

“You get Jungkook here, I’ll get him to Jimin. After that, hopefully we convince Jimin to get out.”

Jungkook nodded to the elder, the words he said over the phone loud and clear from where he sat on the couch. He stood and headed to his room to start packing, he would spend his last dime to get onto the next bus or train to Seoul, he would give up everything to get Jimin back.

Jungkook sat with his forehead leaned against the cool glass, he stared out the train window but his mind was so far away he saw nothing but blurred colors as the scenery flew by. Left behind was the warm, salty air and lush green surroundings of home, the sun settled above the horizon, teasing at taking with it all the light in the sky. After Jin’s phone call with Yoongi, Jungkook had immediately packed a bag, he didn’t know how he would get there but he had to get to Seoul… he had to get to Jimin.

Jungkook’s mother had calmed his frenzied activity, she took over neatly folding his pants and shirts into the small duffel bag and hustled him out of the room to discuss with Namjoon and Seokjin how he would get to Seoul. He wasn’t sure how he could ever repay his friends, the rushed ticket purchase had to cost a fortune, Namjoon wouldn’t take no as an answer as the elder told him they got him a ticket on the next train out the following day. Jungkook had blinked back tears at the compassion and support that enveloped him, but the couple had told him he needed to get to that boy, to save him from that horrific company and what they were doing to him.

He blinked, dry eyes protesting at the prolonged time they’d been left open to stare unendingly at the landscape. The rolling hills and wide open fields had given way to densely packed homes and businesses, skyscrapers that kissed the clouds, and lights… so many lights and sounds. He gazed out at the bustling city as the train slowed nearing the station, Jimin was out there somewhere, he was cooped up in one of those twinkling buildings across the vast horizon. Jungkook glanced down at the phone gripped tightly in his hand, Jin had given him Yoongi’s number in case he couldn’t find the manager when he arrived. Yoongi had promised to meet him in the lobby, the duo were to drive to the private recording studio Jimin used to intercept the idol while he recorded his newest songs, the elder knew he shouldn’t be surrounded by other company executives or their bodyguards.

The train halted at the station and Jungkook glanced around at the other passengers as they began to gather up their belongings and exit the locomotive. He pulled the hat down over his eyes and adjusted the dark mask covering his face, the paparazzi had quieted down back home but Yoongi had warned that the story was still hot here in Seoul and he was sure to be recognized by a reporter or fan. He let his eyes wander over the vast space of the lobby, high ceilings and hordes of people as they buzzed about from place to place, his gaze fell on the small manager tucked away against a pillar, his own mask securely in place to help hide his identity.

“Yoongi-sii, thank you.” He bowed to the elder as throngs of people parted around them, the constant flow of the crowd never stopping.

“No, thank you, Jungkook-ssi. You have given Jimin-ah something I have always dreamed for him to have, and I don’t intend to allow this wretched company to take that away from him.”

The duo made their way quickly through the station to the parking lot where Yoongi’s vehicle awaited them, once safely inside Jungkook removed his mask and turned to the other. They had plenty to discuss and he needed to know what the game plan was. The manager turned the engine over and adjusted the radio, Jimin’s beautiful voice streamed through the speakers and filled the car. He’d done so much searching and googling during their time apart, learning that the song he’d loved on the radio and even sang with the boy were in fact the idol’s songs.

“He’s an amazing singer,” he murmured, words breaking the silence the duo had fallen into while sitting idle in the car.

“He is. Jungkook-ah, the company is getting nervous because he hasn’t signed his renewal yet. He was supposed to before his trip away but things had gotten so bad they sent him to the resort without having him sign first. They are pushing to get this album done and finished because they will own the rights for all these songs even if he lets the contract expire, which it’s expected to do next month. I think they are hoping in having him record, he’ll feel pressured to renew because if he doesn’t he won’t be able to promote them or tour. He’ll lose the rights to his own words, his deepest thoughts and emotions.”

Jungkook listened to the words spoken to him, he wasn’t an expert on how any of this worked but he grasped the general concept and understood what Yoongi was telling him. If they stopped Jimin from recording these songs, they could stop the company from keeping them if the idol chose to leave… which was exactly what Yoongi wanted the pair to convince the boy to do.

“I’ve stayed on as a manager to keep an eye on him, I produce songs for other idols, if Jimin wants to continue singing he can. I can produce his songs for him, he can put out this album, he can do it all on his own. As Jimin and not as Mini. If it wasn’t for that boy I would have left ages ago, I’m only signed with the company right now as his manager… if he leaves they can’t force me to stay, my contract terminates with his.”

“Okay, let’s go get him then.” Jungkook locked eyes with the man beside him, both determined to rescue the boy and set him free.

The idol massaged his fingers along his temples, small circular movements as the headache pounded behind his eyes, the thump-thump-thump of his heart beating inside his ears. They’d been at the studio for over an hour now, having gotten absolutely nothing done, not a single song recorded. The producers in the box argued behind the glass, mouths moving and hands swinging animatedly, Jimin was glad they’d turned off the mics and he sat in the still, quiet box.

He’d expected Yoongi to pick him up for the session but was surprised to find the cold, heartless executive behind the door when he’d opened it. Her eyes could cut glass with the piercing stare she’d given the idol before turning abruptly and ushering him to an awaiting vehicle. Jimin wished he could get his phone back, he worried that his manager had been fired. He wanted to make sure Yoongi was okay, but he also knew the elder was his secret key to finding out about Jungkook. He’d hid his disappointment and followed her out, for the first time that he could remember using the private entrance and driving away without garnering attention.

Now here he sat, the rigid woman arguing with the producers in the booth over the range or vocals they wanted the song to possess, which honestly Jimin knew exactly how each song should sound… how he wanted them to sound. This album would tell a story of falling in love and then losing that person, each note had to be perfect, each chord sung just right. He hoped that Jungkook would hear it, that he would listen to the songs and know that they were all meant for him, that Jimin’s love for him had bloomed into this delicate flower of music.

He glanced back at the booth and startled to find it empty, soft glow of the lamp and the illuminated lights from the mixing board all he could see. He pulled the headphones from his ears and stood, wringing his hands as he wondered if he should go check and see where everyone had gone. This entire session was turning into one giant shitshow and at this point nothing would get recorded. He stepped toward the door when the outside door opened and the producer reentered the booth.

“Sorry about that Mini, let’s get started… how about let’s record the ending track now.”

The voice crackled and bounced around the small recording box, the idol jumped and nodded at the figure behind the glass, picking the headphones back up and taking a seat back in the chair. He flipped through his notebook to the song he’d finished writing that morning, the emotions still raw and exposed, his heart still aching in his chest at the words scrawled across the paper- at the tears that stained the canvas. He gave one final nod to the man and heard the open chords flow through the speakers, he closed his eyes and saw Jungkook’s face… always there.

“Full of loneliness, this garden bloomed, full of thorns…”

He heard him before he saw him, his honey smooth voice washed over him and sent shudders down his spine. He followed Yoongi into the dimly lit room and watched the elder whisper quietly with the man occupying the room, his eyes were immediately drawn to him. His golden hair reflected and shone in the light that spilled from the single bulb in the ceiling, he looked thinner, worn down and the regret that shot through Jungkook was swift. He should have done something sooner, he should have turned back around and never left Jimin in that cabin.

“It’s my fate, don’t smile at me, lie to me, because I can’t get closer to you, there’s no name you can call me…”

Jungkook found himself drawn to the glass, to be closer to the angel on the other side, to the boy he loved and hoped still loved him. He could hear Yoongi and the other man talking behind him but he tuned them out, all he could hear… all he could see… was him. The emotions on the idol’s face were heartbreaking, his cheeks stained with tears, his eyes scrunched closed as he gripped the notebook in his hands.

“Can he see us?” The words fell from his lips soft as a feather, he didn’t even realize he’d said them until Yoongi answered him.

“Yes, but he’s in the zone right now. Unless he looks our way he won’t realize we are here, I’m gonna kill the music so he’ll look up.”

“You know that I can’t, show you me, give you me, I can’t show you the ruined part of myself, once again I put a mask on and go to see you, but I still want you…”

The melody cut off sharply causing the idol to stumble in his seat and jerk his head toward the booth. There he was, the figure… the face he saw when he closed his eyes, the boy who visited him in his dreams every night. His heart took off in his chest as blood rushed behind his ears, the two stood frozen, staring at each other through the glass. Jimin watched as Jungkook’s head jerked toward Yoongi before he was moving, body propelled toward the door that separated the booth and the recording box. Jimin ripped the headphones from his head and stood, body angled toward the door as Jungkook threw the door open and they moved toward each other.

Jungkook stopped a breath away from the younger, he felt the heat radiating off the other and his body hummed with awareness. He itched to reach out and touch the boy, to press his lips to every inch of skin he’d missed and beg for forgiveness.

“You’re here,” Jimin breathed, his eyes roamed over every inch of Jungkook’s face. It had only been a week but it felt like it had been years.

“Jimin-ah, I- I am so, so sorry.” The agony laced through his words caused tears to spring to his eyes, his hands reached out for the idol and hovered over his waist. Jimin grasped his shirt and fisted it between his fingers, he leaned forward and pressed his forehead to Jungkook’s heaving chest.

“No, Jungkookie-hyung, I lied to you so much. I’m so sorry.” His voice cracked as fresh, hot tears trailed over his skin, his breath hitched and stuttered as he inhaled the musky aroma woven into Jungkook’s shirt, he’d missed him so, so much.

“Baby, look at me.” Jimin lifted his head and stared into Jungkook’s glistening doe eyes, he grasped the idol’s slim waist and finally pulled the boy flush against himself. “I love you, too.”

Jimin sobbed as the words left Jungkook’s lips, reaching up and wrapping his arms around the taller’s neck as their lips met tenderly. Soft, languid kisses as their lips brushed gently against each other, Jungkook’s arm pulled the idol tighter against him as he carded his other hand through Jimin’s silky, golden locks. He tilted his head and nibbled on Jimin’s plush bottom lip, the younger parting his lips with a small gasp as Jungkook licked into his addicting heat. The pair relearning each other’s taste, breaths shared as their hearts beat as one, their bodies pressed intimately close to feel every inch of one another.

“I really hate to break up this moving moment, but we gotta get out of here before the wicked witch of the west comes back.” Yoongi called from the doorway, he leaned against the frame and stared anywhere but at the couple entangled with one another. A soft smile played on his lips, this was all he’d ever wished for the boy, true happiness and love.

“Yes,” Jungkook whispered, his forehead pressed against Jimin’s as the two shared heated breaths between them, “let’s get you out of here so I can bring you home.”

Chapter Text

The sun still barely kissed the horizon as the trio had zigzagged their way through the corridors, bursting through a side door into the alleyway bathed in the fiery orange glow of the sunset, the skyscraper windows alight like thousands of fallen stars. Yoongi had pulled the couple from their celebratory embrace and emphasized their need to leave the studio as quickly as possible, the wild goose chase the producer had sent the stern woman on would end soon and they needed to be gone before it did. The manager had been told specifically from the higher ups, he wasn’t to have any contact with the idol, that the boy needed space to allow his creativity to flow to finish his album. Yoongi knew they were spewing bullshit, they just didn’t want Jimin to have contact with anyone who might talk him out of renewing, who would stop him from recording his songs. Luckily the producer in the booth that night was a close friend of Yoongi’s, having helped work on the manager’s own private music production, he’d agreed to get the studio empty so they could get the idol and to delete any and all recordings Jimin laid down that night.

Jimin had clutched Jungkook’s hand as they raced through the parking lot toward Yoongi’s car, he could feel his soul thawing with every second the couple touched, warmth slowly spreading through him and bringing him back to life. His mind was still catching up to everything that had just happened, that he was touching the older, that Jungkook had come back to him. Jungkook threw open the rear door and climbed into the back seat of the car and the pair immediately clung to each other, the shock of their sudden reunion finally wearing off. He was here, Jungkook was really here.

“Baby, Jimin-ah, I’m so sorry,” Jungkook pleaded as he smoothed his hands across Jimin’s face, down his slender neck over and over again. The idol looked horrible, yet he was still breathtakingly beautiful, his complexion dull, dark circles under his gorgeous almond eyes. Their week apart had wreaked havoc on the small boy, isolated from everyone he knew, from those he considered his only friends… from Jungkook. “I shouldn’t have left you, I didn’t even give you a chance to talk. Gods, I am the worst person ever.”

“No, no, I lied to you so much. Jungkookie-hyung, you had every reason to be angry with me.” Jimin pulled at Jungkook’s shirt, trying to get closer to the other in the small space, he was a breath away from climbing into the older’s lap. Jungkook’s musky aroma invaded his senses and wrapped around him, the warmth radiating from his body drew him in, Jimin’s body craved to be pressed up against the other- his mind still telling him this could all be a dream.

Jungkook shook his head, he cupped the younger’s face and stared into the idol’s glistening eyes, he peppered kisses over the flawless, tanned skin of Jimin’s face. The tip of his nose, over each of his eyelids, across his rosy cheeks and of course on top of his rosebud lips- each soft caress preceded with a murmured ‘I love you’. Jimin kissed at the air, lips chasing after the older as they tried to drink each other in, their hearts craving for them to be closer. His body trembled with the warmth and love that flooded his soul, he felt complete and whole again, losing Jungkook had devastated him. Each declaration of love that whispered past Jungkook’s lips fluttered around his chest, each breathless answer he gave the older melted away the heartbreak that had encased him.

“I’m pretty sure neither of you is listening to me, but we are heading to my apartment then I’ll tell you the plan from there.” Yoongi called from the driver's seat, his eyes glanced into the rear view mirror and caught sight of the couple locked in an embrace, he couldn’t tell where one began and the other ended. A smile spread across Yoongi’s face from the love and happiness that radiated from the idol, he glowed from within, lit up with the overflowing joy that consumed his tiny body.

The drive remained relatively silent, sans the quiet murmurings of love and apology that spilled from the duo in the back seat, lips brushed centimeters apart, hands never stilling- always moving and soothing, ensuring the other was still there. Yoongi drove through the bustling city streets, the sky blanketed in the darkness of night, stars hidden from sight in the eerie glow of the lights below reflected into the atmosphere above. The crunch of tires on pavement, the hum of car horns and alarms, the constant buzz of murmured voices from the hive of people walking down the sidewalks- all of this faded away, mere background noise to the couple who only saw each other, only heard each other.

Yoongi’s phone had started ringing by the time they’d pulled into the parking garage, the sound was ominous in the ears of those in the car, each knowing who could might be on the other end of the line. He’d quickly dismissed the incoming call and parked the car, ushering the couple into the nearby elevator and swiftly into his apartment.

“Okay, so here is what’s going to happen,” Yoongi started as he locked the door behind him and flipped on the lights of the small two bedroom apartment as he made his way to the living room. Jungkook and Jimin shadowed close behind him, hands still clutched tightly, always touching.

“They are going to come looking for you, so you can’t stay here. Namjoon-ah and Jinnie-hyung reserved a hotel room for you a little ways across town. We will deal with the company and your contract tomorrow. Jimin-ah, I need you to cover up and change, the both of you are going to Uber to the hotel so I can stay here if anyone shows up. I have some clothes in the bathroom for you.”

Jimin nodded and reluctantly let go of Jungkook’s hand, the coldness rushing in at the loss of warmth from the other. He glanced over his shoulder and locked eyes with the older, he was worried if he blinked Jungkook would disappear, that his isolation in his apartment had finally dissolved into hallucinations.

“I’ll be right here, I’m not going anywhere.” Jungkook called after him, he could see the hesitance in the younger, the fear in his eyes that the older was just a figment of his imagination.

Jimin paused at the door and took in Jungkook’s tall figure looming at the end of the hall, his hands shoved deep into his pockets causing his shirt to stretch tight against his chest and arms. If this was a dream it was the best, most vivid dream he’d had in awhile, he almost didn’t want to wake up if it was. The idol slipped into the bathroom and quickly made due changing out of his previous outfit into the clothes Yoongi had set out, the two were similarly sized so he didn’t have to cinch the pants in too much at the waist. He shoved the black mask into the pocket of the jacket he’d put on and pulled the dark black hat down over his sandy mane, he hoped the Uber driver wouldn’t spend too much looking at him to see past the poor disguise he wore.

He did a final once over of himself in the mirror before he headed back into the living room, Jungkook stood leaning against the wall at the end of the hall, exactly where he said he’d be and Jimin felt the tension drain from his muscles. While the younger was in the bathroom Jungkook had pulled a dark hat over his peachy locks, a large black mask covered the bottom half of his handsome face, Jimin frowned knowing the other had to hide his identity as well. The older reached out and grabbed his hand, interlacing their fingers and squeezed gently in reassurance bringing a smile back to Jimin’s face, they were together and that’s all that mattered.


The Uber ride was thankfully uneventful, their older driver more concerned complaining about the lack of respect from teens nowadays than paying attention to the clingy couple in the back seat. Jungkook had gotten the key for their room without incident, the bored receptionist had merely glanced at the masked couple and typed loudly into her computer before handing over their key and rambling about the breakfast buffet they were entitled to the following morning. The tension in their muscles had stuck until the final click of the hotel room door, Jungkook dead bolting the fixture behind them as Jimin wandered through the spacious room to the wall of floor to ceiling windows.

Seoul looked beautiful from this high up, millions of twinkling lights cast the city in a golden glow, the cars below like fireflies drawing intricate patterns through the streets. The idol heard Jungkook toss his bag on the floor next to the bed and could feel the older moving toward him, his body buzzed with awareness as the warmth of the other hit his back, shudders raced down his spine as large hands slid around his waist and pulled him back against a hot, solid body.

“Jimin-ah, baby, I missed you.” Jungkook whispered into soft, fluffy hair. He inhaled deeply, the light, citrusy fragrance of Jimin’s shampoo filled his nose, he pressed his face into the silky strands and pulled the smaller tighter against him. “Come sit with me, we need to talk.”

Jimin turned in the tight circle of Jungkook’s arms and peered up into the older’s wide, onyx eyes, he couldn’t believe he’d refused this feeling from himself for so long. That he’d denied himself the chance to love another the way he loves this boy, that he’d denied himself the chance for someone to love him. Jungkook grasped his hands and pulled the idol toward the bed, walking carefully backwards as their eyes never left the other. When his knees hit the mattress the older sat on the edge and pulled Jimin closer between his legs.

“Baby,” he started, eyes misted with unshed tears as he looked up at the small idol, somehow smaller than he was when he’d left him. “I don’t even know why I got so angry, like I think I was more worried about my mom than I was angry at you. You were at the resort to get away from all of this and I just made it worse by leaving because of it. Jimin-ah, I don’t care if you are an idol or not an idol, I care about you, I fell in love with you. And if you want to stay here in Seoul and sing and dance and write music, we will make it work, we can make this work.”

Jimin ran his fingers through the soft strands of hair that laid against Jungkook’s nape, he blinked the tears in his eyes away with each word that left the older’s lips, he had been so worried that the other had left him because he was an idol and the relief that washed over him was freeing. He tugged on the peachy locks in his grasp and pressed his lips gently to Jungkook’s mouth, pulling the older’s bottom lip between his plump pout as they shared a tender kiss.

Jimin’s hand slid from the older’s neck, fingers brushed lightly against strong broad shoulders on their path down his chest, stopping at the top button of his loose shirt. He fingered at the shiny black button, he broke the kiss and leaned his forehead against Jungkook’s, their breath came in soft, short gasps. Jungkook’s hands had moved to his hips, fingers gripped tight in the cleft of his hipbones, as his fingers brushed gently against the small sliver of warm, creamy skin above his waistband.

“I don’t want to be away from you again, I missed you so much. I missed your touch and your smile and your voice. I’ve never missed someone like I missed you. I love you so much and that scares me so much because I’ve never allowed myself to love anyone before.”

Jimin’s words fluttered between them as he unbuttoned the first button that laid against Jungkook’s chest, his fingers slowly working their way down the row to each and popping them free. The older gasped as his small warm fingers plunged beneath the cottony fabric and pushed it from his shoulders, allowing the shirt to pool softly on the bed behind him. Jimin skimmed his lips down the sharp angle of the older’s jaw, he nipped gently at his neck before placing hot, open mouth kisses along his shoulder, across his collarbones, down his sculpted chest. Jungkook moaned, his fingers grasped the material of Jimin’s pants as the idol trailed down his body, leaving behind goosebumps with each brush of his luscious lips on the older’s flushed skin.

Jungkook stood and pulled Jimin to his full height, he crashed his lips against the other’s and licked into his panting, hot mouth, his hands roamed up the idol’s slim waist taking his shirt with it, pulling the bunched material over his head and tossing it aside. His hands scorched Jimin’s skin as their lips met again and again, red swollen lips drinking in every moan that escaped from the other’s mouth.

“I love you,” Jungkook whispered as his fingers pulled at the button of Jimin’s pants, the metal clasp popped free as he plunged his fingers into the loose fabric and cupped the idol’s ass, kneading the plump flesh in his hands. “I love you so much.”

Jimin’s breath rasped, his heart hammered in his chest as he tugged and pulled at the belt cinching Jungkook’s jeans, his trembling fingers slipping on the shiny, sleek buckle. He leaned his damp forehead against Jungkook’s burning hot chest and stared down at the treacherous contraption, eyes blinking rapidly as he tried to steady his hands and thread the leather through the clasp, he whimpered as Jungkook squeezed the ample fat of his ass. Jimin whined when the belt finally loosened, his fingers making quick work of the button and zipper, his small fingers pushing the denim over Jungkook’s snug, black boxers, the older’s erection strained against the stretchy material.

His hands came back up to cup the older’s jaw, he whispered words of love against his lips as Jungkook pushed his slacks and boxers over the swell of his ass, the cold air of the room hit his damp skin and erupted goosebumps along his honeyed flesh. Jimin shimmied the material down his legs and kicked them away with his foot, he stepped closer to Jungkook’s warmth, his body radiating heat that drew the smaller in. Jungkook’s large palms smoothed over the silky, naked skin of his back before they grabbed Jimin’s waist and turned the couple, throwing the small idol into the middle of the bed, the younger squeaked as he bounced off the mattress and sunk into the soft, billowy comforter.

Jungkook leaned down and rested his hands across the cool surface of the bed, mattress dipping at his weight as he slowly stalked up toward the naked idol. Jimin trembled at the animalistic gaze that raked over his naked flesh, Jungkook looked at him like he was good enough to eat, that he was going to tear the idol to pieces and put him back together again.

“I love your laugh,” he growled kissing the ball of Jimin’s ankle, he let his nose glide softly up the smaller’s smooth, slender leg.

“I love your smile.” Lips caressed the back of Jimin’s knee, his body was pulled taut, his stomach clenched in anticipation as his cock pulsed heavy against his stomach.

“I love the sounds you make,” he murmured, his hot breath ghosted over Jimin’s throbbing cock as he pressed a kiss to his tight stomach, the idol moaned low and throaty as his back arched off the bed.

“I love how beautiful you are inside and out.” Jungkook’s hot, wet tongue licked up his chest before pressing another kiss to his breastbone. The idol whimpered and squirmed against the smooth, silky sheets, his body flushed pink with each confession from the older, overflowing with want and desire.

“Jimin-ah,” Jungkook pressed the words against red, bitten lips, breathing the words directly into Jimin’s panting mouth, “I love you.”

Jimin whimpered as he swallowed down the words, their tongues slid sensually together, lips caressed and nipped and sucked. Jungkook rolled his hips down against the naked, writhing body beneath him, his hard clothed cock slid against Jimin’s, delicious friction set his body on fire.

“Kookie-hyung… nnnggg, please,” he begged, the idol was strung tight, he was going to combust from the flames that coursed through his body. His nails scratched down Jungkook’s tanned back, small red lines drawn against the older’s smooth skin, the other had barely touched him and he was already on the verge of ecstasy.

“Shh,” Jungkook cooed at the idol, slowing the sinful roll of his hips and sitting up, the distance between the two made him ache. The boy writhed beneath him, his smooth, flawless skin glistened with sweat, his lips puffed up and pouty as he begged the older to please touch him.

Jungkook glanced around the bed and spotted his bag, reaching over and grabbing it off the floor, he plunged his hand in and rummaged around finding what he knew was still there since camping. He tossed the objects onto the bed at Jimin’s feet and quickly shimmied out of his boxers, cock slapping against his abdomen hard and throbbing. He popped the lid of the small bottle of lube and smirked as Jimin whimpered beside him, the small idol’s legs falling open, soft pink hole begging for attention. Jungkook dribbled a small amount of the slippery substance on his fingers and crawled back toward the celestial being laid out on the bed, settling between the idol’s legs he leaned over and pressed hot, open mouth kisses across his stomach as his fingers found the fluttering hole.

Jimin keened and arched off the sheets as the first finger pressed slowly inside, his stomach clenched at the intrusion that felt so, so good, Jungkook’s fingers reached places he never could himself. Jungkook licked a fat stripe up the column of Jimin’s neck as he dragged his finger slowly in and out of the tight, sleek heat, he pressed his lips to the idol’s gasping mouth as he gently pressed a second finger inside. Jimin’s hole sucked his fingers in greedily, his cock pulsed with the need to be deep inside the idol, to watch the younger fall apart.

“I love you,” Jimin moaned against Jungkook’s lips as the older’s fingers dragged deliciously against his hot, sleek walls. Jungkook angled his fingers and pressed against the idol’s prostate, the younger gasping below him as his hole clenched around his long digits.

“Hyung, please.” He whined as pressure built quickly at the base of his spine, his cock jerked against his stomach, neglected and leaking. Jungkook’s fingers rubbed mercilessly against his prostate, the idol’s vision blurred as his skin tingled and heat rushed across his body. Jimin’s muscles tightened, his body as taut as a bowstring as his orgasm raced to him, pleading whimpers bursting from his lips as the older stopped and withdrew his fingers.

“No… Kookie-hyung… please, no, I need…” Jungkook shushed the younger with his lips, swallowing down every whine and moan that passed the plush mounds. He sat back and grabbed the condom that had fallen slightly underneath the idol in his ministrations, making quick work to unwrap it and roll it down his angry, red length, tip oozing precum.

He shuffled forward and took his cock in hand, stroking lube up and down the length before angling it down and pressing his cockhead against Jimin’s puckered rim. Jungkook’s head fell back and groaned as he pushed forward, Jimin’s hole sucking his cock up into its searing warmth, hands grasped the idol’s knees to keep himself upright at the tight, constricting heat that milked his swollen member. Jimin whimpered and moaned below him, body undulating against the sheets as Jungkook pushed forward inch by sweet inch until he was seated fully inside the idol’s addicting walls.

Jungkook fell forward and braced himself over the idol, sweat clung to his brow as his chest heaved and heart hammered against his chest, his cock pulsed desperately, nestled inside Jimin’s velvety walls, tight hole clenching around him.

“I love you, god I love you so much,” Jungkook rasped, brushing his lips against the idol’s panting pout, pulling low, drawn out moans from the other as he dragged his cock out inch by inch before pushing back inside. His hips rolled against the idol, strokes long and deep and slow, Jimin grabbed desperately at his slick skin as their orgasms built quickly.

Jimin murmured ‘I love you’ like a prayer as his vision blacked and his breath caught in his throat, his skin trembled as his cock erupted and painted stripes of hot, sticky cum across their chests and bellies. Jungkook nipped at his swollen bottom lip as his hips jerked erratically against the other, strokes faltering as Jimin’s tight, fluttering hole milked his orgasm from him, blood rushed in his ears as all he could hear was the thundering of his heart. Jungkook collapsed against the idol, their dewy skin stuck against each other as their harsh, rasping breaths echoed through the room.

“Jimin-ah, I love you.” He whispered, lips pressed against the frantic pulse on the idol’s slender neck. Jimin turned his head toward the older, pressing his nose into Jungkook’s damp peachy locks, the other’s musky fragrance enveloped him as he sucked in lungfuls of air.

“I love you, too.”

Jungkook’s fingers glided over the honey, velvet skin from thigh, up over the curve of a hip and back down into the dip of a waist, over and over again. The idol sighed and shifted against the cool, satin sheets, chocolate almond eyes blinked slowly and peered up at him from where Jimin laid against the hotel bed. Jimin shuddered at each feather soft pass, goosebumps pimpled along the surface of his skin as he laid on his arm and stared at the boy across from him. He’d lost track of how much time had passed since they’d entered the room, how many times their bodies had joined in ecstasy, how many times they had whispered words of love against each other’s skin.

The drone of traffic below in the city had faded away, the moon had traveled across the sky and sat low on the horizon, the stars having mapped their journey out across the heavens, Seoul had slept while the pair found each other again. The lovers laid entangled in the disheveled sheets, legs intertwined as their damp, sweat drenched bodies cooled in the cold conditioned air of the room. Jungkook’s phone sat abandoned on the nearby nightstand, he’d read the message from Yoongi earlier in the night, before the pair had jumped into the shower together, and knew the manager would be there soon- that perhaps they should really get up and get dressed. But no matter how much he tried, Jungkook couldn’t move from his spot on the bed, he couldn’t drift far from the celestial boy laid out beside him.

“Baby,” his voice drifted through the quiet hum of the room and drew Jimin’s eyes to him. “Yoongi-ssi will be here soon.”

Jimin sighed as his eyes fluttered closed, the idol rolled to his back and pushed his fingers through his tangled hair. He knew why the manager would be arriving, the decision he would have to make and the subsequent phone call that had the chance to change his life forever. It had weighed heavy on his mind before his vacation, constant phone calls from executives and veiled promises used to convince him to stay, to sign his renewal with the company that had left him an empty shell. Meeting Jungkook had been freeing, the idol hadn’t realized how lifeless and empty he had become until the older had filled him back up. Every word and touch had filled the idol to the brim, overflowing with warmth and love until he was so full he was sure he would burst with all of the emotions the older had made him feel.

“I know…” Jimin’s eyes blinked open and he gazed up at the shadowed ceiling, the first fingers of morning were slowly crawling over the horizon, soon the city would be awake and alive again. Another day had come, the previous afternoon still felt like a dream, though he could feel the warmth of the other beside him… though he heard the words whispered against his skin. A war ravaged inside of him, his heart and soul against the life he had hoped to live… a life he had hoped would bring his parents back to him, to make them proud of their only son. But his weeks at the resort had opened his eyes to a whole new outlook, a horizon that wasn’t littered with his insecurities and fears, to a life with a family he had grown into- into a love he never thought he would ever experience.

“Jungkook-hyung,” he whispered, his eyes fixated on a smudge of dirt against the immaculately white ceiling. Jungkook’s fingers paused their gentle traversing against his skin, waiting for the next words that would fall from the idol’s plush lips. The first hushed sounds of traffic broke the stillness of the room, his stomach clenched as his heart took off inside his chest, words he had swallowed down and pushed aside for so long clawed their way up his throat- begging to be released into the air, to be freed from their prison within his soul.

“I don’t want to renew my contract.”

The pair had finally dragged themselves from the bed, sore and sticky bodies that ached in the most pleasurable of ways as they’d shuffled to the shower together. The warm water cascaded off their naked flesh, hands and lips glided over the slippery surface as the lovers had cleaned the remnants of their night together down the drain. Jimin had whispered his fears against Jungkook’s lips, the wants and desires that swirled through his body that he wanted to fulfill, that he was unsure could be ascertained. He needed the manager to arrive so they could brainstorm, so that Yoongi could tell him that all of these things he wanted could be achieved, that he could live the life he wanted.

Jungkook pulled the smaller boy from the shower, droplets trailed down his skin as water pooled on the floor beneath them. He pulled the other’s warm, damp body against his own and connected their lips, soft, tender touches that spoke volumes through every feather soft caress. He could see the emotions that warred behind the idol’s eyes, the tension that pulled his muscles taut and drew sadness to his face. Jungkook grabbed a large, fluffy towel from the rack near the shower and dried the idol, fluffing his hair and pulling the moisture from his skin, still pink and flushed from the warm water. The pair dressed silently, they knew their guest would be arriving shortly and Jungkook could see Jimin was still deep in thought, his brain miles from where they were as he tried to prepare himself for the events that would occur today. The brisk knock on the door broke them from their reverie, Jimin jumped in his skin and glanced anxiously at the door as Jungkook stood to welcome the manager into their tiny home away from home.


Jungkook had sat silently, supportive of any decision Jimin had wanted to make, while the idol had spoken with Yoongi after his arrival. Words and terms had flown between the two that he didn’t completely comprehend, plans and details hashed out as Jimin decided how his future would lay out before him. Jimin had grabbed his hand and squeezed as the idol sat beside him on the couch, Yoongi articulating the technicalities of this decision, papers spread out on the tiny hotel coffee table- a makeshift office for the business matters at hand. Yoongi had left them briefly to allow Jimin a chance to think through all that had been discussed, some of these decisions could change their relationship… could change their path together.

Jimin worried that they were moving too fast, that a love like theirs couldn’t happen, that he didn’t deserve this happy ending he could so plainly see in sight. But Jungkook had reassured him, with his words and with his touch, this felt right and he would do anything for the idol to be comfortable in the decision he wanted to make. By the time Yoongi had rejoined them, Jimin was certain. He knew what he wanted, he knew who he wanted… who he wanted to be and the future he saw for himself. Now he just needed to make it happen, but with this boy by his side and those who he thought of family behind him, he knew that he could do this- he had found himself again, he knew exactly who Park Jimin was and would be. His eyes swept over the others in the room, his gaze locked with the caring eyes of his manager, the only person who’d cherished him as a person during his time with this company.

“Okay, I’m ready. Yoongi-hyung, please drive me to the company.”

The train swayed gently side to side as it raced down the tracks, the repetitive click-clack of the wheels as they bounced over the rail junctions provided a pleasant, monotonous background noise. The quiet murmurs of conversation blended in with the rushing sound of the wind whipping past the windows of the cabin, curtains drawn to provide privacy for those who sat within. The luscious green landscape and cloudless starry skies of summer hurried past, the mountainous terrain cradling the locomotive as it buzzed through. The world outside was silent and motionless, a layer of light misty fog laid like a cottony blanket over the dewy earth that spread out from the tracks and then sloped up, up, up the mountainside in the distance.

Jimin leaned his head against the darkly tinted window of the private train cabin and watched the sky change as the first warm, golden fingers of sunlight finally stretched over the crest of the mountaintops, the stars fading away as the sky shifted from inky blackness into warm hues of orange and pink flowing into a rich, navy blue. The soft, warm touch across his hand drew his gaze to the boy beside him, he let his eyes linger and trace over the details of his face. Beautifully, large chocolate doe eyes, a prominent nose that scrunched when he smiled or laughed and soft, red kissable lips that beamed down at him. The locomotive raced down the tracks, further and further from the loud, bustling city, from the only home he had known for the remainder of his teenage years- for the beginning of his life as an adult. The last week had been nerve-wracking, the executives at the company had been furious to hear of his decision to no longer renew his contract, to branch out on his own as a solo artist himself with the help of Yoongi by his side. They had pleaded, they had bribed, and they had threatened. He was sad to learn that he’d lost the rights to quite a few of his earlier tracks, but the notebook held safely in his bag guarded his newest words and lyrics and songs, music that was written from the overflowing depths of his heart. He was free, he was free to be whomever he wanted to be, to write or sing or produce, but more importantly to love.

“Baby, are you okay?” Jungkook’s gruff voice broke through his reverie, pulling him from the thoughts that invaded his mind and he blinked, eyes focusing on the bunny smile and love that swirled through dark chocolate pools.

He was terrified of what the future might hold, this new path that he was journeying blind but for the hand grasped tightly around his own. He wanted to see what life had in store for him, the life he would live with this boy by his side, their love fueling their future together. He didn’t know if the decisions he had made were the right ones, if the choice to walk away from his life as an idol to live a simpler life with the one he loved would be enough. But he knew that this feeling felt right. That this boy beside him felt right.

“Yes, I love you.” He breathed, his eyes fluttering closed as the other leaned closer to him, warm breath ghosted over his parted pout.

“I love you too, baby.” Jungkook whispered against his lips.

Everything would be ok… starting today.