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25 Days Of Christmas

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“God, where the fuck are you?”

Yoongi angrily slams his fist against the roof of the car as the other holds his phone, still connected to Namjoon’s voicemail. He’s this close to just jumping in the car to fucking get away from here. And considering there’s an entire trunk of stolen jewelry, it would be clever to do so.

But Yoongi has never left Namjoon hanging and the same goes the other way around.

So, he waits.

He’s nervously chewing on his bottom lip as he tries calling the other again, the voicemail yet again greeting him.

‘Hello, this is Namjoon. I’m currently not available. If it’s urgent, try calling my partner at one, zero—‘

“God dammit!” The car yet again has to take one of Yoongi’s punches. Just when he’s about to start actually searching for Namjoon, Yoongi sees him pop up on the other side of the street.

“Get in the car! Fucking get in the car!”, Namjoon shouts as he runs across the road, sharply dodging a car that he oversaw before crossing.

Yoongi knows he doesn’t have much time to question the other’s behavior and does as told. He quickly starts the car as Namjoon struggles to open the door of the passenger seat, and starts driving when the other has barely pulled both his legs into the vehicle.

“What the actual fuck, Joon?” Yoongi hisses, only sending a quick glare at the other, definitely driving too fast for his eyes to not be on the road right now. If this gets him a ticket, the two of them are fucked.

“Sorry, I, uh, got us food. But I left the store without paying, so-“

“We got credit cards for a reason, you fucking idiot!” Yoongi continues speaking through gritted teeth. “We don’t need to risk getting caught, really.”

“The credit cards are fake!”

“They still work, don’t they?” Yoongi finally slows down the car and risks taking a look at Namjoon. “Listen, I’m not exactly fond of this on-the-run shit either, but if we really want to avoid getting caught, our asses need to be more careful. We got fake IDs and fake credit cards and it all works, but if just one security camera catches our faces, we’re done for.”

He really hates scolding Namjoon, especially with all that they’ve been through. But despite being so god damn smart, that guy sometimes really doesn’t think.

“I’m just wondering”, the younger says after a few moments of silence, “that guy who made this stuff for us-“


“Yeah, whatever. How exactly was he able to create fake credit cards?” Namjoon finally retreats one of the burgers from the paper bags and unwraps it before handing it to Yoongi. “You know, usually to get a credit card, you go to the bank, you make an account, and before they even allow you a credit card, they make sure there’s no debts, right?”

Yoongi gratefully takes the burger, then responds with his mouth full. “I honestly try not to think about it too much. They work, that’s it. Yeah, shit’s illegal but they’re already trying to catch us for a bunch of stuff, might as well lock us up for credit card fraud too.”

“It’s not just credit card fraud, though. It’s identity fraud.” Namjoon now takes a bite of his own burger. “Like, shit, we already are fucked for armed robbery, now this? I imagined this to be more of a Peter Pan thing.”

“Robin Hood, for the thousandth time.” Yoongi can’t help but laugh. “And hey, it still is a Robin Hood thing, we take from the rich and give to the poor. It’s just grown a little bigger than we originally intended.”

“A little”, Namjoon scoffs. “Our parents think we’re dead, we’re faking our identities and sleeping in a different spot every night paying for these damn motels with credit cards we’re not sure who’s paying for them. Shit, we are still stealing. We literally are high class criminals.”

“I wouldn’t exactly say high class. Considering we don’t have a single penny, we’re more like, well, Walmart standard criminals.” Yoongi chews down on his last bite of burger, but nearly spits that out when Namjoon bursts out into loud laughter and he can’t help but join in.

“Listen,” Namjoon says after they’ve recovered from their laughing fit. “I know we’re fucking criminals and probably won’t end up in the same prison when they get us, but just know that there’s no one else on this planet I’d rather be a criminal with than you. I love you.”

When. That’s how they put it. It’s not if. Because an if would indicate that there’s a chance they’d never get caught, and that would be a lie. They know they’re done for eventually, they know they can’t run forever.

None of them would’ve thought this to be as big of a deal as it is now. They started small, Yoongi occasionally stealing some goods from the old people he worked for, and Namjoon cashing in some money from the work register. Hell, Yoongi can’t even remember the turning point, all he knows is that he suddenly owned a gun and held that to the temple of a crying woman as Namjoon collected the diamonds from the shop’s displays which the woman had unlocked seconds before.

And then they ran. With their faces on television and their names on everyone’s lips, they somehow manage to keep up their seemingly never-ending cycle of stealing, selling, buying, giving and hiding without leaving a single footprint behind. At least Yoongi is sure they’re being careful enough.

They talked about stopping, talked about just getting away and hiding somewhere they could grow old together, with their new identities, leaving all of this behind. If you’d ask them why they don’t just stop stealing, at least, neither of them would be able to give you an answer.

There’s definitely a too long silence between Namjoon’s words and Yoongi’s response. “I love you, too.”

“You were thinking.” Namjoon hands him the cup of coke, Yoongi gladly takes it.

He nods. “It’s a clusterfuck. Our entire situation. And we’re not stopping. Fuck, we just aren’t stopping. What the fuck.”

“God, I know.” Namjoon puts his hand on Yoongi’s that’s placed on the gearstick. “Are we meeting with Hoseok today?”

The older nods. “We need to meet him before we get out of Michigan, he’s on his way. Not gonna drive too far with a trunk full of shit.”

“Where are we headed next?”

“Illinois.” Yoongi takes a deep breath. “Let’s just rest for a few days. This constant moving is driving me insane.”

The other hums in agreement and they drive in silence for a while. This is why Yoongi loves Namjoon. He knows when to be silent. And he knows that silence doesn’t necessarily have to be uncomfortable. Sometimes he thinks it’s incredible how, with all of this shit going on, they’re able to keep up their love for each other. But no matter how much Yoongi feels like he’s dying inside, there is always that little flame inside him that is burning just for Namjoon.

They reach their stopover destination by twilight. The black Audi parked in front of the bar is giving away that Hoseok already arrived. As Yoongi shoots him a message to come outside, Namjoon is already walking around the car to retreat the duffel bag of goods from the trunk.

Their buyer doesn’t take long to come outside. He greets them with a giant smile on his face and approaches them in a fast pace. “Got everything?”

“Obviously.” Namjoon hands Hoseok the bag. “You can double check. As promised, no pictures, don’t want to risk someone fishing for us online.”

Hoseok takes the bag and shakes his head. “You guys have never disappointed me. What was it? Ten grand?” He reaches into the inside of his coat and proceeds to pull out a stack of money.

Why on earth he’d carry that amount with him just like that, Yoongi doesn’t know. But he takes the money and quickly hides it in the pocket of his sweater. “Not sure when we’ll be able to meet up next. We’re trying to take it slow for a little while.”

Hoseok hums. “You guys should keep some of that money for yourself, if you ask me. Maybe go on a little vacation or something. Don’t exactly know why you’re still keeping up with this.”

Namjoon huffs a laugh. “Neither do we.”

“I’d ask you to join me inside for a drink or two, but with all these stolen goods I’ve got here, I better get going.” Hoseok turns around on his heels, raising an arm as he tells his goodbye. “Be careful out there, boys.”

They watch him store the bag in his car and wait until he’s driven off before they turn to each other.

“Maybe he’s right”, Yoongi says. Upon Namjoon’s questioning look, he continues. “I’m not thinking about a vacation, but maybe we should at least have a proper dinner for once.”

Namjoon, without hesitation, nods. “God, please.”

They decide to stay at the bar after storing the majority of the money in their glove box. Yoongi has a steak, fries and salad and Namjoon chooses an actual, real burger, as he likes to describe it. Honestly though, no one can blame him after weeks of only eating from fast food chains. It doesn’t seem much to anyone else, but for the two of them it nearly feels like a feast.

As they eat, Yoongi can’t help but notice one of the staffs putting a colorful chain of lights on one of the walls. He looks at the younger, this time making sure to swallow the piece of steak before he speaks.

“It’s Christmas soon.”

Namjoon stops chewing mid-way and looks Yoongi dead in the eye. “And?”

“We’ve been on the run for over a year.”

That makes Namjoon put down his burger and lean back. His eyebrows furrow as he seems to think, eyes focusing on the table. After a long minute or so he looks back at Yoongi. “Fuck.”

Neither of them have realized until now how long it’s really been. It nearly seems like a miracle that they’ve made it this long without getting caught.

“We didn’t celebrate last year.” Yoongi returns to cutting apart his food.

“It’s pointless, isn’t it?” The other huffs a laugh. “We don’t believe in God.”

“But it’s Christmas.” Yoongi sighs. Fair enough, he doesn’t know why he suddenly feels like wanting to celebrate the holiday at least a little. He’s never been a big friend of Christmas, thinking that the only nice thing about it were the scents lingering in the air and the food his mother used to cook on Christmas Eve. He always hated the family dinners and the constant urge to get a present for literally anyone, no matter whether he’d only see them once a year or every day of his life.

This time, though, it feels different. He only has Namjoon now. And Namjoon only has him. The two of them are forced to spend Christmas together anyways, so they can at least celebrate it, no?

Namjoon, however, shakes his head. “Please, don’t.”

So, Yoongi doesn’t.


That night, they make it to Chicago. In the car, Namjoon has made sure to evenly split the money into ten smaller bundles so once they arrive, they can immediately start roaming a few neighborhoods to find the charity organizations they’d chosen beforehand, dropping the cash into the letterboxes.

In the beginning, they’d attached notes to the money with long texts. Nowadays, they only make sure the organizations know it’s a donation, so they save themselves the hassle of trying to figure out what they’re able to use the money for.

When they finally make it to a motel on the outskirts of town, it’s nearly five in the morning.

They don’t talk about Christmas again.


For a few weeks they allow themselves to be lazy, only switching to another motel every other day, mostly though because they’re scared that their credit cards eventually will be exposed as fake if they use them too often. They visit about three motels in every state before moving on to another, and eventually, shortly before Christmas Eve, they find themselves on the other side of the country for the first time ever since they started running.

Both of them coming from California, obviously they have seen snow before, but it doesn’t exactly snow in most parts of their home state. Here in Maryland, there is more snow than they’ve encountered in the previous states. Yoongi and Namjoon have to figure that neither of them have proper clothes with them that could help them with this weather.

They decide to each buy a pair of boots and coats, anxiously making their way through the crowded city. Yoongi comes to figure that he’s completely lost track on time, so when he stands before one of the store fronts, he’s a little taken aback that Christmas is tomorrow. Or, well, Christmas Eve.

“Didn’t we meet up with Hoseok at the end of November?” He furrows his brows at Namjoon, who just nods. “How the fuck does time pass this quickly?”

The other chuckles. “Guess time is rushing when you’re on the run.” He grabs Yoongi’s arm and pulls him along with him, trying to get away from the crowd of people as quickly as possible. “Let’s get out of here. Too many people that could know our faces.”

Yoongi almost says something, but doesn’t get the chance to with the pace Namjoon is dragging him towards a side alley. He’d love to stay in the city some more, he’s pretty sure no one would recognize them, given the fact that these white people can barely tell one Asian from another. But Namjoon is right, they shouldn’t risk it.

They find a motel near the highway and Namjoon groans when he first sees the room interior. Yoongi can’t help but smile, it’s almost as though the younger is defeated.

There’s Christmas lights badly hung up across the walls, and in the middle of the room stands a generously decorated Christmas tree.

“They can’t be serious!” He throws the bag with his new belongings onto the bed. “Oh fuck, there even is fake snow sprayed onto the windows!”

Yoongi clears his throat, trying to keep himself from laughing. “It seems like the Universe wants you to grant me a wish.”

“We are not going to celebrate Christmas.” Upon seeing Yoongi’s face, Namjoon sighs. “Listen, I love you, and maybe I would celebrate with you if our situation wasn’t thoroughly fucked up. Like, what do you wish for as a present, huh? Mental stability and your real name back? Sorry, can’t give you that.”

“No”, Yoongi snaps back, “I just want to spend a nice night with a boyfriend as we haven’t had one in a while. Down some eggnog, give each other stupid, meaningless gifts, maybe watch that dumb football game, eat some good food and then have mind blowing sex. But it’s okay, we’re not celebrating Christmas, I guess.”

They don’t talk that night. It’s painfully quiet when Yoongi gets out of the shower to figure that Namjoon is fast asleep. He gets into bed, face towards the window, and can’t help thinking about how Christmas was like with his family. Yeah, he keeps telling himself he hated it, and maybe back then he really did hate it, but right now he’d die for a chance to spend the holidays with them. It’s the first time in over a year that Yoongi catches himself wishing his mum was here with him.

Maybe he should go into the city tomorrow and find one of those call boxes to give his mother a call. He remembers Namjoon’s words from a few weeks ago, when he said their parents think they’re dead. Do they really? Or are they just hoping for a life sign?


The next morning, Yoongi actually puts on his new boots and coats. Namjoon almost looks too silly with that much confusion written on his face.

“Where are we going?” He’s already on his way to get up from the tiny sofa.

Yoongi shakes his head. “I just quickly need to do something. You stay here. I’ll be back in an hour or so.”

On his way out, the cleaning lady wishes him a good morning and Yoongi salutes her. It takes a few tries to start the car - obviously, it’s cold and that damn thing is way too old - but once it finally does Yoongi drives further into the city, taking the vehicle through some of the streets hoping to find what he is looking for.

Eventually, he does. There’s a call box next to the parking lot of a small convenience store. He parks the car and walks over, scramming his pockets for a few loose coins to use. When he reaches for the earpiece, a rush of anxiety overcomes him.

Yoongi catches himself to think logically for a second. Him and Namjoon are literally wanted criminals who have been on the run for a year. When they’d left, their entire hometown was plastered with their faces, every television channel showed them on the news. They’d locked the borders to try and stop them from leaving the state - exactly one day too late, though. How could he be sure they’re not monitoring his parents’ phone line? If they are, they will be able to hear every word and in the worst case this call will allow them to trace him down.

He can’t risk that.

Yoongi drops his hand again. This was a stupid idea.

He turns around to face the convenience store. He’s already out here, so he might as well do some purchases. He nods at the store clerk who’s wearing a silly Santa hat, then walks down one of the aisles. He grabs a pack of beer and a few snacks along with some stuff Namjoon would definitely get if he were here with him, on his way to the cash register he makes sure to buy two postcards and stamps. If he can’t call his family, he might as well write to them, just this once.

For some reason, Yoongi doesn’t feel like returning to the motel yet. He makes sure to send Namjoon a message saying he needs some alone time before searching for a park nearby. He takes a stroll around the lake, then figures that it’s too cold to stay out here any longer and visits a coffee shop not too far away.

There he stays for a while, reading one of the books that laid on the table upon arriving, until it’s starting to get dark outside. He can’t even remember the last time he allowed his head to be this empty for hours, just focusing on words written on a page, letting his mind drift to other places.

Eventually, though, he does have to get back to the motel. When he steps inside the room, first thing he notices is that Namjoon seems to have plugged in all the lights again after unplugging them the night before. Then he spots the other sitting on the couch, looking dressed up? No, that can’t be right.

When Namjoon notices Yoongi’s presence, he jumps to his feet, crosses the distance between them and quickly put a kiss on the older’s lips.

“I’ve been thinking”, he says. “I think that I wasn’t considerate enough with you and I’m sorry for that. If you want to celebrate, I don’t mind doing so.”

Yoongi nearly tears up at those words and suddenly feels bad for being out for too long. “Are you sure?”

Namjoon nods and smiles, then quickly turns around to walk over to the coffee table. Yoongi just now notices that there seem to be plates wrapped into tin foil and two little packets wrapped in newspaper. Next to it are a bottle of eggnog and two glasses.

“I asked the owner where I could get a good Christmas dinner. She gave us some of the family’s own. They’re good people.” Namjoon smiles brightly. “Oh, and also eggnog. I couldn’t find beer for some reason, and you had the car, so, yeah.”


Yoongi seems to finally snap out of the shock, corners of his lips turning into a smile as he lifts up the grocery bag. “I got beer. And snacks.”

Namjoon excitedly claps upon hearing those words. “Amazing! Let’s watch the game, then!”

They both settle on the couch and start eating. Yoongi can’t remember the last time he had a home made meal, well, sort of. And he surely can’t remember the last time he’s seen Namjoon so talkative.

They talk about Christmas with their families and how hard it was for Namjoon’s dad to get used to American Christmas traditions after leaving South Korea. His dad hated the American way of celebrating until he got into football, so from then on all their Christmas dinners were built around that damn game.

“My family never had those issues”, Yoongi explains. “When they came from Korea, my mum and dad didn’t have enough money for an own stay, so they moved in with an American family, they taught them the traditions right away.”

They talk more, about relatives they’d only ever seen on Christmas and would get absolutely shitfaced from the eggnog, telling awkward stories nobody ever wanted to hear. So, when they finish eating Namjoon reaches for the bottle.

“Perfect time for some eggnog, don’t you think?” Yoongi forgot how much he hates but also loves the taste of eggnog, they both really don’t drink a lot of that stuff before switching to beer. “Before we watch the game, I want to give you your presents.”

Yoongi doesn’t know what on earth Namjoon could have possibly gotten him. But when he receives the first item, terribly wrapped in newspaper, he starts to feel incredibly warm. He tears the paper apart and swallows as a stack of CDs is revealed to him.

When they’d left, they had to leave everything behind, including Yoongi’s music collection which included a lot of his favorite CDs. In his hands, there are now three of those. All by Epik High.

“Joon, I-“

“I was actually going to give them to you for your birthday. I found them in Colorado a few weeks ago. But given the fact that you wanted to celebrate Christmas and nobody knows how long we’re going to be able to keep this whole thing up, here you go.” Namjoon quickly reaches out to take the second package from the table, then hands that to Yoongi as well. “Open the other one.”

Yoongi is definitely tearing up as he carefully puts the CDs aside and takes the other package. It’s very small, and as he opens it it nearly slips out of his fingers. When a red box is revealed, he gasps. “Is that-“

“No, I bought it”, Namjoon interrupts him. “It’s none of the stuff we stole. Just open it.”

When Yoongi does, he finds a necklace inside the box, with a little, hexagonal locket attached to it. He immediately figures that it can be opened, so he retreats the necklace from the box and fumbles on the locket until the sides slide apart. Inside is room for two pictures.

On one side, there is a picture of Yoongi’s mother, he remembers that Namjoon took it the day they went to Disney World. On the other side is a picture of him and Namjoon, happily smiling into the camera, before all of this bullshit began. Namjoon is wearing his work uniform on the picture, Yoongi his usual, plain, black sweater. It was taken on Yoongi’s birthday last year.

“This is beautiful.” His voice is shaking when he speaks, that’s when he realizes he’s crying. “It’s really, really beautiful. Thank you.” He leans in to kiss Namjoon, then buries his head in the crook of the other’s neck.

“I thought that I should give you something you can keep to remember when we’re not together anymore.” Namjoon deeply inhales. “Like, we know this won’t be holding on forever, so, this way you can keep me with you. And your mother, too.”

Yoongi sniffs and eventually sits up straight again. “I got you something, too. It’s dumb and not as meaningful as your presents but, yeah, I got you something.”

He reaches into the grocery bag from earlier and takes out two rather badly-looking bags of chips. Well, they don’t exactly contain chips anymore, as Yoongi fed those to the ducks in the park. He used the bag to wrap up whatever he got Namjoon. The younger laughs as he sees Yoongi’s bad attempt at gift-wrapping.

He’s still laughing as he receives the bags from Yoongi, who can barely hold himself from joining in on Namjoon’s laughter, that is only getting louder when he is pulling out the first item - a book, to be precise - and looks at it thoroughly.

“Fair enough”, he wheezes out, “that’s not half as much grease on the pages as one might expect there would be.”

Yoongi snorts. “Listen, it’s all I got. Give me a break.”

Namjoon reads the back of the book for the summary. “It’s been so long since I read a book, fuck. This sounds good. Thank you.”

“Yeah, yeah, open the other one.” He impatiently shifts in his spot.

Namjoon reaches into the second bag and pulls out a small bottle, immediately starting to laugh again when he figures what it is. “So, you’re doing us both a favor, huh?” He looks at the bottle again. “You know, considering how you packed that gift, we could use the bottle itself to-“

“Shut up, oh my god.” Yoongi finally lets loose and starts laughing out loud. Fair enough, it wasn’t his best idea to wrap his gifts in empty chips bag. He’s lucky if the bottle of lube doesn’t slip out of Namjoon’s hands when he’s trying to use it. “It’s not a lot, but I didn’t expect you to change your mind.”

“It’s perfect. Perfect for me because I actually already have everything someone in a situation like me could have.” Namjoon smiles. “I got you.”

“Pf.” Yoongi grunts. “I’m a grumpy old man with severe anger issues.”

“But you’re my grumpy old man with severe anger issues.”


They watch exactly ten minutes of that stupid football game. They definitely don’t care about sports enough, and caring way too much about each other. Yoongi ends up straddling Namjoon’s lap even before anything interesting can happen on the television.

Now, with Yoongi harshly biting down on Namjoon’s bottom lip, the younger groans at the pressure on his crotch as Yoongi grinds down on him, hard.

It’s definitely been too long since the two of them had sex, which seems to be the main reason they’re so responsive to each other now, their movements harsh and frantic. To be fair, though, the two of them don’t really do soft. It’s always hard and loud and fast, leaving both of them dizzy when they’re done.

So it doesn’t come as a surprise when Yoongi looks up at Namjoon as he lays on his back, teary-eyed as the younger fucks his throat. It doesn’t come to a surprise when Yoongi fails to hold back on his loud moans, joining in on Namjoon’s to quickly fill the room even when there seems to be a passerby stopping at their window for a second, but passes on quickly. It doesn’t come as a surprise that with each smack Namjoon puts to Yoongi’s upper thigh, the older one whines out in pleasure, bucking his hips up.

Namjoon eventually pins Yoongi’s hands to the mattress just above his head, using just one hand, as his other arm is helping him find support on the surface. He thrusts inside him, hard, and Yoongi swears he can see the gates of heaven in front of his eyes as the other’s movements grow faster and every thrust seems to be sending a jolt through his entire body. He eventually comes untouched, harshly biting down on his bottom lip as he erupts on his stomach, moans turning into loud scream as Namjoon keeps fucking into him, chasing his own release now.

When the younger finally reaches his high, he needs to remove his hands from Yoongi’s wrists, leaving the other a chance to move his hands up to Namjoon’s nipples so he can pinch them, making his boyfriend tremble, barely capable of keeping his body up. Yoongi whines as Namjoon thrusts in a few more times, accompanied by loud moans, which probably leads their next door neighbor to put three loud bangs against the wall.

Eventually, Namjoon collapses on Yoongi, which seems a bit suffocating given the fact that the younger is much larger in body size. He doesn’t pull out yet, though, just bathes in the feeling of Yoongi’s fingertips running over the skin on his back ever so slightly.


He chuckles as Namjoon pulls out and rolls into the space next to him. “Merry Christmas, huh?”

Namjoon smiles at him. “Merry Christmas, love.”



They leave the state the next morning, knowing very well that families inside their homes are now celebrating Christmas properly, unwrapping gifts under the tree and spending the day with their families.

Yoongi looks at Namjoon. He is his family now.

He’d shown him the postcards before they left and they both wrote a little something for their families, deciding to drop the cards off at a letter box shortly before the state border.

Namjoon has said it last night. No one knows how long they are going to be able to keep this up. But for as long as they have each other, no matter how bad their situation might be, Yoongi is certain they can work their way through it.

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"I'm sorry, mister. There's nothing we can do, the last call was 20 minutes ago, the aircraft is already on the runway.”

Yoongi's shoulders slump, his head lowering as he mumbles a thank you to the poor woman behind the counter. She has to work on Christmas Eve, whereas Yoongi is now stranded in Tokyo, no other flight available anymore to get to Seoul this afternoon. 

He pulls his travel bag up his shoulder again and moves over to a row of benches, letting himself crash down on it.

This must be a nightmare, he decides. His entire family is waiting for him, especially his younger siblings, since they haven't seen him at all before he went on this six month long work trip.

Fumbling with his phone in his hand, Yoongi doesn't have the courage yet to call them and let them know that this will be the third Christmas dinner he is going to miss due to work.

Instead, he looks for a hotel to stay the night at, despite knowing there's no point in doing so. It's Christmas, after all.

And as he scrolls through pages of pages with the words “no rooms available” written on them, the anger boils up even more. Anger at himself mostly, for always pushing his schedule way too far and working too much. Sacrificing all this time just to have a few more coins on his bank account at the end of the month.

It's no surprise, he thinks to himself, growing up with basically nothing, wearing second-hand clothes, sometimes only eating noodles for breakfast, dinner and lunch. Of course he values money a lot more now, especially since he can finally give back to his parents. He wants to thank them for all they've done for him growing up, even if he can only do that with his monthly paychecks to them. 

There are now actual tears welling up in his eyes and Yoongi groans to himself. 

“Hey, you okay over there?”

Yoongi nearly topples over at the voice. He hasn't noticed someone sitting down next to him at all. The whole airport is pretty much empty, all flights for the day have already left, the last employees at the check-in counters are now gathering their stuff and head off to their own Christmas celebrations.

“I-I ...”

“You missed the flight to Seoul, too?”

Yoongi watches over the stranger, a young man, maybe about his age, a very cute nose and inviting eyes centering his soft face. He has fluffy brown hair with a few highlights Yoongi can make out beneath the cap he's wearing. The way he's sitting leaned forward onto his suitcase, arms perched on top of it to hold his head, looks very endearing to the other.

“How do you know?” 

“Saw you running towards the check-in, where I just lost my own chance at making the flight five minutes prior to you. Just got myself a coffee, that's probably why you didn't see me.”

The stranger points over to the coffee machine, the only thing besides the vending machine filled with snacks, where you could still buy anything at the moment. All other shops already already closed up. 

“Ah, I'm sorry you didn't make your flight,” Yoongi smiles at him in empathy, then just nods.

The other chuckles at him shortly, before a deep sigh comes from within his chest.

“I guess you've already seen yourself that there are no hotels available in the area, so looks like it's just the both of us. On Christmas. In an airport.”

Yoongi huffs as a sort of a reply. 

“I'm Hoseok, by the way.” The man offers Yoongi his hand and the other takes a second before moving down the row of the bench, until he is next to him and accepts it, shaking the hand with a firm grip to it.


They look at each other for a second, then break out in light laughter, the ridiculousness of the situation they're trapped in seeming just too much.


So they talk for a bit, seeing the last employees of the airport leaving, all check-in counters completely empty now. Yoongi learns that Hoseok also planned on making it to a Christmas celebration, but not necessarily a family one.

“I lead this dance crew for children in need. The classes are free, everyone can come and the whole idea is funded by donations, I make no money from it at all. It's just a thing that's very close to my heart.”

While Hoseok tells his story, Yoongi definitely feels a twist in his stomach, a short need to share his own struggles during childhood, but he doesn't want to make the situation about himself.

“That's really nice of you to do that,” he offers instead, an honest smile forming on his face. Hoseok's cheeks turn slightly pink as he scratches the back of his head.

“It's nothing, really. I'm single anyway, so I have lots of free time.”

Yoongi simply nods, not sure what he should reply to that. The other leans back in his seat, now propping his feet up on his suitcase.

“So, yeah. We had this Christmas party planned for tonight where the kids could stay up until midnight to then open their presents. It's mostly orphans or kids from broken homes that don't have anywhere else to go during the holidays. I mean, the party is still happening, my friends make sure of that, it's just bittersweet that I can't be there.”

Yoongi feels a bit stupid, his mind at loss for words, as he looks at this stranger in awe, offering a place for those in need at times he could just gladly spend with his own family. Before he has a chance to come up with something lame, Hoseok turns towards him again.

“Okay, that's enough about me. What's up with you? Any plans for today?”

So Yoongi tells him about the family dinner he now can't make due to him always being busy with work and not prioritizing the more important stuff in life. He doesn't go further into detail about that though, not wanting to bore the other man. 

Hoseok, however, pats Yoongi's arm in empathy, clearly understanding that there's more to it. Probably because Yoongi is not good at hiding his real emotions, still very much upset about the incident. 

“I need to call them and let them know, still haven't done that,” Yoongi then excuses himself and gets up, leaving his luggage behind. He is pretty sure he can trust the other one with it.


The call is quick, Yoongi does not want to risk tearing up as he explains to his sister that he won't make it. He tells her to not to give his presents to others yet, he wants to do that himself when he gets there the next day. After that they quickly hang up, the disappointment in his sister's voice clearly there.

“Yoongi, we should definitely book our flights for tomorrow before another disaster happens,” Hoseok greets him, when the other slumps back down in his seat.

“Oh,” he only mumbles. He’d clearly forgotten about that.

So Hoseok pulls out his tablet from his backpack, quickly searching for a flight. Without even asking Yoongi, he books them two seats for the earliest flight to Seoul the next day, even making sure they’re sitting next to each other. Yoongi doesn't complain, not at all. He's glad he has someone by his side to take his mind off for a minute. 

After the flight is arranged, they decide on walking around for a bit, looking at the shop's windows, telling each other what they got their families and friends for Christmas. As they take a stop in front of the book store, Yoongi has a lot to say, since he mostly likes to gift books. 

Hoseok watches him with bright eyes, not a single bit bored about what Yoongi has to say about self-help books, or biographies that have left a deep impression on him.

And it's nice. Nice to speak so openly with a stranger, who weirdly enough doesn't feel like a stranger at all. Hoseok makes him laugh a lot, lifting the overall mood and somewhere in the back of his head he's thankful. Thankful that their paths crossed like this, finding joy despite the upsetting situation.

Even if it's weird, Yoongi has this need to gift something to Hoseok, show him that he's glad he's spending the night with him out here on the airport. Considering that every shop is closed by now, it's difficult.

“I'm hungry,” the other man sighs as they find themselves in another lounging area, the whole place to themselves.

“Yeah, would be nice to have a proper Christmas dinner right now,” Yoongi joins the whining, rubbing his growling stomach. When Hoseok only stares dreamily into the distance, probably thinking about delicious food, the older one is suddenly hit by an idea. He jumps out of his seat and quickly searches for his wallet.

“What are you on about, Yoongi?”

He only chuckles at the other, sending him a wink, “I'll be back in a second.”

It's probably the most stupid thing Yoongi has ever done, but he doesn't mind. He has the money.

So Yoongi runs back to the check-in counters, the still lit up vending machine illuminating the vacant space. And then he goes to town, buying so many sweets and snacks, that he curses himself for not taking his bag with him. What he has to get, though, is every single Snickers bar in that machine, since Hoseok mentioned that it's his favorite. 

It counts as a Christmas gift, right?

On his way back to the lounging area, he might drop a few bags of crisps and jellies. It takes Yoongi a lot of effort to pick them up again and get everything back safely.

Hoseok's eyes grow to the size of two full moons as Yoongi drops all the snacks into one of the seats, beaming at the other.

“Dinner is served!”

“Oh my god,” he begins to laugh, his cute nose scrunching up and there it is again, Yoongi's stomach twisting at the sight of that. 

“This is so incredibly sweet!”

Yoongi chuckles, putting his pretty much empty wallet back into his backpack, then sitting down next to Hoseok, eyes flickering over all the possible options. “Yeah, of course. It's mostly candy.”

Hoseok keeps on laughing, a hand coming to Yoongi's thigh, “No, I meant that it's very sweet of you to do that.”

The older one looks down into Hoseok's face, the bright expression making him feel happy instantly. His mood so contagious.

With a smirk Yoongi reaches behind himself, pulling out the eight Snicker bars out of the pocket of his pants, handing them over.

“I even got you a little Christmas present. Merry Christmas, Hoseok.”

All the candy falls down to the ground when Hoseok jumps up, throwing himself into Yoongi's space. Yoongi lets out a little “ woah ” and next thing he knows, Hoseok's lips are on his, catching him in a very sweet kiss. A kiss to which the assortment of candies could never compare.

“You're so sweet, Yoongi,” the younger one mumbles, pulling away, eyes searching all over Yoongi's face, most likely searching for any sign of disagreement to what Hoseok just did.

However Yoongi can only smile at him, stomach turning in all ways possible. He wants to say so much in that moment, especially about faith and luck bringing the two of them together. An upsetting situation turning into something so beautiful. However, he feels like it would make this lighthearted and happy moment too heavy for now.

So he opts for another reply, something very much important.

“Make sure to save your number into my phone, I want to see you after the holidays.”

Hoseok only agrees with another kiss, possibly squishing a candy bar underneath him. 

It's okay. 

Yoongi later finds another one in his pocket.

Chapter Text

There are a lot of things that Hoseok loves about Jimin. However, right now, Jimin deciding to take a trip into the mountains in the middle of winter isn’t one of them. Especially now that their car has broken down on a seemingly empty street. They’ve been out here for two hours now and not a single car has passed them since then.

“God, Jimin, get off that rock and stop trying to search for a signal!” Hoseok slams the hood of the trunk close and wraps himself into one of the blankets he just took out.

Jimin pouts and hops off the rock in one swift movement and joins his boyfriend by the car, taking the second blanket Hoseok is handing him now and wrapping it around himself. “This is a mess. All I wanted was a nice weekend.”

“Yeah”, the other scoffs in response, “seems like we’re going to have a nice weekend in our car before we get snowed in and die.”

Jimin’s eyes widen. “What do you mean, die? We’re not going to stay out here forever!”

“What I’m trying to say is that there was a snow forecast for the weekend and we’re currently out here on a dead road with nowhere to go.” Hoseok turns around to face the street. “Look at this! We could put a tent on that damn road and camp out here for a decade without a car passing us.”

“I just don’t get it,” the younger says, completely ignoring the other’s words, looking back down at his phone, “usually you can at least make an emergency call when there’s no signal. But there’s nothing.”

“How many more times do you want to check that stupid phone?” Hoseok leans against the car now, breathing deeply to not lose his temper entirely.

“Hey, will you stop snapping at me now?” Jimin glares at his opposite. “I told you to get that damn car checked, and you assured me that it was gonna survive the trip. Besides, fighting really won’t get us anywhere.”

The older pinches the bridge of his nose and nods. “You’re right, you’re right. Im sorry.” For the first time since the car broke down Hoseok properly checks out the area. His eyes soon get stuck on the forest that’s down the hill. “Do you think there’s a hut there, or something?”

“You want to break into someone else’s house?” Jimin raises his eyebrows at him.

“Well, sure as hell better than freezing to death.”

So, Jimin takes the backpack with their food supplies for the journey - two sandwiches and a bottle of water - out of the car before they lock it and try finding a way to get down the hill into the woods.

It’s a struggle to get down there and both Jimin and Hoseok curse themselves for always choosing to be fashionable over being safe, because then maybe they’d wear proper hiking shoes. On the other hand, though, none of them really expected to go on a hike this weekend.

“You’re aware that we both have a terrible sense of direction, right?” Jimin shoots a worried look at Hoseok. “We’ll never find back to our car like this.”

The older pouts, then nods. “You’re right. But maybe if we remember a certain spot that we could see from afar-“

“Yeah, remember when we got lost at Lotte World using that technique?” Jimin raises an eyebrow.

“Fine. Give me my sandwich.”

“What do you want to do? Nail it to a tree?” Despite the doubt, Jimin reaches into the backpack to take out one of the sandwiches that’s wrapped in tin foil.

“No, dumbass”, Hoseok responds as he takes it and removes the foil, “we’ll leave breadcrumbs.”

For a second, Jimin just watches Hoseok take apart the sandwich in his hands, repeatedly opening and closing his mouth, unsure of what to say. “Fine, as long as you can see them. God knows I can’t, I didn’t bring my glasses and my contacts are in the car.”





They make their way like that for a while, Hoseok only leaving the smallest pieces of bread behind them, until they reach a small glade. By now, both their feet, hands and faces are terribly cold and Jimin has complained about needing to rest for at least half an hour.

“Want a piece of my sandwich?” They’re sitting on the floor now, next to each other, leaning against a large tree. Jimin is sure this will get at least one of them a cystitis, but his legs are too heavy to complain. The bigger problem is that it’s close to dusk, the two of them have been walking for a long while and there was still no shelter in sight.

They share the sandwich in silence and Hoseok wonders what’s going on in Jimin’s brain. He saved most of his last four monthly payments to be able to afford this trip, and now he’s stuck in the middle of nowhere and that cozy, warm hotel room he booked is staying empty for the night.

“I’m sorry.” Hoseok nudges Jimin, who looks at him all confused. “You really deserved a nice weekend.

The other sighs. “Oh, well. Shit happens. And sometimes shit is having to give up a hotel room that costs two hundred quids a night. Are you sure we shouldn’t just get back to the car? It’s getting dark.”

“Maybe we should stay here”, Hoseok says. “Can’t see the crumbs when it’s dark, and I honestly don’t know the way back.”

Jimin is glad he put the blankets into his backpack earlier, so at least they will be having a little warmth. They snuggle up against each other on their spot against the tree, blankets wrapped around them. “It’s cold,” Jimin mumbles.

“God, I know. Hey, didn’t your mum give you those pocket warmers?”

“I left them at home. Didn’t think we’d need them.” In this very moment, Jimin is filled with regret.

So they sit there for an hour or so, feeling helpless and cold, not even bothering when it starts snowing, rather busy with trying to keep each other warm. It’s only when there’s already a thin layer of snow covering the ground when Hoseok finally jumps up. “Fuck!”

Jimin flinches and looks up at him. “What’s wrong?”

“The breadcrumbs, Jimin! How will we see them when everything is covered in snow?” Hoseok clearly panics, and Jimin can feel it creeping up inside him, as well. “Your phone torch. Turn it on.”

The younger takes the phone from his jacket pocket and unlocks it, just to watch the screen turn entirely black. “That’s impossible! It was at fifty percent when I last checked the time.” He figures the battery must’ve unloaded due to the cold.

“Shit, shit, shit, shit.” Hoseok puts his hands to the back of his head and turns around. Even if he tried, he couldn’t guess the direction they’d have to walk in to get back to their car. He should’ve remembered the snow forecast. He should’ve known that the treetops aren’t close enough to keep the snow from hitting the ground. “God, I’m so dumb.”

“Shhh, babe, you aren’t.” Jimin stays sat on the floor, but also looks around to maybe see something, anything. “Your idea was great, it just wasn’t- wait, what’s that over there?”

Hoseok can’t see it from where he’s standing, but when he kneels down next to Jimin and looks at the direction his boyfriend is pointing at, he sees it, too. “Is that light?”

They hurry to get up, nearly leaving behind their blankets as they rush across the glade, just to disappear on the other side between the trees. It doesn’t seem too far away, but they need to follow the light for a whole ten minutes to figure out that it’s a window. A real window belonging to a real house. As they come to a halt in front of the house, they suspiciously eye it for a few minutes, not saying a word.

Hoseok is the first one to speak. “Tell me I'm stupid and this doesn’t look like gingerbread.”

“I- I can’t.” Jimin walks towards the house.

Hoseok thinks to take a closer look as he’s not wearing his glasses, but when the younger breaks off a part of the house that looks like a candy cane, he freaks out. “Jimin,” he whispers, “get the fuck back here. You can’t just just destroy someone else’s house.”

Jimin, however, stays in his spot and looks Hoseok dead in the eye as he lifts the candy cane shaped something to his mouth and peeks his tongue out to lick at it. The tongue touches it once and then, when Jimin doesn’t seem to be sure of what he just tasted, he wraps his lips around it. The older watches him for a few seconds before Jimin finally takes it from his mouth and looks at him, wide-eyed. “Bro, that’s an actual candy cane.”

Hoseok rolls his eyes into the back of his head. “Yeah, and I’m Barack Obama.” To that, Jimin comes over and hands him the candy, he takes it and licks at it, sure his boyfriend will be laughing at him actually attempting to see if he’s right. What Hoseok doesn’t expect, though, is that Jimin is telling the truth. “What the fuck.”

Jimin returns to the house and breaks off a rather big piece of the windowsill - which is way too easy for this to be an actual house - while Hoseok just stands there, nervously glancing at the lit up window on the other side. He can’t help but admire Jimin’s courage to just bite down on that piece, with no worries about whether it’s going to break his teeth.

The older rapidly blinks when he figures that Jimin is indeed just biting down on the piece, and then chews on the stuff in his mouth, eyes widening in disbelief once more. “That’s gingerbread! Oh my god, actual fucking gingerbread.”

Hoseok lifts a finger to his lips to tell Jimin to lower his voice, but it seems to be too late for that now, as there’s sounds coming from inside the house. Jimin quickly shuffles to his boyfriend’s side, the piece of gingerbread windowsill still in his hand. As the door opens, they hear a voice.

“What pretties have come to my house tonight?”

The boyfriends share a look with eyebrows raised, Jimin seems to swallow down the bit of gingerbread he’s been chewing on. Their eyes return to the door that is now fully opened and reveal the silhouette of a tall man. Hoseok can only make out bits of his face in the dark, the light behind the man too bright for his eyes. He’s sure Jimin can’t see shit.

“Uhm, h-hello”, Hoseok stammers, then nervously bites down on his bottom lip. “Our car got stuck on the road, we’re trying to find shelter for the night.”

“Huh? What road?” The man steps out of the doorframe and approaches them, slowly.

“The one up on the hill?” Hoseok can’t miss the way Jimin stiffens next to him.

“The next road from here is a march of an entire day, how long exactly have you been walking, my dear?” The man comes to a halt in a safe distance to them.

His words aren’t making any sense, though. Subtracting their little break on the glade, Hoseok have only been on their feet for what, four hours? The stranger must not know of the street so close to him. “No, we only walked for a few hours. It’s not as far as you seem to think.”

The man shakes his head, lips pressed to a firm line. “There’s no road. Maybe you crossed a few hidden enchantments. I would know, I lived here for years and - wait, what’s that in your hand?” Jimin flinches as the man crosses the distance between them and grabs his wrist, lifting up the hand that’s still holding on to the gingerbread. “Are you eating my house? Is that what you humans do on the seek for help? Destroy someone else’s property?”

He’s almost screeching that last part of his question, obviously upset. Hoseok nervously shuffles in his place as the stranger’s words ring in his ears. What’s that supposed to mean, anyways? Enchantments? You humans?

“See,” Jimin finally seems to be able to say, voice shaky, “it looked like gingerbread so we- we wanted to figure out. It’s not very common to see a house like this. I- I’m sorry.”

The stranger let’s go of Jimin’s wrist, the piece of gingerbread falling to the ground as his hand rushes down.

“My god, you think that is a reasonable explanation?” He crosses his hands in front of his chest. “No, I’m not taking your half-assed apology. We’ll have to settle on how you’re going to make up for it.”

“Uhm,” Hoseok interferes, “we don’t really have a lot of money, so-“

“Pah! I don’t want your cursed human money! In my world we settle things another way.” The stranger turns on his heels and starts walking back towards the house. “Now come on in, its cold out here. Dinner is almost ready.”

Hoseok knows that it’s not wise to enter the stranger’s house after he was so upset about their little food-tasting, but he’s really not sure what else to do. It’s dark, they’re in the middle of nowhere and he’s sure that they will freeze to death if they attempt staying in the woods for the night. As they follow the stranger inside, Jimin takes ahold of Hoseok’s hand, holding on to it tightly.

When they step inside, a small living area is spread in front of them. There’s a wooden kitchen table with a corner bench in one corner, an old, bent bookshelf in another and a rather terribly looking, dark purple sofa opposite to it. What makes Hoseok think that’s he’s turned insane is the kitchen by the wall, where there’s a big pot of boiling something that seems to stir itself. He closes his eyes and shakes his head to clear his mind, but when he looks at the pot again, the wooden spoon is still stirring, all by itself, hovering in the air.

The stranger orders them to sit down on the corner bench, both of them seem to scared to disobey.





It’s weird, it really is. They’re sitting at a table eating soup and bread, the stranger opposite them not eating a bite but instead resting his hands on the table, the many rings clattering on the wood whenever he moves his fingers. He’s just watching them thoroughly, which leaves a very strange feeling in Hoseok’s gut.

When they’re finally done eating and Jimin puts his spoon down with shaking hands, their opposite sighs. “So, let’s settle.” They both look at him and he continues speaking. “You’re going to work for me. There’s a lot of overdue tasks in and around the house. I’m sure you should be done in a week, and then you’ll be free to leave again.”

“Excuse me, did you say a week?” Both of Jimin’s hands turn into fists on the table. “Our car is going to be up there for the entirety of that time. We have lives and jobs to return to.”

“Should’ve thought of that before you ate my house.” The man purses his lips, looking down at his his hands.

“There’s no fucking way you can keep us here for a week. I ate a piece of gingerbread, because you live in a gingerbread house, which is already crazy to begin with.” Jimin gets up and looks at Hoseok, whose heart feels like it’s about to drop out of his ass. “We’re leaving. Thanks for the dinner, Sir, but this isn’t happening.”

Hoseok doesn’t know where Jimin’s sudden outbreak of courage is coming from, but he’s rather glad his boyfriend took the wheel now. He quickly gets up and hurries after the younger who is now making his way towards the door. When they’re about to reach it, Jimin already reaching out for the very chocolate-y looking handle, their way is suddenly blocked by the purple sofa that seems to have made its way from its spot to the door all by himself.

“Now you listen to me, little human.” They both look at the sofa in disbelief. There’s no way it could’ve moved from its spot like that. Hoseok feels like he’s going to snap out of a dream in a few seconds. He tells himself it’s okay, this isn’t real. They both turn around to face the stranger. “You came into my territory, destroyed a part of my house and then you use that terrible language to speak to me. When I say you stay, then you stay!”

Hoseok looks at Jimin who is tearing up now, his lips quivering when he parts them to speak. “But we can't.”

“Oh yes, young man. You can.”



That night, they’re lying in way too little beds that they’ve pushed together to sleep next to each other, in a way too large room. Hoseok is sure that the pillows as well as the mattress are filled with straw, and it itches all over his body. It’s also cold, despite the thick blanket atop of him he’s freezing.

“This isn’t real, right?” He thinks of the self-stirring pot and the moving sofa. “This has to be a dream.”

“I don’t know,” Jimin whispers back at him. “I hope it isn’t real, at least. God, what the fuck did we get into? Shit, I shouldn’t have eaten that stupid gingerbread.”

“Oh shut up, now. Obviously you had to try it,” Hoseok scoffs. “Who the fuck lives in a house made of pastries?”

“I’m scared,” Jimin says then.

“Me too.” Hoseok spreads his arm so Jimin can rest his head on his chest.




It’s a miracle that the two of them were able to fall asleep, given the fact that they seem to be held hostage by a crazy stranger. When they wake up the next morning, the room is filled by sunlight and Hoseok almost feels as though he just had a nightmare and is now back to his normal life.

Except, obviously, he isn’t. It doesn’t take him too long to realize that his body is still itching from the straw and that there is a roof of gingerbread above his head.

Jimin next to him seems to have realized that he woke up. “He doesn’t seem to be awake yet. Maybe we can sneak out.”

Hoseok doubts that the man would sleep for long, given that it’s winter and the sun is already all the way up, it must be late in the morning already. He explains his worries to Jimin, but they decide to give it a shot anyways and quickly slip into their shoes before making their way out of the room.

As expected, the man is not asleep anymore. When they reach the edge of the staircase he’s sitting on the big kitchen table, chopping carrots. He smiles when he sees them. “Oh, I have been waiting for you. It’s late. Don’t think that you’ll be able to sleep in every day now, but you’ve had a long trip yesterday, so I thought I’d grant you some sleep this morning. Sit down, I prepared breakfast.”

It’s so strange how friendly that damn stranger is with them, considering that he’s forcing them to stay with him. It gets even stranger when he begins to list down the things he wants them to do today, as the two of them are swallowing down their eggs and toast. Hoseok barely listens, his eyes are once again locked on the self-stirring pot in the back, he wonders what’s inside. It’s not the soup they ate last night, that came from another pot. He’s trying to think of a food that takes days of cooking, but his mind snaps back to the man’s words.

“However, both of you seem a bit weak to finish all of the tasks within a week, so I’ll make sure you get enough to eat. You’ll need the strength, it seems.”



The first day is a struggle. The man - whose name is Seokjin as they finally find out after breakfast - is ordering Jimin around inside the house, whereas Hoseok is supposed to take care of the outside area. Now, what can he say, he lives in Seoul, never chucked wood before, never found out how to cut down hedges or trees. The man doesn’t look after him much, he could easily leave. But there is no way he’s going to leave Jimin behind.

Later that day, when they’re called to the table for a late lunch, he figures that his boyfriend, too, didn’t exactly have a great time. Jimin’s fingers are swollen and even bleeding a little, and upon asking he explains that Seokjin made him mend an entire basket of clothing. Hoseok shudders at the thought of Jimin actually having to use a needle and a thread, especially without his glasses on.

The food is, well, a lot, to say the least. The plates are huge and filled with two big baked potatoes, grilled vegetables and a large piece of toast. There even is dessert, which Hoseok kindly tries to turn down, but Seokjin insists on him to finish the huge piece of apple pie with ice cream. He needs to force himself to swallow down all that sugar, and when he’s finally outside again, he might or might not throw up behind one of the bushes.

Jimin gets assigned more housework, Hoseok is supposed to chuck more wood and paint the garden shed, which he can’t finish entirely before he’s being called to dinner, still way too full from the late lunch, hoping that at least this dish will be a bit less filling.

It isn’t, though. There is bread and soup again - still not from the self-stirring pot - and then Seokjin closely watches them as they gulp down an entire bowl of porridge.

“I’m going to fucking explode,” Jimin mumbles when he slips into one of the pajamas Seokjin has left them in the bedroom.

“I threw up behind one of the bushes earlier.” Hoseok is already sitting on the bed and now watches Jimin fumble with the buttons of the pajama shirt.

“Maybe should just throw up in that fucking pot next time he makes me add ingredients.” Jimin finally turns to Hoseok. “My fingers are swollen, can you please button up for me?”

The older takes over there, mumbling curses to Seokjin under his breath for overworking Jimin like that. “What even is in that damn pot?” he asks eventually.

“Not sure, he just makes me add herbs and vegetables. But it smells disgusting. I’m sure there’s something rotten in there. And that fucking spoon won’t stop moving, today it actually hit me on the hand when I added too much garlic.” Jimin shakes his head and finally gets into bed, joining Hoseok under his blanket. They figured they’d stay warmer that way.

The thing is, they both know Seokjin isn’t human. He can’t be, with all the strange things happening around them in this house. Of course Hoseok has found a word for what the man could be, and he’s sure that Jimin has, too, but none of them have said it aloud yet. It seems too crazy and fucked up to be true.




Jimin falls asleep quickly, snuggled up against his boyfriend, eyelids fluttering ever so slightly as he drifts off into a deep sleep. Hoseok doesn’t sleep much that night. He’s too beset with stomach cramps, which doesn’t come as a surprise to him considering how much food was stuffed into his body today. When he finally manages to fall asleep, it feels like mere seconds have passed when Seokjin enters their room and stands at the edge of the bed, rudely pulling the blanket off their bodies.

“Rise and shine, my pretties.”

Hoseok glares up around him through squinted eyes. It’s still dawning outside, so it must be early. “You must be kidding.”

Jimin next to him buries his face into the pillow. Eventually, though, they are too bothered by the cold and Seokjin watching them that they feel they have no other chance to get up.

The second day goes just as the first. Hoseok is once again ordered to finish tasks outside the house whereas Jimin stays inside. They only see each other for dinner, and that one time Jimin is putting up Seokjin’s laundry. Even when it starts snowing in the afternoon, the man isn’t allowed inside the house until he’s done finishing to clean the big oven behind the house. Hoseok actually needs to climb inside to reach all of it, and it makes him slightly uncomfortable. Who needs an oven like this when they live on their own?

The next days aren’t much better. Jimin eventually struggles to use his hands for fine work, so Seokjin keeps Hoseok inside the house for detailed tasks and the younger stays to do more laundry. On day four, Hoseok finally has enough, when Jimin drops a knife, unable to hold it, and Seokjin laughs at him, mentioning something about the boy being a big, dumb baby.

“Hey, stop with that.” He glares at the man from his space on the table where he’s sat fixing up a hole in a sock. “You’ve been ordering us around for days, we’re tired. People make mistakes.”

Seokjin huffs a laugh. “Well, you got yourself into this, didn’t you?” He turns to the self-stirring pot, using his hand to wave some of the steam into his face. “Oh, yes, almost done. It smells delicious. Maybe we can start a day early.”

Hoseok freezes at the words and Jimin opposite him seems to be confused by those words as well. “Start what early? What even is in that pot?”

“Broth”, the other explains blandly. “I prepared a lot of it, it needs to be enough for the two of you.”

“For the two of us,” Jimin repeats as he furrows his brows and stares down on the table. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Silly boy,” Seokjin replies, “did you actually think I was going to let you leave again? I mean, look at these cheeks.” He pinches one of Jimin’s cheeks, making him flinch. “No, no, you’ll be delicious.”

“You honestly must be joking.” Hoseok raises an eyebrow at the man. “You’re not actually planning on eating us.”

“You, however,” Seokjin says, cocking his head to the side, “you’re too skinny. You should’ve gained some weight these days, but considering you keep throwing up behind the bushes, I don’t know.”

“Hold up, how do you even know? You never come out to check on me.” Hoseok furrows his brows and finally puts down the sock.

“I’m a witch, my dear. I know everything that happens on my grounds.” Seokjin shakes his head. “However, if you’ll turn out to be a failure, I’ll feed you to the pigs, I guess.”

It goes dead silent after that.

Seokjin has them eat dinner and then sends them up to their room, where they both just sit on the bed, staring at the wall opposite them.

“He’s joking, right?” Jimin’s words are merely a whisper.

Hoseok wishes he could be able to answer Jimin’s question. He honestly isn’t sure what the fuck is going on or how to get out of here before they get to find out whether that witch is actually trying to cook them.

Instead of answering the question, he just says “We need to get out of here.”

So, Jimin and him stay awake. They’re not sure whether Seokjin even needs sleep, as they haven’t even seen him eat or having to use the toilet, but they decide on giving it a shot. If he’s planning on killing them anyways, what could possibly go wrong?

They sneak out not long after the house turns entirely dark. There’s thick layers on snow on the outside and Hoseok hopes that Seokjin won’t be able to hear it crunch beneath their feet.

It’s almost too easy, he thinks. Too easy to get away from this house when it seemed so impossible mere hours ago. As they disappear between the trees, Hoseok’s heart heavily pounds in his chest. Is this really it? Are they finally getting away? They don’t look back, just keep walking until they’re sure they’re out of sight if they house.

When they turn around then, there’s only trees, nothing gives away that there might be a house hidden behind them. Jimin leans against a stem and takes a deep breath. They allow themselves to rest there for a few minutes, before they keep walking. Where to they don’t know, all that matters is that they’re getting as far away as possible.

Except, that never happens. After they walk for ten more minutes, they arrive at what seems the backside of the house. This is impossible. It can’t be happening. Hoseok knows that they didn’t walk back towards the house. Jimin looks at him with widened eyes.

“Let’s try again,” the older whispers and leads the way past the house, back into the woods, this time choosing to walk into a different direction.

However, it doesn’t help. They arrive behind the house again and Jimin tears up as they face the gingerbread walls once again.

“My pretties, what are you doing out that late at night?” It’s too dark to know where Seokjin is, so they just turn into the general direction of his voice. “Taking a walk in the snow?”

“Please,” Jimin whispers, “please let us go.”

“Come back inside and sleep. I’ll give you an extra hour or two in bed and forget that you tried to run away.” He turns up right next to the two of them and a surprised scream leaves Hoseok’s mouth. “Why would you hurt my feelings like this? After all I’ve done for you.”

“What you’ve done for us?” Hoseok hisses. “You mean holding us hostage? Overworking us? Feeding us to a point of nausea and then explaining that you’re planning on eating us? You want us to be grateful?”

Seokjin crosses his arms in front of his chest and purses his lips. “Well, it does sound bad if you put it like that.”

It’s getting strangely quiet, the only sound being Jimin’s feet nervously shuffling through the snow. A weird energy surrounds the other and Hoseok just hopes that he’s not about to do something stupid. Gladly, though, Jimin remains still.

They really do not have any other chance than to go back inside and give up on their plan of running away. They can’t sleep, though. Jimin spends all night crying against Hoseok’s chest, the older one lovingly stroking through his hair. Hoseok isn’t exactly the courageous kind, usually is the first one to run when something scares him. But this time he feels like he needs to stay strong - for Jimin, for both of them.

“Hey,” he whispers, only continuing when he notices that Jimin’s sobbing has toned down, “I love you. And no matter what happens, I’ll still love you.”

Jimin sniffs. “I love you, too. And I’m sorry. This is all my fault.”

Hoseok presses a kiss to his boyfriend’s head. “No, no it’s not.”





As morning rises, the two of them decide to head down to the kitchen before Seokjin comes to wake them up. The witch, unsurprisingly, is already up, whistling a terrible melody when they set foot into the room, surprised to see a giant fucking cauldron standing in the middle of it. It’s surely big enough to cook an entire cow, or maybe like two humans. Wait…

“Ah,” Hoseok sighs, “so today’s the day?”

Seokjin seems startled when he turns around to look at them, but catches himself quickly. “Oh, yes, very right. I thought it was going to take me at least a week to prepare the broth, but you boys are rather small, so I think I have enough now.”

Jimin shudders. “Fine, when do we get in there?”

“After breakfast,” the witch responds. “You’ll need some nice stuffing, after all.”

They eat, which seems incredibly wrong considering they are about to be eaten. Hoseok feels the nausea in him grow with every bite of toast he takes. Jimin, however, seems strangely calm. When they both get up to throw their dishes into the sink, Hoseok notices that the broth in the cauldron is already boiling. Seokjin is standing on the top stair leading right into it, pouring some chopped onions into the hot liquid.

Jimin moves.


He rushes forward and only takes the split of a second to push Seokjin over the edge of the cauldron. The hot broth splashes everywhere as the big man falls into it.

“Run!” The younger takes Hoseok’s and and pulls him towards the door with him.

And they do run.

They run until their legs hurt, and even then they don’t stop. This time, it seems like there will be no way leading back to the gingerbread house. Their feet are wet and cold, but the movement is keeping them warm and alive. They hear screams behind them, Hoseok knows it’s Seokjin, the witch’s voice coming closer and closer, seeming like he’s about to catch up with them.

They need to come to a halt as they’re stopped by a big cliff in front of them. There’s no way they’ll make it up here, not with Seokjin still being after them. They turn around and press their backs to the stone, screaming as the man comes closer, holding something in his hand that Hoseok soon recognizes as a knife.

Seokjin’s clothes are wet and damp against his body, there are obvious burn marks on the revealed skin of his face and hands. He comes closer, the knife lifted above his head, and Hoseok knows it’s over. He quickly grabs for Jimin’s cold, shaking hand, heart hammering in his chest.

“This is what you get,” the witch inhales sharply, “for betraying me!” The hand with the knife rushes down, Hoseok closes his eyes.




He startles awake by the touch of a hand on his shoulder. “God, finally. I would’ve thought you’re dead if you wouldn’t have kept breathing.”

Hoseok blinks once, twice. “What’s going on?” He’s looking up at Jimin who’s standing in front of the opened door of the passenger seat.

“We arrived”, Jimin explains. “I must say, you’re definitely the hardest person on this planet to wake up. Didn’t even get you to open your eyes when our car broke down in the middle of the mountains.”

“It did?” Hoseok gets out of the car now, having a look at the big building in front of him. Yes, that’s definitely a hotel. He turns back to Jimin, who looks at him with a concerned look on his face.

“Yeah, in the middle of the mountains. No signal at all. Luckily a nice man was on the street who helped me jumpstart the car again.” Jimin walks around the car now and opens the trunk to grab their luggage. “Oh, right, he gave me this.” He hands Hoseok something that is wrapped in transparent, shiny foil and he nearly drops it when he realizes what it is.

It’s a small gingerbread house on a plate. It looks exactly like the one he’s seen in his dream. Even the oven and the bushes on the plate are arranged in the same way. It really was a dream, right?

On foil there is a business card attached. Hoseok reads it.

Kim Seokjin


“Is that a real job? Gingerbread-sculptor?” Hoseok furrows his brows as he returns the gift back to Jimin.

“How the hell should I know?” He looks at the house. “I think so, though. It’s cute, isn’t it?” When Hoseok says nothing, Jimin speaks again. “Hey, are you okay?”

The older one looks at his boyfriend and nods. “Yeah, I think so. Sorry, I just had a weird fucking dream. Let’s go check in.”

Jimin smiles and slams the trunk close. “God, I hope this hotel is worth the two hundred bucks we’re paying per night.” He waddles a little as he makes his way towards the entrance and Hoseok can’t help but smile at that.

Jimin is alive.

They’re both alive.

It was just a dream.

And the only thing that was going to remind him of that dream is the cursed gingerbread house now lingering on the backseat of their car.

Chapter Text

The phone on Jimin's nightstand lit up again, the cold light mixing in with the warm-toned fairy lights on his window. His eyebrows furrowed together, as he had put it down there just a minute ago after talking to his boyfriend for two hours via facetime. 

“What do you want now?” Jimin giggled happily as he saw his boyfriend's name on the screen again. He tapped on the notification, accepting the video call. 

And there it was again, that beautiful face, those soft eyes looking right into Jimin's soul.

“Did you forget something, Jin?”

His boyfriend on the screen shook his head, the right corner of his mouth lifting into a mischievous grin.

“Nah, just wanted to make sure that you know how much I love you,” he spoke with a tender voice, Jimin immediately hiding his blushing face with his hand, a giggle followed right after.

“You're being ridiculous, Jin. Stop it before I'm going to take the next plane and fly my ass over to Brussels.”

“Well, I for once wouldn't mind seeing your ass for real.”

The laughter that followed afterwards was mixed with bittersweet feelings, the thought of not being able to spend at least Christmas together still lingering in the back of both their heads.

“Go to sleep, Jimin. You need it for the next days.”

Jimin rolled his eyes and moved his body onto his side on the bed. 

“You were the one calling me again.”

After a few more minutes of unnecessary and sweet bickering, they both said their goodbyes and hung up again. This time hopefully for real. Jimin really needed the sleep. It was late at night, while it was afternoon for Seokjin.

Despite his heart pumping after the sight of his boyfriend, the situation still remained gloomy. Christmas was in just two days and Jimin had so much to do this year, since he wouldn’t be spending it with his lover.

It was sad, but necessary for the older one and Jimin understood. He had been understanding from the very beginning of their relationship. Back then, only a few months into it, Seokjin had revealed to the younger that he long ago applied for a University in Europe, the study facility there offering places to later get a fair chance of working in the European Parliament. And what kind of boyfriend would Jimin have been to deny Seokjin this shot of getting deeper into his favorite study subject: politics. 

So, despite a lot of people doubting this long distance relationship, their love for each other had only been grown stronger and stronger. Even if the only time they actually saw each other was either their birthdays or Christmas, they cherished their rare time together and blossomed in the achievements of the other. And on the way there, a lot of texting and Facetime calls had to be enough. 

Whereas Seokjin was busy studying, Jimin had only finished cooking school by the time he met the other man and scraped all his savings together and now managed one of Seoul's most popular restaurants. It wasn't exactly high class or gourmet level by any means, but you could always find people on the streets recommending it to one another. And as long as Jimin had guests coming in and leaving with a belly filled with his own cooked food and satisfied smile on his lips, he was content.


Now that Seokjin was not coming home for the holidays though, a very important meeting happening the day before Christmas, which caused him to not make the last flight to Seoul, the couple wouldn’t be seeing each other at all. When his boyfriend had revealed the news to him on a previous call only a week ago, Jimin didn't bother asking when exactly he then was going to see the other. Of course it was frustrating, especially since they also had to miss out on Jin's birthday in the beginning of December.

Jimin let out another long sigh, pulling the blanket up over his head. He knew sulking wouldn't get him anywhere and he couldn't afford a bad mood putting him down now with all the work he signed up for over the holidays now. Still, the large bed felt empty and Jimin always kept to his side on the bed, secretly hoping one day he might wake up to the other side being occupied by his favorite person on earth. Maybe next Christmas his wish would come true again.


The next day passed in a hurry, Jimin in the kitchen of his restaurant all day long, making preparations for the big day that was Christmas Eve. Quickly after he had found out that Seokjin wasn't coming home, Jimin hadn't bothered calling his parents, saying he was coming to see them in Busan. No, Taehyung had already suggested some time in November to open up the restaurant for people who didn't have anywhere else to go, all the food for free for the guests in need and the young sou-chefs quickly agreed on doing that despite Jimin not being there. 


Well, now Jimin was here, sweating beside Hoseok and Taehyung in the kitchen while Namjoon and Jungkook were outside, decorating the place with a lot of tacky Christmas stuff: tons of fairy lights, tassel, candy canes, the whole ordeal.

When Seokjin called that night, wishing Jimin the best of luck for the next day, the younger maybe couldn't hold back a few tears. The stress was a lot, but hearing his lovers encouraging words felt like honey to his soul. They made the pain of not seeing him worse and less at the same time. At the end of the call, Jimin laughed through his tears, when Seokjin told him how proud he was to have such a kind-hearted boyfriend.

“The things I would give to kiss you right now,” Jimin couldn't help but whisper when they said their goodbyes.

The younger imagined seeing Seokjin's eyes welling up as well, but quickly dismissed that as wrong, it was probably just the reflection of the older's glasses. 

“Soon, Jimin. My little chef, soon.”

Christmas Eve was a struggle. 

The word had spread around the area that Jimin's restaurant had opened for the holiday and that his infamous food was also for free for everyone. Namjoon had been the one to suggest not to check if people were actually in need, Jungkook and Jimin quickly agreed, because how was someone supposed to do that in the first place? So the restaurant quickly filled up, all tables occupied within the first hour and things were getting heated in the kitchen.

Jimin was in his element, plating one main dish after the other, whereas his sou-chefs were responsible for the starters and dessert. The three of them were a great team, always being able to count on the other. And when Hoseok noticed Jimin getting too stressed out about his own time management, he poured the young chef a glass of wine and gave him a quick neck massage before they kept on working.

That night Jimin just fell into his bed, eyes barely open anymore as he quickly sent a goodnight text to his lover. His mind was too tired to even think about the whole situation repeating the next day.


As expected the stress continued, but Jimin's team was on fire on Christmas Day. The restaurant was just as filled as the day prior, there even now was a line of people waiting outside, the demand so high, but they kept on handing out one dish after another, both Namjoon and Jungkook just as busy as the three chefs in the kitchen.

The end of the night was slowly approaching, the prepared food almost running out. However, just as Jimin was about to alter one of the main dishes for a guest with certain allergies, Jungkook came running back into the kitchen, on his face a deep frown.


He looked up from where he was preparing the soup with soy milk, his shoulders all tensed up from the stress. 

“There's someone who wants to talk to you,” the younger said with short breath, nodding to Hoseok who quickly pushed a glass of water into his hands. 

“I don't have time at all, please. Tell them to come back another day if they wanna offer criticism.”

“B-But it's urgent. I think there's something wrong with their food,” the younger stammered before downing his water in one go.

Both Taehyung and Hoseok were now also looking up from their places, throwing a concerned look into Jimin's direction. It was a very rare occasion that someone would complain about the food being bad. Of course people had different taste, but this was not about taste. This was about most likely an accident that Jimin himself must have overlooked. And if there's one thing Jimin absolutely hated and couldn't stand, then it were his own mistakes.

With one smooth move he removed his apron and went over to Taehyung.

“Please look after the soup for a minute, I'll be right back.”

The younger chef gave him a thumbs up, his smile wide.

Jimin was met with the same smile when he walked around the counter, coming to stand next to Jungkook. It threw Jimin a bit off, why were they looking so happy when a customer had just complained, asking to see the main chef, even?

Still, he remained quiet and let Jungkook lead him out into the dining area. 

A few people were looking up when they saw the chef walking through, but they were polite and didn't bother him. Jimin only offered those who watched him a small smile.

“Where are we going, Jungkook?” Jimin had to whisper at some point, seeing that they crossed the entire restaurant, now walking towards the separate room in the back. The one that was only reserved for private events and they didn't open that area up for the guests on this day.

Jungkook didn't respond, he just took Jimin by his arm, opened the door and pushed the chef inside.

Jimin wanted to complain to the younger, seeing that they were in so much hurry and stress over in the kitchen, that there was no time for jokes like this. But when he turned around and his eyes caught sight of the person in the completely empty room, Jimin's heart fell to his stomach.


And before Jimin had any chance to look at his beautiful boyfriend, dressed in a sharp suit, for the first time in months, he was being scooped up into his arms, completely crushed by the hug.


The sound of Jin's voice, real, not altered through a phone speaker, had Jimin crying in an instant, wrapping his own arms tight around the other, soaking in the feeling of being able to touch him, hold him.

It took a long moment for them to calm down again and even then Jimin couldn't let go of Jin's face, holding it in both his hands and placing one soft kiss after the other to his lips. Eventually Seokjin pulled him over to an empty table.

“What are you even doing here? Did something happen with your event?” Jimin was quick to worry.

However, his boyfriend only laughed, wiping a few tears from his face as he reached for Jimin's hand across the table.

“No, not at all. The event took place and I managed to get a flight right after and I told the others I was going to surprise you.”

The younger buried his face in his free hand, giggling hysterically, overwhelmed by the roller coaster of emotions.

“Best Christmas present I've ever got,” Jimin eventually said, causing his boyfriend to blush a bit.

“Oh, trust me, that wasn't all.”


And so they spent the rest of the night together, their friends eventually coming to them, presenting them both with a lovely Christmas dinner just for the two of them. Jimin was a bit worried leaving Taehyung and Hoseok alone for the rest of the night, but they were quick to assure that the worst was over and they could easily handle the remaining guests. 

It was most likely the best Christmas Jimin has ever had, even if he was sitting there in his stained chef jacket, hair all messed up and looking nothing like his beautiful lover. But it didn't matter, not at all.

He didn't think this day could get any better, his most fervent wish came true. Jimin had his boyfriend here with him and was about to go home with him, to their apartment, into their bed and wake up on his side of the bed the next morning, the other side finally occupied. 

It didn't matter what other people had to say about their long distance relationship, their love was so strong and Jimin could feel that so clearly as his heart pumped faster with every word his lover spoke.

It really couldn't get better.

But it did.

Dinner ended and Seokjin pulled something out of the pocket of his suit.

“I might not be by your side all the time, but I can promise to be with you forever.”

And then he presented Jimin the small box. A simple silver ring, gemmed with most likely a few diamonds, shimmering brightly, putting all fairly lights to shame.

In no time Jimin had the ring on his finger.

Chapter Text

Seokjin can barely close the door behind him before an excited Jungkook throws his arms around his neck. He feels a little off balance but doesn’t fall over, probably because of the young man holding onto him tightly. The older wraps his arms around his boyfriend, burying his face in Jungkook’s neck, then chuckles.

Of course he knows why Jungkook is behaving the way he does. Jin, despite strongly disliking big crowds, texted the younger ten minutes prior coming home, saying that he changed his mind and Jungkook should be ready by the time he comes home so they can immediately leave for the Christmas market.

Jungkook has been in his ears for over a week now. He wouldn’t stop talking about really wanting to go and Jin told him no every time the younger asked whether he really didn’t want to go, the bad conscience nagging on him a little more with each time Jungkook’s face dropped.

He’d suggested Jungkook to go with his friends, but the younger had just pressed his lips into a firm line and explained why he thought it wasn’t a good idea. “Jimin is in Australia and the others are all in relationships. If I ask them, they’ll bring along their boyfriends and I’ll feel like a third wheel.”

Jin understands and yet, he couldn’t seem to convince himself to change his mind until today. It was another boring day spent at the office, and Jin caught himself wishing for an adventure. He’s worked at that place for four years now and his life seems very grey and dull. The only thing that seems to bring color into his life by now being Jungkook, Jin couldn’t stop thinking about wanting to experience things with this boy, rather than spending all their free time on the couch watching whatever Netflix offers.

And then it hit him like a speeding car. In order to experience things with his boyfriend, he needs to leave the house. Jungkook wants to go to the Christmas market. That involves leaving the house. Jin took a few more hours of consideration and eventually texted Jungkook on the subway while he was on his way home.

So, here they are.

Jungkook finally lets go of Jin, face lit up like a burning Christmas tree. “Thank you”, he says then.

Jin can just laugh, then notices that the other is already fully dressed, wearing the probably thickest coat he could find. He takes Jungkook’s hand and turns towards the door again, pulling the younger behind him.

They leave the apartment building, still hand in hand, and Jin looks up at the sky when he realizes that it’s started snowing again. It feels like the snow never stops. The sidewalks are already filled with huge snow piles that have been plought from the streets in the past days, only growing bigger with the new amounts of snow falling from the sky.

He’s not complaining, though. He likes snow. As does Jungkook.



Honestly, the last time Jin has been to a Christmas market must’ve been around the time he was sixteen. Obviously, that’s a long time, so he can’t help but be a bit overwhelmed by the bright lights and strong scents in the air. But he comes to figure that he loves the smell. Jungkook and him wordlessly make their way past the pretty stands, and Jin tries to filter all the different scents from the sweet air around him.

Two he can make out right away. Cinnamon and fruit. That’s not really hard, though, considering nearly every second stand is selling fruit punch and mulled wine. There’s also the smell of sugar and chocolate, he’s quite sure the scent of sausage finds its way into his nose.

Sure, there are a lot of people, but strangely they don’t bother Jin as much as he thought they would.

Suddenly, Jungkook comes to a halt in front of one of the stands, turning to the older, chuckling. “I used to wear these as a child. My mum used to knit them for me every year. She always complained because I wasn’t able to wear them several years in a row because my head kept growing.”

Jin eyes the hats Jungkook is so enthusiastically talking about. They’re thick and woolen, with two big bobbles hanging down their sides. He laughs as his boyfriend puts one on. It’s a black one with red stripes, bobbles red, and a little too big, nearly covering the entirety of Jungkook’s eyebrows.

“You want one?” Jin checks out the price, although it doesn’t matter. He knows he’s carrying enough.

Jungkook seems to think for a moment, then smiles. “Only if you get one too.”

Jin objectifies, but god knows that in the long run he’s never going to able to tell Jungkook no. At least not when the younger needs to lift his head to look at him from beneath the hat and Jin’s heart drops into his pants.

So now they continue their stroll around the market, Jungkook wearing his brand new hat, and Jin wearing one he chose himself, colors so terrible he was originally hoping the younger would soon beg him to take it off again as he looks to embarrassing - simply because he hates wearing hats. But Jungkook never complains. He doesn’t seem to mind at all that Jin’s hat is now of a bright pink and yellow color.

Jungkook buys himself a crêpe an is even generous enough to share it with Jin, who scrunches his nose at the amount of chocolate exploding in his mouth.

“I want some mulled wine,” he says then, after swallowing down the food.

They do get mulled wine. Jin finally gets to tell Jungkook about his day at the office - not that it was spectacular - and Jungkook listens. The younger starts off with taking small sips of his beverage, seeming as it’s too hot in the beginning, but then finishes the last half of the mug in one go, leaving Jin open-mouthed, holding onto his own cup that’s still nearly filled to the brim.

Jin can not stop Jungkook from drinking. He knows he should, but the younger seems to enjoy himself too much. He’s on his fourth mulled wine now, whereas Jin is trying to keep it slow, only just emptied half of his second mug.

Jungkook has always been the talkative kind, so Jin isn't surprised that with all of the alcohol flowing through his veins, the younger’s mouth won’t stop closing at all now. It’s so strange, how they’ve dated each other for two years and Jungkook is telling Jin things now that they’ve never talked about, which again makes the older realize how little time he’s spent with his boyfriend in those past months.

When Jungkook suddenly stops speaking to turn around and buy yet another mug of mulled wine, Seokjin - feeling quite tipsy himself - somehow manages to grab his arm, then proceeds to pull the younger towards him. With Jungkook’s back now pressed to Jin’s chest, the older wraps his arms around his boyfriend, letting his chin rest on his shoulder.

“I think that’s enough for today, don’t you think?” Jin chuckles when he sees the cold air leaving the younger’s mouth in little puffs.

Jungkook, surprisingly, does not object to his words. Instead, he lets his body rest against Jin’s, the two of them dangerously swaying for a second before the older can be sure he’s safely standing on both feet. Jin did not realize how affected he is by just two mugs of mulled wine until just now. He’s rather happy when Jungkook, after a few moments of staying there in silence, gaining some weird looks by bypassers, finally suggests to go home.

“Let’s take a walk in the park before heading home, so you can sober up a little, hm?” Jin is a little taken aback by how tightly the younger holds on to his arm as the two of them start walking, leaving the snow-covered Christmas market stands behind them, soon crossing the street to get to the park. While walking, it gets more than obvious how drunk Jungkook is and how hard it is for him to hold himself up.

It’s not the first time the older accompanies his drunk boyfriend, but definitely the first time he’s this drunk in public.

When they arrive at the park, they both stop for a minute to gape at the bright lights it’s decorated with. There’s a colorful string of lights wrapped around each and every tree, including the ones that seem to resemble Christmas trees, given the fact that there are a bunch big, silver and blue ornaments attached to them.

With his lips slightly apart and his eyes shining as though he’s never seen something more beautiful, Jungkook seems to be staring a little too long. He nearly falls over and barely manages to hold onto Jin again, who manages to catch him right before the potential fall.

“Careful, there,” he exclaims with a chuckle that soon turns into laughter as the younger won’t stop being so amused by his near crash.

The walkway here is only partly freed by snow, so Jin makes it his duty to hold on to Jungkook as tightly as he can. They both keep getting distracted by the decorations, though, so it takes them a long time to even cross half of the park. The lights are leaving funny shapes on the thick layers of snow, some even looking like tiny snowflakes that are dancing on its surface.

‘Hey, wait, I want to do something,” Jungkook says as they come to a halt once again. When Jin finally lets go of him, the younger sways towards the area that’s thickly covered with snow, barely able to keep himself up, then takes a few steps through the blanket and turns around to look at the older - right before spreading his arms and letting his entire body fall into the cold substance.

His body seems to be entirely swallowed by the snow, the only thing indicating that he’s still right there being the way his loud laughter seems to be thrown back by the trees. Jin just stares for a few seconds, eyes widened in shock, but then rushes to get to Jungkook, who is now spreading both, his arms and legs, in the snow, giggling.

When he’s done, he smiles up at Seokjin, who is now standing right next to him. “Look, it’s an angel.”

Jin shakes his head, smiling. “You’re an angel.”

He doesn’t know how it happens, but suddenly Jin finds himself on top of Jungkook, leaning down so their noses rub against each other and he feels the younger’s hot breath against his face, the smell of alcohol surprisingly not bothering him at all. Jungkook wraps his arms around the older as he catches his lips when they’re hovering over his.

They both chuckle into the kiss, Jungkook not realizing that Jin is reaching towards the side to grab a fistful of snow. The younger screeches when Jin brings his hand to his neck, putting the cold substance onto the skin.

“Why!?” He tosses beneath Jin’s heavy body, chuckling as he tries to shake of the snow, only making the melted liquid run beneath the collar of his coat.

“That’s what you get for not wearing a scarf.” Jin gifts him a triumphant smile.

Jungkook tries to push Jin off him in a weak attempt, but fails. “You’re impossible,” he cries out.

“You knew what you were getting into when you started dating someone as handsome as me.” Jin sits upright, pointing towards his face, then breaks out in loud laughter.

Jungkook joins him, still trying to get his boyfriend off of him, but eventually turns dead silent, stops his movements and just stares at Jin. It takes the older a few seconds to realize that he’s the only one left laughing. When he looks down at the younger, he sees his face fondly smiling at him, which sends a quick jolt to his heart. He cocks his head to the side.

“What’s wrong?”

Jungkook just shakes his head. “Nothing. Just haven’t heard you laugh like this in a while.”

That makes Jin’s heart drop. He didn’t think that Jungkook had noticed how down he has been lately, but apparently he did. “I’m sorry.”

The younger rolls his eyes into the back of his head. When he finally looks back at Jin, he sighs. “Don’t be silly. There’s nothing to apologize for. Just-” he stops for a second, “just promise me we’ll have more of these days. You don’t seem to dislike it as much as you thought you would.”

Jin presses his lips to a firm line, but they quickly form into a smile. “You’re drunk.”

“Very much so,” the other responds, “but I can still see that you’ve had fun tonight.”

Obviously Jungkook is right, but he doesn’t want to admit it at first, doesn’t want the younger to know how much he suffers through the same, grey everyday life.

But when Jin finally suggests to go home and gets up, his boyfriend refuses to get up from his spot until he promises him that there were more dates coming from now on.

“You avoid a lot of things that are probably making you happy.”

“You make me happy.” Jin shrugs.

Jungkook sighs. “Imagine how happy we both could be if we went out more.”

Jin doesn’t know why he’s discussing this when he wants this more than anything. Wasn’t it the exact same reason he eventually did change his mind on going to the Christmas market? He shakes his head. “I’m just being stubborn. I’d love to go out some more.”

Jungkook finally gets up then, having to figure that his entire back is wet and cold from the snow. He’s still swaying dangerously, not half as sobered up as Jin thought he was going to be.

The taxi driver does not quite enjoy the fact that there are two freezing, soaking wet men in the backseat of his car. But they don’t mind his weird looks. Jin is much rather busy trying to keep his drunk boyfriend off his dick.

“You’re wasted,” he explains as Jungkook shoots him a puppy stare, still not understanding why on earth he isn’t allowed to straddle Jin’s lap in the backseat of a taxi.

“And that makes me less attractive?” Jungkook raises his eyebrows at him.

The older sighs. “No, it just makes you less conscious of your actions.”


Jin manages to defuse the grenade until they reach their home. Now he’s not so sure whether Jungkook is swaying because he’s drunk or tired out of his mind, but he manages to get the younger up into their apartment and makes sure he gets undressed before he tucks Jungkook into bed. He falls asleep in an instant, and Jin watches him for a while before he decides to call it a day and goes to bed, as well.


There are indeed a lot of dates following in the upcoming weeks and Jin can not believe how much it improves their relationship. It’s never been a bad one, but now, with Jin actually doing more in his free time than just staring into a television screen, his general mood has lifted. Jungkook keeps mentioning how much he’s gone back to the person he fell in love with. Chaotic, funny, confident. And Jin keeps apologizing for changing so much in the first place.

On Christmas Eve, Jin finally gathers the courage to introduce Jungkook to his parents, who, much to his surprise, welcome the boy into the family with open arms. They decide to both drive to Busan for the holidays, to spend them with the younger’s family there. Jungkook’s parents of course already know Jin, and explains how glad she is to see him again.

All in all, Jin feels like this year he’s finally experienced the holiday season the way it should be experienced.

And he’s more than happy to have done so with the person he loves the most.

Chapter Text

I can ask my parents if they can get us a ladder.”

Taehyung stood next to Jimin, the two kids inspecting the pair of massive snowballs they just spent twenty minutes making. The younger then kneeled down and patted some more snow onto one of them, most likely deciding it's going to be the bottom part of their snowman.

You just need to eat more veggies and grow a bit taller, Tae,” Jimin pointed out with a grin before coming down onto the wet and cold ground too, his jeans already damp from playing around in the snow with his best friend earlier. They rolled one of the snowballs a bit more around the place, making sure it's even,

Once they were satisfied with the size, Taehyung rolled the top part over, eyeing the still way too large orb, reaching his arms out to measure if he could even hold it in the first place.

“Come on, let me do it.”

Jimin gently pushed his friend to the side, chest puffing out proudly as he picked the heavy and cold object up.

“Jimin, you're so strong! And so tall!” Taehyung exclaimed happily, a huge grin spreading on his face. Jimin could only smirk to himself as he heaved the snowball on top of the other. He tried to hold in his breath, not wanting to show how much effort it actually took him to do this. He was a little show-off, but seeing that everyone in school complimented him on being such a strong and big boy by only eight years, it sometimes got to his head. Especially in front of Taehyung. He liked impressing his younger friend a lot.

With glittering eyes, Taehyung pulled the crucial piece for the snowman out of his pocket. He presented the beautiful, bright and orange carrot to Jimin, who only nodded in agreement. They talked no further, the older kid just stepped behind his younger friend and lifted him up.

Taehyung stuck the carrot into the middle of the snowman's face and began to laugh happily. When Jimin lowered him down again, he turned around and gave his best friend a crushing hug. A hug that ended with them once again falling into the snow and rolling around until all of their clothes were completely soaked, their parents most likely scolding them for it later.




“Dad! He's stealing my branches again!” Jia exclaims, shoving her bigger brother away from her two weirdly shaped globes of snow. The boy only laughs in a devilish tone, poking at her attempt of making a snowman with said stolen branches.

Both, Jimin and Taehyung turn around from where they're busy making their own snowman.

“Seojun, stop being mean to your baby sister and help her,” Jimin replies, voice making it clear there's no room for arguing. 

Taehyung, however, just grins at his children, face falling immediately again when Jimin throws some snow in his direction.

“Darling, let them have fun. Don't pretend we didn't fight when we were kids,” the younger tries to excuse himself, Jimin only huffing and getting back to building his own snowy creation.

“Whatever,” Jimin mumbles, squatting down to roll the large orb some more, growing as more and more snow attaches to it, “You can try and calm Jia down later then, when she loses the competition.”

Taehyung sighs but then eventually moves over to his two kids, helping resolve the situation. He takes the branches his daughter has proudly collected from her older brother and gives them back to her. After wiping her tears off with the sleeve of his coat, he turns to his son.

“Come on, we will find some pretty branches for you too. And then your snowman can have twenty arms if you want to.”

It takes a bit to find the things Seojun eventually is satisfied with, so when Taehyung comes back Jimin is already almost finished forming the three balls of snow.

As Taehyung sees that their daughter has also calmed down and is busy again making her own snowman the prettiest version she can manage, he goes back to his husband.

“How is it going?”

Jimin stands there, both hands on his hips as he just keeps on staring at the divided snowman. When he turns around to face the younger, his face is scrunched up, lips pursed in frustration.

“I think I need your help now.”

Taehyung steps up behind him, hugging him tightly, resting his chin on top of Jimin's head so that the fake fur of Jimin's hat tickles his face, “Oh, my babe needs help from me for once?”

Jimin chuckles at that, a sigh following as he gestures at the snowballs.

“You need to stack them on top for me, I'm afraid I'm not tall enough for that.”

For a moment Taehyung remembers something quite similar from back in their childhood days and he is lost in his thoughts for a moment. But seeing that Jimin also doesn't move much apart from placing his hands on top of Taehyung's, he's probably thinking the same.

Eventually, Jimin turns around and gently cradles Taehyung's cold face with both of his glove covered hands. There's a shimmer to his eyes that make butterflies explode in Taehyung’s stomach – even after so many years. Jimin gets on his tiptoes and kisses his husband's red nose quickly.

“Come on, darling. I don't wanna get that ladder after all.”

So Taehyung lets his husband go at some point and helps him. However, Jimin orders him to make it a bit crooked, their snowman now slightly leaning to one side, only held up by a thick branch their son didn't like and threw away. 

They need to let their children win after all.

Chapter Text

When Namjoon gets out of bed this morning, he’s instantly feeling the excitement rising in his body. He’s not usually a morning person, has to keep waking up an hour before his actual alarm to mentally prepare for his day at work over a cup of coffee or two.

Not today, though, as it is Secret Santa day at the office.

Jimin is already gone when Namjoon steps into the kitchen, which isn’t surprising, the boy recently spends way too much time at uni.

He spots the little lunch box on the kitchen counter and makes sure to send his boyfriend a thank you text right away before continuing with his morning routine.

Namjoon nearly forgets the Secret Santa gift at home, which leads to him having to go back to quickly throw it into his bag, before finally returning to the bus station, taking a later bus.

On the ride, he wonders whether Jungkook is going to like his present. It was hard finding something for the ten bucks worth him and his co-workers have decided on, and on top of that the boy is a damn mystery. He only joined the company a rough month ago, after dropping out of uni, and hasn’t talked much to Namjoon since then.

He got Jungkook a sweater from one of the many cheap shops in the subway station, a black one with white shapes spreading across the front. It’s not really special, but it was really the best thing Namjoon could come up with.

He arrives at the open space office ten minutes late, figuring that someone must’ve decorated the room overnight. There’s Christmas lights and garlands on the walls and all the dividers by the desks. On every table sits a small Santa. Except on his, there seem to be two.

He quickly figures why, when he’s finally sat down and his co-worker peeks out from behind the mid height partition. “I gave you my Santa.”

“Jeez, Taehyung, you can’t scare me like this.” Namjoon shakes his head. “However, don’t you want it?”

The other shakes his head. “I’m Buddhist.”

The older understands. “You’re still up for the Secret Santa?”

Taehyung laughs. “Of course! Hello? Presents? Always down for that.”

They dedicate some time to their work, however, it is really hard for Namjoon to focus on the screen with all the blinking lights around him. He can’t quite remember the office being decorated to these extends in the past years. He’s not complaining, he loves Christmas and everything around it, he’s just getting a little distracted every now and then.

When their boss steps into the office some time after lunch, everyone looks up from their screens. Namjoon nearly forgot that Mr. Kim is also joining in on the Secret Santa, only remembering when he sees the wrapped box he’s holding.

“Turn off the computers. Meeting room in ten minutes,” he announces, then turns on his heels to leave again.

Namjoon quickly retreats the badly wrapped gift from his bag, then gets up to join the others on their way to the meeting room. Arriving there, he blocks the doorway for a few seconds, completely taken aback by the scenery. If he thought the office was decorated, he doesn’t quite know how to describe this.

There’s fake snow on the windows, and even a rather large Christmas tree in one of the corners, a bunch of heavy ornaments dangling from its branches. By the walls, there seems to be some sort of buffet, including different kinds of cookies, gingerbread and fruit cake. And it seems like there’s mulled wine, too. Or Christmas punch? It must be Christmas punch, what boss would allow them to drink at work?

When everyone is finally settled in the room, Mr Kim gets up from his usual spot. “So, I haven’t been part of the company for too long and I don’t know how your previous boss handled the holidays-“

“He didn’t,” Yoongi interrupts him, “every penny spent on stuff that wasn’t absolutely necessary was a penny too much.”

Mr Kim shakes his head. “That’s sad. Anyways, I want you all to feel comfortable at work, so I decided to have a little Christmas celebration today. It’s just perfect considering we scheduled the Secret Santa for today, no?”

Namjoon smiles. Right, that’s why he couldn’t remember the office being decorated for Christmas before. It wasn’t. Their old boss retired in January and after that came Mr. Kim, who seems to have lifted the entire mood in the company, to an extend some people - Namjoon included - even enjoyed coming to work now.

“I suggest we all grab a mug of mulled wine, or, uh, punch, and then get back into our seats.” Mr Kim goes ahead and takes the first mug, explaining which container is wine and which is punch.

It gets a bit hectic, then, until everyone has grabbed a drink and some pastry. When they’re all back in their seats, their boss takes the word yet again. “I suggest we start with you, Mr. Min?” Yoongi’s eyebrows shoot up towards his hairline. “And then we’ll start a chain from there.”

So, Yoongi gives his gift to Taehyung, who makes sure to open it before passing his. Most of the gifts are very casual. Candles, cheap perfume, books. There is a short interruption in the chain when it leads back to Yoongi - who obviously has already handed out his gift. So they collectively decide on continuing with Namjoon. He chuckles and quickly slides the gift for Jungkook across the table. The boy seems to enjoy the present, which is relieving, really. Jungkook instantly takes off the sweater he is wearing now, then puts the new one on, happy to figure that it actually fits.

The younger then nervously passes his gift - a very small and thin one - to their boss, who unwraps it with his eyebrows raised, a smile appearing on his face when he finally holds a coupon in his hands. It’s for a fishing shop in the neighborhood. The kid must be attentive to have figured that their boss is into fishing.

To Namjoon’s surprise, he’s the one to receive the gift from his boss. He nervously chuckles as he slowly begins to unwrap it. Air gets stuck in his throat when he finally has all items spread on the table in front of him. The room is dead silent, that is until Namjoon bursts out into loud laughter.

He’s once more looking down at the items. A Santa-themed thong, a red tie and a Christmas hat. He wants to speak, but only laughs harder. It takes him a while to realize that everyone else began to laugh, as well.


When Namjoon returns home that night, Jimin isn’t home yet. He decides to shoot him a text.


Me: when are you coming home?

Babe: should be there in about 30 mins


Namjoon hums as he puts his phone down. He decides to put the gift he received today to good use, even if it’s just for a good laugh. He quickly takes a shower and then puts on the stuff he got from his boss, feeling ridiculously naked.

He’s done just in time, merely laying on the couch for a few seconds before Jimin walks into the room, immediately spotting Namjoon in the living room. For a moment, the younger can only gape at him.

Then he starts laughing.

“Is that a thong?” He crosses the distance between him and the couch to have a closer look at Namjoon, who’s just awkwardly laying there on his back, arms crossed behind his head. “Don’t tell me that was your Secret Santa gift? Who even?”

Namjoon chuckles. “My boss. My fucking boss.”

“You’re kidding.” Jimin presses his lips to a firm line, trying to stop himself from laughing again. “So, Santa, you gonna strip for me now, or what?”

Namjoon’s eyes widen. “Do you want me to?”

Jimin takes a few steps back, just to fall into the armchair next to the couch, expectedly crossing his arms in front of his chest. “Show me what you’ve got.”

Namjoon gets up, legs suddenly very shaky. He doesn’t even know how to move when he finally stands in front of his boyfriend, moving his hips. The other starts laughing.

“Okay, no, we can’t do this, please stop.” Jimin takes a while to recover from yet another laughing fit, Namjoon just standing there, heat rushing to his cheeks, until the younger pats his lap. “Come here.”

The older soon finds himself straddling Jimin’s lap, giving the younger’s hands enough room to explore his naked upper body as they kiss. It’s strange how small Namjoon feels in this moment, given the fact that he’s much bigger than Jimin.

One of the younger’s hands wanders down to Namjoon’s crotch, then firmly applies some pressure to it, making the older gasp into their kiss, which again lures a chuckle from Jimin.

Jimin’s sweater is soon on the floor, whereas his hand is now moving the thong below Namjoon’s balls, revealing his already half-hard cock. The younger licks his lips as he pulls Namjoon in for another kiss with his free hand, the other now around the older’s cock, working it until he’s fully hard, subconsciously grinding down into Jimin’s crotch.

“Let’s switch places, babe.” Jimin hums as he puts a last peck on Namjoon’s lips, then waits for him to get up, legs shaking even more now than before.

The older quickly takes Jimin’s place in the armchair. However, his boyfriend goes down to his knees in front of him, not hesitating for too long before he leans in to lap at the pre-cum that’s collected on the tip of Namjoon’s cock, then wrapping his lips around it and taking him in.

Namjoon can just throw his head back as Jimin swallows him whole, gagging around his cock but not yet retreating. The older’s hand soon finds its way into Jimin’s hair, getting a tight grip on it and guiding his movements like this.

The younger eventually retreats with a loud slurping sound. Then gets up, wordlessly pulling down his jeans and boxers and quickly slipping out of them before crawling into Namjoon’s lap. “God, fuck, touch me.”

Namjoon groans at the sudden order, but he definitely doesn’t have the nerve to disobey. His hand slides down between them, firmly getting ahold of Jimin’s cock, the younger shaking from the ever so slight pressure. He leans in to capture Namjoon’s lips again, moaning into the kiss as his tongue slides into the other’s mouth.

Jimin doesn’t stop himself from grinding down against the older’s cock, the tension nearly too unbearable for Namjoon. He eventually retreats his hand to gather some of the pre-cum off both their cocks and reaches around Jimin’s small body, not wasting any of the liquid, just immediately sliding a finger into the younger.

Jimin gasps and throws his arms around Namjoon’s neck, greedily trying to rock down on the finger inside him now. “Add another one”, he says through gritted teeth.


“I don’t care. Do it.”

Namjoon isn’t fond of the idea to not use any lubricant. He quickly pulls out his finger and brings his hand to his mouth, covering his fingers with spit before he brings them back to Jimin’s ass, this time sliding in two at once, resulting in the younger shaking atop him.

Jimin whines as he continues trying to rock down on the older’s fingers, hoping to finally have them touch that sweet spot. Namjoon’s face is pressed against his boyfriend’s shoulder from the way he’s holding on to his neck so tightly. He uses that opportunity to gently suckle on the skin there, covering each spot he can reach with his mouth with little bruises. When he finally inserts a third finger, this time without any kind of lubricant, Jimin hisses but doesn’t stop his movements, too frantic, too desperate for release.

Eventually, he’s too fed up with Namjoon not being able to reach his prostate. Jimin gets up, slowly, then looks at him. “I’m going to grab the lube, stay where you are.”

He returns mere seconds later, the bottle already opened. He once more gets down on his knees, wrapping his lips around the older’s cock, suckling at the tip for a few seconds, then drags his tongue over it, collecting the pre-cum. Jimin puts some of the lube into his hand and proceeds to wrap it around Namjoon’s erection again, jerking him off for a few seconds, definitely growing to impatient there.

Jimin climbs back into his boyfriend’s lap, getting ahold of the tie around Namjoon’s neck, then squats down, legs resting to each side of the other’s body, slowly lowering himself on his cock. There definitely wasn’t enough preparation. Namjoon curses under his breath when he figures how tight Jimin still is. He can’t help but throw his head back, closing his eyes to sink into the feeling. “Fuck.”

“Hey, look at me.” Jimin puts a strong tug to the tie.

Namjoon opens his eyes and looks at him with hooded eyes. The sight is nearly too much for him to handle. Jimin is looking back at him, eyes barely opened and lips slightly parted, breath hitching as he keeps lowering himself onto Namjoon’s cock. His cheeks are of a cherry red.

When Jimin is finally sitting back in Namjoon’s lap, swallowing his length entirely, the older seems way too aware of every single movement. He moans out loud. “Fuck, you’re so tight.”

Jimin hums, biting down on his bottom lip, not breaking eye contact as he finally begins to move, the older’s hands delicately placed on his hips. At first, Namjoon just lets it happen. He knows that Jimin likes taking the lead. Eventually, though, he can’t help but tighten his grip on Jimin’s hips and starts fucking into him as best as possible in rough, fast movements. The man atop of him can barely hold himself up now, crashing against Namjoon’s body, his hands tightly holding on to the headrest of the armchair as his loud moans meet the skin on the other’s shoulder.

Namjoon’s movements get slower when Jimin sits upright again and reaches down to pull one of his hands off his hip and guides it towards his throat. Namjoon hesitates for a second before wrapping his fingers around the younger’s neck, applying some pressure. As he had to slow down, Jimin is now the one to pick up on pace again, time between moans rapidly decreasing until he’s merely trembling on top of Namjoon, laying his own hand atop of the other’s and applying some pressure himself.

The lack of air seeming to get Jimin into a happy haze, his moans are getting a lot quieter as he keeps rocking down on Namjoon, whose other hand is now wrapped around Jimin’s twitching cock. The younger attempts to inhale sharply, and Namjoon retreats his hand the very second Jimin reaches his orgasm, coming all over the older’s hand and stomach, yet again having a hard time keeping himself up as he rides out his high.

Namjoon keeps his fingers around Jimin’s cock, stroking ever so slightly with his boyfriend whispering against his ear, barely able to move anymore. “Come for me, baby, will you? Wanna have you fill me up.”

Caught off guard by Jimin’s words, Namjoon curses and puts both his hands back on the other’s hips, fucking into him again until he himself feels the heat raising in his body, the younger continually praising him in between quiet moans and whines.

Eventually, Namjoon’s breath hitches and he begins moaning out loud as he comes inside Jimin, thrusting hard as he unloads inside the younger. When he’s done, Jimin begins rocking down on him again until both of them are trembling from overstimulation.

When Jimin finally stops moving, they look at each other, then their surroundings. On the floor there is the Santa hat that Namjoon must’ve lost at some point during the process. He looks down at his body and comes to figure that the thong ripped on both sides of his body, which probably explains why he forgot it was there to begin with.

Jimin gets ahold of the tie again, giving it a slight tuck. “I must say, you looked fucking ridiculous.” He chuckles. “But if you fuck me like this whenever you wear a dumb costume, we might need to stock up on some weird clothing.”

Namjoon can just laugh at that, too exhausted to speak. He throws his head back and nearly misses when Jimin finally gets up to get something to clean them up.


The next morning, Namjoon greets his boss with a big smile. He knows he shouldn’t, but he can’t help on telling him that he’s really done him a favor with the Secret Santa gift.

Mr. Kim snorts some coffee out of his nose. “You actually used that stuff?”

“I’m not exactly a wasteful person,” Namjoon responds, walking past his boss towards the desk. “Merry Christmas, Mr Kim.”

Chapter Text

If there's one thing Namjoon would love to change about his personality, it's definitely his shyness. It held him back from so many things and made life definitely a bit difficult in situations that could be solved so easily, for example his relationship with Taehyung. 

It's quite ridiculous to even begin with. The both of them have been dancing around each other for half a year now, Taehyung asked Namjoon out on a date right after they met at a business dinner and they've been going out regularly since then. Sound pretty good, right?

Well, Namjoon's shyness. There's been countless opportunities for the older one to finally make the crucial move on Taehyung and kiss him, ask him to be his boyfriend, because that's all Namjoon wants - and the other one, too. They even talked about it, but Namjoon being himself couldn't agree to it right away, stammering something instead of just saying yes to the most gorgeous boy on planet earth and making him his man. 

Therefore there's been a heavy amount of flirting and hitting on each other with a dash of Namjoon embarrassing himself due to his shy personality, but Taehyung doesn't seem to mind. He always smiles extra brightly and cute when he helps Namjoon pick up his bag or when he drops his car keys, he really doesn't mind it at all. This makes it even worse that Namjoon hasn't made the final move yet. 

Now that Christmas is coming up, Namjoon sees his chance. Christmas is the season for love and honestly, Namjoon deserves a lot of it. And so does Taehyung. What a perfect coincidence. This time he has a bulletproof plan, nothing can go wrong. 


“Don't you think that's a bit too much mistletoe?” Yoongi voices his concern, carefully stepping from the ladder to look at their work.

Namjoon lifts his head and has to laugh at the sight of the entire ceiling of his hallway covered in mistletoe. No, not just one branch, several ones, making sure that everything is covered.

“It's kind of ridiculous, don't you think?”

Yoongi steps next to him, eyeing his careful work of a couple of hours, “Well, I think you're just making your point clear here. And that's good. I'm sure Taehyung will love it.”

The two friends bask a bit more in the ridiculousness of the situation, until Yoongi decides to leave before Namjoon's soon-to-be lover comes over.

“He could still say no,” Namjoon tries to argue and Yoongi only shakes his head and pats Namjoon's shoulder.

“He won't. He can't, not with the amount of effort I put into helping you with this. Don't worry, Joonie. You've got this.”

And after a long hug Namjoon is left alone, waving after his best friend.

There's still an hour to kill before Taehyung gets here and Namjoon is thankful he suggested cooking dinner for the both of them, so there's something to do instead of just waiting on jittery feet. Well, to be fair, he doesn't really have to cook much anymore, since Yoongi helped him with that, too. If there's anything worse than Namjoon's shyness, it's definitely his lack of cooking skills. 

So, Namjoon busies himself heating up the delicious food Yoongi prepared, while humming along to some Christmas tunes. The thought of Taehyung not getting the joke creeps into Namjoon's mind after all. But seeing that the younger one has never been anything but nice to Namjoon, those worries disappear pretty much at all and he's rather excited that he's finally pulling through with this. That he might get to kiss the other boy, hold his hand, call him his boyfriend and maybe even wake up in bed next to him very soon.

After setting the dinner table and placing a bottle of wine in the fridge, Namjoon quickly fixes his hair once more in the bathroom and then – finally – the doorbell rings through the apartment.

He straightens the flannel shirt he is wearing, and shoves his glasses up his nose again. Before finally opening the door he takes a look at the branches of mistletoe above him again. A smile spreads on his face, his heart pumping a bit faster than usual. Then he opens the door with that exact smile on his lips.

However, that face falls immediately at the sight of Taehyung. 

“Uhm, hi,” the younger mumbles, the top of his cheeks slightly rosy as he stands in the doorway, hands behind his back.

Usually, Namjoon's eyes get stuck on Taehyung's beautiful blue hair immediately, so that the boy is wearing a flower crown on top of it, is of course the first thing Namjoon notices. 

It's not a normal flower crown though.

As the older one just seems to gape, Taehyung's face changes in worry, “God, is this too much? I didn't wanna scare you, Namjoon.”

Before the boy can reach for his accessory, entirely made out of mistletoe, Namjoon catches his hand. He huffs out a breath and can only shake his head in disbelief.

“No, no. It's all good.”

And as the ridiculousness of the situation hits Namjoon, he begins to laugh again, leaving a very confused Taehyung behind. He leans back against the door frame and then the younger has a perfect view into the hallway of the apartment. 

Not a second later he breaks out into laughter too, his whole body shaking with it.

“I can't believe this, we're sharing one brain cell!”

Namjoon only giggles and holds Taehyung when the younger seems to topple over with his laughing, After a bit of struggle they eventually make it inside, Taehyung now inspecting the over-the-top decoration a bit closer.

Before the older even gets to explain anything, Taehyung is suddenly in his space, gently guiding Namjoon against the wall.

“Does that mean you finally wanna kiss me?”

Namjoon's eyes almost cross at how close Taehyung's face is, so he only nods timidly.

“Wanted to do that for a while.”

“Yeah, me too.”

And then, finally, after so many months of dancing around each other, Taehyung's lips are finally on Namjoon's. The kiss is soft, warm, lovely, everything that Namjoon expected, hoped for, and even better than that. His hands find their way around Taehyung's neck as the kiss doesn't stop, the both of them too immersed in the feeling of the other.

Eventually they have to breathe and even when they do so, they lean against their foreheads, not looking away.

“You do realize that we need to kiss a lot right now, since there are so many branches, right?”

“I don't mind at all. We need to kiss some more, because of your flower crown.”

“And then some more to make up for all the times we didn't kiss before.”

They agree on that with another kiss, completely forgetting about dinner, too immersed in finally being able to show their feelings for each other, bask in the other's caresses. 

It's nice, the fuzzy feeling inside Namjoon's head and the warmth spreading in his stomach as Taehyung pulls him closer, their bodies now pressed to each other.

And Namjoon doesn't want to change a single thing anymore. He wants to live in this moment forever. He will always remember that his first kiss with Taehyung happened on the same day  as his hundredth with him.

Chapter Text

Maybe Taehyung was right and wearing this couple sweater to an ugly sweater party was a bad idea. However, Jin is not going to admit that he was wrong. Not in a million years.

They’re standing in front of their mirror, far enough from it to see their entire reflection there. Fair enough, they’re a cute couple.

The sweater, however…

“This is the worst thing I’ve ever seen," Taehyung says, bursting out in laughter. “If this doesn’t make us win the contest, I don’t know what will.”

Yeah, really, it is a terrible piece of clothing. As if the two of them both being in the same sweater, their naked upper bodies touching beneath the fabric, their appearance is terrible. The sweater is of a bright purple, has fringes on its sleeve and a big, colorful Christmas tree on the front. Around the tree, there are several small bells attached, so whenever the two of them move just an inch, a loud jingle fills the space around them.

On top of that, they ordered it in the wrong size. There’s too much of their collarbones revealed and the sweater nearly reaches down to their knees.

“Ten bucks if you don’t wear pants tonight," Seokjin says as the two of them make their way out of the bedroom - not quite knowing how as they’re tied to each other by that damn couple sweater.

“Forget it," his boyfriend responds, “no way I’m taking off these jeans now. Let’s go, or we’ll be late.”


The night passes slowly and Jin is bored to dead. Despite getting along with everyone, he doesn’t really feel like there’s much to talk about with any of the other party guests. So, him and Taehyung sit on a small bench that’s placed by the wall of the big room, resting their heads against each other, Jin’s hand subconsciously caressing the younger’s inner thigh.

He doesn’t notice the way Taehyung closes his eyes, taking a few deep breaths in, trying to not show how sensitive he is.

Fair enough, the two of them didn’t have any physical intercourse in weeks. With Seokjin constantly being on business trips and Taehyung spending most of his time at uni and work, they either don’t have the time to or are just too tired to even attempt. Sure, there have been several spicy phone calls when Jin was awake in his hotel room at night, but it just isn’t the same.

Jin is sure that it shouldn’t affect his mood as much as it does, but it’s definitely getting to his head - and clearly other areas of his body as well. Same goes for his boyfriend, who seems to be even more of a crybaby lately than he usually is.

Taehyung’s fingers suddenly snap around Jin’s wrist, putting the older’s hand back into his own lap. “Please, don’t," he says softly, then sighs.

Seokjin’s mind drifts to a dangerous place. Technically, the sweater is long enough. Technically, he could just- no, that would be too inappropriate. But on the other hand…

No one is paying attention to them, anyways, right?

The older moves his hand back into his boyfriend’s lap, careful enough to not bulge the fabric of the sweater above his arm too much. His fingers quickly find the button of Taehyung’s jeans, then the zipper, the younger staring at him in disbelief. “What are you-“

“Shhh.” Jin’s eyes dart around the room, his hand slowly finding its way past the waistband of Taehyung’s briefs. “Don’t catch anyone’s attention.”

Jin is surprised to figure how sensitive exactly his boyfriend has been, given that only the soft touch to his thigh has already gotten him half hard. He smirks at Taehyung, who has his lips pressed into a thin line, eyebrows raised at him as Jin smoothly wraps his fingers around the younger’s cock.

Taehyung inhales sharply through his nose, eyelids fluttering ever so slightly. Jin slowly begins to think that this wasn’t a good idea. He simply didn’t take into consideration that the younger isn’t exactly good at hiding his pleasure.

As though the Universe is trying to do the both of them a favor, someone decides to turn up the music, loud enough for conversations to be held with screaming now. This seems to make Taehyung relax, his lips now slightly parting as he puts his forehead against Jin’s temple, the hot air that’s escaping his mouth finding its way against the older’s ear.

Jin applies some pressure as he moves his hand, slowly to not catch any attention from the other partygoers. Taehyung allows himself to let a few moans slip his mouth as Jin brushes over the tip of his cock with his thumb. The music makes those soundless to everyone except Jin, who suddenly feels the tightness of his pants around his crotch way too clearly.

Taehyung’s hand finds its way there, merely applying some pressure, too caught up to really do anything else. Jin bites his lower lip and picks up the pace with his hand, risking the fluttering it causes on the sweater. Taehyung whines, shuffling in his place for a second, obviously trying to not thrust into Jin’s hand.

They’re so lucky he chose a pair of jeans that aren’t as tight as his others. They’re almost a little too spacious. For a moment that makes Jin wonder.

“Are you wearing a pair of my jeans?”

Taehyung grumbles against his ear. “Might be. Who the fuck cares.”

Jin chuckles, applying more pressure on the younger’s cock, keeping up his movements until Taehyung can’t hold back on his moans anymore, yet still tries to keep them low. It doesn’t help, though. They’re all in Jin’s ear and the older gets overwhelmed by the feeling they leave in his lower stomach.

The second Taehyung is close to release, he tightly wraps his fingers around the bulge in Jin’s crotch, breath hitching and bucking his hips up just once, quickly catching himself again despite currently coming all over his boyfriend’s hand.

Jin strokes it out, making sure Taehyung’s getting to feel all of it, before slowly retreating his hand from the younger’s pants.

This is the moment the music stops and Namjoon stands up onto one of the chairs.

“I’m going to quickly interrupt you guys to announce the winner of the ugly sweater contest!” He claps his hands together. “And to make it quick I’m just going to say it right away. The award tonight goes to Taehyung and Seokjin with their absolutely horrendous purple couple sweater.”

Taehyung, who's been slumped back against the wall, suddenly sits up straight. They didn’t even have the time to button up his pants again. Jin is lucky he gets to hide his cum covered hand beneath the sweater, vigorously trying to ignore the hard cock in his pants as they make their way to Namjoon to accept their price - a small, plastic Christmas tree that looks pretty much like the one on their sweater.

They don’t even hold a speech as Namjoon expects them to. Taehyung merely grabs the tree by its top and then the two of them stumble outside the house, quickly approaching a taxi that’s just come to a stop on the side of the street. They could’ve walked home, given it’s just ten minutes by foot, but the two of them are too much in a haze - and maybe also a hurry.

The second they step into their apartment, they get rid of that sweater and the rest of their clothes in no time. They pull each other down onto the carpet, Taehyung soon sitting on top of Seokjin, their lips intertwined as he grinds down on him.

They remain on the floor, all the while Taehyung wraps his lips around Jin’s cocks and bops his head up and down. They remain on the floor when Jin opens up his boyfriend, luring loud moans from the younger’s mouth. They remain there as Jin fucks into Taehyung, slow at first, then picking up on pace. They remain there when both of them have finally come, Taehyung’s hole clenching around Jin as he’s being filled. And even afterwards when they’re cuddling, Taehyung’s face resting against Jin’s chest as they reflect on tonight’s happenings and laugh.

Who would’ve thought that this dumb sweater would bring them so much joy?

Chapter Text

Not a single word leaves Hoseok's lips as he throws the blanket away, almost ripping the IV line out of his hand, but he can't care less. His mind stays completely blank as his eyes find the thick bandage wrapped around his upper thigh. And that's it. It's just his upper thigh anymore, the rest of his leg is just gone .

As he reaches his hand out to touch, to actually feel the remains of his leg, the skin on his forehead breaks out into a cold sweat and his entire body seemingly is shaking  now. His mind, however, is still at loss for any thought at all.

When he hears steps outside of his hospital room, he is quick to cover himself again and falls back into the stiff pillow pretending to be asleep.

This happens multiple times throughout the day, nurses coming in and Hoseok avoiding any kind of conversation by pretending to still not be awake. Of course they are not stupid, so at one point the nurse wakes him up, offers him his lunch while checking his vital signs, asking for his pain level and stuff.

A day passes and Hoseok expects things to happen, so when a tall, young man, not dressed in scrubs enters his room, he knows exactly what's going on.

“Mr. Jung? I'm Kim Namjoon, Officer for the Seoul Police Department,” he walks up to the bed, offering his hand to Hoseok. 

He sits up a bit straighter, shaking the police officer's hand. It's a firm grip, but he can definitely feel that Namjoon is being careful. It leaves a bitter taste on Hoseok's tongue, but he doesn't say anything.

“So, you probably know why I'm here. We need to talk about the incident on the night you got shot.”

Hoseok's mouth turns into a straight line for a second, his heart pumping faster with the officer's words spoken out loud. 

“I-I don't remember anything from that night,” he offers him, fingers finding the corner of his blanket, fidgeting with it. 

“Your doctors already told me so,” Namjoon sighs and then gets himself a chair that he pushes next to the hospital bed, “Still, I need to ask about it. I've been assigned to your case and I need to figure out what happened. Of course, if it makes you feel uncomfortable talking with me about this alone, we can always get a psycho-”

“No, no, no!” Hoseok interrupts him, quickly catching himself and swallowing the panic down, “I just don't see ho talking should be of any help when I don't remember , you know?”

Namjoon drapes one leg over the other, rolling the sleeves of his uniform jacket up before he lets out a sigh.

“We can start with the thing that you remember happening last?”

With some effort, Hoseok manages to plaster a smile onto his face and offers the police officer a shrug.

“I wanted to help a girl that somehow got lost in an alley, she was crying really hard. So I walked up to her, scooped her up into my arms. And next thing I know, I wake up in the ER, doctors telling me I got shot in the leg, one of the main arteries was hit and if I don't want to bleed to death they- you know,” he gestures towards his legs. No, his one leg. And the stump that's left oft the other.

Namjoon watches him closely, most likely waiting for tears or any kind of negative emotions. But Hoseok just stares right back at him. 

“What were you doing before you find that girl? How did you find her?”

“I had dance practice that day and I always walk home afterwards, it's kind of a cool down. And like I said, she cried really hard so of course I noticed.”

The officer nods, chin resting in one hand propped up on the arm of the chair. For a moment Hoseok wonders why he is not taking notes, but given that he doesn't provide any new information, it's useless. Also Namjoon doesn't address the girl any further, seeing that she allegedly ran away before Hoseok must have gotten shot. Her psychologists are saying she's not suffering from any trauma, she simply got lost in that side alley after escaping from home, an argument having the ten year old stirred up and angry. So she is also a dead-end. 

The frown on Namjoon's face deepens and eventually he pushes himself out of the chair again. 

“Thank you for your time, Mr. Jung.”

“Please call me Hoseok.”

The officer's head whips around from where he's putting the chair back into the corner of the room. His eyes are wide.

“Uhm, yeah. Alright. You can call me Namjoon, if you want.”

For a second they just look at each other, Hoseok squirming a bit on the bed to get into a more upright position. 

“Shall I get you the nurse when I leave?”

Hoseok simply shakes his head and gestures towards the glass wall of the room, only some curtains preventing other visitors to see right away what's going on inside. 

“The nurse is already waiting for you to leave so she can finally come in.”

“Oh,” Namjoon follows Hoseok's gaze, then nods, “I'll get going then. Get well soon.”

The police officer himself has to frown at that last statement, leaving in silence as Hoseok doesn't even bother to come up with a reply.

Of course Namjoon comes back and of course he keeps on asking Hoseok the same questions over and over again. And Hosek can only give the same answers. Yes, his blood results are better. Yes, his vital signs are better. Yes, he is coping alright. And no, he still doesn't remember.

He himself thinks it's weird that every time he looks at his left leg, he doesn't feel anything going through his head. Maybe because he's just glad to be alive? He doesn't know. 

He's aware his psychologist and the other doctors are suspicious, but Hoseok is truly feeling okay. No one ever really visits him, but who should? His friends in the dance crew are busy with hour long practices now with Christmas coming up in two months, a charity event in the dance studio being the most important performance of the year. And family? Well, he's an orphan. Plus he keeps up with the dance crew through their group chat, so he's not all alone.

And now with the police officer coming around every day, even if it's just to ask questions on repeat, it's alright.

Everything is alright.

Hoseok gets fitted for a prosthetic leg soon and for some reason he tells Namjoon.

And Namjoon smiles, actually showing excitement for the other. Which is how it begins: One day he brings coffee and rice cakes to the hospital, walking in on Hoseok trying on different types of prosthetics with an expert. 

“Oh,” the officer mumbles, cheeks turning pink as he sees Hoseok sitting on a chair, only clad in shorts and a shirt, his stump fully on display, “I-I'll come back later.”

It makes Hoseok's heart fall, a shiver spreading on his skin. He gives the expert his full attention again.

“Sorry for walking in on you like that, that was uncalled for. I truly apologize,” Namjoon says once Hoseok is done and sitting on the hospital bed again, the sheets draped over his lower body.

Hoseok swallows the rice cake in his mouth, balancing the cup of coffee on his healthy leg. 

“It's no big deal, it's not like you've seen me naked.”

Namjoon sighs, offering the other a weak shrug, “I know, I still feel weird. You seem so okay .”

“Well, what other options do I have?”

Offering the officer a smile ends the conversation on that, seeing that Namjoon feels even weirder about bringing it up in the first place.

Next time, Namjoon brings him an iPad. At first Hosek thinks it is to show him some evidence or any kind of police work, whatever. But no, ever since the rice cakes and coffee, Hoseok's incident isn't the first thing they talk about. And today with the iPad they don't talk about it all. 

Namjoon simply explains that he wants to see Hoseok's favorite choreographies, he's been curious ever since the older mentioned videos of them being on the internet somewhere.

So they watch Hoseok dance on screen and don't talk about it afterwards. Hoseok can only feel Namjoon's stare. So he just offers him a smile and switches to another video.

Thankfully, Namjoon doesn't asks his questions that day. 

There are days the officer drops by just to check on Hoseok, asking about his physiotherapy now that the older has a transitory prosthetic, the actual one taking weeks to make. 

Other days he just comes by to actually talk about the incident again, but those days get rarer and rarer, seeing that Hoseok still can only offer him the same answers as the first time around.

And then the day comes that Hoseok is allowed to finally leave this room for the first time in weeks. He's in a wheelchair, but there are two feet on the footrests. It doesn't matter that one is fake and the other not, Hoseok just feels a bit more okay that day. 

Namjoon notices it as he pushes Hoseok around the park behind the hospital facility, he sees the brighter smile on Hoseok's face. The way the older breathes in the cold winter breeze, as if it's the first time he's smelling anything, chest rising with the amount of air in his lungs. Also, Hoseok talks a lot that day, telling the other man about his childhood and school years all bubbly and giggling and seeing Namjoon smile at that makes Hoseok feel even better. He thinks he's on a path to feel more okay, even if his mind is still empty.

Things seem to brighten up more and more, Namjoon brings him flowers, magazines, accompanies him to his physio and cares so much, it warms Hoseok's heart. However, his mind stays the way it is. 


The doctors had predicted it, have seen the whole breakdown coming like a train out of a tunnel – at first you can only see a small spark far, far away, but as you can slowly make out the headlights, time speeds up and you can't even jump from the train tracks anymore before it hits you with full force. Hoseok didn't believe them, not a single bit. He truly was feeling okay, he is his own best judge after all. 

One day, though, he figures out that his mind isn't actually empty. It's filled with cards, stacked neatly on top of each other, creating a wall. The cards are so light, that's why Hoseok didn't notice them being there in the first place. But as his phone keeps on buzzing with countless of messages to the dance crew's group chat, the ground on which the cards are stacked, begins to shake.

Hoseok picks the phone up from the nightstand, other hand folding his prosthetic leg towards his body so he can sit cross legged on the hospital bed. Eyes scan over the only notifications his phone has received in weeks now.


“Why has no one kicked him out of this group yet?”

“I thought you did after the accident?”

“You created the group chat, so you're the only one who can do that”


“I will do that then. Has anyone even visited him in the hospital?”


“No? Why would we? Not like he will ever be able to walk properly again, he is of no use anymore for this dance crew.”


“Yeah, you're right.”


“We still need to find a new main dancer and choreographer tho”


“Don't act like it's hard to replace him. We will find someone soon.”


He's holding his breath, lungs slowly beginning to ache from the lack of oxygen. And just as he's about to let go, let that rush of air hit that house of cards, breaking that wall inside his mind, there's also the door to his hospital room opening. 

“Hey Hoseok, I brought us so-”

Namjoon's eyes fall onto Hoseok, the older's hand shaking so violently that his phone slips out of his hand, crashing down onto the floor and most likely cracking the screen. 

“Shit, shit, are you okay?” the police officer is quick to run over to the other's bed, warm hand coming to Hoseok's shoulder. But it is of no use, sobs begin to rip through his body and he buries his face in his hands as tears burn in his eyes and soon also on his cheeks.

“What's going on? Hobi?” Namjoon softly shakes him, the worry clear in his voice, but he flinches away when the other leans forward in his hysterical crying.

“You're scaring me, shall I get help? Are you in pain?”

It's a miracle that Hoseok can shake his head, one hand reaching out for the younger one, finding the hem of his uniform jacket. But he doesn't dare to look up, just holding him back from running out and getting a nurse. He doesn't need them, he doesn't need anyone, it's of no use anymore, right?

He can feel Namjoon staring at him, as he just keeps on crying, struggling to even breathe in between sobs and sniffles. At the same time he can feel his brain being crushed by all the emotions that were supposed to be there all the time: the grief, the anger, the hatred, the disappointment, the hurt. And it's all carving scars into his mind right now, carving a hole so deep that Hoseok feels hollow. His body now is just a shell full of all these dawning emotions.

Getting shot was definitely a more pleasant feeling than his heart getting ripped out right now, being stepped up upon along with losing all his dreams for the future. All the beliefs and hopes he had for his life - gone. It really felt so much better lying there on the wet, muddy ground of Seoul, seeing his blood get flushed down the next drain by the acid rain. Hearing his attackers laughing at him, spitting right in his face, leaving him there to die.

“So you know who attacked you?”

Hoseok flinches at the sound of Namjoon's voice, right next to him. His vision is blurry due to all the tears and as he tries to speak, it's barely a whisper.


“You said they laughed at you? Spat on you?”

Was he speaking out loud? Hoseok sniffles some more, but it's of no use, he's soon back to crying, back to struggling with even breathing in the first place.

Namjoon knows now. Knows that he kept it, pretended he didn't know. 

His hands come up to his hair, ripping at it and that's when the younger one jumps up again, taking Hoseok's arms down. 

“Don't do that, you need to calm down.”

How is he supposed to do that? His world is crashing down onto him, dark thoughts rushing into his mind like a sinking ship being swallowed by the ocean.

He lost his leg, he lost his ability to do the only thing he has ever been good at, he lost his alleged friends and now with Namjoon finally finding out the truth about his incident, he lost him too. He will disappear, his job done once Hoseok spills and that's another thing the older has been holding back: how attached he got to Namjoon's presence, to his visits, to his little gifts, to simply being able to talk and not rot in this hospital bed. And fuck, he's so scared to lose that too. 

“Hoseok, Hoseok, hey!”

And then there he is, this police officer that keeps coming back to him and Hoseok thought it's because he likes him, but the truth is: Namjoon is just doing his job, he will disappear just like everyone and everything else. 

“Hey, you need to breathe. Please, breathe with me, okay?”

Hoseok can feel Namjoon's warm hands holding his face, thumbs stroking over his cheeks as he calmly asks him to breathe in and out. It's not working. Not when Hoseok needs to look into those eyes, knowing today might be the last time he will see them. 

“Why do you think that? I've been by your side for so long, why would I go now?”

Realizing that he can't tell if he's just thinking or speaking his thoughts out loud anymore, Hoseok falls forward, crashing into Namjoon's chest as he's being reduced to more sobs, the air inside his lungs getting less and less.

“Seriously, I'm getting a nurse now, I can't have you dying on me now .”

But Namjoon doesn't let go, doesn't stop being there, doesn't stop pleading for Hoseok to breathe again, to calm down.

Eventually, Hoseok comes down, gets back to a state where he can control his body again, or at least what's left of it. He has no idea how long it takes, but no nurse comes in to see Hoseok falling apart, piece by piece, only Namjoon's arms are there, holding him together. And it's no surprise that once the younger helps him lay down again, he passes out.

Once he wakes up, the wish is there, to not do it. To not open his eyes, to not let air flow through his lungs.

His eyes are swollen and it's hard to even open them in the first place, so he's relieved that the room is mostly dark. There’s just  the reading lamp in the corner shining down onto Namjoon's book in his hands, the younger one reading in complete silence, looking so peaceful.

The police officer turns a page, his eyes moving from his book to the hospital bed in front of him and that's when he notices that Hoseok woke up. He closes the pages softly, no bookmark being shoved between them before he does.

“Hey,” his voice comes soft, but the worry is so deep engraved, it sends another punch to Hoseok's gut.

Hoseok looks away, stares at the ceiling, as the younger gets up and moves over to him, carefully finding a small space on the bed to sit down.

“Asking how you are feeling seems kind of useless, and so seem all of my words to you. But I don't know what to do, how to help, how to be there for you. So excuse my rambling, yeah? I don't want to scare you again, seeing you like this was probably the most horrible thing in my entire life and trust me I've seen a lot.”

Namjoon clears his throat, a dry laugh following after, but he stays silent then, probably because Hoseok still can't look at him. 

“Why don't you just leave?” Hoseok's voice is so hoarse, the words barely coming out. He keeps his eyes locked in place even when Namjoon hands him a cup of water.

“If you want me to, I will. But I want you to know that I don't want to.”

“If I tell you what happened, will you leave then?”

“Only if you want me to.”

And that's when Hoseok can't physically look away anymore, he needs to see his face, needs to know why he's still here in the middle of the night, violating visitor hours to be with him. Him - a no one. A shell of a human left. Barely a human anymore with one limb missing and a heart ripped out of his chest.

He sees those eyes, deep circles underneath, a few wrinkles around them, but mainly he sees a person there. A person that makes Hoseok feel something outside of this deep, deep ocean of despair and it scares him even more. 

When he shakes his head, he breaks out into tears again and Namjoon comes closer, wraps his arms around him. It's not as bad as before, his body is still too exhausted. 

“We will talk tomorrow if you want, ok? We can also not talk about it all, until you're ready. I'm here for you, I'm not going anywhere.”

And Hoseok very much appreciates that option, because he is not ready. He is so empty, how is he supposed to work through all of it? 

Namjoon makes him empty a cup of water and then tucks him back to sleep, the other's hand so warm on his shoulder.

They don't talk tomorrow. And neither the next following days.

All they do is sit in silence, Namjoon reading his book and Hoseok avoiding to look at him. There's a moment when he wants to ask why Namjoon doesn't show up in uniform anymore, but he doesn't. He stays silent, trying to pick up the cards inside his mind, putting the pieces together, but in the end nothing comes out of it – the house of cards is still in shambles.

Hoseok goes to his physio, sees his therapist and the doctors keep mentioning it more often: He's soon ready to go home. 

It scares him again. Everything scares him these days, because he feels like his life is being kept together in this hospital room. He doesn't know what he is supposed to do at home, plus Namjoon won't be there anymore. 

Because Hoseok needs to talk to him, he has to, it's all the younger is waiting for. 

So he's bracing himself for the final day, the one where he spills everything and will lose the only person in his life that's still around. But in the end Hoseok knows, Namjoon is only there because it's his job, he works on Hoseok's case, and that's the only reason why he is even there in the first place.

As his recovery progresses, he keeps on building a wall again, hopefully one that will not break once Hoseok speaks one word to Namjoon.

However, things don't go as planned again. Because suddenly it's Christmas and Namjoon is there again, a present in his hand.

“What are you doing?” Hoseok asks him, probably the first thing he says to him in a long time. He puts the crutches away and falls down into the chair again, body completely exhausted just from standing for a few moments.

Namjoon's face is all soft, a shimmer in his eyes due to the cold and harsh lightning in the room.

“Open it up, it's for you.”

Wiping the sweat from his forehead with the sleeve of his hoodie, Hoseok takes it, surprised at how light the medium size box is. He is speechless, so he just gapes for a moment, not really understanding why Namjoon is giving him a gift at all.


The other one sits down on the vacant hospital bed, just gesturing towards the box.

“Open it, please.”

So Hosek does as he is told, his fingers maybe slightly shaking. He doesn't know what to expect at all, seeing that he didn't even know it's Christmas already after all. But how should he have known, no one was coming to visit him anyways these days. Except for Namjoon.

He pulls an envelope out of the box, a clean white one, nothing written on it. Feeling Namjoon's gaze on him, he continues with opening the envelope, pulling two tickets out of it.

It's tickets for an ice skating show, the date on it being today. Hoseok huffs out a breath, finally looking up at the other man.

“What is this?” he asks in utter confusion, fingers still trembling so he lowers the gift back into the box.

Suddenly Namjoon's face becomes even softer, his cheeks turn slightly pink and he licks his lips before giving a reply.

“I thought we could spend Christmas together, go out and watch the show, have dinner afterwards. Only if ice skating is your thing, of course. I talked with the nurses a week ago and they are fine with it, excited even that you're finally getting out for at least a day.”

The usual steady tone is gone and Hoseok has the feeling the police officer does actually sound a bit nervous. It makes him even more confused and speechless. 

Seeing that he doesn't answer anything, Namjoon's face falls and he gets up to take the box from Hoseok.

“It's okay, it was a stupid idea after all. I'm sorry for overstepping boundaries.”

But the older doesn't let him, keeping a firm grip on his gift.

“What is this, Namjoon? Why are you doing this? This isn't part of your job, is it?”

“My job?” the younger one actually scoffs at that, then letting out a low laugh, “No, what does this have to do with my job?”

“How should I know? I just know you're still around because you want me to talk about it and once that's done you're leaving,” Hoseok whispers, gaze dropping when Namjoon sits down on the chair next to him.

“And you think I'm giving you a present to get you to talk?”

Hoseok wants to explain, wants to tell him that seeing his other friends drop him so easily, only using him and letting him believe for years that they liked him for being him and not only his talent, left him with no trust in anyone. But instead the weak wall he has build up, begins to fall again as tears drip down his cheeks again. The fear of letting go of Namjoon, of the illusion of him caring about Hoseok, scaring him too much. He knows he's living in his head and it's not healthy, but seeing that his body is already fucked up, he doesn't give much about his mental state.

However, there's now Namjoon's hand, cupping his cheek and wiping away the tears.

“Hoseok,” his voice comes, soft just as his thumb stroking over his face, “I like you and I want to spend Christmas with you. That's it, that's the only reason.”

When Namjoon wraps his arms around him, Hoseok breaks again. But the other man is there, holding the pieces together, holding him so tight through all the sobbing, through all the fear. And that's when Hoseok finally spills, explains with trembling lips and long breaks to catch his breath. It feels liberating and so terrifying at the same time, like jumping from a skyscraper, not knowing if there's anything catching the fall. But Hoseok has been standing on top of this skyscraper for way too long.

The younger listens to him, arms tightening when he tells him about the incident, lying there thinking he was going to die, waking up to nurses and doctors explaining that he's going to lose his leg in order to make it out alive. Then his friends dropping him, turning out they were only using him for his skills. And then also the fear of losing Namjoon, losing the only person that Hoseok still has.

After the crying and the sobs have calmed down for a bit, Namjoon just sits there with Hoseok in his arms, the older's head on his shoulder, while Namjoon strokes through his hair.

“I should've told you this earlier, but I gave your case to someone else. I couldn't do it, seeing that I like you maybe a bit too much.”

Hoseok doesn't look up from where his head rests on Namjoon, just looks down at his own hands, heart pumping faster in his chest.

“The other officer that's now responsible for your case simply is on vacation, which is why he hasn't shown up yet. I never did all of this, spending time with you, just seeing you, because it's my job. I genuinely like you. Otherwise I wouldn't be here on Christmas, right?”

The older one nods, sighing when Namjoon pulls away, his arms no longer around him.

“I know it's all a lot and I wouldn't want you to get even more upset, we can gladly just spend the day here, but in case you wanna go out and watch this show with me after all, we should get going.”


Hoseok doesn't know when the jump from the skyscraper ended like this, but the whiplash from the fall is still too much. It doesn't feel real when he leaves the doors of the hospital, actually leaving the grounds and going out for the first time since the incident. 

It's a fever dream burning beneath all these scaring events of the past weeks, all his depression, anxiety, fear, despair. It's a rush of emotions when Namjoon pushes him around in the wheelchair, since Hoseok still can’t walk more than ten steps with his prosthetic.

They watch the show, Namjoon's hand in Hoseok’s the entire time. He has no idea what even happens, the event passing by his eyes in a hurry. And so does the dinner afterwards. They don't talk much, but Namjoon seems to understand, just offers the older one a smile from time to time.

As quick as the evening passes, as quick he is back in his hospital room, Namjoon accompanying him until he's sitting on this bed again, hands all pink from the way back in the cold.

Hoseok can't tell if he actually feels more than okay for once, if he is even allowed to do so. He lost everything, but somehow there's a smile on his face after all. And maybe there even is a pleasant warmth spreading in his stomach when the police officer sits down in front of him, taking his freezing hands into his own warm ones.

Before he can ask Namjoon, the younger one already speaks out, wiping away Hoseok's remaining fear.

“I'm gonna be back tomorrow, alright? I'm not going anywhere and I hope that's okay with you. Merry Christmas, Hoseok.”

When he leans down and presses a soft and warm kiss to Hoseok's cheek, the older definitely feels it, that he is more than just okay for once. Even if it's just for a second, or a minute, or a couple of minutes. Maybe he feels this way for the rest of the night, staring at the ceiling of this hospital room.


The feeling doesn't go away for a long time to be exact.

A year after the incident, it's still there, burning even brighter with every day that he gets to spend with Namjoon. There are setbacks, recovery takes time, but now that he has opened up to his psychologists, things have been looking a lot better. 

"I believe in you, babe. You're strong and powerful and wonderful and-”

“Stop it,” Hoseok huffs, rolling his eyes but doesn't push Namjoon away when the younger presses a quick kiss to his lips. 

He gets out of the car, waving Namjoon off and then takes the stairs up to the dance studio.



A year after that, Hoseok doesn't receive a kiss from Namjoon, just a text.

“You've got this, can't wait to see you. I love you.”

As professional Hoseok seems to be when he is dancing, he can't help but scan the crowd for Namjoon. When his eyes finally fall onto the other man, his veins are filled with not only adrenaline, but also a rush of euphoria. He dances even harder, giving his all into the performance, proving himself and all the others - especially his supposedly chosen fate -  wrong,

Chapter Text

Around the same time every year, Yoongi has to figure that his seasonal depression isn’t exactly triggered by the natural changing of the seasons, but the very fact that Christmas is yet again coming closer and closer and he isn’t able to afford a single present for anyone.

The years before, he tried convincing himself that it was okay, people would be fine if he only showed up to Christmas dinner and joined in on the wholesome mood. Eventually, though, of course he was just lying to himself. Every year, when he sees the sad looks on his parents’ faces when he once again explains that he did not have the money for presents, his hate for the holidays grows stronger.

But he keeps moving, tries to stay unbothered and hopes that the upcoming year things will look a little different.

But of course they don’t.

So this year, when the holiday season rolls around again, his chest aches from knowing he won’t be able to get even the littlest gift for anyone.

And this year it seems to be especially bad. Not only does he feel like his parents, more than anything, deserve to be finally gifted something nice, no. This Christmas is also going to be the first ever that he is going to spend in a relationship. And he wants nothing more than to give Jimin something that resembles Yoongi’s love for him.

Jimin keeps telling him that it’s fine, he doesn’t expect anything and he’ll be happy as long as they spend the holiday season together. And Yoongi knows that he means it. For some reason, though, that only makes him feel worse.

So, one night, they find themselves in a conversation about possible ways to make money. Legal ways, to be clear. There’s some stupid, American movie on television that they’re barely paying attention to as their thoughts drift further and further from reality.

“We could try and win the lottery,” Jimin suggests.

Yoongi huffs a laugh. “We don’t have money for a ticket.”

They’ve been through it all.

They talk about online surveys but drop that, they pay too little money. They thought about silly inventions that could make them rich and it all ends with Jimin straddling Yoongi’s lap, suggesting he could just turn himself into a camboy until Christmas is over. Needless to say, Yoongi isn’t exactly fond of the thought of sharing his boyfriend with strangers behind a screen.

“I love you so much,” Jimin mumbles against the skin on Yoongi’s neck, then covers the spot with small kisses.

They make out.

The movie is still playing in the background and Yoongi listens. As much as he wants to focus on the beautiful boy in his lap, whose hands now wander beneath his shirt, all he can think about is the money - or the lack of it, to be precise.

“We’re selling cookies for a good cause, would you like to buy some, ma’am?”

Now, Yoongi really didn’t pay attention to the movie for the past hour, but these words catch his mind. He nudges Jimin and nods at the television. The younger gets off his lap to look at the screen.

“I know nothing about these Americans,” Yoongi says eventually, “but maybe we could bake cookies and sell them.”

Jimin, surprisingly, seems to be very fond of the idea. He immediately starts talking about all the recipes his mother and grandmother have taught him and gets so caught up in talking that he doesn’t even realize Yoongi isn’t responding. When he’s finally done, he jumps to his feet.

“Let’s get groceries!”

“I’m not getting paid before next week, darling.” Yoongi sighs.

“I got some generous tips last night. I was going to use them for our vacation, but I think I changed my mind.”

At the mention of the vacation, Yoongi’s stomach twists. Jimin wants nothing more than to go abroad with him. They’re both trying to save up for it but with their very little income, saving goes slowly.


However, Yoongi does not object to Jimin’s wish of going grocery shopping and half an hour later they’re standing in one of the rather shabby supermarkets in their neighborhood. Yoongi has never baked before, so he’s surprised to find that the ingredients for baking aren’t too expensive.

Jimin even has some of his tip money left when they leave the store and allows himself to spend it on one of the rice cake stands at the corner. Yoongi carries the groceries as Jimin feeds him the hot tteokbokki off a toothpick and they both happily chew on the food as they make their way home.


That night, they don’t sleep.

Too engulfed with actually baking cookies in their tiny-ass kitchen - and occasionally making out on the counter, leaving both of them covered with flour- they don’t notice time passing. Yoongi only feels the sleepiness kicking in once it’s already dawning outside and they’re taking out the last baking sheet of baked goods.

They’re looking at the variety of cookies they made, a satisfied smile spreading on Jimin’s face. Yoongi is impressed as Jimin seems to have remembered so many recipes. He himself can’t even seem to remember what he ate for dinner last night.

Yoongi chuckles when his boyfriend hums as he puts the cookies into boxes. He can’t help but hug Jimin from behind, leaving even more flour on the shirt that was actually black before they started. He presses a few kisses to Jimin’s neck before letting go of him again.

“We should sleep.”



When Yoongi wakes up, Jimin is already in the kitchen, laughing as the older steps into the room clearly confused by the scenery in front of him.

“I went and got these small bags so we can sell the cookies in bunches.” The younger holds up one of the bags. “There’s one of each inside. I should be done in a bit. You can have breakfast and then we’ll leave.”

Yoongi feels a bit taken aback. “That’s a great idea. I just have one concern, well, two to be honest.” He leans against the still flour-covered kitchen counter. “Firstly, did you sleep at all? And secondly, how are we going to sell these?”

Jimin hums, then nods. “Slept like an hour or so, don’t want to fuck up my schedule. And we are just going to approach people?”

“But what do we tell them? We’re not exactly doing this for charity. What the hell moves people to buy cookies from strangers without a cause?” Yoongi raises an eyebrow.

“I was thinking,” Jimin responds, inhaling deeply before he continues, “and I know it’s morally incorrect, but we could just tell people we’re doing it for charity.”

Yoongi hates the places his mind is going then. He’s pretty sure what Jimin suggested is illegal, but in all honesty, it’s the easiest way to actually sell those cookies. After all, they can’t sink any lower, can they? So eventually, he nods. “Okay, let's do this.”



After Yoongi had his breakfast - consisting of black coffee and half a cigarette he’d saved for the morning as he can’t afford a new pack as of now - Jimin is quick to tell Yoongi to put on some nice clothes and helps him slip into his coat once he’s dressed up, not that he couldn’t have done it on his own. It’s endearing.

They make their way into the city, the four bags of cookies in their hands turning the trip on the subway into a little adventure. Once they’re there Yoongi feels very unsure of the entire thing, but Jimin seems to be as excited as he was the previous night when they’d started this entire thing. He assures Yoongi he’s fine with doing the talking as long as the older carries the bags. And that’s how it goes.

Jimin seems to be in his element. He’s got the charm to quickly wrap people around his fingers and it doesn’t surprise Yoongi at all that nearly everyone is willing to listen to him, no matter how much in a hurry they seem and no matter how grumpy Yoongi looks behind his boyfriend.

“Excuse me, Sir, can you spare a second? We’re selling cookies and all the profit will be donated to poor families in need so they’ll be able to celebrate the holidays as we do!” — “Oh it’s as much as you want us to give!” — “Why yes, we made them ourselves!” — “Oh no, we really just want to help.” — “Thank you so much, happy holidays!”


The tip jar Jimin has quickly turned into a donation jar is filling quickly, and Yoongi is more and more okay with what they’re doing. Technically, they aren’t lying to people. They are trying to make money because they’re poor fucks who just want to celebrate Christmas.

It takes them merely two hours to get rid of all the cookies, except for one small bag that they decide to keep for themselves. They watch the buskers for a bit before heading home, Jimin’s eyes widening as he watches the dancers in awe.

When the younger suggests having dinner and Yoongi figures he doesn’t mean ramen at the nearest convenience store, he’s actually surprised. Jimin chooses a nice restaurant that is way too pricey and when he explains he took some more off his savings for this, Yoongi’s heart drops to his stomach.

How on earth did he deserve someone like Jimin?


As they leave the restaurant, they both grit their teeth when the cold wind hits their face. Obviously, it’s December and no one is expecting high temperatures, but the wind is making it much worse.

On their way to the subway they pass a woman who is in tears, apologizing to her child for not being able to get a Christmas present. Yoongi stops and listens.

Jimin seems to notice the shift in emotions, as he’s throwing a concerned look at the older, who’s still listening, now to the child explaining that all he really wants for Christmas is a new pair of shoes. It takes him a while to finally look at his boyfriend.

“We can’t do this, Jimin. We tricked people.” His voice is low and he almost fears the other can’t hear him.

But he can. Jimin nods. “It doesn’t feel like honest money.” He throws a look at the woman and her child.

“How much money did we make?” Yoongi shifts on his feet to prevent them from getting cold.

Jimin reaches into his bag and quickly opens the jar to take the bills from it, then unfolds them and counts. Yoongi is surprised to see a few fifty thousand Won bills in the younger’s hands. Who pays that much for cookies? Jimin’s eyes widen with every bill he counts.

Eventually, he looks up at the older. “Around three hundred thousand Won.”

Yoongi nods. That’s a lot of money. He takes the bills from Jimin’s hand and retreats two of the fifty thousand notes, then turns to face the woman who is now hugging her crying child. He taps her on the shoulder. When she looks at him with raised eyebrows, he feels a little insecure, yet he hands her the money and pulls his hand back before she realizes what it is that he just gave her.

“Buy your kid a nice pair of shoes.” He smiles, nearly already turning on his heels as he wishes her a happy holiday, then grabs Jimin’s hand and pulls him further towards the subway station, not staying a second longer to see the woman’s reaction.

Before heading home, they make sure to stop by at one of the charity organizations for poor families to make up for their bad conscience and drop off the leftover money.

Yoongi doesn’t feel as bad as he thought he would. Yeah, he might be back to being broke as fuck, but at least he hasn’t done anything morally incorrect. When he voices those thoughts to Jimin later when they’re back on their sofa, the other smiles.

“The baking part was fun, actually. We should do that more often.” He throws his hands into the air. “Wait, we still have a bag of cookies!”

The older waits for Jimin to search his bag for the cookies, and when he returns he already has it opened, handing it to Yoongi for him to choose one.

They both eat their cookies at the same time and Yoongi feels as though Jimin is mirroring his very own facial expression. First, furrowed brows, unsure of what he’s tasting. Then, disgust.

“What the fuck is that,” Jimin says, spitting the half-chewed pastry into the bag. “This is not how my grandma’s cookies tasted.”

Yoongi courageously chews the cookie until the end, then forces himself to swallow it. “No, I don’t think we’re ever going to try baking again. I love you, I really do. But this is disgusting.”

They can’t help but laugh. They are broke and miserable and those cookies taste like shit, but they can’t stop laughing for a few minutes, all before Jimin pulls Yoongi in for a kiss.



Jimin and Yoongi celebrate Christmas a day early as they are both leaving to visit their families that night. The younger has somehow managed to cook them a Christmas dinner that doesn’t taste disgusting and Yoongi took care of getting one of those small, plastic Christmas trees.

As they sit in front of it shortly after finishing their food, Yoongi is holding a small box - and finds that Jimin is holding one, as well.

“Great minds think alike," Yoongi mumbles, smiling as he crosses his legs and hands the box to Jimin. “It’s not much, but-“

“Oh my god, shut up. I wasn’t expecting anything. I can’t believe you got me a present!” Jimin excitedly takes the box and frantically opens it. Yoongi definitely feels a lump in his throat when Jimin tears up upon seeing what’s inside the small box. “How were you even able to afford it?”

“Sold my old synthesizer.” The younger looks at him, clearly shocked. “It’s no big deal, really. It’s ten years old and I don’t use it anymore. I didn’t get a lot for it, but enough to buy you a little something.”

Jimin’s lips are pressed to a firm line, yet quivering, as he runs his fingers over the silver necklace and eventually takes the heart-shaped trinket between his fingers. He’s obviously trying not to cry. “It’s beautiful, oh my god.” He asks Yoongi to put it around his neck and happily reaches for the small heart when it’s locked. “I got something for you, too.”

“You shouldn’t have.” Yoongi feels uneasy.

“Shush. Open it.” Jimin bites his bottom lip. “It’s more than one thing, actually.”

Yoongi opens the box with shaky fingers. The first thing he sees is the CD cover on top. It’s a self-burned disk, written on it the words “Songs To Cuddle (Me) To”. He smiles at his opposite, knowing exactly which songs are on the CD. “Amazing. We need one of those.”

“It’s our Spotify playlist. I thought since we had to cancel our subscription and we both hate the not-premium version, I might as well create an ad-free version of the playlist.” He wiggles in his spot. “Anyways, check out the envelope.”

When Yoongi does, he’s not quite sure of what’s going on. Inside are two coupons for a professional massage in his hometown and another one for a flower bouquet. “I-“

“For your parents. You’ll obviously have to get the flowers yourself, but you’ll also be able to gift them something this year. It’s not a lot and basically all our vacation savings are screwed but—“

Before Jimin can continue, Yoongi rushes forward and presses his lips on the other’s. “I love you,” he mumbles, repeatedly pressing kisses onto Jimin’s now parted lips.


Yoongi doesn’t know how he ended up here, being loved by someone as amazing as Jimin.

But he knows that, for the first time in years, the thought of Christmas doesn’t make him want to die.

Chapter Text

Red is the color of Christmas, but at the same time it's also the color of Taehyung's hair. 

Jungkook takes a deep breath as he spots the boy's flaming red hair in a crowd of Santa hats and fairy lights. 

“Okay, you can do this,” he mumbles to himself, rubbing his glove covered hands against each other before putting on his best smile.

Jungkook has risked it all to even get to this point. The thing is: Taehyung is the school's heartthrob and it was all thanks to Jimin that Jungkook now even has a date with him at all. His heart has stopped back then when Taehyung came up to him, the small letter in his hand, showing him that he has indeed answered the question with a yes . Yes, he would like to go on a date on the Christmas market. Jimin was the one to cheer happily while Jungkook only struggled with the simple task of breathing after his crush asked for his phone number to settle things.

And now Jungkook is standing here, dressed in a nice outfit – of course picked by his best friend – and is feeling beyond nervous. He doesn't want to fuck this up, this is his once in a lifetime chance.

“Jungkookie,” Taehyung exclaims, a few steps away from him. His heart pounds faster now.

“Taehyung, so happy you could make it.” 

A little “ oof ” comes out of the younger as Taehyung hugs him tightly. Has he always been this strong? 

“I wouldn't miss it for the world,” the older beams at him and Jungkook wonders if what he feels in his stomach are butterflies. 

The question definitely gets answered with a yes, when the two of them get going with their date. 

First off, it's mulled wine. Taehyung buys them the drinks since Jungkook is not of age yet and then they have a bit of awkward small talk. They also don't save on the compliments for each other, Taehyung repeating how good Jungkook looks in his new winter coat (it's a navy blue, army style one) and causing the younger to hide his blush behind the mug. It's kind of ridiculous to Jungkook, the way he had to specifically shop to look this nice and Taehyung always showing up effortlessly styled to classes. Still, he basks in the praises and the feeling of the older boy actually liking him back.

They laugh a bit with their drinks in their hands warming them, eyes fixed on each other, so none of them notice when a few kids race around them. Eventually one of them crashes into Taehyung, causing him to spill the remains of his mulled wine all over his coat.

“Oh shit.” Jungkook is quick to fumble for a tissue in the pocket of his coat.

Taehyung's face looks red as he just stares at his ruined coat with wide eyes. The younger boy offers the tissue to him, but seeing that he is still frozen in shock, Jungkook goes to work and wipes the worst off, keeping one hand on Taehyung's shoulder.

“I'm so sorry,” Taehyung mumbles then, eyes still not meeting Jungkook's.

“What are you apologizing for?” The younger just laughs as he shrugs it off, “It happens. I just hope your coat wasn't too expensive, considering that this stain won't ever come out.”

He rubs on the light-pink teddy coat a little more, the dark red stain clearly not getting removed by Jungkook's attempt of doing so.

The overall mood drops a bit after that incident, so Jungkook just buys Taehyung a candy apple, one with a ton of sugar pearls on it, and then there's that beautiful smile all over his face again. And yes, there are definitely butterflies in Jungkook's stomach.

For a while they just walk through the Christmas market, arms touching every now and then with how close they are walking together. They exchange stories from school with each other, laughing about incidents and funny occurrences during class they experienced together and it's all super light-hearted. A few steps later as they both salivate over some chocolates displayed in a shop window, a few snowballs get thrown around by other kids and Jungkook is quick to pull Taehyung away from the hazard. The kids scream some more, one girl managing to throw a boy's hat off his head with a snowball and Jungkook can only giggle at the sight. However, as he finds Taehyung just glaring at the children, he figures it's finally time to go to the ice rink – their actual plan for the date.

They borrow some skates, Taehyung paying for that and making Jungkook blush by doing so. Though, only moments later Taehyung is the one to blush as he carefully walks to the ice rink, where Jungkook is already on, waiting for the other.

“How are you doing that?” he exclaims, eyes still full of worry as he stares at the ice in front of him, only a step distancing his skates from the surface.

Jungkook skates towards him again, stopping with ease, “Doing what?”


He looks down to his feet, only seeing his ill-fitting skates. 

“Why are you so good at this?”

“Oh,” Jungkook chuckles, offering one hand to Taehyung to finally make it onto the ice and not block the way for all the other people wanting to get on it. “I've been ice skating my whole life.”

At that Taehyung nearly falls with his first step on the ice, Jungkook quick to catch him. 

“You didn't tell me that?”

Jungkook blinks at him, their faces way too close to each other right now, so he proceeds to guide the other boy to the side fence. Only when Taehyung's hand finds a grip on there, Jungkook lets go of him.

“Well, I don't see how me ice-skating on a semi-professional level is anything exciting to talk about. It bores Jimin to death, so why even bother?”


A laugh escapes Jungkook's mouth as Taehyung's face seems to fall more and more.

“I train five days a week for at least four hours after school, I compete in championships and stuff. I'm just not sure if I actually want to do this professionally after school or if I rather wanna go for a science degree,” Jungkook sighs and leans against the side fence, still keeping an eye on Taehyung, who seems to struggle with his skates. 

“Enough about me, though. We're here for skating, so let's do that.”

As he pushes himself off and skates a few steps, Jungkook is quick to notice that his date isn’t following him at all. The boy is completely glued to his place.

“No, it's alright,” Taehyung waves him off, the top of his cheeks still red – probably not from the cold, “You go and skate your heart out, while I try and figure things out.”

“We're here to have fun and it's not that difficult,” the younger explains, coming to stop beside him again. “Here, I'll show you and then we will skate together, so you won't have to be afraid of falling.”

Taehyung does look at him a bit hesitant, but Jungkook didn't risk embarrassing himself in front of the entire school for his crush to then bail on skating. For a second he regrets telling him about his hobby at all, because it seems to intimidate the older. 

However, as Jungkook calmly explains and shows him how to move and then takes his hand, so he can try out himself with Jungkook's assistance, things seem to be taking a better road. Quite literally. The first steps are clumsy, but Taehyung doesn't trip, which makes it a win for the younger one.

Taehyung's grip on Jungkook's hand is tight, very tight, still it is the best feeling to Jungkook. If he wouldn't be so busy with making sure that the older one doesn't fall, he could truly enjoy and freak out over it. So it's actually better that way.

The pair skate for a long time and Taehyung eventually gets better at it at some point. It doesn't make Jungkook let go of him though, only when the older insists on seeing Jungkook skate just for him. It's a beautiful, slow song playing and the younger suspects it's one of the boy’s favorites, so for the sake of it, he gives in. He leaves Taehyung at the side again and then moves to the center of the ice rink.

Maybe he does show off a little bit, a few spins and tiny jumps here and there, but it feels nice. Especially when he catches his crush looking at him with glittering eyes.

The two hours on the ice pass quickly as they seem to have a lot of fun now that Taehyung has gotten the hang of it as well, but eventually they have to leave. There's still school waiting for them the next day.

Everything seems to be going perfectly, the two of them beaming at each other as they skate towards the exit of the rink.

Suddenly, just as Taehyung is once again lost by looking at Jungkook, another skater passes him. Or maybe not quite.

Jungkook yelps as he watches the two violently  crashing into each other and god, why wasn't he holding hands with Taehyung at this moment? He is quick to kneel down on the ice, checking in on the both of them.

“God, are you alright?”

The other girl quickly nods, brushing the ice off of her jacket. Taehyung, on the other hand, groans into his scarf, barely getting up at all.

“Tae, are you hurt?” Jungkook places a hand on his shoulder, looking all over the older's body in worry. 

“I-I don't know.” his voice is barely there anymore and the younger is quick to realize that he must be crying. 

The girl, still awkwardly standing behind the pair, leans down. “Look, I'm so sorry, I wasn't paying attention at all. Shall I get some medical help?”

And as Taehyung whines in pain as he tries to lean on his other arm to finally get up, Jungkook only nods at her. 




“Are you sure you're alright?” Jungkook asks another time, probably annoying Taehyung by now. The older just nods, awkwardly shoving his jacket into the right place, hiding the ugly cast he's wearing now.

Jungkook sighs and shoves his hands deeper into his pockets as they walk closer to Taehyung's home.

They had to go to the ER, since the older's arm actually got broken on the ice rink. That was already a mood killer. And then Taehyung admitted that his parents are on a family visit somewhere outside of the city at the moment, so they couldn't even pick him up from the hospital, causing in Jungkook walking the boy home now. It wouldn't be that bad, if Taehyung wouldn't be sulking a lot right now. It makes Jungkook feel like the entire date was a failure. All this effort for nothing. Well, all for a broken arm.

“Okay, this is my place”, the older eventually says and comes to a halt in front of a nice looking family home, maybe even a bit on the more expensive side with the modern looks of it.

Jungkook nods and offers Taehyung a last shy smile. He doesn't expect anything, a hug would be too much with the cast right now anyway. So as he is just about to turn around and leave, Taehyung opens his mouth.

“I'm sorry about the date, Jungkook.”

The younger's eyes widen and he gapes at the other.

“I'm really sorry for ruining it from start to finish, I wish there was a way of making it up to you.”

“W-What?” Jungkook can only stammer, the hurt expression in Taehyung's face suddenly throwing him off completely “I- You? You didn't ruin anything, what are you talking about?” 

As he notices tears welling up in the other's eyes, Jungkook's stomach feels twisted. He places a hand on Taehyung's shoulder, gentle not to hurt the other.

“I just, I just ruined everything . First I had to spill my drink all over myself, then those kids had to destroy that mistletoe that was hanging right above us, then me embarrassing myself on the ice rink and to top it all I had to break my arm. The Universe truly doesn't want me to impress my crush.”

And then they are back, every single one of Jungkook's butterflies. 

“You have a crush ? On me ?”

“Yeah, couldn't believe you asked me out in the first place,” Taehyung admits, burying his face further in his scarf. He looks up at Jungkook again, when the younger suddenly starts to laugh, a happy laugh that echoes right through the neighborhood.

“Please, come on, Tae. That's a joke, right? You're the school's heartthrob, I didn't even know if you are into boys when I asked you out and risked my entire life on that day. Plus: I was the one being super nervous, feeling like I need to impress you, because you're so effortlessly cool and beautiful and I'm just average.”

And then it's Taehyung's turn to laugh, but his quickly fades as it seems to shake his body and therefore his broken arm as well. Jungkook still joins him in his laughter, all of a sudden feeling a huge wave of relief. 

For a long moment they just look at each other and Jungkook is just simply content to see Taehyung smiling again. He has no idea what possesses him next, when he moves closer to his crush. 

His breath is right in Taehyung's face as he whispers “So what about that mistletoe that I seem to have missed entirely?”

Maybe it's a brave and bold move.

But Jungkook doesn't regret it, not the slightest. He made a bold move to even make it this far in the first place.

“I guess we don't need one after all,” Taehyung answers him, moving even closer to the younger boy. Their lips a few millimeters away from touching now, Jungkook's hands now on both of Taehyung's shoulders, holding on to that teddy coat lightly.

“Thank god, because I'm going to do this often and there's no lifetime supply of mistletoe for the amount we will need.”

Chapter Text

Hoseok wakes up at ass-o’clock, as per usual when he works the night shift. His co-workers keep saying how the first night shift of the week is the worst, he himself never experienced many issues with that, though. But that might just be his generally very fucked up sleep schedule and the fact that, unlike the other nurses, Hoseok only works the night shift, with no exceptions.

He’s happy like that, really. His work cycle - one week of night shift, one week off - is great for him. He used to work day shifts as well, but the constant stress, noise and switching of shifts nearly turned him into a zombie. So, as night hours are counted double at the hospital he works at, he decided to cancel the day shifts. His boss was more than happy about that, since most his co-workers seem to really dislike working at night.

As Hoseok crawls out of bed, he finally takes a look at the clock on the wall. He’s got an hour to get ready, which seems to be more than enough. He has his usual coffee and oatmeal before slipping into the shower for a few minutes. Getting out, he puts on his scrubs and blow-dries his hair.

Before leaving, Hoseok checks on his schedule again to make sure he’s not going to miss a night. He feels his heart clench as he realizes his last shift will be on the twenty-sixth, making him work all the way through Christmas. Not because he doesn’t want to work on the holidays, but because he much rather wished that he had a family to spend them with. Or friends, for that matter.

The past two years, he voluntarily worked the night shift throughout Christmas, asked his boss to shift his days, even. This year, the natural cycle ended up on these days. Hoseok isn’t complaining.

After his parents died in a car crash a few years ago, he somehow managed to detach from the rest of his family. His sister - the only person he’s still in touch with - is now living in France with her husband and can’t afford making the way back home. Other than that, Hoseok doesn’t really have a social life. He has co-workers he really gets along with, but he wouldn’t really consider any of them close friends.

One of said co-workers is picking him up in front of his apartment at seven, exactly one hour before their shift starts. It’s a tradition of theirs to, whenever their shifts fall together, grab some takeout on their way to the hospital.

Yoongi greets Hoseok with a firm nod when he gets into the car.

“I wish I looked as fresh as a daisy as you do,” he says when the younger is finally buckled up. Starting the car, he continues. “Maybe I should quit the day shifts as well.”

Hoseok chuckles. “You’re always tired, there wouldn’t be a difference, I suppose. If time allows it I can take care of your patients for an hour or so. You could take a nap in the breakroom.”

“Not all heroes wear capes, it seems,” Yoongi yawns as he stops the car in front of a small restaurant. “They recently started offering take-out and I remember you saying you love eating here, so-“

“Oh my god," Hoseok exclaims, “this is amazing.”


They end up grabbing more food than they’re probably able to eat during their shift. Still, Hoseok can’t help but think that this is the perfect start to the night shift. When they’re finally at work and switched into the other shoes, Yoongi and him make their way to the meeting room, where the late shift nurses are already awaiting them.

Taehyung smiles up at the two of them as they enter the room. “Ah, there you are.” He sits up straight and immediately gets ahold of the clipboard on the table in front of him. The stack of paper attached to it seems more than usual.

Hoseok sighs. “Hey, what’s up?”

“Should we wait for Chaerin?”

“No, I’m here," a voice comes from the door. Chaerin looks exhausted. Hoseok supposes she pulled another double shift.

So, they start with their usual exchange of informations before the late shift gets to go home. Taehyung goes first, turning to Hoseok, which means he’ll be the one taking over the younger’s patients. “So, more patients than usual on this ward for all of us because four people called in sick. That leaves only three of you for the night shift.”

Hoseok quickly counts in his head. If there’s only three of the usual nurses for the night and all rooms are full, that means an approximate of thirty patients for each of them. He groans. “Couldn’t you find someone to cover up?”

Taehyung presses his lips to a firm line, then shakes his head. “Chaerin already took over the late shift on top of working the morning shift. I can’t do double shifts because I switch to morning shift tomorrow and Eunji needs to go home to the kids. However,” he proceeds, “half of these people are here for fractures.”

“And the other half?” Hoseok raises an eyebrow at his opposite.

Taehyung explains. A few people need regular blood checks, on top of some monitoring of their vital signs. Two are in a coma and need to be plugged to the stomach tube for water. Some patients only require care if they ring for a nurse. “Ah, and the kid in 309.” Taehyung sighs. “He’s a bit traumatized, only came in today. Has some severe burns and might need some emotional support and bandage changes. If shit gets out of hand, give him some medication to sleep.”

“What happened?” Yoongi shifts nervously in his chair. He knows that patients like these might affect all nurses, not just the ones they’re assigned to.

Taehyung bites his lower lip, eyes nervously darting between Hoseok and Yoongi before he finally speaks. “Car crash, as I’ve heard. His parents are in intensive care. Make sure he doesn’t sneak upstairs to try and see them.”

“That shouldn’t be an issue," comes a voice from the door yet again. They all turn to face the doctor who’s just stepped into the room. “The boy has a broken leg and sprained ribs. He won’t be able to walk. But he is very unsettled and concerned about his parents. Maybe you guys can get some info from the nurses upstairs to try and reassure him that they’re going to be fine.”

They finish their round ten minutes late, the doctor throwing in some information whenever he feels it’s necessary, other than that just listening to the nurses exchange information about the patients. In the end, he gets up. “Doctor Choi and Byung are in the house and on emergency service. If anything happens, make sure to beep them.”


With that, their briefing ends and all the nurses immediately get up and shuffle away. The late shift goes home and the three night shift nurses hurry to get onto the ward to start taking care of their patients right away. Hyejin, the third night shift nurse, yawns loudly as they finally walk out into the hallway. Yoongi seems quite beat, as well.

He turns to Hoseok. “So much for that nap you offered earlier.”

The other holds the clipboard to his chest. “Yeah, no way, I won’t be able to have an eye on sixty patients at once.”

They don’t get to talk more then, as their beepers go off, all of them quickly checking to figure that the alarm is coming from one of Yoongi’s assigned rooms. He hurries away and leaves the other two behind.

Hyejin sighs, looking down at her clipboard. “Can you help me with the patient in 303 later? He’s too heavy for me to change his bandages alone.”

Hoseok nods and makes sure to smile before she turns and walks down the hallway to get to her patients.


It’s been a while since they’ve been this busy during the night shift. Their usual time management is entirely thrown over as each of them seem to have some really stubborn patients who keep ringing their bell over the smallest shit. Usually, they’re all ready for their first break by midnight, four hours after the shift starts, but tonight it’s close to one when Hoseok finally reaches his last patient, the boy in room 309.

He opens the door ever so slightly to peek inside, the boy seemingly being fast asleep. He quickly glances down to his clipboard to make sure he’s not missing any of the tasks, then sneaks into the room. His first glance goes to the screen next to the bed so he can check on all the vital stats without actually having to touch the patient.

He should be asking the boy if he’s in pain and give him an injection of Ibuprofen if he is, but as he seems to be asleep, Hoseok quickly shuffles towards the door again.


The nurse nearly screams from the shock. His hands still shaking, he turns around to face the patient. “Are you okay?”

“Can I have a glass of water? I can’t reach out for it.” The boy’s voice sounds kind of sore.

Hoseok shuffles over and puts the clipboard on the small table before pouring some water into the glass and handing it to the patient. He watches him drink for a moment, taking the clipboard back into his hands.

“Uhm-“ he stares down at the patient’s sheet. “Mister Jeon-“

“Oh god, no. Please call me Jungkook. I’m sure I’ll blow up if one more person calls me by my last name.” With a painful expression, he puts the glass onto the table that Hoseok has pushed closer to the bed. “Like I know you’re not supposed to call me by my first name, but please.”

Hoseok thinks for a second, then purses his lips, nodding. “Okay. So, Jungkook. Are you in pain?”

“Fuck yeah I am," the boy scoffs. “Still feel like I’m burning alive, to be honest.”

The nurse nods yet again. “I’ll have to turn on the lights, then I’ll quickly go grab some medication for you. I need to look at your bandages, too.” The boy curses as Hoseok walks out of the room and turns on the light. In the hallway, he finds Yoongi, whose hair is sticking to his sweaty forehead. “You look like you ran a marathon.”

“Sure feels like it," Yoongi hisses back at him. “Lady in 315 and old man in 300 keep ringing their damn bells. Can’t they assign us patients that are next to each other so we can stop running around? However, told them I’m on break now. You done?”

Hoseok shakes his head. “No, but almost. Need to grab some painkillers for the boy.”

“I’ll warm up your food too, then.” With that, Yoongi is already rushing down the hallway towards their break room. A glance to the clock tells Hoseok why. Their second round of check-ins on patients is supposed to start in forty minutes.


He returns to Jungkook a few minutes later, fresh bandages and some medicine with him. The boy seems to have kept himself busy with his phone while he was gone.

“I’m going to give you the injection first. Then I’ll have a look at the bandages.”

The patient pulls a face that’s comes across as annoyance. “Can’t I just have a pill instead? Or something stronger? Whatever this is, it doesn’t seem to help a lot.”

Hoseok hums. “It’s Ibuprofen, not exactly the strongest stuff against pain. But injections work faster as they immediately get into your bloodstream. If you need something stronger, I’ll have to check back with the doctor. I suggest we see how this one works and if the pain doesn’t stop, you can ring for me, okay?”

The boy nods and watches closely as Hoseok gives him the injection, then proceeds to pull back the blanket so he can take a look at Jungkook’s legs. He hisses as he spots them. One of the legs is broken but obviously can’t be put in a cast as it’s covered with burn marks, so it’s just laying in a splint. The other leg isn’t fractured, but definitely also burnt.

“You look like you’re going to throw up. You haven’t even seen what’s beneath those bandages yet.” Jungkook chuckles, then immediately groans at the pain that leaves in his ribs.

Hoseok shrugs. “Seen worse. But the way the exudate has soaked through the bandages, that shit must hurt like hell.”

Jungkook cocks his head to the side. “Are nurses supposed to curse?”

The older’s eyes widen. “No. But we’re also not supposed to call our clients by their first names. Keep it between us. I’ll have to take off the splint. Sorry in advance.”

The boy presses his lips to a thin, white line, whimpering as Hoseok does as warned, as careful as he can be. He has to figure that the patient is a tough one, despite his small whines and whimpers not making a sound during the entire process of taking off the bandages, cleaning the wounds and putting some antiseptic cream on them, then putting on the new passages and eventually closing the splint around the boy’s leg again.

“You told me to ring if the pain doesn’t get better, yes?” Jungkook looks at him, teary eyed. “Ding dong?”

Hoseok can’t help but laugh. “Wait for half an hour. If you ring then, I’ll immediately go ask the Doc, alright?”

“Can you also bring me some chocolate then? I crave something sweet.” Jungkook smiles.

Hoseok nods. “Only if you turn off the alarm again after a few seconds of ringing, so it doesn’t ring all the while I talk to the Doctor. It’s the green button next to the red.”

When the boy agrees to that, Hoseok grabs all his stuff and makes his way out of the room, getting rid of all the used material on his way to the break room, where Yoongi and Hyejin are already waiting for him.

“Just in time," Hyejin laughs as Hoseok finally sits down.

“Had to go check on another client before warming up the food, so be careful, it’s hot.” Yoongi smiles and shoves a pair of chopsticks across the table.

The first five minutes they eat in silence, clearly exhausted by those past five hours. Then Yoongi starts complaining about those annoying patients that keep ringing over nothing and it goes on from there, all of them sharing stories about their patients.

Hyejin looks at Hoseok. “Hey, did the boy ask about his parents?”

He shakes his head. “No. He seems to be quite relaxed considering the situation he’s in. No clue what the hassle was about.”

“I met Soojin from intensive care when she came down to check for some supplies," she responds. “Asked her about his parents. Thought that would spare you the time. Jeon, right?”

“Oh, thank you.” Hoseok raises his eyebrows. When did she even get ahold of their last name? “What did she say?”

“His Mum’s in a coma but she’s stable. His Dad’s vital stats keep falling, Doctor Im is still here to take care of that. But they’re sure he’ll stabilize.” Hyejin takes the last bite of her warmed up convenience store burger.

Yoongi shakes his head. “Why isn’t Doctor Im just moving into the hospital? I swear, the guy never sleeps. He’s always here.”

Hoseok hums. “Taehyung said he’s feeling guilty after that incident a few months ago. Makes sense to me.” Their beepers go off and he checks the room number. It’s the boy. Hoseok immediately clicks the orange button on his beeper, waiting for one of the emergency service Doctors to make his way to him.

“Huh?” Yoongi raises an eyebrow. “Don’t you want to go?”

The beeping stops then and Hoseok smiles. He explains. “Told him to stop the alarm again.” He looks up as Doctor Choi steps into the room.

“Which of you?”

Ah great, he’s in a terrible mood. Hoseok sighs before speaking up, already getting ahold of his clipboard to hold Jungkook’s information ready. “Me, Sir. The boy in room 309 asked if he could get stronger painkillers, the Ibuprofen doesn’t seem to do much for him.”

The doctor receives the clipboard from Hoseok and stares at it for a few moments, one of his eyebrows slowly raising as he reads. “When did you change the bandages?”

“About half an hour ago. His legs do look quite bad and his ribs seem to be hurting too, I think that-“

“What absolute moron prescribed Ibuprofen? This boy has severe burns and fractures!” The doctor reaches into his chest pocket to take out a pen, scribbling some words onto the paper. “Here you go. If the Tramadol doesn’t help, call again and we’ll set him on morphine.”

Before Hoseok is able to protest, the doctor is leaving the room again. The nurse gets up too, quickly shoving some more rice into his mouth as he gets ready to leave. He nods at his co-workers and grabs a Kit Kat from the snack jar on the way out.

On his way to the boy’s room, he grabs some Tramadol from the medicine cabinet. Making his way back into the patient’s room, he figures that Jungkook has his eyes closed, sharply in- and exhaling puffs of air. Hoseok clears his throat and the boy’s eyes immediately shoot open to look at him.

“I brought you a Kit Kat. And new medicine.”

Jungkook takes the chocolate with a pained smile and then watches the nurse unpack the new injection. When Hoseok finally pulled the needle out, he looks at the patient. “It’s going to take a while to kick in. Doc said if it doesn’t help, we can switch to morphine.”

Jungkook, now chewing on his Kit Kat, nods. “Do you know anything about my parents?”

“Oh, right,” Hoseok responds, considering whether or not to tell the whole truth. “Your mum’s stable, the doctor is still trying his best to stabilize your dad, too. But he’s certain he’s going to succeed.”

The boy hums. “Inform me when there’s anything new, will you?”

The nurse smiles. “Sure thing, not sure if I’m going to be able to catch some new info tonight, though.”
He chooses to have another look at the boy’s legs, groaning when he figures that the bandages are already partly soaked again. “I’ll have to do another change later, I guess.”



The last few hours pass quickly, mostly because all of them are too busy running from one end of the hallway to the other, taking blood, checking in on everyone. When the morning shift finally arrives half an hour before their shift ends, Hoseok just falls into one of the seats in the restroom. He sure as hell never has been this exhausted before.

Taehyung comes in with good news. “We found someone to cover the day shifts, so Chaerin will join the night shift tonight.”

They do a new round of information exchange, this time for the morning shift, and when Hoseok and Yoongi finally are in the car, they groan in unison. They drive in complete silence, mostly because they’re too tired to talk.

At home, Hoseok falls into his bed, nearly forgetting to take off his scrubs before falling asleep.



The second night isn’t as stressful as the first, mostly because they’re now four instead of three nurses. Handling twenty patients is much easier than thirty, and Hoseok feels like repeatedly kneeling before Chaerin for spontaneously switching to the night shift.

The new painkillers seem to work well for Jungkook, who’s fast asleep until Hoseok is halfway through the night, currently taking some time to put a fair amount of Christmas decorations up in the hallway. When their beepers ring and he figures who it is, he immediately drops the garland he’s holding and rushes towards Jungkook’s room, this time making sure right away to grab some medicine and bandages.

What he sees when he steps into the room, though, nearly makes his heart shatter. Jungkook is sitting in the dim light of the hospital room, crying, his chest rapidly rising and falling.

Hoseok immediately scurries over to the bed and puts everything he’s holding onto the table before sitting down on the edge, impulsively taking the boy’s hand. “Hey, what’s wrong?”

Jungkook tries to take a deep breath but coughs it up again, crying even harder from the pain that causes to his injured ribs, his pulse, shown on the screen by the bed, definitely way too fast. Hoseok is close to beeping one of the doctors, but then the boy seems to slowly relax, locking his fingers with the nurse’s. When he finally looks at Hoseok his lips are still quivering, but he’s not quite crying anymore.

“How are my parents?” At the other’s questioning look, Jungkook continues. “Had a nightmare about the crash and dreamt they’d both died. I need to know. Are they okay?”

This feels like a punch to the stomach for Hoseok. He takes a deep breath before responding. “I don’t know how they’re doing, but I can ask if you’d like.”

Jungkook nods. “Sorry for scaring you.”

The nurse shakes his head. “Don’t be. Are you in pain?”

He looks down at their locked fingers, can’t quite bring himself to retreat his hand as Jungkook’s is still holding on tightly.

The boy nods.


After Hoseok has given Jungkook an injection and changed his bandages, he climbs up the stairs to the fourth floor, trying to find a nurse that’ll be able to tell him how the boy’s parents are doing.

Instead, he finds Doctor Im.

“Mister Jung, do you need anything?”

Hoseok firmly nods. “I came to ask about the Jeons.”

To that, the doctor sighs. “You’re taking care of their kid, I suppose? Misses Jeon woke up today, she’s stable but obviously has severe injuries. Her husband, however. I don’t know. Every time we think he’s stable, turns out he isn’t. He’s a bleeder.”

“Doctor, did you get any sleep at all?”

The man smiles. “Not really, but I want to be sure he’s doing okay. Go back down and tell the boy it’s all going to be okay, will you?”


Hoseok does as told, and quickly informs Jungkook before helping his co-workers put up some more decorations, until they’ll eventually have to do their last rounds of check-ins on their patients.




At the start of night three, Hoseok immediately finds out that both of Jungkook’s parents are stable, yet need to remain on intensive care as their injuries are so severe they need to stay monitored.

It’s not a lot of new information, but at least it seems like they’re both going to make it, and Hoseok is more than happy to tell Jungkook about that. The boy’s general mood instantly seems to shift for the better.

“Do you think I can see them some time?” Before the nurse responds, Jungkook continues. “I was so scared. Can you imagine losing your parents like that? Knowing you survived and they didn’t?”

This gets the air stuck in Hoseok’s throat and he needs to take a few deep breaths to stop himself from breaking down right there. Eventually, he looks at Jungkook who now has a rather concerned look on his face.

“Yes,” Hoseok says. “Yes I can.”

“Wait- but- are you okay?” Jungkook fumbles on the fabric of his blanket.

The nurse sighs. “I lost my parents just like that. Dad was driving, Mum on the passenger seat and my sister and me in the back. We survived without a single scratch. Our parents didn’t.”

Jungkook’s face drops. “I’m so sorry. Oh, fuck. I’m so sorry, I fucked up.”

Hoseok quickly puts on a smile. “Don’t be. The happier I am that this isn’t happening to you.”

He assures the boy that everything is alright. However, when he finally leaves the room and closes the door, he leans against it, barely realizing that he’s sliding down against it until he’s merely squatting there, hand presses to his mouth to cover the sobbing noises.

He doesn’t know how long he’s there, but suddenly Yoongi appears next to him and pulls him up, quickly putting his arms around Hoseok, hand caressing the space between his shoulders.

Hoseok lets it out. He can’t remember the last time someone consoled him when he cried. Eventually, he pulls back and nods at Yoongi. “Thank you.”

“Sure thing.” Yoongi’s brows are furrowed when he looks at the door behind Hoseok. “What happened?”

Hoseok quickly explains, hoping that Yoongi won’t ask any more questions.

Gladly, he doesn’t.

“Let’s go have some food.”



The fourth night is the night before Christmas Eve, so naturally it’s a little rushed when Hoseok and Yoongi arrive to their shift an hour early to enjoy some dinner with the co-workers they won’t be seeing before the new year.

Their night shift team is complete again now, Chaerin officially being on her night schedule now. Hyejin finished hers last night, so Taehyung is now here with them, as well as one of the new nurses, Hyuna, who none of them know very much about. She seems to be a kind soul, though, considering she brought two big boxes of homemade cookies. One for the nurses and one for the patients.

Hoseok comes to figure that most of his patients are not big troublemakers. He doesn’t know what moves him to do so, but his first stop for the night is Jungkook’s room. The boy is smiling at his phone screen, seemingly watching a video of some sorts.

When Hoseok steps into the room, he looks up at him with raised eyebrows. “You’re early tonight. Someone just came checking on me like an hour ago.”

The nurse shrugs. “Yeah, honestly just came to check on your personal well-being.”

Jungkook snorts. “I’m still sorry for upsetting you last night, if you’re talking about that.”

Hoseok shakes his head. “It’s okay, I just never really processed things. If anything I lost my professionalism and shouldn’t have lashed out like that. I’m sorry.”

“You lost all your professionalism the second you started calling me by my first name and cursed in my presence.” Jungkook smiles.

“I wasn’t aware you’re suddenly three years old.” Hoseok raises his eyebrows and they both begin to laugh. “Your ribs seem to be doing better.”

“It’s probably the painkillers, they’re giving me a higher dose now.” The boy sighs. “It’s Christmas Eve tomorrow.”

“Wishing for anything?”

“I want company. I’m going insane in here.” He purses his lips. “Do you think I’ll be able to see my parents this Christmas? Oh, don’t look at me like that, even just five minutes or so, no?”

Hoseok takes the chair that’s standing by the window and pulls it towards the bed before sitting down. “We’d have to get you out of bed somehow. And we need to talk to the nurses and doctors on intensive care to see if you’re even allowed to see them.”


For some reason Hoseok spends an hour in Jungkook’s room. He’s glad none of his other patients need any special treatment, or else he’d be fucked for forgetting about time like that. He promises the boy to check on whether he was able to see his parents.

Eventually, he does need to leave to check on everyone else, but promises the boy to come by again later.

He meets Taehyung in the hallway, who seems quite distressed.

“Are you okay over there?”

The other groans. “I couldn’t find my beeper. Deadass checked every room. Came to figure it’s in my trouser pocket instead of my shirt.”

Hoseok laughs to that. “First night, right?”


He continues to check on his patients and takes his break around midnight with all the others. Hyuna asks them to help pack up some of the cookies for the clients, so they can hand them out on Christmas Eve, and they do just that.

It’s such a quiet night that everyone in the room startled when their beepers go off.

“It’s your boy," Yoongi says, smiling.

“He’s not my boy.” Hoseok huffs a laugh, then gets up to make his way towards Jungkook’s room.

“It’s great that I can ring any time of the day and someone will immediately show up, you know?” The boy is sitting on the edge of his bed, legs dangling down.

“What do you think you’re doing?” Hoseok nearly screeches as he approaches Jungkook.

“I need to get out of here," Jungkook whines. “This room is so damn bland and boring, I’ve been attached to a catheter for too damn long and also maybe I wanted to proof that I can get out of bed to see my parents.”

“Put those legs back where they came from or so help me," Hoseok mumbles, hands crossed in front of his chest.

“And that’s where we get to the reason I rang. I can’t.” Jungkook shyly smiles up at the nurse. “It hurts.”

“Obviously," Hoseok hisses.


They eventually need to beep another nurse for some help. Chaerin and Hoseok are settling Jungkook back into his bed, with many whines and groans from the boy’s side.

“And now you don’t move unless someone tells you to, understood?”

Jungkook purses his lips and nods his head yes.

Hoseok makes it his duty to go see the doctors and is surprised to find Doctor Im along the two emergency docs.

Doctor Choi looks at him, an eyebrow raised. “Can we help you?”

Hoseok nervously fumbles with his fingers. “Yes. The boy, Jeon Jungkook, he wants to see his parents on Christmas. I was wondering if that’s possible.”

The doctor shakes his head right away. “The day shift won’t agree to this.”

“However," Doctor Im throws in, “what if we do it at night? It’s only us here now.”

“You’re not even officially on schedule," Doctor Choi responds. “But that could be an idea. Given his current state, though, are we getting him out of bed?”

Hoseok hums. “We might be able to if there’s two people helping him out.”

“Get back to me the day after tomorrow. We’ll figure it out.” With that, Doctor Choi gently pushes him out of the room.

Well, that went better than expected.


Hoseok makes sure to check back on Jungkook right before his shift ends and figures that he’s soundly asleep.



“Don’t get too attached to the boy," Yoongi says in the car on their way home.

“What do you mean?”

“You’re unnecessarily spending a lot of time with him, Seok.” The older clicks his tongue. “Try distancing yourself from him, or else you’ll end up getting in trouble.”

Hoseok leans back. “It’s not a crime if I want to help him feeling a little better. He almost lost his parents, after all.”


The next night, Hoseok laughs when he steps into the meeting room and, as every year on Christmas Eve, immediately sees a huge basket filled with Santa hats. It’s a tradition that never seems to die. The funny thing is that no one actually knows who’s responsible for it.

He takes out one of the hats and puts it on, then swings his butt onto one of the chairs. Hyuna is already sat there, counting the bags of cookies they’d prepared the night before.

“We have twice as many as we need," she says then. “Maybe we should give some to the other wards.”

It’s the same every year around Christmas. People decide to take their sick relatives home regardless of what doctors say and half of the wards stay empty. Tonight, they have an exact of forty-seven patients to look out for. With that, their information exchange passes quickly.

Hoseok notices that Jungkook is not on his clipboard anymore. He sighs and bites his bottom lip, Yoongi next to him removing all papers from his own clipboard and rearranging them by the order of their room number. The younger sees Jungkook’s name on one of the papers, but Yoongi’s words from last night are still ringing in his ears.

Is he really getting too attached?

They all start their individual rounds of checking in on their patients, which pass quickly as there’s so little patients left. Usually, Christmas nights wouldn’t be scheduled with five nurses at once, Hoseok doesn’t know what happened this time.

The patients seem to be happy about Hyuna’s cookies, most of those who are still awake immediately opening their packs and reaching in to take one out.

When the nurses come together for their break again, Yoongi only shows up ten minutes after everyone else, smiling when he sees that Hoseok managed to warm up his food, as well. “You’re an angel," he mumbles, immediately reaching for the chopsticks.

Hoseok wants to ask him about Jungkook, but feels so nervous about it that he barely is able to speak, let alone eat. The older seems to notice his behavior.

When Yoongi turns to him, the other three are in a conversation, so they’re probably not able to hear him whisper. “I was thinking about giving him to you, but I’m not sure it’s a good idea. As I said, attachment and all.”

Hoseok hums. “How’s he doing?”

Yoongi sighs. “Okay. His bandages need less changing and they’re already reducing the painkillers again. Asked for you, too.”

“What did you tell him?”

“That we have no hand in who’s assigned to which patient.” Yoongi puts down his chopsticks. “Doesn’t mean you can’t go and check on him, though.”

Hoseok doesn’t know what’s gotten into him. Maybe Yoongi was right and he did get too attached. But in that very moment, he doesn’t care. He leaves his almost untouched food behind as he quickly struts out of the room, hearing Chaerin call after him, asking where he’s going.

Seconds later, he finds himself in front of Jungkook’s room. He opens the door ever so slightly and only steps in when he sees that the light is still on. The boy’s eyes shoot up at Hoseok, his face immediately lighting up when he sees the nurse.

“Yoongi said you weren’t going to come tonight.”

Hoseok chuckles. “Oh, so you’re referring to everyone by their first names now?”

Hoseok suddenly is very much in awe for Yoongi’s ability to do this job. He might not seem like this at first glance, but Yoongi loves helping people and putting smiles into their faces. So far, he’s also been the only nurse to screw over that no-first name-rule, claiming it’s just simpler to connect to people if you ditch the last names.

“I’m kidding," Hoseok says as Jungkook doesn’t seem to know what to say. “How are you?”

The boy shrugs. “Okay, I guess. Alone.”

The nurse sits down on the edge of the bed, upper body facing Jungkook. “At least someone decorated in here.”

Jungkook laughs. “I begged a nurse to do something about these blank walls. She’s been generous with the decorations. No fairy lights, though.”

“Do you want some?”

“Can you get me any?”

Hoseok shrugs. “Could bring you some tomorrow.”

They talk for about half an hour, mostly about things Hoseok isn’t supposed to tell any of his patients. They’re interrupted by Yoongi coming into the room, clipboard close to his chest, the Santa hat looking like it’s about to fall off his head.

That’s Hoseok’s cue to get up and check on his own patients. He pats Yoongi’s shoulder on his way out, throwing a last smile at Jungkook before closing the door.

He doesn’t see Jungkook again that night.

On the car ride home, Yoongi is strangely quiet, repeatedly tapping the surface of the steering wheel with his fingers. Eventually, he stops the car on the side of the road, turns off the engine and looks at Hoseok, waiting for him to look back.

Hoseok doesn’t want to. He feels like this is going to be a lecture and he’s too tired to listen to that right now.

Yoongi isn’t having any of that. “You’ll have to walk that last bit if you don’t look at me now.”

“Fine,” Hoseok says, finally looking at the other, “what is it?”

“That boy likes you a lot. And I mean a lot.” His fingers curl around the steering wheel. “I don’t know what you guys are talking about when you spend hours in there but fuck, Seok, you need to stop.”

Hoseok stares down at his hands, unable to handle the other’s gaze. “I’m not sure what you want me to say.”

“Just tell me that you know the direction this is headed into is wrong! I don’t know his or your intentions but please try not to get too close to him. That could cost you your job.” Yoongi starts the car again.

They remain silent all the way to Hoseok’s apartment, but upon arriving there, the younger looks at his co-worker with tears in his eyes. “He’s giving me this feeling and no, I’m not saying I’m in love. Hell, I can’t be.”

“Then what is it?”

“I don’t know, fuck, I really have no idea. It’s like he attracts me and I’m too weak to resist. At first I just wanted to make sure he was alright because he was worried about his parents, but now?” Hoseok sighs. “I don’t know, Yoongi.”

“He’s a patient.”

“God, I know.”

Yoongi nods then, clicking his tongue. “Do whatever feels right, I guess. Just don’t lose your job, please. Or I’ll have to quit.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Hoseok furrows his brows.

“That damn hospital wouldn’t be the same without you, Seok.” Yoongi smiles. “We’d both have to apply to different hospitals hoping we’d end up in the same one.”

Hoseok isn’t sure whether Yoongi is saying these things because he actually means them, or to just lure him into being more careful. “You like it there.”

The older shrugs. “Surely I could enjoy working anywhere with you by my side.”

“You’re sleep deprived.”

“And you’re falling in love. Now get out, I need to go home and sleep.”


Hoseok fails to fall asleep for a few hours, tossing and turning in his bed, unable to turn off his mind. He’s only known this boy for what, five days? He can’t possibly be falling in love, can he? He tries to shake off the thought by telling himself that it’s just the way it is, but it doesn’t help. Eventually, he doesn’t even know how he was even able to fall asleep. But when he wakes up later in the evening, he feels miserable.

It’s like his entire body is telling him to stay away from the boy now.

Instead of listening to it, though, he gets out of bed and moves into the living room to quickly remove the fairy lights from his window, stuffing them into his backpack afterwards. Then he goes on with his usual routine, until it’s time for Yoongi to pick him up again.

The second Hoseok is in the passenger seat and closes the door, Yoongi is throwing a small, red box into his lap. “Merry Christmas, loser.”

Hoseok takes it into his hand and gapes at it. When it eventually clicks that it’s a gift, he feels terrible for not getting anything for Yoongi. “You got me a present.”

“Obviously. Now please don’t come up with an excuse as to why you didn’t get me anything, I’m still trying to process the damn watch you gave me for my birthday.” He starts the engine. “Open it.”

He tries to ignore the motion sickness kicking in as he opens the box to find a badly folded piece of paper inside. As he unfolds it, he figures that it’s a self made coupon for a proper dinner at a restaurant of his choice. “You’re inviting me for dinner?”

“Yep.” Yoongi chuckles. “We’re getting along so well, you know. And this isn’t supposed to be a date or anything, just dudes being bros. I just really enjoy your company and would like to turn my co-worker into a friend. However, if you don’t want that, throw the box onto the backseat and let’s pretend that never happened.”

Hoseok tries his hardest to not start crying. He can’t remember the last time someone had actually wanted to be his friend. “I’d love to, actually. God, been ages since I had a friend. Feels weird even just saying it.”

The other hums to that. “You’ve been through a load of shit. I remember when we were in nursing school, before that accident happened. You were always so bubbly and loud and bright.” Yoongi sighs. “When I saw you two years later, you were an entirely different person. But you’ve progressed, I thought. Thought you were getting better. And then you’ve had that breakdown this week.”

“I’m not exactly doing better, just repressing my emotions.”

“See, and that’s what friends are for. They listen to your shit without judging. So, I’m offering that, I’m offering to be your friend.” Yoongi quickly smiles at him before looking back at the road.



That night, Yoongi has Jungkook’s paper on his clipboard again. However, this time he hands Hoseok the paper wordlessly and just takes the top paper from the younger’s board without asking.

Hoseok’s first stop tonight is the doctor’s office, because he remembered it’s the twenty-fifth and he was supposed to come back tonight. This time again Doctor Im is in the office with Doctor Choi, and Hoseok can’t help but feel a little intrigued by that. Yoongi was right. Doctor Im really is always here.

When he reminds the men of Jungkook’s wish to see his parents, they exchange a few words. Eventually, Doctor Choi turns back to the nurse as though he wasn’t able to hear their entire conversation. “We are doing that tomorrow night.”

Hoseok nods, then struts out of the room, grabbing the fairy lights from his backpack in the meeting room when he makes his way to Jungkook’s. The boy is sitting upright in his bed, seeming as though he’s been waiting for anyone to turn up. The corners of his lips move upwards as he sees Hoseok.

“Merry Christmas, I brought fairy lights.” He holds them up and Jungkook claps excitedly, watching the nurse plug in the lights and spreading them along the windowsill.

“Now it looks like Christmas in here.” Jungkook laughs and pats the empty spot on the mattress next to him.

Hoseok remembers the talk he had with Yoongi last night. For a second he contemplated whether he should sit on the chair instead. But the second Jungkook’s face seems to drop, he hurried over and sits down on the edge of the mattress.

“I know you wished for company this Christmas," Hoseok says then, looking down at the floor. “I can’t give you that tonight, I’m sorry.”

The boy says nothing for a few seconds, just draws small circles onto the nurse’s shoulder with his index finger. “It’s okay. I mean, I’m not your only patient.”

“Well,” Hoseok scoffs, “I wasn’t aware you wanted my company.”

Jungkook snorts. “Wait, you weren’t? Who else’s company did you think I’d want?”

“Your parents?”

“Come on, they wouldn’t be able to spend the whole night with me anyways. I thought we could maybe get to know each other, you know?” Jungkook shakes his head. “Is that illegal?”

“Is what illegal?” Hoseok feels his heart stopping in his chest.

“Having a romantic relationship with your patients.”

The nurse nearly screeches at that, but forces himself to remain calm. “Very much so. But at one point you stop being a patient. You’ll also stop being on painkillers all the time, maybe that’ll help you think straight.”

Jungkook cocks his head to the side. “What’s wrong?”

Hoseok sighs. “We’ve only known each other for like five days. I’m confused as hell by what’s happening here and the more attached I’m getting to you, the more I am risking my job.”

“Oh.” Jungkook smiles. “That’s no problem, then. We can talk about all these things when I’m out of here, can we?”

The older nods, then startled at the sound of his beeper. It’s one of Yoongi’s clients, so he stuffs it back into his pocket, picking back up on the conversation. “I’d love to.”

“Are you sure this doesn’t concern you?”Jungkook asks.

It’s been a fair minute now and Hoseok’s beeper is still going, The boy is right. That is weird.

“I’ll go and check. I’ll come back around later.”


He doesn’t get to come back around later, though. When he arrives at the room the alarm is coming from, he startles at the view in front of him.

Yoongi is in the floor in the middle of the room, kneeling next to a client that won’t seem to stop throwing up blood. “I can’t reach the doc," he says as he spots Hoseok, whose mind clicks fast enough to make him turn around and run along the hallway to the doctor’s office. He doesn’t even knock before coming in and in his hurry seems to miss the fact that Doctor Choi and Im have been kissing the second he steps a food into the room.

“316! Throws up blood! Needs help!”

Doctor Choi rushes past him immediately whereas Doctor Im’s widen, looking at the nurse who now seems frozen in his spot. “Can you pretend you didn’t see that?”

Hoseok snaps out of it. “Please, as if I care," he scoffs, then turns around to run back to the patient.

They spend all night taking care of the old lady, even manage to end their shift half an hour late before finally getting into one of the employee showers and washing off the blood on their bodies. Hoseok gladly always carries an extra set of scrubs with him.

Yoongi is clearly beat, even more so than the younger. “Can you drive? At least to yours? I’m done.”

“She was stable, wasn’t she?” Hoseok bites down on his lower lip.

“I checked on her half an hour before, she was just standing by the window doing fine. I only came back to give her her medication. And then she was on the floor.” Yoongi sighs loudly. “Glad she made it, though.”



Hoseok seems to be actually catching a cold. Tonight he wakes up shivering despite his radiator being turned to max. An extended hot shower seems to help a little, yet he doesn’t quite feel good.

Yoongi seems to figure out his bad state as well. “You should’ve stayed home. You look like a zombie.”

“It’s just this one more night.” Hoseok looks at the other. “Jungkook is gonna visit his parents tonight.”

“What? Visiting hours end at eight.” Yoongi furrows his brows.

“The principal consultant doesn’t agree of it since they all are still badly injured, but Doctor Choi and Im want to make sure he gets to see them, even just for five minutes.”

“Weird,” Yoongi laughs. “Old Choi having a heart? Wonder what’s up with that.”

Hoseok wants to tell him why he thinks Doctor Choi seems to be so okay with this, but decides that it’s a topic for another day.



They turn up in Jungkook’s room around eleven, late enough to be sure none of the day shift nurses or doctors are present anymore. The boy is confused when he sees the two nurses standing there, holding the handles of a wheelchair.

“What, don’t wanna get out?”

Jungkook is flailing his arms. “But- what?”

“Talked to the docs. You can see your parents for ten minutes.” Hoseok smiles.

The boy nearly falls out of bed from pushing the blanket aside so quickly, then hisses through his teeth at the pain the sudden movement has caused. “Shit, okay, got it.”


It feels like they’re doing something super illegal. The way they’re getting Jungkook out of bed and into the wheelchair, and the way Doctor Im welcomes them on the fourth floor the second they step out of the elevator, making sure none of the nurses is watching, it’s all a little as though they’re in one of those spy movies.

They rush down the hallway, making sure Jungkook is wearing all sorts of protection before Doctor Im finally pushes him into the room his parents are in.

Yoongi and Hoseok wait outside. When a nurse passes them asking what they’re doing here, they simply explain they’re waiting on Doctor Im who’s inside right now. She seems to believe them.

Jungkook and the doctor leave the room after exactly twelve minutes. The boy looks as though he’s been crying, but there is no time for questions. They quickly help him slip out of the safety wear and then make their way back to the elevator, Doctor Im staying on the ward as the three of them return to the third floor.

Once Jungkook is back in his bed, Yoongi takes the wheelchair outside, leaving him and Hoseok alone. The boy takes a deep breath before finally speaking.

“They look terrible," he says, tearing up again. “I mean they’re alive but they look like they almost died.”

“Which they did.” Hoseok takes the younger’s hand between his. “They’re alive now and they’re going to recover.”

“The scars will last forever.” Jungkook sniffs and looks the nurse dead in the eye.

“Would you rather have they’d died?”

“Hell, no!” The younger’s eyes widen. “I’m just in shock, sorry. I’m glad I got to see them. Dad was asleep, but Mum was glad I came. Thanks for helping me.”

“Always," Hoseok responds.

He stays for a little longer, just consoling Jungkook until he’s calmed down enough to be left alone.

He comes back a few hours later before his shift ends, when the boy is fast asleep, and makes sure to leave a note with his phone number on the small table by the bed, seeing as today was his last shift for a week. He hopes Jungkook will find it.


“What a fucking week,” Yoongi mumbles when Hoseok finally gets into the car. “Seeing as we’re off for a few days now, do you want to go and grab some breakfast?”

Hoseok agrees.

Jungkook begins messaging him later that day, which results in Hoseok basically being glued to his phone, barely finding any sleep for the days following.



This Christmas was weird. Beautifully so, though.
Not only did Hoseok finally develop a steady friendship with Yoongi, but also he seems to have managed to get a possible love interest.

For the first time since his parents died, Hoseok wasn’t unhappy during the holidays, and he was feeling things he didn’t think he’d ever feel again.

He’s actually surprised to figure that there might be a tad of happiness sparking inside of him.

Chapter Text

Christmas definitely wasn't Jungkook's favorite time of the year, seeing that it just meant unnecessary stress for him. He had to take a few days off from work to make it home to his family, had to buy meaningless and expensive gifts just to make his relatives satisfied and then had to endure the usual fights during Christmas dinner.

So when Christmas Eve started with him picking up a stranger on the street to give him a ride, he already knew what the day was going to look like. Usually Jungkook would've probably drove by, not paying attention to the boy standing beside his own car, slumped on top of the hood. But then, Jungkook would've done everything to avoid his family for longer, so he stopped.

“Hey, you alright?” 

Jungkook jumped out of his car, engine still running as he stepped through the snow and towards the boy.

When the other looked up from beneath his beanie, Jungkook could make out some red eyes and a sniffling nose. The stranger simply nodded towards his front tire, his hands buried deep inside his coat pockets, shoulders pulled up to his ears due to the cold.

Giving it a short look, Jungkook immediately saw the flat tire. He didn't bother asking if the other one had a spare tire or if he called someone, because he clearly wouldn't be standing here in the cold crying if he did any of those things.

So Jungkook offered him a ride after they both pushed the car more to the side, parking it there so the other one could handle the tire situation after the holiday.

It was mostly silent during the ride, there were just sniffles coming from the boy every now and then and Jungkook was kind enough to turn his music down to a low volume, not his usual ear-splitting screaming from the speakers. 

Curiosity was growing inside of Jungkook, he wanted to ask who he was giving a ride to and if everything was really alright with the other boy, seeing that he kept on fumbling with his fingers, just looking down at his lap. The nervousness he was giving off was so strong it made Jungkook even more jittery, his fingers tapping on the steering wheel quickly, teeth gnawing on his lower lip.

Eventually, Jungkook just asked for an address, asking the other one to repeat it a bit louder so his phone could find it and change the route accordingly.

Not too long later Jungkook parked his Mercedes in a very nice looking neighborhood, one neat house decorated with fairy lights next to the other. It was a lovely sight, the homes looking inviting, not the sharp and clean exterior of the neighborhood he was used to since his childhood. 

“Thank you so much for the ride,” the stranger spoke, voice cracking a bit. 

Jungkook could only offer him a warm smile, hands glued to his steering wheel.

“No problem at all. Have a nice Christmas.”

The boy stood there with the opened passenger door for a bit longer, head turning from the house in front of them back to Jungkook, lips pulled in between his teeth.

“You too,” he only sighed and then he was gone, Jungkook watching him step up the stairs with slumped shoulders before driving off. 

Jungkook knew what his Christmas dinner was going to end like, so it was no surprise that hours later he was sitting in a bar, hands wrapped around a mug of mulled wine the owner insisted on him drinking.

What he didn't expect was seeing the stranger again. Especially not looking even more upset as he stumbled into the bar, brushing away the snow on top of his beanie.

This time Jungkook couldn't resist, he had to know what had this boy crying so much on a day like Christmas. So, after getting an extra mug of mulled wine, he moved over to where the boy had sat down in a vacant corner of the mostly empty bar. 

“I think you need this,” Jungkook simply said, putting down the mug in front of him before taking a seat himself opposite.

The stranger looked at him with wide eyes, then his shoulders relaxed as he recognized who was offering him a drink. He gave Jungkook a small smile and then the silence was back again. 

They sipped on their drinks for a while, the other boy mostly just warming his hands on the hot mug. However, Jungkook couldn't let him go this time, he had to know. Because this whole situation was too familiar to him, not many people ended up in a bar on Christmas Eve, drinking alone.

“I take Christmas didn't go so well?”

At first Jungkook was afraid it might have hit a nerve, but the stranger sighed deeply, before taking a long sip of his beverage.

“You could say so, yeah. What about you?”

“Me?” his voice got a bit higher as he sat up straighter in his chair, now that the attention was suddenly on him, “I always end up here, on Christmas. It's kind of a tradition, sadly.”

“What's your name?”

So they exchanged names and finally Jungkook could put a name to the stranger's face: Jimin. Park Jimin. For a moment Jungkook sat there, thinking he might have heard the name somewhere before but as Jimin continued asking about Jungkook's Christmas whereabouts, he had to dismiss that thought.

“You know, family sometimes doesn't feel like your true family?” he begins to explain to Jimin, stealing a few peanuts from the snack bowl in front of him, “But I'm expected to be here, to give my money to them and endure their trash talk. So afterwards I always need a drink and seeing that the drive back to my friends would take too long, I just come back here.”

Jimin nodded at him, sympathy clear in his expression. “Yeah, I see. Makes sense.”

For some reason Jungkook felt like the other boy was actually listening to him, not just hearing his words, so he just shared more. 

“It just gets exhausting when all your accomplishments in life are based on money and whether you have a woman on your side. And since I can't ever provide the latter for my family, it's always the topic of conversation at gatherings.”

Jimin's eyes straight up shot towards Jungkook, fingers tightening around his mug as Jungkook just sighed and pushed his long hair out of his face. For a moment Jungkook was scared he might had shared too much, since homophobia was very much present in this country all over. However, it was more of an understanding shock in Jimin's face, so Jungkook kept going.

“I just can't change who I am, no matter how often they suggest I just need to find the right girl. And I guess they are just worried the company is gonna go to shit once the word gets out that the co-CEO is in fact gay.”

A sharp breath came from Jimin.

“Y-You're gay ?” the last word came out as a whisper and Jungkook definitely shouldn't have found it endearing how the other boy looked at him with his eyes still wide.

“Yeah, I hope that doesn't bother you.”

“N-No! No! No,” Jimin was quick to deny, a long exhale following, “Not at all. Trust me, not at all. Not a single bit.”

Jungkook couldn’t hold back the short giggle escaping his mouth.

“That's about it for me. What about you? What brings you here on Christmas eve?”

For a second he expected Jimin to get upset again, since his eyes were still a bit red, but all that Jungkook got at first is a sigh. It seemed like the other boy needed some courage to talk, so he emptied his mulled wine before giving his answer.

“I guess my family just kicked me out.”

Without hesitation Jungkook grabbed one of Jimin's hands on the table, because he knew it. He knew what was coming. And seeing that Jimin just tightened the grip, he knew he was right.

“They're also not a fan of their son being, you know ...”

He didn't need to say it and he clearly didn't want to come out a second time that day. Jungkook didn't mind, he had been in the same position years ago. The way his hands had been violently shaking to a point where he had to sit on them, his throat so tight and dry when he opened up to his parents. Parents that didn't understand and would never do, just caring about status and wealth.

Not wanting to give Jimin some standard comforting words, he just held onto his hand as long as needed.

“You have a place to stay the night before you can sort out your car situation?”

“Yeah, a friend of mine booked me a hotel room after I called him.”

Jungkook nodded, eventually letting go of Jimin to empty his drink as well. 

For a little while they just sat there in silence, corny Christmas songs playing from the speakers on low volume. Whereas Jimin was busy with another full mug of his drink and staring outside the windows to look down the snow covered streets, Jungkook just watched him. He could feel that Jimin was not done with the situation on hand, his fingers still slightly shaky wrapped around the handle of his mug. He wished he could actually help him, but after all he was just a stranger who just happened to stumble upon Jimin. Even if he had been through a similar situation, Jungkook thought it wasn't his place to help the other. 

So after their second drinks, they called it a night, wishing the bar owner a happy Christmas and then went outside. 

“I could give you another ride to your hotel?” Jungkook offered, after thinking Jimin might as well had been taking a taxi earlier. 

The other boy was standing there again, with his beanie pulled down, making it hard to even see his eyes and his hands in the pockets of his coat. It took him a second, but then he nodded.

As Jungkook asked for the address, it turned out that they were both staying at the same hotel, making things a lot more convenient.

After pulling up to the hotel and giving his keys over to an employee to take care of his car, Jimin and him quickly strode over to the lobby's lifts, ignoring the massive Christmas tree lighting up the entire area.

It was silent when they pressed their buttons for the floor they were staying on, both just one floor apart from the other. 

Just as Jungkook was about to wave Jimin goodbye, lost in his thoughts if there's anything more to say to make things a bit easier for him, Jimin's hand landed on the sleeve of his coat.

“W-Would you like to come up to my room for another drink? Just as a thank you for helping me out today?”

Jungkook stood there, body between the lift and the floor, blocking the doors from closing as Jimin held onto him, wide eyes looking at him. He swallowed and looked down at Jimin's hand. Small fingers wrapped around his dark, woolen coat, a few silver rings decorating them.

He wasn't stupid, he knew this was not just an invitation for a drink. Jimin needed comfort and probably more than that. An escape from tonight's events. In the end, Jungkook couldn't tell what made him step back into the lift. Maybe it was his own need of intimacy, of being with someone on Christmas for once. 


So of course, the drinks never happened.

As soon as the hotel room door clicked behind them and Jimin let go of Jungkook's sleeve, they were all over each other.

Jimin's kisses were fierce and he held onto Jungkook's shoulders tightly, all the frustration seeping into his actions. Jungkook didn't mind, not at all. He gasped whenever Jimin pulled on his bottom lip with his teeth, then groaned into the other's mouth as his tongue slipped back in.

Clothing was getting ripped off of each other's bodies and then Jimin pushed Jungkook through the room, still working marks into his neck until they finally stumbled towards the bed.

Jungkook sat down, pulling Jimin by his hips until the other was in his lap. The heavy makeout session got even more heated, hands traveling over naked bodies, followed by lips taking the same route. A breathy gasp came from Jungkook when Jimin sucked one of his nipples into his mouth, the other bud getting stimulated by his thumb.

“Fuck,” he moaned when Jimin pulled away just to breathe cold air onto the now wet nipple, watching it erect. 

Not being able to hold back anymore, Jungkook wrapped one hand around Jimin's hard cock. The noise that followed from the other made Jungkook's breath hitch and he watched with fascination how Jimin threw his head back, baring his neck as Jungkook kept jerking him off. 

It didn't take long for them to get to the edge, the foreplay too much and soon Jimin was whining, cheeks flushed with a pretty pink, hips rocking up into Jungkook's hand.

“Please, please fuck me. Please, I need it, Jungkook.”

“Yeah, okay. Okay. We just need condoms and lube. You've got some?”

Jimin switched his place, going from Jungkook's lap to kneeling on the bed, pointing at his overnight bag.

“I have lube in my toiletry bag. No condoms, tho.”

“Maybe I have one in my wallet.”

Jungkook was quick to find the small clear bottle in Jimin's bag, ignoring the assortment of skincare products in there. However it was a bit of a hassle to even find his own pair of pants in the pile of thick winter clothes on the floor. Finally he got it, sending a little prayer to the gods above as he searched through his wallet.

“I've got one,” he mumbled as he saw the foil peeking out between some bank notes, quickly checking the expiration date, “and it's still good.”

“Good, now come here,” Jimin ordered. 

As Jungkook turned around, his heart stumbled inside his chest, seeing Jimin now all spread out on the bed, his toned body all on display. Jungkook's gaze stopped at Jimin's tattoo across his ribcage now that he could see it better. 


However, his eyes wandered further down Jimin's legs that were pulled up to his chest, one of the other's hands already down between them, touching around his entrance.

He kneeled down in front of Jimin and just as he wanted to replace the hand with one of his own, he got pushed away.

“Give me the lube, I wanna do it myself quickly.”

It was a bit confusing to Jungkook how persistent Jimin got all of a sudden, but seeing that he very much was hard and bothered himself he didn't mind Jimin prepping himself, he probably knew better how, since Jungkook was just a stranger. 

So he came down next to him, placed open-mouthed kisses all over Jimin's neck and shoulder, as the other worked himself open. The moans coming from his mouth were so sweet, high-pitched and whiny, every single one of them sending a twitch to the pit of Jungkook's  stomach. He couldn't keep his hands off of him, so he squeezed Jimin's hips, watching how they rolled down to meet Jimin's fingers inside of him.

“Okay, I'm good.”

Jungkook wanted to lift himself up again, but Jimin was suddenly already up, swinging one leg over him and placing himself back in Jungkook's lap.

“Oh, you wanna ride me?” Jungkook couldn't help but wonder out loud, because Jimin had begged to get fucked, right? 

“Yeah, is that a problem?” Jimin asked, reaching over Jungkook to get to the condom that had been thrown onto the pillow.

“God, no. Please, go ahead.”

So Jungkook smirked at the other, but Jimin didn't respond, eyes focused on opening the foil and then rolling the condom down Jungkook's cock. The friction on his so far neglected length made his toes curl, a gasp escaping from his lips.

As Jimin was fast to line the tip of Jungkook's cock up to his opened hole, the gasp quickly turned into a moan. He had to close his eyes as Jimin sank down on him, so hot and tight around him.

“Hm, so good, Jimin,” Jungkook mumbled, hands coming up to Jimin's waist, thumbs digging into the other's toned stomach. The defined muscles twitched when he started moving once he got adjusted to Jungkook inside him. He set a way too fast pace, hips coming up and down, skin slapping against skin.

“Fuck,” Jimin groaned, once again baring his throat, sweat dripping down his neck, pooling inside the hollow of his collarbones, as he rode Jungkook with such a breathtaking force.

The lust rising inside of Jungkook made him dizzy, he barely registered that he started lifting his hips and following Jimin's movements, cock buried so deep inside of the other, he could see stars.

But what he could see the best was Jimin, so beautiful and breathtaking as he just took what he wanted, so so needy and desperate.

“So pretty for me like this,” Jungkook then gasped out. 

It made the blush on Jimin's face deepen into a red shade and Jungkook whined when Jimin stopped, one hand splayed on Jungkook's heaving chest as he pushed himself off.

“W-What …,” Jungkook whined even more as he slipped out of him, confused when Jimin simply turned around, continuing to ride Jungkook with the back facing towards him.

Jungkook's heart fell, now that he couldn't enjoy Jimin's beautiful, lust-filled, face anymore. But he did his best in fulfilling the other's desires, nails digging deeper into the flesh of Jimin's hips, fucking up into him.

It didn't take long for Jimin to come, the now constant pressure on his prostate too much. 

The sound of him coming, high-pitched moan echoing through the room had Jungkook spill inside the condom as well, deep grunts coming from himself. To be fair, it wasn't much of a satisfying orgasm, seeing that he wanted to see . See what he was capable of doing to the other.

A low gasp came from Jimin when he moved away from Jungkook, kneeling down on the end of the bed, body bend forward as he tried to regain his breath.

Jungkook was quick to sit up as well, one hand coming to Jimin's lower back, the skin just as sweaty as the rest of his body.

“Hey, you alright?” he asked with a bit of worry, seeing that Jimin was still breathing heavily, body visibly shaking.

“Yeah, yeah,” Jimin was shaking his head, not even turning around to look at Jungkook, “I'm fine.”

When he moved next to the other, wanting to kiss him, just shower him with a bit of aftercare, Jimin was faster and already got up. Jungkook watched him, body tensed in alert as he saw how wobbly Jimin was on his legs. 

Jungkook sighed when Jimin silently went to the bathroom. For a moment he wanted to go after him, seeing that Jimin was clearly not okay, but he himself felt guilty for giving into this. So he sat there until the other came back, a towel wrapped around his body, wet hair falling into his face.

When Jimin's gaze fell onto Jungkook, the frown on his face became deeper.

“Uhm, you can go and shower too. There's a fresh set of towels,” he mumbled, quickly looking away.

So Jungkook stood under the hot stream of the shower, letting the water burn right into his skin. It didn't do much to clean his head from regret, he surely couldn't just leave like this. 

Taking the unused bathrobe, Jungkook got back to Jimin, who was sitting on the sofa next to the window, legs pulled up to his chest. He had put on just a pair of sweatpants, upper body still naked. 

“Look,” Jungkook sat down next to him, fumbling with his hands, because he had no idea how to approach the situation at all, how to make Jimin feel better. “I can't leave you like this.”

Jimin didn't look away from the window, but Jungkook heard it in his voice that he had been crying again when he spoke, “Like what?”

Jungkook ran a hand through his wet hair, slumping back into the sofa.

“No one deserves to feel this way, not on Christmas and not like ever. So I hope us just having had sex wasn't some sort of punishment for you.”

A sniffle came from the other, confirming what he had said.

“I know, who am I to judge you, a stranger, a no one to you. But let me tell you: I know it's hard, but nothing is worth pretending to be someone you are not. Holding yourself back just for your family to accept you? Well, if they are not okay with that then that's on them.”

Jimin laughed drily, “You sound just like my best friend giving me a pep talk right before I drove here.”

Jungkook sighed, placing one hand on Jimin's tensed shoulders. For a moment he expected the other to flinch away, but thankfully he didn't.

“Seems like you have a good friend there.”

Silence fell over them and it made Jungkook still uneasy. Maybe he shouldn't have said anything, his words sounding so cliché and empty. So he rather expected for Jimin to finally show him out, leaving him alone to sulk on Christmas eve.

But the other eventually turned towards him, gaze not quite meeting Jungkook's. It was still enough for Jungkook to see his trembling lip and his glassy eyes.

“I guess, I just wanted to see if it's really worth it, you know,” Jimin gestured between them and he understood quickly.

“And, is it?”

When Jimin showed the tiniest hint of a smile to Jungkook, he couldn't help his stomach twisting again, returning the smile with an even wider one.

“That was some amazing sex, not gonna lie.”

So when they laughed together, it was a huge relief to both of them and Jungkook was even happier when Jimin leaned into him, letting the other wrap his arms around his naked torso.

“I would love to see you laugh like this more often,” Jungkook confessed as he pressed a kiss into Jimin's hair, smelling the peach-scented shampoo.

Jimin curled his fingers around Jungkook's thigh, face turning towards the other. He looked so pretty, god, so so pretty. Jungkook was suddenly filled with the need of seeing him like this all the time. Smiling and content. What has gotten into him, he had no idea. 

But he didn't complain when Jimin kissed him softly, brushing one hand up Jungkook's chest to rest right above his heart.

“Are you asking me out?”

“I guess so,” Jungkook chuckled nervously.

“Well, I guess getting ditched by my parents was worth it after all,” Jimin laughed, but the other could still hear the sadness in his voice. He knew it was not going to go away any time soon.

Jungkook took Jimin's face into his hands, kissing him again and mentally promising to himself to make it worthwhile for Jimin. Whatever it was that they were just getting themselves into. 

Jungkook was crazy, but that was nothing new. It was Christmas after all and everyone deserved some love.

Chapter Text

“You ready?”

Namjoon knows that Jungkook, in fact, is not ready.

The younger is still sat on the sofa, wearing only boxers and a sweater, scrolling miles through his phone. Upon the other’s words, he looks up at Namjoon, eyebrow raised. “Huh?”

Namjoon needs to take a deep breath before responding in order to not snap at his boyfriend. “Christmas shopping? Getting the tree? Today?”

Jungkook’s eyes widen. “Fuck, I forgot! Give me ten minutes and I’ll be ready.”

So, the older settles on the sofa, already dressed up in his full winter gear, waiting for Jungkook to get ready. At least he really doesn’t need more than ten minutes to step back into the living room, fully clothed, now slipping into his boots and coat, then turns to look at his boyfriend with a bright smile on his face.

And that’s when Namjoon stops being upset. He really can’t be mad at Jungkook for all too long. Even if he tried, his heart can’t handle it. “Alright, let’s go.” He takes Jungkook’s hand on the way out and makes sure the younger grabs his car keys.

At first thought, it might not have been a good idea to take the car into the city, given that Seoul traffic is terrible during the day and it takes you an hour to get to a spot the subway would need merely fifteen minutes to get to. But honestly, the two of them have big plans for tomorrow, and neither of them is exactly fond of the idea to transport Christmas presents for all their friends and a whole ass Christmas tree on public transport.

At least, the Universe is kind to them and they find a quite good parking spot near the shopping street, which makes Jungkook lose his mind for about five minutes.

“I can’t believe we got a spot right there,” he says as they finally cross the big street, “do you know the odds for that? Mind blowing!”

Namjoon can’t quite share the excitement, but he’s definitely glad they didn’t have to park the car one or two bus stops from their destination.

Myeongdong during the holidays is an adventure. It can be bad, given the fact that a lot of people share the same thoughts as Namjoon and Jungkook, buying Christmas presents for everyone they know in the same spot. But it can also be good, with all the decorations in the streets and the store fronts, making the area seem like a winter wonderland.

Gladly, their friends are easy to shop for and they’ve decided that, since they are a couple now, it is very affordable to buy those presents together, rather than buying separate gifts for each of them. They’re getting a new set of - way too expensive - watercolor pencils for Taehyung, some nice jewelry for Jimin and some stuff for Yoongi’s studio that they know he wants for Christmas. Hoseok and Seokjin are a little harder to shop for, but they eventually settle on a new skin care set for one and a DIY cooking set for the other.

They split up for about half an hour, deciding that, while they’re already here, they might as well get gifts for each other. Or, well, Jungkook decided, because Namjoon already had his gifts for Jungkook ready since the beginning of October. He still decides on getting his boyfriend an expensive perfume that he only ever buys once every two years due to the ridiculous price.

They meet up in front of one of the candy stores and decide to take a stroll around the place, Jungkook covering himself with probably a year’s worth of honey butter almonds. Afterwards, they grab a hot beverage from Starbucks and decide to get some food at one of the many food stands Myeongdong has to offer. They rest on a mid-height wall to finish their drinks and food, once more making sure they didn’t leave anyone out.

“I’m so glad I don’t have to buy shit for my family,” Jungkook says then, pouring the last bit of his hot chocolate into his mouth. “Imagine the stress.”

“Are you sure you don’t want to go home for Christmas?” Namjoon raises an eyebrow at his boyfriend.

The younger nods. “Yeah. I already told them. Strangely they were okay with me wanting to spend Christmas with my friends.”

Namjoon feels the mood shift a little, so he quickly changes the topic. “Should we get something for the dogs, as well?”

Jungkook furrows his brows for a second, but then he smiles. “Why not!? Let’s go.”

So they end up buying a bunch of ridiculous dog accessory. They’re not sure yet which dog gets to have what, but decide on settling that once they actually wrap the presents.

Once they’re done, they go shopping for the Christmas tree. Neither of them have ever had an own tree for the holidays before, and Jungkook wants to fulfill his dream of decorating the tree with all colors of orbs he can find, no matter if they match or not. Namjoon doesn’t objectify and just follows his boyfriend around the store, carrying their shopping bags so Jungkook can freely check out the decorations.

They end up paying around two hundred thousand won for orbs, figurines and fairy lights. Namjoon’s wallet is crying, but he tells himself that it’s fine as they’ll be able to use all that stuff for many years.

It’s already quite late when they finally carry all their bags back to the car. They’re worried that the tree sale will already be closed by the time they make it there as it’s in another part of the town and they need to yet again make their way through the damn traffic.

Luckily, though, they still have half an hour left when they arrive there, which leaves enough time to find the prettiest tree they can get. They watch the seller wrap it into a net and then somehow manage to shove it into Jungkook’s car with the trunk only slightly opened, being held together by Namjoon’s belt as they didn’t think of bringing something for that.

When they make it home, they’re facing another issue. The elevator in their building has been broken for about three months now, no one seeming to bring up the effort to fix it. They groan as they realize that they now have to carry all of their bags and the Christmas tree up to the tenth floor, using the stairs.

“I already suffer enough walking up there with my work bag, if I die tell my mum I love her.” Namjoon takes half of the bags at once and begins carrying them up, Jungkook closely following behind him. Upstairs, they take a few minutes to rest and have a glass of water before returning to the car to get the tree.

About halfway up again, they figure that the entire stairway is covered with fir needles and despite the heavy physical work, they spend the rest of their way arguing over who’s going to clean it up. They eventually decide over rock, paper, scissors.

So, as Jungkook cleans up the stairs, Namjoon retreats the tree stand from one of the bags and unpacks it.

When the tree is finally up, the two sit down in front of it, satisfied smiles on their faces. It is a little crooked and there are a few gaps between the single branches, but to them it’s beautiful.

Jungkook’s eyes shimmer as he looks at Namjoon. “Can we decorate it now? Please?”

The older doesn’t even dare to object to that. They both jump to their feet, taking all the ornaments they bought from the bags and start decorating. Jungkook really wasn’t kidding when he said he wants all the colors. And suddenly Namjoon thinks that all the shit they got was relatively cheap, given the fact that he’s sure they won’t even get all of it up on the tree.

Of every colored orb, there seems to be a glitter-covered version too. There’s also black and white ones, striped, dotted, well, you name it, they got it. Not to speak of the huge amount of other ornaments they got - teddy bears, snowmen, santas. Gladly, Namjoon thought of putting up the lights - two different kinds, one colorful chain of lights, one plain white - before they start with the orbs and figurines.

At first, Jungkook’s mouth leaves a small “woah” whenever he puts an orb next to another, but soon they begin decorating the tree in silence, circling around it and smiling each time they face each other. Once they’re finally done, the two of them take a few steps back to have a proper look at their masterpiece.

For some reason, the tree looks even more crooked than before. The lights are unevenly wrapped around it and there are so many colors attached to the branches that those orbs could probably serve as a disco ball if they tried. It’s beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

“Perfect,” Namjoon whispers, smiling at what is his very own purchased Christmas tree in his very own first shared apartment with his boyfriend.

“Almost,” Jungkook says then, chuckling. “The star is missing.”

Namjoon’s smile grows even wider as he turns to the younger, putting his hands on Jungkook’s hips and pretending to lift him up. “All right, get up there, then!”

Jungkook seems confused for a second, but then his lips turn to form a small o. “I suppose I’d have to let my pants down for that.” He looks up at the crown of the tree that is very well full of fir needles. “That could hurt.”

Namjoon stares at the other in disbelief for a moment before they both burst out in laughter. Jungkook crashes too the floor from laughing too hard, pulling Namjoon with him.

They stay on the floor for a while then, just laughing and cuddling and kissing, admiring their pretty tree, sharing their excitement over celebrating the holidays with their friends and, most importantly, each other.

They nearly forget to put the star on the treetop, that is until they finally make their way to bed some time after dinner and Namjoon spots the empty crown.

“Now it’s perfect.” Jungkook hums and takes his hand. “Come on, let’s go to sleep.”

Chapter Text

"Babe, why are you trying to pick a fight with me?”

“I'm not!” Namjoon exclaimed. “I'm just upset. Upset that our relationship doesn't develop at all, all my coworkers are making fun of us for being engaged for such a long time and nothing happening after that. You know damn well that I want to have kids and want to call you my husband, Seokjin. And we're not getting younger with each day that passes!”

The older one sighed deeply, rubbing his face with both hands before getting up from the chair at the dinner table. However, Namjoon, upset as he was, moved back, now leaning against the kitchen counter.

“Why are you trying to pick a fight on Christmas, the day we're supposed to fly to Mauritius?”

Namjoon huffed, blinking rapidly to sooth the burn of tears welling up in his eyes.

“I'm not trying to pick a fight, I'm just telling you what I've been thinking about and I think it's time for us to get married and have kids.”

“If it weren't for your stupid co-workers giving you this idea, we wouldn't be in this situation right now!”

With his arms crossed in front of him, Namjoon suddenly stormed out of the room, running up the stairs quickly.

“Joonie!” Seokjin called after him, but the younger didn't care. Not at all. He couldn't believe Jin was belittling his dreams, talking as if he just came up with, when in reality they talked about this a couple of times now. 

In a hurry, he grabbed clothes left and right out of his closet, pushed them into his overnight bag. Just when his fiance came into the room, Namjoon shouldered the bag and pushed past him and out into the hallway.

“Babe, what are you doing?”

The burning tears were spilling over and Namjoon wiped them on his scarf as he slipped into his winter coat, “I'm leaving.”

What made the situation even worse was Seokjin standing before Namjoon now, arms also crossed tightly in front of his chest, as he just sighed in frustration. “Come on, you're being ridiculous. This is not a topic we can discuss in a few minutes. You need to calm down!”

“Don't tell me how to feel, Seokjin!” And with those words he was out of the door, slamming it extra hard so that the wreath that hung on it almost fell down. 


The moment Namjoon got into his car, he already regretted going off like that. There was no point in arguing about this topic now, he had to agree with Seokjin on that. He was just frustrated at all of it, not being married already, not surrounded by some giggling children, children he could call his own and also the fact that they were supposed to go on a dream vacation to a destination that Namjoon would've rather picked for his honeymoon. Well, now that he fucked up the vacation was basically canceled, he guessed.

He started the engine, picking his phone out of his pocket and sending a quick text, before he started his journey.


“Oh Joonie,” Yoongi greeted him as soon as he pulled up to their winter cottage, the entire road until up here covered in snow.

Namjoon let himself be cuddled by his best friend for a moment. It felt good that someone at least comforted him for once. 

“Go inside, Hobi and Jimin are in the kitchen, Tae might be there as well, I'll take care of your stuff.”

When Namjoon entered the house, he clearly didn't expect for Christmas Eve to become such a disaster. But he should've known, especially with the sight of Jimin and Taehyung already bickering at each other when he entered the kitchen. Before he could even greet Yoongi's husband there were already Christmas cookies thrown around, covering the dinner table in a crumbly mess.

“You take that back! I have no crush on him at all!” Taehyung exclaimed, blocking the next cookie thrown at him with his hands.

“Please, even Hobi noticed. Right, Hyung?”

Hoseok, who was just watching the whole scene happening, kept letting the younger fight in whatever way they wanted and just continued sipping on his glass of wine.

“Please, Tae. We all have eyes and see your heart shaped ones every time Jungkookie enters a room!”

Namjoon, who was still standing in the doorway, probably not even noticed by the two friends fighting, startled when all of a sudden someone placed a hand on his shoulder, peeking into the kitchen as well.

“I've heard my name?”

At Jungkook's voice both Jimin and Taehyung stopped immediately, the mess they made looking even more chaotic now that everything paused for a moment. 

“Jungkook,” both the friends gasped in unison, Jimin with a grin on his face, Taehyung with pink rising to his cheeks.

However the youngest quickly tore his eyes away from the scene and smiled at Namjoon, throwing himself against the older's chest.

“Good to see you again, Hyung. It's been so long.”

Namjoon ruffled his hair, a smile spreading on his lips at the warm greeting.

“Come on, let's go to your room and you can tell me how Uni is going,” he suggested, taking Jungkook by his arm. 

What Namjoon didn't expect as they go over to the guest room Jungkook has made his own for the holidays, is a cage with a rat sitting in one corner of the room.

Namjoon almost crashes into Yoongi as he runs out of the room as fast as possible.


After taking a little nap in the room Yoongi has prepared for him, Namjoon still felt regret creeping up in his mind. Not necessarily for just running out on Seokjin like that, but also for coming here at all. It was all pure chaos, Jimin and Taehyung fighting, Jungkook owning a rat , Hoseok drinking alcohol in the afternoon already and Yoongi trying to hold it all together. 

When he got up and shuffled over to the bathroom, the next disaster was right in front of him.

Yoongi was kneeling on the tiled floor, his first-aid kit opened, the contents spread around the room as Hoseok sat on the edge of the bathtub. Hands were pressing down on his knee and there was definitely blood between his fingers, dripping down onto the pure-white bath mat. 

“Shit, Hobi! What happened?” Namjoon exclaimed, stomach slightly turning upside down at the sight of dark red on white tiles.

Yoongi only sighed deeply, ripping open a fresh pack of bandages, “Tried cutting down the Christmas tree and it fell onto him. No wonder when you drink alcohol that early.”

“Only scratched my leg,” Hobi chipped in, his voice making clear that this was not as bad as it looked like, “You can use the bathroom downstairs, it's probably gonna take a while until my personal nurse over here has finished.”

“Shut up, you married that nurse out of your own will,” Yoongi snapped at him, hitting him on his uninjured leg with the bandages.

The situation didn't get better when Namjoon finished his business in the bathroom downstairs and walked over to the kitchen.

Jungkook and Jimin were both pulling on the same container filled with rice, while Taehyung sprinted over to the sink with the frying pan in his hands, smoke coming from it, the food in it completely burned, not even recognizable anymore.

Namjoon quickly closed the door and took a deep breath.

Christmas dinner then went as Namjoon expected. Since Taehyung managed to burn all the meat twice, while Jungkook and Jimin were cleaning the kitchen floor from every piece of rice, there wasn't much to eat left. Hoseok and Yoongi had scolded them for quite a moment, Yoongi eventually leaving the room to finally decorate the Christmas tree and Hoseok helping with the dinner.

They ate plain rice and vegetables, making it most likely the most boring Christmas dinner Namjoon ever had – and he cooked Christmas dinner for Seokjin himself one time, so it was really that bad.

While everyone at the table was back to bickering again, the married couple about whether they should invest their money into a new car or a nice vacation, the three youngest were busy dreaming about the Christmas presents they were about to get after dinner. And as Namjoon sat there, moving the rice on his plate from one side to the other, he really wished he could call his fiancé right now. He wanted to tell him about all the events that have happened in just a couple of hours, laugh with him about it, but he couldn't. He felt too guilty about running out on him. 

“Joonie, what's with the long face? It's Christmas, cheer up!” Jimin said to him, shooting a single pea over to him, making Jungkook giggle under his breath. 

Namjoon had to roll his eyes, not even bothering to explain to the younger that there are problems Jimin had no idea about just yet, seeing that he was still single. More negative thoughts flooded his mind as he looked at the clock, thinking about the fact that he could be getting ready to go the airport right now. The dream vacation so far out of reach.

“Well, I guess it's time for presents now that everyone is done with eating,” Yoongi announced by clapping his hands together. However, before everyone could run away from the table, he pointed at their plates. “Dishes first, though.”

“Hyung,” Jungkook whined.

“I already helped cooking!” his husband pointed out.

“We were helping too,” Jimin spoke for Taehyung and himself.

In the end Namjoon just nodded, gathering the dirty plates, “I guess I will do it.”

Yoongi offered him a glass of wine as the two of them worked on cleaning up the mess the others made, but he declined. Alcohol wouldn't do any good for him right now, since it had a rather depressive effect on him. And Namjoon was already sulking enough.


Was it even a surprise anymore that the gift exchange was just as disastrous as everything else on that day? God, Namjoon's meltdown with Seokjin looked like a joke compared to all of this.

The first thing he noticed when he came into the living room was the tree. He had no idea how Hoseok thought that this was the best one he could find out in the woods. The tip of it was weirdly crooked, making it impossible to put the tree topper on it, the other branches were either too short or too long, weirdly sticking out from the stem. And it already lost a lot of fir needles.

Namjoon chuckled into his fist and Jimin eventually joined him, seeing that the decoration didn't make it any better.

“Is this stuff from your great-grandmother?” Jimin couldn't hold back his comment, laughing even harder as Hoseok slapped him on his arm.

“Shut it or else you won't get any presents.”

Namjoon saw Jimin press his lips together as tightly as possible, but just a second later Yoongi and Taehyung were bursting into laughter as well.

“You're unbelievable!” Hoseok exclaimed “I almost crushed my knee to get that tree and that's how you treat me!”

In all his wild gestures as he scolded all of them for ridiculing his hard work, no one noticed how close he got to the tree and not even a moment later one of the candles tipped over, fire catching onto the branch of the poor excuse of a Christmas tree. 

Then it all happened way too quickly, the two youngest screaming, Taehyung and Yoongi storming out of the room to hopefully get a bucket of water or a large blanket, while Hoseok just stood there, shock and sadness all over his face. 

And Namjoon?

After laughing some more, he just got out, up to his room and packed all his stuff up again.

The others didn't even notice when he got into his car and was on his way to the only place he wanted to be at right now. The place where he should've been in the first place.

But as he entered the hall of the airport, seeing the large display completely empty in front of him, he realized he was too late. Still, he walked up to the counter, a few employees still busy packing up their stuff.

“Excuse me, the flight to Mauritius?” Namjoon's breath came short as he searched through his bag, knowing he packed the tickets for the flight somewhere.

“Sorry, the last call was made ten minutes ago,” the man smiled at him, no empathy in his eyes, though.

Namjoon's shoulder slumped and he could only manage a small “okay”.

As he fell down into a nearby chair, he couldn't decide on what to even do right now. Call his fiancé? But what if he was already on the plane, seeing that this was also his dream vacation.

Tears were prickling in his eyes again and he buried his face in his hands. God, why did he have to be so stupid and let his emotions get the best of him this morning with Seokjin? 

Before he had any chance to sink further into his regret and shame, someone tapped on his shoulders.

Namjoon suspected an airport employee, asking him to leave the place, since no flights were leaving anymore for the day.

But as he turned around, what greeted him were the beautiful eyes of his fiancé, full of worry, but also a slight hint of relief.

“You came,” Seokjin murmured, pulling Namjoon up into his arms. As the shock slowly ebbed away, Namjoon lost it, gripping tightly onto his lover as the tears finally spilled from his eyes.

“I'm so sorry.”

Seokjin rubbed his back.

“I'm such an idiot.”

Seokjin buried his nose in Namjoon's hair, holding him even closer.

“I love you so much. Please forgive me!”

Seokjin kissed him softly, finally shutting Namjoon up.

It took a bit more time and gentle caresses until Namjoon had fully calmed down and he was ready to have an honest and open conversation now, but Seokjin wasn't having any of it.

His fiancé only pulled his phone from the pocket of his coat and smiled at Namjoon.

“Since you would like to have a family and I can't offer you that right on the spot, Jonnie, how about I'll call my friends and we all have great Christmas party with them tonight, huh? I'm sure you will like that, baby.”

Namjoon's eyes only widened. 

Chapter Text

Sometimes Yoongi forgets how annoying Jimin can be when he really, really wants something.

Right now, for example, Jimin’s behavior is a constant reminder of that. The boy won’t leave him alone for a single second of the day, occasionally even pops in when Yoongi is on the toilet, leading the older to start locking the door again whenever he enters the bathroom, which is something he hasn’t done in a long time, given the fact that him and Jimin have been dating for so long now that they’ve grown comfortable around each other.

Yoongi regrets ever telling him that he’s already got his Christmas present ready, because now Jimin’s mind seems to circle around nothing but wanting to find out what the hell it is.

Yoongi constantly tells him that no, he won’t be telling Jimin where it’s hidden and he’ll be able to see it when he’s unpacking it on Christmas as everyone else. But Jimin is having none of it.

The older is so, so close to giving in. Mainly because now Jimin has even started waking him up at night, making sure to rob his only peaceful moment of the day.



“At least give me a hint.”

“If you’re going to keep annoying me like this, we’ll have broken up by Christmas.” Yoongi does not lift his eyes from the phone screen.

Jimin’s mouth escapes a frustrated sigh as he leans his back against the couch again, thoroughly staring at Yoongi. “Meanie," he mumbles.

Yoongi can’t help but smile. “Why are you even so eager to find out what it is?”

“I hate surprises.”

“Bullshit," the older scoffs. “You love them.”

Jimin sighs and gets up, shaking the breadcrumbs off that have fallen onto his shirt. “I’m gonna go and search for that dumb sweater I need to return to Jungkook tonight.”


It all goes downhill from there. Weeks of effort that Yoongi has put into keeping the gift a secret from Jimin.


It’s too late when he realizes that this sweater might be buried in the very back of their closet - along with the wrapped up package Yoongi’s put there.

“Fuck," he groans at the same time as Jimin in the bedroom lets out a loud “Oh my god!”.

Seconds later the boy returns to the living room, holding both, the small box and the stupid sweater. “Guess what I’ve found.”

Yoongi purses his lips. “A way to ruin the entire point of a Christmas present? Because that’s exactly what’s happening if you open it two weeks ahead.”

“Come on, no need to be grumpy.” Jimin sits down next to him. “Can I open it?”

Yoongi glares at him. “What else were you going to do when you find it? Shove it up your ass?” He needs to smile to himself about the little pun Jimin doesn’t quite understand yet.

“I’m only going to open it if you promise not to get mad.” The younger pouts.

“You’ve been making me mad for weeks now, in case you didn’t notice.” Yoongi crosses his arms in front of his chest. “So, come on, what are you waiting for?”

Jimin begins unwrapping the gift and Yoongi watches him. He might be a little upset but he’s still curious as to how his boyfriend will like the gift.

When Jimin is done unwrapping the entire thing he holds the item in his hands, staring at it with his lips slightly parted. It’s black and big and long and-

“It’s a dildo!”

Yoongi nods. “Yeah.”

“It’s a fucking dildo!” Jimin’s jumps up from the couch, swinging the double-sided sex toy at Yoongi. “You were going to make me open a dildo in front of my family?”

The room turns dead silent. That is, until Yoongi starts bursting into loud laughter. For someone who claims to be smart, this really wasn’t his best idea. He has to admit that he genuinely didn’t think of how inappropriate this gift might seem to Jimin’s family.

The younger eventually joins in on the laughter, trembling so hard that he needs to kneel on the floor, the sex toy wobbling in his hand, catching his attention. “It’s double sided.”

Yoongi smiles. “Glad you figured that out.”

“I want to use it.”

“Can we at least wait until Christmas for that?” Yoongi raises his eyebrows at Jimin.

“No," he blandly replies. “Bedroom. Now.”


Yoongi remains in his spot on the couch, shaking his head. He knows he’ll give in to Jimin eventually, as he usually does. But for now, he likes to think that he’s in charge here.

Jimin gets up from the floor and quickly places himself in Yoongi’s lap. “You’re a pain in the ass. Not quite as literal as I’d like right now, though.”

Yoongi can’t help but smirk and raises an eyebrow at that, his hands quickly finding their way around Jimin to cup the cheeks of his butt. “Is that so?”

Jimin doesn’t respond. Instead, he places his lips on the older’s, grinding down on Yoongi’s crotch as he does, which lures a defeated moan from the older’s throat. “God, babe, you’re so easy.”

Yoongi captures his boyfriend’s bottom lip between his teeth, biting down on it gently, immediately causing Jimin to squirm. He then leans back, yet again raising an eyebrow at the younger. “I’m easy, but so are you.”

Jimin gets off Yoongi’s lap and back down on the carpeted floor, laying down on his back and peeking up at the other from his spot there, waiting for him to join him.

It’s still a mystery why the two of them prefer the floor over their bed or even the couch. Fair enough, in terms of making love, they seem to be enjoying every place more than the comfort of a mattress beneath them - the dining table, the kitchen counter, the shower and yes, most definitely the floor. It would be a lie if they said they didn’t choose an extra soft carpet just for that purpose.

Yoongi takes his time before he finally gets his ass up from the couch, but makes sure to unbutton his pants before he kneels down between Jimin’s legs, his right knee tightly pressed against the other’s crotch as Yoongi leans down to capture his lips again.

The younger inhales sharply as Yoongi gets ahold of his hands and pins them down on the floor just above Jimin’s head, the pressure against his crotch getting stronger. The older chuckles as his boyfriend begins to squirm beneath him. He lets go of Jimin’s wrists and retreats, sliding down on the carpet until he’s able to effortlessly free the younger of his jeans and boxers, not surprised to see that Jimin is already hard when his cock finally springs free.

Yoongi wastes no time - mostly because he’s clearly also aroused and growing a little impatient here - and goes down again, this time to wrap his lips around Jimin’s erection, the younger immediately bucking up his hips in response to the touch, giving Yoongi a gentle reminder to pin him down with his hands.

The older is bopping his head up and down in a steady rhythm, taking Jimin in all the way every now and then, swallowing around him and making the younger fill the room with his loud moans. Eventually, he retreats, but doesn’t stop there. Yoongi orders Jimin to turn around and get on his knees, placing himself perfectly in front of the older, who then places a gentle slap on the younger’s right buttcheek, before placing his hands on both and spreads them enough for his face to get lost in between them.

Jimin gasps when Yoongi's tongue first slides over his rim, circling it once, twice, before it moves to his perineum, where it presses down only for a second but long enough to make Jimin moan out loud once more. The older then moves his mouth up again, yet again circling around Jimin’s rim until he allows himself to let his tongue slide in ever so slightly. The younger shifts, and Yoongi doesn’t have to look to know that his fingers are holding on to the carpet tightly. He’s seen it many times before.

What’s surprising is that Jimin is for once trying to be quiet as Yoongi fucks him with his tongue, only a few sharp breaths here and there escaping the younger’s mouth, until he finally begins to whine, trying to meet Yoongi's tongue as best as possible so it can go in deeper. Obviously, it’s not possible, but at least the older now knows that he can move on. Seeing as his mouth has left a lot of saliva around Jimin’s rim once Yoongi retreats his tongue, he doesn’t hesitate to slide in one finger without forewarning, causing the younger to tremble so hard he nearly fails to keep himself up. “Fuck, please hurry up.”

“Impatient over there?” Yoongi chuckles.

The older yet again seems to have forgotten how sensitive he is to Jimin’s own responsiveness, forgotten how fucking aroused he gets whenever Jimin moans and squirms and begs. The tension in his pants has seemed to reach its actual high when the older brings a second finger to use and now purposely brushes the other’s prostate in fast movements, nearly making Jimin scream from the sensation. For the third finger, he adds more spit, Jimin’s body now dangerously hovering over the floor, the pre-cum covered tip of his cock brushing against the shaggy carpet every time he moves.

Eventually, Jimin does shout. “Fuck! Stop, stop or I’ll come!”

Yoongi immediately does as told and retreats his fingers, watching Jimin’s hole clench around nothing for a second before the younger turns around and lays down on his back again, chest heaving. He doesn’t remain there for long, though. When he gets up, he looks at Yoongi with hooded eyes. “I’ll go grab the lube. Take off your clothes while I’m gone, will you?”

Jimin winks before he leaves the room and Yoongi is quick to get up and free himself of his shirt and the by now way too tight bottoms, sitting back down on the carpet then, leaning against the couch, his hard cock twitching against his stomach as Jimin comes back and the older has to figure he also finally got rid of his shirt.

Yoongi gasps. The younger looks at him, one eyebrow raised. “Nothing, nothing. Just forgot how beautiful you are.” The older’s eyes get stuck on the tattoo on Jimin’s ribcage for a second, then wander along the rest of his body. For a moment there is just one word that occupies the entirety of Yoongi’s brain.


Jimin waits, clearly noticing how much Yoongi is enjoying the sight right now. But eventually he grows too impatient. “Lie down, babe. Please.”

And so Yoongi does.

Jimin places himself between Yoongi’s legs and doesn’t even waste a second to dedicate himself to the older’s aching cock. It doesn’t come as a surprise to Yoongi, though, seeing as Jimin genuinely likes to tease him and see him suffer. The younger puts a generous amount of lube onto his fingers, then pushes the first around Yoongi’s rim and slides it in almost teasingly slow.

Jimin is clearly avoiding the other’s prostate, and Yoongi is squirming to try and maybe make him brush it by accident. He’s sure he hasn’t felt this frustrated in a long time, and that feeling only grows worse when Jimin somehow manages to open him up entirely without at least trying to help the poor man out a bit.

Eventually, Jimin retreats his fingers and throws himself on top of Yoongi to meet his lips. The older’s hands are frantically exploring his boyfriend’s body, Jimin moaning into his mouth as Yoongi finds his nipples and pinches them - on top of the sensational feeling of their cocks rubbing against each other.

“Can we please move on?” Yoongi says between soft kisses. “I’m dying.”

The other chuckles against his lips, nodding ever so slightly, then moves to the side and reaches for their new toy that’s been carelessly tossed to the floor earlier. By that time, Yoongi has grabbed the lube with shaking hands. They cover both sides of the dildo in a generous amount of it.

Obviously it’s not so easy trying to find the right way to use this thing for the first time. The first few attempts, the double sided toy slips out of at least one of them, but once they’ve finally found a good position - butts facing each other, both on their hands and knees on the carpet - it seems to be working somewhat better, though still not really ideal.

They’re both putting in their best efforts, and it does occasionally lure a few moans out of either of them as they meet the toy with their bodies. But eventually, the growing pain in Yoongi’s cock is growing too strong, and he screws the idea of the double sided dildo altogether. He’s quick to retreat, leaving the toy behind, then turns around to pull it from Jimin, who shoots him a questioning look over his shoulder.

“You alright over there?”

Yoongi is reaching for the bottle of lube as he responds. “If I need to adjust this stupid thing one more time, I’m going to freak out.”

He lines up behind Jimin, placing the tip of his cock against the younger’s rim before pushing in and not hesitating to fuck into his boyfriend in harsh and fast movements, finally getting the sounds from Jimin that he loves to hear so much. Yoongi, too, finally feels some sort of satisfaction, his moans soon filling the room with Jimin’s. He notices his pace picking up, notices the way the younger’s fingers dig into the carpet again, at the same time said carpet slowly being rough against his knees.

Their moans are growing louder, Yoongi knows the two of them are close to release, which is why it comes as a surprise when Jimin asks him to stop and lay down on the carpet.

From his spot on the floor it’s hard to see what Jimin is up to, especially since he has his back turned to Yoongi. But when his boyfriend finally turns around again, he figures that Jimin is holding the toy again, a smile on his face. “We’re not going to let this go to waste.”

He gently inserts the toy into Yoongi, who by now is so sensitive that he immediately moans out at that. Then, Jimin gets on top of the older, lowering himself down until he’s comfortably settled again, and proceeds to reach behind him to take control of the toy.

The double stimulation of Jimin fucking himself on top of him and simultaneously putting the dildo to use against the older’s prostate is nearly driving Yoongi insane. He barely manages to do anything, is glad that for once Jimin has taken over, as he’s absolutely not in control of his own body, only able to moan and squirm there on his spot on the floor, as the sounds that escape his boyfriend’s mouth are like music to his ears.

Jimin picks up on pace and Yoongi is nearly thrown over the edge by the warmth that overflows his body then, his toes curling into the carpet as his hands are finding Jimin’s thighs to hold onto as he comes inside his boyfriend with loud moans. Jimin then let’s go of the dildo, but does not pull it out. Instead, he continues to rock himself down on Yoongi, trying to reach his own high.

Yoongi, still a little dazed and growing more and more sensitive from the overstimulation, manages to put his shaking fingers around Jimin’s cock, moving his hand in the same rhythm as Jimin, until the younger erupts over it with loud moans, shaking atop of Yoongi as he rides himself through the orgasm.

Once he’s done, he leans down and captures Yoongi’s lips again, now both of them heavily breathing into each other’s mouths.

As Jimin finally rolls off of Yoongi, he’s smiling. He lays down on the carpet next to his boyfriend.

“What a useless gift,” the older mumbles.

“What was that?” Jimin chuckles. “It seemed you enjoyed it quite a lot in the end.”

To that, Yoongi laughs. “Okay, maybe it wasn’t that useless.”

Jimin gets up. “Merry early Christmas, babe.”

Chapter Text

With a last stroke of the comb through his hair, a satisfied smile spreads on Yoongi's face, his pearly white teeth showing. 

“Perfect,” the boy mumbles to himself, way too happy about the way he managed to part his blonde hair perfectly in the middle for once. There are days he misses his darker hair, but seeing that his mother prefers her son with the more angelic look, Yoongi has no choice. He likes the blonde, too, he thinks.

He straightens his shoulders, hands now running down his suit jacket to get rid of any wrinkles, looking absolutely neat and perfect.

However, as he walks out of the bathroom and into the living room where his parents are waiting for him, his mother quickly shuffles over to him, her face in a frown.

“Oh honey, look at you.”

Yoongi sighs as his mother takes ahold of his face with a hand on his chin and she gets up on her tiptoes to reach Yoongi's hair. With just the tip of her freshly manicured nail she moves one small strand of hair over to the other side. As she comes down Yoongi closes his eyes and waits for her to inspect it a few seconds longer.

“Well, now it's better,” she speaks up, patting her son on the cheek before going back to her husband and taking her coat from him.

“Let's get going, son.”

With a quick nod Yoongi slips into his own winter coat, tying his scarf around his neck and carefully paying attention that both ends hang at around the same height. Then he picks up the case from the coffee table, taking a quick look inside.

“Oh,mum,” he mumbles, eyes wandering up and down on the instrument inside, “thanks for polishing my flute so nicely.”

“Always, honey,” she replies from the door, her purse already in the crook of her arm, “now come one, or we're going to be late.”

Yoongi quickly shuts the case again, closing the metal clasps again and moves over to the door. As the cold winter wind hits his face once he's outside, his middle part is ruined again. And he can definitely hear his mother sighing when he climbs into the backseat of the car, her eyes fixing on him through the rearview mirror.

The ride is mostly quiet, as always no music playing, just the sound of the tires on the wet street and Yoongi's parents exchanging a few muttered words. He holds his case closer to his body and simply watches out of the car window. Gloomy street lights are turning the snow into a yellow, brown color, or maybe it's just the dirt of the road, who knows. There are fairy lights on every single house and sometimes Yoongi catches the sight of some people inside their houses standing in front of a more or less beautiful Christmas tree. 

“Can't believe our little Yoongi is going to spend his first Christmas with another family today. Maybe even his future in-laws.”

Yoongi sits up again as he catches his own name in the low conservation of his parents. 

“Yeah, he's all grown up now,” his father answers and Yoongi makes the mistake of finding his father's eyes in the mirror. He shoots his son a very small smile, one corner of his mouth barely lifting, but it's still a very high compliment.

However, Yoongi can only grimace back, quickly turning his head around to stare outside again. Their voices he can't tune out anymore, though.

“I wonder when he's going to bring her home to us, I would love to see what nice girl our son has picked out.”

“Don't scare him too much, darling. It's his first relationship and we don't want to meddle with that too much.”

Gritting his teeth, the boy is all of sudden feeling hot. His hand itches to loosen the scarf around his neck a bit, but he's afraid to move at all. Now that he's also aware of his phone in the pocket of his suit pants. For a second panic shoots through his head as he wonders if he actually set it to mute, but as he remembers checking that a million times in the bathroom, he breathes easier again.

After a few more minutes they arrive at the church, his father parking in his usual spot. Yoongi quickly gets out of the car and goes over to the passenger door to help his mother getting out.

“Thank you, honey,” she mutters and as she stands in front of him, her hands are in his hair again, fixing what the wind is going to ruin in a few seconds anyway.

They greet a few other people on the way inside, compliments on the Min's son being so well behaved despite his difficult age get thrown around a lot and Yoongi gives one smile after the other, his cheeks eventually ending up hurting a bit. 

Once they enter the Church, the family all making the cross of the sign with holy water simultaneously, Yoongi's father comes up to him, placing a strong hand on his son's shoulder.

“Make us proud.”

Yoongi nods, not having to hold the eye contact with his father for too long until his mother is shoving her husband away. 

“Come here,” she says, opening her arms and Yoongi lets himself be cuddled for a second. His cheeks turn slightly pink when he notices other people already sitting on the benches, turning around to watch the scene.

His mother doesn't say anything after that anymore, but her final look is enough for Yoongi to understand.

He waves at his parents and then he walks through the center of the church, making his way up to the orchestra already all set up. The director looks at the watch on his wrist when he sees Yoongi approaching and simply shows the boy off to his place. It's pointless doing that since Yoongi was already here the past three days, practicing for hours to make this yearly Christmas concert perfect for the church, so he knows where to sit.

His woodwind player buddy, Hoseok, is already there, silently waving at Yoongi, his usual sunshine grin on his face. He's nice, has always been the five years that Yoongi has been playing along with him now, so this time when he answers it with a smile it's genuine. 

The music stand with all the sheets is already prepared in front of Yoongi so it's a quick job to get his shiny flute out of the case, hands working soundless on the clasps on the box to not stir up the audience in the church. 

It's not much longer until the concert begins, their pastor giving his blessings before the orchestra starts to play.

As always, Yoongi gives his best, but seeing that he's playing this instrument since his early childhood, it's not hard. The songs are almost the same every year anyway, so it's actually quite boring. Sometimes Yoongi wonders why they even bother practicing so much, but as his eyes switch from his sheets to the lower line of the brass ensemble, consisting of only children in their elementary school age, he is reminded why.

So the concert passes with minor mistakes from the youngers, but as they keep going it's not bad. 

Hoseok and Yoongi also play their parts perfectly and everything seems to be just too good. 

Until all of a sudden Yoongi's phone goes off in his pocket, the vibration startling him so much he chokes on his own breath, absolutely fucking up the note he was just holding.

His friend, keeping up with the music, hopefully masking Yoongi's mistake, shoots him a worried look. But Yoongi is quick to follow along with the sheet again, silently sending a thank you to God for making the lights in the church so bright in the front that he doesn't even need to bother to find his parents' eyes in the crowd. 

What doesn't make the situation better, though, is the fact that his phone won't stop vibrating. And with how close their chairs are together Yoongi is so sure Hoseok notices what is going on. Yoongi feels his skin burning up, but the blood inside his veins freezes as he just prays and prays for it to finally stop.

Eventually it does, but the panic doesn't leave Yoongi's body. He suffers all the way through the end of the performance, hoping no one noticed, especially not his parents.

After tame applause from the church and another blessing from their pastor, the concert ends and Yoongi's parents are quick to come up to him.

His heartbeat is up in his throat now as he sees his father's furrowed eyebrows and Yoongi doesn't even dare taking a look at his mother. He keeps his head low as they approach him.

Thankfully, before any of them can say a word, the director of the orchestra also makes his way through the other kids, coming to stand next to Yoongi.

“Ah, Mr. Kim,” his mother chirps in, her voice sounding a bit too friendly.

“The whole Min family gathered on Christmas as usual. Thank you so much for coming,” the director says, shaking hands with Yoongi's parents before placing a hand on Yoongi's shoulder, “Yoongi here did so well today. He never disappoints. The church and our orchestra are so thankful to have him, he's such a dedicated member for many years now, we're all relieved to be able to always rely on him at these concerts.”

At the praising words of the director Yoongi can see his parents soaking it up, every compliment to their son and therefore the reputation of the family going down like honey for them. He can see the face of his father relaxing and Yoongi is quick to dab the sweat from his forehead with the sleeve of his suit jacket. His mother doesn't even notice, that's how enchanted she is by the director's every spoken word. 

They all wish each other a happy Christmas and so they do to basically half the Church once Kim Seokjin is gone, Yoongi having to drag along with his parents until they are finally ready to leave.

Outside at the car, Yoongi hands the case with his flute to his father who exchanges it to a small gift bag, then also hands Yoongi his backpack packed with overnight clothes.

“You sure we shall not drive you over to your girlfriend's house?” his mother asks a final time, his father shutting the trunk close.

“Mum, it's only a ten minute walk in the opposite direction you're driving. It's really no trouble at all.”

Judging by her expression, he can tell she is not satisfied with the answer. Her curiosity to finally see who Yoongi has been hanging out with all this time is too much for her. 

Yoongi feared it might come to this and his pulse is up again, the situation turning worse and worse with every second his mother keeps up the staring. As if she could drill her eyes right into her son's soul, seeing right through all his lies, all his attempts to cover up, to be even a better son than usual. He already got lucky with the phone incident during the concert, but he doesn't know how to talk himself out of going over to someone completely else than his parents seem to believe.

Thankfully his father interrupts the silent interrogation, taking his wife by her arm.

“Come on, darling. Our son is 19, I'm sure he can handle walking over. Plus he's most likely embarrassed to show up to her house with his parents in tow.”

Yoongi's mother lets out a deep sigh, but still makes sure to hug her son tightly before saying goodbye and reminding him to be nice to the family of his girlfriend and of course to make sure to be home at noon the next day. 

He waits there with both bags in his hand, waving his parents off, before he gets moving.

However he doesn't walk far, just until he can turn into a silent corner, all people from Church having left into other directions, leaving him completely alone in this side alley.

Just then he lets the bags fall to the soggy ground, fumbling the phone out of his pockets. With quick fingers he deletes the notifications of missed calls and just sends his location to one single contact he has saved on his phone. His eyes scan the area every now and then as he waits, the panic of being caught still lingering in his mind.

It's only ten minutes later until someone pulls up on the main street, just leaving the engine running as that someone jumps out of the car. Steps echo through the almost vacant side alley. 

As Yoongi recognizes the person, he runs, runs so fast that he crashes into that person, arms already open for Yoongi.

“Taehyung,” he whispers, burying his face in the scarf of the other boy. His arms are strong around Yoongi's body, the older not having noticed that he's freezing a bit until he feels his boyfriend's warmth.

“Hey, babe,” the younger whispers in greeting as well, simply placing a kiss on Yoongi's cheek until pulling away again. He takes Yoongi's bags without a word, the other one going for his hand and then they quickly go over to the car.

Once inside Yoongi is immediately surrounded by the heat, the radiator turned all the way up. As Taehyung drives off quickly, Yoongi gets rid of his scarf, opening a few buttons on his coat.

“Is this Namjoon's car?” Yoongi asks. He had no real chance to take a look at the outside of the car, as they had to leave in a hurry, but now that he looks at the interior it seems different. Usually Taehyung borrows Jimin's car, but his boyfriend's best friend has these obnoxious fairy lights all around, so the lack of them is something Yoongi notices quickly. And there's no way Jimin got rid of them, seeing that he once almost jumped Yoongi's throat for crushing one single light with his foot. 

“Yeah, Jimin is spending Christmas with his new lover. You know the one who looks all tough, but is an actual softie?”

Ah, Jungkook was his name, right?”

“Yes him! So Namjoon gave me the keys.”

Yoongi nods and for the second time this evening his smile is a genuine one, especially when his boyfriend places one hand on Yoongi's quivering leg. It's an often occurrence, riding with Taehyung always causes Yoongi's adrenaline to shoot up, making him all giddy. Well, who wouldn't be riding with someone who doesn't have a license, but still drives better than Yoongi's father with over twenty years of experience? 

The fear of getting caught is there, always, but so far nothing has happened. And also not this time as they finally pull up to Taehyung's shared apartment with Namjoon and Jimin.

There are days Yoongi wonders how he got himself into this, how calling a local LGBT organization in the middle of the night, voice all hoarse from crying, as he spoke to their voicemail, lead to him making friends with such misfits – as his parents would say. 

As Taehyung opens the passenger door and holds a hand out for the older, the thoughts of what his parents would think get pushed back. The relief of being able to be himself here around those people is so much stronger. It's a weight lifted of his shoulders as he walks up the stairs with his boyfriend hand in hand, laughing when the younger drops the keys. No surprise, as he's holding Yoongi's hand in one and all of Yoongi's stuff in the other that's supposed to unlock the door.

With the sound they attract Namjoon, and he lets them in.

“Yoongi, you made it,” he says, holding his arms out wide to greet Yoongi with a warm and strong hug. It's amazing how in just a few months Yoongi feels so much more at home here, even if he can only hang out in secret, never being able to stay the night.

Namjoon takes the gift bag from Taehyung, shuffling over to the living area, whereas Taehyung deposits Yoongi's overnight bag in his own room. 

Yoongi just stands in the hallway, having a great view into the living area with a tall Christmas tree taking up basically all the space of the room. He walks closer, watching Namjoon place Yoongi's gifts underneath the tree before looking up and smiling proudly at the older.

“It's great, isn't it? Jimin really outdid himself.”

Of course the tree is rainbow themed, from fairy lights in all colors to several baubles and a shit ton if tinsel, it's all there. And yes, there's a little pride flag as a tree topper.

Yoongi starts to laugh, finding the whole decoration very endearing. He takes a seat on the sofa, finally opening up the suit jacket and rolling up the sleeves a bit. Before he has time to finally run a hand through his hair, Taehyung comes up behind him, resting his chin on top of his boyfriend's head.

“I'm sure you're hungry and already dying for Christmas dinner, right babe?”

As Taehyung wraps his arms around Yoongi's shoulders, the older lifts his head up, looking into the younger's face upside down. There's immediately a tension sparking between the two of them, but who could blame them. With all of Yoongi's orchestra practices there's barely been time to come to see his boyfriend afterwards, since they spent so many useless hours going over the sheets for the Christmas concert than for usual performances. The Christmas show is the most important along with Easter, so it's always like this. 

“Well,” Namjoon, however, interrupts them, “I would suggest we both get started and make your boyfriend some delicious pizza. Self-made and not frozen for the special occasion of you spending Christmas with us.” He gladly leaves out the part of mentioning Yoongi's family. 

“I'm gonna help you, guys!” Yoongi announces, already jumping up from the sofa, but Taehyung is quick to hold him back.

“Babe,” Taehyung murmurs and god, Yoongi can never get enough of the nickname rolling off of his boyfriend's tongue so easily, “you're our guest. You sit down and let us do the work.”

“But what am I supposed to do alone here in the living room? Plus I've seen Namjoon handle a knife often enough to know I should just chop ingredients myself.”

Namjoon huffs at that, ready to start an argument over the ever occurring topic once again, but they are all stunned to silence when suddenly the door in the hallway opens, the sound of heavy boots hard on the floor.

“Jimin?” the three of them exclaim as the blonde boy strides up into the living room, eyes scanning the room quickly. It's almost like he can't see the three of them at first, just when he finds what he is looking for, he pays attention to them.

“I forgot Jungkook's present,” he explains after giving Yoongi a warm hug, holding up the little box, neatly wrapped. 

“Is he waiting in the car?” Namjoon asks.

“Nah he's -” Jimin's head turns back and he is just as surprised to not see his own boyfriend standing in the doorway to the living room. No, he's all the way at the end of the hallway, looking all scared as he stands there with his hands behind his back.

“Jungkook, what are you doing back there?” And then Jimin walks back to him, pulling the boy into the living room by the sleeve of his leather jacket, then proceeding to push him in front. 

Yoongi has to hold back a chuckle as he sees the poor boy’s scared expression, putting a deer standing in the headlights to shame.

“Hey, Jungkook. I'm Namjoon,” the other is quick to let his natural charm and politeness take the boy’s stress and after everyone has greeted Jimin's new boyfriend he does look a bit less imitated. He probably wasn't prepared to meet Jimin's friends tonight. It's still funny that the boy actually walks around like a gang leader, countless piercings gracing his ears, his nose, his lip, tattoos showing due to the low neckline of his shirt. And then of course the black leather jacket, biker boots, the whole deal. 

Somehow the five of them end up talking for a little while and then Jimin decides on just staying home after checking in with Jungkook.

“Nah, pizza sounds way much better than the dinner I planned on making for the both of us,” the youngest admits, but Yoongi is quick to see right through him: he just likes pizza.

So now that Yoongi has two people keeping him company, Taehyung and Namjoon start working in the kitchen. And it surprisingly turns out really good, everyone later gathered on the floor around the Christmas tree, happily munching on the food. 

The gift exchange also doesn't take long, seeing that neither of them have much money to begin with. But the gift is not what Yoongi was looking for anyway, it's the time he gets to spend with this boy he fell in love with and all the other people who accepted him with open arms, not asking any questions, simply offering an ear and a comforting hug whenever Yoongi needs it. 

It's all basically little presents for everyone, Jimin gifting each of them a ticket for the cinema, whereas Namjoon gives them tickets for a local art museum. Yoongi offers Taehyung a perfume, one his mother picked out, thinking it's perfect for a cute girl, the smell all flowery and sweet. Taehyung beams at it, saying it's definitely one of his favorites he never could afford himself. Lastly Taehyung and Namjoon give Yoongi another special gift and when the older opens it, there are definitely a few tears prickling in his eyes. In that moment he's thankful for being so trained in keeping his emotions at bay. 

“I know, you can't take them home,” Namjoon begins to explain as Yoongi turns the books around his hand, reading the summaries on the back, both stories being LGBT related.

“But every time you come over you can read them here, we are going to watch after them for you,” Taehyung continues for Namjoon. He is soon speechless, as Yoongi finally goes after that kiss he's been longing for for so long, trying to put every ounce of happiness and gratefulness into it. 

Jungkook definitely stares a bit at Yoongi, but Jimin is just shaking his head as a sign for explaining it to him another time. Yoongi also doesn't feel like opening up about his life right now, not when he is about to live the one he actually wants, pushing the other as far away as possible.


After a few rounds of some board games, one or two glasses of some cream liquor, Taehyung and Yoongi call it a night, since the older one had to leave early the next day. 

However once they get into the younger's bedroom, they don't think about that anymore. The tension has been building up for weeks, intensifying with this evening spent together. So they are giddy as they get ready in the bathroom, Taehyung shoving Yoongi playfully as they brush their teeth together. Yoongi also takes another look at Taehyung's amazing outfit. It's a shame that he only really notices and appreciates it now, as they are about to change. A crisp white shirt with a grid pattern on it, tucked into some fitted black pants, paired with a soft gray blazer, the edges of the collar also white. As always he has tons of jewelry hanging around his neck, his wrists and on his fingers, so it does take him a bit to get rid of all of those.

After changing into some sweatpants and a basic shirt, whereas Yoongi's mother packed him one of his plaid pajamas, they finally fall into bed. It's a small one, so they have to lie close to each other, but not that Yoongi is complaining, not at all.

For a while they just talk nonsense, Taehyung making Yoongi giggle with some stupid stories from his childhood and somehow they end up with Taehyung resting his head on Yoongi's chest, the older running his fingers through the dark hair of his boyfriend.

It gets quiet again, Taehyung just listening to Yoongi's heartbeat and Yoongi himself lost in his thoughts. Especially seeing his boyfriend's hair, he feels a twist to his stomach, the desire to dye his hair the way he wants lingering in his mind. And it's not only his hair, it's his entire appearance he wishes he could change, not having to listen to his parents anymore. Just doing what he wants.

“I can hear you thinking right now,” Taehyung interrupts the silence, scooting up further so he's face to face with Yoongi again. There's another pang to Yoongi's gut, feeling like he's disappointing his boyfriend with getting into his sulky mood again.

But then Taehyung's hand is on his cheek, gently rubbing with his thumb over the skin, “Let me take your mind off of all the things that bother you. Even just for a moment.”

Yoongi swallows quickly, a nod following right after. 

The second kiss for the night is even better than the first, now that they have all the time to break the tension, give into it. Even if they are dating for just a few months now, kissing a boy would never not feel exciting for Yoongi. Especially a boy he loves so much.

It doesn't take long for the kisses to get deeper, mouths opening, tongues slipping in and tasting the other. Taehyung tastes like the toothpaste they just shared, but the liquor they both downed before going to bed still lingers in there somewhere.

Yoongi roams his hands around Taehyung's body, feeling the younger's strong muscles, his soft skin when he slips beneath his t-shirt.

A chuckle leaves Taehyung's mouth as the older begins to kiss down his neck.

“Wait, wasn't I the one supposed to distract you?”

Yoongi simply shakes his head, breathing hot air onto Taehyung's skin after leaving a kiss, the giggles eventually turning into gasps.

“O-Okay, I'm not complaining,” the younger speaks breathless, hands finding grip on Yoongi's shoulders after the older removes the shirt from his body. 

Lust and desire to touch, kiss and take pools in the pit of Yoongi's stomach, the sight of his boyfriend half naked getting him all hot. He presses more wet kisses to his heaving chest, hands feeling the muscles tightening under his caresses. 

Eventually Yoongi moves further down, throwing the blanket that's been covering their lower bodies to the ground. He can see the outline of Taehyung's cock already through the soft fabric of his sweatpants and he loses no time and removes the last bits of clothing too, leaving his boyfriend completely naked and beautiful on the bed.

“Yoongi, you're so cute,” he says, taking Yoongi off guard as he was just about to kiss down from Taehyung's belly button. The older lifts his head and lets out a giggle.

“Cute?” he raises both eyebrows, hands stroking up towards Taehyung's chest again, fingers finding the other's nipples and teasing them a bit.

“Yeah, about to blow me with those cute pajamas on. It's a nice sight, don't get me wrong.”

Yoongi looks down on himself, a slight blush spreading on his cheeks. It is weird, he thinks, Taehyung always dresses so nicely and comfortable, while Yoongi only owns clothes his mother approved of. In the beginning he was very self-conscious about that, asking himself over and over again why someone as Taehyung even payed attention to him in the first place, his appearance always too perfect, too much of a mama's boy. But he eventually realized Taehyung saw beyond that appearance, finding liking in Yoongi's personality, the real one. 

“You could take them off, if you want to,” Yoongi replies, wiggling his eyebrows and offering his boyfriend a cheeky grin. It makes the younger laugh and just brush his hand through Yoongi's hair, messing it up some more.

“No, no. Not now. Please go on, my cute church boy.”

So Yoongi shrugs, the both of them having another moment of giggling, before he continues where he left off. Originally Yoongi had the intention of teasing Taehyung a bit longer, but as he kisses that trail down from the younger's stomach all the way to the tip of his cock, placing a feather light one right there, he discards the plan quickly.

The thing is, ever since Yoongi magically managed to convince his parents to sleep over somewhere else for Christmas, the young couple has been ecstatic. So far they only had the chance of seeing each other in a pretty tight time window after practices or school, never getting to spend a night together. Of course they used that time wisely, going on little dates (obviously outside of the city, the fear of getting caught too high), watching movies together with Taehyung's friends here in the apartment and of course having sex. Lots of it. Whatever time allowed them to do that afternoon.

Once Yoongi warmed up to his boyfriend it was as if a wild horse was finally set free, eager to explore as much as possible after being held back for so many years. Having to hide his desire for boys.

So Yoongi has no patience now, one hand coming to wrap around the length of his boyfriend's cock, giving it a few strokes until it's fully hard. He places another kiss to the tip, Taehyung's hand in his hair tightening, but Yoongi doesn't remove his mouth. No, he opens it up, taking his boyfriend into the wet heat.

Soon the small bedroom is filled with noises of Yoongi slurping and Taehyung gasping every other moment. 

“Mhm, so good,” the younger murmurs, draping one arm over his face while his hips lift up into the direction of Yoongi's mouth. It takes the older a bit of effort to push them back down to the mattress, simply because he is not experienced enough yet to take a cock any deeper than halfway. 

He lets his tongue run across the underside of the length, coating it in saliva before giving it another few tight strokes, the movement now smoothly due to the wetness. It has Taehyung biting into his arm, muffling moans into his own skin. 

The effect Yoongi seems to have on his boyfriend has him all hot and bothered as well, the soft flannel of his pajama pants feeling way too tight. Before he finally pulls off, he has to suck on Taehyung's cock one more time, the taste not really nice, but the feeling of the other heavy on his tongue, lips stretching around it, a whole new world every goddamn time Yoongi blows him. 

When he comes back up to lie next to his flustered boyfriend, the younger is immediately all over him, hands fumbling with the buttons of Yoongi's sleeping clothes, kisses being pressed to his jaw.

“God, you can play the flute so nicely, babe,” Taehyung lets out and the sentence lingers in the air for a second. The ridiculousness of it hitting the both then, making them laugh.

However, Yoongi's laugh is breathy as Taehyung finally slips the clothing from Yoongi's body, quick to get rid of his underwear too and finally getting him completely naked.

“You're ridiculous,” the older murmurs, followed by a moan when one of Taehyung's hands wraps around Yoongi's own hard cock, spreading the pre-cum there all around the tip.

“And you're hot. So hot, Yoongi.”

He jerks the older off with quick, strong strokes and Yoongi begins to crumble beneath his touch. His entire being reduced to the hot feeling in his stomach increasing, small moans rolling off his tongue when Taehyung is back to pressing his mouth to his sensitive neck, never stopping to work on Yoongi's cock.

It feels rushed and considering that they have all night Yoongi places a shaky hand on top of Taehyung's to make him stop.

“Have you stocked up on condoms?”

His boyfriend removes the hand and laces his sticky fingers together with Yoongi's. He shoots the other a smile that has Yoongi's heart rate increasing in a second, butterflies exploding inside him as well.

“Yes, of course.”

With a short kiss, the younger gets up, shuffling through one of his backpacks at his desk, quickly finding the package he's looking for. Before getting back to Yoongi he runs to the bathroom, coming back with the almost empty bottle of lube.

“Why don't you just store that stuff underneath your mattress?” Yoongi asks him, taking the items out of his hand and placing them on the pillow. Then he pulls his boyfriend onto his lap, making him straddle his hips.

“It's not like we have sex every day,” Taehyung shrugs, before coming down to kiss Yoongi some more. It quickly turns into some hot making out, especially when the younger moves his hips, their hard cocks brushing against each other. 

“So, you wanna top?”

Yoongi's eyes open up wide at the question and he stares right into Taehyung's glassy ones, wrinkles around them from the huge grin on his face. He doesn't bother answering, though, seeing that his hands are already all over the younger's ass, fingers digging into the flesh and pulling the cheeks apart every now and then to dip a finger against his hole.

The unnecessary hurry comes back when they switch places again so Yoongi can prepare Taehyung, well-lubed fingers working the younger open, making him bite into a pillow draped over his face once more.

“Please, please, Yoongi. It's enough, come on,” the younger whines, throwing the pillow across the room all of sudden to get his hands on Yoongi again.

“Yeah, okay,” the older breathes, moaning along with Taehyung when he removes his fingers. It takes him a few tries to get the foil of the condom open, his hands still slippery with lube. Eventually he gets there, rolling the latex over his length with quick movements.

Yoongi doesn't get to ask how Taehyung wants to do this, since the younger has already shoved another pillow beneath himself, lifting his legs up to give the other full access. The way he presents himself has Yoongi's lust flaming even hotter in the pit of his stomach and his hand shakes when he holds his cock to Taehyung's entrance.

There's a bit of resistance as Yoongi slips inside, which is no surprise, the prep done so lazily and not thorough enough. Yoongi searches Taehyung's face for any signs of discomfort as he goes deeper, but his boyfriend only moans in lust, probably enjoying the stretch of Yoongi's length. 

Once he bottoms out, Taehyung gets a hold of Yoongi's hips, silently asking him to finally move. And then Yoongi does so, hard and all horny with his boyfriend beneath him so pretty, so flustered.

“Fuck, give it to me,” the younger chants, hands now coming next to him to dig his fingernails into the mattress, almost pulling off the fitted sheets. Yoongi's hands have come around Taehyung's thick thighs, pulling them further apart so every push of his hips goes deeper inside, reaching that spot that has the younger crying out, squirming. 

Seeing that Yoongi has not as much experience as Taehyung, he of course doesn't last as long, soon spilling inside the condom, head thrown back in a loud moan as he fucks into the other over and over again. When he pulls out, Taehyung still has to come and all Yoongi can offer at that point is wrapping a hand around Taehyung's leaking cock, the other hand reaching beneath his balls and fingers slipping into the loose hole. A few strong strokes and a few pushes to the younger's prostate has him shooting hot cum all over Yoongi's fist, whining his orgasm out into the dark of this Christmas night.

Yoongi's face is still burning bright red as they stumble into the bathroom, Taehyung turning the shower on for the water to get hot. They rub shower gel onto the other, massaging tense muscles while lazily kissing beneath the warm stream of water. Not many words fall for the rest of the night, they just get into bed afterwards, not bothering to put on clothes anymore, naked bodies pressed to one another giving enough heat.

The next morning Taehyung makes them a quick breakfast after Yoongi's alarm on his phone rings. Yoongi takes a bit longer in the bathroom while his boyfriend is in the kitchen. He inspects his body, silently praying for there not to be any marks from what they've been up to last night on his body. But luckily Taehyung is always careful with that. 

So Yoongi slips into his suit again, not bothering to button up the dress shirt completely as he walks to the kitchen.

“Morning,” Jimin and Jungkook greet him, the older of the two offering him a wide grin. Before he even gets to speak any word after that, Yoongi knows exactly what's going on, cheeks immediately turning pink.

“So, I heard you had fun last night, huh?”

“Jimin,” Jungkook scolds his boyfriend, slapping him on his arm. It doesn't stop Jimin from grinning devilish at Yoongi. So the older just shuffles over to his own boyfriend, who is busy preparing breakfast. He then buries his face in his neck, slipping his arms around him from behind him.

“Please, I heard you fucking Jungkook into tears after we were done and I couldn't fall asleep for another hour. So stop the complaining,” Taehyung finally speaks up, patting Yoongi's hand softly.

Both Jungkook and Jimin choke on their orange juice.


Breakfast passes with Yoongi and Jungkook avoiding any kind of eye contact with the other's boyfriend, swallowing their food silently. So when Namjoon eventually stumbles into the kitchen as well, he looks very much confused by the silence.

Yoongi has no time to explain, very fortunately, as he needs to leave to make it on time back home. He thanks them all for the amazing Christmas he's spent, promising to come back as often as possible to read his new books and just to hang with them, which is much likely not going to be an empty promise. He has no extra practices anymore now with Christmas being over. 

Taehyung drives him to the Church again, dropping him off there so Yoongi can walk the rest of the way home. Thankfully he stops in a side alley again, giving them both another chance to kiss and touch the other before Yoongi has to return to his normal life.

“Thank you, for everything,” Yoongi breathes against the other's lips, leaning into Taehyung's hand cupping his face.

“Don't make me cry, church boy,” Taehyung replies and Yoongi can hear the crack in the other's voice. He goes back in, kisses the heavy mood lingering above them away. Or at least he tries to.

“Just a few more months and then I'm off for University.”

“Yes you are, babe. And you're going to shine so bright.”

There's a tear on Taehyung's cheek and Yoongi wipes it away with his thumb, offering the younger a small smile.

“I love you, see you soon.”

Yoongi watches after the car driving off again before he shoulders his backpack, the strap messing up his scarf.

However as Yoongi later steps up the stairs to his family's house, he feels a bit brave, not fixing the ends to make them hang around the same height. He also doesn't bother with his hair anymore or closing the top button on his shirt. 

Chapter Text

Jungkook seems to be engaged to the human impersonation of the Grinch.

It’s not like it’s big news to the younger, seeing as the two have been dating for almost three years now and every year around the same time, Yoongi is growing grumpier and grumpier the closer the date gets to Christmas.

The older doesn't seem to have much reason for it except for all the people in the streets supposedly putting him into sensory overload. And sometimes, just sometimes, Jungkook can understand seeing as his fiancé works in retail which is probably the worst place to be at around Christmas time.

But this year, Jungkook decided, Yoongi will not be able to avoid celebrating Christmas with his fiancé. The younger has finally achieved his goal of getting a job that pays him enough to spoil his family, which includes sending them onto a two week long cruise all over the pacific ocean during Christmas and New Year’s.

Long story short, Jungkook has decided not to join them and instead spend more time with Yoongi, and this shall include celebrating the holidays. He’s not expecting much of the older, really. He just wants a nice Christmas dinner and a stroll around the nicely decorated park, maybe a cup of mulled wine and a cliché Christmas movie to top up the day, and then he’s willing to pretend the holidays don’t exist for his fiancé’s sake.

So today, on Christmas Eve, Jungkook has made it his duty to get up the second Yoongi leaves for work - as he still needs to be at the shop for half the day before he’s finally off for the holidays. He didn’t even bother to hop into the shower, just slipped into a pair of sweatpants and a shirt and made his way to the next supermarket. Now that he’s here, he’s glad he came in early, as there already are way too many people in this store trying to grab groceries for their Christmas dinner last minute.

On his way home he takes a longer route to stop by at a home depot store and grab some of the little holiday decorations they have left, most of their shelves mostly empty now as no one seems to bother filling them up on Christmas Eve.

At home, Jungkook quickly stores all the groceries in the fridge and then decorates the small place Yoongi and him call theirs. It’s not a lot, really. It’s just one average-sized room that they somehow manage to keep as both, a sleeping and living area. Of course they could afford a bigger place by now, given that Jungkook makes a lot of money these days. But the pair has somehow grown attached to this little place and the memories they’ve had here.

Especially the memories of those long nights when they’d put the furniture away so they could dance in the middle of the room. Or the memory of Jungkook’s face being pressed to the glass of the window when Yoongi took his virginity. Or the memory of the day Jungkook proposed to the older, not realizing that their kitchen was literally catching on fire as Yoongi threw himself at his now fiancé, taking both of them to the floor. And also the memories of them promising each other that they’ll get married as soon as it’s legalized, even joking about moving to a country where it already is to just finally be able to call each other their husbands.

Yes, Jungkook and Yoongi have grown equally attached to this place.

The younger puts up some colorful fairy lights - not too much, still being considerate of Yoongi having to be around these all day - and a little bit of sparkly snow spray onto the windows. He puts some tensile around their house plants, as there obviously isn’t enough space nor time for a real tree. Eventually, he stands back against a wall and looks at the room. It’s not much, but given the size of the room Jungkook definitely managed to make it look Christmas-y enough for his liking.

Before cooking, he makes sure to take a shower, knowing that the food will not be done by the time Yoongi gets home.

Jungkook prepares a bunch of side dishes his mother has taught him and he usually helps her cooking every year, for a second he gets sad because this year he won’t be spending Christmas with his family, but that thought soon vanishes when he gets too much into his task. So much, in fact, that he does not realize Yoongi is coming home as the younger is loudly singing along to a Christmas playlist he’d put on earlier.

He startles when he feels a pair of arms wrap around his middle, but is quick to figure who it is who’s now placing his head in between his shoulder blades. A sigh of relief leaves Jungkook’s mouth. Yoongi greeting him like this can’t possibly mean that he’s upset.

Jungkook lowers the heat of the stove and then frees himself of his fiancé’s embrace, just to turn around and have a proper look at him. The first thing he spots, though, is a grocery bag on the counter behind Yoongi.

The older follows his gaze and smiles, then reaches into the bag and pulls out a bottle of mulled wine. Then a few snacks, some take out food and a DVD. Jungkook figures that it’s Home Alone. He feels an excited tingle all over his body.

“I’m sorry for ruining your surprise”, the younger says, although unable to stop smiling.

Yoongi shakes his head. “You just made it even better. Now we can actually celebrate the Christmas you want.”

Jungkook cocks his head to the side. “What about you?”

“I feel like I’ve been acting selfish these past years.” The older sighs. “But I figured that I seem to be able to enjoy everything as long as you’re happy. And I know that you love Christmas, so I think I’ll be able to make some sacrifices.”

Jungkook crosses the little distance between them and cups Yoongi’s cheeks with his hands. He nuzzles his nose against the other’s for a second before the older finally gets on his toes and locks his lips with Jungkook’s. It’s just in time that the two start to figure the weird sizzling sounds, and the younger is barely able to rescue the steak on the stove.

That night, they eat an amazing Christmas dinner, a combination of Jungkook’s cooking and the take-out Yoongi brought home. They watch a movie and drink mulled wine. Instead of taking a walk in the park, though, they find themselves pushing the furniture aside for the first time in a few months, enough room for the two of them to dance messily in the tiny place. Even later that night, Jungkook finds himself pressed against the glass of the window again, Yoongi muttering sweet praises into his ear from behind. He might have some of the glittery snow on his cheek afterwards.



And also that night, Jungkook proposes to Yoongi again, this time with two flight tickets to Vegas in hand, so the two of them can at least get married symbolically.

Chapter Text

Taehyung fumbles with the zipper of his coat, the little gift bag in his hand feeling way too heavy as he contemplates whether or not to finally ring the doorbell. 

He has to do it, though. There's no way around it. He got himself into this situation, so he needs to pull through with it.

It's not like it's inconvenient that he has to spend Christmas dinner with his crush. But things were not supposed to go this way.

Taehyung has been taking care of Hoseok for a good few months now, making sure the older adjusts to his new life situation of living completely alone. Usually, nothing breaks Taehyung, he's been a social worker for so long now, he can handle all kinds of tragic stories and Hoseok's is no different. He's good at taking care of his clients, making sure they settle in and are being taken care of. 

So before Christmas season was in full force Taehyung asked Hoseok in a very nonchalant conversation what his wish for Christmas was, the question all innocent. But boy, Taehyung got himself into a situation right there. 

To spend Christmas with someone. Not so bad of a wish, right? 

However, Hoseok meant that in a romantic kind of way. Or at least that's the vibe Taehyung got back then. So the younger had tried his best to set the other man up, taking him out to the shopping mall to eye a few cute strangers and maybe hope for them to write their phone numbers onto his coffee cup or some other cheesy shit like that.

But as the days progressed and it got closer and closer to Christmas, nothing like that happened and Taehyung panicked. He had no back-up plan. 

The crush he has on Hoseok also made it harder to just get the man a nice gift and call it a day. 


So in the end, Taehyung didn't give up on Hoseok's wish and that's why he is currently standing here, biting his lip to a point where it should probably start bleeding soon.

His hand shakes as he finally raises it to the doorbell, probably because the gift bag is so heavy.

"Tae?" Hoseok exclaims as he opens the door, mouth slack in shock but there's a laugh coming from it as well. "What on earth are you doing here on Christmas?  Aren't you supposed to be with your family tonight?"

Taehyung stomps on the doormat to get rid of the snow on his boots before he follows Hoseok inside. Maybe it's the heat surrounding him once he's inside the apartment that makes his cheeks heat up.

"Uhm, you said you wanted to spend Christmas with someone, a special someone. So I'm here."

Hoseok stares at him, and his own face slowly turns the same pink color as Taehyung's.

"Why didn't you say you were coming over? I barely have anything to eat? Oh god, this is embarrassing."

Taehyung scratches the back of his head and offers the gift bag to the other.

"Here, I brought cookies. If you have some hot chocolate now, it's the perfect Christmas dinner in my opinion."

"O-Okay. That's so nice of you?" Hoseok offers him a wide smile, and Taehyung nearly coos at the sight of the older's nose scrunching slightly up at that. God, he is so far gone, it is clearly not a good idea to be here.

The older one suggests Taehyung to go and wait in his living room while he makes them some warm drinks, so he does just that. He nearly trips over a cord from some Christmas lights as he makes his way to the sofa. 

Later when Hoseok brings him his drink, he also lets that almost drop.

"Jesus. you alright, Tae? You seem so nervous today."

And it's true. Usually Taehyung is a pro at his job, all collected and calm, offering his clients advice and help in every crisis they encounter, no matter how unimportant it looked to other people. But this is different. This has so much meaning. 

"I'm good, don't worry."

Hoseok sits down next to him, pulling down the hood from his sweater to see the other better. 

"I just wonder why you would spend Christmas with me."

Because that's what you deserve , Taehyung thinks. Because I care about you. Because I might be slightly in love with you but don't want to admit that yet.

"It was your wish after all, wasn't it?"

"Oh my god, you remembered that. That's so sweet."

"Of course, I do listen to you."

They both smile at each other and Taehyung can't hold back the butterflies in his stomach, flying excitedly inside of him, their wings fluttering all the way up to his throat. 

He clearly remembers the first time he made Hoseok laugh, the bright bell of his voice echoing through the apartment as the both of them cooked together. It was probably only Taehyung's third visit at the older's home, but he was already making so much progress. And back then he already noticed a fuzzy feeling inside of him, a good warmth spreading as he watched Hoseok be so open with his emotions that for once were positive.

For a while it's silent, the two of them happily sipping on their drinks and munching some store-bought cookies. Taehyung wishes he had the time to make them himself, but seeing that he sprinted here after visiting another client before the holidays, his schedule was just too packed.

"Shall we continue watching that K-drama we started weeks ago?" Hoseok eventually asks him, putting down his mug on the coffee table. Taehyung nodded and silently sighed in relief. 

But the relief doesn't last long, because suddenly Hoseok is inside his space after turning on the TV and setting up the streaming service. His leg is pressed right up against Taehyung's and the younger tenses up even more as Hoseok takes the bright, red fuzzy blanket from the end of the sofa and throws it over the both of them.

"You still seem nervous, Tae," Hoseok of course has to point out, thumb hovering over the play button on the remote.

"It's nothing, really," Taehyung squeaks, gesturing for the older to finally start the episode. 

But he doesn't. He puts the remote down and then faces Taehyung again.

"I would say you coming over to my place, on Christmas, in your rare free time, is not nothing to be honest."

And then there's Hoseok's hand on his thigh, Taehyung now completely freezing.

His breath hitches in his throat when said hand moves, touching up from Taehyung's leg, to his hip, his side, his shoulder and finally settles on his face.

"Can't believe my Christmas wish came true," Hoseok murmurs and next thing Taehyung knows, the older leans forward and kisses him. 

It's warm and soft, a bit sticky due to some hot chocolate still on Hoseok's lips. But Taehyung relaxes completely, sighs into the sweet, sweet kiss, one hand curling around Hoseok's neck. 

Relief washes over him again.

"Told you, I was not going to let you down," Taehyung murmurs once they pull apart, the butterflies inside of him now having reached his brain, his mind all fuzzy. God, did he really just kiss his crush on Christmas, or was this just a fever dream?

"Well, after seeing you try to set me up with other people, when all I wanted was you? I was worried."

The younger nearly chokes at that, making Hoseok laugh this beautiful bright laugh again. A sound he never wants to forget.

"My Christmas angel," is all Hoseok chuckles before pulling Taehyung down on top of him to give him more hot chocolate infused kisses. 

Chapter Text

Yoongi is tired.

But then again, when isn’t he tired?

He could’ve called off this trip like all his other co-workers did, but eventually chose not to, seeing as him and Seokjin were the last ones signed up for the trip and the other seemed to have been so crushed about the thought of not going at all.

So, Yoongi told him that yes, of course it would be great if the two of them went on that hike alone.

It’s still a mystery why all the others canceled, though. It’s a small business, only holding sixteen employees of which four already didn’t sign up to begin with, but that still leaves ten people who didn’t join for seemingly no reason at all.

Yoongi addresses his thoughts on their car ride. Seokjin shrugs, saying he didn’t give it a lot of thought, but he’s starting to think they don’t like him, mainly seeing as he was the one suggesting and booking the trip.

“Nah,” Yoongi responds, shaking his head. “I just think they’re not really used to doing something with other coworkers or so. No one ever really suggested anything like this and we’ve all been working together for about five years.”

Seokjin sighs. “I haven’t been here for so long, I might be misinterpreting. But I feel like a lot of them have avoided me from the start.”

“A lot of them aren’t exactly people who want to engage with others anyway, please don’t think too much into this.”

They drive in silence after that, Yoongi occasionally side-eyeing Seokjin from his spot in the passenger seat, wondering what it is that makes him like this guy so much. Sure, speaking about attractiveness, the other is clearly a ten out of ten, but Yoongi never really worked that way, never really felt attracted to a man before, so this can’t be it, right?

Their characters seem to click, too. Yoongi seems to be the only one who genuinely thinks Seokjin’s lame puns are funny, but that’s probably just because they’re pretty similar people who are able to laugh about the same things. Right?

Yeah, no, Yoongi has no fucking clue why he likes Seokjin so much, no clue why his heart is picking up on pace whenever he’s around or why he sometimes tries to avoid the other’s glare because eye contact seems too intimidating.

But he is definitely not in love with that guy. Right?



Seokjin parks the car in one of the parking spots that have been built especially for hikers on top of that hill, close to the edge of the woods. “The cabin is about an hour from here. This is the closest parking spot I could find.”

Yoongi hisses as he gets out of the warmth of the car. “Fuck. You know, the others probably canceled because it’s too damn cold for a hike out here, anyways.”

Seokjin laughs. “Come on, stop being a pussy and help me get the stuff out of the trunk.”

Yoongi tries to shake off the cold as best as he can, wraps the scarf a little tighter around his neck and then does as told. He doesn’t know why the other packed so much seemingly unnecessary stuff, but as Seokjin finally closes the trunk, the two of them are both packed with huge trekking backpacks and Yoongi is holding a big box of groceries. Those make sense, really, seeing as they’ll be staying at this cabin until Sunday.

“We just need to follow down that path until it ends," Seokjin explains. “Then we need to strut away for it a little while. It’s no big deal.”

Yoongi believed him. But in the end, it turns out to very much be a big deal. The hill is so steep that they’re not able to make it down without occasionally slipping here and there, and the younger manages to lose a few of the groceries on the way.

Seokjin is getting ahold of the box at some point, after Yoongi exclaims that he can’t quite feel his fingers anymore from the cold, despite wearing gloves.

As they finally reach the end of the path, they figure in frustration that the way they’re supposed to walk now is overgrown with bushes, so they need to make their way around those.

There’s not much time for talking, seeing as they’re too busy breathing throughout the journey on the steep way and enduring the cold. It takes them about forty minutes longer to reach the cabin than Seokjin estimated, but when they finally arrive, Yoongi is holding onto one of the big, wooden pillars on the front porch.

When they get inside, they need to realize that the place has not yet been heated, but at least there is a big pile of firewood right next to the chimney.

“I can make us a fire," Yoongi says, rubbing his hands together in an attempt to warm them up.

Seokjin watches him as he puts the logs into the chimney, and also all the way through until there’s finally a spark that seems to light up the wood. “Didn’t know you could do that," he says then.

Yoongi shrugs. “It’s nothing. We used to heat like that all the time in my parents’ home.” He turns around to have a proper look at the inside of the cabin.

Everything is made out of wood. He’s sure he’s only seen places like these in American movies. The living area holds enough space to fit twenty people, and the kitchen is big enough to cook an entire feast. There are stairs leading up to another floor. The furniture seems to be fitting the wooden setting quite well, mostly made out of browns, reds and white. The host of the place seems to have put some effort into Christmas-y decorations, as there's quite a lot of colorful, sparkling lights attached to the walls, and even a big Christmas tree in one of the corners, almost too many ornaments hanging from it, the branches hanging down a bit too far.

“It’s a little too big for the two of us," Seokjin says.

“Obviously,” Yoongi responds, giving the other a smile, “you’ve booked a place for twelve.”

They sit in front of the fire for a while, not talking, just enjoying the nice atmosphere.

“I, uh, brought a bunch of stuff so we can cook," Seokjin says then, eyes still focusing on the flames in front of him. “And I thought that since it’s almost Christmas, we could also bake some gingerbread and make mulled wine.”

“Now that explains why that damn box was so heavy.” Yoongi chuckles. “Would love mulled wine, but I’m actually pretty terrible at baking, so I’d rather do the cooking.”

“Stop talking bullshit.” The other furrows his brows, now finally looking at Yoongi. “We’re going to do all of this together.”

Their bodies actually crave for food very soon, so they get up and start unpacking the box of groceries, soon figuring that this place doesn’t seem to have a rice cooker. Gladly, though, Yoongi is best at cooking rice in a pot, and the two of them are quick to cook a delicious dinner made of a variety of things.

The younger sends a few blessings Seokjin’s way as he finds that entire jar of kimchi and quickly prepares a bowl of kimchi fried rice, before the two of them are settling down on the dining table, a satisfactory smile on both their faces as they look onto the dishes in front of them.

They talk as they eat, about everything and nothing at all. Seokjin tells Yoongi that he finished his master’s degree this year and was really lucky to get into a good company this early on after graduating, whereas Yoongi tells him that Seokjin should definitely aim higher, because this company in all honesty seems to be going nowhere.

“It’s the same shit every day, you’d put your degree to waste if you decide to stay for too long.”

He explains that he himself never really went to university, seeing as he just didn’t have the funds, but the company pays him well enough to forget about that. There is a small note of bitterness in Yoongi’s voice when he says that maybe one day he will be able to study, it’s a big dream of his.

After dinner, they figure that this place doesn’t have WiFi and the only form of entertainment is an old television with a variety of VHS tapes. They agree on watching one of those cliché Christmas movies. However, Yoongi barely gets to focus. The couch is big, but as he sits there covered in two layers of thick, woolen blankets he realizes that Seokjin’s body is way too close to his.

Their knees are touching and as the older’s eyes are focusing on the movie, corners of his lips curling upward ever so slightly, Yoongi can’t help but admire his face. Damn, he thinks, no one should ever come for him thinking that Seokjin is terribly attractive.

After the movie, they call it a day, and Yoongi hates the feeling he has in his lower stomach as he thinks of the man laying in the room next to him, hates that he can’t, for the love of God, think of anything else but Seokjin as his hand wanders past the waistband of his pajama pants and boxers. For a second he’s sure he can hear the older through the wall, but dismisses the thought, too busy on staying quiet throughout all of this.

Yoongi falls asleep, exhausted as he is. Exhausted from the long walk in the cold, exhausted from cooking and eating, but mostly exhausted because he feels confused, all caught up in his feelings, so damn attracted to Seokjin, when he’s never had feelings like this for a man before.

He knows he isn’t in love. He can’t be. Right?



The next morning, Yoongi is awoken by Seokjin himself.

“We have a problem.”

He peeks up at the older from beneath his blanket. “What is it?”

Seokjin moves towards the window and pulls the curtains aside, which makes Yoongi blink against the light a few times before his eyes have adjusted. “We’re snowed in.”

Yoongi raises his eyebrows and quickly tosses the blanket aside to hop out of bed, immediately shivering as the place has cooled down again overnight. When he gets to the window and sees the view in front of him, he gasps. His first thought is that the outside world currently looks beautiful. All the snow on the trees, heavy on their branches, makes the woods look like a winter wonderland. However, he does realize that the older has been right. At first he thinks that it’s strange how the trees don’t look as tall as they did the day before, but then Yoongi figures that their stems are swallowed by the snow, as well as the bottom half of the cabin, the snowy blanket so big that Yoongi could probably touch it from this window on the second floor if he tried.

“Now what?” He turns to Seokjin again, who’s nervously chewing on his bottom lip.

“I mean, we still have an entire day here, but I doubt that all of this will be gone by the time we need to leave tomorrow," the older responses, gesturing towards the window.

For some reason, Yoongi thinks of being stuck in here with this man and his heart begins to flutter. It’s nervousness, he thinks. He’s probably just nervous because he doesn’t know how on earth to get out of this house any time soon. It’s definitely not because he’s now forced to endure being around Seokjin when his body reacts to his presence in any way possible.

“Let’s just, uh, have breakfast first. It’s not like we can change anything about this now.” Yoongi walks out of the room, leaving a dumbfounded Seokjin behind until he finally follows him down the stairs.

“I was wondering if you could show me how to light a fire," the older says, nearly whispering.

Yoongi turns around to smile up at him. “Sure thing.”

So, the younger does just that and Seokjin is quick to grasp the concept. He doesn’t know that Yoongi is internally dying every time their hands touch for a moment, mostly because he’s too busy actually getting this damn fire started. When there's finally a fair amount of flames in the chimney, Yoongi quickly gets up and turns around so the other doesn’t see how red his face has gotten by now.

They have eggs and toast for breakfast and as they eat they try to figure out how to make the most of their day and also their situation. Seokjin suggests calling the place’s host for some suggestions on how to get out of there once they need to leave tomorrow and does just that when Yoongi is busy cleaning their dishes.


“Bad news," the older then says as he comes back and grabs a tea towel to dry off the plates. “He said all we really can do is wait until the snow is gone. If we warm up the place enough it might melt around the house, as the chimney system goes all over, but he generally doesn’t suggest we go outside. At least he won’t be charging us if we need to stay longer than the booked days.”

“Well, fuck.” Yoongi bites down on his bottom lip, the pace of his heart picking up when he realizes yet again how close Seokjin is and how fucking good he smells. Seriously, what’s wrong with him?

The other puts the plates aside and leans against the counter now, sending a smug smile towards Yoongi. “Seems like we’re going to be stuck in here for a while now, hm?”

Yoongi’s heart seems to be blocking his throat. Why on earth does Seokjin have to look at him like that? And most importantly, why does his body react the way it does?

He nods. “Yeah, terrible, terrible fate.” He sighs, playfully putting a hand to his forehead. “Why must I be stuck in here with someone like you? Why must I suffer like this?”

The other punches his shoulder in laughter. “I’m going to take a shower, see you later.”

With that, Seokjin is gone and Yoongi decides that maybe it’s best to try and avoid him by getting back into bed. It doesn’t quite work, though. He might be able to physically avoid Seokjin, but his mind is going places they surely shouldn’t be. At first he catches himself thinking that maybe this room wouldn’t be so cold it Seokjin was here in bed with him, but then his thoughts are getting inappropriate again, and Yoongi curses himself as he lays flat on his stomach, humping the mattress as the other man won’t leave his mind.

He needs to admit it to himself. Maybe he isn’t in love with Seokjin, but he surely feels attracted to him, or else his body would have no reason to act this way.

Yoongi falls asleep.


When he wakes up, it’s dark outside and he nearly panics thinking that he slept throughout the entire day. When he walks down into the living area, Seokjin is on the couch, seemingly asleep, the credits of another Christmas movie running empty on the television. A quick glance at the clock tells Yoongi that it’s just four in the afternoon. It’s gotten dark quite early today.

He turns away, thinking that, while the other is asleep, Yoongi might as well prepare dinner for the two of them. But as he walks towards the kitchen, he’s sure he heard his name slip from Seokjin’s lips, followed by a deep, long groan. Yoongi’s ears are ringing when he turns around again, seeing that the older has actually slid his hand into his pants, lower body rocking into it, fast paced puffs of breath leaving his mouth.

In a rush of panic the younger decides to throw a blanket over the other, then proceeds to hurry up the stairs and grabbing a set of fresh clothes from his backpack, deciding to take a shower long enough for this to be over once he’s done.

And that seems to have worked. When Yoongi returns to downstairs half an hour later, Seokjin is still asleep, but at least he’s no longer moaning - or moving, for that matter. The older does instantly wake up, though, when he hears the sounds of rattling pots coming from the open kitchen area.

Yoongi doesn’t notice until Seokjin is standing right next to him, and nearly drops one of the pots as he spots the other. “Jesus! Don’t scare me like this!”

“Sorry for falling asleep.” Seokjin’s voice is low and raspy from just having gotten up, and Yoongi feels the strange urge to to just wrap his arms around the other’s neck, yet doesn’t.

He shakes his head. “Nah, I slept ‘til like an hour ago, I should be the one apologizing.”

Seokjin smiles at Yoongi and the younger nearly screams when he leads his hand towards Yoongi’s forehead, pushing aside some of the partly still wet strands of hair. “I’ll be right back.”

“Well, what the tuck was that," Yoongi mutters under his breath once the other is out of sight.


He’s barely able to contain himself around Seokjin anymore, body seeming to be even more reactive to the older’s everything now. His thoughts about the other seem to be clashing with what he’s seen and heard earlier. Yoongi is sure that he’s constantly blushing, sure that Seokjin notices it, very much proved right when he’s once again cleaning the dishes and Seokjin presses his body against Yoongi’s from behind, hot breath against the younger’s ear now.

Yoongi closes his eyes and takes a few deep breaths in, but it’s not helping in any way. He somehow manages to use his body to push Seokjin further away from him, just so he has enough room to turn around and face the other who, much to Yoongi’s surprise, is looking at him with hooded eyes.

He doesn’t have time to speak, though. Next thing he knows is that Seokjin’s lips are on his, and Yoongi is surprised to find that a man’s lips can be this soft. He gives in to the kiss way too easily for his own liking, but he can’t really help himself, even getting a little dizzy as Seokjin’s tongue slides into his mouth and their crotches are vigorously rubbing against each other.

The older’s hands wander beneath Yoongi’s shirt and this time, too, he’s surprised at how easily he’s just accepting it. When the piece of clothing falls to the floor, Seokjin’s lips move past Yoongi’s jawline towards his neck, the younger throwing his head back to grant him easier access, enjoying the feeling of the other lapping and suckling at his skin.

Yoongi helps Seokjin get rid of his sweater then, his hands soon getting ahold of his shoulders as the other yet again dedicates his lips to the younger’s neck.

And just as Seokjin’s hands get caught on the loops of the waistband of Yoongi’s jeans, the younger begins to panic. “Stop, wait, please stop.”

The older retreats immediately, eyes wide. “Are you okay? Did I do anything wrong?”

Yoongi vigorously shakes his head. “No, no, not at all. It’s just-“ he takes a deep breath, “I’ve never done this before.”

Seokjin furrows his brows. “Had sex?”

“With a man.” Yoongi exhales through his teeth. “I’ve never had sex with a man.”

The other smiles then, putting his forehead to Yoongi’s. “Alright. But if you want to, I’ll show you.”

And for some reason, that is enough for Yoongi to trust Seokjin. This time, he’s the one to catch the older’s lips again. The kiss doesn’t last very long, though. Seokjin seeming too eager to go for more, quickly helping Yoongi slip out of his jeans and the boxers, before catching the younger’s lips again, fingers of one hand wrapped around Yoongi’s hard cock.

“Let’s move this to someplace more comfortable, shall we?” Seokjin leaves Yoongi there for a second, until he grasps that the older has left the room and is making his way upstairs into Yoongi’s room. The older tells him to lie down and make himself comfortable, and Yoongi does just that.

Seokjin kneels down on the edge of the back, leaning in to lap at the tip of Yoongi’s cock, before taking him in, resulting in the younger’s moans filling the room, his hands getting tied up in the older’s hair as he bops his head up and down in fast movements and loud slurping sounds.

The grip on Yoongi’s hips pinning him down to the mattress is so tight that he doesn’t get the chance to thrust into Seokjin’s mouth, despite trying his hardest. He feels himself getting closer and closer to release, but his head is too much in a haze to tell the other to stop. Gladly, though, Seokjin seems to realize. He retreats, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand, and then gets up. “I’m going to grab something for a minute, I’ll be right back, just wait for me.”

The older probably isn’t gone for long, but for Yoongi, with his throbbing cock against his stomach, it nearly feels like hours pass until Seokjin comes back, holding a bottle of lube and a condom.

“Lube?” Yoongi raises an eyebrow.

“You’d be stupid if you’d think we won’t need it.” Seokjin smirks and places himself between Yoongi’s legs, grabbing them by the knees and pushing them up so far that the younger’s knees are nearly touching his chest. “Stay like this. If things get uncomfortable, don’t hesitate to tell me to stop.”

The thing is, it does not get uncomfortable. Yoongi doesn’t know how Seokjin decided that the younger is oughta be on the receiving end, nor does he know why he doesn’t feel the smallest trace of uncomfortableness in his body, but he’s absolutely filled with bliss when Seokjin slides a lube-covered finger inside him, curling it around a little to find Yoongi's sweet spot. The younger moans in ecstasy when he seems to find it and purposely brushes it a few times before slowly adding a second finger, Seokjin’s cock twitching for a second there.

“God, you’re so tight, I can’t wait to feel you.”

That again sends another jolt towards Yoongi’s cock.

Seokjin explains that he prefers taking his time now, as Yoongi has never done this before. But he also clearly states how damn impatient he is right now. Yoongi chuckles at that, but not for long as another brush to his prostate sends him into oblivion.

Finally, after a few long minutes of stretching Yoongi’s hike just enough, Seokjin rolls the condom over his cock, then gently pushes his tip against Yoongi’s entrance.

The younger bites down on his bottom lip as Seokjin slowly slides in, ignoring the little bit of pain he’s feeling now, seeing as thethought of having the other inside him is filling him with much more bliss. They’re taking it slow at first, as long as Yoongi needs to get used to Seokjin’s cock, but eventually it’s too much waiting, even for the younger. When Yoongi finally gives Seokjin the metaphorical green light, he’s no longer able to do anything but throw his head back and moan. The feeling of the older fucking into him leaves Yoongi nearly breathless, yet he manages to let those loud moans slip his throat.

On the other end, Seokjin keeps praising him, mentioning how deliciously tight Yoongi is, telling him how pretty he is when he moans just like that, and with each words thrusting into him a little harder, soon driving Yoongi close to the edge. With one hand still on the mattress to support his weight, Seokjin moves his other hand around the younger’s cock, working it with the same, unsteady rhythm he’s fucking into him right now, and it doesn’t take Yoongi long to have the best, toe-curling orgasm he’s ever had in his life. He comes all over Seokjin’s hand, loud moans and groans escaping his throat, soon turning into loud whines of overstimulation as the other keeps going to reach is own absolute high.

Seokjin soon comes, his pace picking up one last time, thrusting into Yoongi, moaning loudly as he works all the way through his orgasm, and eventually he collapses on top of Yoongi, who’s still whimpering a little due to the sensational feeling.

They don’t talk a lot that night. They shower together - which might include another round of some pretty good sex - and then they sleep, both in the same room, so neither of them will have to wake up cold in the morning.



The next day, they’re still snowed in, but for some reason Yoongi isn’t bothered by this anymore. They spend most of their day watching movies on the couch, cuddling and occasionally making out, only ever stopping when things are getting too heated.

In the evening, they decide to go with their original plan and bake some gingerbread on top of preparing some mulled wine. They’re not sure if they’ll be able to leave the next day, seeing as they’re still quite snowed in, but they’re making the best out of their situation.

Later that night there's a tipsy Yoongi finally paying Seokjin back got that blowjob he’d received the other day, and seemingly not doing so bad at that - given the fact that it doesn’t take the older long to come into Yoongi’s mouth.

And they have sex again, late at night when neither of them seems to be able to sleep, this time with Seokjin on the receiving end, begging and whining for Yoongi to stop being so god damn careful with him.


On Monday morning, the two need to figure that it’s been raining overnight and due to that the entirety of the snow seems to have melted into water. They pack up their stuff and drive back home.

Well, that is not quite true. They both end up at Yoongi’s place and Seokjin spends another night at his, really doing nothing but sitting on the couch, close to each other. And that’s when Yoongi has to admit that yes, maybe he is in love Seokjin.


They eventually do find out why all of their co-workers have canceled on this trip a rough week after they came back. A drunken Namjoon comes up to the two of them and squashes himself in the space between Yoongi and Seokjin, throwing his arms around their shoulders.

“Always knew y’all would be a good match," he mumbles, barely understandable. “And the others too. Was so damn easy to convince them we should all cancel on the cabin trip so y’all can get closer to each other.”

Yoongi and Seokjin share amused looks over Namjoon’s head. The younger eventually speaks. “Is that so?”

Namjoon nods. “And now look at you guys! Boyfriend and boyfriend! Beautiful.”

The two of them have, in fact, not specified their relationship until that night. But when they’re back in Seokjin’s car, on their way to Yoongi’s apartment, they decide that Namjoon might as well just be right.

Damn right, he is in love with Seokjin.

And damn right, Yoongi and him are in a relationship now.

Chapter Text

"Come on, baby, tell your uncle what you want for Christmas!“

"Jin! This is not fair!” comes Hoseok's voice from the kitchen.

“Jin,” sighed Jimin, standing right behind his daughter, helping her hold the phone to facetime with her uncle, “we better not start this again.”

“Daddy,” whined Jihyo, slapping her father lightly on the arm, “I wanna tell him. Uncle Jin and uncle Hobi always make the best presents!”

“That's right, I always give the best gifts,” interrupts Hoseok once again, finally putting down the knife and quickly wiping his hands on a towel to come over to Seokjin. He rests his chin on his boyfriend's shoulder, looking at the screen of his phone.

“That's not true.” Seokjin shakes his head then giving his godchild all the attention again. “You agree with me, right sweetheart?”

Jimin's daughter looks between her two uncles with big eyes before turning around to her dad. Jimin just chuckles, ruffling her hair.

“This competition of yours will never end, I'm assuming?”



For a moment Jimin sighs.

“Just make sure not to go all overboard again, you're spoiling Jihyo too much. Besides, Jungkook and I still need to get her something.”

At the words of her parents' gift, the girl turns around once again “Oh, are you and papa getting me my horse?”

Hoseok snorts at that, along with Jin.

"Yeah, what about the horse, Jimin?"

The pair watches their younger friend blink rapidly and then shake his head.

"Alright, that's enough FaceTime for today. Say bye to your uncles and then it's time to wash your hands for dinner, so you're all clean and ready when papa gets home, yeah?"

Both Jin and Hoseok laugh again, especially when their godchild’s face turns into a frown, clearly not happy with the turn of events.

"But I didn't even get to tell them about my wishlist!"

"You can write one and we will send them to then next thing in the morning, now go."

JImin's daughter pouts, her small lips already a good representation of her father's since they are just as full, now even rounder withher lips pursed. 

A deep exhale comes from Jimin when Jihyo is finally stomping away.

"Please, guys. I beg you, don't go all out again. Jungkook and I really haven't come up with anything yet and I can't have you out-gift us to our own daughter."

Hoseok grins at that, placing a wet kiss to Seokjin's cheek.

"Nah, don't worry. I will get the better present anyway and I could share some of my ideas with you once I picked something."

"Hey," Seokjin interrupts, the phone nearly falling flat to the table where he set it up against the fruit basket. "Why not share them with me?!"

"Oh babe," Hoseok murmurs, kissing Seokjin on his forehead, this time a lot softer, "I can't let you be the better uncle."

"Jesus," Jimin groaned, "You two are unbelievable. Please never get children on your own or else you will be fighting over who's the better father."

"Well, who's the better out of Jungkook and you?"

Once again Jimin just lets out a sound of frustration and quickly ends the call, leaving Seokjin and Hoseok to their own thoughts on that matter.




So, days after they receive Jihyo's handwritten wishlist (along with a translation from Jungkook), Seokjin is still contemplating what to get their godchild. She has written down a lot of small things, specific toys or candies, but considering how large Jimin's and Jungkook's family and circle of friends are, she will most likely get showered with stuff like this over the holidays. It has to be something special. 

But not the horse.

The letter is therefore of no use, making Seokjin worry if he can actually pull off a great and unforgettable gift for the little girl.

As he is sitting in front of his laptop on his work space in the living room, completely lost in his thoughts and ideas, Seokjin barely registers the front door opening and closing shut. 

"Babe! Could you lend me a hand please?"

Startling at Hoseok yelling through the house, Seokjin almost drops his laptop to the floor as he shoots out of his seat, having forgotten to take out the headphones that were still plugged in. 

"W-What?" he stammers once he makes it into the hallway, his boyfriend having dropped at least nine bags from various shops next to their shoe rack.

"There's more in the car, could you help me carry them up, please?" Hoseok smiles at him sweetly, greeting him with a quick kiss to the tip of his nose.


With his hand already on the door handle, he gestures for Seokjin to come. So the older slips into his sneakers, not bothering to put on a jacket as he storms after Hoseok.

Only once everything is inside, Seokjin notices that all the contents of the bags are neatly wrapped gift boxes. 

"Are these all presents?"

Getting rid of his winter coat and hat, Hoseok shakes his hair out with one hand.

"Yeah? I told you I was going Christmas shopping. Unlike other people I like buying them myself and not just order a ton online so that the poor postman has to ring our doorbell every single day."

Ignoring the teasing, Seokjin kneels down on the floor of their living room, right next to the Christmas tree they already set up a few days ago. He reaches for one of the bags, beginning to pull out the boxes in shimmery and tacky Christmas wrapping paper.

"Who are all these for?" He wonders after he is done with the second bag and already has a good twenty presents right in front of him.

Hoseok folds the empty paper bags Seokjin hands him neatly, probably saving them to reuse them later, a huge grin on his face.

"You. Family. Friends. Jihyo."

At the last name, Seokjin's eyes turn into a squint and his hands freeze on the fifth bag he's emptying. 

"Wait," he orders, "Tell me how many of these are for Jihyo."

Hoseok’s mouth opens and closes a second later again and he blinks a couple of times. 

"Uhm, " he murmurs, "Let me see them all first."

It takes a good five minutes for Seokjin's boyfriend to empty out all the bags, the place underneath the Christmas tree almost completely filled up with various sized boxes and then it's another ten minutes until he has sorted them all into piles. 

It's quick to notice that one pile is a lot larger than the others.

"You're kidding me, right?" Seokjin crosses his arms in front of him, lips pursing as Hoseok places the last box on top of the tower of gifts.

"Don't worry, these are not for you," Hoseok laughs, a proud expression on his face as he eyes the collection of presents himself. 

"Jimin is going to kill you!"

Hoseok shrugs. 

"And so am I! What the fuck, Hobi?"

"Aw, Jin," Hoseok coos, squishing Seokjin's cheeks just for the older to bat his hand away, "Scared that one of those gifts is going to make me Number One on our godchild’s list?"

With a scoff, Seokjin rolls his eyes "Absolutely not. I'm just scared that she is going to quite literally drown in all this wrapping paper. Why get her so much stuff?"

"Well, more gifts are a higher chance for me to actually have given her the exact thing she's ever wanted, right?"

Hoseok giggles, his high pitched voice echoing through the house as Seokjin just gets up and returns to his laptop. 

"I can't believe I'm in love with a maniac," he murmurs to himself. The frown on his face softens again when his boyfriend comes up to him again, wrapping both arms around his shoulders from behind.

"Don't worry. You might not be the girl’s favorite, but you're my favorite person no matter what you get me for Christmas."

Seokjin strokes his hand over Hoseok's on his chest, then pats it softly.

"That's good, because you're not getting anything after emptying our bank account for Jihyo."

Hoseok giggles some more, chin now resting on Seokjin's shoulder, whispering other ideas into the older's ear. Ideas that make sweat break out on his forehead, a prickling sensation spreading on his skin.

In a minute Seokjin shoots out of his seat again and drags Hoseok to the bedroom. 




Even with a slight feeling of panic as the days get closer and closer to Christmas, Seokjin still doesn't give up on the gifts. 

And given a chance of spending the weekend alone with Jihyo, he has come up with a plan. An early Christmas present to be exact. It's insane, but it will definitely grant him the first place with Jimin's and Jungkook's daughter. 

The thing Seokjin has always been good at, is listening to little hints that people drop from time to time. Because when you straight up ask what someone wants and needs in their life right now, the actual wishes never get said out loud.

So he has been thinking a lot, remembering situations with Jihyo, remembering her words when she has been playing with her uncles. Most people would've taken it as nonsense, just a child babbling to herself when she would race her toy cars across the makeshift race track Hoseok and Seokjin built for her. 

There has been one thing that's always stood out when Seokjin came to visit her and that's her parents' engagement photos. 

"You're early," Jimin greets him, eyes only half-opened as he rubs at them.

"Yeah, busy day ahead," Seokjin explains and offers his friend one of the coffees he brought as an apology.

"What have you planned with her?" Jimin asks as they make their way into the kitchen. He places his coffee cup on the counter, opening the lid so he can pour more caramel syrup into his drink.

Seokjin doesn't even bother taking off his jacket, just wanting to get Jihyo and run off again. He really is on a tight schedule today. 

"I think we're going to the Christmas market and then maybe make some cookies ourselves at home. Which is easier now that Hoseok has left for the weekend. You know how he is with cooking."

After taking a sip to taste if the drink is to his liking, Jimin nods at the older.

"Yeah, I know. Would drive me crazy too if someone would immediately clean up after me, while I'm still cooking. Which is impossible with a child, just so you know."

They talk for another five minutes, Seokjin asking about Jungkook, who's once again on a business trip in Tokyo. Jimin affirms that everything's alright and that both he and his daughter are very much looking forward to having him back in two days.

Seokjin just smirks at that and then they finally go ahead and wake Jimin's daughter up.




"You alright, sweetheart?" 

Jihyo looks up from her backpack, zipping it up again after taking a sip of her water. 

"Yeah, Uncle Jin."

He smiles at his godchild and takes her hand before the pair makes their way through the crowded airport. Thankfully Seokjin has arranged everything beforehand, there's already a shuttle to pick them up to the hotel. He still keeps an eye on the girl, seeing that the airplane ride did get to her a bit.

Once at the hotel Seokjin lets her nap for an hour, the schedule for the day allowing a bit of rest before he finally gets to show her her present. Or more likely take her to it.

He knows it's insane what he is doing right now and he nervously looks at his phone the entire time throughout Jihyo's nap, expecting for Jimin or Hoseok to call him. It doesn't happen though, until they leave and when they do so, he turns his phone silent, wanting to spend the amazing day ahead of them in peace.

"Where are we going?" Jihyo asks, Seokjin's hands on the zipper of her winter coat, making sure the little girl is all wrapped up for the winter temperatures outside.

"Somewhere magical," he answers with a bright smile, matching the bright eyes of his godchild staring out of the cab's window, the bright city lights of Tokyo passing them. 

"Why is uncle Hobi not here?" she wonders eventually, turning to her uncle again.

"Hobi is busy with work, sweetheart. But we're going to have a great time, trust me. This is going to be your favorite Christmas present."

Her eyes turn into a squint and Seokjin nearly coos at the sight of her putting one finger to her lips. 

"Why couldn't you've given my present at home on Christmas? Why did we have to fly to Tokyo? Is Papa my present?"

A chuckle comes out of Seokjin as he ruffles her hair, "No, he's not. You will see, it's something you always wanted, just a few more minutes until we're there."

Jihyo doesn't seem quite as satisfied with the answer yet, but she remains silent for the rest of the ride. 

However, once they make it out of the cab, arriving at their destination, the girl is squeaking excitedly, jumping all over the place, so that a few strangers keep looking their way.

"Disneyland! We are in Disneyland," the little girl singsongs and Seokjin can't help himself but laugh at that, almost forgetting to pick up her backpack from the car.

"Ouch," he murmurs when Jihyo crashes into him, her arms wrapped around his hips in a tight hug.

"Thank you so much, Uncle Jin. You're my favorite!"

"Please remember this for Christmas."

But seeing that the little girl is already running towards the entrance of the amusement park, still singing on top of her lungs, he makes the mental note to remind her of that later. With a huge grin on his face, he shoulders the little bag and goes after her. 

Once they get there, there's more squealing, now that the girl has also spotted her other father standing right there, already waiting for the pair.

"Uncle Jin, look! It's papa!" she yells and runs again, almost tripping over a baby buggy as she makes her way to Jungkook.

"Aw, my baby girl," the younger coos and scoops her up into his arms once she has reached him.

"It's so good to see you," Seokjin greets him once he makes it to the both of them, giving Jungkook a tight hug with Jihyo squished between them. 

"Thank you for this," the younger simply says, a genuine bright smile on his face as he watches his daughter eyeing the beautifully decorated area with wide eyes.

"No, thank you for helping me."

Before they get too deep into their conversation, the girl is quick to remind the both adults what they are here for as she demands to be put down again and then pulls on both their arms.

"Let's go inside! Please!"

So Seokjin buys them the tickets, making sure that Jungkook doesn't pay, seeing that this is part of the Christmas present.

Once inside Disneyland Jungkook's daughter is ordering them from one place to the other, the both friends hardly having time to catch up. They haven't seen each other in a while, seeing that Jungkook is often on business trips in Japan, mostly just home for the weekends. So he doesn't have to say anything to let Seokjin know how thankful he is for giving him another opportunity to have some quality time with his daughter and also best friend.

They go on a lot of rides, try their luck at some claw machines, Seokjin in the end buying his godchild some cute Mickey Mouse ears. And it's just a perfect day. 

A lot of pictures get taken as well and Seokjin completely forgets about not having told either Jimin or Hoseok about this trip, so a little while later after Jungkook has sent pictures to his husband, both their phones vibrate in their pockets.

Jihyo is currently on her third time riding a ferris wheel so they both look at each other, phones in their hands. 

"It's Jimin."

"It's Hoseok."

"You take Hobi's call, he can calm Jimin down," Jungkook explains, shoving his own phone back into his pocket and reaching over to Seokjin's to answer the call for him and pressing the device to the older's ear.

"Oh my god, Jin," Hoseok's voice comes immediately, all breathy as if he just finished a sprint on the treadmill. "Finally."

Seokjin doesn't say anything, just keeps his eyes locked with Jungkook.

"Disneyland, really?" is all his boyfriend says then, making Seokjin erupt in laughter.

"Seems like all your presents are nothing compared to this. You know that Jihyo was dreaming about this for a long time."

"Yeah." There's another long sigh. "I should've known considering how often she showed me Jimin and Jungkook's engagement photos from Disneyland, telling me she wants to go where her parents found love."

"She's a sweetheart."

"She really is."

Jungkook just keeps on shooting Seokjin confused looks and it seems like he doesn't hear what the wants to, so he takes the phone from the older.

"Hobi, hi. How is Jimin?"

Not a few moments later they both know how Jimin is, a FaceTime call showing them exactly.

"I can't believe you, you two! You could've told me about this plan and not keep me in the dark, kidnapping my child to Japan and I'm over here trying to relax for once in the spa and suddenly I get a picture from my girl in Disneyland!"

His voice makes it clear that he is upset and Seokjin feels guilty for a second. But seeing that he wanted to surprise Jimin's daughter and that Jimin is the worst at keeping secrets, Seokjin found it easier to rely on his best friend, especially with him actually being in Tokyo.

"Papa! I wanna go ride the teacups now!"

Both men look up from the phone, Jihyo standing in front of them, hands on her hips.

"Baby, come say hi to Daddy." Jungkook jumps up from the bench, giving the phone to his daughter.

Seokjin watches the scene unfold, the little girl quickly grabbing the device and holding it probably too close to her face as she excitedly tells her other father about all the things they've been up to the past few hours. It calms Jimin down a lot, so later when they end the call he just thanks Seokjin for taking her to her dream destination. Seokjin pretends he doesn't see Jimin's eyes getting a bit glassy, just like he ignores Jungkook's sad voice as he says goodbye to his husband with the words "Wish you were here, babe."


So he makes sure that on Christmas day, when he helps Hoseok carry all the bags with presents for their godchild into Jimin and Jungkook's house, the both of them now together at home for the holidays, to also take the small package for Jihyo from the car.

Inside is a framed picture of the girl, standing proudly in front of the Disneyland castle, pointing up towards it. Jungkook helps his daughter hang it up right next to the engagement photos in their bedroom. 

But not before Seokjin tells them to open the frame, three tickets for the amusement park hidden inside.

Hoseok sighs as the family all crush Seokjin at the same time in a tight group hug, the force of all three people against him making him almost fall back into the Christmas tree they are sitting beneath.

"I can't believe I'm in love with a maniac."

Once he's free again, Seokjin turns to his boyfriend, placing one hand on his cheek. 

"Don't worry. I'm officially Jihyo's favorite uncle, but you're my favorite person."

They both laugh together and maybe later, once they are back in their own home, Seokjin hands Hoseok a pair of tickets as well. 

Chapter Text

Jungkook’s heart picks up on pace as he - yet again - is so sure there’s a sound behind him in the seemingly empty alley. He’s not exactly a coward, even far from that, but the events of the past days have made him extremely wary of his surroundings.

There it is again. What’s that sound even supposed to be? Footsteps? He isn’t sure.

“Fuck," Jungkook hisses. This time, he decides to turn around. Obviously he doesn’t see anything. There’s only one weak lamp beaming down onto a wet spot on the ground, the rest of the alley lays in darkness. The boy takes a deep breath, then turns on his heels and runs, without looking back, until he leaves the alley and finds himself in a spot that is surrounded by restaurants and bright lights.

There, he dares to turn around and have a look again, but there still doesn’t seem to be anyone on the path he just came from.

Jungkook nearly stumbles into a group of young girls as he takes a few steps back, eyes still focusing on the dark spot. He manages to catch himself, then proceeds to finally turn around and make his way back home, once again reflecting on everything that happened since he started his community service.

He might be working at a soup kitchen now, but he isn’t there for charity. He is there because he was dumb enough to get caught stealing. From the beginning the officials at the soup kitchen very well made him feel that he wasn’t voluntarily handing out food to the poor, that he was there because a judge decided that he had to be there. But he could manage.

The first week went by alright, really. Jungkook had a lot of free time - that he should be using for job hunting, but he really can’t bother right now - so going to the soup kitchen for two hours a day was a piece of cake. He barely engaged with the other workers there unless he needed to know something regarding their work.

In his second week, Jungkook was ordered to do the work himself. Apparently the supervisors decided that the job is easy enough and he no longer needs a helping hand. The boy, however, has never had a job before and was clearly overwhelmed for the first two days or so, until he had a phone call with his mother who claimed that he’s a “big boy” and she’s sure he’ll manage somehow. Jungkook was still overwhelmed after that, but he decided not to let it show.

Around halfway through that week, Jungkook began to feel as though he was being followed. He couldn’t exactly explain why he felt that way, but there seemed to suddenly be footsteps and thumping sounds behind him in the dark on his way home. That one time he’d actually felt as though someone was right behind him, but faced nothing but darkness once he turned around.

He decided to not give it a lot of thought. It was winter now, it got dark early in the afternoon and there’s a fair amount of wind around the area lately. It was probably nothing.

And now, too, Jungkook is convincing himself that it’s probably nothing, he’s just imagining things, although the weird feeling in his gut won’t quite leave him alone.



It’s way more stressful at the soup kitchen than he’d first thought it would be. However, now that he’s slowly getting used to the work and even seems to enjoy it a little, he’s already considering to voluntarily put in some hours once his community service is done.

Maybe, just maybe, the guy he’s slowly developing a crush on plays into that consideration. A lot.

Namjoon is a guy Jungkook is sure he’ll only meet once in a lifetime. He’s tall, tan and has dimples for days. He’s quite the charmer, all the homeless and poor seem to instantly fall in love with him the second he hands them their food with one of those bright smiles that make his dimples pop out and small crinkles appear around his eyes. And it’s understandable, because it’s the same for Jungkook.

He really knows nothing about the guy, except that Namjoon seems to be a pro at what he’s doing and that he is beautiful and kind to everyone. He always stays cool and seems to do his job with so much joy.

Jungkook might be whipped. So whipped, in fact, that he now arrives a few minutes early on purpose every day so he’s able to choose to work in the same section as Namjoon.

But being whipped also makes this whole thing a lot easier for the boy. It makes it feel less like community service and a little more like something he actually chose to do.

So today, too, when Jungkook wakes up in the early afternoon, the thought about the weird happenings these past days is immediately brushed off by the image of Namjoon in his brain. He doesn’t take long to get ready, takes a quick shower and slips into his usual, all-black-everything fit and makes his way out the door. He makes sure to grab a bite to eat and some coffee on his way to the soup kitchen, although that means spending his very last money. He’ll worry about that later.

Today, he arrives ten minutes too early. He feels awkward just standing around the building, so after a long minute of leaning against a wall, he sighs and walks in, nervously biting down on his bottom lip.

To his surprise, Namjoon is already in the meeting room. Jungkook notices the way his hands start sweating the second he figures that the two of them are alone in the room.

The other looks at him, that smile on his face. “Oh, hey. I’m making coffee, you want some, too?”

Jungkook needs to remind himself to smile, respond, breathe, well, to literally do anything. He feels the corners of his mouth curl up almost mechanically as he nods and slides into one of the chairs. He really doesn’t feel like he’s in control of his own body right now, only able to watch Namjoon pour some coffee from the pot into two paper cups, then puts one of them down on the table in front of Jungkook before sitting down, as well.

Finally, the boy seems to snap out of it, at least for the split of a second. “Uh, thank you.”

Namjoon raises an eyebrow as he watches Jungkook take a sip of the - still way too hot - coffee. “You haven’t been here for long. Do you enjoy it?”

That question comes a little out of the blue for Jungkook, who needs to think of a fitting response. “I mean, I’m trying to make the best out of it.”

“Doesn’t sound like you’re here voluntarily.” Namjoon leans back, biting down on the rim of his cup, not breaking eye contact.

“I, uhm, I’m not.” Jungkook shrugs. “I’ve been an idiot and now I have to deal with the consequences. It’s not too bad, though. I thought community service involves cleaning toilets or wiping other people’s butts.”

To that, the other laughs, so hard that the liquid in his cup nearly spills. “No, no, none of that here.”

“You’ve been here for a while now, though.” Jungkook smiles. “You seem to be enjoying it.”

“It’s nice, really. Helping the poor and receiving a thankful smile. I’m enjoying it more than I originally thought I would.”

“You’re basically made for this. The people love you.” Jungkook really means those words, which is probably why he’s surprised to hear the other’s response.

“Oh, please. I’m not exactly here for charity either.” Upon Jungkook’s baffled face, Namjoon laughs. “We all have our own hidden skeletons, hm?”

Jungkook is curious. He wants to know why Namjoon is here, wants to know why there seems to be a dark shadow on his face when he mentions the hidden skeletons. But he feels like it would be inappropriate to ask, and fair enough he doesn’t get a chance to, as now all the others are joining them in the meeting room.

Five minutes later he finds himself at the counter with Namjoon, preparing for their shift to start. Jungkook sees through the glass door that a lot of people have already lined up for dinner, just like every night.

Four hours later he finally takes out the last bag of trash. Today he worked overtime, which in the long run will only benefit those hours he’s been assigned. Two people started a fight on one of the tables and it took the employees a lot of time to calm them all down and hand out new plates of food for those who shared the table with them.

When Jungkook finally grabs his jacket and backpack and makes his way outside, Namjoon is standing there, leaning against the wall opposite to the door, dropping a half-finished cigarette to the floor as he spots Jungkook. “I’ll drive you home.”

The boy’s body immediately starts to tingle. He doesn’t even hesitate before agreeing to Namjoon’s offer that sounded more like a statement. Jungkook doesn’t know why the other’s presence makes him feel so drunk, for the lack of a better word. He’s merely known him for a little less than three weeks and today’s been the first time they really talked to each other. But something about Namjoon makes him feel like he’s being swept away, head running completely empty once Namjoon is around.

This is probably why Jungkook does not feel uncomfortable once they are both in the car, why he does not realize that Namjoon is, in fact, driving him home - without asking for directions just once. In fact, the other only speaks once.

“Jungkook, how old are you?”

“I’m twenty-three.” He doesn’t know why he chuckles as he responds. “What about you?”


From then on, they sit in silence, only the sounds of the car radio occasionally getting to Jungkook’s ears, making him yet again realize that Christmas was coming soon with the amount of Mariah Carey playing on the stations.

When Namjoon finally drops him off, it still doesn’t click. He thanks him for getting him home and shuts the car door closed, then proceeds to turn around and walk towards the house, just to arrive in his apartment two minutes later.

It still doesn’t click.



In fact, it does not click until someone rings Jungkook’s doorbell the next day, two hours before he needs to leave for community service. He looks out of the window to see Namjoon standing at the main door of the building.

Jungkook furrows his brows. He lets the older in, nervously gnawing on his bottom lip as he waits for him to arrive upstairs, then wordlessly takes a step back to let Namjoon walk into the apartment, before Jungkook closes the door shut behind him.

“I didn’t have your number," Namjoon explains, turning around to face the younger, again with that smile on his face. “I brought burgers.”

Jungkook wanted to ask him how Namjoon knew where he lived the previous night, but the second their eyes meet, that thought is gone again.

He smiles back at the older. “Great! I think I still have a bottle of coke in the fridge. Take a seat!”



This is how it goes for one entire week, the weekend excluded. Namjoon shows up two hours prior to leaving for the food kitchen with fast food, then proceeds to drive Jungkook home after their shift has ended, and the younger doesn’t ask him once, despite finally being able to talk to Namjoon without feeling like his tongue might explode. However, they do talk and laugh a lot together, Jungkook slowly begins to think that he is truly getting to know the older - which only makes his crush on him worse.

That is until Friday night, when Namjoon doesn’t show up at Jungkook’s place and is also nowhere to be seen in the soup kitchen throughout the evening.

The younger already starts to think that maybe Namjoon just took the day off for whatever reasons, but seems to be proved wrong when he walks into his apartment and nearly experiences a heart attack. There he is, Namjoon, laying on Jungkook’s couch, eyes half closed as he looks at the muted television screen.

This time, Jungkook’s body does not start to tingle from excitement, but from fear. He doesn’t know where the sudden shift of emotion towards the older is coming from, but as he crosses the distance between the door and the couch, he gathers all his courage.

“What the fuck are you doing here? And most importantly, how did you even get in?”

Namjoon smiles at him. “Wanted to see you.”

“How did you get in, Namjoon?” Jungkook is breathing through gritted teeth.

The older sits up before responding. “I broke in.”

“You what?”

“Come on, we’re both criminals, no reason to be this shocked.” Namjoon takes a deep breath as he continues looking at Jungkook, who doesn’t seem to calm down.

“I was caught stealing a fucking PlayStation!” The boy throws his hands into the air. “I’m not half of a criminal as you might think I am!”

“Oh.” Namjoon blankly stares at the spot on the wall behind Jungkook for a few seconds. “That changes things. I’m sorry.”

“That first night you drove me home,” Jungkook starts, suddenly remembering, “how did you know where I live? No, scrap that, I know you’ve been following me. But why?”

Namjoon groans. “Ah, technically, that wasn’t me, but one of my men. And, well, first time I saw you I thought you might be one for the team.”

Jungkook raises an eyebrow. “For the team? What the fuck?” He crosses his arms in front of his chest. “Namjoon, why are you doing community service?”

“Drug possession.”

“What was it and why were you possessing it?”

“I was dealing cocaine.” The older seems to start being nervous, as he now fumbles with his fingers in his lap.

“Why?” To that, the other doesn’t respond. “Tell me the whole truth or I’m kicking you out.”

“Is there a chance you’ll be kicking me out even if I tell you the truth?” Namjoon sighs.

“Absolutely.” Jungkook finally sits down on the couch next to him, giving him a few seconds to finally explain what’s going on.

“I’m part of a gang. I mean, I might be running the gang.” Namjoon nervously glances at the younger. “I was caught dealing cocaine because that’s part of what we do. And when I said I thought you could be one for the team, I meant that-“

“I-I could be part of your gang.” Jungkook pinches the bridge of his nose. “This isn’t going to happen.”

“Yeah, no, if you don’t want to-“

“No," Jungkook interrupts the older. “I mean this entire thing. This can’t be happening.”

They sit in silence for a few minutes, Jungkook trying to process what Namjoon just told him, the other watching him closely. He does consider where things are supposed to go from here, and he wants to curse his love-dazed brain for wanting to make Namjoon stay.

Logically, he should stop getting involved with the other for the sake of his own future. Yeah, being caught stealing a PlayStation wasn’t good for his criminal record, but what if he ever got caught up with a gang and got busted? Logically, Jungkook should be sending Namjoon away. Logically this, logically that.

But feelings don’t apply to logic. And they sure as hell do not apply to whatever the fuck Jungkook is doing next.

It comes to his own surprise when he finds himself crawling into Namjoon’s lap, putting his lips on the older’s, clinging onto his shoulders as though his life depends on it.

And there it is again, the lovely haze that is filling his brain, the excited tingles all over his body that won’t stop when they help each other get undressed, Jungkook’s hands exploring Namjoon’s ink-covered arms. The tingles don’t stop either when Namjoon fucks into Jungkook almost mercilessly, and not when they’re done, the older’s body laying atop Jungkook’s.


And this is how it starts.

This is how Jungkook starts dating a gang leader.

He’s very clearly explained to Namjoon that he does not want to be a part of the gang, told him that it might fuck up all his chances for the future and he doesn’t want to put his life on the line.

Namjoon respects that. He does talk about his job a lot, though. Jungkook is finding out more and more of what they’re doing and with each day he’s surprised that the older only got caught for dealing cocaine, when the gang is also responsible for a fair amount of illegal brothels and quite a big amount of arms trafficking.

Jungkook does not want to know the details. But he knows those are things that Namjoon does and fair enough, he kind of signed up for this by also knowing what the older was when they started dating.


Outside of their time at the soup kitchen, the two of them spend nearly every free minute with each other.

Jungkook has finally started to put some effort into applying to universities in town - which is why he came to Seoul in the first place. His mother seems to be filled with joy as she hears the news. He doesn’t tell her about Namjoon, though, as he doesn’t quite feel ready for that yet.

The older eventually introduces Jungkook to two of his men - who are also his closest friends - Taehyung and Seokjin. They’re both idiots, it seems, but Namjoon seems to trust them with his life and Jungkook grows fond of them very fast.


Three days before Christmas Jungkook gets an admission letter for his first choice university, it feels a little like a fever dream when he holds the letter in his hand, saying that he could start early in February.


It all seems to be going well. Too well.

Sure, they have only been dating for two weeks now, not much could go wrong in that time. But Jungkook can’t help but feel a bit unsettled by the thought of dating a gang leader.

The next day proves his feelings right.

Namjoon says he needs to run errands after their shift at the soup kitchen, so Jungkook walks home that night. Or, well, towards his home. He only realizes now how much he has changed his original route a few weeks back when he first felt like he was being followed. Because tonight he is taking that original route and it leads through way more dark alleys than he remembers.

He’s fine, though. Now that he knows why he was being followed back then, that weird feeling is gone and he stays unbothered as Jungkook makes his way through the dark. When he hears a noise behind him, he doesn’t even bother to turn around. Now that he knows who’s followed him a few weeks back, Jungkook doesn’t feel as paranoid as before. It’s probably just the wind playing its tricks on the boy.

But Jungkook thinks that he should have turned around, especially now that someone has gotten ahold of him from behind, an arm around his upper body, another used to hold something cold and sharp against his skin there. He doesn’t need to think twice to figure out it’s a knife. Instinctively, Jungkook’s hands have found the arm around his chest. He’s holding onto the leather jacket, but doesn’t dare to try and break free. He’s not exactly fond of the idea of having his throat slit in a dark alley.

Jungkook is pretty damn close to just start crying. The stranger’s heavy breath is in his ear and when he speaks, the boy nearly suffers a mental breakdown right there.

“Where’s your boss?” The voice is deep and raspy, the man’s breath smelling a little of cold ash as it brushes Jungkook’s face.

“M-my what?” Jungkook inhales one shaky breath.

The stranger puts the knife closer to his throat and it definitely feels like it’s cutting through the flesh now. “Don’t play with me, kid. I know you belong to him.”

That’s when Jungkook realizes.

This guy thinks he’s part of Namjoon’s gang.

“Listen,” he brings out with a lot of difficulty due to the pressure on his throat, “I’m not part of that stupid gang.”

“Lying won’t get you anywhere.”

“I’m not lying. We- Namjoon and I, we just hang out, I swear.” There’s definitely tears escaping Jungkook’s eyes now, and he hates feeling so weak, hates knowing that there’s no way he’ll be able to escape this situation on his own.

“Hey, Seunwoo, why aren’t you trying to fight someone your age?”

The voice that’s now shouting through the dark alley comes from behind them and Jungkook immediately knows that it’s Seokjin’s. The stranger turns around on the spot, taking the boy with him, which results into the knife digging even deeper into his skin. Jungkook is nearly choking when they finally make out Seokjin’s silhouette in the darkness.

There seems to be someone else next to him, probably Taehyung. Maybe Jungkook would be able to see him if he wouldn’t be so teary-eyed.

“Where’s Namjoon?” The guy’s focus now seems to be on the two actual gang members.

“No fucking clue,” Seokjin responds.

“You guys really want to see this boy dead, don’t ya?”

That’s when Taehyung steps into the little more lit up area of the alley, and the first thing Jungkook notices is that he’s holding a gun, right towards Jungkook - or well, the guy threatening to kill him - delicate finger around the trigger. “If the boy dies, so do you.”

Seunwoo huffs a laugh. “If I don’t find out where your boss is hiding, you might as well just kill me, or else Siwon will do just that.”

“Someone’s desperate, hm?” Seokjin crosses his arms in front of his chest. “If Siwon wants to talk to Namjoon, he can just schedule a meeting.”

“He doesn’t want to talk, you fucking idiot. He wants him d-“

Seunwoo doesn’t get to finish his sentence. Interrupted by the sound of what Jungkook thinks is a gunshot, the man holding him falls to the ground shortly after, and the boy can finally breathe again. That is, until he looks to the ground and sees the amount of blood flowing from the guy’s head.

His eyes wander up to see who was shooting in the first place. And there’s Namjoon, standing on the other end of the alley, hand still holding the gun he just put to use.

Jungkook isn’t able to hold back his tears anymore. In the split of a second, he begins to bawl, legs beneath him getting week, knees soon crashing onto the hard floor. His face is buried in his hands when he hears footsteps, Namjoon’s voice getting through to him before he feels hands getting ahold of his shoulders.

“Are you okay? Jungkook, hey, look at me.”

He can’t. He can not look Namjoon in the face right now. Not when he’s crying like this. Not when the other could see how weak the boy is feeling in this very moment. Not when Namjoon just literally killed a man because of him.

So, Jungkook just shakes his head no, face still buried in his hands.

“Listen, I just need to know if you’re alright.”

And that’s when Jungkook’s brain completely malfunctions. He starts to laugh, almost manically so, and finally lifts his head, looking at Namjoon through his tears. “God, fuck yeah, I feel amazing! I nearly got killed and am now kneeling next to a fucking corpse!”

Seokjin steps closer to the two of them. Namjoon looks up at him. “Take care of this mess, I’ll be bringing Jungkook home.” Then, he turns to face Taehyung who’s still standing in the same spot, arms now slumping down on the sides of his body. “Stay with Seokjin, keep an eye out, there might be more of Siwon’s men around.”

“What about you?” Taehyung sounds clearly worried, which is understandable considering he just found out someone wants one of his best friends dead.

Namjoon responds as he helps Jungkook get up on shaking legs. “I’ll be okay. Don’t worry about me.”


Everything seems to be happening too fast then, Namjoon carefully helping Jungkook into the car, and a few minutes later into his apartment, all the younger really remembers being clinging onto his boyfriend’s body, watching Namjoon help him get undressed and eventually making sure he’s having a glass of water or two before putting Jungkook to bed.

Needless to say, the younger is in no way able to sleep. The tears soon come back, and he doesn’t really know how long he’s crying for. He just lays there, sobbing, with burning eyes as the older takes care of the small wound on his neck, and even afterwards, when Namjoon gets into bed with him, shuffling close to Jungkook so the boy has someone to hold on to as he lets it all out.

Eventually, Jungkook does manage to fall asleep, the amount of crying getting to his head and exhausting him after all. The last thing he feels are Namjoon’s hand in his hair, lips on his forehead and fear. So much fear.


When he wakes up, Namjoon is still there, holding him. It’s dark outside, so it must be quite early. But the other seems to be wide awake, as he immediately speaks as he feels Jungkook shift in his arms.

“Hey, are you okay?”

Jungkook doesn’t respond right away. He makes sure to think about whether he’s actually okay. His eyes are burning, his mouth is dry and the wound of his neck itching a little. Overall he comes to realize that he is not afraid anymore, though.

He reflects on last night’s happenings.

“You killed a man.”

Namjoon makes an undefinable sound to that. “I did.”

“Are you okay?”

“It’s not the first time I’ve gotten blood on my hands. Don’t worry about me.”

“Who’s Siwon?” Jungkook lets his forehead rest against the older’s chest.

“Ah,” Namjoon sighs, “he’s the leader of another gang. We’re currently, uh, kind of infiltrating his business, so he’s gotten a little mad.”

“A little?” The younger shakes his head. “That guy wants you dead.”

“He always wanted me dead. He also wanted my father dead. We’ve always been the bigger gang in town, that’s not good for Siwon’s ego, I think.” Namjoon is silent for the split of a second. “If I would’ve known they’d be out for you, god, Jungkook. I never would’ve let this happen. I’m so sorry.”

Jungkook makes the decision to sit up straight and turns on the little lamp on the nightstand before turning to look at his boyfriend again. Namjoon looks as though he hasn’t slept all night, which he probably really hasn’t.

He chuckles. “Fair enough, you might not have thought that this could happen. But I did. For some reason I thought it’s a given that the lover of a gang leader will eventually be taken as bait or something.”

Namjoon scoffs, shaking his head no. “You’ve seen too many movies.”

“Isn’t that exactly what happened, though?” Jungkook raises his eyebrows at him.

They sit in silence then, for exactly three minutes and twelve seconds. Jungkook’s eyes are locked on the clock on the wall as he lets his thoughts run wild. It seems like he has some serious decisions to make, and after the events of last night, he doesn’t really have a lot of time to make up his mind.

It’s either starting his new life at University without Namjoon, majoring in a subject he could really be successful in at some later point in his life. The second option doesn’t quite sit right with him. That one would be letting go of his dreams for the future and staying with Namjoon, no matter at what cost. Having both, as much as Jungkook wishes it could work out, is impossible.

So, when he finally speaks, the words leave his mouth slowly, and Jungkook is in disbelief at how quick he’s able to decide - in favor for a guy he hasn’t even dated for a month now.

“I’m going to join the gang.”

Namjoon’s eyes immediately widen and his words seem to hit Jungkook’s skin like a pair of needles. “Jungkook, no. I can’t let you do that.”

“It’s either that, or never seeing you again and moving on with my life.”

“I’m not worth that. I’m a piece of shit, really. You don’t want that.” Namjoon pinches the bridge of his nose. “You can have all of this. Me, if you want to, and also that normal life you deserve.”

Jungkook laughs. “That’s working pretty great three weeks into our relationship, don’t you think?”

Namjoon furrows his brows. “If you really want that, I’m not going to stop you. But please choose wisely. Because once you actually get involved with our business, it’s not going to be possible for you to leave again.”

“I know that.” The younger nods. “Very well. And I know it seems kind of reckless to screw over a normal life for a guy I’ve been dating for such a short time but-“

“Not reckless,” Namjoon interrupts him, “it’s straight up stupid.”

Jungkook smiles, then shrugs. “Oh well.”



And this is how Jungkook joins one of Seoul’s biggest gangs. He’s introduced to all the other gang members on Christmas Eve, as he doesn’t really have anything else to do that night.

It feels a bit weird, really, to have the headquarters of a gang decorated with so many colors, but Jungkook enjoys seeing that it doesn’t have to be all dark and gloomy - it only is if you act like it all the time.

Taehyung sneaks up on Jungkook and Namjoon as they’re standing in front of the buffet table. The pair decides to pretend that they’re not seeing him, but they’re very aware of their friend holding a huge branch of mistletoe in his hands.

As he holds it above their heads, both of them chuckle, and Namjoon’s eyes meet Jungkook’s, again that smile on his face that the boy likes to see so much.

“Merry Christmas, love,” Namjoon mumbles before finally bringing their lips together.



Fair enough, giving up your hopes and dreams so you can join your boyfriend’s stupid gang isn't exactly the best Christmas present Jungkook has ever thought of. Maybe that is why Namjoon insists on him still trying to pull through with university, helping Jungkook to gather all the textbooks and material he needs for the first semester, at least.

They decide that, if Jungkook figures university mingles with his gang life and the few hours of community service he still has to serve, he can still quit. And for now that’s probably the best decision, because Jungkook wouldn’t know how to break the news to his mother that he suddenly is part of a gang.

But before all of this really starts, Jungkook decides to take Namjoon out of the city for a few days, even if it’s just to visit his family in Busan. He is somewhat nervous about introducing his boyfriend of a month to his mother and simultaneously coming out to her just by doing that, but the two of them seem to get along.

Jungkook is sitting by the window as it begins to snow, feeling very content as he hears his mother’s and Namjoon’s laughter in the kitchen as they prepare self made mulled wine together.

And despite being in a gang now and his life by that being put on the line, Jungkook is happy.

Chapter Text

For humans, the thought of Christmas presents come up some time around the second half of the year, mostly after Halloween or so. It's nice, Jimin has half of the year off from work and can just enjoy life a bit before the hustle starts again. Of course there's always cases which require him to start early, but with the amount of experience he has gathered over the years, nothing seems impossible for him anymore. 

Or at least that's what he thinks.

So this time around when he gets his assigned human, Jimin simply smiles at the picture attached to the name and address written on the small sheet: 

Jeon Jungkook, 22 it says. 

But Jimin is more focused on the pretty face and cute nose, glimmering dark eyes, which somehow look a bit sad. 

“He seems like an easy one, probably wants something to complete his e-boy look," Hoseok chirps in when he peeks over Jimin's shoulder.

“We will find out tonight, I guess," Jimin replies and reaches his hand out for Hoseok's sheet. The older elf is quick to put it out of reach behind his back.

“Nah, no peeking for you. I can't have you guess another wish right for the fifth year in a row.”

“But you just made a guess on my human, it's not fair! I want to guess, too!”

Jimin only leaves in the search for his assigned human when he successfully took a quick glance at Hobi's, whispering his guess into his ear, a huge grin on his face. 

“How much Christmas candy do I have to share with you this year? Just so I can prepare in advance," Hoseok sighs while Jimin pulls his favorite beanie over his pointy ears, making sure to hide the most obvious sign of him being an elf. What he can't hide are that his eyes color changes into a shiny gold when he rubs his thumb and pointer finger together, tiny sparks erupting from the touch.

“Enough," Jimin only retorts and then the sparks spread around him, engulfing him and taking hold of his entire body. And then the elf is off.


The hunt for the wish starts as usual. Jimin uses the advantage of night time to search the human's house. At first, he seems a bit caught off guard that a twenty-two year old boy would live outside of the big city in a little hut, if you could even call it that, but when he makes himself appear inside of the tiny building and he catches sight of a fluffy dog sleeping in one corner of the living room, Jimin thinks he understands. He is familiar with human life, seeing as he spends half of his year hiding among them. So he knows that dogs love nature and want to be outside a lot and the country side is definitely better than the crowded and busy streets of a huge city with millions of people. A few moments pass as he watches the animal breathe, so content while sleeping, and it makes Jimin smile to himself. 

“The wishlist," he eventually mumbles to himself, scanning the living room to find a desk or any kind of workplace. It's funny how human children still love writing a list with pen and paper, some even still sending them into the elf's office, whereas adults now have these things called amazon wishlists . Well, some humans just use some kind of program on their electronic device to write down notes and Jimin always gets lucky when he finds it. 

However, with Jungkook he doesn't seem to have luck with that this time. He quickly finds the laptop discharged somewhere on the sofa on top of a million of crumbled blankets. There's no password and also no personal home screen, just a generic default picture. Also no wish list or document or literally anything. The whole thing seems to be empty.

After putting it aside, Jimin gets up again, opting for a physical wishlist. There's still adult humans that do that, so why not Jungkook?

However, as he shuffles through a stack of unopened mail, some folders with most likely university stuff, and a whole lot of junk drawers, Jimin doesn't get lucky.

Of course, wish hunting isn't always this easy and Jimin knows that. With most of his previous assignments he had to spend weeks if not even months among humans, listening in on conversations, waiting for that one little hint. And so far it always worked, he could watch the happy smile spreading on Christmas day when another wish got granted with his help.

Jimin feels a bit stupid standing in the middle of the dark living room now, so he decides on passing the golden retriever that is sound and asleep, to explore the tiny place a bit more. Well, to be fair, there isn't much to explore, as there are only two more doors – one most likely to the bathroom and the other to the bedroom. 

With a quiet snap of his fingers, he is able to make his steps on the ground soundless and then he goes for one of the doors, deciding on the right one right away. Because there he is: Jeon Jungkook, curled up on his tiny bed, pillow fallen down to ground, the sheets wildly thrown around. A picture of restlessness.

Though Jimin is not able to see his face, it still reminds him of the sad look in the human's eyes on the photo and he is quick to close the door again. Seeing that the room is so tiny anyway that only the bed and a chest of drawers has space in there, Jimin wouldn't be lucky with a wishlist in there. 

“I'll come back in the morning," Jimin whispers to himself, one corner of his mouth lifting as his eyes land on the dog again. 




The urge to pet Jungkook's dog gets stronger the next day when Jimin follows them quietly through the woods. Once again he made himself soundless, not wanting to use too much magic right away in case he actually does need to make himself invisible. 

So far, his human hasn't talked much, there were only grunts and curses underneath short breaths when the retriever stopped again to sniff at a funny looking leaf. Jimin can barely make out Jungkook's face, he seems to bury his entire body in oversized, plain black clothing all the time, today a huge scarf wrapped around him as well. It's cold, so Jimin can't blame him. Winter is right around the corner anyway, which is why the elf needs to hurry.

But the day passes and Jungkook doesn't talk again. It's only little commands and praises to his dog and that's it. By afternoon Jimin is bored to death, hiding in a closet, the door slightly ajar so he can watch along to what show Jungkook seems to not pay attention to at all on the tv. He aimlessly scrolls on his phone, as he lies curled up on the sofa, his dog obediently on the ground in front of him. The only times he seems to get up is to grab himself a glass water or to feed the animal or go for another walk.

A week goes by like that and Jimin gets worried. Worried that this boy won't ever speak out his wish. Also worried that he doesn't seem to speak at all. Or do anything much besides taking care of his pet and watching hours and hours of sitcoms to which he doesn't even react.

The mood in this tiny little house affects Jimin. He only notices when Hoseok asks him about his progress and Jimin snaps back, the other elf looking at him with wide eyes, seeing as Jimin rarely does that at all.

“Tough case?” Hobi asks, soothingly rubbing a hand up and down Jimin's back after Jimin apologized with red cheeks.

Jimin nods with a sigh, rubbing his face with both hands. “You could say so. I'm still trying to stay low and not meddle in, but nothing seems to make that human speak .”

“We have magic abilities for a reason, Jiminie.”

Jimin doesn't bother telling him once again that he doesn't like using it. He rather prefers things going – as humans like to say – the natural way. 

However, when Jimin comes back the next day, accompanying Jungkook and his dog on their morning walk once again, he can't restrain himself anymore. He needs to hear this boy speak other words than just “Don't eat that, that's nasty” or “Come here, don't go too far”. So with a rub of his fingers a loud ring echoes through the forest, making both Jungkook and his dog startle. 

“What the-," the human finally speaks something different, pulls the ringing phone out of the pocket of his coat and then takes the call with a frown on his face.


Jimin could make it possible to hear what the other voice has to say, but seeing that he already violated his own rules here, he doesn't do it. He just watches Jungkook frown from afar, his dog pulling on the leash now, wanting to continue the walk.

“Yeah, I'm still alive.”


“Not much to be honest.”


“Hm, no. No plans yet.”


“I don't know, I can't really drop her off with my parents for four days, so it's a bit difficult.”


“Yes, I will tell you if I figure something out.”


“You too, bye.”


Jimin can only blink at the speed this call just ended and he huffs when Jungkook shakes his head at his phone, burying it in his pocket again before continuing his silent walk.

The situation doesn't seem to get better every time Jimin now tries to interfere with Jungkook's life. He makes letters appear, emails filling the human's inbox on his laptop, there's more phone calls, but nothing helps.

The thought of just revealing himself crosses Jimin’s mind for a second and he hates it, hates that his mind now even takes roads to think of things that are forbidden. This is rare, he's had difficult cases, yes, hell he even once dealt with a deaf kid and he managed to make her happy, but this situation frustrates him. Even more so to see this beautiful boy being so quiet. So closed up, so far away from any kind of connection to the world. Lost in his own little space here.

To be exact, Jimin can reveal himself to others, only his assigned human is not supposed to know about his presence. 

So, one night he scrolls through Jungkook's phone, sitting down on the ground next to his bed where the boy is turning from one side to the other in his sleep, one time even slapping the back of Jimin's head.

By now Jimin isn't even surprised anymore when he finds the phone just as empty as Jungkook's laptop, there's a short list of contacts saved, just the basic apps and only two other pictures in the camera roll apart from the default ones. Jimin tilts his head when he inspects the photos further, a boy cuddling and playing with Jungkook's dog, a huge laugh captured by the photographer. Something in his gut tells him this human might be the reason why the boy is sad. Maybe they broke up? Maybe he had to move away?

Jimin switches to the message app to find further information there, but once again: absolutely nothing. Jungkook has already deleted all the texts Jimin made appear, it seems. 

With a frustrated sigh he pushes the phone back underneath Jungkook's pillow and turns around to watch his human for a minute. 

He really has no idea what to do with all this lack of information. Usually Jimin gets to know his assigned humans within a few hours, finding out how to get the wish out of them eventually. However, this right here, it's tricky. He feels like he has an empty sheet of paper in front of him. Completely blank, no story written on it. 

When Jungkook groans one more time and turns around to the other side again, blanket falling down to the ground, Jimin takes that as his sign to finally leave for tonight. He picks the sheet of fabric up again and gently tucks the boy back in, then leaves the room.

However, he doesn't expect for the golden retriever to suddenly lie in the doorstep and so Jimin gracefully falls over the large body of the dog. He almost takes a vase with a dried rose in it with him, but at least he is able to quickly handle that situation with a flick of his fingers. That the dog is startled awake with a loud bark and almost makes Jimin yell in surprise, he can't prevent. Also not that the animal naturally keeps barking at him, tail tucked between its hind legs in fear. 

Before Jimin is even able to calm the dog down or better make himself disappear, there's Jungkook already standing in the doorway of the bedroom right behind his pet, looking just about the same.

“What the hell," the human says, pulling the retriever closer to him by its collar.

“I-I can explain," Jimin stammers, jumping up to his feet and then walking backwards to bring a bit of distance between them.

“Now I'm curious for that explanation: How the hell did you even find this house? And why break in when there's literally nothing here?”

Jimin feels his cheeks are heating up and the realization that his human has now seen him sinks in, making the blush deepen even further. For a moment he contemplates of just making Jungkook fall asleep again - he can do that – and then flee from the house, hoping the boy would think it's all a dream. But hearing him speak more than just one sentence has Jimin gaping and then answering. Though he has no reasonable explanation at all.

“I didn't break in-”

“Ah, my dog let you in, then?”

Pursing his lips, Jimin rolls his eyes then. He knows Jungkook isn't in the best mood, but this pettiness is really not necessary. Oh, well. Maybe it is. He literally broke into his house, even if it wasn't through the door. God, Jimin is so beyond fucked. There's no way out of this now, isn't there?

So instead of answering any of the boy's questions, Jimin just goes for his own that have gathered over the past weeks of watching him.

“Are you okay?”

Jungkook furrows his eyebrows at him, his hand still holding his alerted dog back.

“What kind of question is that? You just broke into my house in the middle of nowh-”

“No, I mean: Are you sad? Did something happen?”

And if Jimin thought he has seen the boy hurt before, it is nothing compared to the emptiness in his eyes right now. It's unreal that there are no tears in the boy's eyes. It sends a shiver down Jimin's spine when Jungkook doesn't retort another comment, just stares at him.

It's only when the retriever begins to push against Jungkook's legs that the boy breaks the eye-contact, turning around to push his pet into his room.

“Be a good girl and wait in there, alright?”

The dog listens to him immediately and Jungkook closes the door, leaning against it, now a bit more collected.

“Honestly: Who are you, coming into my house and then invading my privacy even more? And what is wrong with your ears?”

Jimin's heart drops into his pants as his hands fly to the top of his head, finding only his hair. He quickly scans the room to find his beanie on the ground, his ears all exposed now. And there's no use in snatching it, now that Jungkook has seen all of it.

He exhales a loud sigh and rubs his face, before looking at the human again. This is most likely the worst case scenario in Jimin's ever encountered in entire life — his human seeing him and also recognizing the non-human parts of his and there's no way out of this anymore.

“Look, it's been a rough week," Jimin tries to explain, but Jungkook only crosses his arms in front of his chest.


“I know you want a sensible answer to all of this, but let me tell you: There isn't one. Really. Not at all.”

The boy blinks at him before shaking his head to get the messy bed-hair out of his face.

“If that's the case, then you can leave now," he gestures towards the door, making Jimin panic even more.

“Whoa, no. No, not so fast!” 

“You want me to make you tea now or what? Look, you broke into my house and I still haven't called the cops on you in 10 minutes, which is concerning but very much me. So either you explain this to me now or you leave .”

So what other option does Jimin have? There's literally nothing left to lose anymore, so he could just go ahead and tell him, right? Straight up ask and then – maybe then – he would finally know the boy's wish.

“Ok, well," Jimin claps his hands together, before offering the human a small smile, “To give you the short version: I'm an elf who is on a mission to find out what your wish is for Christmas and obviously fulfilling it then.”

Jimin has no idea what reaction he expects from the other one, laughter maybe? Or maybe being kicked out immediately?

But instead Jungkook just pinches the bridge of his nose, mumbling to himself, “I knew these new antidepressants had some sort of weird effect on me," before turning to Jimin again “In case you're for real, there's nothing I wish for, except for you to leave.”

“No, please. You can't do this!”

“Oh, watch me," Jungkook mumbles and steps closer to Jimin, the elf stumbling backwards against the wall. Before he can trip over something once again, he rubs his fingers together, making himself appear behind the human, causing him to gasp in shock. 

“You ... oh my god!," the boy exclaims when he spots Jimin again, hands raised to his mouth.

“Please," the elf now begins to plead, “please, I mean no harm. Not at all. I'm just trying to do my job here by making you happy.”

Jungkook takes a moment to collect himself again, blinking a couple of times. It makes Jimin feel so stupid for fucking up, for confusing this already stressed as it is human even more. God, he wishes he could make Jungkook forget, forget it all and just surrender his defeat this time. But now that everything's already messed up, he is even more determined to do this, to make this boy happy and see him smile genuinely for once. It's what he deserves, Jimin has decided by now.

“I already have everything I need, I don't need you to fulfill me any wish at all," the boy eventually answers, sitting down on the armrest of the sofa.

“Please," Jimin sighs again, “please give me a chance here. There must be something you want, right? I can do pretty much anything!”

Once again the boy crosses his arms in front of his chest and musters Jimin. And the elf can practically feel the judging gaze wandering up and down his body, making him squirm on the spot. It has to work, right? A human being offered everything with the help of magic. He must come up with at least one idea.

“Then leave.”

Jimin groans, now also crossing his arms “Oh, come on! Don't leave me hanging here.”

“It's the middle of the night, some people need to sleep and not talk to elves about Christmas wishes!”

“Like you haven't been sleeping and napping pretty much all the time in the last few weeks!”

“I ha- wait, what?” Jungkook's eyes widen and he bolts up from the sofa, “You have b-been watching me?!”

“Yes, of course? What else was I supposed to do when you literally don't say anything at all? It's not like I can read your mind!”

“This is the last time I'm gonna say this: Leave. Please .” Jungkook's voice sounds determined, but broken at the same time with the last word. Causing Jimin to get even more stubborn, not wanting to give up on this boy, when he seemed to have given up on himself already.

“I won't. I'll stay by your side until I know what it is.”

It takes Jimin by surprise when Jungkook actually walks up to him and tugs at his arm, really trying to get the elf out of the house. But Jimin doesn't even need to use his power to stay in his place, making Jungkook groan in his effort to move him one tiny bit. 

A few seconds pass by until the human realizes that nothing is gonna help and Jimin smiles, pleased with himself. 

“This is a waste of your time, just saying," the boy mumbles, going back to the sofa to plop down onto it. Jimin follows him and takes his old place at the armrest. He simply smiles down at the boy, not saying that making humans happy, even if it's just for a short moment, is never a waste of time. 

“Well, looks like you're not gonna get rid of me that soon then.”

Jungkook groans and presses one of the pillows to his face. 




From there on Jimin accompanies Jungkook to everything, bothering the human, begging, asking, doing anything to make him spill. They spend all day and all night together for several days, the boy by now just rolling his eyes every time the elf comes around with the question again.

But Jimin notices it, the shift in Jungkook's mood. The way he scoffs at the elf, pushing him away with a small chuckle when he's preparing the dog's food or when the boy is almost about to say something when they're out on a walk again. The ice slowly breaks and Jimin is glad his persistence seems to pay off. There's only a few weeks left until Christmas and Jimin can feel himself getting closer to his goal.

Jimin knows by now that Jungkook is pretty much just by himself and the elf wants to approach the topic, but doesn't know how. He senses that it would make him get closer to the boy's actual wish, he knows there must be something. However, he doesn't want to scare the human away again, now that he's gotten used to Jimin's presence. 

Another few days pass with Jimin asking Jungkook and the boy by now only rolling his eyes before continuing with his day, and after checking in with Hoseok again, Jimin feels the time pressure again. If he only had more time, revealed himself in the beginning and actually befriended Jungkook to get closer to him, maybe then he wouldn't be in such a hurry now. He understands by now that the human just needs someone to talk to, to spend time with and then he would eventually open up, which shouldn't be a surprise to Jimin, considering that he lived completely alone in the middle of nowhere with no company except his golden retriever – and all of that for god knows how long by now.

So as it gets closer and closer to Christmas and Jimin runs out of ideas to be delicate, he eventually sees himself forced to be straightforward. One night then, when Jungkook has turned on another stupid variety show neither of them pay attention to, Jimin fumbles with the beanie in his hands, his heart racing as he thinks of ways to address the situation. Not only the wish situation, also the whole deal with Jungkook being lonely and sad, because that's the key to all of it, isn't it?

The human doesn't even seem to notice Jimin's nervousness as he is busy with scrolling through his phone. What exactly he's watching there, Jimin doesn't know, now that he's aware that the device is completely empty. Naturally the boy startles a bit when Jimin sits up straighter on his side of the sofa, clearing his throat.

“You want another tea?” Jungkook asks, his face illuminated by his too bright phone screen. Jimin gives him a small smile before shaking his head no.

“I-I actually wanted to ask you something.”

A chuckle comes from the boy, eyes focusing back on the mobile device, “No, I'm not gonna tell you, Jimin.”

“This is not what I wanted to ask.”

“Haha. Very funny.”

“I'm being honest, there's something else.”

With Jimin's voice shifting into a more serious tone, Jungkook finally puts down his phone and detangles himself out of the blankets he once again hoarded around himself.

“I truly don't know how to address this any other way and I really hope you don't block me out again, but: Did something happen?”

Of course Jungkook's eyes widen and his entire face falls, Jimin immediately sensing the defense from the human. So he doesn't see any other way than just continuing and explaining himself.

“I just feel like, there must be something, because you barely have a personality. You don't have any personal items around here, your phone and your laptop are completely empty, there's no pictures of anyone. You don't call anyone at all, you live out here all alone and I just don't understand. Even if I'm just a little elf from the North Pole, I know that this is not how humans behave. You're lost and I just wanna know why, Jungkook.”

And for the first time in all these weeks Jimin sees tears in Jungkook's eyes. They make his dark pupils glimmer even more than just from the blue light of the TV still running in the background. It sends a jolt down to the pit of Jimin's stomach, the boy opposite of him actually showing any sign of emotion for once. Jimin's pointy ears fold in a bit when Jungkook breaks the eye contact to bury his face in his sweater-covered hand.

“Please, you can tell me. You can talk to me!”

However, Jimin can hear the first sob escaping from the boy and before he can reach out, Jungkook is up on his feet running towards his bedroom.

“Wait!” Jimin exclaims, but Jungkook's dog is quicker, running across the room and then scratching her paws against the already shut door. For a moment Jimin presses his eyes close, sighing loudly, wishing for a miracle to happen right this moment. But he is the one who needs to do that, needs to give this broken human a miracle so he is happy again. And it's not even Jimin's job anymore, he needs to do it for the sake of this boy himself, he has grown too attached, too invested into the situation. 

“Jungkook," Jimin softly knocks on the door, holding the golden retriever back by just raising his hand and making her sit and wait patiently.

“Go away," the boys voice is barely audible, the tone hoarse from crying. Jimin shudders, shaking his head to himself. 

“You know by now that I won't. And you eating up everything that's making you sad, won't help you either.”

When he can only hear sniffling from the other side, Jimin decides of just going in. He tells Jungkook so before flicking his fingers and unlocking the door, the spark escaping from his hand making the dog behind him waggle her tail excitedly.

Jimin's heart drops when his eyes land on Jungkook, the human sitting in the corner of his bed, knees pulled up to his chest, curling in on himself. He wants so badly to sit down next to him, hug him, make him feel better, but seeing that he already fled so many times, Jimin just sits down on the edge of the bed.

“I just want to help you," he tries again.

What he doesn't expect is for Jungkook to come back at him, his voice suddenly all malicious “I know you just want to fulfill that goddamn wish, okay? So stop pretending that you care!”


“No! Stop it! Just stop it!”

“Please, I hate seeing you like this.”

“I hate that you are so like him, I can't stand it. Stop caring, stop it all and just leave, please ," as the last words only comes out as a whisper anymore, Jungkook begins to sob again and it gets even worse, his body jolted by it. Naturally, Jimin moves up on the bed, now kneeling on the mattress to put one hand down on Jungkook's shoulders, wishing he could do anything within his magical powers to make it better, but there's nothing.

And his heart breaks even more when the human pushes his hand away.

“I just want to understand” Jimin whispers, curling his rejected hand into a fist. He feels his eyes tearing up as well when he catches a glimpse of Jungkook's face, eyes blotchy and red, streaks of tears all over his cheeks. 

Maybe that one more sentence is too much, because those eyes full of hurt and sadness, form into an angry glare, the boy clenching his fists even tighter. 

“You want to understand? You want to understand what it's like to be human?”

Jimin moves back a bit when Jungkook raises his voice at him, suddenly scaring the elf.

“Well, let's see: How about you try finding the love of your life, yeah? Everything is fucking perfect, you both have gotten accepted into your dream study field and you're renting your first flat together, even get a dog. Then you even decide on accepting that little cottage your boyfriend's parents wanna pass down to you both, because they already decided you are gonna get married one day, right? So yeah imagine all that. Life is perfect, you are the happiest you've ever been. And then one day, it slips through your fingers like sand. You get one call that something went wrong during a standard surgery, he just went to get his tonsils removed after having issues with them for so long. And next thing you know: He is gone. He didn’t wake up from the anesthetics. And I didn't even have a chance to say goodbye, showed up way too late to the hospital and I … I-”.

Jungkook cries even more by now, whimpers leaving his throat as he suddenly bangs his fist against the wall. His dog behind them in the living room barks at that, alarmed at the situation. Jimin can only stare, a lump so thick in his throat, that he feels like he is going to choke on it the second he decides on saying anything.

“So please," the human sniffles, still hiccuping, “Where were you back then, huh? Where were all of you, you wish granters, you angels, even God, when I prayed every single second, wasting all my useless breath, on bringing Taehyung back? Yeah, right. You didn't care, no one fucking cares. No one understands what it's like. They sent cards, they called, but eventually gave up, because no one could give me back what I lost.”

Once again the human sniffles into the sleeve of his hoodie, so Jimin reaches out for the tissues on the ground, offering one to him. Of course he pushes Jimin's hand back again.

“Just stop acting like you care, like you know what it's like to feel so empty, to live without a part of yourself for so long, for the rest of your life. Do me the favor and just leave, I can't stand you anymore. All you care about is your fucking job, stop wasting your time on me, there's nothing you can do.”

The tears that have gathered in Jimin's eyes finally spill over when Jungkook actually sits up to shove him from the bed with his remaining energy. The elf falls to the floor, his beanie falling from his head as he gasps.

“Jungkook," he whispers, not getting anything else out. All Jimin wants is to explain that this wouldn't have worked. Elves don't have the ability to meddle with destiny. Sure, he can change small actions in someone's life, just like he did with making Jungkook's few friends call him a few weeks back, but that's it. He also wants to ask him how long he is been in this state, because Jimin can't imagine it's been only a short while. Solely based on the fact that no one checks in on him anymore, all the people in his life leaving him here all alone to exist.

“Get out!” the boy cries, making Jimin cover his ears and stumble back up to his feet. For a moment he looks at Jungkook through his teary eyes. However, before he can do anything, he throws a pillow at Jimin. And Jimin only flicks his fingers, finally granting Jungkook his wish with a lot of sparkle and a whole lot of tears.




It doesn't take long for Hoseok to notice that Jimin is back. Just as it doesn't take him long to figure out that something went wrong, since Jimin keeps on staring out his window, looking at the northern lights without his usual content smile. No, his eyes even well up with tears every now and then.

“Jiminie?” Hobi knocks on the opened door, still leaning against the frame of it.

The younger elf sniffles a few times before he turns around with a fake smile on his face.

“What's up?”

“Oh, please," Hobi strides across the room and sits down next to Jimin on the windowsill, “ you need to tell me what's up.”

Jimin huffs a dry laugh, wiping his cheeks with his hands, “I think I fucked up this time.”

“Don't beat yourself up, it happens to the best of us.”

“No, no," the younger elf whines, “I really fucked up. I fucked him up. The human.”

Hoseok's eyes widen at that statement and he is quick to place a hand on the top of Jimin's head, softly stroking through his hair. It's a silent question. Jimin takes in a few shuddering breaths before he can share. It takes him a lot of effort not to cry again as he talks about Jungkook's hardships, explaining to the other elf why it takes him so long to finally find out that one wish. Along with the fact that the boy knows that Jimin is an elf.

“He knows ?!” Hoseok exclaims at that, his hand flying to his face to cover his mouth.

“It was an accident! And then I couldn't pull through with making him forget and it all just got worse and now I don't know what to do, do I tell Santa? Do I accept my failure? Do I get kicked out?” Jimin buries his face in his hands once more, shaking his head to himself.

There's Hoseok's hand on him again, this time squeezing and rubbing his shoulder, while shushing softly.

“No, we're not giving up, yet, okay? You already got this far and now you know what's bothering that boy.”

“But I can't bring back the death?” Jimin whines between his fingers.

“No, that we can not, but I'm pretty sure all he wants is company, some light at the end of this tunnel that he is stuck at.”

The younger elf only hears the snap of fingers and only looks up when Hoseok presses a tissue into his hands. He takes it with shaking hands and looks at his friend.

“Keep your eyes on him, ok? Don't pressure him more by showing yourself to him, just stay low, but I promise you we will find a way, Jiminie.”

Jimin can't quite believe his friend, the task of bringing a depressed person that is still grieving back to happiness seeming as too much of a challenge. But in the end it also counts if it's just a little bit, right? If he can just see Jungkook smile again as he did when Jimin was bothering him during their walks with his dog or when Jimin nagged him some more when he was making dinner for the two of them. 

“I'll try my best” he says in the end, making the older elf smile brightly at him.

“That's right, you always do. And that's why you're the best.”




It's only about three weeks until Christmas now and Jimin is keeping it lowkey, as promised to Hoseok. It's a completely new experience for Jimin and he should definitely be freaking out by now, but he needs to focus. The first time when he goes back to the cottage, now using lots of magic to make himself appear soundless and invisible, his heart might stumble a bit at the sight of the human boy. He doesn't necessarily look worse than all these weeks before, but it's still enough for Jimin to feel bad that he couldn't quite get to him. 

However, as Jungkook is more or less busy with his usual schedule again – walking the dog, feeding her, watching TV, scrolling through his phone and then going to sleep – Jimin notices that with the days that pass, the human truly seems to get in an even worse mood. Instead of making himself some tea that he always used to drink before turning on his TV, he just stands in the kitchen, staring at his box full of tea with lost eyes. Jimin sits next to him on the counter, getting a glimpse of the various teas in there to see what's wrong, but he can't find anything. It surprises him when the boy shuts the box close, not going for the tasty orange tea he used to offer to Jimin, and instead just goes back to the sofa.

It continues with him not playing with the golden retriever anymore. Every time she comes up to the sofa with her favorite toy, Jungkook just lazily throws it across the room, sighing when she naturally comes back with it again, her tail wiggling from one side to the other. It takes Jimin a lot to not snatch the toy and play with her again. He sighs at the memories of the dog warming up to him, doing the same thing with dropping a toy to his feet so he would play with her. Seeing Jungkook ignoring her hurts him and he wonders for a moment if getting the animal was initially the idea of his ex-lover and now the boy is stuck with her being a constant reminder of his traumatic past.

A few more days pass and the situation doesn't improve. No, it gets even worse. One morning when the human stumbles out of bed to his dog scratching at his bedroom door, Jimin is already sitting on the sofa, observing the situation. 

“What is it?” Jungkook says, the question pointless when he sees the leash between her teeth. With a sigh he takes it from her, going back into his room to throw on some other clothes. As he walks up to the door of the cottage, taking his thick winter coat, he doesn't even notice that the retriever is still waiting at his bedroom door. 

Only as Jungkook steps into his boots, one hand already on the door handle, he turns around for her. His face immediately turns into a frown.

“What are you doing? Come here!”

Jimin watches the scene unfold, the animal sitting there and just looking at the human, not moving at all.

“Hey!," the boy calls for her, shaking the leash in his hand as an attempt to make her move “You woke me up for this, now come on.”

A bark comes from her and Jimin nearly yelps when she suddenly walks over to him on the sofa, cuddling up to his still invisible legs. Jimin's eyes widen in shock just at the same time as Jungkook's. How does the animal know he's here? 

Silence spreads for a moment until Jungkook's body folds into a deep sigh and he walks over to her. Over to Jimin. Suddenly so close to the elf. 

Jimin gulps, face immediately turning towards the human, seeing his sad face up close again.

“Please, don't make this even worse for me. I know, I miss him, too.”

For a second Jimin thinks the boy is talking about his former lover again, but Jungkook continues when he successfully attaches the leash to the dog's collar.

“But how am I supposed to get in touch with an elf, you know? He lives on the North Pole, not like I can just walk up there. Plus I'm not even sure he would accept my apology or he even wants to see me again.”

Jimin's face falls at the boy's words and if he wouldn't already be on his way out, Jimin is sure he would've made the mistake of throwing himself against Jungkook, telling him he's here. Instead he follows him outside, his body suddenly all hot. Jungkook misses him. How is he supposed to process this information? What did he do that the human misses him? He was sure he only made Jungkook feel even worse, being so intrusive. 

However Jimin sees his chance now and runs after the pair, still staying on the downlow, waiting for the boy to spill more. However, the walk passes and Jungkook has once again stayed silent again. The same goes for when he is back home, cooking a small breakfast from which he only eats two bites and then proceeds to his place on the sofa.

This time Jimin is careful not to sit down on his own place there, fearing the dog might sense his presence again. He stays back, sitting cross-legged on the kitchen counter from where he can only see Jungkook's head – but it's enough. It's not like that boy does anything special other than being on his phone again. Though Jimin notices that every now and then the boy looks up from the screen to the other end of the sofa, then sighing to himself, before continuing his aimless scrolling.

It takes Jimin a second glance to see that Jungkook is for once not scrolling. He is typing. 

Jimin is quick to jump down and cross the room to stand behind the boy, trying to read what kind of messages he is typing there. But of course there's Jungkook's retriever again, jumping up and barking at Jimin. Causing Jungkook to sit up as well and turn around, looking right through the elf's figure.

“What is it?”

Jungkook's eyes wander around the house and Jimin steps back in the fear of the human reaching his hand out and touching him. However, Jimin can sense that Jungkook knows something is going on and next thing he knows, the boy whispers his name.


Jimin presses his back against the wall, clenching his hands into fists as he hopes for the dog and the human to just drop it. He promised to stay low again, he doesn't want to fuck up again. Thankfully nothing much happens after that, Jungkook eventually turns around with a sigh and making his pet lie down as well.


After that day nothing more happens, Jungkook never mentions Jimin again and the elf accepts it. Hoseok is there encouraging him every day after that, always right before Jimin leaves to check in on his human again, seeing the time pass by, missing all his opportunities. 

It's only a few days until Christmas and Jimin could honestly cry, if he wouldn't have done that way too much in the past weeks. Even the other elves notice his change in mood, the usual bubbly and energetic aura simply not being there, and Jimin notices the whispering behind his back. He fears that even Santa and his helper would know by now how much of a hard time he is having.

“I should just accept it, I'm not going to make it," he mumbles more to himself than Hoseok standing in the door frame of his room again. 

“I think you do, actually," the older elf grins, both hands behind his back as he sways from one foot to the other.

“Hobi," Jimin whines, by now tired by all of the other's attempts of making him cheer up when the situation is clearly pointless, “Christmas is in two days and he is not going to spill. And I won't force him to do it. Not at all. It's destiny and I gotta accept it once and for all. I can't be the best every year.”

“Maybe it was also destiny that I found this letter in Santa's office then?”

One of Hoseok's hands appears from behind him, an off-white envelope in it. Jimin can't quite make out the words written on it with the distance between the two elves, so he simply rubs his fingers together until the letter is in between them.

“To Santa/Jimin, the elf”


“This is not ...” Jimin begins to whisper, heart suddenly racing inside his chest, his ears standing up as he carefully opens the envelope.

“I think it is," Hoseok sings and plops down next to Jimin on the ground. 

With shaky fingers, Jimin pulls out the letter and begins to read. 


“Dear Santa,


I feel so weird writing to you, because I have no idea how any of this works. Is this letter gonna end up in your hands? Or in one of your elves’? Or is it you, Jimin, that is going to read it first?


Anyway, what I wanted to write about is my wish. You have been asking about it for so long and I truly meant it back then that I didn't have one. I really didn't. 


However, ever since you disappeared and I scared you off, I slowly realized that I was wrong. Because with every day that you were gone, not talking my ear off about your goddamn job, I missed it. I miss having you around, having someone to talk to, even if it's just nonsense. I miss seeing someone take care of of my dog and having someone to sit around with and not pay attention to a pointless TV show.


I feel so embarrassing admitting it, that I miss you. But for once in my life I felt something else than just this emptiness. And now that you're gone, I'm scared more than ever. I don't wanna be like this forever, Taehyung wouldn't have wanted this, but I just gave up on me? And you, Jimin? You didn't. Just like him. You didn't give up, you stayed and even wanted to stay after I've been so horrible to you and now I don't even know if any of this is gonna help or if this letter even reaches you in time or at all.


What I wanted to say is: My wish for Christmas is to see you again, Jimin. Even if it's just for a moment.”


“And? What does it say?”

Jimin just gapes at his friend before his mouth forms into a huge smile, his heart racing even faster than before, making wild jumps even. 

“I guess I can fulfill the wish this year after all.”

But in the next moment his face falls again, as a thought crosses his mind

“Did Santa see this? Does he know that Jungkook knows about our existence?”

Hoseok shakes his head no.

“Told you I snatched it from his office, because I recognized the name on the back of the envelope. So he didn't see, your secret is still safe.”

Jimin lets out a puff of breath, then smiles again.

“Okay, looks like I'm not going to be here on Christmas day to celebrate with all of you.”




It took Jimin a bit of convincing for Hoseok to let him go and sneak away for Christmas. After all, it's the wish and Jimin needs to grant it. He wants to. Even if he needs to eventually explain himself to Santa, but that's a worry for another day.

Right now he is standing in front of the little cottage that is completely covered in snow and Jimin can make out a few fairy lights on the bedroom window. For once he knocks on the door, immediately smiling as he hears paws excitedly running towards him. 

“Get back and behave yourself if it's actually him.”

Jimin's heart flutters along with the tips of his pointy ears and he is quick to shove the Santa hat he's put on further down to cover them again. 

When Jungkook finally opens up and stands in front of the elf, Jimin almost stumbles backwards. For once Jungkook put some nice clothes on, some jeans and an actual dress shirt instead of his oversized hoodies and sweatpants. And all that without even knowing if Jimin is going to show up at all.

“You came," the boy sighs in relief, his eyes glittering as a small, but warm smile spreads on his lips.

“Of course, it's your wish, how could I deny it?”

Jungkook blinks at him a couple of times before he clears his throat and lets Jimin in. The elf's eyes widen at the sight of the small place being decorated for Christmas, fairy lights, candles, candy canes. 

“I-I found some stuff in a box and thought, you know? I could for once make it look nice.”

Jimin nods, swallowing the lump that is forming in his throat quickly. It just makes him happy that the human is putting effort into something. It could be anything, really. The sole fact that he is doing something beside just living from day to day makes Jimin incredibly happy. Especially that he seems to be the cause of it.

“It looks lovely, really.”

For a moment they stand around a bit awkwardly, Jungkook's dog still sitting obediently on her bed, eyeing the situation with a swaying tail.

“So," Jimin eventually breaks the silence, playing with the hem of his striped turtleneck sweater, “What are the plans for tonight?”

The human scratches the back of his head as his cheeks begin to blush with a beautiful rosy color, “I actually thought we could watch a movie, one we both pay attention to and really like? Maybe a rom-com or something like that? You surely seem like the type to enjoy them.”

“Sounds great, I'm in.”

So they move over to the sofa, Jimin sitting down on his usual spot. It makes the golden retriever jump up from her place and run over to place her body directly onto his feet. Jimin chuckles along with Jungkook, who sits down as well. However, this time he is closer to Jimin, not necessarily curling up in his spot with a million blankets and his phone.

“She missed you, you know.”

Jimin nods.

“I did, too.”

The elf looks up from where he was just stroking through the dog's fur and looks into Jungkook's worried face.

“So I’ve heard," he answers with a smile, making the boy exhale loudly.

“Look, Jimin. I was such an asshole and I'm very so-”

One hand flies quickly to Jungkook's mouth, a finger pressing down to his lips to make him shut up immediately. 

“Let's just enjoy the evening, okay? You deserve this, Jungkook.”

The nod coming from the human is very shy, but it's enough for Jimin to remove his fingers from the boy's mouth and rather uses them to stroke through Jungkook’s hair. 

So they turn on a movie, but as the evening passes they get lost again, not paying attention.

However, it's solely because Jimin likes the way Jungkook responds to his gentle touches. He softly strokes through his hair, massages his head, making the boy rest his head on his chest, curling around the elf.

It's the easiest way to grant a wish, Jimin decides, especially when he himself enjoys it so much, too.  At the same time it was easily the hardest time he has ever had. 

But as Jungkook falls asleep against him, his breathing content and peaceful, warm against his chest, Jimin knows it's worth it. He might not be able to make the sadness go away right now, but Jimin wants to try his best in the future. Because this Christmas is definitely not the last.  There are now other things in his life than just being the best elf on the North Pole.  And now that Christmas is over, Jimin has a lot of time to concentrate on his new task.

He places a soft kiss to the top Jungkook's head and continues watching the movie on this wonderful Christmas Eve.

Chapter Text

On one side of the town, it’s snowing.

On the other, it isn’t.

And somewhere in between, there’s a strange, annoying mix of both, rain and snow.




On one side of the town, Yoongi is waking up Namjoon who yet again fell asleep on his desk, just to let him know that it’s snowing.

On the other, Kim Taehyung is staring up at the sky, wishing for snow as his best friend, Park Jimin, is trying to find anything edible in the dumpster of a fast food chain.

Somewhere in between, Kim Seokjin, Jung Hoseok and and Jeon Jungkook are still in their offices, no more than a five minute walk away from each other, continuously telling themselves that they don’t care about Christmas, that they’re thinking time spent on work is more worthwhile than sitting in the comfort of their own home, their friends or family surrounding them.




On one side of the city, Kim Namjoon is looking at the snowflakes, saying “I think I know now," and by that catching Min Yoongi’s attention entirely.

On the other side of the city, Park Jimin is defeated, hands empty as he backs away from the dumpster. He’s looking up at the sky, wishing for food, anything to make him stop feeling like he’s starving.

Somewhere in between, Jeon Jungkook says “fuck it," gets up from his desk and sends a quick message to both, Kim Seokjin and Jung Hoseok, to come meet him by the subway station.



These seven people, now so different, once used to be part of the same story, each of them playing a crucial role in it. These seven people, now so different, once used to be inseparable.




On one side of the city, two friends are standing on the balcony of their way too fancy and expensive apartment.

“You know?” Yoongi is still staring at Namjoon, now barely able to feel his face anymore from the cold.

The other nods. “Maybe it’s not too late to save Christmas. We should leave.”

The two of them move wordlessly as they return back into their apartment to put on a warmer set of clothes and slip into their boots and coats.

They’ve been craving for the good, old days to come back. They wished their group would have never drifted apart. There was an attempt to get them all back together for tonight, Namjoon sending each of them a text to invite them over for Christmas dinner, knowing that none of them were going to celebrate with their families anyways.

The message failed to deliver to Taehyung and Jimin, which eventually was the reason the entire plan failed.

Jungkook merely sent a text saying “It’s either all of us, or none” and the others have seemed to agree.

However, Namjoon and Yoongi didn’t give up on maybe finding Taehyung and Jimin, and they’ve made some progress, just not quick enough to catch them before Christmas. They know for a fact that the two of them don’t live in their old apartment anymore.

“Are you going to tell me?” Yoongi pulls up his shoulders as he walks. “How do you know?”

Namjoon smiles.



On the other side of the city, the corners of Jungkook’s lips move up. “Remember what you said that one winter? About Jimin and the snow?”

The older furrows his brows, shooting a quick glance towards Hoseok who’s just shrugging. “Jimin? The snow?”

“Where there’s snow, there’s Jimin.” Jungkook is still smiling.

“And-“ the both other men start in unison, immediately interrupted by the younger.

“It’s snowing on the other side of the river.” Jungkook sighs. “We should go and find him.”

Hoseok and Seokjin are hesitant at first, unsure of whether this still applies to Jimin, four years after they’ve seen him last. Eventually, though, Hoseok nods.

“Let’s call a taxi.”



Somewhere in between, Taehyung is staring at the phone screen of the woman next to him on the subway. He then turns to Jimin.

“You’re right. It is snowing in Jongno-gu.” It feels fascinating to Taehyung, seeing as they’re in the same city, just two districts separating them from actual snow, not this stupid nonsense that’s been falling from the sky all afternoon in another part of town.

Jimin nods. “I know, saw it on a news screen earlier. First time in years there’s three different forecasts for different parts of the same city.”


“It’s dry in Gangnam-gu and all other parts on that side of the river. Sleet in the districts along the other side of the river, and snow from Jongno-gu upwards.” Jimin hums.

Taehyung’s lips shape into a small o. “What are the odds?”

“Given the facts that some of these districts aren’t even a kilometer apart, not very high. It’s crazy, hm? Makes it feel like anything is possible.”

Jimin is nearly forgetting how hungry he is. He’s too excited about seeing snow again. It’s been so long.




Somewhere in Jongno-gu, Yoongi and Namjoon are placing themselves on a bench close to the subway station. They need to remove a layer of snow first and the older is sure his pants are still getting wet, but he doesn’t mind.

They’ve gotten themselves hot beverages that they’re holding onto now, completely in awe at how quiet the district seems to be on Christmas Eve.

“What if they’re not coming?”

Namjoon hums. “Then at least we tried.”

Yoongi reaches into the pocket of his coat to retreat his pack of cigarettes. To his surprise, Namjoon is quick to grab the pack before the older even gets to take one out, just to retreat one for himself.

“You stopped smoking four years ago.” Yoongi finally takes the filter between his lips and lets a flame spark from his lighter.

The younger huffs a laugh. “On this day exactly four years ago, actually.”



In a taxi that is slowly approaching Jongno-gu, the three men reminisce about old times.

“Christmas Eve four years ago was a fucking disaster," is what slips Hoseok’s mouth.

Jungkook laughs. “Weren’t you arrested for vandalism that night?”

Hoseok nods his head yes. “With Yoongi and Taehyung.”

“Namjoon and I stopped smoking that night.” Seokjin closes his eyes. He doesn’t want to admit it, but the thought of this lost friend hurts him the most. “I started again this year.”

“Namjoon probably did, too.” Jungkook rests his head against the window. “Do you ever wonder what life would be like today if we wouldn’t have parted ways that night?”

“All the time," Hoseok and Seokjin say in unison. The older eventually continues. “Namjoon kept encouraging us to chase our dreams. I probably wouldn’t be sitting in this dumb office if I still had him in my life.”

“I miss our busking sessions in Hongdae. Do you remember, Jungkook?” Hoseok sighs. “I wonder if the four of us ever could’ve started a career as dancers.”

“I thought about going back," the youngest responds, a bitter taste on his tongue. “It wouldn’t feel the same without Jimin and Taehyung tho.”

The taxi comes to a halt and the driver announces they’re in Jongno-gu now, asking if there’s a certain spot they’d like to be dropped off at. They decide to get out right away, taking a moment to breathe.

Jungkook is the first to see through the big snowflakes and spot the two men across the street, sitting on a bench by the subway station.




Jimin hops off the subway with a bright smile on his face. He’s so close to seeing snow again. So, so close. He pulls Taehyung towards the exit by the sleeve of his worn-off coat, and as the cold air and a few single snowflakes hit his face, Jimin nearly bursts with excitement.

The first thing that catches his attention isn’t the thick layer of snow on the ground, trees and building tops, though. It’s the two men that are just sitting there, hands wrapped around big cups of coffee that’s probably cold by now.

Taehyung next to him gasps loudly, catching the men’s attention.

Jimin starts crying.

And then he runs.

Towards Yoongi who is now getting up, spreading his arms for Jimin to throw himself at his old friend’s body. He’s violently sobbing, holding onto Yoongi’s coat tightly, Taehyung next to him falling into Namjoon’s embrace.

It still feels surreal when Jimin takes a step back, just to switch places with Taehyung and wrap his arms around Namjoon’s torso. None of them speak, but it is so very obvious how much they’ve missed each other for all these years.

Just when Jimin thinks he’s finally able to breathe again through the sobs that are leaving his mouth, he hears someone calling his name. And when he turns around and spots the three other men cross the street, he nearly collapses, only held up by Namjoon’s arms getting ahold of him again.



As much as Jungkook wanted to find Jimin and Taehyung, as much has Seokjin wanted to see Namjoon and Yoongi. Namjoon approaches him before he can even get to anyone else, throwing his arms around him, a little awkwardly, but very much the same way Seokjin remembers Namjoon to hug him back in the day.

There’s a long moment of hugging and crying, still no one speaking, all of them too overwhelmed, before the oldest finally looks at Taehyung, who’s shaking his head in disbelief.

“What’s wrong?”

Taehyung sniffs before responding. “What are the odds? What are the odds of all of us finding together again exactly four years after drifting apart?”

“I’d say as much as three different weather forecasts for the same time, in the same damn city.” Yoongi smiles, then reaches into his pocket again for the pack of cigarettes. God knows he needs it, and Seokjin is grateful when he’s offered one as well, laughing as he sees Namjoon hesitate before taking one, too.”

“But how did you know where to go?” Jimin furrows his brows, breathing in the smoke that’s leaving Yoongi’s mouth, strangely enough thinking that he missed the smell of it.

Namjoon chuckles. “I remembered something that Jin here said a long time ago.” As Jimin’s confusion just seems to grow bigger, he continues. “Where there’s snow, there’s Jimin.”

They share a good laugh when Jungkook explains that this is exactly why he chose to gather Hoseok and Seokjin to come here.




They choose a nice restaurant then, the waiters throwing weird looks at Jimin and Taehyung who both are obviously not dressed fancy enough for this place. But it doesn’t matter.

And despite not having eaten properly in days and explaining in tears that he will not be able to afford the dinner, eventually being invited by Yoongi and Namjoon, Jimin couldn’t care less about the food.

He’s gotten his friends back tonight.

He thinks about Christmas four years ago, thinks about how messy this night was and how fast this friendship ended then, over things that should’ve actually strengthened their bonds.

He thinks about how Jungkook and Yoongi got into a fist fight after downing too many shots of liquor, thinks about the police showing up after Hoseok, Yoongi and Taehyung spray painted the wall of a church with anti-capitalistic phrases. He thinks about Namjoon and Seokjin chasing a rabid dog because they had one pill too much, thinks about himself throwing up several times and ending up in a hospital from overdosing.

They were terrible, miserable people back then.

But it doesn’t matter now, years later, when all of them have obviously grown older and have gotten over their dumb teenage antics.

Jimin looks at each of his friends.

He smiles.


“Merry Christmas!” Namjoon raises his glass of Soju and the others are soon to follow him.

“May we never part again," Hoseok mumbles before he finally downs his drink.


And this time, they really do not part again.


For the first time in so long, Jimin feels home.