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The Real Monster

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“Haruno Sakura is back in our custody.” 

Kakashi brought a hand to his face. Rubbing in exhaustion as sleep failed to claim him. He lay wide awake as Ibiki’s words rang deep in his sleep-addled mind. 

“And we need you to perform the interrogation.” 

Why he was to perform the interrogation was beyond him. Well, not completely since he was her former sensei. But to interrogate his own student? 


She hadn’t been his student in quite some time. And since she had essentially become a defector to throw herself into the arms of him...

Such a selfish girl. 

Things had grown clearer over the years. Where her loyalty lied. And it wasn’t in Konoha. She would do anything possible just to be with him. Even if he didn’t want her. She was so consumed by her feelings for him that just being close to him was enough. 

Love isn’t even about that. 

But still, she insisted. She insisted on fighting a losing battle and denouncing her village. Becoming a missing-nin to find a man who would never truly want her. It was infuriatingly naïve of her. And childish. She had people who loved her in Konoha. And she wouldn’t allow herself to see that. 

“She is to be questioned harshly. By you. Someone who can knock some damn sense into her.” 

And he decided he would. Sakura was given so many chances. So many opportunities to cut the ties that bound her to a man who would never love her. Never find value in her. And he was growing sick of it. So sick that it disgusted him that she was his former student. 

She would be a fool to find herself so lucky that they chose him


The plan was quite simple. 

It was after dusk and Sakura had been brought to interrogation. Isolated to a room. Chakra restraining cuffs and all. He gazed at her through the glass windowpane as she sat in the single chair. Head cast down and a blank expression on her face. Whether she was feeling fear, remorse, or anger—he did not know. 

Given she had been gone a year, now classified as a missing-nin, they couldn’t be reckless and just welcome her back. That wasn’t how the real world worked. And he would find out exactly what she had been doing over the past year. And if she had found what she was looking for. 

He observed Anko perform the first part of the interrogation. Though, little did Sakura know, he had employed a shadow clone in place of Anko. 

It was all part of his plan. Because if he was to be the one to carry out this interrogation, he would do it his way. And he would do it right. Play on her emotions like the fragile little girl she still was. Being eighteen years of age didn’t make you a woman. And Sakura was far from that. 

He could see it in the righteous look she was fixing ‘Anko’. The smirk that he wanted to rip right off her lips. The pointed look in her eye. Like this was all a joke to her. It was only sending him to a fit of fury as he glowered behind the glass window. Watching how much of a child she still was. 

But his shadow clone wasn’t really meant to get any information from her. Wasn’t meant to break her until she had no choice but to spill everything she knew. 

So after a few cursory slaps and pulling of the hair, Kakashi let out a sigh. Taking a final sip of his water and placing it back down on the metal desk. He traipsed over to the door that exited the examination room only to walk the few steps that lead to the interrogation chamber. He knocked on the door a few times, his shadow clone calling out a faint Come in. 

“Anko.” he breathed, watching Sakura glanced up at him with a lookup surprise which was immediately followed by a relieved sigh. Obviously not having expected him. “I think you’ve done quite enough.” 

His shadow clone shot him a confused look, but before she could open her mouth Kakashi held up his hand to silence her. “It’s quite alright. Now go.” he instructed, watching as Anko lifted herself to a stand, pushing the chair away from her and passing Kakashi. 

“Kakashi-sensei, I’m so happ—”

He shot her the same hand he did his clone, letting it fall to place both of his hands in his pockets as he walked towards the opposite wall. Leaning his back against the cool concrete as he continued to divert his attention away from her. 

“You’re happy that I’m the one they chose to interrogate you?” 

Sakura nodded and shot him a small smile. “Well, yes.” 


Her brows wrinkled in confusion. “Because you’re my sensei,” she responded matter-of-factly, that same smile on her face despite the position she was in. 

She still didn’t understand. 

“And you think just because we have a history,” he paused, pushing off the wall and simultaneously extracting a kunai from his belt, “that I’m not going to treat you like every other missing-nin I’ve crossed paths with?”

He finally brought his gaze to hers. Black meeting emerald as her smile now formed into a thin line and eyes possessed that same righteousness and arrogance from just a few moments ago.

“I’ll have you know, Sakura…” he began, voice menacing as he walked towards her and pointed the kunai in her direction, “I don’t plan on being gentle. In fact—” 

He practically snarled as he suddenly found himself in front of her, kunai placed firmly at her throat while his other hand snaked to the back of her nape. Pulling her hair tightly and earning a yelp of surprise from her. He watched as she swallowed nervously. Throat bobbing underneath the kunai at her neck. 

“You’re going to talk ,” he bit out, watching as tears started to brim the corners of her eyes, “And I know you will. Because I’ll make you .” 

Her eyes searched and narrowed on his, “Y-You wouldn’t hurt me.” she challenged, voice shaky, “Not really , anyway. You couldn’t.” 

He almost took a step back at that. Thinking she was so naive as to make such a bold statement. The belief that he didn’t have it in himself to truly break her. When all this time, he had to fight himself and the consuming rage he felt whenever reports of her whereabouts would come to him. To fight himself from going to find her and show her just how asinine her actions were. The danger she put herself in so blindly. The danger she potentially put others in. People seeking her capture. All to find a boy who would never love her. 

It made his blood fucking boil. And she needed to grow the fuck up. 

“I guess I’ll have to show you then.” 

He released his grip on her hair and the kunai lodged at her neck, listening as she automatically began to gasp for air. He turned to grab the other lone chair in the room and let the feet scrape on the ground before he aimed it towards her and sat down. 

She had fixed him with a look of disbelief. Something that was amusing to him at that moment. He didn’t know why exactly her pain was amusing to him. He wasn’t a vengeful man. Though a woman and ninja her age shouldn’t be acting so recklessly. So carelessly and without the effect, it had on others. 

That was what had him in a rage-filled state. 

As he got himself comfortable in the chair he noticed her sniffles start to pick up, glancing up slightly to notice small streams of tears cascade down her cheeks. 

Let the real interrogation begin. 

Kakashi leaned back in the chair, watching as she continued to divert her attention away from him. He took the opportunity to discard his forehead protector and place it in his lap. His sharingan exposed and ready, unbeknownst to her. 

“Sakura,” he called sternly, observing her flinch. “Look at me.” 


Look at me.” he snarled, lifting himself from the chair as she turned her head further. Craning her neck to avoid his gaze.

“I know what you’re going to do.” 

“All the more reason not to fight it. Now—” he bit out, watching as the tears began to fall heavily down her cheeks. 

“Look,” he grabbed her chin. “At,” forcing her to look at him. “ Me.”  

And she relented. Opening her eyes to meet his gaze. Watching closely as she went expressionless and her eyes lost focus. 

She was under. 


The air felt like it had constricted around her. Being swallowed up by darkness and pulled into an abyss that was anything but familiar. The fear she thought she knew now unable to touch the terror she felt when staring into that seemingly familiar blood-red eye. And the simultaneous pull of the black spiral that swirled in front of her. 

Pulling her psyche into its web of deceit. 

She gazed around her surroundings. Trying to get a feel as to what this was. Where she was. All she could detect was darkness. But as her legs propelled her further she began to make out a dark wood. A place that reeked of mystery and imminent danger. 

She crossed her arms as she continued to walk. The darkness falling and her surroundings becoming more clear to her. 


She froze. 

But then her heart fluttered all at once.

She recognized that voice.


She turned to find a man cloaked in darkness. His raven hair covering his lowered face. Black cloak surrounding the entirety of his body. She couldn’t ignore the instant pull she felt whenever she was in his presence. Trying her absolute best to do everything she could just to be close to him. She would do anything, really. 

Including renouncing herself as a leaf shinobi. 

Completely forgetting how she had been feeling earlier, she walked closer to him. Her feet moving of their own volition as a small smile crept upon her face. She held her hand out, waiting for him to extend his and her heart practically leaped out of her chest when he did. She gulped down a nervous breath as her hand slipped into his. Though he still hadn’t uttered a single word to her, she could feel the warmth in his grip. 

When she had actually intercepted Sasuke and met him for the first time in what seemed like years, his reaction to her had been somewhat cold.

A reaction she had been expecting. 

But the warmth she was feeling now comforted her. Distracting her from the impending storm that was about to follow. 

“Sasuke…” she called out once more, tugging on his hand so that he would maybe lift his face. But when he lifted his visage broke. Revealing that of a snake and all of a sudden her hand fell beside her. 

It was not long before she found herself in a fit of cries and horrified screams. Running away from the large snake as it slithered towards her at an unnatural speed. She felt herself tripping over her feet, glancing down for a moment to find the ground rumbling from underneath her. Impeding her movements and causing her to fall to the ground. 

She writhed and screamed as she felt it snake around her leg, pulling her towards him and she found herself ripping into the earth. Nails and fingers doing everything they could to propel her forward but it was of no use. The snake had the upper hand as it forcibly dragged her towards it. 

Tears began to fall down her cheeks as she was turned onto her back. Forced to look up into its penetrating olive stare as it slithered up her body and hovered over her. 

“Leave…” the snake slithered and Sakura felt herself seize up, wanting nothing more than to shake her head and tell it no. To be strong and fight whatever this was to get back to Sasuke. Her Sasuke. 

So she found herself doing exactly that. Shaking her head and it caused the snake to bare its fangs at her. Hissing long and low in a menacing way and Sakura had to close her eyes as her body shook with fear. And it was then that she felt the snake’s hold on her leg let up. Replaced with something heavier that covered her entire body. 

She opened her eyes to find Sasuke. And a smile so wide it hurt her cheeks overcame her face. 

But he was not returning the same expression of happiness. He never did. 

Sasuke looked down at her. His black gaze never leaving hers as he held her down onto the forest floor. “Why are you here?” he pressed, the same thing he had asked her when she first found him. 

“I-I…” she stammered, shaking her head as she tried to find the words. “I just wanted to find you. Help you. So that you weren’t alone.” 

“And what if I want to be alone?” he pressed, gripping tighter around her wrists as she began to move her body underneath him. 

“What if I don’t want to be found?” 

Sakura felt tears well up in her eyes once more. “But…why wouldn’t you?” 

He snarled down at her and brought his face closer. “ Why does it matter? Why do you need an answer to fucking everything.” 

Her body continued to move underneath him. Needing something— anything to convince him that she wanted him. And that he wanted her. She began to roll her hips into his. Not even really knowing what she was doing or why. At first, she thought it was working. And a small smile formed on her lips despite herself as she heard his breathing deepen and grow ragged above her. 

But she looked up to find that was not the case. That was not the case at all. 

Sasuke let out an angered growl as forcefully lifted her up. Earning a surprised yelp from her as she instantly collided with a nearby tree. She glanced up at him despite the wind having been knocked out of her chest, watching as he ripped away at her clothes. 


“Shut up.” 

“No, Sasuke what—” 

“I said shut up. ” he practically snarled as he ripped away at her skirt, it falling down to the forest floor as her legs remained hooked around his. He grunted as he reached down to remove himself, extracting his cock and a shiver of fear ripped through her entire body. 

She didn’t think it would ever be like this, so she found herself shoving into him and trying her best to fight him off. But he only grasped her harder and turned her. Shoving her front into the tree and painfully lodging herself between him and the rough bark. She let out a pained cry as he grabbed one of her arms to pin it behind her back. “Isn’t this what you wanted?” he breathed behind her.

“Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted?” he teased almost in a dream-like tone and it sent a wave of humiliation through her. 

She wasn’t ready. Hadn’t prepared herself properly and despite the fact that she wasn’t a virgin, it did little to aid her here. Did nothing to help against the pain she was about to feel. Wouldn’t help against the emotional betrayal she felt. 

And as his cock began to slip into her heat she couldn’t help but bare down. Meeting the pain for what it was as she let out a pained cry. Feeling his cock break through her tightened walls that have had little practice. Intruding in a place where it was now unwelcome. 

He buried himself to the hilt and set his pace—


She cried out amidst the thrusts. Unable to do anything but take it as his claws dug into her exposed ass cheeks. Snarling behind her as tears streamed down her face. The pain so unbearable she thought she’d die there for sure. 

“Why are you doing this?” she sobbed, feeling him sheath further inside her and the burn consume her body whole. 

Sasuke snarled into her neck as he pushed her further against the tree, continuously fucking up into her. Her face rubbing against the bark. Sternum being ripped up as he pounded relentlessly. 

“Because Sakura,” he panted as he gripped her hip. “I’m not a good man. And you shouldn’t want me to be.” 

Sakura felt hot tears run down her face. Feeling relief only for a second before he slammed back into her. Relentlessly. And she could feel herself begin to crumble amidst the sheer pain and torture as he refused to let up. 

“He won’t stop, Sakura.” 

A soft and dark voice hummed in her mind as Sasuke’s thrusts evened out. She bit her lip as more tears stained her cheeks. Not able to handle two unknown forces at once. 

“He’ll never stop.” 

“No…” she bit out, breathing through the pain. She didn’t want to believe it. Even if her innocence was being taken then and there. There was good in everyone. 

“Using you.” A painful thrust here. 


“Hurting you.” A brutal thrust there. 

Please stop.” she outright begged and she didn’t know if she was referring to Sasuke or the entity in her head. 

Nothing was relieving her. Not even her mind as the voice refused to relinquish its hold. Her body continues being assaulted. The tears only fell harder as Sasuke’s growls of pleasure rumbled through her. The feel of his now unwanted hands snaking up and down her partially naked body. 

She tried so hard to make herself want it. Because she did. She does. Want him. Want all of him. 

But...not this Sasuke. Not this monster who was making her feel nothing but pain. Taking her without so much as a care about her wellbeing. Taking with no intention of giving back. As if his plan was to finish and leave her on the forest floor. He having taken all that he needed of her. 

She didn’t know if that in it of itself was a confession. That she had gotten it wrong all along. Chose the path of a naive girl instead of focusing on aspiring to be the mature medical-nin she dreamed of one day being. 

She had thrown it all away. And though she wanted to believe more than anything that he would love her…

She didn’t know what to believe anymore. She couldn’t even discern what was real and what was being conjured up in her mind. Because at the end of the day…maybe they were actually one and the same. The monster in this realm is the exact same as the Sasuke in hers.

Sakura suddenly felt the coolness of someone’s breath hitting her face. The wetness of her cheeks making it so that any air that hit it be cold. She cracked open her eyes to see Kakashi-sensei. Staring at her with his mismatched eyes. 

He looked as if he were there. Really there and she wanted nothing more than to reach out and have him take her away. Away from the pain. Away from the torture. 

And his face read exactly that. 

His mask was lowered and he fixed her with a soft smile that was soothingly familiar. Something she didn’t think she wanted to see so desperately. It was so warm that she almost forgot the immense pain and rocking of her body against the rough bark of the tree. He brought a hand to her cheek, brushing away a stray tear and she felt herself lean into him. 

Kakashi kept his gaze on her as Sasuke continued to hammer behind her. Holding back her cries as best as she could as she shot Kakashi a pleading look. Begging for him to just make it stop. 

“Please…” she breathed and watched in a haze as Kakashi pulled back, both sets of eyes maintaining their hold. Ignoring the hell she was experiencing just behind her as she could feel Sasuke’s imminent release. 

“So you’ll confess?” 

Sakura closed her eyes tightly. The gravity of what she had done hit her as she let out a strangled sob. Her fate having now been decided. 


And it was that singular word that caused everything to fall around her. The darkness uplifting as the trees turned to ink. All falling and disappearing in one motion. The pain she felt in her core all but deteriorating as it ebbed to almost nothing. 

She wanted to laugh. She wanted to cry. She wanted to strangle the closest thing to her as she awakened. Met by her former sensei’s mismatched eyes. 

But then anger surged through her as she was brought back down to reality. Fixing Kakashi with a look of loathing as what he did became apparent to her. What he made her endure. Someone who she trusted. Someone she trusted with her life. 

And he took her innocence in a matter of minutes. 

The same tears she shed before continued to fall down her face as anger turned to anguish. Voice turning to hiccups as she let out a soft, “Why?” 

He had been sitting in the chair once more. Mask fixed over his face as he leaned back and darkened his stare. “Because you’re no longer a child, Sakura. And your actions have consequences,” he said in a dark tone, leaning forward and causing her to recoil. “ Grave consequences.” 

“W-What do you mean?” 

“You committed treason,” he said plainly, lifting himself from the chair and moving it towards the back wall, clearly done with her. “You’ll stand trial.” 

“But, why?” she bit out through the tears. “Why would you want to hurt me?” 

She watched as Kakashi froze by the door, something she said striking something in him and he turned. Shooting her a menacing look. “Why would I want to hurt you? Why don’t you ask yourself the same fucking thing.” 

A look of shock overcame her face. “W-What?” 

“All the people you hurt by leaving? Tsunade, who you just up and left when she was expecting to train you. When she saw so much potential in you. A Sannin . Your friends. Naruto for that matter who lost both of his teammates. I lost two students . Your father had a heart attack and was hospitalized for a month because he thought you were gone forever.”

Sakura remained silent as she held his gaze. Lip quivering and biting the inside of her cheek to keep from breaking down entirely. 

“You are so,” he bit out, shaking his head as he released a bitter laugh, “fucking selfish.” 

And with that, he left. Shutting the door behind him and she was left with nothing but the sound of her soft cries and the imminent terror of what was to come. His words seeping into her and holding her like a vice. Unable to banish his harsh words from her mind. 

It was then that she realized neither of them was the real monster. 

She was.