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I know your dress is karma

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Ren snapped another picture, the subject looking a little bit better in that angle, he shifted a little bit more to the left, the light hitting a particular nice tone like that. He smirked, he got the shot he needed. Ann looked at him, a curious expression on her features, probably wondering why he was smiling, considering how he had a focused expression once he took photos.
“I’m done, thank you, Ann,” he said, checking some other few shots he took that same evening, hunched over his own camera.
Ann looked surprised “Oh! That was fast” she stretched, Ren could hear one of her bones popping, she sighed, relieved. They had been working for just two or three hours, but it always felt like more time nonetheless, especially if it was for school.
“Yes, I told you it was going to be fast” He looked around them, the sun was already going down outside of the university common studio.
“No kidding, that was fast for what I’m used to, but I can’t say I’m not happy we ended this early” she started checking her phone, probably messaging Shiho that she was done.
Ren started putting everything in order, and most of the equipment was in its place when Ann was done changing.
“Can I look at the shots?” she asked, moving to his computer.
“Yeah, suit yourself,” he said delicately putting some lenses on their own cases. Ann, muttered contently, clearly satisfied with how the photos came out “I always wonder how can you make it look so easy, these shots are great by the way!”
“Thank you” Ren smiled, getting up from his crouched position, stretching his back. “And thank you for helping me on my project, I hope it won’t give you problems with your agency”
“As long as you don’t sell these, everything’s peachy, you know that” Ann giggled "And it helps me too, so no time was lost" she added
“Shall we go?” he asked after a few seconds of silence, Ann nodded in agreement, already going for her bag. She waited patiently for him to finish to pack his things, and they both got out, walking beside each other. “I’m happy to see that you are working as hard as you can”
“Well… That has to do more to the fact that our current professor is kind of an asshole” She laughed, it probably seemed like he was joking but their current professor was super strict, and Ren couldn't afford to let his grades drop, he also seemed to have particular regards towards the students that have been living in Tokyo since childhood, and Ren, was not one of them.

He was thankful to Ann for helping him when he moved, everything was new and she just took him under her wing even though they both were juniors, and they had become friends shortly after that. The girl sighed “I wish I could say that about my own studies...” Ren looked at her, smiling sympathetically. She chose to follow foreign languages, absolutely convinced that it would have worked great, but clearly, things weren’t going as smooth as she expected. ("I'm sure Russian it's not as hard as people say!") He wished he could help her, but the only language he was good at was English, and he was ok at best. Ann also didn't need help on that, she knew English better than him so...

They sat down on one of the benches inside the campus, regaining some energies for a few seconds.
“I’m going to get something from the vending machines, do you need something?” she asked getting up gingerly, Ren shook his head, eyes focused on how the colors were slowly shifting in the sky, his hands itched to get a photo.
Once Ann walked away, he took out his camera, it wasn’t a very flattering angle, nor a professional shot, to be honest, but he just wanted to get a picture of the sun setting. Through the viewfinder he could see both the sky and the university grounds, some other students were moving out of the university study halls, he just took the picture, and not thinking much of it moved the lens somewhere else.
He wasn’t a very nosey person by nature, but he could color himself curious sometimes, and he was just fooling around with his camera, expecting to have nothing to work with, many of the windows were shadowed or covered by curtains anyways, people were leaving already, so there wasn't much.

Some of them were uncovered thought, he could see… a professor tapping idly on his computer by the first floor, an art student drawing near the windows by the fourth floor, a girl dancing to a silly song on her headphones near the corridors on the first floor, two students kissing by… Ren batted his eyes, surprised, it wasn’t exactly the timid kind of kissing either, it was the kind of kiss that would lead to something else. He didn't mean to snoop on them, but before he could stop looking, his brain provided names to the faces. The blonde boy was Kuma Hanamura, he was pretty popular considering his good looks, Ren knew him by chance since he attended some of Ann's classes… It was kind of a mystery what he studied, the guy seemed to be studying everywhere and nowhere…

The other person was… Ren’s eyebrows raised in disbelief, huh, Goro Akechi, the golden boy of the Law faculty, the boy everyone looked up to for being hard-working and sincere, the boy every girl he knew swooned over. Well, that was a surprise.

Kuma moved to kiss his neck and Akechi tilted his head to let him some space, eyes closed, lips slightly parted, cheeks tinted in a very shy shade of pink. He couldn’t really stop himself to snap a picture, even though he really didn’t know why he did that, it was wrong on so many levels yet Ren felt a bit hypnotized by what he was seeing.
“Taking pictures of the sky?” Ren screamed a little, jumping at Ann’s voice, thankfully he had a pretty strong grip on his camera.
Ren coughed “Yeah…” he said slightly breathy, it was pretty embarrassing already that he screamed, he really didn’t want her to find out what he was exactly taking photos of. Ann looked at him curiously “Why is your face red?”
“It’s nothing” he stood up, putting his camera inside its case, trying to calm down.
Ann giggled “That’s new, I’ve never seen you this red. You’re always this cool and casual person, it’s refreshing” besides that she said nothing else, drinking from the water bottle she bought, looking at him like she wanted to know more.
Ren could consider himself calm, he had no qualms in saying what he thought, one could bet that he was capable of keeping his head cool in an argument as much as when he was flirting with someone, it didn’t really make any difference to him. Almost nothing surprised him, he could go with the flow and people could consider him a natural at whatever he did… So why he got so much surprised by seeing Akechi kissing another dude, it really went beyond his understanding.
He looked back once, not really being able to see much without the zoom of his camera.




“And then she said that it wasn’t going to work, man!” Ryuji downed another shot, hitting the table with a fist. Ren drank calmly, listening carefully.
“... Sorry to hear that” he muttered, patting his back, not really meaning it
“Plenty of fish in the ocean,” Said Mishima cheerfully, already pretty tipsy
“I have to agree, I’m sure you will find a new partner soon” Yusuke drank from his non-alcoholic drink with a straw.
Ryuji tsked “Fuck you guys, you’re not one bit sympathetic here!”
Ren, Mishima, and Yusuke looked at each other “Well…” started Ren, thinking of a way to say things delicately.
“She was an absolute bitch, man!” interrupted Mishima. Yusuke and Ren looked at him in a way that made him understand that that really wasn’t a way to say things. “What? I’m not wrong! She treated him like shit!” Not wrong, she was kind of devilish.
Ryuji looked more defeated by the second, Ren coughed “What Mishima means-”
“I know what he means, he’s right…” Ryuji’s eyes were fixed on the small shot he held in his hand “I just hoped…” he sighed. Ren felt really sad that he couldn’t do much about it, except offer his shoulder for him to cry on.
“Fuck this” he continued, sneering “I’m gonna get drunk and forget about her!” Ryuji’s resolution was an absolute beauty to watch, but he was sure it would wither away in a few hours, when he would be wasted and full of tears for a girl that didn’t love him.

At the word one night stand his brain flashed Akechi making out with Kuma again, he really never thought he would see them in such a situation.
Akechi seemed like the type of guy that would like to be in a long-term relationship, well… At least that's what he thought considering his public face, clearly there was something beneath the surface that no one knew about. Or maybe he was in a long term relationship with Kuma, huh… He couldn't know anyways, since he and Akechi had never actually spoken to each other, Goro was part of the Student council, and since Makoto was there too, Ren would usually end up helping her somehow, that’s where he had seen Akechi the most. But they never engaged in a conversation, mostly because all of them were discussing pretty important matters.
Akechi also seemed like the type of person to have a stick up his ass 24/7, so he never bothered either. Not like he was interested in talking to him.
He sipped from his own drink, pensive, wondering why did he even care now of all times, and why did he take that photo…

"Yo, man, I'm gonna go order some other drinks, you want something?" Ryuji's hand landed on his shoulder. "I guess another one of these" he said, pointing at his own drink
"Aight" Ryuji moved slowly towards the bar
"When are the girls coming again?" Mishima asked, looking around them
"I never said they would be coming" answered Ren, no particular expression on his face, but he still looked around.

He got surprised for a second time that evening, it was probably a coincidence that exactly the two people he was thinking about entered the building, surrounded by a small group of people Ren recognized too.
Akechi was talking to senior law student Naoto Shirogane, they seemed to be in a really passionate debate about… something, he couldn't hear what they were saying from where he was seated…
Kuma was talking to Yu Narukami. Narukami was a very weird addition to the group, considering he was studying to become an elementary teacher, or so he heard… Not very ambitious, but a very centered choice between the two law students and… whatever it was that Kuma was studying.

"Earth to Reeeen!" Mishima moved a hand in front of his face, he blinked, he got caught staring, damn.
"What is it, Mishima?" He answered, moving his eyes away from the group
"I asked you if we will go out tomorrow?" Mishima props his head onto the table, unfocused eyes on him, he clearly was already drunk.
"I have a project to finish, sorry" he downed the rest of his drink, he needed to forget about what he saw earlier, especially now that he was sharing the room with them… It was hard, considering that every time he closed his eyes he could clearly see Akechi tilting his head and having that expression, and blushing so prettily… He shook his head trying to focus, but his eyes kept moving towards the other man, sitting and talking on the other side of the room.

He was laughing at something, not really paying attention to his surroundings.

"Here" Ryuji came back with another round of drinks. Yusuke was very quiet, checking every once in a while his phone, Ren didn't want to pry, he could ask later if he really wanted to know… but knowing him, he was just talking to Futaba.
Beside him Ryuji downed another shot, so Ren took it as a cue to start drinking on his own cocktail.
"You have very weird tastes, man," said Ryuji in disgust, after a while.
"I was just curious, never heard of chicken broth in a cocktail… To be honest it's not that bad…" it mostly tasted like a weird alcoholic broth, but it had a refreshing and very sweet aftertaste to it but he couldn't blame Ryuji for looking at it funny.

His eyes drifted again, Akechi was checking his phone, not participating in the conversation, visibly bored.
He probably felt like he was being stared at, because their eyes met when he locked his phone and put it in his pocket.
It was a second, Ren immediately moved his stare elsewhere, a little bit embarrassed that he got caught. He couldn't really bring himself to see what expression Akechi was doing, but he felt like this time around he was the one being watched.
Now he felt ridiculous that he was drinking chicken broth in a glass…
“Ugh, Akechi is here” groaned Ryuji, Ren looked at his friend “You know him?”
He did a grimace “Asshole has a stick up his ass, looks at everyone like he is better than anyone and all the girls love him” that was Akechi all right.
“What’s your problem with him? He seems polite enough” Yusuke was done with his drink, giving them his full attention
“I just don’t like him”
“Ah, so it’s envy”
“Shut up! I’m not jealous of that pompous fuck!”
“He has better grades, better looks, and a better personality, I guess it’s fair to say that you are jealous” Mishima grinned, patting his head “It’s ok Ryuji! We all are! I’m sure even Ren is a little bit envious of him!” Ryuji slapped his hand away, growling a ‘fuck off’, not bothering to deny it anymore.

Ren really wasn’t, he was more curious than anything at that moment, but said nothing.

“I must say, I asked him once if I could use him as muse” Ren listened, interested.
“He was flattered but refused, he directed me to his friend, Kuma-san.” Ryuji sneered, not surprised at all
“I’m not completely angry about it, they are both aesthetically pleasing to the eye in different ways, and Hanamura-san was a very particular person to talk to, too”
If Akechi refused to be painted, he probably hated photos too.
It’s not like he’d look bad in them either.

The night proceeded pretty normally after that, and as predicted, Ryuji ended crying in the toilet, almost throwing up from how much he was drunk, propped against Ren’s shoulder, sobbing about a girl that only used him. He really didn’t deserve that, but such was life. Ren tried his best to comfort him while himself being drunk too.

Ren was pretty sure a heartbreak wasn’t going to be a big thing to get over, he had his fair share of them too, but he never gave the pain too much attention.
Walking back to the dormitories, Ryuji was more wasted than anything, but unlike Mishima, that was being piggybacked by Yusuke, he still was conscious, singing some kind of song about L.A. girls in a horrible English accent. When he got to Ryuji's room, he dropped his friend on the bed and went to move to his run-down couch and pass out on it, still dressed.




“Ah, sorry,” Ren said, getting on his knees to get the scattered papers and books that fell from his and the other person’s hand. “My bad, I wasn’t looking” he lied. He was very much aware of who he was going to collide against. Was it a desperate move? Probably, but it wasn’t like anyone else knew, so…
“It’s ok, I was distracted too” Akechi’s gloved hands moved hurriedly, getting most of his stuff.
He didn’t really have a plan after the collision, but luckily for him, he didn’t have to talk much “You’re Makoto’s friend, right? I have seen you in the student council room sometimes” Akechi seemed friendlier than usual, they got up with their stuff on their arms.
“Ah, you must be… Akechi-san, right?” he feigned ignorance, something that made the other boy’s expression shift from slight annoyance to understanding. Maybe he didn’t buy it, but Goro said nothing about it.
“Yeah, that’s me, you’re… Kurusu-kun…?” ah, that’s what they were playing
“Actually it's Amamiya, but I get it, someone in your position can’t remember names that easily” Akechi face was showing nothing, aside from the usual smile, maybe he ought to be a little bit harsher Ren played with his fringe, considering if he should do it.
“Indeed, sadly I get to see so many faces all week, it gets overwhelming sometimes… And not everyone sticks”
“I can imagine, aren’t you also older than me? It can get tough with the age, or so I heard” that’s probably the most he has ever talked with a stranger, and in such an antagonistic way too.

Akechi was still smiling, but there was an edge just on the corner of his lips, like he was going to snap or like he was going to punch him, either way Ren just muttered a “It was nice meeting you Akechi, let’s talk more”

He didn’t look back, it wasn’t necessary this time around.

Ann was waiting for him by the door just around the corner, tapping on her cellphone, as usual. “I’m here, sorry” Ren stopped, just by bickering with Akechi he had a rush of adrenaline, he felt very much energized at that moment.
Ann seemed to notice too “You look pumped up, did something happen?” they started moving
“No, just excited”
“Mh… Fine don’t tell me, I’ll find out eventually” Ren laughed at Ann’s suspicious expression, She knew him pretty well, maybe not that much to understand when he lied or not, but she could notice his change of moods if there were any.
“How did yesterday go?” She was changing subjects, weird coming from her, but not uncommon.
“Ryuji got drunk, cried his eyes off on the public toilet, threw up in his bathroom this morning.” Ann laughed at that “Mishima got drunk too, Yusuke had to piggyback him back to his room”
“I’m sorry about what happened to Ryuji and his girlfriend, but that girl was so unpleasant to be around! I cannot believe he actually fell for her!” Ren had to agree to a certain extent, Ryuji wasn’t a kid anymore, and he probably had his reasons, it's not like one can decide who to fall for.
“You shouldn’t talk behind his back like this” Ann snorted
“That idiot knows what I think, I already told him countless times, even when he was with her” Ren could see she was worried about him too, she and Ryuji were friends before they met, he noticed even before they told him. Apparently, they went to the same high school, a shitty one too, from what Ryuji said, not because it was run-down or old, or in the bad part of the city, but because some teachers were real assholes there or something like that. Ann always insisted in being vague, somehow she didn’t like talking much about it, and Ryuji had this guilt-ridden expression every time she dismissed it.

“Thank god you are not like him, falling for complete assholes, I would tear my hair off if I had to deal with the both of you being heartbroken” Ren knew Ann was joking, she would totally help both of them, she was not cold-hearted.
“Now that I think about it, you never seem to be in a stable relationship”
“Is that a problem?”
“Oh no! Not at all! I was just wondering”
“I’m not really into relationships, they bore me to death” He probably would change his mind in the future, but as things were in that moment, he just didn’t feel like being in a long term relationship was the right choice. They were still young anyways.

“Mh… I guess it can get boring…” She dropped the conversation after that, maybe she just didn’t agree with him.




“Ah, Kurusu-kun, it’s nice to see you again” Akechi’s voice startled him, he sure wasn’t expecting to see him in Inorashika park out of all places, but he recovered fast from his surprise.
“I already told you, it’s Amamiya” Ren moved his camera from his face, still holding it carefully, though. He was there to take some panoramic shots, sometimes he felt like doing them and it was a nice day.
“Is that so? Sorry then” he wasn’t sorry at all, Ren could tell. “How come you are here?” he asked after a while of them looking at each other.
“I was just walking, it’s such a nice day, so I felt like relaxing a little” Akechi answered.
Ren sneered “Ah I see, you were stretching your old, old legs, understood” Apparently Akechi hated being teased like that, he saw the same edge on his lips like last time.
“Your originality on what to joke about it’s quite boring, to be honest” Akechi brushed it away like it was an annoying fly
“Mh… I mean, as long as you insist in calling me with a name that it’s not mine, I will blame it on your memory”
“Memory loss by old age and just not remembering one’s name because of other factors are two different things” Akechi moved by his side
“Hate being called an old man?” Ren turned around at that, going back at taking photos of the small lake, a couple was floating on a boat, they probably were on a romantic date.

“You are just one year my junior, and besides, that I’m not that old” Ren snapped another shot. “You dress like my grandpa, so I thought you had his lack of memory too since it’s the second time you fail to remember my name”
At Akechi’s silence, Ren checked if he was still there. Indeed he was, and he was looking directly at him “Do you hate being called the wrong name perhaps?”
“Despise it” he lied, he really didn’t mind. Once a girl kept calling him Megane-kun while they were having sex, it irked him a little bit, but whatever, they were both drunk.
“Mh… I see. Well, I have to go now, as expected talking to you brought a new perspective” What about, Ren wondered, they just bickered about names and age. He probably believed him when he said that he didn’t like being called with another name.
Whatever, so be it.
“You’re welcome…”
“Goodbye Kuru- ah, I mean, Amamiya-kun” Akechi waved then walked away, not waiting for the other boy's answer.
“Hate to see you go, but love seeing you walk away…” Ren muttered, his eyes casually landing on how Akechi’s ass moved. He wondered if he should take a picture of that, his head tilting to the side.
Maybe not, he already had a very compromising one of him, he didn’t need two.

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Does this idiot think that he's being smooth?
Goro thought, looking at Ren while he was talking with Makoto. Akechi tried not to glare too much in his general direction, lest capturing his attention and deciding, in the end, to concentrate on more important matters.
He sighed, it was pretty much his fault, to be fair, Ren was good-looking enough so he thought he would also have a pretty tolerable personality, how shallow and stupid of him to think that.
Between the two times they talked to each other, Goro had enough proof to say Amamiya had everything but a bearable nature.

He was so plain looking too, from afar, so Akechi thought he was more of a shy person…

"Hi" Goro snapped his head up from his books, Amamiya had the audacity to look like he owned the place, seated beside him like he had no worries at all in the world.
"Ah! Kurusu-kun, how nice to see you again" Amamiya rolled his eyes at that, maybe peeved by the fact the Goro couldn't stop calling him with the wrong name. Goro wasn’t going to stop just because of that, though.
And he had the suspicion that the other man knew that.

"You seem busy," he said, matter of factly, doing everything but not distract him.
"As you can see, we all are" Amamiya couldn't take a hint for his life, it seemed. No matter, there wasn't anyone besides him, Makoto and few others, so he wasn’t really disturbing anyone besides Goro.
He scooted closer, invading Akechi's private space "What are you frowning about?"
It took all of Goro's self-control not to close the book right in front of his nose.
"Mostly events that we have to organize by the end of this semester" Amamiya hummed, stupidly.
"If you are so interested in these matters, why don't you join us?"
"I'm scared of commitment" it was so clearly a lie, and more of a joke and Goro didn't find it funny at all.
"I see" Goro answered, closing the conversation.
Amamiya played with his fringe, it was some kind of tick because it wasn't the first time he saw him doing it.
Finally, it was quiet again, Amamiya looked like he was thinking about what to say or how to continue the conversation, and Goro had a moment of peace.
It was a pity, Goro considered, when he was silent he was hot enough. Sadly his mouth ruined everything.
"So… I was thinking" oh, you do?
Akechi stopped himself from saying that, feigning interest instead.
"I read online that there were some remedies to prevent people your age from getting memory loss later in life" Ah, there it was, the annoying teasing about the fact that he was one year older than him. He was surprised Amamiya didn't bring it up earlier.
"Ah, my mistake, I didn't notice I used the wrong name there"
"Sure you didn't" they looked at each other in the eyes, like there was some kind of untold dare between them. What was the prize? Goro didn't know yet.

"Shouldn't you be somewhere else by now, Ren?" Makoto interrupted their weird staring contest, mostly confused, Goro guessed by her tone.
"Ah, yes sorry, I was just talking to Akechi for a bit" Amamiya straightened, his attention completely focused on the girl now. Akechi wondered why she insisted on bringing him as her lap dog, not that anyone in the student council had any complaints against it, but it still seemed a weird thing to do, especially coming from Makoto.
But since Amamiya was good at making people like him, he was at loss as to why he thought it was a good tactic to be as annoying as possible with Goro.

Amamiya got up, eventually, slowly but trying not to look like an idiot while doing so. He didn’t succeed at that.
“As always, it has been a pleasure talking with you,” he said, as a greeting of sorts, that only made Amamiya grin “Really? Likewise, then”

Don’t flatter yourself, you fool.

Ren winked in his direction, as he was done saying his goodbyes to Makoto and the rest of their group, then he left.

Makoto sat down on the same chair her friend was a few moments earlier, looking at Akechi apologetically “Sorry, I know Ren can be… a handful, sometimes”
“There’s no need to apologize” mostly because she wasn’t the annoying one, really “Actually I wanted to ask you something. I have noticed that you and Amamiya are very close” Goro looked around them, everyone seemed to be minding their own business, texting or talking between each other. It wasn’t the prime example of them ‘being very busy’, so he really couldn’t reprimand Ren for not taking him seriously when he said so earlier. “How did that happen?”
Makoto looked very surprised by that, maybe he shouldn’t have asked.

“Ren is very good at socializing, and I am… not. So he offered to help me in that and some other personal problems I had recently” Oh, so windbag had also a golden heart, what a peach.
“In return, he asked me to call him whenever I need help. I try to do so when I know he is not busy or when we have these kind of meetings” Akechi didn’t see where the fair exchange was, but, oh well… He didn’t care.
It seemed like one of their colleagues did not agree, because he started yapping on and on about how Niijima was behaving unprofessionally, which Goro got immediately irritated by.
“I don’t think it is unprofessional, in the end, I’ve only ever seen Amamiya here very rarely and in particular occasions like these, and Makoto makes sure that he’s only here for a short time.”
The other student looked at him like he grew a second head. Good.
“What I find truly unprofessional is that you eavesdropped our conversation” at that he looked offended. It seemed like he was about to start a discussion with Goro, but Makoto cut short, stopping the debate in its tracks.
“That’s enough of that, let’s go back to the matters at hand.”

Goro wasn’t unfamiliar with antagonistic behavior, he was ready to not shy away from the argument, and keep his head straight and his tongue sharp. He wasn’t scared of an idiot that didn’t know how to keep his mouth shut. Also, the fact that he tried to make Makoto look like she didn’t care for her duties pissed Goro off.



It didn’t take them much to decide to give it a rest and wait for another day where everyone else, or at least a majority of the council, was present. Many of them were already tired anyway.

“Akechi-kun, a word, please?” Makoto stopped him before he could leave. Everyone else was already outside, probably done for the day, and going to their dormitories, to study or rest or going out with their friends.
“You didn’t need to defend me back then, but... thank you” She looked very conflicted on to what to say next, knowing her older sister, Goro could tell that she was divided between telling him not to do that again and to be thankful.
“You’re welcome” he lied through his teeth. He didn’t do it for her, he just hated people like that douche from before. People that could step in and undermine someone’s hard work like it was nothing. Like it was easy to throw dirt over one’s reputation.
Akechi was used to that, being subject to other people’s envy, he knew their tricks and hated how sometimes it would work.
That was one of the things that pushed him to not trust others easily. Not that it mattered, considering what he was studying, having too many friends was detrimental to his final goal.

“And I have to say that I’m sorry if Ren creates distraction” Ah, Makoto must have been talking specifically of the current day, considering that he and Amamiya had never interacted in the council room before that. It wasn’t a trouble before, Ren was more of a wallflower, always been very unassuming and quiet. “And also… I have noticed that you two are being friendly towards each other”
Friendly wasn’t the term he would have used, it was more like mutual interest…

“I thought it would have been rude not to try and talk to him, considering how many times I have seen him in here” He didn’t know why he needed to justify himself, it wasn’t like they had something to hide.



They had a short day the incoming morning but he still found himself under so many levels of stress by midday. Especially because professors were breathing down his neck, clearly wanting stellar results from him and many others, putting everyone in competition for the smallest things. It was unnerving. Goro didn’t have many ways to relax, but he could think of a few that he could indulge in, in the short hour he had… Sure, a quickie in a bathroom stall wasn’t exactly the classiest of choices but…


Kuma’s big, blue eyes looked at him from his kneeled position, Goro kept being vigilant that no one walked in on them, but at least he made the tactful choice to go in one of the less frequented buildings, instead of following the other man’s suggestion and going it whenever they fancied.
Akechi sighed, moving his hips forward and Kuma made a chocked noise but kept moving his head. He moved his tongue in a way that made Goro gasp and curse under his breath. He was good at that, damn, Goro tried his hardest not to look in his direction, sure he would cum immediately if he did.

Kuma took that as a cue to move his mouth away from his dick, making a wet pop sound when he did.
He kept giving him a handjob, lest to stop what they were doing in that moment
“This is why you called me here for?” he asked, his voice hoarse from how many times Goro’s dick hit the back of his throat. “You came onto me, don’t start now,” Akechi said, stuttering, moving his hips into his hand.
Kuma laughed, not denying it, then got back to business. His tongue traced all of his dick’s underside, then lapped the head, and started sucking again. His head bobbed faster on his cock, clearly getting impatient.

Goro was getting hasty too, clearly, at his limit.
“Should I get a little bit more rough with you?” Kuma hummed, a vague way to say that yes, he wanted that. Goro thrust inside Kuma’s warm frantically, in a pace that was meant to make Kuma struggle a bit.
He grinned seeing the other boy’s eyes water from the exertion, deciding to give him a hand and stop punding his mouth for a few seconds. Kuma gasped, breathed for a bit, and then went on with more determination than before. It was a thing of beauty to see his resolution sparkle in his eyes.
Goro thrust in Kuma’s mouth once, twice, and then he came deep inside his throat.
Akechi moaned, covering his mouth with his hand, scared of making any noise even though there was no one with them. Kuma pushed himself from his crotch. A thread of saliva and sperm was still connecting the head of Goro’s dick to his lips.
He was still trying to regain his composure when Kuma got up on his feet, cheerful as always like nothing happened.

He cleared his throat, still rough from their activity. “Will I see you tonight?” Goro and Naoto usually got out with Yu and Kuma to chat and drink (and sometimes Kuma’s brother would join them too). One could say that considering what Goro was studying he shouldn’t even contemplate going out, but exams were nowhere near and he had the weekend where he could get ready and study for the next week. Thankfully it was a Friday. “Sure. But this is the last time, I have a lot of things to do”
“Yeah… Sure… Every time it’s the last time.” Kuma got closer to him, caressing his chest with a finger “You know, you could just say you enjoy our company” he added, smiling.

It’s not like he would lie straight up to his face, but… “I’m just bored, and you guys are actually not bad company, compared to the rest of people that seem to be either scared of me or straight-up hate me” he tucked his, now limp, dick in his boxers, after cleaning it with some paper towels. He didn’t want to have that conversation right that moment, in the blessed afterglow of his orgasm. Well, Kuma kind of killed it.

He straightened himself, getting out of the stall first, Kuma following suit, not caring about being caught. He fiddled with his gloves, feeling a little restless, but still calm, their activity made him relax a bit. The other man washed his hands, humming a slow but cheerful tune.
"You seem to be in a good mood," asked Akechi
"Yeah!" Him and Kuma never really had much to talk about, not because they didn't want to, it just… They were different people, Goro was always on edge, trying to keep his façade in place. Always hidden, always cautious. Kuma didn't care much of what people thought of him, he did what he wanted whenever he wanted.
Goro envied him for that, that was probably why he let Kuma approach him. Akechi probably had a weak spot for people with that kind of attitude, because he let Amamiya pester him in the same way, now that he thought about it.
Even so, there wasn't space for sentimentality between them, I wouldn't work, knowing himself, he would just push him away once he saw through his mask.
Kuma never insisted on seeing that part either.

"Do you have lessons after midday?" Kuma moved from the sink to the toilet door, calmy, keeping the door open for him to get out first.
"I do. I will be free in the evening" Goro slung his bag on his shoulder, passing through the door, not even looking if someone was outside.
"Well that's fine, we can see each other before we get out with the others" Kuma winked at him, Goro ignored that, he probably didn't mean it.
"We will see, for the moment I really need to go, bye" he glanced at his phone, he had only ten more minutes to get back to the main building, he rushed away, waving at the other boy.
"Don't you want to eat something first?" Kuma screamed at him, he ignored him again, he had no time for lunch.

People were still eating when he got outside, they were talking relaxing under the sun and the chill breeze of late spring. He kinda wanted something to chew on something in that moment, he was getting hungry after all…

For maybe the second time in that week he ended up running into someone. He really should stop getting distracted.
Goro held his balance, but the other person fell on their ass, dropping an empty water bottle on the ground and a plastic container that probably had a sandwich in it.
"Ah! I'm so sorry! Are you ok?" Goro rushed to help the other person up
"I'm ok! Thanks…" she, it was a girl, looked at him "Did I spill something on you?" She asked, more worried about Akechi's clothes than her well-being
"No, no I'm fine" he answered, always the over-polite one.
She started grabbing the stuff that she dropped, still seemingly not worried about herself. Goro raised an eyebrow, about to ask if she hit her head or something, just to be sure that she didn't get hurt for real…

That was when someone stopped him from asking, well not physically but more like he recognized the voice that called over the girl in front of him.
"Haru!" Amamiya got closer to the both of them, clearly concerned.
"Ah, Ren" she looked in his direction, her general expression got happier like she saw something she really liked.
"Are you ok?" He asked, holding her shoulders and looking for any scratches, probably.
"Yes! I'm fine!"
Only then Amamiya looked in Goro's direction like he didn't notice him coming over.
"Akechi, what a coincidence, was talking about you to Haru just some minutes ago." That was surprising.
"Kurusu-kun, it's a coincidence indeed" Goro answered automatically “What were you saying about me?”
“I had a request for you…”
Haru looked between them, confused "K-Kurusu…?" Her question sidetracked Ren’s main matter of conversation, distracting him, of course.
Ren looked at her, smiling "You see, Akechi here forgets my surname every time we see each other, he always comes up with the wrong one" Akechi didn't have time for his stupid teasing
Haru giggled, a cute little sound that came out of her mouth "Oh! I see"
"Ah, sorry again, I don't know why I can't seem to remember, really" Akechi smiled himself, not mad at the situation at hand, but still in a rush.
"I'm sorry, but I have to get going, it was nice seeing you again… Uhm…" he faked thinking about it, Amamiya crossed his arms, still smiling "Amamiya" he answered
"Amamiya-kun, and…?" Goro looked in the girl's direction, an indirect question for her name.
"It's Okumura, Okumura Haru, nice to meet you Akechi-kun" she answered, very politely. Ah,
Haru Okumura.

Amamiya seemed to have a very particular group of friends around him.
"and Okumura-san. But I have to get going, I have a lesson in..." he checked his phone again, three minutes left, but at least he was pretty close.
"Three minutes!" He said urgently
"Well don't let us stop you" Amamiya winked again, changing Akechi's mood instantly.
He was not sure if it was for the worse or the better.
Goro nodded, waving at them, and left, hurrying over to the main building.

He wondered why Amamiya was friends with Okumura Haru out of all people, they seemed to come from pretty diverse social backgrounds. Then he remembered that Makoto told him that Amamiya was good at socializing, no wonder he would try and go for the richest girl on campus.
Whatever, not his business.



He didn't expect to see Amamiya outside of his classroom when he got done with his last lesson of the evening. He waved one hand in Goro's direction and Akechi got closer.
"Hi" always the silent one in public, Amamiya stuck his hands in the pockets of his jeans, he looked a little embarrassed, which surprised Goro.
"Good evening, to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?" Everyone around them kept walking, again, it was Friday, they probably all were going to their dormitories or outside, Goro himself had plans that evening.
"Oh it's nothing"
thought Akechi.
"Care to walk with me for a sec?" Amamiya nodded towards the exit
"After you" Answered Goro, moving when the other boy started walking.

The sun wasn't setting, yet.
People were walking around, or sitting by the trees, enjoying the last bits of the evening sunlight.

"So, what is it?" Goro asked after a few seconds of silence.
Amamiya scratched the top of his head "Well… You know that I'm the photography department, right?"
"Yes, of course"

They kept walking, seemingly to nowhere in particular.

"I'm sure this will seem like a sudden question but…" That was the first time Akechi saw Amamiya that bashful, it was kind of charming, he thought smiling.
"I need some models, I have project at the end of this semester, and I need a few more options to choose"
Well, he didn't expect to be asked that but considering that Ren didn't tease him, it looked like he considered this to be pretty serious to him.
Akechi thought about it for a second. Knowing Amamiya, he probably had a few more options, so the possibility that he would end up choosing Goro's photos were slim.
He was lucky Goro was in a good mood, to begin with, "And you want me to be one of them?"
"Yeah… If that's ok with you, of course. You can say no" Akechi was sure he didn't really mean it, and that he would look pretty disappointed if he said no. The other boy was looking at him nervously like he wanted him to say yes.
"I need to think this over" Amamiya nodded, looking crestfallen but still hopeful.
"We can exchange numbers, and I will text you my answer, if you wish" Goro pulled out that excuse out of his ass, to be honest. But it was fine, Ren seemed to be ok with that, and at the end of the story, he had his contact, as easy as that.

"Try not to save me as Kurusu" Amamiya added when he saw him typing.
Akechi smiled, locking his phone "Of course, I'm not that rude"

He did save him as Kurusu.

"Well… Thanks, for not saying no at least" That was a weird thing to say thanks to
"Thank you for considering me good-looking enough to be photographed" Amamiya snorted, looking through his lie.
"You're welcome, oh so modest Goro Akechi-kun" he answered, smirking at his stupid joke. Goro stopped himself from rolling his eyes, smiling instead.

"What are you going to do tonight?" Ren asked
"I have some commitments I have to attend to" Goro answered, stopping, they were by his dormitory room now.
"I thought you would have been the type to study all weekend"
"I usually am, but I'm trying to not overdo it. It could be detrimental to my grades if I overstressed" It already happened once, and it wasn't pretty.
His phone vibrated in his hand, Goro looked down to see who was calling him.


Of course, out of all the people that he knew, and there weren’t many, Kuma was probably the only one to still call instead of text.
“I have to go, I’m sorry” Akechi looked at Amamiya with a pained expression.
“Don’t worry about it. Have a nice weekend Akechi” Amamiya waved, leaving faster than Goro could answer.
Someone was embarrassed.

Goro giggled, very charming indeed.