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Musician between doctors

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23 years have passed.  23 years without that one.  Raising 3 children, who were asking where that person was, the person who was supposed to be with them.  But that person is not there.  He died?  Did he give up?  It disappeared?  These were the questions that Lan WangJi asked himself while each time, at 9 o'clock, he put to sleep what his two sons and his daughter

"Wei Ying ... Where are you ... are you good ... have you abandoned us ... are you still alive ... give a sign ..."

  It was the thought he had every night before going to bed.

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16th April 2019. Cloud Recesses residential Neighbourhood.

"A-Yi, A-Zhen, A-Yuan, ready for school" asked Lan WangJi, in his usual monotone voice.

"Yes father" the two youngest replied replied.

"Yes HanGuang-Jun" responded Lan SiZhui.

Lan WangJi waits the three students. The first to come was his daughter. He takes a looks to her, and, again, Lan YiLan, is dressed improperly and "indecent".

"A-Yi, why you are dressed like this? Why you took those jeans on. Your going at school, not hanging out." He pointed at the patch of skin seen thought the ripped jeans.

"Father...I'm going to hang out after the lecture."

"Whith who?" He asked. Even tho he knows one day he will "loose" her, he is still overprotective with all of his kids, especially YiLan, he can't loose them like he lost Wei WuXian 20 years ago.

"With Now MingYu and Jiang LiQin, my besties. We plan to check out the new coffee shop." She said as he went in the bathroom.

"I see." Wangji said as He looked at the top of the stairs looking for his two sons, The oldest, Lan Yuan, courtesy, SiZhui, age 24, adopted after he lost his parents he was 2 years, and his youngest son and child, Lan Shen, courtesy YiJun, age 22, the twins brother of YiLan, he biological son, and the one who reminds him of their "mother", Wei WuXian, not by personality, but by appearance.

As he looked at the stairs, YiLan, courtesy XiuLan, comes out of the bathroom, change into a skirt. Wangjiblooks at her then askes "A-Yi, why you changed?"

"Well...I remembered that today granduncle will be teaching....I don't really want to be suspended from the show...." she knew they Lan QiRen, her homeroom teacher and the biology teacher, will not hesitate to suspend her for not being dressed properly, so she doesn't want to risk anything right now, because, her university will hold a show on the last day of the school year and she has the lead role.

"I see." He said as he looked at the skirt "Too short." H wait pouting at the skirt

"Daaaad, common! It isn't short." She looks at the skirt "It's just to inches above the knee" she said ask she looked he father

"You are just like your mother" he said as he looked again at the stairs.

Soon enough, both his sons came down. The four of them went to his car. They entered in his light blue car. He then took them to university.

Before their arrive at the university Lan WangJi said "Today I'm also on night shift at the hospital. I won't be at dinner. If you need something ask your shiufu (XiChen), zushufu ( Lan QiRen) or your yeye (QingHeng-jun)." He said as he parked in front of the university gate. The three students his nodes and said goodbye to their father.

Lan WangJi then went to the hospital today he was asked to do double shift atvfhe hosptital, since one of his co-workers went on honeymoon.

Lan WangJi was very exigent with his kids. This was only way he knew to raise the kids, but they knew he loved them. But when h3 was doing double shifts, the kids knew that he won't be able to spend some time with them.

At the hospital, lately, wasn't much demand for surgeries, so Lan WangJi also was doing medical check ups. He looks at his family's medical check ups, and sees, one of his kids didn't have this months check up. That person was YiLan.

Lan WangJi reaches for his phone, when it rang. He responds:

"Hello?" He responded with his usual monotone voice.

"Mr Lan, I'm YiJun's homeroom teacher."

"Mn, is there a problem?"

"Yes. We just sent YiJun to the hospital. He didn't felt well during the first lecture, but he denied it. After the lecture, he passed out, so we called a ambulance, and he is on the way there." The teacher said, with a worried voice

"Does his siblings know?"

"No. We don't told them yet."

"Do not tell them yet, I will." He said as he rushes to the emergency rooms.

"Ok." The homeroom teacher hangs up.

Lan WangJi, visibly worried, rushes there, and sees his son being taken there

"What happened to him?" He asked his co-worker

"It seems that he took a big dosage of medicine, which made him in his state" he said as he looked at his superior

Lan WangJi is stunned, he never thought his son could be capable of such things. But yet again, he remembers that he was a absent parent, he knew nothing about his kids, hobbies, relations or addictions.he forgot his promise.

He dazed into nothingness.

Flashback: 15th December 1997, Cloud Recesses residential neighbourhood

"Lan Zhan! Lan WangJiiii!" H male voice called lovingly the name of the medical student.

Lan WangJi comes in a rush down the stairs, and sees someone on the couch

"Are you ok, do we need to go there?"

The other person chuckled as he looked at the worried young man. "How impatient are you Lan Zhan. it's not the time yet. I j7sr called you to talk about it" he reached he's white as snow hand

"Wei Ying, don't startle me like that." He said as he went to I. And sat besides him "What you wanna talk about?" He asked as he l9oked at the other man

"Lan Zhan, you know due day is soon, and yet we didn't liked names" he said smiling at Lan WangJi

"Mn. You thought of some already?"

"You know how bad I'm at picking names, I didn't chose anything. But o know you choose some. I want to hear them" he sad as he cuddled lan WangJi

"Mn. Want to know them?"

"Yeees pleeeeaaaaseee" the other man said as h looked at Lan WangJi.

"Well, I thought about YiJun and XiuLan. What do you think?" He asked with a monotone voice, but with happiness in his eyes.

"Those two are good courtesy names. But we need birth names as well.You know what, I asked Shijie and Jiang Cheng to help me out as well. Shijie suggested to name the boy Zhen, and Jiang Cheng suggested to name the girl YiLan. What do you think?" Wei Ying said smiling.

"If you like them, the this will be his or hers birth name" he said

Lan WangJi, even tho he knew what his beloved Wei Ying was bearing, he decided to keep in secret, and be a surprise for him. All he told him was that there "might" be two.

Three days later, due day comes. Lan WangJi spend 5 hours next to Wei Ying as he gave birth to their two babies, fist a girl, and then a boy.

15th March 2000, Cloud Recesses residential neighbourhood

"Lan Zhan, you need to promise me, please, take care of our kids, do not tell them why I dissapeard, they won't understand. I promise I will come back one day, but please, be in their life." Wei Ying sword to lan WangJi, tears falling down his cheeks. " Lan Zhan, when everything will be forgotten, I will come back, I will marry you and I will be there for them and you, but now, with this scandal, I need to dissapeard for few years. I don't know when I will come back, but I will come. She you need he'll, ask shijie, ZiXuan or Jiang Cheng, if your family can't help.they will help you. But please, be in our kids life" he said as he went to the door.

"I promise, Wei Ying, but come back soon" he said, trying to hold his tears

"I promise, Lan Zhan, I will come as soon as possible" he said as he went out the door and left.

End of the flashback 16th April 2019, Gusu City Local Hospital

Lan WangJi look at at his son, who was in a coma. He looked so much like his mother. This view made Lan WangJi think about Wei Ying.

From behind him, the sound of footsteps which were in his direction could be heard.

"Lan WangJi!" The sound of an angry man sounded thought his ears.

" Jiang WangYin..." He looked at the Jiang businessman as he was aprocjing the doctor.

"How could you be so careless! Have you forgot the promise you made 20 years ago?" Be said as he looked throughthe glass window.

"Jiang WanYin-" he gets cut off my the angry man

"You promised him that you'll take care of them, but you didn't! IF he comes right this mom3bt here and sees your youngest son being in a coma? He won't be happy! You promised him that you will be next to them, but you Burrows yourself in your work! Since he left, you b3came absent in their life!" He said as he grabbed Lan WangJi by the collar

Lan WangJi didn't dared to say a word. He was right, if he wasn't s9 absent, this might have not happened.

"You into know that he was in a relationship! You didn't know that he got his heart broken! You wasn't there to help him out when he wanted to end his life!" He said as the doctor eyes were wide opened

"H-he what?" He looked is shoke at the shorter man.

"It seems, A-Yi decided to not tell you... But yes. He tries to end his life, after his boyfriend betrayed him." Jiang Cheng said as he looked at his nephew.

"That means....He tried to end his life again...." He said to the shorter man

"What?" He looked confused at the doctor

"He took an overdose of medicine." He said as he held his tears.

Jiang Cheng was stunned. Never in a million years he ever thought that Lan YiJun wouldn't ever do such thing. He let go Lan WangJi's collar.

"I know you are sad he didn't came in 20 years. But that isn't a reason to stay away from your kids. Have you ever being at one of your daughter shows, at your youngest son's tennis matches ant your eldest son's fencing competitions. You never. But me, XiChen, a-jie, Jin Ling, ZiXuan, your father and your uncle always went to see them. But still, you are afraid to loose them. I think you are so lucky. If I were them, I would run away from home long time ago." He said as he thinks about how loyal the three kids were.

"Does the other two know?" He asked.

"Not yet. I will tell XiuLan wen she comes to her check ups, and I'll ask SiZhi to come with her here, in order to tell them." He said as he took his phone out. He called his daughter.

"Dad, what's up?" She aked her father as she knew something was up.

"A-Yi, you need to come here at the hospital, you didntvdone your check ups this month. And take SiZhi with you. I need to talk with you two." He said.

"Ok dad, we will come as soon as possible" she said as he hung up.

Few hour later, the two sibling come at their father's office. Firstly, Lan WangJi makes his daughter's check ups, the says the two sibling down. He tells them what happened to their younger brother. As expected, XiuLan burst into tears when she heard her twin was in a coma.

" A-Zhen going to be ok?" She said with tears in her eyes.

"I hope." He said as he let her hands

"I will kill that idiot" she said angry

"YiLan, don't be angry, you'll do stupid things"

"But because of him, my brother is in this state!" She said as she looked at her older brother "I want him to pay! What he done to my twin is unforgettable!" She said loudly

Lan WangJi looked at his daughter. " A-Yi, a-Yuan, we go home. You need to tell me everything what happened." He said as he parked his things and called th2 director of the hospital "Father, Ibwont do double shift this time, I'm sorry." He said as he waited for his father's response.

"I understand why you want to do it. Go home and rest. I will keep an eye on a-Zhen" he said as he hung up.

Lan WangJi and his kids went back home where they talked about what happened and what led to this event.

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20th April 2019, Cloud Recesses residential neighbourhood

Silence. Nothing could be heard, but silence. This was utterly uncommon in Lan WangJi's home. Usually, on weekends, he would sat his kids down and chat with them, but now, since his son is  hospitalized, due to his coma, he had no power to speak to his other two kids. But unlike him, his daughter wanted answers. So she sat down with her father and brother by her side, ready to finally get the answers to her one question.

"Dad. You know what I'm going to ask. So please just tell us" she said it without actually asking her usual question

"A-Yi it's not the time~" he gets cut off by his daughter.

"Father! Enough with this nonsense!  Both Zhui-gege and I are adults. It's time for you to tell us, why mom abandoned us!?" She said angry.

WangJi just sighted. But he decided that he would tell them at some point. Now it's the time.

"Your mom went for your sake. The scandal was regarding both you three and your mom. So he had to go. Your mom tried to fine other methods but there were non." He said looking at the photo above the fireplace. It was a picture of Wei Ying, in high school.

"Why it was also regarding me and my siblings?" SiZhui asked his father.

"Because of the way your youngest siblings were born. You know, men and give birth, but Wei Ying could. That was a big bomb for the gossipers and superstitious people. He knew this will affect you in the future so he wanted you the have a life without worries." He said to his son and daughter, trying to held his tears.

"But why the magazines and the cancan was on him, after ypurvdescrption, mom seems to be a normal man, not a celebrity." YiLan said as she also looked at the picture

"Your wrong here. I just wanted you to know about your real mom, not your celebrity mom. YiLan, do you still listening to WuXian?" He asked as he remebred that she was listening to this pop star's song once

"Yeah, why?" She asked confused .

"Because, WuXian is your mom's courtesy, Wei Ying, courtesy WuXian." He said as he grabbed his phone as showed the a pic of his ad Wei the backstage.

"T-that's mom?" She asked surprised.

"Mn. There is a reason why you like his voice. Your mom used to sang you his song, when you were little" he said as he played a video of Wei Ying, holding the twins and SiZhui next to him on the couch, singing a lullby for the twins.

XiuLan Looks at the video, tears running down her cheeks. "Mama...."

Lan SiZhui looks at his sister and hugs her tight. "Will ever he come back?" He asked his father.

"I don't know" he said as the video stopped

"Dad, did you ever went to his concerts?" XiuLan asked her father as she saw another picture of her mother on her father's screen.

"At each one of them. You also went to one of his concerts when you were little" he said as he showed her a pic of her mom holding her and her twin on the backstage.

The talk continued the whole weekend.

22nd April 2019, University of medicine of Gusu City

The hallways were loud. The news of a new music teacher were rumbling in every students voice.

"Did you heard that the new teacher is very young?" A female student ask her friend

"Young my ass, I heard he us in his 30" to 40". But I heard that he looks quite young and quite handsome." She said as she was imagining the teacher "Do you know his name?"

"Yes, yes! The student president told us that the new teacher name is Wei WuXian"

"Oh my god! You mean that Wei WuXian? The famous singer?" She asked surprised.

"Not sure. We will see. But I heard that the Lan family is acquainted with the singer, so the sibling must know him" she said as she looked at the door as only two of the three Lan sibling passed by.

"Hey hey, what happened to senior brother YiJun, where he is?" Said another girl, who seems to have a crush on the older man

"I don't know, maybe he got sick. Poor him" another girl said

The chat between the "fangirls" of YiJun continues as a new figure passed the hallways to the teacher's room.

"Oh, Mr Wei, welcome." Th3 chemistry teacher greeted the new teacher.

"Thank you Mrs Chan." He bowed respectfully tho the elderly woman

The teachers continued chating until the class's started.

Later that day, it was rehearsal time. So the old music teacher, Mrs Lin and Mr Wei went to the amphitheatre.

There were a all the students who were participating. Even YiLan who wasn't in the mood to sing.

The two teachers aproches as YiLan's eyes grow bigger.

"Good afternoon, kids."

"Good afternoon Mrs Lin" they all greeted her.

"As you may already heard, I'm gonna retire. So today I came with the new music teacher. This is Mr Wei Ying, courtesy WuXian"

He greets them, smiling. The same smile YiLan looked at the whole weekend, looking.

"Let's make a presentation, Mrs Wei won't be as confused." She said as she pointed at YiLan.

She nodded and presented herself "I'm Lan YiLan, courtesy XiuLan, I'm 22 years, I have a twin and I'm a student a veterinary medicine" she said as she bowed to the new teacher. Wei WuXian looked at her with big eyes. He was also holding his tears, only YiLan noticed it.

The presentations continued. But Wei Ying was still stunned.tjem the rehearsal started and he was more surprise to see, his daughter was having the main role. He smiles as he wacherx her sang her parts.

After the rehearsal, Wei Ying congratulated everyone, but YiLan. With her, he wanted to talk to first.

He told her to wait him outside the school to talk. She agreed.

Few minutes later, XiuLan was waiting him. As she waited, she lit up a ciggarette. Yes she got herself a bad having that her father won't agree. She waited and after a few minutes, Wei WuXian comes. He looks at her stunned.

"Mr Wei, are you till going to stare at me?" She said as she finished her cigarette.

"A-Yi...." He looked down to his knees at her.

"No need for explanations. Dad told us already. But it took you too long to come back tho." She said.

"I'm sorry, A-Yi. What about going into a cafe to talk a bit" he suggested.

Th two of them walked to the new coffee shop near the cinema. They remained outside sand sat at a table.

Soon a waitress came and ask for their orders

"A coffee with milk, brown sugar and caramel" Wei WuXian  said to the waitress

"A black coffee" she said to the waitress.

The waitress went inside to bring their orders. In the meantime both of them lit a cigarette.

"You have your father's tastes" he said chuckling.

"Yeah. And my brother has yours. He always drink his coffy with milk and caramel. I hate milk or caramel in mine." She smiled at him.

"Hey... tell me how your brothers and your father?" He asked not knowing about the last week's events.

For a few moments she remained silent, then she spoke. "My brother took a overdose of medicine at week. He is in a coma right now" she said as she looked in another direction.

"What?!" He looks at her surprised "And your father? How he about this, why a-Zhen done this?" He asked.

"Didi did not done this. Tis was a murder  attempt. His ex was so jealous that he put a handful of medicine in his coffee" she said as she knew what really happened. "But I don't have any evidence to support it." She said as he smoke her cigarette.

"I see....A-Yi, did you told your dad?"

"Not yet. I want to find more evidences" she said trying to hold her tears

"A-Yi, I'll help you. But you need to promise me that you won't tell your dad that I'm back yet" he said as he held her hand.

"Mn. I promise" she said.

Then they spoke want they did on the past 20 years, since they saw each other. Wei WuXian, this whole time was in Korea, and for the last 10 years he became a teacher. He didn't want to come back because he wasn't sure about the cancan situation there, but once he heard from Wen Ning that he can come back, he didn't announced Lan WangJi, to make him a surprise. But also it took a while for the procedures for leaving to be done. He always hoped to end faster, but it didn't. He promised his daughter that once they will have arrested that crazy ex of YiJun, he will go and meet with Lan WangJi .

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Since they meet after 20 years, Lan YiLan and Wei Ying always met after school and she gave him any updates about her brother's condition.

29th May 2019, Yi Cafe

YiLan was already waiting for her mom for 30 minutes. Wei Ying finally appeares, tired from running late.

"I'm so sorry, A-Yi..." he said sitting down on a chair.

"No problem mom." She said as she sipped her coffee.

Wei Ying ordered his usual coffee. Then he asked about her brother.

"My brother seem to be improving." She said, but still she seems to be thinking of something.

"YiLan, what's wrong?" He asked putting his hand on hers.

"My brother's actual boyfriend and fiancée... is worrying me..."

"Why so?" He asked.

"He is worrying a  lot... despite the fact that he shouldn't..." she said as she looked at a pic sent by him.

"Why so? Is he I'll or something?" He asked worried.

"No...he is 5 months pregnant... YuHao is like you, mom... when he found out about my brother being in a coma, he was so took a long time to calm him dad, Zhui-gege and the rest of us were afraid that he could loose the baby." She said.

"A-Yi, don't worry, as long as he has all of you, he'll be fine." He said smiling gently.

They continued talking, until YiLan's phone rang. She responds.

"A-Yi, I'm coming back" a voice came from her phone.

"ZhiHao, ok. When?"

"In two days I'll be back" the voice of ZhiHao sounded.

"Ok..see ya then" she said as both of them said good by then hung off

Wei WuXian looks at her smirking. "Who was that, daughter?" He asked.

His question made her blush. "M-m-my b-b-boyfriend...."

Wei WuXian still smirks. "Aaaaaannnd" he becomes clingy "My baby, tell mama about him"

YiLan gets embarased, but talks about him. Wei Ying just smiles.

As they talked, they didn't noticed a  midget come inside. The midget comes closer to them "A-Yi, long time no see" he said scaring the shit out of her.

"U-u-uncle Yao! Yeah, long time...." she said as he got up. She was few inches smaller then him.

"Oh my, Wei Ying, you came back? Where you've been?" He asked as he sat down between YiLan and WuXian

"Meng Yao, yeah, finally I got the white flag to come back...." he said not that stoked to talk with him.

"I see... Wei WuXian, I see to try to get in touch with xiao Yi (little Yi), I think you had already heard what happened to xiao Zhen." He said as he looked at the with his usual "I'm freaking innocent don't blame me b**ch" smile.

Lan YiLan just scoffs. "Of course he knows." She said as he got annoyed by the small man.

"YiLan, are you ok. Why are you mad, tell uncle Yao" he sad at he petted her head."

"Uncle, with all the respect, me and mom were talking something private. I hope you can understand, and if you don't mind, to leave us alone yo co tinge our talk. Don't worry, if I ever need help, I'll ask you. " she said as polity as she could.

Wei WuXian looks stunned at her 'Oh my god... thats really my daughter? Has she transformed into her father?' He thought.

Jin GuangYao looks at her and nods, petting her. The then tells her that he wanted to tell her that he, her uncle and Nie MingJue will be in Shanghai for the next few days.

She nods and said farewell, as he left the coffee shop.

They continued their talk. They payed and then they went at the park and continued talking.

6th June 2019, Gusu's central park

YiLan was walking her dog. She was alone. In the park werentva lot of people, which was perfect in her opinion.

XiuLan loved her dog. Her grandpa, Jiang FengMian, gave it to her when she was 18. The little ball of fur of fur was trained in order not to scare Wei WuXian. So she wasn't barking or jumping n people, unlike her mate, Fairy.

So, YiLan was walking her dog, when out of nowhere comes the ex of her twin.

"Yo! YiYi!" He greeted her with a big fake smile.

"Get lost, fu**er!" She yelled at him.

"Aiya! YiLan common, we're friends"

"My ass we are" she said as her dog started to growl.

"Offf...." he said as he looked at the dog which was visibly angry.

YiLan just looks at him, angry as well, then pops an idea.

"Hey....WeiXun....tell me? You still like my bro?" She asked

"Why of course. Everyday I brought him a coffee when he wasn't in the coma" he said without noticing YiLan's aim.

"I see..." She looks at the phone. "I need to go now, my uncle wants  me to come over" she lied "I'll be off now" she said as she went with her dog.

YiLan,  walked out of the park, while thinking, how freaking earth was to take some evidence regarding the events from two months ago.

YiLan goes back home, leaven her dog there with her uncle, then goes to her brother.

When she arrived, she looks at her brother's inert body. Then she starts to speak.

"Bro... I got more evidence... I know you didn't try to commit suicide. I know he tried to kill you... but still I need more evidence...." She said as he held his hand. "Bro, I host some good news too" she said smiling.

Behind her, her father just arrived, he wanted to check on him, but he saw his daughter.  Lan WangJi stand in the door; looking at them. He also hard what she said.

"I wanted to tell you this since I met that merso the very first time. My dear brother....guess who came back...mama is back" she looked at his smiling and them Lan WangJi wan shocked.

"Bro... mom is concerned about you...he want you to her well...please, wake wants to see you too.

Lan WangJi, walks to them putting his hand on her shoulders. "A-Yi..." She looks at her father, surprised.

"D-did you heard what I said?" She asked

"Mn." He just said.

After a while, Lan WangJi and his daughter leave Lan Zhen alone.

They went out, going to drink something. They stoped at a coffee shop near the hospital. Both, as usual order the same coffee. Like father like daughter.

"A-Yi, are you really sure, that was your mom?" He asked as he sipped his coffee.

"Mn. Even uncle Yao said he was he. I could see in his eyes that he wasn't lying." She said.

"A-Yi, your mother... how is he?" He asked. Finally he will meet his beloved.

"Mom is ok. But he is concerned about A-Zhen... every time we go to drink coffee he asks me for any updates. He is also really concerned about YuHao and their baby." She said

"You told him?" He asked

"Yes, dad. I told him all the rec3nt updates about Zhui-gege, A-Zhen, you, aunty and uncle Jiang and me. He know that you are sad and can't wait to see you. He missed us." She said as she took out her phone. She scrolled through her phone, then she showed a picture to her father. It was Wei WuXian and her.

"Wei Ying...." Lan WangJi looked shocked at the screen.

"Mn. Thats mom" XiuLan said to her father smiling.

Chapter Text

5th August 2019, JingShi residence, Cloud Recesses residential neighbourhood

YiLan was cooking while her father was doing some paperwork, her uncle was taking a nap, her granduncle was marking tests and her future brother-in-law was sitting on the sofa, watching tv.

Since YiLan found out that YuHao was pregnant, she would cook him lots of sweets. Today was no different,  she some Osmanthus cake. He likes her cooking.

It was dead silence on the home of the Lans. Usually at that time, you could hear the twins chatting, or maybe hear YiLan playing the piano in the living room. But since YiJun is in coma, now the their home was the silence of a cemetery.

YiLan finishes the face and brings to her family some.

"Here you go dad. You need to eat a bit." YiLan said to her father

"Mn." He takes a bite out of the cake " Good as always"

"Mn" she said as he then brought some cake to her granduncle

"Thank you, A-Yi." The elder said to his grandniece.

Then she brings a big piece of cake to YuHao.

"Here you go, bro. Eat" she smiled at him.

"Mn. Thanks Shijie." He said as he started dating the cake.

Ours passed, the home was still silent, until a scream suddenly came.

Lan WangJi runs towards his son-in-law.

"YuHao!" He called him as the young man looked at the elder man.

"It's coming....." He said teary eyed

"Let's go in the car" he said as he helped YuHao go to the car. He putted him on the back of the car. Then he went after his daughter

"YiLan!" He yelled after her.

YiLan comes running at her father. "What's wrong dad?" She looked at him worried.

"There isn't much personal at maternity right now. I need you to help him give birth." He said as he looked t her

"What?! I'm just in my 4th year of university?!"

" XiuLan, please door for your brother." He said.

"Ok. Let's go!" She said as she rushed to the car.

In few minutes they were at the maternity. YuHao was taken there and soon enough, he was starting to give birth.

YiLan was helping him to give birth, while Lan WangJi was helping him with moral support.

In the meantime, in the emergency isle, a man goes toward the room where I'm in was. No one was there, just a few ignorant nurses.

That man goes to YiJun. He looks at the inert body of the young man.

"I'm sorry....I'm late..." the voice of Wei WuXian could be heard.

Wow wuxian looks at his unconscious son, teary eyed. "I'm sorry, A-Zhen..." He repeated his words.

Suddenly the sound of footsteps can be heard. Then a gasp.

"A-Xian?" A woman's voice came from behind Wei WuXian.

Wen WuXian looks behind him and sees his adoptive older sister S-Shijie?" He looked at her

"A-Xian...."She comes bear him then caresses his cheek. "A-Xian...your back" She said as he looked at her brother.

"Yes, Shijie." He said as he looked at his son.

"He-" she gets cut off by him.

"I know, A-Yi told me." He said "I'm so sorry... I feel like I failed them..." He said as his tears continued to pour.

"A-Xian, it's not your fault. Even if you were here, he might have done that. That's not your fault. A-Zhen...would not commit suicide tho..." She said.

"I know. A-Yi told me that he might be a murder attempt victim." He said.

"Yeah...Here is a guy he dated. It turned out to be a madman." She said.

Suddenly the phones of both YanLi and WuXian rang. YiLan sent them a message

Wei WuXian's message :"mom, please come to the maternity ward. YuHao gave birth"

Jiang YanLi's message: "aunty , please come with jiujiu, uncle ZiXuan and Jin Ling to the maternity ward. YuHao gave birth"

The two of them look at the text message.

"A-Xian, will you come?"

"Mn." He said nodding.

He kissed his son's forehead as he left the room with his sister

Few minutes later they are in the maternity ward. Both YanLi and WuXian look around and sees Lan QiRen, Lan Xichen, Lan SiZhui and Lan JingYi.

The Lans look at their direction in shock.

"W-Wei Ying" the elder man said as he came closer to see WuXian.

"Yes" he bowed to the elder.

They started to talk as they waited.

"XiChen-xiong, where is YiLan?" Wei WuXian asked his brother-in-law.

"I don't know. She sent us the message, but she is nowhere to be found" he said as he looked at the door leading to the entrance.

Minutes passed and through the entrance door came some footsteps.

Everyone looked at the door expecting YiLan. But no. There were ZiXuan and Jin Ling.

Other minutes passed, and JiangCheng came as well as Lan ZhiHao and QingHeng-jun. But no sight of her.

As everyone came, they looked in shock at the sight of Wei WuXian. Jiang Cheng was as stoked as happy to see him.

Half an hour later, a shocking sight comes out of delivery room.

"A-Yi?!" Everyone looked at her.

"I know. Please....don't say it" she said embarased.

She came out followed by her dad.

"Good job. You Dien a good job, A-Yi." Lan WangJi praised her.

She only smiles as she looked around. "Mom!" She said as she ran towards him, hugging him.

"Whoa! YiLan slow!" He said smiling.

Lan WangJi just looks at them, and waits patiently his tourn to hug and kiss him.

"Wei Ying." He said

"Lan Zhan....I'm sorry I'm late..."

"You aren't late." He said as he hugges his beloved.

"Cousin! Tell us! What the baby is?" Jin Ling impatiently asked.

"A-Xun is a boy" YiLan told out loud.

Everyone went at a restaurant to celebrate the birth of YiJun's son.

In the meantime a shadow looks at YiJun.

"You are still handsome, even unconscious." The shadow said. "How nice. You have a son" he continued. "You should want up soon, or else I might get him bloody." He said. "Come on, Zhen-Er-gege, wake up, and remember, You.Are.Mine." he said as he left.

Back at the restaurant, Wei WuXian explains why he said all this time away. He also said that he didn't want to cut ties, but he lost all the contact information why he was changing his number. He had searched years but to no avail. He also said that he missed all of them.

Lan WangJi looked at him, and for the first time in two decades he smiled.

"Welcome back, Wei Ying." He said holding was WuXian

Who WuXian smiles and huggs his beloved WangJi.

After the dinner has over, Lan WangJi, Wei WuXian, Lan QiRen, Lan XiChen, Lan SiZhui, Lan JingYi, Lan ZhiHao and Lan XiuLan want back In the Cloud Recesses residential neighbourhood.

Lan WangJi was happy that he had finally got his beloved back in his loving arms.

Once they entered the house, everyone went in the living room. There they continued to talk. After four months of silence, the spuds of a happy family came back. But the family was still incomplete. YiJun didn't woke up yet.

Everyone was concerned about him. Lan WangJi told them that he won't let him die.

XiuLan the finally tells what really was up.

"Dad... my brother didn't try to commit suicide again...In fact it was a murder attempt." She said as she looked down

"Who was" XiChen, WangJi and QiRen said .

"I suspect Wen WeiXun, the nephew of RuoHan" she said.

Everyone look at her and nodded. "True. He is a madman after all" JingYi said.

"Even if he us or not. We need evidence. I'll ask Da-ge to help us" XiChen said.

"Mn. Uncle MingJue is dmthey head of the police. And he is also your sworn brother." XiuLan said.

They continued to talk about the matter and decided that the next XiChen will go ask Nie MingJue to help them out.

The next day XiChenwent to his friends home. The talked with his about the matter, and surprisingly, Nie MingJue said that he will help, and he also agrees with them. He also said that he also thought about the can't being a murder attempt not a suicide attempt.

Lan XiChen tanks him and MingJue tell him that he will start in the case.

Fourtenetly, after few weeks, MingJue found that the case of YiJun was one of a murder attempt. But unfortunately, most of the evidence were wiped off by the culprit. He has a few suspects, but he thinks Wen WeiXun is t most likely to be the culprit

Chapter Text

24th November 2019. Gusu City Local Hospital

The eyes are hard to open. A young man wakes up and looks at the ceiling. It's all white.

"W-where....I am...." He said whispering. It was hard for him to get up.

The young man looks around and sees all sorts of things, like flowers and cards.

"How much I've been like this...." He said as he looked at the nightstand besides him. He sees two cards.

First card:"My dear Zhen-Er-ge. Wake up soon. Me and A-Xun are waiting you. Baby wants daddy next to him. Love YuHao"

Second card: "My dear brother. I hope you'll get better soon. In this card I left you a pic of YuHao and your son. Once you'll get up and be better I'll give you all the updates you want. I promise. Love YiLan. P.S. there is someone you've been waiting to see. Remember those days when you stayed on the stairs in front of the door. Yes. He is back."

The young man read and rereads the card his sister left him. Then he looks at the window. Suddenly a flash of memories overcame him.

Flashback: 11th February 2002. Cloud Recesses residential neighbourhood

A young boy sits on the stairs in front of his house looking at the road. The children in the neighbourhood are playing, but him. He seems to be waiting for someone.

Suddenly a boy voice came from behind him.

"ZhenZhen! Come one let's play!" The boy said.

"No...gege I wait mom" Zhen said as he continued looking at the road.

"Ok....ZhenZhen..." The boy said as he entered in the house.

Few hours past, and the sky turned grey. The rain starts fallin. But Zhen continues staying there.

The rain was cold, and soon enough, The five years old gets cold. But he doesn't care.

Few minutes later a car pulls in the driveway. 

"Oh My! A-Zhen" a man ran toward the five years old boy.

"Uncle  I'm ok. I wait mommy"

"Nonono. It is rain. You can wait Wei Ying inside." The man said as he picked up the boy.

The man gets inside and goes in Zhen's room. Then, the man changes the clothes and tries the your boy.

But unfortunately, the boy gets sick. He stais in his bed alone. Suddenly a knock on the door. His sister came to spend time with him.

"Didi, I brought you some lián róng bāo (lotus seed buns). Me and aunty YanLi cooked them for you" the girl said to her brother.

"Sis's pastries are the best" he said as he took one of the buns.

"Anytime. I'll make you all your favourite sweets. I promise" the girl said

End of the flashback. 24th November 2019 Gusu City Local Hospital

The young man remembers all th3 good memories. But his is curious tho. His sister let him know that someone came and that someone misses him. Could be that person.

In the meantime, Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi cake to the hospital to check on Lan YiJun. They go to the room where he was staying. They were holding hands.

They enter in the room.

The young man looks at them.

"Father..." The young man said.

"A-Zhen" Lan WangJi went next to him.

Lan Zhen looks at the men next to the door. His eyes widen.

"Mom?" He said to the man

The man comes closer, tears running down his cheeks. "Mn"

The two older men look at the younger one.

They started to talk. After a few updated, Lan YiJun asked:

"My sister...where is she?" He said as he looked at the magnolia branches in the vase next yo him.

"She is at school. She will come in few hours." Wei WuXian said to his son.

"YuHao? Xun?" He again asked.

"At home. You want to see them?" Lan WangJi asked as he took his phone.

"Mn" he responded

Lan WangJi call as YuHao on video chat. YuHao responded

"Yes, father?" He said whispering.

"YuHao, is A-Xun asleep?" He asked

"Yes. Is there a problem?"

"No. I called you to let you know..." He turns the phone toward his son"A-Zhen woke up"

"A-Zhen?" YuHao looks at the screen, tears running down his cheeks.

"Mn. Can't wait to see you two" he said smiling

24th November 2019. University of medicine of Gusu City

Lan XiuLan walks through the corridor. What phone rangs. She got a message from her boyfriend.

ZhiHao's Message:"wanna hang out after you come from hospital?"

XiuLan responds:"sure. 😘"

ZhiHao:"Ok. See ya at the cafe close to the cinema. Love ya 😘❤"

XiuLan:"Ok babe ❤😘😘😘"

XiuLan responded as another message came this time, it was her father.

Lan WangJi's message: "i asked your granduncle to let you go earlier from the lectures today. He let you. Come at the hospital"

XiuLan Looks at the message confused. She waits few minutes to see if her father corrects his message. But no. Lan WangJi never let her not her brother's come early from school. The only exception were when they were felling sick. She responds

YiLan: can't you want me to come now. I still have 2 lectures to attend"

WangJi: "I know. But it is more important to come at the hospital ASAP"

YiLan looks at the las word of her father's message. "ASAP" he never used this kind of vocabulary. This was more likely to be written by Wei WuXian at lan WangJi's request.

YiLan:"k. I'm coming right there"

He sent the message, then she went to pick her stuff. As she left the university, she lights up a cigarette. 

She goes to the hospital. On the way there; she smoke another two cigarettes.

Once she arrived she went a message to her father.

YiLan's message:"dad I arrived"

Lan WangJi:"Come into your brother's room"


She goes to her brother's room. When she arrived, she seed her twin woken up. He rushes next to him.

"Bro..." She looks at him holding her tears.

" pick up smoking again?" He said as he smelled the smell of the cigarette.

XiuLan blushes. Her brother said it out loud. Apparently he forgot that their father doesn't  know.

"Bro...." She said as he then l9oked at her father, who was livid.

"Bro...I'm coming gotta go" she went to the door but...

"Lan YiLan you sit here" he said

"Yes dad" she said as she put herself next to Wei WuXian

Thankfully, Lan WangJi didn't spoke about YiLan's bad habit. But they continued talking updates which happened in the last seven months.

18th December 2019, Cloud Recesses residential neighbourhood

The home of the Lans was livelier than ever. But the twins weren't home. Only ther uncles and aunty and their parents and their grandparents and grandmother and cousin and brother. They were planning to hold a birthday party for them.

They were planning that since YiJun woke up. So it was approx a month.

They put YiLan's boyfriend to take her on a date and YuHao to go with YiJun and Xun in the park.

Back at home, everyone was fussing around. They made teams. The leaders: Madam Yu, Lan QiRen, Lan XiChen and Nie MingJue. The responsible for the decorations: Lan WangJi, Wei Wuxian, Lan JingYi, QingHeng-jun, Jiang FengMian, Jiang Cheng and Jin GuangYao. The responsible for activities: Nie HuaiSang, Jin Ling, Wen Qing, Jin ZiXuan and Mo XuanYu. The ones with the cake and other sweets: Jiang YanLi, Lan SiZhui and Wen Ning.

Few hours past and the twins with their partners and son/nephew.

Everyone speaks loud saying "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!". The two sibling look at each other. It's been a while since they celebrated their birthday.

They were happy. And yiju was the happiest. This was his first birthday celebrating with his son.

And also this birthday, YiLan's boyfriend askes her hand. Both Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi were looking at them. They knew from the beginning that she will be propose but still, that's not a reason for protective papa bear Lan WangJi to give death glare to his future son-in-law. But unlike papa bear WangJi, mama bear WuXian was just crying with tears of happiness.

After the party was over; everyone went to their houses, except ZhiHao, who "spent" the night with YiLan.

Chapter Text


23rd December 2019. The local supermarket

Lan WangJi, Wei WuXian, YiLan and SiZhui went shopping. Christmas was just around the corner. Lan WangJi got his well earned vacation so he decided to stay home, in Gusu. Not any fancy places he used to go in the previous years.

So he and part of his family were at the supermarket. He decided to separate so they can bring the stuff faster. Lan WangJi was in charge with the essentials items and foods. Wei WuXian was responsible to choose the drinks. SiZhui was taking the meat and spices. And XiuLan was in charge of the fresh veggie and fruits.

As Lan WangJi expected finished groceries shopping less then an hour. Mostly they stand at the queue. I was a long  ass one, which pissed them off.

Once finished, they loaded the groceries into the car and continued shoping. They needed more decorations.

After that they went straight home. They decided to celebrated the holidays with the whole family and with their closest friends. So in the meantime they were at shopping, back in their home, everyone was doing something, like baking gingerbread or putting some of the decorations. Or just slacking off drinking hot cocoa with marshmallows.

24th December 2019. Cloud Recesses residential neighbourhood

There were noises since 6 o'clock. The smell of Christmas filled the home of the Lans. Lan WangJi is cooking alongside YiLan and YanLi. Lan WangJi is the "executive chief" so he tells them "what to do"

"Miss Jiang, if you don't mind, you will yo the main course. I'll help on that too. A-Yi, you will do the sweets. I will help Miss Jiang do the main course and also I'm making the first course"

"Yes dad" YiLan responded.

"Ok." YanLi responded as she picked some lotus roots

As they worked, YiLan looked at her aunt and asked:

"Aunty...Why isn't uncle Yao coming?" She asked her

"I think he said he goes in Thailand with NieMingJue), something like a second honeymoon or something." She said while she was cutting the pork meat.

"I still can't believe they got married. They used to hate each other and compete for XiChen's attention" she said as she remembered how once how he saw him GuangYao try to choke NieMingJue to death.

"That's true. But, in their cate, their aggression toward each other was their way to express their love" she said giggling.

"I think so" she said giggling as well

They continuee cooking and baking, with the additional bowl lickers, first comes Wei WuXian, the  JingYi, then Jin Ling and Jin ZiXuan, then Mo XuanYu and others. Approximately all of them licked the bowls.

Soon the evening came, and they started decoratingthe Christmas tree.

Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi, long time ago, when the twins were just around 15 months old, made a new tradition, the youngest puts the star on top of the tree. Every year, the star yes switched between XiuLan and YiJun, who were the youngest.

This year, the lan family has a new youngest member, Lan Xun. But because he is small, YiJun puts the star for him.

The dinner then starts. Everyone eats and talks about the memories if the past. Then Wei WuXian remembers the first Christmas of the twins

Flashback, 24th December 1997. Cloud Recesses residential neighbourhood

The house of Lan WangJi was a total mess  diapers, napkins, baby clothes everywhere. But the two new parents didn't mind the mess right now. They try to make the two few days old babies fall asleep, so they could start cleaning the mess.

YiJun was fast sleep, unlike his sister who wasn't. But shortly after, YiLan also falls asleep too. Lan WangJi and Wei WuXian put the two babies into their crib.

After they put the two babies into their cribs, Lan WangJi and Wei WuXian started cleaning the mess. After they finished, they started to cook. As always, Wei WuXian tried to put hot pepper flakes in the food, but lan WangJi stoped him, remembering him that their eldest son, Lan SiZhui, shouldn't eat spice food, because he was too young.

After they have finished the cooking, Lan WangJi brings the tree in the house and starts adorning it with decorations and sweets.

Suddenly a soft cry and a louder cry cand be heard. The babies were up. The two of them walk yo their nursery, and sees ther oldest son trying his best to calm them down. The two adult men pick the twins and goes in the living room. Lan SiZhui brings some pillows to put the two infants on, while they continued putting the decorations.

Wei WuXian was holding the top decoration. Suddenly he picks his baby son up and makes a gesture to lan WangJi.

"I think this could be our family tradition. The youngest member puts the top decoration." Wei WuXian said as he held Lan YiJun as the infant was holding the star and place it on the tree. "As the difference between the twins is of a few minutes, they shall alternate, one year one twin, second year the other one" he said.

Lan WangJi smiles and said "then this tradition shall be." She said as he picked the other infant and goes after a camera.

Endof the flashback: 24th December 2019. Cloud Recesses residential neighbourhood

Wei WuXian smiles as he remembered the little faces of his three children at that time.

Fast forward after the dinner everyone gathered in the living. As per usual, they held a Secret Santa.

The youngsters were first. YiJun got his mother Wei WuXian, you  got her uncle, Jiang Cheng, SiZhui got madam Yu, JingYi got Jin ZiXuan, Jin Ling got QingHeng-jun and ZhiHao got Lan WangJi (Poor guy, he got his father-in-law). Then the adults came. Slowly everyone off his/hers present.

They they went next to the chimney. And start talking until spleeping time came.

New Year 2021

31st of December came and everyone was working. Cooking and saying happy birthday to YuHao. Yup. 31st of December was his birthday. B3side the usual cakes and foods, there was also a birthday cake.

Lan WangJi checked the drinks. There was no champagne. Wow wuxian drink it again. He goes to the store and buys 2 new bottles of champagne. He pays and goes back home.

As he entered the house, he is welcomed by utter chaos. It seems he "found" the alcohol thief. His daughter every now and the was running to puke. But still he didn't cate about the lost of that. And on the plus side, she was 23 years.

As the chaos settled down, Lan WangJi looks at his house and sees that it was decorated, but it was messy still. As he puts away the alcohol in the cabinet, he sees a bottle of Emperor's Smile, Wei WuXian's favourite wine. He looks at it and he falls into a memory...

Flashback, March 1997, Cloud Recesses residential neighbourhood

A young man was sitting near the toilet. He felt horrible. He wasn't babies to work on his melodies and singles. He was in this starts for about 3 days. Bed, toilet, bed, toilet, it was an endless cicle every morning. But today, he decided to go to take something.

Lan WangJi didn't k ow that Wei WuXian was suffering of morning sickness. Wei WuXian preferred to not tell him yet, but he already told Jiang YanLi, who was at there to check on him.

"A-Xian you won't be able to go...u brought you one." She said as she hand him a package.

Wei wuxi6an looks himself in the bathroom.

As she waited, YanLi was stoking her small baby bump. She was expecting her first child. Thus was some news Wei WuXian was happy and promised to be the best uncle.

Minutes passed by, and Wei WuXian comes out with tears in his eyes.

"Positive. The tgest is positive" he said as he sat next to his sister.

"A-Xian..." She said smiling "I see your little one will be same age with mine" she said exited.

"Yup." He said

Hours later, a care pulls in the driveway. It was Lan WangJi. Wow WuXian comes at the door. Lan WangJi enters in the house, and is greeted by Wei WuXian who huggs him .

Wei WuXian hands him the the test.

"What's this?" He asked.

"A pregnancy test." Wei WuXian said excited.

Lan WangJi looks at him closely. He sees its not a prank.

"You are...."

"Yes" he said as jumped in his arms.

"Mn. Then no Emperor's Smile." Lan WangJi said

"Eeeeehhhhh, whyyyyy?"

"Dangerous for baby." Lan WangJi said calm.

Lan WangJi sat down with Wei WuXian and begin talk g about all sort of nonsense, from nursery to baby shower.

End of the flashback. 31st of December 2019

Lan WangJi chuckles as he closed the cabinet.

Few hours later and new year arrives.

Usually on this time, YiLan would pull out a prank, but not now. She seems to be calm, but also waiting something. Sh3 was staring at her fiancée, without him noticing her. He was holding a pack she gave him.

"Why you are looking at him like that" Jin Ling asked her

"Just look and see" she said

ZhiHao opened the box, the looks at her with the " you weren't joking, right?" Look on his face.

"Nope. It's not a joke. And I'm sure someone thought I was drinking this morning"she laugh.

Everyone looks at the content of the box. After Wei WuXian looked inside he said "Don't you think is kinda early to give me another grandbaby?" He said jokingly.

"Never is to late to" she said

After YiLan'snews, the party continued. Everyone was drinking alcohol, everyone except YiLan and YuHao, of course.

As per usual, every Lan there or fmdunk after the first cup. As always, Jiang Cheng was much more excited then usual, pick hi wife, Jiang Cheng, and films upstaged. Same thing do SiZhi and WangJi.

As the land were gone, the on her slowly ended the party.

Chapter Text

3rd February 2020, Gusu City Local Hospital

Lan WangJi works like he'll. It waos still the cold and flu season. The hospital was understaffed so even surgeons helped the patients.

As always Lan WangJi kept his attention on his work. But he occasionally checked his phone.

After few hours of checkups, doctor Lan takes a break. So he takes his phone and walks to the maternity ward. There he askes about if his daughter made an appointment. Or if she already made this month's checkups.

"She already came. It's been  a few hours since she left' the front desk lady said the her superior.

"I see... can you tell me some updates about the baby?" He said.

The lady gives him a folder where there were YiLan's checkups. Lan WangJi reads them carefully. After finishing, he thanks her and goes back into his office. There he calls his daughter but she doesn't responds. He tries again, and  again, but nothing. Something was up....

3rd February 2020, central park, few hours before Lan WangJi's calls.

YiLan walks though the park. She was alone. She just came from her checkups and was heading back home.

???:"YiLan!" A male voice calls her from behind

YiLan:"WeiXun! What do you want?!" She snapped as he knew the voice.

The man game behind her and covered her mouth. In few minutes YiLan feels numb, then faints. The man poks her up. Her phone was in her hand so it fell.

Hours later ZhiHao walks into the same park YiLan walked in. As he passed he notices the phone. He picks it up. He looks around but sees no-one. He opens it and sees that it was his sister's phone. It was easy to tell that it was hers. Her lockscreen was a photo of him and her. It had 8 misses calls from their father. He starts to look around the park but no trace of hers. He the take a out his phone and calls his husband.

"Hey, Zhen-Er-gege, what's up?"

"Is my sister back home?"

"No. Why?"

"I found her phone in the park. And I can't find her around"

"Com'on, she might have just dropped her phone."

"Yeah. I'll check if she is with her fiancée."

He hunts up and then calls ZhiHao. Then Wei WuXian. Then Lan XiChen. All their family and friends except lan WangJi.

He calls him.

"Yes, A-Zhen. Is there a problem?"


"What happened?"

" My sister disappeared. I searched everywhere and called everyone. She is nowhere to be found" YiJun said with a sad tone.

"Where are you?"

"In from of the school"

"Meet me in front of the police station"


Lan WangJi hangs up.

The two men go to the police station. There they declare her missing.

Days pass, but no news about YiLan. Everyone was worried, YiLan, a pregnant woman, dissapearing like that is impossible.

But somewhere, in the territory of the Wen clan, YiLan was held captive. Locked up in chains.


" You called, my lady?" Wen WeiXun said, laughing like a madman.

"UNLOCK ME!!! NOOOW!!!" She yelled at him.

WeiXun:"eh that's impossible. Me, nor uncle RuoHan won't let you go that easily."

YiLan:"WEIIIXUUUUUUNN!!!!!!" YiLan yelled

"Don't yell. Stress may hurt the baby"


"Eh~ I have my own methods. However, you won't go outside, until, your brother won't merry me!!!" He said as he left

YiLan was stunned. But the most, she was scared, not for herself, but for her little baby.

Meanwhile, back at the Cloud Recesses residential neighbourhood, back at the Lan residence, everyone was scared and worried.

SiZhui:"Where could meimei be....." he said, worried about the wellbeing of his little sister.

YiJun:"Mn. Sister is in danger. Unhealthy for her" he said. His faces was showing nothing. Few people could tell what he was actually feeling. Without his "translator" he couldn't tell.

ZhiHao:"Wife not not safe...Me....jerk....idiot...nothing.." he said scared and blaminy himself for everything

WangJi:"Not your fault." He said

Everyone was on spike. The thought of YiLan being kidnapped and closed in cold, was braking them by the minute which passed.

Suddenly the phone rang. Lan QiRen responds.

Nie MingJue:"Mr Lan, got news about YiLan"

Lan QiRen:"what's the news, Mr commisar." He said as he put the the phone on speakers.

Nie MingJue:"I got good news and bad news. Which do you want to hear first?"

Lan ZhiHao:"Good news please" he said on the verge of tears

Nie MingJue:"Thanks yo the GPS tracking device located in her earnings, we finally found her location"

Wei WuXian:"And, what's the bad news?"

Nie MingJue:"Well, she is on the Wen clan territory. That territory is hard to enter. So saving her will take some time. It might pass her due day, until we'll be able to rescue her" he said.

Jiang YanLi:"I see... is there aniting that could help to get her out sooner?"

Nie MingJue:"nothing. Until we don't find evidence that can prove that she was truly kidnapped, we can't do anything. We are still searching for evidence, but nothing. The place where she was presumably kidnapped had no cameras, nor her phone showed airing that could incriminate the Wen." He said

Wei WuXian:"Can't Wen Ning and Wen Qing go undercover there, since they are both Wen? It might help with the case. And, Wen Qing is a doctor, so I any case, if the investigation takes longer, she could help her deliver the baby" he said.

Nie MingJue:"That's a idea. Tell them to come at y office, so I could prepare them for the mission." He said excited.

Jin GuangYao:"But still, we need a plan of attack in case they find out what we are doing" he said

Nie MingJue:"True. We will find out later."

Wei WuXian's phone rings. He responds. Then puts on speakers.

Wei WuXian:"Wen Qing just called. Listen what she says"

Wen Qing:"RuoHan called me to tell me to tell me and Ah-Ning, to come back on the Wen clan territory. They want us to help him out with something. Do you know what it could be?"

Nie MingJue:"This might be related to YiLan's disappearance." He said thought Lan Xichen' s phone.

Wen Qing:"Then, me and Ah-Ning will go. She is my goddaughter after all " she said.

Nie MingJue: "But first, you two come at my office, yo prepare you two, with micro microphones and some guns in case."

Wen Qing:"We'll be there by 8 AM tomorrow."

Nie MingJue:"Ok. I'll be waiting then." H3 said as he hangs up.

Wen Qing hangs up as well.

Next day, Gusu City Police Station

Wen Qing and Wen Ning went there as instructed by commisar Nie. The go in his office.

Nie MingJue: " No need for formalities. We need to start your preparation. As early the better."

Wen Qing:"True. What we need to do?" She asked.

Nie MingJue:"Simple. You'll need to come once week or once every two weeks here to rapport. The best is that your brother to come. He won't be suspected, unlike you, miss Wen." He said

Wen Qing:"I agree."

Wen Ning sat ther silent nodding. He listened carefully. He wants to help YiLan, so he needs to listen and do as said.

After the talk was over, They were brought to a room. There, They were prepared to go on the Wen territory There was installed some micro microphones, and they were given some short range guns.

Nie MingJue tells them, that his daughter, an spy, will also come with them. They were told that she will disguise as a maid. Shortly after, Nie MingJue's daughter, from his first marriage came.

Nie MingJue: "She is my daughter, MingYu. She will be there with you. And help you when need. She also knows the plan of the Wen territory; so, in the night she'll check it. She will report everything yo you, and you will register her report. Once you have some evidence you come at me. Once or once every two weeks at me." He said

Nie MingYu:" Yes dad" she said.

Wen Qing and Wen Ning nods. Then they go outside the office and go straight to the train station. They have to go in the ShiaanXi province.

It took few days until they arrived. Once there they went straight to the Wen territory.

After they came there, They are welcomed by their "old friend" Wen Chao and his still mistress, Wang LingJiao.

'I see you got more plastic surgeries, whore' Wen Qing thought.

Immediately, the two brothers were given their duty.

Wen Chao:"You'll tend our prisoner, Lan YiLan. She is pregnant, so she needs special care" he said with his usual arrogance

Wang LingJiao:"What a slut. Getting pregnant before getting married. Omg, I n3ver thought she would be capable of that." She said, with her face angelic voice.

The two siblings nods and goes to the basements, where the Wen clan keeps their personal prison.

There they see, YiLan, one her verge of powers, asking for help.

Wen Qing:"Ah-Yi!" She said as he unlocks the cage and unlocks the chains. "Ah-Yi! Are you ok? Don't worry, uncle Ning and I are here." She said as she laid her on the old bed there.

Unfortunately Wen Qing could tell what they were there, but, YiLan knew, theywere there to help her get out. But she still had a bed feeling.

Chapter Text

18th June 2020. Cloud Recesses residential neighbourhood

Lan WangJi was stressed. Lately, he wasn't sleeping much. Wei WuXian, on the other hand, was spending his days in bed, doing nothing. As long his baby wasn't home, safe and sound, he won't get up much.

Lan YiJun was, unlike his parents, searching a way to get her out sooner. He remembered, her sister had some conversations with WeiXun, which she registered on another phone.

He goes in her room. Now empty. But still, it was preparing for the arrival of his niece/nephew. J3 searches everywhere. At last, he finds in in a box. That box had something written in it: 'use it only in case of something bad'

YiJun opens it. He sees lots and lots of pictures, letters and lots usb flash drives. He takes the box in his room. He carefully checks everything, from pictures to flash drives.

"MOM! DAD! COME QUICKLY!" He called his parents.

Both Wei WuXian and Lan WangJi came quickly, scared.

"What's wrong sweetheart?" Wei WuXian said scared

"I got evidace! We can save sister!" He said.

The two parents go next to him.


"Sister is a genius. She documented and registered every threat Wen WeiXun and his extended family made. She even has pictures and voice calls and video calls" he said.

"Seriously?" Lan WangJi said as he looked at the box. There he sees all sorts of letter and pictures and USB flash drives.

"Let's bring them to commisar Nie!" Wei WuXian said excited.

"Mn. Go change. The we meet at the car." Lan WangJi said as he rushes beside Wei WuXian in their room.

Not even 10 minutes passed, and the three men were at the car. They enter in it, and go to the police station.

As soon as they arrived. They go inside.

"What are you doing here?" A well known midget asked

"Meng Yao! Is Nie MingJue here?" Wei WuXian asked.

"Yes, he, right now gets the report from Wen Ning. Why?"

"We got some evidence, they YiLan collected over the years." Wei WuXian said.

"Seriously?! You!" He pointed to a random policeman "Go inform commisar Nie that the Lan family got some evidence about the on going case."

"Yes sir" the random police man said as he rushes in his bosses office.

After a few minutes, a frightening yell could be here


The scared random policeman came at them and brought them in.

"Where is the evidence?" Nie MingJue said.

"Here." Lan YiJun puts the box on the table, next to Wen Ning's report, who was scared to death by the commisar yell.

"Is this the evidence?! That's a lot! How the hell you gathered so much of it?!" He asked shocked.

"Sister gathered for several years. We recently found it." Yi Jun said. "It seems sister had the felling that one day, the police would get involved in this 'quarrel'" he said

"I see. No wonder that she is so chill now. In the past few months, the reports, it was shown tha5 she was pretty chill. I tjoughtvthat she would try to be chill in order to not loose her pregnancy, which she was about to three month ago." He said.

"What?! Is she ok now?" Wei WuXian asked.

"Yes. Wen Qing is always with her. But, in today's report, Wen Qing states that he has high changes to give birth prematurely. It's no5 known now. But it's very much possible." He said.

"Oh early ..." Wei WuXian said.

"Also, you should start prepare a roo. For the baby, the Wen will try to get rid of it after it's birth. Thankfully, Wen Qing was appointed. She will bring the bay here, crime where, it will be brought to the emergency rooms. Lan WangJi, you need to be there when I call you about your grandchild." Nie MingJue said. "I'll call you a little earlier, when my daughter will inform me that your daughter started" he said.

"Mn. I'll be there" Lan WangJi nodded.

After the finished the talk they were informed that it will pass a few weeks at least until they will analyse the evidence YiLan provided.

The three men, then, went back home. They called a family gathering to tell them the good news.

The next day, in the afternoon, everyone gathered in the Lan house.

Lan WangJi gets up.

"We got news about Ah-Yi." He said without any introduction.

"What are the news?" madam Yu aksed

"Well, they got all the evidence they needed to arrest the Wen dogs" Wei WuXian said happily

"How?" Jiang Cheng asked sceptical.

"Well, yesterday, I searched something in my sister's room and I found a box full of them." You said. "Now everything is analysed by the police." He continued.

"That's grate news!" QingHeng-jun and Jiang FengMian said

"And when will be able to see Ah-Yi?" Jin ZiXuan asked.

"Isn't know yet. But most probably after she gives birth. Apperantly, the Wen dogs will try to get rid of the baby. But thankfully, Wen Qing is bring it to safety." Wei WuXian said.

"Any new about the due date then?"

"Any time. Three month ago, she was about to loose the baby"

"What?!" ZhiHao said, now crying.

Lan SiZhui and Jin Ling are trying to calm ZhiHao down.

"Mn. Let's just happen that he or she won't come too early." Lan WangJi said.

"Now, what we do?" Jiang YanLi said.

"Well, commisar Nie told us to prepare the babies room. But its the best that we will make it unisex for a while." Wei WuXian said.

"Ok. So what's the plan?" XiChen asked.

"Simple. Shijie, Ah-Li, Jin Ling, A-Yuan and JingYi will choose some clothes. Nor a lot. Few. After she or he comes here, we will by someth8 g more appropriate.

"Got it" Jiang YanLi, Jiang-Lan LiQin, Jin Ling, Lan SiZhui and Lan JingYi said

"Ok. ZhiHao, YuHao, Yi Jun, Lan Zhan, Madam Yu and father-in-law will be in charge with the room. Don't forget. No paints are gender indicating stuff yet." Wei WuXian said

"Ok." The six people said

"The rest, help with disguise g the stuff and hide everything. We don't need to be caught by the wrong people." Wei WuXian said

"Gotcha!" They said.

Meanwhile, back in the ShiaanXi province, Wen Qing was tendin YiLan.

"Aunty....when I'll get out?" She asked

"Don't know. I hope soon."

Suddenly, footsteps sounded all over the place.

"Jie! Jie!" Wen Ning called her

"Shhh. What's up?" She asked.

"Soon well get her out." He said as he came closer to YiLan " They found a box in your room"

YiLan slowly gets up.

"They found it?" She asked "Thank goodness" she said weakly

"Ah-Yi, you need to rest." Wen Qing said as she laid her back.

"Mn. I'll be patient." She said smiling "Finally; I'll see mom and dad; and bro, and aunty and uncles, and grandpas, and grandma, and LiQin and MingYu; and Ah-Xun, and my dear weak dummy HaoHao." She said smiling.

She fall asleep then. Wen Qing remained by her side, while Wen Ning goes back.

Few days later, at the Lan house, evwrithy was lively again. But not because of happiness. They had to work. They were arranging a room for the upcoming baby. ZhiHao, once after month of depression; was much livelier, and actually was happy working at his babies room. It seems that he was looking forward to change diapers.

Since he found out that his child will be coming first back home, he started some "parenting classes", teachers, Lan WangJi, Lan YiJun and Liu YuHao. Grate, now poor weak dummy HaoHao is scared to death to make a mistake.

Parenting skills put aside, everyone was looking at what to put I the baby, for the first few days. Something warm and light. Nothing girlish or boyish. ZhiHao actually, joined the shopping group to see what he could by too, ash a present of his baby.

"HaoHao, look, aren't these just so cuute" are reflection of YiLan spoke to ZhiHao, showing him a teddy bear. "I'm sure baby will love it" the reflection said. Its seems that the reflection is her with a big baby bump. " HaoHao, you know... I think its a girl. I heard about those old gender tests. And I made one, it's said it was a girl. Hahahaha, isnyvit funny" the reflection said

"Anityng is good. As long it is healthy and safe" the thought.

The reflection disappears. ZhiHao looks at the teddy bears. From behind him, Jiang YanLi watches him

"Miss Jiang, what do you think teddy bears are appropriate for babies?" He asked her

"Only soft ones. Not furry ones." She said. " Like that one" she pointed at one.

"I'll take that one. I want baby to be happy." He said ad he picked the bear.

Jiang YanLi looks at ZhiHao. She smiles the returns to the baby clothes shopping.

ZhiHao goes and pays for the teddy bears. Then he goes back to the Lan residence.

"Wow! That so by and soooooofffttt!" Wei WuXian said as he looked at the teddy

"For baby. Miss Jiang said it's ok. Baby sit safe with this teddy" he said, sounding like Lan WangJi.

"I see. Let's put it in her room for the time being" was WuXian said

"Ok." He nodded.

Chapter Text

1st Septemper 2020. ShiaanXi province, Qishan Wen territory.

"Aaaaaarrgghaaaahhh!!!!" A loud scream could be heard.

Wen Qing and Wen Ning rushes to the source of the sound. It was YiLan. It seems the baby wanted out.

"Aunty....What I dooo....It pains like heeeeell!!!!" She screamed out of pain.

"Firstly, calm down. Secondly, lay in the bed. Thirdly, WEN NING BRING MY STUFF NOW!!!!!" She said

Wen Ning bring her stuff. Then he goes up and brings some warm water as well.

"Ok. From here, do as I tell you."

"Ok..." YiLan said in pain.

Meanwhile, Wen Ning was going at MingYu, who was disguised as a maid

" your dad. The tigress is heaving the cub" he said in another words to not let the other Wen know about the upcoming baby.

"Gotcha!" She said.

In all this time, YiLan was swearing all over the place.


"Good words, wrong location. But continue to push. Swear if it hepls" Wen Qing  said, quite proud of her goddaughter's words.

YiLan continued swearing and pushing. Blood was all over her blanket. But who cares. Hours pass, but nothing. Poor YiLan was tired as hell. She was in pain, stressed, and also lost her voice while swearing RuoHan.

Meanwhile, back in the main part of the Wen territory, Wen RuoHan sneezed.

"YiLan, one strong push." Wen Qing said.

YiLan tries to push as hard as she could.

"I see the head!" She said smiling.

YiLan, when hearing that, pushes as hard ash she could, to get her baby out, safe.

"One more, and it's out" she said

YiLan gives one more strong push. The baby came out, safe.

"Girl!" Wen Qing said, giving YiLan her baby.

"Hey... baby...." YiLan looked at the little pink creature from her arms. "Finally I see you..." she smiles.

"So, you know what name you want her to have. I'll pass it to your family when I go with this little one." Wen Qing said

"HuiAn. The last character is after ancestor Lan An." She said

"Cute name, for a cute baby" she said.

Wen Qing left for a few more minutes. YiLan needed to stay a little longer with her little baby, before Wen Qing took it back to safety.

After 30 minutes, Wen Qing goes, and takes the baby. YiLan kisses the baby one more time, the wishes luck to Wen Qing.

She then covers the baby, to feel cozy. Then she and Nie MingYu go towards the JiangSu province.

2nd September 2020. Gusu City Police Station

Wen Qing and Nie MingYu arrive at the police station. They enter there, where, Jin GuangYao was waiting them anxious.

"Daddy Yao!" MingYu said, to let him now they were there.

"Ah-Yu! Miss Wen, you arrived  thank God you all are safe. Now, we're is the little baby?" He asked

" Here. Better not uncover her. Is too cold for her." She said showing him the big blanket.

"True. From here, I take it. You go back to the Wen territory. When YiLan feels better, tell her that soon will get her out. There are just a few formatilies yo be done." She said taking the baby.

"Ok. Thank you, detective Yao." Wen Qing said as she went back to the Wen territory.

Then him GuangYao took the car, and flees to the emergency room. Once he arrived, he sees Lan Xichen.

"Er-Ge!" He calls him out

"Ah-Yao. You got it?" He asked looking at the blanket.

"Yes. You go bring it to warm. It's little after all. By the way. I saw, in between the blankets, there is a letter. Be sure you read it." She said serious

"Ok. Rest assured" he said as he gunned back in the hospital.

Lan XiChen, then, run to the maternity. There, Lan WangJi  was waiting along YiJun, YuHao, Wei WuXian and Lan ZhiHao.

ZhiHao is the one who spotted him first. He gets up and goes to XiChen. He gives the bundle of blankets to ZhiHao. He quickly removes the blankets, and sees his little baby, sleeping soundly. He also sees the letter, Jin GuangYao was talking about.

Lan XiChen opens it. Then he reads it aloud.

"My dear dummy HaoHao,

I hope you'll be a good father for our baby girl. I hope I'll be back soon to see you both. I leave you choose the name, but I also want to give you my idea for her name.

Well I thought of HuiAn. I hope you will choose the best name. I can't wait to hear your idea and what you chose.

                                     Love, YiYi"

ZhiHao was in tears. He looks at his baby daughter.

"HuiAn will remain. It's way better then he name I chose. She is Lan HuiAn. My baby" he said gently hugging her, before giving her to go put into an incubator and to be examinated.

Then, one by one, Wei WuXian, Lan WangJi, Lan YiJun, Lan XiChen and Liu YuHao  came and congratulated him. They all went back home, but ZhiHao. He stayed, and looked after his daughter.

5th September 2020  Gusu City Local Hospital

Everything was packed. Diapers, bottles, formulas and clothes. Baby HuiAn was coming home. ZhiHao didn't left her side at all. He held her stroler, bags, everything. His baby was safe with him.

But he wasn't alone. Jiang YanLi, Jiang LiQin, Jin ZiXuan, Liu YuHao and little toddler Xun came as well.

"Mama! Mama! Baby!" Little Xun said as he looked at his cousin.

"Yup. And you, as her older cousin to protect her, ok?" YuHao said.

"Yes!" He said excited.

"When you'll  be a little older." ZhiHao said.

Then, they went straight home. Jin ZiXuan and Liu YuHao were cautious, and looked around, yo not be seen by the Wen and their allies.

Once arrived home, Wei WuXian was all over the baby, who was sleeping soundly.

"Let's let her sleep. It's for the best if she sleeps now." ZhiHao said

"True. After all, it will take a few days until her mom will be back" Lan WangJi agreed nodding

"I'll go put her into her cradle" the young father said as he took his girl up in her nursery.

He comes back in the living room. There, everyone was sitting silent.

"What's up?" ZhiHao asked looking at them.

"Nothing. Just waiting for news." Wei WuXian responded.

Suddenly, someone was knocking on the door. Lan YiJun goes to respond. He opens the door, and the view isn't nice.

"Zhan-ge, what's up?" The man standing before Yi Jun said

"What do you want, WeiXun?" He asked pissed

"Ah, nothing. Just wanting to see if you are ok. I heard that your sister dissapeard. I got really worried. So I came to see if you are ok." He said in a sweet voice.

"No need your concern. Go away!" He yelled at the shorter man.

"Ok, ok. But, for you to know. I know where she is. And I know where her baby is. So if you don't collaborate with me, you won't see them alive.

YiJun just closed the door in his nose. The situation was so amusing. He himself said that he knew where "they" were, and to top of this perfection, it was registered by the camera.

YiJun goes back, and looks at his parents.

"It was WeiXun, and he just admited that he knows were sister is."

Everyone just laughed. How stupid you have to be to admit a kidnapping. He was truly stupid. Now they have the evidence to lock him up, behind the bars.

They, then, went to the police station, with the camera footage. There, it's analysed and then they file a report on him. He had no chance to escape this time.

As they went home, Wen WuXian spotted something. It was a grin. A very, very well known one, to say the least. A old friend of Wei Wixai decided to hunt him a bit.

???:"Senior Wei! Long time no see!" He younger man said to Wen WuXian

Wei WuXian: Long time indeed. How have you been. I heard you've been disciplined by Song Lan a lot.

???:"Discipline. Well I call I fun. After all, in three is better then in two." He said smirking

Wei WuXian:"A lan Zhan is better then a Daozhang and a ZiChen"

???:"I anyway you lie. Cause non of us know about each others partners. And their sex drive."

Wei WuXian:"Indeed, Xue Yang."

Xue Yang:"Eh, and how you've been. Me, Daozhang, Song Lan and Ah-Qing are planning to visit you someday" he said

Wei WuXian:"Eh...noting much. Some quarrels here and there, not biggie." He said

Xue Yang:"I see. But I heard little Ah-Yi dissapeard. Is she ok. Daozhang id really worried about her" he said looking at ZhiHao, who was occupied with the baby

Wei WuXian:"She is ok. She needs to rest."

Xue Yang:"Oh. Is she sick?"

Wei WuXian:"Nope. She needs to rest because she recently became a mother."

Xue Yang:"oh! Awwwww. Boy or girl?"

Wei WuXian:"you'll see in a month."

Xue Yang:"oh. I see. Then see ya at the party then. Bye!" He said waving at then, then waving at the little baby.

Then, they webtvstreight home, where they were waiting for news.