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    Magnus thought he knew everything there was to know about Alec Lightwood.

    Chapter 1-Square Filled: Free Space
    Chapter 2- Square Filled: Star Gazing

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    “Mmm, darling, your son is crying.” Magnus smacked his lips together as he shuffled around on his side of the bed, hand reaching out to nudge his husband awake.
    “Oh he’s my son now is he?” Alec sounded amused and wide awake, something that always made no sense to the warlock.
    “Like you always say, before the sun rises he’s your kid,” Magnus muttered as he squinted at the dark outline of his husband who was rising from his side of the bed, not even rubbing at his eyes, in fact, he looked more awake than he did at noon.
    “I think Maxie maybe a night owl like me when he grows up, you’ll never get your beauty sleep then,” Alec said teasingly as he dropped a gentle kiss to Magnus’ forehead, chucking when Magnus made a pleased noise as his eyes closed fully.
    Magnus knew he would be up to join his husband soon, he could never stay away from either of them for long and his heart swelled with the thought that his husband and son were a mere room away. It was something he never thought he would have in his lifetime, but here he was and it was still something he was getting used to.
    “Why are you shining?” Magnus whispered, as his mind raced to find out the cause and why Alec seemed so calm about this.

    “That’s what I do Magnus, it’s what happens when I am truly and completely happy,” Alec whispered as he planted a kiss to Max’s soft hair before he settled Max back down in his crib. Alec glowed a bit brighter as he watched Max squirm and then settle down to sleep.

    Alec grabbed his husband’s hand and tugged him out of their son’s room and then through the living room out onto the loft’s balcony.

    “I don’t understand,” Magnus said slowly as Alec leaned against the railing of the balcony with his head tilted up towards the sky, the sky that was unusually clear that night and the stars twinkled from their place around the moon.

    “I honestly thought you knew, being a Warlock and all. I never tried to hide it away from you, no matter what my family told me to do, well other than Izzy, she loved seeing me shine.” Alec said sound far away as the light from the night sky seemed to reflect in his hazel eyes.

    “I’m afraid you may have to spell it out for me darling,” Magnus stepped closer, interest piped and suddenly all he wanted to do was increase the shine that was slowly fading from Alec’s body.

    “Robert and Maryse’s firstborn was Izzy,” Alec said quietly and Magnus startled slightly in confusion.

    “I came into their life when mom was pregnant with Izzy,” Alec said almost fondly as he thought back to when Izzy was a baby.
    “How is that possible?” Magnus whispered and latched his fingers onto Alec’s hand on reflex and relaxed slightly when the fading glow increased.

    “Valentine was a twisted man as you well know, he had a lot of obsessions and I happen to be one of them. I fell by accident, I got to close and I fell. He was the one who tracked me and found me; Maryse got me out and took me into her family on the condition I looked after her unborn child. I agreed and became Alexander Lightwood, changing my appearance to match them and everything fell into place and I became their first child. Who I was before wasn’t something to ever mentioned or talked about again. I managed to keep a lid on it for so long, but now… I can’t stop it anymore.” Alec whispered as he tightened his grip on his husband’s hand.

    “You said you fell… You got to close?” Magnus whispered a few moments later, trying to absorb this new information.

    “I know you can figure it out Magnus, what shines?” Alec turned to face his husband; still radiating silver light in a way that had Magnus’ magic was reacting intensely. Suddenly all at once, it hit Magnus like a train and he regained his magic back.

    “A star,”

    Alec just smiled serenely before looking back up into the night sky that was full of stars while Magnus stared at him.

    “I love a star,” Magnus murmured in amazement.

    “I’m still me, just a bit more… Shiny.” Alec’s lips twitched as he suppressed a laugh at Magnus’ amazement.

    “Well you know me, I’m a sucker for pretty, shiny things.” Magnus wrapped his arms around his husband, tugging him down for a kiss. A kiss that was full of love and acceptance for what Alec truly was.
    When their kiss broke, Magnus smirked when he saw the pink flush on Alec’s pale cheeks and the way the halo of silver light was borderline blinding now.

    “Oh yes, I do think I can get used to this.” Magnus purred before pulling Alec down in for another kiss.

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