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I'll miss you, Little Bunny (erotic Lincori)

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Lori Loud was very nervous.

In just two days, she would move to begin university. A new life, friends and situations. Perhaps even a new boyfriend, because her relationship with Bobby Santiago could not stand the feelings that Lori hid in the depths of her soul.

However, that wasn’t what made her nervous. The point was that Lori was tuning details, to fulfill the most twisted and perverse plan that devised in eighteen years of life.

She tried the drink again, and this time was satisfied.

The drink was delicious. Now she felt pretty sure that had managed to hide the slight taste of liquor. Lincoln wouldn't notice anything until it was too late; until he was completely in her hands. Now, she needed to await only a few minutes. Her brother would soon arrive, and they would have the pleasure that Lori had dreamed for long time ago.

Lori thought about that, and her cheeks were covered with an intense blush.

"I'm a damn perverted! A fucking cradle robber!" she told herself, and it wasn't the first time.

Lori looked at the drink. Lincoln had not yet arrived. She was still in time for stopping the terrible plan that she devised to take advantage of her little brother.

But… She really didn't want to do it. She didn't want to stop. Something inside told her that Lincoln had some feelings for her. If she didn't do it at once, she would regret it for the rest of her life.

Lori closed her eyes for a moment, thinking about her only male brother. The boy changed a lot in the last year, growing more than eight inches and his voice swelled; giving him a manly looking that he’d never before.

But that wasn’t she liked most about him. What attracted her most, what really drove her crazy, were those childish features he kept, and made him look still like an adorable white bunny.

He loved those upper teeth that still stood out. Her soft and beautiful white hair. His taste for the game, and his beautiful, ever present smile.

Lori´s face turned red again. She had to admit it: Lincoln liked her since he was a child. And she liked her bro because he was a child. It was true since Lincoln was baby, when they played together and Lori covered all his face with her kisses. And when he was a children, on the days when the boy received cookies in exchange for hugs and kisses in the mouth.

Over the years, it seemed that Lori had finally got rid of her perversion. When she turned to preteen, she could see Lincoln as what he really was: his younger brother, worthy of all her care and respect. But in fact, she never managed to completely suppress her feelings for Lincoln, and hid them behind a mask of anger and hostility.

But her little brother was so good, so condescending and cute with her… Lori couldn't always be mad at him, no matter how hard she tried. And in the last months, everything went from bad to worse. As Lincoln becomes more handsome, her feelings increased; her desire grew. Every time that Lincoln had a tender detail with her, every time the boy helped her with something, Lori felt that her desire and love for him increased more and more.

The worst was the previous month, the night that Lori he had an erotic dream with Lincoln. In that dream, Lincoln kissed her entire body; penetrated her and left her relaxed and satisfied. Surprising to herself, upon waking Lori didn’t feel guilty, but wistful; anxious. She would have loved that her dream became reality.

It wasn’t the only time she had that dream. And there was something more.

Since a few months to ago, Lori noticed that Lincoln looked at her body every time he could; when he thought that she couldn't see him. More than once, his gaze had been lost between her boobs, on her legs or her butt; especially when wearing a dress or skirt with a flight.

Of course, that didn't bother her. Instead, she looked for chances to flirt with Lincoln. Lori was delighted seeing that she wasn’t indifferent to him. That game only increased her own sexual desire; and finally, the game became so intense that Lori began to think about ways to take Lincoln to her bed.

After all, why not?

She loved him; and now was sure that, at least, she was attractive to Lincoln, too. It was all about breaking prejudices. She needed to fill him with irresistible desire, destroying all barriers, to enjoy together their bodies with love and feverish passion.

What was the easiest and safest way to achieve it?

There were several ways, but her time was running out. She was about to go to University, and her trips to the house would become too sporadic. In the meantime, Lincoln would surely get a girlfriend, and stop to looking at her forever.

So, Lori needed to use the resources that she had. The simplest way was to give him a strong liquor with a very soft flavor. Since Lincoln liked fruit juices, he surely wouldn't resist sharing a drink with her on a hot day.

And there she was, dressed in a sexy but discrete way. Her plan seemed to go well; Lincoln would come home from one moment to another.

That day, the whole family would go to see the grandfather Pop-Pop’s game. But Lori visited him with Lincoln the day before, pretending to have to conclude a project for university admission and requiring Lincoln's help to do it.

His brother agreed, as usual. Lincoln had been to Clyde’s house for a while, and after that, he had all the noon to help Lori.

The blonde girl listened when the front door opened. She smiled, a little nervous. It was not possible to go back.

“Lori, I'm here! I'm ready to help you!

“Linky! I'm here, in the kitchen!” she answered.

Lincoln entered, and his jaw almost went to the floor. Lori was dressed with a mini-skirt, and a low-cut fitted blouse that showed part of her beautiful breasts.

The girl smiled when she saw her brother's face. However, she didn’t make any comments, nothing that could bother him. Everything had to look natural, non-planned.

“It's hot, isn't it, Linky? Don't you want a glass of cold juice?

She give him a large glass, full and with lots of smashed ice. Lincoln took it and suddenly, the glass seemed even sexier than his beautiful sister. He drank more than half of its content in a single drink, and Lori felt worried. According what she know, two glasses were the maximum for a boy of his brother's age and complexion. Fortunately, Lincoln slowed down, and after finishing the content, he asked.

“What did you put on, Lori?

“Eh...” the girl replied, nervously. “Why do you ask?

“Because it's delicious!” Lincoln said, in excitement. “Could you give me more?

The girl laughed with pure relief, while filling his glass again.

“It's orange, tangerine, grapefruit and pineapple juice; with a little of water and sugar, little brother. Oh! And the secret touch: sugar and lots of ice. Take another and now, because I want to save a little for mom and dad.

Lori also served to herself. The drink was really delicious. Now she had to hurry, because they would soon manifest the effects of drunkenness.



“This is… rare. I feel like... I don't know. Like a heat in my stomach that goes a little down from me. It’s not weird?

"Mmm... Maybe I put too much sugar on it" Lori lied. “Look, we can work in your room, if you feel more comfortable. Relax a little before I arrive, because I want to show you something.

"Okay" Lincoln replied, and climbed the stairs to his room. At the end of the stairs, he began to feel a pleasant feeling of heaviness. A strange joy, which made him smile for no reason.

Already in his room, he felt a little dizzy. The feeling was pleasant, but it was hard for him to stand. With a little difficulty, he took off his shoes and lay on his bed. Surely Lori wouldn't mind. They had time: Grandpa's game wouldn't start until half an hour.

Lincoln had never felt this way. The dizziness didn’t diminish, but the slight feeling of euphoria either. He tried to calm down, but then remembered nonsensical things and began to laugh.

“Are you okay, Linky?” he listened, in the distance. “What are you laughing at?

Lincoln heard his sister's voice. How strange... suddenly, Lori's voice seemed to come from far away. It was soft, caressing; It almost didn't seem to be her voice. It was like the sexy voice of a very sexy woman.

"Yeess..." he replied, and gave another slight chuckle. “Is that ... I remembered a joke that Clyde told me.

“Okay, I want you tell me. I'm coming, Linky” said the girl.

Lincoln smiled even more.

How nice is my big sister!”  he thought. Suddenly, he felt a little sad “Is it because... she is leaving? I will miss her a lot... Yes. Really a lot. My big, beautiful sister...

His thoughts were somewhat confusing, but his emotions were genuine. He was sad and happy at the same time. When they finished working, he would suggest that they play a video game. He wanted to spend the rest of the day with his big, beautiful sister.

"Here I am, Linky" said Lori, crossing the doorway.

Lincoln looked at her, and almost lost his drunkenness. His older sister was wearing a red bikini that left very little to the imagination. The beautiful swimsuit highlighted all her physical attributes.

Lori placed her hands on her hips, in a very suggestive posing. The girl felt very happy when she saw the reaction that caused in her younger brother. The boy had his mouth open, and that helpless expression on his face made him even more adorable to her eyes.

“What's up, little brother? Do you like what you see?

“L-Lori” the boy blabbered. “Why you...” he said, and could not continue. The slim, but curvy silhouette of her sister stole his reasoning and thoughts. He had seen her before in a bikini; but he never realized that Lori had become such a beautiful and sexy woman.

“Yes?” said the girl, without abandoning her suggestive pose.

“You ... you ... Wow!” without being drunk, Lincoln would never dared to say anything, for fear of Lori’s reaction. But this time, he just couldn't help it. Lori had impressed him like never before, and his tongue seemed to have come alive. “Sis, You… You look so beautiful!

“Awww! Thanks, Linky!” said the girl, with a chuckle. A beautiful blush covered her cheeks and part of her chest. “It is very hot. Surely, you don't mind me being like that, right?

She slowly approached the bed, and sat next to the boy.

"No... not at all!" he replied, but can’t take his eyes off her wonderful body.

Lori touch the Lincoln's face, and ran a hand through his hair.

“Are you feeling well, little brother? You look a little... red.

Just at this moment, Lincoln felt enough pity to look away. But he couldn’t control his mind, nor his desires.

“Yes, Lori. Is only that... Sorry, but…You're so beautiful, and me…

He couldn’t say more. Lori took her cheeks, and looked at him with a radiant smile.

“I-Is it true? Do you really think that I look pretty, Linky?” said the girl, happier than ever.

“You're beautiful, sis” Licoln whispered. He never known how he have the guts to add: “If you weren't my sister, I...

He held back, fearing that he had already said too much. He expected that Lori wouldn't get very angry…

To his total surprise, Lori stretched out on him; and put one of her cheeks together with him.

The boy gave a groan. His sister's wonderful body was very soft and warm. Her smell was unknown but delicious. His sister's reaction made him feel happy, excited; but a little scared, too. However, his fears began to dissipate when Lori took him from the cheeks, and began to kiss him gently on the face.

“Linky ... do you know that you look very cute and handsome to me? You always looked so handsome to me, you know?

Lincoln tried to answer. But was prevented by the gentle contact of her sister's lips covering him.

What a feeling! Lincoln had never felt anything like that. His shy kisses with Ronnie Anne had no comparison. This kiss stole his breath; made him feel dizzy. His desires and passions began to awake.

Soon, Lincoln began to correspond. The sensations were so intense, that he never had a chance to questioning the morality of what he was doing. His sister's lips felt so good... Lori kissed him like an expert, and he didn't have to do anything but let go with her.

The girl didn’t take too long to start down with her kisses to his neck, skillfully using her lips and tongue to produce exquisite and unknown sensations on her brother's body. The boy began to gasp, and Lori felt that her brother's dick begin to get erect, pressing against her belly.

“Linky, I'm going to take your shirt off to make you more comfortable, okay?

“Mmm...” the boy whispered. He was so lost in pleasure, that didn’t resist. Immediately, Lori began to run her hands and lips all over the boy's torso. His skin and aroma ignited her, she couldn't believe that this much desired body was finally at her disposal. Her hands descended slowly, and she stroke the penis over Lincoln´s pants. Her tongue played with the skin of his brother's chest and nipples, and her hands struggled to unbutton his pants and slide it quickly across his legs.

Only at this moment, Lincoln felt a chill of guilt. He tried say something, but his sister realized and silenced him with her kisses; making a special game with her tongue to excite him a little more.

At that moment, pleasure and alcohol made that Lincoln lose his senses. He extended his arms to touch his sister's body. His hands circled her thin waist, and perched on the smooth and prominent hips of the girl. Lori felt the contact of the boy's hands on her skin, and she felt really happy. She knew that the game was over with her victory. From that moment on, the difficulties were overcome. Now they would walk the way of pleasure together.

She attacked his brother's neck, chest and mouth. His skillful hands caressed Lincoln's penis over his underwear. Lori descended little by little, covering the skin of his chest and belly with saliva. She went up again for a moment, to give him another kiss on the lips, and then withdrew his trousers with a quick movement. Lincoln helped her, raising his hips. The stiff penis jumped from his confinement, and the girl looked at him with approval.

Lincoln´s dick wasn´t really big, but he had enough to satisfy any normal girl. And without a doubt, it was more than acceptable to her. Lori took it firmly in her hand, while covered his brother with kisses and caresses. Soon she felt ready, and slowly came down to give a gently kiss on the tip of that member. The penis was already protruding from the foreskin, and its slightly musky scent excited her even more. Lori covered the tip and trunk of the member with kisses, and soon consumed her desire to take it completely into her mouth.


Lincoln tensed, groaned, and shouted with pleasure. The most sensitive and excitable part of his body was wrapped and dampened in the heat and softness of his beloved sister's wonderful mouth…


(To be continued...)

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Lincoln get carried away. He´d never experience something like that. His sister gave him a wave of continuous pleasure, skillfully manipulating his masculinity with her lips and tongue.

From her first times, Lori had always enjoyed oral sex. She loved to receive and give it, too. On this special, long-time desired occasion; she enjoyed her brother's rod, applying all her skill with care nd love. She knew that was the very first time of Lincoln, but she knew that drunkenness would make him to resist for more time.

So, she gently kissed, sucked and licked the trunk, the head, and the frenulum area. Lori realized very quickly that the frenulum was her brother's most sensitive point; and skillfully stimulated it with the tip of her tongue.

Lincoln was in heaven. It had been several months since his sexual curiosity had aroused; but he never suspected that sexual stimulation could produce so much pleasure. His throat gave a continuous moan, and he had to bite his lips to avoid moaning louder.

He looked at Lori. His sister gave him the most erotic show of his young life. She was sucking his dick completely, sticking it in and out of her mouth, as if it were a lollipop. Her beautiful, narrowed eyes looked at him, and her delicious turned-up butt looked exciting and tempting.

Lincoln began to moan louder, and Lori realized that he would no longer resist. So she stopped, and got up just enough to undo the knots of the bottom of her bikini. With quick, but delicate movements, Lori straddled Lincoln.

The boy was a little surprised by the way things happened. He knew that his sister was preparing to receive him inside, and felt a chill of anticipation when he realized that was about to lose his virginity…

The penetration was wonderful, apotheosic for both. Lori was perfectly lubricated, and the small entrance of her vagina did not put any resistance. The beautiful girl descended slowly, and was soon comfortably impaled by her brother's hard rod. Lincoln would never forget that feeling, the indescribable moment when a warm and wet vagina received him for the first time in his life. The sweetness of entering the body of such a beautiful woman; the pressure, the warmt… The feeling of that narrow cavity giving shelter in his sister’s body. It filled him with a pleasure and a joy that he never imagined. But above all, he would never forget Lori's pleasure face; her eyes closed, her beautiful lips barely opened, and the moans of pleasure that would soon become a symphony of continuous delight.

“Ooohh, Linky!” exclaimed Lori. “You don't know how long I waited for this!

They stood still for a moment, completely absorbed in the delicious sensations. Lori began to move slowly, biting her lips at the immense pleasure of the friction of that penis inside her. She looked at Lincoln for a moment, and realized that he saw at her with desire and pleasure. She smiled slightly, and with quick movements, she got rid of the top of her bikini.

The boy thought that he was in heaven. The delicious massage that his little sister gave him was only part of the pleasure. The other was the sight of her wonderful body, that swayed gently on top of him. Everything were incredible on that perfect body: the magnificent belly, the brightness and slight blush of the skin, the beautiful face of his beloved big sister... It was impossible that anything better could exist.

When she took off the top of her bikini, Lincoln understood how wrong he was. It was the first time that he saw live, naked breasts. Lori's medium and erect breasts seemed carved by the Gods. Lincoln instinctively extended his hands to touch them.

God... That softness… The tact of the nipples; the adorable way they filled his hands. Lori began to move faster and stronger: Lincoln's hands on her breasts excited her. She needed more and leaned down to offer her nipples to his brother’s mouth.

Again, the boy did not need to be told what to do. He caught one of the nipples with his lips. The girl gave a deep groan of excitement, and Lincoln lost himself in sensations that didn't let him think of anything else. It was as if the entire universe was the delicious nipple that filled his mouth. So firm and soft... And the exquisite aroma of the skin, and the sensation on his lips and tongue! The nipple adjusted perfectly to his mouth, and he began to suck gently.

Lori get lost in the pleasure. The triple sensation was too much for her. Lincoln's mouth stimulating her breasts, his hands running and tightening her hips and her ass; and his tight rod caressing her depths... And as if that were not enough, all that was being done by that little man whom he had desired for a long time.

The orgasm was complete, devastating, and almost simultaneous. Lincoln´s ejaculation was so abundant, that he thought he could never finish doing it. And Lori, feeling flooded by the warm essence of her brother, also reached the culmination. Her shout of pleasure was so loud, that Lincoln feared he had done her some kind of damage. But the girl dropped onto her brother's chest, and gave him a soft kiss on the lips before rolling to rest next to him.


They stayed in calm, trying to recover from the intense experience. Lincoln was fascinated: he had completely recovered from his dizziness, and enjoyed remembering the exquisite sensations and the wonderful body of his big sister.

"So, this is making love!" he told himself, and understood something that he would never forget in his life: sex was wonderful, a source of pleasure. But the pleasure was much greater, when you did it with someone you really loved. Someone very important and valuable to you.

A very light noise interrupted his thoughts. It was the sound of sobs. He turned around, more worried than surprised; and found that Lori was lying on her side, crying quietly. As if she didn't want Lincoln to find out.

The surprise was so great, that the boy hugged her right away. He stuck completely to her, without any erotic intention.

“Lori... Sis, what's wrong? Why are you crying?

The girl felt the contact of her brother's body. She felt so bad and guilty that, she might have rejected him at another time. But not now. After all, Lincoln was not to blame for anything. Lori had to gather all her willpower to turn, and look him in the face.

There was her little bunny; with that look of concern that he always had for all his sisters.

Lori couldn't stand it. She closed her eyes, and held on the arm that covered her body.

"Oh, Linky!" she whispered. "It's just that... I ... I... I'm a m-monster! A damn pervert!

“Lori... Don't say that!" Lincoln said, desperately searching for the right words to comfort his sister. "You... You gave me the most wonderful experience of my life! You didn't do anything wrong!

Lincoln's tender words made her feel even worse. New tears sprouted through her eyes. She had to say the truth, even if Lincoln hated her forever.

"Little brother" Lori said, facing him. "Of course, I did something very bad! You felt dizzy at first, didn't you?

“I... Yes, of course. You put too much sugar in the juice, right?

"No" said the girl, looking down. "I put liquor in the juice... I got you drunk, Linky! Oh, what a fucking beast I am!

Lori was struck by a new crying attack. She covered her face with her hands. Lincoln was upset and sad, how he hated to see her like this! The boy thought as fast as he could. He needed to say the right words.

But Lori wasn't finished. The girl turned towards him, and Lincoln could see her face, stained with tears and makeup.

“That was wrong, I know but... Linky. I love you in this way, so long ago... I wanted to do what we did. I didn't have the guts to tell you, because... I was afraid you would reject me...

The girl couldn't keep talking, because she started crying again. Now, she expected Lincoln to despise and accuse her. But instead, she felt that the boy's arms surrounded her body, and the contact of his warm lips over her forehead.

“Lori, sis. Look at me. Look at me... Please.

She opened her eyes, not knowing what to expect. Lincoln looked at her with a tender smile.

“It´s okay, sis; don't worry. You are not bad. I've something to tell you.

He paused to wipe her face from tears and makeup. The girl looked in surprise. She expected Lincoln to be angry or disappointed; but instead, he kissed her in the lips, and hugged her tightly.

“It is true. Sometimes, you are mad, bossy... Even a little mean. But you're always for us, Lori. You want the best for us, and you are very tender and loving when you want. Just as you were with right now, little sister.

Lincoln kissed her cheek, and held her beautiful face in his hands.

“Maybe we don't start it in the best way, but ... I loved everything we did. The way that you seduced me... You were so loving, and tender... I'm so glad I had my first time with a girl as cute and loving as you, Lori! You really made it so beautiful for both of us! Maybe this isn't right... What society approves, but... Don't they say that your first time should be with someone you love? And who can love me more than you, who have proven it to me so many times in my life?

Lori felt that her heart gone to explode. She never expected that Lincoln were so emphatic, nor he could tell her those tender words. She dared not to believe it, and was afraid to talk; to break the charm. Tears threatened to sprout again...

But Lincoln gave her another surprise. He released her for a moment, putting a finger on his lips. He located his pants, seek in his pockets, and pulled out a small cellophane bag.

“Will you allow me your hand, sis?

Lori obeyed without thinking. Excited, Lincoln pulled out a gorgeous golden bracelet with an engraved plaque, and put it softly on her hand.

“I wanted to give it to you tomorrow, Lori. But I know you should receive it today. I want you to always remember us, wherever you are. You are going to go far, but as long as you have it on, your whole family will be with you... I will be with you, sweety.

As Lincoln spoke, he was more and more excited. His eyes filled with tears, and his heart was full of feeling. He held Lori’s hand in his; the bracelet looked wonderful on that thin, beautiful hand. Without hesitating, Lincoln placed a kiss on the back of that hand.

“I love you, Lori. Don't forget it, please.

Still unable to believe, Lori looked at the bracelet. It was made of gold, and the plaque was engraved with their last name, "Loud". It must have been really expensive.

Lori felt so moved that rubbed the bracelet against her cheek. She turned to look at Lincoln. The boy was smiling at her, his eyes full of water beads.

He looked so handsome... so cute...

Her cute, white bunny.

They threw themselves into each other's arms, and began to fill their faces and lips with kisses. Their feelings were so intense that overflowed their bodies. Before they could even think about it, they delighted themselves with passionate kisses; hugging each other tightly, and receiving intense, exquisite caresses.

Soon, the passion and desire caught them again. They did make the love with their beautiful, young bodies; prompting themselves with words that no one had taught them. Their union was natural, spontaneous. Their mouths were lost in their skins, in their intimacy, and in their lips. Lori received all Lincoln's love anxious, proud and grateful. Finally, she had the love of that little man who had conquered her heart long time ago.

And Lincoln, totally lost in that emotions and sensations, understood how much he loved his big sister. How special she was for him, and knew, from the deeps of his soul, that no woman in the world could take the place that she had in his heart. 


“Do you know, Linky?” Lori said, totally satisfied for the first time in her life. “I will miss so many things about you. I love your smile, your hair... Those beautiful bunny teeth...

"Oh, Lori..." the boy whispered, his face completely red. “You are embarrassing me, you know.

“Why? You're cute” the girl sighed, stroking her brother's face. "I will miss you, Little Bunny. I'm going to miss you a lot, when I'm in college.

“Me too, sweety. I'll always thinking about you. I guess you're the only woman who likes my teeth. 

"Linky, dear" Lori replied, giving him a soft kiss on the lips. "If a girl doesn't like your teeth, she doesn't deserve you. Never forget everything you're worth, dear. And remember that I will always come back to love you, Little Bunny.

Lincoln smiled, and they engaged in another beautiful exchange of kisses and caresses. Perhaps with more time, they would have been carried away to make love for the fifth time. They were young, healthy, and full of desire for each other. But they knew that the family was coming. Maybe the next day they could have a few minutes alone, and they would let themselves be dragged back by romance and passion.

Lori picked up her bikini to head to the bathroom, while Lincoln removed the sheets from his bed.

“Give them to me. I will take them to my room, and wash them tomorrow. Nobody messes with my linens, you know.

"Okay" Lincoln said, smiling.

The girl received the bundle of sheets, thinking about how incredible all that was. She was naked before her brother, without any shame. It felt so natural to stand that way with Lincoln! Nothing similar had ever happened with another lovers.

And best of all: Lincoln didn't seem ashamed, either. Lori couldn't help to go by his side to hug him, and enjoy his lips one more time.

Lincoln watched how Lori leave his room. It felt amazing, wonderful. The boy hugged himself, just to feel the smell of Lori impregnated in his body.

“How I would miss her, my God. How I was going to miss my Lori!

At the last moment, Lori turned around to send a kiss with her hand. Lincoln pretended to take it, and placed it on his own lips. Just before she got lost in the shadows of the hallway, Lincoln had a final image of her mouth.

That beautiful, perfect mouth. That velvet lips barely opened. The door through which Lincoln said farewell to his childhood…

Chapter Text

Trembling with excitement, Lincoln put the last of the suitcases into the car's luggage carrier. He was about to fulfill a dream caressed for almost six years.

He was going to live in Detroit, with Lori: his dearest sister; his friend and lover.

Lori completed at brilliancy her university degree. Then, she made a specialty and performed so well, that one of her professors recommended her for a high administrative job in large transnational company. Lori had excelled in her work, and in a very short time, she was able to buy her own, spacious apartment.

So, it was easy for her to convince their parents that Lincoln could going to live with her, for studying at Detroit. His good results on the SAT test gave him a more than enough score to be admitted into Michigan State University.

What his parents and the rest of the family didn't know, was that he would get much more than a high-level education.

Lincoln’s thoughts were interrupted for the feeling of nails caressing suggestively in his back. Then, a sweet voice whispered in a very low and discreet tone:

“Do you have everything, dear? Can we go?

“Of course, sweety. Let's say goodbye to everyone.

Lori passed her hand discreetly over his back; winked, and went into the house.

Lincoln watched her as she smiled. He was excited, and very amazed at the way that things had happened during the last six years.

Surely, nothing would have been the same if Lincoln had not spoken with his sister heart to heart; on that noon when he knew with her the delights of love and sex. That talk turned down all their fears and doubts. Lori left the house happy and calm, knowing that her little brother also loved what he did with her. The beautiful bracelet he gave her helped Lori to keep it in mind all the time.

The weeks she spent without seeing Lincoln were like a torture. But when she visited the house, Lincoln and her searched for a chance, and gave themselves such a generous dose of pleasure, that wrote their names in their hearts, forever.

On those years, both of them had suitors and lovers; but no one of them who could displace them in their thoughts and emotions. Lincoln spent some time rejecting the girls who approached him, until he was the age to travel alone. Then, it was no longer difficult for him to visit Lori every weekend; pretending that he was going to see a girlfriend at Hazeltucky.

Lori also rejected many suitors. She even was the fiancée of one of them; but that lover can’t make her to forget Lincoln. So, she decided that it wasn’t worth trying to find love with someone more. Why to do so, if her beloved little bunny was so loving and tender; and gave her all the sex and passion she needed?

As time went by, they had more options to maintain their discrete and clandestine romance. Lincoln visited Lori on Sundays, at the campus dorm. As he could demonstrate that Lori and him were siblings, obtained access to her room. And since Lori’s roommate was never on weekends, they spent all their time locked up and loving each other.

When Lincoln turned fourteen, his body began to change dramatically. He grew up, and in less than a year he exceeded Lori's height. He went to the gym, and soon his body and his bearing made him appear older than he was. Thanks to this, it was no longer difficult for them to enter in a motel. So, they could spend up a weekend together.

Whit their feelings all clear, they dreamt about how wonderful it would be to live together, as a real couple; but they didn't find a realistic way to do it. They hadn’t a stable job, and there wasn’t a true reason for Lincoln to leave the family home. When Lori finished her studies and got a job in Detroit, they both saw the skies opening. If Lincoln scored well on the SAT, he could be admitted at the best university in the state. Lincoln could live with Lori, in her new apartment; and she could help their parents to pay for Lincoln’s studies.

Of course, Lincoln studied very hard. He would never miss that opportunity to move with his more than loving sister. After so many months of effort and waiting, they were finally about to do it. In a few minutes, Lori and Lincoln would say goodbye to their family, and would begin the journey to their new life… Together.


As expected, the family gave them many kisses, hugs, tears and good wishes. They pretended look sad and resigned; but in fact, their inner fire were consuming them. They were desperate to start their new life together. They had waited for so long!

The kisses and hugs of his relatives went on for a long time. Everyone cried over Lincoln's departure, especially Leni and Lily, now a charming girl who adored her brother. However, in the end, everything was said; and Lincoln and Lori left to board the car, to start the short trip to Detroit.

"Is better if you drive, dear," said Lori, handing him the keys.

Lincoln was a little surprised, but understood Lori’s point. They had talked a lot about it. If they wanted to be a real couple, they needed to forget about their siblinghood and build a really equilibrated relation.

They took the highway, speaking and throwing themselves suggestive glances. Lori was dressed in her everyday style, with shorts and her eternal sleeveless blue shirt. Lincoln couldn't help looking at her from time to time: years were very generous with her. Lori had become a wonderful, breath-taking woman; full of curves and beauty.

At one point, Lori started to stroke his thighs over his pants. The girl pretended to speak casual, very concentrated; but her smile and her face were a seduction poem. Lincoln began to sweat cold, and even more when Lori's hand began to caress his penis. Skillfully, she lowered the zipper, the boxer, and exposed the more than respectable penis of her lover.

Lincoln was about to lose his mind. Her sister's warm and delicate hand moved smoothly, displaying all her skill. Lincoln’s dick was already fully erect, about to take full control of his actions. Something very dangerous on the road.

“Lori...” Lincoln began, and grasped. He attempted that Lori remained calm. But she ran her fingers under the head of Lincoln’s rod, right where she knew he was most sensitive.

“Yes? What's up, my love?” said the girl, initiating a firm and vigorous masturbatory movement.

"Don't do that..." Lincoln said, anticipating what he already knew would happen next.

“What? I'm not doing anything wrong, are I?” -said the girl, just before bending down to capture the member with her velvet lips.

Lincoln let out a groan and almost closed his eyes. His sister had become an expert in fellatio, and her mouth produced him indescribable sensations. Aware of the danger, Lincoln tried to take Lori’s away, but the feeling was so delicious that he could only caress her soft, golden hair.

“Lori... No! It’s dangerous!  We could have a c-chrash” said the young white-haired man, between sighs.

The girl took off for a moment for answer.

“Then, park and put the protectors. I have a fantasy with you, and I going to fulfill it right now.

Lori returned immediately to her delicious work. Lincoln knew that it would be worthless to argue, so he parked with all the care that his excitement allowed him. Fortunately, the margins of the road were adequate.

Almost without knowing what he was doing, Lincoln put the glass covers. At that moment, Lori pulled away, took a pair of glass covers and quickly placed in the remaining glasses. They can’t be seen from the road, but the sounds and movement produced by cars passing at full speed shook them at every moment.

Lori quickly took off her blouse and bra, and seized her lover's rod again. Her technique was exquisite. She knew all the weaknesses of his lover and the most pleasant ways to stimulate him with her mouth. Feeling much safer, Lincoln finally gave up and dedicated himself to enjoying the wet caresses of his sister. The pleasure was so great, that he knew that he can’t resist more. Just before he reached the non-return point, Lori pulled away. She began to take off her undies, and whispered urgently:

“Move to the back seat

Lincoln obeyed. He barely had time to take off his pants and boxer when Lori pounced on him, completely naked.

Immediately, her dick was sheltered by the warm vagina of her beloved sister. They kissed intensely, as Lincoln took her from the hips to bury her as much as possible; as far as he could penetrate. From time to time, they shouted in delight; and Lincoln took in his mouth one of the glorious nipples that caressed his chest.

Lori turned around, and impaled deeper on the hard stiff rod. Lincoln clenched the beautiful breasts that filled his hands. He bit Lori on the back and neck, while the girl raised her arms to hold her head. The screams of pleasure could be heard outside the car; and soon Lincoln was pouring his masculine essence into the lovely receptacle of his lover.

They stayed for a moment, resting from the intense experience; but both were still too excited. The fact that a road patrol could pass by, far from deterring them, increased their excitement. The intense swaying movement produced by the cars made them move, increased the contact, and led them back to the paroxysm of excitement...

Lincoln ejaculated three times without completely losing his erection, before they felt satisfied. Then, the lovers put their clothes in order, and continued the journey.


“Everything is ready, dear? said Lori, hearing Lincoln approaching hers.

"Yes, Sweety" he replied, wiping his sweat with a piece of cloth. “I'm going to take a bath and I'll be with you right away, okay?

Lori pulled away from the stove, and hugged him tightly. Lincoln protested.

“Lori! I'm dirty and full of sweat!

“And so what?” replied the girl, looking for his lips. “I am too. Come on, Linky! I’m not the same picky brat that I did years ago.

“Well... It's just... I can’t believe it. I can´t believe that we are finally going to live together, Sweety!

She smiled, and Lincoln gave him a passionate kiss. She corresponded, and when they parted, Lori gently touched the tip of his nose.

“Come on, dear. Let's eat, okay? After the double workout, I am really hungry!

“How double... Oh!” said Lincoln, and his face blushed.

"You look beautiful like that, dear. So red!" Lori said, kissing his burning cheeks. “We don't have to feel ashamed for anything, Linky. No more!

“Okay, Sweety.

They kissed again, and take seat to eat. Now that their house was ordered, they no longer had to worry. A lot of things were put in the room they would share; but another part of Lincoln's stuff was in another room, just in case one day they received non-expected visitors.

Everything was ready. They wouldn't have any worries in the next two weeks, until Lincoln started at university and Lori's vacation ended.

All the food, they were talking about the future, the university and her work. What awaited them in the coming months and years.

“I know you will do very well in college, dear. And I will, too. If we do it right, I am sure that when you finish, I can help you to get into the company. And I will get them to give me a promotion, and send me to one of those venues in Sweden or the Netherlands. You know, where they tolerate brothers to live together.

Lincoln looked at her. He was very happy. Lori really thinked about a future at his side.

As if she could read his thoughts, Lori took his hand and looked at his face, smiling.

“Linky, my love. Of course I want us to be together! I literally can't think of anyone but you to be with me. Becoming brothers was the worst joke of the fate. You know what I tried, but... Never...

She didn't need to say more. Lincoln knew it all. They had overcome it together, several years ago.

“I know, Sweety. You don't need to remember it. I think I fell in love with you, since that noon…

“I even before. Maybe since mom and dad took you to the house...

They smiled. Lincoln approached, and their lips melted into a tender kiss.

“Do you think that they will accept us as a couple, one day? Our family, I mean.

Lori sighed.

“Leni and Lana, of course. Lisa and Lucy, probably. Luan will see it as a very bad joke. Worth it, to tell the truth. The others, along with mom and dad... They may never accept it.

Lincoln shrugged.

“Nobody knows where they will find love... I hope they come to understand that. But if they don't... I feel so sorry for them!

"Of course" said Lori, taking one of Lincoln's hands to kiss it. “Are we going to bathe? I want to lie down and rest.

Lori got up and walked down the hall. Her suggestive look was eloquent. Lincoln smiled and went to catch her. Lori entered the bathroom slowly, winking, stripping her blouse...

Lincoln began to shed his clothes while admiring the precious body of his beloved Lori. The next two weeks were going to be memorable.