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The Game

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“This ring holds the key to so many questions; we need to find out its history where it's from” Macy looked perplexed at the ring between her fingers.

“A problem spell” Harry answered.

“This ring holds the key to so many questions; we need to find out its history where it's from” Macy looked perplexed at the ring between her fingers.

“Yes, rip out its essence,” his pain chocked out the words “just like me”

“what the elders did to you” her voice softened at the realization of how much what they did to his cut deep “to make him

“You felt something for him didn't you” pain stretched words left his mouth “my darklighter,” he spat the word out.

“I... I don't know what I felt,” Macy stuttered out.

“You liked him” his tone growing mildly hostile at the thought.

The thought of Macy being attracted to his other half, wanting his other half in more ways than mere verbal intercourse ballooned what part of his whitelighter nature to fill with the venom of the worst kind. The venom only humans and demons could muster into existence without the use of magic. This venom could turn the closest and warmest of kin-ly blood to the coldest of ice. Its toxicity was deadlier than mixing bleach with ammonia the reaction which creates chloramines.

“Harry,” Macy's mildly stern voice quelled the growing venom swelling in his throat “he was a piece of you.” her voice sweetly said as she tried to reassure harry.

“Yes,” the reminder cut into his heart “because that's all I am now... pieces” harry defeatedly retorted.

His heart and mind both shattered by the truth he had been discovering since his time in Tartarus. What was he now, all he knew of whitelighters how and why they were created?

The painful silence after his words felt eternal though only being a mere 3 seconds, the room felt frozen.

The whitelighter was supposed to be a guardian angel who protects and guides good witches and future whitelighters. His kind was to protect and nurture them for their intended destiny. He was told that person can only become a whitelighter when he or she is destined to be one and fulfils their destiny in life, thus being given the choice to be reborn as whitelighters or move on to the afterlife upon their death. His past told him otherwise he was a crook, an adulterer, and a deadbeat father, not the makings of Angel material. So why was he chosen to become a whitelighter?

“ Let's get on with it, shall we?”

Burying his pain ever more deeply walking to the other end of the command centre leaving the room in silence.



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Macy and harry walked into the command centre. harry was two paces behind her hanging on each word.  



"So Jordan's cursed to die on if not before his 26th birthday, and Maggie possibly saw a premonition of it happening," Macy said pacing the command centre.

"yes, Well... ” before harry could continue

"I mean is there no way to stop it, to save him?”

“The type of magic used to be created that spell was death.” a tone of mild sadness left his throat

“death?” she inquierd 

“Yes, the witch in question knowing her death was imminent used her own life as a sacrifice to create the cures.” he stated as the steped down the stairs

“and with the three of you not having your magic back in full and without the power of three.” Harry paused sombrely. “I am afraid Maggie’s vision will come true.”

“ I see...” she stated in disgust

“Shit! I hate this, I hate not having my powers back, seeing all the damages magic has done and not being able to do anything about it.” Macy shouted throwing books off the table as her eyes tinted faintly yellow-orange. “my demon powers allow me so much and now more” slumping heavily into the chair.

“ I feel so broken,” at her words she watched Harry’s face saddened

“oh, harry I didn’t mean…” she straightened towards harry who was leaning against the work table his arms flooded eyes cutting into the stone floor.

“it’s fine Macy I understand what you meant and I take no offence by it”

As Macy reached for his hand harry walked away from her before she could reach it. Harry walked towards the door back to safes pace.



“harry wait”

“I just need some air”

Macy slumped back into the chair at the table lightly slamming her head into the desk as if it were a pillow. Staring at the wall searching its crevasse for an idea away to help harry.

Harry was broken, to find out what the elders did to him, to see his dark side manifested having its own corporal form with a mind of its own. To watch the woman you care deeply for want him instead. She didn’t want dark Harry, she wanted harry.

Macy thought darklighter harry, no not harry, he was Jimmy. Harry was the good side of James henry Westwell.

Jimmy was seductive, bold, selfish and charming, at some point within that moment with him she did want him to rip her clothes off and ravish her. Why? She loved harry, so why did she want sex with jimmy more?

Reflected light bouncing into her eyes. There was something there, a box at least from where she sat neatly tucked under the table beckoning to her curiosity.

 Putting her questions and worry for harry aside, Macy stood up and went over and took out the dust-covered box. The oak wood was beautifully carved, she could not read the inscription which covered the lid.


The box was now clean Macy had spent the best part of 2 hours cleaning the box using brushes getting the dust out of each small indentations, using a damp cloth to pick up and wipe away the glued down excess dust.

Macy searched all the relevant books within the command centre none of them had the knowledge of this language the internet provided no resolution. There were no leads sitting at the desk has stiffened her muscles to feel near to being resurrected from rigor mortis, standing up Macy's bones creaked as she stretched.

Harry had spent his time walking around Seattle trying to get his darklighter's words cleaned from his head to no avail he only ended up wallowing in his own inadequacy. he wondered if Macy and his darklighter do something that she hadn't told him,  Did she enjoy it, would she enjoy it with him.



"You will never be enough for her" the words bellowed in his head again.

Harry entered a barren command centre moving to the consoles he spotted a note written in Macy's hand



*Found something interesting gone home to check the books at home for more information on it I found none in the book of elders and to clean it up more P.S harry if your reading this come home urgently *

instinctually Harry snapped his fingers orbing to the attic only realizing how smoothly he did it mild excitement filled him,  his powers were getting stronger. This quickly faded as the attic was dark cold and importantly empty.



"Macy?" he bellowed as panic filled his mind of the thought that his darklighter had returned.

Snapping again he popped into Macy's bedroom. The soft sound of Chopin at low volume filled the room, soft light came from behind him from the desk lamp. Turning around with the first syllable of Macy's name about to exit his lips.  harry came head-on with a bent-over Macy her butt high in the air giving him the full view of its curves her thighs. Harry could feel himself begin to stiffen both in his resole and below the belt. The proper British gentleman in him wanted to turn away and alert Macy of his presence, the broken parts of him wanted to prove his darklighter wrong. To take Macy to the bed across from him and show her that he was better than his opposing half.

Macy stood back up her muscles still soar



"Harry!" Macy jumped back,  catching the glim of him in the mirror "you scared me" her voice broke as she tried to catch her breath.

Macy's fright hit harry snapping him out of his hormone-induced fantasy plot to prove that he was the better version.



"oh... my apologies, i.."

"It's ok, I'm just glad your back" realizing harries dismay and panic,

"you said you needed me urgently?"

"yes, look what I found after you left"

Grabbing Harry's hand excitingly leading harry to the table where the box neatly sat on the vanity.

I cleaned it up as best as I could but, I don't understand the language" running her hands over the box "I have looked everywhere: books, internet, the only source of knowledge I haven't questioned is you" smiling at him through her ramble.

Harry picked up the box, his face lit up in amazement. 



"And, you just found it randomly?"

"Yes, Why? do you know what it says?"

"yes!" shifting the box in his hand examining each crevice.

"Its Enochian..." "the angelic language, as Illevaihcam is the demonic language, Enochian is the angelic language. only angles such as whitelighters can read it" staring at the inscriptions on the lid.

"What does it say?" Macy bobbed excitedly leaning into Harry's arm looking passed his shoulder. 

A mix of sweat and Acqua di parma Colonia, his favourite cologne never leaving the house without a lather of it on. Macy felt safe and calm by his sent.

A wif of pina colada hit his nose he wished at that moment to bury his face into her hair he wanted nothing but to be one with her.



"it says odo ol, odo ge, odo without ah key ge ds biah kures wish de uran a vaoan g ge souls without iehusoz.  zarman ge dreads, denials od desires ca capimao stands still.  ge sign ge names de play oi game till ge geh free"

"Harry," Macy smile "English?"

"Oh yes, my apologies, Open me, open we, open please, open without keys. we who stand here wish to see the truth in our souls without reprieve. show our dreads, denials and desires as time stands still. we sign our names to play this game till we are free."

reading it again carving on the side of the box began to glow faintly unnoticed by the pair, a loud 'click' was the only sound to fill the room. taking the box from Harry'slong fingers, the lid was now loose. Macy placed the box back on the vanity




the sound caused Macy to be taken aback



" what was that?"

"I do not know, but it sounded like it was coming from outside," Harry said pacing towards the right window inching from the vanity.


looking out, smoke could be seen ejaculating from the muffler of a 2015 red Toyota Corolla.



"It is just a car muffler, Macy" harry reassured 

Macy calming at Harry's assurance of safety Macy inched to open the box when its lid flew it head back revealing its contents to be a wooden void. the box began to glow again finally being noticed by the pair, the house shooks in perfect synchronicity with the box.

Almost instinctively Macy who had been thrown onto the floor stood as best she could, leaping forward to the lid, slamming it shut. As the lid was closed peace returned to the floor beneath their feet.



"I think we should place it in the attic in a crystal cage just to be safe until Mel and Maggie get home" Macy huffed tiredly holding onto Harry's arm.

"I believe you are right" an out of breath harry agreed

a wave of tired overtook the pair, harry who was now holding the box orbed them both to the attic. a stumbling Macy took out the five white crystals and laid them in the shape of a pentagram an electrified force field then engulfed around the box.

pulsating waves of sleep hit Macy in an unfortunate soothing pattern which only made the lust for sleep deepen.



"harry can you orb me back to my room I feel as if attempting to walk down the stairs will only end up with you healing break my neck," Macy said using a table to stabilize her rebellious legs.

"Of course love, we should check the book of elders again in the morning" yawning the word out as he put his arm around Macy's waist helping to stabilize the toppling woman then snapping his fingers.

As they disapparated into the room, Macy lunged for the bed with each breath sleeps hand grew to tighten around her. the sheets warm embrace filled her with relief but something was missing a nagging feeling of uncomfortably wained on her.



"I should get to my bed before I collapse as well" harry disappointingly stated

As Harry took a step toward the door the floor came to meet him in its delight.

swiftly sitting up and removing her v-neck medium sleeve shirt to revile a thin spaghetti strap underneat, laying back down quicky bundling herself with the cover as harry attempted to recover his bearings. Macy shifted to look over the bed to harry who was using the dresser as a cane propping himself up.



"I should orb instead, probably safer" harry snapped his fingers and disappeared only to reappear in the same spot exceedingly disoriented.

"you can stay here tonight I don't mind, " her grogginess becoming evermore present. 

"I do not wish to impose, it would also be very inappropriate for me to share a bed with you in this state" harry stated the shock of the offer awaked to harry slightly.

"Harry, I'm too tired to mind and you wouldn't be imposing" Macy pat the empty side of her bed as her last words as sleep engulfed her befor harry could protest more.

using what balance he had left he climbed into the bed taking care not to impose himself onto Macy. He was so close to her hair its sent was soothing like a lullaby. every breath sent him deeper into the abyss as he stared at her sleeping angelic face.



'you will never be good enough for her' his darlighters voice emerged for the darkness behind him whispeing in to his ear.

As harry faded into the abyss he dad never hated his own voice more than at that moment.









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His chest was heavy as an unknown object pushed down releasing all of it right upon him with no mercy. His eyes finally doing as they were instructed opened to reveal a pantsless Macy sat atop of him glistening in bright moonlight entering from the left window closest to the bed. His hands were on her hips running up her waist under the flimsy spaghetti strap that hugged her frame. Harry without question or remorse submitted to the rule of his desires, yanking it up giving him full access to her breasts.

Arching back with a moan, the pleasures burning ached, she shifted off of harry fumbling with his jeans button. Harry grabbed her hands bringing them to a halt. He brushed the hair back from her cheek before planting a tender kiss moving down her neck. 


"It is okay, I will do it, come closer," Harry said taking her hands putting them behind his waist giving his attention all to her shifting his lips to her mouth deepening the kiss with each passing second as he wiggled his way out of his pants pulling them down his legs. 

Macy kneeled on the bed breasts free only the thin pink lace panties maggie gave her for her birthday remained on her frame. Harry's navy blue boxer briefs were growing tighter the restriction bringing both pleasure and pain with each shifting movement closing what little distance there was between them.

His hands dipped down letting his fingers following smoothe skin, easing slowly, very slowly under the waistband of the restricting fabric. he teased her fingers dipping dow finding her wet. Taking his hand away, he wanted her to whimper as he refused to touch her.

Macy grabbed the band of Harry's boxers urging his hips forward towards her. 


"Harry! " Macy demanded, "I want you right now."

"Macy" saying her name as if it were both a prayer and a curse.

"Don't make me wait any longer" she begged "I don't want to wait anymore"

Harry's breathing became ragged as his body burned with lust for the woman in front of him, his desire was running through him like a wild beast. The closer he was to her 


"Are you sure you want this?" his hesitation was apparent

"Harry, I can feel your cock pressed against my groin and  stomach, so insure you want this and I love you harry"

She was right he wanted this, wanted he needed her. Macy laid back on the bed, he leaned over her, taking one of her round breasts into his mouth, his teeth capturing her nipple softly biting his clam suckling on its taste as his fingers trailed down her abs to her entrance. teasing her softly he slid a pair inside. Fingering her into a sudden, jolting orgasm


"I'll be better than him, I promise" he mumbled releasing her left nipple as he moved to the right giving it the same treatment as its sister. finally setting it free he moved upwards kissing her lips releasing his fingers from there wet cavernous play, her mouth was hot willing, tasting of mint.

"You will never be good enough for her" Jimmy's voice came from behind him his words lingering in the back of his mind whispering into his ear.

Harry sprung to his knees and whipped around to find no one. He turned back to the naked woman beneath him, his love, his desire.

Jimmy's words had a greater hold, raising his determination to make her his, to ease his other half touch.

His cock was pounding, telling him what was needed to be done.

"A bit of danger can be exciting" Those words, her admission of a preference, her preference of his darklighter.

The jealousy and determination inside him rose, wanting to break her away from jimmy seduction. He wanted to rip into her break her until she only knew him. He never could, he loved her too much to hurt her.

Harry wanted to feel Macy surrounding him to watch as her eyelids grew heavy as he showed her that he was the better half. He wanted her to give him that seductive smile that he liked, the curve of her lips, see the shine of her eyes as she felt him inside of her.

 Leaning on his elbow over her somewhat, thrusting his index and middle finger back into her only slowing his thrusts to slide the third one inside.

Macy arched back against him, eyes closed as she enjoyed what his fingers did. He enjoyed the fact that he could only open her like this, with his fingers.

His body wanted him to hurry.

'I am savouring this, I want her to savour this' he silenced his lust while removing his fingers as a disapproving moan came from Macy. Harry leaned in, she was beautiful her waist nipped in above her curvy hips, tummy rose and fell into nervous breath. harry blew softly on the small riglets awaiting him between her thighs, the curls damp with her wanting.

"Spread your legs a little for me, love," harry seductively demanded his posh, immaculately demeanour broke his voice resembling that of jimmy that of his old life in the 1950s.

Macy did as she was instructed, grabbing the headboard with her left hand while harry nuzzled her.

she was ready for him ripe with lust as her juices still coated the fingers he just removed. He bent in to kiss the inside of her leg by the knee, her feet sliding apart more letting harry lean into the feast.

She was warm, she tasted amazing, salty-sweet, smooth and tarty, the mixture of flavours that was all her. She belonged to him and only this piece of him. He licked her slowly at first, speeding his attack as she swayed her hips her hands caressing his soft brown hair. her body wanting to thrust against him. he felt her body open, tighten and respond to his tongue. I began with her drawing a surprised breath, her legs stiffened around his head, her hand clenching at her sides another gasp followed by a wordless cry. Macy swooned without end against his mouth begging him to do all he wanted to do to her. harry obliged, drinking her up, teasing her, tasting her, his mouth pressed hard against her suckling her. his hands caressing her thighs cradling her buttocks loving the smooth feel of her skin.

Harry, satisfied tilted his head back and looked up at her.


"Harry" she said out of breath.


Harry sat up slowly, letting his hand run up her body. he finished by cupping her face in his hands,

" yes, love" the words rolled off his tongue as he smiled mischievously at her

Leaning down kissing her mouth sucking the air from her stifling any response she could give. The kiss was deep, she opened for him even though his lips were still coated with her. 

He was rock hard for her, the briefs rubbed against him rubbing against her was not releasing his crave for pleasure.

Harry broke the kiss, tracing her lips then her cheek with his thumb.

"what are you doing Harry?"

he cupped her breast in his hand before he breathed in her ear 


" Want to finish this" nuzzling up to macys neck

"lets." her responce was soft but called him forward


Macy new she couldn't lose herself in him not yet, she played the submissive letting harry take her. she knew he needed this, he needed to allow himself this to relax to stop berating, hating, belittling, to become one with himself. she also needed this, Macy found no reason to deny his needs tonight.
Harry stripped himself of the last shackle restricting his freedom throwing them to the floor. Macy couldn't help herself from closing her hands around his thick, hard cock.


"I don't think you want to do that, Macy" harry retorted knowing her intentions

"you got to have fun with me" Macy pleaded

In response Macy squeezed, Harry always brought out the playfulness in her licking her lips as Harry groaned. 


"Why shouldn't I, harry" a mischevious smile plastered across her face

"That was different, I was readying you to take me, readying you to forget him."

"Don't you want me to help you get some relief" Macy formed a teasing pout after the words left her mouth" besides, shouldn't I be reading you as well?"

"No, you are torturing the hell out of me" harry groaned

harry removed her grip from around him, Macy stared into his green eyes. her body opened for him relaxed as she watched him stroke himself, teasing her with his slow approach. 

Harry pulled her close placing himself between her legs at her entrance, rubbing his cock around in small circles teasing her. 


"Harry, shouldn't you put on a condom or are whitelighter sterile." there she was the Macy he new the left side of her brain turning on, overthinking looking before she leaps.

"if I'm being very honest I don't know, I was never told whether or not i was capable of having children the elders said once that i was diffrent, I do know the have elders forbaded witch whitelighter relations for since 1754." if one listened closely you could hear a slight pain in his voice.

Without a pause to ponder Harry's words her mind began to race with knowledge.

"Harry, do you know how many STI's and STD's are passed  by simply having sex, n.. not " she stutteder realizing the implicaions of her words "Not that I believe you have STI's or STD's, I mean ..."  Macy stumbled over her words.

" You need not worry Macy I understand " Harry reassured her leaning down capturing her lips once again.

"Harry, when I was with Galvin he took all the precautions against STI's he told me his entire history and brought lab work to prove it ... and did what I asked" her voice faded with a saddness

She wanted harry for a long time now, but she couldn't help feeling guilty for Galvin's death.

"I can see the consequences in front of me but at this moment I don't want to care but my mind won't let go, before this moment I never thought of the idea of a child." her pitch rose as her mind began its panic lap 

"i mean i have , but ...." the expination stoped as harry silenced the panic releaving her mind of running it stranioul lap even only for the moment.

Releasing her his eyes biopsyed hers as he spoke "Macy, a fear never truly goes away we simply learn to choose to walk into the unknown with fear always lingering behind a constant companion haunting our every waking day"

His thumb caressed her cheek his eyes continuing there study.

"I want the whole shebang, harry; love, marriage,.." the pause was deafening "the baby carriage." 

Macy forced her self to turn away from his gaze. staring over his wide shoulders she was now just noticing in detail.

"Most persons who suffer from abandonment issues and deep fear of abandonment at some point want that idea of stability the idea of a person being cuffed to you for life, one who won't leave you," Harry whispered in a calm voice

Using logical psychology to quell Macy's fear. he knew her well she clung to logic as she fared the unknown logic would always be there always constant as he equally tried to tame his want to be inside Macy moving as her walls wrapped around him.

"Macy I respect you in all you do, my only issue is I haven't needed to have a condom on my person since charity." The embarrassment in his voice stung as he called that traitors name.

Macy's lips founded as the reminder that charity had him first hung in the silence that preceded his words.

Macy tuned shifting slightly to the side table to her left. 


"Galvin always left an emergency pack in the draw that I haven't touched " has said hurridly wanting to get the condom on.

  "it's gone, it was  half a pack?." Macy said confused leaning up on her elbow

"Does it matter Macy, I am yours I will be your whitelighter till the day I die. If I am in no way sterile  then would my child be such an..." harry stalled looking for the right next word "inconvenience" 

Harry felt a tinge of sadness not because he felt insulted or attacked by Macy's question, but because the thought had never crossed him. The more he thought the more he wanted to enter Macy raw he loved her and the thought of her bearing his child made it even harder to accept the idea of wearing a condom.

Macy's mind still questioning the 'how it could disappear' pretending not to have heard his words.

"Macy, Macy I will respect what ever decision you make, but please make it quickly I don't know how much longer I can restrict myself from forcible taking you if you do not say no and stop this night" harry stated uncomfortably

Macy looking back over at him realized his hand was stroking his cock wanting relief. Macy shifted overtaking Harry's cock from him with a sigh " your right I am afraid, I don't know how to be a mom, I never had a mom, I know what to  do as a mom logically but emotionally I don't think I can handle it."

"We aren't trying for on Macy.."

"But we should be prepared for the consequence of what is about to happen next" Macy tugged softly pulling harr forward. harry hovered over her Macy's hands placed Harry's cock at her entrance giving him a nod. telling him her decision.  

worldless grunts emerged from Macy's throat when harry spread her legs then cheeks and she felt the first start of penetration. a soft cry escaped harry, almost a wheeze. harry moaned grasping her hips.his nex thrust breached her and tip of him slid inside. harry throbbed, or perhaps it was her. either way, the new sensation that encompassed him was strange almost disturbing. harry reached down, rubbing her clit to quickly reignite the fire in her. slowly invading her further into the depths that had never before been crossed.

Another jagged noise exited Macy's throat. harry stopped thrusting immediately.

"does it hurt?"

His thick voice filled with lust, but he didn't move as he waited for Macy's response.macy felt the fullness inside of her it wasn't painful in the strictest sense, but it was indescribably intense. when Macy finally gave the affirmative acknowledgement harry who was breathing heavily asked.

"Do You wish me to stop?"

she couldn't think as he quickened his stroke and her pleasure mounted

Macy's voice, when it came, was scratchy and very soft "no, no harry I don't want you to stop." 

Harry craned his neck and kissed her. His fingers bombarded her flesh while he began to move in and out, slowly, he went a little deeper each time. The combination of his kissing, fingers and Thrusting or something else, but when Macy's back arched. To his shocked Macy's body began to move with him.


"yes," he groaned "yes..." 

every thrust was like a study in ultimate esctacy.

Harry increased his motion by infinitesimal degrees, building up a gentle rhythm as Macy's body responded, while he was rubbing her clit Macy dug her nails into his back, moaning into his mouth as hidden instances took over. as his release hit him a deep groan almost a growl erupted from his throat. 


"I am going to pull out I can't hold it any longer" 

As Harry began to exit the warm confines of his woman.


" do not dare, Harry Greenwood," Macy said in scratchy huffs pulling harry towards her "I want all the way, you don't get to finish before I orgasm

Her words ignited harry, he thrust back into Macy this time harder and faster. Macy's rhythm stoped as she was now spasming, her walls clenched tighter around his cock. he felt every wave of electricity if it wasn't for the fact he knew it wasn't biologically possible he believed Macy's vagina was going to swallow and take his cock with it.

A loud moan came from Macy as his final thrust did him in. Harry released all that he had been building up to the most intense orgasm either of them had ever had. He stayed within her, holding her close as he breathed raggedly. His warmth engulfed her and made her feel blissful and safe and strangely sane.

Removing himself from her he saw his juices spill out of her. He watched Macy lay their legs still spread apart twitching every two seconds. Harry crawls over her capturing her lips his left hand to slide under her back pulling her on deepening the kiss as he shifted to the left softly falling into the empty space beside her pulling her into a warm cuddle as the kiss ended.

A few moments passed as harry regained his steadiness and breathing calmed to normal.

"you don't know how long I have wanted you, how much the idea of you being with my other half haunts me." harry whispered only to realize Macy had fallen asleep.

Harry shifted her limp body into a more comfortable cuddle before allowing sleep to devour him as well.

Harry awoke in a gruff. The shirt he wore soaked in sweat, breathing heavily. Every two breaths came to a wheeze his nostrils were not enough as he began breathing through his mouth feeling his airway tighten savouring every intake of air as if there wasn't enough oxygen circulating within the room.

Grabbing the sheet that covered him. he told his mind to listen to do nothing but listen to each breath. his years being a whitelighter to a Buddist nun who was also a witch taught him the calm that came with meditation.

Grasping his bearings a flash shiny of movement caught his eye, Macy sifted beside him the bright moonlight reflecting off of her diamond studs. his calm soon turned to worry as he noticed the sweat pooling around her head.

"Something is wrong"

echoed in his mind only to quickly be replaced by his fear

"was she sick, poisoned?" the question pinged 

His darklighter did a number on his amygdala. with his palm bearing the weight he swiftly but gently places his loose hand to her forehead.

"no fever, no green veins," he told the air a ting of relief filled its tone. 

" The only other reason is," Harry's words filled the still room  'a nightmare'.

Before the final words could escape his mouth Macy began to painfully moan.

"harry please..." his name followed more excruciating moans.

" Jimmy no," the mear utterance of his name perked every nerve in harry filling them with anger, fear and jealousy 

What was she seeing what brutal fantasy was her mind typing and was it a fantasy Macy may not have the needle anymore but that did not take her demon sight was she seeing her inner turmoil or was she seeing turmoil to come.

"Macy?" harry patted her shoulder in a gentle attempt to arouse her to no avail

"Macy... Macy!" he repeated  his voice firmed 

"Macy!" he shook her all acts of gentleness now abandoned.