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The Scars That Have Been Left Behind

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Aizawa Shouta was not a dad, nor did he ever plan on becoming one. It was just something that would never fit into his life. He’s a pro hero, constantly out on patrols for hours, and he was a new teacher at Yuuei. His husband was fine with that, he himself had three separate jobs. Two of them the same as Aizawa’s but then he had his late night radio show, which would take him from eleven at night to 3 the next morning. Giving him exactly 4 hours to get home and sleep before he had to be up at 7 to get ready for school. So kids were not a part of their plan. As it was they were barely 21 and Aizawa wasn’t sure he wanted kids. They had talked about it of course, but after both of them having a rough start in life, he was terrified of being responsible for small human who would depend mostly on them. Logically he knew they would do better, but just thinking about it made his anxiety spike.

Even if he knew they could treat a kid better than any adult who had taken care of him how would he communicate with them? Most kids didn’t know sign language like he and Hizashi did. Aizawa had learned from one of his foster parents, only a few things at first as they didn’t want him communicating with others, but after meeting Hizashi he had been taught more and was now almost as fluent as his husband. But other than sign language Aizawa rarely talked. After being screamed at for any and every word that he spoke, he had just stopped talking. Now only talking to people he really trusted and even then it was in short bursts. So it wasn’t something they talked about, nor something that seemed like it would ever happen to them.

However fate always seems to have it out for them, always throwing their plans out the window, flipping their whole lives around. Which was how Aizawa found himself standing in a hospital room at 3 in the morning, Wide eyes staring at a too pale face, a muzzle still securely buckled around the boy’s face. Bruises and cuts littering the boys body, the worst of which were on his arms.

He doesn’t understand. He had just seen the boy that afternoon, barely 12 hours ago and everything had been fine. He had been out with his parents, excited to be going out for lunch, though he only told that to Aizawa, who had smiled and handed him the signature cat gummies that he bought specifically for him, after the little boy had told him how much he loved cats after Aizawa making a comment about the boys shirt.

But now, that same little boy was breathing shallowly, only just hanging on. They hadn’t even been able to heal any of his injuries, just bandaging him up and make sure all the wounds were clean and all the bruises had been gently taken care of with some bruise cream. Though it wasn’t just the new injuries on the boy that made his blood boil, it was also the scars that covered his tiny body. Only in places that were easy to cover, or easily explained away and Aizawa was furious, physically shaking with anger.

How had he not noticed? How could he have not noticed that abusive home that the boy was obviously in. Looking back on it now he should’ve seen the signs. The way he flinched at loud noises, or the way he would cringe away from his foster parents hand clapping him on the shoulder. He had known about the muzzle, but couldn’t even start a case just because of that. They were legal, made by professionals to make sure the kids wouldn’t be hurt by them, but Aizawa knew that not every person cared if the child got hurt because of it. He wondered if he would find the same marks on Shinsou’s face that he had memorized on Hizashi.

“I’m sorry for calling you in Eraser, but we didn’t know who else to call. I know you’ve worked on cases like this before, plus the boy seemed to know you personally. When he was first brought here he just kept signing the same thing over and over. It took us a minute to actually realize what he was signing but we thought we should give it a shot if he was specifically asking for you.” Aizawa nodded as the police officer spoke. He did know the boy, very well actually. He would see him almost everyday while out on patrol and the little boy had excitedly approached him, signing the Eraserhead was his favorite hero, even if not many people knew about him. Aizawa had taken to him very quickly, even making sure to bring extra gummies with him, just for the little boy with unruly purple hair and violet eyes.

‘Yeah, I know him. Shinsou Hitoshi, I seem him a lot during patrol. He’s a good kid, sweet, but reserved. I didn’t think it was because-’ Aizawa dropped his hands, running own through his hair as he sighed. ‘What happened?’

“We don’t know the whole story, just that he was found wandering the streets, injurered, limping and barely conscious. We don’t think it was a villain attack though. Someone would’ve heard something if it was. Based on what we have currently, we suspect abuse, but we didn’t know the boy’s name so we couldn’t find his parents.”

‘Foster parents,’ Aizawa corrected. ‘He told me once that he was constantly moving, never staying in one house for more than a few months. I don’t know where they live or their names, but I know someone who can find out.’

“Okay, I’ll leave you to do what you need to do. I’ll be back in half an hour. I need to go speak with the boy’s doctor.” AIzawa nodded, but was only half listening as he waited for the officer to leave before he pulled out his phone, dialing Hizashi’s number. He hoped the idiot had remembered to put in his hearing aids after showering, which he had been doing when Aizawa had scrambled to get his hero gear on before bolting out of the house, barely remembering to leave a note on the front door as he left.

“Sho? What’s going on? Where are you?” Hizashi’s concerned voice came filtering through the phone, easing some of the tension out of Aizawa’s shoulders just because of his voice.

“I’m at the hospital. I’m sorry for just leaving with a vague note, but I didn’t really know what was going on either. All I was told was that a little boy with purple hair and violet eyes had specifically asked for me after being brought in.” Aizawa replied, slumping in one of the chairs by Shinsou’s bed.

“Shinsou?” Hizashi breathed.

“Yeah. It’s him,” Aizawa knew his husband would know who it was just by the description. As it was Aizawa had talked about the boy a lot, specifically the interesting combination of his hair and eye color. “He… Zashi, his foster parents beat him, half to death by the looks of it. His leg is broken, his arms are both bandaged, and they think he might have a broken rib, and that’s just the new marks. Zashi he’s so little even for a boy his age and almost every part of him has some sort of scar. If this is how they treat him I’m scared to see the damage under that stupid muzzle,” Aizawa squeezed his eyes shot, trying to keep his tears at bay, he need to get out what he actually called for. “Zashi, I need you to come to the hospital with your mom. I-I know its late, but th-they haven’t found his foster parents yet. They didn’t even know his name till 10 minutes ago. If your Mimi’s awake too he’ll need some clothes, maybe a coloring book to keep him occupied while he stays in the hospital for a few days.”

“Jesus Sho,” Hizashi started, taking a minute for the information to soak in. “Okay, okay I’ll be there soon, I’ll call my mom on my way there and I’ll bring you some clothes, I know you’re in your hero gear. Uh, if it’s as bad as I’m picturing, I’m assuming small sizes would be fine?” Aizawa could hear him rustling through the closet, probably grabbing his clothes.

“Y-Yeah, though even those might be big on him. We’re in room 413, please be quick,” Aizawa whispered, feeling his resolve break.

“Of course. I’ll be there in 10 and Sho, I know what you’re thinking. I know we haven’t talked about it since before we got married, but I think we should take him. At least foster him till we know he’ll be put in a good home. I’ll cut back on my hours at the radio station and my hero work, you can cut your patrol hours too and after everything is figured out, I’ll call Nezu in the morning and see if it’s a problem to bring him into class with us. If it is, I’m sure my moms wouldn’t mind watching him. We’ll figure it out.” Aizawa was silent for a minute, hearing the door close behind Hizashi and the car start a few minutes later.

“Yeah, okay. I’ll see you soon. Drive safe, I love you,” Aizawa murmured, barely keeping his sobs back now. Of course Hizashi would know what he was thinking, what he wanted to do about the boy he had become so fond of.

“I love you too. See you soon,” Aizawa flipped his phone closed with a soft click, letting his head fall into his hands as tears streamed down his face, his sobs quiet, but shaking his whole body.


“Sweetheart? What’s going on? Why are you calling so.. Early?” Hizashi’s mom mumbled sleepily.

“Sorry for calling so early mom, but Sho and I need your help. You’ve heard about the little boy that Shouta sees on patrol all the time?”

“Yeah, Shinsou, right? Is everything okay?” Hizashi could hear her moving around, probably leaving the room as not to wake his Mimi.

“Ye- No, no it’s not,” Hizashi ran his hand through his hair, letting out a deep sigh. “Shinso’s in the hospital, his foster parents beat him, I-I don’t know the extent of it, but it doesn't sound good. Sho says he’s little, littler than what he should be at his age. Any-Anyways I need you to meet me at the hospital. We need help finding his foster parents. Is Mimi awake?”

“Uh,” there was a pause as she probably checked in the bedroom. “Yeah looks like it.”

“Can you see if she’ll run to the store? Before you come to the hospital? I don’t know if we’ll have any of the boys stuff any time soon, or if he’ll have anything, but he needs clothes. Sho said smalls, but even that might be big on him, and maybe some coloring books and a sketchbook, just a few things to keep him occupied while he’s in the hospital for a few days.”

“Yeah, no problem. It’ll be okay Zash, we’ll see you in a few, I love you sweetheart. See you soon,”

“Thank you, bye mom, I love you too. See ya,” Hizashi threw his phone into the passenger seat, taking a shaky breath as he parked the car. Sitting there for a long moment before making his way into the hospital, grabbing the backpack he had packed for Aizawa.

Quickly signing in as a visitor he made his way up to room 413, too impatient to wait for the elevator, deciding on taking the stairs, taking them two at a time. Within a few minutes he was standing outside room 413, his hand shaking as he hesitated opening the door. He was scared of what he would see, of how bad the boy actually would be. He took a step back, then another and another until his back hit the wall. He slowly slid down the wall, letting his head fall back with a soft ‘thunk’ as he looked up at the ceiling.

The whole situation was a lot for him, it brought a lot of memories flowing back to the front of his mind, things he hadn’t thought about in a long time. Like his own hospital stay when his foster parents had gotten mad when finding out that Hizashi would take his muzzle off when hanging out with Shouta. He had found some way out of those house after that, calling Shouta, barely able to make any noise around his muzzle, now locked on him, purposefully locked too tight, constantly digging into his cheeks. That had single handedly been the best and worst day of his life. He had broken his arm, broken a few ribs, and the muzzle left deep cuts on his face, ones he would pick at when he was nervous, leaving deep white scars across his cheeks. But it was also the night he had met his moms.

He didn’t know how long he sat there, staring up at the ceiling, but the next thing he knew a soft hand brushed his hair away from his forehead, and tears from his eyes. He looked at the person in front of him, blinking away tears he didn’t know were there. His mom crouched in front of him, his Mimi on his other side.

“Mom, Mimi,” he whispered softly, before flinging himself at them, feeling more tears run down his face.

“It’s alright Zashi. I know how hard this must be for you. Have you seen him yet?” His Mimi asked, brushing his hair behind his ear.

“I-I couldn’t. I’m sca-scared to see him. To see how ba-bad it is,”

“I know baby, but you can’t hide out here forever. Sho needs you, and so does Shinsou. It’ll be okay. Come on hun, let’s go see them.” Hizashi nodded, letting his mom pull him up and lead him to the door. Knocking first, before entering the room. There was a small couch pushed against the wall on the far side of the room, and two metal chairs next to the bed. The bad that held the impossibly small 4 year old.

‘What took so long Zashi?’ Aizawa asked from his perch on the bed, the little boy tucked in his arms, breathing shallow and obviously asleep.

“‘M sorry Sho. I-I’ve been outside the door for,” he paused looking at the clock and cringing at the time. “For 20 minutes give or take. I co-couldn’t make myself open the door. I was-was scared. It just brought a lot of things back,” Hizashi mumbled. Aizawa’s look softened as he beckoned him forward, pulling him down and pressing a kiss to his forehead, his cheeks, anywhere he could reach before planting a soft kiss on his lips, holding him there for a minute before pulling back.

‘It’s okay Zashi. I know that this must be hard for you. It’s so similar.’ Aizawa turned to Hizashi’s mom’s. ‘Hi mom, Mimi. Thank you for coming so la- early.’

“No problem dear, here, there's clothes in one bag and a soft weighted blanket for him. They help a lot. We got one for Hizashi shortly after he came to live with us. Oh, we also picked up some coloring books and sketchbook,” Hizashi’s Mimi handed the bag over to Hizashi, though she gave the blanket to Aizawa. It was a soft fuzzy purple, but it did have some weight to it. Hopefully not too much for the boy. Carefully Aizawa wrapped it around the boy, mindful of the many wires coming off of him.

‘Thank you, I’m sure he’ll love it when he wakes up,’

“How long has he been out?” Hizashi asked, pushing Shinsou’s hair off his forehead, the sleeping toddler pushing his head into is hand, seeking out the comfort of it. Hizashi’s heart clenched at the sight, the boy was so touch starved that he sought it out, even in his sleep.

“He’s been asleep basically since he got her at 2, they didn’t call me till 3 because it took a while to get him fully bandaged and looked at. He woke up, screaming, shortly after I got off the phone with you. I don’t know what the dream was about, but I could barely get him to calm down, but once I did, he refused to let me go. So I shifted us around a little bit. He’s been asleep for a couple minutes now.” Aizawa replied.

‘The muzzle?’ Hizashi signed, not trusting his voice as he looked at it wearily.

‘I’m not a parent or guardian, not yet anyways, so I’m not technically allowed to take it off. Not that I could anyways. It’s got a lock and I don’t have anything to pick it with. I stopped carrying stuff like that on me. Except when on missions or patrols, but I forgot my utility belt.’ Aizawa replied, glaring a the idiotic contraption.

“Well let’s see what we can do about that. What’s his first name?” Hizashi’s mom asked, sitting in the chair next to her son and flipping her laptop open. The one that held case files for any and all children registered in the foster system.

“Hitoshi. Shinsou Hitoshi,” Hizashi replied, his eyes never leaving his husband and the boy held closely against him. His mom hummed in thought as she typed.

“Mr. and Mrs Agaki. This is definitely him, but it’s old. He looks, maybe 2 in the picture and he’s definitely not this thin,” Hizashi leaned over to see the picture. She was right, he was a healthy looking weight, his eyes wide and scared, but bright with the curiosity of being a child.

‘There’s a police officer around her somewhere. He was talking to the doctor so you might want to check the nurses station.’ Aizawa signed. Hizashi’s mom nodded, keeping her laptop open as she left the room, in search of the police officer ‘I got the papers Zashi. I already filled most of it, it’s just missing your signature and soc number, they’re on the counter.’ Aizawa signed, nodding his head to the small folder next to the sink. Hizashi nodded, standing to look them over and add the last bits of their information.

“Papers?” Mimi asked, taking the seat her wife just left. “For what?”

“For temporary guardianship. At least for now,” Hizashi answered, scribbling his signature on the bottom, he’d give it to his mom as soon as she returned. They knew she’d be able to get it expedited, not that it would take long without her since they were pro heroes, but it would take too long for their liking.

“Really?” Mimi asked, her eyes wide with excitement, but also surprise. “I thought you didn’t want kids?”

“It wasn’t that we didn’t want them, but there was no place to fit them into our lives. Our lives are dangerous as heroes, especially since I’m so well known, but either one of us could be hurt, or worse, and we didn’t want to bring a child into that, but,” he gazed over at Shinso, watching as he chewed his thumb in his sleep, his other fingers lightly brushing over his nose as he did so. “He’s different. I’ve never met him before today, but I know that if we don’t take this chance, if we don’t take him, it’ll always be in the back of our minds, surrounded by the ‘what ifs’ and always wondering how he is, if he’s in a nicer, safer, loving home. Or if he’s back where he started.”

“Ya know Zash, that’s how I felt when I met you. Mom had known you for a while. I don’t think you remember her, you were so young, but she was the one to always check up on your family. Nothing ever seemed wrong whenever she visited though. Except for the muzzle, there was no other proof, no reason to start a case, but even then, even before we knew what was really going on, she had already wanted to adopt you. We had started your paperwork a week before what happened and that night it went threw and you were ours. We just wished it had happened on a better day, before that happened to you,” Hizashi’s Mimi brushed his hair out of his face, having stood up to walk over to her son. “The moment I looked at you and you smiled at me, always a polite little boy even when you were terrified, I knew we had made the right choice. We’ve never regretted it, even when you would lose control of your quirk.” Hizashi smiled at that. He’d always wondered if they regretted what they did to him. He knew both of them had lost some of their hearing because of him, and he had felt guilty, always apologizing for it, but his moms had always waved it off.

“I smiled that day because I knew you had to be nice. I knew because mom was nice and she promised no body bad would ever come near me again. I guess she was slightly wrong about that, considering a lot of bad people come near me,” Hizashi laughed, dodging the slap his Mimi aimed at him.

“And whose fault is that Zash? We didn’t even know you wanted to be a hero till you screamed it at us one day, after you had gone to take the entrance exam and got accepted.”

“I was always terrified to express that dream. Still afraid you’d tell me what everyone else did. That I’d never become a hero, that my quirk was dangerous to everyone around me and no one would want me to be part of their agency,” Hizashi replied sheepishly.

“We never would’ve said that. Even though we did scold you for not telling us you even applied to Yuuei. But we were still proud of you.”

“And we always will be,” his mom finished, leaning in the doorway. “Zashi, they want you to go to the boys house, see how bad it is, and recover his stuff. They wanted to ask Shouta, but the doctor said he’d better stay, as he seems to be the only one who can calm Shinso down. So, get dressed, I know you brought your hero gear,” Hizashi smiled sheepishly. His mother knew him well. It had mainly been a precaution, just in case he was called out, or something while he was at the hospital.

“Alright, let me get ready. Are you coming too?” He asked, already digging in the backpack he had brought up.

“Of course. I’m currently working as his social worker, for now, since his previous one was incompetent and never checked up on him.” Hizashi nodded, stepping into the bathroom to get dressed and put his hair up in its usual gravity defying hairstyle.

“Let’s go,” Hizashi said, serious look plastered on his face and rage burning in his eyes as he stepped out of the bathroom. “They’ll pay for what they’ve done to him,” he growled, walking out of the room, determined that these people won’t get off the hook for mental and physical damage they did to a child, to their child.

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“So from what I gathered, the Agaki’s are the last stop for troubled children. If this place doesn’t work out then they’re sent to Kamino ward and from what I’ve heard about the place, it’s not pleasant. Anyways, it looks like they have three other charges. A 14 year old boy, Tokui Hiro, a 17 year old girl Rai Makkiko and a 4 year old girl, Okuda Kumi, who was recently adopted, but seems her parents house is currently without water and electricity due to a villain attack so they couldn’t take her in yet. The police are meeting us there, with a few paramedics, just in case any of them is hurt,” Sachiko, Hizashi’s mom, rattled off as they pulled up to the house. There were three cop cars and one ambulance, all with their lights off for now. “Zashi, try to stay calm. I have no idea what we’ll find, but we both know that it’s not going to be anything good,”

“I know, I’ll do my best, but I’m at least going to scare the shit out of him,” Hizashi muttered, climbing out of the car.

“I can deal with that, but no open threats. We have to think about this like we’re going to court. Which we might have to,” Hizashi nodded as they walked to the door, two police officers following close behind them. Hizashi rolled his shoulders before knocking on the door, pushing his emotions down and putting on his Present Mic persona. It took a few minutes, but the door finally swung open, revealing a young girl, Kumi, if Mic remembered correctly.

“Well hello little listener, can you get your caretakers please?” Hizashi smiled, trying no to flinch at the sight of another muzzle wrapped around the incredibly pale face of the girl. She stared wide-eyed for a second, but nodded slightly before heading deeper into the house, little thumps audible on the stairs as she went.

“What do you want?” a voice yelled from deeper in the house. Mic’s smile faltered, turning into a scowl, before being forced back into a smile as louder, heavier thumps could be heard descending the stairs. The footsteps seemed to falter as a short blonde woman came towards them, followed by a taller man, not as tall as Hizashi, with almost fiery red hair followed after her.

“How can we help you?” Mrs. Agaki asked, forcing a bright smile as she stood in front of Mic and Sachiko.

“Good morning, sorry for bothering you so early in the morning, but I’m afraid this couldn’t wait. I’m Yamada Sachiko, this is Present Mic, officer Hosoi, and officer Komatsu. I’ll be taking over for Morimura Maki, I’m now responsible for Shinsou Hitoshi. One of your wards that ended up in the hospital, found by Pro hero Mrs.Joke, who was thankfully in the area Shinsou was stumbling through, half conscious, covered in bruises, cuts and what appeared to be burn marks, along with a broken arm and sprained ankle. A villain attack was unlikely, based on the fact that the kid was alive and walking around. There was no way any villain would let him get away. That paired with the fact that he is malnourished, and severely underweight for his age group, the logical answer was abuse and neglect. Therefore, we’ve come to do a home visit and talk with the other three children in the house. So if you’d kindly call the children down, Present Mic and Officer Komatsu will talk to them while Officer Hosoi and myself talk with you too. Mic, Komatsu, please take a look at the children's rooms as well,” Sachiko flashed the Agaki’s a kind smile as she walked past them into the house. They both stood there, shell shocked, but keeping their faces neutral as they waved the other three inside, closing the door after them.

“Oh, Mic, remember to pack a bag for Shinsou as well. After talking with the others, you and Komatsu will make the decision if they need to be removed as well,” Mic and Komatsu nodded, waiting expectantly to be lead to where the children’s rooms are.

“They’re upstairs, first door on the left,” Mrs. Agaki supplied. Mic nodded, but made no move to leave, instead holding his hand out towards them, palm up.

“We need to take Kumi’s muzzle off,” the pair hesitated, neither moving to hand the key to the man. “Now!” Mic shouted, startling the two at the anger in his voice, a smile still on his face, though it wasn’t the friendly one he wore earlier. Mr, Agaki fumbled in his pocket, hand shaking as he dropped the key in Hizashi’s hand. “Thank you,” Hizashi spun on his heel, walking towards the stairs, taking two at a time till he reached the landing, eyes automatically flicking to the door, where three pairs of eyes stared back at him, all of them wide open, staring at him in awe.

“You’re Present Mic,” the eldest, Makkiko, whispered as if Mic would disappear if she spoke any louder.

“I am indeed,” he flashed them his signature smirk, striking a pose and holding it for a second. “And this is officer Komatsu. We’re here to talk about Mr. and Mrs. Agaki and how well you children are taken care of. Ah, I also need to pack a bag for Shinsou, if you would kindly show me where his stuff is at.”

“He’s not coming back?” the boy, Hiro, asked, his voice hopeful.

“Shinsou won’t be coming back. In fact, from what I heard a nice couple has agreed to take him in,” the smile that spread across Hiro and Makkiko’s face was a little bittersweet for Hizashi.

“Good, he didn’t deserve to be treated like that,” Makkiko growled.

“I agree. No kid deserves to go through what Shinsou went through. Which reminds me,” Hizashi crouched in front of Kumi, his smile softening as he held up the ket, pinched between his fingers. Kumi hesitated, but eventually turned, moving her light blue hair out of the way, while Hizashi unlocked and removed the awful device. “There we go kid,” Kumi turned back around, a bright smile on her face, even though she rubbed at the irritated cuts on her cheeks and around her jaw. Hizashi couldn’t help the flair of anger, gripping the muzzle harder, hearing the thing crack under the pressure.

“THAnk you,” everyone seemed to flinch at the sound, Kumi’s voice shouting at him before dropping, her eyes going wide in fear. Hizashi just continued to smile, not even flinching at the sound.

“Hey, hey don’t even worry little listener. I used to have control issues with my quirk too. It’s normal at your age,” Kumi seemed taken aback by his response, but merely smiled up at him in response. “Now then, I have a few questions to ask you guys before we have a look around. Please answer honestly and to the best of you ability,” all three kids nodded in understanding, moving back to let the adults in, the three kids sitting on one bed, while Hizashi sat across from them on the other bed and Komatsu looked around the room. The bedroom was bare, nothing hanging on the walls, very few toys were spread around the room. It looked like almost nobody lived in the bedroom, as if it was only there for guests. “How do your caregivers treat you?”

“They ignore us for the most part. Only ever talking to us to scold us or to tell us about the chores that need to be done. We mostly stay in our room, we’re not really allowed to be in many parts of the house. Mainly just our room, the kitchen, and the bathroom. Though they have taken our kitchen privileges away before. It’s lasted a week at the most, a couple hours at least,” Makkiko responded, almost like she was rattling off a recipe.

“They take your kitchen privileges? So you have to wait for them to cook then?” Komatsu asked, quietly jotting down notes as the kids talked.

“No. They don’t cook. Well not for us anyway, Makkiko and I are responsible for making breakfast and dinner for everyone. Makkiko’s in charge of making Kumi’s lunch and after school snack. So if one of us has our privileges taken away we don’t get to eat, and if both of us have it taken away, Kumi doesn’t eat either. So we try to make sure at least one of us is allowed in the kitchen. So we take the blame for each other sometimes, depending on who already isn’t allowed in the kitchen,” Hiro replied, shrugging as if it was normal to not be able to eat after getting in trouble. “Though there are times when they just, ground us from eating. Mainly Shinsou or Kumi, but Makkiko and I always sneak them snacks, if we can that is.” Hizashi was getting more and more angry as they talked. How could anyone treat children like that?

“What else happens when you get in trouble?”

“Well, sometimes we’re just grounded, other times we’re locked in our room. If they’re really angry they hit us. Not as bad as they do to Shinsou though. They’ve had it out for him since he got here. If things are really really bad, you get locked in the closet. I’ve only been in there a few times, same with Hiro and Kumi, but Shinsou was put in there a lot. At least twice a week, sometimes more. He’s terrified of small spaces and the dark because of it. He’d be put in there for the littlest things too. Sometimes with no warning,” Makkiko’s voice dropped and she couldn’t help but fidget, pulling on the sleeve of her shirt. “They don’t like his quirk. He can brainwash someone by getting them to answer a question, and because he’s so young he obviously can’t control it, so he used to do it by accident, until they started muzzling him. Then they just seemed like hurt him for fun. ALways calling him a villain, telling him he wouldn’t amount to anything, that there was no way he’d be a hero with such a villainous quirk.”

“Have they ever hurt you like Shinsou?” Hizashi asked, his hands gripping the material of his pants in a white knuckle grip.

“Sometimes. Especially when we lose control of our quirks. We try to take the blame for most of the things Kumi does, but Shinsou and her get the worst of it,” Hiro whispered. “They’ve broken bones before. Kumi just got her cast of a few days ago from a broken arm Mr.Agaki gave her after she broke a window at school from her quirk. He’s given us burns before, with his quirk. Makkiko has passed out from dehydration within the last month.” The boy fell silent, gaze fixed on the ground.

“I’ve heard enough. Kid’s, please pack your bags. We’re going to take you to the hospital to get checked out and then find you somewhere else to stay. Please pack a bag of Shinosu’s stuff too. Meet us downstairs when you’re done. Komatsu, please stay with them and escort them out when they’re done.” Hizashi flashed them a reassuring smile, before turning on his heel, stalking down the stairs. His whole body was shaking as he tried to contain his anger, he walked through the dining room, shaking his hands out as he approached the kitchen, where his mother still stood, talking to the other police officer, the Agaki’s stood near them, an unknown look on their faces as he approached.

“Sachiko, the children are getting their bags packed as we speak. We should get them checked out at the hospital one they’re done. From what I was informed of there may be some burns and other, older wounds that may need to be checked on. Kumi apparently had a broken arm a few weeks ago and I want to make sure the bone was set right and Makkiko passed out from dehydration at some point recently,” Hizashi listed off, paying no mind to the other adults in the room.

“What? You can’t take them! You have no proof!” Mrs.Agaki screeched, eyes flickering to the children as they came down the stairs, Kumi smiling as she was carried down by Komatsu, the young officer making faces at the little girl as they walked down. Kumi giggled, covering her mouth with her little hands, making a face back at the normally stoic officer.

“We didn’t need any Shinsou was enough proof. Did you really think we’d come here without any?” Hizashi, tilted his head back, a sadistic smirk on his face and furry flashing in his green eyes as he looked at the woman. He smirked even wider as she shivered at his look. “Anyways! We should be on our way, Kids, if you’d kindly follow Komatsu and Mrs. Yamada,” ha paused, pointing to his mother. “We’ll be going now. The three of you are welcome to ride with Sachiko and me, if you want, or you can ride with Komatsu. It’s up to you,” Hizashi spoke, smiling brightly at them and ushering everyone out the door.

“Hey! We’re not done!” Mr.Agaki yelled, grabbing Hizashi’s wrist as he passed. Hizashi could feel his skin heat up at his touch, going from slightly warm to burning in a matter of seconds, but Hizashi didn’t even flinch.

“Please, do give me more evidence against you. It’ll make this so much easier,” Hizashi watched the anger be replaced by shock, realization spreading across his face as he let go. “That’s what I thought,” he growled, before stalking out of the house, glad he had on a short sleeve t-shirt, as his usual leather jacket would be rubbing his burn skin raw.

Once outside MIc dropped into the passenger seat of his mother’s car, his whole body vibrating with adrenaline and his arm burning and painful. The skin red, and already blistering. He groaned at the pain, slamming his head into the dashboard to try to distract himself from it. He could go see the paramedics, but he just wanted to get out of there, and they were going to the hospital anyways.

“Stop that,” his mother scolded, sliding into the seat next to him, after helping the kids put their stuff in the trunk and making sure they were buckled in, before they pulled out of the driveway. “Slamming your head into my dashboard won’t help you any. I swear, somethings never change,” She chuckled, reaching over to smooth his hair down. Hizashi sighed, leaning into the touch, calming down at the familiar sensation.

“I swear I’ll never let anybody hurt him again,” Hizashi growled, sitting up and leaning his head against the cool window instead.

“I know hun and no one ever will. Not with you and Sho by his side.”

“You’re taking Shinsou in?” Makkiko asked, surprise lacing her voice as she sat up straighter.

“Ah, thought you’d be asleep. I guess you’ve caught me. Yes, my partner and I are trying to adopt him. Hopefully it will be before he gets released from the hospital,” Hizashi smiled at her through the rearview mirror. The car lapsed into silence, Makkiko obviously wanted to ask something, but seemed to be hesitating, trying to figure out if it was safe to ask it.

“Present MIc?” She started, voice a little shaky as she did. “Do-Do you think we could see Shinosu? We weren’t supposed to talk to each other, but it was easy for us to communicate since he mostly signs and, well I, kinda see him as a little brother,” the last words were muttered. As if she would get in trouble for such a statement.

“Of course you can!” Hizashi beamed at her. “We’ll get you checked out and then you can come see him. Though I’m not sure if he’ll be awake. But I know he’ll appreciate a familiar when he does wake up,” Makkiko smile brightly at him, before turning to look back out the window. It was nearing 6 in the morning, the sun starting to rise and fill the sky with color.


‘What happened to your arm?’ Half an hour later found Hizashi trudging back into the room, arm wrapped, but still painful even with the added burn cream. All the kids had been checked out, Kumi’s arm was fine, though her cast had come off to early. Makkiko was still dehydrated, which they were helping with an iv drip, but she was still allowed to walk around, and Hiro was mostly fine, just a few almost infected burns on his back and upper shoulder. But all in all the kids would be fine, Kumi would be picked up by her new parents with in the hour, but for now all three kids followed Hizashi into Shinsou room, where both the boy and Shouta were awake and enjoying their breakfast.

“Mr.Agaki, he reminds me of a certain temperamental pro hero who also has a fire quirk,” Hizashi replied, slumping in the chair next to the bed. “I swear I’ve never hated someone so much.” Hizashi sighed, running his hand through his hair, breaking up the gel that kept it up. “Sho, do you have any of those-” A small squeeze packet landed in his lap, smacking him in the chest before it fell. “Thanks love,” Hizashi muttered, opening the packet and slurping it down within a few minutes.

“Ugh, I can’t believe you eat those awful things too,” Hizashi’s Mimi gagged, snatching the empty packet from him. “I swear your both children,” she muttered, throwing the packet away and tossing a menu to him. “Order an actual breakfast for yourself and the other kids before I tell your mother,” Hizashi groaned, but grabbed the menu from her, selecting what he wanted and letting kids get whatever they wanted, on the order that they got fresh fruit with it.

“I normally don’t Mimi, but god I needed a pick me up.”

‘There’s nothing wrong with them. It’s just like drinking a few cups of coffee,’ Shouta scowled.

“I’m just poking fun darling. But seriously don’t let Sachiko see you with those. She’ll rip you a new one for sure.”

“Jitsuko, are you letting those boys eat those stupid energy jelly packets again?” Sachiko asked, walking into the room, a nurse following behind her with a tray of food.

“You know our boys Sachi, they’ll do whatever they want,” Sachiko hummed in agreement, draping herself over her wifes back. “My dear, I do believe we should go. It’s early and I’m exhausted,” Jitsuko nodded, quickly saying their goodbyes and leaving the other 6 in the room.

“Is Mrs. Yamada your mom?” Kumi asked, making sure her voice was extra quiet, as to not set off her quirk again.

“She is indeed. A wonderful woman who helped me train my voice quirk. Maybe I could help you, if that’s okay with your family of course.” Hizashi smiled at the little girl, who smiled back before shoving a bite of pancake in her mouth, causing Hizashi to snort with amusement.

‘Voice quirk?’ Shouta asked, smiling at the little girl. Hizashi nodded back, pushing his fruit around his plate. ‘Are you going to introduce me? Or are you gonna continue playing with your food?’

“Right! So, that’s Tokui Hiro, Rai Makkiko, and Okuda Kumi. Kids, this is Aizawa. They were also in the care of the Agaki’s. Makkiko wanted to see Shinsou and I didn’t want to leave the others alone.”

‘Well it’s nice to meet them,’

“It’s nice to meet you Mr. Aizawa,” Shouta jumped slightly, he didn’t think any of the kids knew sign, though it made sense now that he thought about it. She smiled, before turning to Shinsou. “I’m glad you’re okay. I was worried,”

‘I didn’t mean to do it. I slipped up and used my quirk on him. It was an accident.’ Shinsou quickly signed, as if she was blaming him. ‘I’m sorry Kiko,’ Shinsou dropped his head. Absently picking at the skin our his muzzle.

“Stop that, you’re going to make it worse. Besides, I’m not mad at you. Just glad you’re okay and being looked after. A little bird told me you’re getting adopted,” Makkiko smiled, at the surprise, but skeptical look on his face. It quickly turned to a frown, sadness filling his eyes.

‘Who told you that? They’re a liar. Who would want me? A mistake, a villain, a waste of-’

“Enough,” the whole group jumped at Shouta’s rough, scratchy voice. “Sorry,” Shouta cleared his throat, taking a drink of his water. ‘

Shinsou, you are none of those things. You’re not a mistake, nor a waste of space, and you definitely aren’t a villain,’ Shouta paused, tilting Shinsou’s face so he would meet his eyes. ‘Do you think I’m a villain?’ Shinsou’s eyes went wide as he fiercely shook his head ‘no’. Well, when I was young, everyone told me I would be nothing more than a villain. That I’d never get into the hero course, so I might as well give up and just become a villain. I believed them too ya know. Why wouldn’t I? After all it was my parents who told me that after all,’ Shinsou’s eyes grew even wider as he listened, after all, none of this was known about the underground hero. ‘I wasn’t going to even apply to Yuuei, but then I met a certain loud blonde, who was being picked on for the muzzle he was forced to wear. They were using their quirks on him and it didn’t sit right with me, so I erased them, and they ran off after seeing me. Even back then I was quite intimidating and the fact my eyes turn red with my quirk helped a lot. Naturally, I asked if he was okay and he just nodded at me. Now even if I didn’t like to talk, I hated the silence and I could tell that this loud blonde loved to talk. So naturally, I picked the lock of his muzzle and he immediately started shouting about how cool my quirk was and that I’d make a great hero. I didn’t believe him, not that day at least, but after seeing him time and time again, he wore me down and I tried out with him. I didn’t make it into the hero course though. It isn’t really a fair test though. But I was accepted into the general studies course. But that same blond wouldn’t let me give up. He helped me train, showing me what they were being taught, and eventually I participated in the sports festival, and came in first, even beating that loud blond. Who didn’t care in the slightest. Afterwards I was transferred to the hero course. Where I made my dreams come true, made a few new friends, and met the love of my life. A crazy, loud blond, who honestly looks like a cockatiel sometimes,’ Shouta snorted at the afronted look on his husbands face.

“I do not look like a cockatiel!” Hizashi squacked, scowling as Shouta laughed.

‘I beg to differ, even Nemuri agrees. Tensi does too, hell even little Tenya does and he’s five!’

“Seriously?!” Hizashi shouted. Shouta just snorted another laugh at him, turning back to Shinsou.

‘You can be whatever you want kid, and we’re going to help you. Makkiko wasn’t lying. We already submitted the paperwork. We’re adopting you kid. If you want that, we won’t force you into anything,’

‘YES!’ Shinsou signed excitedly, but immediately shrunk into himself after. ‘I mean, if you want to and if it’s not a huge bother,’ Shinsou’s hands were slow as he signed, as if they were going to take their offer off the table if he moved to quickly.

“We wouldn’t offer if we weren’t being serious. You agreed, now you’re stuck with us kid,” Hizashi joked, smiling softly at him. “We’ll help you achieve anything and everything you put your heart into and no one will ever, hurt you again. Not on our watch.”

‘Yeah kid, the cockatiel is right. You’re stuck with us and we’ll do whatever it takes to achieve your dreams. No matter what,’ Shouta smiled at him, Shinso offering a small hopeful look, as much as he could behind that godforsaken muzzle.

Chapter Text

The following days were chaotic to say the least. Both men were constantly running around, having interviews with social workers, going shopping to make sure they had at least the basics a child needed, cleaning out their spare room, redecorating it, putting together furniture and setting up home visits, as well as visiting Shinsou’s school to collect the homework he missed and for the next few weeks. They’d be back there soon enough to make sure they’d be able to care for Shinsou when he did return. But for now everything was ready. The spare room had been repainted, a light blue with purple polka dots, similar to Shinsou’s favorite monster from Monsters Inc. A few hero posters decorating the walls, and a cat plush sitting in the middle of his bed. It was sparsely decorated, wanted to let the boy do that himself and pick out his own toys. Though they did get him tons of art supplies as they quickly found out that he loved to draw. Now all that was missing was the boy himself.

“Hey kiddo, you almost ready to go?” Hizashi asked, picking up Shinsou’s bag and the duffle he had brought a few days ago. Shinsou nodded, absently picking at the cuts on his cheeks. They had finally been able to take the muzzle off, only to find more cuts and scars, his muzzle made differently, made specifically to hurt the little boy. Hizashi had had to leave the room after seeing what laid underneath. Shouta had kept his face neutral, but he held the muzzle in a white knuckle grip the muzzle creaking under the pressure.

Hizashi smiled, holding his hand out to him. Shinsou hesitated, but instead held his unbroken arm up to be picked up. Hizashi’s smile grew wider as he bent down to pick him up. He knew Shinsou wasn’t quite used to him yet, which was understandable, Hizashi was loud and moved too quickly sometimes, but he was doing better at keeping his voice soft and his movements slower and Shinsou had gotten comfortable enough to let the blond hold him and pick him up.

“Alright, let’s go find Shouta. He should be waiting for us downstairs,” Hizashi shifted Shinsou so he could wrap his arm around Hizashi’s neck, hiding from the eyes of the people they walked past. Hizashi smiled to himself, one hand resting on Shinsou’s back and the other holding him up as the pair of them made their way towards the elevator, though Hizashi hesitated before stepping in. He remembered Makkiko mentioning that Shinsou hated small spaces, including elevators, but they were on one of the higher floors and Hizashi really didn’t want to climb down multiple flights of stairs with their bags and a 5 year old.

He felt Shinsou tense as the doors closed and Hizashi just held him tighter, rocking from side to side and humming softly. That had been another thing they’d notice about him. Even if he wasn’t quite comfortable with Hizashi, hearing the man hum or sing always seemed to help calm him down. Now was no exception, Shinsou’s grip loosening slightly as he turned a little to look around the small space.

“Don’t worry kiddo, it’s not a long ride,” Hizashi muttered, pushing Shinou’s hair out of his eyes. Shinsou nodded slightly, jumping slightly when the elevator jerked to a halt, the doors sliding open soon after. Shinsou immediately buried his head back into Hizashi’s neck, hiding from the many people milling around the lobby. “Do you have a preference for lunch? I’m sure I could talk Shouta into letting us get takeout,” Hizshi said, filling the silence, but keeping his voice low and soft.

‘Curry?’ HIzashi smiled at the sign pressed into his chest.

“Of course little listener!” Hizashi hadn’t really expected an answer, well not a direct one, he had expected the boy to just say whatever they wanted. Shinsou was afraid to ask for what he wanted, after years of being told now, being hit for even asking a question or asking for something he wanted. So it made him happy that he at least seemed to be comfortable enough with them to actually give them an answer.

Hizashi stopped near the doors, it was quite dreary out for such a happy day but he wouldn’t let that kill his mood. As it was it was currently pouring outside, not quite storming. So Hizashi waited just inside the doors, waiting for Shouta to bring the car around, humming softly and swaying, trying his best to keep Shinsou calm. Shinsou turned his head away from Hizashi’s neck, violet eyes trained on the rain outside.

“I like the rain. Even if it seems kind of dreary. I think it’s peaceful, like the world knows everyone just needs to slow down and watch the rain fall,” Shinsou blinked up at him, nodding in agreement as the two stood and watched the rain.

Hizashi jumped, feeling someone tap his arm. He blinked a few times before his eyes landed on his husband, a concerned frown on his face. ‘Are you okay? You were kinda zoned out,’

“Yeah, we’re fine. Just watching the rain,” Hizashi smiled, Shouta chuckled, shaking his head.

‘If you say so. Do you want me to take him so you can put the bags in the trunk?’ Shouta asked, pointing to Shinsou, who was half asleep, still staring out the window, though his eyes were drooping closed. Hizashi nodded, shifting Shinsou before handing him to Shouta before the two of them walked outside, quickly putting the bags in the car and buckling Shinsou into his carseat.

“Oh, also, we need to pick up some curry for lunch,” Hizashi said, slipping into the passenger seat, glancing at Shinsou, who was barely paying attention, watching the rain run down with windows. Shouta nodded, before pulling out of the hospital parking lot.

By the time they got home, the rain had all but stopped, now nothing more than a light sprinkle and Shinsou was wide awake again, Having jerked awake from what they had assumed was a nightmare, but the boy had just stared off in the distance, his breath coming out a little faster than normal, but he said nothing and his eyes stayed dry. They figured he’d talk about it when he wanted to and didn’t push it, though both gave each other a concerned look.

“Welcome home!” Hizashi said, throwing their apartment door open, walking in behind Shouta and Shinsou, the boy walking on his own, a tight grip on Shouta’s hand, eyes wide as he looked around the apartment.

The only thing that came to the little boys mind was that this place was exactly what he thought a home would be. There were small knick-knacks and photos spread around the room, a bookshelf sat on one wall, full of pictures and books, a few plants sat on the very top. There was a blanket thrown over the back of the couch, a small black cat sat on top of it, blinking blearily at them. It was clean, but still lived in, a few jackets strewn around the room, a few different pairs of shoes by the door and dishes in the sink, an old takeout container sitting on the counter. He felt safe here, only because he could see how nice the couple was shown by all the pictures on the walls. Most with just the two of them, but others with friends, each one with smiles and laughter, even if Shouta looked unimpressed in all of them, there was always a fondness in his eyes.

This was nothing like the Agaki’s. Their house had very few pictures and they even looked angry in the photos they did have. The house was usually a mess, clothes strewn everywhere, dirty dishes piling up and the garbage sometimes overflowing. The only time the house was ever cleaned was when company was over, which was rare and far between. He never felt safe in their house, even before they started beating him.

If Shinsou was being honest, which most little kids were, he was a little overwhelmed by everything, It was all so new and strange, but good at the same time. It gave him hope, hope that maybe life would be better, but at the same time he was terrified. Scared that he’d find a way to mess everything up like he had before.

“Shinsou?” Shinsou jumped, accidentally activating his quirk as he stared at Hizashi, fear gripping him as he watched Hizashi’s eyes glaze over, freezing where he stood, his outstretched hand falling limply to his side. Shinsou stood frozen eyes wide as realization set in, fear pooling in his stomach, turning his limbs to lead.

Shouta frowned, watching as fear spread across the little boys face, concerned for the boy and the way his husband had frozen in his place, his eyes glazed, the green gone from his iris, left white and blank. Shouta reached out to his husband, nudging his shoulder, his eyes flicking to Shinsou.

Hizashi jerked, blinking a few times, the color coming back into his eyes, confusion written across his face as he looked around, eyes stopping at the little boy in front of him, realization flooding his eyes. Shinsou had brainwashed him, not on purpose by the look on his face.

“Shinsou,” Hizashi reached out, keeping his voice soft, but it was enough to break Shinsou’s frozen state. The boy recoiling, tripping over his own feet as he fell backwards, tears flowing down his face.

“I-I’m sorry!” Shinsou shouted, curling in on himself, waiting for the beating that came every time he accidentally used his quirk. What he didn’t expect where the arms that wrapped around him, pulling him against someone’s chest, holding him tightly as he sobbed, gasping out ‘sorrys’ between each gasping breath he took.

Hizashi’s heart was breaking at the pure panic in the boys voice, fear following close behind it. It made his blood boil and his body ready to run out of the house and hurt the Agaki’s, but he pushed it down, focusing on the shaking boy in his arms.

“It’s okay. You’re not in trouble. Accidents happen,” Hizashi murmured, running a hand through Shinsou’s hair, rocking him softly. “I’m not mad. You’re young, you don’t know how to control it and that’s fine. Everyone had the same issue when they were your age. There’s nothing wrong with that.”

“B-But that was bad. I’m no-not supposed to use m-my quirk on any-anyone. It’s e-evil and villainous,” Shinsou gasped, burying his head in Hizashi’s shirt.

“It’s not villainous nor is it evil. It’s an amazing quirk, one that could help the heroes a lot if that’s what you want to be,” Hizashi replied, pulling Shinsou back so he could look the little boy in the eyes. “I- We will never be mad when you accidentally use your quirk. Accidents happen and that’s okay,” Shinsou looked at him with ready puff eyes, sniffling a little, though his tears slowly stopped. “Are you okay?” Shinsou shook his head, still feeling panicky overwhelmed. “That’s okay. How about we watch a movie while we eat?” Shinsou nodded, but refused to let go of HIzashi, still feeling bad for brainwashing him. Hizashi just smiled down at him, lifting him into his arms as he stood.

Shouta was already in the kitchen, dishing out food, worry still etched into his face, but now understanding what had happened. His hands shook with rage, wondering why anyone would punish a child for something he couldn’t control. It’s not like Shinsou was very capable of doing it on purpose. Kids his age had very little control over their quirks, especially since they can’t really get training to help them control it. Shouta hate the Agaki’s even more now, wishing nothing but the worst onto the couple.

“Have you ever seen Ponyo?” Hizashi asked, moving to the couch after grabbing a bowl for Shinsou, Shouta bring the other bowl with him as he sat next to his husband. Shinsou shook his head, carefully taking the bowl from Hizashi, sitting comfortably in the other mans lap as he quede up the movie.

“What? No way!” Hizashi gasped, chuckling to himself. “Well we’ll just have to change that then. This was my favorite movie when I was your age. I was constantly watching it after everyone else went to bed,” the three fell into silence as they ate and watched the tv. Shinsou giggling at some points, a soft smile on his face.


Shinsou had been living with them for a week now and he’d settled in rather quickly, getting more comfortable with them with each passing day. Shouta and Hizashi spend everyday with him, doing small things like drawing with him, Hizashi was even able to convince the boy to dance around the living room with him on Shinsou’s better days. On the bad days Shinsou would usually stay in his room, his door wide open, not that it was ever shut, but sometimes he would sit with Hizashi and Shouta, curled up on one of their laps as they graded tests and st up lesson plans for when they went back to work. On those days the apartment was relatively quiet, the radio playing softly in the background and Hizashi hummed along.

Except for the first day there, Shinsou hadn’t had any other slip ups with his quirk, which they weren’t sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing. They guessed only time would tell.

Currently the small family was sitting in the living room, Hizashi resting his head in Shouta’s lap as the erasure hero played with his hair, reading quietly as Shinsou sat on the floor, drawing in his sketchbook, his tongue poking out just slightly as he concentrated. It was Sunday, and the two dreaded going back to work tomorrow, worried about taking Shinsou with them. It wasn’t that their students weren’t well behaved, but they could be pushy and over step their boundaries and they worried about them making the boy uncomfortable, or sending him into a panic. They had already explained to Shinsou what would happen tomorrow, that he’d go to school with them and sit in with Shouta, as Hizashi’s classes tended to be a little louder, but that he was more than welcome to stay with Hizashi if he wanted to. He was also told that if at any time he was uncomfortable all he had to do was tell Shouta or Hizashi, depending on who he was with, and they’d take him to Nezu, who the boy had meant a few times. He had liked the principal, he was always calm and quiet and usually left Shinsou to his own devices, offering him tea every once and awhile, but usually just kept quiet. So everything was set and ready for them when they went back tomorrow, but that didn’t mean they weren’t on edge about it.

“What are you thinking about?” Hizashi asked, poking Shouta’s cheek.


“Liar, you’ve been staring at that same page for 10 minutes now,” Hizashi replied, smiling as Shouta rolled his eyes. “It’ll be okay you know,” Hizashi muttered, tapping Shouta’s hand three times, their little sign for ‘I love you’ when the words didn’t necessarily need to be said.

‘I know. I’m just apprehensive. What if we aren’t prepared?’

“We’re as prepared as we can be, without quite knowing what could happen. We’ll figure it out,” Hizashi reassured, smiling as Shouta, hummed tapping his nose three times before going back to his book. “Dork,” Hizashi muttered, closing his eyes as the room lapsed back into silence, the only sound is Shinsou’s crayon moving along with paper and the occasional flipping of a page. That was how the family sat for an hour, time slipping from their minds as they just enjoyed being near each other. Shinsou eventually falling asleep on his sketchbook, a violet crayon still held in his tiny fist. The other two almost asleep when the door flew open, scaring everyone awake and sending Shouta jumping to his feet, immediately in a defensive position, his husband barely awake now laying on the floor and Shinsou, nowhere to be seen.

“Jesus Nemuri! Can’t you knock!” Shouta shouted, glaring at the woman standing in their doorway.

“I’ve been trying to get ahold of you for 20 minutes, but nobody knows how to answer their phones,” Nemuri replied, setting the abgs she was carrying on the counter. She paused, looking at a very angry Shouta and a still half asleep Hizashi. “You forgot,” she deadpanned, frowning at her two friends.

“Forgot what?” Hizashi asked, pushing himself up from the floor, groaning at the dull pain in his side.

“Ugh, it’s Sunday you idiots. It’s family dinner. Tensei should be here soon,” she replied, folding her arms over her chest, leaning against the counter.

“Shit, we did. Sorry Nemuri, we’ve been a little, distracted,” Hizashi muttered, eyes scanning the area, not catch a single glimpse of their son. Who they had forgotten to tell their friends about. They’d just been too distracted trying to get everything ready for when the boy came to live with them and getting everything set up with Nezu. “Shou, where’s Hitoshi?” Hizashi asked, spinning on the spot, as if he was just hiding behind him.

‘He’s probably hiding, Nemuri busting through the door probably scared the poor boy,’ Shouta responded, his eyes glancing around the room, as he moved to look in the kitchen.

“Who the fuck is Hitoshi?” Nemuri asked as she watched her two friends search their apartment.

“We’ll explain in a second,” Hizashi muttered, waving her off as he walked to where their rooms were. “Toshi, it’s alright. You can come out,” Hizashi called, noticing their bedroom door was open. “It just a friend of ours sweetheart, they’re not going to hurt you. She’s a pro hero, just like us. She works at Yuuei with us and Nezu,” Hizashi called, looking under their bed, smiling softly at the boy who hid underneath it. For not caring for small spaces, he did climb under the bed a lot. “Come here sweetheart. It’s alright,” Hizashi cooed softly, reaching a hand towards the shaking boy. Shinsou hesitated, but eventually grabbed Hizashi’s hand, letting him pull him out from under the bed. Shinsou clung to him, shaking slightly. “You’re okay baby. I’ve got you,” Hizashi mumbled, swaying slightly, waiting for him to stop shaking before they left the room,

‘Is he okay?’ Shouta aksed, walking over to them, running his hand through the boy’s hair, a barely their smile as he leaned into the touch, turning his head enough to look his other caregiver, reaching out to the other man, a silent ask to be held by the silent man. Shouta didn’t even hesitate before shifting Shinsou into his arms, letting the boy bury his face in his chest contendely.

“You have a child?!” Nemuri screeched, eyes wide as they landed on the little boy, who jumped at the sound, clinging tighter to Shouta.

“Nemuri, chill,” Hizashi sighed, motioning for her to sit in the arm chair, plopping on the couch across from the chair, Shouta joining him shortly after, muttering softly to Shinsou. “We’ll explain once Tensei gets her but please, keep your voice down. 1. Because Hitoshi doesn’t like loud noises and 2. The whole city doesn’t need to know we have a child,” Nemuri pouted, but nodded anyways, glancing back at the boy, who was sitting in Shouta’s lap, no longer buried in the man's chest as they talked to each other, Shinsou laughing softly at whatever joke Sgouta had just told him. Tensei arrived a few minutes later, quieter than Nemuri had been, Tenya following after his older brother.

“Hey guys, sorry for not telling you Tenya would be here, but mom and dad had a last minute mission,” Tensei apologized, toeing his shoes off, before helping Tenya take his shoes off.

“No worries Tensei, you know we never mind when you bring Tenya with you,” Hizashi replied, waving at the little boy, who waved back, before spotting Shinsou looking at them skeptically.

“Hello, I’m Tenya Iida,” Iida greeted, sticking his hand out for the other boy. Shinsou flinched slightly, but still shook the others hand.

‘Hi, I’m Shinsou Hitoshi,’ Shinsou signed shyly, wearily smiling at the other boy.

“It’s nice to meet you Shinsou,” Iida smiled, moving to sit next to his brother, who was watching the exchange, confusion spreading across his face.

“So,” Hizashi started, glancing at Shinsou who was playing with the strings on Shouta’s hoodie. “This is Hitoshi, we adopted him about a week ago. He’s 4, going on 5 in a few months. He’s a little shy and doesn’t do well with large crowds or loud noises, but we’re working on it,” Hizashi smiled, running his hand through Shinou’s hair, the little boy glancing at him. “Though he seems to agree that I look like a cockatiel,” Hizashi grumbled playfully, sticking his tongue out at the little boy. Shinsou blinked, his face blank as he stuck his tongue out at Hizashi.

“My god, that is such a Shouta face,” Nemuri chuckled, smiling at the three boys in front of her.

“Yeah, he’s picked up a few things already,” Hizashi chuckled. “Hitoshi, why don’t you and Tenya go wash up for dinner?” Shinsou nodded, slipping of Shouta’s lap and moving to the bathroom, Iida following behind him.

“So what made you guys finally adopt a kid?” Tensei asked.

“Long story. Basically his foster parents were literal human garbage, treated him like shit and he ended up in the hospital, half dead. Shouta knew him before this, he was the kid he saw on patrol a lot, so the kid trusted him and asked for him after arriving,” Hizashi, paused, listening for Shinsou and Iida, but he could still hear the water running and Iida talking softly. “We couldn’t let him be put back in foster care. So we adopted him and cut back our hours for hero work and I cut back on how many radio shows I’d be doing.” Hizashi finished, standing to make his way to the kitchen and start dishing out food.

“Have you looked into schools?” Nemuri asked, following behind him.

“He’ll continue at his old school, but not for awhile. He needs time to fully adjust. Especially since he has a bit of separation anxiety,” Hizashi muttered, smiling as he watched the two boys come back in. Shinsou was telling Iida about his favorite hero, even though it was obvious the other boy had no idea who Eraserhead was. Which made Hizashi chuckle, and glare at Tensei, who just smiled sheepishly.

“It’s never come up!” Tensei explained, laughing as Hizashi rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, whatever you say, idiot.”

“Dinner was a subdued affair, nothing like their normal dinners, full of yelling, sometimes wrestling when Nemuri would take a joke too far, and lots of drinking. Not that any of them minded the quiet night. They didn’t get nights like this often and it was just nice to talk and catch up, letting the kids get to know each other, even though Shinsou still sat pressed against Shouta’s side, even though he was turned away from him so he could easily talk to Iida. The other boy talking excitedly about something he had learned in school. All in all it was a successful family dinner. Tensei, Tenya, and Nemuri saying their good-byes shortly after Shinsou had fallen asleep pressed against Shouta’s side, snoring softly in his sleep. They just hoped tomorrow would be just as good.

Chapter Text

That hope was quickly crushed when a scream rang through their apartment early the following morning. Aizawa was out of bed in a flash, already down the hall and crouching next to Shinsou before Hizashi even had a chance to get up. Shinsou was awake, but his eyes were unfocused and glazed over, his breathing ragged and shallow, whole body shaking as he muttered something under his breath. 


“Hitoshi,” Aizawa called to him, but the boy flinched away, trying to curl into an even smaller ball at the head of the bed. “It’s okay Toshi. It’s just me and Hizashi. You’re safe with us, remember? We’re pro heroes and we promised to protect you,” Aizawa rattled off, watching as the boy nodded slightly with every word. This was their routine, Aizawa would sit with him and tell him about everything that had happened. How Hizashi and him had adopted Shinsou, that they were pro heroes and that they’d never let anyone hurt him. And Aizawa would wait, keeping his hands away from the terrified boy until the glazed, unfocused look in his eyes disappeared and he was able to focus on Aizawa. Only then would he pull Shinsou close, rock him until his tears stopped, and then they’d either have Shinsou join them in their bed or the three of them would curl up on the couch and watch movies.


But tonight was different. The glazed look was still in Shinsou’s eyes, but the boy scotted over to Aizawa anyways, clinging onto him like he would disappear, and Aizawa was worried and confused, but he held the boy tightly, still talking softly. 


“Shinsou, are you here? With me in your bedroom?” Shinsou shook his head, so he could hear him, but he was still trapped there. “Where are you then?” Aizawa clung tighter as the word ‘closet’ was spelled into his chest. “Okay, I’m going to move. We’re gonna go into the living room and sit with Hizashi, okay? Try to follow me there, you can do it, you’ve done it before,” Aizawa waited till the boy nodded before slowly making his way to the living room, narrating his walk. They’ve done this before, it was something to do with his quirk. He would get stuck in his head, trapped in past memories, but still aware enough to be able to hear anything around him. “Where are you now?” Aizawa asked once he was standing in the middle of the living room, Hizashi watching them from the couch with tired and worried eyes. Shinsou pushed against Aizawa’s chest, slowly blinking up at him. 


‘Living room,’ Shinsou signed, eyes looking around the room, stopping at HIzashi. ‘Zashi’s sitting on the couch and we’re in the middle of the room,’ Aizawa nodded, sighing softly before moving to plop down next to his husband, leaning his back against Hizashi’s chest who immediately wrapped his arms around the two of them. 


“Do you want to try to sleep?” Hizashi asked, rubbing soothing circles into the boy’s back. Shinsou quickly shook his head, eyes wide and panicked. “Okay, do you want to watch a movie?” Another shake of his head, ah, he wanted silence then. Hizashi smiled softly, moving his hands so Shinsou could see. ‘Okay, we’ll all just sit here then,’ Shinsou nodded at that, laying against Aizawa’s chest, staring out of the balcony window. They sat like that for hours, Hizashi eventually falling asleep, leaving the other two awake. Shinsou refusing to let his eyes close and Aizawa refusing to leave the boy alone while he slept. 


By the time their alarm went off Aizawa was exhausted, Shinsou was in no better state as the two shuffled to get ready, leaving Hizashi to sort out breakfast. Shouta helped Shinsou get dressed first, letting the boy pick out his outfit, though he didn’t seem very interested, just shrugging at every choice Aizawa held out to him. Aizawa sighed, as he got another shrug for the fourth shirt he held up. Aizawa turned full towards the dresser, closing the current drawer he was rummaging through, pulling the one below it open, fishing out a light grey hoodie, a simple cat face scrawled on it and a pair of dark blue jeans. Aizawa helped him change, carefully maneuvering Shinsou’s broken arm into the sleeve. 


After Shinosu was dressed, Aizawa walked into his and Hizashi’s room, paying close attention to the soft footsteps following after him. Aizawa pulled his jumpsuit out of their closet, listening as Shinsou settled on their bed, wanting to be near the other man, but was obviously watching the ceiling, like he did every time he was having a slightly off day. Aizawa dressed quickly, before moving out of the room to finish the rest of their daily routine, before joining Hizashi in the living room, the blond having already finished making breakfast. 


The three of them ate in relative silence, Shinsou pushing his food around more than actually eating it. The two adults looked at each other, but didn’t push it, knowing the boy would just retreat further into himself if they tried. 


The ride to school was just as quiet, though Hizashi had insisted on turning the radio on, but kept it low. When they pulled into the gates of Yuuei they were both glad they had decided to take their car, complete with tinted windows, as there was a large group of reporters standing outside the gate, trying to get the students to stop and talk to them. Aizawa groaned, but had Hizashi stop the car, before moving to get out. 


“What are you doing?”


‘I don’t want them crawling around with Hitoshi here. I’m going to get rid of them,’ Aizawa replied, glancing back at the exhausted boy in the back seat. ‘Go around the back. I’ll meet you in the lounge,’


“Okay, just, don’t do anything stupid.” Aizawa nodded, moving to open the car door.


“Wait!” Aizawa stopped, car door half open when Shinsou yelled, catching the attention of a few reporters and students walking by. “Don’t go, please,” Shinsou whispered, clutching his cat plushie close to his body, eyes downcast and filled with tears. Aizawa glanced at Hizashi, then out at the reporters, a few of them looking like they were about to start walking over. 


“Fuck, just, I’ll talk them, You take Shinsou to the staff lounge,” Hizashi was already out of the car, slamming the door behind him before someone could look in. 


“But,” Shinsou’s wide eyes followed Hizashi out of the car. 


‘It’s alright. Hizashi will meet us once we’re inside okay?’ Aizawa quickly signed, before moving out of the passenger side and going to the driver side. 


“Eraser! Is it true that you adopted a child?”


“Are you and Present Mic dating?”


“Eraser!” Aizawa growled under his breath, but ignored them, quickly climbing into the driver's seat and slamming the door.


“Alright! I need you all to step back, and leave!” HIzashi shouted, waving for Aizawa to leave, knowing the reporters weren’t dumb enough to try and step in front of a moving car. 


Once in the faculty room Aizawa collapsed into his desk chair, Shinsou scrambling to sit in his lap, but not quite hiding from the people sitting around the room.


“How did the media even find out?” Aizawa growled, running a hand through his already messy hair. 


“Someone must’ve seen you at the hospital and just made assumptions,” Nemuri replied. “Or they saw you leave with him. Who knows, what matters now it making sure all of you are safe,” Aizawa sighed, slumping in his seat. They had already scoured the news, but there were no actual pictures of the two of them together. Just stories about a ‘reliable’ source telling the media that he had recently adopted a child. 


“They’re vultures. I just can’t believe it got out so quickly,” Aizawa mumbled, glancing down at Shinsou, who was quietly mumbling to the plushie in his hands. “What kind of guardian am I if I can’t even keep him out of the media?” Aizawa muttered, glaring out the window bitterly. 


“This is in no way your fault. The media takes whatever scraps they can get and run with them. It was going to happen eventually Shouta. At least they don’t have any pictures of him. We can do something about this. Get the media to resend it, and apologize, while we find a way to move the three of you on campus, just as a precaution,” Aizawa hummed in acknowledgment, but didn’t say anything, just watched the clouds rolling across the sky. 


“Geez, I hate the media,” Hizashi mumbled, walking into the staff lounge, collapsing into the chair next to Aizawa. Shinsou glanced at him, quickly leaving Aizawa’s lap to sit with him, though he glared at Hizashi, even though he still settled himself in the blond’s lap, going back to mumbling to his kitty. “What did I do to deserve that?” Hizashi mumbled, pouting as he looked down at the little boy. 


“You left,” Shinsou mumbled, puffing his cheeks out, 


“I’m sorry kiddo, I had to get those nasty reporters out of here,” Hizashi apologized, running his hand through the boy’s hair, but the disgruntled look on the boy’s face didn’t lift, though he did lean on Hizashi’s chest, laying on his side as he dropped his voice, mumbling to himself again. 


“What’s got him so moody today?” Nemuri asked, glancing at Shinsou, who glared back at her. 


“We had a long night,” Hizashi replied, gently wrapping an arm around the boy in his lap. Shinosu hummed at the contact, reaching his free hand down to rest his smaller hand on Hizashi’s much larger hand, absently curling his hand around Hizashi’s palm. The blond had a dopey grin on his face as he looked down at Shinsou’s hand. Aizawa chuckled softly at the amazement on his husbands face. While Shinsou was used to them and would often sit in their laps, he never really initiated any other type of physical contact, especially when it came to Hizashi. Aizawa glanced at the clock, feeling a groan climbing in his throat. 


“We have to get to class,” Shinsou glanced up at him, but stayed where he was, until he saw Aizawa move towards the door, then he was pushing Hizashi’s arm away and falling to the floor, following Aizawa towards the door, but paused when Hizashi didn’t follow. 


“Hitsohi? Do you want to stay here with Hizashi?” Aizawa asked, turning to look at the boy. “You can stay here while I go teach,” Shinsou looked back at him, quickly shaking his head. “Do you want to come with me?” A nod, but still he didn’t move glancing back at Hizashi. Aizawa hummed, connecting the dots rather quickly, so that’s how today was going to be. “Come on Yamada. I guess we’re both going to have a guest teacher today,” Aizawa muttered, waiting for his husband and son to follow him before he walked out, not wanting to make Shinsou’s separation anxiety worse. 


“Shut up and sit down,” Aizawa barked, walking into the classroom, the class immediately sat down, everyone falling silent. “Mic will be joining is today. Though he’s just here to observe and watch over my ward,” Aizawa continued, leaning against the blackboard, motioning for the two to walk in. Shinsou walked in first, well more like ran, barreling into Aizawa’s legs, hiding from the students staring wide eyed at him. Mic walked in behind him, chuckling softly, dropping into Aizawa’s desk chair, smiling brightly at the students. 


“So it’s true?!”


“You adopted a kid?!”


“I didn’t take you for someone who actually liked kids!”


“What’s his name?”


“Quiet!” Aizawa growled, flashing his quirk, scaring both the students and Shinsou with his yell. “Shit, sorry kiddo. Why don’t you go sit with Mic? I’m sure he’d love to play with you while I teach,” Shinsou stared up at him, before glancing at Hizashi, watching the two of them skeptically, “I’ll be right here kid. I just need both hands to teach. I’ll sit with you during Mic’s class, deal?” Shinsou squinted at him, but nodded, moving over to Mic and reaching his good arm up, holding his kitty against himself with his cast. Hizashi smiled, leaning over to pick the boy up, making sure he didn’t drop his plushie. Shinsou settled into his lap, facing Hizashi, his back to the class as he quietly signed with Hizashi.


‘Why are they staring?’ Shinsou asked, pouting as he shifted so the class was in his vision, but couldn’t see his face. 


‘People don’t see the side of Shouta that we do. So they’re a little intrigued by you,’ Hizashi replied, snorting at the annoyed look on the boy’s face. 


‘They should mind their own business,’ Shinsou crossed his arms, well as much as he could with one broken one. 


‘Yeah, but teenagers are nosey.’


“Now,” Hizashi and Shinsou looked up as Aizawa spoke. “I’m going to set some ground rules about the kid. None of you are to pester him. He is to be left alone unless it’s an emergency. I will not be answering any questions about him, so don’t bother asking. That goes for Mic too, so don’t bother asking him. His name is unimportant to you all, though I won’t stop him if he wants to introduce himself. When he is around you are to be quiet, not deadly silent but keep your voices down and absolutely no quirk use around him, unless Mic or I say otherwise. If you need to approach the desk for any reason, make your presence known before you get to close. Lastly, from time to time, Mic might join our class, just as he is today. It is none of your business as to why, just know that it will happen. On those days I will also be in Mic’s class. It is for the kid and that’s all you need to know,” Aizawa sighed, running a hand down his face. “Now, emergency where you are permitted to approach him or talk to him. If he gets lost on campus, help him find myself or Mic or any of the other teachers. If something happens to Mic or me, I am putting you all in charge of watching him till we come to collect him, or Midnight comes to get him. He is prone to panic attacks, if I don’t notice it please alert me to it, if I’m not around, try to call him down,don’t touch him, but talk to him while one of you comes to find me or Mic. Understood?’ The class nods, but stays quiet, a few glancing at the boy, who was still signing with Hizashi, a little more enthusiastically now. “Good, now, for today's lesson,” the class groaned, but Aizawa continued.


Hizashi’s class was different than how it normally was. The usually loud rambunxious class was quiet, deadly so with Aizawa sitting at Hizashi’s desk signing with the small boy in his lap, sometimes just sitting there and watching the boy doodle in his sketchbook. 


“Hey, hey, pay attention!” Hizashi snapped, crossing his arms as he glared at his class. “Or maybe we will have that test today,” the class shook their heads, prying their eyes from Aizawa and Shinsou, immediately going back to work. Hizashi chuckled, leaning back against the blackboard as he watched them. 


“Zeeshi,” Hizashi turned, looking at Shinsou as he butchered his name. 


“What’s up little listener?” Shinsou didn’t respond, just flipped his sketchbook towards him, sheepishly showing him the drawing. Hizashi smiled as he looked at the page, a little purple boy doodled between  a yellow figure, hair swooped up in a point, a grey blob around the neck, and a grey figure, black hair floating around the head, yellow goggles on the figures face and a grey scarf flying around him. In messy characters read ‘my family’ scrawled at the top of the page. “That’s amazing kiddo! I’m sure if you asked nicely Aizawa might even put it on the fridge. If you wanted him to show it off,” Shinsou paused, thinking about it, before turning back in Aizawa’s lap, a calculating look on his face as he watched the dark haired man. 


“Would you?” Shinsou asked, hands still clutching the sketchbook, the page pressed close to his chest. 


“If you want me to, I will. I’m sure Mic would love to see it every time he raids the fridge,” Aizawa replied, though Hizashi knew what he really meant, Aizawa would love to see the picture. It gave him a reason to believe he was at least okay at being a guardian. 


“Really?” Shinsou beamed, momentarily forgetting about the class in his excitement. 


“Of course kid, I’d never joke about that,” Shinosu bounced slightly in his seat, hugging the man in front of him. Aizawa hugged him back, turning the chair so his back was to the classroom. 


‘Adorable,’ Hizashi signed, smiling at the two of them. Aizawa didn’t reply, just flipped him off, a scowl on his face.



Aizawa was currently sitting in the staff lounge, pointedly ignoring the stares directed at him. Hizashi was talking animatedly at his side, pausing to take a bit of his bento every few minutes. Aizawa hummed, nodding in acknowledgement, but he was only half paying attention, too focused on helping Shinsou eat. The boy was happy to let Aizawa feed him, glaring at the older man every few bites, refusing to eat anymore until Aizawa would eat a few bites. AIzawa would roll his eyes, but eventually relent and eat some of the bento, forcing back a smile when Shinsou would beam up at him.


“That is the most adorable sight I’ve ever seen,” Nemuri gushed from AIzawa’s other side. 


“Don’t you have better things to do than watch us eat?” Aizawa grumbled, taking another bite at Shinsou’s glare. “It’s pretty creepy Nem,” Shinsou nodded in agreement, happily chewing on his own bite while mindlessly fidgeting with the ends of Aizawa’s capture weapon. Nemuri huffed, but turned away from them, grumbling as she started grading the papers in front of her. 


“She’s not wrong though,” Hizashi muttered, a fond smile on his face as he watched the scene in front of him. Aizawa rolled his eyes, ducking his head into his capture weapon, hiding the sort of smile tugging at his lips. 


“Shut up and eat your lunch,” Aizawa grumbled. Hizashi laughed, but went back to eating, still rambling about his day so far, and how some of the students could probably eat alphabet soup and shit out better essays than the ones that got turned in to him.


“Aren’t you guys supposed to be at the gym soon?” Aizawa frowned, glancing at the clock before his eyes grew wide. Shit, they had both lost track of time. They were supposed to be meeting class 1-a at the gym for some quirkless sparring.


“Fuck, Yamada, we have to go,” Aizawa was on his feet in a second, Shinsou held tightly in his arms as AIzawa packed up Shinsou’s bag, flinging it over his shuoulder and grabbing Hizashi’s shirt collar, pulling the stuttering man with him as he made his way out the door, cursing himself as he went. Hizashi fell into step next to him, laughing at Aizawa’s actions. 


“It’ll be fine, so what if we’re a few minutes late?” 


“This is class 1-a we’re talking about. You know they can’t be trusted by themselves,” Aizawa muttered, Hizashi chuckled, but picked up his pace anyways. Luckily they made it there with a few minutes to spare. 


“Alright listeners! We’re going to start with some quirkless sparring. Those of you who are confident with your hand-to-hand combat pair up with those still struggling. Odd man out has their choice of pairing with another group or pairing with one of us. Figure it out,” HIzashi instructed, watching as the students paired up, leaving Hasemi to sheepishly walk over to the two of them. 


“Um, I-I was hoping Aizawa-sensei would spare with me, N-No offense Mic-sensei, we, uh, we all just know you’re not, the best at hand-to-hand combat,” Hizashi laughed, clapping her on the shoulder. 


“No worries kid. Aizawa tells me that all the time,” Hizashi chuckled again, turning to reach his arms out to Shinsou, letting the boy decide if he wanted to be held or not. Shinsou didn’t hesitate to lean towards him, warily watching the girl near them. “Don’t worry kiddo, she’s not gonna hurt you,” Hizashi reassured him, though Shinsou still buried his face in Hizashi chest, hiding from the girl. 


“Alright Hasemi, are you still having trouble with-” Hizashi watched as his husband walked away, before glancing at the other pairs. Watching each pair spare for a minute to see if he needed to give them some advice, but for the most part Hizashi just stood there, quietly talking to Shinsou, even though the boy didn’t always respond. Which was fine with Hizashi, Shinsou was still getting used to them and being able to talk around them. 


Everything had been going just fine, those who needed the extra help seemed to be doing a lot better, including Hasemi, who seemed to actual get a few hits on Aizawa, which was not easy and Hizashi knew Aizawa wasn’t holding back, he never did when he would spare with the students. It showed them what it would be like to fight against someone who actually knew what they were doing. Hizashi was ready to call them back, ready to start their next exercise. Shinsou had asked to be put down, now sitting on the grym floor, going from playing with his cat plushie to doodling in his sketchbook. 


“Alright, everyone. Take a quick 5 minute break. Afterwards we’ll start the next exercise,” Hizashi called, the students nodded, some of them sitting on the floor in groups, others stretching first, some walking to the other end of the gym to get a drink. Aizawa rolled his shoulders, sighing as he let his muscles relax, plopping down next to Shinsou, startling the boy a little into using his quirk, flushing when he realized what he was doing. Aizawa just chuckled softly when he was released from Shinsou’s hold. 


“You’re getting better at letting people go,” Hizashi praised, ruffling the boy’s hair as he sat down. Aizawa hummed, an idea flashing in his head. “I know that look, what’re you thinking?” Aizawa just waved him off, a smirk spreading across his face before he stood, whistling to get everyone's attention. 


“I have a deal to make with you all. See, he needs to learn control, and you all have some questions right?” The class nodded, even Shinsou was paying close attention. “Well, if he agrees, we’ll have a little test. For everyone of you who can break his control on you, I’ll answer one question. Agreed?” The class nodded, Aizawa turning to Shinsou. “What do you say kid? You don’t have to do anything you don’t want, but it would help with your control. It wouldn’t just flair up randomly, with practice,” Shinsou seemed to mull this over, a little hesitant to willingly use his quirk, but nodded anyways, abandoning his sketchbook and plushie to stand by his guardians side. “Alright,” Aizawa turned to look at the class. “So, who’s first?” Everyone looked at each other before Hasemi stepped forward. Shinsou blinked up at her, before clearing his throat.


“What’s your name?” Shinsou asked, his voice soft and a little scratchy. The class watched with bated breath, a slightly confused look on Hasemi’s face before she answered. 


“Hasemi-” the girl went stiff, color draining from her eyes as she stared blankly ahead. 


“Good, hold it for as long as you. Focus,” Aizawa muttered, glancing between the bewildered faces of his students and the blank look of Hasemi’s face. Shinsou nodded, concentrating on keeping his mind melded with the girl’s. A minute ticked by as everyone watched, but only Aizawa noticed the slight twitch in Hasemi’s arm, the color returning slowly to her eyes as she blinked, wonder crossing her face as she looked at Shinsou. 


“That, is super cool!” the girl gushed, smiling brightly at the little boy. Shinsou flushed, looking away from her. 


“Really?” Shinsou asked softly, scuffing his shoe on the gym floor. 


“Yeah! You could be a really great hero one day,” Shinsou looked taken aback, but smiled brightly anyways. 


“Alright, well, I guess that means I owe you an answer. Let’s get through everyone and then do the questions at the end,” the class nodded, the next student eagerly stepping up. The whole thing lasted about 20 minutes, the last few students needing less time to break free, Shinsou growing more tired as time went on. 


“Good work kid,” Aizawa praised, ruffling Shinsou’s hair, plopping next to the tired boy, pulling him against his side, Hizashi moving to sit next to them. “So, I guess that means you get to ask me 13 questions,” Aizawa mused, tilting his head slightly. “Go ahead, ask away,”


“How does his quirk work?”


“We’re not entirely sure. When he actually tries to use it, he has to get his target to respond to him, but sometimes when he’s overly emotional he can use it without getting a response.”


“Is he a ward of Yuuei or is he your son?”


“He is my adopted son. Yuuei has no claim to him. He’s just coming here with me until he’s ready to go back to school,”


“How old is he?”


“Four, turning five in a few months,”


“Are you and Mic-sensei married?” Aizawa paused at that, blinking slowly at his class. 


“No,” the class seemed to deflate at his answer, murmuring to each other. 


“Oh, we just thought, well we’ve seen your rings and it’s common knowledge that you live together. Plus you and Mic are really close and on his radio show he always mentions that his secret partner has been by his side for years,” Aizawa sighed, glaring at his husband. 


“I’m blaming you for this,” Aizawa grumbled, turning back to his students. “Yes, Mic and I are married, but it doesn’t leave this room. Wait, you’ve seen my ring?” Aizawa frowned, mindlessly reaching for the chain that was always hidden under his shirt and capture weapon. 


“Yeah, a few times during training. Usually on days you were running late. We assumed you just forgot to tuck it in your shit,”


“Alright, you can’t blame me for this anymore. They wouldn’t have suspected you if they didn’t see your ring,” Hizashi laughed, throwing his head back. Aizawa just grumbled, shoving Hizashi so he fell over. 


“Idiot,” Aizawa growled, rolling his eyes at him, but there was a fond look under his annoyed look. 


“How long have you been together?”


“We’ve been friends since the middle of our first year at Yuuei, after Aizawa transferred into the hero program, after kicking my ass during the sports festival. We’ve been a couple since we were 16. We’ve been married for 3 years now,” Hizashi replied, a bright smile on his face. 


“Zashi, no, it’s been almost 4 years,” Aizawa scowled, glaring at his husband. 


“What? No, it hasn’t-” Hizashi paused, eyebrows furrowed as he thought. “Oh shit, Shou! I, my birthday is next week, isn’t it?” Aizawa nodded, rolling his eyes at his husband.


“To be fair, we’ve been a little preoccupied lately,” Aizawa replied, both men glancing at the boy sitting between them, half asleep. 


“What made you guys decide to adopt? No offense, but I didn’t think you’d want kids Aizawa-Sensei,” HIzashi laughed at that, opening his mouth, probably to say something to ruin Aizawa’s reputation. Aizawa glared, using his quirk as a warning. Hizashi choked on his laugh, glaring at Aizawa as his voice and breath, were literally stolen. 


“None taken,” Aizawa shrugged dropping his quirk. “To be fair, kids were never part of our plan. Not until well years down the road, but even then it was just talk. He, he was different. I seen him a lot during my patrols, always out with his… foster parents, really I’ve known him for about a year before we adopted him. Details are unimportant, but he just reminded us of well, our younger selves. It just made sense,” Aizawa shrugged, leaning back on his hands.


“What do you mean by your younger selves?” Aizawa flinched at the question, regretting his choice of words. Aizawa leaned his head back, sighing as a few memories resurfaced, pushing their way into his mind. Images of shitty parents, locked doors and blacked out rooms. Irritated red eyes looking back at him in the mirror, thumbs and pointer fingers hovering over his eyes, a woman screaming at him, pounding on the locked door of the closet. Being locked in the same closet for days, screaming himself hoarse-


“Shou?” AIzawa jumped, flinching away from the hand reaching out to him, eyes a little too wide, body instinctively moving away. He stared at his husband, heart racing in his chest, forcing the images and sounds out of his head. “Are you-”


“I’m fine,” Aizawa snapped, rubbing at his dry eyes. “I’m..I’m okay,” Hizashi frowned, but didn’t say anything. 


“I think that’s enough for today. Class dismissed. We’ll answer the rest tomorrow,” Hizashi muttered, waving for the students to leave. The blonde said nothing more, just pushed himself to his feet, shoving Shinsou’s stuff into his bag before picking the boy up and helping Aizawa too his feet, the raven haired man was only half paying attention as he was dragged out of the gym, their students watching the whole thing. Aizawa stumbled after his husband, his mind flashing between past and present.


HIzashi’s heart was beating in his chest, knowing what was coming. Aizawa had gotten to far in his head and it was only a matter of time before he was too far, before he would start yelling and kicking, believing that he was back there, with those people. Hizashi didn’t even think as he burst into the staff lounge, shoving AIzawa onto the couch, eyes scanning over the few teachers staring at them. 


Out,” Hizashi snapped, putting more force than necessary into the word, all but shoving the others out of the room, but gently handing Shinsou to Thirteen, who gave him a worried look, eyes glancing to AIzawa, who was now breathing heavily, hands gripping his hair tightly. “Find Nemuri, quickly,” Hizashi earged, shoving them out of the door.


“Shou, Moonbeam? Can you hear me?” Hizashi asked, gently easing his husbands hands out of his hair. Aizawa didn’t respond, instead just clutching onto Hizashi’s hands, his eyes glazed over, not looking at Hizashi, but looking through him, to a place Hizashi couldn’t even begin to imagine. “Shou,” Hizashi sighed, rubbing his thumb along Aizawa’s knuckles, humming softly, a tune he hoped could reach his husband while he was in this state. He pried one hand out of Aizawa’s gently cupping his husband's cheek, his heart clenching when the man flinched away from him. “You’re okay. I know you can’t see that right now, but you’re okay. You’re here, at Yuuei, with me. You’re not with them anymore. You have me and my moms and we have Shinsou. You just have to come back to me,” Hizashi continued to talk to him, Aizawa was talking to, no more like screaming, silent tears slipping down his cheeks. 


“Stop, please! I’m sorry, it was an accident!” Aizawa yelled, trying to pull away from Hizashi, who let him go, but didn’t move from where he was crouched. “ Please don’t not again,” Aizawa pleaded, curling in on himself. 


“Shouta, please,” HIzashi whispered, flinching when the door slammed open, Nemuri panting as she ran into the room. “Nem, I-I need you-”


“I know. I know Zashi,” Nemuri muttered. “Cover your nose,” Hizashi did as he was told, watching as Nemuri pulled part of her costume back, the purple pink mist wafting off of her, swirling around them and up towards his husband, whose gasping breaths slowed, his eyes fluttering as he tilted sideways, falling into the plush couch cushions. Hizashi watched as his tears trickled to a stop and his breathing evened out, leaving Nemuri and him to sit in silence. 


“What happened?” Nemuri asked after a couple of minutes had passed by, both of them still sitting on the floor, watching Aizawa sleep, his sleeping bag tossed over him. 


“I’m not quite sure. The students were asking us questions about Hitoshi and Shouta was answering one of them, something about what made us finally decide to adopt a kid, and Shouta basically just told them that HItoshi was special and that he reminded us of our… younger selves. Fuck, it must’ve brought up some old memories,” Hizashi sighed, leaning against Nemuri. “I’m gonna go collect Shinsou and take both of them home. I’ll be better for him to wake up in our bed,”


“Yeah, I’ll take over his classes and see if Thirteen can take over your classes. I think they’re actually in your classroom with Shinosu right now,” Nemuri muttered. “I’ll watch him while you go get Hitoshi,” HIzashi nodded, but didn’t make a move to leave, just simply shifted forward to brush Aizawa’s hair back, gently cupping his cheek. “It’ll be okay Hizashi. He’ll be out for a couple hours,” Hizashi nodded again, slowly pushing himself to his feet, hovering over Aizawa before forcing himself out of the room, towards his classroom, where he can hear a few people talking. Hizashi pushed the door open with shaky hands, refusing to meet anyone's eyes, just scanning quickly to see Shinsou sitting quietly on the other side of the room, as far from everyone as he could be. 


“Come on Toshi, we’re gonna take Aizawa home,” Hizashi muttered, his usual bright and energetic self missing, replaced by his quiet closed off self. Shinsou nodded from where he sat, making his way to Hizashi, gently reaching up to grab Hizashi’s hand. The blond gave him a tight lipped smile, before leaving the room, ready to just be home already, and it was barely one. 


Within twenty minutes Hizashi was carrying Aizawa into their apartment, Shinsou walking in front of him, holding the front door open as he walked through. Hizashi hummed a soft ‘thank you’ walking into the back of the apartment, laying Aizawa onto their bed, sitting in front of him, running his hand through the other man’s hair.


“Is he okay?” Shinsou mumbled, standing hesitantly in the doorway. 


“Yeah, he’ll be okay. Come on buddy. I think we could all use a nap,” Shinsou nodded, hopping onto the bed and currlying between Aizawa and Hizashi, the blond throwing an arm over both of them, absentmindedly lacing his fingers with Aizawa’s, letting his eyes close and willing sleep to whisk him away, along with the day that had started off so well. 


Hizashi was in the kitchen a few hours later, starting to make dinner, when he heard Shouta shuffling into the room. Hizashi glanced back at him, giving him a soft smile. Shouta looked exhausted and worn out, their comforter wrapped around his shoulders, the bags under his eyes looked worse, despite sleeping for almost 3 hours. 


“Afternoon moonbeam,” Hizashi greeted, turning back to the stove. Shouta grunted in reply, leaning his head on Hizashi’s shoulder. The two were silent for a moment, the only sound being the food cooking on the stove and Shinsou coloring in the next room over. 


“m sorry, Zashi. I couldn’t get it under control,” Shouta muttered, sighing softly. Hizashi was quiet for a second, turning off the burners before turning to face Shouta, gently cupping Shouta’s cheeks, forcing the other man to look at him. 


“Shou, you have nothing to apologize for. Shit happens and this is in no way your fault,” Hizashi reassured him, pushing Shota’s hair out of his face, smiling softly at him. “Childhood trauma is a bitch and it takes work to make things a little more okay. We’ll get there one day, when they’re nothing more than shitty memories with no power over us anymore,” Shouta sighed, but nodded anyways, leaning into the hand still on his cheek. 


“I don’t remember falling asleep,” Shouta muttered, glancing into guilty green eyes. “Nemuri?” Hizashi nodded, chewing his lip and avoiding Shouta’s gaze.


“Yeah, I know you don’t like it when she does that to you, but you, you were too far gone and I didn’t want you to have to ride the whole thing out,” Hizashi muttered, dropping his arms to his side. 


“I understand. It’s alright sunshine. I’m not mad,” Shouta replied, pressing a kiss to Hizashi’s cheek. “Just exhausted,”


“Well let’s eat dinner, and then we can all lay down and watch a movie. Shinsou’s been wanting to watch Monsters Inc again,” Shouta nodded, glancing at their son, who had perked up at the mention of his favorite movie. 


“Yeah, that sounds great,” Hizashi smiled, pressing a kiss to Shouta’s forehead before turning back to the stove, dishing out a serving for each of them. 


“Things will get better,” Hizashi reassured him, heading into the living room with a bowl for himself and Shinsou. “For all of us eventually.”

Chapter Text

The following week went by a lot smoother than the first day. The kids didn’t ask about what happened after they left the gym and both teachers never brought it up. Shinsou seemed to grow to trust class 1-a more and more each day, sometimes using his quirk on them when he knew they weren’t paying attention or were doing something they weren't supposed to. Aizawa didn’t mind that he’d use his quirk and the students didn’t seem to mind either, they were just excited about helping the boy train his quirk. Shinsou would even talk with a few of the students, Mainly Hasemi, ever since the first day when she had told Shinsou he could be a great hero, he had gotten closer to the girl, even letting her hold his kitty. Which was the boy’s way of telling you he trusted you and very few people had even gotten to hold the plushie, including Hizashi and Aizawa, who had both gotten to hold it once.


Though there was obviously one person Shinsou trusted more than the others, More than HIzashi and Aizawa even. Shinsou had quickly latched onto Hasemi, not that the girl seemed to mind much. She was happy to sit in the classroom with them during lunch and talk with him to his heart's content. She had even started learning sign from Hizashi and Aizawa for the days when Shinsou didn’t want to talk out loud. Aizawa wasn’t surprised when he had latched onto her. It was obvious that Shinsou was calmer around women than he was men. After all Mrs. Agaki never hit him, and his foster sister Makkiko had always looked after him, so it made sense that he’d feel more comfortable around her. Plus she had immediately like his quirk, which was on obvious sore spot for the boy. 


Aizawa had been rather relieved when the boy started talking to other people. He was worried that he wouldn’t be able to feel safe enough around them to actually talk to them, which would’ve affected Shinsou’s ability to go back to school. But seeing the boy talk with specific students made him feel better. It gave him hope that maybe sending Shinosu to school in a few weeks wouldn’t be so bad. But that was still a few days out. They had other things to focus on, like Hizashi’s 22nd birthday.


“Can I help?” Shinsou asked, standing on the little stool in front of the counter, watching Aizawa mix the cake batter. 


“You can help me frost it once it’s done, alright? I don’t want you to get burnt by accident. Why don’t you go finish your card for Hizashi?” Shinsou pouted, but nodded anyways, bounding back into the living room, laying on his stomach as he started drawing on the card again. Aizawa hummed from the kitchen, pouring the batter into the pan and tossing it into the oven.


Hizashi was currently out finishing up his patrol for the day. He would be home by the time the cake was finished being decorated. Nemuri was supposed to be there any minute now with decorations and takeout. Tensei would be a little later, having to wait for Iida to finish his homework before they headed over. Hizashi’s moms were on their way, but it would still be a while before they got there. So everything was going to plan, Hizashi would come home to the house decorated, dinner waiting for him and their close friends and family ready to celebrate with them.


Nemuri was there within ten minutes, greeting Aizawa and Shinsou as she placed the takeaway on the counter and immediately started decorating. 


“How are you two boys doing?” Nemuri asked, standing on her tippy toes to hang the ‘happy birthday’ banner over the entrance to the living room, in plain view from the doorway. 


“We’re fine. Toshi’s been doing a lot better, His nightmare are dwindling and his therapist thinks he should be able to go to school come the following week or so.  I’m… not sure about that though,” Aizawa sighed, glancing at the boy, too distracted by finishing Hizashi’s gift to be paying much attention to them, his tongue poking out of the corner of his mouth as he concentrated. “I know he’s getting better, but he’s still jumpy around us, and, I know he’s opening up to a few of our students, but kids his age can be, cruel. Especially when it comes to quirks and the fact that he doesn’t talk much worries me,” AIzawa looked away, mumbling the last part under his breath.


“It’s going to be fine Shou. HItoshi’s a tough kid, he’ll be fine, you’ll see. Besides, even if this school doesn’t work out, there are other ones, ones that are more specially equipped for cases like him,” Nemuri replied, glancing at Aizawa, who was frowning at the counter. 


“We’ve already switched his school. We went to do a visit with the teachers a few days ago and they, jesus Nem, they couldn’t even communicate with him. They normally just left him to his own devices when he went there and it was obvious he was picked on. He didn’t leave our sides the whole time and he basically hid every time he saw the other kids. I know his therapist said we shouldn’t change his school, but we couldn’t let him go there. We have a few supervised visits between now and when he starts  in two weeks. We’ll be around, but not actually in the same room as him. Except for the first visit, that one we’ll be able to be in his class, just in case,” Aizawa looked back at Shinsou, tilting his head this way and that way, trying to figure out what else to add. “Did you remember to sign it and write your message?” Shinsou opened his mouth in a little ‘o’ shape, quickly getting to work. Aizawa chuckled softly before turning to shut off the timer and check the cake, which was then left to cool out of reach of little hands. 


“Don’t worry, the party can start now!” The front door opened as Tensei sing-songed, walking in with a few wrapped gifts, Tenya following behind him. 


“And we thought Zeeshi was the dramatic one,” Shinsou muttered, frowning at his card. The rest of the room laughed, taken aback by the softly uttered phrase. 


“Nah, I’d never be able to take his drama queen crown. He’d throw a fit,” Tensei laughed, setting the gifts on the table before moving to help Nemuri blow up a few balloons. 


“He’s got quite a bit of sass,” Nemuri chuckled, handing the speed hero a few balloons. 


“Look who he lives with!” Tensei chuckled, full on laughing at the empty cake mix box hitting him in the shoulder. 


“Hello Hitoshi, is that your present for Uncle Hizashi?” Tenya asked, sitting cross legged in front of the other boy. 


“Mhmm,” Shinsou hummed, finishing the last character of his message before closing it and setting it aside. “Da-Shouta taught me how to spell the message to Zeeshi, since I didn’t know all of it,” Shsinsou replied, flushing as he almost slipped up. He thought of the two adults as his fathers, but he wasn’t ready to say it. He didn’t know if they would even want him to call them dad or papa. So he called them by their first names, though he had trouble pronouncing Hizashi.  Tenya nodded smiling brightly as the two talked. Unaware that two of the adults had heard the slip up, the third too distracted in the kitchen.


“You heard that too right?” Nemuri whispered, glancing at the two kids, then Shouta before focusing back at the man next to her. 


“Of course. Why do you think he stopped himself?” Tensei whispered back. 


“Maybe he’s scared to say it? I mean think about it. Shouta and Hizashi both said he’s been in and out of foster homes for a few years. He might think he’ll ruin it by calling them dad,” Tensei nodded at that, glancing at the shy purple haired boy. 


“He’ll realize one day that he won’t ruin it by calling them dad and we’ll hear about it for a week while Hizashi sobs every time he says it,” Tensei replied, both of them laughing at that. 


“Toshi, did you still want to help me?” Aizawa called, turning to look at the boy, who obviously perked up at that. He nodded quickly before turning to Tennya. 


“Do you mind if I help Shouta really quickly?” Shinsou asked, feeling a little bad for leaving the boy by himself. 


“I don’t mind, go ahead. I can go help Auntie Nem and Tensei,” Tenya replied, pulling himself to his feet, flashing Shinsou a smile before walking over to his brother and Nemuri. Shionsu was quick to get to his feet after that, nearly falling off his kitchen stool in his haste. 


“Careful,” Aizawa chuckled, catching Shinsou before he could fall. “Alright, so here’s what we’re going to do,” Aizawa started, showing Shinsou how to frost the cake. By the end of it they both had multiple spots of frosting on themselves and the cake looked, well like it was decorated by a child. Which was half Aizawa’s fault, since the man couldn’t decorate a cake to save his life. Even the piped on ‘happy birthday’ was crooked and messy. Aizawa looked at Shinsou, noticing the frown on the kids face. “It looks great kid, Hizashi’s going to love it. Especially since you decorated it,” Aizawa reassured him, ruffling his hair. 


‘Are you sure?’ Shinsou signed, obviously shrinking into himself. 


‘Yeah, I’m sure kid. Let’s go get cleaned up, Hizashi should be here soon,’ Aizawa signed back, leading Shinsou to the bathroom and sitting him on the closed toilet lid and wetting a washcloth. Shinsou giggled as Aizawa wiped the frosting of his face, arms, and hands before doing the same thing for himself.  


“I’m home!” Hizashi called, as he stepped into the apartment, looking a little battered, but ultimately okay. 


“Happy birthday sunshine,” Aizawa replied, walking out of the bathroom with Shinsou following behind him. 


“Happy birthday Zeeshi!” Shinsou chirped, giggling as Hizashi picked him up, swinging him around before settling the boy on his hip.


“Why thank you little listener and my lovely moonbeam,” Hizashi replied, humming as he pecked Aizawa’s lips. 


“Happy birthday idiot,” Nemuri and Tensei called, glaring at each other when they said it at the same time. 


“Happy birthday Uncle Hizashi,” Tenya called, a bright smile on the boy’s face. 


“Thanks guys, this is already the best birthday,” Hizashi smiled, walking further into the room and plopping onto the couch. “My moms should be here soon,” 


Sure enough, not five minutes later Hizashi’s moms were walking into the apartment, dropping a few more gifts onto the table with the others. 


“Why do you still have your hair up?” Hizashi’s Mimi scowled at his hair. She had always hated the look, but she couldn’t do anything about it. 


“Because I just got home and I didn’t want to bother with it,” Hizashi whined, pouting from where he was on the couch. The whole room rolled their eyes at him. 


“Trust me, I’ve been trying to get him to shower since he got home,” Aizawa gumbled from the kitchen. 


“Hizashi Yamada-Aizawa, go shower. I know you had a patrol before this besides you look like a cockatiel,” Sachiko, scolded, moving to help Aizawa grab plates and glasses. Hizashi pouted, but shuffled to the bathroom anyways, grumbling under his breath about how it was his birthday, why was he being picked on. “I swear, I don’t understand how he deals with that hair,” she muttered, laughing softly. 


“How did he even get that idea?” Tenesi asked. 


“Well you remember how he gelled his hair when we were younger, he just never stopped, but he wanted to grow it out. Honestly I don’t know how he does it,” Aizawa replied, shaking his head. “I’ve been telling him for years that it’s not practical, but he doesn’t listen,” 


“You’re one to talk,” Hizashi muttered, towel drying his hair as he walked back into the room. “Your biggest tell is your hair, but you won’t cut it,”


“That’s because I look terrible with short hair. Remember the year before we got into Yuuei and my mother basically shaved my head? I wore a hat almost all the time until it was at least past my ears again,” Aizawa rolled his eyes, forcing back memories that tried to resurface. 


“Wait, your mom did what? Why?” Tensei frowned. Aizawa just shrugged, he didn’t want to talk about it. Tensei was the only one of the three that didn’t know everything about his childhood. All he knew was that Aizawa had to be removed from the home and eventually was taken in by Nezu until after he graduated and moved in with Hizashi.


“Doesn’t matter. Forget about it. Let’s eat and then Hizashi can open his presents,” Aizawa replied, brushing the topic off and dishing out a few plates. Putting a little extra on Shinsou’s since the boy was still too small. Tensei frowned even more at Aizawa’s dismissal, but let it go, now was not the time or place to push the topic. 




“I still can’t believe you hid that from us! We had to find out while watching you during the sports festival!” Sachiko laughed, leaning into her wife. 


“What was I supposed to say?! Oh, by the way, my best friends quirk could kill me if he’s not careful? You would have freaked!” Hizashi replied.


“We did freak! You should have seen your poor Mimi! She was ready to run to Yuuei and kill you both!” 


“We were careful! Shouta knew what he was doing the whole time. We had a signal if it got to be too much for me. Besides once we learned how his quirk affected me we worked on my lung capacity,” AIzawa rolled his eyes, silently curled against his husband, his legs thrown over the armrest of the couch and his head in Hizashi’s lap, Shinosu was laying on the floor in front of them, half asleep at this point.


“Still, you both should’ve told us. I bet you did that training without any supervision too,” Hizashi flushed at that, chuckling nervously. Jitsuko roller her eyes at her son, sighing heavily in mock disappointment.


‘I asked him not to tell you. I was worried you wouldn’t want me around him if you knew I could hurt him like that,’ Aizawa signed, looking anywhere but at his mothers-in-law. 


“Oh nonsense, we knew how good you were for him, and how much of an impact he had on you. Don’t think I forgot about that time you lied to me when you were what, eight? Besides you guys had been friends for what, two years before we adopted Hizashi. We never would’ve done that to either of you,” Jitsuko reassured him, but Aizawa just shrugged, keeping his eyes on the ceiling. 


“And look at us now! Married with a child, and Shouta could choke me and I’d fucking thank him,”


“Hizashi!” the whole room yelled, except Aizawa and Nemuri, the latter cackling at his announcement while AIzawa groaned, his face flaming red as he hid behind his hands. Luckily the kids were more or less asleep on the floor. 


“None of us needed to know that much about your sex life,” Tensei groaned, his own face covered in a dark blush. Hizashi just shrugged, an unashamed smile on his face as he chuckled.


‘I’m going to murder you,’ Aizawa signed, glaring at his husband. Hizashi just laughed louder, pressing a kiss to Aizawa’s cheek.


After that Hizashi’s birthday was a subdued affair. It was the perfect birthday in his eyes, even if the cake was a little burnt, a little lopsided, and badly frosted. He didn’t care because his boys had made it for him. His favorite gift had been Shinsou’s card, which was now proudly displayed on their fridge. It was a drawing of Hizashi in his hero costume, standing in his signature pose, a message on the other side reading ‘You’re more than just my hero.’ It had made Hizashi smile and his eyes a little watery. Shinsou had flushed when Hizashi told him that he loved it and had immediately stuck it on the fridge, but Shinsou had smiled too, a soft barely there smile, but it made Hizashi’s birthday so much better. 


Now it was just the family of three, everyone having left almost an hour ago, letting the family have time with just each other. Hizashi was leaning against Aizawa’s chest, Shinsou fast asleep on Hizashi, snuffling softly in his sleep. 


“Did you have a good birthday?” Aizawa whispered, running his hand through Hizashi’s hair. 


“I had the best birthday,” Hizashi replied, grinning up at his husband. “It was everything I wanted,” 


“Good. I’m glad,” Aizawa hummed, pressing a kiss to the blond’s forehead. “We should probably head to bed,” Hizashi hummed, but made no attempt to move from where he laid. Aizawa huffed a laugh, shaking his head at his husband. “Come on, you’ll regret sleeping on the couch in the morning,” Hizashi just grunted, whining as Aizawa wiggled his way out from under him, pulling the blond up, careful to not wake up Shinsou. Hizashi pouted, but followed his husband to their bedroom, taking Shinsou with him, unwilling to take the boy to bed, he looked so happy to be cuddled into the blond’s chest and Hizashi didn’t have the heart to leave the boy in his own room. So the three ended up sleeping in the same bed, all nightmares chased away by the feeling of being safe and loved.

Chapter Text

“Hey Zashi? Have you seen Toshi? I sent him to get dressed twenty minutes ago! We’re going to be late!” Aizawa shouted from the living room, where he was repacking Shinsou’s backpack. They were getting ready for their first supervised school day and Shinsou hadn’t been back out since Aizawa had shooed him to go get dressed after breakfast.

“I was just in his room, he’s not in there,” Hizashi replied from their bedroom. AIzawa frowned, sighing softly as he walked towards the hallway. Ah, it was going to be one of those days. Which was understandable. Shinsou’s old school had been terrible and he could understand why the boy would be nervous about going to a new school.

Aizawa had a good idea to where the boy would be hiding and his assumption was confirmed when crouched next to Shinosu’s bed, seeing the boy press himself further under the bed, Shou clutched tightly to his chest.

“Hey kiddo. Do you want to talk about what’s got you hiding under here?” Aizawa asked, moving to lay on his side, keeping his hands in Shinsou’s line of sight, knowing how anxious and jumpy he has to be to willingly shove himself into tight spaces.

‘They’re going to make fun of me and the teachers are going to let them. They’ll just ignore me and only get mad when I fight back,’ Shinsou signed, curling into himself more. ‘They teachers are just going to leave me alone, they won’t really be teaching me. Just putting up with me because I’m there,’

“That’s not true sweetheart. Remember what Zashi and I told you the other day? We’re doing a trial run first and we’ll be with you all day. We’re doing it this way to make sure nothing like that happens. We want to know that you’re safe and won’t be ignored. In fact, we specifically made sure that your teacher knew sign so she can communicate with you. This will be different and if today doesn’t go well, we’ll wait a few more weeks and try again, okay?” Aizawa slowly reached his hand out to him, leaving his palm facing upwards, waiting for Shinsou to take his hand. “What do you say Toshi? Do you want to give this a try?” Shinsou hesitates for just a second before taking Aizawa’s hand, nodding slowly before letting Aizawa pull him out from under the bed.

Aizawa carefully brushed the dust off out Shinsou’s hoodie and pants, the boy had actually gotten dressed before he had hid, before straightening the slightly rumpled clothing and smiling softly at him. “Tell you what, why don’t we bring Shou with us? He can sit with Hizashi and me and if anything gets to be too much you can come get him, or you can even sit with the three of us if it gets really bad, alright?” Shinsou glanced down at the black cat plushie, then back at Aizawa before nodding. “Okay, are you ready then?” Another nod before the boy reaches out to Aizawa, cautiously wrapping his little hand around three of Aizawa’s fingers, letting the older man lead him out of them room, where Hizahshi was waiting by the door.

A twenty minute walk later found the three of them walking through the gates of the elementary school, Hizashi talking animatedly as they made their way into the school, just barely making it on time. Shou is tucked securely in Aizawa’s capture weapon, something he never leaves the house without just as a precaution, while Shinsou is tucked between them, the hsy boy clutching on to both of their hands, though he would sometimes let go to sign something back at Hizashi, but for the most part, the boy was quiet, just listening to Hizashi ramble, and Aizawa’s few replies.

As the trio walked the halls Aizawa was acutely aware of a few eyes following them, mostly children, but some teachers and parents as well. It made his skin crawl, he hated attention, especially this kind of attention, as if the others were trying to figure them out within a few short looks. It always reminded him of when he was a kid, how his teachers and classmates would look at him, judging him, condemning him to a label that was never him.

“Hey,” Aizawa’s head shot up, looking at the concerned frown on his husbands face. He hadn’t even realized he had stopped walking, or let go of Shinsou’s hand. “They’re just nosey. Same-sex couples aren’t very common, even in out day and age, plus everyone’s going to want to know about the new kid. As far as they know, we’re just two parents bringing our kid to school,” Aizawa nods along with Hizashi’s words, taking a few deep breaths before the three of them continue, the eyes on his back seeming a little less daunting. Hizashi was right, they didn’t know anything about them, they were just curious about them.

‘Sorry, I just-’

“I know. Just know that if anyone says shi- anything to upset either of you, they’ll have me to deal with,” Hizashi replied, smiling softly at him. Aizawa rolled his eyes, but chuckled softly.

‘Thanks Sunshine,’

“I think this is the classroom,” Hizashi glanced at the room number, silently double checking the email on his phone before nodding. “Yeah, this is the right one,” Hizashi paused glancing down at Shinsou. “Are you ready little listener?” Shinsou nodded slowly, he really wasn’t, but he trusted them to keep him safe. Hizashi smiled brightly before leading them into the classroom.

As soon as they entered they were greeted with loud noise. Most of the children were running around, some of them obviously dressed as heroes while others were pretending to be villains. All of them were shouting and laughing, a few ‘villains’ grumbling as they were captured and sent to jail, which one of the corners, a few kids blocked in by their desk chairs. Though upon further inspection, they noticed one boy was by himself, mostly ignored by the other kids. A kid with green hair and green eyes, who seemed to be mumbling to himself as he wrote in a notebook.

“Oh no! Somebody help me!” a pink haired woman was on the ground, feigning helplessness as one of the ‘villains’ came closer to her, a soft smile on her face as a few of the ‘heroes’ came rushing to help her, quickly capturing the other kid. Hizashi couldn’t help but laugh at the little game, the noise catching the woman’s attention. An embarrassed flush dusted her cheeks as she stood up, brushing off her clothes as she walked over to them.

“S-Sorry, I guess I didn’t hear you come in,” now that she was standing in front of them Hizashi could see how short she really was, she couldn’t be taller than 5 '4. She had a round face and soft features, a little chubby and ultimately the embodiment of kindness, with an obvious bubbly personality. “I’m Mrs. Komori. You’re Mr. Aizawa and Mr. Yamada right?”

“Yup, that’s us,” Hizashi answered, beaming at Shinsou’s teacher. “And this is our boy, Hitoshi,” Mrs. Komori smiled at Shinsou, crouching down to his level, already knowing to keep her hands where the boy could see them, she had been briefed on everything she needed to know about him.

“Good morning. I’m very excited to have you in our class,” Shinsou blinked slowly at her, more than likely for some hidden meaning or motive for her kindness. “Would you like to introduce yourself to the class?” By now the class had noticed their presence, all of them quieting own as they looked at the family.

‘Do I have to?’ Shinsou asked, pulling on the strings of his hoodie.

“Of course not. You never have to do anything you don’t want to. How about this, you can go sit by Izuku and I can introduce you to the class, okay?” Mrs. Komori was pointing at the green haired boy, who was the only one sitting at a table by himself. Shinsou, nodded, but merely shifted from foot-to-foot, glancing up at Hizashi and Aizawa. Aizawa looked down at him, watching the anxiety slowly growing in Shinsou’ eyes. Aizawa said nothing as he moved, Shinsou and Hizashi watching as he moved towards the table Izuku sat at, the green haired boy looking up as he moved closer. Aizawa was still silent as he moved one of the little chairs before plopping himself onto the floor, across the table from where Izuku sat, staring at the man with wide eyes. He glanced back at Shinsou, beckoning him over. Hizashi rolled his eyes, chuckling at his husbands antics before the two of them moved over to him. Shinsou sat in the chair next to Aizawa, an empty seat between him and Izuku. Hizashi was on Aizawa’s other side, scolding him as he signed about how scared Izuku had looked when Aizawa had sat at the table. Aizawa glanced at the green haired boy, shock still evident on his face as he stared at him.

‘Sorry kid, didn’t mean to startle you,’ Aizawa signed, only realizing he had signed instead of spoken when Hizashi nudged him. “Ah, you probably-”

‘I-It’s okay!’ Izuku replied, signing quickly. ‘Y-You didn’t really startle me. It-It’s just that.. y-you’re Eraserhead!’ Aizawa was a little taken aback by that, not only did the kid know sign, but he also knew who he was.

‘Wait, you know Eraserhead?’ Shinsou asked, eyeing the boy skeptically.

‘Yeah! He’s my 2nd favorite hero, after my dad!’ Izuku replied, excitedly bouncing in his seat, a light green, electricity like glow spreading across his skin.

“Izuku,” the boy paused, looking at their teacher, before noticing the glow across his skin. Flushing, he took a few deep, steadying breaths, counting under his breath till the glow faded.

“Sorry Mrs. Komori,” Izuku apologized, pulling on the hem of his shirt.

“It’s alright, everyone’s still learning to control their quirks,” Mrs. Komori smiled, ruffling his hair as she moved to stand by the little family. “Now, as you’ve all probably noticed, we have a few guests today. They’ll be visiting a few days this week, and hopefully we’ll have a new student at the end of their visits. This is Hitoshi Shinsou and his parents, Aizawa and Yamada. Be nice to them and make sure you make them feel welcome in our classroom,” the class nodded, a few of them greeting them with quiet ‘hi’s’. Though, one boy raised his hand, a confused look on his face.

“Go ahead Monoma,”

“Why don’t they have the same family name? I thought families all had the same name?”

“Well you see,” Mrs. Komori started, glancing at Aizawa and Hizashi, unsure of what to say. Aizawa cleared his throat, his face blank as he looked at the boy.

“Not always, sometimes when people get married they keep their one last name, usually for security purposes, so they can’t be tied to each other, other than being friends or colleges, especially if they keep their marriage a secret. It’s what a lot of pro heroes do to keep their families safe,” Aizawa explained, tone bored and eyes slightly droopy.

“So you’re pro heroes?” Aizawa shrugged, leaning back on his hands. “What’s it like having two pro heroes as your dads?” Shinsou seemed to flinch at the word, keeping his eyes away from the older men as he answered, hands faltering over a few of his words.

‘It’s not that different than not having pros as your guardians,’ Shinsou started, glancing at Hizashi when he started to translate for him. ‘I guess the only difference is their weird work hours. Hizashi is usually home with me at night while Shouta does his patrols, and some nights Hizashi leaves when Shouta comes home and doesn’t come back till the really early hours in the morning. Usually when he comes back he has to get ready right away because Shouta and him also teach at Yuuei,’ Shinsou shrugged, letting his hands fall into his lap.

“What pros are they?”

“Have you ever been to Yuuei?”

“Are they really different from their hero personas?”

“Has a villain ever broken into your house?”

“Aren’t you scared a villain will try to kidnap you?”

The whole class was shouting questions at him, yelling to be heard over each other, some even left their seats to move closer. It was too loud, and too many people, he couldn’t keep track of them, not when there was so many of them and they were being so loud. Shinsou knew his hands were shaking, not that he could feel them. He couldn’t focus, couldn’t do the breathing exercises Dr. Otaka had taught him, nor could he concentrate on trying to count down from ten.

“Stop!” Everything fell quiet all at once. The only sound was someone shuffling closer to him. Dimily he could see a few kids’ mouths still moving, but nothing came out. Shinsou wondered if he had gone deaf, if the roar of the classroom had been too much for his ears, but then he remembered the soft shuffling noise. Shinsou took a few deep breaths, counting to five as he breathed in, then counting to zero as he breathed out.

“Hitoshi, are you okay?” the boy looked up to see Mrs. Komori crouching next to him, only now noticing he was on the floor. When had he fallen out of his chair? He nodded slowly, before pushing himself to sit up, confusion written on his face as he noticed that everyone in the room was definitely talking, including Aizawa and Hizashi, but he couldn’t hear them. “It’s my quirk. I’ll explain in a minute,” Mrs. Komori told him, before standing up, gathering the classes attention. “Now, you’re all going to sit back down and be quiet. Then I’ll drop my quirk. There will be no more questions and you will all start on practicing writing, okay?” The class nodded before they moved, those who had been standing sitting back down, all of them keeping their mouths shut as they waited. “Very good, now get to work,” at first Shinsou didn’t think anything had happened, but then he could hear quiet whispers and his guardians trying to talk to him.

“Toshi, are you okay?”

“What just happened?” the two men spoke at the same time, Aizawa focusing on him while Hizashi looked at his teacher. Shinsou didn’t answer, instead he moved to sit on Aizawa’s lap, silently taking Shou from where he had been wrapped in Aizawa’s scarf before curling into the man, his hands still a little shaky as he moved.

“Ah, that was my quirk. I can mute a whole room of people, though I can be selective of who I mute. Sorry, I hadn’t meant to use it on you two, but I was really only focusing on Hitoshi,” Mrs. Komori replied, sheepishly rubbing the back of her neck. “Is he going to be okay?”

“He’s just a little shaken. He’s not good with loud noises, so it must’ve spooked him. Along with them trying to get closer to him, he couldn't keep track of everyone, so he must’ve started to panic. He just needs a few minutes,” Hizashi replied, gently running a hand through Shinsou’s hair, the boy peeking at him from where he had his face buried in Aizawa’s chest. Mrs. Komori nodded before stepping back, dropping one of the worksheets onto the desk in front of them before going to wander the room.

It took a couple of minutes for Shinosu to emerge from where his face was pressed against Aizawa’s chest. Even though he was no longer hiding, he made no move to leave the safety of Aizawa’s lap, though he did start on the worksheet, asking for help a few times when he didn’t know what one of the words meant. He did eventually move back to his seat, though he still clutched Shou to him, sometimes even mumbling to the grumpy looking cat plushie.

By the time lunch came around Shinsou still held onto the plushie, a few kids had given him a few looks as he walked through the halls, talking softly with the plushie, his guardians walking behind him, signing to each other as they walked to the cafeteria. For once the boy was walking in front of them, humming some english song Hizashi had taught him. Acting as if his little panic earlier hadn’t happened at all. Shinsou had been doing that more and more, being able to bounce back from little panics easier as time wore on, even bouncing back a little faster when he would have a bigger panic.

“Zeeshi, can we get the curry?” Shinsou asked, pointing to where he could see kids getting curry.

“Of course! Whatever you want little listener!” Hizashi chirped, leading them to where the kids were waiting in line. AIzawa shuffled behind them, rubbing tiredly at his eyes, mindlessly taking an energy jelly packet from his pocket. “Ugh, really one of those?” Aizawa shrugged, finishing the packet rather quickly.

“I need a pick me up,” Aizawa muttered, shoving his hands into his pockets.

“Did you sleep at all last night?” Hizashi asked, wrapping an arm around Aizawa. The silence that followed was all the answer he needed. Hizashi sighed, pulling him closer, but decided against scolding him.

The three stood in silence, though the cafeteria was loud around them, but thankfully it didn’t seem to bother Shinsou. Who was still standing in front of them, Shou held out in front of him as he whispered to the cat, and Hizashi could just imagine the neutral expression that was on his face as he talked to the cat. It was always a little weird to see him play with the plushie with such a blank expression on his face, but he could see the joy in his eyes. He reminded him a lot of Aizawa, always keeping his feelings behind a mask, keeping his expression hidden from his face, but you could always see the emotions in his eyes, you just had to look hard enough and know what you were looking for.

Sometimes Hizashi doubted himself as a guardian. He knew that Shinsou still preferred Aizawa over him. It wasn’t hard to see. After all, Hizashi was loud and energetic, things the kid wasn’t used to and was scared of. While his husband was calm and quiet, definitely something good for the boy who still jumped every time Hizashi would fling their front door open after a long day. He didn’t always know how to help either, the first time Hizashi had actually seen one of Shinsou’s really bad panic attacks he had frozen, he hadn’t known what to do to help. But Aizawa had been quick, he had known exactly what to do, talking him through a breathing exercise and reassuring him that things were okay, that he was safe and that they’d never let anything happen to him. But Hizashi had just stood there, watching as Shinsou had struggled to breath, his eyes glassy as he screamed and begged, seeing something they could only imagine.

Other times, he knew that he helped as much as Aizawa did. Other times he realized he was just as important to Shinsou’s recovery. Sometimes he was the only one who could tell what the boy was thinking or feeling. He’d been doing the same thing with Aizawa for almost seven years now, he was well versed in their language, even if Shinsou’s language was slightly different. Sometimes he knew he was doing a good job just by the very small smile Shinsou will flash at them, or just by the times he’ll crawl into bed with them, just to be near them.

“Zeeshi,” Hizashi blinked a couple of times, Shinsou’s voice pulling him from his thoughts. Looking around he realized it was their turn to get their food.

“Sorry little listener, must’ve spaced out for a second,” Hizashi chucked, stepping up to the counter, getting three bowls of curry, paying for them before setting two of them on one tray, and the third on another, which Aizawa took for him. They had originally planned to eat in the classroom, but Shinsou tugged at Hizashi’s pants when he moved to exit the cafeteria. Shinsou didn’t say anything, instead he cautiously made his way to a nearly empty table, only one of the seats were taken. Izuku sat by himself, quietly eating, while he swung his feet under the table, mumbling to himself, as his free hand moved through the air with his words. Hizashi and Aizawa were taken aback slightly when Shinsou sat in the seat across from Izuku, waving shyly, before glancing back at them.

“That was.. unexpected,” Hizashi muttered, making their way over to Shinsou and Izuku. Aizawa hummed in response, sitting at the table, leaving a space between him and Shinsou for Hizashi to sit in.

‘What’s your dad like?’ Izuku paused, blinking slowly.


‘You’re dad, you said he’s your favorite hero. I was curious what he’s like,’ Shinsou explained, signing a quick ‘thank you’ when Hizashi gave him his curry.

“Oh! Sorry, people don’t usually refer to him as my dad. He’s actually my step-dad. I didn’t even realize I called him dad, I usually call him Yagi,” Izuku replied, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. Aizawa blanched, coughing as some of the curry went down the wrong pipe.

“Woah, Shou, are you alright?” Hizashi asked, patting Aizawa’s back even though he waved him off.

“M fine,” Aizawa muttered, clearing his throat. Surely he had heard Izuku wrong, there was no way his step-dad was also their new co-worker. Besides, as far as anyone knew, All Might didn’t have a wife, let alone a step-son, but he did have his other form, so he could have a family and no one would know since only a few people knew about his other form. Maybe he’d have a talk with him, see if they can set up a playdate for the two boys, or maybe he’d get Hizashi to do it, after they asked Shinsou if he would like to have a playdate with the other boy.


“Oh! Right! Uh, well he’s really energetic sometimes, mom says he reminds her of a puppy sometimes. He’s really nice and helpful. He helps mom around the house and helps me with my homework. He also helps me train my quirk. We’re working on how to control it, so it stops flairing with my emotions. He’s also a pro hero, so he’s busy sometimes, but he always makes time for us, sometimes he even cooks us dinner while mom rests after her job at the hospital. He’s really good at playing heroes! He’s not a very convincing villain though,” Izuku laughs, a bright cheery smile on his face as he talks about his dad.

‘Is that why he’s your favorite hero? Because he’s your dad?’ Izuku immediately shakes his head, green curls bouncing with the movement.

“No, it’s because he makes mom happy and makes time for us. After Hisashi left mom was really sad, even if she hid it from me, but when she met Yagi things started to get better. She started laughing and smiling more. He’s my hero because he’s there for mom and me,” Izuku replied, a softer smile on his face. “Why is your dad your hero?” The two adults glanced at Shinsou, discreetly, wondering what the boy would say.

‘Shouta isn’t my dad,’ Shinsou frowned, keeping his eyes away from the two adults. ‘They’re just my guardians. There’s a difference. But, he’s always been my hero. Before they took me in. He was always nice to me. Even though he didn’t know me. He always gave me fruit snacks when he saw me. He treated me like just another normal kid. He saved me, before he ever took me in. That’s why he’s my hero,’ Shinsou replied, picking at his half finished curry. Hizashi frowned, glancing at Aizawa.

‘That’s the second time he’s corrected someone about us being his dads. You don’t think he just sees this as another foster home do you? Something temporary?’ Hizashi asked, keeping his hands out of Shinsou’s eyesight.

‘It’s a possibility or he could be scared to see us as more than just guardians. I don’t know, maybe he’s worried about ruining things. We can’t really ask him though, we’ll just have to wait and see,’ Aizawa replied, glancing at Shinsou. Who was now debating which Present Mic costume was the best. Shinsou seemed to like his current costume while Izuku liked his debut costume.

‘Should we bring it up to Dr. Otaka?’

‘Maybe. I have an appointment with her next week, I’ll mention it to her,’ Hizashi nodded, before a serious look crossed his face.

‘How are you doing? Really, with everything that’s happened recently,’

‘I’m fi-’ Hizashi glared at him, stopping Aizawa’s hands. It was the same look he always gave Aizawa when he knew he was just saying something to make him feel better. Aizawa sighed, looking away from him. ‘Can we talk about it later? After we get home and Shinsou goes to bed?’ Hizashi’s frown deepened, but he nodded anyways.

After lunch was recess, which found both adults watching as Shinsou sat on the swings, not really swinging, but watching Izuku swing and listening to the boy ramble about whatever he was talking about. The two adults noticed something though. Even though Shinsou was the new kid, and the other kids were no doubt curious about him, none of them approached him, which Hizashi thought was a little weird, but maybe they were just afraid to talk to him, since his parents were there and they are pro heroes. But as the two of them watched the two boy’s play and talk they also noticed how the kids would leave whenever Izuku started moving to where they were, wanting to play on the slide or the jungle gym.

Izuku didn’t seem fazed when the other kids left, instead he called for Shinsou to join him as he swung from one of the bars, his legs hooked over the metal as he hung upside down, a wide smile on his face. Shinsou did also climb up, but he sat on the bars rather than hung upside down, but he still seemed to be having fun, growing to like the boy even more as time wore on. It made the two adults a little less worried about having Shinsou go to school. At least he would have one friend when he really started to go to school. The only thing that really worried them was what would happen if he had one of his big panics while he was at school. They knew there was a little room that they used for kids who needed to be alone and in a comfortable space, but they had made sure to tell them not to put Shinsou in the room, after seeing that it was more like a closet than an actual room.

Just knowing the room existed made them a little apprehensive. Even though they had specifically told them to never put Shinsou in the room didn’t mean that they would listen. Though as far as teachers went, Mrs. Komori seemed like the kind of person who would listen to their instructions to the t, but there was still that small pit of doubt in the back of their minds. But they trusted this school, after all it wasn’t the first one they had gone to see. It was actually the fourth and the only one that seemed to be a good fit for Shinsou.

The rest of the day seemed to go by far quicker after recess. Shinsou actively talked to Izuku through out the rest of the class, as well as Mrs, Komori, who he also asked for help when he didn’t understand something. Shou sat in Shinsou’s lap, not having left his person since that morning, dimily Aizawa made a mental note to always pack the cat in Shinsou’s bag, he knew it would help when they didn’t go to school with him the following day. Though they still had the day off, just in case it was anything less than smooth sailing, but the two were hopeful.

The end of Shinsou’s first day of school found the four of them walking slowly through the halls, the two boys not quite wanting to part ways yet. Izuku talked excitedly as they walked through the halls, Hizashi matching his excitement as Izuku talked about Present Mic’s radio show and how he really liked when the voice hero would do interviews with up and coming heroes. Aizawa was silent, not really chiming in, but enjoying the conversation nonetheless. Shinsou was just as quiet, though he did chime in a few times, agreeing that he liked the interview segments, though he left out the part about only liking it because he liked Hizashi’s voice and it helped him sleep on his bad nights.

Once out of the school, Shinsou signed a quick good-bye to Izuku, a barely there smile on his face as he reached up to take Aizawa and Hizahi’s hands, Shou once again wrapped in Aizawa’s scarf. Izuku waved at them, yelling an excited ‘bye’ as the three of them walked home.

Later that night, long after Shinsou had fallen asleep, Hizashi and Aizawa laid facing each other, Aizawa’s head pillowed on Hizashi’s chest, the blond running his hand slowly through Aizwa’s hair, gently untangling knots as he went. Aizawa didn’t want to have the conversation he knew was about to happen. He doesn’t want Hizashi to worry, not when they should be focusing on Shinsou. He wants to just tell him that he’s fine, that his meds are fine, that of course he’s been taking them even though he hasn’t been, but he doesn’t want to lie to him. That would just make everything worse.

“Shou,” Hizashi starts, but Aizawa speaks up before he can say anything else.

“I don’t know,” his voice is soft, softer than normal for him. “Things just feel off, but I’m trying, ya know? I’m trying to be okay, to hold it together for you and Hitoshi,” Aizawa pauses, hesitating to tell his husband the whole truth. “But it’s hard and I-I haven’t been taking care of myself,” that was how they always talked about Aizawa’s meds, he didn’t like thinking about the pills he was supposed to take to help him, let alone talk about it. So it was a phrase that the two were used to. Hizashi is quiet for a minute, mulling over this information before he speaks, his voice just as soft, but not scolding or disappointed, just worried.

“When was the last time you were taking care of yourself?”

“A week or so before we first took Hitoshi to Yuuei with us,” that had been almost a month ago, it would’ve been around the time they brought Shinsou home with them. Hizashi frowned, but still didn’t scold him, he knew it would just make his husband feel worse than he already was.

“Alright, you know you need to start taking care of yourself again right?”

“I know,” Aizawa sighed, closing his eyes. “I just, I hate that I even have to. I don’t want to have to be dependent on it for the rest of my life,”

“I know Shou, but it’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with having to rely on stuff like that. Sometimes we all need a helping hand, even if we don’t want to admit it,”

“I have to reschedule with Dr. Otaka. It was to see how I was adjusting to the new ones, but since I haven’t been… I’ll call her in the morning. After we drop of Toshi,” Aizawa mumbled, sighing softly. He hated having to rely on medication to help him, to keep himself going and not spiral like he had so many times before, but he still hated it.

“It’ll be okay,” they both fall silent after that, neither knowing what else to say. Hizashi not wanting to push Aizawa into talking and Aizawa not wanting to voice all of the things running ramped through his mind. He just wanted his mind to shut off, to stop keeping him up at night with all the things that had either gone wrong with his day, or could’ve gone wrong.

“Zashi?” Aizawa didn’t want to ask, really he hated that he had to ask for something like this, but he knew how his night would go if he didn’t ask. It was rare that he had to ask, usually Hizashi could tell when he needed it, but this wasn’t like the other times.

“Hmm?” Hizashi hummed, looking down at him. Aizawa hesitated before looking up at his husband, catching his eyes, a serious look in Aizawa’s eyes.

“Will you collar me?” Hizashi looked mildly surprised at first before his look turned serious.

“Which one and why?” They had three different ones each having its own purpose and meaning. They had their play collar, light blue with a small bell in the center, just a simple buckle and mostly used for wehn Aizawa needed a stress relief. Then there was the one for more intense things, usually when Azawa felt like he was losing himself and needed help coming back. Sometimes Hizashi was the one to bring it out, when he knew Aizawa was too far to ask for it, but needed to be taken down. This one was dark red, with one chain hanging around it and a single D-ring sitting in the middle. The last one wasn’t sexual, it was strictly for times Aizawa just needed to give Hizashi control, when he did want to think anymore. This one was plain black with nothing attached, just a simple buckle in the back. Aizawa was allowed to ask for any of them, but the last two needed a reason.

“The black one. I just need to stop thinking,” Aizawa replied, never breaking eye contact.

“Okay, whatever you need Moonbeam,” Hizashi nodded, pressing a gentle kiss to Aizawa’s forehead before moving off the bed and towards their dresser, opening the bottom drawer to pull out the collar. “Sit up sweetheart,” Hizashi murmured, waiting till Aizawa sat up to kneel behind him. Hizashi hummed softly, moving Aizawa’s hair out of the way before buckling the collar around his neck. “Not too tight right?” Aizawa nodded in response, leaning back against Hizashi. “Come on sweetheart, lets go to bed,” another nod and Hizashi was maneuvering them both to lay down facing each other, Aizawa’s head pressed into his neck, his hands splayed out against Hizashi’s chest, the blond’s arms holding him close as his mind finally stopped, letting him drift into a dreamless sleep.