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Hot Weather

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Staying after school during one of the hottest days in Seasoning City brought some pros and cons with it. For one, Shigeo could sweat it out with Tome in the hot club room since the heat was so satisfying. What was bad though, was that they got so sticky afterwards.

Shigeo rubbed his red cheeks as he laid against the door. Something had gotten it stuck and his powers weren’t working at all.

“Why can’t you open it?” Tome asked after sitting down from half an hour of trying to get it open without breaking anything.

“I’m too tired to...I have my limits.” Shigeo laid on his back, stretching his arms over his head. “Too bad this school doesn’t have air conditioning.” Tome grabbed Shigeo’s top and unbuttoned it, yanking it open.

“If you keep it closed it’ll make it harder to cool down. Keep it open. I don’t want you overheating.” Tome slipped her shirt over her head and threw it to the side. She decided to put the red ribbon back around her neck though. Shigeo, the young middle schooler he was, stared.

Tome knew he was looking at her, but she kept staring ahead at the door, waiting until someone would open the door.


A whole hour passed.


Shigeo has thrown off almost all of his clothing besides his boxers and his undershirt, curled up on the ground and fast asleep. He was rolling around a lot, his legs knocking into her every few minutes that he moved.

Tome glanced up to check the time on the clock hanging on the wall. Only five...the fitness club should’ve been back by then, but they must’ve forgotten about them. The sun was starting to sink a bit, but the sky stayed as blue as ever.

Shigeo suddenly sat up right next to Tome, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand. “Do you know what’s blocking the door?” He asked. Tome shook her head.

“Could be something jamming the sliding doors. But I can’t see anything. We’ll just have to wait for a teacher or something.” Tome rested her head on Shigeo’s shoulder and sighed. “Are you sure you still can’t use your abilities? You could open the door pretty easily.

“I’ve rested a little, so maybe.” Shigeo raised his hand and the door slid open easily, not by his will, however.

“Wh—“ Hikaru stood silently in the doorframe. He turned away with pink cheeks. “Please, just put your clothes on and we can forget this ever happened.” The pair scrambled to put on their uniforms and ran past Hikaru, out the doors and out of campus, leaving their bags in the club room.

Tome held her knees, panting. “We can get our stuff back tomorrow. Let’s just get home.” She stood back up straight on her feet, combing her hair down straight with her fingers then turning to Shigeo. “So, I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“Uh—yeah. I guess.” They shook hands awkwardly and headed home. They both had to walk the same way.