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My very sweet boyfriend!

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I woke up and it's already time to go.

I got my usual good morning text from my boyfriend. 

And here he is at my door.

"Hey my sweet little nerd."

Katsuki said and kissed Izuku sweetly on the lips.

Izuku smiled at him with his usual adorable smile. 

Katsuki was very fucking lucky. 

"Hey Kacchan."

And they went to class holding hands. 

Katsuki held the door for Izuku. 

"Thank you Kacchan."

And they continued to talk at their desks. 

After class Katsuki was making out with Izuku on the hallway and of course people noticed them. 

"Fucking extras. Don't have a live."

"Come on Kacchan. Just ignore them."

"If only we were alone so we can touch each other as well."

He smirked at his cutie and Izuku blushed. 

They have done stuff but nothing too sexual. 

Izuku wants to... 

He wants Katsuki to make him his. 

"Kacchan... Can I come over tonight?"

"Sure baby."



It was around 7 and I came over to his room. 

"Hey Izu. How is my baby doing?"

"Great! Kacchan I wanna do something with you tonight."

"Hmm... What exactly? Wanna cuddle?"

"Not yet... Something else."

I was blushing. 

How do I even say this?

"Izu... I don't unders-"




"You... You what?"

"I wanna sleep with you..."

I said while looking down. 

"I see... We could go to bed if you are that tired."



"I will make the bed. You wait here baby."

Kacchan didn't understand.

Oh God...

Kacchan made the bed. 

We are now sitting together. 

"Night baby. Love you."

And he kissed me. 

I kissed him back and bit his lip. 

He looked surprised but continued the kiss.

I french kissed him. 

I wanna do more. 

Why can he see that?

Or maybe... 


I broke our kiss. 

"Kacchan... Are you not ready for sex?"

He looked shocked and blushed. 

Maybe earlier he just pretended that he didn't understand.

"Yeah... Sorry."

"Kacchan. It's ok. I will wait for you."

And we kissed again. 

I love my Kacchan. 


The next day Kacchan was being embarrassing. 

This is how he is.

Since we started dating he became like this. 

It is nice in private. 

But very embarrassing in front of everybody.

And not the mention the way he calls me... 

"Izu, my sweetheart. Want to get some cake after school honey bunny?"

His squad was laughing. 

Oh God...


"Hey Midoriya!"

"Kirishima-kun help! Kacchan is too much!"

"Dude relax. The bakusquad is here! We are going to protect you guys from the enemies!"

And they made a weird pose. 

I don't need protection!

Kacchan protects me like crazy anyway... 

"Izuku! Bunny!"

Talking about the devil... 

"Yes Kacchan?"

"Let's go baby. I wanna eat lunch together."

"Sure babe. Bye Kirishima-kun!"

"Bye Midoriya! And Bakubro stop being embarrassing."

"Shut up Shitty Hair!"

Kacchan might be different with me but he is the same with anyone else. 

He is a very loving boyfriend. 

I love my Kacchan but I wish he wasn't this sweet sometimes.

"I love you baby. You are the best fucking thing that ever happened to me."

"Aww I love you too Kacchan."

And we kissed again. 

That night we cuddle as well. 

Kacchan is very childish but I like this side of him. 

"I love my sweet and loving sexy babe very much."

I told Kacchan and he blushed but then kissed me. 

We are both way too sweet.