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a match made by god

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“When you call for me, I bloom for you… This is the way it is, how the universe works. You are me, I am you…”


A cab drives down the busy streets in the hustling and bustling Seoul, to an apartment complex situated in the downtown area.

As it comes to a stop, the two occupants – one Min Yoongi and the other Jung Hoseok – exits from opposite doors. Yoongi goes to pay the cab driver while his acquaintance stood motionless on the sidewalk.

He was wearing a white suit, red flowers tucked in the pocket – the type of outfit you would wear at a joyous occasion, like a wedding.

Yet his expression was anything but – it was sullen, looking uncharacteristic even to those who did not know him, eyes dark and fixed to the ground, not even taking in his new surroundings.

Yoongi got the bags, then noticing how out of place Hoseok looked, and how people stopped their night-time strolls to speculate his attire and relation to Yoongi.

“Hoseok-shi?” He said softly. The boy looked confused up at him. “This way.”

Hoseok moved zombie-like into the lobby, Yoongi following quickly to the elevator.

He was aware of the look of shock on the face of his doorman, and the old lady with the dog to whom he was speaking, and the couple from the fifth floor who exited the elevator.

He just smiled awkwardly at them, offering that as the only explanation to who Hoseok was and what he was doing here.

He couldn’t explain it properly, why he, normal and mediocre Min Yoongi, had brought home a man as flashy and beautiful as Hoseok? And why was he dressed like that?

He didn’t know – really all he knew was that yesterday was the first time he even saw Hoseok, and the first time he had instantly fallen in love…


“Hobi!!!” A voice echoed the old church in Gwangju.

The chapel looked as if a festival was being held, music blasting, people celebrating, with an abundance of colour and roses decorated so extravagantly. As it should be, of course.

After all, the Prince of Gwangju, Jung Hoseok was getting married.

“Hobi!” His younger sister called. “You were supposed to getting ready! The wedding is going to start soon!”

And Hoseok, a man with a smile that was so bright and overflowing with happiness, pulled his sister to dance in the crowd, soon the little one giving in and rejoicing alongside.

That was the first time Min Yoongi saw him, surrounded by countless people but radiating. He caught Yoongi’s attention without even trying, even when he stood on the second floor.

And when he laid his eyes on him, he felt something different… he felt light, like he was floating, and almost happier, an involuntary smile tugging at his lips.

Hoseok’s sister finally managed to pull him away from the dance floor, up the stairs, both of them running pass, probably to the dressing room to get him in his suit.

Because, with Yoongi’s terrible luck, it was the wedding of the man he had just fallen in love with.

He had not spared a glance to Yoongi, probably not even noticed him. Yoongi didn’t blame him, he was normal, and probably invisible.

His friend, Seokjin, told him time and time again that it was not because Yoongi looked so ordinary, but rather because of his lack of confidence, his shoulders always sagged and rolled in, he would always try to hide his eyes in his hair, his pants would always be all the way up, over his waist – it was all these things that made people feel he was not worth their time without even a glance.

But Yoongi preferred it – that way he had to deal with less people.

“Hosoek!” Professor Jung called out to his son from beside Yoongi.

“Aaahhhh, Appa!” Hoseok said. Unlike Yoongi, Hoseok was loud. “I was just going to get ready!”

“I have someone I want to introduce you to.” Professor Jung said, ushering his son over. “This is my former student I told you about: Min Yoongi.”

“So, you’re Min Yoongi!” Hoseok said, walking right up into Yoongi’s face. “I have a bone to pick with you! Do you have any idea how miserable you made my life?”

Yoongi’s cheeks went red, he was sure he was sweating. He tried to look anywhere besides at Hoseok.


“Yah, you!” Hoseok poked at his chest. “It’s been six years and you’re still all Appa can speak about.”

“Hoseok,” his father sounded exasperated.

“Min Yoongi this, Min Yoongi that!” He threw his hands up and thankfully, stepped back. “Why can’t you be more like Min Yoongi or You should focus on school instead of dancing like Min Yoongi! He definitely loves you more then he loves me. I swear, he was probably planning on marrying us since I came out-”

“Hoseok, that’s enough.” His father hissed, lightly hitting the back of his head.

“I was just joking, Appa.” He whined.

Even if it was just a joke, Yoongi’s wanted to bury himself.

“Anyways, I’m glad I finally got meet Appa’s favourite student! Thanks for coming to my wedding!”

“I-It’s no problem…” The last of his words trailing off.

From somewhere, Hoseok’s sister called for him again.

“Coming!” He screamed back.

Suddenly he reached forward, fingers brushing lightly on Yoongi’s collar, the aforementioned man slightly flinched at the touch.

But Hoseok just smiled at him. “Nice outfit.” He winked before waving off.

Yoongi was confused. He wasn’t even dressed nicely for a wedding, just his plain white shirt and black pants, his office attire.

“He’s an energetic boy.” Professor Jung said. “And very talented despite his childishness.”

“He is very good dancing.” Yoongi chuckled.

“Yes. Hoseok loved dancing since he was young, he even attended a dance academy.” He older man’s face wrinkled up and he leaned against the balcony. “But I’m afraid he doesn’t know how to take care of himself. When is he going to realize that following his dreams is sending him down an unstable path?”

That’s why Professor wanted him to be more like me, Yoongi realized, he wants Hoseok to be someone who gave up their dream for a boring office job.

“He’s like you.” Professor Jung continued. “His groom is also a mature man. And I really have no problem with their relationship, I just want my son to be happy. But they are putting too much at stake with this marriage.”

“It’s the first same sex marriage in Gwangju, right?”

“It is. And I practically spend all my life’s savings on it. Hoseok and his husband are going to move to Seoul after this. He wants to try out with a dance agency and become a singer or something, I don’t know. I think it’s for the better, I’m scared how Hoseok might be treated if he stays here.”

Yoongi understood. The Jung family were really putting everything at stake by going through with this marriage.

“I just wanted him to be happy.” Professor Jung repeated.

“He is, Seonsaeng-nim.” Yoongi assured the man.

And he knew, whoever was marrying Hoseok, was the luckiest person alive.

Even though Yoongi knew what his sudden feelings for Hoseok was, he really didn’t have any bad wishes for the wedding.

Towards a later hour, he even was a bit worried Hoseok would get upset since his groom was late.

But that didn’t seem to deter the man.

He was back at it again, dancing in his white suit – jacket out, sleeves folded and hair up, not breaking a sweat. Which was surprising with the moves he was busting out.

Hoseok really did look like a god and he had Yoongi contemplating removing his glasses. They were heavily prescribed and Yoongi couldn’t see shit without them.

He would do anything to stop himself from falling for Hoseok even harder.

Then Yoongi spotted Professor Jung push his way through the crowd towards Hoseok. He looked worried, and Yoongi began to fear something had gone wrong.

Professor Jung pulled Hoseok down and whispered into his ear.

And Yoongi was forced to watch as the look of glee slowly faded into horror. His eyes lost all light and began to shake.

He pulled his hand away, saying something to his father. Some people around them stopped dancing and listened as Professor Jung pleaded with son, forcing a paper into his hand.

“NO!” Hoseok screamed.

The music stopped, the dancing stopped, the world was at a standstill.

Hoseok ran out of the crowd, grabbing his jacket and running out of the chapel.

Pandemonium broke out, people running and calling after Hoseok, others demanding from Professor Jung an explanation.

Yoongi looked around in the commotion. People were hurrying pass him, one of them being Hoseok’s sister.

He called out for her, joining the crowd following her.

“The wedding’s off!” She yelled at them. “Hobi’s groom left. He probably ran off with a woman, I never trussted that son of a b-”

Yoongi fell his heart drop. No one deserved to experience something so gruesome. Especially someone as bright and beautiful as Hoseok. Especially on his wedding day.

Before Yoongi could even process, another scream erupted through the crowd.

He rushed back to the balcony to see what had happened.

Professor Jung had collapsed, he was clenching his chest, face taut in excruciating pain.

There was someone yelling for the ambulance to be called, Hoseok’s sister pushing everyone to get to her father, tears streaming down her face.

So much was happening, and Yoongi didn’t know what to do.

He was still in a perpetual state of shock when he rushed to the hospital and waited anxiously outside the ER.

He was not one not family and he knew no one else, so he shouldn’t be there, but he couldn’t contain his worried for Professor Jung.

His thoughts wondered back to Hoseok. He wasn’t there. God only knew where he was, if he was okay or if he knew what had happened to his father.

Yoongi’s heart ached when he thought about the man, but more then that, he felt so dreadful that there was nothing he could do to help.

A doctor emerged from the room.

The family had gone to speak to the doctor, Yoongi feeling too out of place to join them so he sat a distance away.

“… Heart attack… still in danger… we don’t know what else to do...” He caught some of the doctor’s words.

“Which one of you is Min Yoongi?” He heard the doctor ask.

When they transferred him to a room, Yoongi went in to see him.

It was hard, seeing the steadfast and strong Professor Jung hooked up to so many machines with drips attached to him. He was weak and looked like he aged years.

“Yoongi?” His voice was hoarse, and softer than the beeping of his heart monitor.

He shuffled closer, sitting on the edge of the bed and smiling softly at the professor.

“That bad, huh?” He asked.

Yoongi choked back a sob. “The doctors said you’re going to be fine-”

“I can see the sadness in your eyes, boy.” He blinked slowly and almost painfully. “I don’t how I’m going to look at my Hoseokie…”

Yoongi didn’t say anything. He looked down at the bed.

“Do you know why you where my favourite student?” He asked, and Yoongi couldn’t bring himself to answer.

“It’s because you were so respectful and dedicated. But mostly because despite how anyone saw you, or how anyone treated you, you were always sweet… sweet, sweet silent Min Yoongi.”

The tears were rolling down Yoongi’s cheeks, so he bent his head further to hide them.

“You always try to take care of everyone, Yoongi. And you try to keep everyone happy without them knowing it was you.” He smiled. “I don’t know how Hoseok is going handle this ordeal, but I have a request for you.”

Professor Jung reached for Yoongi’s hand and squeezed it.

“Yoongi, please save my Hoseok.”

Yoongi looked up at him petrified.

“I will find a way to convince Hoseok, and I know this is very selfish of me to ask from both of you, but please think of this as a dying man’s wish-”

“You’re going to be okay, Seonsaeng-nim! And Hoseok will heal over time and fall in love again-”

“He doesn’t have that time.” Professor Jung interrupted. “And I’m afraid neither do I. I need to make sure my son’s happiness is secure. I told you, he put too much at stake for this marriage. Please, take him away from this place to Seoul. Have him live with you, and see what’s it like to be in a real and secure relationship. Allow him to pursue his dreams. Make him happy again.”

“B-But… why me?”

Professor Jung smiled. “I have a feeling that you will be able to help Hoseok heal.”

Yoongi didn’t know why, but he agreed to that outrageous request, to marry Hoseok.

He had to wait in the room when Hoseok arrived. He didn’t even look at him, feeling guilty, like he had betrayed him somehow.

His head was spinning, he didn’t even hear what Professor Jung had said to Hoseok.

All he did hear was the quiet “okay” Hoseok whispered at the end. No objections or demands, he agreed.

Professor Jung took Yoongi’s hand and joined it together with Hoseok.

“I’m so sorry.” He repeated over and over again.

“Appa, it’s not your fault.” Hoseok assured him.

“I know you were looking forward to eternal happiness in your relationship, Hoseok. But I know you can still have that.” He smiled at the them both. “Some relationships we choose, some God chooses for us.”

Within the hour, Professor Jung had fallen into a coma.


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Min Yoongi emptied his wardrobe into his suitcase, glancing over his shoulder to Hoseok sitting on the bed, looking at empty space in some sort of melancholy state.

Tell him something. Yoongi berated himself.

“Hoseok-shi?” He said softly, shuffling to the door.

Hoseok looked up, a bit dazed, forcing the meekest smile that was so abnormal on his face.

Yoongi’s words caught in his throat. He found out, when it came to Hoseok, he just didn’t know what to say.

“You can have this room.” He blurted out. “The bathroom is down the hall. I’ll be in the downstairs room. Just call if you need anything.”

Hoseok nodded and Yoongi swiftly made an exit, closing the door behind him.

“Stupid Min Yoongi.” He scolded himself in harsh whispers as he stomped down the stairs. “You were supposed to be encouraging him, making him feel better. You seriously had one job.”

He kicked opened the door to the room downstairs- well, storeroom. But Yoongi didn’t mind.

It was roughly the size of his dorm room back in his first-year at university. And it wasn’t as if Yoongi had stored much in there, so there was enough space for him to set up his old mattress that he swapped out not more than a month ago and couldn’t find the time to get rid of.

The room had a thick layer of dust that sent Yoongi into a coughing fit. He had to clean everything.

But he could do that later. He was too exhausted from the trip and had no energy left in him.

Yoongi set up the mattress and dropped down on it.

It didn’t matter if he had sleep in the dust for a day, as long as Hoseok was comfortable.

He pulled out his phone, wanting to call one of his high school friends and co-worker, Kim Namjoon, but then remembered the man was away on a business trip and decided not to disturb him. He’ll tell him what happened to Professor Jung in person when he returned on Friday.

Yoongi tossed his phone aside and just laid on the bed.

In the darkness and quiet, he finally had time to process everything that happened.

Professor Jung told him to take Hoseok to Seoul. To take care of him and make him happy. To allow him to pursue his dreams.

He also told him to be in a relationship with him.

Yoongi felt his face heat up.

He couldn’t just start dating Hoseok because Professor Jung told him to.

But… If he wanted to like date, I wouldn’t exactly to opposed-

Yoongi cut his thoughts short.

Hoseok had just got out of a long relationship in the most painful way. Dating again would be the last thing on his mind.

And besides, he wouldn’t want to date someone as boring as me.

He rolled over, but Yoongi had a feeling it was going to be another sleepless night.

Little did he know, right above him, Hoseok also laid wide awake as well.


Morning came faster than expected. And Yoongi had to get to the office.

He got up earlier than usual and snuck his way pass the main bedroom to shower, then ran back down as to avoid Hoseok in the hallway while he was butt-naked.

When he was ready to head off to work, Yoongi snuck back up the stairs and knocked lightly and the closed door.

There was no response, not even shuffle.

Yoongi thought Hoseok must have been still asleep. He wasn’t, just staring at the ceiling, unmoving.

Yoongi got back downstairs and began preparing breakfast.

He set out two plates, made toast, fried eggs and bacon and contemplated arranging them in a smiley face (maybe that would at least make Hoseok laugh), but decided against it.

When breakfast was ready, he went back to the closed door and tried again.

Three knocks, and Hoseok was sitting up on the bed. He had heard them but didn’t moved to answer them.

Yoongi assumed he was still asleep and didn’t want to be disturb, so he left and ate breakfast alone.

When he was done, Yoongi covered Hoseok’s breakfast and scribbled his number on a piece of paper, for Hoseok to call him in case of emergencies.

Yoongi looked at his watch, he should head out if he wanted to beat the morning traffic.

He set up the paper next the plate and turned around.

“That’s so unfriendly.” He clenched his fists.

He turned back and removed a rose from the vase, placing it next to the note, ready to head out now.

“But that’s too familiar.” He wiped his palms on his pants. “And too romantic. Why is this so hard?”

In the end, he decided against the flower.


And that was the routine for the next few days.

He would get up, get ready for work, make breakfast for him and Hoseok, go to the office, get back home, make supper, go into his room and hear, a few moments later, the upstairs door swing open and Hoseok heat up his supper.

All never seeing Hoseok for about four days.

Yoongi didn’t expect him to be perfectly fine, and he didn’t want to sudden demand for Hoseok to have breakfast with him.

He was giving the man some space, and was content knowing at least he was eating.

And he knew Hoseok was moving around. He would wash and set his own dishes, and sometimes when Yoongi would go into the bathroom, he would catch the faintest whiff of shampoo. At least Hoseok was taking care of himself.

Yoongi didn’t know what else to do.

But at least Namjoon would be returning.

Yoongi remembered Professor Jung once saying Namjoon and his son were the same age – he would probably get along with Joon.

And Namjoon was a natural-born leader with an IQ of 148. He would know what to say to make Hoseok feel better.

On Friday, when Yoongi got to work, he went straight to Namjoon’s office.

Kim Namjoon was many things to Yoongi – a high school friend who did the same major as Yoongi at the same university, and one of his “partners” when they both had a silly dream to make it into the music industry. And Namjoon, despite being a year younger, was also Yoongi’s boss.

Yoongi didn’t hold any malice (it was actually Namjoon that got the job for him) and he had no problem with Namjoon being the leader. And despite being supervisor and subordinate, their relationship hasn’t changed.

Perhaps Namjoon favoured Yoongi because he saw him as his “hyung” - he let Yoongi nap in his office from time to time.

So that’s why Namjoon didn’t ask when Yoongi entered his office and fell face-first on his couch.

“Hey hyung. Nice to see you again.”

“Namjoon-ah, you are not going to believe the week I had.” Yoongi groaned.

“My trip was lovely, thank you for asking.” Namjoon spoke as he typed away on his laptop. “I managed to close the deal without any problems.” He stopped for a brief second. “Maybe I should apply for another promotion.”

“Namjoon-ah, we have to talk about something important.”

And so Yoongi told him the whole story, with Hoseok and Professor Jung and the wedding. When saying out loud, he realized just how much of a disaster everything was.

“Professor Jung is in a coma?”

“I didn’t know you could go into a coma if you had a heart attack.”

“That will happen to you too if you don’t take care of yourself, Yoongi-hyung.”

“I may look and act like an old man, but I’m only a year older than you.”

“You do not look like an old man.” Namjoon rolled his eyes. “But if you don’t stop stressing about this, you will. Don’t worry about Professor Jung. That man is as strong as an ox. He’ll be up and about sooner than we know.”

Yoongi recalled the time the Literature Professor fell down a flight of stairs and just brushed it off. Granted, he had back pains afterwards, but it was amazing he was able to walk.

“I guess you’re right.”

“And how’s Hoseok-shi doing?” Namjoon asked. “It must be difficult, with so much happening to him at once.”

“He’s taking it pretty hard.” Yoongi admitted, looking down at his hands. “I just feel so powerless, when I’m unable to help him.”

“You are helping him.” Namjoon leaned forward. “Professor Jung chose you to take care of him in this time of peril because he trusts you know what to do.”

“But I don’t, Namjoon!” Yoongi found himself getting up from his seat. “I want to comfort him and tell him everything’s gonna be okay, but every time I see him, I can’t even get a word out! How can I help when I can’t even get him out of the room?!”

Namjoon was a bit taken aback. Yoongi was not one to suddenly go off like that.

“Wow. You really like him.”

His assumption was spot on.

Yoongi sat back down, trying to roll himself into a ball.

“Can you please just come over and meet him? I think he would get along better with you. He needs a friend right now.”

“Fine. I’ll come over after work.” Namjoon sighed. “But you have to know that-”

Their conversation was brought to halt when they heard a small bang on the door, followed by hush mummers.

Namjoon and Yoongi shared a knowing look as Namjoon went open to the door.

Quite literally, the 95s tumbled into the room.

“Oh. Hello Namjoon-hyung.” The short pink-haired man, Jimin, asked with an extra-sugary smile. “What a coincidence seeing you here? How was your trip?”

“How long were you eavesdropping?” Namjoon frowned.

“We weren’t eavesdropping.” Taehyung, the blue-haired, wide-eyed fellow pouted. “We thought we heard Yoongi-hyung shouting.”

“Which is impossible because Yoongi-hyung never shouts.” Jimin added, untangling his limbs from Taehyung.

Jimin and Taehyung, or the 95s, were two trouble-makers Namjoon and Yoongi picked up in high school who stuck to them ever since.

They both were just kids who had the best intentions, but together, they just seemed to get into problems. They had come to Seoul like most, to find some kind of fame, but were struggling financially with their studies.

Namjoon hooked them up with part-time jobs in office for the time being, but the two were pretty promising candidates.

Jimin was small and cute, but could dance like a demon. He was auditioning everywhere and had told Yoongi weeks ago that an agency contacted him for an interview.

Taehyung, despite his mature looks, voice and tastes, was really still a child. He had a handsome face though, and that landed him a few interviews and modelling job offers. He was currently learning the violin, and hopes a classical arts academy would call him in.

They were good kids but sometimes they angered Yoongi to no end.

“How much did you hear?” Yoongi stalked threateningly towards the pair.

“Aw. Yoongi-hyung.” Taehyung said, immediately meeting the man with open arms trying to pull him into an embrace. “You don’t scare us, hyung. You love us too much.”

Yoongi tried to fight off the boy, he really did, but the kid was unfairly bigger than him, and maybe, just maybe Yoongi had a soft spot for him. Eventually, with a defeated sigh and a childish pout, he allowed Taehyung to hug him.

“So, are you having a party for Hoseok-ah? Can we come too?” Jimin piped up, hugging Yoongi from behind, probably feeling left out.

“It’s Hoseok-hyung to you.” He shoved Taehyung off. “And we’re not having a party for him.” He proceeded to shove Jimin away and fix his tie. “I just invited Namjoon-ah over to meet him. Hoseok-shi’s father was our high school professor.”

“It’s Hoseok-hyung’s first time in Seoul, is it not?” Taehyung asked. “We should have a welcome party for him.”

“Think about it, hyung.” Jimin interrupted before Yoongi could reject them. “It would be better for him to interact with people and make friends then for you to dump Joon-hyung in front of him and demand they get along.”

Jimin, as he did most of the time, had a point.

Yoongi glanced desperately towards Namjoon, hoping the man would back him up and come up with an excuse.

But Namjoon, that betrayer, just shrugged and said: “Sounds good.”

Jimin and Taehyung immediately rejoiced, the latter screaming at the top of his lungs: “PARTY AT YOONGI HYUNG’S!” without Yoongi’s go ahead.

“We need to get alcohol!” Jimin declared.

“And ramen!” Taehyung added.

The pair joined hands and skipped out of the office, only for Jimin to pop his head in not two seconds later to say: “Boss,” addressing Namjoon, “we need the rest of the day off.”

Namjoon raised an eyebrow.

“It’s a family emergency.” He added.

“How is this a family emergency???” Yoongi almost popped a blood vessel.

“You’re our family, hyung.” Taehyung said, giving the trademark puppy eyes, and Yoongi melted a little.

“Alright, go.” Namjoon said, and the two were on their merry way.

“Aish! Those kids!” Yoongi exclaimed, dropping down to the couch.

“You can’t hold it against them, hyung.” Namjoon told, with the look of almost a proud father. “Remember when we were their age, young and dreaming of being amazing rappers.”

Yoongi hissed. “Don’t mentioned that. I never wanted to be a rapper. And I was never as irritating as those two.”

“Fine, calm down,” Namjoon held his hands up in defence and Yoongi thought that was that, until he added: “Suga.”

Immediately, Yoongi was on his feet, slapping Namjoon with some file.

“Ow, hyung!” Namjoon feigned pain, rubbing his arm. “You ought to be more kind to me. I am your boss.”

Yoongi grumbled.

“And to those kids.” He added. “They’re gonna make it big someday.”

“Just like how we only got this job part-time and were gonna make it big someday?” Yoongi almost laughed. “You may be my boss, Namjoon-ah. But you still have a long way to go before you become an adult.”

“Don’t be so negative, hyung. I have faith in those guys…”

But Yoongi was already walking out of the office.

“Wait, what times the party, hyung?”


Yoongi got off early from work that day. Namjoon had the told him he would come around later after he finished work in the office and went to home change. The 95s individually messaged him to say they were stuck at Jimin’s flat and would come around 7pm.

Yoongi was exhausted. He didn’t want to have a party. He didn’t want his friends interacting with Hoseok and making him feel weird. He didn’t want to pull Hoseok out of his room and force him to interact with anyone.

But he knew, it was for the best if he did. Especially Jimin.

The pink-haired boy might be able to recommend a few agencies where Hoseok can try-out and maybe even a dance studio where he could go to.

Hoseok may not be in the mood now, but later on, doing what he used to love would allow to heal from his recent tragedy and slowly become happier.

That still didn’t mean Yoongi wanted to have a party.

When he got home, he removed his shoes at the door and rubbed his neck, thinking how he was to handle the 95s.

He walked into the living room and saw Hoseok sitting on one of those black spinny chair, turned away from him, dark hair only visible in the low light of the one lamp that was on.

“Hoseok-shi? You’re downstairs…”

Then it dawned on Yoongi. That was not his spinny chair… and that that was not his dull lamp.

The chair whirled around, the broad-shouldered, handsome-face man sat in was sipping a cup of tea.

“No, Yoongi-ah.” Seokjin said, eyes piercing as he brought the cup up to his plump lips. “It’s not Hoseok-shi.”

“Did you seriously move your furniture up here to be dramatic?”

“Sit, Yoongi-ah. I have a bone to pick with you.”

Yoongi rolled his eyes but obliged the older.

“What are you doing here?” He asked, despite being the one who had given the older the spare key and had come home numerous times before to find Seokjin there, sometimes accompanied by Jungkook, cooking in his kitchen or drinking his wine.

“Jin-hyung.” Yoongi continued when he had no reply, as his hyung sipped on the tea. “You know this is breaking and entering? I can call the police.”

That seemed to snap something in Seokjin.

He slammed down his glass and started with his famous “Yah!” and that’s how Yoongi knew he was gonna get an earful.

“What am I doing here? What are you doing here??” His plump lips puckered out as it always did when he started to spit fire. “You told me you were going to Gwangju for your professor’s son’s wedding! But you’ve been back?! For a week??! When were you planning on telling me? If the kid hadn’t gone out and I hadn’t gone to speak to the doorman,” like all normal tenants do, “then I would have never known you were here!”

“Hyung, sorry. Things were a bit hect-”

“Does it sound like I’m done Yoongi-ah?” Seokjin’s face was red now, his head shaking side to side almost comically. Yoongi knew Seokjin, he wasn’t really mad. He just had to whine and get it out of his system.

“I come up here,” he continued, “to see if you’re sick or probably overworked yourself again and passed out from exhaustion and what do I find?! A shirtless boy in your kitchen?!”

Yoongi’s head shot up at that. Hoseok was shirtless? In his kitchen?

Even imagining something as such made Yoongi’s ears go red.

“And he ran into your room??” Seokjin resumed. “What Yoongi-ah?! Were you not going to tell me you brought home a boyfriend? Or is he some one-night stand?! Mmff-”

Yoongi’s eyes widened. He shot up, covering Jin’s mouth.

“Not so loud, hyung. He’ll hear.” Yoongi whispered. “And it’s not like that. Let me explain.”

Once Yoongi was sure Seokjin wouldn’t start screaming again, he removed his hands and began the story for the second time today.

Namjoon may have been his oldest friend, but Seokjin was somewhat his closest.

Maybe it was because Jin was a year older then Yoongi and had his respect, maybe it was because of Jin’s handsome or friendly nature, or maybe it was a bond that grew over the time the two of them were roommates in college, but Yoongi trusted his Jin-hyung, and admired the man a lot.

Seokjin had just finish college a while back, and had to move away from Yoongi. But they still kept in close contact, unlike Yoongi’s other high school friends that he no more saw every day.

Seokjin was handsome, no doubt about it. He sometimes joked he was “Worldwide Handsome”, and the nickname most certainly stuck. His overflowing confidence and absolutely extroverted lifestyle (stark contrast to Yoongi) actually put the other man at ease.

And Seokjin had actually taken care of Yoongi a lot, on rough nights when he had broken down, when things were too much or when he had lost his confidence. Jin took care of him as he did with everyone.

That is why Yoongi hoped, despite his mature nature telling him to hold no hopes or dreams, that one day Seokjin would make it big.

He had a handsome face, yes. And Seokjin intended to become an actor.

He had featured in music videos, commercials and played small roles to some local films, but Seokjin was too handsome to stay small for long.

When he didn’t have jobs to do, Jin worked part-time in the evenings at a hair salon.

And he positively hated it.

Yoongi asked once, if he hated it so much, the people who came in thinking they were better looking than him and work demand styles Jin knew wouldn’t suit, why didn’t he just quit and work somewhere else. He could do literally anything else, like work as a culinarian, pâtissier or chef (that man was a god in the kitchen), but he chose to stay with the annoying customers and awful hair products.

And what Jin said him, it inspired Yoongi to let go of his stubbornness and get a job.

He said: “I’m doing something I hate, to remind me every day that I will be forever unhappy here until I realize I’m worth more and start working towards doing something I love.”

Seokjin, despite his jokes and goofiness, was really the oldest. And Yoongi really respected him and knew he would always know what to do.

So, he really thought, after narrating the story, that Jin would be able to give him some advice or words of wisdom to help him figure out what to do.

But when everything was done, Seokjin just got up and walked towards the kitchen.

“Go get Hoseok-ah. I’ll start preparing for the party.”

Yoongi felt his heart ache. Was Jin disappointed in his decision? Did he think it was selfish? Should have he refused Professor Jung’s offer?

“Yoongi-ah.” Seokjin’s heavy hand fell on his shoulder. He was sure the older could see him overthinking everything.

“It’s almost time for your guests to arrive. Go speak to Hoseok-ah.” He smiled down at his friend. “I will help you fend off the vultures and then we can speak later.”

Yoongi nodded. “Okay.”

Halfway up the stairs, true to his nature, Seokjin screamed out: “And tell your friend he has a nice body!”

Yoongi loved his friends, but sometimes, he hated them.

Chapter Text

“Hoseok-shi?” Yoongi knocked at the door.

Below, he heard the roar of the 95s greeting Seokjin and bursting through his house. He really doesn’t know why they get so excited – its not like they haven’t been here before.

“Hoseok-shi… Some friends some work heard that you’re new to Seoul. They wanted to throw you a welcome party.”

There was an eerie silence, a guilty silence. Hoseok knew Yoongi knew he wasn’t asleep, that had met his friend downstairs, that he was shirtless in his kitchen. He was probably embarrassed, so he didn’t say a word.

“I did try to stop them, but Jiminie and Taehyungie are so persistent…” Still no answer. “Namjoon-ah is also coming, Kim Namjoon. He’s about your age. Your father must have told you about him.”

Hoseok didn’t answer or move.

Yoongi knew he was probably put off by the unexpected visit by Seokjin earlier. He probably wasn’t in the mood to meet more people today.

“It’s okay, Hoseok-shi. I’ll tell them you’re not feeling well.” Yoongi lifted his arms, stupidly and not knowing what exactly he was doing. “Okay then. Have a good night, Hoseok-shi.”

He returned downstairs, trying not to let his disappointment show.

Seokjin was in the kitchen with the two kids, Jimin helping him prepare the food whilst they preoccupied Taehyung with finding the plating.

Namjoon had arrived also. He had changed out of the bland office uniform into jeans and one of the FG shirts both he and Yoongi had, with a colourful throw-over jacket. He even styled his hair, looking more like a normal yet fashionable college student rather than a full-time supervisor.

He was sitting awkwardly on the couch - the golden and long-standing rule being Namjoon is NOT allowed in the kitchen – and was scrolling through his phone trying not to look too conspicuous as he occasionally glanced up into the kitchen. He noticed Yoongi come down and tried to look more comfortable and chill.

“I didn’t know Seokjin-hyung was gonna be here.” He said.

Yoongi wanted to roll his eyes. Whenever Namjoon came over he would always do his best to look good on the slight chance they ran in Seokjin.

“He was here when I got home.” Yoongi huffed, sitting down next Namjoon.

They stayed in silence as Yoongi sulked.

“Where’s Hoseok-shi?”

“Yes! Where is Hoseok-shi?” Taehyung came bounding towards the pair.

“He’s not feeling to well, Taehyung-ah.” Yoongi explained, sinking further into the couch.

“Awww. That’s not good. Dinner is almost ready.” Taehyung pouted slightly before his smile returned. “I’ll go check on him and bring him down!”

“No, Taehyung-” Yoongi shot up, ready to block his path if necessary.

But Seokjin called for the boy and saved him the trouble.

“Taehyung-ah! Taehyung-ah, are you done decorating the sauce?” He asked, walking into the living room, wiping his wet hands on the bottom of his apron. (Yoongi could hear Namjoon swoon)

“I’ll finish right now, hyung!” The blue-haired boy bounced pass, back to his best friend.

“Is Hoseok-ah not coming down?” Seokjin asked once Taehyung was beyond earshot. “He really should eat something.”

“He wouldn’t answer the door, hyung.” Yoongi said.

“Well, there’s nothing we can do about that.” Namjoon said, getting up. “Let’s go taste what Jin-hyung made for us today.”

“Namjoon-ah, he really should eat. He was looking a bit thin at the arms.”

“You met him, hyung?”

“I told you he was here when I got home.” Yoongi grumbled.

“Come on, Yoongi-ah. You need to eat too.”

Seokjin began tugging at his arm, but Yoongi just went more limp and whined that he wasn’t feeling hungry.

“Namjoon-ah, help me.” Seokjin commanded.

And Joon, always happy to oblige his hyung, grabbed Yoongi’s other arm and began to haul him up.

“Nooo, Namjoon-ah! Hyungie! You’re gonna pull my arms out!”

The two were relatively large and strong, but they were actually afraid of pulling Yoongi’s arm out, so they tugged lightly, while Yoongi fought against them with all his might.

They must have looked very amusing, because Jimin’s laugh began to echo through the struggle, quickly followed by Taehyung’s.

“Hello, Hoseokie-hyung.” Jimin said through his laughter and immediately the trio stopped tugging and pulling. “Don’t mind them, they are like this all the time. Come eat with us.”

Hoseok was standing at the bottom of the stairs, covering his face with his hands, trying not to laugh. (He was wearing a shirt, God had mercy on Min Yoongi.)

“Sorry I’m late.” Hoseok said, trying to swallow his laugher. “I’m feeling much better now.”

One by one, Yoongi’s guests introduced themselves to Hoseok, all being very friendly and familiar, but Hoseok didn’t seem to mind. He was smiling, brighter than he had whole week.

“You all are Min Yoongi-shi’s friends?” He asked, probably taken aback by what characters they all were.

“No.” Seokjin said, and Taehyung gasped behind him. “Calm down, Tae. What I mean to say is we’re your friends now too, Hoseok-ah.”

“B-But we just met?”

“Aish! Don’t argue.” Seokjin walked around the couch, grabbed Hoseok’s arm and began dragging him to the table. “Come and eat. The food’s getting cold. How can you tell someone who saw you half-naked that you two are not friends?”

There was sounds of amazement coming from the 95s as they followed them to the table.

“You’re embarrassing, hyung.” Hoseok flushed red.

Namjoon looked at Yoongi with a shocked face.

“It’s a long story.” The older sighed, patting Joon on the shoulder.


Dinner was as pleasant as it could get.

Hoseok seemed to really get along with the others, Jin being the mood-maker and Namjoon bringing the conversation back down to Earth whenever it got too out of hand.

Luckily, the topics were kept light – what Gwangju is like, what Hoseok’s dance career is like, if Hoseok liked steak (Seokjin asked), the various agencies in Seoul, local clubs and studios, everyone collectively showing off Taehyung’s artistic skills after a “Squirrel in the Garden” incident and lastly, Seokjin boosting about how the very red-faced Namjoon is self-taught in English.

Everyone avoided, without warning, talking to Hoseok about family or personal relationships.

By the end of the night, it seemed like Hoseok was apart of the group since forever.

He even joined them in a friendly yet intense game of “who can flick the bottle cap the furthest on the coffee table” to determine who would end up cleaning and doing the dishes.

In the end, it was Jimin and Hoseok who lost – Seokjin only winning against Jimin by mere luck as his cap ricocheted against the edge of the coffee table instead of flying off.

Yoongi wanted to protest against Hoseok doing any such chores since he was the guest, but Hoseok looked so happy and comfortable with the group, Yoongi was afraid that trying to privilege him would make him shrink back into a sort uncomfortable feeling of estrangement.

All in all, Yoongi thought the night was a complete success – he had got to see the image of the old Hoseok again, and learn many new things. Like how friendly and energetic he was, or how when he got excited, he would jump around clapping his hands, or how seemingly loud he was.

Hoseok was slowly opening up and forgetting his sorrow. He talked a lot with Jimin and Namjoon, they did have a lot in common as expected, but he also got along very well with Taehyung and even acquired some admiration for Seokjin.

The night was indeed a successful one.

“Bye Taehyungie.” Yoongi said, escorting the boy out of his apartment, he, being the last one to leave for the night.

“Bye, Yoongi-hyung. Love you.” He said cheerfully.

Yoongi grunted a response and tried close the door, but Taehyung pushed against it.

“Say it back, hyung.” He whined.

Yoongi really didn’t have the energy to argue with the blue-head so he mumbled: “Love you too.” And tried to close the door again.

But Taehyung, the ever persistent and energetic sprite, held it open. “I didn’t hear you, hyung.”

Yoongi couldn’t repeat himself without feeling thoroughly embarrassed, so he just opted to scream his emotions into the void.

Taehyung laughed the antics of the older.

“This isn’t over, hyung.” He promised.

“Go, Taehyungie. Your cab is waiting.”

Finally, he left and Yoongi returned inside.

Hoseok was still downstairs, bouncing up and down in Seokjin’s spinny chair, testing out the comfy cushion.

“This is Jin-hyung’s right?”

“Yes. He likes to be dramatic.”

Hoseok laughed, an airy and elevated pitch and filled and echoed through the whole house.

“Did Taehyung-ah leave?” Hoseok asked as Yoongi was preparing to head to his newly appointed room.

“With much difficulty, yes.”

“He’s a loveable kid.” Hoseok doubled up. “And he has style – the bright blue hair is really refreshing… But why blue? I mean there are much cooler colours if he wants to rebellious.”

Yoongi looked a Hoseok.

All dinner he had avoided a one-to-one conversation with him, in case it made things too awkward, but now Hoseok was initiating the conversation.

Yoongi sat down on the couch, deciding to see where he would take this.

“Taehyung-ah had an audition with an environmental company awhile back.” Yoongi explained, doing his best to look leisure. “Seokjin-hyung told him it would be a great idea to dye his hair blue, for the environment or something, to impress the company and get the job.”

Really?” Hoseok said in English, with a cute and puppy-like voice, making his way to sit next to Yoongi. “Did that actually work?”

He chuckled.

“Fuck no. Jin-hyung just said that because he needed practice on dying hair at the salon. He even managed to convince Jiminie to dye his hair pink in support of Tae.”

Hoseok burst out laughing, his eyes forming crescents and his mouth opened wide, almost in a heart-shape. He was clapping his hands like an excited baby seal.

Even Yoongi couldn’t supress his smile.

After a while, the laughter died down.

There was a moment of silence as Hoseok caught his breath, and a moment following after that as he comfortably sunk into the coach, stretching his arms over his head, the edge of his shirt riding up just a little.

Yoongi looked away, a blush forming in his cheeks. It was probably the alcohol he had a sip of.

“Well, I’ll see you tomorrow.” He got up quickly, attempting to make a quick escape.

“Wait!” Hoseok grabbed his arm. “Actually, I want to apologize, Yoongi-shi.”

Yoongi hoped his face wasn’t too funny.

“But why? You haven’t done anything wrong, Hoseok-shi.”

His grip on Yoongi’s arm faltered, but the weight had him seated again. They were touching, thigh to thigh, and Yoongi could feel the heat radiating off Hoseok.

“You’ve been so kind and patient with me.” Hoseok looked down solemnly. “You’ve obeyed appa’s overbearing wishes and allowed me to live in your home. Yet I’ve been so childish and inconsiderate.”

“You don’t have to apologize for that, Hoseok-shi!” Yoongi found his voice raising. “With what you’ve been through, you’re allowed to feel…”

He didn’t know what to say, because he didn’t know how Hoseok felt. Was he sad? Angry? Vengeful? Yoongi didn’t know. He had avoided Hoseok to give him space, but he didn’t know for what.

“Please let me finish, Yoongi-shi.” Hoseok careful took his hands. “I am truly sorry. What happened to me, as tragic as it was, was not your fault. So, you shouldn’t have to bear my tantrums.”


“It’s hard, but I’m trying to move on.” He spoke in an uncharacteristically low voice. “I’m here in Seoul, and I want to make the best of the opportunity. The last thing I want to be a burden.”

“But you’re not a burden.” Yoongi almost whispered. But Hoseok had heard, and a blush bloomed on his face. Yoongi decided to blame that on the alcohol too.

He was so close, and Yoongi just wanted to kiss him.

“What I’m trying to say is, I will try and be a better guest, Yoongi-shi. And I will try to get off your pay check as soon as possible. I will do my best, but it will take a little time, so please bear with me.”

Yoongi looked at the beautiful man sitting across from him, and thought just how he was coping? If he was in the same situation, if someone really left Yoongi on his wedding day, he would have been heartbroken, and furious, and sulk like a child, lashing out at anyone who even spoke to him. Hell, Yoongi has been through way less but still reacted more hellishly.

Hoseok, he had to have been an angel.

And angel he wanted to touch so badly. And kiss until he couldn’t breathe.

“If you’re so worried about my pay check,” Yoongi began, “maybe there are somethings you can do for me. To make it up.”

Hoseok gulped audibly.


“Well, for one, you could join me for breakfast, and supper if you’re not too busy. And you must go to the studio every day and keep in shape. Oh, and you have to get into one of those agencies or fancy dance academies. And always come to me when you need help, don’t worry about my pay check.”

Hoseok’s worried lines were quickly replaced with a happy smile. He launched forward and hugged Yoongi tightly.

“I will do even better, Yoongi-shi. I promise, I’ll learn how to cook and help you out.”

“Let’s do our best, Hoseok-shi.”

That night, Yoongi had to refuse ample times to take his room back from Hoseok. When he had finally retired to bed, his shoulders were lighter, his heart was beating heavily, and he was sure his dreams would be filled with Hoseok.

He messaged Seokjin and told him about the events that occurred.

If he wasn’t sure before, he knew now. Yoongi was in love with Hoseok.


Chapter Text

The next morning, a call awoke Yoongi.

He looked at the time, and it was about 7am.

After panicking for a bit then realizing it was a Saturday, he answered.

On the other side, a strained and groggily voice that could only belong to Seokjin said: “Come over now,” before abruptly cutting.

Yoongi didn’t have time to argue, he was too tired to.

He just threw his feet into a pair of slippers and was prepared to head out in pink silk pyjamas and all.

However, when he was at the door, handling his keys, a loud succession of thuds made its way down the stair till Hoseok was at the threshold.

“Good morning, Yoongi-shi!” He grinned.

A smile that made Yoongi flinch and block his half-opened eyes. It was too early for the sun to be directly in his eyes.

“Are you going out?” The enthusiastic morning person asked to the nocturnal man.

“Just to Seokjin’s.” He replied.

It was the first time Yoongi had seen Hoseok in the morning. He didn’t know what surprised him more – that the man was still so beautiful that early (While Yoongi was barefaced and probably had hair sticking up in all directions), or that he slept in in jeans and a multicoloured bomber-jacket.

After his slow mind processed it, Yoongi asked: “Are you going somewhere?”

“Yes!” Hoseok replied excitedly. “I’m waiting for Namjoon-ah and Jimin-ah. Namjoon-ah said he knew a few record stores we could go to. And Jimin-ah is going to show me the studio where he practices. We’ll probably have lunch.”

Yoongi hummed and walked pass Hoseok.

“Can you drive?” He asked, still half asleep.

That seemed to talk the other man aback.

“Well… Yes.”

Yoongi tossed him some keys.

“Joon and Jiminie can’t drive.” He said making his way back to the door. “When they come, you can take my car. I’m not going anywhere today.”

“Thank you, Yoongi-shi!!!” Hoseok hugged him. “I’ll be back by lunch! Must I bring you anything?”

“No, its fine. And you can take the house keys, I’ll use Seokjin’s to get back in.” Yoongi half-heartedly replied as shut the door behind him.

He zombie walked across the hall to the elevator, hugging himself as shield against the air of the frosty hall.

The only other occupant was a buff guy who was heading out for a morning run and was confused by Yoongi’s whole demeanor.

They didn’t exchange pleasantries.

Yoongi traveled one floor down and got off, walking just as tired, to Seokjin’s and Jungkook’s apartment.

He banged on the door twice before it was swung open by a muscular boy with dark hair and a bunny smile.

“Suga-hyung!” Jungkook said, using Yoongi’s old stage name as he always did. (Jungkook, being the youngest, was the only one who could do that.)

Yoongi hummed a reply. “Where’s Jin-hyung?”

“I’ll get him.” Jungkook said, stepping aside for Yoongi to enter before slamming the door shut and screaming: “JIN-HYUNG! SUGA-HYUNG’S HERE TO SEE YOU!”

Yoongi sauntered over to the kitchen counter and sat on one of the barstools as Jungkook ran into the living room, jumping onto the sofa, back to where one of his online games were paused.

“Why are you awake so early on a Saturday?” Yoongi asked the boy.

“Awake? I never went to sleep, hyung.” Jungkook said, readjusting his headset and grabbing the gaming remote.

Jeon Jungkook, the youngest, was certainly some elite species of human.

When they had found him at the tender age of fifteen (Namjoon ran into him at one of the agencies and he sorta got absorbed into their little group afterwards), he was a doe-eyed and shy kid with an angelic voice in a new city.

And Jin, being who he is, immediately began raising the boy and helping him crack out of his shell. They became close friends with him, to the point where Jin’s and Yoongi’s old place had a separate storeroom that was turned into Jungkook’s room for nights he didn’t want to spend in the school dormitories. It didn’t take long after Yoongi moved out from that place for Jungkook to move in. He’s being staying with Jin ever since.

Sometimes, Yoongi envied the boy. For the sole reason that he was brilliant at everything. There was not a thing in the world that Jungkook didn’t try for the second time and didn’t completely master. With his skills, he could do anything he ever wanted. And with his age, Jungkook didn’t have to rush to settle for anything, he was always doing new things. (His current ambition being becoming a pro-gamer.)

Jungkook also had grown big.

Maybe it was because of the slight teasing from Yoongi’s part, but Jungkook had trained and trained, building muscle and getting taller than Yoongi. The disrespect.

But Yoongi, was always overwhelmingly proud of the boy. His hyungs had always supported him, and despite everything, he was still their baby for whom they had to buy food for and play games with and support in whatever he did.

You would think a person who had that much muscles and often called himself a “bad boy” with be somewhat of a delinquent, but Jungkook was a paradox person who didn’t care about gender norms, really respected everybody, liked soft smells, liked doing laundry, still drank banana milk but worked part-time at a Taekwondo studio.

Yoongi sighed, slamming his head on the cool countertop. It certainly felt like the mornings back in his college days when he and Seokjin would wake up hungover and try to figure out who he made out with last night while Jungkook would be loudly playing games in the background.

If on cue, Seokjin ambled down the stairs half asleep in his Ryan pjs, straight to the kitchen and got out two wine glasses.

“Isn’t it too early to be drinking, hyung?” Jungkook asked, catching the reflection on the tv.

“Go back to your game, Jungkook-ah.” Seokjin grumbled as he poured Rosé into the glasses.

He slammed the bottle down, putting his hands on either side of the corner and sighed fully.

“We need to do something about this.”

“Whadumean?” Yoongi mumbled.

“I mean you need some dick.

You would think Yoongi would be appalled by what Seokjin said, but it has been said many times before.

“I don’t wanna have a one-night stand.” Yoongi grumbled even more, turning to cool his other cheek on the counter.

“Well we can’t have you all horned up for someone whose living with you.” Seokjin said matter-of-fact, sipping his glass of wine slowly. “And I don’t think the poor guy needs you confusing him more when he had just broken off his marriage.”

“Are y’all talking about Suga-hyung’s fat crush on Hobi-hyung?” Jungkook asked, turning around to look at the duo.

“You told him.” Yoongi glared at Jin.

“I didn’t tell him shit.” He retaliated.

“Actually, V-hyung is asking.” Jungkook said, referring to the screen where one of the players, V (which was Taehyung’s alias), was online. “Whose Hobi-hyung?”

“I’ll tell you later, Jungkook-ah.” Jin waved him off. “So, what are we gonna do about your, er, situation.”

“I’m not horned up for him.” Yoongi replied, finally taking his glass and chugging down a good amount. “I just really like him, and I want him to be happy. And I want to murder that bastard who made him miserable.”

Seokjin sipped the glass, scrutinizing the man before him.

“You sounded horned up for him last night.”

“Suga-hyung and Jin-hyung are just arguing if he’s horned up for Hobi-hyung.” Jungkook related into his headpiece, and after a moment exclaimed: “How do you not know what that mean?”

Jin took a banana from the fruit basket and chugged it at Jungkook.

“Ow! Seriously?!”

“Get out of here if you wouldn’t stop eavesdropping.”

“Jin-hyung.” Yoongi interrupted before the banter could continue, his face growing red because of the wine. “I-I think I’m in love with him.”

There was a moment of silence, Yoongi didn’t dare to look up from the light-coloured liquid.

“Oh shit, V-hyung.” Jungkook whispered very audibly into the headset. “Suga-hyung just said he’s in love with him.”

This time, Jin threw the whole bunch.

“What should I do, hyung?” Yoongi asked coyly.

“Honestly, I don’t know.” He rubbed the back of his neck. “I mean, if you’re in love with him and don’t just wanna sleep with him then it changes everything. I mean, are you sure?”

Yoongi nodded.

“Just never tell him that.” Jin took a swig from his glass. “He would think you’re crazy, falling in love with someone you barely know.”

“Of course, I’m not gonna tell him that.” Yoongi almost hissed. “We are hardly even on speaking terms.”

“Then that’s where we should start!” Seokjin proclaimed. “Getting to know each other. Take him on a few dates, have some movie nights, take-out and late-night talks. Build into it. Really slowly, so he would start to like you but not feel like he’s getting over his ex too fast.”

“There’s no way he’d go out with me.” Yoongi buried his head into palms.

“Why not?”

“Yeah! Why not, hyung?”

They ignored Jungkook.

“Because look at me, hyung! I’m just a menial office worker with boring looks, a boring life and minimum pay. No one would go with me!”

There was a tick of silence.

“Yoongi,” Seokjin said, his voice brimming with anger, real anger. “I know things haven’t been going your way lately, and you’ve basically given up on all your dreams, but don’t you ever demean yourself like that in front of me again.”

“You’re the coolest, Suga-hyung!” Jungkook insisted.

“I was the coolest.” Yoongi corrected. “But I’m not Suga anymore, he died along with my dreams. I’m just plain and boring Min Yoongi.”

“Min Yoongi made Suga.” Jin refilled his wine glass. “And Min Yoongi can make Hoseok his boyfriend.”

“You can do it, hyung!” Jungkook approves.

“But how?”

“What is he doing today?” Seokjin began to brainstorm.

“Namjoon-ah and Jimin-ah are taking him out. They’ll be back by lunch.”

“Alright, so ask him if he wants to see a movie with you afterwards. He might just say yes, to make it up to you for making him stay at your place.”

“How is a pity date supposed to make him like me?”

“If you ask him out next week, and then the week after that, it would kinda become a tradition. He’ll slowly warm up to you and get to know you better. And once he does, you can ask him out on a real date.”

“You do not think that would actually work?”

“That’s how we got Jungkook into the group, wasn’t it?”

The boy returned the bananas with fervour.

“Just by the way, hyung.” He said, turning back to the screen. “Player 23783 thinks Jin-hyung’s idea is great. We all think you should ask him out.”

The pair looked at Jungkook.

“I thought you were playing with Taehyungie.” Yoongi asked cautiously.

“It’s a team event, hyung.” Jungkook said, only leaving out the “duh”.

Seokjin seriously might have broken the TV that day if Yoongi wasn’t there to stop him.

Chapter Text

Around 3:30pm that day, Yoongi was in front of the bathroom mirror, trying to set his hair that Seokjin styled down again, when he heard the tell-tale thudding up the stairs.

Keep it casual, Min Yoongi.  He hyped himself up in the mirror. Just do exactly like we planned.

When he heard the room door opening, he exited the bathroom, running into Hoseok in the hall. You know, unintentionally.

The other man was a bit disheveled and worn, but otherwise looked like the happiest golden retriever on the planet. His hands were filled with an assortment of bags, looks like he had done some serious shopping, which he was struggling hold.

“Oh, welcome back, Hoseok-shi.” Yoongi greeted. “Did you enjoy your day?”

“Yoongi-shi!” He beamed. “Thank you for loaning us your car! Namjoon-ah and Jimin-ah were really excited that we didn’t have to take the bus, so we had time to explore more of the city! Seoul is amazing!”

“I’m glad.” Yoongi’s throat constricted.

Do it now, you idiot! He chided himself.

“We even met up with Taehyung-ah. Namjoon-ah is so cool. I’m glad we’re friends…” The other man continued to speak as he hauled his things into the room.

“Hosoek-shi.” Yoongi interrupted, following him to the room door. “I was wondering if you wanted to go o-out tonight.”

Shit. Did I stutter? Did he notice?

Hoseok was frozen in his spot, and Yoongi was too afraid to speak again. Suddenly, all of his bags hit the floor with a glorious thud, some of the contents spilling out.

Hoseok let out a gasp, and immediately bent over to pick them up. Yoongi followed to help him.

He noticed, while handling Hoseok’s produce, that most of it were jackets, shoes and weird shirts. Hoseok had a unique sense of fashion.

He even spotted a pair of fluffy, Gucci, Princetown slippers that would have looked ridiculous on anyone but the Gwangju prince.

Yoongi couldn’t suppress a smile. He was willing to bet his first-born that the shoes were a gift from Taehyung.

They picked up the bags and placed them on the bed, Hoseok apologizing and thanking Yoongi profusely.

“It’s okay.” The other man said, waving his hand weirdly before deciding to shove it in his pockets. “And I was thinking of getting take-out. Cooking right now would be such a hassle.”

Seokjin had told him if there was a negative reaction, he should avoid words like “going out”, “date” or anything that would imply it was anything more than a friendly and platonic invite.

“I also wanted to catch a movie while I was in the district, wanna come?”

Hoseok looked at him dumbfounded, the wheels in his head turning.

“I mean, if you’re tired and wanna stay at home, that’s fine.” Yoongi continued, shrugging it off. “I’ll bring you back something to eat.”

Act like it wouldn’t be a big deal if he didn’t join and you’ll go out anyway – Seokjin guaranteed that it would work.

And Kim Seokjin really never loses.

“Wait.” Hoseok called. “I’ll come too. It would give me a chance to see the area.”

Yoongi smiled at him.

“That would be great.” He said, failing at the final step: not letting see how happy you are that he said yes.

But Yoongi couldn’t help it – he was in love.


That giddy feeling Yoongi got from spending time with Hoseok carried through that night - when they drove together, watched a movie, got dinner and ate together.

It was intensified the next day when Yoongi got up.

There was a faint smell of burning lingering in the air, and he really thought something had caught alight. However, upon further inspection, he discovered that his house was not on fire, but his heart definitely was.

Hoseok was in the kitchen, shirtless as daylight, making breakfast. When Yoongi entered, he turned around and greeted him with the brightest smile.

Yoongi wasn’t sure if he was still asleep, this was certainly something out of his dreams.

“Yoongi-shi! Breakfast is ready! Come sit!” Hoseok beckoned him over to the corner.

Yoongi sat down, red-faced, staring at the counter with intent.

Hoseok slid him a plate with an omelette, then leaned forward, right across from him, to devour his own. Yoongi tried to look anywhere else besides his chest, berating himself for having the self-control of a teenager.

“This is actually the first time I made omelettes.” Hoseok admitted, cutting off a piece then tasting it.

He chewed at it intently, his face stone and serious, until it morphed into incredible surprise.

“This is really good!” He took another bite quickly. “Should I become a professional cook? What do you think, Yoongi-shi? Taste it!”

“Okay.” Yoongi said, his voice cracking a bit.

He picked up his utensils, willing his hands not to shake, and took a bite.

“It’s really good, Hoseok-shi.” He complimented, all the while training his eyes on the dark granite. “Thank you for the meal.”

Really? Thank you!” Hoseok said, not noticing the oddness in the other’s behaviour. “Please enjoy.”

But Yoongi really couldn’t. His palms were sweating, and he couldn’t even really taste the food in his mouth.

Seokjin had told him to take it slow, but Hoseok was going to kill him before anything could happen.


Apparently, during breakfast, Yoongi had agreed for Hoseok to help him clean the house, especially the storeroom that had been turned into his room.

Hoseok still felt bad for taking Yoongi’s room and wanted to at least make it up to him by helping to clean out Yoongi’s old stuff.

So, they got to it, after Hoseok had bathe and put on a shirt.

And that is how most of Yoongi’s Sunday was spent.

He and Hoseok moved out boxes and discarded old things.

They discovered that the room was actually much bigger than expected, and there was an old wardrobe Yoongi had never seen before sitting beneath the dust and boxes. (Hoseok laughed at his Narnia joke.) A little bit of rearranging and they had enough space to even moved Yoongi’s desk and chair from the upstairs room down.

When Hoseok questioned Yoongi on the lack of personal belonging, Yoongi explained that Seokjin still had all his college stuff in a storeroom. When they had graduated and moved, Yoongi couldn’t fit everything in his old apartment so Jin had stored things for him.

He was meaning to get those things back, but he didn’t want to face the old memories now.

Amongst his current clutter, was a few broken appliances and sealed boxes labelled “JK” which Yoongi stored away a few months back and intended to give to Jungkook.

He had left those piled in the corner of his room to give to the kid the next time he came over.

By the end of the day, Yoongi was exhausted, his room was amazingly neat, and they ordered take-out again.

While Hoseok opted to eat and watch Netflix, Yoongi had work to do and had to excuse himself, but that didn’t stop the little flutter in his stomach when Hosoek asked.

The feeling didn’t dull down as time passed.

At some unholy time between too late and too early, Yoongi couldn’t ignore his fast-paced heart anymore and stopped his mindless typing.

He looked over to the boxes marked “JK”. They were tempting him.

Without overthinking it, he brought over one of the boxes and ripped it open.

In it was his old leather jacket, a few bucket hats and some old cameras and Polaroids he used to take pictures with. Jungkook seemed to have adopted his love for photography, and fashion style, so he was planning on giving it to the young one when he decided he needed to give up his old hobbies.

There were also a few photographs – of the group when they had gone out eating, of scenery Yoongi found enticing, of when he had first taken Jungkook drinking alone at a pub, some professional looking shots of Yoongi back when he dyed his hair blonde – treasured memories he knew Jungkook would take better care of.

After going through another box of clothes, Yoongi found the boxes he was looking for was looking for – it was marked on the top “equipment”.

Inside. there was a high-end laptop he was afraid wouldn’t work anymore, a mixer, synthesizers, a small keyboard, headphones, mics and other studio equipment Yoongi had used when he still made music.

Yoongi intended to give these to Jungkook as well, he had already given him most of his old equipment. The boy was interested in making his own mixtape and Yoongi had given up his dreams of making it in the music industry and had no use for the stuff anymore.

But today, the feeling was just overwhelming, and Yoongi longed to touch his old keys. It was a feeling he had not had in a long time, it almost felt like his passion had sparked again.

With shaking yet swift fingers, he connected in the laptop and attached the plug-ins, making sure in have the headphones in as to not alert Hoseok of he was doing.

He dug through the boxes until he found his hard drive and quickly plugged that in as well.

The laptop started up without problem, although he wished he still had his desktop.

In the hard drive, there was a whole lot of beats and music he had produced, over three hundred – after all, Yoongi had been playing with music since he was thirteen.

He and Namjoon even recorded and produced a few raps, but it always felt like something was missing.

Now, Yoongi was sure, Hoseok was what was missing from their music.

He opened his studio and a new project, fingers brimming with excitement.

Yoongi slipped the headphones on, and began to do what he was born to do – make music.


The next day, Yoongi showed up to work late and tired, but his chest felt inflated.

It didn’t help that Hoseok had made breakfast again, and this time had also packed lunch for Yoongi.

It felt unreal, and so domestic, Yoongi didn’t know what to say. He just took it and ran out, screaming his apologies.

When he got to the office, the vultures in the form of the 95s descended upon him.

“Why are you late, hyung?”

“You’re glowing, hyung. Did something good happened?”

“How is Hoseokie-hyung? Did you ask him out?”

“Hobi-hyung texted me yesterday and said you weren’t feeling so well.”

“Did he tell him about the gift I gave him?”

“Why are you holding your lunch like that?”

“Hyung, did you make lunch for us too?”

“Wait, hyung! Where are you going-”

Yoongi slammed the door to Namjoon’s office closed and blocked out the whines of the other two.

Namjoon was typing away at his desk and didn’t even regard Yoongi when he walked in and fell on his coach yet again.

“I feel like I’m in heaven.” Yoongi sigh.

“Hyung, can you come back later?” Namjoon asked, not even looking up. “I have to finish this report before Manager-nim gets here.”

“A report for what?” Yoongi asked for the sake of staying motionless on the couch.

“A sales report.” Namjoon said. “I have to get this done for the new project we were given.”

“Another one?” At that Yoongi sat up, looking ludicrously at the younger. “But you just closed that other deal and got back.”

“And now there’s new work to do.”

“Namjoon-ah, this isn’t fair on you. Manager-nim shoves all the work onto you and then takes the credit and gets the promotion with the higher-ups.”

“She’s just managing her work.” Namjoon couldn’t even be bothered to roll his eyes. “And besides, a hard worker will reap the fruits of labor.”

“Don’t be stupid, Namjoon-ah.” Yoongi marched over to the desk. “You can’t overwork yourself. How are you doing in your studies?”

Namjoon clicked his tongue, an unnatural sound from the man. “I don’t have time for that, hyung-”

Yoongi pushed the laptop close, Namjoon moving his fingers just in time before they were smashed.

“Namjoon-ah, you need to take a break sometimes.” He scolded. “And focus on your studies too. Work isn’t everything.”

Namjoon, getting over his state of shock, fell back in his chair and laughed lightly.

“You sound like when we were in college and you’d find me in my studio after three days.”

Yoongi hummed in agreement, seating himself across from Namjoon.

“So how are thing with you and Hoseok?” He asked. “Now that you realized you’re in love with him and all.”

Yoongi groaned.

“Did Taehyung-ah tell you?”

“No. Jin-hyung told no one mention it before he added Hoseok to the group chat, you really should check your phone from time to time, hyung.”

Yoongi groaned even louder, covering his face and making a mental note to kill Seokjin.

“Jungkook-ah was really curious about who “Hobi-hyung” was.” Namjoon informed. “I’m sure if they met, he would cling to him and never let go.”

“I don’t need any more competition, Namjoon-ah.” Yoongi whined. “As it is, he seems to be in love with you and Jimin. That’s all he could talk about when we were cleaning yesterday.”

“That’s because we’re friends now, hyung.” Namjoon did roll his eyes this time. “And he did ask about you too. I think he’s interested in you.”

Yoongi was lucky his face was still covered to hide the slight blush.

“I did manage to have some serious talk with him when we got separated from Jiminie and Taehyungie. He’s going through some tough times, hyung, but he’s strong. I think he’ll be okay.”

“Namjoon-ah, I went back onto my studio yesterday.” Yoongi blurted, unable to hold it in anymore.

It was clear that was the last thing Namjoon was expecting to hear on a Monday morning, but he quickly composed himself.

“I thought you said you were done with music, hyung.”

“I thought I was.” He admitted. “But last night, I just couldn’t stop thinking about Hoseok and I had to do something with that. I couldn’t stop working, it was surreal.”

“May I hear the sample?” Namjoon asked, practically sitting on the edge of his seat now. Music always seemed to bring out this unexpected, puppy-like side of him.

“I got it here.” Yoongi pulled out his phone and earplugs.

He had simply uploaded it out of habit but was really eager for Namjoon’s take.

They office was in silence for a good one and a half minutes, save for the slight music that escaped the plugs, as Namjoon listened attentively before slowly bopping along to the beat.

“This sounds really different from your old stuff, hyung.” He deduced.

“Is it?”

“It’s still really good. I can’t believe you did all this last night.”

“It was weird, Namjoon-ah.” Yoongi tried to explain. “I suddenly felt like I was young again and had that intense burn. Like I wanted to just remove everything from my insides and present it. Do you still feel like this, Namjoon-ah?”

Namjoon folded his hands and stared at them. “I’ve actually not been in my studio lately. I’ve been busy trying to juggle everything.”

Yoongi looked at Namjoon, and saw somewhat of himself – a ember of what used to be a roaring passion and impossible dream. He didn’t know where along the way they decided to listen to what others wanted of them and stop dreaming.

But Yoongi felt it and he knew one of these days, Namjoon was going to feel it too. That little voice that has being telling them to wake up and listen to themselves.

If only he had been loud enough earlier, maybe Namjoon wouldn’t have silenced himself too.

It was pathetic, becoming a shadow of yourself.

“God, what happened to us, Namjoon-ah?” Yoongi buried his head in his hands yet again.

He felt the younger bring down his palm in heavy slaps on his shoulder.

“It’s okay, Yoongi-hyung.” He smiled, little dimples forming in his cheeks. “You’re returning to your old-self now. I think we have Hoseokie-hyung to thank for that. He’s good for you.”

“He’s good for you too, Namjoon-ah.”

Somewhere deep down in Yoongi, he took on another oath. Along with helping Hoseok, he was going help Namjoon too.


Chapter Text

Jealously is an ugly emotion.

So Yoongi would never admit it, but he was jealous of Seokjin.

Jin had been coming over and helping Hoseok cook. When he got home in the evening, the house would be filled with Seokjin’s iconic wind-shield wiper laugh and Hoseok’s reverberating will-cure-you-of-all-diseases one.

And now along with gushing about how cool and friendly MiniMoni was, there was the addition of Hoseok talking about Seokjin in their limited interactions.

Yoongi knew it was nothing special – he would often find himself showing off and gushing about Jin on several occasions – but coming from Hoseok, when he was in the delicate situation of being in love with him and constantly looking for signs if he liked him back, Yoongi felt a little… betrayed?

It wasn’t just that they cooked together, but through-out the week, Yoongi had found them in… compromising positions.

Positions which one would think was innocent. But Yoongi knew from experience that while Hoseok was a confident gay, Seokjin was in fact a panicked gay. He had seen Jin with red ears, defense up, laughing manically and awkward, Hoseok closer to him than usual. He even once walked in to see them re-enacting the Titanic scene in front of an open window.

He was jealous, and afraid Hoseok had developed some romantic feelings towards Jin. It wasn't that far-fetched.

And he was irritated that to Hoseok, he was still “Yoongi-shi”, while it was “Jin-hyung” and “Hoseok-ah” between the other two.

It was weird, and ugly. And he felt ashamed.

Of all people, he knew Seokjin was the one helping him the most.

So, he kept his mouth shut and continued to brew in his jealousy and disgrace.

Even on that Saturday, when they had gone to the movies and to buy take-out again, Yoongi was sulking.

The whole day, Hoseok was at Jin’s place doing god knows what.

He knew he wasn’t in charge of what Hoseok should or should not be doing. And he knew that Jin was the one who probably sent him back in time for Yoongi to ask him to go out. And he knew Jin was just trying to make sure Hoseok was comfortable while also putting in a good word for his friend.

That’s why Yoongi was more angry at himself than anything.

The gun shots on screen got louder, which seemed to snap Yoongi out of his mental turmoil.

Hoseok had chosen the movie this time, some action-romance. Yoongi was happy it wasn’t some horror movie, he hated those.

It was a pretty good movie overall, but Yoongi was too distracted by other things.

Meaning Hoseok.

The man was beautiful in the casting darkness of the cinema.

However, Yoongi discovered something important. Hoseok would almost swoon every time the main protagonist would come on screen.

The protagonist was the typical trope of a bad boy – with all black clothing, a laidback attitude and always had a witty comeback on hand.

He was someone who was completely opposite to the nerdy-looking and plain person Yoongi was.

If the protagonist was Hoseok’s type, he would never ever like Yoongi.

And so Yoongi returned home feeling more dread.

And apparently this did not escape the usually dense Hoseok.

They sat and ate their pizza in complete silence.


That night, Yoongi felt guilty for creating the gloomy atmosphere and dismay for what he had discovered during the movie.

He tossed and turned and tossed until he was sick of that.

To the side of his room, there laid the open boxes of his old clothes.

Since he started the week with doing something he never thought he’d do again, Yoongi figured why not end it the same.

He got up and dumped the contents of the box on his bed.

He picked out some clothes from the oversized dark sweaters and ripped jeans, something that made him look cool.

In the end, he stood in front of the mirror in some street style cargo pants with a dark bomber jacket, the cherry on top being some heavy platform boots.

He looked over himself, noticing how the outfit bulked up his frame while still showing off his curves, and he loved it.

His glasses didn’t match though, so he removed them and had to peer through, looking awfully like that lizard from Monsters Inc. He had contacts somewhere in his room.

He ran his fingers through his hair, pushing it all off his forehead, but it bounced back into place. So, he grabbed a bandanna off his bed and tied it in his hair.

Yoongi was not a conceited person, especially not when standing next to Seokjin, but even he had to admit that that fit on him looked cool.

This was the Min Suga – from high school and college. The genius. Who was laidback and cool and confident – not the person he was now, always looking down, always hunched, always quiet. He had carried himself in a nonchalant manner all his life, but now it was so hard to be this person. Along with his dreams, that part of him had died as well.

He knew, if Hoseok saw him like that, he would definitely go out with him. If he had met him years ago, when Yoongi was still in college, maybe he would have liked him better then. Maybe they would have gone out, saving Hoseok the heartbreak and him the anguish.

Yoongi sighed and fell into his bed.

He thought perhaps he was going a little crazy.

But he couldn’t control himself. He felt so pathetic and helpless.

Tomorrow, he would go and see Jin and apologize for his hostility towards him for the past week.

Maybe, if he told Jin what he had discovered about Hoseok, he would find a way to make Yoongi cool. Or maybe he would bring him back to reality and save him the pain of trying.


The next morning, things took a turn for the better.

When Yoongi had awoken, there was the pleasant smell of pancakes in the air.

Sure enough, when he trudged out of his room, Hoseok had breakfast ready, the table set, and he stood awkwardly and nervously next to the table.

Another odd thing Yoongi noticed, that despite it being early in the morning, Hoseok was nicely dressed and ready for some unspecified plan.

Yoongi wondered what was going on.

“Um… Yoongi-shi. Please join me for breakfast.” He said, sounding very anxious and awfully inaudible.

They sat down at opposite ends of the table, and Yoongi tried not to bring up how weird Hoseok was acting.

For a moment, there was only the clatter of their utensils, which was strange on how it was unaccompanied by Hoseok’s voice.

Is he worried about how he made the hotteoks? Yoongi wondered.

“Hoseok-shi, these taste very good. Thank you for breakfast.” He tried to put the other man to ease.

But his compliment just seemed to make things worse. Hoseok flushed dark red, anxiously laughing and rubbing the back of his head, rambling on about how it was no problem and Seokjin helped him perfect the recipe.

“Hoseok-shi?” Yoongi spoke carefully, like one would to growling dog. “Is something the matter? You seem… tense.”

“Actually, Yoongi-shi,” the other man put down his utensils, “I have some news for you.”

Hoseok looked down, taking a second to compose himself, which just seemed to put Yoongi at edge for what he wanted to say.

“I decided to participate in a dance competition!” Hoseok said, a bright smile blooming on his face.

Yoongi was taken a back. With the way Hoseok was acting, he had feared the other man was going to tell him he was returning to Gwangju. He felt relief take over his entire body.

“Jiminie told me about it.” Hoseok got up, walking around the table to Yoongi while digging for a pamphlet in his pocket. “It’s a big music company that’s hosting it, see!”

He pushed the multi-coloured page into Yoongi’s hand. On the top, in big bold letters was written: IDOL CHAMPION!

Yoongi read it and pursed his lips together.

“This isn’t exactly a dance competition, Hoseok-shi.”

“Well… not really.” Hoseok pulled up a chair next to Yoongi. “It’s kind of a competition to see whether you’re idol material. They test different things like dance skills, singing skills, rapping skills, ability to work in a group – all that stuff you would need to be an idol! I think it’s pretty cool!”

“But I thought you wanted to be a dancer, Hoseok-shi. Not an idol.”

“I do want to be a dancer! But the company is very big and influential! Jiminie said if I could make it to the final round, that I would get enough publicity that a company or academy would have to sign me up, even if I don’t win!”

Hoseok was really excited, but Yoongi not so much. He didn’t trust these idol companies. He had been offered when he was younger, to become a trainee, but he refused after researching it.

Apparently, the trainee days are hell, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll ever debut. Even if you do, the company doesn’t care about their artists, and their opinions or mental health. They were prohibited from acting like themselves, had to do what the company said, say what the company wanted, sing what the company demanded, work till the company overworked them, they couldn’t have any personal relations and the media would make a scandal out of everything they did – the artists had to become perfect, mindless dolls for them to control. And the love they get from their fans, it wasn’t real. They loved the puppet, not the person. It was all fake.

Yoongi couldn’t do that. He had always used music to express himself and would not have that taken away from him as well. And besides, Yoongi wanted to be a producer, not an idol.

If Hoseok wanted to be a dancer, there had to be other ways than entering the idol hell. But then again, Yoongi thought he would have other ways, but never ended up being a producer…

“Yoongi-shi.” Hoseok snapped him out of his thoughts. “What do you think? Is it a good idea?”

There was some kind of expectance in his eyes.

“Yes.” Yoongi said, against his better judgement. “I think it’s a great idea.”

“Isn’t it?” Hoseok jumped up, clapping excitedly. “This way, I’d become a professional dancer in no time!”

“I’m happy for you, Hoseok-shi.” Yoongi sipped on his tea. “Would you like to go out to celebrate tonight?”

“Oh… um...” Hoseok immediately stopped his jamboree. “I would love to, Yoongi-shi, but I told Jimin-ah that I would go to the studio today so we could practice. I might be coming back late. And besides, you have work tomorrow so…”

Hoseok looked so stressed for denying him, but Yoongi understood. The try-outs for the competition was tomorrow, and Hoseok didn’t need any distractions at the moment.

“It’s okay, Hoseok-shi.” He assured. “We’ll just celebrate after you get chosen for the competition.”

In all honesty, Hoseok looked like he was going to cry.

Without hesitation, he pulled Yoongi into an unexpected hug.

“Thank you, Yoongi-shi!” He said. “For always supporting me.”

And Yoongi ascended.


That night, Yoongi went out, but not to celebrate for Hoseok, but because Jin insisted.

The both of them were rather casual drinkers, but in some unknown way, they both ended up red-faced drunk.

They had returned to the salon where Jin worked when their night-out was over because it was closer and both of them couldn’t possibly drive in their state. Seokjin phoned Jungkook and the kid said he’d pick them up after he closed up at Taekwondo. Then Jin proceeded to pull out a secret stash of vodka and Yoongi somehow agreed to continue drinking.

They were entering dangerous waters.

 “So, you were jealous of me and Hoseok!?” Seokjin laughed, slapping his knee.

“Shuddup, hyung.” Yoongi poured himself another glass.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh, Yoongi-aaaaahhhh.” Seokjin held out his glass to be refilled as well. “You’re right about one thing, Hoseok definitely would have gone out with you in college.”

“You think so?”

They both downed the shot and slammed the cup on the table in unison.

“Yah.” Seokjin continued, tasting a pinch of salt. “if Hobi likes cool people, and you met him back in college when you were the cool guy Min Suga, you would have already sucked his-”

“Hyung! That’s not me anymore. I’m not the cool guy, Min Suga. I’m the boring office worker, Min Yoongi.”

Aigoooooo,” Seokjin refilled their glasses. “You need to have more confidence in yourself, Yoongi-ah! You’ve changed so much over the year, its unbelievable.” He said that in English as unbelieve-bubble. That’s how you know he was really drunk. “And I’m tired of waiting for my old friend to come back.”

“I can’t be confident if I don’t know who I am anymore, hyungie.” Yoongi drank his shot. “I never wanted to turn into this guy. I was happy when I was Suga.”

“And you need to stop doing that too.” Seokjin wagged an annoyed finger. “Stop pretending that Suga and Yoongi-ah are two different people. They’re both you. And they both are very lovable.”

“I wish they were two different people.” Yoongi sulked into his chair. “That way genius Min Suga could make Hoseok happy. He smiles all the time, hyung, but he’s sad. So sad, and it kills me. I just wanna make him happy again.”

“I got it!” The older proclaimed, jumping up. “We are going to turn you into Suga!”

Yoongi looked perplexed.

“Whatya mean?”

“I mean, we could change you back into Suga! You can go tomorrow and surprise Hoseok at his dance competition! Show him the cool and awesome Min Suga, and sweep him off his feet! It’s a perfect plan.”

If Yoongi hadn’t had that extra drinks with Seokjin, he would have called the idea stupid to the elder’s face and gone home to sulk about he would never ever date Hoseok.

But, in his buzzing, desperate and alcohol-laden state, Yoongi got up and said: “THAT’S AN AWESOME IDEA!”

So, Kim Seokjin began the preparations into turning office worker Min Yoongi into the cool guy Min Suga, bringing out the hair dye and make-up kit.

By the time Jungkook had arrived to pick them up, Seokjin had plastic gloves on, had finished bleaching Yoongi’s dark hair blonde and was adding some other dye in it to “make the colour pop”, as Jin had said.

Now, anyone else would have informed the two that their plan was ridiculous and dragged their drunk asses back home.

But this was Jungkook.

It took little to no convincing for the boy to eagerly agree and begin to help them in their endeavours.

He even insisted to return some of Yoongi’s old clothes and help him shop the following weekend. He also did Yoongi’s make-up (The boy may have been pure muscles, but he was a master at contouring and had interest in make-up since he was fifteen).

Things got a bit more out of hand as they waited for the colour in Yoongi’s hair to settle. Jin had begun to dye his own hair a swirling range purples and Jungkook was cautiously playing with the eyelash curler and running the straightner through his grown-out hair.

They then began to talk about a delusional timeline where Yoongi and Hoseok were dating, and how impressed Hoseok would be with him tomorrow. Then Jungkook began his fictional narrative on a crime alternate universe where he was a detective.

Yeah, things got out of hand.

But Yoongi was happy.

He was happy with his friends, and to think that tomorrow, Hoseok would see him in a different light. He was happy to live in that delusional universe.