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Merry Christmas to You

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“It was Cameron’s idea,” Bernie declared as soon as she saw Serena squinting at the words etched in the frost on the windshield of her car.

“Writing a message on my on car was your son’s idea? Do you usually listen to him?”

Bernie hunched down in her coat and scarf, shrugging. She’d been caught in the moment and it had seemed a rather romantic, albeit silly, idea at the time. Why do I let him talk me into things? Because she was so happy he was speaking to her again and approved of her new partner that she got a bit over excited.

Serena sighed and seemed to give up reading the brief note as a lost cause. The snow had started to fall more rapidly in the few minutes since they’d stepped out of the hospital and was rapidly occluding its contents.

“It’s almost impossible to see, in any event. Why don’t you tell me what it says?”

Bernie floundered, her already pink cheeks glowing red at Serena’s sudden attention. “It was just a joke. Nothing worth repeating.” Think it through next time. If there’s even a next time. Serena hasn’t given any indication…

“It ended in a heart, it must have been something of note.” Serena raised an eyebrow.

Bernie choked. Oh no. “I thought you couldn’t see it.”

“The heart was fairly legible. You know your handwriting.”

Bernie made a faintly distressed noise, and Serena sauntered to Bernie’s side to regard her squarely. Shit. What if I ruined it? Don’t let me ruin this.

“Am I going to need to perform CPR on you before we get out of here, because I suggest we return inside if so. I don’t like my chances of getting our lips apart in these temperatures if I have to do rescue breaths.”

Bernie’s sputtering only grew more nonsensical as she tried to deny what they both knew. Serena chuckled. She had Bernie dead to rights and they both knew it.

“Have I broken you?” Serena smirked. “Odd coming from a woman who thought writing ‘Marry me?’ on a car, in dust and snow was an appropriate way of proposing to one’s girlfriend, but I suppose stranger things have happened.” Serena pecked Bernie on her cold-chapped lips. “And by the way? The answer is yes.”