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Contemporaneous - Crazy Cat Tale Version

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“Can you book a couple of tickets discreetly?” McGee asked Abby.

“Sure, but who are you taking with you?”

“I’m going to go find that out. I’ll be back.”

Abby pouted as Tim left her lab. She really wanted to go to Portugal and find Bishop. Tim ignored her, however, and headed down to autopsy. Ducky was the other main one in the know and Tim thought that he might have some ideas on how to get them to Portugal without the director getting suspicious.

“Tim! Have you found Bishop?” Jimmy asked.

Tim shook his head. “We have reason to believe she’s in Portugal, but we don’t want to alert the director to this fact.”

“Hm. That is a problem, isn’t it?” Ducky mused, “Is Jenny being troublesome?”

Tim nodded. “She keeps wanting to know where Tony and Gibbs are and now that Bishop has disappeared she’s ordered me not to leave headquarters.”

“I dare say that seems like a reasonable order given as far as she can tell everyone on the MCRT is disappearing. She’s probably just looking out for you,” Ducky pointed out.

“Yes, but I’m also the only one outside of you guys and Abby that stands a chance of finding Bishop if this is related to the prophecy somehow.”

“Oh my. Do you think it is?”

“I don’t see why someone would have captured her from the garden center and taken her to Portugal if it wasn’t prophecy related.”

“Hm. That is quite far to go for a kidnapping, isn’t it? Are we sure Bishop doesn’t have any relatives in Portugal?”

“I’ll have Abby check into that, but in the meantime we need to figure out a way to get to Portugal without alerting the director. I still don’t know which side she’s on.”

Ducky nodded. “Leave it to me. You go back to Abby, so that the director doesn’t get more suspicious and I’ll figure something out.”

Tim’s shoulders dropped in relief as a weight was taken off of them. If this was what it was like to be SFA and be expected to run everything when Gibbs was gone, McGee wasn’t sure he was ready for it, yet. It was considerably more stressful than he’d expected. “Thanks Ducky.”

Tim returned to Abby’s lab and told her about Ducky’s suggestion that maybe Bishop had family in Portugal.

Abby’s lips turned down in a frown, “I thought her family was in Oklahoma, but I’ll look into it.”

Tim nodded. “I’m going to go back upstairs, so that the director doesn’t get too suspicious.”

“Ok. I’ll let you know if I find anything.”

“Thanks Abs.”

The truth was McGee would rather hide in Abby’s lab. Out of sight, out of mind as they say, but he knew he needed to allow his contemporaneous agents to see him, so that Madam Director wouldn’t get too suspicious. He still didn’t know how to get them to Portugal without her figuring out something was wrong.

He needed a body double or something. Maybe one of the other teams would be willing to cover for him? McGee hadn’t really made friends with any of the other agents except those in cyber crimes, but he knew there were a lot of agents that considered Tony a friend.

Maybe he should suggest that to Ducky. Ducky knew a lot more of the agents than Tim and would probably be more likely to get someone to agree to cover for them. Of course, that would only go so far. The director would still get suspicious eventually.

He wondered if any of the computer geeks could make a hologram of him, so that it appeared like he was walking around the building or sitting at his desk when he wasn’t actually. He shook his head. Nah. The first time someone interacted with it, it would be obvious what it was.

Now, he really wished that he knew magic. Surely, there was something that a witch or wizard could do. Tim frowned and started a search on his computer for look-alikes in the DC area.

He didn’t think it was a good idea to give some random person access to headquarters, but he also wasn’t sure how else to go to Portugal without Madam Director getting suspicious. That was another subject he could broach with Ducky. Maybe there was an agent that could pretend to be him.

The problem was he didn’t know any agents that looked similar enough to him to pass for him. Shooting a message down to Abby, he asked her, “Are there any agents good enough at undercover that could pretend to be me and still get their normal jobs done so as to not be suspicious?”

Her immediate response was “Tony.”

McGee shook his head, “Abs. Tony’s not going to be able to help us out. Anyone else?”

“I don’t know. Let me think on it. I’ll check in with Ducky too.”

“Thanks Abs. Also see what Ducky thinks of the idea of enlisting another team to help cover for me and whoever goes with me.”

“Abby is on it.”

McGee grinned. Maybe they could do this, after all. He really hoped they could. He didn’t know why, but he had a feeling that the longer Bishop stayed in the grandee’s custody, the more trouble it would cause for Tony.

“McGee. Get your butt down here.” Abby’s message demanded.

McGee closed down his computer and headed for her lab. He wasn’t really doing anything other than staring at the screen and trying to come up with ways to out maneuver Jenny. He wondered what Abby wanted from him.

“Ducky had a great idea.” Abby bounced excitedly as Tim entered her lab.


“Yeah. There’s a conference in Portugal that he got invited to. He hadn’t been planning on going because it’s quite far, but he’s going to talk to Director Shepard about all three of us going with him.”

“Will that work?”

“I hope so. Ducky knows how to spin things to get what he wants.”

“True. He can talk rings around people.” McGee paused as a thought occurred to him, “But then the director will know we’re in Portugal.”

"But she doesn’t know we think Bishop is there. I think Ducky is planning to spin it such that we’re all missing Tony and Gibbs and worried about Bishop and need a break.”

“But won’t she be suspicious that we’re not looking for Bishop?”

“I’m pretty sure he’s planning to talk her into having Balboa take over the Bishop search and then explain everything to Balboa, well except for the prophecy, of course.”

“That could work, but if we get into trouble we don’t have much backup. Neither you, Jimmy, or Ducky are much in the way of fighters.”

“Hey! Don’t diss Ducky. He used to be in the British Army and Gibbs has taught me self defense. We’re more than capable of backing you up. We won’t let anything happen to you or Bishop.”

“Ducky was in the medical corps, Abs.”

“He still fought in the war. We’ll be fine.”

“Let’s just see what Ducky says about whether we need backup, ok?”

“Fine.” Abby pouted. She still hated when she didn’t get her way.