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My pretty Omega on show~

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The blonde omega wondered into the empty classroom, feeling like he had forgotten something. Furrowing his eyebrows, he tried to recap everything. He had his gym uniform, he had his homework and all his books... so what was he forgetting...? Dismissing the worry, he sat himself down in his seat, counting the days until his heat. He was most definitely in pre-heat. His scent was stronger and was extremely sensitive. The scent glands on his neck were a little swollen, and he was getting a little sweaty. He had to remember to make a nest when he got home. Thankfully, he had quiet a lot of collected blankets and candles, which made his nests perfect for heats. Resting his chin on the palm of his hand, he watched the other students file in. It was unsettlingly quiet in here, which the omega didn't mind, but it was still unusual. 

After a couple more minutes, the chatter started picking up. Kirishima made his way over towards Bakugo, a goofy smile on his face. The omega scoffed slightly, looking up at the red head. What did he want? Bakugo huffed and rolled his eyes at the cocky alpha, crossing his arms over his chest... before... it hit him... the overwhelming smell... Immediately, he could feel his entrance starting to get wet with slick. His cock twitched in his pants as he inhaled deeply. The sweet smell of vanilla and cinnamon was the only thing he could concentrate.

The alpha smirked slightly, watching as the omega in front of him squirmed at the smell. Kirishima could smell the omegas string scent from across the school- in fact, he was surprised no one had stopped to try fuck him. But the omega didn't need to worry no more, because he was here. Towering over the blonde, he clicked his tongue, "You like that, omega." The red head said in a deep tone. 

Bakugo felt himself shudder at the voice, his eyes flickering up to look at the alpha. Arousal radiated off of the omega in waves, teasing the alphas cock. Kirishima groaned and took Bakugos cheek into his hand, "Such a pretty omega in heat. I bet you wanna get fucked." Kirishima smirked, pulled the omega onto his feet. Bakugo gasped and looked at him with wide eyes, before letting out a soft purr. He couldn't even deny it, he wanted- needed- the alpha. The omegas strong scent of lust filled the other students noses, drawing their attention to the two.

"A-Alpha..." he whined slightly, his needy hole already dripping wet. Kirishima smirked, running his hands up and down his sides, tugging up the omegas shirt a little more each time.

"Yes Omega? You want me to fuck you senseless? Want me to pump all my pups inside you? You wanna get stuck on my knot?" The alpha growled in a low tone. The omega felt shivers run down his body, feeling his cock twitch once again. He needed this alpha in front of him. A whine bubbled in his throat as he supressed it, looking into Kirishimas eyes desperately, "that's not an answer." The red head smirked cockily. The omega huffed and nodded quickly, a thick blush spread from ear to ear.

"P-Please Alpha, knot me~ Give me your pups!" He begged, trying to grind into him. That's all he needed, as the omega was picked up effortless and tossed onto a desk. Lying on his back, the omega squirmed around, feeling warm fingers wrap around the waistline of his lower clothing. In one swift movement, the alpha stripped off his bottom clothing, tossing them across the floor. Bakugo blushed brightly, feeling exposed as his legs were spread wide. His cock sprung up, hitting against his stomach, throbbing. His pink, vagina lips were wet with slick, glistening in the light. Kirishima licked his lips, taking in the sweet scent of the omegas slick. Smirking, he rubbed his finger around the brim of his hole, watching it twitch in need. He needed something inside him now. The alpha scoffed and slowly slid his finger into the omega, listening to him moan out.

Arching his back, he started rocking his hips against the alphas finger, trying to push him deeper. Soft moans fell from his lips, his eyelids fluttering. He needed more. A finger wasn't enough to satisfy his needs. Whines bubbling in his throat, he looked at the alpha with a defeated look.

"What a slut~ An omega slut~ You need an alphas cock don't you? Want to squeeze my cock in your virgin walls." The alpha growled, glaring at the teen below him. Whimpering desperately, the omega nodded quickly, panting. His face was completely red, and he was a panting mess. Groaning at the sight, Kirishima slid in a second finger, feeling the omegas walls tighten around him, "Loosen up Omega!" He growled, slamming his fingers into his prostrate. Bakugo moaned loudly, his back arching, "If you want my knot then loosen up." He huffed. 

The omega took deep breaths, moaning softly as he began to loosen around the alphas fingers. Smirking, he slowly slid out his fingers, hearing the omega whine and whimper, "N-no! Please! Alpha please! I need you inside me! Please! Fuck please!" He begged, tears welling up in his eyes. What a pretty boy. Begging for his cock. The alpha growled at him lowly, fumbling with his belt. 

Whining at how slow the Alpha was teasing him, the omega slid three fingers into himself, moaning softly. It didn't feel as good as the red heads fingers, but he needed to be full. He could feel his climax already building up, his cock begging for release. Kirishima smirked as he dropped his pants to the floor, his hard cock springing free. Licking his lips, he watched the omegas fingers penetrate himself.

"Ahh~ Alpha~ P-please~ Your knot~!" He whined through moans, his eyes watering with pleasure. The alphas cock twitched as he grabbed Bakugos wrist, pulling out his fingers carefully.

"Spread your legs wide for me~" He crooned, watched as his Omega slowly obeyed, relaxing. The blondes legs spread wide open, putting his soaked pussy on display for everyone to see. But he didn't care anymore. He just needed to be filled with pups. Rubbing his cock against the omegas entrance, he listened to the soft and desperate moans. Grunting softly, the alpha slowly slid himself into the omega,

"A-Alpha~!" The omega moaned loudly, his back arching off the desk as his eyes rolled back. He was so full already, and the alpha was only halfway inside. His walls contracted around his member, squeezing the shaft gently. Bakugo moaned loudly, the feeling of a warm, heavy cock inside him made his inside churn. Before he could stop it, cum spilled from his cock, spilling all over the floor and their chests, 

Groaning, Kirishima gripped his milky thighs, thrusting faster and deeper inside him, ripping moans from his throat, "That's it omega slut~ You want my pups? You wanna get stuck on my knot?" He groaned, watching as the omega nodded frantically. Drool dibbled down from his lips as his eyes rolled back in pleasure. The alphas member was hitting all the right spots inside him, the tip nuzzling right to the opening of his womb. Bakugo moaned loudly, feeling the alphas knot begin to inflate. 

"yes~! Fuck~! yes! Alpha~ Give me your pups! I need them~ Ahh~ please~ fuck~!" The omega moaned loudly, his eyelids fluttering. Kirishima groaned as his cock continued swelling up, before catching on the rim of his hole, tying them together. Groaning, the alphas warm cum spilled into the omega. The omega nodded in delight, moaning as he felt himself get filled. 

"fuck~ getting all my pups omega~!" He growled, leaning down as he nuzzled against his scent gland on his neck. The omega purred softly as he panted and moaned softly, squeezing the alphas cock inside him. Kirishima groaned softly, the action encouraging him. Sinking his teeth into the omegas scent gland, he felt the taste of blood linger on his tongue, "Mine~" the alpha growled, licking up the left over blood. The omega moaned softly and nodded, closing his eyes. It felt so good, his alphas knot inside him, breeding him. 

The alpha wrapped the omegas legs around his waist, pulling the omega up into a sitting position. Bakugo moaned softly at the change in position. Panting, he felt the large alpha hands grip his ass as he slid him off the desk. Wrapping his arms around the red heads neck, he purred, getting carried over to Kirishimas desk. the red head sat down, sitting Bakugo down in his lap.

"Now omega, don't start riding my knot." The alpha warned, earning a half-hearted nod. 


The room was quiet- silent. They just watched Bakugo get knotted by Kirishima. Everyone was horny, the girls were soaking wet, and the boys were hard as rocks. In fact, some Alphas thought they had gone into their ruts early. It was so hot to watch, and the mixed scents still lingered in the air. The faint moans of the omega echoed in their minds. 

The tired teacher stumbled into class, immediately alerted when he smelt the scents. Snapping his head up, he glanced at everyone in the room, his eyes meeting the two tied together. Huffing, he shook his head as he quickly walked over to his desk, un able to hide his obvious erection. Just the smell alone of a bonding Omega and Alpha was enough to arouse everyone in the room. However, Aizawa attempted to distract everyone with the lesson.