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Fioritura Petunia

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It was the beginning week of spring in Italy, flowers were blooming and Giorno had never been happier to watch as they did. He set down the new set of flowers that had grown last week, displaying them near the store window. Opening a flower shop had finally happened at the end of February, his father helped him achieve this dream when he got the confidence to tell them.

He was only, by a bit, scared to tell them since he knew what the family business was and didn't want to disappoint his parents with his dream. Giorno had later found out that both of his parents supported him and didn't mind what his dream was, as long as he was happy.

The store had been through construction all winter and has been open for 2 weeks now. The blond had gotten all types of customers, the older women growing a liking to his sweet gentle personality. Right now Giorno had set up all the flowers in their order, turning the sign on the door to open. Letting out a sigh of relief as he looked around the whole area.

"The flowers are all set and done, now I just gotta go make the other orders for next week to come in." The ordering of flowers were usual from the Speedwagon foundation, even though he had suggested he do the work himself, they ignored him and went with their plan.

There was no point to argue with his parents since whatever they said usual went and Giorno couldn't really argue with that. His father's were already a weird couple anyways, Dio Brando and Jonathan Joestar were people he never wanted to argue with. Especially with his padre, that blond padre of his was too much to handle with decision making.

His train of thought was interrupted by the sound of the door ringing, turning around to greet whoever they were with a bright smile. Until realizing that familiar pink hair that was put up in a bun, belonging to his one and only friend Trish. "Hey there flower boy, long time no see, how's the business coming along?"

"Going pretty well. How was your trip to France?" Giorno made his way to where the register was, writing little notes to himself on some things he needed to order.

Trish followed up behind him, leaning her elbows on to the counter of the register, giving a sweet small smile. "Oh you know~ romantic and beautiful as usual. Hot people over there too you know."

This made the blond roll his eyes as he focused more on the stuff he was ordering instead of her. "Yeah yeah, you've stated multiple times. I won’t go Trish, it's not really my cup of tea."

"Giogio, please, it's super fun. Everyone there is super hot and flirty. They're totally your type of people. Come with me next time." Trish perked up as she tried to convince her friend, giving a small pout over at him.

Giorno smiled at her pout, turning away to focus on his work again. "Yeah no, I'll pass."

She let our a puff of air, brushing some strands of hair that fell in front of her face. Giving up on trying to convince him to go with her next time. "You're a 23-year old pretty boy and you won't even go travel the world with me. I'm hurt."

"I'm a 23-year old man who doesn't believe in one night stands." He moved in the small closet the store had, getting some seeds from the canisters. "Plus, I'm too pretty to lose my virginity to some creeps. Didn't you tell me that one time?"

"Yeah yeah, I did. Look, I just think maybe you should just let loose a bit. Go out and do something you wouldn't, it's always fun to try something new." Trish walked around some of the pots filled with honeysuckles, gently tapping on them. "Also what made you want to open your shop in Naples anyways?"

Shrugging, Giorno stopped his note writing and stopped to take a moment on why he did want it in Naples. "I... I don't know, I've always felt a connection with Naples, it seemed like a pretty city so I just went with it. It was either here or Venice."

Trish turned to him and raised one of her eyebrows. "Well then, do you know the Don who runs this city? His men and people?"

"What?" Giorno glanced at Trish to notice the sly smirk she had on her face, eyes shining with mischief.

"You know, the Don, the boss of the gangsters around these cities." Trish watched the small cute confused blond boy look at her with interest, intrigued in whatever she had to say. "He lived as a capo in Naples, everyone loved him, which they still do. He was supposedly going to go live where the old Don was but he wanted to stay where he had all his people."



Giorno took a moment of thought until focusing back on his work. "Yeah I have a feeling you're lying."

Trish made a fake sound of hurt, placing a hand on her chest liked it pained her. "You don't believe me? Its true, trust me, you can ask anyone around Naples and they'll tell you. Even the older women with cats."

He eyed the pink haired woman then back at his notes. "Alright sure, I'll ask around and see if you're right. You tend to lie at times, you know."

"It's sometimes just to bring out a little fun out of you. Anyways, gotta head back and work the extra money. Let's hang out after work yeah?"

"Of course." Giorno stood up when Trish walked over to give him a kiss on the cheek. "Ciao Trish."

"Ciao Giogio."

And the store went back to a quiet hum, as the sun shined through the window of the shop, giving the wonderful warm feeling of comfort. Leaving Giorno to smile at this feeling.






"Mista! Mista! Number 3 is being mean again. And he's not sharing the food."

"That's because you didn't do much in the fight last time."

Mista blinked his eyes open, rubbing the tiredness from them as he stared at the bullets fighting on his plate. "I thought I told you guys to share and not make too many noises."

The two fighting bullets kept quiet when they turned over to see Buccarati walk in, looking straight over Mista's direction. "Ah, just the person I wanted to talk to. Mista, I have a small job for you."

Sitting up straighter, his stands quickly disposed of themselves when he got up to see what Buccarati needed. "What's up?"

"Rumors go by saying a flower shop had opened up and I want you to check on who runs it." Buccarati continued to walk and Mista trailed behind him when he noticed his fingers motion him to follow. "And make sure that area is secured as well, haven't checked that area in awhile anyways."

"You're really serious about sending someone?" Fugo popped out from one of the corners as Mista and Buccarati stopped in his office. "You can't be serious."

"Serious about what?" Mista was ignored when Abbacchio got up from the chair in Buccarati's office, crossing his arms as he glanced at Fugo.

"Not matter who it is or what it is. Bad things can happen anywhere." Abbacchio said this over to Fugo but looked over at Mista. "A flower shop is a specific place where people can grow cannabis. Check the owner, check whichever company they go under by and check for any suspicious things."

"Fugo I would like you to accompany him." Buccarati said this as a demand, turning over to sit at his desk. "The only name I've heard from around is Giovanna. I don't know the first or what gender they are. Just check and report in. That's your mission, understood?"

Mista stood there a bit confused on the whole thing but nodded his head. "Yeah understood."

Fugo sighed as he nodded too. "Understood." Once Mista was given the keys, Fugo wasted no time in snatching it from him. Walking faster down the stairs. "I'm driving, you're too reckless and I don't want to die yet."

Smirking, Mista only shrugged. "Alright sure, less work for me. Anyways, why aren't you so up for this mission?"

"Its stupid, it's probably some old lady running the shop. Or a gay couple even. It's just a waste of time." Fugo clicked on the car button, heading over to the one which lit up first. "Plus, if they were growing weed, wouldn't the others know already? We have loud mouths in Naples, word gets around all the time."

"I mean, sure but what if the person is good at keeping people quiet? It could always be anyone Fugo, don't doubt just because of the view outside." Mista leaned back against the seat as he hopped in.

Fugo gripped the steering wheel longer than expected, letting out a frustrated sigh as he left it alone. "Ugh."

"You know I'm right.'

"Shut up."

Fugo quickly pulled out of the driveway, Mista turning on the radio as they made their way across the city.




Mista glanced around the area he and Fugo parked the car in, which was around an old drug street Buccarati took down. Checking around one more time, they finally walked out into the sidewalk, taking in the new street they finally cleaned from drugs. Everyone walked peacefully with a partner in hand or a child. The people all seemed happy, like there was a relief in the air that people weren't getting hurt anymore.

"Found it, it's at the far end of this street." Fugo pointed to the side of him, Mista looking down on the exact moment two oldies walked into the store near it.

Humming, Mista took one moment to look around again then nodded as he went to walk over. "Let's go then."

Mista took a minute to look at the store from the outside. Pretty basic with windows wide enough to see the inside.

Fugo walked in first, not wanting to waste time no more. Mista followed behind him, taking a look around quickly once he took a whiff of the floral scent. Eyes catching onto some particular flowers, bright pink small flowers that took a good proportion of the holders. Fugo was too busy investing if anything was suspicious of the store but found nothing, now he had to just wait for the owner.

Mista gently tapped his fingers on the small flowers and tried to read what kind of flowers they were, but there was no tag on them. Picking his head up to see the other flowers besides these bright pink ones. The ones right next to had the Honeysuckle tag dangling off from the holders, which made Mista wonder where the tag was for the one he was looking at.

Too distracted by the flowers, Mista didn't feel another presence approach him until he heard that person clear his throat, startling the other just a bit. "I wasn't... I... um... hello."

The person who cleared their throat was a man who smiled at him with shining blue eyes, catching on with Mista's black ones, the sun shone through the window to show how soft the others blond hair was. Which was also pulled into a braid, bangs Mista presumed, curled into three bun curls in front of him. Mista had to blink fast to come back from the distraction the others hair caused. Adjusting his collar a bit as he stood up straighter, noticing the height difference.



"If you're wondering what the bright pink flowers were called, they're Petunia's. One's you usually find in South America but was named after the French when they found it." The blond male brought out a small tag from his pocket as he wrapped it on one of the holders. "I was just about done setting them up. Were you interested in buying some?"

Mista was too distracted by the way the other kept close eye contact with him, without breaking it at all. This made Mista step back a bit, adjusting his beanie from an itch his scalp had. "Oh, um no I was uh..." He caught sight of the others name tag, taking about a second to run the name across his mind. "Giorno? Am I saying it right?"

"Giorno Giovanna, that's correct. And you are? If you don't mind me asking." Giorno brought out a small bottle of water from his pocket, pouring some on the other plants beside them.

"Mista... Guido Mista I mean." He gave a small cheeky smile at the blond as he noticed the height difference he and this man had. "I was just looking around is all. I... never knew these were called Petunia's before."

Giorno only broke the eye contact as he switched it over to the bright pink flowers again, gently rubbing one from its petals. "Yes, they're barely a few stores that sell these kinds, but I've grown a liking to them ever since I was a child. I'd figure, if I grew such attraction to them. Maybe other more will too."

This man was a literally walking angel, Mista thought. He had blond golden hair, blue eyes, sweet mellow voice and fair skin. Everything . Mista thought it was too early to already see an angel but here stood one, right in front of him, and he needed to take a whole breath in to not blurt it out.

"Petunia's are actually a well common liking around Naples, especially the area you planted your little flower shop." Blues eyes focused on him again and Mista called that a success. "The nice older ladies really like Petunia's, but hate the walk all the way up town. You'll probably be their little angel sent from heaven to make their lives easier. Gift sent from heaven they say."

Giorno stares intensely at Mista before turning to focus on the Petunia's again. Shit did I make him feel uncomfortable?

Before leading on to his self doubt, Giorno broke his trail of thoughts once he glanced his way over at him. A soft sly smile fitting on his lips. "Are you familiar with Naples?"

"I grew up here." Mista watched the blue eyes switch between an emerald green once the sun shine through again. Making Mista swallow a lump in his throat he didn't know he even had. "Full blood Italian tesoro. "

" Davvero? "

Speaking Italian was one thing, but hearing the roll of the 'R' from the others mouth did something to Mista he wasn't even sure was possible. He gave a simple smile as Giorno gave a bright one, teeth showing just a hint as his pink lips parted to show them. Mista whispered under his breath from his distraction, without realizing what he even said until he said it. " Mozzafiato. "


"I... said that the flowers are very mozzafiato . You know? They really catch the eyes of people, don't they?" Mista felt his cheeks warm up as he adjusted his beanie. "Um, anyways, were you born in Naples?"

Giorno stared a moment longer at Mista before moving around him to check on the other flowers around them. "No actually, I'm from the United Kingdom."

"United Kingdom? As in, the UK? The UK?" Blues eyes adjusted elsewhere, nodding as he agreed, checking the stem of the new flowers they walked to without breaking it.

"I'm a half Japanese English-man, Italy has been one of my favorite countries whenever I would journey with my padre on his trips around the world." Giorno grabbed at his braid and started to mess with the hoop at the ends of it, smiling. "My padre and I never looked alike before, I had black hair back then. Though years later, I had blond roots growing at the top of my head at the age of 14. Seeing the true similarity I had with my padre after all."

Mista watched the spaced out blond until looking around to see Fugo eyeing him, eyebrow arched up like he waited for Mista to finish the job already.


"Giogio, sorry to bug I know I just left like a while ago but I just got off the phone with--" A girl with bright pink hair stood at the entrance of the door, stopping in her tracks as she looked over at Mista then at Giorno. "Oh... my bad."

"Its fine Trish." Giorno smiled at this, placing one hand on his hip, which Mista knew didn't lie.

The girl Trish walked over, rubbing the back of her neck and smiling at Mista. "If you think Giorno is lying about his studies on flowers, don't, he's the real expert I ever knew."

She wore a big smirk on her face, crossing her arms as she stood by Giorno, who did nothing but smile softly.

"Oh!" Giorno raised a finger as thoughts filled his mind and glanced over at Trish with an eyebrow raised. "I was going to ask the question, since I wanna know if the liar is actually telling the truth."

Trish seemed confused about what the blond was talking about, before standing up straighter with both of her hands on her hips. "I am right Giogio, ask him."

Mista seemed confused on what was happening before he made direct eye contact with Giorno again, falling deep into the blue eyes like the deep blue sea.

"My friend Trish," motioning his hand over to the girl who now winked at Mista, "Said that a Don lived around here. Is it true or not, for I can get a good reason to hit her with the broomstick."

When Giorno looked back at Trish, Mista took the time to glance at Fugo. Who shrugged and paid more attention to a small booklet he had.

Mista adjusted his collar as he began to nod, slowly. "Y-yeah. The Don lives around here. When he became Don, he made no move on leaving this area since he's gangsters run the whole streets."


"I was right?" Trish said this shocked until Giorno looked over at her and she turned to hide it. "I mean, of course I was. Told you to never doubt me Giorno Giovanna."

Giorno rolled his eyes and watched as Trish made her way around the counter, before looking back at Mista. "How are the gangsters, are they rude?"

"No, they're... good."

"Do they cause trouble on the streets?"

"...only when needed."

"Will I be able to ever meet the Don on my stay here?"


"How do you know this?"


Giorno eyes Mista, watching as the other eyes turned suspicious. "How do you know these questions? People wouldn't know that much about a Don unless they were close with the Don, or a gangster. Have you met Don? Are you one of his gangsters?"

Everything. This whole conversation had taken a wide turn, causing Mista to just blink in shock at this new feisty blond. At the corner of his eyes Mista saw Fugo eyeing the blond, hiding his face behind the booklet. Mista knew the blond was probably suspicious but he did not expect this wide turn.

"No... I'm not just, I have a friend who associates with him."

"Works for him?"


Fugo made his way over to the conversation, placing a hand on top of Mista shoulder, to catch the blond attention. "Sorry to intrude but, I think we need to head out Mista, class starts soon."


Giorno suspicion had wiped clean right off his face, realizing that he was wrong about his little claim.

Classes, like college students, right.

"You're students?" Giorno looked only at Fugo, who nodded as he worked on pushing Mista out the door.

"Yeah, sorry about Mista. I always tell him to not hang around with his friend anymore. They're a bad influence." Fugo wasted no time on shoving Mista out, giving a quick bow to Giorno as he stepped out the door too. "We'll be sure to come back, you have a wonderful collection. Bye"

The two boys left in a rush with Fugo laughing the whole time they reach the car.

Mista had to glare at him as he brought out his Sex Pistols to check on them. "What?"

"You're an idiot. You know that?" Fugo was biting his lip as he tried not to laugh anymore. "You almost blew our cover. What happened dude?"

An annoyed groan escaped Mista, covering his face with his hands. "I don't know man. His eyes maybe."

"His eyes? Really?"

Another annoyed groan escaped him as he tried to explain. "They're just so... blue dude. Like it was so hard to keep eye contact without spacing out into them. And like they turned a hint of green whenever the sun would reflect them at a certain angle."

Fugo chuckled a bit, looking over to see Mista spacing out again, eyes going wide as he realized it. "Oh my God, you actually have a thing for the blond. Holy shit."

"Shut up, I just find him attractive."

"Should have asked for his number, would have probably saved your ass if you didn't space out into his eyes."

"Just drive Fugo." The rest of the car ride was spent with Fugo making fun of him and his stupidity over falling for someone he just met.



The ride back didn't take long and when they busted through the door, Buccarati and Abbacchio were standing a few steps away, like they pulled away from doing something. Bruno was wiping away something from his lips and Abbacchio adjusted his collar. Mista already knew which made him smile apologetically.

Fugo wasted no time to confront Buccarati, trying his best not to burst out laughing again. "He's just some pretty blond boy who likes flowers and have so-called breathtaking eyes.

"Who?" Buccarati blinks three times then looked at Mista, coming back from realization. "Oh right right, the flower shop. So, who are they."

"Giorno Giovanna, a half Japanese Englishman who moved to feel closer to Italy or something. I don't know, there's nothing really suspicious about him." Mista rubbed at his neck again until Fugo moved in front of him again.

"He's literally a soft pretty boy. Who almost messed with our cover for distracting Mista too much." Fugo glanced over Abbacchio who drank his usual glass of wine.

Abbacchio rubbed the tips of his hair, putting the wine glass on the small table as he stood back next to Buccarati. "Is he a stand user or anything like that?"

Buccarati watched as Fugo shrugged then figured out that they didn't even check to see if he was. "I... we forgot to. Like I said, he was too busy distracting Mista."

"You too if you forgot to check if he was--" Mista had protested.

Who was interrupted for the third time today from Fugo continuing on with his point. "Which I take full responsibility for. At least I didn't get distracted by his eyes."

The two went off to bicker about how Mista gets distracted too easily. Buccarati just stood there and watched, considering the thing Fugo found out, Abbacchio side eyeing as he waited for whatever the Don had to say.

"I see. Very well then, I'll check on it tomorrow when I have time to see if the boy has a stand or not. Thanks for the report." Buccarati node at them, turning to make his way up the stairs of his office, Abbacchio looking to the boys then following right after Bruno.

The other two continued what they always did when they had nothing to do. Bug the fuck out each until they were ordered to do something.






Giorno sighed out a breath as he sat at one of the café tables, staring off into his coffee as Trish talked about her day. He didn’t mean to ignore her but the flower shop incident left him feeling guilty.

He had accused someone of being in a gang, it was disrespectful and he knew that. His father and padre taught him better, especially his father. It just felt weird to not apologize right before the man left.

“Giogio? Are you okay? You're doing your spacing out expression again.” Trish had placed her hand right on top of Giorno's, catching him out of his thoughts. “What's been troubling you my friend?”

The blond didn't say anything, only taking a hold onto Trish's hand and rubbing at her knuckles.

Before finally sighing and picking his gaze up. “I shouldn't have accused that man that he was some gangster, don't you think? It was rude of me. I certainly would think that.”

“Giorno please, you simply were asking a question. I'm sure the man understood, plus he did seem a bit suspicious, and you know it."

“...just a bit.”

Trish nodded and leaned in the palm of her hand, using her other one to twirl at some strands that poked out. "You'll apologize when you get the chance, don't be too bummed out Giogio."

She was right but Giorno knew he was going to be filled with a shameful guilty gut feeling till the end of the day, until he apologized. It's just how he did things around, his father raised him better and he'll always go by his rules.

Speaking of his guardians, his phone had started to buzz on the table, reading the contact name Father #1 on it, grinning once he picked it up. Trish smiling as well as she twirled the coffee she got with her spoon.

"Hello Father, how are you and Padre doing?" Giorno motioned Trish that he was going to step outside, earning a simple wink from her as he stepped out of the cafe.

"Hello Giorno! Me and your father are doing fine." Jonathan's voice was low but sweet and gentle. "How's your stay going? And Naples...? Correct? How's that going?"

Giorno smiled as he leaned on the brick wall of the cafe, messing with his hair as he stared off. "It's wonderful. The weather's great and Trish has been a great help with showing me around the city."

He heard Jonathan puff out a sigh of relief, like he was glad Giorno was okay. "That's wonderful to hear. Your father and I have been wanting to call but didn't want to bother you."

Right before he can answer he heard shuffling and voices in the background. Smirking when he realized who it was and stood there listening to his father's.

"You called him? Let me see, hand the phone over."

"Dio, I told you to call him on your phone."

"I don't know how to use that little device and plus you're already on the phone so let me see."

There was shuffling and Giorno had to cover his mouth to laugh on the phone, finally heading a sigh from his Padre. Grinning once he heard his strong voice speak. "Haruno, how's Naples? Oh and how's the city? Anyone causing trouble? And your... little business you opened. How's that?"

Giorno hummed as he looked around his surroundings. "It's great padre, the city is wonderful and the shop is doing well. How are you?"

"Well, Jonathan's more clingy and a bug now that your gone. But I, Dio, have been great and well, even with this big clingy bear." Dio said the last bit distanced, lile he had turned to look over at Jonathan. "Also, your uncle had came by asking for you."


"Of course, who else?"

"I don't know, last time you guys told me I'm the grandfather of Joseph, Jotaro and Josuke but then you guys told me to just call them cousins. And--"

"Yes yes I know, this Joestar family dynamic is complex, let's leave it at that. Yeah? Great. Anyways, your uncle called and asked when it'll be a good time to visit you."

Giorno stopped to think for awhile, hearing his padre telling Jonathan to fetch him something while he waited for his son to answer. Diego was a good uncle but Giorno had always hated the way he ran things, if his uncle was to come and visit then that would pretty much babysitting and watching everything he did.

Letting out a soft sigh Giorno had rubbed the back of his neck. "I... well, I'll check my planner tonight and let you know by then, give him my number as well."

"Will do. Anyways, me and Jojo are gonna head out to go fetch something to eat. Stay safe, love you lots, we'll talk with you another time Haruno." Dio said this over Jonathan who had also said goodbye in the distance.

Giorno hummed as he backed off the brick wall. "Bye padres... and thank you always."

The thank you was always clear to Dio, Giorno had no need to explain it all the time since they both thought that it was useless to do it. He heard a soft laugh from the phone and Giorno knew that his padre was grinning. "Yes of course... your dreams matter more then a tradition. Continuing on, we shall talk with you later."

"Ciao padres." He smiled as he watched the caller ID disappear as they hanged up.

With a satisfy hum, he moved to turn and walk over to the cafe until he felt his shoulder bump into another. Quickly tensing, Giorno turned around to quickly smile at the other. "I apologize, I wasn't paying any attention to my surroundings and... and." Giorno couldn't say the rest of his sentence as he stared at a familiar face he remembered seeing this morning, blinking to realize that it was really him. ", it's, you."

Mista stared at him with complete bewilderment, gaping as he blinked to realize it was also Giorno he was looking at, someone he also remember from the morning. "Uh, Giorno."


"Hi. I'm sorry, I didn't mean to--"

Giorno was quick to raise his hands and shake his head. "No no, it was my fault I wasn't looking where I was going and... also, I wanted to apologize. Not for this but for what happened back, at my shop."

The man seemed a bit confused and squinted his eyes in confusion. "Yeah... what?"

"I had accused you of being a gangster when you were really just a college student. You have my dearest apologies on that, I hadn't mean to come off rude and I understand if you were to be upset--"

It was the other man's time to raise his hands up and shake his head, giving a small nervous smile over at Giorno. "It's okay! No it's totally fine, it was my fault."

He raises his blond eyebrow as he watched Mista chuckle nervously. "Your fault?"

"Yeah, I mean, I seemed a bit suspicious didn't I?" Mista rubbed the back of his neck, looking towards the street besides Giorno. "Sorry about that."

Eyeing this man had seemed to make him nervous so he averted his eyes to the street and nod. "I see." Even though the other man didn't like to be stared at, Giorno still turned to try and make eye contact with the other. "Still! It was rude of me to do so. You still have my apologizes."

When Mista finally looked into the others eyes again he seemed to be stuck, trying to say words that couldn't come out until some else had jogged around the street, waving their hand to catch Mista's attention. "Oi, Mista, we gotta go pick up that package remember?" The man seemed to stop once he met eyes with Giorno, tilting his head in confusion over at him, until eyes growing wide. "You have a boyfriend!?"

Giorno watched this man turn over at Mista, who glared over at him. Quickly slapping the other on the back of the head, "No you fuckin' idiot-- can you just! Go away right now." Mista watched as the other smirk and walked around behind him.

"Alright alright, I see you Mista." The man popped in the other side of Mista's side, moving to dodge away quickly when Mista tried to hit him again. "Try not to, you know, take too long."

Giorno stared as he watched the unknown man he didn't know leave, seeing Mista shake his head and sigh. "I'm sorry."

"No, no. It's okay, who was that?" Giorno rubbed his thumbs together and smiled at Mista. "If you don't mind me asking?"

"Him? That's Narancia, my... one of my classmates at college." Mista rubbed the back of his neck again, adjusting his beanie while he did. "Listen I have to go and I forgive you, it was totally no worries man. And, see you around, I hope. It's not usual to see pretty boys around town this often in Naples."

This sudden comment had surpassed Giorno's head as he waved at Mista who jogged away, until he turned to head back inside the café and realized what this man had just said. Blushing as he stepped inside and planting his hand on top of his cheeks to cool them down. Walking back to the seat with Trish, he saw the way she questioned him, smirking as she saw the blush. "Dang what did I miss? Your dad's embarrass you or something?"

"Trish. I just saw the man from the shop outside and, and I apologized for my accusation and he, he... flirted with me when we departed." Giorno kept his hands still pressed against his cheeks.

The pink haired friend didn't know what was so special about it since she already knew Giorno was attractive with a slim well built body and striking blue eyes. This shouldn't have been a surprise since he's been flirted with before. "Okay, and?"

Giorno was spaced out until blinking it away and focusing back on Trish, who simply raised her eyebrow at him. "He... I... don't know."

"Hm? Oh? Never thought you'd be flirted by an Italian man?" Trish leaned on her palm, smirking when she realized it was exactly that. "Oh, so it is that? All of a sudden? Why's that Giogio?"

"I... don't know." Giorno covered his eyes with his face to cool his face, feeling his hands warm up from the heat that rushed to his face. "Ugh, it was just a stupid comment. I shouldn't even this affected by I am!"

A giggle escaped Trish and Giorno had to pout as she continued to do so. "I'm sorry Giorno but that's so funny. You're obviously affected by it. What did he even say?"

“"It's not usual to see pretty boys around in Naples."" Giorno muffled this as he hid behind his hands still. "It totally flew past my head until I stepped inside the cafe."

"Ah, Giorno Giovanna, always knew you were a virgin." Trish grinned when Giorno glared at her.

"Shut up."




It was a new day and early, the time was barely hitting 10 and Giorno had head out from his house, small plant in hand as he walked over to a family member house. Reaching the area, he simply knocked and swiftly met with a man with a black coat that fitted him well, nice dark cherry red hair color, with one strand of hair curled roughly to the side of his face.

Giorno smiled as he showed this man the plant he had with him, passing it over to him. "Hello Kakyoin, I had brought it. I hope I wasn't disturbing you guys too early was I?"

The red-head man smiled as he looked from the plant he was given then to Giorno. "Ah, Giorno, haven't seen you in quite awhile and no, you're not disturbing at all. How have you been?"

"Work, work, and oh? Did I mention work?" Giorno watched the older man chuckle and nod.

"Yes yes, right you have a business to run now. How's all that about?"


"Wait now, come inside and tell me all about it." Kakyoin bad turned around and left the door open for Giorno to come in. Smelling the sweet scent of syrup filling the air. "Jotaro, your... "cousin" is here to visit. Also, Giorno, are you hungry? Made some french toast for me and Jotaro but there's a lot more left if you want some."

French toast? Now how could he resist that? He simply nodded and followed Kakyoin into the kitchen, watching the other place the plant where the window shinned from the kitchen window.

Taking a moment to look around, Giorno sat at the kitchen table, watching Kakyoin work in the kitchen. "So, how's this whole... thing gone?"

Kakyoin side eyed Giorno while he placed two French toast onto a plate, handing it over to Giorno, sitting across from him. "You mean the whole, relationship thing that we're trying?"


"Well, I find it rude for him to leave his wife and daughter for the case of work, still do, but ever since he came for me. Or should I say, when I approached him, he's been doing great on opening up to his daughter and wife."

"Ex-wife isn't it?" Giorno ate as he watched Kakyoin smile, messing with his red fluffy curl.

"Yes, ex-wife you can say." Kakyoin stopped to run his thoughts, spacing out as he did, speaking like he was on automatic. "I just... it's hard. To find out your closest friend has loved you for many years but having no knowledge on it whatsoever. It just surprises me. He chose to get with a woman and have a daughter, leaves them for the case of work from a stupid family tradition, tells me years later he's had a liking to me... wouldn't you take it hard?"

To be honest, Giorno had no idea at all on how to take that. He knew that his great-great-nephew...? had communication issues but never really understood what others meant. Then again, Giorno was pretty okay with being around anyone so he probably didn't notice it since he didn't mind the comfortable silence he got whenever he was around Jotaro.

"I'm sorry, I wouldn't know how to take it, but I'm sure it's the way you make it sound." Giorno chewed as he continued to finish his plate as Kakyoin smiled and brushed his red curl away.

"Other than that, it's been going slow which I think is good for the both of us." Kakyoin said this before chuckling as he noticed Giorno was too busy on the food rather then the conversation now.

The blond gave a soft apologetic smile once he down the food with some coffee Kakyoin brought over, licking his bottom lip from the syrup. "Ehehe, sorry."

Kakyoin raised his hands in for no offenses and turned over to see Jotaro come out from his study finally, moving to sit next to the redhead at the kitchen table and smile over at Giorno. "Haven't seen you since you landed, how is it?"

"Wonderful, beautiful, it's just how I imagined. How long will you two stay in Naples?" Giorno knew that they always traveled whenever The Speedwagon Foundation had a new case for them to follow, so Giorno wanted to know so they can come back and bring any type of new seeds of the country.

"Might be heading back to the UK for a chat with your dad. Along with the Brando I despise." Jotaro watched as Kakyoin glared at him, only taking the cup the red-head had, sipping from it.

Giorno laughed and nodded, leaning into his palm. "There's no way to fix my Padre besides my father."

"Have no idea how he could put up with him." Joatro said this under his breath, earning a jab at the side from Kakyoin's elbow, causing him to choke up and cough.

"Besides that, we promise to bring back the seeds you usually get." Kakyoin said this over Jotaro who finally cleared his throat, glaring over at Kakyoin now.

The blond smiled as he got up with his plate. "Thank you, another thank you for the food as well."

"It was no trouble, here let me get that." Kakyoin moved in one swift as he grabbed the plate from Giorno and headed to the kitchen.

Getting up, Jotaro smiled again before heading over to the sink with Kakyoin. Leaving the other to watch as the couple moved to wash and put the dishes away.

His family story was complicated, he doesn't understand how old his parents are or how his nephews are older but he's always gotten the same answer. Which was Hamon, he doesn't understand how it works all he knows is that it makes his parents look young so he rolls with it. He loved everything about his family and he's always wanted them to be happy all together.

Chapter Text

Mista kicked the door open and pointed his gun over to the only figures in the room, which were two women who were quick to raise their hands up. Fugo came up in after him and looked around, cursing under his breath. "He's not here Abbacchio, neither at the other 7 rooms we busted in. Are we even in the right building?"

"Shut up and just keep looking. Buccarati told me he stays at that specific motel since he has a cousin who works there. Find him and bring him in, so make sure Mista doesn't kill him" Abbacchio had said this in the intercom of Fugo's ear, who looked over at Mista checking the room just for extra precautions.

Looking through the room, Mista found nothing and just sighed of annoyance, it was starting to get tiring when he kick the door and roll inside. Fugo tells him he doesn't need to do that, but no, he needs to do it. Adjusting his hat to make sure it was still on he met eyes with the two ladies, who smiled and waved.

"Nice top, where'd you get it at?" The girl on the left with a dragon tattoo on her neck was the one to say this, a finger on her lip as she eyed Mista up and down.

He had no clue if she was making fun of him or being serious so he just shrugged. "Don't remember."

The girl on the right with pink lipstick placed a hand on her hip and used her other one to twirl her blond hair. "It's suit your frame nice, real nice if you ask me."

This was confusing as he realized that the women were technically checking him out. Right? He rolled back his shoulders and holsted his gun back to where he usually set it at, in his crotch area. One of the girls made a gasping sound as she watched Mista do it. He turned around quick to leave the room already, motioning his head to Fugo that he was stepping out.

Out in the hall, Mista brought out two of his stand, 5 and 3, moving over to see if they heard anything weird. Number 3 was moving hastily around Mista, making sure there wasn't anyone spying on him while Number 5 sat on his shoulder, swinging his legs.

"Mista, when are we gonna get lunch?" Number 5 said this, quickly moving to sit on the other side of Mista's shoulder before number 3 could hit him. Which seemed to anger the other just a bit.

"After we find this guy, then we can." Mista made his way all the way down the hall, to the last door, hearing no type of suspicion and just moving to head back to their original room.

There was no sound before Mista passed the third door at the end until hearing a crash. Taking out the revolver and pressing against the wall besides the door to see if the person would come out. He waited until he heard another crash, quickly kicking the door and pointed the gun to the person who had a leg out the window.

"Let's not get hasty now, get your leg back in here and will do this professionally. Yeah?" Mista said this taking a step closer, seeing the man's eyes widen and freeze in place.

"I... what do you want?" The man said this nervously as he tried to find away to escape, only leaning on the window for some support.

Mista took more steps closer, hearing Fugo coming up as well. "Nothing much, we need you to come chat with the boss real quick."

The man continued to stare, making no move on coming back inside, but nodding as if he understood, though he looked spaced out. Mista moved forward to grab the guy by the arm and yank him back in the room, throwing him in the center. Fugo moved in a swift to pull him up and twist the others arm back behind him. "We're not asking, so let's go."

Watching the white blond hair move out the door, Mista moved up to steal a drink from the small fridge the motel had and walk out, hiding the revolver behind him for the mean time. Sipping from the drink, Fugo was already stepping down the stairs as he pulled the guy with him. He lost sight of the two when he was met with a familiar pink haired woman who had stepped out a room with a smile.

"Call me later, I'm glad your here, so will Giorno when I tell him. Bye." Trish, if Mista remembers clearly, waved at the person in the room as she closed the door after. Letting out a sigh of relief as she stood in front of the door, turning over to Mista with a jump. "Dio Mio, you scared me here. What are you doing just standing around? Mista right?"

"I... yeah, yes. I'm, sorry I didn't mean to jump scare you or anything I was, visiting a friend and you surprised me is all." Mista swallowed a lump in his throat as he watched Trish smirk at him.

"You sure you weren't trying to stalk me for my friends number?" Trish squinted her eyes at Mista, her smirk turning into a grin. "You don't need to me ashamed, he's a real cutie ain't he?"

Mista had to realize what she was talking about as he began to slowly nod, as if he knew who she was referring to. "I... who?"

"Giorno silly, I know you're eyeing my blond baby." Trish crossed her arms, raising an eyebrow at Mista. "Don't play dumb, you're preying on my friend aren't you?"

The blond, right, who else, Mista gave a half-hearted laugh as he adjusted his hat. "Right yeah. yeah. Wait, I mean, no I'm not. I--"

Trish smacked his arm playfully as she shook her head. "Oh just stop, if you ask him yourself he'll gladly give it to you. Also..." She looked him up and down, looking at Mista with a confused faced, "What's with the outfit?"

Fugo came out from the corner and raised his eyebrow, mouthing Mista to hurry up. Who nodded and looked at Trish again. "It's prop, for a club I'm in, listen I gotta go. Catch you later."

Mista moved around Trish, pulled his gun from behind him to place it in his crotch again to make sure Trish didn't see it as he left. Trish watched him leave and chuckled. "Catch you later Tiger."

He paid no attention to the comment which hinted to his pants but felt his lips go up anyways, making his way to catch up with Fugo, jumping over some steps to catch up.

"You popular now or what?" Fugo said this annoyed, kicking the back door to the motel open, leading their caught man to the car. Pushing him without waiting, Fugo was irritated, it was always easy to tell.

So Mista kept to himself and shrugged, jumping into the passenger seat as Fugo checked around to see if no one spotted them. "So you like jazz, pop, slow jams, or maybe rock?" Mista looked at their target, who wore nothing but a scared expression, not knowing what to answer. Letting Mista continue on, "I like whatever, but I've been getting into a lot of jazz lately so I don't know."






Giorno set a new pot outside of the store, wiping a beat of swear off his temple as he analyzed his work. Smiling as it was exactly the way it was, moving to head back inside, he heard the click of shoes coming down the side walk. Turning to see a man in a nice white suit black certain dots design on it, a window flashing off the front view of his chest, with black straight short hair that rounded greatly with the others face.

Giorno had to blink to come back from his staring and blushed when the man smiled at him and approached him, tilting his head as he stood a good steps away, looking at the sign of the shop. "You American?" The man asked, with a polite demeanor.

"N-no, English or British to be exact." Giorno watched as the man hummed and look at the new batch of flowers Giorno set out, looking over to the Honeysuckle ones, fingers grazing over them. "Are you interested in buying some?" Giorno said this after a minute or so of watching them look, seeing as the man stood up straight and nod.

"I would gladly love to see more." His eyes were a deep blue, showing more of a deep ocean color then Giorno's.

While the other followed in the store, Giorno pulled out a card from his pocket and handed it over to the man in the suit. "That has all my information for any flower delivering. I'm Giorno Giovanna, in case you were wondering."

As he viewed the card, those blues eyes looked up at Giorno's similar colors and nodded. "Nice to meet you Giorno Giovanna, I'm Bruno Buccarati."

Bruno Buccarati?

Giorno smiled as he walked further into the store as Bruno followed behind, he stopped at a certain section that suited the other style. "What sort of flowers do you like? I have some certain types of--" He was interrupted when he jumped at the figure that appeared in front of him. A stand. Looking at him as he watched Giorno closely, feeling Bruno approach behind him and lean down where he was eye level with Giorno, chin by his shoulder as he spoke.

"So you can see them correct?" Bruno said this at least a inch away from Giorno's ear, watching as the stand analyzed all the flowers in the shop. Disappearing when Bruno moved to stand up straight again. "No hint of any type of drug and any weapons. So you are just a pretty flower boy."

Excuse me?

Giorno moved a step away at Bruno as he watched the older man look around again, catching his eye on a simple rose. The blond stood there for awhile until he meet eyes with Bruno again. "You may call me Buccarati, I'm--"

"Hey hey what the heck! You just left without even telling us." A smaller male barged into the shop as he gave a pout over to Buccarati. He looked familiar to Giorno, the hair and the way he blinked to take in the flower shop. "Woah, I've never been inside a flower shop before." The boy viewed the nearest flowers that were placed by the door before looking up to view the two standing in the middle of the store. "Hey don't I know you from somewhere."


Another, familiar man, came inside the shop smacking the back of the smaller man's head. Hearing the smaller one cry out as he used to cover anymore smacks from the familiar white blond hair male. Giorno couldn't help but tilt his head as he caught eyes with Fugo. ""

"Uh, hi." The man walked up and reached his hand out to take Giorno's. "Sorry, I don't think I've ever introduced myself when me and Mista were here. I'm Fugo."

The hearing the name of Mista made him relaxed for a bit, until tensing up when Buccarati looked over to the other who stood at the door. "I thought I told you to keep an eye of Narancia." He said this over to Fugo, who cringed and just sighed as his answer.

"Well, you know he doesn't listen." Fugo finally let go of his and Giorno's handshake as he placed a hand on his hip. Looking over to Giorno one more time to give a soft smile.

The golden blond looked from Buccarati, to the kid at the door he clearly remember Mista said was a classmate to him, Narancia, then to Fugo. "Is, if you don't mind me asking, is Mista with you guys?" He didn't know why he asked, it sort of just rolled off his tongue before he can bite it back, but it had already been asked and he was met with blue piercing eyes again.

Buccarati raised an eyebrow at him, Fugo stepping in to give a small laugh. "Uh, not right now no. He's sort of running late on our trip."


Fugo nodded fiercely at this as he turned over to Buccarati after. "Yeah. Buccarati is out professor at the university. Mista told him about your shop and he got interested and so... he wanted to check it out as well."

Wait, what?

Giorno gave a confused expression as he looked from Fugo than to Buccarati, getting a small smile as he nodded. "Yes yes, of course. Mista had said you barely opened. I've been quite fond of flowers ever since a child."

Then why pull up a stand?

"I... I see. I-if you'll excuse me I'm going to get a few, uh, notes on... some flowers." Giorno stepped back until he met with the counter of the register, twisting his body to move up heading up to the storage room. Feeling eyes bore into his back as he walked into the room, closing it just a bit.






Mista had dashed straight into the flower shop when he had got a text from Fugo telling him to come to the shop. He was busy dealing with a few guys selling to a teen before finishing them off and finding himself not so far from the shop afterwards. Standing by the door to catch his breath, he adjusted the new clothes he switched into, fixing his beanie as he meet eyes with Narancia who read some small notes at a flower he was looking at, then to Fugo.

Giorno stepped out from a back room door right when Mista walked further into the shop to stand next to Bruno, who seemed to be quiet and analyze the shop over and over again. Mista hated when the boss was quiet, so he kept to himself until he meet eyes with the golden blond. Who smiled so brightly at him that almost made Mista's cry at how beautiful he was, especially when he said his name so happily. "Mista."

"Giorno. I'm sorry, I didn't think my... professor would actually show up." He gave a nervous laugh when Fugo smirked at this, standing up straighter to get on the point. "So--"

"The shop is quiet fine but I think it's time for us to head out. I'll bring... my husband with me next time. Let's go shall we." Bruno said this as he turned to leave, Fugo and Narancia raising an eyebrow, along when Mista turned in surprise.

"I just got here?"

"Stay then, I do not mind." Bruno said this without even turning around, walking out not waiting for anyone.

Mista felt like his boss was mad but he wouldn't know what about. Unless he missed something when he was heading over here. When he watched Fugo shrug and leave with Narancia, he turned over to see Giorno watch Buccarati and the others leave, letting a sigh of relief when he saw them out of view. Smiling up at Mista again. "Your professor sort of scared me."

"Oh? What happened?" Mista followed as Giorno moved with a water pot to pour on some flowers that needed watering.

"I wish I could tell you but I don't know if you'd understand." Giorno gave a soft smile when he looked at Mista again, moving a blond strand out of his way.

"Come on, you could tell. Betcha I know what you're talking about."

"I doubt that."



That soft smiled had turned into a smirk when Giorno placed a hand on his hip, sass was filling the air in no time once he did that. "So you really think you know what I'm talking about?" Giorno turned to face Mista again, putting some of his weight on one side of his hip, crossing his arms as he raised his eyebrow at Mista.

Mista had started a staring contest with Giorno, not even flinching away when those eyes sparkled from from a car outside passing by to shine on them from the sun. "I sure do. Does it, perhaps happen to evolve, a special imaginary friend? Who sticks by your side when trouble is around?" When he noticed those blue eyes widen, he knew he was correct about Bruno investigating him. Coming up with the conclusion that the boss was probably upset that we interrupted when he was doing his job.

Giorno couldn't say anymore when Mista brought out his stand --stands' really-- as they popped out from his coat, swirling around Giorno in no time to take in the view of the golden blond. Who blinked almost 5 times to take in the view of the smaller stands.

"Oh? Who's this?" Number 2 was the first to say this, close to Giorno's face.

Number 6 and 7 going straight to his hair and the buns he had. Number 1 and 3 joined in with them as 5 kept a distance place from Giorno, staying close around Mista, who snapped his finger at his stands. "Hey hey, don't be rude. Stop messing with his hair."

With that, the others returned towards Mista taking the whole view on Giorno one more time before facing Mista, number 1 and 2 chirping happily at him. "Who's he? He has soft hair."

"Is he an enemy?"

"Wait, he can see us?"


He smiled as he watched Giorno stare at them with fascination. Looking from 1 and 7, finally landing on 5 who moved to sit on Mista's shoulder, averting his eyes away from the blond out of shyness.

"This... they are your stand?" Giorno moves from the small stands to look back up at Mista, who nodded with a soft smile as Giorno took a step closer to look them over another time. "They're so, small and-- wait you're a stand user."

"Yup." Mista watched as Giorno's eyes sparked again, a smile fitting his lips so well.

"Well, never would've figured but then again, they've always said stands user attract to other stand users, so I believe it." Giorno had a raised a finger over to 7 and 6, where they both looked at it and moving swiftly to just sit on his finger. "Since you showed me yours, I'm positive that it wouldn't hurt to show mine now."

As he singled the two numbers off his finger, Giorno adjusted his apron taking a step back along taking a breath in as well, closing his eyes. Swiftly opening them after a second and watching as a golden figure appeared behind, tilting his head as he viewed Mista.

Giorno smiled when he glanced over to his stand and smiled over to Mista. "His names Gold Experience."

Mista moved towards the stand, reaching a hand out to try and touch it, the stand reached out a hand as well, pressing it with Mista's warm hand. Tilting his head in confusion wondering what was happening before Mista pulled away and faced Giorno again. "Wait wait, I forgot, mine are called Sex Pistols, or Six Pistols to make it PG rated if you want."

This had made Giorno giggle a bit, watching as the Sex Pistols cry with joy. "Sex Pistols sounds better, it sort of suits them."

With finally getting the some what secrets out of the way, Giorno and Mista stared at each with a new set of atmosphere. It felt clam and joyful, like they've known each other for years but only knowing each other for a few days. This atmosphere was disturbed when the sound of the door rang, the stands quickly hiding themselves as Giorno turn to see who it was, Mista missing the shared eye contact they were sharing.

The attention was placed on a man with red hair, one big curl settling on the side of his face, who wore a confused expression as he stepped through the door, stopping midway as he glanced over to Mista. "Oh. I, hope I wasn't disturbing anything was I?"

Mista watched as Giorno smile and shake his head, motion his hand to tell the other to come closer. "No no, of course not. Me and my friend were just talking."

I made it to friend already? Let's go.

The red head smiled as he walked over, Mista noticing the different height size between this man just a bit, he stood close to Giorno as he smiled at Mista. "A friend? And who may you be?" He said this while sticking a hand out towards Mista.

Who took it gently and shook it with a smile. "I'm Mista, I was just, talking about some... flowers with Giorno."

"Great to greet, I'm Kakyoin, or Noriaki? My full names Kakyoin Noriaki but I'm not really used to introducing myself to others in the American way yet. Sorry." Kakyoin smiled as they slipped out of the hand shake, pressing his hands together.

"Oh well, my first names Guido but I go by my last name. So honestly, it doesn't really matter on what you say first, just say the name you want people to call you."

Mista watched as a bright smile spread across his face, nodding happily at this. "I see, I see. Well then, call me Kakyoin." Nodding Mista watched as Giorno smiled brightly at him, his eyes showing something Mista couldn't quiet catch. Until Kakyoin leaned towards him, whispering: "Such a gentleman, ain't he?"

Giorno rolled his eyes, that smile turning more into a grin as he glanced at Kakyoin. "What brings you Kakyoin?"

The red head smiled as he noticed he was able to make Giorno blush. "Oh well, I came to check on you of course."

"I doubt that's all of it."

"And to see if you were busy."


Kakyoin realized he was caught as Giorno raised his eyebrow at him. "And, to tell you that, well, your uncle has landed."

Mista watched a shock expression express on Giorno's face. "What? I had barely got off the phone with my father's the other day. I told them I'll tell him when to come, not when he wanted to." Kakyoin gave a soft sigh as he shrugged at this.

"Well, your uncle is here and is asking where you're staying at and I just said I'll go fetch you." Kakyoin watched as the blond raised a hand to his head, shaking his head in disbelief.

"How did he even find you guys?" Giorno moved to walk up to the counter, pulling out a small notebook underneath the desk. Kakyoin and Mista followed after him, standing on the opposite side of Giorno. The blond ripped a small piece of paper before scribbling on it and handing it over to Kakyoin, popping out a key from his pocket as well. "Here, I don't want to deal with him yet so just send him over to my place and he'll be out of your hands."

Kakyoin gave a soft smile as he took the note and key from Giorno, holding his hand just a minute to run his thumb over it. "No stress now, I'm sure he learned his lesson from last time."

Giorno puffed out a sigh, rolling his eyes along the way. "I doubt that. He never learns."

"I'm sure he has." Kakyoin let go of his hands, turning over to Mista and giving a quick bow. "It was nice meeting you Mista, cheer up our golden boy will you?"


Mista watched as the red head man winked at him, making his way down the street, Mista turned back to Giorno giving a small pout as he stared off to the side, his pout was making his lips look even more kissable and it was making Mista catch butterflies in his stomach. Luckily Giorno came out of his zone out, giving Mista an apologetic smile. "I'm sorry, what were we talking about before, all of that happened?"

"Uh stands."

"Right right." Giorno leaned on his palm, looking as Mista adjusted his beanie again, hearing Giorno let out another sigh. "I'm sorry, it must be awkward now."

It was just a tad bit but Mista shook his head as he moved over to lean on the counter. "No no, it's fine. Not close with your uncle?"

Giorno gave a soft smile as he moved to stuff a few things in his bag. "I just, he's like my padre. They're related so it make sense; but, it's just, every time I use to spend time with them, they always stated how different I was from them. They talk about how that's not how a Brando is, I'm too kind hearted and all."

"Do you and your padre look anything alike?"

A snort escaped Giorno as he leaned on the counter as well, facing Mista now with all his concentration. "I have my padres hair, his skin tone, his everything. The only thing I don't have are his eyes."

Mista didn't know why he did it but he did, which was focused on the blonds hair and push the strand that fell from the side behind Giorno's ear. "I think it suits you. You're golden hair is what brings out your eyes. You know, like a famous actor or something."

He was clearly an idiot but not really when he focused on the others face and noticed the way his cheekbones flushed, moving his thumb to rub against them. They were warm and he had to come back from reality before he realize he was doing something rational. So when he pulled away, almost falling, he pick his head up to see Giorno shyly smiling at him. I swear he's too beautiful to be a man

"Wanna go get some lunch? It's about time I got some and besides, your professor said you could stay." Giorno gripped his bag, walking around the register to offer Mista a hand. "Yeah?"

Are the gods finally letting him earn the treasure he wants, cause if they are, this is too much and he feels selfish. "I--uh yeah. Yeah, I know a good place to eat. Always go whenever... class is over."

Giorno nodded as he moved to walk out the door, Mista following behind him adjusting his beanie. "I'll have to hear your word for it." He said this locking the shop and turning to give a small smile at Mista. "So lead the way."






Jonathan sat at one of the tables reading a book he's read over and over throughout his life whenever he was bored, until hearing his blond husband walk in glancing over to Jonathan with a wicked smile, as usual. "Jojo, I was wondering where you were hiding."

"I'm always in my office Dio, where else would I be?" Jonathan said this closing his book since he knew he wouldn't get any reading done if Dio was here. "What did you need?"

"Well, you see, I just got off the... the small electronic device with Diego--"

"A phone."

"Yes whatever that is, anyways, he called and said he just landed in Naples already."

Jonathan raised his eyebrow and watched as Dio took a seat in his desk. "I thought it was Giorno's choice on when to invite him?"

Dio sighed as he crossed his legs, rasing a hand to rub at his temples. "Well you see... my brother doesn't really listen." When he turned to glance up at Jonathan, he hummed happily when the other cupped his cheek and rub at his cheekbone, a grin fitting his lips again. "Plus, he told me he didn't feel like waiting anymore so he had just went to go disturb our poor boy."

"I can send Johnny and Gyro after him or let Jospeh know about it." Jonathan gave a reassuring smile before Dio shook his head in disagreement.

"No, in matter of fact, your great-great-great grandson has eyes on him. Along with his red head boyfriend--"

"Noriaki Kakyoin."

"Yes of course, anyways, they have eyes on him and I trust your family to watch over us Brando's." Dio said this looking off to the side, as if what he said was too embarrassing to say or better yet, to admit.

Jonathan can only smile as he reached to take the others hand, holding their ringed fingers together. "You got to remember Dio that we're all part of the same family now. Brando with Joestar, together destined."

"Exactly how the Zeppeli family is destined with us?" Dio smirked when Jonathan nodded.

"Especially them, what would we do without them."

"You'll all be dead."

Jonathan chuckled at this, agreeing with his husband indeed. "I'll agree with you on that."

Once they glanced at each other, they couldn't help but smile exactly like they were idiots in love again. It made both of their hearts warm, Jonathan leading Dio with him around the desk. "Lets go make something to eat, yes?"

Dio entwined their fingers as he marched out the door with Jonathan along side with him. "I was thinking the same thing."

Chapter Text

Giorno leaned on the register counter, reading whatever book he had under his seat, hearing the sound of a bell ring, startling him and turning around to see whoever it was. Though, he was met with no one, and went back to his book until hearing the sound of a bell ring again. Picking up his gaze he noticed that it was the bell at his desk ringing, which meant someone was here, and he specifically knew who it was.

Pretending to read his book again, he kept his eyes close on his bell before watching a hand reach up to tap on it, moving his hands as fast to stop it from getting away. Hearing a starled cry come out from the girl who wore a bright grin on their face. Two buns popping up from hidding.

Giorno smiled as he meet eyes with his niece, seeing the small pout she got, trying her hardest not to smile at him. "You always catch me at this game."

"You mean where you distract me with other objects and try to scare me. I think it's nothing but a useless game." Giorno smiled when Jolyne rolled her eyes, crossing her arms as she went over to look at the new pot of flowers on the counter.

"Muda this, muda that. Blah, blah, blah, you guys always say every game is useless. It's just because you guys aren't fun." Jolyne stuck out her tongue as Giorno moved to put his book away.

Raising his eyebrow at the young girl in return. "Aren't you suppose to be starting high school soon? And what do you mean by 'you guys'?"

Jolyne moved to tap her fingers on the counter and sigh. "Yeah, by August, since you know, I live in America. And who I mean is you and dad. You guys always say it's a waste of time." Jolyne pouted at this before smiling when she looked over at the red rose. "But dad's new boyfriend is pretty cool. He let's me play with his hair while working."

Giorno smiled at the moment he heard about Kakyoin, watching as Jolyne touch the rose petals. "Oh? How do you like him?"

"Mm, he's always smelling like roses and cherries. He always talks to me whenever dad goes out on errands. Also, I'm staying in Naples for a whole two months now. I convinced mom." Jolyne seemed to have jumped for joy at this, leaving Giorno almost to panic and see if she didn't crash into anything, which she didn't thankfully. "So I'll be getting to see you, dad, and Uncle Pol even more. And I'll get to hang out more with dads boyfriend."

There was a soft smile that fitted Jolyne's lips as she made her way over to the counter again, watching as Giorno wrote some things down. "That's great to hear Jolyne, maybe you can help around the shop whenever you're not busy."


"Yeah, what harm can it bring?" Giorno moved a small strand of hair away from Jolyne's face, pushing it behind her ear, along with a small rose he made from his stand going along with it as well. "I'm sure your dad wouldn't mind, I also think Kakyoin would love to join anyways."

Jolyne smiled at this before jumping again when the bell to the front door rang, Giorno standing up straighter to watch as his other nephew walked in, hands in his leather pockets as he grinned over at Joylne and Giorno. "Yo, couldn't wait until I caught up with you?"

"You were taking too long and I was already trying to scare Gio." Jolyne smirked when Josuke shook his head at her. "What took you so long? Your boyfriend calling to asks for his makeup back?"

Josuke raised his eyebrow at her, a grin still fitting on his lips before glancing at Giorno. "See what I have to put up with." Josuke smiled when Giorno nodded, moving over to sling his arm around the golden blond. "So how you been Gio, catching any ladies lately in Naples?"

"Josuke, I thought I told you I was gay? I clearly state it too. Most of this families gay."

" catch any guys lately?" Josuke and Giorno both turned as soon as they heard Jolyne laugh at this. Covering her mouth as she did. She continued to laugh as Josuke pulled away from the blond and lean on the counter instead, looking over at Giorno again. "No seriously, how you been?"

Giorno smiled when Jolyne caught her breath and walked down the aisle of flowers, meeting violet blue eyes that stared over at him. "Pretty okay, it's a lot quiet without my padre so I love it. But my question to you is what are you doing all the way in Italy?"

Josuke beamed at this, standing up straight, getting ready to explain. "Okay, so Jolyne was convincing her mom to let her stay longer in Italy but she was simply saying no. Until Rohan comes home one day and says he'll be heading to Italy for some job thing and told me to go pack already. So that's when I told Jolyne's mom that she could stay with her dad but we keep an eye on her when the others go out to do their job."

Giorno nodded as he understood, keeping his eyes as Jolyne leaned down to smell the Honeysuckles. "She's staying for two month cause that's how long you two will be staying?"


"Well played Josuke, well played."

"I know."

As they smirked at each other, they heard something metal fall to the groud which came from one of the aisles and noticed Jolyne looking like a deer caught from the headlights. "I-i didn't break anything, your little pot thing fell."

"It's alright Jolyne." Giorno smiled as Jolyne's red ears faded away, before turning to glance at Josuke again. "Well then, when will I get to see Rohan, I haven't really seem him since I left Morioh after our new years party at your place."

"Oh well--" Josuke was interrupted when the front door busted open and was meet with green emerald eyes.

The others eyebrow raised as he looked from Jolyne to the two at the counter. "How come I knew you two would be here?"

Giorno smiled as Rohan walked further in the store, Kakyoin trailing behind him. "Hello."

"Noriaki! You came too?" Jolyne was quick to beam up, moving to walk besides Kakyoin as he followed after Rohan.

"You're part of my responsibility Jolyne, even if I trust Josuke--"

"You shouldn't by the way." Rohan was the one to pipe up at this, earning a playful glare from Josuke as he only returned it with a smile. "What? It's true."

"As I was saying, even if I trust him, you're still under my care whenever Jotaro isn't around." Kakyoin smiled when Jolyne gave a soft blush, pressing her index fingers together as she did, chuckling shyly.

Giorno watched as Kakyoin stare down and the small pre-teen, glancing over to see Josuke messing with Rohans pen earrings, earning a slap on the hand. "Stop acting like your sixteen again."

"What if I am?"

"Then I'd go to jail for pedophilia." Rohan flicked at the others forehead, making sure to not mess up Josuke's hair and looking back at Giorno. "Anyways, Giorno, how have you been? Seeing anyone new lately? Oh and how's the area? Everything you were hoping for?"

"I've been great, no I'm not seeing any one and its everything I did indeed hope for." Giorno glanced at Jolyne as she started a small conversation about the classes she'll be taking this year for high school.

Josuke seemed more interested in that then the whole how different Giorno's life is since he moved to Naples, but the blond didn't mind. As the other three moved to talk in their own space, eyeing some new flowers he put out, Rohan watched as they step further away and grin over to Giorno. "So, you sure you're not seeing anyone?"

Well, if you wanna count Mista and the little lunch... date...? we had. Then I'd say--

"You are. My, my, my, who could it be?" Rohan said this low, making sure the others didn't hear, which the blond thank him for. "Another full Italian being part of the family, next to Caesar, Suzie and Gyro. How... unique."

This makes Giorno blush, weather it was the thought of Mista or the thought of him being part of the crazy bizarre Joestar family, he didn't know but he held one cold hand to his cheek to clam himself down. "No no, I just met him and we barely went out for lunch yesterday. Plus, he says he's a college students but I don't know what he majors in so I don't wanna jump to conclusions when I don't even know him all the way."

Rohan shrugged at this, messing with his earning as he leaned on the counter like a model he was. "It's fun to have a crush. You can have a higher advantage if you realize and know You caught feelings."

"You say that but isn't Josuke the one who made the first move to start the relationship?" Giorno smiled when Rohan's cheeks flushed a bit, turning his head away as he nodded.

"Yeah, but that's because I didn't know he had feelings for me." When Rohan focused on him again, he pushed his dark green hair back as he thought about it. "I didn't expect the kid to have feelings for me for two years, I thought he just grew close to me for the fact he doesn't like being hated."

Giorno watched as Rohan ran his hand through his hair again, obviously feeling embarrassed as he went through the memories. Reaching out to take the mangaka's hand, rubbing his thumb over the knuckles, he smiled when he made a small flower ring on the ring finger, watching Rohan's eyes spark. "I think its cute how you guys met. And honestly, I think Josuke's a perfect fit for you."

The comment makes Rohan snort, eyes kept on the flower ring instead. "Aren't you suppose to say I'm his perfect fit?"

Humming playfully, Giorno shook his head sweetly, his lips turning into a teasing smile. "Nope. We Joestar's are a perfect fit with anyone who reciprocates our feelings."

Rohan chuckled at this before feeling Josuke pop up behind him and rest his chin on the other artist shoulder. "What we talking about?"

"How Giorno has a lot of work to do and how annoyingly sweet you are."

"Hey-- wait really?" Josuke turned his head as he watched Rohan to face him closely, giving a quick peck before pulling away.

"Yeah, shocking I know." He says plainly.

Jolyne sticks out her tongue in disgust from the peck while Kakyoin covered his mouth to hide a soft chuckle. "I think it's time for us to go too Joylne, your dad should be home by now. Let's go so if we can get take out for lunch."

"Ooh, pasta. Italian pasta is delicious."

Josuke snorts as he watched Kakyoin and Jolyne head over to the door, stepping close near Rohan. "Wanna know what else is delicious?" He gets a jab in the rib as an answer as Rohan moved to catch up with the others. Josuke gives a quick wave as the four finally make there way out the door, hearing byes from all of them. Smiling as they did.

That was until he heard the back door to his store close, turning around to see his uncle who wore a wicked grin just like his padre. They are cousins? Or so they say they are, they call each other brothers since they technically grew up with each other. Same thing like how Johnny and father are--

"Haruno, do you always sit lonely in the shop?" Diego said this, taking the empty seat he had, handing Giorno a wrapped sandwich since he had knew the best deli there was here, oddly. Though he still took the gift and bit into it without shyness. "Hungry I can see?"

"I usually don't get lunch when working. I always eat a big breakfast and skip lunch." Giorno said this while Diego pulled out more stuff from the white bag he brought. Handing the golden blond a bottle tea.

He grinned when Giorno thanked him for it, rasing his eyebrow in question, Diego speaking up first before the other could ask. "But you said you went out to lunch with that Mista guy, right? So how is he?"

Memories rushed through Giorno as he realized that the reason why he never hated Diego for the crimes he did was because he always had a soft spot for the people close to him. Giorno being one of them, he was able to tell anything to his uncle and gladly never get a full lecture like what his padre does.

So thinking about Mista, made Giorno's ear burn, messed with his bottle cap as he tried to remember the moments from yesterday. "He's kind, sweet and sort of understanding."

"How long have you known this Mista?"

"Oh for about, two to three days." Giorno rubbed at his neck when Diego glanced his way deliriously.

"You're serious?"

"Yes." Giorno watched as Diego shook his head, taking a swing from his tea bottle. "I'm getting to know him okay. I'm nothing like you and padre, who sleeps around to the first guy they see. And yes, I'm calling you two out."

This made Diego snicker, taking out some of the lettuce the sandwich his order had. "Your padre is happily married now with Jonathan. That Joestar is the only one to keep Dio's head in place." Diego winked up at Giorno as he got up to throw his trash away. "And, I appreciate the call out. It shows how much of Brando confidence you have in you."

Giorno pushed him playfully, rolling his eyes at him as he continued to eat his food. "Shut up."

"I'm serious Haruno, you may think that you have nothing similar with the Brando's since all the shit we used to give you back then but." Diego stood next to Giorno as he watched him closely, cyan eyes watching the strong blue ones, a grin spreading across his face as he leaned on the counter with one arm. "Seeing you grow, you really are like us. Now we gotta see if you're freaky in the bedroom like--"

"Okay stop, stop right there. I don't want to inherit the stupid whore abilities you and my padre have. I heard them through my bedroom once and I vowed to never stay home when they say they were going to go up and do some paper works, together." Giorno shudder at the memory and watched Diego chuckled.

He pushed his hair back in one swift, letting out a sigh of relief. "It runs in the family, you can't escaped from that."

"Sadly." Giorno said this finally cleaning up the food he already finished, chugging down the rest of his tea in one swift before moving to sit where Diego was sitting at. "So, why did you come from London to visit? Weren't you with Johnny?"

At the mentioning of Johnny made Diego cringe, dusting whatever dust there was on the counter. There wasn't, I always clean it off. "Johnny and Gyro have been pinning for each other and it's been bothersome. I've tried to stay out of it but they always seemed afraid to talk with each other so they'd drag me along."

"But they find you annoying?"

"Exactly my point!"

Giorno grin at how his uncle knew he could be annoying, which he can be, anxiously.

"So I just asked Dio where you were. Doing some research on where one of your nephews have been staying and it's been Naples this whole time. So I just decided to take the chance." Diego gave out another sigh, distressed, rubbing at his temples. Something padre does all the time. "Also, I've been trying to take care of Dio's old mafia business with the ammunition shit."

"When my padre use to trades arms?"

Diego nodded, scratching the counter with one of his sharp nails. "Yeah, thought it be good to make money and spend money. You know?"

Giorno could only shrug since he never dealt with mafia dealings. When he was younger, he remember being taken cared by his father a lot and only got to see padre late at night. So Giorno knew that it was something worth a lot of time.

"Naples is also where Dio started the ammunition trading. So if your pops ever visits, he'll be famous. Though, I think only to the other mafia bosses but not to basic people around." Diego twirled his hair, checking his watch for the time. "Which reminds me. I have to go talk with some people about that. Take care now Haruno and until next time."

Giorno hummed as he waved off the other, hearing the back door to the store close. Ammunition? Guns were always something loud and disruptive. Thinking about guns again, he immediately thought about Sex Pistols and Mista, feeling his ear warm again. I really do need to chill.






It was late, the stars in the sky were coming out and the moon shinned out as the new light around the world, Mista walked down all the alleyways but found no crimes of any dealing happening. He was only meet with empty ways and scent of old cigarettes.

He messed with adjusting his beanie for the hundredth time today, before sighing and taking it off and feeling air hit through his hair. Running his hand through it too, stepping out of the alleyways and looking around to find a few people eating at restaurants. He stood there for awhile until he felt someone tap at his shoulder, turning over to meet with a familiar face he's starting to get use to and adore.

"Could it be destiny that we run into each now since I've meet you?" Mista smiled when Giorno shook his head, smiling back at this other.

"No, my padre usually says it's what gravity that pulls people together. Like a red string of fate." Giorno said this as he adjusted his hand together, moving his focused on Mista's hair, which made the other realize too late. "Your hairs naturally curly?"

Mista planted a hand on top of his head, running his hand up and down. "I mean, I usually buzz it off but I lost a bet with Narancia and told me to let it grow longer then I usually do."

"And you've never had it this long before?"


Giorno hummed, walked around the other, standing on the other side of him now, tilting his head as he gave Mista a soft smile. "It's suits you well."

This made his ears warm a bit before realizing where he and Giorno were, looking around to see if he was with someone but he found no one. "Er, wait, what are you doing out so late?"

The blond smiled as he took a step back to lean against the corner wall that lead to the alleyway Mista came out of. "I was out window shopping, is all. What about you? You came out of this alleway didn't you?"

"I, yeah, I was passing through." Mista rubbed at his neck instead now, a small idea raising up in this man until anxiety could take over. "Also, were you heading anywhere?"

"Besides home? No, maybe stop by a cafe for some coffee." Giorno smiled, taking a step toward Mista with ease. "Wanna join me?"

He answered with no hesitation a 'yes' earning a bright smile from Giorno.

"Wonderful, let's go then."

And that's how Mista found himself in the small cafe, Giorno across of him talking about how he feel in love with the whole gardening phase. Saying it all started when he used to live in Japan with his cousin who took care of him for a year or two at the age of 8. Though he didn't explain why he stayed with his cousins, not wanting to pester and only asked a question that happened to change the topic quickly then expected.

"So you study flowers and all those plant things. Does that mean you know the meaning behind flowers or something--"

"Yes actually!" Giorno pipped up at this and blushed when he realized he interrupted the other, Mista grinning at how fast he answered. "Er, I'm sorry. It's just not a lot of people ask the meanings behind flowers and, I just get excited to tell when they ask."

Mista hummed and took a sip from his already cooled coffee he ordered. "I can see that."

Giorno rubbed his thumbs against his coffee cup, taking a look out the window, then back at Mista. "You know the Honeysuckles you saw, they are many meanings to it but the one I like is kindness of the heart."

Mista nodded as leaned on the table intrigued now. "Right so that flower is basically you right?" He smirked when Giorno froze in thought who chuckled shyly from the others statement. "I'm right then. Okay, so then what is your definition on the Lotus?"

"Great admiration."

"White Erica."

"You mean the White Spring-wood? Protection, admiration, wishing or hoping for a dream come true."


"Sign of friendship."

Mista watched as Giorno smiled sweetly when he said that, making him lose track of his thoughts and just sitting back up to lean against the chair. "You're filled with knowledge about flowers aren't you?"

Giorno hummed as he agreed, rubbing his cup again. "Indeed I am." The blond looked at his coffee again before making eye contact with Mista, who stared back gently. "You, um, I've never asked but do--"


Hearing at another voice, the two both turned to meet with Fugo who had a hand on his hip, eyebrow rasied as he looked over at his 'classmate.' Giving only Giorno a smile as he nodded his head over at the blond, glaring back at Mista.

"Er, Fugo hey what's up?"

"You're missing out on our study time. Have this date later we gotta go..." Fugo looked like he was still making up the excuse before snapping his fingers. "...check on, our... equipment."

Mista got up before Giorno can look at him at what they were talking about, laughing a bit as he stood by Fugo. "Eh, sorry Giorno. We can get coffee another time without any interruption. Is that okay?"

Giorno looked from Mista then to Fugo, giving a nod as he agreed. "Yes of course. I don't mind, I'm sure your college course may be rough."

Fucking fuck, college course? I've never even been in one so I have no fucking clue how it is.

"Yeah, it's... yeah. Anyways, catch you later Giorno. Nice seeing you again." Mista was pushed forward as Fugo gave a soft smile at Giorno then continued to push the older man.

Letting out a sigh when they exited the coffee shop.

"You're an idiot."

"I like to word it, smart when I want to be."

"You're an absolute idiot. If you're interested in the blond why not speak the truth on who you really are." Fugo was leading the way since Mista had no clue what the mission was, watching Fugo move his hands as he spoke. "There's nothing wrong with admitting you're a gangster Mista. The blond should know about the city anyway."

This made the other sigh, rubbing a hand down his face as he already knew. "Yes yes, I know. But still! He seems so... natural. Like his life is perfect and if I interfered with it, I would probably fuck it up if I'm not what he thought I was."

"What bullshit are you talking about?"

"Fugo, look at him! Have you seen him?"

"Yes, in matter of fact I'm quite jealous that he seems more interested in you then all of us." Fugo meant to say this to himself but he glanced over at Mista staring him. "Besides the point, you're just scared cause you might not be what he wants?"


It was moment of silence as the walked over to the car. Fugo taking the driving seat while Mista took the passengers. The adjusted quietly and when Fugo placed his hands on to steering wheel, he took a breath in before looking over at Mista. "You're even more of a fucking idiot to this that!"




Giorno woke up to the sound of the doorbell ringing, getting up and noticing the time read 10:20. He groaned once he came off his bed, patting down his blond curls from sticking up, opening the door by a creak to see who it was.

"Trish?" Giorno opened the door more to see his friend pipping up with a nice smile an hand on her other waist. "What are you doing here so early?"

"You forgot didn't you?" She crossed her arms now, pursing her lips as she stared at Giorno disappointingly. "Giorno Giovanna had actually forgot about something, wow I can't believe it actually happened."

"Wait, what's today?"


He stood there, blinking softly until realizing what Trish had wanted to do today. "Shit." Turning and leaving the door open for her to let herself in, he ran over to his room and went to pick one of his usual proper outfits. "I'm so sorry Trish."

"It's fine Giogio, I understand that business had been keeping you." Trish leaned against the couch until she turns over to see another figure, blond hair more golden then Giorno's, leaning against the sink counter.


She gave a small wave, confused on who they were. "Uh, hello. Gio, why is there a man who looks similar to you doing in your kitchen?"

Giorno stepped out with the pink open window suit Trish loved, smiling over to him when she saw it. He was brushing out his hair, the curls already done in his room, glancing over to his uncle then back at the mirror. "That's my uncle, Trish meet Diego, Diego that's my friend Trish."

"Pleasure to meet you Trish." Diego moved to place the cup of coffee he was drinking in the sink before leaving the area and heading to the extra room Giorno had.

"I'm guessing he's part of the Brando family, yes?"

"Yeah." Once he braided his hair, he adjusted the small wrinkles of his suit and fixed the small window opening he had. Trish popping up besides him.

"It's fun to know I'm not the only one showing chest here." Trish winked in the mirror as she moved to head over to the door again, watching Giorno adjust his bun curls and braid. "It makes me feel less like a slut."

Hearing this made Giorno gave a snarky smile, following after Trish out his apartment. Locking the door as they stepped. "You saying I catch all the attention?"

Trish smirked as she looked at Giorno up and down before leading down the steps of the apartments. "When you wear something like that, yes."

All Giorno could do was laugh and roll his as he followed after Trish. Saying 'good morning' to his neighbors that were up at the time, the old ladies smiling happily when they saw him. There smiled brighten even more when they saw Trish as well, the two stopping at time to chit chat a bit.

Finally leaving the apartments he still trailed besides Trish as he breathed in the morning air, glancing at Trish checking her phone.

"So what was you wanted to do?"

"I want to take back my dad's old trading stock."


"I want the business he used to run, instead of the stupid ammunition and stands shit. I want to use it to sell my clothing."

Diavolo, the actual devil if you saw it in Trish's eyes, Giorno would object and say his padre was but kept it to himself. Her father was the Don of Italy, when he had finally decided the day to kill her she had came to Giorno in a rush for hiding. And he assisted, telling his parents what was happening and seeking to see what to do.

The time all of this happened was when he was staying with his parents in England, so they let her stay as long as the situation was handle. The situation was handled but his parents had no clue who handled it, his padre was willing to find Diavolo but said that he had already been dealt with. So there was no problem any more.

Though learning the fact she wanted to take back her father trading was a shocker. "That's something, different. What brought this idea?"

"Polnareff said if I really wanted production for my clothing, I should take back the organization my father had." Trish was messing with her coat as she lead the way, watching every step she took as she did. "He's been watching it for me and said I can take whenever I wanted. So I am, I'm bringing you with me to go talk with the ones who's been keeping my father organization in check."


"I need you for emotional support basically." Trish had finally looked at him with a nervous smile, making him place a hand on her shoulder as they stopped in front of her car.

"It'll go well, I know it will."

"Thanks Gio."



And it had went well but at the moment, Trish was too busy jumping around with excitement as they walked to the front door of Polnareff's front door. Trish knocking with exciment that Giorno heard him curse something in French, before pulling the door open and smiling when he met eyes with the two.

"Giorno! Trish! Mes magnifiques bébés!" He quickly gave them two kisses on both cheeks, moving aside to let them in. "I'm guessing the talk with the big men went well?"

"Oh it went smoothly tesoro!" Trish said this as she made her way over to the kitchen counter, Giorno following along with her. "It was chilling to sit in the room but I knew Giorno would've handled it if something went wrong."

She smiled his way and he returned one back, forcefully though. He was a tough fighter, knew exactly how to use his stand, knowing exactly what it did but still, Giorno wasn't a fighter like his family members. The Joestar were fighters along with the Brando's, who were nothing but stuck up assholes, Giorno knew they still shared their determination.

Giorno was nothing like them, he didn't like violence.

As Polnareff made his way to the kitchen to boil water, he hummed as he glanced at Trish to Giorno. "Of course, our beautiful blond can handle anything. It's part of their Joestar blood."

I'm nothing like them.

"Hah, I was only just standing there."

Hoping nothing happened at all.

Trish leaned on her palm as she patted his back with her other free hand. "Still Gio, I'm glad you came."

Polnareff nodded as he leaned on the counter as well. "Mhm, you're a wonderful person Giorno. That's why I'm still surprise you have some of that Brando blood in you. I also at times wonder what made Jonathan fall for some one like Dio." He quickly raised his hands in defense as he stood up again. "No offense to you of course."

"None taken." Giorno had already dealt with Jotaro and Kakyoin telling him, along with Caesar and Joseph, also with his half brother George. He's heard all of it, none of it offended him anymore. "I don't know what my father sees in my padre but all I know is that they're both happy, and if they are, then so am I."

The blond didn't know it had got so quiet when he spoke that he had to make sure Polnareff and Trish were still with him. Which they were but they were to busy holding a hand to their chest.


"You're too sweet Gio, you're too good for this world."

"Indeed." Polnareff pipped in before giving a questioning look over at Trish. "Hold up, why do you call Giorno more English then Italian?"

Trish tilted her head before understanding what he meant. "You mean when I call him Gio like gee-oh, instead of Jo?"

Polnareff nodded, leaning on the table intrigued to see what her answer was.

"I was chatting with uh, what's his name?" Trish snapped her finger as she tried to remember, pointing a finger to Giorno for help. "It's your cousins boyfriend."

If Giorno could laugh he would but he simply just gave a soft smile as he gave a confused expression along with it. "You're, um, gonna have to be more specific."

"It's Jotaro's boyfriend."

"Noriaki?" Both Giorno and Polnareff said this, giving each other a smile at the interruption.

"Yeah, anyways, he said that Giorno's name could be said two different ways. One way is English, which is pronounced how it's looked like, so gee-or-no. Then for us Italians, we say it with our accent like Jor-no." Trish was moving her finger around as she spelled it in the air, smiling when she watched Polnareff nod.

Humming, he opened his mouth to say something before hearing his pot of water boiling, heading over to turn off the stove. "I see I see, so you learned from Noriaki to say his name the American way. I see I see."

The conversation immediately switched when Trish said 'anyways' and began talking about what happened at the meeting. Enjoying a cup of tea with it as well thanks to Polnareff, Giorno spacing out but keeping clear on what the two were saying as he thought about work, his fathers, what new flowers he should get, Mista, weather him wearing his pink or blue suit be best for--

Wait, Mista?

Mista popping up in his head shocked him more then the fact that he burned his tongue from the tea. Groaning internally at the reaction he got from thinking of that man.






It was 11 in morning of a new day, Kakyoin smiled happily as he watched Jolyne play on her DSI, playing his favorite, Pokemon. She laid down on the couch while he moved here and there to adjust things. That was until he heard a knock on the door, hollering out he was coming after he finished setting a small flower pot near the window.

He opened the door to find the only blond he tolerated as he gave a soft smile to Giorno. "What a pleasant surprise. What brings you?"

"Er, I'm sorry. You probably must be busy but I was wondering if Jotaro was here?" Giorno seemed nervous, as if this was the first time meeting Kakyoin.

"He is, come inside, he's usually in his study."

As Giorno stepped in, Joylne was quick to come over and hug him, the two laughing from almost falling from the impact. "You here to stay for breakfast Gio?" Joylne asked this as she placed her DSI in her pocket.

Giorno hummed before glancing at Kakyoin. "I won't sadly."

The red head was quick to give a soft smile and head to the kitchen. "We never mind you staying Giorno, including me. Your company lighten ups the room." When all of that was settled, he pointed to the stairs that lead to the second floor. "He's on the first door on the right by the way."

When Jolyne let go to make her way back to the couch, Giorno bowed his head, making his way upstairs. While Kakyoin turned to the kitchen and prepare lunch.

Thinking about Giorno now and how he seemed nervous a bit, Kakyoin was thinking back on the first time he met Giorno and how young he was.


He was small and had black straight hair, flat and bangs that covered half of his eyes. Kakyoin had to move his bang away as he bent down to meet eyes with the boy, who quickly took a step back near Jotaro.

"He's quiet, not very talk-active." Jotaro said this while Kakyoin took a moment to stand back up.

"Ah, you sure he's Mr. Joestar's and Dio's son. He could technically be yours if you have those traits in common." He smirked when Jotaro glared at him, pushing the brim of his hat down by an inch.

The boy still clung close to Joatro, peeking to look at Kakyoin up and down, like he's never seen another person like him before.

"Yeah well, he's there's and he's staying with me for awhile."

"With you?"


"What about your wife? And Jolyne?" Kakyoin crossed his arms at this, watching Jotaro glare off to the side, clearly not thinking this through like always. "You have a family of your own Jojo, why are they making you take care of there kid?"

Jotaro rubbed at his eyes, letting a sigh out at the same time. "Supposedly Dio got himself into trouble back in italy, so Jonathan is making sure their problems are handled. When it is, they'll move back to England."

"England? Back at the Joestar--"

"Yeah." Jotaro cut him off as he let out another sigh. "Back over there."

A moment of silent and the kid kicked at a few rocks. "What about your family Jotaro? How do they feel about this?"

He chuckled at this, leaning on the rail as he watched the sea crash against the rocks. Looking to the boy then to Kakyoin, giving a forced smile as he shook his head. "Even when we finally had Joylne, it feels like nothing is going to work out. She doesn't seem to care anymore what happens or what I do."

"Jotaro, don't think that I'm sure--"

"You can't be sure of anything Noriaki, you giving me hope will only bring me down when I already know the reality." Jotaro watched as the boy messed with his sweater.

Kakyoin finally sighed, dropping the topic to look over at the boy, trying another attempt at greeting the boy, bending down with a star fish he made his stand go fetch. Watching the boys eyes shine when he saw Kakyoin place it in his hand. He made no eye contact with Jotaro even though he knew he was watching the two closely.

Instead Kakyoin pushed a hair away from the boys eyes and smiled, noticing the way he had the usual Joestar eye color. His were like Jotaro's but with more tint of green in it and a darker blue, making Kakyoin smile again at the difference.

Taking the boys smaller hand, he gave a simple smile as he shook it. "My name is Kakyoin Noriaki. And yours?"

The boy looked from their shaking hands, to the star fish, then to lavender violet eyes. "G... Giorno." He moved his hand away from Kakyoin's to mess with the starfish more, touching the rough skin softly. "Giorno Giovanna."


He was interrupted out of his thoughts when he felt a. hand tapping at his arm, glancing over to see Jolyne smiling at him. "Nori, dad said if you had anything planned today?"

Planned? Kakyoin had no clue what she was talking about before he turned to see Jotaro and Giorno at the kitchen table, smiling over at him as well. "Oh! Um, I don't think so. Was there something specific you wanted to do today?"

Jotaro shook his head, giving a small smile to the red head before looking back at Giorno. "There's your answer."

"I see." Giorno hummed to himself as Joylne moved to sit next to him, playing her game still as she did. "I'm sorry for showing unexpected I just, wanted to see if you were free and had some time to spare."

Kakyoin was cutting up some vegetables before he noticed Giorno was talking to him. "You're talking to me? Well, I mean, I just have to make breakfast and then I'll be done."

"I'll take care of breakfast, you go with Giorno." Jotaro said this getting up, Jolyne pipping up when she heard her father's response. "He seems egared to speak with you."

When Kakyoin glanced at the blond, he noticed a pink hue across his cheeks, thanks to the call out Jotaro did. He simply smiled as he nodded, giving a quick kiss to Jotaro before he moved around him to grab his bag. "Alrighty then, where do you wanna go Giorno?"

Jolyne moved out the chair to head where here father was, leaning on the counter as she watched her father stare around a bit. "Are we going to finally see if you're cooking is good as grandma's?"

"No one can beat my mom, and we all know that." Jotaro meant to say this to himself but he glanced over to see his daughter laugh.

Kakyoin smiled at the two in the kitchen before leading the way for Giorno to follow.

Chapter Text

"You're nervous about what?" Kakyoin placed down his coffee once Giorno explained his nervousness.

"I'm nervous to ask someone out. How do I know they like me back? How do I know--"

"Woah there Giorno, one question at a time." Kakyoin raised his hands as he calmed Giorno down with his questions, smiling once the blond nodded. "Let me start with my question and then we'll start on yours. First question, why are you coming to me for all this?"

Giorno messed with his braid before slumping against his arms. "I mean, I guess... I... don't know. I've always turned to you when I was looking for someone to talk too, when father wasn't here I knew you and him usually thought the same. So that's why, I'm talking to you."


"Is it okay to like... the same sex?"

"Of course, why wouldn't it be?"

"Wouldn't people say something?"

"They would and they can but that wouldn't get them any where." Kakyoin worked on a paper as Giorno sat near him, messing with the book cover he had in his hand. "Shouldn't you have learned this from your fathers?"

Giorno messed with one of his stands of hair now as he nodded slowly. "Yes they said it was okay, but, would they want a specific type of person for me? Like someone with the correct standards for me, someone who's fit for me? What if I fall for someone they don't like, someone they despise or--"

A hand was placed on top of Giorno's shoulder, making the other calm down from his rambling Kakyoin gave a gentle smile over to him. "Calm down now Giorno. Your father would never judge you for whoever you fall for. Dio, now I don't know about him, but I'm sure those two want nothing but the best for you."


"I'm sure of it."

Giorno nodded as he grasped at his book, a smile finally spreading on his face. "Yeah, okay." The golden blond sat back against the chair and smiled once Kakyoin took his hand from the others shoulder to work on the paper again.



Kakyoin nodded a he understood, taking more sips of his coffee as he crossed his legs under the table. "I see I see. Okay, well, first things first. Who's the person you like?"

"The man you met at my flower shop."

"That Mista boy?" Kakyoin all but beamed at this, placing his coffee down as he scooted closer to the table in his seat. Giorno had a soft blush at the tip of his ears now, rubbing the back of his neck as he nodded. "Oh that's great to hear! How old is his? What does he work as?-- Oh wait! Didn't you just meet him? Giorno."

This cause the blond to blush even more, giving a cheapish chuckle as he nodded a bit. "M-maybe... yes."

"And you feel like you have enough courage to ask him out? Especially at the fact that you just met him?" Kakyoin watched as the other messed with his earring, possibly making him rethink his choice. Which made the red-head set his cup down waving his hand to stop whatever Giorno was thinking at that second. "I mean! It's not bad Giorno, of course it isn't. It's just, have you really taken the time to see who he really was?"

"I mean, that is true." Giorno leaned on his palm as he stared down at his coffee, watching it swirl.

Kakyoin watched the others face go from bright to dim and it made the red-head press his lips in a thin line and curse internally to himself. "Then again, why should you being listening to me about this. I wasn't able to confess to Jotaro when I had the chance since I was too much of a coward to do so. Years later look at us now." He sighed as he thought back to his teen years again. "Part of me thinks you should go for it after what happened with me but another part of me is saying to be careful and play it safe."

Sure it was exciting and thrilling to find a crush yet the same time, scary and anxious. Giorno just met the boy and if the blond wanted to try then maybe he should wait and see how he is. But, he could probably take long and miss his chance. Kakyoin understood that Giorno trusted him but he still wasn't good himself with this.

The red-head must have been thinking hard for other to know since he heard Giorno chuckle and run a finger on the rim of his cup, swirling around it. "It's fine to feel that way, you technically raised me for a year and two. And you are right about me taking it safe, I don't even know if he's really... you know."



Kakyoin hummed as he took a sip from his coffee again. That was always a hard part of having a different sexuality, you had to be careful on who was who and if you can hit the shot or not. That's why Kakyoin thought of himself more of a coward when he didn't know what Jotaro preferred, until he heard years later he was bisexual. No one fucking told me he was that.

Everything had turned and Kakyoin felt bad about switching Giorno's mood, messing with his curl as he thought about things, before an idea struck him. "Maybe, if you would like to get to know him a bit more, why not take him on a some-what-kind-of date? You said you had lunch with him, then why not go all the way and spend the day together. Do what you usually do but bring him along. How's that?"

With this, they could talk and see what they both prefer but it'll by like a date, only that it'll seem like they're just hanging out. Giorno's mood brighten at this as he nodded, placing a hand on his chin as he agreed. "That does sound like a plan. Its actually a good idea. Okay, yes, I shall do that."

The way the golden boy smiled caused Kakyoin to do the same, he really was more like Jonathan than Dio, he thanked the Lord for that since he's pretty sure he wouldn't be able to stand a small demon of that man.

Giorno sipped his coffee tapping his finger on the table. "See, I knew you thought the same as my father."

"Jonathan is too much of a gentlemen for me to relate to him." An actual huge gentlemen.






"Husband? What?" Abbacchio sat at the dinning table looking at the usual daily newspaper, but had placed it down at what Bruno was saying, who stood across from him at the table.

The blue eyes Italian sighed as he sat down this time, brushing his hair away as he leaned on the table. "I met up with the flower boy, though the boys had said I was a professor of a university, covering up for us for God knows who. I said that I would bring my husband next time I went."

"...are you talking about me?"


Abbacchio and Bruno stared at each before laughing out loud, Abbacchio moving his hair out of the way as he watched Bruno brush his away as well, laughing more as he listened to Bruno's dorky laugh. The laughs had caught attention since Fugo and Mista came in eyeing the two suspiciously, Mista heading to the fridge for a water bottle and leaning on the counter. "Sorry to intrude but what has you two cackling like some ducks with bread?"

Fugo rolled his eyes at Mista's statement and just watched as Bruno stand back up to put away a cup of tea his was drinking earlier. "Not much." When he said this, he made eye contact with Mista after placing the cup in the sink. "Besides that, Mista, I had wanted to ask what had happened back in the flower shop two days ago."


"Why did you two cover and say I was some professor? Is there something wrong with the Giorno boy?" Bruno spoke calmly as he moved back to his seat, Abbacchio adjusting the paper to read it again.

Mista all but chuckled as he shook his head, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. Fugo smirked as he bumped Mista with his shoulders. "Hey hey now Mista, tell him the reason."

"Well it's uh... you see--"

Narancia barged through the door, holding a paper as he ran in to catch his breathe. "Buccarati, did you hear? The old trading that used to be owned by Diavolo has been bought out."

"What?" Abbacchio and Bruno were the both to say this, in usion as they both stood up to see what the paper Narancia had brought.

The two looked astonished, Bruno looking from Narancia then to Abbacchio then over to the two still standing in the kitchen. "It says here that another family relative claimed it."

Fugo looked surprised at this, walking over with Mista to check the paper out as well. "Can they do that?"

"They can if they need to, I guess since he's wife died his last resort would be, his brother or something?" Bruno seemed lost at this, as Don he's never heard anything like this before. How on earth did someone get this trading? Especially without him knowing. Then that's when it hit him, sighing out a huff of annoyance as he realized who he left in charge of Diavolo's trading mark.

Abbacchio was rereading the whole thing before throwing it on the table and shaking his head as he crossed his arms. "No way that asshole had some type of sibling or something, when we searched through his stuff there was no hint of any siblings or other family members."

The whole group nodded and stood in thought before Fugo picked his head up and turn over to Bruno. "What about a daughter?"

"Daughter? What makes you think that?" Narancia said this getting an orange from the fruit bowl.

It was Mista's turn to agreed as he brushed next to Fugo. "It has to make sense, it connects all the dots. Remember the little girl we saw in the picture, it has to be her."

"Yeah but wasn't she killed by Diavolo?"

"There weren't any proof that she was dead, only the wife."

As the three boys spoke with each other Bruno sighed and nodded as he moved to walk over to the door. "Abbacchio and I are going to go met up with a friend, Mista, you're in charge. Don't do anything stupid while I'm gone." Abbacchio walked over to catch up with Bruno, not even glancing back when the three boys watch them leave.

When the door closed, Narancia was the one to break the silence, clearing his throat with a stupid sly smirk on his face. "So, when are you going to introduce "mom" and "dad" to your new boyfriend?"

This earned the boy a smack in the head from Mista and Fugo rolling his eyes with a smirk as well. "Idiots, I'm working with a bunch of idiots."




Bruno and Abbacchio made their way through the city by foot, the older man looking around here and there to see how's the city's been. It makes Bruno smile when he watches Abbacchio slow down a bit to check out a few flowers on display, it makes him smile even more when he realized which store they were exactly at. Humming to catch Abbacchio's attention and watch as the man glance over at him.

"Wanna take a look inside?"

"Uh, no, I'm sure we don't--"

"We have enough time, come on."

So that's where the two found themselves, inside the little flower shop, eying the white Erica's which made Bruno so warm he almost bent down to give the other a peck but knew better to do it in public. Plus, Giorno stepped out from the backroom just in time to keep him from his urges, the blond blinking with shock as he stepped around the register. "Buccarati?"

"Giorno, hello. Nice to see you again." Bruno moved around Abbacchio as he smiled at the golden boy, Abbacchio looked from the Erica's to Giorno, rasing an eyebrow as he stared at the boy. This made Bruno remember something and grin as he hooked an arm around Abbacchio's arm. "As I've said, I brought my husband."

The golden boy all but gleamed with this while Abbacchio turned wide eyed at Bruno, clearing his throat to catch his slip up and nod. "Yeah."

The blond smiled as he nodded, brushing his hands on his apron as he stretched a hand out towards Abbacchio. "It's a pleasure to meet you sir, I'm Giorno Giovanna."

Abbacchio eyed the other suspiciously as he slowly took Giorno's hand. "Leone Abbacchio." When he slid his hand away, he took one more look around before meeting eyes with blond again. "You own this shop?"

"Indeed I do."

"On your own?"


"And you name's really Giorno?"


Bruno tug a bit on Abbacchio's arm as he moved to turn them around the isles. "Now now, let's focus back on the flowers. Giorno, which one do you think is the most romantic flower besides the Rose?"

"Well to define beauty those flowers are either a Calla lily's, also know as Arum lily, and or Zantedeschia." Giorno took the lead to move them further to the other corner of the store. "These are the ones my, um, mother loved when she was alive. It defines the beauty she was, peaceful and beautiful."

Bruno hummed as he bent down to stare closely at the flower before nodding happily at Giorno. "I'll take them. Both."

Abbacchio was no where close to paying attention when he watched the two walk to the front counter, saw Bruno pull out some money to buy the flowers and Abbacchio was sure as hell not paying attention when he walked out the shop and found Bruno handing them to him.

"Here, for you. It goes well with you eyes you know." He winked when he continued to walk the sidewalk, making Abbacchio sigh and roll his eyes, a stupid smile fitting his lips as he caught up to Bruno.




As they made there way to the certain building those men liked to hide in, Bruno didn't even knock as he moved inside, making one of the men with four ponytails jump back as he stared over at Abbacchio and Bruno. "Dio Mio! You scared me there Don."

"Illusio, where's Risotto?"

Illusio hummed as he pointed over to one of the door rooms opened. "Should be in his office."

"Thanks." And so Bruno made his way over to the office, seeing Prosciutto and Risotto discussing something. Stopping when they watched Bruno step inside, crossing his arms as he stared at the two. "Well now, don't we have a subject to talk about."

Prosciutto raised an eyebrow at the two, stepping away from the chairs to stand near Risotto's chair. "Don, didn't get a call that you were stopping by."

Risotto hummed at this as he nodded as well. "Something important?"

"Yes, it is actually. What are you doing giving away the trading mark that use to belong to Diavolo?" Bruno moved to sit down at one of the chairs while Risotto grabbed the paper Prosciutto was handing him to this related topic.

"They're connected to Diavolo, a family member."

"Okay, who was it."

"His daughter, Trish Una." Risotto said this running his red eyes over the file. "She said Polnareff had given the permission to let her take over her father's trading mark. He reported that she was using it for her clothing line."

Trish Una? Daughter? Bruno all but rolled his eyes as he thought back at what the boys were saying. So the bastard didn't kill her he thought. "Okay but still, that girl could use that for other options, says she gives it to someone else? What I'm saying is that you should've declined her."

Risotto and Prosciutto looked at each other then else where, Risotto breaking the silence with a sigh. "I could've but I didn't."


"Because I've seen those two, I've heard stories of them when I worked for Diavolo on some missions in desperate times." Risotto was giving one of those stern looks, giving a hint to Bruno that he should remember what they were before they partnered with Bruno and his team. "The son of Dio Brando and Diavolo's daughter were my responsibility before. I took care of them whenever the two would discuss business, though when Dio left, the whole atmosphere changed, so--"

"Hold on. The son of Dio Brando, that old ammunition capo dealer? Him? His son? Who the hell is his son?" Bruno was honestly here for the trading mark that belonged to Diavolo being given away, but hearing that the old arms dealer had a son was putting more interest in this whole stupid topic, and the fact that Risotto was here before his assassin dealings was something new to him as well.

Risotto sighed as he rubbed his eyes. "Look, the kid Giorno Giovanna. The one who owns that little flower shop."


Abbacchio scuffed as he crossed his arms, shaking his head at this fact. "Knew I smelled trouble on that kid. A old cop instinct."

"Giorno? Is the son of Dio Brando." In all honestly, this was shocking but what was more shocking was the kid acted nothing like that man. He's heard stories as a kid that Dio was one of the most well known capo around before he fled back to England never being heard after that, especially his trading mark, they had no clue where that was either.

Hearing that he had a son was something Bruno least expected. Who the hell would fall in love with a man like him?

Prosciutto watched as the two stare in shock and sighed. "Look, if you want us to get back the trading mark we can. Though, we state you do not involve the two."

"Okay, but why? Why do you guys care for these, kids?"

The two looked like they got caught red handed on having sex in the office when they heard that question. Won't be surprised if I do accidentally catch them like that-- Besides that. Prosciutto and Risotto both looking away at Bruno's question.

"We met Giorno at the beginning of his business, Trish had got the news on her father barely last year. His death and all, Giorno had said she didn't take it well but later regain herself saying she didn't really know him and he did try to kill her." Risotto ran his hands over the files once more before closing it.

How close are they with this boy?

"Before you ask how we know this, its because, look Buccarati we respect you and everything you do. But you sometimes forget that we were assassins and still are a bit. We worked close with Diavolo for a few years back, he paid us well for a few months until he stopped supplying and tried to make us join his gang. Those years working for Diavolo, we were able to meet the man Dio." Risotto spaced off, running through the memories like they hurt to think about.

Prosciutto placed the rest of the files on the desk as he crossed his arms. "What we're trying to say is that we knew how much those two men felt with their children. We knew how much a terrible person Diavolo was and we understood how much Dio loved his son. They would've been under our care if Dio continued with the dealing, along with Trish if that other bastard cared for her."

Everything, made a little bit more sense now. It was just connection, the fact that they were around these two kids parents and getting to know them and only see their kids and seeing the opposite. Bruno smiled at the two as he let out a soft sigh, getting up and nodding his head. "Alright. That's fine." This had made Abbacchio raise an eyebrow at the Don.

"It's fine? That's it? Nothing to add?" Abbacchio stood when Bruno did, seeing him nod with a hum.

"Of course." Bruno adjusted his seat and gave a quick nod to the other two, who gave a quick nod back. "Its fine. We have Mista crushing on the boy anyways don't we?"

Abbacchio looked even more confused. "We do?"

Bruno nodded with a hum, which made Risotto finally stand up and press his hand on the desk. "Don't mess with the kid Buccarati. Just because he's nothing like Dio doesn't mean he can't act like him."

"I know what I'm doing. And I won't be messing too much with this boy. I'm doing whatever I need to do to make sure these kids don't mess with our business." Bruno said this sternly, making his way over to the door, glancing back to make sure Risotto understood. "You would know how's it like won't you?"

When Risotto stared back at Bruno, he sighed and nodded, Prosciutto turning away to get some other things in a drawer.

Abbacchio and Bruno finally walked out, seeing the rest of the La Squadra outside though jumping back as if they weren't overhearing. Melone grinned as he moved around the others sticking his tongue out. "Would you look at the time, I gotta go water my um... dildos!"

The rest of the team cringed at what Melone did before they all scattered to go elsewhere. Bruno didn't mind it and continued on to leave, he did his job and got the new information. Abbacchio stood close to him and when they both stepped outside he sighed, knowing that the older man had something to say.


"I know what I'm doing Leone, if Mista has a crush on the boy so be it, but that boy may have some information about the ammunition trade. This is a step to find Dio's old ammunition trade and a step in to stop it." Bruno moved to lead the way again, Abbacchio taking big steps to catch up with him. "We can't have anyone have the trade mark and run it, we'll have the Trish girl run her business for a bit but if it goes off in another direction we take it back."

"What are you planning with Mista and the kid?"

"Something, I'll tell you when we get back."

Chapter Text

Giorno sat at the counter still debating on where to take Mista if he was going to ask him out, Trish was sitting there with him, humming as she sipped on her soda. "Have you decided yet?"


"Come on Giogio, you got this. Take him downtown or to the new museum that just opened up. Ooh! Or take him to the nice little antique shop down the street from here." Trish rambled on about the areas she's been and the places she wanted to go.

The blonde smiled as he just hummed and lean on his palm. "Trish, I'm talking about me and--"

"Giorno hey, I was able to... get off class early and decided to come see you." Mista had barged right through the door swiftly making his way to the counter, making Giorno stand up straighter and smiled.

"Mista hey."

"Oho, Mista boy is here. Nice to see you again." Trish grinned as she leaned on the counter, Mista meeting eyes with her and smiling. "What brings you?"

"Oh you know, checking in." Mista looked around then back at the two. "I was also wondering if we could go out for coffee again. After, you know, what happened last time."

Giorno nodded as he hummed. "Yes I remember."

"Cool." Mista and Giorno started for a couple of seconds before he turned over to Trish. "You should come too. We could get to know each other."

Again Giorno nodded and hummed until he noticed Mista was looking over at Trish when he said this, the blonde quirking an eyebrow as he watched this. Trish slid a glance over at Giorno before back at Mista. "Um..."

"All of us I mean. All of us should get to know each other." Mista gave a small smile when he glanced back at Giorno. "That's if you two aren't busy of course."

Trish side glanced Giorno who was too busy giving a soft smile over to Mista, which Trish already knew was fake. Now for the reason behind why he was smiling at Mista with a fake smile was something she didn't know behind. Laughing nervously a bit as he adjusted the pink strands of hair from her bun. "Well you see--"

"No, we're not busy at all. We would love to get coffee with you. Together." The blonde was stating this with nothing but a fake smile again which was confusing the pink haired women even more.

"We-- I mean, yeah of course we can. You okay with it Gio?"

"Now why wouldn't I be?"

Mista pipped in before she can reply, making her head spin as she suddenly realized she might be third wheeling if she went "Great, I'll wait out here until you guys get your stuff."






"He doesn't like men." Giorno said this picking out the dead flowers that took over the fresh pot outside. "He was eyeing Trish the whole time, asking what she liked and what type of stuff she preferred."

Diego leaned on the wall beside the pot of flowers, arms crossed as he watched his nephew pick at the flowers. "Maybe he, he is um... Well you see, um... okay I got nothing. Shouldn't you be talking to the red-head about this?"


"You know who I meant." Diego picked up the flower that fell to the floor, twirling it around his hands. He looked over to his nephew and sighed, he was never good with the whole dating advice, especially when it came to deep moments. "How did the whole coffee date with you three actually go?"

"I just told you, he was eyeing Trish and asking her more questions about how she was and--"

Diego raised a finger to press them against the golden boys lips, stopping him from continuing on about how the boy he liked showed no interest. "I know, but how did he look at her is my question."

Those blue eyes blinked in thought before raising a hand to move Diego's finger. "Well, he glanced at her like, like... I don't know. I don't know how to describe it."

"Was it the way Dio looks at your father, the way Rohan looked before dating Josuke, or the way I look at Gyro when he starts talking about his weird cowboy shit?" Diego crossed his arms again while he waited for the other to think, which seemed for awhile since Giorno stood up and hummed.

Looking at the flowers then back at his uncle. "I guess the way you look at Gyro."

"So pretending to be interested."

"That's what he was doing?"

"I don't know, you said he seemed like that and that's how I am when listening to any Italian man really." Giorno glared at Diego which lead him to raise his hands in defense. "I mean, I listen respectfully and try my best to understand. Besides that, maybe he just wanted to seem interested in your Trish friend to impress you or something."

That did make sense, if you wanted to get close with someone you would want to get close with their friends. Right?

Too in thought, he didn't even notice Diego move around him, putting an arm around him with that signature grin those stupid Brando's have. We stupid Brando's. "Also, I have some news on the ammunition trade mark. I know someone who knows where it is and said that not even the well know Don knows it. Exciting right?"

"Wouldn't the Don just go after you once they realize someone is running it?"

"What harm can it bring?"

"If the Don is some ruthless person they could, oh I don't know, kill you."

Diego laughed at this, patting Giorno on his head as his shoulders shook. "Oh please, if they do that, that'll be a blessing. Anyways, I have to go. Stay out of trouble and much of luck with your Mista man Haruno."

Boots making a sound as they walked away, Giorno watched as his uncle leave and sigh. Why do I even put up with him.

Dusting off any dirt that plucked off from the dead flowers, Giorno glanced at the flowers before making his way back inside until he heard footsteps near by, turning to meet red eyes and familiar white hair. His presence made Giorno swallow the lump in his throat, the other speaking first before he could.

"Hey there kid. How's the business going?"

"Oh, h-hi, um, the business is pretty good actually. Wha-- Is, is something wrong? You don't usually stop by unless you come by to warn be about any near by crime." Giorno gave a soft smile to the other, watching as Risotto hummed, moving closer.

Risotto looked around to see only a few older women pass by before getting close to Giorno's space for only him to hear. "The Don may or may not have some type of interest in you so watch yourself."

The Don? Me? What, why?-- Wait. "So the whole thing about a Don living in Naples was real and you never told me?" Giorno spoke low for only Risotto to hear, crossing his arms when the taller man raised his eyebrow.

"Of course I didn't. It's top secret shit kid, I'm not just going to go tell everyone. It's my job not to." Risotto and Giorno stared each other off before the golden boy broke the so-called ice in the atmosphere with another smile. Making Risotto roll his eyes biting back a smile. "Stop with the smiling, don't you ever get tired of it?"

Giorno shook his head as he lead the way back into the store, hearing the other man follow. "Nope, it's part of what makes me a gentleman."

"Speaking of gentleman, your father still with Dio?" Risotto said this side glancing at a few flowers they passed by. "He still staying with the man who almost killed him?"

"Yes and yes." Giorno went around in the isles to check on the flowers he had barely put in this morning, feeling the taller mans presence move over to the other side of him. Checking out the flowers around them. "Did you want to buy any new flowers for you and Prosciutto? The Camellia's finally bloomed and came in last night, I know how much you two like those."

Risotto hummed, giving a soft smile as he viewed a chamomile. "Nah, next time, I have some where to be and only came by to let you know. You're a good kid Giorno, don't get into too much trouble and... be careful with the people you trust."

With that, Giorno only nodded and watch as Risotto leave. Waving his hand when the older man turned himself around to make his way out.

"Take care." Giorno said with a soft smile.

Finally Giorno was alone in his shop, letting out a sigh and a good chance to think about if he had anymore shots with Mista.

I mean, I'm sure he's just trying to get close with me by my friends. Right? We had that moment in the shop where he brushed my hair away. Then again, what if it was nothing? No no, I'm sure it was something.

Just gotta have hope.






"You know Mista, you trying to hit on the flower boy is all pretty cute and all but don't you think it's just a little bit dangerous?"

Guido Mista could not believe his ears, neither could Fugo by the look on his face as the two glanced over to Narancia who sat there eating the strawberry cake they ordered, picking his gaze up to meet them with an eyebrow raised.


"You? Telling me dating advice? Are you really Narancia or are you an enemy stand user?" Mista smiled as he picked at the strawberries on his cake.

Fugo hummed as he nodded, tilting his head like a confused dog. "Yeah what's that about? Who are you to say a relationship is dangerous?"

Narancia blushed a bit as he slammed his hands on the table. "Hey hey! I can give some dating advice you know! I've been spending a lot of time reading like you asked Fugo, and realized some type of relationships there are in romance books."

This caused Fugo to snort, brushing back his white blond hair. "Oh really? Very well, entertain us and tell us why Mista hitting on Giorno is dangerous, Narancia?"

"I'm serious guys! Don't you know those type of relationships when the guy has a dangerous job and the girl is scared her lover will die though the guy says he's scared he'll put her in danger so they break it off because he thinks his job is more important than their relationship." Narancia continued off while Mista and Fugo side eyed each other, shrugging as they continued to listen. "And how the girl state's how he doesn't know what he's missing and so the whole movie ends with the guy dying protecting his love one even though his love one thinks there could've been another way."

Mista sipped his tea, raising an eyebrow. "You... you think I'm gonna die Nara?"

"No... but if you aren't careful then yeah. Maybe."

Fugo was the one to laugh and slap a hand on the table, using his other hand to cover his mouth. Mista smiled as he shook his head, taking another sip from his tea.

"S-say you're joking Narancia?" Fugo said this between giggles, Mista chuckling a bit since he's never really seen Fugo laugh much. "Damn, that's funny."

"Guys! Be serious here, what I'm saying is all facts!"

Mista shook his head with a grin while Narancia pouted over at a still laughing Fugo. Abbacchio walked in with a hum as he went over to the coffee maker and thanking the Lord those damn kids weren't stupid enough to forget to make coffee for all of them.


Another hum as his answer over to Narancia.

"Tell Mista that it's totally bad for him to mess around with that Giorno guy."

Giorno. Who was he-- oh right, never mind. He turned around to the group, raising an eyebrow as he took a sip of his coffee, black as usual. "That damn flower boy?"


"Why should I care who Mista fucks?"

Mista nodded his head leaning against the chair with his arms folded. "Yes, thank you Abba, no one should care-- Hey wait! I'm not trying to get with him to just do that!"

Again. Another hum from Abbacchio as he looked through the fridge.

Fugo snickered again as he sighed. "Hey, you may never know Giorno might be doing that to you."

"Giorno is literally an angel! He would never."

"Hey, you may never know."

Abbacchio moved over to sit with the group, eyes close to take a deep breath in from his coffee. "In all honesty I do know his dad's a whore so who knows. He might be." He read whatever was on the newspaper, eating the last bagel with cream cheese enjoying the silence. Until he looked up to see all the boys staring at him. "What?"

Mista opened his mouth to speak before closing it again, rubbing his finger on his bottom lip before staring up again. "You-- What?-- Don't you what me! You know his dad?!"

The older man smirked as he nodded. "Oh of course I do. Buccarati knows to."


And right at that moment Bruno walked in with a yawn, adjusting his hair in the mirror the kitchen had and froze when all the eyes were on him now. "What is it? The back of my hair still sticking up again?"

Mista stood up from his seat, knee on the chair as he gave a astonished expression over to him. "You know Giorno's dad?"

Bruno glared over at Abbacchio, who simply hid himself in the newspaper, sighing out a soft sigh as he nodded. "He's, well, he's very well known actually."

Narancia and Fugo were both now intrigued, the smaller boy pipping up now. "Is he some type of well known thug or something?"

"Maybe he's a famous actor." Fugo stated.

"No! Maybe, a news reporter since Giorno's so involved in nature."

Mista rolled his eyes at this before glance back at Bruno, who simply smiled at the boys guesses. Abbacchio rolled his eyes as well before setting the paper down with a sigh. "Dio Brando. His father is Dio Brando, does it ring any bells?"

The room got silent again, Fugo's shocked expression making him drop the fork he was using to eat with on the floor and suddenly stand up with the rest finally. "You mean to tell us that damn pretty flower boy is the son of some old ammunition trader?!"

Abbacchio scuffed. "He's not pretty you know--"

"Dio Brando, along with his brother Diego Brando, are part of Giorno's family." Fugo could all but laugh at this, which he did for a bit before brushing his hair back. "This is such a fucking coincidence. I mean sure no one worry that the FACT that this dude is the son of Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando, the ultimate perfect child of this whole entire world. Have you seen his parents like holy hell--"

"Wait, Jonathan Joestar? The Joestar family? What do they have to do with this?" Abbacchio was the one to comment this, glancing over at Bruno who wore a confused expression as well. "You know about this?"

"To be completely honest, no. No I didn't."

Mista was sitting down now as he took in this information. Messing with his lips as he thought back about Giorno's appearance.

"Fugo how do you know about him being with Jonathan? And how do you know it's sure?"

"Oh come on. The dude was a huge fan of bragging whenever he got the chance. Heard it around when I was still stuck at the, you know, damn school." Fugo sat down now too, calming down from the whole news and all. "Anyways, he said something about how him and the famous Jonathan Joestar have a child of their own back in something-something Britain I think. Heard around the street that--"

"Didn't Giorno say England?"



"Stop interrupting." Surprisingly, a fork was not thrown to him which made Narancia sigh in relief. "As I was saying, Jonathan and Dio are a both well known couple in the underground world, well they were. I learned this when the troubled kids hid behind my school."

Bruno nodded as he rubbed his chin, glancing over at Abbacchio with raises eyebrows before switching his gaze to Mista now. "Well now, that's, interesting I guess. This kid has it all. Besides that, Mista how did the date go?"

Date? Date, speed dating, yes. No. Wait. RIGHT GIORNO. Mista sat back up and rubbed at the back of his neck, giving a nervous chuckle as he remembered back to the date this morning. "W-well, um, I know you told me to get to know Trish and all to see how she was on her clothing line but um, it's sort of hard when I have the blond boring his eyes into my head."

Fugo snickered as he leaned on the table intrigued. "Oh yeah, I could figure why. You were going to re-catch on a date with the blond and decided to bring his friend over. Now that's, a huge cock block."

"So Trish is fine?"

"Yeah, she seems very confident in her clothing line and thinks it'll do great thanks to her father's trade coming up to help her dealings." Mista thought back to the way her eyes sparkled when he asked about it, her going on and on about which type of fabric she uses.

Then Giorno popped in his mind and groaned as he watch the blank expression he got when they had split ways. He had only received a simple bye and watched as he turned to leave, Mista doesn't know if the mission to see if Trish was any thing like her father, ruined his chance with Giorno. It made Mista place his head on the table now, remembering how there was no light of happiness in the golden boys eyes when they all went their ways.

Abbacchio scuffed as he placed the paper down again, sipping more of his coffee. "What's got you depressed all of a sudden?"

"I probably screwed up my chance with Giorno."

Fugo sighed shaking his head. "This again, I told you, you screwed up when you lied to him about you being a college student in the first place."

"Now now." Bruno began. "You were only trying to see if Trish was any evil person like her dad. Now that's that, we can figure and try to find hints on where Dio's trade mark is."

Mista understood what he had to do but he just didn't want to get anyone hurt when he did. As in hurt he meant feelings, especially to Giorno, he's hurt many people before. Physically more than mentally, but he still just didn't want to hurt the most nicest person he's ever met. So when he gave a quick nod with his order, he noticed Bruno eyeing him closely.

"Mista, I understand that you like this boy, but we need business to take care of." Bruno continued, with an easing smile. "So, go ahead and try to hit the shot of trying to win him over, but just know you have a job to do."

"Well. Wouldn't it be easier to date him and just get the information out of him already?" Narancia was the one to say this which earned him a punch in the arm from Mista. "Ow! Hey what was that for?"

"There's no way in hell I'll date him just for information! I'd just being using him."

Fugo hummed in agreement. "I agree on that, sure he might've fucked up already but he doesn't need to fuck up even more."

Abbacchio rolled his eyes at this, arms crossed as he thought about it now. When he made eye contact with Bruno, all he did was shrug as his answer on what he thought about the whole thing.

Bruno sighed as he adjusted his hair again. "Well, if there is no other option."

And that's how the room went quiet, Mista messed with his bottom lip as he continued too deep in thoughts. So he sat down as he started to contemplate the options he had. Bruno was stating if there was other option he would have to take further steps and try and seduce Giorno as soon as possible.

It sound fine sure but he wanted to have a big moment with the blond, hell he hasn't even taken the boy to a proper date or anything, and he's over here already deciding on how to ask him out would be.

The word "using" is what made Mista iffy about the situation because that's what is basically was, if Mista needed the information then he had to go and do his job. It was either wait for who knows how long to let Giorno become a close friend for him to open up, or date him and already ask the personal questions.

If not that, there were other options, but Mista didn't like the mafia way.

So finally sighing, Mista stood up again determined. "I want to try my way first. Let me try and get close for he can open up to me. And if that doesn't work then, I can try and, get a relationship with him."

"I like how we believe Mista has a shot with the golden boy in the first place." Fugo, always Fugo, commented this.

Abbacchio had smiled at this as well, raising an eyebrow to Mista. "That's true, what makes you think you have a shot with that damn kid?"

"Were just gonna see how lucky I am." Mista checked his phone and noticed the time, quickly taking off his usual hat and throwing it on the table. "Even better, I'll start the mission right now, my way first."

The whole grouped watched as Mista left in a rush, Bruno watching with an eyebrow raised and a quick shake with his head. Abbacchio just sighed as he moved to get up from the table finally. "This wasn't what I thought when you said you had something in mind Bruno."

"I need to find the stupid trade before anyone else does. I'm taking precaution." Bruno didn't look at the older man, or the other two who sat quiet. "This is Mista's decisions. He could simply do his job and get the information, no strings attached. But if he feels like he has a connection with Giorno, so be it."

Chapter Text

The the time finally struck 6 and Giorno wasted no time in closing up the shop already, making sure everything was tidy for tomorrow. He yawned when he stepped outside to lock the door, and that's when he felt his phone ring. The caller I.D on his phone read Diego and sighed when he picked it up. "Hello?"

"Sound so tired. How was work?"

"Felt like forever but I just closed shop. Did you need something?" Giorno barely put the key in his bag before stopping to see a familiar face walking his way, though they seemed focus on their phone rather than their surrounding and it made Giorno anxious.

"Yeah actually, I'll be heading out soon, going to go deal with somethings."


"Okay? That's it? Not a little curious baby Haruno?"


"Are you even paying attention?"

"Yes, look, Diego I'll call you later, make sure you lock the door when you leave."

"You're not even paying attention--"

"Okay bye Diego."

"I'm going to go take over the mafia--"

"Have fun."


The golden blonde ended the call before Diego can continue, standing by his door until Mista finally looked up and smile brightly at Giorno, which made Giorno do the same as well even thought he didn't want to. "Giorno, I was actually going to head in but," He looked at the store them back at Giorno. "Looks like you closed shop."

Giorno hummed as he brushed his blond hair away. "Yeah sorry, if you wanted to buy any flowers I'll get you in tomorrow morning. So tell me the flowers and I'll--"

Mista raised his hand to stop Giorno from talking, a small smile fitting his lips. "Actually, I was coming by to see if you weren't doing anything."

Me? Doing anything? Never? "If I was doing anything?"

"Yeah." Mista rubbed at the back of his neck, the beanie he wore at the moment moving as he did. "I wanted to see if you wanted to, hang out?"

"Hang out?"


Giorno felt a weird thought run through his head. The words his uncle said this morning came to mind, then to what Trish said earlier as well.

I'm sure he's just trying to find ways to get even more closer to you.

Guido Mista was a very weird man, hard to read his emotions a bit and to what he thinks. So Giorno simply nodded without realizing it, smiling happily when Mista did as well. "Uh, yeah?"


"I mean, yes, I'd love to hang out with you." Giorno was smiling with such warmth, he has never had this effect with anyone in so long before, besides his family an all but he's never felt this way after his mother died.

It's been years since he's ever shared such a bright smile with warmth and relaxation in it. So when Mista smiled he simply looked around a bit before looking back at the blonde. "Great, that's great. Um, wanna go get some, um, food?"

"I could eat."

Hearing this had made Mista's face glow up and clasp his hands together. "Great! Do you have a certain place you wanna go? I can go anywhere really."

All Giorno could do was smile like an idiot as he chuckled, this man had a weird effect to Giorno and he simply didn't mind at all, the blonde has never met anyone like Mista. He was talkative, that's for one, attractive, charming and someone Giorno couldn't help but state he was sort of falling for, even though he's barely met him.

"You choose, you probably know the area more than I do. So lead the way." Giorno gave him a sweet smile which Mista gave one back as he nodded.

"Nice, I know like a whole bunch of places since me and the group would always go whenever... class was over." Mista turned to lead the way, pulling on Giorno's sleeve a bit to bring him at the same walking pace with him. "So I know we've never really talked a lot, we've always been getting like food and then leaving cause class or work related stuff have always been in the way. But, I was thinking maybe we could be friends, get to know each other, make you a regular with my group of friends. Start texting you more often and all like what friends do."

Regular with his group of friend? That sounds nice but how would I know they would like me? Giorno only hummed in agreement. "I see. Are you sure you're not using that as an excuse for my number?"

Mista's ears had tinted to a nice pink. "Well, I mean, how else would I bug you and tell you how I want to die half of the time thanks to lectures. But if you don't feel comfortable then that's alright with me, I totally understand."

Hearing this only made Giorno smirk as he bumped his shoulder with Mista's, walking faster to take the lead. "You're quite a charmer Mista." The other man quickly move to catch up to reach Giorno, continuing to walk the same pace again. "I'll give it to you when we're done eating, yeah?"

Those pure black eyes gave Giorno a warmth feeling when he glanced to meet them, seeing how the other man smiled happily to him. "Yeah man, I don't mind, as long as I get your number."

"Glad to hear." Very glad. Which left him smiling like an idiot as they continued to walk.



They didn't take long to choose a place since Mista stated the closer the faster they could get food already. So they picked a pretty small place that Giorno had to cover his face since he knew this place and the owner who knew it, who also knew Josuke. So he quickly turned his head away when one of the servers came to them. "Table for two?"


"Okay, right this way." The waitress smiled sweetly and took them to one of the open booths.

Mista simply followed while Giorno did every thing in his power to make sure Josuke's friend didn't spot him or anything, he didn't want Josuke and his friends spreading more stuff about him that weren't even true. Like that one time where Josuke joked he was a vampire thanks to his dad and a few asked if he had the teeth. Don't want to go through that again.

What caught his attention next is when Mista raised his eyebrow over at him, tilting his head a bit like a confused dog. "You okay?"

"Yeah yeah, just, thinking a bit. About what you said, you wanted to get to know each other, so can I ask what you major in?" That was a question that's filled the others head for quiet a while actually, he didn't really seem like an artsy guy, sort of an engineer kind of guy.

Mista paused for a moment before snapping his fingers and nodding. "Photography. Yeah, I do photography."

"Photography? You're serious?" Giorno brighten up from hearing this. It could come in handy for making business cards having the pictures of his flowers on the back of his card. He scooted in closer while Mista just rubbed the back of his neck. "I guess I should've know, your professor did wear an elegant type of suit."

As that was said, a minute of silence had passed but Giorno pipped up again. "Um, so--"

"Mista! We're starving!"

"Yeah, you haven't fed us since lunch and that was at one!!"

The blonde watched as Mista's stands popped out from his beanie, the pistols eyeing him as he looked around to see if the people weren't paying too much mind to them. Which weren't, making Mista sigh and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Come on, seriously?" He sighed.

"Mista please!" Five was the one to say this, looking like he was on the verge of tears all the time.

"Yeah! Giorno wouldn't mind, right Giorno?" And that's when the little pistols turned over to glance at the blonde, who couldn't help but smile at them.

"Of course I don't mind. I'll be happy to have a share of food with you guys." Right when Giorno smiled to the pistols, they all chirped loudly at this, which made the blonde look around to see if there was any other stand user near by, but still no one paid no attention to them, and if there was a stand user they probably didn't care anyways.

Mista just sigh as he smiled at the pistols then up at Giorno. "You guys are lucky Giorno doesn't mind" He whispered.

The pistols just chirped again and moved to hide back in Mista's beanie. Leaving the two alone with themselves once again. When he glanced back up at Giorno he was too busy looking at the menu now, eyes scanning the whole list to see what to pick. "Some soup sounds nice right?"

"Hey pick whatever man, I eat anything." When Mista picked up his menu and saw the soup list he actually saw what Giorno was talking about, the picture actually made it look good. "On second thought, yeah, soup does sound nice."

Giorno laughed, like genuinely laughed and covered his mouth with his hand, it was so fucking cute to Mista that he almost died right there and then. When he finished he giggled a bit when he met eyes with Mista again.

"Sorry just, I've never met someone like you ever. Everyone is always so professional to me thanks to my father's and how I look." Giorno was giving him a soft smile but Mista couldn't focus on that since Giorno had given him a hint to his personal life.

His father's. Even though he already knew them, he had to act like he never heard of them. Which brought back the thought that Mista was using him and he had to bite his tongue to stop thinking that.

Calmly, adjusting his beanie a bit, he placed the menu down to face Giorno clearly. "Who are you dads anyways? If you don't mind me asking?"

Giorno placed his menu down and smirked, leaning on his palm as he moved closer. The way those lips pulled to make that smirk did a huge fucking affect to Mista that he wished didn't. FUCK STOP PLEASE. YOU'RE KILLING ME HERE YOU BEAUTIFUL ANGEL!

"Promise not to tell?"

Mista had took about zero seconds to grin and scoot closer. "Not a soul."

"Okay." Giorno took a glance around before looking back at the other man. "My dad's are Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando. Heard of them?"

"Uh, yeah I've heard of your dad Jonathan before but not your other one." Mista lied smoothly hoping it was convincing.

Which was since Giorno hummed and crossed his arms on the table. "Good, you don't need to know much about him anyways."

"Wait, didn't you say he was the one you look like more, and doesn't he have a brother since one of your relatives came by to tell you your uncle stopped by?" Mista didn't know if he fucked up since Giorno's eyes blown wide, that was until he heard a chuckled and mentally sighed out in relief.

"You have a good memory."

"Thanks. But, to go back on your statement, you may look professional and all but you've never looked scary to me." Mista said this leaning on his palm now, watching as Giorno leaned on his arms. "To be honest, you looked like someone who kind of caught my attention a lot."


And Mista didn't know if that was flirtatious or not but he still picked his head up and raise his hands in defense. "I mean! I don't mean it in that way, but I mean, I guess I do since I'm trying to be you're friend and all and that's how friends meet. But what I mean is I didn't mean it in that way way, you know?

Giorno raised his eyebrow before simply giving a soft laugh. "I knew what you meant Mista."

"Right, of course you did, there's was no point in explaining myself."

This made Giorno laugh again which made Mista feel so many things since he got to make this man laugh. It was no lie that it sent so many butterflies to his stomach. Mista was too busy watching the way the other laughed and didn't even noticed their server stopped by to take their orders.

Giorno was quick to just order a vegetable soup choosing a raspberry ice tea as his drink. Mista ordering nothing but a regular soup with water his drink since none of the other drinks seemed good at the moment.

As the server left to set their orders Mista messed with the napkins the silverware came in. "So, England, how's it like up there?"

The golden boy hummed, tilting his head as he seemed to think back at the time he spent there.

"Weather was pretty okay, everyone usually minded their buisness but intervene when needed." Giorno messed with the silverware instead of the napkin, until he stopped playing with the fork and gave a smile over to Mista. "I forgot to tell you that the reason why my uncle stopped by was because he's trying to take over my father's old job."

Now we're getting somewhere "Oh? What did your father work as?"

"He was a business owner." When Giorno simply states that, he smirked when he met eyes with Mista. "That's all I can say, sorry."

Mista replied calmly, shrugging as he leaned back. "It's fine, it's your personal stuff, I wouldn't want to overstep your boundaries. I understand."

Giorno seemed to wore a serious expression on his face as he said this, blinking at the other for a bit before nodding in agreement.

"Yeah, thank you." Giorno turned away at this, looking around at the other people instead. Did I say something wrong?

He couldn't know since the server had already brought their food and drinks, which seemed to drop the weird pause they had and moved to get situated. That was until he watched the pistols move out to look at what they brought.

"Soup? What kind?"

"Ooh I like soup!"

"No one asked."

Seven, Six, and Three argued about this while Five moved over to Giorno and watched as he blew on a spoonful he had and smile when Giorno hinted the little pistols can get some. "Be careful now, it may be a bit hot." When 5 took some the rest of the pistols couldn't help but go over to Giorno and see if they can get some. Mista was about to say something before Giorno chuckled a bit getting more hot soup, blowing on it to share to the pistols.

"You don't have to share with them, they're spoiled brats anyways." Mista said this after taking a sip of his water, in which the pistols replied with whines. "Don't be crying, you all know I'm right."

"Oh I don't mind." Giorno said this after finally taking a some of his soup. "Which reminds me, when did you get your stand?"

When I joined the mafia. "When I was about, um, 17, I was sort of late bloomer. How about you?"

"When I was 1 I think, or 2?"

Naturally Born with a stand.

"I see" Mista watched as the pistols moved to his bowl now to get more of his soup instead. Good. "So, do you have any particular flower you like?"

This question made Good think for awhile before shaking his head. "Nope. I like all flowers."

A small chuckle from the other man made Mista knew he asked a stupid question. "I should've known that. Okay let me think of another question." Watching the pistols eat from his soup, then meeting Giorno's eyes a bit, then over to the servers moving around to take orders. Like a light bulb, his brain lit up. "Favorite color"

"Pink. You?"

"Blue. Okay, your favorite desert?"

"Chocolate pudding."


Giorno smirked when he popped the spoon out his mouth. "I'm a sucker for chocolate pudding, what can I say?"

The two continued to finish their food, talking about what they each liked and what they prefered in food. Mista was getting more and more information on Giorno he never figured the man could've liked. Mista spoke about his but made up half of the things when Giorno asked about the photography classes. Which left Mista wince internally for lying to this golden man.

Finally paying, the two spitting it, and moving together to leave the area and breath in the midnight cool air. Giorno smiled when he glanced at Mista and leaned on his heels back and fourth.

"Thank you." He said as Mista adjusted, who moved to hide his hands in his pockets. "For taking me to hang out."

"Oh yeah no problem, let's do it again soon."

Giorno shook his head happily, quickly pulling a small notebooks and pen, scribbling on the paper and tearing it off to hand it over to Mista. "Here. Text me when you want to hang out again."

Mista would've forgotten it in all honesty. "Oh, yeah, thanks."

"See you around Mista."

And that's how he found his eyes watching the way Giorno left, nodding as he tried to take in the fact that he got the blondes number. "Yeah." When Giorno turned the corner of the block Mista cheered with his fist in the air and quickly moved to head back home. "Just wait till Fugo here's about this."






It was early and Giorno sat in a restaurant booth with Joylne looking through the menu, checking out what to order. Josuke sat next to her as he checked on the time, seeing if he got any type of notification.

"I want those crepe things." Joylne said finally, after look at the menu for a whole minute before looking over at Giorno. "Please?"

"Sure, I'll pay." Giorno brought out his wallet, although Josuke was quick to raise his hand and pull out his card.

"Nope, I got this, besides I said I'd take you guys out. It's on me, you pay next time." Josuke already had the waitress over to them and take his card to go swipe at the register.

Giorno just smiled and roll his eyes, Jolyne giggling at his reactions and Josuke's stupid grin.

It was true though, Josuke had said the three of them haven't hung out ever since the last holiday and he wanted to see how they were all doing. How Jolyne feels about starting high school and how Giorno is with all his business and moving away crap, Josuke just liked the whole "young Joestar's hang out."

Even though Jolyne was a Kujo, Josuke a Higashikata, and Giorno taking the Giovanna name to hide his Brando-Joestar last namenso no would make a big deal, Josuke still liked to keep the whole young Joestar stuff and the two just rolled with it.

Rohan was out doing his "artsy stuff" as Josuke likes to say it and Josuke said he and Jolyne felt bored and decided to check on how Giorno was doing.

"You didn't have work today Gio?" Jolyne placed her chin on her hand as they waited.

The golden boy simply shaking his head and just sighing. "I decided to close today."

"Why's that?"

"Don't know the reason behind it myself but I do know it probably involves me being a bit homesick." The blond leaned on his palm and thought about how it was living with his parents again.

How his fathers would always argue about tiny little things, his mother never caring one bit and only continuing the story she was reading to Giorno. His mother was Erina Pendleton and she was a beautiful woman, she was everything a man could ever wanted. She was smart, pretty, funny, strong and did he mention pretty already.

Erina had stayed with Dio and Jonathan after so many years, Dio had offered to let her live forever by turning her but she simply refused and stated she would live her life fully. Giorno knows though that his padre had possibly transferred his blood secretly to her since she lived for such long time. Like, long enough for Giorno to be born and grow up. She had passed when he was 7 and it was the worst feeling he ever felt.


Giorno cuddled close to his mom, eyes trying their best to keep open as Erina continued to read the story he picked. That was until she closed the book and ran her hand through Giorno's black hair, which almost made him sleep right there and then if she didn't speak up.

"Giorno honey, let's get you to bed now shall we?" She had learned the training of hamon thanks to Jonathan and their daughter-in-law, it made her looking stunning, as if she was still in her golden ages. "Giorno?"

"You like Giorno?"

"Pardon sweetie?"

The small boy moved to sit up and mess with his button up as he shyly looked away now. "Padre calls me Haruno, mama. But you and father call me Giorno, so do you guys like Giorno?"

Erina smiled, that gentle smile that could light up any room she entered. She reached over to cup Giorno's cheeks and give him a quick kiss on his forehead. "You have a long name my child, and I blame that all on those two damn fools." Her smile grew bigger when Giorno giggled. "You are a Joestar, and if you want your first name to be Giorno then so be it. Giorno means "day" in Italy, and you always brighten me up when I see you."



"I love you, and father and padre." He moved to hug her, tightly, as he pressed close to her. Smelling that gentle perfume she always wore that always reminded him of a bouquet of roses.

The older woman hummed as she rubbed at Giorno's back to reconcile the hug back. "I love you as well, Giorno."


"Giorno? Hello, Giorno." Josuke waved a hand in front of the golden blonds vision which seemed to break the haze Giorno was in. "Hey man, we thought we lost you there. Everything okay?"

The memories of his mother always meant something, which meant he was feeling really homesick or it was a secret message of some sort. So when he glanced back over to Jolyne and Josuke, he shyly rubbed the back of his neck and bring his tea close to his lips. "Eh, memories of mom showed up."

"Oh shit man, you okay?" Josuke gave a worried expression while Jolyne raised an eyebrow in confusion.

"Who's mom?"

"My mom." Giorno began.

Which made Jolyne even more confused. "But wait, hold up, you have two dads?" Josuke only shook his head as he planted his hand on top of her head and shake her a bit. "Hey watch the hair!"

Giorno smiled as he took a all from his tea. "Yeah, I know. It's a huge complicated story to talk about Jolyne, next time I'll tell you about it. Okay?"

"Okay, yeah sure." Jolyne didn't mind since her crepe had finally came and she smiled with such joy. Josuke sighed in relief as he scooted closer to Giorno.

"You sure you're alright? You can always tell me." Josuke gave him his usual reassuring smile that reminded Giorno of the way his father did. The blonde always knew Josuke shared a huge similarity with his father, even though he still had a little of Jospeh in him, he had a huge part of Jonathan as well.

The golden smiled gently at Josuke and nod his head, "I'm fine, I usually call my father's when I dream of her so it's not too much you have to worry about."

Violet eyes stared for a couple of minutes until they both turned over to look at Jolyne when she made a loud humming sound. "This is good, you all should try some. Here." She raised up her fork towards Giorno and he simply shook his head. "Come on! Please Giogio?"

Her aqua green vibrant eyes had turned into puppy eyes and Giorno sighed since he knew he could never say no to that. "Okay." When he took her fork he always already knew how the crepe tasted, thanks to Trish always pestering him to try some. "You can really taste the strawberries."

"I know right! Josuke, you try next."

Watching as Josuke and Jolyne started to share the crepe now, the mention of Trish made him see if she texted him, she said she had work early so she never had time to chat. He ended up seeing one notification coming from her, tapping on it to see what she wanted.

Trish: hey, just saw your uncle talking with Risotto

Is that something we should worry about?

Giorno: No?



Trish: what you mean you don't know, I'm down by the docks getting my fabric ready

I'm asking if I should do something to stop your uncle

I mean, remember, criminal record

Giorno: Yes I know

just leave him

Trish: G I O R N O G I O V A N N A

There is no way in hell we'll let you uncle, Diego, walk the streets of Naples who looks almost exactly like Dio who also, by the way, has a c r i m i n a l RECORD!!!

Giorno stared at the text longer than expected before finally sighing out and standing up. "Look, I'm sorry to ruin our little session but Trish wants me to head down to the docks with her so, I'll see you guys later. I'll pay next time." He smiled when Josuke nodded his head, Jolyne gave a small pout until Giorno patted her head carefully and watched that pout turn into a grin.




Trish leaned on the wall where she saw Giorno's uncle grinned devilishly at what Risotto was saying. She had binoculars to view what she can see, there were crates around and only saw the way Diego glanced at them. What could he being doing with Risotto at this time?

"So, what we looking at?" Giorno stood besides Trish while she jumped back from the sudden disturbance.

"Don't scare me like that!" Calming down with a sigh as she passed him the binoculars. "Look over by the right and check for yourself."

Giorno did as he was told and meet with other golden hair and the white neat hair that stood out from Risotto's hat. The two were just chatting, Diego keeping his stupid grin and laughing at whatever Risotto had to say. He's sure it was nothing funny but his uncle was possibly just playing the part. Watching for a minute or two, he handed back the binoculars over to Trish again and shrug at her.

"That's it, a shrug?" Trish was giving him a confused expression, a smile trying to hide her annoyance. "Giorno, your uncle to talking to one of the leads to the Don, he can get into trouble."

"If he does, so be it. I'm not like my padre to go join him and talk about how us Brando's are so high and mighty." Giorno turned to leave until he remembered a familiar light blond hair man standing near the buildings blocks besides them, who Giorno knew was too be Fugo. Fugo?

Trish crossed her arms as she made her way over besides Giorno. "Someone you know?"

"Yeah, it was one of Mista's friends from the store. Fugo if I remember clearly." Giorno rubbed at his bottom lip, glancing over to Trish. "Should I talk with him?"

"I mean if you want to? I don't know, why? Do you think you should?"

She had a point, he only knew Fugo as Mista's friend and classmate, and there was no reason to intervene with him if he had wanted nothing from him. Too much in his head, Trish only sighed and brushed her shoulder with his as she walked passed him.

"Lets just go." She claimed. "He can probably give us hints on your lover boy and what he likes. And see if he's gay or not."

Trish was already walking over to Fugo which made Giorno speed walk to catch up with her. "Hey hey, don't go walking without me. You don't even know him."

"Eh, so what, I'm good with meeting people." She wore big smile on her face as they made their way up the docks and to where Fugo was standing.

Fugo was checking his phone constantly to see if Bruno wanted him to intervene or not. This whole mission would've been a fuck up if it weren't for him, he made sure everything was in place to work exactly how it was. That was until he glanced over to the left of him and noticed two figures walking his way.

One he remember clearly and the other unknown to him. Giorno smiled as he approached the other and simply nodded his head. "Hello Fugo, it's nice to see you again."

"G-Giorno, hey!" Fugo hadn't mean to stutter but it had already happened and he felt like a screw up. So he cleared his throat and breathe out one last breath. "Uh, sorry. Anyways, hey how's it going?"

"Pretty alright, I came by to check on my friend Trish." He gestured his hand over to Trish, who quickly took Fugo's hand without warning.

Fugo blinked in surprised but calmly smiled. "I'm Fugo."

"So I've heard. Trish Una."

"Trish Una? Like the Trish Una?" Fugo expression had changed, like he was shocked to hear her name.

Trish had only nodded and cross her arms, already stepping in front of Giorno to get close to Fugo, who took small steps back at the same time. "What? Am I someone you're suppose to be away from?"

Fugo had quickly raised his hands in defense giving a shy smile again. "No no, not at all I just--"

"Just what?"

"I just... heard about your clothing line and I'm happy to be meeting you. Giorno I didn't know you knew her, you're so lucky." Fugo nervously chuckled, making Trish scoot back and smile now, her attitude totally changing out of no where, Giorno knew she was bipolar.

Giorno had only switched gazes from Fugo and Trish now to see what more what was going to happen.

Trish had instead finally gave him a bright smile, brushing away one of her pink strands of hair. "You follow my blog?"

"Yeah, and I'm always checking to see if you posted anything... on your website."

The golden blond couldn't help but raise an eyebrow, Fugo didn't seem like the type with fashion since, well, looking at the holes in his clothes. Didn't seem to make any sense at all but hey, whatever, Giorno wasn't one to judge. "What brings you here Fugo? You guys and the professor out on another field trip?"

When Fugo glanced over at Giorno, he seemed to relax a bit, giving a soft smile as he nodded. "Yeah, actually, he sent us a project to find some hidden clues around the docks. Something like that."

"Oh, so--"

"Yeah." Fugo interrupted with a grin. "He's with us too. But he's a little busy at the moment. He teamed up with Narancia."

Giorno felt his ears burn from the call out but only nodded to hide that fact that they were. "Haha, I see. Well, would your professor mind if we went out to get a few refreshments for your group? He wouldn't mind if we went together to fetch them?" The blond watched the shock expression grow on Fugo's face again until he rubbed at the back of his neck.

"Let me um, let me call him real quick. Excuse me." Fugo had maneuvered around the two to take a couple of huge steps away from them.

Which gave time for Trish to glare over at Giorno with a raised eyebrow. "You going to hit on his friend too?"

Side eyeing Trish, all Giorno did was smile and roll his eyes at his friends statement. "I'm not hitting on his friend. Im going to be friendly to the people Mista trust."

"So he can have more reason to fall in love with you."

"Oh just shut up."

Trish was smirking now, having a whole staring contest with Giorno, waiting to see who would break first. None of them know who did since Fugo came back and they had both at the same time glance over at him, who gave a small smile at Giorno. "He doesn't mind. We could go."

"Great." Giorno stood up straighter and glanced over at Trish. "You wanna come?"

"Naw, I have to get back to the docks and see if those damn men did the job. You guys go on, and say hi to Mista for me when you see him." Trish gave a quick wink over to Giorno before nodding her head at Fugo. "It was nice to meet you Fugo, sorry for scaring you, see you around."

Fugo and Giorno watched as Trish made her way back down to the docks and once she was a good distance, Fugo has let out a sigh, his shoulders relaxing. "I'm sorry." He said giving a gentle smile over to Giorno. "Your friend really scared me there, she's um, intimidating."

This made Giorno chuckle since he knew that already. She became like that after the months staying hidden from her father's assassins. She had always stuck by Dio whenever Giorno went out to work over at Britain. Dio loved her and Trish looked up to him, get them in the same room and it was like two diva gods. And Giorno did not like being in the same room at those two cause they always attack him.

So he gave a bright smile to Fugo, playing with his hands a bit as he normally did on little awkward situations. "Yeah that's Trish for you, I swear she's nice, it's just that she gets suspicious of people. I apologize in advance for her." Looking at Fugo he watched the way his mouth slightly parted and shake his head quickly to nod.

"Right yeah, um, you said you wanted to get drinks?"