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Fine Arts

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Taking fine arts wasn’t a thing you really wanted to do as a second-year student in Animation, but it was required as a side subject to finish credits and you honestly didn’t mind. You studied fine arts in high school and knew the fundamentals, you just couldn’t be bothered to follow through with it – it was boring and repetitive.

Your professor was Noriaki Kakyoin, a Japanese professor known by all of the students yet mysterious to all, his odd yet endearing aura pushing away those who try to come close to him. You were excited to be in his class, but worried about what's to come – what if he grades harshly, focuses too much on detail and his own style rather than letting students follow through with their own? You pushed those thoughts away as you sip your coffee slowly, reading over the course.

You found yourself running to the classroom, 5 minutes late and clutching your equipment in your hands, underestimating how long it would actually take you to get to the class. You rush in, panting and profusely apologizing to your professor as you took your seat. Your class had 15 students, all sitting in a circle on their own chairs and facing their easels, and they were listening intently to what professor Kakyoin was saying.

“I accept no late assignments, even if it’s one minute late.” He walked around the classroom, eyeing everyone carefully, his long red bang bouncing along with his movements.

“I expect you all to be on time to my classes, as attendance is important,” He shoots you a look and you feel embarrassed, looking away from his gaze. “We will draw from life these next few weeks, and you may be picked out to be drawn by others – don’t be shy, we’re only 16 people in the classroom, so you should all be aiming to work together.”

He starts the class by instructing you all to draw a shell from life, letting you pick one out of the selection he's made, and handing you all charcoal pencils. You plugged one earphone into your ear and let your hand guide you on the paper, your focus shifting between the paper and shell. Professor Kakyoin comes up behind you to examine your work, and nods, putting on his round glasses to get a closer look at your drawing. You feel his average but still tall figure leaning over you, wearing a green button up with cherries on it, paired with a black tie and a pair of black slacks, held up with a leather belt. He comments on your use of lines and compositions and asks you to stay after class. You nod and continue working.

The bell signaled the end of class, and you took your time in packing away your supplies, aware of the fact that Professor Kakyoin asked you to stay, and you waited until all of the students left to get up and walk over to his desk, where he was sitting and sipping something from his cup.

“I’m sure you’re now well aware of the rules I have in this classroom, and I hope that we don’t run into any issues again miss...” he looks up at you, waiting for a reply
“M-Miss Y/N” you reply, “I apologize for coming in late, I assure you it won’t happen again sir.”

“Good. You missed the earlier part in the class where I handed out office hours and my email for any questions or for feedback, so take this.” He scribbles down something on a pastel blue post-it note, handing it to you. You notice a jar of red hard candies sitting on his desk, next to his mug.

“Thank you, professor,”

“No problem, have a nice day.” He gives you a small smile and you shyly mumble a ‘you too’ before walking out of the classroom. This class is either gonna be heaven or hell.


A few weeks pass through the first semester of your second year, the work piling on to you as per usual, and you have to spend endless nights completing it, especially with fine arts and coming up with a proper storyboard for your animation assignment. You were asked to do a depth study anatomy drawing, and to write an essay and draw out a plan for a graded piece that will go in your final portfolio. You had never bothered to email professor Kakyoin or visit his office hours, but you were struggling to come up with a plan, books piling up on your library desk as you read and read and read, no information entering your head. You sighed and shut your book with force, looking over at your classmate, who was struggling as well. She was in your fine arts class, and she was struggling with portraits while you struggled with anatomy, so you were just kind of helping each other out and giving tips and advice for every piece you worked on. You sighed and got up from your chair suddenly, telling her you were going to text her later and heading to professor Kakyoin’s office.

You were walking fast, feeling nervous as you approached it, finding almost no students outside as his office hours were ending soon. You knock on the door and hear a light ‘come in’. You go inside and find him sitting in a large brown leather chair that’s far too big for him. He is grading papers that are sprawled out all over his desk, little framed photographs littered around his computer. He greeted you and you sat down on the desk in front of him, but he doesn’t look up at you.
“So, do you have anything for me to give feedback on?” you shake your head and he looks up at you, obviously not seeing your early gesture.

“N-no, sir, I came for help actually.” You say quietly. He puts down his pen and brings out a blank piece of paper from his drawers, placing it in front of you.
“What are you struggling with?” He asks, repositioning his glasses as they slowly fell down the bridge of his nose. You notice two identical scars that littered on his eyelids, two pink slits going down in a straight line, all the way to his cheek. They're faded, yet still visible under the office lighting.

You explain your problem and he helps you out by giving you guides to look at, and demonstrates a tutorial by using you as an example. His pencil glides over the paper delicately, his hands slightly shaky as he tries to get your position right. His lines are soft yet limited, to the point and not as sketchy as you expected. He hands you the paper and makes some notes down on books/artists to look at, and you observe how he drew the lines.

“Okay, I haven’t really seen your way of drawing anatomy, so I’m going to ask you to just do a rough demonstration.” He hands you a pencil and gets up to sit down on his desk. You notice that he’s wearing a cardigan over his buttoned-up shirt, and you move back slightly to get a proper view to sketch his pose out.
You sketch his pose out in a few minutes, using gesture drawing to suggest how he’s sitting in a lazy yet refined way. You hand him the paper and he looks at it, observing the lines.

“Hm, you seem to know the foundations of it, but there are some things here and there that could use improving. Look over the books and artists that I’ve listed down and come back to me tomorrow. He scribbles down a time on your paper and hands it back to you. “You can come to me any day during these hours – I’ll make them reserved for you as I don’t have that many students. Feel free to contact me any time about questions and feedback and I’ll happily give them to you. Your work is really good but it can be so much better, and I can tell that you just need that extra push to get you to an above standard level.”

You thank him and put the papers in your bag, and he gets off of his desk and goes back to his chair, waving you goodbye as you walked out.

After that, you went to his office almost daily, and he gave you tutorials and feedback on your different pieces of work and you found yourself slowly improving over time, and you developed a bond with him, yet you didn’t really know much about him. You occasionally saw him walking around with Dr. Kujo, the strict marine biology professor who intimidated all of the students, who looked quite similar to one of the guys in those framed pictures that sat on his desk – who were those guys in the pictures? Where did the scars on his eyes come from – why is he so fond with cherries -

You decide not to overthink it too much, and try to fall asleep on your soft mattress; the first proper rest you get in weeks, yet you can’t sleep.

You have grown fond of professor Kakyoin, and you found yourself going to his classroom a lot during your breaks or during office hours, even when you didn’t need help – you liked his feedback and positive criticism, and took his advice and found yourself improving a lot since joining his course, not just in his subject, but overall.
As finals were approaching and final pieces were being submitted, you found yourself constantly tired and caffeinated, trying to finish everything on time and to standard – it was hard to keep up with as things like animation and oil painting took a lot of time, especially as professor Kakyoin made sure to base your final pieces off of renaissance paintings, which required a lot of anatomy practice as well as photography and editing on your part.

You were sitting on the chair in front of his desk as he babbled on about the painting sample you gave to him, the color scheme as well as a sketch of it, watching him through lidded eyes as his form faded in and out of black, your head resting on your tired hands.

Shifting back into consciousness, you felt his hand on your shoulder, urging you to wake up. You get up suddenly and apologize over and over feeling embarrassed because you fell asleep right in front of him. He didn’t notice until your head fell onto his desk mid-sentence, and he let you rest for a bit, sketching your sleepy face lazily onto paper.

“Hey, you seem really tired, are you okay?” he looks at you with kind eyes, and gives you a small smile. Upon noticing the time, you see that it’s a bit late, and you’ve been in his office for quite some time, dozing off for the most of it while he just sat there marking and looking over his work. Your cheeks flushed a deep red and both of you just sat there in silence for some time.

“I’m so sorry about that sir, I just- “

“Don’t worry about it, you’ve been working so hard these past few weeks and I can tell that you’re overworking yourself” He pauses and looks at you with sympathy “It’s getting kind of late now, I can drop you off if you want”

You look up at him and nod slowly, not quite awake yet. He takes a candy out of the jar and offers you one, and you take it. You put it in your mouth and it tastes sour yet sweet, hinting at berry undertones. Your face scrunches up at the initial taste, and he laughs at your reaction, putting one in his mouth as well. Professor Kakyoin helps you pack your bag, and you thank him as you swing it across your shoulder, getting up. He walks to the door and opens it, letting you leave first as he has to lock the office door. You feel flushed as your face heats up into a light shade of pink, and you follow him to his car – he drove a car you’d expect him to – red and medium sized, kind of cute actually. You usually walked to and from campus from your dorm – about a twenty-minute walk.

The drive back to the dorm was quiet, the sound of the engine humming lowly in the background as you looked out the window. His car had a sweet, pleasant, flowery smell to it. He switches on the radio to fill the silence between you two, not really bothering to talk as the presence of each other was just enough. You give him directions on where to go, letting the cherry flavored candy in your mouth and sucking on it softly. He drops you off at your dorm and you thank him.

You feel a hand on your forearm and look at him with a confused expression on your face – you’re met with a stern yet soft smile.

“Make sure to get some rest, okay? Don’t overwork yourself please,” You were hoping the light emitting from the car didn’t show how hard you were blushing as you nod and shyly mumble an okay, reciprocating his smile and getting out of the car. You wave him goodbye as he drives off, and you walk into your dorm, overcome with the feeling of fatigue. His touch lingered on your forearm, and you don’t know if you were just tired, cold or if you were starting to develop feelings for your professor.

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Waking up from that night, you found a piece of paper that he seemed to have packed in your bag along with your other work – a soft doodle of your sleeping form. Your heart swelled just by looking at it, and if it may have been placed intentional or not, you were happy nonetheless.

You made an early start to your morning, submitting all of your final work for the second term on time and taking a chill day. As you make your way to the café nearby the campus, you're engulfed in the aroma of coffee and tea. You enter the café with a sketchbook in hand, and a few pens and pencils in your breast pocket. You walk over to the cashier and order your favorite hot drink and a berry tart. Seated in a chair near the window, you open your sketchbook and try to apply the perspective study you started to real life situations, trying to apply it to the café you were sitting in. you doodle the lines of the horizon and try to do it without a ruler, failing but not really caring.

The café was crowded and you heard various conversations occurring around you, the feeling of loneliness starting to shadow over you and you stare into your drink sadly, feeling out of place. Maybe playing the role of the lonely artist doodling in the back of a café wasn’t really your thing. You observe the various people in the café, trying to see if you could recognize any, before your eyes land on two familiar figures – Professor Kujo and professor Kakyoin. They were having breakfast together and talking, seated in the corner of the café yet standing out with Kujo’s large form and full white outfit, and Kakyoin’s bright red hair. You decide to sketch them down in soft pencil, not really focusing on the details but rather the silhouette. Dr. Kujo, surprisingly, was smiling at Kakyoin – a rare sight for anyone to see. Were they close friends? Maybe more? They seem like polar opposites…

Overtime you found yourself talking to your professor a lot, him making up for your lack of friends at university, and you grew more and more fond of him since that night he dropped you off at your dorm. Looking at them, you saw Kakyoin’s signature laugh, his eyes squinting and a smile forming on his wide mouth as he took his drink up to his mouth. You felt a feeling pang at your chest, a feeling you aren’t really able to figure out or comprehend, but your chest swelled up by just looking at them.


The next few nights/afternoons spent at professor Kakyoin’s office were quiet as you both worked in silence, he in marking his papers, and you in writing essays or doing actual artwork. Even if he wasn’t giving you feedback or advice or teaching you something, he still enjoyed your presence nonetheless, his office greeting you with a pleasant familiarity you’ve gotten used to over the past few months, the once sour cherry drops becoming more sweet to the taste and you found yourself enjoying them more.

You found yourself lost in thought while staring at the picture placed near professor Kakyoin’s computer – a framed picture of 5 people and a dog. You looked closer and examined them, and they all looked different from each other. Kakyoin was standing next to who you assumed was Kujo, and there was a man with golden-yellow earrings, one in white cargo pants and with standing grey hair, and an older man seated on a rock with a dog in his lap. You were curious as to where and when it was taken, the story behind it – Kakyoin and Kujo had known each other prior to becoming professors? Were they childhood friends, maybe even related?

“Y/N.” you were snapped back into reality, professor Kakyoin’s hand waving in front of your face. You were unaware of how he’s called your name more than once, and how he was so close to you. You’ve been particularly moody these past few days after overworking yourself for almost a month, so you just feel dazed and in desperate need of a break. “I noticed you were staring off, you okay?” He follows your gaze to the picture and smiles softly.

You apologize and shift in your seat uncomfortably, your choice of outfit proving to be poor as you shivered in your seat slightly. You wore your favorite pair of skinny jeans that hugged your figure in the right places, a light weight thin sports bra, and a casual v neck top to match. You had completely forgotten to take a cardigan, jacket or hoodie to keep you warm in the case of cold weather, or even worse, a cold classroom. The office was colder than usual, and your thin bra left nothing to the imagination, letting your nipples slightly peak through, sending shock signals throughout your body. Your face flushed a deep red and you sat with your arms crossed, hoping he didn’t notice.

You didn’t want to question him about the picture, not wanting to cross over a certain invisible boundary. He noticed your curiosity and decided to indulge you in the story behind it, taking occasional sips from his tea. It was quite a crazy story about how he joined Dr. Kujo on a journey to Egypt to save his mother – it sounded bizarre almost – and he explained how he got the scars on his eyes because of an enemy. You were a bit confused, and asked about this power that they held, which he called a stand. Behind him, a green light started to emit, and you noticed a green-like strand coming out of his body. You stood up in shock.

“Wait – you can see that?” He looks almost as shocked as you are, and your instincts summoned something you’ve only seen a few times before – something unknown to you and something you were initially scared of. His eyes widen as a purple aura emits around you, engulfing your form and a figure forming behind you. You’ve only seen this figure once or twice, but saw it as light or hands at other times. You felt overwhelmed, scared and excited as your purple-like figure approached his, which was revealed to be tentacle like and a shiny, lemon green color. He mumbled something about stand users being attracted to other stand users, and his ‘stand’ touches yours. You felt this touch on you as well, a pressure on your shoulder and cheek although nothing is touching you.

“Hey, relax. This is normal.” He went on to explain the intricacies of stands and how everyone’s ability is unique and individualistic, and shows his stands abilities – the ability to possess and shoot emeralds. You didn’t know what your stands power was, but you were too in shock to discover anything, the purple light fading and your stand disappearing. You sunk into your seat and looked at the desk with nervous eyes; you didn’t know what to feel, and the cold environment in the room caused you to shiver. Professor Kakyoin placed his hand on yours and you looked into his eyes hesitantly, the aftershocks still there. “Don’t worry – it’s not a bad thing! You discover your power as you grow…” he trails off, keeping eye contact with you and smiling. His hand squeezes yours softly and you realize how warm he is, calloused fingers brushing over yours. You shift your gaze away from him and your cheeks suddenly feel hot, flustered from just the slight contact. He hands you a paper and you don’t really pay attention to it, putting it in your bag thinking its a report of some sorts.

You don’t really know what to say, so you don’t say anything, professor Kakyoin looking at you with a worried look plastered all over his face, not knowing if he’s glad you have a stand or worried about the stress it may cause you. His hand leaves yours and you feel the warmth slowly fading away. He offers you a cherry drop and you kindly accept, trying to let it distract you as you both try and get back to work. All of your focus is on the cherry drop, and how the accustomed taste of it sits on your tongue. You let it shift to your cheek and suck on it lightly, eyes boring into the artist research paper sitting in front of you, untouched and waiting for you. You had barely even noticed the suckling noises you made as you let the cherry drop shift in your mouth, trying to get it to melt on your tongue faster and take another one.
You and professor Kakyoin were too distracted to work, so he decided to drive you home. You found that he did enjoy dropping you off at your dorm, for safety reasons and for the fact that you enjoyed each other’s company.

The engine hummed and you rubbed your hands together, feeling a bit cold as autumn was now coming in, and you could barely handle the chilly weather. Professor Kakyoin seemed unbothered by the weather, not even wearing his cardigan as he left the office, but offering it to you in the car as he noticed how cold you were, and how you didn’t bother to hide your chest as you did before, too overcome with the feeling of being cold to notice it - he noticed it, though. The music that played as you continued the drive was calm, slow rock playing on the radio, and you both hummed to the music. The cardigan now wrapped around you proved to be a little big, but you felt warm nonetheless, his scent taking over your senses - a scent you enjoyed, one with a sweet undertone to it; berries or vanilla perhaps?

You enjoyed the coziness of his car and glanced over at him as he looked out the window in concentration, both of his hands on the steering wheel and he was focused on the road. You had taken another cherry drop before leaving his office - those things were addicting - and you’ve grown to like them as much as you’ve grown to like your professor. You had been the type of person who was secluded and introverted, growing up with not that many friends - almost none - you never related to them and was the kid who spent their break times coloring in their disney or cartoon coloring books, not paying mind to others, and you didn’t mind it. But being in someone's presence where you feel like you’re being listened to and cared for, even in a friendly way, was foreign, and you fell fast.

The car ride was slow, you didn’t know if you were enjoying this so much or if he was taking the long way back, but you didn’t question it. The cherry drop in your mouth started to dissolve, and you tried your hardest to savor the taste of it, keeping it in the corner of your mouth.

“You seem to really like those, huh?” The man sitting in the driver’s seat pipes up, glancing at you quickly.

“Yeah, over time they really just grew on me - they’re so good!” You giggle and turn the radio up a little bit, humming along to the song, Kakyoin joining in, his singing voice lowkey taking you aback and his voice music to your ears.

He pulls over to the parking spot in your dorm - it was about 10pm, meaning most people were either still at the library or back in their dorms to sleep. You two sat there in the car for a while, the radio turned off and you just sit in silence for a bit, glancing at each other occasionally.

“I should probably get back in my dorm to rest for a bit,” You say awkwardly into the piercing silence.

“Yeah, you probably should, you need it.” He replies with the same level of nervousness.

You feel the tension building up, the car getting hotter as you both avoided each other’s gaze. You start taking off the cardigan slowly.

“Well, thank you for dropping me off, profes-” You’re interrupted as he pulls you close to him, the cardigan half off your shoulder, not fully off as he engulfs you in a tight hug. Your initial reaction is shock, but you calm down and hugged him back, his heart beating fast against you. You sensed that your heart was probably beating just as fast; if not, faster. His warmth was comfortable and you looked up at him.

He looks down at you softly, but realises what he’s done and pushes you off softly and nervously.

“I’m so sorry Y/N, that was completely inappropriate and I should not have crossed that boundary-” Now it was his turn to get interrupted as you pulled him by the collar of his dress shirt, pressing your lips against his with urgency. He kisses you back and brings his hand up to grab your face with passion, his fingers lacing with your strands of hair and brushing them back, deepening the kiss.

He pulls away first, adjusting his glasses and looking away shyly, a tinge of pink plastered on his face that you can see in the dimly lit parking lot.

“You taste like the cherry drops,” He says quietly, and you laugh shyly and quietly.

“Goodnight, professor,” You say, kissing his cheek and leaving the car quickly, feeling light headed and light on your feet as you fumble with the keys of your dorm. You close the door and sink down behind it, releasing a breath you didn’t know you were holding.

What the fuck just happened?

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You were glad it was the weekend, meaning you could lock yourself away into your dorm, pretending like nothing happened and sipping away at your cup of honey whiskey, your studio apartment type dorm feeling more lonely than usual. It was two days since the incident. You didn’t know what to feel - overjoyed? Happy? Relieved? Guilty? Scared? So many boundaries were crossed that night, and it makes your head hurt just thinking about it. Your feelings for your professor reciprocated yet he risked his whole career for you, even just by driving you home.

The dorm room was slightly dark, not letting any light through the blinds. Was it 12PM, 4PM, 9PM? Hell, you didn’t care. You drink responsibly and light, settling for two cups consecutively, yet still feeling warm and bubbly. Was the encounter going to ruin your relationship with professor Kakyoin? What if you misjudged and completely threw him off - what if he dropped you from the course? You held the cardigan you forgot to return in your hands, his scent slowly fading off it.

You felt like you were on auto-pilot, hurriedly dragging your body around to put on a change of clothes, slipping on the first pair of shoes you could find and animatedly walking to campus - Kakyoin’s office. You knew it probably wasn’t a good idea to go at this hour - 6PM - his office hours almost over. He might have left early, but you forced yourself to go anyways, your head blank and feeling almost tipsy but not quite, aware of what you were doing/saying, but having that slight courage you might’ve needed a push for.

You stood outside his office for a while, sweating although wearing a hoodie and leggings in the chilly afternoon weather. What if he was dating Dr. Kujo? You would have completely fucked up. Contemplating whether to enter or not, you hesitated, fingers brushing over the door knob.

As you went for the door, deciding it was now or never, the door swings open and you and the taller man jump back, both surprised by the appearance of each other. He wasn't expecting you to be standing behind the door, and you weren’t expecting him to open the door to leave so suddenly. You stand there and stare at each other for a while, both wearing flushed cheeks and looking tired.

“Professor, I-”

“Come in, Miss L/N.” he says in a stern tone. Oh fuck.

His nervousness fades and now latches on to you, and you hesitate before walking into the office. He motions to you to sit in your usual chair sitting in front of his desk, and you oblige, the professionalism throwing you off a bit and making the tension in the room unbearable. He sits down and now it was both of your turns to avoid each other’s gaze, looking anywhere but at each other. You still had his cardigan in your hand to return to him.



“Sorry, please go ahead first sir.”

He falls silent. You’re both met again with the tense air of the office, guilt washing over both of you. He eyes you nervously, his facade fading and he fiddles with his hands on the desk.

“What we did was wrong.” He says, almost too quiet for you to hear, as if he didn’t want to admit it. You look up at him slowly, and meet his eyes with yours. “You of course know the rules at this university and how dangerous it is, how risky it is for both me and you.” You nod as he talks and you feel a different wave of emotion wash over you, your previous thoughts taking over your mind. He trails on with a clear nervous yet stern tone in his voice, but your ears drown him out with your own thoughts.

“I-I’m sorry,” You barely manage to say, avoiding his gaze again. Your tipsiness started to fade and you felt more shaky than before, the liquid courage leaving your system after being met with the seriousness of the situation. Your professor noticed your visible anxiousness.

“Hey - it’s okay. There’s no need to be nervous around me.” He gives you that same gentle look he always gives you and you feel a tear running down your cheek, guilt overtaking your emotions.

“I-I’ve just liked you so much for these past few months and I’ve n-never felt so accepted and close to someone and I don’t even know why I went for it not knowing if you were in a relationship or not or if you even had those feelings for m-” He puts a hand on your cheek and wipes the tears falling from your eyes.

“You don’t need to worry about any of that, Y/N. You didn’t mess anything up. I-I like you too, actually, but I’m just scared.” Your eyes widen at the confession, and he stands up, sitting on the edge of his desk in front of you. “Yeah sure it’s risky and dangerous - but isn’t there something pleasant about it? There’s a certain excitement that comes from doing something you’re not supposed to, no?” He winks at that statement before going red- “I-If you’re okay with that of course.”

You rise from your seat to face your professor, his face close to yours as you mumble a ‘yeah’. He gives you a warm smile, laughing softly. He glances from your eyes to your lips, non verbally asking for permission, and you grant him permission by pressing your lips to his softly.

His lips feel soft against yours, different from the time in the car and filled with more passion. He laces one of his hands in yours, and uses the other to bring you closer to his body, feeling the heat radiating off him. Deepening the kiss, he decides to turn you around so that you were the one pressed against the dark oak desk, letting him explore your mouth with his plush tongue.

The heated kiss comes to a halt as you both pulled away, panting shallow breaths and staring at each other. His pupils were blown, the office lighting bringing attention to his facial features. His smile doesn’t seem to fade as his hand wraps around your waist and brings you closer, connecting your lips once more. You let your hands roam his body, starting from his hair and combing it to the bottom, moving from his neck to his shoulders, admiring his lean figure.

Today he wore the same outfit you’d expect him to - a colourful, patterned button up with the usual slacks, his tie loosened from being in the office for a few hours. His kisses become sloppy and more lust filled as his hand goes down from your waist to your lower back, admiring the curve of it under your hoodie. You felt yourself blushing at the contact and how warm he felt against you, his fingers lacing around the waistband of your jeans, eager to get them off.

You reciprocate his feelings of desperation and start to work the buttons of his shirt off him at a fast pace, his lips leaving yours to travel across your jaw and down your neck, trying to figure out your soft spots and trying to get you to emit louder sounds.His plush tongue darted out as he sucked on the skin of your neck softly, trailing upwards to under your ear and nipping at the skin lightly. You felt an embarrassing sound threaten to leave your mouth so you bit your bottom lip, tensing up as he figures it out, smiling against your sensitive skin.His hand moves to the bottom of your hoodie, slowly pulling it over your head, leaving you in a light sports bra.

The kisses he leaves against your skin grow rougher and you shrug his button up off him, admiring his pale skin under the dim light of the office, his well built figure becoming more exposed to you. You observe his body as you both look at each other for a while, taking in the situation you’re both in. You notice a big scar on his abdomen, assuming its from the journey to Egypt he told you about a while ago. Personally, you liked scars, their meanings behind them, and you saw that they held a sentiment to them of harder times to remind you that you wouldn't be here today without your past.

It was now your turn to take some bit of control, nervous as this was probably only your second or third time doing stuff with someone, still never going too far with anyone - you didn’t know if you were today. You kiss his neck down to his collarbone, relishing the small, quick breaths he made as you sucked on his delicate skin here and there, letting your hands roam as well. You kissed down his chest and to his abdomen, kissing the lines of the scar. You didn’t look up or notice how red Kakyoin had gotten, flustered and shy as you admired the scar he relented and hated for years on end, making him feel insecure and forcing him to wake up from nightmares that never seemed to leave him unless Jotaro or any of the other crusaders were around.

He pauses as your lips continued to travel down to his navel, you felt a different presence in the room, assuming it was his stand - what was its name again? Hierophant something. You peak over and see a tendril going over to lock the door, something he should’ve probably done in the first place. Now, the nervousness really started to settle in, realising that this was the reality, and that you were indeed going to have sex with your professor. You started to unbutton his pants with a nervous urgency, and he assisted you by pulling them off, leaving him in a pair of tight black briefs. Tracing your fingers ghostly up his thigh and playing with the hem of his boxers, you hear his breath hitch. You wanted to hear him more so you teased his obvious erection through the fabric, looking up at him through your lashes with an innocent expression.

You wrap your fingers around the waistband of his boxers and pull it back and let it snap against his skin, he was taken aback a bit, the sound of the elastic slapping against his skin. He was aware of the fact that you were teasing him and tangled his fingers in your hair, urging you to continue. You look up at him and pull them down, not bothering to take them off all the way. The eye contact between you two is kept as you let your lips come in contact with his fully erect cock. You plant small kisses to the tip and look at him through your eyelashes, your nervousness fading away a little bit at his reaction. Your kisses go up and down his shaft, one of your hands finding stability in his thigh and the other wrapping around the base of his cock.

He lets out little whimpery gasps as you wrap your mouth around the tip, taking him into your mouth slowly - you haven’t done this in a long time so you were slow with your movements, letting your mouth adjust as you go along. His fingers grip your hair a bit tighter, his head thrown back as you press your tongue against the underside.

“You’re so good at this f-fuck-” He manages to say, the encouragement adding to the pooling between your thighs. You take him further into your mouth, and he bucks against your mouth. You were at your limit but continued despite your throat feeling uncomfortable with the sudden intrusion. You bob your head and your spit bubbles at the base. He pushes your head down, your lips now wrapped against the base and you choke, withdrawing yourself in panic and coughing softly.

“Oh my gosh, are you okay? Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself, you were too good” He says in between breaths as you rise up slowly to connect your lips with his hurriedly.

Your positions are now switched as you’re pressed against the desk now, his briefs completely kicked off as he pulls off the remainder of your clothes, kissing around your breast and teasing your nipple with his fingers. You feel overly sensitive, moaning as he sucks on your collarbone, his hand unbuttoning your jeans and pulling them off hastily. You feel his erection pressing against your thigh, wet with your own spit and the thought drives you insane.

His hand trails to your panties, touching you between your legs through your panties. You wrap your arms around his neck and your breathing quickens as he touches your clit through the fabric, expert hands teasing you as you look at him with half-lidded eyes, mouth hanging open.

“I didn’t know you were so sensitive, Y/N, this wet just by sucking my cock - ugh, I can’t wait to fuck you against the desk.” He says, his voice completely sultry and alluring. He stops teasing you and wraps his fingers against the waistband of your panties.

“P-professor,” You manage to choke out, overridden by lust. You feel him twitch against your thigh as he looks back at you, giving you his attention. Heat rose to your face and you felt exposed “I-I’ve never really uhh, done this b-before.”

His eyes widen at what you say, and a pink tint adorned his cheeks as well.

“Well - are you sure you want to do this?” You nod and he kisses your cheek. “I’ll go easy on you, then. If you feel uncomfortable, let me know and I’ll stop, okay?” You nod again.

He doesn’t hesitate with taking your underwear off and leaving you completely bare in front of him. The cool air of the office washes over your heated body and sends a shiver down your spine. You look at him as he brings two fingers to your face, prodding them at your mouth and you let him push them in. You keep eye contact with him as you coat them in your spit, sucking on them teasingly and looking at him with innocent eyes. He pushes them all the way, making you gag. He giggles and takes them out, replacing them by pressing his lips against yours and bringing his hand down to your pooling heat, pressing his fingers against you, teasing softly by running his finger down between your lips and rubbing your clit. You moan against his mouth and he presses his fingers on your opening, teasing you further. The sounds made because of how wet you were echoed in your ears and you feel flustered.

Pulling away from the kiss, he presses his middle finger inside slowly, not wanting to cause you discomfort. You gasp at the contact - you’ve obviously touched yourself before but having someone else do it was different. He trails his lips to your neck, kissing up to the shell of your ear and his breath against it tickles. He pushes his finger in and out, picking up his pace and turning you into a breathy mess before this. He was enjoying this far more than he expected himself to, precum pressing against your thigh. He adds a second finger and you wrap your arms against him once more.

“You sound so cute like this, Y/N.” He says into your ear and you reply with a moan as his fingers find your sweet spot, brushing past it and sending electricity through your body. “You feel so good around my fingers,”

The pace speeds up a little bit, driving his fingers in and out of you quickly and you felt a pressure forming in your gut, urging to be released. He noticed you were close and pulled out, eliciting a whine from you as you drop your head onto his shoulder, gasping softly.

“You alright?” He says softly into your ear, and you mumble a ‘yes’ back to him. You felt his hands on your waist and he picks you up and places you on the desk, your thighs against the smooth dark oak wood. He pushes up against you and you feel him press against you, a line of sweat starting to form on his brow as he tries to reach over to his drawer and take out what you assume is a condom.

“Professor- I - we don’t need it.” Now, the nervousness really started to settle in you. You had gotten the arm implant a while ago because of your periods. He stops bothering to look for it and turns back to you, admiring your bare figure on the desk.

“Y/N, you can call me Noriaki,” You didn’t know if you could blush more at him, but the heat was a little overbearing. “You ready?”

“Y-yeah,” He kisses your forehead and guides his cock between your legs, rubbing it against your soaking entrance.

“Tell me if you want to stop, okay?”

He pushes in the head and you gasped at the feeling, not used to being stretched out this much. You try and relax and wrap your legs around him. He lets you take your time in adjusting and you nod at him again, letting him go further. He drives in slowly, careful against your fragile form and you whimper softly at the feeling. After a while, you’re flush with his base, the stretch of it uncomfortable and invasive at first but you get used to it. He notices and sets a passionate pace, his eyes not leaving yours to look for any signs of discomfort.

He thrusts in and out of you, gradually increasing the speed as pleasure starts to overtake both of you. His groans start to increase as you clench around him involuntarily, making him slow down a bit, his red bang sticking to his face because of the sweat.

“Fuck - do that again, it felt so good,” he goes all the way in and brushes past your sweet spot, and you moan his name. It took a while to get a rhythm going but was worth it.

“You feel so good around me, taking my cock so well in your tight- ah-” He mumbles praises through ragged breaths and moans, leaning down to catch your lips in a sloppy kiss. “You look so cute like this, Y/N”

His words were so crude, so different from his usually polite nature. You moan in response as his thrusts start to become more intense, more needy with the noise of slapping skin filling the now hot and sweaty office. Your legs push him in more and he goes in at an angle, making you moan and close your eyes. You were close, clenching around him and feeling the same knot in your gut tighten up again.

“Hey, look at me, I wanna see your beautiful face as you cum around my cock.” His praises turned you on even more, and your arms wrapped around his neck. You heard his pants and moans right against your ear, his voice sounding needy and high which was music to your ears.

“Nori I-” His name falls from your lips over and over and you cum with a strangled moan, tightening around him as he fucks you through the intensity of your orgasm, your back arching and eyes rolling back as you come down from the high of it. You feel his hips stutter and he cums inside you soon after, groaning and throwing his head back. He pulls out and collapses on top of you as you both try and catch your breath, feeling overheated and tired.

“That was…”


“Are you okay? Please tell me I didn’t go too hard on you.” He kisses your cheek and you smile, saying that he didn’t.

He gets up and helps you off his desk, and you feel his cum dripping out of you and down your thigh. You blush at the thought and stumble slightly as you try and walk over to your clothes, feeling sore. He notices and grabs your clothes for you, and grabs a tissue to clean you up.

Kakyoin - er - Noriaki was really gentle with you after, helping you get dressed and holding your hand as you both left the office. It was 8PM now, and you were both tired.

The drive back to your dorm was quiet, but with no tension in the air as you were dozing off to the sound of the whirring engine, the cold night making your sleep uncomfortable as you arrived at the parking lot. You fumble to take your keys out when a realisation dawned upon you - you forgot your keys at his office. You groan and sink back into your seat.

“What's wrong, Y/N?”

“I forgot my keys back at your office. Fuck.”

“It’s alright - you can stay at my place for tonight if you want.”

“A-Are you sure?”

“If you’re comfortable, I don’t see why not! It’ll be easier for both of us anyways, and besides, Jotaro is gone for the weekend so he won’t be a bother”

Jotaro? Does he mean Dr. Kujo?


The drive to his apartment doesn’t take that long, about twenty minutes from campus. You felt extremely exhausted and had fallen asleep by the time you’ve arrived, and Noriaki had to carry you to it. You apologized profusely but he was insistent, and carried you bridal style until you got to the apartment.

His shared apartment with Dr. Kujo is quite large actually. The apartment was very modern and minimalistic, white walls decorated with black, grey or white furniture, the only thing standing out were Noriaki’s paintings that hung proudly on the walls of each room. Noriaki helped you get changed and gave you a pair of his shorts and an oversized t-shirt to wear, admiring your form in it as he got changed as well, wearing purple striped pyjamas. Cute.

You barely exchanged any words as you flopped down onto his bed and cuddled to sleep. You felt him plant a kiss to your forehead and smiled softly against the pillow.