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The Hufflepuff Heir

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Papa took the news of my heirship from his unknown family side like the calm even-tempered sort of man he was. 


“It looks like just the sort of stone that fits my dear, something timeless.” He smoothed his thumb over the amber surface as I showed him my ring and Erik let out a ruff beside me. 


“Of course I haven’t forgotten about you.” I gave him a big hug, ignoring the stares of many of the other people at the small girl and the growing wolf beside her already starting to dwarf me in size. 


“No time to waste we have an appointment at Twillfitt and Tattings that we mustn’t be late for.” Grandmother pointed down the street before turning toward the men, “Boys please take along Isabella’s familiar and go and get the potion supplies and ingredients on the list.” I started walking along with my father and grandfather before I was stopped mid-stride by a wave of my grandmother’s wand, “Not so fast young lady you are coming with your mother and me.”


I sighed and followed my grandmother and mother down a side street until they hunched through a small door and came up into a grand layout of crimson and emerald velvets and silks.


“Lady Ollivander, I am nearly done with my current client. I will be right with you shortly.”


“Of course.” Grandmother nodded. “Go ahead and sit in the waiting area, Isabella, while your mother and I peruse the fabrics.”


The waiting room was fit with plush fainting couches and french interior design pieces here and there. It was not empty however, in the middle of it sat a boy with light almost white blonde hair who looked rather bored. 


“Heiress Ollivander greets you. May I join you?” From the straightlaced expensive-looking clothes the boy was wearing that were in the wizarding fashion, I had a feeling that the boy before me was from a most likely pureblood family. I knew Grandmother would have had my head if I didn’t greet him properly at first meeting. 


Forget-me-not eyes glanced up and perused my wardrobe with a bored gaze before he stood and bowed, “Heir Malfoy greets you. Yes, you may.”


For a brief moment, I was grateful for my pretty robes, they helped me play the part of dutiful little lady. I would play the character until I grew bored. 


“Will you be going to Hogwarts for your first year as well?”


“Indeed.” He nodded, his impassive bored facade slipping back in place.


“What house do you think you’ll be sorted into?”


“Slytherin, of course. Every Malfoy has been sorted into Slytherin since the very beginning. I shall be no different. I couldn’t imagine being sorted into any other house, especially Hufflepuff.”


I slightly winced at his prideful speech, “I thought I may be sorted into Ravenclaw, myself.” I glanced down at my new ring, the corner of my eye I saw him do the same his eyes widening. “However, I suppose my grandparents suspect I’ll have to be sorted into Hufflepuff now.”


“Is that the lordship ring? Why didn’t you introduce yourself as Lady Hufflepuff?”


I shrugged at his surprised gaze, “I suppose I’m not used to it yet. My family thought I was a half-blood but after the inheritance test we found that wasn’t the case.”


“I suggest getting used to it soon. A lordship to one of the Hogwarts houses gives you great prowess over other students. It’s good you met me first, you wouldn’t have wanted to associate with the bad sorts.”


I wrinkled my nose at his comment about the “bad sorts”. He was quick to change his toon about Hufflepuff. 


“Oh, and I wouldn’t be a ‘bad sport’? Especially after you went on about Hufflepuff earlier like it was the last house you’d wish to be sorted into.


His whole face flushed, “Well, I…”


“I’ll give you a pass just this once. However, Heir Malfoy don’t think you can treat me or anyone I call friend rudely or you’ll have the wrath of a Hogwart’s Heiress down your throat.”



I turned and smiled gracefully at my grandmother who stood behind me with the most elegant woman I’d seen before standing before her.


“Let me introduce Lady Malfoy, this is my granddaughter.”


“Lady Hufflepuff at your service Lady Malfoy. A privilege to meet you.” I gave a small curtsey while my grandmother watched on with approval.


“Well met. I see you’ve met my son Draco.”


“Yes, Lady Malfoy.”


A fine elegant eyebrow arched and cerulean eyes peered down at me not once shifting to her son who by now hopefully no longer sported a tomato like face.


“I hope the two of you become fast friends. At Hogwarts, it is important to make your own family away from home.”


“I will keep that in mind. Thank you.”


“Come Draco, we must meet your father at Flourish & Blotts.”




Shopping was at last finished and all that was left was to meet my great-uncle and get my own wand. A wand I felt was far too predictable and so earlier when we were in Flourish & Blotts and then later on in the Second Hand Bookshop I got as many books on wandless magic as I could.


I could feel the eyes peering at me before I ever wandered into Ollivander’s Wand Shop. The doors burst open in a wave of magic and seemed to pull me inside.


“Welcome my dear niece, at last, we meet!” 


He reminded me of what I imagined an aged Beethoven would look like: wild grey hair that stuck up from his head, bushy white eyebrows, several cravats loosely tied around his neck and his sleeves cuff-linkless. 


“This place has been waiting for your arrival for many years.”


“I can feel it, the magic surrounding me and it feels as if its both hugging me tightly and pulling me every which way.”

He let out a giggle and waved his wand in the air making the currents of magic visible to the eye and they did swirl around and curl around me. 


“I have something for you.”


He went into the back of the shop and came out with a book instead of a wand box. He handed it to me tenderly caressing the pages.


“This now belongs to you.” The magic that swirled around me seemed to caress the book in front of me. 


“Is it about the craft?”


“Indeed it is. The magic has chosen you. You will do a magnificent job, my dear.”




“Ah, my dear brother.”


My grandfather smiled and then looked at the book in my hands, “Keep that book safe my dear, it holds many secrets. I will show you a special locking charm to do on your suitcase to keep it safe once we get home. In the meantime go ahead and put it in the bottomless bag the goblins gave you. It will keep it safe for now.”


“Now for your wand dear, although you’ll learn much about the nature of magic it’s always best to begin at the beginning.”


I couldn’t help but smile at my great-uncle and his whimsical ways.


However, each wand I tried caused something in the room to explode, an earthquake to happen within the shop or worst of all was when a wand to broke with a snap. 


After the breaking of the wand, my great uncle gestured for me to come closer and stared into my chocolate brown eyes. 


“Yes, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. It seems so simple how could I forget.”


This time when I waved the small wand in the air nothing happened at first before a burst of magic surged around me and the doors behind surged open. Erik burst through bounding up to me and in flew owls and sparrows and in crawled snakes and squirrels. The room was surrounded by creatures and all of them came to me. 


“Just right like I thought!”

I looked around me at the birds roosting on his shelves and up at my hair where a squirrel and climbed up to perch and let out a boisterous laugh making many of them fly away or jump away from me.


The wand was thin and looked like a small branch reaching out over 9 inches in length. Amber sat at its hilt while vines curved around the handle. 


“Alder wood though not very flexible suits your curious and loyal nature. Phoenix feather and thestral hair core for your focus on new beginnings and determination not to make past mistakes of another life. It will suit you well.”


“However with great power comes great responsibility.”


My father and I chuckled but I nodded in response still and supplied “Muggle reference” in a whisper.


“Niece, I look forward to seeing the new world you bring about.”


No pressure, I thought. Little did I know how true his words would be.