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The Hufflepuff Heir

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“...There are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff…”


I zoned out as the professor started to introduce all the houses and their merits. I already had read plenty about them in Hogwarts: A History before the school year was to begin. Instead, I admired the tall ceilings, the arched stone archways and the history of the architecture itself. It was absolutely beautiful. Erik was sitting by my side as all the other students listened to the headmistress, his eyes stayed focus ahead as well except for the occasional glance my way. 




The shout interrupted my thoughts and that of the Professor as well as everyone looked forward to the boy picking up the toad at the front of the group of students. The Professor gazed down at the student, before hearing Erik’s ruff and turning her eyes towards us.


She shook her head slightly before continuing, “The Sorting Ceremony shall commence shortly.”


As soon as she left us, I found Draco posturing once again. This time it was in front of the well-known Boy-Who-Lived. 


“ don’t want to go making friends with the wrong sort. I can help you there.”


Already he was starting out all wrong.


I grabbed his hand and put it back to his side before the boy in front of him could answer him.


“Heir Malfoy, I find it fascinating how quickly you forgot what I told you.”


He looked back at me his eyes widening, “He’s not your friend you’ve barely met him.”


“Strike two, Heir Malfoy. Don’t have me get to three. Young Weasley is the youngest brother to two of my new dear friends, I don’t take kindly to those who speak unkindly to those I care about.” 


I tapped his shoulder, “Heir Malfoy, you should also know better than to introduce yourself so informally to another heir as well.”


I bowed extravagantly below my waist to the young Potter heir, “Lady Hufflepuff, Heiress Ollivander greets you Heir Potter and young Mr. Weasly. If you have any more trouble from this ball of fluff here please let me know.” 


The young Weasley snorted at Draco, sticking his tongue out at him which I caught between my two fingers. 


“I may have stopped Heir Malfoy from insulting you Mr. Weasley but that doesn’t give you a right to insult or bully him back. Am I clear?” 


I think the power was going slightly to my head but I couldn’t help it. I was riding on a high of superiority and it felt good. 


The young Weasley nodded his head and I let go of his tongue, and went to fetch a handkerchief but found one in my hand given to me by Draco.


“Keep it.” 

I acknowledged him with a nod before wiping my fingers before throwing the handkerchief in the air and waving my wand “Incendio” causing the handkerchief to burn up in a ball of flames raining our heads with ash. 


“We are ready for you now.” The Professor appeared behind us and we were led into the entrance of the Great Hall lit with candles floating high above our heads.


“Wait along here.”


Then Dumbledore the Headmaster began to speak, as he forbade students from entering the Forbidden forest he added a preamble “except for some designated familiars of students”. 


“That means you,” I whispered down at Erik, who gave me a wolfish grin in return.


Such as was the situation I missed the rest of his speech, except for “to everyone who wishes to die a most painful death.” 


“Well that was comforting,” I muttered beneath my breath. 


The hat upon the chair began to sing a song about each of the merits of the houses and then the first kid was called forth. She looked terribly nervous but not long the hat shouted out “Gryffindor!”


The next children blurred after one another but I clapped none-the-less.


I laughed as Draco was sorted, the hat wasn’t even upon his head before it shouted, “Slytherin!”


“Congrats, Heir Malfoy!” 


He nodded my way his grin the widest I’d ever seen with a look of pure joy that brought a smile to my face as well. He was kind of cute when he wasn’t being bloody annoying. 


Heir Potter’s sorting was a near hat stall, even I could hear him whispering “Not Slytherin.” It seemed Draco had already made enough of an impression to prejudice him. “Gryffindor!”


“Bella Swan!”


I carefully made my way up the staircase my eyes perusing the teachers my eyes capturing those of a teacher in a turban before he looked away.


“Ah, we have not only an heiress but a Lady in our midst. Should she go to the house she has her lordship? However, she is indeed cunning. Sarcasm is nearly her middle name. A bookworm as well. She would benefit from any house.”

“Whichever house you believe I could build up allies and help in turn, I will gladly go to.”


I was a hatstall. 


“Must I pick one house?”


The hat was quiet for a while.


“I have the Hufflepuff founder rooms couldn’t I ask to have access to each common room. After all, isn’t house unity much more important than house rivalry? At least that’s what I think if I were to wish to create a better world.”


The hat pondered, “Hmm… .a first in all the ages. However, you do fit every house. Each would benefit you and you would benefit each.”




The hall was silent as the hat was taken off my head. Then suddenly everyone was talking but above everyone came a shout from the Gryffindor table, “That’s our Bells!” 


Even after the last person was sorted people still stared at me, but I shrugged my shoulders. I did kind of want to make a splash and what bigger way to do so than be sorted into every house. I went and sat in between the twins as they made room for me. Both slapping a hand on my back, startling Erik who gave a growl and a ruff in return. 


Well, I wanted an adventure and I suppose I got one.