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The Hufflepuff Heir

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I was fortunate to be the only student who could pick and choose what class times I wished to have, since I was not sorted into just one Hogwarts house.


I thought about just dropping into certain classes here and there, but the Headmaster didn’t approve of such a decision and thus I made my own schedule.

Every day

Breakfast: 7:30a-9a

Lunch: 12:30p-1:30p

Dinner: 4:30p-6p



9a-10:30a Transfiguration: Professor McGonagall (w/the Ravenclaws)

10:30a-11:30p Herbology: Professor Sprout (w/ the Hufflepuffs)

11:30a-12:30p Free Time


1:30p-2:30p History of Magic: Professor Binns (w/the Ravenclaws)

2:30p-3:30p Free Time

3:30p-4:30p Flying Lessons: Madame Hooch (w/the Hufflepuffs)



12a-1a Astronomy: Professor Sinistra (w/Hufflepuffs)


9a-11a Double DADA: Professor Quirrell (w/the Slytherins)

11a-11:30a Free Time

11:30a-12:30p Transfiguration (w/Ravenclaws)


Rest of day off



9a-10a Herbology (w/the Hufflepuffs & Gryffindors)

10a-12:30p Free Time


1:30p-2:30p History of Magic (w/ the Ravenclaws)


Rest of day off



9a-11a Double Charms: Professor Flitwick (w/the Gryffindors)


Rest of day off



9a-10:30 DADA (w/Slytherins)

10:30a-11:30p Herbology: Professor Sprout (w/ the Hufflepuffs & Gryffindors)

11:30a-12:30p Free Time


1:30p-3:30p Double Potions: Professor Snape (w/the Ravenclaws)

3:30p-4:30p Free Time



The free time I had I planned to use on a personal project of mine. This year I was going to find out more about Tom Riddle, while in classes I would be making friends and allies. 


I had only been in the wizarding world for a year but that was enough for me to see that the prejudices were stopping the community from real progress. At eleven, I knew I couldn’t do much but I knew I wanted to learn as much as I could so that when I was able, I could make a difference. 


The class schedule in some ways was easier than what I had heard about high school back in the states. The first day went rather well. I enjoyed the questions that the Ravenclaws came up with while in Transfigurations and asked several of my own. It quickly became my favorite class of the day. The only class that I didn't like was History of Magic, it was quite boring. The source material was interesting however very prejudiced against the goblins. I made notes in my book about things I wished to fact check with other resources. I also decided I would ask the goblins via a letter to see if they had books to recommend about their history. 


Flying with the Hufflepuffs was fun, everyone encouraged each other to do the best. I got to know Susan Bones quite well. She was a sweet girl with a gentle demeanor. Flying wasn’t how I expected, at least I would have preferred not to have a hard surface in between my legs while being several feet in the air. I resolved I’d find a way to fly without the help with broomsticks then but in the meantime some practical cushioning charms would have to do. 


The week passed quickly but by the end I had a couple of first years that I had gotten to know that I liked. Neville was a sweetheart that I had met outside at one of my free times. Him and I played with Trevor, his toad, and I told him about a couple of the preferences that Trevor had about living conditions. Neville took my way with animals as if it were the most natural thing. 


Astronomy on Tuesday was fascinating. I had always loved the stars. However, getting up at midnight was something I could do without on a regular basis.


Professor Quirrell ended up being quite entertaining, the Slytherin gossiped behind their hands while he spoke. However there was something about him that made me very curious indeed. I hoped however we’d learn some spells in later classes instead of him just regaling us about his adventures. 


During my free time I found several old class books from the years my grandfather was in school. It was these that I perused trying to find any notice of the boy known as Tom Riddle. I finally found him the year he graduated. His eyes were cold and almost lifeless in a sad sort of way as the rest of his classmates waved at the camera. He seemed to stare at me with those eyes, as if warning me to stay away. 


It was this that led me to asking Professor Snape if he was familiar with the name.


“The only reference I found other than his graduation picture was a note by his Head of House stating he believed he’d go far.”


“What was this boy’s name?”


“Tom Marvolo Riddle, Professor.”


For a brief moment, I almost thought I saw fear go through my stern professor’s eyes but as soon as I blinked it was gone.


“I’m afraid he was far before my time.”


“Do you think Headmaster would remember him?”


The bat winged professor stood up even straighter, “I believe it would be best if you left this alone Ms. Swan.”


However, his warning just fueled my curiosity even more. My Papa would always say that when I got a thought in my head to do something, I was like a dog with a bone not letting it out of my sight. Thus, as my potions professor closed his door behind me I turned toward the owlery where I was to send out a couple notes. One to Professor Dumbledore and the other to the once Professor Slugborn. 


I would find out more about Mr. Riddle, no matter who tried to stop me.