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The Hufflepuff Heir

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Thursday morning brought back a letter with my name on it. Draco looked over curiously but refrained from asking about it. 

Dear Ms. Swan,

Will you be able to come by this afternoon for tea and crumpets?

I’m curious to hear what you have to say.


Headmaster Dumbledore

P.S. I love lemon drops.

Double Charms could not go fast enough for me that day.

I could not wait for my discussion with the Headmaster that day.

As I arrived at his door that afternoon a large griffin statue by the door looked at me with it’s swiveling stone eyes, “Password?”

I thought about the letter and Dumbledore’s random confession toward the end, “Lemon drops.”

The door opened and behind it were a set of swirling steps leading upwards.


Dumbledore wasn’t sure what to make of the young girl before him.

She stared up at him with wide open eyes but her mind remained barred from him. 

“As you know, Headmaster, I have recently come into my lordship. I know that I am young however I wish to use my lordship for the betterment of this world I’ve found myself in.”

She smoothed out her robes and crossed her legs her slacks making an appearance as she did so. 

“I have more free time then I expected for my first year, so I’ve found myself in the library quite a lot. My grandfather told me of several impressive students back in his day and so I’ve taken to trying to find information on each one. I’d like to find out what they did with their own ambitions.”

Dumbledore gazed over the tip of his nose at the young girl who seemed in the moment much wiser than her years.

“One of the students he mentioned in passing, I haven’t found any information from the time he graduated and onwards. I have even asked a couple of the professors here but no one seems to know much about him.”

Dumbledore could feel the gazes of all the past professors beating down upon his head.

“Which student was this?”

“Tom Marvolo Riddle, sir.”

The Headmaster’s shoulders stiffened and his eyes that were once sparkling lost their friendly glint. 

“Ah, yes. Tom.”

“The most brilliant student I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Despite his impoverished background, quite the talent.” 

Dumbledore winced slightly as Headmaster Dippet’s voice chimed from the background, causing Ms Swan’s eyes to brighten and look eagerly upon the portrait. 

“Of course, there were rumors that the boy was the heir to Slytherin, but he never ended up claiming his heirship; so that’s not likely.”

Dumbledore wished more than anything for the usually stern faced Dippet would shut his portrait mouth. 

“I see.” 

The girl seemed far too happy about this news, and Dumbledore felt a shiver of dread. She might be either a powerful ally or great adversary to the greater good. He would have to keep a close watch on her.

Dumbledore’s mind had drifted and with it he woke to see the girl with her eyes staring at where he was looking. 

“What are all those bottles, Headmaster?”

“Memories. After so many years alive it's best to have ways to keeping one’s own memories alive one way or another.”

“I see. Well thank you Headmaster our chat was most enlightening.”


Professor Flitwick loved the enthusiasm that his students had for education. 

The students that seemed to brighten up the room the most seemed to be complete opposites.

Hermione Granger was a girl with an encyclopedic like memory and Professor enjoyed seeing her teaching her classmates when she finished up a lesson. He could see however how her very strict like personality rubbed some students the other way.

Whereas Ms Bella Swan shined brightly causing others to react favorably or indifferently. It was either one of the other. She was chatty and friendly with those around her no matter their blood status or house, yet she always became intensely focused as soon as the lesson was going on. She would insightful questions and her curiosity caused her to be focused on accuracy rather than what others might give up to be good enough. 

It was the after one class that she went up to him and asked a curious question.

“I was wondering Professor if you know how a wizard would go about keeping one’s memories and viewing them from outside one’s own body.”

“Oh, you must speak of a Pensieve. Very hard to come by in this day and age. Often found to be passed down through the generations as a family heirloom.”

“Have you ever seen one, Professor?”

“No I haven’t but I’ve always been curious.”


Professor Quirrell wasn’t sure what to make of the young girl named Bella Swan. 

“Have you heard of the heir of slytherin, Professor Quirrell?” 

He blinked at the young girl in front of him.

“I have..he..heard legend of one who...might ha..have been said to be the Heir.”

“Yes Professor Dippet told me about the rumors.”

He blinked again this time the back of his head itched and soon a voice commanded him to allow him to take over.

“Oh, what did he say?”

“That there were tales that one of the brightest students he had ever met was the Heir of Slytherin, but that he never claimed the lordship.”

She tilted her head to the side, before leaning forward and giving him a wide grin. Her head not even turning from him when her wolf bounded up to her side.

“Would you do me a favor, Professor? I’ll owe you a favor in return.”

The Dark Lord leaned forward curious about the strange child, wondering if she was worth his time. 

“Could you provide a distraction for me?” Her hand went to her chin, “Halloween night might just be the right time. Something to keep the teachers away from their offices.”

“Ah, a prankster.”

“Oh no, Professor, I would never suppose to take such a great title. No I am instead a seeker of truth.”

The Dark Lord peered into the girls eyes wordlessly performing Legilemens but he could not get in. The child was a natural occlumens. 

“What do I receive in return?”

“I will tell you the truth I find AND I will owe you a favor. A favor from a Hogwarts Heiress, at that!”

“You are an odd child, what makes you think you can trust me not to tell Dumbledore.”

“Oh, well I have a feeling you don’t like him very much. Plus, where would be the fun in telling when you can get the benefits without having to do very much?”

“We will see.”

“Very well.” She waved at the Professor unknowingly waving at the Dark Lord himself aka The Heir of Slytherin.


Halloween night feast was interrupted from a great cry from the front of the hall as Professor Quirrell promptly fainted after informing all that there was a troll in the dungeons.