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The Hufflepuff Heir

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I was five when I unknowingly became adopted by several soon to be shifters. 

It was no wonder how later on canines were drawn to me, especially of the wild sort. 

I was six when I had dreams of my other reality. A reality where my parents had separated and I was juggled between them on holidays. I woke up crying. My mother, Renee, and father, Charlie, came up and hugged me carefully and kindly as the rain-spattered itself against the windows of the old house.

The dreams came like warnings of what could be, and so I decided I would be careful with my heart and not fall for whatever pale-faced stranger that crossed my path.

Silly me little did I know that I’d end up falling far before my counterpart in the dreams did, my heart would be given away long before my seventeenth birthday.

I was ten when my mother uncovered her family history to both my dad and I. Papa took it rather well, already suspecting that at one point she had come from wealth. What he didn’t take well was the idea of grandparents I’d never met coming to take me away to ‘train me’ as my Mama put.

I was eleven when the mysterious letter came, by an owl no less. It was an odd occurrence. 

It was also this very same day that I met the grandparents that my mother had hidden away from us. This was the day my whole life changed. 


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A woman with a long face with sharp edges peered down at me, her lips slightly creased in a grimace at my overalls and checkered shirt. But her smile came through as she leaned down so that she could look me in the eye, and as if she found it her smile grew even wider than what I thought could fit on her long thin face.


“Isabella, how you’ve grown!” 


My eyebrows crinkled because I was sure we had never met before. 


“The only way your mother was able to keep us from you for so long was if she sent pictures ever so often with updates on your health.”


A howl from the backyard made everyone jump except me.


I shimmied out from beneath my grandparents’ gaze, not even making eye contact with my grandfather yet, and pranced back to my parent’s backyard. I opened the screen door and ran down the steps.




I bent on my knees but was still bowled over when my white wolf mix puppy let at me. He was a rescue, the local reserve aloud me to keep him only because I already volunteered and my father being Chief of police.


He was a black wolf with what I liked to call a white ‘mask’ around his eyes to the tip of his nose. Thus, he was named after one of my favorite book characters of all time. 


I heard the back door slide open and my click of my grandma’s heels against the concrete deck and Erik’s ears pricked up immediately.


He looked me into the eyes and like always, I answered his question, “They are my grandparents. They won’t harm me, my phantom.”


A sharp gasp only caused his ears to swivel back and forth before he dove his head into my stomach nuzzling me and making me laugh out loud.


“She already has a familiar!”


I peered back at my grandmother tilting my head to the side, “Familiar? I wouldn’t quite call him that. He’s more of a best friend.”


Erik ruffed in agreement, sitting back and head in the air in pride.


“Isabella? Have you received a letter yet?”


I looked back to her and nodded before going back to cuddling with my best friend.


She sighed, “Renee, she hasn’t read it?! We pulled a mighty amount of strings to make sure she would go to Hogwarts so she could still be close to some family.”


“Mother, I thought perhaps you could explain the rest of our family history with Bella and Charlie. After all, if they asked for proof I would not be able to show them any.”


“Come along then, you can bring along your friend Isabella.”


I walked back into the house and settled on the couch inbetween my father and mother, who was wringing her hands worridely. I held my hand out to her and she smiled after placing her right in my left and then Papa put his left in my right.


“Ok we are ready.”




“So I’m a witch.” 


Nods followed my statement. 


“I’m supposed to go to this school called Hogwash…”


“Hogwarts.” My grandmother interjected, her eyebrows furrowed. 


“Hoggle, that’s what I said.” 


By this time Mama was trying her best not to laugh at what I was doing, “Silly little goblin queen.” She whispered my way and I smiled before shrugging.


“Fine, Hogwarts. I’ll be away from my parents for nine months, only able to see them for summer. Holidays spent with grandparents I barely know.”


Mama sighed next to me, “That’s not fair to them, Bella. I kept you from them, I just wanted you to have as normal a childhood as you could before you were swept up into the chaos that is wizarding culture and customs by my parents.”


Mama’s father cleared his throat, “I’m sure we could find a way to get your family to come to visit during at Christmas holidays.”


My grandfather was more of a jovial man who looked like the thinner version of what other children believed Santa Claus looked like. 


“I’d like that.” I looked down at my lap where Erik had his head resting. “Would Erik at least be able to come with me and stay at the boarding school?”


“Yes, he would since he does fit the parameters for a familiar.” 


I looked toward my dad who had been silent most of the time during the discussion.


“How are you doing, Papa?”


He blinked before looking at me, his eyes shining a little too brightly. 


“I just want you to be happy and safe, with Erik by your side I believe you will be at least safe. Will you write us?”


“Of course Daddy! Every day if I can manage it, at the very least once a week.” Turning back toward my grandparents, “I’ll go, but I have conditions.”


“Well it will depend…” My grandmother started but stopped when my grandfather kindly placed a hand on her knee.


“Continue, Bella, please.”


“Ok. One, my parents will be coming with me to shop for my supplies. Two, Erik is allowed to accompany me wherever I go but is allowed to go hunting if needed outside the school. Three, I only have to wear dresses on special occasions. I will be wearing slacks with my uniform not a skirt. Skirts are simply not practical for the kind of classes you suggested. Last but not least if my family is not able to make it at your home for Christmas break, it will be arranged that I come back home to be with them instead.”


“I think we can abide by all those conditions. I will have to speak to the Headmaster regarding Erik’s hunting habits, you must understand.”


“Thank you, grandfather.”




The flurry of packing that proceeded I will not bore you with but soon enough I was at my grandparent’s chateau learning all about ‘pureblood’ culture and general wizarding customs. It was a lot to take in for my eleven-year-old self but I was always an avid student and found myself immersed in the stories my grandfather would tell of his time in school. 


I was especially curious about the person my grandfather seemed to skate around speaking about, a young man named Tom Riddle that seemed to have taken the school in my grandfather’s time by storm. He came from humble means but grew himself an empire, he was respected but feared both in his house Slytherin and by others. 


Erik loved my grandparent’s estate grounds. He would frolic so often in them sometimes I grew jealous of them but he would always come by and cheer me up whenever he sensed the melancholy of homesickness would come upon me.


My grandmother was kind but still a lot more distant than my grandfather, I think if I had been more of a willing doll for her to dress up she might have gotten closer with her. But as my mother had learned early on, no one could force me into a dress without my consent. 


It wasn’t long before my parents came to visit and we were all off on our way to Diagon alley, to not only get my supplies but also to swing by a goblin managed bank called Gringotts. 

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The creatures that were known to be goblins in the wizarding world fascinated me. My favorite movie was “Labyrinth” growing up and thus I was at once excited to meet one.


I couldn’t help myself as I bowed low to the goblin at the desk we walked up to and smiling through my teeth I prepared myself to speak the Goblin speech that I had learned.


“May your vaults overflow and your enemies tremble at your feet.”


The goblin’s eyes widened and stared down at me. (Erik was outside with Papa since no animals were allowed inside the bank.) 


“A speaker of our great language in one so young. May you live to see all who oppose you fall.”


I grinned right back at him with my own rendition of one of Erik’s wolfish grins. 


“I have come for an inheritance test.”


My grandfather had explained to me that it was a right of passage to get an inheritance test, it also had been away in the past to keep an eye on the family line and make sure no imposters came upon it. 


After putting my drop of blood on the parchment the goblin put in front of me a large map seemed to spread out from the drop. 


The goblin’s grin sharpened and his eyes narrowed in greed, “Interesting, most interesting.”


I looked up at my grandfather who smiled reassuringly at me while his bushy pale gold eyebrows furrowed. I knew that I was part of the Ollivander family, related to the famed wand creator here in Diagon alley, but I didn’t think that’s what made the goblin’s grin grow almost maniacal. 


The parchment was then handed to my grandfather whose mouth dropped open before passing it to his wife that looked like she was just about to faint in shock.

My mother looked at it next while I peered at each person who had seen it curiously, “But this means that Charlie is like me.”


My mother had explained that she was born without magic or rather without the capacity to use their magic. 


“Do you think he knew?” This time it was my grandfather that spoke.


“No.” My mother shook her head, “He was adopted.” 


That was news to me, “Please may I see it now?”


My mother handed it to me, and I read the parchment my eyes widening as I read as well.


Name: Isabella Marie Swan

Mother: Renee Rose Swan nee Olivander

Father: Charles Renalds nee Swan


Heiress to the House of Hufflepuff (paternal)

Heir Apparent to the House of Olivander (maternal)


Abilities revealed: Beast speech and metamorphogus 


“Will you like to claim your heirship ring now?” 


“Do I need to do anything in order to do so?”


“You will be tested by the family magic and the ring will either accept you or deny you.”




“Yes, my dear.”


“Will everything change again when I accept the ring?”




I sighed. So much had changed already what was one more change to add to the list.


As the ring was slipped onto my left-hand middle finger, it resized to fit my skinny little fingers. It pulsed and I let out a giggle as it vibrated against my skin. Suddenly it grew warmer and warmer until it was nearly burning before it suddenly stopped and the rest of the ring molded itself around my finger. It was gold with vines wrapping around my finger a small animal reared on its hind legs in the center of the oval centerpiece of the ring. 


“What kind of animal is that grandfather? I forgot what the mascot is for Hufflepuff.”


“A honey badger darling.”


“Small but fierce, just like me.” 


“Indeed my dear.”

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Papa took the news of my heirship from his unknown family side like the calm even-tempered sort of man he was. 


“It looks like just the sort of stone that fits my dear, something timeless.” He smoothed his thumb over the amber surface as I showed him my ring and Erik let out a ruff beside me. 


“Of course I haven’t forgotten about you.” I gave him a big hug, ignoring the stares of many of the other people at the small girl and the growing wolf beside her already starting to dwarf me in size. 


“No time to waste we have an appointment at Twillfitt and Tattings that we mustn’t be late for.” Grandmother pointed down the street before turning toward the men, “Boys please take along Isabella’s familiar and go and get the potion supplies and ingredients on the list.” I started walking along with my father and grandfather before I was stopped mid-stride by a wave of my grandmother’s wand, “Not so fast young lady you are coming with your mother and me.”


I sighed and followed my grandmother and mother down a side street until they hunched through a small door and came up into a grand layout of crimson and emerald velvets and silks.


“Lady Ollivander, I am nearly done with my current client. I will be right with you shortly.”


“Of course.” Grandmother nodded. “Go ahead and sit in the waiting area, Isabella, while your mother and I peruse the fabrics.”


The waiting room was fit with plush fainting couches and french interior design pieces here and there. It was not empty however, in the middle of it sat a boy with light almost white blonde hair who looked rather bored. 


“Heiress Ollivander greets you. May I join you?” From the straightlaced expensive-looking clothes the boy was wearing that were in the wizarding fashion, I had a feeling that the boy before me was from a most likely pureblood family. I knew Grandmother would have had my head if I didn’t greet him properly at first meeting. 


Forget-me-not eyes glanced up and perused my wardrobe with a bored gaze before he stood and bowed, “Heir Malfoy greets you. Yes, you may.”


For a brief moment, I was grateful for my pretty robes, they helped me play the part of dutiful little lady. I would play the character until I grew bored. 


“Will you be going to Hogwarts for your first year as well?”


“Indeed.” He nodded, his impassive bored facade slipping back in place.


“What house do you think you’ll be sorted into?”


“Slytherin, of course. Every Malfoy has been sorted into Slytherin since the very beginning. I shall be no different. I couldn’t imagine being sorted into any other house, especially Hufflepuff.”


I slightly winced at his prideful speech, “I thought I may be sorted into Ravenclaw, myself.” I glanced down at my new ring, the corner of my eye I saw him do the same his eyes widening. “However, I suppose my grandparents suspect I’ll have to be sorted into Hufflepuff now.”


“Is that the lordship ring? Why didn’t you introduce yourself as Lady Hufflepuff?”


I shrugged at his surprised gaze, “I suppose I’m not used to it yet. My family thought I was a half-blood but after the inheritance test we found that wasn’t the case.”


“I suggest getting used to it soon. A lordship to one of the Hogwarts houses gives you great prowess over other students. It’s good you met me first, you wouldn’t have wanted to associate with the bad sorts.”


I wrinkled my nose at his comment about the “bad sorts”. He was quick to change his toon about Hufflepuff. 


“Oh, and I wouldn’t be a ‘bad sport’? Especially after you went on about Hufflepuff earlier like it was the last house you’d wish to be sorted into.


His whole face flushed, “Well, I…”


“I’ll give you a pass just this once. However, Heir Malfoy don’t think you can treat me or anyone I call friend rudely or you’ll have the wrath of a Hogwart’s Heiress down your throat.”



I turned and smiled gracefully at my grandmother who stood behind me with the most elegant woman I’d seen before standing before her.


“Let me introduce Lady Malfoy, this is my granddaughter.”


“Lady Hufflepuff at your service Lady Malfoy. A privilege to meet you.” I gave a small curtsey while my grandmother watched on with approval.


“Well met. I see you’ve met my son Draco.”


“Yes, Lady Malfoy.”


A fine elegant eyebrow arched and cerulean eyes peered down at me not once shifting to her son who by now hopefully no longer sported a tomato like face.


“I hope the two of you become fast friends. At Hogwarts, it is important to make your own family away from home.”


“I will keep that in mind. Thank you.”


“Come Draco, we must meet your father at Flourish & Blotts.”




Shopping was at last finished and all that was left was to meet my great-uncle and get my own wand. A wand I felt was far too predictable and so earlier when we were in Flourish & Blotts and then later on in the Second Hand Bookshop I got as many books on wandless magic as I could.


I could feel the eyes peering at me before I ever wandered into Ollivander’s Wand Shop. The doors burst open in a wave of magic and seemed to pull me inside.


“Welcome my dear niece, at last, we meet!” 


He reminded me of what I imagined an aged Beethoven would look like: wild grey hair that stuck up from his head, bushy white eyebrows, several cravats loosely tied around his neck and his sleeves cuff-linkless. 


“This place has been waiting for your arrival for many years.”


“I can feel it, the magic surrounding me and it feels as if its both hugging me tightly and pulling me every which way.”

He let out a giggle and waved his wand in the air making the currents of magic visible to the eye and they did swirl around and curl around me. 


“I have something for you.”


He went into the back of the shop and came out with a book instead of a wand box. He handed it to me tenderly caressing the pages.


“This now belongs to you.” The magic that swirled around me seemed to caress the book in front of me. 


“Is it about the craft?”


“Indeed it is. The magic has chosen you. You will do a magnificent job, my dear.”




“Ah, my dear brother.”


My grandfather smiled and then looked at the book in my hands, “Keep that book safe my dear, it holds many secrets. I will show you a special locking charm to do on your suitcase to keep it safe once we get home. In the meantime go ahead and put it in the bottomless bag the goblins gave you. It will keep it safe for now.”


“Now for your wand dear, although you’ll learn much about the nature of magic it’s always best to begin at the beginning.”


I couldn’t help but smile at my great-uncle and his whimsical ways.


However, each wand I tried caused something in the room to explode, an earthquake to happen within the shop or worst of all was when a wand to broke with a snap. 


After the breaking of the wand, my great uncle gestured for me to come closer and stared into my chocolate brown eyes. 


“Yes, I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before. It seems so simple how could I forget.”


This time when I waved the small wand in the air nothing happened at first before a burst of magic surged around me and the doors behind surged open. Erik burst through bounding up to me and in flew owls and sparrows and in crawled snakes and squirrels. The room was surrounded by creatures and all of them came to me. 


“Just right like I thought!”

I looked around me at the birds roosting on his shelves and up at my hair where a squirrel and climbed up to perch and let out a boisterous laugh making many of them fly away or jump away from me.


The wand was thin and looked like a small branch reaching out over 9 inches in length. Amber sat at its hilt while vines curved around the handle. 


“Alder wood though not very flexible suits your curious and loyal nature. Phoenix feather and thestral hair core for your focus on new beginnings and determination not to make past mistakes of another life. It will suit you well.”


“However with great power comes great responsibility.”


My father and I chuckled but I nodded in response still and supplied “Muggle reference” in a whisper.


“Niece, I look forward to seeing the new world you bring about.”


No pressure, I thought. Little did I know how true his words would be.

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Before I knew it, I was on the train to my new beginning with Erik by my side. I got quite the odd looks when I situated myself in my own train compartment, not many dared to come into the compartment with a wolf sitting at my feet. Not that I really minded it let me get caught up in reading for my classes that would start the next day. 


Twin heads of carrot hair ducked in though right as the train pulled out of the station.


“Hello, my what a…”


“...truly terrific familiar you have.”


I smiled down at Erik who looked up at the twins curiously head tilted to the side, “Thank you, his name is Erik.” 


Their grins widened, “Would you like some…”


“ We’d love to join you.”

I giggled at their antics and nodded my head.


“Scoot over, my phantom, let’s make some room for our new friends.”


To my surprise though the compartment resized in order to allow Erik his own space while the twin gingers took their own seats across from Erik and I.


“Your a little…”


“...firstie, aren’t you?”


“Yes. I’m quite excited. It feels like a brand new adventure.”


I looked out the window at the passing landscape and closed the book in my lap. My company seemed to be quite the captive sort of audience. 


Our door slid open and cheery grin surrounded in perfect ringlet dreadlocks came through the door, “There you are you two! I was looking for you everywhere.”


“Come and join…”


“ We’ve made a new friend.”


“Hello, my name is Bella Ollivander what is yours?”


“I’m Lee Jordan, nice to meet you.”


“I’m Fred!” The more rambunctious of the two twins hopped in place in his seat.


“I’m George!” He grinned widely and his eyes sparkled. 


I laughed and the three boys looked at me. I shook my head.


“You are the first wizarding folk that I’ve met that are genuinely down-to-earth. It makes me happy that I won’t have to constantly keep up the courtier ways I’ve had to learn the last couple of months.” 


I smiled down at Erik and looked back at them giving an answering grin to their own and let out a sigh of relief, “It can be quite tiring around others.”


“Ah, you must have met some purebloods.” Lee nodded his head in understanding.


I shrugged, “Supposedly I’m one I suppose. However, the ones I’ve met so far seem to be a whole different breed.”


George leaned forward and offered his hand to Erik, and Erik bumped his head against his hand accepting the request to be petted. 


Fred looked at me with a mischievous glint in his eyes, “You speak as if you haven’t actually grown up in the wizarding world.”


“Oh, that’s because I didn’t. I just found out about it almost a year ago on my 11th birthday. I also found out about the grandparents I never knew I had who were staunchly embedded in wizarding culture. Then it was pretty much a whirlwind of me learning as much as I could about the wizarding world. Oh and the etiquette lessons.” I silently groaned. 


The chime of a bell distracted us all as we looked up to a sweets cart passing by our door, “Anything off the trolley dears?”


“Can I treat you all to some treats?” I smiled at them, I didn’t want to assume anything despite noticing that the twins wore second hand clothes. 


All the boys agreed, “May we have four of everything please?” 


The trolley lady smiled kindly, “Of course dears.”




We arrived at the Hogsmeade station at evening and everyone filtered out with their uniforms already on after changing in the train.


I waved away the boys and we all promised to meet up again later for breakfast the next morning no matter what the sorting hat decided. 


I watched as outside a giant of a man waived a lantern, “First years this way.”


“Come on my phantom.”


A small bubble of space was made around me as the other first years seemed frightened of the wolf by my side. The man, Hagrid, led us to some docks where dozens of boats lay resting against the water as if just waiting for their occupants to claim them. 


“Lady Hufflepuff!”


I turned and saw a pale haired head bobbing it’s way toward me.

“Heir Malfoy, good evening. Do you wish to share a boat? My familiar will take one spot already.”

I looked back at the two boys following Draco, “If you wish to join me I’m afraid one of you will get separated.”


“Goyle go!”


“But Draco…”


“No buts we’ll see you when we land.”


I raised an eyebrow as Draco shooed away one of my friends. 


“This way, my lady.” 


Draco helped me into the boat and I situated my robes my slacks showing through which made him raise an eyebrow in return. Erik jumped into the boat nearly capsizing it.


“Careful, boy.”


Soon enough we were on our way and before us the evening sky cleared just at the right moment so that we could see one of the prettiest sights I had ever seen.


A grand castle like structure rose over the waters upon rocky cliffs a light with flames flickering in its windows. It was absolutely magnificent. The quarter moon shining above us lighting the portion of the darkness around us.


We had finally made it to Hogwarts.

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“...There are Gryffindor, Hufflepuff…”


I zoned out as the professor started to introduce all the houses and their merits. I already had read plenty about them in Hogwarts: A History before the school year was to begin. Instead, I admired the tall ceilings, the arched stone archways and the history of the architecture itself. It was absolutely beautiful. Erik was sitting by my side as all the other students listened to the headmistress, his eyes stayed focus ahead as well except for the occasional glance my way. 




The shout interrupted my thoughts and that of the Professor as well as everyone looked forward to the boy picking up the toad at the front of the group of students. The Professor gazed down at the student, before hearing Erik’s ruff and turning her eyes towards us.


She shook her head slightly before continuing, “The Sorting Ceremony shall commence shortly.”


As soon as she left us, I found Draco posturing once again. This time it was in front of the well-known Boy-Who-Lived. 


“ don’t want to go making friends with the wrong sort. I can help you there.”


Already he was starting out all wrong.


I grabbed his hand and put it back to his side before the boy in front of him could answer him.


“Heir Malfoy, I find it fascinating how quickly you forgot what I told you.”


He looked back at me his eyes widening, “He’s not your friend you’ve barely met him.”


“Strike two, Heir Malfoy. Don’t have me get to three. Young Weasley is the youngest brother to two of my new dear friends, I don’t take kindly to those who speak unkindly to those I care about.” 


I tapped his shoulder, “Heir Malfoy, you should also know better than to introduce yourself so informally to another heir as well.”


I bowed extravagantly below my waist to the young Potter heir, “Lady Hufflepuff, Heiress Ollivander greets you Heir Potter and young Mr. Weasly. If you have any more trouble from this ball of fluff here please let me know.” 


The young Weasley snorted at Draco, sticking his tongue out at him which I caught between my two fingers. 


“I may have stopped Heir Malfoy from insulting you Mr. Weasley but that doesn’t give you a right to insult or bully him back. Am I clear?” 


I think the power was going slightly to my head but I couldn’t help it. I was riding on a high of superiority and it felt good. 


The young Weasley nodded his head and I let go of his tongue, and went to fetch a handkerchief but found one in my hand given to me by Draco.


“Keep it.” 

I acknowledged him with a nod before wiping my fingers before throwing the handkerchief in the air and waving my wand “Incendio” causing the handkerchief to burn up in a ball of flames raining our heads with ash. 


“We are ready for you now.” The Professor appeared behind us and we were led into the entrance of the Great Hall lit with candles floating high above our heads.


“Wait along here.”


Then Dumbledore the Headmaster began to speak, as he forbade students from entering the Forbidden forest he added a preamble “except for some designated familiars of students”. 


“That means you,” I whispered down at Erik, who gave me a wolfish grin in return.


Such as was the situation I missed the rest of his speech, except for “to everyone who wishes to die a most painful death.” 


“Well that was comforting,” I muttered beneath my breath. 


The hat upon the chair began to sing a song about each of the merits of the houses and then the first kid was called forth. She looked terribly nervous but not long the hat shouted out “Gryffindor!”


The next children blurred after one another but I clapped none-the-less.


I laughed as Draco was sorted, the hat wasn’t even upon his head before it shouted, “Slytherin!”


“Congrats, Heir Malfoy!” 


He nodded my way his grin the widest I’d ever seen with a look of pure joy that brought a smile to my face as well. He was kind of cute when he wasn’t being bloody annoying. 


Heir Potter’s sorting was a near hat stall, even I could hear him whispering “Not Slytherin.” It seemed Draco had already made enough of an impression to prejudice him. “Gryffindor!”


“Bella Swan!”


I carefully made my way up the staircase my eyes perusing the teachers my eyes capturing those of a teacher in a turban before he looked away.


“Ah, we have not only an heiress but a Lady in our midst. Should she go to the house she has her lordship? However, she is indeed cunning. Sarcasm is nearly her middle name. A bookworm as well. She would benefit from any house.”

“Whichever house you believe I could build up allies and help in turn, I will gladly go to.”


I was a hatstall. 


“Must I pick one house?”


The hat was quiet for a while.


“I have the Hufflepuff founder rooms couldn’t I ask to have access to each common room. After all, isn’t house unity much more important than house rivalry? At least that’s what I think if I were to wish to create a better world.”


The hat pondered, “Hmm… .a first in all the ages. However, you do fit every house. Each would benefit you and you would benefit each.”




The hall was silent as the hat was taken off my head. Then suddenly everyone was talking but above everyone came a shout from the Gryffindor table, “That’s our Bells!” 


Even after the last person was sorted people still stared at me, but I shrugged my shoulders. I did kind of want to make a splash and what bigger way to do so than be sorted into every house. I went and sat in between the twins as they made room for me. Both slapping a hand on my back, startling Erik who gave a growl and a ruff in return. 


Well, I wanted an adventure and I suppose I got one.

Chapter Text

I was fortunate to be the only student who could pick and choose what class times I wished to have, since I was not sorted into just one Hogwarts house.


I thought about just dropping into certain classes here and there, but the Headmaster didn’t approve of such a decision and thus I made my own schedule.

Every day

Breakfast: 7:30a-9a

Lunch: 12:30p-1:30p

Dinner: 4:30p-6p



9a-10:30a Transfiguration: Professor McGonagall (w/the Ravenclaws)

10:30a-11:30p Herbology: Professor Sprout (w/ the Hufflepuffs)

11:30a-12:30p Free Time


1:30p-2:30p History of Magic: Professor Binns (w/the Ravenclaws)

2:30p-3:30p Free Time

3:30p-4:30p Flying Lessons: Madame Hooch (w/the Hufflepuffs)



12a-1a Astronomy: Professor Sinistra (w/Hufflepuffs)


9a-11a Double DADA: Professor Quirrell (w/the Slytherins)

11a-11:30a Free Time

11:30a-12:30p Transfiguration (w/Ravenclaws)


Rest of day off



9a-10a Herbology (w/the Hufflepuffs & Gryffindors)

10a-12:30p Free Time


1:30p-2:30p History of Magic (w/ the Ravenclaws)


Rest of day off



9a-11a Double Charms: Professor Flitwick (w/the Gryffindors)


Rest of day off



9a-10:30 DADA (w/Slytherins)

10:30a-11:30p Herbology: Professor Sprout (w/ the Hufflepuffs & Gryffindors)

11:30a-12:30p Free Time


1:30p-3:30p Double Potions: Professor Snape (w/the Ravenclaws)

3:30p-4:30p Free Time



The free time I had I planned to use on a personal project of mine. This year I was going to find out more about Tom Riddle, while in classes I would be making friends and allies. 


I had only been in the wizarding world for a year but that was enough for me to see that the prejudices were stopping the community from real progress. At eleven, I knew I couldn’t do much but I knew I wanted to learn as much as I could so that when I was able, I could make a difference. 


The class schedule in some ways was easier than what I had heard about high school back in the states. The first day went rather well. I enjoyed the questions that the Ravenclaws came up with while in Transfigurations and asked several of my own. It quickly became my favorite class of the day. The only class that I didn't like was History of Magic, it was quite boring. The source material was interesting however very prejudiced against the goblins. I made notes in my book about things I wished to fact check with other resources. I also decided I would ask the goblins via a letter to see if they had books to recommend about their history. 


Flying with the Hufflepuffs was fun, everyone encouraged each other to do the best. I got to know Susan Bones quite well. She was a sweet girl with a gentle demeanor. Flying wasn’t how I expected, at least I would have preferred not to have a hard surface in between my legs while being several feet in the air. I resolved I’d find a way to fly without the help with broomsticks then but in the meantime some practical cushioning charms would have to do. 


The week passed quickly but by the end I had a couple of first years that I had gotten to know that I liked. Neville was a sweetheart that I had met outside at one of my free times. Him and I played with Trevor, his toad, and I told him about a couple of the preferences that Trevor had about living conditions. Neville took my way with animals as if it were the most natural thing. 


Astronomy on Tuesday was fascinating. I had always loved the stars. However, getting up at midnight was something I could do without on a regular basis.


Professor Quirrell ended up being quite entertaining, the Slytherin gossiped behind their hands while he spoke. However there was something about him that made me very curious indeed. I hoped however we’d learn some spells in later classes instead of him just regaling us about his adventures. 


During my free time I found several old class books from the years my grandfather was in school. It was these that I perused trying to find any notice of the boy known as Tom Riddle. I finally found him the year he graduated. His eyes were cold and almost lifeless in a sad sort of way as the rest of his classmates waved at the camera. He seemed to stare at me with those eyes, as if warning me to stay away. 


It was this that led me to asking Professor Snape if he was familiar with the name.


“The only reference I found other than his graduation picture was a note by his Head of House stating he believed he’d go far.”


“What was this boy’s name?”


“Tom Marvolo Riddle, Professor.”


For a brief moment, I almost thought I saw fear go through my stern professor’s eyes but as soon as I blinked it was gone.


“I’m afraid he was far before my time.”


“Do you think Headmaster would remember him?”


The bat winged professor stood up even straighter, “I believe it would be best if you left this alone Ms. Swan.”


However, his warning just fueled my curiosity even more. My Papa would always say that when I got a thought in my head to do something, I was like a dog with a bone not letting it out of my sight. Thus, as my potions professor closed his door behind me I turned toward the owlery where I was to send out a couple notes. One to Professor Dumbledore and the other to the once Professor Slugborn. 


I would find out more about Mr. Riddle, no matter who tried to stop me.


Chapter Text

Thursday morning brought back a letter with my name on it. Draco looked over curiously but refrained from asking about it. 

Dear Ms. Swan,

Will you be able to come by this afternoon for tea and crumpets?

I’m curious to hear what you have to say.


Headmaster Dumbledore

P.S. I love lemon drops.

Double Charms could not go fast enough for me that day.

I could not wait for my discussion with the Headmaster that day.

As I arrived at his door that afternoon a large griffin statue by the door looked at me with it’s swiveling stone eyes, “Password?”

I thought about the letter and Dumbledore’s random confession toward the end, “Lemon drops.”

The door opened and behind it were a set of swirling steps leading upwards.


Dumbledore wasn’t sure what to make of the young girl before him.

She stared up at him with wide open eyes but her mind remained barred from him. 

“As you know, Headmaster, I have recently come into my lordship. I know that I am young however I wish to use my lordship for the betterment of this world I’ve found myself in.”

She smoothed out her robes and crossed her legs her slacks making an appearance as she did so. 

“I have more free time then I expected for my first year, so I’ve found myself in the library quite a lot. My grandfather told me of several impressive students back in his day and so I’ve taken to trying to find information on each one. I’d like to find out what they did with their own ambitions.”

Dumbledore gazed over the tip of his nose at the young girl who seemed in the moment much wiser than her years.

“One of the students he mentioned in passing, I haven’t found any information from the time he graduated and onwards. I have even asked a couple of the professors here but no one seems to know much about him.”

Dumbledore could feel the gazes of all the past professors beating down upon his head.

“Which student was this?”

“Tom Marvolo Riddle, sir.”

The Headmaster’s shoulders stiffened and his eyes that were once sparkling lost their friendly glint. 

“Ah, yes. Tom.”

“The most brilliant student I have ever had the privilege of meeting. Despite his impoverished background, quite the talent.” 

Dumbledore winced slightly as Headmaster Dippet’s voice chimed from the background, causing Ms Swan’s eyes to brighten and look eagerly upon the portrait. 

“Of course, there were rumors that the boy was the heir to Slytherin, but he never ended up claiming his heirship; so that’s not likely.”

Dumbledore wished more than anything for the usually stern faced Dippet would shut his portrait mouth. 

“I see.” 

The girl seemed far too happy about this news, and Dumbledore felt a shiver of dread. She might be either a powerful ally or great adversary to the greater good. He would have to keep a close watch on her.

Dumbledore’s mind had drifted and with it he woke to see the girl with her eyes staring at where he was looking. 

“What are all those bottles, Headmaster?”

“Memories. After so many years alive it's best to have ways to keeping one’s own memories alive one way or another.”

“I see. Well thank you Headmaster our chat was most enlightening.”


Professor Flitwick loved the enthusiasm that his students had for education. 

The students that seemed to brighten up the room the most seemed to be complete opposites.

Hermione Granger was a girl with an encyclopedic like memory and Professor enjoyed seeing her teaching her classmates when she finished up a lesson. He could see however how her very strict like personality rubbed some students the other way.

Whereas Ms Bella Swan shined brightly causing others to react favorably or indifferently. It was either one of the other. She was chatty and friendly with those around her no matter their blood status or house, yet she always became intensely focused as soon as the lesson was going on. She would insightful questions and her curiosity caused her to be focused on accuracy rather than what others might give up to be good enough. 

It was the after one class that she went up to him and asked a curious question.

“I was wondering Professor if you know how a wizard would go about keeping one’s memories and viewing them from outside one’s own body.”

“Oh, you must speak of a Pensieve. Very hard to come by in this day and age. Often found to be passed down through the generations as a family heirloom.”

“Have you ever seen one, Professor?”

“No I haven’t but I’ve always been curious.”


Professor Quirrell wasn’t sure what to make of the young girl named Bella Swan. 

“Have you heard of the heir of slytherin, Professor Quirrell?” 

He blinked at the young girl in front of him.

“I have..he..heard legend of one who...might ha..have been said to be the Heir.”

“Yes Professor Dippet told me about the rumors.”

He blinked again this time the back of his head itched and soon a voice commanded him to allow him to take over.

“Oh, what did he say?”

“That there were tales that one of the brightest students he had ever met was the Heir of Slytherin, but that he never claimed the lordship.”

She tilted her head to the side, before leaning forward and giving him a wide grin. Her head not even turning from him when her wolf bounded up to her side.

“Would you do me a favor, Professor? I’ll owe you a favor in return.”

The Dark Lord leaned forward curious about the strange child, wondering if she was worth his time. 

“Could you provide a distraction for me?” Her hand went to her chin, “Halloween night might just be the right time. Something to keep the teachers away from their offices.”

“Ah, a prankster.”

“Oh no, Professor, I would never suppose to take such a great title. No I am instead a seeker of truth.”

The Dark Lord peered into the girls eyes wordlessly performing Legilemens but he could not get in. The child was a natural occlumens. 

“What do I receive in return?”

“I will tell you the truth I find AND I will owe you a favor. A favor from a Hogwarts Heiress, at that!”

“You are an odd child, what makes you think you can trust me not to tell Dumbledore.”

“Oh, well I have a feeling you don’t like him very much. Plus, where would be the fun in telling when you can get the benefits without having to do very much?”

“We will see.”

“Very well.” She waved at the Professor unknowingly waving at the Dark Lord himself aka The Heir of Slytherin.


Halloween night feast was interrupted from a great cry from the front of the hall as Professor Quirrell promptly fainted after informing all that there was a troll in the dungeons. 

Chapter Text

I was pleased to find out that the Headmaster only kept his memories locked up not his penseive. It would save me time, for I would only have to pick one lock. I pulled a hair pin from my hair that I had put there for the main reason of convenience.

A memory from my younger years drifting through my mind. I would wait for my father and sometimes I would meet some of the non-dangerous criminals. The thieves, the pick-pockets and con-artists that would come through our small town. They always got a kick out of answering all my “whys” and thus I learned a thing or two about manipulation, lock-picking and a few other useful traits.

Once when my father discovered me finishing a conversation I looked up at him and smiled, “I shall only use my powers for good not evil.”

He laughed and took my home, still warning me and keeping a closer eye on me when I hung around the office waiting for him.

I made quick work of the lock and soon set to decipher the numbers and letters Dumbledore had labeled the bottles with, soon enough I discovered the pattern. Dates and initials.

I selected several from the time period my research subject would be in school, then I stuck my head into the Pensieve only to find myself watching a younger Dumbledore walking up the pathway of an orphanage.

It was dark, dreary and gray. I watched as he spoke to the lady who took care of the children.

I narrowed my eyes at the woman, there was fear in the woman’s eyes as she spoke of the boy Tom.

Then I saw him, a boy about her age in a closet like room staring at Dumbledore with bottomless eyes.

I winced as Dumbledore set ablaze to the boy’s armoire, seeing a sprinkling of fear that went through the boy before he straightened up tense.

I watched the boy wanting to catalogue each expression he gave, Dumbledore was almost out the door when the boy spoke, “I can speak to snakes.”

Dumbledore’s sparkle left his eyes as he turned away from the boy, I could feel my teeth clench as I watched him walk away from the boy, the boy who had an almost eager expression that faded back to the deadened one he had before.

“What a butthead.” I let out a breath of frustration shaking my whole body to get the jitters away, before I switched the memories. This one was from Slughorn during the same collection of years.

The boy was older but the memory was fuzzy as if it was a video on VHS that got stuck in the VCR and the film was scratched.

All I could get from that memory was that Tom was researching something of dark magic that possibly started with h or an o, “hor” or “or..” something.

The last memory was a death of a student due to the opening of the Chamber of Secrets and Dumbledore confronting an older Tom, his eyes suspicious.

“Gosh, he was pretty.” I finished the viewing and quickly put away the memories and the Pensieve, as my mind reviewed what it had seen.

A brief ruff from downstairs gave alerted me that someone was coming.

I disillusioned myself quickly and then I curled up at the base of the door at the bottom of the staircase waiting for the door to open.

Once it did and the wizard stepped in I quickly shuffled out on my hands and knees, thankful to the silencing charm that I had learned in some older grade books.

Once I made it back to my rooms, I knew I had to update my research list.
My brown leather journal was a gift from my grandfather and it was charmed to keep out anyone but myself.

Tell Quirrell the basics of what I learned.
Learn more about the Chamber of Secrets.
Learn more about the theory of magic, and darker magics.

It was a short list for now, but I looked forward to my future research sessions.


The next morning the twins were chattering non-stop on how proud they were of their littlest brother for facing off a troll.

“It seems I missed all the excitement.” I smiled at them as I loaded up my breakfast plate.

“Sounds like you aren’t….”

“...that disappointed.”

I shrugged.

Lee bent forward, “You have the same smile the twins get when they’ve pulled off a great prank.”

“Aww, did our Bells….”

“....leave us out of her own hijinks.”

I let out a laugh at the two gingers.

“When did I become your Bells?”

“No changing…”

“...the subject.”

Fred and George leaned in from either side of her their eyebrows raised.

I shook my head once more, “Let’s just say one of my plans worked, and I was able to get more research done on a project of mine.”

“Oh and what project is that?” Fred grinned his teeth shining.

I took a bite of my toast and shook my head again, “That would be telling.” I turned to my right toward George, “Excited for the new Quidditch season?”

I could feel Fred still eyeing me in friendly suspicion even as he let his brother tell of their plans to defeat the other houses.