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The glass through which I'm looking at you

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This group is quite odd.

A young witch,  Just a bit older than a little girl. Her magic smells like licorice. She wears a ring with a big and beautiful amethyst. It will fit very well in my collection.

A bloodsucker, he t also seems to be a magician. An aberration, I´d say. He smells like blood and stale magic. I never thought they would be able to mix both in one being.

And the third one is who catches my total attention. Those wings, the tail. He is like me: Another dragon. Well,  he isn't a real dragon. Not yet. Now he is only a lost Kitten that, for some reason, ended up joining the wrong creatures. A baby. An unprotected orphan.

 But it's not too late. Maybe if I keep him with me, I could raise him.  He´ll become what he truly is. I will help him become fierce


As soon as the doors open and a new boy comes in, I´ve got my eyes on him.

It happens when I meet a new face. It´s been a while since we got one. Maybe a few centuries? I don´t remember. Also, this particular face is beautiful. This Young man has the most beautiful gray eyes I've seen in my whole life.

(This kid isn't my type, but I know how to appreciate someone´s beauty when I see it)

 However, you cannot risk losing your head for a pair of pretty eyes. 
I can't let my guard down.  Not with those of Nex, Blood prats out there and the three murderers from the fair. I must ensure my brotherhood´s safety.

I must admit, this child makes me nostalgic. He obviously comes from England  And seeing him here, so confused and trying to fit in, reminds me of me 

Maybe I could invite some drinks to my countryman and try to find out what his intentions are, right?