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Can you keep a secret?

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Can you keep a secret?


Initially, he had been thrilled when he saw a text on his phone from his best friend and crush, but then he actually read the message. The text in question came in exactly five minutes ago, and honestly, Izuku was kind of freaking out. In all the time he’d known him, Todoroki Shouto almost never sent vague texts like that. A majority of the time, he was very blunt and straightforward, so what was different about this “secret” Shouto wanted to tell him? Did it involve his father? He had gone off campus today hadn't he? What if Shouto was injured and Izuku had to tell someone? He didn’t want to lie to him, but if his friend needed medical attention, he couldn’t ignore that, could he? Izuku was so caught up in his downward spiral of anxiety that he almost didn’t hear the quiet ding from his phone, indicating a new message.



I really need your help with something.


Well that made his answer obvious, didn’t it?



be there ASAP


He was out of the door before he had even clicked the send button. It took every bit of the minimal restraint that he had not to use his quirk to sprint through the dorms. His heart was pounding so hard that it felt like it was taking a sledgehammer and was using it to attempt to break free of his ribcage. He was trying to make a mental list of different ways to treat a variety of  injuries, but that was hard to do when his thoughts were on a constant loop: Gotta get to Shouto. Please be alright. Gotta get to-


“Shouto!” Izuku threw his best friend’s door open with more force than was probably necessary, but he didn’t care because Shouto needed him, and he was… holding a kitten?




Shouto looked just as shocked about Izuku's sudden appearance as Izuku felt upon seeing his friend protectively holding a cat in the middle of the dorm room. Red and white strands of hair had been woven together in a way that indicated hands had been frequently combing through it. His bi-colored eyes were blown open in shock, and he had shifted into a position that could almost be considered defensive. It probably would have been a full on fighting stance if it wasn’t for the small bundle of black fur in his arms.


“Izuku? What’s wrong?” After realizing that there was no threat, Shouto relaxed considerably; however, his face morphed into one of poorly masked concern. 


“Oh, um…” Heat crawled up his face. How was he supposed to explain that he let his own fears get the best of him because of a text? “You said you needed my help?” It came off as more of a question than anything, and Izuku had to mentally restrain himself so he wouldn’t outright cringe.


Thankfully Shouto didn’t push it (he never did). “I found a cat, and, uh, decided to keep it.”


“Oh?” Izuku was still so confused, not to mention the fact that his heart hadn’t fully recovered from the state he had worked himself into earlier.


“Yeah.” The boy across from him turned his attention fully to the small creature napping in his arms, and his face completely relaxed. His eyes softened, and he gave the kitten a minuscule quirk of his lips, yet his expression somehow managed to convey so much genuine fondness. The image was too adorable to handle. Izuku’s heart rate skyrocketed again, but this time for a reason completely unrelated to anxiety. This boy was going to be the death of him.


“I was out visiting my mother, and I saw him wandering along the street. He didn’t have a collar or anything, and he looked so alone... I couldn’t just leave him.” His voice was so pleasant and mellow around them. 


The tiny animal suddenly shifted awake and stretched out in Shouto’s arms. Two pairs of large, green eyes met from across the room and Izuku was hit with the sudden urge to start crying at the size of the cat his friend had brought back.


“Can I hold him?” Izuku breathed out. Wordlessly, the bundle of fur was transferred to his arms, and warmth from the small creature radiated throughout his chest. Slowly, he began to run scarred fingers through it’s silky black fur. When the kitten started to purr he could feel it’s little body vibrating. He didn’t even try to hold back his smile. “Does he have a name yet?”




He went to laugh at the joke when he saw that Shouto’s face was 100% serious. Of course Shouto would name the cat he impulsively decided to bring into his life after his favorite food. Izuku cleared his throat to hide the amusement in his voice. “It’s a very fitting name, Shouto.”


“Thank you. I’ve never had the opportunity to have a pet before, so…” he paused and lightly shuffled his feet. He was looking at the ground, but Izuku could still clearly see his expression. It was the same one Shouto wore when he felt awkward or uncomfortable because he felt like he didn’t understand something because he’d been sheltered from it when he was little. Izuku absolutely despised that look. “I don’t really know how to take care of an animal, so I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind helping me. You’re not obligated to… it’s just you were the first person I thought of. I understand if it’s too-”


“No! I’d love to help you!” He practically shouted, effectively startling Shouto and Soba. His face flushed again. “I mean, I’ve never really had a pet before either, but…” Izuku bit his bottom lip trying to figure out a way to articulate what he wanted to say. “I think we could figure it out together!” Blue and gray eyes finally lifted from the floor to meet his, and he tried to give his most reassuring smile. “Soba is going to be the happiest kitten in the whole world! Do you know why?" Izuku suddenly jumped into a very dramatic (very practiced), All Might-like pose. "Because we are here!”  


It was worth everything in the world because Shouto gave him one of his rare smiles that never failed to send Izuku’s heart into a frenzy. For a second, the green haired boy forgot what oxygen was all together. 


“I’d like that very much, Izuku.”


Any anxiety he felt left over from earlier completely melted away when he looked back into Shouto’s face. Looking down at his arms, he decided that, yes, this was a secret he could definitely keep if it meant he could keep seeing Shouto smile at him like that.