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About the Show

Haven’t you heard? We live in the future where fan creations are just another source for mainstream pop culture!

Saira reads two chapters of a Captain America alternate universe. Settle in for collegiate playground full of dominance + submission, a trans!Steve Rogers and a slutty oblivious Bucky Barnes. The hosts talk levels of kink, genderqueer sex and media after the story.

Content Warning: This story's post-discussion contains talk of suicidal tendencies in a character.


Original Story
This Is Not A Meet Cute by i_buchanan


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Intro, 0:00-5:47

Reading, 5:47-1:23:55

Discussion, 1:23:55-2:03:41

Outro, 2:03:41-2:05:07


This podcast is produced by playthey studios out of Seattle, WA. This story was used with permission by author, i_buchanan.