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The front door slammed behind Debbie and Franny, leaving Ian alone in the Gallagher house. Years ago, he would have used the rare occasion for something interesting, but as it were, there was nothing he wanted to do. So he stayed, sitting by the kitchen island, lazily spooning soggy cereal into his mouth, scrolling through his phone, unable to find anything that interested him there, either.


Placing the last bit of breakfast into his mouth, he pushed the bowl away, about to head over to the living room when he heard something in the second floor that caused him to frown, tilting his head up. Of course, he was immediately on his feet, grabbing the baseball bat by the backdoor, heading up the staircase, making sure not to make too much noise.


When he entered his old bedroom, he immediately dropped the weapon, arms falling to his sides.




Because there he was - halfway through the window - and not dressed in an orange jumpsuit. Mickey struggled a bit more, before he finally managed to get the rest of his body through, stumbling across the bed, before he stood there, on the floor, staring at Ian.


"Hey," he breathed. Ian's eyes traveled over the cuts on his forehead; he wanted to ask him about it, but it could wait. Now, he had more important things to do - like ask him what the hell he was doing out - and kiss him. He absolutely needed to kiss Mickey. But it seemed that his shock kept him still, and Mickey didn't seem to take it as a great sign, as he kept himself still, away from Ian. "Obviously I'm out - we can catch up later, but uh... you still wanna be with me? 'Cause you seem - I mean, if you don't, man, don't feel like you owe me anything, I mean - being in there, we didn't have much of a choice - "


"Come here," Ian sighed, smile finally settling onto his face, shock fading. Mickey's face changed from worried, to happy, as they met each other in the middle of the room, Ian's hand curling tightly around the back of Mickey's neck, pulling him in, lips catching his bottom lip.


"Fuck, I missed you," Mickey breathed into his mouth.


"I love you," Ian sighed, before pushing him onto the small bed, finally feeling as if the most important piece of the puzzle was back in place.