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Car race

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«Uncle Nori! What are you doing?»

Sometimes Kakyoin went to Kujo's residence, even with Avdol and Polnareff – but that day he was alone, and after helping Jotaro fixing some files and thesis on his computer, he went to seat on the couch and play with his Game Boy, since Jotaro told him to wait a moment for him, and they would drink something. And of course, when Jolyne was bored and her father was working or doing something he would focus on, she always went to see what others were doing – that included her mother, too, of course.

Noriaki took his look off the Game Boy screen and turned towards the kid, who was alternating her glance between him and the technological device he was holding in his hands. He smiled and when she sat next to him on the couch, putting her beluga doll next to her, he made her see what he was playing, fortunately it was something Jolyne could play too, it was Doraemon Kart. Kakyoin didn't actually play it frequently, he just forgot it inside his bag – but forgot Pokémon Green at home.

«Do you know Doraemon, right?» as Jolyne nodded, he kept talking, «This is a game in which you have to choose a character and make them do a car race. Do you want to try it? I can teach you how to play it»

The little girl smiled, «Yes, thank you!»

Kakyoin gave her the Game Boy, her hands were a bit smaller than it, but that was okay anyway, she could manage with it. As he taught her the basic commands, Jolyne started to play, having so much fun – as she lost, she frowned a little and looked at him.

«That is so hard!» she exclaimed.

Noriaki giggled, «You need to practice – try again»

Jolyne nodded, and played it again, after winning two times, she gave the Game Boy back to Kakyoin and watched him playing.

«Woah, you're so good with it!» she said.

«I have other games at home, so this is the easiest one I have» he replied, smiling.

«The easiest?! What's the hardest you've ever played...?» she then asked.

Noriaki tried to think about it, «Maybe Touhou Project» he answered, «Your father tried it too»

«Was he good?»

«Well... you should go ask him directly»