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I just want release

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This was not what Kenneth thought the night would go like. He thought he would come to this party with a couple friends, drink juice that turned out to have alcohol in it, get drunk, and maybe have a dance battle with some random dude if it got to that point.

No, he didnt know that the last three expectations would be discarded and replaced with something even more terrifying that a painful hangover on sunday morning.

He was facing his fear, his deep, own self-hatred that he feuled spitefully everytime he even looked at another boy with a caring gaze.

Yes, he was getting handsy with a guy. At a party. A saturday night party, instead of getting drunk and doing some dumb shit with the boys as they walked back home and tried not to get caught by the cops... Again.

He wasnt gay, no he was not. Hes had girlfriends, two to be exact, and they were lovely. Better than any guy every could be. They hugged him, laughed with him, cared for him, more than your average 'dude-bro', and, he loved them back.

Atleast, thats what he thought. He thought he loved them back.

But the way his body responded when the boy infront of him touched his chest, or pushed his back up against the wall, that did something to him he never felt happen with his past relationships. This boys touch left his skin burning wherever he touched, it left Kenneths skin ablaze as the boys hands wandered over his chest, to his hips, and then up to his neck.

And the worst part is that he wanted more. He loved the feeling it gave to him, how it made him feel when the others hands gripped tightly on his waist, how he cupped Kenneths face to pull him into a deep kiss, and how, all in all, he nurtured him and made him feel safe.

He only got so far with his past relationships, the girls always wanted him to do more and more, to the point he was uncomfortable just being bare chested around them. He never got further than a heated makeout session with them, and it never came across his mind to do more.

But with this boy now lifting Kenneth up, Kenneth wrapping his legs around the boys waist and feeling the uncomfortableness in his pants, he wanted to do more. He wanted to go further than a simple makeout session, further than a heated makeout session.

The boy pushed Kenneth up against the wall further, his hand pinning Kenneths arms above him, and his other around Kenneths waist. Kenneth gasped as their erections rubbed against eachother, the friction making him hard even more.

"I-Ive never done-" Kenneth gasps as the boy bucks into him. "Ive never d-done anything like this, i-i-"

The boy stopped. He let go of Kenneths arms that were pinned above him, and used both his arms to wrap ar√pund Kenneths waist. He looked up to stare at Kenneth, and Kenneth stared back. Kenneth noticed how the boys face had softened.

"If you ever get uncomfortable, or would like to to stop at any given moment, just say so. Your comfort is just as important as my own." Kenneth nodded, breathing in heavily as he took in the words. After a few seconds of still air and no movements, he nodded while clearing his throat.

"O-okay... i trust you. Just please... be gentle" Kenneth couldn't help the blush that coated his face, he could already feel the heat that emanated off his face. The boy holding him chuckled, letting one of his hands leave Kenneths waist and reach up to brush Kenneths hair to the side.

"I never quite got your name" The boy grinned.

"Kenneth, yours?"


"Well Aichi," Kenneth shifted, hesitantly circling his arms around Aichi's neck before whispering the rest of what he had to say. "Treat me nice, would ya?"

Before he knew it, Aichi's lips were on his. Aichi pushed Kenneth up against the wall, Kenneth groaning as he felt the friction against his erection.

Aichi let his hands let go of Kenneths waist, knowing that Kenneths legs were wrapped tightly around his waist, before letting them explore. His hands went up to Kenneths buttoned up shirt, fingers fiddling with the top button. Aichi looked at Kenneth, who stared back at him with hooded eyes, panting as he rolled his hips onto Aichi before giving a nod.

Aichi looked back to the shirt, bucking up into Kenneth, which caused the latter to moan and hide his head into the crook of Aichis neck. Aichi started to unbotton Kenneths shirt, making sure to roll his hips in rythm with Kenneth. He loved the noises he made, the feeling of when his hands grip tightened when he bucked up into him, it made him hot just thinking about ways to relieve him.

Aichi soon finished unbottoning Kenneths shirt, throwing it to the floor and marveling at how fit and built Kenneth was under the garment he wore before.

Aichi reached back up with both hands and let his hands feel Kenneths toned stomach, which made the latter gasp, before working his hands up to his pecs. He squeezed them lightly, which made the smaller boy arch his back slightly into the grip while moaning loudly, before immediately covering his mouth with his hand.

"That was beautiful Kenneth, do it again for me?" Kenneth shook his head, Aichi being able to see how the tips of his ears were brights red. Aichi grinned smugly before squeezing Kenneths pecs again, harder this time, but not enough to cause pain.

Kenneth moaned again, just a bit louder than before, and in the process threw his head back. His hands were clawing into Aichis shirt, grip tight, and his back arched as he rolled his hips harder than he had during the whole ordeal. It was Aichis turn to moan, he pushed Kenneth back up against the wall, leaning onto him as he tried to get over the way it felt when Kenneths ass rolled over his clothed cock.

"Aichi, p-please i... i need-" Kenneth started to roll Aichis shirt up, waiting for Aichi to lift his arms so he could then roll the shirt up all the way and throw it to the floor. Kenneths hand explored the new area, fingers pinching Aichis nipples which made the latter breathe heavily onto Kenneths neck.

"Kenneth," Aichi pulled his head back, looking up at Kenneth his hooded eyes. Kenneth stared right back, panting and his face dusted red.

"Can i take you to the bed?"


With that one word, Aichi was holding Kenneth tightly before walking over to the bed, kissing up Kenneths neck before slowly lowering him onto the mattress.

Kenneth pulled Aichi forward, fingers gripping onto Aichis hem of his pants, as Aichis hands were on either side of Kenneths head, keeping him upright.

"Are you sure you want this? If you get uncomfortable at any time, just tell me to stop, okay?" Aichi whispered, lowering his body to get closer to Kenneths with each passing second.

Kenneths fingers left the hem of Aichis pants and his arms reached up, wrapping around Aixhis neck. He pulled his down slowly.

"Im sure i want this, and i promise i will" And once again, Kenneths lips connected with Aichis, both boys panting as their tongues explored eachothers mouths.

Kenneths hands found their way back down to Aichis pants, tughing on them as he and Aichi kept kissing.

"Pants" He said out of breath before Aichis lips captured his own again.

Aichi flipped them over, him on the bottom and Kenneth on the top as he fiddled with his pants to get them off. Kenneth noticed what he was doing and helped before doing the same and taking off his shorts.

To Kenneth, all of this was somewhat like a blur, but also, he could tell exactly what was going on. He could remember what was happening but it felt like it was going so fast. First thing he knew, he was going up to a room to get some fresh air away from people that reeked of alcohol, and next hes on a bed, naked, with a man he had never seen before but was also naked, and was opening a condom.

Kenneth didnt want this to stop though. No matter how many times his brain told him to stop, that he didnt like men, that he wasnt gay, had no feelings towards the same sex... The way Aichi touched him made him think otherwise. To turn against his own thoughts and to just feel for a while. Just for tonight.

Aichis hand caressed Kenneths face before sitting back between Kenneths spread out legs, erection in hand and a condom in the other. Aichi brought the condom onto his dick and rolled it down, fixing it a bit before looking back at Kenneth, and oh god did he look beautiful. A blush was mostly permanent on his face during this whole ordeal, a sheen of sweat covered him, which made the light glisten on his skin, and his eyes were hooded, his mouth wide open as he panted, begging for more. Oh, he looked absolutely beautiful.

And before he could get started, he decided, how much harm could a lil teasing be?

"Touch yourself for me"

Kenneth looked up at him, eyes widened just a bit.


"I said," Aichi leaned forward, hand reaching out and grabbing one of Kenneths wrist before bringing it down to his own dick. "Touch yourself for me"

Kenneth blushed, looking away from Aichi as his hand wrapped around his own length and started to rub up and down. His face contorted as he was overcome with pleasure, eyes shutting close and biting his lip.

"Nuh uh uh" Aichi leaned forward, cupping Kenneths face which made his eyes flutter open. "Dont close your eyes. Dont stop looking at me, keep looking at me, angel."

Kenneths lips trembled as he kept doing the same motion on his dick, soon panting as his dick got harder and harder. Aichi could feel his own dick twitch at the sight.

Kenneth stopped moving his arm, tears pricking his eyes, threatening to spill out.

"I didnt tell you to stop, angel" Aichi whispered, guiding Kenneths hand back to his own cock.

Kenneth whimpered, hesitantly stroking his cock once again.

"Ai-Aichi please, i-im going to cum, please i w-want to cum with you inside me, please, inside me-" Kenneth broke into a small sob, a couple tears spilling out as his hand shook, cock looking ready to spill.

Aichi grinned, leaning towards Kenneth and kissing him before cooing.

"Dont worry angel, youll have just that" With that, Aichi reached back into the drawer on the side, before closing it while holding domething small in his hand.

"Kenneth, were gonna use a safeword, okay?"


"If you ever feeled overwhelmed and want to slow down, say 'Orange', and if you want to stop, say 'Red', okay?"


"Good" Then Aichi was grabbing Kenneths dick, making the latter moan and whimper before slipping on a cock ring.


"Its a cock ring, that okay?" Kenneth thought for a moment.

"Yes... Yes, its okay"

"We keep going?"


Aichi leaned back, holding onto Kenneths thighs and spreading them apart. He had already prepped Kenneth right after taking their boxers off, so he was good and loose enough to take him.

Aichi lined up his dick with Kenneths hole. The latter squirmed, tears pricking his eyes again as he realised what the cock ring would do to him.

Then suddenly, Aichi slammed into Kenneth, both boys moaning loudly.

Kenneth whimpered, his dick twitching, waiting for release, and his hole pulsing with slight pain, but also from being full.

Aichi then pulled out, just so the tip of his dick was in, before thrusting back in. Kenneth cried out, hands reaching down to his dick, to take the ring off, before Aichi stopped him.

"Do that and ill pull out right now"

Kenneth sobbed, tears spilling as he let his body fall back onto the mattress, dick twitching, hoping for release, and a spot in his hole feeling like electricity everytime Aichis dick slammed into it.

Aichi thrusted in and out, Kenneth crying out each time, begging for Aichi to take the ring off, to cum, he wanted to cum, needed to cum, but Aichi just kept pounding into him.

He kept hitting a spot in his hole, a little bundle of nerves, and it made him see little spots of white each time. At this point, he was sobbing openly, begging loudly, not caring if other party goers could hear his cries over the music playing.

A minute or two had past, Aichi still pounding into, but his rythm was gone, his hips stuttering. Kenneth knew he was close, and Kenneth knew that he himself was past close. If this stupid fucking ring wasnt on him right now, he knew wouldve cummed already, a few times actually.

So as Aichi slipped one of his hands behind Kenneths head and picked it up to pull him into a deep, heated kiss, Kenneth spoke, voice hoarse and his eyes red and puffy from his tears.

"Please, Aichi, let me cum" His voice almost made Aichi stop. It was so hoarse, so deep, so much more different to his cries from before, and he could hear the desperation in it.

So he let go of Kenneths head, his hand trailing down Kenneths chest to his cock and stroking it, making Kenneth cry.

"P-Please Aichi, i-i cant-" Kenneth broke off into a sob, eyes closed tight as tears rolled down his cheeks once again, his whole body trembling.

Aichi grinned, fingers taking a hold of the cock ring. He stopped moving, using his other hand to push Kenneths hips down before taking off the cock ring.

Kenneth cried in relief, but noticed how Aichi wasnt moving. He tried to roll his hips agianst him, but was stopped. He opened his eyes, looking up at Aichi. The latter was grinning smugly, throwing the ring to the side before trailing his hand up Kenneths chest to his face, placing his thumb on Kenneths bottom lip before slowly letting it trail down under his chin.

"Cum for me, angel" Kenneth cried, throwing his head back as he tried to stroke his cock, but was stopped by Aichi.

"I thought you said you wanted to cum, baby" Kenneth opened his eyes, hooded and full of lust, and staring straight at Aichi.

"I want to cum with you in me"

With those final words Aichi slammed into Kenneth, who in return almost screamed. Aichi started to pound into him, revelling in how Kenneth looked under him, so undone, so unlike the sad man he saw sitting on the edge of his bed when he opened his bedroom door.

Aichi felt his hips stutter again, he felt it coming again, so he reached down for Kenneths cock, and started to stroke rapidly.

It wasnt long before Kenneth came, ropes of cum splashing onto Aichis chest. The look of pure bliss on Kenneths face, combined with the way Kenneths hole clenched down onto his dick, made him cum, filling up the condom.

The two were left a hot, panting mess.

Aichi got off slowly, sitting on the bed whole taking off and tieing the condom off before chucking it in the bin. He got up and grabbed a towel from his bathroom, wiping off the cum on his chest. He looked back at Kenneth, who was curled up in a ball, panting.

Aichi walked over, legs feeling like jelly.

"You okay, angel?" He got a nod in response. He reached forwards, tucking a piece of hair away from Kenneths face, the latter nuzzling into the touch. Aichi nearly combusted at the sight.

"Angel, do you think youd be okay for a shower?" Another nod. "Okay then"

Aichi got up, walking to the side of the bed before picking Kenneth up bridal style, making the latter squeak, a blush painting his face.

"You look so cute" Aichi chuckled, laughing a bit louder when Kenneth smacking his chest.

When Kenneth got in the shower that Aichi had prepared, he didnt know what or how he expected the night to go.

"Aichi?" The man in question hummed.

"Thank you for... For that. That was my first time and it was much better than i thought it would be. Im glad i... Im glad you were the reason i found myself" Aichi looked over at Kenneth, both were so close in the somewhat small shower. Heat billowed up into the bathroom as water pelted down from the shower head onto the boy.

Aichi smiled, hands reaching forward to cup Kenneths face.

"Im glad i was your reason"

And before he knew it, Kenneth was up against him again, their lips connected in another kiss. This time, not as heated, but with a small message. A thank you.