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a simple dinner

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Hoseok could barely look at you. His eyes were fixed on the road, his hands gripping the steering wheel, clenched around it so tightly that the skin around his knuckles were losing color. The two of you had been sitting in silence ever since you left the restaurant, and the tension was impenetrable.

You were smarter than to push him when he’s so visibly upset, but the silence was insufferable, and you were desperate for even a hint of kindness from your boyfriend.

“Please forgive me.”

Hoseok stares blankly over the steering wheel, his eyes laser-focused on the road ahead. It was as if you weren’t even there.

You knew you had been flirting too much with Jungkook at dinner.

This evening was special, a reunion for the members and their guests after their first extended break since debut. Everyone was dressed to the nines: Hoseok in a crisp white button down and a sports jacket, you in your favorite little leather black dress that he had purchased for you while he was shooting in Los Angeles. He always knew exactly how to spoil you, and it turned him on to know he would be tearing it off later on. He couldn’t keep his hands off of you underneath the table as the members recounted the adventures from the break, the wine flowing and the mood high.

While the boys were always gorgeous, Jungkook looked particularly attractive tonight. He radiated a post-vacation glow that can only come after some time away from a grueling schedule, his skin perfectly sun-kissed after spending some much-needed time in the sun. He wore a white button down that showed the definition of strong biceps, strengthened further by the countless hours at at the gym during his time off. You didn’t think he could get any hotter, yet you never failed to be surprised every time you saw him. Tonight it was almost impossible to peel your eyes away from his body: his biceps flexing as they moved against the confines of his shirt, his strong, gripping hands, his back muscles as they rippled with every subtle movement.

He was also growing out his hair - now past his ears - and it looked fucking good. You noticed each time the lush dark brown locks fell across his face as he laughed at one of Namjoon’s poetic ramblings. His youthful mannerisms were more noticeable as his hair tumbled over his eyes, his hands in constant motion as they repeatedly rushed up to sweep it away, making for a perfect view of his stunning facial features.

It was hard not to adore is boyish charm alongside the innate sexiness that emanated from him without really trying: how his nose scrunched and lips curved in delight as he enjoyed the night’s meal, his eyes widening as he entertained the group with stories about his time at home.

You knew Jungkook had a thing for you. Even with a perfectly fine date by his side, you would often catch him staring from across the table, your eyes momentarily locking in a flirtatious stare as you flashed him a teasing smile. He hadn’t yet developed the ability to hide his crush, his cheeks immediately getting flushed and eyes jetting down to his plate. His hands would toy with the silverware, steering his attention to various inanimate objects on the table as he regained composure. It was adorable.

Things had been this way for years, and you knew it would be so easy (and fun) to fuck this man, but you always kept your distance. However attractive he was, to you he was simply an amusement for you - a welcome, shameless flirtation that did not extend after the night was done.

Jungkook was fun to play with, but you only had eyes for Hoseok.

If only you could get Hoseok could see it that way.

Hoseok’s stern expression never wavered, even at the sound of your pleading voice. Exasperated, your eyes stare straight ahead into the darkness of the single-lane road, the iridescent lights of the downtown skyscrapers disappearing in the rearview as you moved into the quieter, more exclusive neighborhood of Hannam-dong.

The sound of the motor revved, ascending up several steep, winding hills, at an extremely rapid speed. After several more agonizing minutes, you finally arrived at Hoseok’s complex, the front gates opening as you move up the final patch of road leading to his apartment building. The door to the garage opened at an agonizingly slow pace, swiftly closing behind you as the car made its way into the dimly lit garage.

This wasn’t the first time Hoseok got jealous - far from it. He was the nicest guy, known for his charisma and optimistic nature. But he was also possessive of you - he always has been. He chose you, quickly and feverishly claiming you and sweeping you up into the world. Anything you wanted - clothes, shoes, apartments, trips - were yours so long as you asked. He was the most devoted, caring and generous partner a woman could ask for.

He asked one small thing in return: complete ownership of you.

You loved him deeply, but you had always been naturally independent, flirtatious, social butterfly that could not be simply kept. Admittedly, there was a part of you that enjoyed seeing him tense up, in knowing that you weren’t fully his.

With each passing moment in the speeding car, you grew more and more nervous, yet equally excited, about what consequences tonight’s discretion would bring.


Pulling into the designated parking spot, Hoseok shut off the car, quieting the engine and but leaving the keys in the ignition. The headlights flickered off, leaving you with only the subdued lights from the garage.

Still looking over the dashboard, Hoseok finally broke the silence.

“You know, you were flirting with Jungkook the entire night.”

“Hoseok, I -” your face turned to him in an attempt to make the eye contact you’ve been yearning for throughout the ride.

You immediately paused as you see his lips press together, the intensity of his anger building with every second.

“Acting like a total slut at the restaurant,” he hissed. “Smiling and batting your lashes at Jungkook in of the hyungs, in front of me, like you’re not my fucking girlfriend.”

Your eyes widened at the accusation, though you knew without a doubt that you were guilty as hell.

“I’ve told you before how I feel about that, so I can only imagine that you knew this would get a rise out of me, hmm?” Your right palm began to scale the side of your left arm, your fingertips combing the leather fabric of the dress, desperate for the comfort of physical touch.

You recognized a familiar warmth building in between your thighs, your arousal growing despite the tension of the moment, or perhaps because of it.

He abruptly turned to you with a stare that instantly made you feel powerless against him. The severity of his gaze pierced right through you, his eyes narrowing and growing darker as they examine your frazzled state. Your lips open with a shortened breath, a faulty attempt to appeal to his softer side.

You could recognize that you were no longer talking to your boyfriend, Hobi. This was Hoseok: jealous, intimidating, and extremely demanding.

"My girlfriend is such a little slut. You love to taunt me, don’t you?” His domineering tone combined with the sheer potency of his emotion had you on edge. And he knew it.

“Knowing how much it pisses me off, knowing you’re going get punished,” he snarls. “Look at you - I bet you’re already wet.”

Before you could even process a next step, Hoseok abruptly opened the driver side door, exiting the car. You can feel your heartbeat racing as your eyes darted around to follow his movements through the dark. He crossed the front of the car to your side, hastily opening your door before leaning in and giving you a menacing stare. He looks especially devilish standing over you, his left arm leaning against the front seat while the other swiftly moves beneath the fabric of your dress.

A short gasp escapes your lips as two fingers move up your inner thigh and swiftly shift the lace of your panties before, landing directly on your throbbing clit. You tense up in response to his touch, his fingers covered in your wetness almost immediately.

“See how well I know your body? How I know just how and where to touch you? Nobody knows it like I do - no one ever will.” He wet his lips before pursing them together in smug delight, your body fully melting into his grip as your eyes reflected your desire.

“Is this what you wanted from Jungkook? Were you thinking of his fingers in your cunt just like this?”

His eyes never leave yours as his fingers tease you. It is clear that he is attempting to pry a confession from you as you sit there, fully exposed and at his mercy. The hard, cool metal of his rings firmly indented your skin sends noticeable shivers through your body as your head leans back to meet the headrest of the front seat. His right index and middle fingers begins to circle your clit, pressing firmly between your lips and sliding in. You to let out a loud moan as enters you, your eyelids falling shut as you sink into bliss your walls tightening around his fingers as they sink deeper into your warm cunt.

The brief moment of ecstacy is interrupted by Hoseok’s left hand at the back of your head, grabbing a fistful of your hair and forcing your eyes back open to meet his. Though slightly hidden by his honey brown locks and the angular shadows of the garage, his deep stare permeates through you. He is a dom, wanting to see tell you just how much you are enjoying the pleasure he is exacting on you. His voice deepens, immediately commanding control.

“Don’t you fucking close your eyes while I’m here. You haven’t paid attention to me all night, even as you’re wearing this dress I bought for you. I need you to remember who you belong to.”

You can only whimper obediently a his fingers slip in and out of you, the speed ramping up and causing your walls to clench tighter against his fingers, essentially rendering you speechless. You feel your wetness building, dripping onto his palm as he curves deeper into you, steadily dripping onto the interior of the front seat. He leans in to meet your face, his stare deepening and lips gently touching you as he growls into your ear.

“I need you to understand that what happened tonight cannot continue to happen, do you hear me?”

You cannot even begin to formulate words as his pace continues to build in ferocity, a tightening deep within you forming in response to the stimulation. His thumb moves up to rub your clit, his fingers continuing to pulse in and out. His left hand comes down to tilt your chin up towards him, his eyes signaling that he demands a response as he brings you closer to your edge.

“Tell me Jungkook could never fuck you like I do.”

At your failure to respond quickly, his movements come to a complete stop - his grip tightening against your chin as stares into you. You buckle against the stillness of his fingers, shaking out of sheer desperation for him to continue to get you off. He smirks at you in your pathetic, anguished state - you will get no mercy for him.

“Speak up, princess. You had plenty to say earlier. No need to be quiet now.”

“J-jungook could never, ever fuck me as good as you do,” you stutter.

A deliciously sinister smile forms on his lips, his feverish pace resuming and bringing you back into the heat of the moment. You look to him, eyes pleading to finally bring you relief. The vengeful gaze he returns, void of any leniency, makes your legs buckle beneath his touch.

“Tell me who you belong to.”

Your pleasure rests in his hands as he continues to spread you open, increasingly more more aggressive as your breathiness intensified. Swallowing a shallow gulp, you are able to muster the words needed to satisfy him - the words he always wanted to hear from you.

“You, Hoseok. I’m yours.”

You flinch as a smirk forms across his face, his eyes glimmering with innate satisfaction of knowing that in this moment he has you, fully and completely.

“Good girl,” he whispers. “Now, cum all over my fingers. Show me how much you love me.”

The forcefulness of his tone, the depth of his fingers, the coolness of his rings pressed directly against your dripping cunt - it is all too much. You immediately lose control, coming undone in the front seat of this public parking garage. Your moans are loud and feverish, your back arching as the beginnings of your orgasm rages through your body, sending blissful shock waves through the length of your spine. The euphoria consumes you, leaving you all at once breathless, disoriented and hungry for more as his movements slow inside of you.

Before you can process the last few moments, Hoseok quickly removes his fingers from beneath your dress, slipping them into his mouth before planting a kiss on your lips and gently brushing the back of his hand against your cheek. You look at him, entirely disoriented and reeling from this pleasure, entirely unsure of his next move.

The shadow shifts, darkness covering his face entirely as he leans up out of the car and into the stillness of the parking lot. You can’t see his expression, but you can feel him staring down at you with simmering, knowing glare. You watch as his mouth curves up into a smile, his hand slowly extending out to you - the long-awaited act of kindness from the man you love, the man who knows just how to ruin you.

“Let’s get upstairs. I’m not even close to being done with you.”

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Hoseok moves away from the car, his frame moving in and out of the dim lighting scattered across the parking garage. Your eyes follow the outline of his body as he makes his way towards the elevator to his apartment.

Stepping out of the car, you adjust your dress and run your fingers through your hair in an attempt to look somewhat put together. You swiftly close the door behind you and walk hastily to meet Hoseok, eager to not lose him in the darkness of the garage.

Passing the security guard and moving into the elevator, you can’t help but wonder if he knows exactly what just happened in the space he was meant to be watching over, or even if he somehow managed to sneak a peak. It certainly wouldn’t be the first time.

The worry of potential onlookers is the least of your concern as the elevator doors slide shut, you climb higher and higher towards whatever fate Hoseok has laid out for you. Once again, you are trapped in silence, trembling in anticipation and a tinge of fear.

You want nothing more than to speak to Hoseok, who is clearly still holding deep resentment from your behavior at dinner. You’ve been here before, deliberately letting your flirtatious nature get the better of you, but this time he seemed much angrier than usual. You try to gain control of your racing mind, how you were going to get his forgiveness when you feel the elevator slowing, swallowing a shallow gulp as you arrive to Hoseok’s floor.

The elevator doors open into the penthouse suite, the lights low and room eerily quiet. You follow behind Hoseok as he saunters down the steps from the foyer into the living room, calmly tossing his black sport jacket onto the coat rack in the foyer and laying his Rolex onto the small table beside. He has yet to look back at you since you got up the stairs, leaving you desperately searching for any sign from him to acknowledge your presence - knowing full well that you cannot speak until spoken to. Your eyes fall to his hands as they calmly roll up each sleeve of his white button down one by one, his knuckles protruding with each slow, calculated movement.

A shiver moves through your spine as you envision Hoseok’s hands around your neck, know its not a matter of if, but when this will happen.

Walking into the living room, you slowly look around, trying to catch a glimpse of the members of the house staff who are usually here at this time. Your eyes drift across the width of the enormous living room, past the large floor-to-ceiling windows and towards the kitchen. He catches the concern in your eyes, immediately quelling your worries of any interruption.

“They’re gone for the night. You know how I value my privacy.”

You manage to grin through your uneasiness, surprised as always at his preparation, his ability to simply handle things without breaking a sweat. You’re still standing in the doorway, awaiting his command.

“Sit down, baby. Let me pour you a drink. The cabernet?”

You nod as he turns to walk towards the bar, your eyes following him as he moves away. He looks so fucking good in that clean, white button-up and his perfectly tailored black pants - you can’t help but enjoy the view from the back. The alarming rate at which he could go from a hard dom to your sweet boyfriend and back again never fails to surprise you - or turn you on. You never know what to expect with Hoseok, and that’s one of the things you love most about him.

Removing your coat, you sit down as instructed, your hands in your lap as you stare down into the reflection of the large coffee table in front of you, wondering what tonight’s punishment may bring. You know you had been naughty, potentially embarrassing him in front of his hyungs and making him feel neglected, and you know how much that irks him.

“I’m still mad at you, you know.” Coming over to the couch, Hoseok hands you the glass of your favorite wine before sitting down next to you. His voice is stern, indicating his desire for you ask his forgiveness. Finding your voice for the first time since arriving home, you let out a heavy exhale.

“I know, Hoseok. I’m sorry. I had a bit too much wine at dinner, but it was just innocent fun with Jungkook, as always.” You’re rambling, eager at the opportunity to talk after what seemed like an eternity of torturous silence.

“I like to play and flirt, and Jungkook happens to be easy bait. But nothing has ever happened between us, nor will it ever. It’s just shameless fun. I’m with you, and you know that.”

Hoseok hums into his glass as he takes another sip, never meeting your gaze. He doesn’t immediately respond, simply sitting in the silence for a few moments. God, he really knew how to make you beg.

“I know I said I wanted us to be alone tonight, but I thought perhaps we could enjoy a special guest.” Puzzled, your eyebrow raises, your mind not fully absorbing the meaning of the statement. You’ve spoken about adding a second guy into your bed, but merely as something you would do eventually when you found the right person who you clicked with physically, mentally and sexually.

Opening your mouth to speak, Hoseok raises a finger to his lips, a devilish look in his eye which silences you almost instinctively. Eyes locked into yours with a sly grin, he taps his lips with his fingers twice before returning it to his side and looking over his shoulder.

“Jungkook, don’t be rude. Get out here and say hello.”

Startled, your eyes revert upwards to see a familiar face. A nervous Jungkook enters the living room, head slightly bowed, long hair hiding the clear bashfulness spread across his face. Hands tucked into his pockets, he barely makes eye contact with you as he stands awkwardly in the doorway.

“Hi noona.”

Jungkook’s voice is deep but evidently weak and uncertain, his nerves on full display. You’re noticeably flustered, trying to fully understand what the hell is going on.

“Jungkook? What are you - what are you doing here? Hoseok….”

Searching for answers, your eyes dart over your boyfriend who is casually swirling around the wine in his glass, shooting his signature smug stare over the rim. In that moment you suddenly understand.

He’s set you up.

For a moment, the room is silent, the tension running high. Jungkook shrinks, his mannerisms so adorably boyish despite his staunchly masculine features. You can’t help but notice the way his jaw clenches when he’s nervous - accentuating his already chiseled face - while his hands fidget in his pant pockets. Hoseok gets up and stealthily moves towards Jungkook, sucking his teeth as he approaches.

“Answer her, Jungkookie. Why are you here?”

Jungkook is frozen in the face of Hoseok’s unwavering dominance which commands the entire room.

“Oh, so now you’re speechless? What, exhausted after all that flirting all night at dinner? Interesting.”

“H-hung, I…” Jungkook can barely formulate a full sentence, completely unequipped to navigate Hoseok in the mood he’s in, despite knowing him so intimately. That confident man you normally see in Jungkook is completely gone as he melts into submission. As if second nature, Hoseok takes control.

“Since all of that talking earlier has rendered him speechless, let me explain.”

Hoseok is so close to Jungkook’s face that you hold your breath. You honestly aren’t sure if Hoseok is going to fight or fuck him, but either way you’re here for the show.

“See that dress you’ve been staring at all night, Jungkookie?” Hoseok starts as he turns to face you, steadily taking another sip from his glass as he points at your body-hugging ensemble.

“I bought her this as a gift while I was away. I couldn’t stop thinking about her the entire time.” Hoseok slithers over to stand above you, slipping his finger under the spaghetti strap over your shoulder, snapping it gently against your skin, sending a light jolt through your entire body.

“I was really looking forward to seeing her tonight, wearing this dress I got so thoughtfully, and simply enjoying each others company after so many long days apart.”

You sneak a glance over at Jungkook’s, his mouth slightly agape as he remains fixated on Hoseok’s every word.

“So now,” Hoseok continued, “you can imagine my surprise when all she did was talk to you all night, even with my hand under the table, caressing her thigh, touching her exactly how she likes.” His hand moves to sensually rub the area where the band hit, following the pleasure with a bit of pain.

“Here I was, naively thinking she’d be all over me tonight, but I bet she was thinking of you the entire time.”

Opening your mouth to defend yourself, you are immediately met with a hush from your boyfriend’s lips, his glare forcing you to remain silent. Hoseok’s presence commands the room with every breath, and the mood is somehow increasingly tense.

“Generous as I am, I decided to get you another gift, something more memorable. I thought maybe then you’d finally understand who the fuck you’re dealing with.”

You can’t believe this is happening, and your complete shock is written all over your face. Hoseok snickers at your expression, his lips pursing into a cunning smile.

“Don’t look so surprised, princess. You’ve always said that you wanted a third. So, here he is,” he says as he turns to gesture towards Jungkook, who remains frozen in the doorway.

He was right. You had voiced your fantasy of being fucked by two guys, but you figured that while he was pansexual, he may be too possessive over you to bring another person into bed. But here he was, calling the shots, and with Jungkook nonetheless. It all seemed unfathomable.

“Every single time we hang out together, you two can’t stop eye-fucking each other - it would almost be cute if I didn’t have to witness it and if you weren’t my girlfriend. But I figured, how can I make you feel as ignored as I do?” Jungkook’s eyes are lit up, understandably intimidated by the power dynamics so clearly established in the room.

“Its too funny how quickly Jungkook jumped at the chance to come over when I asked him after dinner - he practically abandoned his date at the restaurant. Poor thing. And now that he’s here, I am going to show him exactly what he’s only been able to fantasize about all of this time.”

Jungkook’s eyes wider than you’ve ever seen, and for a moment you feel bad for the boy guy. You can’t help but wonder if he’s ready for whatever Hoseok has in mind, or if he thought he would ever access this strong, controlling version of his hyung outside of dance practice. But given that he accepted the invitation, you know there is at least some curiosity there.

“Come here, Jungkook-ah,” Hoseok points towards the chair directly across from the two of you.

Your eyes are glued to Jungkook as he saunters over at your boyfriend’s command, those muscles of his flexing as he takes a seat. You gently bite your lip, his uneasiness somehow making him even sexier. He’s smaller in Hoseok’s presence, so opposite his typically boyish confidence and self-assured nature.

Sensing your distraction, Hoseok’s left hand comes to your leg, the hardness of the large metal ring of his index finger pressed into your exposed bare skin. He’s asserting his authority and claiming what is his, and this single act has your arousal building between your thighs as you glance down at his long, slender hands.

The presence alone of Hoseok and Jungkook - along with the potential of getting to have them both - has you visibly on edge, vibrations of nervous energy pulsing through your veins. Hoseok’s voice is low and calm as he begins to explain tonight’s rules, attention first fixed on you.

“Firstly, nothing changes now that Jungkook is here. You belong to me, and do as I say. You have our safe word if you feel overwhelmed - but given your fondness for being watched and knowing what a true slut you are, I don’t imagine we should have much use for that. What do you say, baby?”

“Yes sir,” you state firmly, accepting his ruling. Its the foundation your sexual relationship was built on, and you know in moments like these when he is in his element that its your job to submit.

“And you,” he says as his gaze moves to Jungkook. “You don’t do anything unless I explicitly tell you to. I know you’re used to always getting your way and doing whatever the hell you want, but tonight you do as I say. Understand?”

“Yes, hyung,” Jungkook answers, his large Adam’s apple moving as he musters a small gulp, his hands now fidgeting on the tops of his thighs. “I understand.”

Turning to face you, Hoseok brings his hand to the side of your face, his thumb brushing across your lips as they fall open. He edges closer, his lips grazing yours before tightening his grip on you, fingers furling around the back of your neck; a small moan escaping you as he fully leans in for a deep kiss. His kisses are equally passionate and strong, never failing to make you wet. Slowly, he pulls away, sensing the longing in your eyes for more contact.

“How about I eat that pretty little pussy of yours, hmm? Show this kid how its done.”

You sneak a glance over to a silent Jungkook. This was all so unexpected, and you worry that this experience of seeing you fully exposed in front of his hyung may be too much for him to handle, or make things complicated between the three of you.

Any hesitation completely subsides as you see the fear in his eyes has morphed into one of sheer lust. He stares at you with a hunger that you’ve never seen from him, and Hoseok gestures to give him permission to speak.

“Yes, noona, I want to see you like this. I’ve…I’ve always wanted to see you like this.”

Hoseok’s eyes come back to meet yours as he gives you a small nod. You’re almost burning with desire, ready for the game to begin.

“Jungkook-ah, take off your pants. I want you to stroke yourself while you watch me taste her pussy. Tonight I’m going to make you suffer, just like you made me.”

You weren’t sure who was being punished more: you or Jungkook. The poor maknae, already under Hoseok’s spell, fumbles clumsily with his belt with his belt as your gaze locks onto his hands. You’re aching to see him - you’ve thought about more times than you’d ever admitted to Hoseok. He’s quick to slip his pants and briefs just above his knees, eagerly revealing the length of his deliciously thick, semi-hard cock.

“Hmmm,” Hosoek hums looking at Jungkook. “I gotta say, it’s very hot to see you so worked up you get for my girlfriend.” Facing you, he senses the desire dripping from you. “He has a nice cock, doesn’t he baby?”

Saliva builds on your tongue, the visual turning your arousal ramping up several notches as you nod, your eyes never leaving Jungkook’s length. “Yes, it’s just how I imagined it.” Hoseok brings your attention back to him; the intensity of his stare cutting into you. Shit.

At that, Jungkook breaks into a little smirk, the irresistible glimmer returning to his eyes as his confidence rises from the ego boost. The stare he returns to you, knowing you’ve thought about him too, almost makes you melt. His hand moves over his cock, which twitches excitedly at the firmness of his touch. His naked thighs move against the constrain of his half-removed clothing, his legs muscles tightening as he spreads them further apart.

“So, my girl has been thinking about someone else’s cock, hmm?” Hoseok sneers. “You’re really something else, you know that - thinking about other guys after all of this good dick I give you. Now, lay down and spread out those legs like the good slut you are.”

You turn on the couch to face him, your dress riding up further up the tops of your thighs as your legs straddle Hoseok’s lap. Hoseok immediately slides his hands up the length of your leg to bring the dress above your hips and pull you closer to him. He licks his lips, salivating at the view of your glistening, pulsating cunt.

“Baby, I want you to look at Jungkook. You don’t look until I’m done, okay? I want him to see how much you’re going to enjoy this.”

“Yes, Hoseok,” you obey.

“And Jungkook, you don’t come until I tell you do - you hear?”

Swiftly, Hoseok adjusts himself to grab your hips before sticking his tongue out and leaning down to suck on your swollen clit. Already sensitive from your previous orgasm, the sensation of his lips against you is overwhelming, sending your head back as your hand grabs Hoseok.

“Hoseok, ah, shit” you moan, the obscenities flying from your mouth with every flick of his tongue. Hoseok stares up at you, his devilish grin completely

Instinctively, your right hand slides under the top of your dress, pulling it down to expose your bare breasts. Craving any stimulation, your fingers to circle your fully hardened nipple, the sensation combined with Hoseok’s movements sending you into a frenzy. Your eyes partially close as you fall into bliss, opening once more to meet Jungkook.

“Fuck, hyung…” Jungkook groans. His eyes move wildly as he scans Hoseok’s mouth against your body, your breasts as they heave up and down with your exaggerated breaths, the wild, unfettered expressions across your face. Your eyes lock into each other, both of you completely lost in this moment and not being able to touch. Hand feverishly stroking his cock, Jungkook grows frantic - his thick, pink head swollen, veins pulsing on each side, his strong, hard body craving relief.

Hoseok purrs into you as your breaths begin to shorten, becoming more desperate and needy as his mouth spits and sucks on every inch of you.

An audible grunt escapes Jungkook’s lips as he feverishly grips his length, sweat building on his brow and his locks sicking onto his face. There is a noticeable fire in his eyes, the way they narrow when meeting yours, and if to say fuck you for this.

The moment of erotic denial, of restraint on his behalf is bringing out his aggressive, animalistic side - and you have a front row seat. You still can’t believe that Jeon fucking Jungkook is in front of you, jerking off to you while your boyfriend - one of his closest friends - finger fucks you on his couch. His movements are are hurried, eagerness pouring out of them. The sight sends you into overdrive as Hoseok simultaneously picks up the pace, devouring your whole and thwarting you closer to the edge.

Right then, Hoseok delivers the final blow, sliding a third finger deep inside of you as his mouth ravishes your clit. The pressure of your orgasm building, you clench around Hoseok’s fingers with intensity, your juices dripping down his fingers and only his knuckles.

Your tension building, Hoseok slows his pace, your hips bucking into him as you crave more pressure. He leans up and continues slide his fingers from inside of you, slipping them into his mouth once more - his pink lips coated with your juices. Your chest is heaving, your entire body shaking as Hoseok denies your orgasm. A whimper leaves your lips, your dissatisfaction growing with every second you realize you aren’t going to get any mercy from this man. Calmly, Hoseok signals for Jungkook to stop.

He still wasn’t ready to forgive you.

“Patience, princess. You don’t get rewards right now - not after the way you acted earlier. Now, it’s my turn to fuck you.”

Hoseok is fully hard, his farms flexing as he grabs your left ankle, positioning his engorged tip at your entrance. For a moment he freezes, his composure lost as you look up to meet his stare, your legs trembling and spread wide apart for just him. He has you exactly where he’s wanted you all night: completely at his will.

He lifts your left leg in the air, holding the ankle like he rubs his cock up and down your cunt from the clit downwards, your juices lubing up the head. Your eyes roll to the back of your head, the teasing proving to be absolute torture - just as he intended. That maniacal smile of his reappears as he taps the head of his cock against your clit, sliding down to press into you, filling you up inch by inch.

“That’s it baby. You see how daddy missed you?”

His moans intensify as he slowly thrusts in and out of your soaking cunt, drawing out each moment. His cock, naturally long and firm, grows even harder while he slips inside of you, making you bite your lip as to not shriek. He has this ability to make you forget about anyone else, stroking you as though he was made to fuck you like this. You almost forgot that Jungkook was there until you looked over to see him fixed on the two of you, lost in pleasure, while vigorously jerking his cock.

Hoseok’s pace picks up and he shifts to hover directly above you, lifting your ankle up higher to give him a better angle and Jungkook a full view. Stealthily, he fucks you while meeting your lips with his tongue. Moving quicker, Hoseok beings to lose control, leaning down grunts into your mouth.

“Mine” he growls as as he fills you with his hot, wet cum - continuing to hold himself on top of you as he finished.

Hoseok kisses you on the lips before sitting up, sliding out of you before wiping the sweat from his brow before. Nonchalantly, he throws on boxers and grabs another swig of wine. Disoriented, both you and Jungkook stare at Hoseok, both needy and completely dumbfounded by the the unfolding of events.

“Come here, Jungkook-ah. Time to show us what the golden maknae can do.”