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Bakugo laid in bed, staring at the ceiling and holding his phone to his chest.He usually fell asleep much earlier than this, but tonight his mind refused to shut itself off. Tomorrow would be his last day of being under house arrest. Good , he thinks, turning over on his side, I'm fucking bored. His phone vibrates and he checks it. The group chat of the entire class was blowing up.

Of course that stupid Deku would be up late, talking to his stupid friends. He and the rest of those shitty extras had class tomorrow. Not only was he annoyed by the constant vibrations of his phone, but the fact that Deku was staying up past these ungodly hours was bothering him as well. It was like that damn green bean was everywhere since their fight. Didn’t that nerd get enough of him when he beat his ass into the ground? 


He remembered the boy asking what he thought about his Shoot Style. What kind of fucking name is that? It’s not like it’s a special attack or anything. It’s fucking stupid. Nerd thinks just because he made a little progress it means he’s catching up. Even with All Might’s fucking power, he couldn’t even come close.


He spent the last few days mulling over the events that got him here. Why would All Might choose Deku, of all people? Even if All Might wanted to choose someone who's quirkless, why that crybaby? Why was Deku considered worthy?


The whole reason Bakugo had teased Deku so much was simply because he was weak. He couldn't go around thinking he could be a hero and end up dead because he took on a villain that was too much for him. Bakugo learned at a young age that not all men were created equal. To be born quirkless was basically a biological statement that you were rock bottom of society. Powerless. Useless. A nobody. You couldn't become a hero without power. Quirkless Deku would be killed if he tried. But now things have changed. Deku wasn't quirkless anymore. In reality, he had one of the strongest known quirks.


The hate for him no longer stemmed from watching him throw away his own life, instead, it came from a place of rivalry. But did he really hate Deku? Sure, it pissed him off that Deku was so weak, but there’s always been something more about Bakugo’s feelings toward Midoriya.


Bakugo's mind raced from the boredom of being stuck in the house for days. Enough , he scolds himself, Deku isn't even worth thinking about . Why the fuck am I obsessing over this? But he knew why. Dammit, I can’t keep the damn nerd out of my head. 


He had pushed the feelings away ever since he was a kid. He didn't want to be the way he is. What would it do to his career if the media got hold of the fact that he's gay? Would villains target him? Would he still be able to be the number one hero? Would he still have his friends? What would his parents think? Would Deku look down on him?


Growling, Bakugo jumps out of bed restlessly. He throws open his door, slamming it behind him despite the fact it was past midnight. He had to do something. He bangs on the bedroom door next to his. What the hell is he going to do about this? He can't go on pretending to be someone he's not. It was torturous to compress it all.


The door opens and Kirishima stands in the doorway, wearing nothing but a pair of loose-fitting pajama pants over his boxers. The redhead stood there for a minute, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. His face widens with surprise at the sight of Bakugo. "You look like hell, man. What's wrong?" He yawned.


"I can't fucking sleep," Bakugo's eyes had deep dark circles under them. 


"Wanna come in?" Kirishima offered. Bakugo nodded tiredly. 


Kirishima leads him inside and offered Bakugo a bean bag to sit on. He slumps in the chair. It feels nice , Bakugo thought with his head tipped back. He wanted to sleep, but his mind just wouldn't shut up. The truth was, he had about three hours’ worth of sleep in the past 48 hours. He was near-delirious. All because of fucking Deku.


"So, what's going on, man?" Kirishima asked. Bakugo's head pops back up, "I told you. I can't fucking sleep." Kirishima frowns, there was something off about the hotheaded blonde. Sure, he did look like he desperately needed some sleep, but Kirishima had a hunch that those baggy eyes were more than the result of being sleep deprived. Something was bothering Bakugo. Kirishima asked, "so you came to my room just to complain?"


Bakugo growls, "so what if I did, Shitty Hair?!" 


Kirishima leans against the wall behind his bed, "well, if you're not going to tell me anything I might as well sleep. Some of us have class in the morning." As Kirishima looked at Bakugo, he knew there was something more going on. He sighed at the troubled boy in his chair, "I'm your friend, man! You tell me anything and it doesn't leave this room."


Bakugo sighs, too tired to protest. He knew he should talk to someone. Kirishima would be the only one he trusted with this. "Fine," Bakugo leans forward on the bean bag. "But if you tell anyone, I'll kill you."


"Lips are sealed, bro!" Kirishima smiled, giving him a thumbs up. Bakugou inhales deeply before saying it.


"I'm fucking gay." 


Kirishima stopped in his tracks. A single tear welled up in the corner of his eye as he balled his fist with a grin, "that is so manly!"


"That's all you have to fucking say?" Bakugo scowled. Internally he was grateful. That response could have gone south if it were anyone other than Kirishima.


Kirishima smirked, leaning forward, "so you gotta have a crush man! Who is it?"


Bakugo yelled, "just because I'm fucking gay doesn't mean I like anyone! Why should 

I care about any of these damn extras?"


Kirishima laughed, not believing a single word, "oh, come on man! You look like you haven't slept for days! You've been thinking about someone! Just spill it!" He seriously lost sleep over some guy? That’s out of character if you ask me. It’s gotta be someone he doesn’t want to tell. He would have just said something to them otherwise. 


Bakugo sighed, rubbing his eyes, annoyed they wouldn’t stop stinging with exhaustion. Fucking hell, he won’t stop talking until I say it. Fuck. Maybe just saying it will help me get some damn rest. He finally spits out, “fucking fine, Shitty Hair! If you must know, it's that damned Deku."


Kirishima’s red eyes widen in surprise, "Midoriya?! I thought you hated his guts?" It just didn’t make sense to him. How could such fated rivals find any attraction toward each other? Especially when it was Bakugo who mainly was at fault for their rocky relationship. Kirishima could deal with Bakugo’s rough personality and sass him right back, but Midoriya wasn’t like that. It’s not exactly an ideal match, but whatever makes the guy happy, I guess.


Bakugo huffed, "the scrawny little bastard is so fucking weak. I've always hated that about him. The fucking crybaby trying to play hero and probably getting himself killed. That's why I tried to stop him from coming to this school."


Kirishima looked away from his friend, toward the window overlooking the front of the building. A few cars pass by, headlights glaring. One thing Kirishima was sure of was that the kid he knew, the classmate that helped him rescue his friend from the League of Villains, the guy who was always filled with passion for heroism, was nothing short of strong. He says, "you're telling me that the Midoriya I know is weak? The guy is always the first to jump in to save any of our asses when we're in trouble. What kind of badass is willing to break his own bones just for a tournament or to throw a ball in Gym? Sure, he's a crybaby but his quirk makes me glad he's not one of the villains."


Bakugo sat in silence for a moment. He knew Deku was getting stronger, but was Kirishima right? Was Deku really not the weak kid he thought he was? He had to admit that Deku gave him a run for his money at least a couple of times. His friend had a good point.


Kirishima says, "Midoriya cares a lot about you. Should have seen him when you were taken. You should talk to him."


"No fucking way." Bakugo shook his head. "I wouldn't tell him if my damn life depended on it." Kirishima pressed, “come on, man! What’s the worst that could happen?” Bakugo grit his teeth, “think about it, dumbass. What would happen if it got out that I’m gay? What would it do to my career? What would my parents think? Besides, I’ve seen him fucking stare at that gravity girl. He would just think less of me. I only told you because you’re gonna keep your fucking mouth shut.” 


Kirishima raised an eyebrow, “no one is gonna judge you, man. You’re the manliest person I know! No one would dare think less of you!”


Bakugo’s voice groaned, reliving the memory in his head, “they did before. You wanna know why I’m the fucking best fighter at this school? I had to learn from a young age how to defend myself. The kids in middle school somehow just fucking knew I was different. They didn’t like it and tried to beat me up constantly. It was like a fucking game to them. Once I started showing off my quirk, everyone suddenly thought I was some fucking god or something and they forgot all about it.”


Kirishima tilted his head, “seriously? People thought you were that cool?” Bakugo yawned into his hand, his words slurring, “yeah, they fucking did. It was enough to make them forget why they hated me.”

Sounds like Bakugo really did have it rough. No wonder why he doesn’t want anyone to know.

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Kirishima woke up in his bed groggily, his alarm ringing from his phone. He rolled over to turn it off, ceasing the noise. He rubs his eyes as they adjust to the dark setting of his bedroom. Kirshima squinted and stared at an unfamiliar figure across his room. It took him a few seconds to realize there was something- no, someone - on his bean bag. It was Bakugo? A few more seconds pass for him to realize his friend must have passed out in his room.


He remembered their long talk last night. It was a surprise that someone like Bakugo liked men. Not that Kirishima had a problem with it or anything. He sometimes had feelings for different types of people. Some male, some female, whoever caught his eye. But he had never gotten very far with anyone. He wouldn't call himself gay or anything, but he knew he wasn't straight.


Really, he hadn't given it much thought before their conversation last night. He was, in some sense, lucky he didn't have feelings for any of his classmates. It was nice to just be friends with all of them without complications. But Bakugo and Midoriya would be a whole other deal. How could Midoriya reciprocate these kinds of feelings for someone who bullies him? Who knew he was a big tsundere, Kirishima chuckled.  


But the state Bakugo was in... he knew he had to do something about it. If Kirishima could rescue his best friend from the League of Villains, he could get him a date with his crush!


Kirishima jumped out of bed, getting dressed. It didn't feel very manly to be playing Cupid, but he would do anything for the guy! He thought hard about this challenge as he went about his morning routine. As he turned around, the lump on his bean bag was gone, the door slightly ajar.


Kirishima shook his head, not surprised his friend would just slip out without a word, probably off to his own bed. He definitely had to get this guy a date.


Fortunately, Midoriya was approachable enough. It would be easy to get him into a conversation. But how would he go about it? He couldn't just tell him Bakugo liked him directly. That would betray his friend's trust. After all, he did promise that what he said wouldn't leave the room. Kirishima would have to be cautious on how he went about the conversation, especially since Midoriya's sexuality was still up in the air. Did he like men? Bakugo said he was often caught staring at Uraraka, but did that confirm he was straight?  He would have to plan something out soon.


Meanwhile, in another part of the dorms, Midoriya was getting ready for his second day back in class. He missed out on so much during his suspension, he couldn't afford to lose another second. It was only by luck that he was able to meet The Big Three yesterday. Too bad Kacchan missed out , he thought, I wonder if he could have landed a hit on Mirio somehow.


He had always admired Bakugo, that was for sure. But sometimes his feelings of admiration were strong enough to surprise even him. His thoughts often trailed to a place he didn't want to follow. He couldn't help but think of Bakugo's toned muscles, his confidence. He was everything Midoriya could ever hope to be.


Kacchan, to him, was the very embodiment of Victory. He respected the way his sculpted physique moved with fluidity and conviction against any imposing threat set in front of him. Midoriya could imagine his smug grin and his crimson-red eyes staring back at him. How beautiful he looked when the light shines dow- Izuku felt his cheeks burn as he erased that image from his brain.


NOPE!  No. You can't think of him like that. You can't have a crush on Kacchan! He would never like you back. It would be pointless . As if Bakugo knew Midoriya was thinking about him, he appeared, opening the door to their communal bathroom, grabbing his toothbrush and beginning to brush his teeth. Veridian met crimson. Izuku' s body froze up despite his internal screaming to escape before he embarrassed himself. Bakugo raises his eyebrows, “oi, what are you staring at, nerd?” 


Too late Midoriya quickly averts his eyes,” sorry.” He quickly scrubs his own teeth.


Bakugo spits into the sink, talking through a mouthful of toothpaste, “you should think of a different name for your shoot style.” Midoriya couldn't help but be surprised at the sudden comment. His eyes widen as he gave his childhood friend a perplexed glance, “why?”

 Bakugo smirked, his toothbrush hanging out of the side of his mouth, “it’s fucking stupid, that’s why.”. Bakugo takes out the toothbrush and rinses it, then rinses out his mouth. Seeing his crush in such a casual state made Izuku blush.


Midoriya looked down at the sink, trying to hide the pink tint on his cheeks. He thought Shoot Style sounded cool! Why the hell was Bakugo worried about what he called it? It seemed rather strange and quite rude of Kacchan to say. Izuku decides that, instead of ignoring the comment, he would bite back. “Says someone who thinks King Explosion Murder is a good hero name.” His voice sound more irritated than he intended.  


Bakugo raised an eyebrow, “the fuck did you say, Deku?” Did he just grow some balls?!  

Izuku never raised his voice at him, too afraid of confrontation that could evoke the blonde.


Midoriya’s mind flashed back to their fight, I won’t be his punching bag . The shorter teen’s face turns stoic as he holds his ground against Bakugo. Izuku Midoriya would not budge. They were equals now. Izuku reminded himself, he needs to treat me like it!


 Bakugo sighs, ignoring the half-baked glare.“Whatever, nerd.” It wasn't all too intimidating, but it made it hard not to blush at the green bean. He's kind of cute when he gets all riled up…..wait fuck no! Fuck I wasn't supposed to upset the damn nerd .


He wanted to slam his head on the concrete wall. Why the fuck was he so bad at talking to the little shitnerd? This always happens! He knew what he wanted to say to him, but his brain just turns to mush seeing his dumbass face and the only dialog that exited his mouth just had to be something mean. What the fuck. He turns his back to Midoriya, fighting the burning on his cheeks. "Just don’t break any bones today, dumbass.” He slams the door behind him.


Midoriya was left wondering, weird? He finishes his routine and exits the dorms, carrying his backpack. On his way to school, he saw a girl in a UA uniform that he didn't recognize. She was small in stature, with long, sandy blonde hair that reached down her back. Her skirt only came down halfway to her knee. His eyes caught a small tattoo on the back of her thigh, a circular symbol that looked like some kind of ancient rune.


Like most prestigious schools, tattoos were banned from being shown. Maybe they made an exception because it has to do with her quirk? He always wanted to meet someone with a tattoo-based quirk. He found them so fascinating.


Midoriya’s curiosity was piqued as he wondered who she was. He was certain that he's never seen her before. He could only watch her from behind as they both walked through the main doors of the school. He almost stopped in mid-step when she turned her head to see who was following her. When he caught a glimpse of her face, her eyes were the first thing he noticed. She shared the same crimson-colored irises that Kacchan bore. 


He wanted to say something, but before he could, she opened the door to the main office.


He took a seat at his desk. Something about that girl threw him off. Some of his other classmates were talking in the back of the room. "Hey, Deku!" Uraraka greeted him, standing next to Momo and Jirou. "Did you see that girl who walked into the main office?"


Midoriya turned in his seat, "yeah. Why?" Momo answered with a question, "what did she look like to you?"


Confused, he stammered, "um, sh-she was blond. And uh, she had a tattoo on her thigh." Uraraka and Momo exchanged looks. Uraraka said, "I remember the tattoo but she looked like she had green hair to me. It looked a lot like yours."


Momo added, "but I saw she had red and white hair like Todoroki's." Jirou crossed her arms, "and I saw her with hair like Kaminari's. Black streak and everything."


Momo sat down, and the others followed suit. Momo looked over to Tokoyami, "what did she look like to you?"


The bird boy takes a moment to try to remember, "I saw a girl walk into the main office but I thought it was Toru. I could see the uniform but no one was in it. When I got here Toru was already in class."


Mineta crept up into the conversation, drool dripping out of his mouth, "did you see that new chick in the office? She looked like Mount Lady."


Kaminari argued, "you think she looked like Mount Lady? You're crazy! She has purple hair like a grape!" Jiro raised her eyebrows, “is there something wrong with purple hair, Jammingway ?” She teased.


The last of the students sat in their seats. Iida and Mr. Aizawa stood at the podium in front of the class. Iida announced, pushing up his glasses, "for the first time in UA history, we have a transfer student from another school. She will be joining us soon and will introduce herself when she arrives. I expect all of you to welcome her as one of our own."


The door slides open, and the students stare at the girl who entered the room. "Thanks for the introduction!" She looks to Iida with a grin, then regards the class with a polite bow. Everything about her was small. She had the stature of a ten-year-old. Her blond hair was pulled into two ponytails that draped over her shoulders.


"My name is Katrina Koroatsume. But please just call me Kat. I'm sure you noticed I look a lot different to each person in the room. I wanted to explain my quirk to everyone to avoid confusion." Her voice was high-pitched and sweet.


"My quirk is called KopyKat. I look different to each person because I mirror the look of that person's crush. If you don't have a crush, I just look invisible. Also, if you touch me, I gain your crush's quirk for up to 24 hours. If you don't have a crush, I gain yours." She explains with a smile on her face.


"Wow!" Mina exclaims from the back of the room, "you should totally show us! I don't have a crush so you could totally use mine!" Mr. Aizawa interrupts, "use your head, Ms. Ashido. Unless it's your desk you want her to melt with your acid. So, no, don’t attempt to use your quirk on Ashido. We've wasted enough time. Go ahead and use that empty seat behind Midoriya. We'll have you your own desk by tomorrow."


As she sat down, she let her hand brush by Midoriya, but he had stopped paying attention to anything around him. 


So if her quirk is to mimic the appearance of other people's crushes, that means I really do have a crush on Kacchan! That's bad. Now that she's around I'm going to be reminded of that every time I see her! I've pushed it all away before but now? I don't know if I can. She doesn't look a lot like him but just knowing that's how her quirk works is enough.


Midoriya's eyes shift to Uraraka, remembering her words earlier, " she had green hair. It looked a lot like yours ." So then...does that mean... he was her crush? Midoriya's face blushes as he came to the realization. How could he not see it before? She got so flustered sometimes around him.


I like Uraraka, too. So why do I see Kacchan when I look at Kat? Is it because I've known him longer? His heart pounds, his gaze flicking from Uraraka to his desk. He did really like her a lot. That made him avoid her sometimes so he didn't get embarrassed, but they were still good friends. Maybe he should tell her how he feels and he could move on from all of this confusion.


But he just couldn't set his heart on it. Why ? Why couldn't he just ask out the girl he likes, knowing now that she would likely say yes? He heard movement behind him as Kat pulled out a notebook and a pen from her bag. Maybe he could ask her about it since it was her quirk?


I'll do that at lunch today , he decided.


Kirishima sat at his desk, looking at the girl behind Midoriya. He had overheard the conversation he was having with the girls about what she looked like. If he saw her as a blond, did that mean he liked Bakugo, too? He heavily doubted he had a crush on any of the other blondes; Aoyama, Oijiro, or Kaminari. It also meant he didn't have to talk to Midoriya about it, which was a relief. Maybe Bakugo would just ask him out himself.


He watched the girl curiously, her hands under her desk. Small flashes of light sparked in her hands. Bakugo's explosion quirk? Kirishima smirked. Midoriya definitely liked Bakugo. I’ll tell him when we get back to the dorms.


He was so wrapped up in his friend's problem that he didn't realize he could see the girl. He had a crush on someone.


As the class was dismissed for lunch, Midoriya caught the attention of Kat before she could leave class, "Hey, Kat!" She turned to him with a warm smile, "what's up?"


"Can I talk to you about something?" He asks. The smile melts off her face as she nods, knowing it was about her quirk, "of course." She says in a much quieter tone.


Izuku notices her shift in mood and immediately apologizes,”I-Im sorry, you don't have to answer my question if you don't want to. I didn’t even introduce myself, how rude of me. I’m Izu-.” 


Kat waves her hand cutting off the nervous teen’s rambling, “look, its alright... it’s about my quirk right?”


 Izuku nods. She says quietly, “could you wait just a little bit longer until everyone leaves the room?” Izuku wants to ask why but instead just nods and waits. Don't freak her out Izuku. It doesn't take long for the other students and Mr. Aizawa empties out the room. They were alone.

Her ruby eyes scan the class for any stragglers hanging around. She exhales slowly before turning back to Izuku, “Sorry about that, I’m still kind of uncomfortable discussing my quirk when there are people around.” She rubs her forearms with a small smile. It was odd to see Katsuki’s features forming non-Kacchan expressions, odd but cute.


“I understand Kat, no need to apologize.” Izukuz says sheepishly, fiddling with his tie.


 “So what was your question?”


"What happens when someone has two crushes? What do you look like to them?" He asks, his cheeks flushing red. 


Kat's eyes drop to the ground, suddenly becoming shy, "you have to keep it a secret, okay?" Her eyes dart back up to him, "if you don't you could hurt a lot of people's feelings." She sits back down in her chair and Midoriya follows suit, facing her in his own seat.


Kat takes a deep breath while tugging her sleeve. "My quirk doesn't just show you your crush," she explains, "it shows you who your soulmate is if you've ever met them."


Midoriya's jaw gapes, shock running through him, "K-Kacchan is my...."


"If that's who I look like to you, then yes." Kat tells him, "when someone just has a simple crush, I'll look like the person they like. But if someone has multiple crushes like you, you'll see your soulmate. If both crushes aren’t your soulmate, I look like a combination of both people. I learned that the hard way." she ends melancholically.


"What do you mean? The hard way?” Izuku raises a brow.


"At first, I thought it was simple. I thought whoever I looked like would be your soulmate, no matter what." Her ruby gaze shifts to look out of the window, pursing her lips into a frown, "at my old school, I helped a lot of students get together. It was fun at first..playing matchmaker. But some of them didn't last.”


 Izuku could tell where this was going, her quirk was misunderstood like a lot of quirks of today that were either labeled useless or villainous. Guessing from her current demeanor it was the latter. “They called your quirk villainous?”


Kat faintly nodded, “I was blamed for people's heartbreak and sometimes putting people into abusive relationships. They all thought they were doomed to forever be in love with the person that hurt them so badly. I was bullied so intensely they allowed me to transfer to your school. It’s honestly a miracle that I got accepted into a school like U.A."  


The smile returned to her face, "Ms. Midnight, she talked me through it during my quirk counseling lessons and helped me figure out my quirk together. Now I know for sure that's how it works. Look." She stretches her hand out and tiny explosions erupt in her palm.


Midoriya holds his chest as his heart flutters as she confirms again that Kacchan is his soulmate. She was using Kacchan’s quirk!


Kat giggles at the boys muttering, his viridian eyes were practically sparkling with excitement whispering about ‘Kacchan’. 


"You're going to be with this Kacchan someday. If you're soulmates, he likes you back. I can promise that. If you really do have two crushes, he's the one you love more."


Midoriya's stomach growled loudly, ruining the moment. Kat openly chuckles. "Come on," Kat offers, "I'm starving."


 “Yeah, me too,” he says, hiding behind his red-tinted cheeks. Both of them walk out of the classroom towards the cafeteria, the smell of LunchRush’s food in the air.


Kat turns around suddenly looking at Izuku as if she just realized something. “By the way, you never told me your name?”


“Its Izuku Midoriya… but you can call me Deku.”

Chapter Text

Bakugo sat on the couch in the common room, flipping through channels on the TV. He looked at the clock on the wall. Any moment now, all his idiot classmates would come barging through the door. He clicked off the television and sauntered off to his room. He didn't want to deal with any of the bullshit.


He sat on his bed, his phone blowing up from the group chat again.


He pulled away from his phone at the sudden sound of the footsteps of his classmates settling in the common room. He heard loud, excited chattering and a voice he didn't recognize. Who the fuck was that high-pitched tone coming from? It annoyed the hell out of him.


He burst out of his room, walking over to the common area to see his classmates sitting on the couches, surrounding this random girl with dark green hair and freckles. Midoriya was right behind her, a spitting image of each other.


"Oi, Deku!" He teased, "I didn't know you had a sister! She's just as ugly, too!" The whole class stopped their chattering and stared at Bakugo. They were all like crickets to the growing silence whilst Izuku turned into a tomato.


"What the fuck are you idiots staring at?" Bakugo growled. He could see Midoriya turn so red he was almost purple. The fuck is Deku blushing for ?


Todoroki asked, "you think she looks like Midoriya?" His tone was very thoughtful and composed.


Bakugo rolled his eyes, “well no duh, dumbass, her and the nerd even have the same freckles n’ shit. Fucking creepy what it is, she some relative or something, Deku?” Bakugou asked as he was staring at Kat with mild curiosity. She even has the same eye color… weird.


 Uraraka struggles not to spit out the juice she had been sipping on. She laughed out of shock, her hand trembling on the glass she was holding, "we all know what that means!"


Kirishima panicked. There was nothing he could do to keep this secret now. Bakugo just blew his own cover. Oh shit! Shit!


 Tsu turned to Uraraka, "I had no idea Bakugo liked boys, let alone Midoriya."


At her comment, Bakugo's eyes nearly exploded with anger, "the f-fuck did you just say?! Is this some kind of joke?!" Izuku was frozen in place. Hold on. What the hell is happening? Kat looks like me? That means he really does have a crush on me? That means we really are soulmates? It was a lot to take in all at once, especially right in front of his classmates.


Kirishima stood up and hardened his skin to prepare in case his friend decided to blast him, grabbing Bakugo by the shirt collar as he raged. He pushed him outside before he could do anything brash. Kirishima pulled him further away from the dorms as much as he could with Bakugou’s screams of insults as he dragged him. When they were far enough the redhead tried his best to get Bakugo to calm down. "Dude, you have to calm down before everyone else  on the U.A. campus knows you have a crush on Midoriya!" Kirishima yelled at him, trying to get him to stop screaming.


"I trusted you, you idiot!" Bakugo jerks himself out of Kirishima’s grip before raising his hand and let off an explosion in front of Kirishima's face. How dare he!? After everything, did a promise not mean a damn thing to that loser!?


"I didn't tell them anything!" Kirishima puts his hands up defensively. " I didn’t tell anyone anything Bakubro! It would be unmanly of me to break our promise bro. Just please hear me out!” He yells as he escaped another swipe from Bakugo.


Finally listening to reason, Bakugo halts his assault, staring down at Kirishima with a feral expression, “well!?!” Kirishima winced, oh boy, he looks so pissed . Bakugo’s body was visibly shaking with rage. His eyes bore the essence of betrayal and vengeance. Truly, though, he was more embarrassed about his secret than angry.


“It's that girl! We all see her differently because her quirk makes her look like your crush!" Kirishima explained.


"So it's her fault?! I'm gonna kill her!" Bakugo marched toward the door. "No, man!" Kirishima grabbed hold of Bakugo, "it's not her fault! She can't control it!"


"Like hell, she can't!" Bakugo squirmed in Kirishima's grip, trying to escape.


As the boys argued, the class could hear their fight from inside. Midoriya was still bright red. What Kat had said was true; Bakugo really did have a crush on him! What was he going to do about it now? What was going to happen now that the whole class knows his childhood friend likes him?


Momo finally was the first to speak, "didn't you say Kat looks blonde to you, Midoriya?" She questioned. He refused to answer. No way he was going to admit to the whole class that he liked Bakugo! But he didn't have to say anything.


Kat giggled, "I'll answer that for him if he doesn't wanna! Look!" She touched his shoulder and held out her hand, small explosions lighting up her palms.  Midoriya backed away with a horrified expression painted on his face. The Betrayal!! Kat shoots him a look, putting her hand up to her mouth and whispering, “you’re gonna end up together, anyway. Don’t worry about it!”


Iida pushed up his glasses, "you did claim you could gain the quirk of someone's crush." Uraraka looked at Iida, "but Bakugo is nothing but a bully to Deku! There's no way!" She glances at Midoriya, a soft look in her eyes. She holds a steady frown on her face, even though she thought there was no way this all could be true.


The front door swung open and Bakugo walked in with an emotionless face. "Deku, get your ass up to my room, or I'll kill you." He had scratches on his arms and face. Kirishima walked behind with a grin, looking a bit more than a little beat up. Kat jumped up and asked the red-head, “are you okay? It looks like he got you good!” 


Ashido patted her shoulder with a grin, “it’s okay, sweetie. That’s just how those two are.” Kat insisted, “let me get you the first aid kit! I guess I owe you by making him mad!” Kirishima shook his head, “no! It’s okay! I’m manly, I can take Bakugo on, no problem!” Kaminari snickered, “like he didn’t kick your butt at the Sports Festival.”


Kat turned to Kaminari, an excited look on her face, “oh, yeah! Tell me more about the Sports Festival! I could have had so much fun with that!” 


The sound of a door slamming hard enough to shake the entire building paused their conversation. Kat looked at Midoriya, smiling and giving him a thumbs-up, "if you don't go now you won't get another chance!" She encouraged him. He nodded and stood up, quickly leaving the room.


Todoroki walked up to Kirishima, offering some aid for his wounds by frosting over the scratches to help with any potential swelling. ”Usually I would recommend calling bad bitches but I know Aizawa would just put Bakugou back on House arrest.” Kaminari and Mina hold their lips tightly together to keep from laughing, Torodroki was again at it with his newly acquired slang. Taught by them of course.


Kat is taken by surprise and very much confused by the aloof teen, as she knew English fluently. Those words were not exactly the best choice.


Kirishima taps her shoulder, “it’s an inside joke.” seeing her very much confused face. 

“I’ll explain later.” he offered.

 Midoriya tries his best to shake off his nerves. He felt even more pressure since all of this was going down in front of his classmates. Even more so because it was happening in front of Uraraka , out of all people. His heart weighed down with guilt, he takes one step at a time toward Bakugo’s door, climbing up the stairs. I’m sorry, Uraraka, but if he is my soulmate, I couldn't just lead you on. If there’s any such thing as fate, this must be it. You’ll find someone someday.


He paused just outside of Bakugo's door. Was he really about to go into Bakugo's room? He took a deep breath and knocked. "Come in, nerd," Bakugo invited from the inside.


Midoriya turned the doorknob and pushed his way into Bakugo's room. It was dimly lit by a lamp in the corner, but what he could see was pretty plain. A desk with a chair, his bed, and a houseplant by the window. There was an All Might poster tucked away in a single corner at the back of the room. Bakugo was sitting on his bed upright, his elbows resting on his knees.


"Sit," Bakugo nodded to the desk chair at the foot of his bed. Midoriya swallowed nervously, his palms sweating as he took his seat. He actually doesn’t sound mad for once


"What does that copycat look like to you?" He questioned, thinking, damn shitnerd. Why couldn’t all of this fucking stay quiet? But if Kirishima is right it might be fucking worth it. At least maybe I’ll get some rest instead of fucking wondering all night.


Midoriya blushed and stammered, "sh-she's..." He couldn’t bring himself to say it. His nerves got the best of him. Bakugo finished the answer for him, "she fucking looks like me, doesn't she? And I think she looks like you. We both know what her quirk does."


Midoriya nodded shyly. Bakugo doesn't wait for him to speak, "but I need to hear it from your fucking mouth. Do you like me or not, nerd?" Midoriya’s chest fluttered, his blood pressure high as his childhood friend looked him in the eye, demanding to know if his feelings were reciprocated.


But, of course, he did like Bakugo, and Bakugo liked him back, so why not just say it? If it would make him happy, if that’s what he really wanted, then who was Midoriya to deny it? His lips trembled as he forced the words out, “I-I like you, Kacchan.” His heart hammered at the walls of his chest. “N-now you say it.” He couldn’t blame Bakugo for wanting verbal confirmation. After all, he really needed to hear it, too. All of this was just so sudden for both of them.


“Tch,” Bakugo clicks his tongue, turning away as a red tint covers his cheeks, “you’re really going to make me fucking say it?” Izuku nods, waiting. “Damn shitnerd. Fine. I fucking like you, dammit. Now are we doing this or fucking what?”

Midoriya flicked his eyes up to Bakugo, "d-doing what?" Bakugo replied, "you're a fucking nerd with a brain in your damn skull. Figure it out, idiot!" He growled and put out his hand, "we both like each other! So be my fucking boyfriend, dammit!"


"K-Kachan..." Midoriya's face goes completely red and tears welled up in the corners of his eyes. "Deku! Don't you dare cry! Take my fucking hand or reject me, make a choice!" Bakugo's eyes shot into him like daggers. But there was something deeper in his fire-red gaze. Something Midoriya had never seen in him before; fear. Was he really afraid of being rejected, or something else?


Midoriya stretched out his hand, touching Bakugo for the first time since they were kids. A spark flew through each of the boy's hands. The energy between their fingers tingled like pins and needles. Neither of them had experienced anything like this before.


Midoriya suddenly remembered reaching out his own hand to Bakugo the day he fell into the river, and the rejection he had felt when Bakugo stood up on his own. They were so young at the time but back then, things were different. Now, their relationship evolved once more.

“Kacchan..”  Izuku softly murmurs.


Bakugo pulled Midoriya closer to him, putting a hand behind Midoriya's head, wrapping his fingers in his green curls. Their lips touch ever so slightly, grazing each other before Bakugo pressed his lips against Midoriya's.


Any amount of nerves or second-thoughts Midoriya had melted, his heart fluttered with joy as his new boyfriend kissed him.One kiss, two kisses. Their lips crash together over and over. Izuku couldn’t quite believe what was happening. Izuku tightens his embrace his arms wrapping around Bakugo. Every pent-up feeling, all the nerves, the years of secret blushes and avoidance, it all released itself in that moment, transforming into passion and fluttering hearts. Both boys felt a weight lift from their shoulders.


When they do break apart it is Bakugo who breaks the kiss, his eyes relaxed, a small smile on his face. Midoriya just stared in admiration, Kacchan just looked so happy. "Let's go, Deku," Bakugo stood up gently, Midoriya following. "Go where?" He asked.


 Bakugo grunts before grabbing his hand, weaving their fingers together, "those nosy losers are probably gonna want to know how this went down, right? Let's fucking tell them before they start asking stupid fucking questions." Bakugo and Midoriya walked down the stairs hand in hand down to the common room, where Class 1-A was still chatting happily, their new classmate still at the center of attention.


Kat turned and looked at the new couple, a smile wide on her face. "I see that worked!" She giggled happily and gave Kirishima a high-five. The class looked over to the pair. Bakugo rolled his eyes, "listen, you idiots, Deku is mine now and that's all anyone needs to know." His grip tightened on Midoriya's hand. "If anyone has a fucking problem with it we can take it the fuck outside."


Iida pushed up his glasses, "we talked as a class about this and determined that homophobia shall not be tolerated. UA High School students should be honored to provide a place of diversity and accept-"


Momo cut him off, "what Iida's trying to say is, we support you guys."


"I don't need anyone's support anyways!" Bakugo grumbled. Izuku gave them all an appreciative smile.


The only face missing was Uraraka, who took solitude in her room to grieve her lost crush. Izuku still felt guilty but decided it was best to leave her alone. Bakugo sat on an empty seat on the couch, “so, Copycat.” He glares at the new girl as Izuku softly takes a seat next to him, “I hear you can copy the quirks of a person’s crush, right?” Bakugo throws an arm around Izuku’s shoulders as if he had done it a million times already. Izuku felt a happy little shiver in his spine, a smile on his face.


Kat nodded, “yes. Wanna see?” She reaches over to Kirishima, tapping his hand. She waited for the familiar surge of power, but nothing came to her. She looks to Kirishima, “wait, is your crush quirkless or something? If you didn’t have one, I would have gotten your hardening.” 


Kirishima shakes his head, “well, no! Uh…” He was at a loss for words. Kat’s eyes on him made his heart thump. 


 Kat shrugs, “well, anyway,” she taps the shoulder of Jiro, electric sparks running through her fingers. Kaminari’s eyes widened. Jiro blushed, “hey! That’s so not cool!” Kat shrugged, smiling and tapping the cheek of Kaminari. The sparks in her hands go away and she grows long earphone jacks. She then touches Kirishima’s hand again, letting her body go back to normal.


Bakugo nods as the pair she outed to the class looked at each other, no doubt thinking of doing the same thing Bakugo and Izuku did. He doesn't care about that, though. He says, “it’s probably not the best fucking idea to touch me, then. You’ll get fucking hurt.” Izuku clenches his fists at the realization. That’s right . He had to train hard for months to be able to handle One For All. Obtaining it unexpectedly would be dangerous.


Kat giggles, “really? His quirk must be awesome! I’ll take the risk. There’s no quirk I can’t handle!” She reaches to Bakugo, but Kirishima grabs her wrist, “Woah! He’s right, you know! We couldn’t even count how many bones Midoriya has broken using his quirk. You might want to listen to them.”


Tokoyami nods solemnly, “I second this notion. Obtaining my quirk wouldn’t be of prudence.” 

Kat raises her eyebrows, “broken bones? You mean, other people’s or his own? What kind of quirk is that?” Kaminari chuckles, “his own, trust me. You don’t want that kind of power. It’s cool when you need it but jeez. Kid’s a beast when it comes to pain tolerance.”



Chapter Text

The first to leave the common room was Kaminari and Jiro, no doubt off to talk about their newly discovered feelings. Other students filed out quickly, wanting to retreat to their rooms. Bakugo stood up, grabbing the wrist of Izuku, pulling him toward the stairs. He couldn’t wait any longer. Bakugo explains, “I only stayed down there so fucking long so no one would fucking bother us later.” Izuku raises an eyebrow, “bother us? Why would they?” Bakugo spits, “tch. You know how nosy those fucking losers can be. Anyway, there’s plenty of room in my bed if you’re interested, Deku.”


Sleep with Kacchan? There was no way Izuku could say no! He smiles, “yes! Of course!” Bakugo smirks at his eagerness, his boyfriend looked like an adorable piece of broccoli. “Just don’t be a fucking bed hog, got it?” 


Izuku agrees, “got it!” His cheeks have a hint of a blush as a sudden thought comes to mind. ”But… Kacchan… won’t they assume we’re doing something bad if we both stay in the same room?” As they stood outside his door once again, Bakugo smirked, “who says we aren’t?” He opens his door and pushes Izuku inside and against the closed door. He kissed him roughly, his lips dry and chapped, but Midoriya didn't care. Each time he touched Bakugo, his heart skipped a beat. Bakugo twists his fingers into Izuku’s green curls while his free hand is placed around Midoriya’s waist. Midoriya moans under the kiss as his hips are pressed against his partner’s. Kacchan’s touch lit his body on fire, he hadn’t been this close in years. The craving to be touched by the older teen was growing more intense as the kiss kept becoming more heated. The years of held-back sexual tension towards the boy was sure to boil over soon.


Bakugo parts their lips and starts to place greedy kisses along Midoriya’s jaw and further down to his Adam’s-apple, "fucking say it, Izuku~." he suddenly purrs into the crook of his neck. Midoriya  shivers under his hot breath as his name rolls off of his tongue. He gives Katsuki a confused look, "say what?" Bakugo smirked, "tell me you're my fucking boyfriend, idiot! You're fucking mine and I can do whatever I want with you."


His words sent shivers down Midoriya's spine, "Kacchan..." his voice broke, "I'm your boyfriend. I'm yours for as long as you want me. Y-you can do anything you want with me." His stomach was filled with butterflies. He wanted to kiss his boyfriend so badly, but the glare in his eyes scared him a bit. What was Bakugo thinking?


Bakugo pulled Midoriya to the soft bed. The blonde pushed himself on top of his dark-haired partner, each of his strong hands on Midoriya's shoulders. Bakugo's lips crashed against Midoriya's once more, his hand moving from his shoulder to wrap his fingers in Midoriya's curls. He can’t help the grin that appears when Midoriya spills out another moan. His teeth gripped Midoriya's bottom lip.


The green-haired bottom squirmed under Bakugo, reaching up and holding the back of his boyfriend's neck in his hand. Was this really happening? Were they about to...? No. He didn't want that just yet. He wasn't ready. They had only been together for less than a day! This was moving too fast for him. But his body protested, lusting for something just inches from his reach.


Just the soft stuff , he negotiated with himself. Not that just yet. His hand moved to his pants, pulling them down enough to release his member. He breaks the kiss, "Kacchan... please...." He gently pushes Bakugo's head toward his shaft.


Bakugo looked up at Deku, then down at his cock. It's bigger than I expected , he thinks. The shaft was about the length of Bakugo’s palm, curving ever so slightly to the left. The tip was bright red, a small vein leading along the rock-hard cock. Huh, damn nerd shaves straight to the skin . At the base, there was nothing but dark stubble.


Midoriya's member twitched, waiting for his mouth. Bakugo’s cheeks flush into a pink tint, licking his lips with a slight giddiness. The explosive blond had never done anything to this degree and knew for sure Izuku was just as green if not greener. It felt so dirty, so mischievous, but a little nerve-wracking. Bakugo cautiously grips the head of Midoriya’s cock using his thumb to circle the tip. It was hot in his grasp. He ignores his partner’s whines above him, too busy examining his cock with childlike curiosity. 


He took his tongue along the shaft slowly. Midoriya’s cock twitches again at the wet appendage.

Bakugou eye flicker up to Izuku to see how he was doing, he was greeted with the beautiful sight of Izuku’s half-lidded, lustful eyes watching him while biting his lower lip. “More Kacchan...please don’t tease me.” He begged, fueling Katsuki’s hunger.


The blonde parted his lips around the tip of his shaft, sucking at it. Midoriya gasped softly, his fingers wrapped tight around Bakugo's hair. He pushed his head down even more. The blonde set a smooth, fast pace as he sucked the smaller boy off. Small moans drifted through the air in the room. "K-Kacchan..." Midoriya whispered lustfully.


Izuku’s hips bucked against the rhythm of Bakugo’s bobbing head.  He tried not to gag, instead, he gripped his waist to hold him down, forcing the smaller teen to slow his pace.  Midoriya’s breath hitched when the grasp on his waist tightened. He didn’t know why, but his body went crazy as Bakugo’s nail dug into his skin.


Izuku moaned, "I'm gonna...K-Kachan...." Bakugo took his load, a bit dribbling from the corner of his mouth as he swallowed. A satisfied grin manifested on Bakugou’s lustful expression as he lapped up the cum on his lips.


He looked back to Midoriya, who basked in the bliss of post-orgasm afterglow, soft pants of breaths escaping his parted lips. Bakugo sat back up, stealing a chased kiss from his freckle-faced boyfriend. "You gonna return the favor, Deku?" Bakugo whispered in his ear. "I bet you look fucking hot with a cock in your mouth." The shorter teen shudders at the sultry voice. 


Izuku pulls himself together, his cock back in his boxers. Bakugo slides off the bed, Izuku following and dropping to his knees, pulling the blonde’s clothing down to his ankles. 


Bakugo’s member stood tall, its smooth skin nearly glistening in the moonlight that was streaming in through the window. Midoriya sucked at the tip hesitantly, tasting the sweet flavor of nitroglycerin.  “’re so big~” 


Bakugo hisses at Deku’s hot mouth, “What else do you like about it, Deku?” He whispers as he tugs on his green curls, a whimper escapes Mirdoriya’s occupied mouth, “y-you...taste so...g-good Kacchan.”


Praise kink? Izuku ponders as he pumped Kacchan.

Bakugou grins,” mmm, I bet it does..”



Afterward, Midoriya's face rested against Bakugo's warm chest as he laid on his back. Midoriya felt safe in his arms. Bakugo squeezed Midoriya tighter, a smile on his face. "Hey, shitnerd," his voice was the least angry that Midoriya had ever heard it. "Yeah?" He answers. "Why the fuck did it take some stupid quirk to bring us together?"


Midoriya took a second to respond, "you always knew I admired you, Kacchan. But I thought you hated me."


Bakugo put his face in Midoriya's hair, taking a deep breath. His dark locks smelled like bourbon shampoo. "No, I didn't. I thought you were the one looking down on me. Following me around just to see when I'd fuck up. Always there when I was in trouble to take care of me like a fucking puppy. But you're mine now. I'll be the one taking care of you and don't you fucking forget it."


"Hey, Kachan?" Midoriya looked up at Bakugo, "if you don't hate me, would you stop calling me shitnerd?"


Bakugo patted Midoriya's hair, "not a fucking chance."

Chapter Text

All Might stood in front of the class in his weak form on a large field outside the school. In front of him was a table with two baskets, one with blue bandanas and the other with red ones. He gazed over his students as he explained, "today we'll be working on both offense and defense. Each student will be given a blue bandana and a red bandana to place on their wrists like this." He wrapped one on each of his wrists, held together by velcro on each end of the fabric. "The red bands are worth one point each. If someone gets your blue band, you are automatically out of the game and they gain five points. At the end of the game, I will bump up your grade the number of points you ended up with at the end in the class where you need it most. The last student standing will not only get their points, but a personal combat training lesson with myself and Mr. Cementoss."


The students excitedly chattered. Due to everything going on, they hardly had any time to focus on general schoolwork. Even the best students were slipping in their grades. The added bonus of extra combat training was especially charming for them, as well. Mina whispered to Kirishima excitedly, "oh, man! I've got to try to win this thing!" Kirishima hardens his arms excitedly, "no way! I'm gonna win this! Me and Cementoss need a rematch!" All Might continued, "there will be no teams, no fatal injuries, and no leaving the boundaries of this field. I want all students to spread out and wait for my signal."


The class entered their battlefield. Some were at a major disadvantage because of the lack of cover. Bakugo and Izuku exchanged looks, the blonde smirking as he says, "I won't go easy on you." Midoriya smiled, accepting the challenge. "Then I won't hold back!" They ran off in different directions as All might instructed.


As the class settled into positions about five feet apart, All Might gave the signal, "begin!"


Each student rushed forward to the classmate closest to them, one-on-one fights breaking out in clumps. Mineta was the first to be taken out, losing his blue band to Shoji.


Izuku faced off with Ojirou, staring each other down. He flicked his fleshy tail as if daring him to come forward. I should try to get both points and eliminate the competition if I can. That way I'll have a better chance of winning. Oijiro made his move, throwing himself forward with his tail and reaching out for Midoriya's wrist. Midoriya dodged, giving a swift kick to Ojirou's chest, stunning him long enough to take his red band. Ojirou gasps at the stolen red cloth in Midoriya’s hand, quickly he rolls back before the smaller boy could swipe at his blue bandana. He wouldn’t be taken out of the game so early on.  Midoriya charges at the tail user, thrusting his foot towards his opponent releasing a partially-powerful rush of wind to make the fellow classmate be overwhelmed. Izuku grins at his shoot-style. Lately, the new technique had been progressing with each day. 


Meanwhile, Kat was put up against Jiro. The dark-haired teen had tried her best to avoid being touched by the smaller girl knowing Kaminari's quirk would put Kat at an advantage. From what Jiro had heard, quirks were fairly easy for Kat to use. It was possible that Kaminari’s quirk would be even more powerful in her hands.


Jiro jumps to the side to avoid being tackled, but Kat is quick to recover, finding her footing before spinning around to chase after Earphone Jack.


Kat grins with delight. If a chase was what Jiro wanted, then a chase she was going to receive. She really wanted to grab ahold of Kaminari’s quirk since his electricity would be the most beneficial when it came to fighting on flat ground. Kat sprints after Jiro, catching up to her was quite easy; the hard part was how to capture her bands. 


“C’mon, girl, you can’t keep running circles!” Kat taunted.


Jiro growls in frustration. The blonde was right. She couldn’t stay on the defensive for too long. 

Fear of losing potential points or getting ambushed by another classmate made Jiro begrudgingly shift into offense, sending her earphone jacks towards the ground to break apart the earth underneath them in hopes of shaking Kat off her trail. Unfortunately for Jiro, Kat sees this as an opening and dives to grab ahold of one of her earlobes. 


Jiro falls to the ground on one knee at the painful pull of her ear. “Shit!” She cursed as she pulls herself off the ground, but pauses at the sight in front of her. Kat stood in front of her with most shit-eating grin, the end of Jiro’s Earphone Jack casually twirling in her hand. Kat giggles at Jiro’s shocked face, mockingly saying, ”aww thanks. I really needed this!” Jiro reacts quickly and retracts her earlobe before Kat could use Kaminari’s quirk.


 Sparks of electricity flew between the copycat's fingertips. "Aw! You two are such an adorable couple!" Kat teases. Jiro squints her eyes angrily, yelling at Kat, "shut up!" Kat let loose, showering everyone in the vicinity with electric shocks. She winces as she realized, ”I think I went overboard…” she looks at her classmates, twitching on the ground. “Well, more points for me!”


Jiro was knocked out cold, so Kat easily took her wristbands. She had also knocked out Koda, Sato, and Toru. All Might rings out an announcement, "so far, seven out of twenty-one students remain!"


The remaining students were Bakugo, Todoroki, Kat, Kirishima, Midoriya, Kaminari, and Iida. How did everyone else get eliminated so fast? Kat thought, looking around. She saw Iida dashing around with his engines roaring, an armful of bands attached to his wrist. Was he really in the lead with only a few red bands?


Kat ran off from her victims. The first target she saw was Todoroki. She watched him freeze Kirishima and take the bands from his wrists. Woah! I hope he doesn't have a crush! I'd love to get a taste of his quirk!


She slipped behind him, tapping his shoulder to get his attention. She could feel a powerful rush of heat in one arm, and a calm, icy feeling in her other. She had no idea he had two quirks! Awesome sauce!! 


Fire sparked in her left hand, while ice emitted in her right. As he turned around, she launches a wall of ice at him, encasing his whole body. He simply melts it with his fire. Kat grins, "I’m glad you don’t have a crush, man! Your quirk is so cool!"


Todoroki is a little taken aback as he sees her hand flaming while the other was coated in ice. "How are you able to use both sides at the same time?" He asked, sending a spike of ice her way.


Kat shrugged, giggling, "I dunno! When I gain a quirk I just act on instinct and adrenaline!" She shot a fireball straight back at him. He put up a shield of ice which melts on impact, then he freezes the ground to make it slippery, hoping to catch her off-guard. Kat unfroze the ground under her with the heat from her left side, giggling even more, "you can't beat your own quirk! Just give up!"


Suddenly she felt a tug on her arm. Before her wristband could be ripped off, though, she freezes her attacker. Iida stood like a statue encased in ice. Kat looks at Todoroki, "you can have his wristband. Growing engines for legs would hurt more than it's worth!" I'm lucky he didn't touch my skin. That could be bad. I doubt the straight-laced Iida is into anyone.


Todoroki threw everything he had at Kat, forming a huge entrapment of ice around his opponent. He had to think. What was his own quirk's weakness besides only using one side at a time? He remembered his problems facing Inasa's wind quirk, but there had to be something he could do without relying on anyone else.


As they faced off, Midoriya saw Kaminari staring off into space, his thumbs up. He knew this would be his chance to earn more points. He had an armful of bands but he still wasn't in the lead. That wasn't good enough.


He activated One For All, his legs running toward the human Pikachu. He easily ripped off the armband of Kaminari, adding two of his red bands and a blue to his wrist.


His gaze landed on the scene on the other side of the field. Kat versus Todoroki, fire and ice flying at each other through the air. A thick mass of steam started to surround the two as they continuously throw the elements back and forth. Bakugo was watching the pair as well.


Why isn't he going after me? He should have realized there's only four of them after Kat took out Iida. Wait, should I strike first? This could be my chance!


Midoriya ran toward Bakugo, reaching out for his red band. As his fingers grazed the fabric, Bakugo jerks his wrist back and throws a small explosion in his face, just enough to make Midoriya stumble back. Maybe he isn’t as distracted as I thought.. . Bakugo says, "you have to team up with Icy Hot!" He yelled at his partner.


"Why?" Izuku looked up at Bakugo, confused. Bakugo cast a searing gaze at his boyfriend angrily. "Think about it, idiot! If I have to fight her she'll touch me. Do you really want her to have your quirk?!"


Midoriya's eyes widened, "she'd kill herself if she didn't know what she was doing!" Bakugo pushed Midoriya toward the battle, "I hate just standing around so hurry the fuck up, okay?"


Izuku ran toward the scene, hoping he could just grab her armband quickly. But if Iida wasn't fast enough, how could he be? No, he needed another plan. He had to take her head-on.


If I touch her, she'll have Bakugo's quirk instead of Todoroki's . That might give us a fighting chance. He knew what he had to do.


"One for All! Full Cowling!" He screams, running full speed at Kat, who is directing flames at Todoroki.


He dives for her wrist, but she dodges and Izuku lands hard on the ground, ”Oh! Hey, Deku!, I really don’t need to be ambushed right now!” Kat comment makes Izuku quickly pick himself up. "There's no way I'm letting you touch me! I won't give up this quirk!" She nearly growls at him. Where did the sweet Kat from before go? This girl had a cold stare, yet a giggle in her speech that seemed cruel instead of lighthearted.


Izuku wouldn't give up. He kept at her, chasing her as she blasted Todoroki with flames, Todoroki creates a wall of ice to counter the attack, the half-and-half user again forced to go on the defensive. Midoriya steps out the way, avoiding the large icicles.


“Got you!” Kat giggled, forming ice around Midoriya's foot that was planted to the ground, stopping him in his tracks. The ice grew slowly over his leg in a thick layer. She can use both sides at once?


He couldn't fight back as she ripped off his blue band, smirking as the ice grew around his chest. "K-kat..." his teeth chattered. "Don't touch Bakugo. You'll get hurt."


Kat rolled her eyes, "as if your lame quirk is gonna hurt me. Trust me, I won’t break any bones." She turned away, strapping the band on her arm. Todoroki looked burned out as he was panting. The pair had reached a stalemate.


"Just give up, Todoroki!" She grinned, "we could be here forever!"


The grin was wiped off her face as a wall of ice came rushing toward her, the flames from her hand not melting it fast enough. The wall pushed her into Midoriya, causing her skin to contact his. Izuku felt like he was about to be crushed as Kats tumbled into him. The flames from her hand stopped, replaced by explosions that shattered the ice wall. Shards of frozen water flew everywhere.


"Really? I have to deal with this quirk?" Kat frowned, looking at Todoroki, "it'll have to do!" She rushed toward Todoroki, dodging a blast of icy spikes. She put her hands behind her and propelled herself with explosions, dodging each blast as Todoroki moved to try to land a hit. Izuku could hear Bakugo angrily yell, “hey! That’s my fucking move! Damn Copycat!”


In the blink of an eye, it was over. Kat ripped off his blue bandana with her mouth, flying past the boy.


Katrina Koroatsume versus Katsuki Bakugo was about to begin. They glared at each other as Midoriya watched helplessly, still trapped in thick ice. "Seriously! Kat! Don't do it!"


Kat refused to back down. Bakugo stood in front of her, his hands balled up in fists, a dark aura over his eyes. He tilts his head back releasing a frustrated scream, “Fuck’n Shit!” He rips off his own bandana and throws it at Kat. "If you have a death wish, we'll continue this fight," Bakugo growls angrily. "But I don't want to have blood on my hands because of some stupid fucking girl," Bakugo turns and walks off the battlefield.


The classmates both watch the blond walk off with slightly ajar mouths. ”Kacchan…” Kat could hear Izuku mutter.


"You're just giving up?" Kat whines, "that is so lame! You say you’re the best but won’t fight me? What a load of shit." She takes a step toward him, but All Might got between the pair, congratulating her on her victory.


Bakugo’s shoulders tense, but Izuku broke out of the ice just in time to run to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. Bakugo growls, “oi, fuck off. I gave you one fucking job, Deku!” Izuku frowns, chuckling at himself, “I guess I really did drop the ball on that one, huh?”

Chapter Text

It was just another Monday afternoon. Mr. Aizawa’s classroom buzzed with the excitement of almost two dozen teenagers waiting for the bell to ring. Today’s classes were particularly difficult. It didn’t help Izuku's focus as his boyfriend was practically breathing down his back all day, and his phone was buzzing constantly in his pocket from the group chat. Apparently, there was a sale at the mall most of the class was interested in.


As the bell rang and the students rose from their seats, Ashido, Kirishima, and Kaminari waved Izuku and Bakugo over. Ashido asked, “are you guys coming?” Izuku looked at Bakugo, who had a displeased look on his face. “Tch,” he spits, “I can’t think of anything more annoying.” He shoots a gaze at his frowning boyfriend, rolling his eyes. He sighed, a smirk suddenly curling his lips as if getting an idea, “fucking fine, nerd. Have it your way.” Do I even want to know what he's thinking?


Ashido nods, “me and the girls are going to go get ready. You boys meet us in front of the dorms in an hour, ‘kay?” The class splits apart, the girls rushing off to the dorms and the boys trailing behind. The group consisted of Kaminari, Kirishima, Bakugo, Izuku, and Sero. Kaminari shrugged, “what do they even do to take an hour to get ready?” Sero shrugs back, “hey, whatever they do, it works!” His smile shines as he speaks.


“Oi, Deku,” Bakugo gives him the side-eye, “I gotta settle something with these idiots. Meet us outside the dorm, would ya?” Izuku raised an eyebrow, but only said, “o-okay, Kacchan.” As he turned to walk out, he heard Kirishima say, “come on, man! We didn’t do anything!”


The cool air hit him as he walked down to the dorms. I wonder what that was about. He doesn’t usually send me away for anything. He’s actually clingier than I expected. His hand feels strangely empty. It’s honestly been a while since they’ve been apart. They’ve been sleeping, eating, going to school, and coming home together since they became a couple in the first place. Not that Midoriya had any complaints about being with the boy he likes 24/7.


His gaze flicks up to the roof of the dorms. He sees a black, humanoid shape at the top, their legs hanging over the edge. His heart dropped in a panic, assuming the worst and taking no time to assess who was up there. He rounds the corner of the building, using his quirk to push himself faster up the fire escape.


He climbs, lacking grace in any form, over the edge of the roof, “hey! Wait!” Was the only thing he could think to say. He hears a sniffle and the person on the roof turns her head. Izuku’s stomach churns as he realizes it’s Uraraka.


“Oh, Deku!” She turns her head quickly, trying to conceal her puffy eyes. Izuku approaches cautiously, unsure what was going on, “what are you doing up here? Shouldn’t you be with the rest of the girls?” Ochako sighs, “oh, you know, the mall isn’t really my thing.” Her voice shakes. Izuku understood, remembering the reason she wanted to be a hero. She probably didn’t want to burden her parents with extra expenses like mall trips.


Izuku wasn’t sure what to do. Here was one of his friends, on the edge of a high roof, crying. All signs pointed to a major red flag zone. He takes a deep breath and plasters a smile on his face, like All Might! He’d be smiling right now ! Izuku asks, “c-can I sit with you?” Uraraka hesitates, but nods, “sure.” Izuku takes gentle steps toward her, sitting down on the edge. He leaves a respectable distance between himself and the girl he once liked.


“It’s beautiful up here, isn’t it?” Uraraka says. Izuku agreed. You could see the city stretch out, homes, small businesses, and life bustling through the streets. Izuku looked at her from the corner of his eye, “you know, if you ever need to talk, I know we haven’t been around each other much lately but…” his voice trails off. Honestly, he had been keeping his distance ever since he got with Bakugo, unsure if she even wanted to be his friend given everything that’s happened.


Uraraka sighs, “oh, I’ll get over it. Don’t worry about me.” Izuku’s fake smile drops, the muscles sore in his cheeks. He looked down at the street, watching the other students from UA make their way toward the dorms. They had a limited amount of time, and Izuku wasn’t sure if they’d have a moment like this again. He had to do this now, or never.


“I’m sorry I hurt you, Uraraka.” He spits out, the nerves buzzing in his chest. He had to admit, even though he was with Bakugo, he still found her unbearably cute. Uraraka stops in her tracks, surprised by his boldness, a blush on her face. “H-how did you… what-” she raises an eyebrow. Midoriya stammered, “w-well, I just figured- you did say Kat looks like me so- you, you know, um,” Izuku couldn’t seem to get his words together.


Ochako’s hand touches her own cheek, “that’s right! I’m so stupid! I did say that before we knew about her quirk! I hope you don’t think it’s weird. I know you don’t like me back so….” Izuku’s heart sank. He did like her. But he couldn’t tell her why he chose Bakugo without revealing Kat’s secret. What was he supposed to do? “Uraraka…” Izuku faltered. Ochako leaned her chin in her hand, “but I understand, he’s your soulmate. I’m so selfish. I should just be happy for you.” She looks at Izuku, “I overheard Kat say that since you see her as Bakugo, you’re meant to be.” Izuku raised his hands up in defense, shaking them slightly, “I-I think you need to talk to her about that one! It is her quirk, after all, and I can’t just, you know, go and spill all of her...secrets.” That was the most Izuku could say.


They heard footsteps behind them and an indignant, “oi, you coming, nerd?” Izuku turned around and his eyes widened. How long had Bakugo been standing there? “Kacchan! I’m coming!” Izuku turned to his friend, “come on. Let’s get you down, okay? You gonna be alright?” Ochako nodded faintly as she stood on her own, following the boys down the fire escape.


As Ochako went back inside the dorms, and the girls came out to greet the boys in their casual clothing and dolled-up faces, they decided to walk to the bus stop not too far away. Bakugo and Izuku trailed behind the pack. Bakugo spits, “you gonna tell me what the fuck that was about?” Izuku couldn’t lie, “well... “ Bakugo stops him, “I heard it all, damn nerd. If she ever comes even close to you, I wanna know about it. No one touches my boyfriend, you hear?”


Izuku shakes his head, “Uraraka isn’t like that. She wouldn’t try to steal me away or anything!” Bakugo clicks his tongue, “tch. That girl can’t even compete with me! But just because someone you liked before me has feelings for you, I don’t want you getting any bright ideas. We’re fucking exclusive, you hear me Deku?” Izuku nods frantically, “of course! I know that, Kacchan.”


While the couple trailed behind, Kirishima walked beside Kat who was happily chatting with him, giggling and smiling. Waves of cocoa hair fell over her shoulders in pigtails. She was wearing a yellow dress with flowers on it, her eyes a crystal blue. She has thigh-high leggings with kittens sewn into the pattern, her tattoo positioned directly inside a cat-shaped hole. She walks with a skip in her step.


“So,” Kirishima scratched his head nervously, “tell me more about you! What about your family? They must be nice!” Kat looks at him, “what makes you say that?” Her sweet voice tingles in his ears. Kirishima shrugs, “I don’t know, I figured such a nice girl must have a good family, you know?” Kaminari nudged the red-head with an elbow, giving him a thumbs-up. Kat doesn’t notice, shrugging, “I don’t remember much about my family. I remember growing up on a farm, but that didn’t last very long. Villains attacked, killed my parents, and then I was adopted by Aunt Tutso. The next thing I remember is being homeless for years with my friend Aikimi until All Might found me.” She said this all matter-of-factly, then says, her eyes stretching wide, “sorry! I don’t mean to be a downer!” Kirishima frowned, “that sounds rough. I’m sorry to bring it up.” Kaminari muttered into Kirishima’s ear, “real smooth, dude.” Kirishima swatted him away. 


Suddenly, Kat stopped in her tracks, gasping, “oh my god!” She points in the direction of a yard, a little boy playing with a small puppy. The dog was dark brown with a black muzzle, a curled tail wagging happily as he chased after a ball and brought it back to the kid. “It’s… so cute!” Due to her pause, Izuku and Bakugo had caught up to the group. Izuku looked at Kat's watery eyes. Why are all the girls crying today ? Momo put a hand on Kat's shoulder, "that is absolutely the cutest thing I have ever seen!" Kirishima tried to resist joining in, but he couldn't help but admire the puppy himself. Bakugo broke the moment, though, "oi, morons! The mall isn't open forever, you know! Let's go!"


Finally arriving at the mall, the Class 1-A students all disperse into their own groups, one of them being Bakugo and Midoriya. The couple walked around the mall with no specific place in mind until Midoriya’s eyes fall upon a shop called All Might Heroes, the word limited edition being painted in bright red. Bakugo follows his boyfriends stargazed stare.  Of fucking course…


Izuku grabbed at Bakugo’s sleeve, much like a child would do, and pointed to the All Might themed shop. His green eyes were lit up and dazzling with awe, “Kacchan can we please…”, he begs, fluttering his eyelashes. Bakugo had half the mind to flat out say no, but couldn’t find the desire or strength to ignore his boyfriend’s plea.


Bakugo gently takes ahold of Izuku’s hand as they enter the shop, what they find inside is ultimately unexpected. When the couple read the sign limited edition, they expected to see things like a Golden Age All Might, or other versions of his costumes he had throughout the years. Instead, they found odd figures that they couldn’t believe really existed. 


Bakugo stood, confused and perplexed at the All Might figurine in front of him. This figurine of his teacher had a more chubby body figure. A tiny corndog was wedged into his grubby plastic hands with pieces of food left on the sides of his cheek. It was labeled THICC MIGHT. Katsuki furrowed his brows. Not that he had anything against body types but who would think, of all things, to make an overweight All Might?


He heard a whisper behind him, “that’s probably what he’ll look like if he ever retires.” He looks behind him, seeing two teen girls looking at the same figurine. He moved a few steps to the left, looking at another version of All Might.


“What the fuck?” Bakugo mouthed as stared This time it was a regular-sized All Might. Bakugo took in the image in front of him. He’s wearing a fucking sailor outfit? Why the fuck is it so tight and short? And what the fuck is up with the name of this one? The caption of this one was Sexy Might: Sailor


The teen walked further and further throughout the store, becoming more perplexed by the bizarre All MIght figurines. Elvis Might, Titan Might, Zombie Might , and even an All might that was just had on a very revealing robe. Even his junk was sculpted with very concerning detail. This All Might was Daddy Might .


What type of fucking shop is this?!?! Bakugo was screaming internally. This was not the type of shop he had mind. It wasn’t a bad shop per se, but it was pushing the boundaries of creeping the hell out of him. There were definitely some cool looking ones, like the Zombie one, the Crimson Riot edition one and his favorite so far; Vigilante All Might . He wore a dark blue long sleeve shirt with spiked shoulder pads, black fingerless gloves, and dark green pants. It looked really badass


Despite Bakugo’s picking and teasing he subjected Deku to, he himself was a bit of an All Might collector, just not to the degree of his boyfriend.  Bakugo picked up the figurine from the shelf, inspecting the material and quality of the art detail. Katsuki felt his boyfriend tap his shoulder as he walked back, “oh, did you find one that you liked?” Bakugo nods,” yeah, there’s actually some cool ones in this weird-ass store. Thinking about buying this one right here…”  


Bakugo raises the figurine for Deku to see. His lush green eyes light up with wonder, ”oh, my goodness's so amazing!” The smaller boy gushes, “you should look at the ones I found Kacchan, they’re all so different and unique, it was impossible to choose so I picked all the ones I couldn’t resist leaving them alone.” He blushes a bit, “they might be a little weird but that’s what makes them rare!” Izuku went on about his hand-picked All Might figures. Bakugo just listened with a half-lidded glare. Bakugo was going to have to deal with this for a while, though he didn’t mind much. His rambling was always adorable to watch. Not that he would admit that outside of closed doors, but the way his big eyes lit up made his heart flutter. The beautiful accent of freckles dotted on his round cheeks, his favorite part to kiss when they were alone together. Bakugo follows his boyfriend absent-mindedly, lovestruck over Midoryia’s pure smile.


After a while, the teen is pulled from his smitten haze when Izuku’s smile is replaced with a downcast frown. What th-hell he was just smiling?! 


“What’s wrong, nerd?” he said in a soft, concerning tone. Izuku looked to the ground, mumbling a reply,  ”I guess I just realized I don’t have enough to buy any of this. Maybe one but… how could I choose?“ Midoriya had such a pitiful crestfallen look.  Bakugo hadn’t even realized they were in line until now, getting ready to pay for their items. Katsuki glanced towards the monitor to check the total price. He pursed his lips, it was a little pricey for Midoryia but it was nothing Bakugo couldn’t pay for. Bakugo nudges Midoriya over and takes out his card, ”I’m paying for our stuff, also add this one too.” He grunts out, the cashier scanning the Funko he had picked out.


Midoriya’s face erupts into a shade of red, Kacchan was paying for him!? “Wait! Kacchan you don’t need to do that for me! Buying all of those are really expensive an- oof!”  Midoriya is cut off by Bakugo grabbing his wrist, tugging him towards the exit as he takes his receipt. “Oi, just shut up and be happy I bought these for you, Deku.”


“Yeah, b-but you shouldn’t have to! Thi-” Once they are both outside the shop, Bakugo releases his wrist. “Here…”  he says in a soft passive-aggressive tone. Izuku reluctantly takes the bag from Bakugo. The blonde notices this and feels a bit angry with himself. He bought them so he would be happy, not embarrassed. I guess I gotta go about this differently. Damn nerd doesn’t get it. He tries a softer approach, sighing.  Before Izuku’s hands slip past his, Bakugo gently grasps it, ”look at me…” he quietly demands. Izuku flicks his eyes upward with a small pout.


Bakugo tries to explain, “look, Deku...I paid for your figurines because I know how much you like your collectibles. I didn’t buy them to embarrass or belit-ugh! Fuck!” His face burns with a blush. “Dammit, I love how bright your smile can fucking be, it drives me crazy. But I hated that shitty frown on your face. You look better when you smile and if it means robbing that shitty place, then fuck it, I’d do it! You deserve the best, and no boyfriend of mine is gonna have less than that.”  By the end of Bakugo’s heartfelt speech, Izuku’s green eyes are swollen with tears and a watery smile to match.


The blonde panics at the sight of tears, did he say something wrong? “Gah! Why the fuck are you crying, nerd!?”  Izuku shakes his head, wiping the tears from his eyes before they fall, “heh. I’m okay Kacchan, really.” Bakugo opens his mouth to ask why he was so upset, but Izuku leans up and kisses the blonde on the cheek, pausing his actions. “T-Thank you Kacchan, I really appreciate the gesture, I just misunderstood that you were just trying to be a good boyfriend. I’m really grateful to have you in my life Kacchan. I hope you can forgive me overreacting.” He beams up at his boyfriend.


Bakugo shakes his head as he turns to walk with Midorya in tow, “Yeah I’ll forgive you, damn crybaby.” His lips tug into a lopsided smirk. He might have been a crybaby but least he was smiling now.

 . . . . . . . . . . . 

 Kirishima and Kat had ventured out together to a different side of the Mall than their peers, visiting shops together that caught their interest. Overall, they were enjoying each other’s presence. Kirishima was especially happy to spend time with Kat. He had tried many attempts to get to know the spunky girl, but there was always something preventing it between training, school, and homework.  The redhead had the urge to get Kat to notice him, and thankfully the mall was a good idea. 


Currently, the two were looking for a place to eat. 


 Kat suddenly grabbed a hold of Kirishima’s hand, gasping excitedly, “oh look, Kirishima! It's a cute little Pastry Cafe! Can we go to eat there please?!”  She sure does have a sweet tooth!


Kirishima chuckles at her puppy-eyed look, "sure! I haven't been to Pastry place in a few myself." Kat has stars in her eyes when Kirishima agrees to go. She breaks into a cute little skip while holding on to his hand.  Why is she so freaking adorable in everything she does! Her cuteness is gonna kill me! Kirishima fought off his blush from spreading to the rest of his face. 


Kirishima had found out that Kat has a very Kawaii demeanor, despite her spunk and attitude. She had bought adorable Neko Ear hair clips for her pigtails and carried a cute unicorn theme purse. His heart did a weird fluttering in his chest when she looked back to him with a smug little grin. Man, I got it bad…


They sit at a table, directed to choose a spot as they please. Kat asks, "what are you in the mood for, Kirishima?"  The sharp-toothed teen glances over the cafe's various selections, he wasn't really in the mood for sweets, but he had to pick something. “How about some ice cream?" Kat hummed almost immediately in agreeance, "ooh I could go for a cold treat about now." Both teens agree to order some ice cream with a few other side dishes to go along. They sit across from each other with happy smiles. Kirishima taps along the surface of the table, avoiding direct eye contact with Kat’s baby blue eyes. He can’t help but blush when they stare back at him. 


He struggled to think of a topic to talk about. They couldn’t just sit in silence forever! So far, it was always Kat who had taken the initiative to start their small talk throughout the mall trip. 


There were times that Bakugo and his other friends would complain about how he wouldn’t shut his trap, but now that he was with Kat, alone, he just sorta fell apart. Though, it was in a good, mushy type of way. He just felt so happy around her.


What to say, what to say...hmmm, maybe… yeah, I think she’ll have fun talking about this .


Kirishima clears his throat. gaining her attention. ”Hm?” she hums, tilting her head in her palm.

Kirishima says, “so Kat, I know that your quirk allows you to look like someone's crush depending on whoever is looking at you, right? Um, do you ever, despite your quirk, ship people together that you personally think would be a good match?”  


Kat sits up and blinks at Kirishima’s question, “ship?” She repeats outwardly. “Um, no, I haven’t thought of doing that before. Huh,” she ponders the thought, “I guess I always believed in my quirk. Why do you ask?”


Kirishima responds, “well, it’s pretty much known that Jiro and Kaminari have obvious crushes on each other, and during the battle simulation you were able to knock most of the players out using his quirk, so that proves it but despite all of that…” Kirishima’s face scrunches up with minor distaste, ”I don’t think they make an ideal match, I just don’t support that ship. I give it about a year….”


Kat was kind of floored. She actually loved their relationship. They were cute together. “What!” She exclaims, “for real? I thought they made a cute couple,” Kat shifts around on her side of the booth as she pouts.”Well if you don’t ship it, who do you ship Kaminari with?”


Kirishima grins, “ with Uraraka.” Kat blows a raspberry to that, “what, no! They are on two different spectrums, Uraraka is still kinda hung up on Deku anyway."  Kirishima sighs knowingly, “the odds do seem unlikely, but I promise you they are my destined ship, Uraraka's bubbly personality would definitely match well with Kaminari’s derpy personality. Just give it some time."  


Derpy…? Kat gives the redhead a look, not completely sold on Kirishima’s shipping tastes, "mm'kay…" she says sarcastically. They take a pause in their banter as their food had just arrived, the teens bow lightly as they thank for their food and start to eat. 


 "Who would you ship together in our class, since you know so much about shipping?" He challenged. Kat munches on her food while she thinks, “I ship Mina and Iida...wait, no! Iida and Momo." Kirsihma’s spoon misses and accidentally hits the back of his throat, he hits his chest as he coughs. Kat bites down a grin as she helps Kirishima gather his bearings. She takes her napkin and wipes around his face, “Kirishima, are you alright?” The redhead erupts into a few hues of pink at the gesture, “Momo….. and w-who??” He asks again, mostly to distract him from the embarrassment.


“Momo and Iida,” She partly smiles, “ Now let me explain before you go judging my shipping skills. I think they would make a cute couple and I can see them making it last for a long time.” Kat plays with the end of one of her pigtails as she speaks, “Iida has strong stickler, stay-by-the-manual attitude, but he is no doubt loyal and passionate about anything he’s involved in. He's not easily led astray, completely committed so he’s less likely to cheat or lose touch in his feelings.” She searches Kirishima’s face for a look of understanding, but he still looks shocked. 


She goes on, “Momo is about the same from what I've seen, just not as stiff as Iida can be. I think it would mesh well with Momo’s characteristics. She is kind of shy and has some self-doubting issues. So if they get together, Iida could bring up her self esteem and Momo brings out some of Iida’s softer and relaxed side. Therefore making a stable, strong and lasting relationship.” She gave him a conclusive, thanks-for-coming-to-my-TED-talk look, as if she had just solved the world’s problems.


“Well when you put that way, I guess the ship works,” Kirisima found it interesting how Kat broke it down. They both had qualities that he knew more about, only because he knew them both longer, but looking at it from Kat’s little synopsis it could work out. She shrugged proudly, “I put a lot of thought into it.”


Kirishima hummed, impressed, "Well, who else would you ship? That was a pretty good analysis."

 Kat taps her chin, “you know, if Midoriya wasn’t with Bakugo, you two might be a cute couple.” She sees Kirishima’s expression, who is kind of annoyed as he says, “you’re not the only one.” Kat panics, “not that, you know, I assume you’re gay or anything like that but-” Kirishima cuts her off with a smile, “it’s okay! Don’t worry about that. I’d date anyone, you know?”


Kat smiles externally, but cringes on the inside, he really is a fuckboy, isn’t he ?


Kirishima blunders, “well, you know, not anyone ,” he chuckles, “they would have to, you know, be special to me and I would be special to them.” A blush paints his face as he stumbles over his words. Kat raises an eyebrow, smirking, “you’re thinking about someone, aren’t you?! So who is this seemingly quirkless special someone?”


Kirishima scratches his neck sheepishly, "it’s no one you would know, Kat!” He lies bashfully. “But I can say they attend U.A.” He adds some truth. He couldn’t help himself. It just didn’t feel manly to lie.


 Kat’s eyebrows quirk up at him, “well, could you describe how I look to you now? Maybe I can help you out...” Her interest was piqued. I doubt anyone else in UA was born quirkless like I was.


He grimaces playfully, “thank you, but no thank you, Kat. I don’t need you ratting me out like you did Midoriya.” He says before taking a sip of water. Even though you’re right here… I should just tell you how I feel, do the manly thing, but I really don’t want to ruin this friendship, either.


She shrugs her shoulders, “if we’re being technical, Bakugo did that to himself when he called me ‘Midoryia’s ugly sister’ in front of everybody in the common room.”  Kirishima snorts into his water as Kat was laughing. Kirishima shakes his head, as Kat says, “he was so pissed!”


“You don’t know the half of it, Bakubro was really out of it that night, felt like forever before he calmed down. He’s a nice guy under all that gruff, I think besides the Bakusquad, Midoriya was the only one to see him for what he really is. Even after the past that they shared, so I guess it made him scared that Midoriya wouldn’t look at him the same.”


Kat smirks playfully, “little did he know Midoriya was super gay for his Kacchan,” she sighs softly, “I’m glad that relationship worked out, that angry boy deserves some loving.”


“Me too, now I don’t have to take care of Bakugo's angry fits by myself...” Kirishima laughs.


Kat suddenly giggles, “I don’t know why, but Bakugo just gives me the impression of a wild pomeranian.”


Kirishima chuckles, then adds, “and Midoriya is a Teacup Shih Poo with green fur.” Kat lets out more soft-eared giggles that make Kirishima’s heart flutter. I love her laugh… he thinks suddenly before his mind can filter his thoughts. He takes a bite out of the sweet pastry he had bought to distract himself.


Thankfully for Kirishima’s heart, Kat does the same and begins to nibble on her American-style Cinnamon roll pastry. It complements her, he thinks. Everything about her is so sweet and soft just like the cinnamon roll. My cinnamon roll…


“Kirishima?” he suddenly hears Kat say.


“Hmm?” he refrains from looking her in the eyes, keeping his gaze on his food. He’s sure his face would betray him with his current thoughts running through his mind.


“What type of animal would you think I’d be since you think Deku’s the Shih Poo?” she asks curiously. Oh, she was still thinking about that.


Kirishima chews on the side of his lip as he thinks, what animal would she be to him? An animal that is soft and sweet like her but also spunky . “Umm I think a fennec fox would suit you, but instead of white fur you’d have dark brown fur.”


Kat stares at him before smiling, “....really?”  Kirishima nods absent-mindedly missing the shit-eating grin growing on Kat’s face, “hmm so your crush is a brunette, then? Good to know.”

Kirishima chokes on his food once again while Kat plots.


By the time the class returned from their trip, it was late. No one wanted to hang out in the common room as they usually do, instead choosing to head off to their own rooms. No one said anything as Kaminari and Jiro disappeared into Jiro’s dorm, laughing happily. Iida looked like he was going to blow a gasket, but he simply pushed up his glasses and turned a blind eye. If he was going to be supportive of Bakugo and Izuku, he had to show the same treatment to all couples. It was only fair. Besides, he had to trust his classmates to be smart. If they were going to be pro-heroes, they had to learn to be responsible for every part of their lives.


Bakugo grabbed Izuku's hand and they walked up the stairs and into his room. Bakugo slams the door with urgency, shopping bag in hand. "Kacchan?" Izuku asked as Bakugo flicked the light on, setting the black bag down and turning to his boyfriend, "what?" Izuku says, "are you gonna tell me what's in the bag now?" Bakugo smirked, "I told you, Deku," he takes a step toward Midoriya, reaching around him to lock the door, then pressing his hand against the small boy's chest and slamming him against the wooden structure. "It's a fucking surprise."


“Kacchan…” Izuku didn’t know what to think as Bakugo slotted a knee between his legs, saying, “got a problem, nerd? Is it bad I want a little fucking intimacy with my boyfriend? You’re always so damn cuddly, but I want more, dammit!” Izuku finally understood. Nerves crawl into his stomach. Kacchan grumbles, “tch. Unless you don’t want that." Izuku looked into his boyfriend's eyes, "o-of course I want to, Kacchan, it's just... I've never done anything like that before." Bakugo's warm ruby eyes drank in Izuku's nervous face, "that's why we'll take things slowly, dumbass. I know I'm fucking rough but I'm not a damn monster."


There was something so soft about Bakugo. Sure, he had Izuku pinned, but his hand wasn’t pressing into him as much as he could be. His brows weren’t narrowed downwards, they were relaxed, eyes softened into a half-lidded expression, lips pulled back into a grin just barely enough for his pearly whites to show. He just had a natural glow on his face. For some reason, that made Midoriya nervous, anxious to see what was up to his boyfriend’s sleeve. He waits for Kacchan to make the first move. Bakugo takes his thumb and gently places it on Midoryia’s chin, just a hair under his soft lips.


Bakugo leans in closer and purrs his voice into a lower octave, "let me take care of you, Deku." His words wash over Midoriya, making his mind’s racing thoughts slow down. He breathes, “I trust you, Kacchan. I-I um, you can do whatever you want… just be gentle, okay?”


Bakugo doesn’t hesitate, closing the short gap between them, leaning in for a hungry kiss. His hands grab Izuku’s wrists and placed his arms around his own shoulders so that Izuku could hold onto him.  He then runs his fingers along Izuku’s chest, loving the rise and fall with each breath. There was something about being so close to each other that they could feel each other’s heartbeats, something about the way Bakugo’s hands caressed his body. Izuku gave in completely, his hands fisting up balls of Bakugo’s shirt. Their lips smacked again and again, only parting so Bakugo could remove Izuku’s shirt. Izuku follows his lover’s movements, removing the top he had grasped onto. 


Ever so gently, watching Izuku’s expression, Bakugo moved his knee, grinding against Izuku’s zipper. As he does, Izuku’s lips clamp together, his eyes closing as he let out a small, “mmn…” He moved his hips, grinding back on him.


Satisfied with the reaction, Bakugo matches their lips together again, his tongue lapping at Izuku’s mouth. The smaller boy parts his lips, inviting the tongue in. Bakugo swirled around inside, tasting every inch. He pulled back, directing Izuku who clearly hadn’t made out like this before. "Move your tongue around, I’m not fucking a corpse. You can put some effort in, too.”


He returns his tongue inside, his eyes half-lidded, watching Izuku close his eyes, swirling his tongue with Bakugo’s. Izuku’s hands moved down from his shoulders, grazing his chest and making him shiver as his fingerpads hit his nipples. His hands glide past each muscle of Bakugo’s washboard abs, past his waist, hooking his fingers into the belt loops of Bakugo’s pants.


Bakugo retreated from Izuku’s mouth, kissing his chin, then his neck. As he sucked at the flesh, a small whimper escapes the boy pressed against the wall. The blonde sets his knee down with the intention of making another move, but before he could, Izuku pulls him by the belt loops, pulling their hardness together and rolling his hips against Bakugo, who groans at the sudden, unexpected contact. He was just so pent up .


“Kacchan,” Izuku breathes, “c-can I?” He tugs at the button of Bakugo’s pants. The blonde clicks, “tch, you don’t have to ask, dumbass.” He doesn’t need to be told twice, Izuku starts to fumble with the button and then undo the zipper, eventually pulling the clothing away, dropping them around Bakugo’s ankles. The blonde hastily  kicks them away, “come on, nerd,” Bakugo grumbles, “catch up, would ya?” He starts to tear away Izuku’s clothing, the shorter teen blushes, but revels in the rough touch of his lover. When Bakugou is done, both of them were completely naked.


Izuku’s cock twitches, throbbing with want. “Kacchan,” his voice is soft and broken, “don’t...stop touching me.” He longed for his lover’s hands. Bakugo smirked, “we haven’t even started and you’re that obsessed already? Damn, Deku.” He grabs Izuku’s hand and tells him, “lay down. I told you we were going to be slow about this, didn’t I?” Izuku nods, following his directions. As he laid down, his member stood tall. Bakugo lays on his side next to Izuku, wrapping his hand around his length. Izuku gasped, but it was muffled by a soft kiss.


Izuku reaches over and returns the favor, rubbing the head of Bakugo’s cock. Bakugo breaks the kiss, “fuck...”  he looks down, mesmerized at the sight of Izuku stroking his hard cock with his teeth just barley biting his lip, completely under a spell of lust while beneath him.


Bakugo had half a mind to just finish all over his freckled face, his cock throbbed at the image.

No, that would just be selfish, he thinks with some control. I need to move on before I finish and completely ruin the surprise.


Izuku’s green eyes fluttered open as Bakugo says, “I’m gonna start the next part, now. Don’t move, Deku.” Izuku nods and watches as he reaches his hand into the black bag next to the bed, pulling out a small bottle of lube. He squeezes it onto his first finger, a generous amount dripping from his hand.


As Bakugo positioned his finger outside his hole, he gives Izuku another soft kiss, “you fucking trust me, Deku?” Izuku nods, making eye contact with his top, “I trust you, Kacchan.” Bakugo nods and presses the tip of his finger inside, met with a grimace from Izuku. A combination of discomforts hit the teen, between the pressure of Bakugou’s finger and the coolness of the lube touching his skin.  Bakugo pauses. He had been watching Izuku’s facial movements. Izuku’s breathing deepens, “don’t stop. I can take it.” Bakugo frowns and leans down to Midoriya’s eye level, “this isn’t about you taking it, Deku. I see you gripping the sheets, it hurts a little? This is about enjoying yourself. I don’t want you to fucking regret your first time with me. I want it to be something you won’t fucking forget, nerd. I’m gonna keep going, but if I fucking hurt you, stop me. You have the fucking right to.”


Izuku’s heart pounds. Seeing Bakugo this soft was a real change of pace. “Ah!” He moans as the finger is pushed down to the knuckle, pulling back, and pushing in slowly. The pressure at his hole hurts a bit, but as Bakugo’s finger presses in, the tip of it teases at a bundle of nerves that hitches Izuku’s breath. “M-more, Kacchan!” He groans as the finger moves faster to his commands. Bakugo pours more lube on the area, adding another finger and stretching Izuku. “Gah! Kacchan!” Izuku instinctively reaches out for something to grab, his hand wrapping around Bakugo’s hair.


It hurt a bit, but each pump sent a shock of pleasure through Izuku. With his free hand, he stroked himself off. Bakugo licked his lips, enjoying the sight of Izuku pleasuring himself in front of him. ”Mm, Deku..close your eyes real quick. I've got the real surprise for you."

Midoriya nods as he closes his eyes, slightly out of breath.  When he does as he’s told, Bakugo reaches into the bag again and pulls out a box, opening it up to reveal a small vibrator. It was blue, with a bulbous head and a thin shaft. Bakugo clicks the button, turning it on as it roars to life, buzzing in his hand. Izuku doesn’t react, thankfully his ears didn’t pick up on the sound of vibration by his own heavy breathing. Bakugo pulls his fingers out, lubing up the toy. Izuku whines at the missing warmth of Bakugous fingers but suddenly his breath hitches when Bkugou rims the toy around Izuku’s hole. The reaction was almost instant, the green-haired teen's back arched at the vibrations that were teasing his hole, traveling to his cock.


“O-Oh… yes, please, Kacchan!” Izuku cried out. Bakugo obliged, pressing it inside. Izuku mewled, “gah! K-Kacchan! I-it’s...intense...mmmn…” His stretched hole protested the intrusion, but the message on Izuku’s prostate overruled the discomfort. Bakugo pushed in, pulled out, slowly, gently. “H-harder,” Izuku requested. “Go…” he pants, “as hard as you want. I-it feels so-” his words are interrupted by his own scream, “AH! Kacchan!” Bakugo sets a brutal pace, not hearing any protest from Izuku. His moans float through the room. Bakugo knew full well that his neighbor could hear, but he didn’t care. Kirishima would just have to put up with it.


He’s ready...

Bakugo pulls the vibrator out and shuts it off, asking, “are you ready for me, Deku?” Izuku’s heavy breathing rose and fell with his chest, “yes, please...f-fill me, Kacchan.” Bakugo grabs Izuku by the ankles, angling his legs over his shoulders and positioning his cock. He leans over, his hands on either side of Izuku, whose eyes are closed with anticipation. “Look at me, Deku.” Izuku opens his eyes and Bakugo’s heart thumps, emotion rising in his chest as he sees the pure happiness in Izuku’s eyes. He can’t take it anymore. As he pushes himself inside the loosened hole, he kisses Izuku with a fiery passion. This wasn’t fucking anymore. This was lovemaking. Bakugo revered in the closeness between the pair with each thrust, each moan muffled by their lips crashing together like tidal waves.


Bakugo pulls away to ask, “how’s it feel, Deku? How’s it feel to have me inside you?” Izuku’s voice shakes between gasps and moans, “i-it’s a l-little sore bu- but it feels so… so good, Kacchan. You feel so good.” Bakugo plants a kiss on Izuku’s forehead, pumping inside harder, faster, the feeling in his own nethers intensifying, “D-deku… I’m gonna fucking cum…” he grunts. Izuku moans, “K-Kacchan, c-cum with me!” His walls clamp around Bakugo’s member, and neither boy could stand it anymore. Bakugo’s thrusts turn from sensual, to wild pounding. Izuku grips the sheets, moaning and gasping. Izuku shoots a hot load all over Bakugo’s chest. “F-fuck, Deku,” Bakugo grunts and dispenses himself inside, pulling out and, with a huff, he drops himself on top of Izuku, knocking the breath out of both of them.


Izuku smiles, Bakugo’s head against his chest, the warm, naked body of his lover comforting him. Izuku softly plays with Bakugo’s hair. “Deku,” he says, “we need to do that more fucking often.” Izuku nods, “yes!” After a moment, Izuku asks, “Kacchan? Was I… was I your first?” Bakugo tenses, “tch, why you gotta put it like that, damn nerd?” Izuku raises an eyebrow, “well, was I?” Bakugo grumbles, “yeah. I think it’s safe to assume the same for you, too.” Izuku doesn’t deny it.


“Come on, I know you wanna be the little spoon.” Bakugo moves to the side and stretches his arm out. Izuku excitedly turns to his side, settling in Bakugo’s arms. Izuku says, “hey, thanks for being gentle. M-maybe next time we can try being more rough.” Bakugo smirks, kissing Izuku’s shoulder, “why wouldn’t I be gentle? I’m not going to fucking hurt the man I love.” Izuku’s heart stops, his stomach bursting to life with butterflies, “ me?” Bakugo grumbles, “fuck yeah, I do. Got a problem with that?”


Izuku grins, “no, way, Kacchan! Because I love you too!”

Chapter Text

Bakugo and Izuku sat together on a bench eating ice cream out of cones. Izuku had begged his boyfriend to take him to a place that would be closing soon for winter. Despite his former hesitation, the blonde had to admit that this little date was pretty nice. The wind was cool, proving that winter was on the way, but it wasn’t awful. Besides, Bakugo had been going to this place since he was a kid. It would be a shame to miss going at least once this year.


Izuku chatted with him, but Bakugo’s attention seems distracted, carefully taking bites out of his dessert and staring off into the distance. Midoriya smiles and decides to mess with Bakugo, trying to get his attention by saying, "who the fuck likes mint chip ice cream?" Bakugo looked down at Midoriya from the corner of his eye, "at least I don't look like mint chip ice cream, freckle face. And when did you start swearing?"


"I don't," Midoriya licks at his chocolate chip cone with a mischievous look. Their experience last night was amazing. The relationship between them was no longer the toxic, stressful situation of the past. They’ve gotten even more relaxed now they had seen each other in such a state. All the misunderstandings that was there had faded and been forgotten. Well, almost. Izuku still had one thing on his mind that bothered him.


 Bakugo reaches his arm around his partner. Izuku blushes a bit but relaxes into his arm. He loved it when his boyfriend wasn’t ashamed of him in public. He’s been so sweet and level-headed lately, he thought happily. The way Bakugo acted outwardly, though, was different than the way he felt inside. The self-doubt and fear of being an openly gay man was still there, loud and clear. But Izuku was slowly chipping away these walls. Brick by brick, his fear would hopefully crumble into nothing but dust.


He knew Izuku could see his weakness. The way he couldn't help but stiffen every time someone looked at them while they did anything close to intimate in public, or whenever the class had teased them about their relationship. Bakugo remembered the conversation they had before heading out today. Izuku could sense his nervousness, taking his hand as they were getting dressed and saying, "it's okay, Kacchan. It's fine to be scared of what people would think, but we can't let it get the best of us, right?"


Izuku had then revealed that he once felt like this before when he realized he had feelings for Katsuki when he was younger and that his mother was the one who helped and supported him. In that moment, Bakugo was relieved his boyfriend had a mother like inko, unlike his damned Dad who fucked off to God knows where. What kind of bastard would abandon his fucking family?


Their conversation had sparked an idea in Bakugo’s head. Maybe it would make it easier on them both. He wanted to tell his parents about his relationship, as much as the old hag annoyed him, her opinion along with his father’s really mattered to Katsuki. The thought made him anxious, but he knew had to eventually. With Izuku at his side, he could tell them. We might not have a fucking choice anyway. Bakugo brings the thought to life, "we should tell our parents." His gaze is fixed away from Izuku.


"What?!" Midoriya didn't expect him to suggest anything like that anytime soon. Bakugo goes on, "think about it, idiot. The news of two gay UA students will travel fast. Do you want your Mom finding out from you or some fucking rumor?"


Midoriya stammered, "b-but it's been a whole week and no one has said anything!" Bakugo pointed to where he had been staring, "not yet, anyway." Izuku looked in the direction where he was pointing. He could see three reporters across the street with cameras flashing.

Izuku frowned lightly. The media could be like vultures sometimes and would be sure to eat up the idea of a gay couple in U.A. The last thing their school needed was some controversial news about their students. They already had enough backlash from the villian attacks. Izuku shrugs, ”well, I guess you’re right about that. When did you want to tell them?”

Bakugo pulled away from Midoriya, throwing the rest of his cone in the trash. "Our street isn't far from here," Bakugo started to walk off. Izuku blanches at his boyfriend, ”WHA-you wanna tell them now!?”

Katsuki tucks his hands into his jacket, "Yeah, I wanna go ahead and get this shit over with. If we don’t do it now I’ll probably procrastinate over it.”

Izuku shrugs, “I guess you’re right, we are a little close to our neighborhood.” Midoriya quickly ditched his cone and hurried to catch up to his partner. He wished he had time beforehand to prep himself but like his boyfriend had mentioned, they’d probably procrastinate until it was too late, too far in to make things right.


Bakugo walked down the street with one of his hands clutching onto Midoriya’s side, saying, "your Mom is gonna be fine with it, I bet," his lips drop into a frown, "I don't know how mine are gonna be." Midoriya reassures him, squeezing Bakugo’s arm lightly, "your parents will be fine! I'm sure of it!" Bakugo answered him with a small grunt. Izuku gives him a sigh back. He could tell that his boyfriend was nervous under his relaxed glare.


 They walk a few feet farther, Izuku tapping his chin, “so, my place or yours first?” He asks but already assumes that he’ll want to go to his first. He wouldn’t be second at anything even if it was something he didn’t want to do..


But his boyfriend surprises him as he says, “let’s get the easier one out of the way. Besides, your place is closer.”


They walk up to the front door of Izuku's house, looking at the wood in front of them. Bakugo reaches up his hand and knocks. Soon after, they hear soft footsteps come to the door. Inko Midoriya answers the door in her pink sweater and white apron, her dark green hair is pulled up into a bun. A huge smile erupts on her face when she sees it’s her son. "Izuku! Sweetie!" She tackles him with a strong hug.


Her gaze moved over to Bakugo, "Katsuki!" She gasped, "my, my have you grown! Come in, have some tea!" She turned and shuffled happily into the kitchen, waving to the boys to sit down at the kitchen table. A kettle of tea was already hot on the stove. She says, “I was just about to have some myself! You came just in time!” She poured three cups of the drink and passed them to each of the students.


"What brings you boys here?" She asks, sitting down "I hope nothing bad happened again at UA!"


Midoriya couldn't look at his Mom, too nervous about what he had to tell her. A concerned look cast a shadow across Inko's face. "Sweetie?" She asks.


"Mom... it's nothing bad, I promise." Midoriya forced himself to look his mother in the eye, "I...we... just have to tell you something." He looks at Bakugo's calm demeanor, then back at his Mom, taking a deep breath. "I'm dating Katsuki Bakugo."


Inko’s green eyes widen slightly but says nothing as she looks between the two the boys as if she was analyzing the situation. "I'm assuming you're going to tell the Bakugo's next?" Midoriya nodded. "We wanted to tell you first," he said. Again Inko becomes silent, she takes a shaky sigh before hiding behind her hands.


Both boys cast a worried glance towards the mother, as her shoulders began to shake


She was crying? Bakugou feels confused as he looks to Izuku,  didn’t he say his mother supported him? Or maybe it was just the fact that is was him ? Does she not approve of me?


“Mom what’s wro-”, Izuku tries to reach out to his mother but is interrupted by laughing, her laughing. Wait, what?


Inko stood up, smirking, "you tell her she lost the bet! I knew this would happen! Haha!" 

Bakugo and Midoriya stare at her with a bewildered trance, “A bet?” they say together.


She leaned over the table nearly spilling her tea in excitement, embracing her son in a hug.  Inko pinches his cheeks with the widest smirk,  "a little bet we made over thirteen years ago, you can ask Mitsuki about when you tell her, oh and please take her picture when you do. I have to see her reaction!” She giggled a bit before going on, “I was really wondering if I had to pull you aside and ask about those marks on your neck.”  Katsuki is glad he had already swallowed his tea, ‘cause it sure would have been spat from his mouth. The blonde turns red as a strawberry, glancing towards the purple hickeys that were easily seen by anyone who looked at his boyfriend. Gah! She fucking noticed! Of course!


Izuku is no better. He becomes the physical embodiment of a red tomato as he asks, “so... you’re not upset that I’m dating Kacchan?” Izuku’s voice comes out muffled as his mother continued to pull at his cheeks. He wished she would stop doing that. Kacchan was for sure going to tease him for being a mama’s boy later when they got back. 


“Oh, of course not baby. If anything Sweetheart, I’m so glad it’s Katsuki, with both of you becoming heroes I always worried that you would get hurt while you’re protecting others...” she glances over to Bakugo with a soft smile, “but I don’t have to anymore because I know he can protect you. I know you two have had a rough patch in the past and I’m glad that you two found a way to overcome it. I love you with every bone in my body no matter who you're with, but I’m extra happy that it’s someone like Katsuki Bakugo." Her declaration made Bakugo’s shoulder lose their tension. So she does approve, huh? Inko looks back over to Bakugo before pulling the boy into a hug. He flinches but finds himself relaxing into the arms of his boyfriend’s mother, she gave hugs just like Izuku if not a little better. The warm, maternal affection wasn’t something he was used to.


Izuku gave a small smile, “thank you, mom, you don’t know how m-much it means to me….” he says while tearing up a bit. Inko takes her hands and gently wipes the tears from his eyes.


 “Anything for you Izuku…” she says before kissing the top of his forehead. 


Katsuki blushes to himself being the thick of the intimate moment between mother and son. He knows that his mother wouldn’t be embracing like this, maybe a passive-aggressive headlock if he was lucky. Inko suddenly turns to him with a grin, one he’s not quite used to seeing on her face. He kind of finds it amusing on the usual sweet mother, “I'm sure your parents are just as accepting, Katsuki. I hope for the best for both of you!"


After their tea, the pair left Midoriya's home, relieved that there was only one thing left to do. "I can't believe our Moms bet on this," Izuku says.


As Inko sat alone with her lukewarm tea, her happiness had subsided, staring at the tablecloth. I just hope they're careful about this. I  only want him to be happy and safe. She sighs, taking a last sip of tea before her shaking hand drops the cup, glass shattering as it hits the floor.

Bakugo doesn't even knock on his door, he just slams it open, screaming, "I'm fucking home!" He shuts the door behind them hard. "Katsuki!" Mitsuki Bakugo calls, "stop shaking the whole fucking house!" She appears from the living room with her hands on her hips. She notices Midoriya beside him, and like a switch, her glare turned into a cheery smile. The sight of that sweet broccoli haired boy always reminded her of a younger Inko when they were kids. "Izuku! I haven't seen you in ages! You're all grown up now! What are you two doing here? I hope my spawn here isn’t pulling you into any trouble." 


“H-Hi Ms. Bakugo, and no, he’s not pulling me in any trouble...We just wanted to come by since we’re in the neighborhood.  We just came over from my house…” he stumbled over his words.


“Aww and Katsuki wanted to come over and see me? Nah, it must be your doing, Izu, my boy is never that polite!” She laughs, knowing her son was glaring holes into her. Her eyes suddenly shift downwards towards Izuku’s neck. She quirks a blonde brow at him, “jeez, that’s one heck of a bruise Izuku…” Both boys freeze momentarily before Mitsuki continues, “I know you’re beefing up to be hero kiddo but try to take it easy.” She chuckles and ruffles his hair.


Bakugo doesn't wait for the chance that she’ll change her answer, "where's Dad?" Mitsuki nods to the living room, "channel surfing like the useless idiot he is." Masaru Bakugo leans out into the hall behind his wife. "Katsuki? What are you doing home?"


Bakugo doesn't answer just yet. Before he was gonna come out of the closet to his parents he wanted some answers. He turns to his mother again "why the fuck did you and Mrs. Midoriya bet we would date each other?" He asked in his normal angry tone.


Mitsuki blinks blankly at her son before busting out loud laughing, " Oh dear! Inko must have fucking told ya huh? That was just a joke! You two were always around each other, just the cutest little things before you morphed into the crotch goblin that you are now, but I doubted either of you would get along that well!"


Masaru nudges his wife with a smirk, “Actually Mistuki, you made the bet after that time Izuku made Katsuki his wife, remember?" 


“Uh, I what?” Izuku’s eyes stretched. What is she talking about?


“Oh yeah, I remember, Izuku had come over to spend the night and you had decided to play house of all fucking things. You two were all for it until you guys couldn’t agree who was gonna be the wife. It was the cutest little argument. Izuku got mad at Katsuki and demanded that he be the wife cause he could cook better and clean faster. Izuku kept yelling how Katsuki was his wife all night. Poor little crotch Goblin was crying his heart out,”


Bakugo sparked off a few explosions, “Bullshit! I would have whooped this shitnerd’s ass, no way I was the wife! You’re probably just lying, tryna embarrasses me In front of Deku, ha?”

Masaru and Mitsuki share a look, Mitsuki offering with a smug grin, “we can pull out the vhs tape.”


A small vein in Bakugo’s head pulsed, “you recorded it?!”


Izuku groans internally as Bakugo looks like he’s about to blow a gasket. Izuku subtly kicks his boyfriend’s shin. Thankfully, he gets the hint and retracts his growls, getting back on topic.


"Whatever. How much was it?" Bakugo questioned.


Mitsuki shrugged, "just a few thousand yen."


"It looks like you owe her a few thousand yen," Bakugo smirked. "You fucking lost the bet," Bakugo doesn't say anything else, he just grabs Midoriya's hand tightly and walks out the door.


"Katsuki Bakugo! Get back here!" Mitsuki called after him. Masaru puts a hand on her shoulder. Bakugo didn't want to deal with any mushy crap. He wanted it over with, no accepting hugs or familial words of love for their son. He walked away from his house, Midoriya in tow.


Those fucking old hags betting we would get together… what makes it their damn business ?! Bakugo was fuming, Izuku could practically see smoke coming out of his ears. “Kacchan…” he squeezes his hand, trying to calm his boyfriend down. “They didn’t mean anything by it! It was just fun.” Bakugo swiveled his head to the broccoli boy, “you’re just fucking happy cause it was your Mom that won that stupid bet!”


Izuku nervously chuckled, his teeth flashing as he smiled, “yeah, I guess so. But still, she wasn’t wrong, so why be mad about it?” Bakugo’s hand squeezes his tight, almost with bone-crushing strength. Bakugo growls, “I need to let off some fucking steam.” He pointedly shot a look at Izuku as they walked. Izuku raised an eyebrow, “you know you can talk to me-” Bakugo’s smirk made him falter.


The blonde says, “what I have in mind doesn’t involve a lot of talking . You said you want to try rougher, right?” Izuku blushed madly, “I- uh…” Bakugo clicks his tongue, “tch, you’re gonna have to fucking grow out of that, Deku.” Izuku gave him a confused look, “out of what?” Bakugo retorts, “being so damn shy about it! You’re my fucking boyfriend, so speak your damn mind.” As they reach the front door of the dorms, Bakugo grabs Izuku’s shoulders and forces the boy to look up at him, his voice changing from angry to sultry, whispering, “I want to know every dirty little fucking thought in that nerd brain of yours, Deku.”


Izuku didn’t think he could blush any redder, his stomach filling with nerves. Bakugo pulls him inside, past the BakuSquad playing Xbox in the common room. Mina and Kaminari snicker, pointing to their own necks but say nothing. Izuku follows Bakugo into his room, noticing the sheets had been changed from the typical red covers to black. Bakugo locks the door behind them, placing a sock on the door handle to assure any witnesses the noises made inside were moans of pleasure, not torment.


He leads Izuku to the bed, but instead of laying him down, they sit on the edge and Bakugo glares at his boyfriend, “spill.” Izuku looks down shyly, but Bakugo grabs his chin with one hand, directing his gaze to his face. “There’s no fucking need to be shy, Deku. But if we’re gonna be doing more than just basic shit I gotta fucking know more about what the fuck you want to try or whatever.” Izuku’s eyes stare at his boyfriend like a deer in headlights. He slips his face out of his grip and says, “I, well, I want to try something new, but I don’t really know what.” As he raises his hand to his chin, Bakugo could sense a ramble coming on.


The blonde prepares himself for the onslaught of word vomit. “I’ve heard of people trying different things in bed but I haven’t done much research on it to know exactly what that means. I know about things like what Kaminari sends in the group chat but nothing in those weird memes sounds very pleasurable. But aside from that, I’m not sure what I like. I mean, I’ve never really thought about this kind of thing before…” he shakes himself out of it, realizing too late he was rambling again. 


Bakugo rolls his eyes, “the only way to know if you like somethin’ is if you fucking try it.” He crosses his arms, sighing, “am I gonna be the one that has to do all the fucking work again? Fine. I’ve done my research, if that’s what we’re calling it.” Izuku protests, “Kacchan! That’s not what I meant! You don’t have to, you know, do anything you don’t want to!”


A glint flashes in Bakugo’s eyes, his hands reaching for Izuku’s shoulders and pushing him down, straddling over him. “You think I don’t want to do this? This is the shit I’ve been waiting for. I’m as vanilla as fucking fudge, Deku.” A grin spreads across his lips as if baring his fangs, “let me take you. You want rough? Then let me fucking ravage you, dumbass.”


Izuku looks mesmerized as he takes in Bakugo’s fierce gaze, a fire behind his red pupils. He felt his shoulders and mind relax. His limbs felt like Jello as he grasped on to his top’s shirt. “Kacchan…” he whispered, “take- take control of me. Do anything… anything you want.” His words are met with a smirk, “anything? You sure about that, Deku?” His hand grazes the side of Izuku’s neck, “you get what you ask for. But I won’t be easy on you.”


Izuku squirms under Bakugo, his stomach cartwheeling as the words are growled into his ear, “if I hurt you, fucking say something. Just tell me to fucking stop. Don’t be a damn shy ass nerd and just ride it out. I want you to fucking enjoy what’s happening, otherwise, it’s not fucking sex anymore, got it?” Izuku nods, “I- I’ve heard about safewords before. Sh-should we use one?” Bakugo hums lowly, “that’s up to you, now isn’t it? Pick one so we can get this fucking started.”


“What about something simple, like green?” Izuku suggests. Bakugo nods, “just don’t fucking forget it. You ready, nerd? Once you say yes I’m not gonna fucking hold back.”


Izuku takes a deep breath, “y-you’re gonna be really rough on me, aren’t you?” His voice shakes nervously. Bakugo gives him a soft kiss on the neck, “like I said, just stop me if I hurt you. You trust me, right? I fucking love you, dumbass, the last thing I want is you to be hurt at my fucking hands.”


With a sigh, Izuku forces himself to relax, “I love you too, Kacchan. Of course, I trust you. I’ll do anything you want. Just...go for it.”


The words of permission granted, Bakugo places his lips back on Izuku’s neck, kissing turning into sucking as Izuku suppressed a whimper. Bakugo growls, “don’t hold back. Let me fucking hear you.” His teeth graze Izuku flesh, nipping at the skin as Izuku releases a small moan. His teeth bite down harder, causing Izuku to gasp. Bakugo was about to pull away, but he could feel the slightest quiver of his boyfriend’s hips. He liked it.


As his mouth wandered Izuku’s neck, his hands glide down to the hem of his boyfriend’s shirt, slowly slipping it off between bites. As he pulled away, he could see small marks on Izuku’s flesh. With a half-lidded look, he smiles down at his submissive. With a husky voice, he says, “look at those damn marks, Deku… everyone will know you’re fucking mine.” Izuku can’t see his own neck, but he could feel the sore bruises form.


Izuku gazed up at Bakugo above him, who was licking his lips. Bakugo purrs, “fucking hell, Deku, you looking at me like that… I don’t know if I can control myself.” Izuku blushes, a shy, but playful smile as he says, “then don’t, Kacchan.”


Bakugo’s gaze wanders from his boyfriend’s face, down every curve and edge of his muscles, to his zipper. Damn nerd doesn’t even know what the hell he’s doing. Driving me fucking crazy. His blood runs hot in his veins, a feral, animalistic feeling makes him clench his jaw, his pupils dilating like a cat hunting prey.


He returns his mouth to Izuku’s, this time nipping at his bottom lip, then pressing his tongue into Izuku’s mouth. The bottom welcomes the warm sweetness, their tongues tangling together. A line of spit connects them as Bakugo moves his mouth down to his chin, his neck, nipping at an already irritated mark.


Izuku shivers as his mouth trails down to his nipple, his teeth gripping the pink flesh. It hurts but in a good way. It’s so strange but… he gasps, “Kacchan!” Bakugo’s teeth pull at the flesh, sending a sharp pain through Izuku, making his cock twitch despite the intensity. Bakugo releases his grip, licking at the sore spot as if in apology. His fingertips press into Izuku’s hips, holding him down with a dominating power. 


Despite all that was happening, Izuku felt a longing he never experienced before. He just wanted more . He wanted more intensity, more control to be stripped away from him. He wanted to be completely at the mercy of anything his top wanted to do to him. 


“Kacchan,” he breathed, “K-kacchan…” Bakugo looked up from his work, “what is it, nerd?” Izuku gulps, “I-I want to be at your mercy, Kacchan. I want to… submit to you.” Bakugo smirked again, reaching a hand up and grasping Izuku’s hair, pulling at it, Izuku’s head tilting back with a small groan, “Kacchan…”


Bakugo commands, “fucking nerd, come here.” He pulls him off the bed and pushes him to his knees. “You want to submit to me, let me use you like a damn toy?” Izuku looked up to Bakugo’s smirking, sadistic face and nods. “Yes, Kacchan.”


Bakugo takes his other hand and gives Izuku’s cheek a small smack, just enough to sting. “None of that Kacchan bullshit. In bed, I’m your Master, got it? I have control of every little god damn thing you do behind closed doors. Say it back to me.”


Izuku, his cheek stinging, cock aching, says, “Kacchan is my Master. I’m his to play with and use as he sees fit. You have full control over me in bed.” Bakugo nods, satisfied, “go on. Take these off and suck me.” He leans up against the wall, his hand no longer pulling but still resting in his hair. Izuku obediently removes Bakugo’s pants and underwear, his hard cock standing tall. Izuku doesn’t hesitate, wrapping his lips around the tip and dipping his head down, driving his Master’s cock inside of him. He bobs his head, hollowing his cheeks as he sucks. His jaw already aches, but he ignores it.


Bakugo groans, “faster, Deku.” Both of his hands rest on his head, Izuku picking up his pace but coming up to gasp for air. Bakugo curls his fingers, “oi, Deku, brace yourself.” Izuku shifts his eyes upward, Bakugo’s head tilted forward as he says, “I’m gonna fuck your face, nerd. You’re my toy, right? I’ll fucking use you like one.”


Bakugo reaches down with one hand, pushing his thumb against Izuku’s chin, encouraging him to open his mouth. He purrs, “let’s see that tongue. Open up for me.” Izuku stretched his tongue out, looking up with a blush and half-lidded, but sparkling eyes. The visual made Bakugo shudder, fuck . He placed his cock on the tip of his tongue, saying, “you need to breathe, tap my leg twice. Got it?” Izuku nods.


Fuck, this is about to be intense though… “repeat it, Deku.”


Izuku says, pulling back from the hard member, “if I need to breathe, I’ll tap your leg twice.” He places a hand on Bakugo’s smooth thigh. Bakugo nods, then pulls Izuku back into position, the tip of Izuku's tongue on his head. He glides his shaft inside slowly, the warm wetness closing around him inch by inch. He presses in, hitting the back of Izuku’s throat. He could feel Izuku gag.


He pulls out, then pushes back in again before beginning his full-frontal attack, holding Izuku’s head steady and thrusting inside. He groans as Izuku’s muffled gags and moans vibrate his cock.


“MMmmmnn!” Izuku’s cry rattles around his shaft. After a few more thrusts, he feels a tapping on his leg. Immediately, he pulls out. Izuku comes up, coughing and gasping. Bakugo drops down to a crouch, facing his partner as their eyes met. Izuku nodded, “I’m-” he coughs, “I’m okay.” Bakugo rises again, taking the base of his cock in his hand, “again, nerd. You’re no quitter, are you?”


Izuku shook his head and resumed the position, mouth open, tongue out. It was fucking hot. Bakugo couldn’t resist slipping in, pounding the submissive’s throat without mercy. He grunted, “fuck, Deku, fucking hell!” He felt the taps again and slipped out, Izuku gasping for breath. Bakugo asks, “you alright?” Izuku nods, “yes, Master.” Bakugo grabs Izuku’s wrist, “good. Now, on the bed. Lay on your back and close your eyes.”


Izuku allows himself to be taken to the bed and laid down. He closes his eyes and hears Bakugo shuffling around. He felt cloth around his eyes, Bakugo snapping the strap against the back of his head. A blindfold? He opens his eyes only to be met with darkness. Bakugo says, “put your wrists together in front of you. Now.”


Izuku felt like his chest was going to explode. He shivered as Bakugo commanded him. He holds his wrists up, matching his forearms together. Soft rope curls around the pair of wrists, tied in a knot. Bakugo checks the rope, ensuring he could slip a finger between the bondage and skin. He asks, “too tight?” Izuku says, “no, M-master. It’s fine.”


Izuku’s wrists are pulled up to the headboard, tied together and to the bed. He had gotten exactly what he wanted; vulnerability and powerlessness. He was bound, yet free at the same time, able to give all control to Bakugo.


The submissive’s cock twitches, throbbing like it was going to burst. Bakugo’s fingers trail along his body, gliding past his neglected member. “Please, Kacchan.” He groans. Bakugo chuckles, “please, what?” 


His voice cracked, "f-fuck me.. please... I want you.." He heard a chuckle from his top, "I'm just getting started, Deku. I want to hear you fucking beg." His finger grazes the tip of his head, forcing a moan to escape Izuku’s lips.


“Please, Kacchan!” Bakugo smacked him again, a little harder this time, “what did I tell you about that Kacchan shit?” Izuku’s lip quivers, “please, please, Master!” Bakugo flicks his nipples, pinching and pulling as his mouth makes more marks on Izuku’s inner thigh. He moves his hands, pushing Izuku’s legs apart and he flicks his tongue lightly against Izuku’s hole. 


Izuku struggled against the ropes binding him to the bed, groaning, "please!" He was desperate, his cock pulsing painfully. "P-please," he repeated it as if it was the only word he could remember. He needed release, and needed it now. 


Bakugo growled, "you're gonna have to do better than that, Deku."


Bakugo's hand gripped Izuku's thigh tightly as his mouth moved up to the tip of Izuku's member, his lips grazing the tip. Before Izuku could beg again, though, his mouth moves to the base of his cock, barely making contact as he drags his tongue from the base to the tip.


 "Aah! Master! Please! I'll do anything!" The grip on his thigh tightened painfully, bruising the skin. Bakugo moves back down to his hole, his tongue making circles around it as Izuku gasps, his voice an octave higher,  "please! Master, please!" Bakugo moves his mouth up to his tender balls, sucking them and moving up to the base of the shaft again. "Please! Fuck me!" Izuku bucks his hips.


Bakugo pulls away to say, “fucking slut, Deku. You’re my fucking slut, aren’t you? So fucking desperate. Say it. Let me hear you.”


Izuku’s voice shakes, “I- I’m my Master’s little slut! I’m a slut just for you!” Bakugo grins, “that’s right, Deku. Your body is just for me. It’s all for me.” He comes back up to plant a kiss on Izuku’s lips, forcing him to taste his own ass and cock. Bakugo’s voice growls, “your body is mine. You are fucking mine, Deku. No one else can touch you. Not like this,” he curled his hand around Izuku’s shaft. 


With a whimper, Izuku bucks his hips, “yes! Yes! I belong to Bakugo Katsuki! I belong to my Master! My body is his! Please, please, Master! Use me! I’m your toy to use and abuse, PLEASE !” 


Bakugo chuckles once more, “you’re such a good boy, Deku. I guess I’ll reward you.” He shifts on the bed, putting the tip of his member at the entrance, pouring lube on his shaft. Another whimper slips out of Izuku,  turning into a moan as he pushes his way in. "AAh~! Kacchan!" Izuku's eyes rolled back, his mouth hanging loosely as his ass is stretched open. With no mercy, Bakugo slams down to the hilt, hitting Izuku’s prostate at full force. Izuku screams with pleasure, “Gah! Master! Please,” his voice cracks with lust, “right there. Please, please. Just like that-” his crazed moans turn more feral with each thrust.


As Bakugo pushed inside him, he gives his face another smack, “moan for me. Moan for your Master. Moan my name. Let everyone know who the fuck you belong to.” As his prostate is massaged, hit with precision, the words rip from his throat, “Kacchan! K-Katsuki! Katsuki! I belong to you! I belong to Katsuki…” he gasps as the thrusts increase even more, “Katsuki Bakugo is my Master!”


His fully teased cock bounced with each thrust. "M-Master..." he gasped at another rough thrust. Bakugo's hand gripped a chunk of Izuku's hair, pulling his head up. "What is it, nerd?"


"P-please... I want to- ah! I want to cum."


Bakugo grinned, giving him another volley of harsh thrusts before wrapping his hand around the shaft, pumping him in time with each roll of his hips. 


Each thrust made him feel like he was going to explode, but he couldn't quite reach a climax. "I want to cum please Kachan!" He was a being of pleasure, his body taking over. He bucked his hips, driving Bakugo's cock even deeper, making Bakugo groan suddenly.


“Fuck, Deku, you're gonna make me want to cum, nerd." His thrusts grow faster as his breath huffed. He let out a muffled gasp as he got closer. He commanded, "I'm so fucking close, cum with me, damn Deku." He could feel Izuku’s cock throb, building up to orgasm. He pounded harder, chasing his own climax. The faster tempo made Izuku's moans even louder, his body shaking in pleasure. The knot of lust that had built up inside of him reached a breaking point as both boys let out moans. Izuku groaned, “Kacchan!” His cock shot out cum as his hole was filled with Bakugo's seed.


Panting, Bakugo pulls at an end of the rope, the knots falling apart. He pulls his cock away and removes the blindfold. As Izuku’s eyes are revealed, his heart skips as Izuku’s starstruck expression looked up at him. He seemed like he was in a daze. Bakugo threw everything to the side and dropped to lay next to his boyfriend. “Oi, Deku, you good?”


Izuku gives him a dopey grin, “never better.” Bakugo gives him a kiss, “come on, sit up. Let me see your wrists. You were tugging those ropes pretty hard.” He helps Izuku rise and looks at the skin, light blue marks dotting the back of his wrists.


“I told you to stop me if I hurt you. Look at this. I thought the ropes weren’t too tight?” Bakugo muttered as if he was talking to himself, planting light kisses on the bruises. The hickies along his boyfriend’s body were only getting darker. Bakugo looked at his face, a mark left where he placed his last smack.


Izuku shook his head, “I might look a little beat up, but I’m fine, Kacchan! I promise! I liked every second of it. But...Kacchan…” his gaze drops, looking away, “I didn’t really do anything, you know? Was it good? For you, I mean? Did you like it?” Izuku is caught by surprise as Bakugo pulled him into his arms, down on the bed, his head resting on Bakugo’s chest.


“Of course I was into it, dumbass. If you’re really into getting it that rough, then good. But I’d rather not fucking hurt you. I enjoyed myself, and I want you to be able to say the same. I meant it when I said you’re mine. I protect what’s mine, Deku. I love you.” Bakugo rests his face in Izuku’s hair, taking in the scent of his boyfriend. He could feel his shoulders shake under his hands.


“Deku,” he frowns, “the hell, what's wrong?” Izuku wasn’t crying, but his eyes stared at nothing, deep into space. He shivered. so Bakugo pulled the blanket around them both. Izuku’s voice shakes with his body, “K-kacchan…” Bakugo hums, insisting his boyfriend speak. Izuku’s hand plays with a string that hung from a frayed part of the bed, “Kacchan… you… love more than just my body, right? You only say it when know….”


Bakugo doesn’t know how to respond. Was that really true? He only tells his boyfriend he loves him in bed? I guess I never thought about it. He squeezes Izuku, sighing, “look at me.” Izuku turns his head, his eyes meeting Bakugo’s. The blonde’s face closes the gap between their lips, kissing Izuku with all the passion, heart, and soul he could muster, hoping his message would get through.


Bakugo pulls away, leaning his forehead against Izuku’s, saying, “I fucking love you, Deku. God damn it. You’re such a damn nerd. I’ll fucking prove it to you.” He tilts his head up and gives him a kiss on the forehead. “I’m not here just for a fucking hole or a body. I’m here for as long as you want me the fuck around. No, even longer than that. I’m not going anywhere, nerd. You’re stuck with me.”


As Izuku’s eyes water, Bakugo couldn’t stop his own word vomit, “Deku… I haven’t fucking smiled around anyone else in years. I’ve never, ever felt like this about anyone. God damn it. It’s so fucking embarrassing... Since we were fucking kids, I knew I wanted to be more than friends. But the others… they didn’t exactly like me being different. You know I cared about you, even when I was a fucking asshole to you.”


In an instant, Izuku understood. That was one of the many reasons their friendship was so strained for years. Bakugo had watched him grow up into something he never thought Izuku could be. He cared about him for all that time. He just didn’t want to see me get hurt if I tried being a hero while still quirkless. Plus, he knew that being a gay couple would result in some nasty backlash in middle school. He...tore himself away in order to protect me!


Izuku buries his head in Bakugo’s chest, vibrating as he speaks, “I was an idiot, Deku. Fuck what others think, right? I’m gonna be with you through fucking everything, so don’t you dare look down on me thinking I’m just some manwhore.”

The last brick of his wall had finally crumbled. Bakugo purrs, “yeah, fuck what they think. You’re mine, and I’m proud to call you my boyfriend- no- my fucking soulmate.” Fuck, I really am in love with this damn nerd.

Chapter Text

Izuku excitedly waited, bouncing from one foot to the other, as he stood in the field outside of school. All Might had promised him that he would help him get a little extra training. He had a small bandage on his chin from last night, plus three dark hickies around his neck. His wrists were also bruised. In short, he looked like a bit of a mess. 


It only took a moment for All Might to seemingly fall out of the sky, his large body landing with a crash, blood spewing out of his mouth as he shrunk, claiming, “I am here, Young Midoriya!” All Might pauses in his tracks, raising an eyebrow, “you, uh, look a little beat up, kid. Not getting into any fights again, are you?” Izuku blushed, stammering, “uh.. N-no, it’s not that I, uh..” He couldn’t tell All Might where his injuries came from, but Izuku was a bad liar even if he tried.


Catching a glimpse of Izuku’s neck, All Might coughed suddenly, coming to the realization. He sounded disgusted, his face turning a pink color, “young Midoriya!” He cleared his throat, “I really didn’t want to know you’ve been doing that kind of stuff, kid! No need for the world to see.” He sighs, curling his hand to his forehead, his shoulder drooping defeatedly, “please just tell me you’re being safe about it. A kid your age getting someone pregnant or something would make it hard to be a hero.”


Izuku’s face told him he was hiding something. All Might questioned, “no… you didn’t, did you? It’s not Uraraka, is it?” At his pupil’s blush, he took his words to be true. This was not in the plan. What is he thinking? Teenagers…


Izuku’s voice shook as he fidgeted with his hands, “it’s um, not...not a girl. I- I’m actually surprised you haven’t heard about this yet.” All Might tilted his head, “not...a girl?” Izuku stared at the ground, off to the side, “yeah, um, Kacchan and I are kinda dating now.”


Blood spouted from All Might’s mouth again. Rivals turned lovers? He didn’t see this one coming. But the scratches on his face and bruises on his arms grew more concerning at this revelation. While he knew his hotheaded student wanted nothing more than to be a hero, he had been the one to start the fight that got them suspended in the first place. The two boys, whenever pitted against each other, weren’t afraid to hurt their counterparts. This could be bad.


He takes a step forward and places a hand on Izuku’s shoulder, “young Midoriya, are you sure about this? You two have had a pretty rough history.” Izuku raises his head, his face curling into a determined smile, “yes. I’m sure of it. Kacchan is right for me.”



Class 1-A sits in the common room, preparing to study for a project for Midnight’s class. None of them could seem to focus, chatting with each other. Jiro sits in the lap of Kaminari happily, Bakugo and Midoriya sitting close together on the couch next to them. Kirishima broods, sitting alone in a chair.


Bakugo called him out, “oi, Shitty Hair! The fuck’s wrong with you? You look like your damn dog died.” Izuku agreed, “he’s right. What’s going on?” Kirishima lifted his head, plastering a fake smile on his face, “me? Nothing’s wrong! I’m as manly as ever!” Bakugo rolled his eyes, “I didn’t ask if you were fucking manly I asked why the fuck you’re sulking over there.”


Kat butts in, “yeah! You look bummed. You okay there, buddy?” Bakugo watched her green pigtails bounce, a dark thought crossing his mind. He clears his throat, no no no. We aren’t fucking going there. No. The problem about having a classmate that looks like your crush is that it makes the person automatically attractive to you. Dumbass! I don’t even fucking like girls! Get it together, Katsuki!


Kirishima bounced to life as she talked to him, “no, no! I’m fine! I promise!” Kat tapped her chin, “that girl you were talking about, did you ask her out yet? She didn’t reject you, did she?” Kirishima blushed, “no! I, uh, didn’t yet.” Mina giggled, teasing in a sing-song voice, “oooh! Kiri’s got a crush!”


It took the class a while to finally settle and focus on the task at hand. They worked at the project, noses in books and hands sore from writing notes well into the late night. After a few yawns, first from Kaminari, then from Sato who had run out of sweets to keep him energized, Iida announced, “I think we’ve made enough progress for tonight. We must remember to rest, after all.” He stands and politely bows, “I expect everyone to get their rest and-” he clears his throat, casting an eye at Izuku and Bakugo, “-keep the dorms quiet for tonight.” He excuses himself and turns to his room.


Kaminari pointedly looks at the BakuDeku pair, “he’s got a point. You guys keep most of us awake all night.” Izuku’s face burns, a noise escaping him, “eeeeh?! You- you could hear us this whole time and no one said anything til now?!” Bakugo spits, “tch, of course they could, dumbass. If it wasn’t for your loud mewling we wouldn’t have a problem.”


Kat giggles, “it’s not all Izuku we hear. What did you say last night? Was it, ‘ faster, Deku!’ ?” Kirishima nervously chuckled. This girl was asking for it. Bakugo jumps up, “oi, the fuck did you just say, copycat freak?” Kat sticks out a tongue, “oh, come on, kacchan , it’s only a joke!” Bakugo’s face twists angrily, “I’ll kill you! Only Deku gets to fucking call me that!” A warmth dances in Izuku’s chest as his boyfriend says it, establishing their connection in front of everyone. Bakugo shakes his head, "fucking wa\hatever. Come on, Deku."


The class had melted away one by one, Bakugo and Midoriya running off to their room. The only two left in the common room were Kirishima and Kat. As Kat stood up to bid Kirishima goodnight, Kirishima says, “wait!” Kat turns to him, raising an eyebrow, “what’s up?” Kirishima stands up to meet her gaze, the girl a bit shorter than him. “No one else seems to have noticed, but I have. I don’t know if it’s your quirk but… you look exhausted. You can’t seriously think you can be a pro if you don’t sleep, do you?” She had deep, dark circles under her eyes.


Kat’s eyes widen, surprised. She knew they had been growing closer since she had gotten into UA, but she never expected such an explicit display of caring. Especially not from the manly Kirishima. “Um, I- I’m fine, Kirishima. But thank you. It’s just nightmares. I’ll get over it.” Kirishima shakes his head, “as a hero and a man, I have to at least try to help you! Anything you think could help?”


Kat blushes, looking down at the floor, “y-you wouldn’t want to. I wouldn’t ask you to. I’m fine, really.” Kirishima reaches out to her, putting a hand on her shoulder, “what is it? At least tell me. Maybe we can work something out. You’re my friend, right? Come on.” Kat refuses to make eye contact, “w-well, I haven’t had sleep without nightmares since my Mom died… whenever I was having bad dreams she would, um… she would let me sleep in her bed. I just.... I guess I just hate being alone at night.”


Kirishima smiles, “you think it would work? If you didn’t have to sleep alone?” Kat nods, “but I’m not asking you to. It's more trouble for you than what it's worth, you know? I shouldn’t have said anything.” She turns away toward her dorm room, but Kirishima maintains his grip on her shoulder, "Kat, if that will help, I’ll be more than happy to. It’s not a big deal, really! And I promise, no funny business or anything like that. Just… you should really get some sleep.”


Kat turns back, holding up her pinky finger, “pinky promise you won’t try anything?” Kirishima felt silly, but he wraps his pinky around hers, “I swear!” Kat smiles, “let me change and I’ll meet you in your room then?” Kirishima nods eagerly.

As Kat dips inside her room, she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She was unrecognizable. Her usual brown hair had turned red, her blue eyes now crimson, and her teeth sharp like a shark’s. The strange thing is, she lifted a strand of hair to her eyes. Without the mirror, it looked brown as usual.


So I guess this is how my quirk works when I have a crush on someone. Her stomach flips. Was she really going to spend a night with Eijiro Kirishima ? She shakes her head, no, you can’t think like that. He’s your friend. Besides, spending the night with a boy isn’t a good thing. Aunt Tutso always taught me to be pure. I must keep my body pure. I must keep my body pure. She repeats the mantra to herself. Tonight is just a favor from a friend so I can sleep. Nothing more. As a child, she wasn’t too sure what it meant, but now, she knew that her virginity was precious. 


Kat changes to a pair of pj’s and scampers off, nearly running down the hall with excitement. She knocks on the door. Kirishima invites her in, “door’s open!” Kat pushes the door, walking inside. Kirishima was sitting cross-legged on his bed, a comic book in his hand, He sets the book down and pats a spot on the mattress next to him.


Kat takes a few hesitant steps, then settles in the spot he had directed her to, sitting up. The only light in the room came from the lamp sitting on the nightstand. Kirishima puts the book down, smiling, “get comfy! It’s okay!” Kat nods and slides under the covers, laying down with her head on the pillow. “Thanks, Kirishima.” The boy smiles sheepishly, “hey, we’re friends, right? You can call me Eijiro, if you want.” Kat nods, a gentle smile on her face, “okay, Eijiro-kun.” Kirishima’s heart melted hearing her sweet voice say his name like that. He quickly shuts off the light to hide his blush. With a big yawn, Kat curls up, relaxed. The body heat and presence of Kirishima calmed her. “Goodnight, Eijiro-kun. Thanks for everything.” Kirishima settles into his own position, a respectable distance away, “goodnight, Kat.”


As they both closed their eyes, a scream cuts through the silence and startles the pair, “K-KACCHAN!” Followed by moans of ecstasy. Kirishima groaned into his pillow, “don’t those two ever sleep?”

 Kat taps her chin, “I have an idea, but it might be weird.” Kirishima asks, “what is it?” Kat doesn’t explain, raising her own voice between moans next door, “OH! Aaah! Eijiro... Harder!” The noise from next door pauses for a moment but continues.

 Kirishima chuckles, “you’re so bad. Let me show you how it’s done.” He groans loudly and starts shaking the bed, “ ooooh , mmmmm, fuck yes! Fuck yes!” Kat and Kirishima join the chorus of moaning, knowing that it was only going to piss off Bakugo.


It was hard for Kirishima to contain himself, listening to Kat moan his name. Even though it was fake, it still riled him up. What really, really drove him crazy was Kat’s sudden cry of, “oooh, Daddy!” Fuck, fuck, fuck. She’s so sexy and fun to be around. I might really be falling for her! Dammit!


They heard a rumble from next door, Bakugo’s voice screaming, “god damn SHITTY HAIR!” Kat burst out in giggles. After a few moments of silence, Kat and Kirishima rested their heads back on the pillows.

“Ow!” Midoriya complained, holding his burned wrist. He’s been at the brunt of Bakugo’s attacks before, but never at point-blank. Bakugo stared at the wound, eyes wide. Kat’s final cry had pissed him off so much, he lost himself, forgetting his grip was on Izuku’s wrist, pinning his hand to the bed. His anger automatically rushed to his hands, popping off explosions and giving his partner burns.


Midoriya holds his wrist, glaring up wordlessly at his top. Bakugo huffs, “Deku… you know I didn’t fucking mean….” His words falter, knowing they wouldn’t be enough. He pulls on his pants, “come on, let’s get that taken care of. Don’t want an infection, do you?” He reaches for Izuku, who pulls away and reaches for his own clothing. His voice is small as he says, “I-I can take care of it.” He stands and opens the bedroom door, “good night, Kacchan.” He closes it behind him, leaving Bakugo, for the first time, clueless.


He hurt his boyfriend. What was he supposed to do? Usually, he was always focused and in control, but he had slipped tonight and in a major way.


Izuku wiped tears from his face as he stood in front of the freezer, grabbing an ice pack and wrapping it in a cloth, pressing it to the wound. He’s always in control. That’s one of the things I admire about him. But the look in his eyes… he’s never been angry while we were having sex. It felt different. Almost...wrong. I haven’t seen that side of Kacchan in a long time.


“Deku?” A small voice yawned. Behind him, as he leaned over the sink cooling his wound, stood Uraraka, reaching for a water from the fridge. “Are you okay? What happened?” She asked sleepily, rubbing her eye as she looked at his ice pack. “Um,” he turns his wrist away, “my wrist gets sore sometimes so I put ice on it.”


Ochako raised an eyebrow, but doesn’t say anything, “oh...okay.” She takes her water with her as she wandered back to her room. Izuku sighed with relief. He couldn’t tell anyone about this. He walked to his room for what feels like the first time in forever. His heart dark and heavy as he pushed open the door, not bothering to turn the light on. He throws himself on the bed, his mind racing, his gut feeling like he had gotten seasick. He felt vulnerable and lost. The creeping darkness of the shadows edging his room closed in. 


He could take the verbal roughness of Bakugo, he could take being pushed around in bed. Even some light pain. But Bakugo using his quirk on him so unexpectedly was not exactly on his list of kinks. Izuku’s breathing shortened, his chest tightening. Adrenaline rushed through his veins as his mind locked up, not thinking about anything. His throat tightened. It feels like… the sludge villain again. I can’t breathe. His heart raced. It’s like I’m dying. Am I dying? What’s happening?


He reached for his phone, curled into a fetal position. He opens the latest conversation he had with Bakugo, texting him, come . It was all he could manage with his trembling fingers. He hopes his boyfriend would understand what he meant. Why was his mind and body so full of fear? He wasn’t afraid of Kacchan. It wasn’t that. Sure, he was hurt that his boyfriend lost control, but it didn’t make Izuku fear him. Something else was going on. His door flies open and his body tenses even more, shaking slightly. His eyes are cemented closed.


“Oi, Deku. The fuck you texti-” he closes the door softly, his heart dropping as he sees what's happening. “Hey, hey, Deku,” his voice softens as he realizes his words are causing Izuku to hyperventilate. Bakugo doesn’t waste a moment, sliding behind him and holding him tight, but not so tight that it makes it even harder for Izuku to breathe. “Oi, it’s just a panic attack. I’m- god damn it, Deku, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you. It’s my fucking fault, okay?”


Izuku chokes out the words, “you must…” he gasps, “think I’m- I’m weak.” He breathes quickly. Bakugo says, “fuck no, Deku. I used to get these damn things all the fucking time. Just shut up and breathe, dammit.” He whispers, “oi, I fucking love you. You’re safe. I promise. It won’t happen again, okay?” Izuku nods, “I- I believe you, Kacchan. I love you, too.” Izuku turns his head, looking at his partner, “kiss me, dammit.”


Bakugo smirks softly and presses his lips to Izuku’s.

Chapter Text

Kat woke up, her eyes adjusting to the sight of Kirishima’s ceiling. Above his bed was taped a poster of an old-school hero, Crimson Riot. Kat’s eyes looked at Kirishima’s sleeping face, mouth slightly agape. He’s so cute . Her heart pounds, but she shakes herself out of it. No… he’s too cute! He’s probably a major fuckboy and that’s why he didn’t mind sleeping with me. She frowned. But then again, he didn’t even touch me. Even when we were pranking Bakugo, he didn’t try anything.


She blushed as she remembered the way his voice sounded as he moaned. They were fake and exaggerated, but it still made her shiver. I always know when other people have a crush, but I can never know for sure if someone I like likes me back. 


As she watched Kirishima sleep, she averts her eyes as he felt him stir, his eyes fluttering open. His sleepy, grumbly voice saying, “any nightmares?” Kat shook her head, “no. It worked. Thank you.” Kirishima smiled, “then feel free to do this whenever you want!” He sits up, stretching. Kat follows, yawning into her hand. “Really? Are you sure?”


Kirishima nods enthusiastically, “for sure! It’s nice to not have to sleep alone. It’s too quiet around here at night.” Kat smiles softly, “then… how about again tonight? We could mess with Bakugo again, too!” Kirishima grinned, “hell yeah, we can!”


Izuku and Bakugo dressed quietly. Underneath his regular school uniform, he wears a long-sleeved black shirt to hide his bandaged burn. Bakugo had wrapped it for him, seeing that it was worse than they had thought. As he went to put his homework in his backpack, there was a jarring knock on the door. Izuku opened it, Iida on the other side. “The Principal has requested Class 1-A to report to the common room immediately!” He turns without another word, glimpsing at Bakugo behind him, then moving on to the next dorm room.


“The fuck does that rat want?” Bakugo asks, grabbing Izuku’s hand as they walk down the hall. Izuku shrugs. As they walked into the common area, they saw Principal Nezu standing, his hands behind his back politely, flanked by the members of the Pussycats. 


As their classmates filed in, Nezu spoke in a gentle voice, “due to an emergency situation, class will be canceled today. Most of the teachers have been called to aid in the fight against a powerful villain. Rest assured, your families and city are safe. This is all happening far away from here. We ask that you remain calm, and stay inside for the day. I and the Pussycats are here to ensure all is well.” 


The Class was filled with uneasiness. Never before had class been canceled because of a villain. If the teachers were pulled away from their duties of UA staff, this must be something serious. Principal Nezu is met with a volley of questions. What was happening? Where was it? Which villain could be such a threat that all of UA’s staff had to be on the scene?


Principal Nezu held up his little…(paws? Hands?) and assured the class, “I cannot disclose this information at this time. Please, have faith in your teachers and your school. You are free to do as you wish, as long as you stay inside the dorms.”


Iida was the first to speak, “I propose we take this time to treat today as a study hall. We still have Midnight’s project, after all!” Principal Nezu was uplifted with pride in the young student.


Bakugo spits, “tch. Let’s go, Deku,” he turns away, pulling his hand. Izuku’s feet firmly planted on the ground, “come on, Kacchan. We have to get this done, you know.” Bakugo’s eyes shoot daggers into Izuku, but then he grunts, “fine, whatever. Damn nerd.” He releases Izuku’s hand. The Pussycat Dolls wave to the class. Tiger says, “we’ll be patrolling outside. Let us know if you need anything.” They left the class alone.


Ashido snickered, “a whole day to ourselves, huh? Why don’t we leave the project for later? We also need to plan the Christmas party! That due date is coming up sooner than Midnight’s project!” Tsu put a finger on her chin, “Ashido’s right, kerro.” Toru giggled happily, “yes! Absolutely!” Her shoulders turn to Sato, “you’re still planning on making dessert, right? I’m so excited!”


Kat looks around to the class, “so… what is Christmas, anyway? I mean, I’ve heard about it before but I’ve never celebrated.” Her question is met with several raised eyebrows as she sits on the floor, Kirishima right next to her. Kirishima asks, “you’ve never celebrated Christmas? What about other holidays like Hanukkah?” She shakes her head, “my old school didn’t allow it, and I can’t remember doing anything like that with my parents. Aunt Tutso used to say it was a fake holiday for fools but that was it.”


No one was sure how to approach the subject. Izuku took a crack at it, “well, it depends on what you believe. Those who are religious take this time to celebrate the birth of Jesus.” He noticed Kat wince as he said the name, deciding not to go into the subject deeper, “but a lot of families take the holiday to be together and give gifts.” Aoyama doesn’t take the hint from Kat, “merci, my family would always go to Church and celebrate the birth of God! Breaking bread-” with every word, Kat silently winced even more, “and drinking wine to serve as the flesh and blood of the Son! It was a special time.”


Kirishima jumped back in shock as he saw Kat’s face, twisted in pain, blood dripping from her nose and ears. “Woah, man! Are you okay?” Kat shivered, grabbing tissues out of a box on the coffee table, cleaning herself up. “S-sorry. This just happens sometimes.” Her eyes look at the floor below her. Aunt Tutso told me God is bad. Why are these people celebrating that? Maybe their God is different or something.


“So… who’s Santa? I’ve seen pictures of him. Is he a God?” She asked curiously. Kirishima smiled, “nope! He’s a legend we tell kids about to make them behave.” He couldn’t stop staring at her wide, child-like eyes. They sparkled with curiosity.


While Class 1-A explained to Kat all about Santa, the Pussycats were outside of the dorms on the steps, fast asleep as purple smoke swirled around them. It drifted under the door, and into the common room. The first to notice was Tokoyami, who jumped up, “what is that?” Everyone looks where he was looking, panic rose as smoke quickly started filling the room. 

Izuku quickly covered his mouth and nose, he yelled, “don’t breathe it in! Open a window!” 

Some tried to scramble to the window, rushing over each other to escape. Suddenly someone screams, "wait!!! there's gas out-"

But it's too late, Toru slammed the window open and a wave of dark smoke rushes the students, one by one the students fell asleep.

Kat grabs a hold of the closes person to her as she starts to lose consciousness, her fuzzy mind recognizes that it's Kirishima, "E-Ejiro ...I'm s-scared…" she manages to say to Kirishima, her lips felt numb at the gas started to take full effect of her, knocking her unconscious. Her eyes slowly drifted closed, before her mind slips she feels Kirishima’s head slump against her chest. He mutters, “Kat… it’ll be...okay.” Then, she was asleep.

  The sweet smell of pancakes filled the air, the sun casting its glow through a bright and happy kitchen. She sat at a table in a white and pink dress. Everything looked bigger to her than usual. Especially Aunt Tutso, who towered over her in height as she flipped pancakes.


She was in a blue dress and a white apron, her blonde hair twisting down her back, her red lips curled into a smile as she hummed a tune that her family had made up years ago.


The white maiden

Just passing through

Here to guide you

She’ll follow through

The white maiden

Gain her power

Like a flower

She will watch you bloom.


Tutso turned and placed a stack of small, heart-shaped pancakes in front of Kat. “Because I love you, Kat. Don’t you ever forget Auntie Tutso will always love you.”


Kat thinks as she watches the memory, I just wish I knew what happened to you. Where are you now? I miss you. I can’t remember much but I remember you’re like a Mom to me. Please come back.


With a shake, she was ripped out of her dream, her head throbbing. She was in a dark, humid place. It was hard to breathe in the cramped space but adding to the struggle was the gag tied in her mouth. Her arms were bound tightly behind her as she struggled to break them.


Dammit! Kirishima touched me so I can’t use any quirks! She banged against the top of whatever she was in. A car trunk? She knew she was being moved by some kind of motor vehicle. She could hear the engine rumble as the vehicle bounced along.


But whoever kidnapped me had to touch me! What is going on?  


Her eyes were covered, and she could feel something on her leg, covering her tattoo. A sudden realization made floods of memories come into her mind that led up to a special day in her life. The day that she got her quirk.


Kat had grown up in a small rural town known for its rice farms. Most of the people there were either quirkless or had simple quirks that helped in the fields. When Kat grew up, she wasn't surprised she didn't have a quirk.


Her parents, who were also quirkless, let her start working on the field at a young age. She was happy. She remembered sitting on her Dad's knee as he sat at the controls of a backhoe, digging a trench to open up another area for the rice to grow.


 They were a happy family until villains attacked their farm. They wanted the land to themselves, for a reason no one figured out. They slaughtered her parents.


She was taken to an orphanage where she was bullied harshly for not having a quirk. She was the only quirkless kid in the orphanage, which left her without friends or family. 


She was about seven at the time, doing her daily chores when a woman came by the orphanage. She talked to the lady at the front desk, Mrs. Makiyama. She was tall, wearing a large white sunhat and a white dress.


"My name is Tutso Koroatsume, I believe all the paperwork is in order to bring her home?" She introduced herself.


I wonder who's getting adopted? Kat had thought.


Kat was then told she had an hour to pack, but she only needed about ten minutes. She would have a family again!


Tutso grabbed Kat's hand, a motherly glow around the woman. She felt warm and safe. She led Kat to the car, loading her things in the back and letting her sit upfront.


"Were you bullied a lot for being quirkless?" She asks.


Kat nodded, "a little."


"I can give you a quirk, you know. See?" She lifts up her sleeve to reveal a rune on her arm. "I was quirkless, too."


Whoever kidnapped Kat must have known about the rune. She could only use her quirk when the tattoo is exposed, which is why UA allowed her to keep it uncovered. She was being watched carefully by the teachers to see how her gifted quirk would behave in crisis situations. Kat was, in essence, an experiment for UA.


What if this a test from UA? Who else would have known about my quirk's weakness? Yeah! This is just a test to see what happens! She concludes, relieved.


The car halts and after a moment, the trunk opens. Light streams in from around her blindfold. A voice she didn't recognize speaks, "she'll fetch a fair price. She's one of the last of the Damsel Maidens."


The Damsel Maidens? What was that? Fear flooded back into her chest. This was no test. She really was kidnapped. Without a quirk, how could she escape? If only she had Todoroki's quirk again, or even Bakugo's.


A second voice chuckles, "as long as we keep that rune covered up, we can do whatever we want to her before any clients show up."


Kat could hear the sound of a hand smacking flesh. "You fool! We'll get a higher price if she's fresh!"


"But boss! No one would even know!" The second voice argued. "Besides, she looks like my wife's sister." She felt a hand grab her thigh tightly.


Panicking, she struggled against the ropes around her, screaming through her gag. There was no way she was going down without a fight.


Did the school know she was missing? Would the pros be on their way? Or was she on her own? She didn't know, and really, it didn't matter. She might have been born quirkless, but she wasn't born a helpless victim. She kicked and screamed with no mercy, but ultimately only wasted her energy. Her captor lifted her over his shoulder like luggage. “Fuckin’ hell,” one says, exasperated, “fine. I’ll just ask Mick to fix her after.” The other cheered happily, “great! You want top or bottom, chief?” The boss replied as Kat kicked at his chest. “This one’s a fighter! She’ll probably bite your cock off, Shinoki.”


Shinoki chuckles, putting a finger under Kat’s chin, and taking out her gag, “oh, she’ll behave. If she doesn’t, we’ll just kidnap another one of her UA friends. Maybe that Midoriya kid? Or Bakugo? Or how about that Eijiro one you like?” Kat spits into where she guesses is his face. “Fuck you,” she says, “you might be able to take me but none of them would be so easy! They’re pro heroes in the making!”


She hears a door slam. She bounces on top of his shoulder as she’s carried up a flight of stairs, then another door slam. Her captor sets her on the floor face-down, one of them tearing away her pants, chuckling, “be a good girl.”

Chapter Text

It had been a week since Kat's disappearance. The police only had a single lead; video footage from the security cameras showing the purple smoke enter the building, then dissipate. 


They had interviewed each student to see if she had mentioned any enemies. But no one could think of anything. Who would want to hurt a sweet kid like her? Sure, she was annoying sometimes and a bit of a jerk when it comes to competition, but there was nothing about her that made them think she was targeted specifically, except, of course, for her powerful quirk.


Kirishima grew more and more bothered after each passing day. He started to avoid his classmates, skipping class, and hiding in his room. The whole situation was very stressful for everyone knowing one of their classmates got kidnapped on school grounds, but it hurt Kirishima on a different level. He had held her when those bastards took her out of his arms. He had said everything was going to be okay but it wasn’t. He couldn’t fight his way through this one.


Bakugo and Mina stood side by side at Kirishima's door. This was the third day straight of school he missed. No one had even seen him in at least 72 hours. Bakugo pounded on the door, "open up or I'll break this damn door down!" He screamed. Mina held a hand to her mouth, as if shocked by her own thought, "you don't think he'd do something extreme, do you?" The idea pushed Bakugo to the edge, "I'm coming in, Shitty Hair! If you're dead in there I'm gonna kill you!"


He kicked the door down, looking at the bed, the chair, the mats, inside the closet. The room was void of all life. On his desk was a note scrawled in pencil, "don't follow me. I'm going to find Kat." Bakugo threw down the paper, growling, "that shitty hair thinks he can just fucking do hero work by himself! He's gonna get himself killed!" His face flicks over to Mina, "we have to find him."


Mina nods, agreeing. Bakugo leads the charge, "go wake up Deku, tell him to tell the rest of the class to find Kirishima at all costs. Have him tell them to form parties to cover every direction. Then go northeast, I'll go southwest."


Mina rushed off to relay the message. Bakugo lept out of the window, flying above the air using his quirk to propel him. "Kirishima!" Bakugo shouted, his eyes searching for his friend.


Whoever kidnapped Kat is powerful. More than the league of villains. If he tries to take them down they'll just kill him, or worse. It had been a long time since he felt this kind of fear. He remembered what it was like being held captive, and there was no way he'd allow his best friend to go through that by himself, or to try to fight villains with that kind of motive.


Back in the dorms, Mina burst into Midoriya's room, flicking on his light. The commotion woke him up, panicked. He sat up in his bed, his chest and abs exposed. "Midoriya! Listen we've got a situation!" Mina bounced from foot to foot energetically.


Midoriya jumped out of bed, thankfully wearing his sleep shorts, "what's wrong?" Mina relayed the message, "Kirishima's gone. Bakugo told me to tell you to tell the others to find him at all costs. He said to form search parties to cover every direction. He went off to find Kat. I'm leaving to look for him so this is all on you, okay?"


She took off in a hurry. Kirishima just left by himself? Midoriya thought as he threw on a shirt and shoes. Bakugo must have realized his friend could be in danger if he tries to save her. Midoriya rushes to each room, banging on each of them, "everyone!" He yells, "wake up!"


As Bakugo flew by an alleyway, he caught a glimpse of red in the darkness below. "Shitty Hair!" He dropped himself down into the alleyway. "Get back here!" He chased after the bit of red, turning a corner down a street.


When he got around the building, there was no one in sight. The search went on until sunrise, every nook and every alleyway searched by Class 1-A. They met back in front of the doors of the dorms, resting exhaustively on the steps.


Iida informed them, "the teachers are still out looking. We'll be the first to know if he's found."


Midoriya was the last to return, limping on his ankle toward Bakugo, his face dark with worry and pain. Bakugo went to him, catching his partner as he collapsed. "He was there," he mumbled, "he was so close but the smoke...." Bakugo picked up Midoriya, carrying him off toward the school. "Shut up," Bakugo scolded him.


Chapter Text

Bakugo sat by Midoriya's side in the nurse's office as Recovery Girl patched up his ankle. He couldn't help but dwell on the last conversation he had with Kirishima before he had started avoiding everyone, even him.


Katrina had been gone for two days at that point. Since she didn't have family, there was no one for the school to report it to. They did their best every waking moment to locate her while keeping the media in the dark.


The school put all of Class 1-A under strict supervision to prevent another situation. They sat in Mr. Aizawa's room as he droned on in another lesson. Mina had interrupted him, raising her hand. He looked up at her, annoyed.


"Excuse me, sir, but are we really expected to focus on class right now when another one of our classmates got kidnapped? This is the second time!" Mina looked around the room, the faces of her friends agreeing with her.


Tsu added, "I'm sorry, sir. But we're all really worried. What if one of us is next?"


Mr. Aizawa sighed, "we don't have time for this. As heroes, stuff happens all the time. Heroes fall, they die, civilians die inches from your reach. That's how it is. That's part of being a hero. You deal with it and move on. There's nothing you can do for Ms. Koroatsume now. Focus on yourselves and your futures. Most of you are already behind as it is."


Despite his words, none of them could focus. If strong classmates were getting kidnapped, what could happen to those with weaker quirks?


Kirishima had sat at his desk, him and Bakugo exchanging looks from across the room. What was his friend trying to tell him? There was no way they could attempt a rescue. Besides, why would he risk his neck for someone who annoyed him so much? Kirishima had told him before that he couldn't help but feel a little jealous of the way Kat chased him around, trying to get Midoriya's quirk. "Who wouldn't want to be chased around by a cute girl?"  He had an insane blush on his face when he said it.

Even before she was kidnapped, the two had been spending a lot of time together. Plus, was she the one in Kirishima's room that night? At first, Bakugo had assumed it was Mina, but was it possible the freak and the rock had formed some kind of relationship without the class knowing? He often ranted to him with cryptic statements like, "I don't know what to do! I'm so screwed, man!" But he never went into any more detail.

Bakugo knew the class wasn't the same for Kirishima without her. "The cute giggling face who was always smiling," is how he described her in the middle of one of his rants. They once watched her cry for ten minutes straight because a puppy she saw on the street was too cute to handle. Kat, as badass as she is on the field, was a caring girl with a heart three sizes too big.


The lunch bell had dismissed the students minutes ago, but Kirishima was too deep in thought to notice much. Bakugo had slammed his hand down on his desk, "earth to Shitty Hair! What the fuck is wrong with you? Come sit with us at lunch or I'll kill you!


Kirishima looked up at Bakugo and Midoriya, putting a smile on his face, "you got it, man!"


As they sat down to eat, Bakugo pointed out, "you have a fucking crush on Kat, don't you?" Kirishima's face lit up bright red, "how could you tell?"


Bakugo rolled his eyes, "it's obvious."


Their last conversations were always about Kat. It wasn't much of a surprise he would try to rescue her. But where would he even start looking? "Kachan," Midoriya's voice snapped him out of it. "We'll find them both."

Chapter Text

Kirishima and Kat had both been gone for over a month. As a precaution, Momo had made small trackers for each of the students to inject into their wrists. "We'll only use it in case someone has been missing for 24-hours," she assured her classmates. Kaminari had perked up, "honestly, with everything that's happened I'm surprised the school would let us do anything without a chaperone." Iida had pushed up his glasses in reply, "the staff probably figured the best way to raise strong heroes is to treat them as responsible students. There's no one tracking your every move once you go pro."


The prick from the injection still stung Izuku as he walked beside Bakugo. They had been sent to do the weekly grocery shopping for the class dorm. "Let's eat first," Bakugo suggested, "then we can do all the work for those losers." Izuku had a smile plastered to his face. It felt good to be doing something productive with his boyfriend. "Why don't we go to that place we heard about from Kaminari?" Midoriya pointed a few blocks ahead, "it's right over there, anyway."


Bakugo grumbled, "are we really gonna copy those losers?" Izuku grabbed Bakugo's hand, "come on, Kacchan!" Bakugo huffed, "fine, but be on the lookout. This is close to where those villains on the news were mugging people."

All that was on the news these days was a new villain group; the Robins. Supposedly, this was a gang of villains who specialized in thievery. Their latest crime was an incident where a child was left without parents due to a mugging gone wrong. Two bullets had taken two lives. Fortunately, the child had been left in presumably good hands since the parents were billionaires. Surely someone worthwhile would be given custody of the child. 

They walked into the doors of the restaurant, greeted by a smiling waitress. "Table for two?" She asks. They sit down at a seat by the window, starting off by ordering drinks. 


Bakugo stared out to the street, "Deku," he says, "if anyone gave you shit for dating a guy, you'd tell me, wouldn't you?" Izuku nods, "but no one has. Not to my face, anyway. Did you hear something?"


Bakugo sighed, looking at his partner from the corner of his eye, "there's a rumor going around that B Class is up to something. They've been talking about a couple of boys they wanted to mess with." He moves his face to look at Izuku head-on, "if anyone messes with you, I'll kill them." Midoriya blushes, "you don't have to protect me all the time, Kachan."


Bakugo leaned back against the bench he was in, "you're wrong, Deku. You're my boyfriend, I protect what's mine"


A strange smell wafted through the air like sulfur. Bakugo saw something drift through a crack in the bottom of the window toward Midoriya. It was dark and smoky. Bakugo stands up, grabbing Izuku's shoulder. "Move, Deku! It's..." in seconds, Midoriya is surrounded by purple smoke. Bakugo tries to pull him out of it, but Midoriya wouldn't budge. He hovered slightly int the air, kicking and trying to pull himself out of it. 


"Kacchan!" Izuku struggled as Bakugo gripped his hand. They could feel the stares and panic from the other people in the restaurant. "Kacchan! Don't let go!" Izuku's hand faded from Bakugo's grasp, the smoke retreating through the window. "Deku!" Bakugo ran out of the door of the restaurant, but there was no trace left behind

Izuku woke up in a small room, his hands chained to the wall and his feet braced with a metal clasp on the floor. In front of him was a large metal door, and above him, a single window streaming light into the cave-like cell. On the wall to his left was a beat-up blond girl chained exactly like he was. She was in a short white dress.


"K-kat?" He called out. She replied, "Deku?" Her head rose to face him. "How did they get you, too?" She asked. Midoriya shook his head, "I don't know. All I remember is purple smoke and now I can't use my quirk." He struggled against the chains. Kat's face was covered in scratches, she had dark circles under her eyes. The dress was covered in filth and it smelled like the UA gym locker room.


Kat's head drooped, "h-how long have I been gone? It feels like forever." Izuku looked away from the sad picture of the girl. "You've been missing for a month, have you seen Kirishima? He went looking for you."


Kat shook her head, "no. You're the first person I've seen except for the men." She looks at the door, "I wonder what they want with you." Even her voice sounded broken. There was no fiery spunk left in her eyes. What have they been doing with her?


Midoriya had no idea why he was there, "maybe they want to use our quirks for something? H-have they tried using yours?" Izuku could hear the sound of clanging in the distance, as if someone had dropped a coin on metal. The sound was followed by unintelligible yelling. 


Kat mutters, "I-I don't want to talk about it. But... if they're using you for the same reason I'm here they're some sick bastards! You need to find a way out! Deku, seriously." She furrowed her brows, digging her gaze into Izuku's hoping he would understand. "If there's any way for you to escape, even if it means leaving me behind, or even hurting me, do it. They can't do to you what they've done to me. I don't want to see that."


Their conversation is disrupted as the door opens and three guards walk in, one of them unlocking Kat's chains and placing her in new ones. "Hey!" Midoriya yelled, "where are you taking her?" He struggled against his restraints. Three men, all older and scruffy-looking, stood in front of Izuku. One was bald, another had a beard, and other had skin as black as the night sky, only a single eye in the middle of his face and no mouth. The bald one says, "look at him, beaten up already. Why'd they cut his wrist like that?" The bearded one regards the other, “damn kid had a tracker on him.” Izuku hadn't even realized he was bleeding from the same wrist they had injected the tracker from. Did they take it out? If so, he was in serious trouble.


He repeated the question as they stood Kat up. "Where are you taking her?!” He pulled against the chains in vain. Why can't I use my quirk?


Kat looked over to Midoriya, "it's okay. I'm used to it by now. I'll be back as long as they don't kill me." Kat's eyes suddenly widened, as the bearded one chuckled, taking Izuku’s chains in his hands, “you’re coming along, too. You both have an appointment.”

Back at UA, Bakugo was strapped to a chair in the dorms. "No one fucks with my Deku!" He raged, pulling at the ropes. "Whoever fucking took him, I'm gonna kill them! I'm gonna kill them all! The bastards better know what's coming to them! Let me go!"


All Might broods next to him. "I know how you feel, young Bakugo. But thanks to Momo's work yet again, we can save him. Just have faith and patience." Bakugo spits, "faith and patience my ass!" Explosions come out of his hands, burning the carpet below him. All Might strikes Bakugo with a smack to the face, trying to calm him down. "You're not helping, Bakugo," his tone changed from brooding to angry. "The pro heroes will do their job and he'll be back before you know it." Bakugo’s head hangs low, his eyes wide, “what do you know about the people who took him? What are they doing to him? What if they’re after…” his gaze burns into All Might, “you know what I’m fucking talking about!”


All Might nods, “it won’t be a problem. I understand your concern, but, young Bakugo, we’ll have young Midoriya and Koroatsume back.” All Might sighed internally, it's a good thing One For All can't be passed down on accident. Otherwise, that would be a worry.

 Izuku struggled in the arms of the larger man. He felt weak, his quirk drained out of him somehow, all his energy sapped. His arms and legs were about as strong as jello compared to the brute that was dragging him away along the floor. Kat didn’t bother to struggle, a darkness crowding her heart. Her voice came out in a whisper, “do whatever you want to me. Just leave him alone. Please, I beg you. Don’t… don’t do it to him, too. Please. I’ll do anything you want. I’ll even go in the machine again. I don’t care. Please.”


Izuku still struggled on, the machine? What kind of things are they doing to her? And what are they planning to do to me?! The bald one grins, speaking with a lisp, “I don’t know, boss. Seeing her in that contraption was pretty nice.” The bearded one replies, “ha! We’ll do that whenever we want, sweetheart. But you’ve got a client to visit this time. His activities tend to be a little...rougher… than the machine.” 


Kat’s head dips down low, fear in her eyes. Izuku finally speaks up, “What the hell have you been doing to her?!” There was a tug on Izuku’s shirt as his back is slammed against the wall. His captor’s face was so close he could feel his hot breath on his lips. He smirks sadistically, “you really want to know? We’ve been doing to her what’s gonna be done to you. We’re making quick cash each time we sell her body to a client. They can do whatever they want for an hour. You picking up what I’m putting down, freckle face?”


Izuku shivered in fear, no words exiting his mouth. Fighting back was useless. What was he going to do? The bearded one grabbed Izuku by the throat, pushing him down the hall once more, “we’re making almost triple from this bidder. He wants a two for one deal. That’s why we need you, kid. We greatly appreciate your services.”


The words he was saying swirled in his head. Services, clients, selling her body. Was this… sex trafficking? No. No! No no no. A door opens and Kat and Izuku are pushed inside a room. It was small, with only a light overhead and a king-sized mattress. Kat is thrown down on the bed, the bald one working on tying her in the position the client requested; her face down on the pillow, hips high in the air. The ropes dig into her skin.


Izuku was not so easy. The men cut away his clothing, slicing Izuku’s chest in the process. It wasn’t a major wound, but Izuku still yelped as he fought his captors. The bald one had enough, reaching for something under the bed and bringing it out. It was a long, black wand with two metal prongs at the end. Izuku caught a flash of blue light arc between the prongs. He touched it to Kat’s thigh, her mouth screaming, body tensing and shaking as she is electrocuted.


The bald one sees Izuku’s horrified expression, smirking and tell him, “the more you fight, the more she gets hurt.” He does it again, Kat choking on her own scream. Her voice is muffled against the pillow as her body twitches, the prongs removed from her body. She yells, “fight them, Izuku! I don’t care what happens to me! Fight!” Izuku’s heart clenches as another scream exits her body. What should he do? Of course, he didn’t want to see her in pain but he also didn’t want what would happen next to come.


The door slams open. Pulling Izuku’s attention to the tall, slender man at the entrance. He was wearing a black suit. Pushing up his glasses, he says, “starting the fun without me, are you?” His voice is cold, sending shivers down Izuku’s spine.


The bald one chuckles nervously, “no, sir! Just trying to get these two in position like you ordered. The boy’s a fighter, though.” The slender man sighs, “you useless lackeys… let him go. I’ll take care of it. Leave.” The bald one nods, the one with the beard letting go of Izuku, leaving his arms throbbing where his rough hands had been.


Izuku struggles to pull himself up, but before he could blink, the slender man apparated behind him, a knife held to his throat. “Listen to me, boy. My quirk is called Zing. I’m faster than the speed of light. I won’t hesitate to slit your throat in less than a nanosecond, hear me? The more blood I drink, the faster I can go. So I don’t mind hurting you a bit.” 


Izuku feels his cheek tear open, but he couldn’t even sense the movement that caused the slash. A drop of blood drips from the stinging would, quickly lapped up by the man’s tongue. Izuku could feel him shiver. His voice is husky as he says, “call me Sir. Do you understand? Now, be a good boy.” He placed the folding knife back into his pocket.


To Izuku’s silence, he grips his throat with his hand, fingers curling around his Adam’s apple, “I’ll kill the both of you in the blink of an eye if you don’t behave. Understand? Say yes Sir.”


Izuku’s face flushes in anger, frustration, and fear. His teeth grind together as he chokes out, “yes, Sir.” The man chuckles, “good.” He reaches down and takes off Izuku’s cut shirt, then tearing off his pants and boxers. Kat’s small voice whimpers, “please...don’t…” Sir turns to her, spitting, “shut up, girl! I’ll be with you in a moment!” Izuku can’t help but squirm under the rough, calloused hands that glide over his body, feeling his abs, his hips… his eyes widen as the hand palms at his soft penis.


“N-no…” his voice slips out of him, “d-don’t…” Sir removes his hand, picking up Izuku and dragging him onto the bed next to Kat. Kat and Izuku lock eyes as Sir grabs his hips, trying to turn him over but Izuku kicks at him, turning his gaze to the narrow-faced man. I can’t just let him do this to us! I have to figure out a way- his thoughts pause as his cheek stung, spitting out a tooth that got knocked out from the impact of the back of Sir’s hand. He then strikes at Kat’s backside at breakneck speed, causing her to yelp, tears forming in her eyes.


Sir barks a single word, spitting it into Izuku’s face, “behave.” The gaze from the man broke something in Izuku. He realized he meant business. He really would kill the both of them. He tried bargaining, “l-let her go. I-I’ll do anything you want just leave her alone.” Kat protested, “no! Don’t. Take me, but-” Sir gave her a backhanded smack. His voice growls, “no one is leaving. Both of you are mine. So behave or I’ll drain every last drop of blood from your bodies.”


Izuku looked at Kat’s marked face, scratched and swollen. With another push from Sir, he turns on his stomach, copying the position Kat was in. He felt tight ropes being tied around his hands and ankles, spreading his legs, his knee brushing against Kat’s. His eyes widened, maybe Kat could use Kacchan’s quirk! He stared into her eyes, pointedly pressing his knee to hers. She shook her head. So she can’t use her quirk either? 


They both felt a strike on both of their backsides, Kat’s dress rolled up for easy access. Sir chuckled, “well, isn’t this a lovely sight? So many holes to pick from. Which shall I choose first?” Izuku winced as he felt a finger graze against him. Kat averted her eyes, closing them as a finger touched her as well.


Izuku stayed as still as possible as he felt two hands on his hips. No no no no … he squeezed his eyes shut as he felt Sir line up outside of him. Kat’s words whisper to him, “remember to breathe, Izuku. It makes it a little easier.”


Izuku screams. Not even Katsuki has been this rough with him before, stretching him open with nothing but spit for lube. He feels like he’s being split in half. A sob escaped him as he’s entered, Sir pumping in and out of him without mercy. He grimaces as the member exits him, the hands leaving his hips.


Kat’s face scrunches up and Izuku could hear the awful sound of her assailant’s hips slap against her. He wishes he could block it out, block out everything. Suddenly, he feels Sir sliding into him again. “No!” He screams, biting the pillow for something to grip. When will this end? Just let it end already! His body aches, resisting against the stretch but helpless against Sir’s relentless pounding.


The pressure leaves him, switching over to Kat, who gasps, “no! Not that! Please!” She wails as Sir presses into her other hole. “No...please…” she whimpers, met with a chuckle above her. “That’s right! Both of you are my fucking bitches! Beg me to stop.”


He switches again, pummeling Izuku. His voice gives out mid-scream, giving up and just taking the never-ending pain and violation. The switching and pounding go on for what feels like an eternity. Kat’s hoarse voice croaks, “breathe, Izuku. He can’t go on forever. I promise.” Her reminder makes Izuku gasp for air.


His mind flashes to Bakugo. In his head, a scene plays from only a few nights ago. They were laying in bed, a random movie on the television. The couple just got married and a kid was on the way, forcing the mother to quit being a pro-hero. 


“Tch,” Katsuki had spit, “at least we don’t have to worry about that.” Izuku had raised his eyebrows, “which one? The kid or marriage?” Bakugo huffed, “the kid, dumbass! You know  I don’t fuckin’ like ‘em.” Izuku was pleasantly surprised at his response. Bakugo only mentioned not wanting kids. Did that mean he wasn’t opposed to the idea of having a future with him?


But as Izuku is subjected to cruelty over and over with each painful pounding, he can’t help but wonder if that will happen. Will he ever see his lover again? Will he ever go back to UA, where his friends were probably waiting for him to come back? Will he have a future, or will the rest of his life be spent in fear and violation?


Finally, Sir pulls out of Izuku for the last time, splattering both of their backs with semen. It made Izuku want to puke, but also washed him with relief. It was over...right? Sir leaves without a word, the door slamming shut, then clicking open. A new voice chuckles, “well, well, well. Looks like I get the sloppy seconds, huh?”


Izuku’s heart drops. His eyes meet Kat’s, both of them teary-eyed. Kat nodded, her eyebrows furrowed. She had to make sure Izuku knew it was going to be okay. The situation, the pain, everything about it sucked, but as long as they behaved, they would survive.

Chapter Text

Izuku woke up, once again, in chains. This was the first time he had felt like he had gotten any sort of sleep. Whenever he closed his eyes, the images of the “clients” he was forced to serve day after day flashed through his mind. If he had managed to fall asleep, he would often be awakened only to be dragged off to serve the seemingly endless stream of men. One time, he had actually fallen asleep during one of the more gentler sessions, waking as warm liquid showered over him.


He had no idea how long he had been captured. Was it a week? A month? The only thing he knew was misery. His body ached and shivered as if he was running a fever, his skin was disgustingly sticky, the chains and floor cold to the touch. He had a headache, his throat parched, his stomach growling. He wanted to throw up, to cry, to scream, but he couldn’t. His energy was completely drained.


He had to wonder, too, how his quirk was being blocked. Every so often in the chamber he was being held in, he could hear the vents hiss. Maybe that had something to do with it. It could be a gaseous form of drugs that are known to prevent quirk usage.


He felt a sudden, sharp pain in his stomach. He clenched his fists, waiting for the ache to be over. He released his grimace as it faded away. Why is this happening? He thought, his mind shifting to his other worry, my body is only for Kacchan. That’s how I wanted it. What is he going to think? If I ever see him again, will he be disgusted? All I am now is a stretched out, broken thing. I’m just an object to these people. So is Kat. We have to find a way out but… how?


Kat had been taken away without him a while ago. He hung his head, clenching his jaw, the anxiety creeping into his chest. It was torturous to know that Kat was going through this alone, facing whatever torments came with being put into the machine . Izuku still hadn’t figured out exactly what that was.


The only door in the room swings open, the bald one returning alone. He places handcuffs on Izuku, releasing one chain at a time, “come on, you’ve only got  one for today. Consider it a vacation.” The man chuckles. Izuku is pulled up to stand, pushed toward the door. His ankles are chained together, only able to take small steps. He couldn’t run or fight, especially in the state of pure exhaustion he’s in. 


“Where’s Kat?” His voice croaked, “she’s been gone for hours.” The man leads him through the hallway, “shut up, kid. Worry about yourself.” He scolded him. 


Part of him was relieved, though. If what the guy said is true, he might be able to have a bit of a breather. Only one was better than a dozen. The bald one says menacingly, “this one must have something planned for you. He booked a whole six hours.” Six hours?! What could someone possibly want to do for six hours? His heart lurched, bile rising from his chest, and along with it, panic.


The bald man pushes him into the room, causing Izuku to stumble. He roughly drags him onto the bed, cuffing him to the bedpost. He shivered as his breath puffed in the cold air. They had only given him basketball shorts and a black tank top after they had ruined his clothing. He had somehow lost his shoes, his bare feet nearly turning to ice. The door closes, then opens again. A dark-skinned man with gray hair walked in. 


Compared to others Izuku had met, he looked relatively normal. There as no glint of malice in his eyes, no psychotic rage, he wasn’t drooling with lust. Izuku watched him slowly enter, shutting the door behind him. His bright gray eyes watched Izuku carefully.


The man stepped toward the bed, Izuku’s face fearful, but determined. They hadn’t bound his legs, he could still fight! Or at least try. If this man wanted to take him, he would have to put the effort in. 


But, strangely enough, the man made no move to assault him or strip him of his clothing. Instead, he hushes Izuku, “ssh, it’s okay,” he speaks in a low tone. “I’m not going to hurt you. May I?” He slowly lowers himself, sitting on the edge of the bed. “My name is Toshido, I need you to do as I ask, okay? What’s your name?”


Izuku wasn’t sure what to do or say. No one had ever been this gentle with him. What was going on? Was this just the calm before the storm? What did this man want to do to him for almost a whole day? Toshido goes on, “please, kid. Work with me here. I can’t tell you what’s happening if I can’t trust you, okay?”


This man looked into Izuku’s eyes. Midoriya takes a deep breath, shakily searching for intent. It was as if his eyes were asking for trust. Izuku whispered as low as he could, “my name is Midoriya.” He decided it would probably be best not to introduce himself as Deku, given he still wasn’t sure if he was friend or foe. Toshido nodded, “can you give a little scream for me? I don’t want the guards outside to get suspicious.”


I should just do as he asks. Maybe it will be fine. This is really weird, though. He let out a small scream. To make it more realistic, he added a groan of, “please… don’t….” Toshido gave a small smile, “atta boy. Here.” He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small water bottle the size of Izuku’s palm. “They gave me the keys. I’m going to release you now. Please don’t fight. Just trust me, okay?”


After some jangling around, Izuku was released. He rubbed his sore wrists, blisters forming around the skin from constantly being in binds. Toshido hands him the bottle of water, which he opens and cautiously sniffs, raising an eyebrow. The black man rolls his eyes, taking the bottle back and pouring a small amount into his mouth, swallowing, and handing it back to him.


Izuku finished the bottle in one gulp. His stomach settled a little, his headache not as bad. Toshido asks, “do it again for me?” Izuku nods, his voice ringing out, “please… stop. Please!” Toshido nods, satisfied with Izuku’s obedience. “Alright. Listen, kid. Me and a group of guys are trying to rescue you and the others being held here. I’m gonna use my quirk to put you to sleep, and when you wake up, you’ll be safe in a hospital, okay?”


Izuku clenched his fists. Was this real? Or was he lying? There was only one way Izuku was willing to find out. He shook his head, “if you’re really here to help, then I want to fight, too.” Toshido shook his head, “it’s too dangerous. Right now because of the gas in the room they kept you in, you’re quirkless for at least a few days. Please, kid, you gotta trust me. If I put you to sleep and you’re afraid, you could have nightmares that will damage you for life. That’s the downside of my quirk.”


He seems so genuine, but can I really trust him? But then again, even if I can’t, what could he do to me that they haven’t done already? I have nothing to lose. Izuku sighs, nodding, “okay. Let’s do this.” Toshido tapped a button on his shirt twice. He looks down at it, a small LED turning from red, to orange, to green. He nods again, “looks like we’re all ready. Goodnight, Midoriya.”


His words make Izuku’s eyelids close, his mind quickly wrapped in the embrace of peaceful slumber.


Meanwhile, Kirishima was in a room with a fast-asleep Kat. She was hooked up to a bed, naked. His stomach rolled, seeing her in the contraption one of the villains were talking about. There were dildos and vibrators on poles, placed on motors that were meant to mercilessly torture her. There were men sleeping in chairs all around. It looks like they were watching her… sick freaks. He was relieved when Toshido’s quirk put her to sleep, her screams of pain ceasing and her final tears drying on her cheeks as he unbound her.


He was wearing a brown leather jacket, but he took it off to wrap her beaten, bruised body, lifting her over his shoulder. He couldn’t even imagine what she had been through all this time. He couldn’t help but beat himself up for being so slow at rescuing her.


It had taken him weeks to find the group he had heard about so long ago. He knew they operated out of Tokyo, but that was all. He was truly lucky he was able to find them after some digging around.


The group was called Glimmer. They weren’t pro-heroes, but their main cause was taking down the various sex trafficking rings in Japan. He had figured if anyone could help find Kat, they could. Toshido’s quirk had put the villains to sleep as well, so he was able to carry Kat through the halls with no problems. He waited in a lobby area, the room dark and messy with books strewn about, chairs tossed to the side, and two sleeping villains. Beyond the door in front of him was freedom.


Kat, I’m so sorry. He couldn’t help but feel guilty, enraged, and disgusted. How could anyone that calls themselves a man do this? Even as he carried her, he was careful not to touch her exposed skin or anything more than her back and legs. His eyes stretched wide as Toshido melted from the shadowy hallway, carrying another familiar figure.


“Midoriya? He was here, too?” His mouth hung open a bit. Bakugo must be tearing apart the whole country. Good thing we found him.


Despite their assumptions, Bakugo was not tearing apart anything besides his notebook. His boyfriend was missing, yet he was still forced to go to class and pretend everything was fine. Everything was not fine. Everything was shit . His mind kept thinking about Deku. What were they doing to him? What did they want with him?


He had tried to go after him, but the staff was adamant that it was better for Izuku’s safety that this was done by the pro-heroes. If he had gone through with his plan, Principal Nezu had warned him of definite expulsion. It drove him crazy. Now he understood why Kirishima had secluded himself while Kat was missing. If Bakugo couldn’t be around Izuku, he didn’t want to be near anyone.


Damn Deku getting himself into fucking trouble again, and there’s not a fucking thing I can do. If they’re right and I put him into more danger by looking for him, then I can’t take that fucking risk. Bakugo’s head landed on his desk with a thud. He knows what it’s like to be a hostage. He wouldn’t admit it to anyone, not even Izuku, but it’s a frightening, and for Bakugo, a humiliating situation. To be held in chains against your will, surrounded by enemies, it wasn’t something he wanted for anyone else he knew.


Now, his boyfriend was taken for reasons unknown. Who knows what was happening to him? What Bakugo was sure of was that Izuku was fighting every step of the way. Damn nerd’ll give ‘em hell. When he comes back, I’m never letting him out of my fucking sight.


His phone rings in his pocket, so he takes it out and looks at the screen. The call was from All Might. Was it news? His heart beat excitedly as he answered, “what?” His greeting is met with a booming laugh from All Might, “now, now, Young Bakugo, is that any way to say hello to your teacher? But never mind that, because I am here, on your phone bearing great news! All of our missing students have been successfully recovered!” There was a cough and wheeze at the other end, the voice changing to All Might’s deep, almost sullen tone, “they’re currently being transported to the hospital. I don’t know anything else, but in theory they should be back tonight. Hang tight until then, okay? I don’t think it’s the right time for visitors.”


Bakugo growled, yelling into his phone, “why the fuck shouldn’t I be allowed to see my fucking boyfriend in the hospital? He’s not hurt too bad, is he?” All Might sighed, “young Bakugo, please, I only called to tell you that we found them safe. Just hang in there, kid. You’ll have him back soon enough.”


What Toshida said was right. When Izuku woke up, he was lying in a hospital bed, hooked up to an IV. A nurse was at his side with a cart of bandages and other supplies. She was a tall girl with pink hair tied up, she had hot pink scrubs and a smile on her face. As she looked at Izuku, her sweet voice almost sounded like a song, “oh, are you awake?” Izuku groaned, “yes, um, what… what hospital am I in?”


The nurse answered, “you’re in Tsume-Tsume Hospital, we’re a small ward on the outskirts of Kyoto for minor injuries. I was just about to change your bandages, do you mind? It can wait if you need to.” Izuku shook his head, immediately regretting it as his head pounded. “No, it’s okay.” She raised Izuku’s wrist where the tracker was cut out, the wound still not fully healed. She removed the bandages, the injury stitched neatly but draining blood and fluids. He didn’t feel much pain, and the hospital room was pleasantly warm. He was relaxed.


A doctor came in soon after, followed closely by Inko, who practically threw herself at her son, tears freely flowing down her face. Izuku patted her shoulder, unsure what to do. His chest filled with emotion. There were times in that building he thought he would never see her, or any of the outside world, ever again. He swallowed hard, choking down the tears. He had to be strong. He wouldn’t let his mother see him cry. The tears can wait. For now, he knew there was a lot he had to take care of. It was obvious the Doctor needed to discuss something with the boy and his mother. 


Izuku says, “it’s okay, Mom, I promise. I’m here, I’m fine. See? Nothing too major. Just a little cut, that’s all. I’m okay, I promise.” He reassured her for what felt like forever. Izuku was already emotionally drained. He wasn’t sure how much more of this he could take before breaking down completely.


Finally, Inko settles down, sitting in the chair beside Izuku while the nurse scampered off, the Doctor taking a seat as well. He was short and bald, a thick gray beard around his face. “My name is Doctor Saiko. What we have to talk about today isn’t easy, but I believe it’s important to have this discussion now rather than later. However, I can’t talk to you, Mrs. Midoriya, without Mr. Midoriya granting permission. At sixteen, he has privacy rights.” Izuku looks at his Mom. He couldn’t even imagine telling her what had happened, but he nodded, “it’s okay. I give you permission. Just...Mom,” Inko’s eyes are full of worry, “don’t, um, don’t freak out, okay? I’m fine, I promise.”


I just can’t keep secrets from her. It’s enough that I had to hide how I got my powers, I can’t start lying to her about everything.


The doctor sighs, “like I said, what I’m about to tell you won’t be easy. Your son has been through some severe physical and mental trauma for the past month.” Izuku briefly wonders, wait, how long was I gone? What day is it? Doctor Saiko continues, “we had someone with a healing quirk come in to reverse most of the damage, but due to the chemicals he was exposed to, he might not be able to use his quirk for a few days to a week. On top of that, his chance for disease is likely.”


Inko raised her eyebrows, “d-disease?” Doctor Saiko nodded, looking at Izuku with a question in his eyes. Was it really up to him to tell her what they did to him? He couldn’t. He wouldn’t. It would break her heart into pieces. Izuku brings his knees to his chest, a heavy weight in his heart. Inko looked at him expectedly, “disease? What is he talking about?” She clutched her handkerchief. “What did they do to my son?”


Izuku hung his head low, not meeting her eyes. I guess I have to. She has the right to know, right? She’s my mother. I can’t lie to her. I can’t. But… what kind of hero breaks their own mother’s heart? Izuku felt his eyes fill with tears. As much as he wanted to protect her, he also knew he needed to get these emotions out. He knew he was about to explode.


A waterfall of tears rush down his face, his voice breaking, “Mom… the people who… who took me… they, um, they…” I can’t! How do I even say this?! “They…” he remembered the words the bald one had used when he woke up in that hellhole, “they sold my body. I’m sorry! I didn’t want to, I swear! I-I’m not like that. They made me! I’m so sorry!” The words fall from his mouth as he entered a flashback, captured at the mercy of his own mind. He didn’t want to remember. He wished he could erase the memory. But it played in his head like a movie.


It was just another “appointment”. This one was particularly painful, causing him to scream and cry. The man had growled into his ear, “oh, come on, boy. I can tell you’re a slut, already so loose for me. You secretly enjoying yourself, hm?” No. That wasn’t true. He didn’t want anyone else to think he was like that. Or, at least, like that for anyone else but Bakugo. The one person allowed to touch him. The one person he trusted to use his body. His soulmate. His bedroom Master.


His body shook, and he lost track of everything around him. Every moment was time Izuku’s mind forced him to watch his trauma, played over and over. He wanted to scream, to break himself out of the spell, but he felt frozen. Doctor Saiko was talking to him and Inko about testing for diseases and infections, telling them that the results would come back in a few days, and that he was going to be discharged and questioned when the police arrived. It was so much at once. Too much. Izuku shut down, blocking everything out, until he found himself in a waiting area, police rushing around, talking and doing paperwork.


With him sat Kirishima, Toshida, Kat, and two children they had rescued. Izuku hadn’t seen them before, but the sight of them made his heart sink. A boy and a girl, both with blonde hair and blue eyes, sat on Toshida’s lap quietly. Both of them were probably only six years old. No. They didn’t… did they really…? But Izuku knew the answer. These kids had been through the same thing he did.


The girl must have noticed him staring and waved shyly to him. He put on a smile and said, “h-hey,there. My name is Izuku, what’s yours?” He tried to distract himself from the dark thoughts. She replied, “my name is Sakura,” she points to her brother, “this is Onii-chan Koki.”


Midoriya turned to Kirishima, who had a pitiful expression aimed at Kat, “so how did you guys, you know, find us?” Kirishima turned to Izuku, “well, I had heard about Toshido’s group before, so I figured since they knew the dark underbelly of kidnapping, they would be able to help me find Kat. It turned out that they had been waiting for an opportunity to take down these guys for a while, so I helped. I had no idea they got you, too.”


Toshido nodded, “yeah. While we’re not pro-heroes, we use non-violent ways to save people like little Sakura here.” He gave the child a gentle smile. “This was a tough one, though. King Karnage likes to keep his hideouts heavily guarded.” 


Kat froze at the name, “King Karnage?” Toshido confirms, “yes. He’s kind of the kingpin of multiple villain groups around Tokyo and Kyoto. Because they have such a high priority on security, they wouldn’t let just anyone in on what they were doing. That’s where our good Kirishima came in, used his charm to get the cash we needed to pose as clients, then you guys know the rest.”


Sakura slumped over, leaning her head against Toshido’s chest, “have they found Mommy yet?” Toshido shook his head, “not yet, cub.” He explained, “we’ve been working on finding their parents, too.”


Kat regarded Kirishima, “I can’t believe you did all that just for me. Thank you.” Kirishima blushed a bit, scratching the back of his head, “no! Don’t worry about it. I couldn’t sit back and do nothing, you know?”


Police officers slowly processed them all, questioning everyone about what happened and who was involved. By the end, Izuku felt dead inside, throwing himself numbly into his mother’s car. The clock on her dashboard claimed it was eleven o’clock at night.


Inko cried for the entire two-hour drive. She said, “do you really have to go back to UA? I know you want to be a hero, but you’re my son! I can’t protect you! Just come home, okay? Come home and nothing like this has to happen!”


Izuku couldn’t look at her. “I’m sorry, Mom. You know I can’t go back now. I have to become a hero someday.” Inko shakily nodded, not saying anything more. They passed by tall skyscrapers and rows of street lights. Normally, Izuku would have been dazzled by this, but he just didn’t have the heart to think of the city as pretty. If groups like Glimmer existed, and he’s already saved hundreds of kids, there must be hundreds more out there, waiting for a hero that might never come.


I have to get back to UA and start training again. I’ve lost so much time. How can I save anyone when I couldn’t even save myself? I have to get stronger. If something like this happens again, I need to be able to fight, with or without my quirk. I’ve been training all this time to make One for All my own, but now I need to focus on making myself the strongest I can be! This will never happen again to me or anyone I care about.


Before Izuku knew it, he was back at UA. Inko idled the car in front of the dorm rooms. "I love you, sweetie. And tell that All Might he better start making good on his promise to me!"


Midoriya agreed, “I will, Mom.” He pauses before stepping out of the car. Inko had nothing but concern on her face, “it isn’t your fault, sweetheart. You know that, don’t you?” Izuku couldn’t answer. The truth is, he did feel like it was his fault. If he had been stronger, or smarter, or fought harder, then maybe it wouldn’t have taken so long to escape. Izuku frowned, “I… yeah. Um, I’ll see you later, okay? I love you, Mom.” He slowly shut the door, turning away to conceal the tears in his eyes.  Inko sighed and drove away, thinking, it isn’t his fault. It’s mine. I’m his mother, and that’s why nothing I do will protect him from what I’ve done. I’m sorry, Izuku.


Izuku takes a deep breath, taking another step toward the dorms. Suddenly, someone crashed into him hard, almost knocking him over. He almost panicked before he took in the familiar warmth of Bakugo. He felt something wet drip on his hair. Bakugo's voice was strained, "don't you ever fucking leave me again, Deku!"


Midoriya broke down in tears, shedding the brave facade he had in the car. He cried a river, soaking Bakugo's shirt. Neither boy cared about crying where possibly everyone was watching from the windows. Bakugo’s voice quivered, "did you find Shitty Hair? Copy Cat?"


Midoriya says through sniffles, “they… should be on their… way.” His lips quivered as he basked in the warmth of his boyfriend, drinking in the comforting scent. His heart pounded as he was squeezed tighter, adrenaline coursing through him, but he tried to push it away. This was Bakugo Katsuki , his boyfriend. He knew he was safe in these arms.  


"Don't you fucking dare tell anyone about this." Bakugo sniffled, grabbing Midoriya’s hand and pulling away, “let’s go inside, okay?”


Kirishima sits in the backseat of the police car, inches away from Kat. Two officers sit in the front seats. "Thanks for the ride home!" Kirishima smiles. The Officer in the passenger seat frowns, "this isn't a free ride. This is an escort out of our city. Kyoto doesn't welcome heroes who haven't been assigned in our district unless they're known to the public."


The smile drops from Kirishima's face. Kat looks at him, her cheeks rosy. It was a long, silent ride after that. Kirishima found it hard not to stare at the girl he likes. but he didn't want to strike up a conversation in front of these two strangers.


The car jolted to a stop outside of UA and the two students slid out of the car. "Why did you go through so much trouble to save me?" Kat asks, grabbing the sleeve of Kirishima's jacket. Still, no quirk developed from the touch.


Kirishima wasn't sure how to respond. "You're my classmate. I couldn't just let you get captured. That would be so unmanly of me!"


Kat's voice dropped in disappointment, "is that all? You saved me to be manly?" Kirishima's eyes widened, realizing what that sounded like. "No! No that's not all!" Kirishima waved his hands defensively.


"Then what is it? You risked your life for me! Why would you do all of that just for someone you barely know?" She frowned. 


Kirishima sighed, his face red. "Kat...." He wasn't sure how to go on. He never told anyone he liked them before! If I’m ever going to, I have to do this now! Come on, Eijiro! Be manly! "There’s a reason you don’t get a quirk when you touch me. Um,” his cheeks flush, “you already have my crush’s quirk.”


Kat takes a moment to process his words, “I- I’m your crush?”  Kirishima nods, "and I was hoping that maybe I was yours." He holds his breath anxiously. He was taking a big leap he couldn't back down from.


The shy smile and the color of her cheeks gave him hope, but still, she didn't say a word for a long moment. "No one has ever liked me before," she confesses, "I've never had a boyfriend before." Her eyes flutter up to meet Kirishima's gaze. "Why would you even want me?"


The insecurity in her eyes shot a bullet through his heart. He places a hand on her shoulder, "because you're sweet. You care a lot about everything around you. You're cute as hell and everything I want as my first girlfriend. Besides, you know, I figure you could use someone to support you, and that’s who I am, a rock-hard pillar of support!" He flashes a grin.


Kat’s eyes widen, "you've never had a girlfriend?" He shakes his head, "never." Wait… was I wrong? He carries so much charm, I really thought he was experienced. Maybe… Maybe I could take a chance. A grin forms on Kat's face as she grabs Kirishima’s hand, "let's be our first and only!"


Kirishima's heart nearly implodes. She actually said yes. She pulls him toward the dorms, "stay with me tonight, Eijiro-kun?" Kirishima thought he was having a stroke from the cuteness of his new girlfriend. Her heart pounds nervously as she thinks, I really don’t want to be alone tonight...


He follows her up to her room and she opens the door, turning on the light switch. The walls were white and painted with red and purple flowers. She had shelves full of stuffed animals, and her bedsheets and pillows were Pusheen-themed. Beside her bed was a nightstand that had a lava lamp glowing pink. They had slept in the same bed before, but always his. He had never seen her room before now.


"Sorry my room is so childish," she looks at him nervously, "it's just what I like." Kirishima was busy taking in the girliness of the room. "It's adorable like you!" He gives her a thumbs-up, smiling.


Kat yawns, her eyelids drooping. Kirishima gives her a grin, "let's get some sleep, okay?" Kat goes to her drawer, "I need to change. Don't look, okay?" Kirishima turns away from her dutifully as he takes off his shirt.


After a moment, he felt her hand touch his back, sliding around to his chest. "Eijiro-kun," she says, "thanks for not being a perv. I just wish I could give you something special. You know, I always thought about it before all this happened but…” she squeezes him tight,  “it was stolen from me." He could feel a teardrop on his back. He turns around in her grip, wrapping his arms around the small girl.


"I'm sorry," Kat sobs. Kirishima presses his forehead to hers, “I can’t even imagine what you’re going through, Kat.” His tone shifted to serious, “but I’ll always be here for you. I promise. I’ll never hurt you, not on purpose. You’re safe with me, okay? We don’t have to do anything you aren’t ready for. Let’s just cuddle tonight, okay?” Kat bites her bottom lip, choking back a sob, “okay, Eijiro-kun.”


Meanwhile, in Bakugo's room, they sit on the bed, cross-legged and looking at each other. Izuku’s hand was nearly crushed by his boyfriend’s. Bakugo asks, “what the fuck did they want with you?”


Midoriya remembered the conversation he had with Toshida after the interviews. It made him shudder as he explained, "they kidnap kids and sell them for, well, for sex. They… yeah." He knew Bakugo was smart enough to get what he was saying. He couldn’t bring himself to say it again.


"So rich dudes are too fucking shitty to find someone to fulfill their sick fucking fantasies so they buy kids? They're such fucking losers." Bakugo's grip tightens angrily. "I hope they all die. If they fucking did anything to you, Deku, I'll kill them all."


Midoriya felt like someone had poured gravel in his gut as he looked away from his lover. Bakugo’s grip loosened on his hand, “they didn’t, right? No. You… they wouldn’t… didn’t…” for once, Bakugo was at a loss for words. Izuku couldn’t lie, a tear streaking down his cheeks, his voice shaking as he stared at his own arms, covered in bruises and scrapes. He had to have stitches on his cheek and a bandage of his chest. He had bandaids and wrappings all over him, including where they drew his blood for testing.


“They did, Kacchan. I-I’m sorry.” 


Izuku had the breath knocked out of him as Bakugo wrapped his arms around his boyfriend. “Fucking hell. I’m supposed to fucking protect you, Deku! Why? Why the fuck would they do this? Sick fucking bastards. I’ll kill them!” Panic rose in Izuku’s chest as his arms are clamped down at his sides. “L-let go, Kacchan!” 


Bakugo growled, “I won’t. Never again.” Izuku gasped for air, sparks crackling around him as he pushed Bakugo away, throwing him off the bed. As Bakugo landed with a thud, he looked up at his boyfriend, shock running through him. “Deku…” he says, “the fuck…” Izuku had his arms wrapped around himself, sobbing into his forearms.


Gentle wasn’t Bakugo’s forte, but he tried his best to slowly, carefully sit back in bed and place a soft hand on his shoulder. Izuku shied away from it, sensitive to his touch at the moment. Midoriya lowered his arms, his palms against his eyes. “They… Kacchan… they… my body was supposed to be all for you. But they took that from me. I’m just… used now. You don’t want something like that. You want someone that belongs to you.”


Bakugo collected his thoughts for a moment. “You’re not a damn car, Deku.” Izuku raised his head to meet his ruby eyes. Bakugo continues, “I don’t care if other people have done things to you. Yeah, it sucks and I want to murder them for what they did, but you’re my fucking boyfriend,” he resisted using the word dumbass , “that means you’ll always be fucking mine no matter what happens to you.”


Izuku looked speechless, his fingers tangled in his own hair as his head sunk low. Bakugo sighed the heaviest, most heartfelt sigh he's ever belted out of his throat, "Deku..." Izuku flinched at the name, his voice rougher than the blonde intended. He changes his tone, "Izuku, look at me." After a moment of hesitation, he raises his head and locks eyes with his boyfriend once more. Bakugo turns his hand, palm up, extending it ever so slightly, "we don't have to think about that shit right now. I love you for more than just your damn body. I want to make sure my boyfriend is okay. You're not alone, Izuku." Midoriya stared at the hand reaching out for him, raising his arm up and taking it, gently wrapping his fingers around Bakugo's.


Izuku nods, taking a deep breath, his lip trembling, "okay. If I'm not alone then...Kacchan... would you help me with something?" Bakugo nodded softly, "what is it?" Izuku's eyes blinked, and when they opened again, changed from fear to determination, "help me train so nothing like this happens again. They injected me with something that blocked my quirk. I put too much faith in it and that’s why I was in trouble. Help me become stronger without relying on One For All." 


Bakugo smiled, pride swelling in his chest. He knew his Deku was a fighter. "That's what I'm talking about! Fuck yeah! We'll conquer this shit the way heroes do, right?" Izuku nodded, a small upturn to his lips, "right."


Bakugo looked at the clock. It was getting late, but the school gave Kat, Kirishima, Bakugo, and Izuku the next day off to recover from their trauma. They had a three-day weekend all to themselves. He wanted to stay awake, but he could see Izuku's eyes drooping, "come on. Let's get you some sleep." He stands up, helping Izuku rise to his feet and change into nightclothes. Flicking off the light, Bakugo lays down, Izuku next to him, on his side facing the blonde.


Bakugo looks at the smaller boy, noticing the nervous look on his face. "Spit it out," he raises an eyebrow. Izuku blushes, looking down, "I, um... I was wondering if I could hold you? I uh... don't think I could handle being trapped under your arm but if.. you know... um..." Bakugo rolls his eyes, but then leans down slowly, studying Izuku's expression before kissing him on the forehead, "if that's what you want." He turns over on his other side, feeling Izuku's arm wrapping around his waist. He felt a little ridiculous being held as if he was the one needing protection, but Izuku's chest rising and falling against his back, his warm breath tickling his neck, it felt nice. His tense muscles relaxed under his boyfriend.


Izuku's half-asleep voice mutters, "I love you, Kacchan." Bakugo replied, "I love you too, nerd. Get to sleep."

Chapter Text

Izuku woke as the sun rose, his mind calm as he took in the sweet scent of nitroglycerin. He s huffled even closer to his boyfriend, their bodies fitting together like puzzle pieces. He could hear the sound of Mina giggling downstairs, the chatter of Sero and Kaminari, and the bustling of life. The smallest smile curled his lips, I want to stay like this forever. My boyfriend with me, so warm, my friends safe and happy. This is the life I want. 


His phone vibrated on the nightstand, so he reached for it and squinted at the bright screen. A text from All Might, " how you feeling, kids? I know you're still recovering, but whenever you're ready I'd like to have tea with you four ." The message came in the form of a group chat, Kirishima had already responded, " me and Kat would be okay with meeting today since we have the day off, what about you guys @Bakugo and @Midoriya? " Izuku text back, " Kacchan's still asleep, I'll ask him when he wakes up. If he agrees, is eleven okay? " Bakugo stirs, muttering, "why the fuck is my phone blowing up?" He blindly reaches for it and opens the screen, "dammit, Deku. I wanted to take you out today. Guess we'll go later. The fuck does that old man want?"


Izuku shrugged, "it might be important." Bakugo groaned, pushing himself out of bed and turning his face to his boyfriend, planting a kiss on his lips. Izuku's heart jumped happily. He rolls lazily out of bed, stretching out the aches and pains in his body. His mind felt a little groggy, his throat scratchy. His phone vibrated again, this time a call from the hospital that had taken care of him. His heart dropped, reaching for  the phone and taking a deep breath. Bakugo asks, "is that the results?" Izuku shrugged, answering it, "hello?"


A woman's voice says, "am I speaking to Izuku Midoriya?" Izuku confirmed, his chest tightening as he reached for Bakugo's hand. After confirming his birthdate and identity, the woman says, "is it okay to discuss your results over the phone or would you rather come in the office?" Izuku's voice shook, "it's okay. I'd rather know them now." The woman speaks, "your results turned out negative for HIV, however we do insist you come in for a prescription regarding your positive result for Chlamydia. This will be a round of antibiotics. Any partners you have had should also come in for testing and, if necessary, treatment."


Izuku's stomach lurched, his head dizzy, " the next available appointment?" He could hear her tap on the keyboard a few times, "we have one for today at four, or tomorrow-" Izuku interrupts her, "today would be fine!" His voice is up an octave, his hand nearly crushing Bakugo's. She confirms the appointment and the call ends. Izuku tosses his phone on the bed, his hands shaking.


Bakugo tries to console him, "she said it's curable. It could be worse- it- we got lucky- I mean," this was definitely not something Bakugo had thought he would have to deal with. He couldn't even imagine what his boyfriend might be feeling. He watched Izuku literally shake himself out of it, looking back at Bakugo, "yeah. We'll take care of it, right? Let's just go, okay?" Izuku stepped to his dresser to pull out clothes, but Bakugo said, "hey," he turns to face him, but before Izuku could say anything, Bakugo's lips crashed into his.


Izuku tore away, "wait! We don't know if you can get it from kissing! I don't want you sick, too!" Bakugo nearly growled, "think I give a fuck? If I get it too, so be it." Bakugo kissed him again, and this time, Izuku leaned into it like a guilty pleasure. As they broke apart, Bakugo said, “we’re a fucking team. I don’t give a fuck if we’re fighting villains or sickness. We’ll do this fucking together, right, Deku?”


Izuku beamed at his lover, “right!”

Kat and Kirishima were the first to arrive at the teahouse, ordering ice water before everyone else arrives. All Might had reserved a table in the back for them, curtained off from the rest of the restaurant. There was a support item, The Muffler, at the back of the room. It was a small black square that emitted waves of white noise, making it impossible for anyone to eavesdrop no matter how much someone were to yell.


Kat sipped on her ice water as Kirishima talked about the movie he had watched while working out early this morning. Kirishima had a habit of waking up at 3AM, doing push-ups as he watched action movies on his laptop, then going back to sleep and waking an hour or two later.


Kirishima chuckled, “sorry! I’m rambling.” He scratched the back of his head, embarrassed. These two were still in a bit of an awkward phase, their relationship fresh and new. The curtain opened and All Might walked in, his skinny frame seemed to have shrunk even more, dark circles under his eyes. In short, he looked like hell. Kat raised an eyebrow, “All… Might?” He bowed politely, “excuse my appearance, young Koroatsume.” Kat politely bowed back, “just call me Kat, please.” All Might nodded and took his seat. The curtain opened once more and Bakugo and Midoriya slipped through.


Kirishima stood to greet his friend with a smile, bumping fists, “hey, man! How you two holding up?” Bakugo gave Izuku a side look, “we’re fine. What about the copy cat?” He looked to the girl with green curls. She answers for herself with a sarcastic, "awe, Kacchan cares, huh?" She smirked. Izuku gave her a small smile, yeah, she sounds fine. At least she got her fire back. The couple sits down and a waitress takes their order of a pot of some fancy tea. As she walked away, All Might leaned forward, “I’m glad you were able to meet me here. I looked over the police reports. I hope it isn’t too soon to discuss some things with you all." He scanned the room's expressions. For two kids who just got kidnapped and enslaved, they seemed okay.


Izuku's eyes meet Kat's, nodding to her as he turns back to All Might and says, "it's important to serve justice to those who target citizens. Even though we're safe now, it doesn't mean others are."


At his pupil’s words, All Might’s chest filled with pride, momentarily pushing away his dark mood. Of course, this kid has always been resilient. He clears his throat, “it’s a bit of a long story. honestly, I never wanted anyone else to know. But I owe it to you four.”


 All Might launches into his story, "Glimmer managed to capture a villain that was willing to talk. When I read the report, I knew the description of his boss sounded familiar. Midoriya, do you remember the villain encounter from four years ago? The one that blew up the Fushindi School for Women?" Izuku placed his chin in his hand, "yes, the media wouldn't reveal what the villain looked like or his name. Was there a specific reason?" All Might nodded, "that villain was a child. Due to media laws regarding minors, they couldn't do more than report what was happening and where." Izuku furrowed his brows, "a kid caused all that destruction? How old was he?" All Might pondered the question, "hard to say, but too young to even be in High School. He was a young boy with incredible, but unfortunate power. He was bound to a wheelchair for life, the clothing he wore and the chair the only objects immune to his quirk. He called it Karnage, and thus his villain name was born; King Karnage."


Kat sat back with a dark look on her face, grasping her tea cup. She almost looked like she was going to be sick. I thought I would be safe here.


Kirishima took a sip of his hot tea, "Karnage? Dark name for a quirk. What's it do?" All Might looked down at his steaming teacup, "a dark name for a dark quirk. Anything he touches instantly turns to ash. The worst part is he can't seem to turn it off or control it at all. Poor kid... he begged me to kill him. He said that was why he attacked the school, to gain my attention. He figured if anyone could do it, I could."


His eyes cast around the room, "I was faced with a choice. To kill a child, or allow him to suffer and continue his path of destruction. This child grew up to become the head of a villain organization that has many branches, including the group that took you." His voice grew pained, his chest tightening with guilt, "it's my fault. Everything that happened is because I made the wrong choice."


Izuku and Kat flick their eyes toward each other again, but this time in disagreement. Kat had a look of anger of her face, while Izuku said, “no one expected you to kill anyone, All Might. You’re the Symbol of Peace! A hero shouldn't have to kill to win.” Kat crossed her arms, “I might be in the minority here, but since you call yourself a hero,” she calls him out, “how the fuck did you decide that your morality was more important than innocent lives? He could have killed or hurt dozens, hundreds!” All eyes turned on her, Kat’s eyes tearing up, “they stole a part of me I’ll never be able to take back, All Might! You call yourself a hero? Really?” She stood up, slamming her hands against the table, “this kid has been after me for years! Didn’t know that, did you? I only agreed to come to UA because it was far from Kyoto! I’m not even trying to be a pro-hero! You think I care about any of that? I thought I would be safe. That’s what your precious Principal told me!”


Kirishima grabbed her wrist to stop her from storming out, “after you? Why would someone be after you?” Kat pulled away from him, “I don’t know. Ever since I started living on the street he followed me, sending people to try to hurt me. This is the first time he actually succeeded, though.” Her voice was calmer, but it still shook.


Kat folded her arms, “At first, I thought it was a coincidence, just someone else who happened to catch me, but if it really is King Karnage, I’m not safe anywhere because of you .” She glared at the hero.


All Might’s heart sank. He could sense Izuku about to jump to his defense, but he shook his head at his successor, “she’s right. It was a selfish decision made with my heart, not my mind. As a hero, it is my greatest shame, and as your teacher, I cannot even fathom forgiving myself. I don’t expect you to forgive me, either.” All Might sighed at the silence that filled the room, going on to say, “we have intercepted several letters from an unknown sender laced with poison sent to the dorms of UA. Security now is at an all-time high. We suspect it may be King Karnage and we are doing everything in our power to locate him and take him down.”


Izuku gripped Bakugo’s hand under the table, “so… he’s after the whole class now?” All Might nodded, “I’m afraid so. His main goal seems to be putting Kat in as much misery as possible. What better way than to hurt the only family she has?” 


Kat’s eyes dripped with tears, her voice full of emotion, shaking, “it’s your fault, All Might. I should leave. I can’t put them in any more danger.” She stepped toward the curtain, “don’t follow me, Eijiro-kun.” She tore it open and ran out of the tea shop.


Bakugo’s eyes burn holes into Kirishima, “fucking follow her, you idiot!” Izuku stood up, “I’ll go, too.” All Might interrupted, “stop. We can’t risk that.” Kirishima protested, “I know, it could happen again, but I can’t let my girl go out alone!” He turned to Izuku, “stay here. If anyone is kidnapped, it should be me. You’ve been through enough.” He walked out, but Izuku followed anyway, “she might listen to me. I’m going!” Bakugo spit, “tch. All for some damn brat,” as he stood up and followed them.


All Might found himself painfully alone. Kat’s words ring in his head, “ how the fuck did you decide that your morality was more important than innocent lives? ” 


Meanwhile, the trio ran down the street, following the green, blonde, or brown pigtails that flew in the harsh wind. Kirishima yelled, “Kat! Come on!” They run down the street, ignoring the stares from strangers, following her as she burst through the gates of a park, tripping over a fallen branch and collapsing on the ground, crying. Due to the cold weather, the park was empty. Kirishima rushed to her side, grabbing her shoulders, “don’t run off like that! You could get hurt! Come on, did you hurt yourself? That fall was pretty nasty.” He helps her up, dusting her off and bringing her to sit on a park bench, the wood cold under her. The sky above them was gray. They could see small white flakes fall from the sky.


Kat shakes her head, “I can’t put the whole class in danger. I should just… I should just let him take me. If I’m who he’s after, maybe no one else will get hurt because of him.” Kirishima clenched his jaw, his voice strained, “babe… no. I can’t let you do that. Where you go, I’ll follow you. As a hero and a man, your man, I can’t let you be alone.” Kat didn’t look convinced.


Izuku crouched in front of Kat’s hanging head, “Kat… we all care about you. We’re heroes. We can protect you.” Kat’s lip trembles, her words delivering a harsh blow to Izuku’s gut, “where was your protection when I watched you scream for Bakugo and no one came as we were both raped? Who was protecting you then, huh? ”


Bakugo felt like an electric shock coursed through him. He knew what had happened, he knew what it was, but hearing it said so plainly, without tact or poise, reality set in for him. He could see his boyfriend freeze up, tensing. He wanted to go to him, but felt like it might not be a good idea. He had really called out for him? The image flashed through his mind, unwanted. His boyfriend, even in that situation, thought of him?


Izuku, the boy he loves, had called out for a hero that would never come. During the weeks of his absence, he wasn’t just gone, temporarily non-existent. While Bakugo had been going to class, his boyfriend had been violated day after day. The thought made him sick. 


Izuku’s heart was in his throat. Is that how she sees me? Not Izuku, not her classmate, but… a victim? A.. a rape victim? He felt his mind reject the word. That’s not what he was. Sure, he was kidnapped and things happened, but that didn’t make his whole identity change to that label. He could still be a hero, a classmate, a friend, a lover. He is still Izuku Midoriya. He was more than his trauma. And so was Kat.


Kirishima squeezed her hand, “come on, Kat! If he’s after you, we’ll protect you! One guy against all of Class 1-A? You have a whole army at your back, baby! Remember what All Might said? We’re your family now. I’m your family! Family sticks together, Kat!” Her eyes, like blue crystals to Kirishima, meet his red irises. “You would really put yourself in danger for me? That much danger?” Kirishima nodded, “I’d do anything for you.” Izuku backed away as they shared the moment, feeling like he was intruding.


Kat sighed, “alright. Let’s… let’s go home.” Kirishima smiled, “alright! Oh, and we still have the Christmas tree and everything set up! We wouldn’t have the party without you two!”


So, the two couples made their way back home together, feeling a weight lifted from their shoulders as they realized that they would always have each other’s backs. They would never be alone again.

Izuku sat on the doctor’s table, Bakugo in a chair beside him, leaning his head against his hand while he scrolled on his phone. They were waiting for the Doctor after a full, and honestly, intrusive exam, to return with the prescription. Izuku’s lips were clamped together.


This isn’t something I thought I would ever have to deal with . His eyes flick to his lover, will he be okay going for a few weeks without sex? Not that I’m even ready for that yet. His stomach churns just thinking about it . But he always gets angrier when he’s pent up. Izuku’s eyes hit the floor, and on top of that they said I’ll probably experience some rough fevers while the antibiotics take time to work. I might have to take m ore time away from school and training than what I thought. But I’m already so far behind!


He jumps out of his own skin when he feels Bakugo’s hand grasp his, squeezing it. He says calmly, “it’ll be fine, Deku. You think I won’t fucking take care of you?” He turns his head away from his phone screen, his eyes soft as Izuku searched them for emotion. Bakugo says, “I’ll bring you schoolwork when you can't get to class. You can stay in my room while you recover. After this, we’ll go grab some stuff to prepare. Sounds like this is going to be nasty. But I meant what I said when I fucking told you I’ll be with you through it all, Deku.”

Izuku's heart beat wildly as his red eyes looked into his. His cheeks burned red and tears welled up in his eyes. He managed to choke out, "thank you, Kacchan." Bakugo breaks eye contact, leaning back in his chair and making an expression Izuku wasn't quite sure what it was supposed to be. Katsuki's voice is rough as he says, "yeah, well, I know you'd do the same damn thing if it was me. I take care of what's mine, Deku."

As Izuku leaned against Bakugo’s shoulder on the bus ride back to the dorms, he could feel his body start to ache. Bakugo had his hands full with grocery bags, plenty of soups and comfort items, including some vitamins the doctor recommended. “Kacchan,” he whimpers as his back creaks angrily, the chilly air only making him feel worse.


“What’s up?” Bakugo asked, his eyes darting from passenger to passenger, casting looks at those who dare to stare or mutter among themselves. He grabs Izuku’s hand, sandwiching the straps of the grocery bags between them. “I’m so cold… shower with me when we get back?” At his request, Bakugo's eyes widened with surprise.


Before Izuku had been taken, they would often sneak off into the showers together. A few times, they had been caught and it was shrugged off, but they were still careful not to anger Iida too much. After Izuku came back, they had tried to shower together again, only planning on scrubbing each other down and simply existing together in the warm steam, but something about it triggered Izuku, causing him to panic.


Katsuki, despite the unexpected leap Izuku was taking by asking him, was excited. He knew that nothing like that would happen, but maybe they would get close to doing something intimate again. Ever since his return, Bakugo had to settle for being the little spoon, sleeping fully clothed and nothing more than soft kisses. Katsuki had to adapt from being the feral-like Master of Izuku, to a caregiver. It was completely out of his comfort zone, but he knew what he had to do. Fuck, this nerd’s gonna be the death of me.


The blonde rubs Izuku’s back, trying to comfort him as he shivered. The ride wasn’t going to be too long, but they were still a few stops away. “You sure you want to, Deku? The last thing you need right now is another panic attack.” Izuku nodded, burying his face in Bakugo’s chest, “I trust my Kacchan. I’m sorry. I’ll try to be better about not letting my flashbacks get to me.”


Bakugo planted a quick kiss on his lover’s forehead, despite the onlookers. “Listen, Deku,” he muttered so no one could hear, “I don’t even know what it’s like to be going through what you are, but all I do fucking know is that I love you, okay? Don’t worry about anything and just let me take care of you until you feel better.” Izuku nodded weakly. He felt his phone vibrate in his pocket; an incoming text.


He stares at the sceen, his lip quivering. Bakugo couldn’t help himself, reading the message sent by Inko Midoriya.


Izuku, dear, I know you’re dealing with so much right now and you probably have things to do at UA, but I was hoping you could come home? I haven’t heard from you in three days. Please let me know you’re okay. And tell Katsuki to come, too. I love you, sweetie.


After a few seconds, Midoriya types, okay, Mom. How about this weekend? I love you, too.


Izuku’s heart lurched. If he was going to come home, he needed to feel better soon. The weekend was four days away. There was no way he could tell his Mom that he was fighting an STD. Because he was sixteen, the Doctor had told him he couldn’t tell anyone else without Izuku’s permission. Normally, he would hate keeping secrets from her, but this would be almost worse than telling her what had happened to him. He just couldn’t bring her any more pain.


Bakugo seemed to know what he was thinking as he rises from his seat, leading Izuku off of the bus. “Can’t tell her, can you?” Izuku shivered uncontrollably as they walked up the steps of the dorms. A few small snowflakes fall from the sky. The boys rushed inside, closing the door. A familiar voice greets them, “oh, hey, guys!” Kaminari waved from the couch. In the common room sat him, Kirishima, Kat, and Sero.


Kat was smiling and chatting with Sero about his tape quirk. She giggles, “remind me never to try to get your quirk! I’d have to grow big tape dispensers on my elbows.” Sero smiles, “yeah, that would probably hurt, right?” Kat smiled her most sarcastic grin, "unless you have a crush on someone with a cool quirk!" She raised her eyebrows a few times, teasing him. Sero scratched the back of his head, "nah, I don't really like anyone. Guess I don't think about dating all that much."


Izuku’s knees buckled under him, Bakugo catching him before he could fall. His eyes droop wearily. Kaminari frowned, “woah, dude! Is Midoriya okay?” Bakugo grits his teeth, “damn nerd got himself sick.” Kat and Kirishima exchanged a quick look in the background. “Come on,” he pulls Izuku in his arms, carrying him as his sleepy head rests on his shoulder. “Let’s get you some rest.” He walks to the staircase, but pauses as Kat jumps up and follows them.


Out of earshot of the others, Kirishima hanging back with a concerned look, Kat whispers, “he… got it too, didn’t he?” Bakugo spit, “tch. I don’t know what you’re talking about, freak.” He turns away, climbing a few stairs. Kat furrowed her brows, “whatever you say, Kacchan .” She turns away angrily, walking back to the group as Bakugo heads upstairs, laying Midoriya on his bed. 

Kat had felt achy all day, fighting it in favor of hanging out with Kirishima and his friends. But now, her eyes drooped, her cheeks red. Kirishima noticed, pressing his hand to her forehead, “you have a fever too, huh? I guess it’s that season.” Kat shook her head, “I’m fine, Eijiro-kun, don’t worry about me.” Kirishima raised an eyebrow at her, shaking his head and taking her hand.


He turns to his friends, “sorry, guys. We’re gonna have to call it early.” Kat slumps against him tiredly and he scoops her up. Sero and Mina cast a look at each other as they watch him haul his girlfriend to his room, just like Bakugo did with Izuku.


Mina whispered to Sero, “what do you think happened to them when they were kidnapped? They both look like hell. Think this is something the villains did to them?” Sero shrugs, “I’ve heard rumors but I don’t think they’re true. You’d think they would be, I don’t know, not as happy if it were.” Mina raised an eyebrow, “what the heck did you hear? I’ve been in the dark this whole time. Kiri won’t tell me anything!” Sero frowned, “well, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the news reported a bust on a group of villains involved with sex trafficking the same day they came back. It was even in the same city they were found.” Mina’s eyes widened, her hand over her mouth as she gasped, “you don’t think… oh, no. That’s awful!” Mina shook her head, "there's no way. You have a point, they're just too happy to have gone through something like that, right?"

A soft voice butts into their conversation, "a lot of people deal with trauma in different ways." Sero turned to see Todoroki hovering behind the couch. He says, "given how quiet the dorms have been at night, it's a possibility."

Kat felt like she was floating, her mind foggy as she looked around. There was nothing but overwhelming whiteness around her. It made her eyes squint while they were trying to come into focus. Her heart pounded against her chest as she choked on the familiar wretched smell of carrion. She blinked a few times before the fog cleared, and her demon appeared before her eyes. He was a tall creature, with a thick, fleshy neck, skinny arms, and tiny yellow eyes. His lifeless pale skin almost blended into the white background. A flux of emotions ran through her body at the sight of the demon. Anger, loneliness, bitterness, betrayal, and belongingness, such nostalgic feelings that sometimes barely held merit because the reasoning behind them was somewhat faded from her memory. The demon itself was in its own twisted sentiment towards memory lane.


”Aikimi?” Kat looked confused, “why so sudden? I haven’t seen you in months! Where were you when I needed you?!” Her confusion contorted to anger, clenching her fist and staring the demon down. Aikimi’s deep voice crackled like the flames of a fire, a long, skinny finger pointing to her, “they stopped me. Remember? Remember how you couldn’t use the quirk I gave you? Don’t blame me, my love. You know how to call me.”


Kat shivered as he speaks, scoffing back at him, “stop saying that. You don’t have to keep lying to me. I’m not a naive little girl anymore. Demons can’t love humans. Demons don’t have feelings.” Her words are met with a chuckle, Aikimi flapping his dark wings, propelling himself toward her and grasping her chin in his dry hand. His breath smelled oddly of fresh-cut apples, “you Damsels forget why our little arrangement exists. But that’s fine. You’ll figure it out when you die, my love. Besides, aren’t we friends? You don’t have to be so mean.”


Kat sighs, crossing her arms and giving him a small smirk, “yeah, yeah, you still owe me for that bag of apples I stole for you last year.” Aikimi’s mouth stretches, showing off his yellow, rotten teeth, “the only thing I miss from when I was alive, my dear. Why don’t I repay you the favor? Is there anything you need?”


The girl looks away as Aikimi asks, “want me to erase your memory again? I can make all of it disappear from your mind. Just say the word.” Kat hesitates . That’s right. He could make everything go away. But I don’t think I want that. Besides, my life won’t make sense right now if I erased the memory. No. It wouldn’t work out too well. She shakes her head, smiling slightly, “no, we’ll save it for later, okay?” I still want to know what he erased before. I know I asked him to, so it must have been something bad. It wouldn’t make sense to ask for my memories back if I just wanted them gone again.


Aikimi pulls away, “in any case, I came to ask you one thing.” Kat raised her eyebrow, “what, can’t use Google? I thought Demons knew everything.” Aikimi ignores her, going on to say, “would you sacrifice your life to save your friends?”

Kirishima snuggled Kat close, the chilly air in the room convincing him to stay in bed instead of starting his workout routine. He opened his eyes, his gaze trailing along every wave of her loose hair. With a grumble, she turned on her stomach, her voice slurring, “Eijiro-kun, I don’t want to get up. My stomach hurts.”


Kirishima patted her shoulder, “want me to get you some medicine? I think we have some somewhere.” He rubbed her back gently as she shook her head. “I just want to stay in bed.” Kirishima smiles, playing with her hair, “alright. We have the day off, remember? We can do anything we want!” He shifts to his side, seeing something in the corner of his eye. His gaze trails down to a spot of bright red blood on his sheets. He sits up rapidly, causing his head to spin. “Kat! You’re bleeding! Are you hurt?” 


Kat turns to him, her eyebrows furrowed, “I don’t think so?” She grimaces as her lower abdomen tenses, a sharp pain coursing through her. Kirishima raises an eyebrow, “you don’t look so good. I’m taking you to Recovery Girl.” He slides out of bed, the cold air rushing to replace his warmth, much to Kat’s protest. Her fever had gone down overnight, but she still ached.


Kirishima doesn’t waste any time, throwing on a shirt and shoes, wrapping Kat up in a blanket and carrying her in his arms. “I’m fine! I can walk!” She wiggles in his arms, but K her boyfriend shakes his head, “nope. Nothing too straining until we find out what’s wrong with you.”


It didn’t take long for them to get to the infirmary. Recovery Girl greeted them with a concerned frown. “Shouldn’t she be resting? What could have happened to our young Kat?” Kirishima shook his head, his shark teeth flashing as he speaks, “I don’t know. We woke up and she’s bleeding and has stomach pains.”


Recovery Girl instructs him to place her on the hospital bed. Kat explains, “I don’t feel injured. I told Eijiro-kun I could walk but he wouldn’t let me. It feels like knives are stabbing into me.” Recovery Girl raised an eyebrow, knowing exactly what was going on. She nods to Kirishima, “this might be a conversation she would prefer to have without a boy present.”


Kat dismisses her concern, “it’s okay. He’s my boyfriend. I’ll just end up telling him anyway.” Recovery Girl leaned on her cane, taking a seat in a nearby chair and inviting Kirishima to do the same.


“You’re not injured, my dear. You’re simply on your period.” She reveals. Kat only reacts with confusion, “my… period? What’s that?” Kirishima blushed, feeling a bit uncomfortable. He had to deal with his Mom’s periods before, but this was different. His girlfriend would need all the support she could get. Especially since she was sick on top of it. He looks at her face, his expression the same as Recovery Girl’s. The pair was highly concerned.


Recovery Girl questioned, “no one has told you before? You’ve never had one until now?” Kat shook her head, “no. I mean, I’ve heard of it before. It has something to do with being a girl, right? My old school banned health class the year before I started, and my Aunt Tutso wouldn’t tell me when I asked about it.”


Recovery Girl tutted, “tsk,” she shook her head, “education nowadays.”

That’s how Kirishima ended up sitting in the nurse’s office for almost a half hour while Recovery Girl taught her about reproductive health and cycles. Kat nodded, “I get it now. Aunt Tutso always told me that pregnancy happened when a demon grew in a woman’s belly. She had some… weird ideas.”

After instructions to rest and a bag of supplies was given, Recovery Girl bid them good-bye, making their way back to the dorms. After a long, hot shower, Kat started to feel better. She steps out of the steam, dressing and walking to Kirishima’s room. Luckily, the stain on the sheet wasn’t too bad, able to be removed by some bleach, water, and elbow grease. Kirishima had gone off to buy her some extra supplies.


I can’t believe no one told me about this. It’s not like I was never going to find out, anyway. I guess I’m lucky to have one, though. According to what Recovery Girl said, it means I’m not pregnant. After what happened, it’s probably a miracle that I’m not.


Kat laid back on the bed, welcoming the quietness of sleep. When she entered a dream, she was in the white space again, Aikimi greeting her. “What now?” She groaned. Aikimi’s mouth stretched into an ugly smile, “nothing, nothing. Just checking in on my old friend. Is there anything wrong with that? Don’t you want to play?” He waved his skeletal hand and a chessboard came into existence. Kat smirked, “oh, you’re so on. Whoever loses owes the winner a favor, right?” Aikimi nodded in agreement.

It was early in the day, but Izuku was fast asleep, the rest of his unfinished tea on the nightstand. Bakugo sat on the edge of the bed, unsure what to do with himself. His hand brushes Izuku’s dark locks from his face. He didn’t want to leave Izuku, but he felt restless.


Bakugo’s stomach growled. He had been so stressed about Izuku’s illness, he didn’t realize neither of them had eaten all day, only consuming tea and water. He could feel a headache coming on. He definitely needs to eat something.  


The blonde pulls away from Izuku to pull out his phone, googling a recipe. He was a good cook in general, but he had never made this before and he wanted to make this perfect. He writes down the instructions and Ingredients that he would need before heading out. As he took a step toward the door, he rolled his eyes, damn nerd will probably worry. He left a quick note for him in case he woke up while he was gone. He finally slipped out of the room and into the kitchen. As he reached into the fridge, he pulled out the ingredients needed. Good fucking thing we usually keep everything stocked.


He chewed on a pocky stick, hanging loosely from his mouth as he works. He turns as he feels eyes burning into him. A sweet voice says, “smells like Katsudon.” Kat leaned up against the counter, her face red and eyelids sagging. She looked just as bad as Izuku.


Bakugo raised an eyebrow, “fuck off, copycat.” She sits in a chair, half-asleep, “Eijiro-kun is asleep so I got bored.” Her words slur tiredly. Bakugo huffs, “tch, Shitty Hair can’t even take care of his girl? He’s slipping.” Kat shrugs, “I woke up from a dream. It’s not his fault.” Bakugo had one eye on her as he stirred the meal he was preparing.


Kat slumped on the floor, passing out. Bakugo scowled, damn girl can’t even stay awake. She really did get the same thing as Izuku. Whatever. He walked to a closet where they stored extra blankets and bedsheets, grabbing one and wrapping Kat’s body in it, careful not to touch her. He lifted her in his arms, not willing to let his friend’s girl sleep on the cold hardwood.


He used his foot to bang on Kirishima’s door. After a shuffle, the boy answered, sleep in his eyes. Bakugo doesn’t give him time to greet him, saying, “here. I have something of yours. Take better fucking care of your damn brat, would you?”


By the time he got downstairs, the food was ready. He dumped it into two bowls, letting the pans soak with dish soap and hot water. Damn nerd better appreciate this. He was pretty confident he made it well.


He walks into his room and sets the bowls on the nightstand, clearing away the tea and setting a fresh water bottle down. Izuku, still gently asleep, groans, his arms twitching. Bakugo places his hand on Izuku’s forehead. It felt almost as hot as an oven. A bead of sweat runs down Izuku’s face. The best thing for him to do right now would be to sweat out the fever.


He shakes Izuku awake, the sleepy boy groaning even more, “Kacchan… five more minutes?” Bakugo insists, “come on, Deku, you haven’t eaten all damn day.” Izuku sniffed the air. Was that…? His eyes shot wide open. Katsudon! His favorite!


He slowly sits up, shakily taking a bowl. “Thank you, Kacchan. I didn’t even know you remembered I like this stuff.” Bakugo joins his side, sitting by him and blowing on the hot meal, “I’m not stupid, Deku.”


Izuku shakes, making it hard for him to eat, but he manages to take a bite of pork. He says, “when I feel better, I’ll make you something, too! Something spicy.” Bakugo swallows his bite, “no way, Deku. You suck at cooking. Just let me fucking handle it.” Izuku frowns, “well, I have to do something don’t I? I know I’ll just be a bother while I’m sick.” He weakly says, his voice breaking towards the end. He felt so damn weak and hopeless. All of this was just because he was sick from an STD.  His eyes shift to the floor as familiar wetness meets his eyes, quickly he wipes the tears before Kacchan can see them but it’s too late.


Bakugo rolls his eyes,  Deku was crying. Fuck, I hate seeing him cry. “Oi, look at me, Deku.” Izuku’s eyes gaze up to him. The look on Bakugo’s face reminded him so much of when they had first gotten together. Behind his normal brooding face was a strange look of nervousness. “You’re such a crybaby ya know... you’re a pain in the ass, damn nerd…” Bakugo sighs while he presses his face against Deku’s warm and sweaty skin, their foreheads leaning against each other. Izuku hums as he holds the urge to kiss his boyfriend, instead he nuzzles his nose against his. Bakugo keeps talking, “but you’re my damn nerd. I told you I protect what’s mine, right? I told you that you were fucking stuck with me. Well, I mean it. I don’t fucking care if you’re sick.” His tone changes to a soft whisper as he caresses the dark green curls from the nape of the neck. “You’re still mine to care for. What is it they always say, through sickness and in health?”


Izuku’s heart thumps and starts to beat faster within his chest. That was just so sweet of him to say. Izuku almost couldn’t believe it came from his boyfriend’s mouth. “Well, yeah, that’s what people say in wedding vows, but…” Bakugo cuts him off, “yeah. They do say that shit. And one day, I hope I can say the same damn thing to you.” Izuku pulled away to look up at Bakugo with an owlish expression, what did he just say?


“K-Kachan you don’t mea-Oh my god …” he gasps, he covers his mouth with his shaking hands when his boyfriend slips down onto one knee in front of the bed. Izuku can’t help the tears that fall down to his chin. Is he really...?


The look on Katsuki’s face softens, a small smile curled his lips, “yeah. Dammit, Deku. I want you for fucking life. I don’t have a damn ring or anything but, fucking hell,” he squeezes Izuku’s shaking hand, “if we really are fucking soulmates, what’s the damn point in waiting? I’m asking you to marry me, Deku. Marry me so no one would dare hurt you again. No one would even fucking think to put their hands on Ground Zero’s husband. Marry me because we fucking can, and should.” Bakugo takes a deep breath. Dammit, this nerd wants me to tell him I love him all the damn time. He wants to hear how I feel? Fucking fine, I’ll let him have this. “I love you, Deku. I want to wake up every damn morning and see your cute shitty freckles, to hold you when you cry and kiss you every day for the rest of our lives. I want to be beside you for your worst days and best days, just like you have for me despite how badly I’d treated you in the past.  I want to give you my all…” The blond’s voice starts to become scratchy, choking up as he continues. Izuku knows from the way his Adam’s apple bobs that his throat was starting to burn because of the sudden impulse to cry. Izuku’s free hand clutches his mouth as tears brim up at the corners of his ruby-colored eyes.


A single tear trickles down Bakugo’s cheek but his Kacchan holds strong, “What do you say, Izuku?”


Izuku’s hand moved from his own mouth, to Bakugo’s cheek, drinking in his warmth, “Kacchan,” his throat was tight, more tears squeezing from his eyes. “I love you so much. I’ll marry you, absolutely.”


Bakugo rose from his knee, leaning in slowly for a kiss, gently meeting their lips together. To his surprise, Izuku wrapped his hand around his neck, putting passion and pure love behind the kiss. Bakugo ran his fingers through Izuku’s hair. As they broke apart, Bakugo smirked, confidence dripping in his voice, “yeah, I’m gonna marry the fuck out of you, Deku.”


Izuku couldn’t help but laugh, “Kacchan, what’s that supposed to mean?” Bakugo shook his head, “just shut up and kiss me again, nerd.”

Chapter Text

When Izuku woke up the next morning, he found the other side of the bed empty. It was still warm from its previous inhabitant, but the blonde was nowhere to be found. I wonder where he is? He usually waits for me to wake up before getting his coffee. Izuku attempted to sit up, but a bout of dizziness made him lay back down. He didn’t feel feverish, but his head felt like it was floating in air.


The door to Bakugo’s dorm opened, the blonde walking in with two mugs, one with his black coffee and one with Izuku’s tea. Izuku tried sitting up, slower this time, feeling accomplished as he fully erected himself and took the mug with a smile, “thanks, Kacchan.” Bakugo sat at the foot of the bed, groggily sipping his drink. After a swallow, he says, “feeling better?” Izuku nods, “I think the fever is gone. I’m just a little dizzy.”


Bakugo doesn’t look at his fiance, “you know what you agreed to last night, right? It wasn’t just because of some fucking stupor from the fever?” Izuku frowns, his eyes full of concern, “I know, Kacchan.” Bakugo looks down into the black liquid, red eyes meeting their own reflection. “Say it, Deku. Tell me.” His voice was steady, but something behind his words made Izuku shift from the one being cared for, to caregiver. He leans forward, pushing himself on his knees to kneel beside his lover. Izuku places a hand on his shoulder, his worried look melting into one of love.


He aims his kiss, hitting the target of Bakugo’s cheek. As he pulls back, he smiles, “Kacchan… you asked me to marry you. I said yes. I feel a lot better now, and I’m not taking it back. Unless… well, you know, you changed your mind?” Kacchan is having doubts? But what he said seemed so heartfelt… I wonder what he’s thinking.


Bakugo gives him a look that could kill, “you think I ever do anything I don’t fucking want to, Deku? You know me better than that, damn nerd. It’s just gonna be a pain in the ass. We’re sixteen, remember?” Izuku catches his point. Since they weren’t legal adults, their parents would have to approve their wedding. On top of that, how would it be funded? They couldn’t expect their families to foot the bill, even though it’s tradition. Bakugo’s parents may be fashion designers but they didn’t exactly come from rich families like Momo or Iida. Still, though. There has to be a way. If this is what Kacchan wants, then we’ll do it.


Izuku takes his fiance’s hand and squeezes it. “Kacchan, we’ll figure it out, won’t we?” Bakugo finished his coffee, matching the grip of Izuku’s hand. He growled to himself, “fuck. Yeah, fuck it. Why the fuck am I worrying?” He says with a chuckle, “damn, Deku, rubbing off on me,” Bakugo shakes his head to clear away the clouds. “Fucking hell, nerd. We’ll ask ‘em. You feel okay enough to go home? We’ll start with yours, just like before.”


Izuku’s heart beats wildly in his chest. Now? Then again, he should be used to this by now. Though his fiance was smart and calculated, most of his movements can be impulsive as well. Izuku gulps down a swallow of tea before answering, “I feel okay. Let’s do this, Kacchan.” 


Bakugo places his empty mug on the nightstand, standing up and reaching out to Izuku, “come on, then, Deku. Can’t lay in bed all fucking day. Besides,” Bakugo says, “you should try moving around. You’re missing out on a whole fucking lot of training.”


Izuku takes his hand, smiling, “you’re right, Kacchan.” Bakugo gently pulls the boy up, shakily standing on his two feet. It was slow-going, but Izuku eventually got dressed, stretching out his muscles. Bakugo clicked his tongue, “I’d say we’d walk but it’s too fucking cold, don’t want you getting the flu or some shit on top of this.” Both boys were wrapped up in warm jackets and scarves. 


Izuku nodded, “yeah, I’ve got some change for the bus in my room. I could-” Bakugo cut him off, “fuck no, Deku. Save it. I’ll pay. Come on, you ready?”


Neither Izuku, nor Katsuki, were ready for their futures, but they charged in anyway.


They both stood outside a familiar, weathered door.  Izuku holds on to Bakugo’s hand, sweat pooling against both of their palms. though Bakugo won’t admit it out loud Izuku knew he was nervous as the smell of caramel was starting to become overwhelming.  Izuku was not worried that his mother would disapprove, his worry was elsewhere. What if my father has to approve this, legally? Would he? How would we even contact him? Though his father was barely around, Izuku had distant memories of him. He always had a sense that his father had a strong aura despite the lack of his presence. His mother never talked ill about him when she did bring him up, only mentioned tidbits on their shared physical appearances and some of their personality traits.


It’s been stewing in the back of the head for a while after they came out to their parents. He didn’t come out to his father. Kacchan is able to talk to his parents about things like this. He might not be around, but I’m still his son, right? This is important. Even if it isn’t to him, it is to me. Plus, I need to prove to myself even if he doesn't approve, we'll figure out a way. Not everyone agrees with same-sex relationships. 

Izuku internally sighs as mind replays what had happened on the bus ride here. Bakugo had been sitting next to him, his arm wrapped around his shoulder, glaring at passersby as usual.


One older gentleman in particular had been glancing at them every so often with a disapproving look, pursing his lips. It had made Bakugo’s blood boil, but Izuku tried his best to calm him down. As the bus had rolled to a stop, the old man stood up, crankily saying with a shaking head, “tsk, you boys need a real man in your lives to whip you into shape. If I was your father, you would get the switch, I say. Father must have left you to be coddled and turned into women like your mothers.”


It took all of Izuku’s strength to hold Bakugo back, who was yelling at the man to mind his own business. But Izuku wanted to prove him wrong. He did have a father out there somewhere. 


 Izuku takes a step forward and knocks on the door. The boys weren’t quite sure if she would answer. Izuku always tried to make it a habit to text her before coming over so she is prepared when he came, but they had left in such a hurry he neglected the task. Hopefully she doesn’t mind a surprise. 

To their relief, though, they could hear footsteps on the other side of the door and someone fumbling with the handle, unlocking it. Izuku greeted his mother sheepishly, "hey, Mom."

Inko smiles in delight, gasping, “Izuku! My boy! I thought we said this weekend? Nothing’s wrong, right?” Izuku shook his head, “nothing, I promise.” Inko excitedly pulls the boys inside, “and Katsuki? How are you, my dear? You boys should come visit more often, you know! There’s always fresh tea, and I just made some cookies! They were supposed to be for a bake sale at work, but you could have some, of course!”


The scents from the apartment muffled the caramel aura coming from Bakugo. The kitchen, as they entered, smelled like warm chocolate chip cookies. Izuku felt emotion rise in his chest. This was his home . Inko keeps chatting as she pours hot cups of tea. Katsuki and Izuku sit down at the small table. “Oh! Izuku, I can’t believe I’ve almost forgotten!” She happily hands them both a steaming cup of peppermint tea, “I’ll be right back, okay, sweetheart?”


Before Izuku could protest, she shuffled off down the hall and into her room. Bakugo raises an eyebrow, “the fuck do you think she’s doing?”  

Izuku shrugs, "no idea..." Inko returns a minute later, two wrapped boxes in her hands. The paper was, of course, All Might themed. Inko says, "I'm sorry, Katsuki! I wasn't sure if I got your size right but I did my best!" She hands them the boxes. Izuku's eyes stretched, "Mom! You didn't have to get me anything!" Bakugo observed the wrapped gift with steady eyes. She bought me a fucking Christmas present? He looked to Izuku, then his mother, grumbling, "thank you. Didn't have to, you know, get me anything either." He was honestly a little bewildered.

Inko shook her head, "no son of mine or his boyfriend is going to go without! Go on, open them!" She bounced on her feet excitedly, her eyes shining. Bakugo nodded to Izuku, who had been sitting silently. He carefully started unwrapping the paper, unwilling to rip through his hero. Katsuki didn't think twice, tearing through the paper and getting to a white box. He opened it to see a black hoodie. On the front was an image of Izuku's old costume, the one with the giant ears he wore his first year in school. He glanced over to his boyfriend, who had received a black hoodie with an orange "X" on the front, complete with the two black holes on the left side.


Inko beamed, "made them myself! I do hope they fit, you boys are always growing so fast! I figured you both wanted to support each other's futures! I hope you like them!" The partners lock eyes. She was right. Izuku smiles up at his lover, I’ve always wanted to see how far Kacchan can go.


Bakugo could see the admiration in his lover's eyes. Damn nerd just wants to see me go pro. I’ll be number one someday, but Deku can bet his fucking ass I’ll be here every fucking day to see him improve.


Katsuki wordlessly slipped into the hoodie. It was a size too big, but that only meant to him that he had to work harder to fit into it. The inside was soft and fuzzy, and the fabric smelled like cinnamon. Izuku slipped into his own, also a size too big. He had a wide, dorky smile, his cheeks dusted pink, "thank you, Mom." Katsuki watched his exression, a small upturn to his own lips. Seeing his partner so happy in his merch like the nerd he is, Bakugo mustered up the courage to clear his throat. He doesn't often feel fear or nervousness, but this is one of those rare moments. "So, since we're talking about the future..." he began, gaining the attention of Inko, who had been watching her son with pride. "Me and De- myself and Izuku," he grasps his partner's hand, "I know we haven't been dating for very long, but we've been through a lot together recently." Izuku's grasp tightens. "But I love him with my whole damn heart. I want to protect him for life. Please," he grits his teeth, but rises knowing it was only right, bowing to her respectfully, "allow me to marry your son."


Inko doesn't answer for a moment, her face dropping from excitement, to worry. Izuku panics, "M-mom?" Inko shakes her head softly, "I'm... I'm sorry, but no. I only approved of you two dating because there would be no public record for that. Marriage? I can't let you go through with this. It's... dangerous." Bakugo raised from his bow, sitting back down with shock. He hadn't expected this answer. He questions, "dangerous?" Izuku furrowed his brows, "what do you mean? No public record?"


Inko watches the boys' expressions twist into disappointment. I can't let him hear about this. It's his son. If anything were to happen to Katsuki, I couldn't forgive myself for approving this.


Inko found herself locked in a flashback. She was sitting in a diner, the streetlights buzzing outside. Across from her sat Hisashi Midoriya. He was young, with a happy smile and dimples so much like Izuku's. He had light brown hair, cut short and standing tall. He had a scruffy beard and his breath smelled like whiskey no matter how much coffee he sipped from the mug he had. He spoke with a deep, but cheerful voice, "that sounds like it was an awful experience. I'm sorry you had to go through that. But if you need a place to stay, I have a small apartment in Musutafu if you're interested." Inko had protested, "me? Stay at your place? But, what about the curse?" Hisashi held up his hands, "hey, now, I didn't say anything about that, did I? Besides, you keep calling it a curse, but I'd like to think of it as an inconvenience. Take it from me, if anyone deserves some bad karma, it's this guy. I'm just trying to be nice, you don't have to agree. But where else would you go?"


Her flashback fast forwards to seven months later, her large, pregnant stomach was making it hard to pick up the notepad she had dropped in the store. Hisashi stopped her from bending over, "I got it, relax." He grabs it and hands the list to his wife. "What else do we need?" They were in the newborn section of the local superstore, preparing for the arrival of little Izuku. Their conversation was interrupted by a loud laugh. They turned their heads to see a couple walking by, talking to each other and smiling. They were two dark-skinned men, holding hands proudly, minding their own business. Inko could sense Hisashi grow angry, his voice nearly growling as he says, "if my son ends up like that, I'm going to kill whoever fucking thinks he could touch him. My boy's gonna be a lady's man like his father."


Inko had felt the darkness growing in his heart every moment they had been together, but chose to ignore it until one day, he disappeared. Honestly, Inko was relieved. The man who was all smiles and chuckled words was a killer behind the mask. She had seen the things he had done, she knew what he was becoming. If he said he was going to kill someone, he would do it.


He's the one who saved me when it all happened. He's the one who was so kind to me when I had nothing. But he's a villain, just the kind of person my boy is so passionate about defeating. He's already been through so much lately. I can't do this to him.


"Mom," her son's voice broke her out of it, "y-you're crying." Inko wiped her eyes with her hand. Izuku was smart enough to know something was going on. "What's wrong? Tell me, please! I can handle it. I need to know. If it puts one of us in danger, just tell me."


Inko sighs, giving in, remembering her own son's honesty. She owed him this much. "It's your father, Izuku. If he heard his son was marrying a boy, it could put Katsuki in danger. He told me if his son was gay, he'd kill his partner. Your father is not a liar, Izuku." Her son reaches over and places a hand on her arm, "Mom... you're really saying my father would... kill Kacchan?" Bakugo scowls, "who the hell is his father, anyway? I'm not afraid of him." Inko hung her head, "Katsuki, you don't understand." Her voice was small, but rose with emotion, "you can't defeat him! Even All Might barely could!" She presses her hand against her mouth, shocked at what she just said. She sobs over her tea. 


Izuku murmurs, "All Might? He's fought him before? So... my father is a villain?" His chest tightened. I thought he was always on business trips? Why keep this from me?


Inko can't hold it in anymore. "I'm sorry, Izuku. I'm so sorry. I should have told you before. When I watched the Kamino incident on the TV, I felt nothing but guilty you had to see that. Your father... your father is All for One. Your father nearly killed All Might!"


Izuku felt his world slip out right underneath him. He had been yards away from his own father without knowing it. The people behind Bakugo’s kidnapping were led by his father . It was his parent that wounded All Might so fatally, and ultimately led to his retirement. He knew his mother would never lie, but there was nothing more that he wanted than for her to be wrong. “No,” he protested weakly, “it can’t be.”


Bakugo clamped his fists, “All for One? That villain bastard is who you’re worried about? He’s in Tartarus. He’s not going to come back.” Inko’s eyes were full of fear, “Katsuki! Didn't you see what happened on the news? Not even All Might..." Bakugo's expression made her words falter. Katsuki argues, "well, that's why I'm training to be better than even All Might. I'll be the number one hero, not just for Japan, or the world. I'll be the number one hero for your son, too. Who else can protect him? I don't care what happens to me, I always come out on top. But no one would dare think to touch my husband, I'll make sure of that."


Inko and Katsuki gazed into each other's eyes. One, full of fear, the other, full of fiery passion. Inko couldn't withstand the heat of his eyes anymore, looking away and sighing, "can you uphold your promise? The last one to promise me Izuku's safety couldn't keep it. Can you, Katsuki? Do you really think you can protect my son better than All Might can?"


Bakugo's voice was steady and confident, "I can, and I will. I didn't just promise it to you. I promised it to him." Izuku squeezed his Mom's arm lightly, her eyes raised to meet his. Instead of the scared, hurt boy she expected to find, he had a similar fire in his eyes, reflecting that of Katsuki's. He had a wavering smile on his face, "if anyone can protect me, it's Kacchan. I believe in him. He's amazing, and powerful, and he'll be a great hero, so please, Mom, let him be my hero forever."


Inko couldn't deny her son's passion, "alright. Alright. Then I have one more gift for you." She stands again, this time shakily, going to the wall and opening a vent, taking out something wrapped in brown paper. She closes the vent and walks back to the table, handing Izuku the package. "I've been saving this in case you need it. Use it for your wedding. If you're doing this, do it proudly." She took a deep breath, "show that bastard his son is proud to be who he is. That's who you are, Izuku. You're my little fighter." Inko walked around the table and Izuku rose to meet her in a hug. She almost broke a rib or two squeezing him so hard, "you'll always be my hero, Izuku."


Izuku pushed away frm the hug, his eyes wide at the money. He sets it down on the table, "I can't take all this, Mom. What about you? What if you need it?"


Inko smiles, shaking her head again, “if you don’t take the money, I’ll burn it. Just take it.” Izuku shuts up and melts back into the hug, his eyes overwhelmed with tears. Everything about the past few weeks spilling over as he sobbed into his mother’s arms. “Just one request, Izuku, please don’t tell anyone about your engagement until you’re close to the wedding day, okay? Of course, you can tell Mitsuki and Masaru, but no one else. For me, okay? Don’t give him time to ruin your life before you can marry.”


Izuku agrees, “okay, Mom. We can do that.” Inko released Izuku, looking to Katsuki with a serious look, both Midoriya’s drying their eyes. “You better keep my boy out of trouble.”


The tea had gone cold by the time Izuku and Katsuki left. As they walked down the street, Izuku’s eyes sagged sleepily. He started coughing. Bakugo wrapped his arm around his shoulder, “you okay? That was a fucking lot. We don’t have to go to mine yet.” Izuku shook his head, coughing through his words, “I’m fine, Kacchan. I’ll just take a warm bath when we get home, okay?”


“M’kay.” Katsuki mutters as he kisses Izuku’s forehead, “if you change your mind, just let me know.” Izuku nods, leaning his head against his shoulder as they walk a few houses down to the Bakugo residence. 

Once they made it to the door, Izuku grasps Bakugou’s hand before he could knock, “what is it Deku?” Izuku looks up at Katsuki, his cheeks slightly flushed from the cold, “....try to be a little bit calmer, okay? I know that you and your mom's personalities clash sometimes but could you try not let her upset you?” He begged with those cute big eyes. Katsuki bits down a sigh and nods, he knew his fiance just wanted things to go over smoothly and was being cautious about the whole thing after the fiasco with his mother. Katsuki makes a small smile for Izuku before kissing his hand. 

“I will…” Only for your sake..

So, instead of barging into the house like he did last time, he takes the courtesy to knock on the door. Katsuki lets a few seconds pass, growling under his breath, “c’mon..” he taps the doorbell rapidly earning a soft groan from his partner, ”Kacchan..” he says as a warning,

He stuffs his hands into his pockets, “I’m trying, dammit…”

They both straighten up as the door finally opened and thankfully it was Katsuki’s father who answered, the spiky-haired brunette faces lit up surprised by his son's sudden appearance, a soft smile on his face, “Well isn’t this a nice surprise, Katsuki! It’s been a while,” Masaru looks down beside his son and see’s Izuku, “ and you too Izuku.”

Izuku smiles, “ H-Hello Mr.Bakugo. Is Mrs. Bakugo home, too?” Masaru nods, his eyes flicking from one boy to another, “come on in, you look exhausted, Izuku. Not getting sick, are we? It is flu season.” Masaru called to his wife, “Mitsuki! We’ve got company!” The pair were still wearing the matching hoodies Inko made them. Bakugo had almost forgotten until Mitsuki came around the corner, her eyes landing on the symbols ironed onto their chests. She greets them with a laugh, “ha! Look at my little crotch goblin, being a dweeb for his little boyfriend!” She grinned, “so, what the fuck ya doing here, Katsuki?”


Izuku, “a-actually, um, Mrs. Bakugo, it’s me that needs to talk to you.” He noticed Bakugo gritting his teeth already. He squeezed his hand to try to calm him down, “its um really … um ...we should probably take a seat before we discuss this.”

Mitsuki places her hands on her hips, eyeing the green-haired teenager then to her son, he held a mild glare but held himself as if he had something in his mind. Her playful mood dissipates,  she says nothing further sensing that it was something dire and turns to her husband, “well, let's come and sit in the living room, Masaru go ahead and see if the tea is ready. “ Her husband nods and leave to the kitchen shortly as Mistuki leads the two teenagers to the living room.

Bakugo and Izuku sit  across from Mitsuki, her eyes catch the subtle moment of her sons hand laying on Izuku’s thigh anxiously, and that they had been holding hands ever since they entered the house. She had always been worried as he started to become a teenager. He had never shown any love interest in anyone before Izuku, or maybe it was that she couldn’t see it at first. The boys had always had a special bond Mitsuki loved to stand witness to.

But why were they here? Mitsuki tried to read their expressions. "I hope my little crotch goblin didn't get you into trouble. You boys are acting pretty serious!"

 “Its nothing life-threatening, I promise,” Midoriya reassured, “ we wanted to talk you all about something that has come up in our relationship.” Mitsuki raises an eyebrow, “your relationship? What, is Katsuki pregnant?” She could still be a little sarcastic despite her concern.


Izuku shook his head, his anxiety growing as Masaru rolled in a tray with a tea kettle and cups, serving the boys first, then his wife and himself. Izuku was soon growing sick of tea, but politely takes a sip. Mitsuki presses, “well? Come on, what’s going on? Never seen my kid so fucking quiet.” Izuku places his cup down, taking a deep breath, “well,” he channels the same energy Bakugo had when he spoke to Mrs. Midoriya, “Kach- Katsuki and I… I know we haven’t been dating for very long, but with everything going on, we um, we’ve talked about getting married. But since we’re underage, we’ll need your permission.” He decides a direct approach would be better for Mitsuki instead of a long-winded speech about feelings.


“Why’s that?” The question was simple, but Izuku wasn’t sure how to answer. Mitsuki asks again, “why do you want to marry my son? I know he wants to protect you after everything that happened, but this crotch goblin has always been impulsive. You’re a smart kid, Izuku. Why do you think it’s a good idea to get hitched to this brat? Marriage is about more than just being in love,you know.”


Izuku knew all about Bakugo’s reasons to marry him. No one would dare touch Ground Zero’s husband! But Mitsuki was right. Marriage was more than just an emotional commitment, but a legal one, too. Izuku wiped his sweaty hands on his thighs, rising from his seat and bowing, “Mrs and Mr Bakugo, I am confident your son and I have a future together. I know we’re young, but as much as he wants to protect me, I want to protect him. I’ll be there for him through everything. I want to watch him become the hero he wants to become not from the sidelines, but as his husband. We’ll only keep growing from here. I’ll take care of your son for as long as I live. Please, allow me to do this.”


He shakily raises his head after a moment of silence. Mitsuki glanced at her husband, then nodded, “alright, but keep it cheap. I ain’t a millionaire, you know!” Izuku scratched the back of his head, embarrassed, “actually, my Mom has it covered. Apparently, she’s been saving for a while.” Mitsuki clicks her tongue, just like Bakugo, “tch, of course Inko is prepared for something like this! Still, if you need anything, we’re here. That means you, too, Katsuki. Take care of this boy, you both look good together.” She smiles. Bakugo finally speaks, only to say, “whatever. Can we go?”


Mitsuki rolls her eyes, “yeah, yeah, you brat. I’m sure you should be getting home soon. Izuku looks exhausted. Not catching a cold, is he?”

Izuku sure felt like he had caught a cold as his head hung groggily as he stood under the warm water of the shower. He could hear Bakugo slip behind him. Anxiety crawled into his chest, but he was too tired to do much about it. Instead of panicking, his mind locks up, spacing out and unfocused. He could hear Bakugo calling for him, but didn’t respond. 


“Deku? Come on, you nerd. Talk to me. You okay?” Izuku only stood, head down under the shower, completely fozen. Bakugo sighed, quickly rinsing himself off and reaching over to turn off the water, “come on, Deku. It’s been a fucking day. We’ll save this for later.”


Still, Izuku doesn’t move. The boy felt like he was choking, unable to breathe, but he couldn’t move. Before, he could smell steam and the sweetness of Bakugo. Now, the stench of roadkill attacks his nose. Where could that be coming from?


He jumps out of his skin as he felt a warm hand on his shoulder. Izuku gasps, gulping down breath as he turned and shrunk away from Bakugo. His mind was clouded with only the strange smell. What was happening? Why was he naked? His eyes dart around as Bakugo speaks to him, but Izuku doesn’t catch what he says.


Right. The shower. I’m just taking a shower. Izuku forces himself to breathe deeply, balling his fists and biting his own lip, the pain bringing him back to reality.


Katsuki’s worried eyes made Izuku frown as he came down from his panic attack. “K-kacchan….”

Chapter Text

Weeks after Kat and Izuku were rescued, the doctors had cleared them, saying they were in good health and shouldn’t have any more issues. It would have been their first day back in class for a full schedule, but the dorms were snowed in overnight. Mr. Aizawa and the staff thought it was a good opportunity to have a full cleaning of the entire dorms.


The rest of class 1-A had already finished their assigned chores, but Bakugo and Izuku kept getting distracted by each other. They had spent ten minutes making out in the kitchen before Iida yelled at them, making Izuku blush wildly. Even now, the pair cast gazes of longing toward each other. Bakugo could sense something was on his fiance’s mind.


“Oi, Deku, you almost done?” He drags a mop across the kitchen floor, so shiny now he could see his own reflection. 


Izuku raised his head from the counter he was scrubbing, “yeah! Almost.” His fiance’s calm demeanor looked so beautiful in the light of the kitchen. Izuku longed to touch him, but knew nothing would get done if he did. His stomach fills with butterflies as images of their previous intimate moments flashed through his mind. I want to. I think I’m ready. Maybe we’ll talk about it after we’re done. Kirishima came around the corner wielding another mop. Behind him was Kat, her eyes dark and sad as she held a dusty rag. Kirishima reached behind him and patted her shoulder, smiling, “this grumpycat needs some cheering up. After we’re done cleaning, why don’t we all meet in our room to hang out? We’ve got board games!” His shark teeth flashed happily. Bakugo’s eyes squint with anger, “board games? What are you, a damn child?”


Kat’s small voice pipes up, “aren’t we all, technically?” She had a point, but still. Izuku grabs the attention of his boyfriend, “come on, Kacchan! Let’s have some fun. How bad could it be?” His big, wide, puppy dog eyes force Bakugo to cave. “Fucking fine.”


We’ll talk about it later, Izuku thinks, it’s been a while since either of us have spent time with friends.


Izuku and Kirishima excitedly race to finish cleaning as Kat sat on a chair, her expression blank, but something in her green eyes made Bakugo shiver. Damn brat. No wonder why she’s in the fucking dumps. Probably traumatized as shit. Bakugo sighs again, “oi, copycat,” he speaks while he wipes down the sink, “don’t let that shit get to you. You’re training to be a fucking hero, not a damn victim. All that shit you’re feeling? Use that. It’ll make you a better pro.” Kat blinked a few times. Izuku was shocked, Kacchan, giving her advice? Good advice at that… but didn’t she say to All Might that she didn’t care about being a hero?


Kat looked up to the blonde, emeralds meeting rubies. Her eyes shift with some emotion,  “you think so? I can’t even protect myself. How do you think I could protect someone else? Besides, how did you know I was thinking about being a pro? I told you guys I wasn’t here for that.” Her hands are shaking, so she tries to steady them by gripping her jeans.


Bakugo answered her last question, “it’s fucking obvious. A brat like you? You want to get fucking stronger so this shit doesn’t happen again. I’m not stupid, copycat.”


She's doubting herself, Bakugo thinks, pondering how he would answer her first question. A chuckle slips through his mouth finally, the corners of his lips curling up into a smirk. His eyes glance to his boyfriend, who had been watching  the interaction quietly, “oi, Deku, tap her shoulder.” Izuku raised an eyebrow, but tapped the exposed skin under her neck. Kat flexes her hands before using Bakugo's quirk, small explosions erupting from her palms. She was enjoying how her hands flowed with power. It was a tingling sensation that made her heart skip a beat.


Izuku watched the interaction. The faint tug of a smile forms on both blonde’s faces. “Go ahead. Fucking blast me.” Bakugo stood casually, setting his rag down. Kat looked at him, confused. He insists, “just fucking do it. But don’t mess up what we just fucking cleaned.”


Kat stands up, holding out her hands half-heartedly letting out a small explosion. Bakugo stood tall, not even budging, but his shirt was singed. “Bigger,” he says. Her hands light up another blast. Then another. Bakugo still didn’t move. Kat frowned, “what’s the point? You’re immune to your own quirk.” Bakugo turned his gaze to Izuku, “you remember what it was like to use my fucking gauntlet, right?” Izuku nods, “yeah. I dislocated my shoulder. But Kat seems to use any quirk with ease. Even Kaminari’s and Todoroki’s.” The room was warm from the explosions that had popped off, the air filled with a sickly sweet scent.


Bakugo’s cold gaze returns to Kat, “sure, I’d be able to beat you hands fucking down. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be a fucking hero.” Kat’s eyes widened, as if just realizing something.


She quickly looked away, “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to be such a bummer!” Kirishima pat her shoulder, resetting her and erasing the quirk. As he did, she almost felt empty somehow. “Anyway,” the red head says, “we’re pretty much done. You guys ready? We have snacks!” 


Bakugo clicked his tongue, “tch. Yeah. Let’s get this over with.” He grabs Izuku’s hand and follows them both to Kirishima’s room. The pair of couples all walk into the teen’s room and settled into comfortable positions. Kat and Bakugo call the two bean bags , leaving their boyfriends to sit on the bed. Kirishima's desk is pushed up between the bed and a pair of Kirishima's bean bag chairs, creating a makeshift table. Kat was sipping on a glass bottle of Coke.


Kirishima, the most excited about the fun game night, claps his hands together. "Alright! Tonight is gonna be amazing, we got snacks and of course plenty of board games to choose from."


Bakugo pursed his mouth into a thin line, he didn't like board games and from the looks of it some of Kirishima’s games were ones he had back at home. Did they ever get played with, only in rare occasions, his mother would become too competitive for his taste, which is saying something coming from Katsuki. His fondness for board games was not the greatest. But tonight he was gonna bear it, only because it was for the Freak and Shitty Hair.


Kirishima picks up the first game on top of the small tower of board games,"This one is one of my favorites, Monopoly!!" 


Izuku perks up," ooh! I haven't played this in forever." He chirps, Bakugo feels himself start to grow irritated. His mother loved that game to a dangerous degree. Bakugo feels his brow twitching at the sight of that top hat fucking mascot. 


"No. Pick something else." He ends up blurting out loud.


That earns a collective groan from Kirishima and his fiance. Bakugo gives him a pointed stare, "did you forget why I haven't played that game in three years, Deku?" 


Midoriya blinks blankly at him before his mind flashes a lost memory of Kacchan’s mother throwing a table through their window after having a disagreement with her. An involuntary  shudder goes through Midoriya, ", maybe we choose another one.”


"Yeah ...I'm not a big fan of monopoly either, sorry, Eijiro-kun.” Kat added.


Her eye caught a white box, “oh, you like to play chess?” She asked Kirishima. He didn’t strike her as the type. Kirishima pointed at himself with his thumb, a smug smile on his face, “totally! You’re looking at the winner of the middle school chess tournament!” Kat grinned, “that could be fun!”


Izuku frowned, “but four people can’t play chess.” Kat smiled, “it’ll be like a tournament, the winner plays against the loser’s boyfriend! Team KiriKat and team Broccoli with Cheese!” Bakugo’s eyebrows furrowed, “the fuck did you call us?” Kat giggled, “yeah, that’s what Mina calls you. She calls it your ship name, I guess.” 


Bakugo growled, “that’s it! You and me, copy cat freak. I’ll kick your ass!”


Izuku watched them set up the board. Kacchan is probably really good at this game. He’s smart and strategic. Kat’s style tends to be to tear through everything by force. This will be interesting. Kat smirked, “winning team gets to pick the next game!” Bakugo agrees, “it’s on, Freak!”


Kat allows him to take the first move. A pawn steps forward two spaces. Kat moves hers one space. The explosive banter between them as they exchanged blows, taking each other’s pieces made Kirishima and Midoriya meet eyes, both shrugging as if saying, yep, this is our partner.


The game ended with a draw, both players unable to move without going into checkmate. Bakugo scowled, “whatever. Damn nerd better win this next game.” They turned the board so the two on the bed could play against each other. They set up the pieces, this time, Kirishima making the first move.


Izuku knew he was pretty screwed as he faced the champion. It was no wonder why he had won against his whole middle school. He was good . They exchanged a few moves, Izuku claiming a few pawns and a rook. Kirishima grinned, moving his queen a few spaces, causing his opponent to panic. One wrong move, and Izuku was in checkmate. Bakugo growled, “dammit, Deku! You had one job!”


Kirishima looked to Kat, “guess we get to pick, and since you’re the one we’re cheering up, go ahead and pick something.” Kat took the last sip of her soda, tapping her chin, thinking. Her eyes landed on the empty bottle, then her boyfriend, a mischievous smirk twisting her face. Kirishima’s eyes widened, “r-really?” Bakugo didn’t pick up what she was putting down. “The fuck is this Copycat Freak planning?”


Kat giggled, “we used to play this game all the time at my old school. Well, when I say we, I mean the girls in my class. I was never invited to anything.” Bakugo grumbles, “just spit it out.” She waved the bottle, “spin the bottle? Why not, right? We’re all pretty good friends, it’s just some harmless fun.”


Bakugo raised an eyebrow, spin the bottle? Like, kissing? That’s fucking weird. What if I have to kiss her? I’m just not into girls like that.


Kat’s voice was small, “only, you know, if everyone is okay with it.” Kirishima patted her shoulder, “well, you know, if it makes you feel better.” Bakugo raises an eyebrow, “what about her quirk? If she touches me, she’ll get Deku’s power. We can’t risk that.” Kat shrugs, “my quirk doesn’t activate if my tattoo is covered.” She noted the pants she was wearing that covered her legs.


Izuku looked at his boyfriend. It did sound like harmless fun to him. Besides, this whole thing was for Kat. If it cheered her up and helped her move on from the exclusion she felt in her childhood, why not, right? Izuku waited for his fiance's reaction. Bakugo groaned, reading Izuku’s expression, “fucking fine.”


Kat happily clicked the bottle cap back on the top of the Coke bottle, rolling the desk away on its wheels so Kirishima and Izuku could sink to the floor, closer to their level. Kirishima nodded, “go ahead, you first.” Kat placed the bottle on the floor, spinning it around. The bottle landed on herself. She spun it again as it slowed, spinning around and teetering to a stop in front of Bakugo.


Bakugo’s expressionless face didn’t betray what he felt inside. Of fucking course, the first thing that happens is this fucking shit . He rolls his eyes as Kat leans forward, smirking, “come on, Kacchan , play nice, would ya?” With a growl, he leaned in, meeting his lips to hers quickly. Her strawberry lip gloss made her mouth one of the softest things Bakugo had ever experienced. Dammit, why’s she gotta look like Deku? Making me think she’s all cute n’ shit. He quickly darts away, crossing his arms. 


Kat licks her lips, “you even taste like a cinnamon bun. Jeez.” She giggled and turned to Izuku, “you’re really lucky you got a guy who’s like a walking bakery!” Izuku blushed, smiling, “I know, right!” The bottle is passed to Kirishima. He spins it a little too hard, sending it flying across the carpet until it points at Izuku.


“That doesn’t count!” Bakugo growled. Kirishima teased, “oh, come on Bakugo! Don’t start getting jealous!” Kirishima wasn’t too sure about kissing Midoriya but dives in anyway. He meets his lips to Izuku's. Kirishima thinks, his lips are so dry! Jeez. I gotta tell Bakugo to get him some lip balm!


Kirishima’s lips were no better to Izuku, but something about the childishness of the game, and the playful mood of the other couple made him blush a bit as they part. Bakugo watched the pair as they kissed. He had expected to feel jealous, but the vibe was getting to him, too. It was almost… hot seeing Izuku blush for someone else, his gaze flicking to his fiance almost guiltily. Fucking hell, Katsuki. Don’t start thinking like that. It’s just a game.


The bottle is passed to Izuku, who spins it around, landing on Bakugo. The blonde smirks, yeah, we’ll show ‘em how to fucking kiss. He leans over, Izuku smiling happily as their lips met. Instead of breaking apart, though, their lips crash together once, twice. The blonde sucks possessively on Izuku’s bottom lip. Bakugo’s eye opened slightly to give the other couple a smug look before finally backing away.m Izuku had a sly little smile on his face, passing the bottle to Katsuki.

He no longer felt apprehension as the bottle spun, but excitement. Everyone in the room was having fun, so he figured, whatever. We all agreed to play, right? Plus that copycat loser doesn’t look so fucking sad anymore. Fuck it.


The bottle lands on Kirishima. As if challenging each other to make the first move, they stared with cocky looks. Finally, Kirishima caved, meeting his lips to Bakugo’s. The blonde wouldn’t be shown up, not allowing his friend to back off with a quick kiss, instead, he sucked at his bottom lip before letting him go.


Izuku watched this, knowing exactly what his lover was thinking. That’s Kacchan. Never one to lose, always one to take control. He couldn’t help but feel butterflies in his stomach watching the two boys kiss. His eyes met Kat’s, who had been watching them with a smile. Her eyes pointedly dart at the pair as they broke off. Izuku raised an eyebrow, not sure what she was trying to say.


Kirishima said, rubbing his bitten lip, “damn, Bakugo, you don’t know when to stop, do you?” Bakugo gave him a small chuckle, “ha! I never stop until I fucking win. You should know that, Kiri.” The bottle is passed to Kat as her boyfriend says, “trust me, Explosion Boy, I’ll get you back next time.”


Kat giggled, “I knew there was a reason I ship you two. Both of you are always so fired up!” Bakugo shot a glare at the girl, “the fuck’s that mean?” Kat shrugged, “I’m just saying, if you two weren’t with us, you’d make a cute couple.” Kirishima raised an eyebrow, “you don’t have room to talk about shipping. You also thought Momo and Iida would make a cute couple.” He teased her.


Izuku made a questioning face, “you two talk about… shipping your classmates?” Kat shrugged, “it’s all in good fun. It’s not like we really expect it to happen, just like I don’t expect Eijiro-kun and Bakugo to start, you know, slamming their junk together.” Bakugo made a defiant face, “junk? You really are a freak, Copycat.” Kat sticks out her tongue, giggling, “maybe I am.” Izuku elbows Kirishima, “don’t tell me you two are going to start sounding like we used to at night.”


Bakugo growls, “I’ll break your fucking door down if I hear a peep from either of you.” Kat makes a teasing face, her eyebrows furrowed, “oh, yeah, Kacchan ? Planning to join us sometime?” Kat gave a small laugh, relaxing into the banter as the tension she had been carrying melted from her shoulders. I never realized how healing it could be to joke around with friends. This is nice.


Kirishima raised his hands in defense, “I don’t think that’s something you have to worry about. We uh, haven’t really talked about that kind of thing yet.” He had a blush painting his face red. Kat had a playful grin on her face, biting her lip and saying, “oh, I don’t know, Eijiro-kun. They might have to deal with it tonight.” Kirishima’s blush darkens, only letting out a little, “oh.”


Bakugo smirked, “oi, Deku, you really gonna let them show us up like this? Doc did say you were green-lit.” Izuku blushed again. They were really going to talk about it here, now ? A bead of sweat drips down his forehead, “I, uh…” Katsuki’s words from a long time ago reminded him, you’re my boyfriend. Stop being so damn shy about this stuff. Izuku nods with determination, “yeah, Kacchan. They’re not the only ones who get to have fun tonight.”


Kat cast a look toward Izuku, asking, “you, too, huh? No wonder it’s been quiet.” Izuku nodded, red meeting green. He could sense an idea in her eyes, sparked by the earlier giddiness of the game. There was a sense of camaraderie shared between the two as they spoke wordlessly. We suffered together, let’s heal together.


Bakugo watched them with interest, his tone gentle, “the fuck are you guys thinking?” Izuku broke the staring match, a nervous look on his face. Kirishima raised an eyebrow at his girlfriend. Kat explained hesitantly, “well, it’s just, you know, we’ve been through a lot together and we were thinking it might be a good idea to take this big step… together. You know, like… a uh,” her voice rises higher at her last word, “fourway?”


Kirishima freezes. So this girl doesn’t know anything about Santa or Christmas or periods, but she knows about group sex? What kind of childhood did she grow up in? Bakugo showed no expression on his face as he looked at his boyfriend. Would this really help him move on from what happened?


The blonde sighs, grumbling, “fine. But only if it fucking helps you losers not be so fucking mopey. What about Kiri? I don’t see him saying anything.” Kirishima wavers with hesitation but ultimately agrees, “you’re right, Bakugo. I didn’t imagine my first time was going to be like this,  but if it does anything to help, how could I say no?” Kat smiles nervously at her boyfriend, "are you sure?" Kirishima nods, his gaze softening, "anything to help, Kat. Come here."


Kirishima reaches out to Kat, pulling her towards him. He gently takes his hands around her waist. He hoists her up into his lap, getting a small bout of giggles from her before gaining a smirk on her lips. Kat dips her head down to press her lips against his. Kirishima slowly reacts to the gesture, a little nervous since their guests were watching them. Kat notices this and presses her palm against the bulge of his pants, earning a soft moan, Kirishima grips the side of her waist as her tongue edges just barely into his mouth, teasing his salty lips. 


Kat could tell her boyfriend was shy at first when their tongues finally meet each other, but nevertheless, she doesn’t back down. She fought for dominance as they passionately clash. Kat rolls her hips against Kirishima’s rising bulge, she shudders at the sensations and presses even harder as she feels Krishima’s hands slip down. They grip her ass as she falls into a pattern of grinding.


”Damn, Kat..” Kirishima moans between breaths. Kirishima was so riled up with the way Kat was rubbing herself against him, he had the sudden want to rip her clothes off and kiss along her skin as her soft moans float around the room. He squeezed her ass again, earning a gentle whimper from her lips, “Ejiro-kun, touch me more... please.”

Meanwhile, Bakugo pulled his own lover toward him, purring in his ear, “just relax, okay? I love you, Deku.” A shiver ran down his spine. God, his Kacchan knew how to make him drop into submission. He felt like he had melted into a puddle. As Bakugo pressed their lips together, Izuku wrapped his arms around the blonde’s shoulders. Bakugo’s hands gripped his hips with the slightest touch. Katsuki gently slipped his tongue into Izuku’s mouth, both of them swirling and tasting each other with a passionate hunger. Bakugo gently curls his fingers into Izuku’s hair. It made the smaller boy tense a little, so Bakugo backed off, not wanting to trigger him. He knew he would have to tread this territory as if walking on glass. He heard a moan coming from Kirishima, only giving him more reason to let his nerd feel the passion coming from his partner. He wanted Izuku to sing in his ear, too.


Their tongues danced, Bakugo’s hands moving up to rub his lover’s shoulders, working the tension out before placing his palms on his chest, gently teasing his nipples through his shirt. Izuku let out the smallest of moans, almost a whisper. Okay, we’re getting somewhere. Bakugo pinched at the shirt, careful not to get his skin, and pulled it up slightly, as if asking Izuku for permission. Izuku reached down, grabbing the hem of his own shirt and lifting it up. He had a small scar on his chest where he had been cut. Bakugo looked into Izuku’s eyes. They were nervous, but getting closer to the old gaze of lust his partner was used to. Bakugo kissed his chin, then his neck, but Izuku tensed once more, causing him to retreat and move back to his mouth, this time Izuku’s tongue forcing its way past Katsuki’s lips. Izuku let out a satisfied groan as he tasted his lover, his hands wandering every muscle of Bakugo’s upper body. Izuku lifts Bakugo’s shirt over him, both boys shirtless. As they break apart, Bakugo glances over to the other couple, “ha, looks like those two need to catch up.”


Kirishima smirked, breaking their kiss to say, “I dunno, Midoriya seems quiet over there. Look at how riled up she already is.” His gaze was full of lust and admiration. He groans as Kat grinds against him once more, then looks at the two topless boys. She says, “come on, guys. Can’t make you fuck on the floor, can we? Eijiro-kun, lay on that side.” Kirishima grins, giving her a playful kiss on the neck, “sure, cutie.” He happily slides over and lays under Kat, who straddles his hips, giving him another teasing grind before slipping off his shirt, followed by her own top. She had a pink and white striped bra. 


The redhead smiled, seeing his girlfriend’s breasts for the first time, thinking that her school uniform did them no justice as they bounced. While they weren’t huge, they were pleasant handfuls of soft flesh. Kirishima fumbled with the clasp, but finally releases them from their cotton prison. Her small nipples were begging to be sucked. He pulls her down, encouraging her to put one of her breasts in his mouth. The warm wetness of his tongue made her gasp. He flicks her nipple with his tongue, arousal coursing through her body with every move.


Kat grasps his wrists, pulling them to the button of her jeans. He unbuttons them smoothly, thank god , he thinks, pulling the zipper down. She slides off of him to remove her pants and underwear, grabbing the waistband of Kirishima’s gym shorts and boxers, pulling them down and throwing the clothing aside. She smirks at the boys who were in their boxers, “guess we’re not the ones needing to catch up, huh?” Her gaze shifts to her boyfriend, admiring his body. His hard member stood upright. It was long and wide, curved slightly but otherwise perfect .


She smiled teasingly, grazing her fingertips along his chest, “what should I do with you while we wait for them to get with the fucking program?” Kirishima had a grip on the base of his own cock, “would you want to, you know, suck me?” Kat didn’t lose her composure, despite the anxiety growing in her chest. She fought off the bad memories of her past, “close your eyes, Eijiro-kun.” He happily obeyed. She shook her head, banishing the dark thoughts. Slowly, she grazed her lips against his head, causing his breath to catch in his throat. Opening her mouth, she sucks in the first inch, two inches. Kirishima’s hands grip the sheets beside him. Soon, she has a slow pace, sucking him in, pulling back, over and over as he moaned, “fuck, Kat…” 


Bakugo lifts up Izuku carrying him over to the bed before laying down beside the other couple, he licks his lips in delight, Izuku looks so fucking hot now with lips parted slightly and flushed red. Izuku whined, he was growing impatient with lover," c'mon Kacchan.." Katsuki growled playfully, "Don't rush me, nerd, know what’s best for you to be patient." He purred as he began to tug down Izuku's pants off to the floor along with his boxers. Izuku's hardened member popped right out, standing tall and greedy. Bakugo leaned down to give the tip of his cock a quick kiss,  his partner hisses at him, “Kacchan stop teasing.”


Kirishima reaches into the drawer beside him, chucking something at Bakugo who undoubtedly catches the purple bottle. Kirishima smiles, “though you might need this, bro.” Bakugo raises an eyebrow, “the fuck do you have lube for?” Kirishima blushes, “I uh, use toys sometimes. Don’t judge me, Bakubro!” Bakugo rolls his eyes, “whatever.” He lubes up a finger, pressing it to his hole gently. Izuku squirmed, but said, “please, Kacchan. Don’t tease me.” At his signal, Bakugo presses his finger inside, spreading the lube around the entrance. Izuku moaned loudly, “K-Kacchan!” 


Kat positions herself above Kirishima’s cock, her formerly confident face melted as she rubbed hesitantly at the tip. Kirishima smiled, “it’s okay, Kat. You have control, okay? If it hurts just stop and we’ll figure it out.” Kat nods, leaning over to give him a quick kiss on the lips, slowly dropping down. It felt nothing like what Kat was expecting. No longer a virgin, and properly turned on, his cock slipped inside with ease. There was no pain or discomfort, simply a deep pleasure as the tip hit a bundle of nerves inside her. She let out a moan, “Eijiro-kun!” Seeing her pleasured face, he gently rolls his hips. She responds by moaning again, leaning forward and pressing him deeper inside.


Bakugo had made progress, the tip of his cock slid inside Izuku, but he was having more problems. His breaths were heavy, his face twisted. Bakugo purrs, “come on, Deku. Don’t you trust your lover? Relax for me.” His words usually worked, but Izuku gulped, “I-I’m sorry, Kacchan…” Kat watched the scene, seeing how stressed Izuku was. His member hung loose as Bakugo backed away from his hole.


“What if…” Kat pants through another moan as Kirishima bucked his hips, “what if we switched? Do something that won’t hurt until he’s on edge? Maybe that would help.” Both Kirishima and Bakugo shared the same emotion at her suggestion. Allow her to fuck Izuku? Would he even consent to that? Even if he did, could they really sit back and watch their partners have sex with someone else? Izuku protests with a grimace, “i-it’s okay… I can take it… don’t worry about me.” Bakugo scolded his partner, “fucking hell, Deku. What did I tell you about just fucking taking it?” Izuku frowned silently as Katsuki sighed, “fuck, if he consents, and that helps, whatever.” Kirishima glances at the other bottom’s grimace. “Alright. Uh, what about us, though? If we’re switching…” Bakugo’s cruel smirk stops his words. The blonde says, “you said you use toys, right? Let’s see how stretched that ass is, Kiri.”


They adjust positions, Bakugo over Kirishima and Kat hovering over Izuku’s cock. Kat raised an eyebrow, “you okay? You look nervous.” Izuku nods, “I’m fine I just… I’ve never been with a girl before.” Kat gave him a smile, “is that all? Just relax, I got you.” She lined herself up, his cock a bit wider and shorter than Eijiro’s. She widens herself around the hard member, slipping slowly down the tip. A moan rips from Izuku’s throat, a primal scream of pleasure that Bakugo had never heard from the boy before. Kat slams herself down on the boy’s shaft, causing him to moan again, gripping the sheets with pleasure.


It didn’t take long to slam balls-deep inside Kirishima, who invited the roughness. He didn’t mind being stretched and his body broken into. Eijiro’s head tilts back in pleasure, small groans escaping him. Bakugo growls, “fuck, Kiri. Who fucking knew you’d be so loose?” Kirishima’s toes curl as he yelped his pleasured song. He dares to ask, “h-harder, Bakugo?” Katsuki roared, “you want fucking harder? Here.” With all the force he could muster, he slammed himself inside, flesh smacking flesh, faster, faster, faster until he had to slow down, avoiding an early climax.


Izuku was close, himself, but he didn’t quite want the fun to end. “Kat,” he groaned, “let me be on top?” Kat agreed, pulling the cock out of her and they shuffled until Kat was laying down on the bed, her legs spread and tangling with Kirishima’s. As Izuku entered her slowly, Kirishima turned his head to look at his girlfriend in the eyes. Their lips met excitedly, smiles on their faces as they wrestled tongues.


Meanwhile, the BakuSquad except for two its members were huddled up in Sero’s bedroom listening to the moans that were echoing out into the hallways. Sero held his head in his hands, “this has to fucking stop, it's like fucking clockwork with Bakugo and Midoriya. Like, I’m glad they settled their differences and all but this is ridiculous.”


Kaminari shrugs, "what can we do, though? Their relationship has always been intense. All that pent up rage was just sexual frustration.”


Mina snickers, knowing that it was more than likely true. Their hothead leader was a lot less angry nowadays, but since his relationship with Midoriya had been progressing the BakuSquad hasn’t been much of BakuSquad lately. Bakugo had been spending more time with his boyfriend, which they were happy for him, but they were starting to miss him. The only time they hear from the blonde is when he’s fucking the shit out of Deku almost every other night.


The past couple of weeks had been very peaceful since Izuku had gotten sick, but now he was better by the sound of it. The group collectively let out a grimace when a loud moan peaked through the halls, “Is it me or is it louder than usual?” Kaminari asked.


Sero shook his head. “Whoever is bottoming tonight is getting the work, I’m pretty sure Class B heard that! Jesus, what are they doing?”


“Something Unholy.” A sudden voice says from the doorway behind the group. The three turn around to see Shoto wrapped up in a dark blue robe and in his special edition All Might slippers walking up to greet them. Why was Todoroki here?


“Todo, why are you up here?” Mina asked in between a yawn. The dual haired boy had nodded his head towards the noise coming down from the other end of the hallway. “Iida had mentioned getting Aizawa to get Midoriya and Bakugo to stop their late-night activities,” the group pursed their lips into a frown, as much as they wanted the noise to stop they weren’t willing to stoop that low by getting Aizawa. Chaos would really break loose if Aizawa was pulled away from his sleep to break up his students who were being too loud during sex.


“Aizawa, really? Iida must be getting desperate.” Sero muttered, ”can’t really blame him though..”


Shoto continued, “so being the thot that I am, I volunteered to try and save everyone the trouble of a grumpy Aizawa.” God bless Todoroki and his slang. Kaminari held back his grin, he was very proud that his lessons with Todoroki had stuck. The blonde raised an eyebrow “So, uh, how do you plan on stopping..." he paused as another moan rang out, "that?"


Todoroki just shrugged. “I’m honestly thinking about just immobilizing them with my ice, and then wait until morning to melt the ice...but that idea would be overdoing it and it will just cause more problems on my end. I’d rather not be put in detention nor enjoy getting yelled at by Bakugo and Iida for that matter,” Todoroki turns to his left while scratching his cheek, “what about you three?”


The remnants of the BakuSquad give him a blank look. They weren’t planning on doing anything about the noise really, just trying to withstand it by watching a movie together until the two quieted down. Mina says, "I don't know, Todorki, but we could help if you figure something else.” Maybe they should do something for a change though, everyone had suffered enough, and it wasn’t like Todoroki’s first idea was that bad, except for the potential hypothermia. Immobilizing them seemed to be the best route right now. Mina hummed to herself as a light bulb went off in her head, a chester-like grin slowly growing along her pink bubblegum skin. The boys noticed the look on her face and quietly began cursing in the back of their minds. That grin was meant for scheming, the type of scheming that led to Bakugo-level death threats. 


“I have an idea..” she said in a sing-song voice, “Denki, sweetheart.” She turned around to face Kaminari with her hands folded together. A bead of sweat forms on his head, “yes?”

“Correct me if I’m wrong owe me a dare don’t you?” She asked ever so sweetly. Sero released a sigh in the background, glad that he had paid all of his dues to Mina, unlike Kaminari.

Shit , Denki cursed, it had to be him to draw the short stick, “...yeah.”


Mina wiggled her brows, “welp, sweetheart, rent is due and it’s time to pay up,” Kaminari groans as Mina grins evilly. She turns the dual quirk user, “Okay, here’s the plan Todoroki… “


Five minutes later, Kaminari finds himself walking down the hallway toward Bakugo’s room. He’s slightly terrified but down for the cause. The plan was for Kaminari to walk towards Bakugo’s room, kick the door open and shock the two just enough for them to be knocked out for the rest of the night. Todoroki brought up the fact that he could overdo it with his quirk since the beds were made of metal so the hit should be direct. He thought of chickening out but then Todoroki pulled out the big guns, throwing money down to encourage him. Who the hell was he not to take that wad of cash when Todoroki was handing it out so generously? Seriously though, everyone was quite desperate for peace and quiet at this moment. Thankfully. Sero and Todoroki had thought of a backup plan in case it went wrong, especially since the probability for disaster was high.


He had Sero’s tape wrapped around his waist while Todoroki’s ice followed closely behind him, just in case anything went wrong he could be pulled back with Sero’s tape in a quick escape on the ice.


Kaminari crept slowly towards the moaning death trap, he turned over his shoulder looking back at the group behind him, Mina, Sero, and Todoroki. All three of them had their heads peeking just barely out of Sero’s door frame. They all send him a thumbs up, while Mina whispers loudly,  “remember Kami, big dick energy!” Kaminari nods back at the word of encouragement. Kaminari repeated the phrase along with the signal for when everything went to shit. The word, ‘Lovechild’, was something Todoroki came up with, kinda weird but hey, he's the one who's paying for this stunt. This might suck if Bakugo gets hold of me though.


 Kaminari shuddered as the moans got louder and much more erratic, slowly he approached Bakugo's door, he took a nervous gulp as he reached for the doorknob.


“DEKU! HARDER!!” A loud, feminine moan erupts from his left, Kaminari stops in his tracks, his eyes widened. “What the fuck?”


That moan did not come from Bakugo’s room, no, that moan came fro- no no no . Denki’s ears started to burn as another moan erupted from the room beside Bakugo’s dorm, Kirishima's room. His body started to move on its own as he changes his objective to Kirishima’s room, the loud thudding sound of a bed rocking against the wall made Kaminari scared.


A feminine voice moans wildly, “mm, Daddy, you like watching this?”


  What type of kinky shit are they doing? Kaminari’s curiosity got the better of him as he leaned his ear towards the door to confirm the lucid sounds were coming from Kirishima’s room. When a moan floated through the door he jerked back. It was a familiar-sounding grunt that could only come from Bakugo’s throat. "Damn, Kiri, take it like a fucking man."


Kaminari gulped, I gotta be hearing things, he thought in disbelief. He had to see it to believe it.


From down the hall in Sero’s doorway, the three observers watched Kaminari backtrack to Kirishima’s dorm in confusion. Todoroki squinted, “What is he doing? That’s not Bakugo’s room.”


Mina tilted her head, ”Yeah, that’s Kiri’s room.” They all watched as Kaminari brought his foot up to push the door in. They all gasped, “wait! That’s the wrong door, Denki!” Sero hissed. It was too late, the blonde had brought down his foot with a mighty kick, barging into the redhead’s dorm. They all watched as the electric quirk user just stood there for a second in silence, with how far he was there wasn’t a good angle to see his face.


Sero slapped his forehead with a sigh, “Welp, the idiot had go-”


They all jumped as Kaminari suddenly screamed, “holy fucking shit!?” It wasn’t an embarrassed scream, more like a scream of terror. Kaminari stumbled a bit out of the room. He shut the door loud enough to vibrate throughout the hallway. He runs back toward Sero’s room with his face colored in the embodiment of red.


“LOVECHILD! LOVECHILD!” Sero is stunned at first but quickly remembers the signal that he was yelling and retracts his tape, pulling Kaminaris body faster as he slid along the ice.


 “Denki!" Sero pulls his tape faster, "what’s wron-” The blond doesn’t give the tape user the time finish and he pushes them all into Sero’s room before locking it. Kaminari shudders and slowly slumps against the floor.


What was wrong with him? The three teenagers are silent as they stare at Denki with concern. He looked like he was about to have a breakdown as he rocked in a fetal position. Todoroki steps up to him breaking the silence, “Kaminari what’s wrong? What did you see?”


He mutters something under his breath. Sero asks, “what?”


Kaminari looks up at them, “Orgy..” he blurted before shuddering.


Todoroki tilts his head, “Orgy?” he repeats. There was a pregnant pause in the room as the others suddenly put the pieces together.


“Ewwwwww.” Mina and Sero say together, they both share a collective grimace as it was finally revealed why he went to Kirishima's room. Sero puts his palm against his forehead, “well, I could have gone without that knowledge." He shakes his head.


Todoroki blinked owlishly, seemingly not understanding, “what does that mean?” Todoroki asked. Sero sighs and shares a pitiful look with Mina, “You wanna ruin his innocence, or you want me to do it?”


Mina responds, “oh please, you do it.” Todoroki looks between the two of them and raises his brows, Sero takes the confused boy and sits him down on the bed, placing his hands on his shoulders.”You heard of the birds and the bees...well, just imagine more than two bees and birds... doing it all together.”


Todoroki’s brows narrow, and an awkward silence grows as he starts to understand. Finally, his bi-colored eyes widen from their sockets, “Oh… that's....”


Mina couldn’t help herself, “I really don’t want to know but… I gotta. I really gotta. What exactly were they doing?” She couldn’t resist soaking up the spilled tea. Kaminari shook his head, groaning, “no… please…” Mina insisted until he caved. The blonde sighs, his head buried in his hands, voice muffled, “Midoriya was fucking Kat, Bakugo was topping Kirishima and Kiri and Kat were making out.” The others in the room were left speechless, too many details and revelations were made in a single sentence. Sero slumped himself beside Denki, patting his shoulder, "I'm sorry you had to see that, buddy. Need some sake? I think I have some left from Christmas."


Elsewhere, in Kirishima’s room.


The door slammed closed, the four sexual deviants freezing in their tracks. A strange screaming could be heard down the hall. Did that really just happen? They had all seen Kaminari bust the door open, stare shocked for a second, then slam the door closed. It made both boys who were close to climax completely lose their rhythm. Bakugo was heated, pulling his cock out of Kirishima as the redhead whined. Bakugo growled, “I’m gonna fucking kill him.”


Izuku quickly grabs hold of anything he could grip, which happens to be his lover’s hair. “Don’t, Kacchan!” Bakugo scowled, trying to pull away, “damn Pikachu ruined my fucking---” Izuku forced his lover to make eye contact. Something in his emerald eyes made Bakugo freeze as Izuku tilted his head closer, “shut up and fuck me, Kacchan.”


Their lips crashed together once, sending a calming shiver through the blonde. Kirishima chuckles, “yeah, babe, let’s switch again. But this time, I’m on top.” Kat frowns, eyeing the door, “but what about…” Kirishima shrugs, pushing himself up as Bakugo moved over. He says, “what’s the difference if he saw or not? They all heard you scream for Midoriya.” He then whispers in her ear, “now you’ll be screaming for me.”


Bakugo encourages Izuku to lay down with a gentle push, but Izuku shakes his head, “let me ride you, Kacchan.” The top hesitates, but goes down without a word. Izuku adds more lube to the hard shaft. Bakugo involuntarily bucks his hips, “come on, Deku. I can’t wait all fuckin’ day.” Izuku nods, straddling him and pressing the tip against his hole, slowly sliding down the shaft. Izuku throws his head back, mouth open in a silent moan. Finally, he whimpers, “f-fuck, Kacchan…”


Kirishima’s tip grazes Kat’s entrance. She squirms, looking up at her boyfriend with half-lidded eyes, “Eijiro-kun,” she whined, “now you’re teasing me.” Kirishima smirked at her, “I’m on top, it’s my world, baby. Just relax.” He purrs, “I’ll take care of you.” Kat bit her lip, nodding. Kirishima leaned over and kissed her, trailing his lips to her neck, gently nibbling but avoiding marks.


Kat releases a soft groan, wrapping her arms around Kirishima,  His mouth trails down her body, stopping to suck her nipple, her hands tangled in his hair. He sinks lower, eyeing her expression as his mouth reached her crotch, taking two fingers and spreading her lips open. She gasped as his tongue lapped at her clit. “Eijiro…” she whispered, her head tilting back as her body shook, “Ei-Eijiro-kun… ah!” The shaking becomes more violent, waves of pleasure crashing through her like electric coursing through her veins. “Fuck-- EIJIRO-KUN!” Kat’s body tenses as she rides out her orgasm, gasping and clawing at the sheets.


Kirishima comes up with a smirk, “told you I’d make you scream for me. But this time, you know what to call me.” He gently presses into her, then as she moans, thrusts into her wet cavern. Kat gasps, “D-daddy~”


“Mmmn,” Kirishima’s breaths turn heavy, “fuck, I’m gonna- Kat- I’m....” Kat nods, “me too…” she gasps, “cum with me, Daddy!” As she rides her orgasm, she repeats the name as if she knows nothing else, "daddy!!"


The BakuDeku couple had already finished, now making out as they listen to the other pair cum. As Kirishima and Kat pull apart from each other, Bakugo pants tiredly, “Daddy is so fucking overrated, right, Deku?” Izuku nods, blushing as he says, “yes, Master.”


Kirishima stands up and digs inside a chest, throwing towels at Bakugo and Kat, using one for himself to clean up. As they wiped themselves off, Bakugo and Izuku searched for their clothes. Bakugo grumbled, “in the morning, I’m gonna kill those damn bastards.


Izuku dressed himself, partially wondering, that really just happened? His head was spinning from the absolute filthiness of the night’s activities. Bakugo drags him off in a blushed haze, darting quickly into their room and locking their door.


The green-haired boy looked up to Katsuki with big eyes, “Kacchan…” his voice was small, “can I… be the little spoon tonight?” Bakugo smiled, “I’ve been fucking waiting for you to ask, nerd. Let’s get some sleep.”

Izuku gives his fiance a dopey smile with his eyes partly closed. Bakugo’s heart thumped at the sight. He would do anything for that smile to stay on his face every waking moment of them being together.  Izuku nearly melts as Bakugo’s arms wrap around him before lifting him altogether, Izuku would have turned all shades of red at the gesture but instead, he lets out a bout of cute little giggle’s that vibrate into the nape of Katsuki’s neck. A shiver makes it hard not to ignore the gushy feeling running through him.

Izuku wraps his legs around Katsuki’s waist and drapes his arms over his shoulders as Bakugo holds him. Izuku can feel Bakugo smiling when he buries part of his face into his dark curls. 

They stay like that for while before Izuku whispers into his ear, “need to lie down, Kacchan, before your legs get tired.”

“If I lay down, I’ll just fall straight to sleep... mmm I want to hold you a bit longer,” he mutters into Izuku’s hair. Izuku chuckles as his arms pulsl him closer to Kacchan’s body. “I promise to keep you up, just lay down on the bed, okay?” The older teen nods silently as he  walks over to the bed and lays down with Izuku resting on his chest, Izuku sits up on his elbows just enough to look at Bakugo with a warm smile. Katsuki mutters, “M’kay nerd...I wanna hear you talk…”

Izuku big eyes light up, “Well um, I really enjoyed tonight with you Kacchan, I think I broke through my shy barrier when it comes to intimacy. I-I have so many ideas I wanna try out now with my Kacchan.”

Bakugo gives him a sloppy smirk, he loved it when Izuku referred to him as ‘his Kacchan’, “I bet, you looked really relaxed when we switched, you're a whole different person when you’re on top.”

Izuku feels his eyes start to water, but he still smiles, “I know, I-I thought ...something was wrong with me at first cause I couldn’t get comfortable. But... Kacchan... I trust you. I don't want a bad experience to affect our relationship.” 

Katsuki reaches up and wipes the big tear droplets from Izuku’s viridian green eyes, and smiles gently, "there was nothing wrong with you in the first place, Deku, you just needed a little push, fucking the shit out of Kat just happened to be it. Besides, even without fucking sex, I love you for who you fucking are and what you'll become.” Izuku nuzzles his palm,” and I’ll always love you for you Kacchan, Always have and always will.” He purrs as he turned to kiss his palm. 

Izuku lets out a surprised groan when he feels Bakugo’s hand squeeze his ass, Izuku gives his fiance a playful glare, “Kacchan..”

“Just giving it a good night squeeze Deku..” he snickered knowing full well that Izuku was still a bit sensitive.  His partner goes to tease him back, but is interrupted by a notification ring from his phone.

Izuku reluctantly grabs his phone to see who had texted him this late, “two messages?”

“From who? It's late.”

“Late by your standards, Kacchan,“ he said knowing his boyfriend slept earlier than most, “one from Kaminari and one from my mom? Kaminari just changed Kirishima’s nickname in the group chat to ‘ DaddyShark ’.” Both of them burst out into a fit of laughs. Izuku chuckles from behind his hand, "Kat is going to regret being so loud." Izuku clicks on what his mom sent him.


Mom : Mitsuki Just sent this to me, plz watch with Katsuki. It brings back memories. 😁


Izuku shakes his head at the thumbnail of the video. It was a still image of younger versions of himself and his fiance kneeling beside a play kitchen that was taller than them both. Izuku, of course, was wearing an All Might onsie while Katsuki had been forced into a pink apron over his shirt.


Bakugo huffs, “don’t you dare, Deku.” Izuku dares. He hits the play button and turns his phone horizontally to watch the video in fullscreen. Little Katsuki is on the floor, bawling his eyes out and screaming, “I don’t wanna be the wife! I’m a boy! I’m not the wife, ‘zuku!” This was years before his partner had come up with ‘Deku’. Izuku giggled, kneeling over his crying friend and patting his shoulder, “stop crying, ‘suki, you’re the best wife! You can cook good and clean faster than me!”


Katsuki pushed his friend away, knocking Izuku over on his rump, causing tears to well up in his eyes, “Mommy! ‘Suki pushed me!” Teenage Bakugo chuckled beside him, “always a Momma’s boy, huh, Deku?” Izuku gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, “ssh, Kacchan, you're missing it." Little Katsuki on-screen cried, "I ain't the fuckin' wife, 'zuku!" This resulted in a gasp from Mitsuki, who was recording, "Katsuki! Who fucking taught you how to swear?" Inko's voice chuckled, "it was probably you, Mitsuki." Izuku had stopped crying, instead, for some reason, was climbing on top of the kitchen set. Inko said, "Izuku, sweetie, get down from there." She stepped in front of the camera and bent over. Teen Izuku didn't notice it, but Bakugo said, "hold on, back up." He reached over and touched the screen, reversing frame by frame to Inko bending down, her feet showing with socks on. He pointed to the hem of the sock on her left foot, right above her ankle. There was a small black line, curved downward like the top of a circle, "your Mom has a tattoo?"


Izuku nods, "I've never seen anything more than that curve, but yeah. She said it's something she got when she was a kid but she would never say anything more than that." Bakugo shrugs it off, letting the video play more. Inko puts Izuku down on the floor, little Katsuki no longer crying, but now he had moved on to playing with blocks that were nearby. "'Zuku stinks at playing house. We're gonna build instead." Izuku had a frown on his face, but sits himself down and starts building something that quickly falls down. Tiny Izuku said a single word that turned the camera on him, gasps coming from both mothers. The one little word falls out of Izuku's mouth, "fuck."


The video cuts off, and Katsuki can't contain his laughter, "that was probably the last time you swore for a long fucking time, Deku! Your Mom probably beat your ass!" Izuku blushed, smiling, "she... washed my mouth out with soap after that." He had a vague memory of the end of the video, and the punishment that came after. He could almost taste the bar of soap now.


Izuku puts his phone away, “hey, Kacchan, that’s a good point, though. We’re both boys. At our wedding, there’s not exactly going to be a husband and wife, you know? So… how is that going to work?” Katsuki grinned, “well, obviously you’ll be the bride. Ain’t no way I’m wearing a fucking dress.”


Izuku gives Katsuki a look, “seriously, Kacchan.” It’s nice to hear him actually joke, though. That’s different. Katsuki shrugs, “we should probably plan everything else out first, don’t you think? The ceremony is easiest. But what about the date? Invitations, all of that shit needs to be figured out. Your Mom told us to do this proudly, so we will.”

Proudly… Izuku pondered for a moment. Bakugo’s eye twitched as he sensed word vomit incoming. Dammit, here it comes. I’m gonna get all fucking gushy n’ shit just cause he’s gonna talk a mile a minute. “Well, the best time to do all of this is during the summer, while school is out and the weather is nice. I heard about something in America a long time ago…” he pulls out his phone and searches something while muttering, “pride, if we’re going to do this proudly, there’s something called Gay Pride, it’s in June, the last Sunday in June, to be exact.”


Bakugo raised an eyebrow, “Pride? You mean like, rainbows n’ shit? I’ve seen pictures online, those fucking freaks with their bright colors and-” he sighs, “why the fuck can’t we have something like that here? The last two fucking parades in Tokyo got canceled because of villain threats.” Izuku stops his muttering to ask, “you’re jealous, aren’t you?” Bakugo squeezed Izuku tighter, “fucking hell, Deku. If we had it that good, I wouldn’t have to worry. Marching the streets with my boyfriend, no one looking at us weird, no one pissing me off….”


Izuku shrugged, “well, maybe we can have that, even if it’s just for one day, you know? No random villain would bother trying to stop the wedding, it won’t be that big. ” He could feel Bakugo’s heart beat faster in his chest, something that happens when his fiance gets emotional. His determined voice crawls through his smirk, “fuck yeah, Deku. We’ll make fucking history. Ground Zero and Deku’s wedding, the first Pride event in Japan ran by future heroes? Fuck yeah. So what if it’s not my image? Rainbow fucking everything, Deku.”


Izuku grabbed a notebook he kept by the nightstand, opening it and writing down the details, “so, June 25th. Rainbow themed. Where do we want it? Beach, maybe? Or do you want it inside?” Bakugo shook his head, “definitely beach. But I don’t want to deal with sand n’ shit. We’ll go to Isachigo’s Cliff.” Izuku wrote it down, but asked, “what’s that?”


Bakugo answered, “used to go there with the old crew from middle school. It’s this place overlooking the East Sea. On clear days, you can see an island some heroes use to train. Plenty of room for whatever we want to do. I’ll take you there sometime. But hey, Deku,” he grabs his left hand, “something’s missing here, right? After school tomorrow, we’re going to get you a ring. If anyone asks about it, just tell them to fuck off or somethin’.”

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Chapter Text

Izuku walked into class, Bakugo beside him. The desks had names on cards on each of them. Seating rearrangement? Izuku felt anxiety as he searched for his name. It wasn’t that there were any classmates he particularly wouldn’t want to sit near, but he wasn’t fond of the fact he would probably be separated from Bakugo, knowing Aizawa’s priority of education without distractions.


As the students in Class 1-A settled in their seats, Izuku found himself feeling awkward. He had been working hard on his assignments, so he wasn’t too far behind in his schoolwork, but he suddenly realized he had been falling behind when it came to friendship among the class. He noticed Ochako talking happily with Tsu and Momo. Iida was chatting with Todoroki. There was a calm, comfortable vibe between all of his classmates. How could I have ignored them for so long? He frowned as guilt crept to his throat.


Bakugo sat in the seat next to him. “Kacchan? Mister Aizawa put us together?” He questioned. Katsuki shrugged, “I don’t fucking care what he thinks, I’m sitting next to my boyfriend anyway.” Izuku peeked at the card, relieved it had his name on it. The last thing his hothead needs is more trouble.


Izuku studied the seating order with curiosity, noticing a pattern. The front row consisted of Kat and Kirishima side-by side by the door, followed by Ochako, then Kaminari and Jiro, Bakugo’s seat, then his own. Behind him sat Todoroki, then Sero, Mina, Mineta, Tokoyami, Tsu, and Toru. Behind Toru was a row of Kota, Sato, Ojiro, Shoji, Iida, Momo and Aoyama. All the couples were moved together in the front row. That’s weird.


Aizawa walked in with a serious look, Midnight following behind him. EraserHead leaned against the board in the front of the room, crossing his arms and looking down. Midnight cast her gaze over the class as Aizawa spoke, “I’m disappointed.” His voice spread fear through the students in front of him. His eyes snapped open, the rage of a thousand suns in his eyes. “We have no idea who it was last night, but if we find out, they will be punished, severely. We had several complaints come in this morning about the noise ,” he nearly growled out the word, “from last night. The dorms were made to protect students , not create a place for inappropriate activities.” He rubbed his forehead with frustration, “as your teacher, I don’t even want to know what went on last night, so please, don’t come forward. It might be the heroic thing to do, but I don’t want to know, okay? The point is, if this happens again, we will be putting stricter supervision and rules in place.”


Midnight nodded, “besides, Principal Nezu thought this would be enough to curb anyone who tries to do this kind of thing again. He has ordered us to add sexual education to the curriculum for a day. And yes, we will be making it as awkward as possible.” There was a collective groan as she licked her lips. Mineta’s voice piped up, “I’m a visual learner, you know.” Aizawa was about to send his scarf flying at him, but Sero beat him to it, taping the boy’s mouth shut. Aizawa added, “and this curriculum will now be included in the finals. We won’t make it easy, so pay attention.”


Izuku couldn’t hide his embarrassment. Because of him and his friends, they all had to sit through an hour lecture about safe sex and abstinence. Not only that, but Aizawa’s awkwardness was cringe-inducing. Midnight was less shy about the subject, though, but Izuku wasn’t sure if that made it better or worse.

As EraserHead rolled his eyes, disgruntled that he had to hold a banana up while Midnight rolled a blue condom on it, a giggle pierced through the room. Eyes turned to Mina, who had her hands over her mouth, her eyes wide with embarrassment. The teachers ignored this outburst, moving on to speak about diseases. As they turned on a screen in front of the room, Aizawa explained, "there are many forms of infections you can get..."

Izuku's shoulders tense as his teacher talks. He swallows hard, his mind locked up. I know too well what it's like... he doesn't have to explain. Izuku's jaw clenched as his eyes lose focus. He could feel himself slipping into-

A hand grabs his tight, almost hard enough to bruise. Izuku is pulled back to reality, biting his own cheek to bring him to focus. If he was caught spacing out, Aizawa would make it so much worse for him. He glanced at Katsuki, but his crimson eyes were aimed to the front of the room, watching the scene with disinterest. Izuku turned his eyes to Kat and Kirishima, who were doing the same. Kirishima's knuckles were hardened like stone.

After the lecture, the class sighed with relief, met with a shake of the head from Aizawa. “Don’t get too relieved. Your next class is with Present Mic. I’ve asked him to take you outside for this lesson.”


The class was escorted to the track, Aizawa observing the students with a tired look in his eyes. Present Mic had a grin on his face, using his quirk and greeting the students, “rumor has it last night was cray-zay! You think you had it rough in your last lesson, it’ll be even worse with me! Aizawa-Sensei says if you want to act like kids, that’s how we’ll treat you!” There was a record scratch as Present Mic pulled out a book that looked like it was meant for a small child. The English title read, “Green Eggs and Ham.”


Bakugo burst out, “Doctor fucking Suess? Really?” Present Mic ignored his comment, “I’m going to read this out loud in Japanese as you run around the track. Your job is to repeat after me in English. I hear anyone mess up, and it’ll only add another lap. Ready?” The class was silent, very much not ready for the embarrassment of rehearsing a children’s book. The DJ’s voice rang out again, “I said, are you ready?!” The class replied with an unenthusiastic, “yes, Sensei!”


The class took off, jogging at whatever pace they chose. Bakugo and Izuku ran together, their voices repeating, “I do not like green eggs and ham! I do not like them, Sam I Am!” It was ridiculous and humiliating. While Todoroki and Iida were in front of the couple, Kat and Kirishima jogged behind them. Kat couldn’t help but giggle.


As the wind blew, Kat shivered. She had specially tailored her track suit for gym to have a hole cut out over her tattoo in case she ever needed her quirk. The zipper she had attached to the hole made a jingling sound as she jogged.


Kat’s giggles made her recitations imperfect, tripping over some words. Present Mic announced, “sounds like someone is having too much fun! One more lap!” He recites another line of the book, but Kat’s giggles still rung out, “sorry, I can’t help it!” Kirishima says, “come on, get it together.”


Present Mic uses his quirk again, “alright, Class 1-A! Freeze!” Todoroki and Iida stop on command, causing Izuku and Bakugo to crash into their backs. “Sorry!” Izuku backed away. Bakugo turned angrily to whoever crashed behind him, “oi! Watch the fuck out!” His eyes widened as he realized it was Kat. Green sparks crackled up her arms, her eyes the size of moons on her face, “woah! What is this power? I’ve never felt anything like it!” 


Izuku gasped, realizing what had happened, “Kat! Don’t move, it’ll be fine, but don’t do anything too, you know, drastic.” Kirishima reached out to his girlfriend, but he got blasted backwards a few feet, his hardened body leaving a scar on the dirt he landed on. Izuku reached out as well, but as he did, it felt like there was an invisible wall around her, crackling with electric-like energy. Eraser Head jumped into action, approaching the girl, his eyes glowing as he used his quirk. 


Kat stepped toward Kirishima, ignoring what Aizawa was trying to do, “Eijiro-Kun! Are you okay?” The sparks lessen around her arms as she stepped forward, but increased around her ankle as her foot hit the ground, denting the track around her footstep. Her gaze stared at the damage she had done. Izuku’s eyes widened, “are you hurt?” That kind of impact would have broken something when he didn’t have control of his quirk. There was no way Kat would be prepared for this power, even though she could handle Bakugo’s explosions, she wasn’t indestructible.


Kat looked unharmed, but Aizawa said, “look at me.” She turned her eyes to him. The hero couldn’t erase the quirk she had gained. “I’ve never had this happen before…” he squinted his eyes, then looked to Midoriya, “you’ll need to call him.” He nodded to Present Mic, “take the rest of the students inside.”


Izuku gulped, taking his phone from his pocket and dialing the number. A deep voice came through, “Young Midoriya? Is everything alright?” Izuku’s voice shook, “I don’t know. Kat accidentally touched Kacchan and now she has my quirk. Aizawa couldn’t erase her quirk and no one can touch her to reset it.” All Might was silent for a moment, “I’ll be there.”


In thirty seconds, All Might was there in his muscle form. Kat was surrounded by sparks, looking down at her arms, muttering, “I’ve never felt this kind of power before. Deku, how do you deal with this?” She looked scared as she says, “I’d try covering my tattoo, but I feel like if I move, it’ll break my arms….”

All Might says, stepping toward her, “I’d advise against that, Young Koroatsume.” Kat corrected him, “just call me Kat. Can you fix this?” All Might smiled, instead of speaking with gusto, though, his voice was gentle, “of course. Everything is fine now. I am here. Do you mind if I try covering it?” Kat nodded, “please, just make it stop.”


As All Might walked behind Kat, Kirishima stood as close as he could get to his girl, “it’ll be alright. All Might can fix this!” As the hero reached for her track suit, aiming to pull up the tailored zipper, he felt a wall of energy around her. He smiled as he pushed through it, using all of his strength to cover the tattoo. The power that was coursing through her system slowly started to fade, the built-up tension in her muscles disappearing as her body began to relax. Everyone let out a sigh of relief, All might gave Kat a gentle squeeze on her shoulder, ”See young Kat, you’re all better. You’ll have to be more careful next time. With great power comes an even greater responsibility.”


Kat nodded as the former number one hero kept walking with her, back toward the other students, Deku sighed internally, relieved that the situation was dealt with, all without any major injury. He would have felt awful if something were to happen to Kat. Maybe there was a way to prevent something like this from happening again. Her quirk is touch-based, but to what extent? It’s more than a hand touch like Uraraka, most of her body is sensitive to her quirk since it’s never turned off unless her tattoo was covered. Izuku bit his lip as his thoughts ran wild as he followed behind All Might and the KiriKat couple. Bakugo walked silently beside him.


Suddenly the smell of sulfur blew on the breeze. The horribly familiar scent made Izuku regain focus on what was around him. He saw purple smoke creep through the grass, toward himself and the class entering the school. He warned, shouting, “All Might! It’s the same smoke that took me and Kat!” 


EraserHead and Present Mic stood defensively in front of the students, urging them inside, “I won’t let it happen. Not on my watch.” The smoke surrounded them, and Izuku could no longer see the group ahead.


All Might curled his fists, looking to the students behind him and beginning to run, “everyone, do not panic! Try to keep a level head. Get inside!” His students follow him, Katsuki grabbing on to Izuku’s hand. Katsuki growled, “they’re not getting you this time, Deku!” As they approached the door to the school, the smoke only getting thicker, they found the body of Momo laying on the ground. Next to her was an unconscious Mina.


Everywhere they turned, they were met with another body of Class 1-A. The longer they were exposed to the smoke, the less of their bodies appeared to be solid. Izuku nearly tripped over the foding torso of Iida. "No! Iida!" He whimpered, reaching his hand out. The only thing left of his friend was intangible mist. Izuku looked to his side to see Kat, who had collapsed in Kirishima’s arms. “Eijiro-Kun… don’t let them take me again.” Kirishima was down on one knee trying to support her weight. He lifted her up with unsteady knees. "I won't let you down, babe. Ever."

Izuku starts to panic, the grip of Bakugo’s hand had slipped away, the blonde nowhere in sight.  He had to find him. He had to make sure that he wouldn't disappear off into the smoke. Just he was about scream his name, his fiance is back at his side, holding his hand. Izuku grasps his partner tightly, ”Kacchan, what’s going on? Why is it back?” Bakugo is panting, his breaths ragged as his eyes drooped. He pulls Izuku along, navigating through the thick smoke trying to find a pathway to safety, “I don’t know Deku...just try to stay close.” He coughed as the smoke started to grow heavier.


All Might, no longer in his muscle form,  reappears from the smoke and tries to usher the boys, “Young Midoriya, please, evacuate immediately.” He warns them as he wheezes at the lack of oxygen that was in the air. Blood had started to come down his chin as he coughed and wheezed. His injured lungs could only take so much, his own eyes drooping as he stumbled. Just as Izuku was about comment about the concerning appearance of the hero, Izuku  feels Bakugo’s touch fade from his hand. He turned to look at his fiance, his body slowly turning to smoke. “Kacchan!” He reached out for his partner. Bakugo growled and weakly pushed the boy away, “Deku, run! Save yourself, dammit!!”


All Might’s voice screaming, “NO!” was the last thing the blonde heard as he lost all feeling besides the sensation of floating. Deku better escape. He can’t go through this shit again. They can do whatever they want to me, but please, just be fucking safe, Deku. Fuck! His chest was full of panic . If they’re taking me to do the same thing to me, they have another thing fucking coming. I don’t care if they take my quirk, I’ll fucking fight them just like I would have the League if All Might didn’t show up. I won’t be a fucking victim.

Bakugo’s gut churned as he floated through nothingness, images in his head flashing of Izuku curled up in his fever, muttering about how much it still hurt. I’ll fight them. I’ll fucking kill them. It won’t fucking happen to me. I will kill them for what they've done! Take me, just leave him the fuck alone!


All Might grabs hold of his successor as he cries out for his partner. Everyone was disappearing from his field of vision as the dark smoke created a haze. Everyone seemed to be out of reach except for Izuku. He had him firmly grasped into his arms. He had to save him, he couldn't fail the promise he made to his mother twice.


“All Might! We have to go back for Kacchan! H-He needs our help! Stop! Dammit go back!!” Izuku screamed as tears streamed down his face. As much as the boy’s gut-wrenching screams tear at his heart, he refused to let go. All Might, despite the smile on his face, was overcome by fear for Izuku. It was him . He was sure of it, he had come for Izuku.


The timing of the attack was all too coincidental. Izuku had come to him with some very shocking news that he and young Bakugo planned on tying the knot later on in June. While he did think they were a little too young, Izuku had his full support. Although his mother had told him to hold off on announcing the wedding, Izuku had explained to him why he wanted his mentor to know.


All Might was honored when Izuku asked him to be the one to give him away during the wedding ceremony since he had been the only father-like figure in his life. 


“Izuku, my boy, I am happy to be the one to give you away. But I must ask why me over your father? Is it because he wouldn't be able to make it due to work? "  All might couldn't help but ask. Ever since he had met the boy’s mother he had been curious of the other parent. His successor never spoke about his father fondly like he did about his mother. Were they separated? Or did he just not have a healthy relationship with his father? 


He had watched as the boy’s demeanor started to change, his eyes slightly downcasting to the ground as his shoulders slumped, ”A-Actually, All Might... there was something else I wanted to talk to you about, there was a reason why Mom asked not to go publicly with our engagement yet. She, um, she revealed something about my father to me as of r-recently….” Izuku shuddered as his eyes began to water, his voice starting to waver at the subject. All Might wanted to kick himself for making his successor cry, he had placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, “you don't have to explain, young Midoriya, I understand if it’s a sensitive subject for you.”


His student did the unexpected and gave him a wobbly smile filled with tears. It was a sad smile, but a smile nonetheless. “It’s okay, All Might ...if anything, you need to know, after everything that you have done for would eat me alive if I didn't tell you…”


Izuku had revealed that his arch nemesis was his father. He wouldn't lie and say he wasn't in denial about his lineage, refusing to accept at first. Though even his stubborn mind recalled the times he had made subtle comparisons to the way Izuku looked when he turned a certain way or how he had a green lightning aura as supposed to AFO’s red lighting. Tiny details now started to make sense. Then Izuku went on to why they were postponing telling everyone. It was in fear that his father would harm Katsuki or Izuku. The fact of the matter was that he did not agree with the idea of his son being with a man. Ever since then, his fear for Izuku’s life had intensified. Despite the blood he shared with that evil bastard, All Might still had love for the pupil he took under his wing.


So All Might ran with fear fueling his veins, clutching onto Izuku with all his might. He wouldn't let All For One have him. No one would harm him as long as he was there to protect him.  ”Please calm down young Midoriya, we will get young Bakugo back… we just have to get you to safety first! So do not fear!” He cooed to Izuku, whom was crying out for his fiance who had disappeared into the dark haze of smoke. All Might  coughed again as the smoke started to close up on them. He growled, seeing that Aizawa was nowhere in sight. His body was beginning to feel weaker by the second. “Just hold tight. We’ll get out of here.” He claimed as nervous sweat rolled down his forehead.


“...A-All might.. Don’t let them take me again.” came Izuku’s drowsy reply. All Might looked down into his arms at the concern of his student voice, and to his fear smoke started to engulf the boy’s torso and spread through his body, “D-Damnit! Just hold on! Help is on the way!” He cried out, Izuku’s nails so desperately clawed into his forearm  as he slipped away. All Might’s efforts to cling to him were fruitless as the boy turned into smoke in front of his eyes.


“I-IZUKU!?!” yelled All might as the green haired boy’s body began to slip through his fingers and disappear. His electric blue eyes widen in fear as they connected with Izuku emerald ones before vanishing into the smoke,”IZUKU!”

Hours later...

Midoriya woke up with a warm breeze on his face. His eyes opened, and before him was the night sky full of hundreds of stars. He looked around him and saw Bakugo laying an arm's reach of him, not too far past him were Kat and Kirishima. On his other side was Kaminari, with Jiro on top of him.


He sat up and saw he was surrounded by his classmates, all twenty of them. They were in a field of grass. Something on the back of his neck stung him. He shook Bakugo awake, "Kacchan! Wake up!" 


Bakugo's eyes flicked open and he sat up with a start. "Deku! Where the fuck are we?" Midoriya shook his head, "I don't know." As they spoke, their classmates awakened groggily. They looked around in confusion.


Suddenly, they hear a loud, high-pitched beep. It was hard to tell where the noise was coming from. A male voice boomed as if from a stadium speaker, "welcome, class 1-A! My name is King Karnage." The voice had a heavy American accent. Kat freezes at the voice above, her heart skipping a beat. Her vision  filled with red as his voice continued.


"If you look above your heads toward the southern moon, you'll see a projection," the students turned and looked up at the sky, four moons were hanging in each cardinal direction. To the south, a giant video played in the sky of a costumed person sitting in a wheelchair. He had dark black robes and a deer skull for a mask, ten-point antlers reaching high above his head. On the forehead between the deer's eyes was a rune painted in red.


Midoriya's eyes flicked from the deer in the sky, to Kat's tattoo. It was the same exact rune. The man continued to speak, "Unlike most villains, I won't bore you with my backstory. But I will tell you where you are, and why you are here. This is an island called Bahut Chaval, off the coast of Indonesia."


Indonesia? How could they have gotten so far in what felt like minutes? "The island came down with a sickness long ago. The residents have been dead for years." The image in the sky changed to an image of a tall tower with an arrow pointing at its top floor. "This is my office. I brought you all here to attempt to do the one thing no one has been able to." The image switched back to him, holding out his arms, "your mission is very simple. Kill me, and you'll be able to go home. Many of you will die in this attempt, but if you fail, all of you will perish. Keep in mind, not even All Might was able to finish me off in our last encounter. That is all. Good luck."


The screen clicked off, only the moons and stars left in the sky. The classmates looked at eachother, then turned to Iida. They needed a leader. Momo stood by his side supportively. "We should find out more about our location in relation to our enemy. Whoever took us all the way here presumably means business. We should all split up into teams and survey the area."


Momo offers, "it will take time but I will make radios for all of us to communicate with. There may not be people here, but you never know what could be lurking on a deserted island."


She begins concentrating on making the devices for her classmates. Mina asks, "so... are we not going to wonder why this guy wants us to kill him? And how we're going to do it if even All Might couldn't?" Kirishima adds, "yeah, guys. It sounds like a trap to me." He shoots a pointed look to Bakugo and Midoriya.


Iida sighs, "I thought the same thing. But until we know exactly what's going on, we must go along with this." Bakugo huffs, "you all might be against murder, but I'm gonna kill him for thinking he can take us all on. You losers have fun, I'm going to find him and get this over with." Bakugo was starting to become very irritated with how this year had been going. It was like every few weeks there was some more shit happening, always out of his control and this  seemed to be no different, meaning that Izuku would be at risk at getting hurt.


Bakugo felt the spark of small explosions going off in his palm thinking about what happened last time he wasn't there when Izuku needed him. He swore to himself that he would kill King Karnage. He had dragged his fiance into his personal vendetta against Kat. This was unforgivable.


He turns away from the group, but then pauses in his tracks. "I thought that bastard said there's no people here!" Bakugo stands defensively. Far off to the south stood a line of trees. The moonlight lit up the forest. Bakugo and the others could barely make out what looked like people walking toward them.


Shoji turned an ear to the crowd, "there's hundreds of them, at least. They sound like they're in pain." Midoriya goes to stand next to Bakugo, "maybe there were survivors King Karnage doesn't know about."


Bakugo spat at the ground, "we should stay away from them. They could be carrying the same sickness." Tsu speaks up, "that might be hard to do, ribbit." She points to the East, "they've surrounded us." She was right. All around them were crowds of people moving their direction.


Momo stopped making radios and instead made herself a sword. "I have a feeling they aren't friendly." Shoji turned to Momo, "I have a feeling they aren't human. Their bodies... they're falling apart." Kaminari raises an eyebrow, "like zombies?"


Shoji nods. A stiff breeze blew past the class, carrying with it the stench of death. Kat shakes her head vigorously, "zombies don’t exist, do they?”


Bakugo looks at Midoriya, "you're the nerd here. Should we fight or run?" Despite Bakugo's rough exterior toward his partner, he had grown to trust his judgement. Izuku watched the zombies come closer, only a rough estimate of a half-mile away. "We should run," Midoriya looks at his classmates, "we don't know enough about our enemy to get caught in a swarm of them."


Uraraka asks, "but how will we escape, Deku? We're surrounded." Midoriya made eye contact with Iida, "we can do it just like when we helped Kacchan escape from the League, but on a much bigger-."


A collective hiss of many voices jolted Izuku. He turned around, his mouth dropped. The zombies had changed from a slow crawl to a full-speed run.


Kaminari yelled to his class, "aim for the head!" Bakugo looked at him, "this isn't a damn video game! Rip them to pieces and make sure they can't fucking stand!" The crowd would surround them from all sides in a matter of seconds. 


Before anyone could react, though, the entire class felt the ground rise from under them. Slippery ice formed a pillar under the whole class, the zombies running headfirst into it. Todoroki had made a tower of ice the size of a house. They looked down from the top at the zombies that were scratching at the ice, trying to climb it desperately.


Todoroki raised the sides a couple of feet so no one could slide off easily. "We couldn't have taken on that many. We need to pick them off until it's manageable." He says. Bakugo spits daggers at him, "shut up, half and half! I can take them all on myself!"


"No, you can't. What if they still have quirks or powers we don't know about?" Todoroki's face displays as much emotion as a rock.


Kat stares down at the zombies. "So our main problem is that we don't know enough about these things to fight them, right?" Todoroki agrees, "exactly." Kat's eyes stared downward, but Kirishima could tell she was thinking hard.


"What are you thinking, babe?" Kirishima puts a hand on her shoulder, looking toward where her eyes landed on a single zombie, a few feet away from the rest of the horde. Her eyes turned to Kirishima, "you're not going to like this. But it's the only way I can help. Most of us have close-range attacks. It’s too dangerous to let them get close enough to bite. If they really are zombies, that is."


Kirishima looked concerned, "what are you talking about?" Midoriya interrupted their conversation, "we don't need to resort to extremes. We just need to think."


Kaminari snapped his fingers, "hey! Why not this! Todoroki can make a disk of ice to stand on and Uraraka can just float us all?"


Uraraka shook her head, "I don't think I can float a huge ice block big enough to carry you all."


Todoroki looked at Midoriya, "what about your idea?" Midoriya scratched his head, "the only problem is that we'd be trying to throw more than 20 people across a horde of zombies. But where would we land? And where do we go after that?"


Tsu pointed to the north, "I can see a light blinking over there. Maybe that's where the tower is?"


Kat breaks away from Kirishima, "I'm telling you, I can help." She insists. "I can only use the power once and it will take a year off of my life," she explains, "but if it gets us out of here, so be it."


Kirishima shakes his head, "a year off your life? No way! What kind of power is that? We'll think of another way. We’re heroes! This is what we do!" He looks at his classmates, "come on! No one has anything better?" His eyes look at his friend, "Bakugo?"


Sato spoke up, “Kirishima is right, why can’t we all just go down there and kick some zombie ass?” Iida held his chin in his hands, “fighting an unknown enemy can be dangerous, but it is our duty as heroes to face challenges head-on.”


Kat shakes her head, “when I was in trouble, it was Kirishima who had to rescue me. I refuse to be useless. Let me do this. Plus I, um,” her gaze looks downward at the ice below them, green sparks crackling around her arms, “I’m still stuck with One- I mean, Deku’s quirk. This might be the only way to reset it.”


Midoriya and Bakugo look at eachother. They both heard it. "Oi! Copycat!" Bakugo steps toward her, "you were about to say the name of Deku's quirk, weren't you?" Kat blushes guiltily, "sorry, but I don't know what you're talking about. I just stuttered, is all."


She changes the subject quickly, "does anyone have a knife? I need it to activate this power." When there was no response, she raised an eyebrow, "you all rely too much on your quirks. You call yourselves heroes but can't be bothered to pack a pocket knife?"


Momo made one for her and handed it to her. "What do you need a knife for, Kat?" She asks. Kat blushes a deeper red, "I can't explain everything, okay? We don't have time. But it's about to get bloody."


She holds the knife with her right hand and sits down cross-legged, resting her arm against her leg. Kirishima says nervously, "K-Kat... you're not gonna.... Hey..."


She looks at him from the corner of her eye, "I need to carve a rune on my arm to make this work. Look away if you have to. You’re not stopping e from doing this."


Kirishima didn't want to have to watch, but he couldn't sit back knowing she was hurting herself for their classmates. He sat next to her, holding her empty hand. Most of the students looked away. Some of them due to previous experiences.


Midoriya couldn't hold back, "you don't-" Bakugo put a hand over his mouth. "You're wasting your breath, Deku."


Kat takes one last moment to explain, "when I'm done, you'll see something with wings fly down toward us. Don't attack it. It will kill you."


She presses the knife to her skin, grimacing as she slices a crude circle on the inside of her forearm. She carves a pattern inside and outside the circle, replicating the intricate details of a rune she once deeply studied. Blood dripped down onto the ice.


When she was finished, the rune glowed. Like she had warned, they could hear the flapping of wings, a creature hovering above them. It descended slowly, its pale skin, lipless smile, and yellow eyes glowing in the moonlight. It lands on the ice. The smell of death spreaded

Its gruff voice cackled, "oooh, hello, Kat. It's been a long time. Got any apples?" Kat shook her head, "not now, Aikimi. I promise I'll get you some if I make it out of here, okay?" The demon smiled and clapped, "so, what's the deal today?" Aikimi looked at Kirishima, who was holding her hand, "I see you have a boyfriend, Kat. Very bold move." He chuckled.


Kat ignored his last comment, "let me use Ultimate Equip and you get a year of my life." Kat offered, looking the demon in the eye. In the panic of the moment, she had entirely forgotten the owed debt between them.


Demons like Aikimi stay immortal not only by feeding off of the misery of mortals, but also taking life away and giving themselves the remaining years. This was a perfect deal for so little effort on Aikimi's part. "Deal," he stretches out his long fingers. Kat shook his hand without hesitation, smiling happily as the demon stretched his wings, releasing her hand, "until we meet again, Aikimi!"


Tokoyami watched this, interested in their interaction. "She just greeted Death like an old friend," he muttered to himself. Aikimi flew away, chuckling, "don't forget those apples, my dear!"


Kat stood up from the ground, the glow from her arm ceasing, the wound scarring over on her skin. Her classmates stared, unsure of what they just saw. Kat shook her head, "don't think about it."


She let go of Kirishima's hand, her skin hardening like his, "now I can use the quirk of anyone touch, even using multiple quirks at once." She explains, looking at Todoroki, "may I?" She reached out a hand. He takes a step forward, "why do you like my quirk so much?" He asks. Kat smiles, "because it's the most useful to me." She looks at Kaminari, "yours, too." She walks up to him. "Mine?" He asks, "what can my quirk do against zombies?"


Kat smiles, "just trust me. We'll be out of here soon." She looks at Kirishima, "after I use this power, I'll need you to carry me. I'm pretty much useless right after."


Kat steps next to Uraraka, gaining her anti-gravity quirk.


Kirishima frowns, "I still don't like the idea of you going down there alone. Why not let the rest of us help?" Kat shakes her head, "when I have multiple quirks like this it can be hard to control. I can't risk any of you getting hurt."


Bakugo protested, "well, I'm going down there whether you like it or not. I'm in the mood to kick some ass." Kat tried to argue, but the fire in his eyes stopped her. "Fine," Kat frowned, "but I refuse to feel guilty if I hurt you, or worse."


Midoriya put a hand on Bakugo's shoulder, "if you're going down there, I am too." Bakugo shrugged his hand off, "and get your clumsy ass killed? No fucking way. Stay up here or I'll kill you myself." Izuku’s expression of concern only deepened, “alright, Kacchan. Just be careful, okay?” Bakugo rolled his eyes, planting a quick kiss on his forehead, “don’t worry about me, Deku.”


Kat sighed, walking up to Midoriya, "I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'll need the speed that comes with your quirk. Do you mind?"


Midoriya reached out his hand. She already used One For All once, so what was the point in saying no? "Will you be able to reset your quirk?" Kat nodded, "for sure. After I use Ultimate Equip once, I get reset.”


Midoriya touched her hand for a moment, sending a charge through her whole body. "Woah!" Wind underneath her blew her hair up, the power surging through her body. She looks at Bakugo, "let's do this!" She held her hand up to high-five him. 


Bakugo smirks, "you know, you really piss me off." Their hands collide in a powerful smack, an explosion sparking between the two of them. "Don't get in my way, Kacchan ," she teases, stepping up to the ledge of the pillar.


"Hey! You don't get to call me that, you copycat freak!" Bakugo launches himself over the edge, exploding a horde of zombies, leaving a circle of corpses in his wake. Kat follows, blasting the zombies below her with flames. 


Kirishima leaned against Midoriya's shoulder, "I never thought they would get along." Midoriya smiles, the light from the flames and explosions flashing over his face, "yeah, Bakugo's an asshole, but he's my asshole."


Kirishima laughs, looking back at the class behind him, "hey guys! Bakugo must be rubbing off on him. Midoriya just swore!"


Iida held out his hand, moving it up and down, "Midoriya! I didn't expect you to fall under such punk-like behaviors!"


Uraraka burst out laughing, "no matter what, Class 1-A will always be the same!"


The smell of burning bodies filled the air. Various screams from Bakugo and Kat rang in their ears.


"Die! Die! Die!"


"I'll burn you all!"


As the students watched, it was quite the spectacle to see the pair blast away dozens of living corpses. At one point, Kat encased a whole zombie in ice, using the superstrength from One for All to throw it on top of the tower Todoroki made.


Todoroki used his heat to melt the ice as Sero wrapped it up in tape. Kirishima took a hardened hand and punched it in the forehead, denting its skull.


"So they do die when hit in the head!" Kaminari said excitedly, "good to know!" Kat called from below, "good shot, Eijiro-kun!"


Sero pointed out, "how did she know you killed it?" Kirishima shrugged, "don't question amazing. She's the manliest cute girl I know. Some days I can't believe she's my girlfriend."


Kaminari looked at Kirishima, "dude, your girlfriend looks and acts like a ten-year-old. You're like dating a child.  I wouldn't call it winning. Jiro is the best girlfriend in the class." Jiro rolled her eyes, "you're so corny."


Mineta burst into the conversation, drooling, "I wouldn't mind finally getting a girlfriend."


The pillar shook from below them. Todoroki yelled, "their heat is melting my ice! This whole thing is going to collapse!"


They hear a loud crack below them, and suddenly, the tower gave way, tipping toward the ground. The students of Class 1-A slid toward the edge, slipping on the ice. In the instant the pillar gave way, there wasn't a thing any of the students could do but brace for impact.


The entire island shook from the crash of the tower. Hundreds of zombies were crushed under its weight. The students of Class 1-A were scattered in the rubble of melting ice. Kat stood her ground on one side of the tower, piles of burning bodies lighting up the battlefield. Bakugo stood next to her, panting.


"Getting tired already, explosion boy?" Kat's voice was strained with exhaustion. 


He smirks, "I'm just getting warmed up, copycat." A zombie lurches toward them, reaching out its arms. Bakugo reaches for its face, the explosion from his hand killing it. Another zombie rushes Kat, who promptly sends an ice spike through its skull.


"How many fucking people lived on one damn island?" Bakugo growls as he takes another zombie down. Suddenly, a piercing scream broke through the moans of the monsters. "Fuck!" Kat's arm was in the mouth of a zombie, blood pouring from the bite. She electrocutes it with Kaminari's quirk, frying its brain. She slumps to the ground, her eyes clouding over.


More zombies were coming. Bakugo had no choice but to flee. He picked up Kat and ran toward where the ice pillar was in crumbles. "Don't you fucking die, you shitty loser!" Her arm dangles lifelessly, leaving a trail of blood behind. 


Midoriya rose from the ground, his body sore but nothing seemed broken. He had been thrown feet away from the pillar. He could see bodies trapped under the ice, hoping they were just zombies. He could see a light near the pillar. Was that Aoyama? He rushed toward the laser, hoping his other classmates would be there.


I hope Bakugo and Kat are okay on their own. Midoriya rushed past stray zombies, not bothering with them at the moment. He needed to get back to his class so they could regroup.


Kaminari and Jiro were the first to get to Aoyama, who was bent over like a table, flashing his laser into the sky. Kaminari smiled and gave him a thumbs-up, "that laser is always handy in times like this!"


It didn't take long before the rest of the class gathered around the light. Kirishima joined them, "have Kat and Bakugo come back yet?" The Class didn't need to answer. Behind Kirishima, Bakugo was carrying Kat in his arms.


Bakugo huffed, "Kirishima." The red-haired boy turned around, immediately seeing Kat's bleeding arm. Bakugo dropped to his knees, "she got bit. There's more coming." Midoriya ran to his boyfriend. Uraraka floated herself up to see the horde, but she only saw a few stragglers. They were relatively safe, for now.


Kirishima took Kat in his arms, her limp body and empty eyes crushing his heart. "No," he murmured. He put his fingers to her neck, "she's not dead. What’s wrong with her?" He turns his head to Momo, who was already making bandages.


As they wrapped her arm up, the heard wings flapping above them and the stench of carrion. Aikimi's voice sounded above them, chuckling lightly, "looks like I severely miscalculated. Turns out a year from her life was today." 


Bakugo collapsed against Midoriya, he held him as Midoriya yelled at Aikimi, "why did you do this to her?" The demon laughed, "I didn't do anything. This was her third time dealing with me. How many years did she expect to shave off her already short human life?"


Kirishima looked up at Aikimi, tears in his eyes. "She's not going to die!" He screamed, "this is Kat we're talking about! She's going to pull through!" The demon put his feet on the ground next to the pair. "Here's a secret, kid," he explains, "everyone has a specific date and time they're destined to die. Demons like me can see it written right here." He points to the air above Kirishima's head.


"This girl is going to die in a few minutes and come with me to Hell. That's always been her fate. I've always thought humans were so interesting being the only living creatures with a destiny." He pulled out a rotten apple from behind his back and started crunching on it, making a disgusted face. Kirishima looked down at Kat's scarred-up arm, the bloody knife she used sheathed on her belt. He pulled it out of its case, looking down at his own arm.


"Of course," Aikimi continued, "you could sacrifice your own for hers. However many years you give me, I can give her half."


"Give it all to her." Kirishima cried, tears dripping down his face, "let her live as long as possible." Aikimi scratched his chin. "You're willing to die so she can live longer?" The demon’s eyes flashed from Kat, to Kirishima. He sighed, "I guess my bushel of apples will have to wait. I'll give her half your life. All you need to do is carve that little rune into your skin and the deal is done."


Painfully, Kirishima dug the knife into his skin. It took a lot of effort to copy the details of the rune, but it was done. The rune glows, and Aikimi disappears, Kat coughing to life, gasping for air. Kirishima looked at his body, still alive. How were they both living? Did he only give her some of his time?


Several zombies came toward the group. Iida announces, "we must get somewhere safe. There's no telling how many of these things are after us. Carry anyone who can't walk. Evacuate immediately."


Kat seemed to be okay, breathing and heart beating strongly, but she was still unconscious. Kirishima stood with her in his arms, his knees shaking. He couldn't help but wonder how much time they had left together.


Midoriya carried Bakugo in his arms. He had never seen him beaten so badly. Worry clouded his mind, he took it too far this time. I've never seen him overuse his power. How much danger are we really in? Beyond that, where can we go to hide from these things? We seriously need to get a hold on things, or more people will get hurt. If even Kat couldn't beat them all, what's our hope for survival? Most of us don't have quirks equipped for this kind of thing. And how does Kat have such a solid relationship to a demon? I didn't think they were actually real. It sounds like they’ve known each other for a long time. Plus, Kirishima is still alive so that means he didn't sacrifice his whole life for Kat, only part of it. They both could be on death’s doorstep and no one would have any idea.


His head spun with all this new information. He never thought he'd find himself in a situation as bad or as complicated as this. His eyes shifted to Kat. Who was she, really? How does she know about One for All? If she really knows that I have All Might's power, why does she always talk about it like it's some lame quirk? It's the most powerful known quirk in the world! Plus, if she really thought it was lame and knew about my quirk being One for All before gaining it, why did she chase after Kacchan?


His thoughts were interrupted by Iida, "this might be the perfect spot to stay and rest. We shall investigate it thoroughly." They had come across a tiny shack, a stream next to it powering a water wheel. Midoriya had a bad feeling crawl into a gut. It was just too convenient for them to happen upon shelter in the middle of the woods like this.


Kaminari, Sato, Jiro, and Todoroki investigated the house, finding nothing suspicious. The house had been left in a hurry, a chair flipped over and a full tea kettle on the stove, but nothing alive or dead was found inside. 


The students filed into the house, searching for food, blankets, and other supplies. Midoriya set Bakugo down on the floor to help with the search. They gathered a few cans of food, enough blankets for them all, and even some gallon jugs of water.


Midoriya was searching a room on the second floor when he heard footsteps shuffling toward the door. He didn't recognize the sound as one of his classmates. He jumped into a fighting stance, ready to take down his enemy. The door swung open with a loud creak. Bakugo stood in the doorway, looking ragged.


"Kacchan!" Midoriya tackled him in a hug. Bakugo gripped him tight. "Deku," Bakugo's voice was low and serious, "don't you ever fucking do what Kirishima just did, do you understand me? Knowing you, you'll try to pull the same shit one day."


Midoriya looked up at his face, "I thought you were unconscious for that." Bakugo put a hand up to his forehead as it throbbed, "I was awake but I pushed myself too far to even fucking move after that. That Shitty Hair was willing to die for that fucking copycat loser. I don't want you to think you have to do the same for me. Ever."


Midoriya didn't know what to say. He had never thought he would be put into a position where he'd have to sacrifice his life for Bakugo. Sure, he's put his life at risk for him before but that was different than choosing to die instead.


Midoriya finally spoke, "then you can't die for me, Kacchan." Bakugo frowned, pushing Midoriya to the wall next to the door, "I do what I fucking want to, Deku!" He roars angrily, "and if that means dying for what's mine then so be it! But that will be my choice! Not the choice of a fucking loser that copies everyone's heroics! I promised your fucking Mom I’d protect you and that’s what I’m going to do!"


Midoriya knew he was right. He had thought that Kirishima's actions were noble, that it was the right thing to do as a hero. But that’s just it… Izuku clenched his fists, giving his fiance a defiant look as his hands dig into the smaller boy’s shoulders. "Whether you like it or not, Kacchan, I'm a hero, too!" Midoriya's yell rang through the house, "you're not the only one here who has something to protect! We should have each other's back, not fight over who gets to die for who!"


Bakugo increased his grip on his lover angrily, “I won’t let him hurt you again. I’d rather fucking die, Deku. Don’t you get that?” The look in his eyes was wild, angry, and scared. Izuku’s heart pounds against his chest, having enough of this and raises his hands against his partner’s chest to push him away. Before he could, a flash of red and white collides with Bakugo’s body, catching him off guard and ripping his hands away from Izuku.


Todoroki had pushed Bakugo away, to the other side of the room. The blonde had almost a feral look on his face, “fuck you think you’re doing, half n’ half?” Todoroki’s frosty breath puffs from his mouth, the look in his eye colder than usual. “We can’t afford to be fighting each other at a time like this.” Bakugo spit at the floor, “tch, whatever, fucking extra.”


The explosive blonde pushes past Todoroki, not even glancing at Izuku, and charges through the audience that had gathered at the door. Sero, Mina, and Kaminari had concern on their faces, but turned away as Iida’s voice called for the class to gather in the kitchen.


Izuku went to follow them, but his friend stopped him, “wait, Midoriya. Are you okay?” Izuku looked back at Todoroki for a moment, then turned his head, “I’m fine.” He walked away without looking back again.

Chapter Text

When Midoriya got downstairs, Kat was awake, sitting on a chair at the kitchen table. Kirishima sat next to her, holding her hand. The rest of the class made themselves busy, acting like they weren't listening to their conversation. Todoroki used his fire to warm up cans of soup that were being distributed to the class.


Mineta questioned, "why doesn't Yaomomo use her quirk to make use something good?" Momo sighed, "I create things using the lipids in my body. I need food to do that so there's no point in making food if I'm only going to need more." Kaminari looked at the short pervert, "nice try, buddy."



Bakugo brooded from leaning against the wall near the door of the house. "You idiots need to focus," his eyes shifted past all of them. "Why the fuck are we here and where the hell are we?"


Uraraka shrugged, "well, that man in the sky told us we were on an island in Indonesia." Bakugo scowled at her, "last time I checked there was nowhere in the world where you can see four fucking moons, you morons!"


They had been so busy trying to survive the horde attack, they hadn't even thought of the spectacle in the sky. "So try me again, where the fuck do you think we are and why does this Karnage idiot want us to kill him? We're walking straight into a fucking trap."


Tsu pointed her finger up to the sky, "but earlier you said-"


"I know what I fucking said, you damn frog!" Bakugo snaps. Damn extra . Iida pushes up his cracked glasses, "he is right. We are all aware we are walking into a trap. Perhaps we should consider finding a way to escape."


Kaminari jumps into the conversation, "what if it's like a comic book where we're all stuck in some kind of simulation? That would explain the four moons." Kat shook her head, "Aikimi wouldn't have come to me if this was a simulation."


"Besides, what would be the point?" Mina added, "if we were captured by villains, why would they go through all this trouble?"


Nothing was making any sense. It's not like they could be on another planet or something. Iida leads the class, "we will accomplish nothing if we aren't well-rested. We should all consider going to sleep."


A yawn from Uraraka seemed to agree with that statement. She says, "yeah, guys. We should turn in."


“Wait,” Kat’s voice was small. She held Kirishima’s hand tightly, her fingers nearly bruising him. He face was dark as she spoke, “I don’t know why he wants us to kill him. But I do know why we’re here. I’m so sorry. It’s my fault. King Karnage has been following me, trying to capture me ever since I could remember. I think… I think he might have led the villain group that killed my family and took over my island. All my life he’s tried hurting me and people I care about.”


She shifted her eyes upward, tears watering up in them. This was the first time most of the class had seen the girl cry from sadness. “I tried to leave. I wanted to run away from UA so none of you would get hurt ever again because of me. That’s why Deku was kidnapped, too. He wanted me to see my friends get hurt. But…” her voice was crackly, tears streaking down her cheeks, “I stayed because Eijiro-kun wanted to protect me. It’s my selfishness that brought all of you here. I’m so, so sorry.”


Izuku felt a lump in his throat. She really thinks it’s her fault? He watched the girl sob into her hands as Kirishima tried to comfort her. Sero asks, “why didn’t you tell us before?” Todoroki adds, “we could have prepared for this kind of thing.”


Kat shook her head, “I didn’t want you to hate me for putting you in danger. Now look what I’ve done! Eijiro-kun lost some of his life, and Bakugo had to save me! I really am useless. I don’t know why I thought I could help.”


Mina took a step toward her, patting her shoulder making sure only to touch her sleeve and not skin, “sweetie! We would never hate you! That’s what heroes do, we protect the people we care about.” Kat looked up at her with puffy eyes, unseen by the crushless Ashido. Iida nodded, agreeing, “you are our classmate. We always do what it takes to ensure your safety.”


Kat looked around the reassuring faces of the room. Why are they being so nice to me? I’m nobody compared to them. They’re all so cool and stuff. I only get people hurt.


Kirishima grinned, “see, babe? I told you they wouldn’t be angry! Would you please listen to me next time?” He gave her a soft kiss on the cheek. She nods, a small, dorky smile on her face, “thank you. But… that still doesn’t change the danger we’re all in now. King Karnage has a powerful quirk we could never hope to fight.”


Izuku nodded, “it’s a destruction quirk. No one can touch him without being turned into ash.” Bakugo gave a confident chuckle, “I don’t need to get close to him to blast him to pieces. When we find him, I get to kill him. We clear?” He looked to his classmates. No one would dare argue with him. If anyone took the life of this villain, Bakugo was the one best suited for the task, not to mention he had every right to do so after what happened to his partner.


Iida, of course, said, “I don’t like the thought of killing another person. If we do, are we any better than villains?” Kat answered with her own question, one she had presented before, “King Karnage leads a massive group of villains. So really, which is more important, your morality, or countless of innocent lives being saved by your decision? All Might couldn’t make the right call, now look where we are. Don’t let history repeat itself.”


The class was silent after that. The reality of the situation was sinking in. Momo gently guided them, “like Iida said, we better get some rest.”


As they chose spots to sleep, Midoriya looked to Bakugo to see if he would join him, but Bakugo turned his back on Midoriya and picked a spot by himself. Was Bakugo really mad at him? Or did he just not want to sleep together with everyone else around? But he doesn’t care about that kind of thing anymore, does he?


Midoriya picked a spot by the wall, a blanket already laid out on the floor. Todoroki laid a few empty spots away. Midoriya's eyes landed on Kirishima and Kat, who settled down together across the room. Kirishima's arm wrapped around Kat protectively. Jealousy burned on his face. Why couldn't Bakugo just deal with it for the night? It felt strange to sleep alone for the first time in months.


It didn't take long after everyone was settled down for Midoriya to fall asleep.


Katsuki laid down on a spot where a blanket was spread, not looking at Izuku. He knew he would have a pitifully sad expression on his face. Damn nerd wants to sleep next to me, he's gonna have to come get it. I can't even fucking look at that damn nerd rightnow.


His stomach rolled, his muscles tensing. The scene plays in his head. Kirishima crying over Kat's body, begging to die in her place. That could easily be himself in that position. Why can't Deku understand that between us fucking both, he's the one who has to live? This was bigger than their relationship. All Might's power is too important to let die for nothing. Not even for me .


He notices Izuku settle in a spot close to Todoroki. Damn half n half. The fuck did he think he was doing, pushing me away from him? Damn scarface should mind his business. 


Bakugo couldn't get himself to relax, his mind bouncing from one thing to another as his eyes drifted closed. 


Meanwhile, Kirishima was stuck in a dream. His body was heavy, black tar around him as if he had fallen into a vat of the murk. It was hard to breathe as he waded through the endless pit. “Hey!” He called out, his voice strained. A deep, raspy growl answered him, “you- you got lucky, you red headed fool.”


Kirishima looked around, “who are you? What do you want?” The voice continues, “lucky, lucky little Eijiro. But next time, I will kill you.” The tar melted away, and Eijiro slipped into a deep, dreamless sleep.


Bakugo's eyes flicked open, his arm around Midoriya. He didn't want to be seen sleeping with him, but it was already too late. Some of their classmates were already awake, casting eyes at the pair. Were they really not used to them being together yet? It’s just in my fucking head.


Sleeping alone was even worse than lacking privacy, though. As he had fallen asleep on the cold, hard floor, his dreams were filled with blood. Izuku's blood. He had nightmares of scenes where his fiance died right in front of him, or slipped away in his arms, or even more horribly, died because of him. The scenarios flew past his mind like a horror slideshow until he had woken up with a start, tiny explosions from night sweats dancing above him.


He had looked at Midoriya across the room, curled up in a blanket sleeping peacefully. How could he have been so selfish? He should be there, protecting him instead of being pissed off. He knew he had to get over that.


Izuku woke with something heavy hanging over his hip, warmth pressing against his back. The familiar smell of Bakugo's nitroglycerin tickled his nose like warm cinnamon rolls on a Sunday morning. He must have slid in without me noticing last night . A smile spread across his face happily. He knew what was waiting for him once everyone woke up, but he reveled in the comforting warmth.


His mind felt heavy with questions, still unanswered from last night. Why couldn't they try to make an escape? Will there be more of those monsters waiting for them on the other side of the door? What was all of this really about?


But he knew the answer to the first two questions. Whether they were in a simulation, or another planet, or whatever was going on, they weren't simply stuck on an island. If they tried to escape, there's no telling what they would be running towards. There was no telling how many miles they would have to go, or what enemies may lay in waiting. At least they had some goal in mind, some idea how far they would have to travel, and who would be waiting for them in that tower.


There was no doubt that there would be enemies beyond the house. King Karnage wouldn’t make it easy. 


Midoriya's thoughts were cut off by a twitch in Bakugo's arm, pulling him closer. As long as I have Kacchan around, I know we'll make it out of this.


Bakugo groaned, “you awake, nerd?” Izuku’s green eyes flashed up to him. His face was so close, his warm breath caressing Bakugo's cheeks. Fuck what everyone else thinks . Bakugo gave Izuku a quick peck on the lips. "Mornin’," his voice was surprisingly soft, making Izuku blush. The cut on his lip from a bite the other day was still healing, making Bakugo smile softly at the sight of his mark.


Bakugo sat up groggily, regarding once again the eyes flashing toward them. "Do you idiots have a fucking problem?" He lashed out toward them. Todoroki and Uraraka exchanged looks, but didn't say anything. 


It didn't take them long to get going again, leaving behind the cozy shack to venture out into unknown danger. The forest, however, seemed peaceful as birds sang in the trees above. They walked together as a group, as close to one another as possible. Midoriya and Bakugo walked side by side silently.


Uraraka and Todoroki were ahead of them, whispering something to each other. Since when were they hanging out around each other? They both slowed their pace and turned to Midoriya. Uraraka nervously asks, "hey, uh, Deku... can I talk to you about something?" Her eyes shift from Bakugo to Midoriya, hoping her friend would get the hint. He, of course, didn't.


"What's up, Uraraka?" He asks. She grabs his arm and starts pulling him away from the group. Bakugo squints his eyes, "hey! Whatever you have to say you can say in front of me. You both have been staring at us all fucking morning and I'm sick of you idiots!"


Izuku slips his hand out of Katsuki’s grip. "It's okay, Kacchan. I'll only be a second." Bakugo spits on the ground, "fine. But don't slow us down. We need to get all this the fuck over with."


Uraraka and Todoroki flank Midoriya, a safe distance from the rest of the group but still following. "So," Uraraka wasn't sure how to start, "how are you two? Doing okay?" Midoriya blushes a deep red. This is what she wanted to talk about? A guilty feeling crawled into his chest, knowing he had let her down. "Uraraka..." he started to say, but she shook her head.


Todoroki interjected, repeating the question, "how are things between you and Bakugo?" Izuku wasn't sure why they were asking, but answered, "well, he's been super clingy since I got kidnapped, but other than that we've been really good! I'm happy with him."


Uraraka looked down at the ground, "is that so?" Todoroki beat no bushes, "what happened to your lip?"


Izuku felt like he had run into a wall at full speed, the breath knocked out of him, his whole face turning red at the thought of admitting how it happened, "w-we were training." He lied pitifully. Todoroki raised his eyebrow, "training?"


Uraraka looked at Midoriya, a brave face masking her fear, "you know you can tell us anything, right, Deku? We're still friends."


Steam practically came out of Midoriya's ears. He couldn't just tell them he and Bakugo got kinky now and then, could he? But then again, it was hard enough hiding the bite marks and hickeys. Not to mention the fourway fiasco that Todoroki was aware of. Fortunately, the witnesses swore not to say anything to the rest of the class. He had always played his marks off as training wounds but he was often met with doubtful looks.


Todoroki's left side burst into flames, "if he's hurting you, I'll burn him to a crisp."


Wait, Midoriya thinks, they think Kacchan... Izuku puts his hands up defensively, sweating, "n-no! No, it's not what you think! Kacchan isn't hurting me at all! It's uh...." He wasn't sure how to explain it. "I-it's just a misunderstanding! I lied about it being an injury from training, but really! I promise you it- it's um," he felt like his entire blood supply was in his cheeks, "consensual."


"Consensual?" Todoroki squints his eyes, "you let him beat you up? Why would you- oh." A blush colors all of their cheeks. The awkward silence between them was heavier than lead.

Chapter Text

Izuku rushed to rejoin the group, wanting to escape the awkward conversation. Bakugo shifted an eye toward him, but said nothing. Why should he fucking care what those morons were yapping about? 


The trees were thinning as they walked up a gentle incline. Iida announced, "the city isn't far from here! Everyone watch yourselves and others. There's no telling what might be down there." He leads on, walking down the other side of the hill through the grass. As Bakugo and Izuku reach the crest of the hill, they look down on the rooftops of skyscrapers. The city was only a mile away, the tower in the center of it all.


As they walked down the slope, Kaminari brought up what they had all been thinking, “isn’t it a little too quiet? First a horde of zombies, but now there’s no one in sight. Isn’t he making this too easy?” Jiro shrugged, “maybe we killed them all last night. Or they’re not after us.”


Momo nods, “I agree. It is too quiet. We musn’t let our guards down.”


It didn't take long for them to be surrounded by the buildings, a stiff breeze blowing through the group. The world around them was dead still. They saw a few zombie stragglers but ignored them, dispatching them quickly if they got too close. 


The walk through the city was surprisingly uneventful. Sero cringed, “you’re right. It is too quiet.” Tokoyami broods, “the calm before the storm.” The group rounds a corner, following the path that seemed to be the most direct to their goal. Sato says, “who knows, guys? Maybe this will be a piece of cake.”


"I doubt it," Uraraka sighed. Kat slowed her pace to walk next to Todoroki, "hey. Do you mind if I use your quirk again?" Todoroki nods and touches her shoulder lightly, Kat's palm bursting into small flames. Todoroki doesn’t look at her as he says, “I’m glad you find it useful.”


Before they knew it, they stood outside of the tower. Todoroki stared intently at the building, as if studying it. Iida flails his arms, "alright, everyone! We don't know what could be in this building so everyone look sharp! Shoji, Jiro, investigate using your quirks but don't open the door!"


Shoji duplicated an eye at the end of one of his arms, while Jiro pierced the wall with her ear. Shoji shook his head, "the windows are blacked out. I can't see anything." Jiro retracted her jack, "it seems silent inside."


Iida pushes up his glasses, "we'll have to go in blind, then." He turns to the door and pulls the handle, everyone's nerves on edge. Behind the door was what looked like an elevator.


"An elevator? That's it?" Momo questioned. Iida didn't hesitate, he steps on and the class follows suit. They all know that one way or another, they would have to play by the villain's rules for now.


As they all load in, the voice of King Karnage croaks over the intercom. "Welcome, class 1-A. You've made it so close, but I promise your journey will only get harder from here on out." The door to the building clicks shut, locking them in. "I have designed this building for each and every one of you. But especially you, Katrina Koroatsume."


Kat's eyes widened. He really is targeting me… and my classmates have to pay for it.   King Karnage continues to speak, "the levels here are based on seating number in your classroom. If you play by the rules, things should go smoothly for you. Break the rules, and the tower will be demolished in seconds by bombs placed inside the walls, and I will fly safely away in my chopper looking for more competent heroes to try to kill me."


How would he know their seating arrangement in class? Questions raced through the minds of Class 1-A as he continued to speak. "Only one student at a time may enter their floor as indicated by the floor counter on the elevator. Good luck."


As the elevator moves, the screen next to the door changes from zero to one. Since Kat's new desk was the first spot, she was the first floor. The elevator's doors opened, showing her a long, dark hallway.


Kat's guts twisted in fear, but she did her best not to show it, flames bursting in one hand, an ice crystal in another. Kirishima looked down at the short girl, smiling, "you got this!" He gives her a thumbs up. "If anyone here can kick some ass it's you! We'll see you at the top!"


Kat took a deep breath and gave Kirishima a quick hug, bouncing away, "see you at the top!" She smiled.


The door closed, separating Kat from the rest of the class.


She walked down the hallway, not an enemy in sight. She didn't feel like anyone was around, either. The hallway ended with a door. The dim light from the flames in her hand helped her investigate the handle and hinges. She couldn't see any booby traps, so she reached for the doorknob.


Once inside, the door slammed behind her. Screens lined along the walls, showing empty rooms. After a moment, she saw movement on one of the screens. It didn't take her long to realize she was trapped in a room, surrounded by a live feed of her friends and classmates being sent to their own personal hells.


Kirishima, Ochako, Kaminari, and Jiro had already entered their floors. Next, the elevator stopped at Izuku’s. Bakugo’s hand gripped his tightly, “oi, Deku,” he turned to his partner, “if you die in there, I’ll kill you.” Izuku squeezed his hand, looking into his eyes for a moment, then breaking away. “The same goes for you, Kacchan. Be careful. I love you.” Katsuki looked to his other classmates, who were pointedly looking away. He pulls Izuku in for a quick kiss on the lips, “yeah, I love you too, shitnerd. Go kick some ass for me, okay?”


As Izuku was released from his lover’s grip, he walked through the door of the elevator. He turned back one last time to his friends. They nodded to him encouragingly, fear tinting their faces. They tried so hard to stick together all this time but here, in their most crucial moment is where they all had to part from each other. The doors closed slowly as he watched his classmates ride up to their personal levels.


The room he was in was empty, glass cutting it in half, both sides had a metal chair with straps and wires hooked up to it. Some kind of electric chair? His gut twisted at the sight of it. The walls were white all around, two doors in each half, one entrance, and one exit. There were small holes drilled into the side of the glass panels. 


On Izuku's half was a television screen, blank except for his own reflection. Izuku  jumped out of his skin when the door on the other side of the glass bursts open. "Fuck off," Bakugo grumbles to the previously locked door. As he looks around, his eyes land on his lover. "Deku? Aren't we supposed to be on our own levels?"


Midoriya didn't know the answer, but before he could say anything, the TV clicked on. It was King Karnage in his wheelchair. "Like I've said before," he begins, "I don't like to stand on ceremony or give long explanations. Your task is simple. Escape the room." The screen shows a still photo of the electric chair. "This chair is the key to opening both doors. A person must sit in it to unlock the doors at the end of the room while holding all of the buttons like so."


Another image flashes on the screen, a digital drawing of a mannequin on the chair, holding down buttons under their legs and with their hands. "The other person," he continues on, "must defeat my horde waiting on the other side of the door before their partner dies of electric shock. Once you get past the horde, there's a lever that will release your partner. If you try to escape any other way, these walls have been rigged with special explosives that will bring down the entire tower, killing you and all of your friends. Good luck." The TV promptly clicks off.


Izuku looks at the chair on his side of the wall. It had buttons along the armrests, seat, and legs. It would force the person in the chair to sit in a way that allowed the clamps to presumably bind the sitter to the chair.


Bakugo rages, "I don't give a damn what this idiot says! I'm breaking down the glass!" He puts his hand against the glass, but he quickly jumped back as electricity arched toward his fingertips, He aimed an explosion at it, but the glass still stood unscathed.


"It's probably not going to break, Kacchan," Midoriya put his chin in his hand. "I'll figure out a way out of here." The green haired boy broke down into a silent mutter trying to figure out the best route to go about for this challenge.


Bakugo watched as his fiance face settled down into a frown as he frets over different ways of escaping without one of them getting into the death trap of a chair. I don’t think even Deku could strategize his way out of this one. Shitnerd knows almost anything we do will make this tower blow to fucking bits. Bakugo glances between Izuku and his own chair. Who would it be to sit and endure shocks while the other fought off the horde?


I could probably kill them all in one fucking blast. So should it be Deku? He recoiled at the thought. Izuku had enough mental and physical scarring from the previous year already. He didn’t need anymore to add to his collection. I should be the one to do it , from his point of view Katsuki had practically been untouched, he had more durability than Izuku right now. Besides, this bastard can’t fucking kill me. I won’t give him the satisfaction . Plus, Deku’s really fucking progressed. He should be able to bash some heads in pretty damn fast. 


 He flexed his fingers into his palm, he was nervous he had to admit but he was more determined to make sure no one he loved would be sitting in that metal death trap.

Bakugo's eyes went dark as he stared at the chair, "there is a way out of here, Deku. Or weren't you listening?" He said in a low, tight voice.


Izuku looked up, wide-eyed at Bakugo, "Kacchan! Don't" He reached his hand out to the glass as Bakugo walked over to the chair, sending an arch of electricity through his arm and he snapped back.


Bakugo wanted to smash the stupid thing to bits, but who could say what that would do? Bakugo inhaled sharply destroying all of his negative thoughts. He had to put faith into his fiance. There had been so much build up and development inside of their relationship that was leading up to this point, Izuku trusted him with his life since day one. It’s time I do the fuckin’ same.


"Deku," he didn't look up, "I don't know how long I'll be able to sit here. It… it could kill me." The reality of the situation weighed heavily on him as his eyes met Izuku's "don't you fucking dare let me find out I died for fucking nothing!"


His voice shook Midoriya. This is the second time he's mentioned himself dying. Where did his arrogant, cocky self go? "Kacchan..." Midoriya locked onto his crimson eyes and could see the emotion that were pooled into them. Trust  


Pure unwavering Trust.


 He didn't need to hear some lame argument. He needed to trust his partner to get him out of there. 


Izuku gave his fiance a thumbs-up and a smile that could rival All Mights, "you can count on me! I won't let you die!"


Katsuki's lips curled into a smirk, his crimson eyes shining. "You better fucking not. Kill all those bastards, Deku." Bakugo takes a final step in front of the chair, "dammit, shitnerd, let’s show this bastard we’re a team. Ain't no fucking way a villain is gonna bring us down.”  He clenched his teeth as he sat in the chair, pressing all the buttons. The clamps closed around his wrists and ankles. They heard a loud click, the door swinging open.


Bakugo screamed in pain as the first volley of electricity shot through him. It felt like he was getting ripped apart from head to toe as volts of electricity went through him. Izuku powered up his quirk as the zombies filed in the room, his heart stuttering as his fiance's gut-wrenching screams tear through his ears. He had no time to strategize, he just knew that had to move fast and kill as many as he needed to in order to clear his objective. Izuku took out zombies kick after kick, his fists flying. For every zombie that went down, though, two more stood in its place.


I've got this! I'll definitely save him!


In seconds, he ran into the first  two monsters that charged at him and smashed their heads together, moving on to the next opponents, a single flick from his finger was enough to dent their skulls. Izuku had to hold himself back as a bile tried to reach his throat, the overwhelming smell of  rot and death was starting to fill the air. The scent was not faint at all to his nose, it laid thick in the already stagnant air but he couldn't be distracted by the smell any longer than he had been, Bakugo’s screams made him ignore his many discomforts as he charged back into battle.  


Soon he became swarmed with zombies as more piled in the room, Izuku started to struggle as he began tripping over some of  the bodies of the fallen. 

Another gutteral howl ripped from Katsuki's throat. As they got more intense, Izuku knew he was running out of time. His fiance was dying, and it was because he wasn't moving fast enough.  He pushed himself to go faster than ever before, avoiding the teeth and hands of his enemies, but he was soon surrounded on all sides. He had no choice but to defend, avoiding their deathly teeth. He kicked and smashed skull after skull, sending waves from his flicks through dozens. It didn't take long before there wasn't a clear spot on the floor as he tripped over corpses.


All Midoriya could do was push through, trying to get to the door. A blood-curdling scream from Bakugo's mouth shot through his ears. "Deku!" He screamed out, "Fucking shitnerd, please!" He begged. The intense shocks were the worst pain he had ever felt in his life, his skin around his ankles and wrist began to burn at the repeated use of electricity, between pauses of relief he could smell his flesh cooking against the metal clamps. It made his stomach churn knowing it was own skin that generated the terrible smell. With another shock, Katsuki was yanked away from the brief relief. Bakugo’s body jerked in the chair, his mind blank except for a wish the end the agony.


Izuku had enough. He was practically swimming through corpses as he tried taking out as many as he could at a time. His body felt hevy as he fought and powerhoused through the decaying mass, his viridian green eyes sparked at the path ahead. Only a small group blocked his way to the doorway. This is it! I'm going to save him! I still have time!  


Izuku took a step back and pulled his right arm back, One for All coursing through his body as he went full cowl. He knew as he readied the punch he was risking putting his arm out of commission, but he was determined not to completely break his bones. With one final thought of determination, he brought his fist down, "Detroit Smash!" He screamed, the force of the punch blasting the last few away, their bodies crashing into the walls, stunning them. He stumbled out of the room, shutting the door behind him with a slam to stop any of the zombies from following. He looked around desperately for the lever.

A final shock coursed through Katsuki's his body flailed limply. He could no longer feel the pain, his mind in another place. He was standing on the edge of a cliff overlooking the sea. Wave after wave crashed along the shore. A stiff, but warm breeze fluttered by him. He could see the shore of an island far away on the horizon. I used to come here as a kid with my friends whenever we could ditch Deku. His heart sank guiltily. Damn nerd, so much fucking time lost with him because I'm a fucking idiot. An image of young Izuku flashed in his head, a wide grin on his face as he watched him in awe. I should have known he had fucking feelings for me. Always chasing me around n' shit. Always there when I had no one fucking else.

He sighed, is this what it's like to die? Am I stuck here forever? No. I won't have it. I'm going back. He clenched his fist, his eyes clenching tight, willing himself back to reality, too much fucking time was lost already. I'm not dying before I can marry that damn nerd. If I'm gonna die, then I'll die his fucking husband. That's what I want. But it seemed like it was no use. When he opened his eyes, he was still on the cliff. He screamed angrily into the abyss, "dammit, Deku! I loved you!" His knees shook as he collapsed on the grass, "Deku! Why?" His voice dropped to a pitiful mutter, "why, Izuku? I never wanted to fucking hurt you. God damn it. I bet you're bawling your eyes out, aren't you? Damn it. Fuck." His chest was tight, his voice raw. The only thing he could feel was a burning in his throat. Tears streamed freely down his face with no one to witness them. "I'll come back to you. I swear, I'll find a way. I don't know how but fuck! I won't stop fighting. Dammit!" 

Izuku finally found the lever, hidden behind a panel in the wall. The lever had spikes all over it. “Damn..” he cursed out loud,there was no way to push it up without piercing his hand. He grabbed the lever, only hestating for a second before ignoring the pain, gritting his teeth as a spike dug an inch into his palm, pushing in deeper as he locked the lever into place. He groaned as he pulled his hand off the spike, blood dripping down his fingertips. The second door opened behind him and he rushed to Bakugo's side. His foot slid on the blood that stained the floors, leaking underneath the glass from the stack of corpses to his right.


Izuku steadied himself, his only thought was getting to Katsuki. He's gonna be fine! We're going to walk out of here, both of us okay! We'll get through this together! His heart filled with hope as he touched Bakugo'vs hand, but dropped as he realized the damage his body had taken. 


The trap unclamped itself from Bakugo's ankles and wrists. Veins of smoking flesh streamed through his body, electrical burns melting the skin and exposing the layers of flesh and some part of bone. Branches of burns crept along his skin like an imprint of a lightning strike. His skin is a concerning shade of red like a cooked lobster. Bakugo's body is slumped against the chair while his head drooped loosely. Izuku grabbed his burned hand, his heart shattering into a million pieces. "Kacchan!" He choked out, the blonde was unresponsive to his call.


Izuku frantically tried to find a spot to check his lover’s pulse, relieved to find there was a perfect area on the side of the neck. He pressed his fingers against his artery, praying to sense the thumping of his heart beating. The pulse was weak, but still there.


"I got you, Kacchan! Please wake up!" He begged. Izuku gently removed Katsuki from the chair, putting him flat on the ground. Izuku pressed his ear to Katsuki’s chest, hoping that he was breathing. He could feel his chest rise and fall, just barely, but he wa, in fact, breathing. Izuku checked his pulse again.


 It was weaker?


How could his pulse be weaker than before and deteriorating as the seconds passed by?

“K-Kacchan...wake up please, I-I’ll be faster next time just please don’t give up on me,” he begged as he held onto his mangled hands. Izuku was on his knees for Bakugo’s pulse to pick up a steady beat.


As if the universe was listening to him with a cruel heart, Katsuki's breath had gone dead still. Midoriya acted on instinct and straddled over Bakugo as he brought his hands together and began to pump chest compressions,” “ he counted as he frantically gave Katsuki CPR. Izuku’s field of vison became blurry with tears. ”Breathe for me, Kacchan! Don’t you fucking die on me!“ He cried while he brought his lips down to Bakugo’s cold mouth trying to revive his breath, blowing air into his lungs, he did this another time before doing another bout of compressions.


The room stood still, filled with nothing but the sound of Izuku’s labored breathing mixed with his sharp sobs. It seemed no matter how hard he tried, there was no change in Bakugo’s still body. “D-Damnit! Katsuki! Just breathe for me. Please!” His arms burned for the teen to stop but he wouldn't. He’d be damned if his body would give up on Katsuki. His Kacchan would never stop if it were him. Izuku used this to push past it until he couldn’t anymore, his arm that he had used to clear the last of the zombies cramped up on him in the middle of compressions, “FUCK!” He yelled in rage as he cradled his arm. He couldn't stop, his Kacchan needed him, he needed to breathe before it was too late. He bent down to Bakugo’s emotionless face in desperate urgency and blew breaths of air into his mouth.


He will live . He thought as he blew again and again. He cried between breaths as his head rested against Katsuki’s shoulder. It wasn't working.


"I'm sorry, Kacchan!" Tears streamed down Izuku's cheeks, "I'll do better next time, I swear! It should have been me in that chair!" He gave him another weak breath, but it was no use. There was no pulse left in the corpse that lay before Midoriya.


"Please!" He whimpered against Bakugo’s chest, "Kacchan! Don't leave me! It should have been me in that chair!" He babbled on, "please! Please! I'll make it up to you but you have to live! Kacchan!" Izuku pulled Bakugo’s limp torso into his arms and held onto him as he screamed in anguish. He cried and screamed until his voice started to become hoarse, and he sat there rocking his body shuddering soft apologies.


“Kacchan, don’t you remember? You said we’d be together for the rest of our lives. This can’t be it. We didn’t even…” he hiccups with tears, “we didn’t even get the chance to get married. Come on, Kacchan,” he whispers his last plea, “if you’re going to die, then die as my husband. Live so we can see this through together. Please. We were going to get a ring after class, weren’t we? We can still do that, you just have to live. Please. You’re my Kacchan. You can’t die.”


The smell of burning flesh flooded the air, choking Izuku. He soundlessly pleaded for Bakugo back. He clenched his teeth tightly, realizing it was a fruitless effort. He remembered Katsuki’s words before he got into the chair, " don't you fucking dare let me find out I died for fucking nothing! " Izuku wiped his tears from his cheeks, "I won't let you die in vain. This is all my fault. But I'll be better. I'll be stronger for you."


It took everything in him to pull himself from Bakugo. He wanted to carry his body with him, but Izuku knew it would only hold him back when he needed to fight off against King Karnage. He growled openly, It was King Karnage’s fault that he was gone. He took my Kacchan, playing his sick games. Izuku looked down at the still and emotionless face of his lover. He placed one last kiss on his lips before he turned away from the corpse, "I'll come back for you," he promised.


As he walked down the halls, following them blindly, his mind was clouded. For so long, I idolized him. I thought nothing bad would ever happen as long as he was around. But now he's the one that needed saving and I failed. This was different from the time he got caught by the League. I had friends and All Might to help. I couldn't do anything on my own. Maybe I really am just a shitty nerd like he always called me. More tears gushed from his eyes. He was so intent on protecting me all the time. I never thought about protecting him except if it came to self-sacrifice like Kirishima and Kat. He's always so strong and he can handle so much but he's still human. Now he's dead because of me. It should have been me in that chair. He blindly opens the door to a wide room, where he saw the rest of Class 1-A. The walls of the room lined with multiple doorways.

His classmates all looked battered. Momo was hard at work creating bandages for everyone. The solemn mood drifted through the air like a dark cloud. Even the two that were typically the most cheerful, Kaminari and Kat, were silent as they leaned against one of the closed doors. Kirishima had his arm wrapped tightly around Kat. Izuku's last shard of heart he had left melted away, leaving him numb and broken. This wasn't only a loss for him, but his classmates, too. Their morale would be crushed even more knowing that one of their strongest classmates was defeated, killed by the villain. 


Uraraka waved to Midoriya, a few scratches on her face, "guys! It's Deku!" The class looked up to him exhaustedly. Iida gives him a smile, "glad we all made it through. All we need to do now is wait for Bakugo."


Kat giggled in the corner by Kirishima, "knowing that hothead, he probably blasted straight through to the top of the tower trying to find King Karnage before any of us could!" His camera did go out as soon as he kicked that glass. I wonder why they didn't escape together since they were on the same floor? That must be it!


Izuku looked at everyone, their spirits lifted by Kat's comment. Bakugo would be the one to do that out of all of them, and it made them smile. But Midoriya had to tell them. His voice cracked weakly, "he's not coming. He's not going to fight King Karnage." A waterfall of tears nearly flooded the room as Midoriya clenched his fists, "Kach- Katsuki Bakugo died a hero's death and it's all because of me!"


The shock from his statement dropped everyone's smiles. Kirishima jumped to his friend's defense, "no way! Bakugo can't die! He's one of the strongest in our class!" Izuku crashed to his knees, bowing in a deep apology, "I'm so sorry! He died right in my arms and there was nothing I could do! It should have been me!" Blood was dripping from his hand onto the floor, creating a pool of red under him that was mixing with his tears. He was a mess, and so was everyone else. Momo murmured, "it can't be. Tell me this is a joke, Midoriya!"


Kaminari crossed his arms, his voice shaking, "dude. This is nuts. What are we up against?" Sero shook his head, "this really is crazy." Iida kneeled next to Izuku, "Bakugo will be sorely missed, Midoriya. Would you tell us what happened?" Izuku raised his head, sniffling. He sat back on his knees, his hand still gushing blood. Iida tore a piece of his own shirt off of himself and tied it around the wound. Momo seemed to be at her limit.


"Th-they had us in a room split by glass." Izuku took a deep breath to try to steady his speech. The effort, though, was in vain as he stammered, "h-he was forced to sit in an electric chair so we could escape. I-I didn't save him fast enough." Izuku sobbed, "he died of electric shock!"


Iida scowled, a look Midoriya never thought he would see, "they kill a hero by a criminal's death! Electric chair?!"


Kirishima squeezed Kat's hand tight, almost painfully. Grief rose in his chest. But he couldn't cry. Not here or now. It wasn't manly. "Bakugo died a hero's death no matter how it happened!" The redhead's voice exploded with sadness. Izuku's eyes shifted to the pair, Kirishima's eyes watery. His gaze landed on Kat, a pang in his heart as he sees her blonde hair and ruby eyes, so like his. 


Todoroki stood from where he was sat, "Bakugo's death is sad, but we can't let it be in vain," he says in a somber tone, "we have to keep moving so we can go home. That's why we're here, right? If I'm correct, we're about seventy-seven levels from the top floor."


Tsu raised her eyebrow, "how do you know what floor we're on, Todoroki?" He explained, "before we got inside, I counted 100 floors. We started on floor two. So now we're on floor 23." Midoriya didn't even remember climbing any stairs in his haze. I must have been relying on pure instinct. One of the doors in the room had buttons next to it. "This must be the elevator," Tsu points out, pressing the button to go up.


Momo sighs tiredly, "hopefully it goes right to the top floor so we can just go home." Kat patted her shoulder, causing her hand to burst into flames. Momo blushed, looking at her enflamed palm. "And I really wish you didn't do that." Her eyes shift to Todoroki, whose gaze darts quickly away from the hand. Momo knew Todoroki didn't have a crush on her, or anyone. Any time Kat touches him, she just gains his half and half quirk. It was disappointing, and even more so, she hated that Kat reminded her of her feelings every time they were around each other. "Sorry," she apologizes, "I can't use Eijiro-Kun's quirk, so I like to use this one."


As they all packed into the elevator, Momo's hope seemed to come to fruition. There was a button on the elevator for floor 100. Iida pressed it. "We have no idea what we'll be facing up there, so be on guard and use any means necessary to survive. We aren't doing hero work now, this is purely self-defense against a captor."


Izuku felt numb and shell-shocked. It was as if his mind was on replay, flashes of  memories just kept coming and going, every moment that they had shared, he could painfully recall in detail. But it seemed each memory wasn’t as intense as the image of Bakugo's mangled and tortured body slumped over in the electric chair. Izuku could still smell Bakugo’s flesh burning. Kirishima elbowed him, his voice heavy, "he wouldn't want you to be sad. He'd want you to be angry. If he was here right now and it was the other way around, he would have blown this place to nothing but a pile of ash. It's not your fault. It's whoever the hell put us here. That's who killed him."


Kirishima was right. Izuku did his best to shake himself out of it. He wanted to be angry. He should be just as pissed off as Bakugo would be. They took his partner, his soulmate, his future away from him forever. They both had sacrificed so much of themselves, had to deal with so much vulnerability, and grow up so much to get to the point where their relationship felt as solid as a rock. They were happy together, and now it was stolen from the both of them.


Izuku's heart pounded to life and he curled his fist once more, green electricity pulsing around him. "That's right! Let's make sure Kacchan didn't die in vain! We're Class 1-A, UA's best hero class! So let's go plus fucking ultra!" He felt energy surround him, so similar to Bakugo's fiery aggression.


The elevator door dings open, and Izuku wasted no time rushing forward. He found himself in a library, facing the man in the wheelchair. The room stank of carrion. "You! You took him from me!" Izuku raged, anger pulsing through him.


King Karnage, in his robes and deer skull, rolled his wheelchair a foot forward. "So you want to kill me, right? I should warn you, though, a touch from me will make your body crumble to dust." Kirishima stood beside Izuku, an angry look on his hardened face. He said, "so all we have to do is not touch you?" He smirked.


Purple balls came from nowhere, flying toward the villain. A blue forcefield shimmered as they stuck the air around him, crumbling them to dust.


"I cannot be touched by anything except this chair and clothes, which were made by demons themselves. So many years of life had to be sacrificed just to get these."


Midoriya wanted to kick himself at the realization if I had a knife or anything sharp back there I could have saved him! Dammit! Even more guilt nagged at him, but he couldn't let that bother him now.


Suddenly, the building rumbled. King Karnage looked up at the ceiling, which was dropping tiles down on to him. "He's here." He murmurs.


The wall bursts open, dust flying through the air. The class turns to the opening. Were these new enemies? Iida shouts, "be careful, everyone!" Midoriya stared into the dust, a large figure climbing through the hole. He caught a glimpse of blue and white clothing as the dust settled, behind the figure was more individuals.


"All Might!" Izuku's heart lurched with joy. Behind his mentor, was six heroes he didn't recognize. They looked like they were from one of the Western countries, but he wasn't sure which one.


King Karnage turned to the hero, "so, you came to rescue your little brats? I'm afraid it's too late for one of your poor students." 


All Might's smile wavered, his eye gazing the class, "young Bakugo, was it?" His eye landed on Midoriya, whose face said it all.


He turned his head to a blue-haired woman in a pink leotard, "Blush,  get the children out of here. We'll handle this."


Blush nods, pointing her hand to the class. She explains, "my quirk will put you to sleep and take you somewhere safe. Don't be afraid." Her voice was soft and gentle. Within seconds, the class fell to the floor.


"No!" Midoriya protested groggily, "I wa-" He couldn't stay awake no matter how hard he tried.

Chapter Text

Kat woke up in the hospital, her arm bandaged in fresh wrappings. The fresh smell of spring blew through the open window. Someone had left flowers and a card for her on her nightstand.


The card had a picture of a puppy on it, and on the inside was a hand-written note. I couldn't imagine my life without you. Heal up soon so we can go to that Hello Kitty cafe you always wanted to try. Signed, Your Eijiro-Kun.


Kat blushed and smiled softly, imagining someone as manly as Kirishima sitting beside her in a bubblegum pink chair, sipping tea with her surrounded by the popular icon. She loved how he always catered to her child-like side. Everyone else always criticized her harshly for it, but not her Eijiro.


Her heart lurched as she realized what he had done for her. Years off his life just for me to live. Now we don't know how long we have together. Months? A year? More? Her heart grew heavy.


A few rooms away, Izuku sat up in bed, staring at his wounded hand. None of the nurses would give him any information on the state of his friends. His mind swirled with questions. Are they okay? Why isn’t anyone telling me anything? Did they get Kacchan’s body? What about King Karnage? As his mind swirled, his heartfelt dead and numb. He couldn’t feel anything except for emptiness.


A deep, tired voice called out to him from behind the curtain to his room, “Midoriya, do you mind if I come in?” Izuku granted permission and Mr. Aizawa pulled back the fabric, walking in. The circles around his eyes were darker than usual. “How are you feeling?” 


Izuku shrugged, “I’m fine. Did you catch him?” Mr. Aizawa sighed deeply, taking a chair and leaning against his elbows, his hands clasped together. “No. He got away.” Izuku’s eyes drift to the floor, “what about Kacchan?” His teacher didn’t answer, instead replying with his own question, “do you feel like you can walk?”


Izuku nodded with a confused look on his face, but at his teacher’s gesture, he slipped out of bed, his hospital socks sticking to the floor. Mr. Aizawa said, “follow me.” He turned and walked out of the room, Izuku following silently down the hall. They make a right turn and walk into a room.


The hospital room only had one bed, the person in it bandaged like a mummy, wires and monitors hooked up to the patient. Izuku could only see the sandy blonde hair of the person on the bed. The monitors beeped steadily. “H-he’s alive?” Izuku stepped toward Bakugo, reaching out for him and dropping to his knees in shock next to the bed.


A rush of emotions finally fill his chest, bringing forth a tidal wave of tears as he cried, “how? He didn’t even have a pulse. He’s alive... Kacchan….” Izuku turned to his teacher, “is he going to be okay?”


EraserHead scratched the back of his neck, “well, the doctors aren’t sure what the trauma did to his brain. He’ll be in a coma for a bit. They say he’ll at least need to learn how to walk again, but beyond that, there’s no way to tell. But he will live through this, Midoriya.”


His Kacchan was alive. He was alive and only inches from reach. Their future isn’t impossible. Izuku felt a piece of his heart sew back together again.


He rose to his feet, wobbling a little from being dizzy. Aizawa shook his head. “Come on. Even heroes need their rest.” He could sense Izuku’s hesitation to leave his partner’s side, but eventually, they walked back to his room.


As Izuku laid back down, Aizawa couldn’t meet eyes with his student. “There is one more thing you need to know.”


That’s when his teacher told Izuku the awful, horrible, devastating news.

Chapter Text

Midoriya sat by Bakugo's side as the doctors worked around his bed. His heart was full of hope, but his mind was clouded by the doctor's words.


"We don't know what kind of injuries his brain might have sustained. There's a chance he won't remember anything. Or he could act like a completely different person. He'll have to relearn how to walk at the very least. He may not remember you or even his own parents."


Mr. and Mrs. Bakugo sat at the other end of the room, worriedly watching their son being lifted from his coma. A nurse smiled and looked to them, "he should be waking up in the next few minutes."


They silently watched him, searching for any movement as the heart monitor beeped. He had scars curling up his jawline, around his arms and hands, veins of scars from the electrical burns like lightning bolts through his whole body.


Bakugo felt like he was drifting in a black, murky sea. When he first was aware it felt as if his mind set in a mode of drowning, sinking further and further into an empty pit of nothingness. Until his mind came to a standstill along with numbness he felt  as he drifted in the murky void. I'm dreaming , was all he knew. He felt the urge to  rise but no matter how hard he tried his mind would quickly succumb to exhaustion. Why am I so tired?

A gust of air blew by him, it made his body tremble by the sudden cold and icy breeze. He grew frustrated with his fatigued mind.

  Wake up ! He told himself. He didn't like the feeling he had in his gut, an emptiness that weighed on him heavily.


He felt himself lift out of the murk, the darkness around him brightening. Before he could think, his eyes burst open. His body around him felt heavy, his throat dry as sand. He swallowed painfully. His eyes wouldn't move from staring at the white ceiling, he would be come disorientated if he looked anywhere else.


Where am I? How did I get here?


He was finally able to move his eyes toward a boy with green, curly hair. Who is he? Why can't I move? And why is he calling me Kacchan? Is that my name?  


Izuku’s smile was full of worry as he said, “Kacchan?” 

Bakugo finally spoke, his voice came out weak hoarse whisper to Izuku’s ears. Izuku could only imagine that his throat was probably still sore, Bakugo screamed until his body couldn't stay concouise anymore.

 Bakugo groaned uncomfortably as he tired to gathering his bearings, Izuku gently laid him back into bed before he could cause any strange on his body.

“Please try not to move so much Kacchan..." Izuku said with a wobbly chuckle.

Bakugo’s ruby eyes flinched at the bright light of the room, a small hiss escaping his lips,”w-who are you? Where am I?" 


Who are you? Izuku's repeated back to himself, his  heart sank to the deepest pit in hell. He didn't recognize him, the realization made tears start to form at the corner of his eyes. "I-it's me. It's Deku, remember?" Midoriya's eyes were full of tears.


"Deku?" Bakugo's eyes looked distant, "y-you saved me, didn't you? From that sludge monster?" His words grew more and more confused, “did you win? Was he captured?” 

Just as Izuku was about to answer his Fiance, he was pulled to the side as Doctors took over, accessing his physical state.

Izuku paced in the waiting room, Mitsuki and Masaru sitting in the chairs, Masaru’s arm around his wife. They had been asked to wait outside so they could calm the confused boy. Mitsuki sighed heavily, “my boy is always in some kind of trouble, isn’t he?” Izuku’s chest tightened with guilt, “it’s not his fault. It’s mine.” Masaru shakes his head, “if anything, it’s the villain’s fault. Don’t feel guilty. We know you did everything you could.”


A deep voice called, “Bakugo family?” They turned to see a doctor standing at the threshold of the waiting room, taking a step forward. Izuku turns to him anxiously. The doctor announces, “his physical condition is healthy. He still needs rest, but his major organs are fine. Due to being comatose, he seems to be missing his memory of everything that happened after graduating from middle school. Fortunately, we have doctors with quirks that can help speed the healing in his mind. It will still take time, however, and he’ll still need physical therapy to be able to walk and bring his fine motor skills back to what they once were. All in all,” he shifts the glasses on his nose, straightening them, “it’s a miracle he survived the incident, even more so that he came out of it relatively unharmed.”


Masaru asks, “is he in pain? He looked so confused when he woke up and those scars…” The doctor nods softly, “the electrical burns damaged the nerve endings in his skin. It’s possible he will be in pain for the rest of his life. But there are medicines that can help. We currently have him on something to help him be in less pain. You may visit him if you’d like. Our memory specialist says this may help, but he will be a bit groggy and not quite like himself.”


Mitsuki and Masaru take the offer to see their son. Mitsuki turns to Izuku, “I-I’m sorry, kid. Could you just give us a minute with him?” Izuku nods, “sure.” He couldn’t blame them. His gut was still churning, his teeth clenched. His chest was filled with the emotions he had been carrying with him for the weeks it had been since they had returned from the island.


Despite their trauma, school had went on as usual. It was at the point where UA couldn’t hope to catch them up due to the series of events of the school year. All they could do was get them back in the groove as quickly as possible. While Izuku hit the books, his fiance was a vegetable in a hospital bed. Izuku’s fist clenched as he thought about it, his blood boiling. He would have never wanted something like that. 


Izuku threw himself in a chair, unsure what to do with himself. Should he just go home and let his family be with him? Should he wait until he got the okay from the Bakugos? His leg bounced with anxiety. 


After a while, Katsuki’s parents reappeared, Mitsuki saying, “he’s asking for you. We’re going home soon. Do you need a ride back to UA?” Izuku shook his head, “my Mom’s picking me up later. Thank you.” He gave them a polite bow and they parted ways. Izuku’s heart thumped as he approached the room. Kacchan was asking for him? I wonder why? Does he even remember that he has feelings for me?


He opened the door to the room and closes it quietly. Bakugo was sitting up, his arm no longer connected by IV. He had a tray in front of him with a small bowl of noodles. They were alone. Bakugo looked up from his food and smiles, “hey, Deku!” His voice is cheery, no sign of roughness in it. Izuku raises an eyebrow and sits down, “Kacchan? Why are you in such a good mood?” 


Katsuki tilts his head, “what do you mean?” Izuku just shakes his head at his bizarre behavior, he did just come out of a coma. “Uh d-don't worry about it Kachan, “ he rubs his arms nervously as his boyfriend gives him a wide eyed look, “ your mom said that you were asking for me?”

Katsuki physically nodded, “ Yeah, Mom  told me that you’re the one who saved me from some villain. That’s twice you got me through something really tough. I just wanted to thank you.”


His words just didn’t process in Izuku’s brain, this wasn’t his Kacchan, technically it was but his whole personality had did a whole 180, the gruffness that always  followed within his articulation was gone, what made Bakugo ‘Bakugo” was gone. It was like he was talking to an impersonator that didn't know the first thing about Katsuki, but only the impersonator was Katsuki himself.


This wasn't his Kachan Izuku’s mind whispered to him, he was gon e his mind negatively spat. Izuku ignored to the bitter part of brain, I have to give him time, he did just wake up only a  nearly a hour ago. 


Izuku holds his hands up, “no, no! That wasn’t really me. It was All Might who actually saved you.” Katsuki’s eyebrows raise, his eyes filling with awe, “All Might? Really? That’s fucking awesome! I wonder if there was a way I could thank him. Do you think it’s possible? Maybe I’ll get the chance to actually meet him again.”


Izuku’s chest tightened. He couldn’t tell this bright, happy version of Katsuki that All Might was dead. He just couldn’t. “You really don’t remember anything, Kacchan?” He changes the subject. Katsuki shakes his head, “no. I didn’t even recognize my own parents if I’m honest. I remember the sludge villain and something about this guy… some weirdo who’s always super tired and always looks like he rolled out of bed. I think he might have been one of my teachers or something.”


A nurse knocked on the door, warning them that visiting hours were over. Izuku looked to Bakugo, “I, um, guess I have to go.” It took all his strength to tear himself away.


The person in the hospital bed was not his fiance. Instead of the constant insults that pushed Izuku forward, his words were full of praise. It made Izuku shiver. What if the real Katsuki never came back?

Three weeks pass by since Katsuki had woken up from his coma and the start of his recovery, so far the blond had been making incredible progress since day one.Originaly his doctors had estimated that it would take a month for Katsuki to start piecing part of memory back together. It seemed  that even with memories being in disarray his mind remained stubborn and restilanit.

Everyday Bakugo would remember or recognize a part of himself, though most of  Katsuki’s speedy recovery was due to Izuku being by his side almost all the time, he was here at the hospital more often than his parents, he visited everyday after classes were over to check up on him. On him of all people. After spending enough time with broccoli haired boy some his  memories and glimpse retaining to Izuku had returned and boy where they not pretty. 

He had not been the kindest to his friend.

Where they even friends?


Izuku’s constant  recurring presence was a little bizarre, Katsuki knew. They always were fighting in his memories. Or rather, he had memories of him yelling and Izuku cowering in fear, yet here Izuku sat  not even three feet away from Katsuki on his hospital bed. He sat at the foot of the bed with a calm and relaxed demeanor, not shying away or fidgeting at the proximity that they shared, occasionally he would look up from his textbook and give him a kind warming glance with a small parted smile on his lips that made Katsuki’s cheeks flush a subtle pink. 

He had been doing that alot around Izuku lately. The boy had more confidence in him now that Katsuki was sure he had never seen before. This was nothing like the Izuku that he had memories of. I kind of like it. Wait... no... I probably shouldn't think like that, right?

He had to admit, though, it was obvious something had changed between them. 


There was a small hunch that Izuku wanted to tell him, he was just waiting for the right opportunity to tell him. There were few instances where Izuku would  reach to do a gesture of some sort but would hesitate at the last minute as if realized that Katsuki wouldn’t understand the action. He would apologize for it every time while he shy his eyes away from Katsuki with that look in his eye. 

Katsuki never called him out on it so far, believing that Izuku would tell him when he was ready but his patience was starting to run thin.


Katsuki looked up from his bowl of ramen to stare at the green haired teen who was engrossed in the textbook in his hand, some his visits were like this, quiet and tranquil  while Izuku did his homework. Even when he had important assimangets to study over, he wanted to see if Katsuki was okay, and he knew he did this with a genuine heart the walk between U.A. and the hospital that Katsuki was staying at was quite a distance. 


Knowing that Izuku made that trip almost every day despite the weather conditions let Katsuki know that there was a strong relationship between them, whether it be rivaily, friendship or something else. That amount of dedication was the result of something.


Ugh damn i can’t stand it…, Katsuki whined,  he placed his ramen that Izuku had ordered for him  on the side table. “Deku, do you have a minute?” he asked as cleared his throat.


 Izuku blinked as he looked up from his textbook,”Um yeah. Is something wrong? Do you need anything?” he asked , each question rising him in more concern than before. 

Katsuki chuckles and waves his hand, “No it’s nothing like that Deku, I promise, I just have a question I've been wanting to ask.” Izuku sighs as he settles down,” Oh? Well, go ahead and shoot it by me, i’d be more than happy to answer your question or questions if you have them.”

Bakugo watches as Izuku places a bookmark into his textbook before closing the object, he sits up with a small forming on his lips. Bakugou can see that he had Izuku’s undivided attention and with that he very bluntly  asks, “What are we?”


Izuku’s eyes widened, “What are we?” he repeated.


“Yeah what is our current relationship between the two of us, I have a decent amount of memories to get the gist that the two of us weren't exactly friendly… but  you seemed different from my memories now, I know you want to tell me but you've been tip toeing around the answer. What are we?” he asked staring forward.


Izuku blushed, biting his bottom lip nervously. If all he has is negative memories of us, then does that mean he doesn’t love me anymore? He felt a sharp pain in his chest. “Well, Kacchan, um, our current relationship, or at least before you went into your coma, well…” his lips shook as he gazed upon his Kacchan. Without the rage and pain he had held, his face was almost majestic in a certain kind of way. His long blonde hair had grown in the past few months, subtle stubble on his chin. His red eyes were calm and clear. It was like watching a lion rise from its den.


Izuku took a deep breath, “we’ve been dating since December. You proposed to me in March. We had planned to be married in June.”


At his answer, Katsuki was silent and stone-faced. After a moment, Katsuki closed his eyes, resting his bowl of ramen on the nightstand beside him. He tilts his head back and sighs. What is he thinking? Katsuki opens his eyes again, staring at the ceiling, “I finally got over it, huh? Finally had the balls to come out? How’d I do it?”


Izuku chuckles at the memory, “well, you kinda didn’t do it on purpose. You were suspended the day we had a new student join our class. Her quirk accidentally confessed on your behalf. I think Kirishima still has it video taped.” Katsuki raised his eyebrows, “suspended? The hell did I do?” Though his voice was calm, Izuku couldn’t help but feel hope as his language gradually became more colorful.


“Well, we got into a fight after curfew. We were both suspended but Mr. Aizawa said since you hit me first, you had to be suspended longer.” Izuku fidgeted with his hands.


Katsuki’s eyes dropped, “I hit you? On purpose…” he mumbled as he turns his eyes to Izuku. “Even after you saved me, I was still a jerk to you. I don’t know what I was thinking. I’m sorry.”


There it was again. The words were coming out of Kacchan’s mouth but weren’t Kacchan’s words. The imposter was still here. Izuku blinks, at a loss for words. “It’s fine, Kacchan. We’ve made up since then.”


Katsuki fell into silence once more, looking away. “Let me make it up to you again. I know there’s not much I can do now, but still. I don’t remember much, but I remember you. The way you stuck by my side through the years no matter how I treated you. The way you looked up to our heroes with determination even though you’re quirkless. The way you stood up to me when I went wrong. You’re my rock, Izuku, and if I loved you once I can love you again even if I don’t get all of my memory back. I’m sure you’ll make a great husband and I’ll do my best to be great for you too.” 


Why did he have to do that? His words were so sincere and very heartfelt, in another point of time maybe when he was younger Izuku would have been swooned and head over heals for this side of Katsuki, only simply because he was a different person back then. Now that Izuku had matured and gotten to know Katsuki on a different level of intimacy, hearing this had him torn. On one half he was elated that Katsuki still had feelings for him even with his memories being skewed, on the other he wanted to revolt from those sickly sweet words that fell out of his mouth. Kacchan did not talk like that, even when he was attempting to be soft in their intimate moments, Katsuki still had that gruff about him that never went away because that was just how he was, there was nothing sappy and mushy soft about  Katsuki Bakugou. Izuku hated that he felt like he was talking to an imposter, when he knew Katsuki was honestly trying to considerate.

 He longed for the Katsuki who had to curse every few words apart, his gruffness and raw way of talking. He missed the way Katsuki would hold him tight, the way he pretended to pout  with his arms crossed, or how he would glare when Bakusquad would piss him off. God he missed the way Katuki would call him a shit nerd.

Izuku  had spent too long apart  from his partner even after the fact that he had woken up. Izuku still felt like he was reaching.

“....” Izuku drew a long sigh through his nose as he ran his hand through his thick curls, Izuku’s hair had grown a little ways past his its original length, he hadn’t bothered to keep up with  hair cut because of his Kacchan withdraws as of recently.

“Izuku?” Bakugou’s  called out to him, his ruby eyes were softened,  holding barley a candle light to the flame that used to burn in his eyes. “Did I say something wrong?” Katsuki asked with a small frown curling at the corner of his face, Izuku shook his head, “No, it’s nothing Kacchan...what you said just me reminisce on a few things of our past…I need a second to process...” he partly lied.


“There’s a lot that happened since we started going to UA,  you've atoned for most of the things that you have done in the past …..” Izuku honestly didn’t know what tell the older boy. There were a lot of changes that occured between them, some bad and good but mostly good. “I’ve been in love with you for so long,  Kachan, even when you weren't like how you are now, theres a lot of things I wished you could have done different…” Izuku minds flashes back to to the moment in junior high when Katsuki told him to off himself. That was such a low point in their lives, but now they were different. “...but I don't regret not one single bit of journey we took to get where were at now.  I cherish every argument, disagreement, all the tears, anger, happiness, every kiss and the scars we made along the way, “ Izuku gently takes ahold of Katsuki’s scar covered forearm tracing the electrical burn patterns that ran against his beautiful skin with his own marked hand.


“ P-Please excuse me when I say this but you have no right to apologize for what you’ve done in the past when  you have no idea what the other Kacchan had to go through, he’s been through hell for me. It isn’t right ...if you still feel that way when you get your memories back then you can apologize but I won't accept your apology. I-I just won't when you're not my Kacchan ...”

Izuku watches a small grin  form on his face, “W-well okay, I just wanted to make sure that i can make up for any mistakes that I made by treating you different.” Izuku felt Katsuki’s hand grip his own,” but looks like I don’t have to…I get it, i really do so I’ll hold my tongue.” Katsuki’s fingers slips from Izuku’s hand to cusp his chin, Izuku can see familiar sight of pride bring bright in his eyes.” I can see that our relationship is powerful and that you….  you've gotten so strong.”

 Izuku  blinks as he feels his eyes start to water, but before he could wipe his eyes Katuski brings his thumbs up to wipe them away before saying, “.... still a crybaby though, shitnerd.” He chuckles warmly.

 Izuku’s eyes widen, he had called him by his nickname,”W-What did you just call me?”

“Shitnerd,” he repeated quieter, as if he were not sure if he was saying it right,”I don’t know why but but that word had been stuck in my head for a while….I thinks it's your other nickname besides Deku. Right?”

 Izuku surprised the taller teen as he pulls Katsuki into a tight embrace, never did he think he would be so relieved to called ‘shitnerd’ again.

“I guess I’ll take that as a yes.” Katsuki grunted with a grin,”I know I'm not the Katsuki that you're used to with my memories being kinda shit...but he’s still in here Izuku, I’m gonna come back to you, I promise.” Katsuki pulls Izuku away to look him in the eyes. His crimson orbs holding so much love and emotion,”.... Just please give me some time, I know it's been hard on you but just bear with me for a little while, alright?” Though he says this calm and  loving tone, Izuku can tell that he was begging for Izuku to work with him, he loved him too much to give up.

Oh Kachan…I would never give up on you… 

“Alright, I will…” Izuku whispers before placing a short but loving kiss on Katsuki's lips.

 After he does that Katsuki’s face suddenly turns red as a tomato, his eyes wide in surprise.

Izuku stares. puzzled at the boys frazzled face, what was wrong all he did was kiss him?

Wait? Oh I kissed him…. He thought as the realization dawned on him. Katsuki was flustered cause he had kissed him.

 Izuku opendely giggled, “Jeez Kachan you're so red, I only kissed you, lord knows all of the the rated R things we’ve done behind closed doors compared to that.” Izuku teased as  Katsuki’s mouth dropped. "Closed doors? You mean...?" 

“WAIT IM NOT A VIRGIN!? WE’VE HAD SEX!” Katsuki yelled, Izuku struggled to quite down his fiance between giggles, his face was just priceless.

“Yes Kachan we’ve had sex before now could you not tell the whole hospital.” Izuku hissed while a smirk creeped up his face.

“B-But i should remember something like that! Of all things to forget, getting laid by the crush. W-Who’s top? You?!”

 Izuku tapped his chin, “Mainly you, we’ve talked about me topping before but never gotten to it …” Izuku looked off as he began to mutter to himself, “wait well technically I topped during our fourway with Kirishima and Kat so i guess that counts.”

Izuku had forgotten that Katsuki was sitting in front of him so he unexpectedly winced when Katsuki yelled again, his cheeks burning against his skin, “FOURWAY!?”

After a week of therapy, Bakugo finally got round to start  accessing some pieces of his personality back. It was more so  that his colorful vocabulary had become more potent than the last few times.

The day had started of pretty productive, it would be Katsuki’s first day of trying to teach him  how to walk again. Mitsuki nor Masaru could make it in time for Katsuki physical therapy so Izuku was asked to be there , though wasn't like he needed to be told to be there for his Kachan.

 Midoriya stood by his side, his hands on his shoulders making sure he didn't fall. Katsuki’s lost what little footing that he had and slipped but not before Izuku had brought his arms out to help him back up. Katsuki’s cheeks burnned in embarsment, he not so kindly jerked out of Izuku’s hold, "I can fucking walk, Deku!" He raged, throwing aside his metal walker. His legs stood still for a moment before they started to shake under the strain  resulting in Midoriya catching him again before he could hit the ground. "Are you sure about that?" 


The physical therapist, Mr. Atsuwe, gave him back his walker. "Bakugo it may seem that you might remember how to walk, but your body doesn't. What you've been through was very traumatizing for mind and body, though it seemed that your memory is healing more progessily than your physical state, its a delicate process to bounce right back. I assure you that even Pro heros struggle trying to make a comeback, its never easy. Simply have patience and give your body the time it needs. Let's take baby steps before you try to run." Bakugo gripped onto the handles of his walker, mulling over the spile of what his therapist had to say. Though most of it was true the blonde didn't want to accept it, the whole idea of recovery made him want to sudder, he hated to be this vulnerable. He couldn't protect himself or the people around him.

Fuck that!  


"I'm not a fucking baby! What type of shitty advice is that Ha?!!"


Bakugo's resistance was futile but  Midoriya's persistence was unwavered. "Kachan!" He protested, "listen to us or you can crawl around for the rest of your life! Which is it?!" Bakugo held tightly on to his walker as he started taking steps forward, his ears burned with Midoriya words ringing through his mind.


"This whole fucking thing is so fucking stupid. Walking with this stupid thing like a fucking cripple." Bakugo's head whips to Midoriya, "get off me, you fucking nerd. Why are you smiling like that?"


Midoriya had a big grin on his face. "It's nice to see you act like you again, Kacchan."

Chapter Text

Finally, Bakugo had been out of the hospital for days. He was in pain, and his brain was a little slower than normal, but otherwise, he was healthy again. The couple had gone back to their usual routine, going on dates whenever school allowed them to, and staying over in each other's room at night.


Bakugo and Midoriya sat in their boxers and t-shirts on Midoriya's bed, surrounded by a metric fuckton of All Might merch. They sat face to face, their legs crisscrossed. Bakugo had his heavily scarred arms crossed, looking around the room, "isn't this kind of creepy, Deku? You've known the guy for two years now and your room is like a fucking shrine."


Midoriya felt like he had been gut-punched. "Kacchan!" He protested, the blush on his face giving away his embarrassment. Bakugo sighed, "whatever, nerd. I told you when we came back we needed to talk. Since I was in fucking comatose I didn't get a chance to do that. So you're gonna shut up and I'm gonna tell you every damn thing that I need to say."


The nerves that fluttered in Midoriya's chest made him want to throw up. Bakugo looked so angry, did he do something wrong? What if they broke up, even if they were soul mates according to Kat? What if she was wrong, or the whole thing got mixed up somehow? What if Bakugo wasn't happy? Or maybe, even though their talk in the hospital meant he thought otherwise, he couldn't forgive him for letting him almost die? Despite all they went through, was it only the means to an end? Of course not, he shook himself. You have to stop worrying about that.


"Okay, Kacchan," Izuku agreed. Bakugo stared at his boyfriend. He wasn't the weak kid he once knew. Ever since they were children, Bakugo knew Midoriya had the determination of a hero. But being quirkless as he was, he might as well have thrown himself out of the window that day instead of being killed needlessly by a villain. He remembered the way he had spoken to him, and the way Midoriya just sat back and took his verbal assault.


His mind flashed back to their first night, months ago. "If you don't hate me, would you stop calling me shitnerd?" Midoriya had said. Bakugo had outright refused in the moment, but those words never crossed his lips again. Not that he was trying to be nice, but every day Bakugo had noticed Izuku taking his comments with a smile on his face. The boy he loved grew up in front of his eyes.


"K-kacchan?" Midoriya's eyes grew concerned. He wasn't sure if he could stand much more silence. 


"Deku," his voice shook. "Remember when we were kids? Before I got my quirk? We were so close back then. But I had to go and ruin it thinking I was protecting you. Not just from the other kids, either."


Izuku raised his eyebrow, “what do you mean? What else were you protecting me from?”


"From your fucking self, you nerd! You were always running straight into danger even though you knew that without a quirk you didn't stand a chance! I wanted to stop you! To push you away before you got hurt!" Bakugo felt a pressure squeeze his chest. 


"When I saw you suddenly had a quirk, I thought you had been hiding it from me this whole time like it was a damn joke to you, I was fucking pissed off. I thought I hated you for that. Hated you for being fucking weak. Breaking your damn bones because you couldn't even handle your own fucking quirk."


The air stood still as Bakugo fell silent for a moment. "Then she came, that copycat loser had to ruin everything I had struggled to hide for so long. I couldn't deny who I was anymore. I never thought you'd be interested in me after I pushed you away for so damn long."


Bakugo knew this is what he wanted. He felt it in his gut he was doing the right thing. So why was he gushing instead of coming right out and saying it? Why couldn't he force the word vomit to end and just get to the fucking point?


"I thought I lost you when they captured you." Bakugo balls up his fists, "they took you from right in front of me and I couldn't do a damn thing about it!" Tears well up in the corners of his eyes. Was he really going to cry?


"Why am I so fucking powerless when it comes to you, Deku?! If you died there's nothing I can do about it unlike that damn shitty hair and his copycat freak! Just like you couldn't do anything for me! I was so close to death, Deku!" The tears fall from his eyes, dripping onto the bed.


Midoriya reached out to his hand, fluffing Bakugo's flat hair, a smile on his face, "I'm not gonna die, Kachan. Neither are you, okay? We're going to grow up to be heroes. You escaped death once already, you're too stubborn to die, Kachan." Did Bakugo really just say he was powerless? Is he really this worried about me?


Bakugo nods softly. His mind is brought back yet again, to the house in the woods. Midoriya's words had struck him. "Whether you like it or not, I'm a hero, too! You're not the only one here who has something to protect! We should have each other's back, not fight over who gets to die for who!"


 He wipes the tears from his eyes, "no. You're not going to die. Because I'll protect you no matter fucking what! No one is taking you from me again!" A grin twists his frown, his teeth flashing. He raises his fist to chest-height, "we'll have each other's backs, Deku. Right?" Midoriya nods confidently, "right." His fist meets Bakugo's.


The blond boy continues with a grin, "but don't think I'll go easy on you once we turn pro. I'm going to be number one someday, and you're going to be there to see it." He reaches into the nightstand beside the bed, pulling out a small box.


"Close your eyes, Deku."


Midoriya closes his eyes. What was in the box? He felt Bakugo's hand grab his left palm, uncurling his previously clenched fingers. He felt Bakugo slide something over one of his fingers. He opens his eyes and saw a black rubber ring around his left ring finger. His eyes widened.


Bakugo's crimson eyes met the greens of Midoriya's. "I want you to be there with me through it all. I fucking love you, you damn nerd! I told you I’d get you a damn ring. It’s silicone so if it gets damaged it’s not a problem. But… fucking hell...” he takes his hand and curls his fingers in Izuku’s hand. His eyes were heavy with an emotion Izuku couldn’t quite read, “if we’re going to be fucking married, we have to do it right. We have to be a fucking team. As much as I fucking hate the idea, I promised your Mom that I’d protect you no matter fucking what so…” he raises his eyes back up to look into Izuku’s. “When we go pro, let’s be the first team ever to reach the number one spot. I won’t settle for less, Deku. We have to be number fucking one. Got it?”



"I can't wait forever, Deku! Do you want to be with me forever or not?"


Midoriya nodded, his voice squeaking out, "y-yes, Kacchan!" Bakugo pulled Midoriya into his arms, their lips meeting in a passionate kiss. The tingles of joy sparked in Midoriya's chest. Bakugo ran his fingers through Midoriya's hair as he thinks, I'll protect you, no matter what trouble you get yourself into, I'll be there .


Bakugo leans into the kiss, his hands exploring Midoriya. He wanted his boyfriend in ways he hadn't had the opportunity to get until now. It surprised him as Midoriya pushed back, forcing the kiss down on the bed. It surprised him, even more, to feel himself relax under him, melting into the sheets. Midoriya straddled Bakugo, his hands searching Bakugo's warm flesh under his shirt.


As he parts the kiss to remove Bakugo's shirt, he could see his freckled face, his eyes carrying the weight of a deep lust. He wanted to stare into those green orbs, but Midoriya gave him another soft kiss, his mouth trailing down to his neck. Bakugo's nerves stood on end, Midoriya's every move sending shivers through him.


His mouth moves down to Bakugo's nipples, sending a shock straight down to his pants, jumpstarting his member as it grew harder with everything his boyfriend- no, fiance - did. They've done plenty of fooling around before, but Bakugo wanted more this time. He wanted to give himself to Midoriya.


Something about the way Midoriya hovered over him, his palms digging into his wrists powerfully, made him want to submit for the first time in his life. He wanted the boy on top of him to take control. "Deku," his voice was sultry with arousal. Midoriya stopped to meet his red eyes. Bakugo tightened his fists, "fuck me, Deku."


The words rung through Midoriya's ears. This would be the first time switching for them both. What if he hurts Bakugo? "Are you sure?" Midoriya's eyes were wide with surprise. Bakugo smirked, "look at you, Deku. You want it as much as I do. I didn't fucking stutter, now did I?" His voice sent a shiver through Midoriya's spine. He realized how tight his hands were on Bakugo's wrists, but didn't let go, seeing the gentle smirk and the pure lust in his eyes. Bakugo was enjoying being on bottom. Who knew?


The look in his eye woke something in Midoriya. A primal need to dominate him. To taste his flesh and make him cry out in pleasure. Midoriya's gaze softened. "If that's what you want. Don't fucking move." It was still strange to Bakugo to hear Midoriya swear. Where did all of this aggressiveness come from?


Midoriya's lips crashed against Bakugo's once again, his hands shifting down to Bakugo's pants, pulling them off. Bakugo's hands obediently stayed above his head as Midoriya stripped off his own clothes, his muscles rippling under his skin. The years of training did the formerly small nerd some good.


Midoriya's cock sprung out as he removed his pants, sliding himself off the bed and pulling Bakugo with him, pushing him to his knees. Bakugo doesn't wait for instruction, he takes the tip inside his mouth. Midoriya gasped as his lips curled around his length. The taste of Midoriya's member made Bakugo's eyes roll back, completely intoxicated by him. He goes down deeper, trying hard not to gag on the full length. He paced himself, letting his cock slide in and out at a methodical rhythm.


Drool dripped from the corner of Bakugo’s lips, but he kept going, pushing deeper and deeper inch by inch until he gagged on the hard member. Izuku’s soft moans only motivated the blonde to suck harder, despite the subtle aching in his jaw.


Midoriya pulled Bakugo's hair, popping him off his cock. He motioned to him to stand, pushing him to the bed face up with his legs hanging off the edge. He reaches into the drawer of the nightstand, grabbing the lube.


Midoriya leaned over and whispered in Bakugo's ear, his hand on Bakugo's thigh sliding down slowly toward his ass, the tip of his cock resting on Bakugo's balls. "We can go rough or gentle, Kacchan. What do you want?" He nibbles his earlobe. 


"Just fuck me, dammit! I don't care!" Bakugo growls, but there were nerves tingling deep in his gut. He's never done anything with his ass before, what did it feel like?


Izuku's finger rims the outside of his hole. He slowly presses inside with a finger full of lube. Bakugo's face tightened, the pain a brand new feeling. Midoriya adds another finger, pushing down to the knuckle as a groan escaped Bakugo's lips. Bakugo's cock twitched happily, it fucking hurts but it's good. He looks so fucking hot on top of me .


Midoriya pumped his fingers deep in and out of his hole, stretching the entrance until he was satisfied, pressing his head to the hole. He pushed in without warning, just an inch. Bakugo let out a groan of pain, but Midoriya pushed in deeper. "mmf- aah..." Bakugo huffed, gripping the bedsheets.


Bakugo's eyes met Midoriya's, his face blushing a deep red. Don't be a pussy , he scolds himself, this isn't that bad- suddenly, Midoriya popped his whole cock into his ass. "Fuck!" Bakugo yelped.


Midoriya didn't move. "Are you okay, Kacchan?" Bakugo gritted his teeth, "I'm fine, loser! Just fuck me, you nerd!" Izuku obliged, pumping himself in and out of Bakugo with no mercy. With each thrust, Bakugo's ass stretched, making it more pleasurable. Groans of pain turned into pleasure as his fiance's cock massaged his prostate.


"F-fuck! Deku!"


Bakugo reached up and wrapped his arms around Midoriya, pulling him closer. A lustful fuck, in that moment, turned into an intimate scene. "Deku," Bakugo moaned.