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I shine (only with the light you gave me)

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Sometimes Katsuki would find himself wondering how the fuck did he get involved in so much bullshit on a daily basis, the hazards of associating with so many dumbasses, He thought staring blankly at the photo Pinky was waving around on her cellphone.

“This is the fifth time this week you are showing me this fucker, and the pictures are not getting better” He said snatching the device out of her hands and zooming in on the photo “Seriously is that a quadruple chin? How is that even possible from this angle?”

And really, this has to be breaking some kind of record. In the picture he could see Ashido and her friend staring straight at the camera, but while Pinky was looking flawless with her sharp eyeliner game and pretty pink curls, the boy beside her was a disaster, spiked up fake looking greasy red hair, quadruple chin, squinty eyes and is that fucking drool on one of his chins?

“It’s being like this since I’ve known him” Pinky shrill voice interrupted his musings “Seeing people’s reactions when meeting him is downright hilarious, I’m telling you he’s gorgeous in person Bakubro!!”

“Yeah no, any dumbass that looks like this in photos can’t be all that pretty” Katsuki said handing the phone back to her “Besides I’ve told you this a thousand times but I can’t date right now, I’m too busy studying, ever hear of that?”

“But Bakugoooou the midterms aren’t coming for at least another month; this will be good for your grumpy ass. Todoroki’s throwing a party next week and Denki, Ei and me are going, you have to come with us!!”

“You would never catch me dead anywhere near that Half and Half bastard, and throwing Dunce face in the mix isn’t doing you any favors, besides I’ll have a pretty hectic week so sucks to suck” Katsuki could see Ashido prepping herself to keep whining “If the next words that come out of your mouth are about that shitty haired friend of yours I swear I will fucking shave your eyebrows off.”

“Fine I will stop…For now” She said pouting “But one of these days I will get you to come to a party with us and then you’ll be sorry for not giving my boy a chance”

“Yeah, yeah, good luck with that but you have wasted enough of my time and I have a class to get to now” With a quick wave, Katsuki was off.

He didn’t think he was a shallow person, but he’s got a type and that fuckface wasn’t anywhere near it. Plus, a far more charming and handsome redheaded problem was filling his mind now.

Fuck him for making me think of him every time I see red.

Since the start of the semester he’s being sharing a class with a chatty mountain of a man who forced his friendship on him. For the record though Katsuki tried to put some kind of struggle, voicing his displeasure with the arrengment along the way but Kirishima was nothing if not a persistent bastard, plus, it didn’t hurt that he was a gorgeous one. Him and his stupid sharp-toothed smile, his chiseled chin, his long silky hair, it always looked so soft. Katsuki would often catch himself thinking about running his hands through it.

“Hey Blasty! That’s a very red face you’ve got going, you shouldn’t come to class if you’re not feeling good” A very familiar voice broke him out of that train of thought, think of the devil… But before he could finish thinking or even say something a large cold hand was suddenly pressed against his hot cheek. “Doesn’t feel like you are running a fever, though it is a bit warm.”

“I’m fine jerk.” Katsuki say somewhat quietly, still reeling from the touch.

“If you say so bro, but I would get more rest if I were you, I know you keep pushing yourself to do better in your classes but a little break goes a long way” The redheaded man said moving his hand to the side of Katsuki’s head, stroking his hair absent mindedly “Nice undercut by the way, it suits you.”

Katsuki.exe has stopped working. His head felt fuzzy with the compliment. His heart was pounding against his chest and his tongue felt thick and heavy in his mouth, like trying to move it now would only result in him embarrassing himself further. He was sure he could feel electricity running from every point of contact Kirishima’s hand had with his head.

Kirishima paused a little at the blonde’s silence and seemed to get back into himself, quickly retrieving his hand and scratching the back of his neck as a blush spread across his tan cheeks. He cleared his throat a little, making his Adam’s apple jump, Katsuki followed the movement with his eyes, feeling parched all of a sudden.

“Anyway, yeah, maybe we should get to class? Before Aizawa comes after our heads, you know how he is about punctuality and I really can’t afford to get into his bad side, chemistry alone is kicking my ass as it is as you know it…” Katsuki knew he should say something, Kirishima nervous rambling didn’t look like it would stop anywhere in the near future and he was getting redder and redder by the minute, but he couldn’t bring himself to stop him.

Serves him right, cute shithead. Okay, maybe this crush was getting out of his control, but honestly could you blame him? The sharp-toothed bastard was too kind for his own good.

“Earth to Blasty, earth to Blasty, man are you sure you are fine? You spaced out on me for a couple minutes there” Kirishima resorted to waving his hands in front of Katsuki to snap him out of it, his face scrunched up in obvious worry.

“Yeah I’m sure Shark-week, now stop your worrying about me before you fry your last brain cell” He said moving towards the door, how deep in thought was he earlier to not even notice walking into the science building.

“You say that but I can help but worry Bakugou, you are my friend after all” Fuck, Katsuki was sure that if he turned to look at Kirishima now he would be blinded by his smile, that adorable fucker.

“Whatever, you fucking sap” Shit, that came out softer than he intended it to “Don’t blame me when you fail chemistry because you can’t concentrate in more than two things at the same time” There, that was much better.

“I can’t fail; my tutor would kill me if I don’t ace this test” Kirishima said taking a seat and shooting the blonde an amused smile.

“You’re damn right I would, which is why you’re going to shut up now and pay attention” Katsuki scoffed taking the seat beside him “You’re lucky enough I took pity on your sorry ass and decided to grace you with my knowledge”

“I’m so grateful for your time Bakugou-sensei”

“Don’t get cheeky with me brat” Katsuki shot back with a smile.

“Ah” The red head suddenly stopped smiling and blinked a couple times, dazed “There it is” He said in a tone of voice that Katsuki wasn’t quite sure he was meant to hear, he sounded almost in awe. But before the blonde could question him Aizawa walked into the room looking like he would rather be in a bed than here of all places.

“Very well, I slept two hours last night and I’m currently running purely on caffeine and spite, so let’s try to keep this nice and quiet” He said moving towards his desk “So open your books…”

“Man, this class blows” Kirishima said as soon as Aizawa walked out of classroom exactly 50 minutes after starting the lesson “I’m looking forward to our tutoring session this week, especially since I can start feeling whatever Sensei just said is slipping through my ears”

“You could at least have the decency to sound ashamed of yourself rock for brains, why choose geology as your major if you are going to whine about chemistry so much?” Bakugou grumbled standing up and moving towards the door.

“Well, not everyone can be an actual mad scientist, mister chemical engineer student” Kirishima chirped back following him out of the classroom pulling his phone out of his jean pocket “Also rocks are fucking cool dude, s’not my fault chemistry is boring”

“Yes, I have heard it all before, just try to at least read the material before the session” Katsuki paused, watching Kirishima frown at his phone “Oi what’s the matter Shark-week?”

“Nothing special, just a friend been bothering me to introduce me to someone but to be honest he sounds like an asshole” He mumbled before typing some reply and pocketing his phone “Apparently he saw a couple of pictures of me and decided I’m not worth his time”

The pang of jealousy Katsuki could feel on his chest after imagining Kirishima dating some fucking extra was immediately smothered by the rage that filled his veins. What actual piece of fucking shit could take one look at Kirishima fucking “I could flex and actually destroy all my clothes” Eijirou and deny him? Decide he could do better? There was no better after Kirishima. Katsuki should fucking know, the asshole ruined the possibility of even thinking about dating other people, after all Katsuki was always striving for the best.

“You shouldn’t be concerned about the opinions of some moron who is in obvious need of some glasses” He muttered darkly, thinking of ways to track down this jerk and have a couple words with him for making Kirishima frown.

“Oh I don’t have a very photogenic face bro, it used to fuck me up a lot in high school but I’m over it now” Kirishima said laughing a little “So I don’t take it too personally, sucks for him though I’m quite the catch”

Kirishima? Not good in a picture? The humble dumbass was surely exaggerating, there was no way that face could ever look bad.

“You’re damn right about that” Katsuki blurted out, watching in fascination as the red head’s face filled with color as soon as he registered the words, even though he himself was not much better. He could feel his own cheeks burning up.

“Ah thanks dude” Kirishima said quietly, a soft smile filing his face. Fuck, his chest felt incredibly warm, this was like watching the sun break through the horizon on the top of a mountain “Actually, I have something I’ve being wanting to ask you Bakugou, I know you are always saying you're too busy studying but I think…”

Katsuki could feel his cheeks getting hotter and hotter as Kirishima continued to ramble, was he about to be asked out? By this gentle and loving man? He could feel his heartbeat quickening and the blood rushing in his ears, this was it, he was latching onto this and never letting go, good luck getting rid of him now, he could hear the wedding bells.

“… So maybe you could come with us?”

“Yes, actually I’ve… Wait, what?” What the fuck just happened?

“Yes?? Oh sweet Baku, I will text you the details later” Shit, shit, shit, Kirishima face was glowing he couldn’t go back on his words now like some kind of monster “I swear you are going to have so much fun and my friends will adore you, I’m sure of it!!”

Fuck me.

“Bwahahaha this is just too funny Bakugou, you are an actual disaster” Uraraka was clutching her stomach on the gym floor as Katsuki watched sitting on the bench besides her, contemplating whenever it was worth the hassle it would bring him throwing her the water bottle currently crunched in his grip. “I can’t believe mister “I got my shit together” got ahead of himself and ended up agreeing to go to a party because of a pretty face”

“This is not helping Moon face” He grumbled, cheeks red and pride crushed.

“No, but seriously I think this could be a great chance to test the waters” She said getting up to sit beside him on the bench, drying the tears that had gathered on her eyes “You both will be more relaxed in place that isn’t, you know, a classroom or the library, use that to flirt a little, see where it leads you”

“That’s… Actually not shitty advice, didn’t know you were capable” Katsuki was impressed, maybe this blunder could bring him good things after all.

“You’re welcome asshole” Uraraka’s word were filled with sarcasm but the blonde simply ignored her, too busy thinking of ways he could flirt with Kirishima at the party.

Who knows maybe I will end up with a boyfriend after this Friday. He could feel his hands sweating and his cheeks warming up at the thought of finally asking the red head out.

“I’m glad for you Bakugo” Uraraka said suddenly causing Katsuki to turn and look at her, one eyebrow raised in question “I just think is nice, seeing you like this, so in love”

For the first time in his life he was speechless. It felt like a tightly wound rope was unraveling in his chest, letting him breathe deeply in what could have being years. Oh, I love him

“I know, I’m glad too” He responded quietly, content, while his thoughts filled with red.

Today was the day, this day Katsuki would stop fucking around and finally confess his feelings to Kirishima, he made sure the bastard wouldn’t be able to say no. He was wearing the black shirt that made his eyes pop out, and the skinny jeans that made his ass look like a snack. The red head wouldn’t stand a chance against his get up.

He paced around his dorm room wiping his sweaty hands on his pants, waiting for the text that would let him know Kirishima and his friends were outside. Any minute now, he would arrive and Katsuki then would proceed to confess the fuck out of him and maybe skip the party altogether with a new boyfriend if he’s lucky.


This is it. Katsuki thought checking his phone, indeed Kirishima had texted him, telling him they were just outside his dorm building. He psyched himself up, grabbing his wallet and turning off the lights in his room.

He walked briskly through the building, eager to see his crush.

When he opened the door to the entrance the first thing he saw was, of course, Kirishima. After all, how could he not? His normally straight hair was spiked up to the sky, in a look that would be ridiculous in anyone else, but he somehow made it work. He was wearing a frankly offensive collored button up that clashed horribly with his hair and the tightest jean shorts he had ever seen. It was a hideous outfit and so, so much Kirishima that the only thing Katsuki could think was of how much he loved him.

The next thing he noticed was the noise, like a button had been pressed, it came rushing back abruptly, startling him.

“Oh my god, Ei, I can’t believe Bakugou is the guy who’s being tutoring you” What? He was sure he recognized that voice.

Turning sharply to the left Katsuki saw Kaminari looking shocked and dumb as hell with his mouth still open. Not only was he here but standing next to him was Ashido, trying and failing miserably to hold her laughter under control.

“This has to be the best reaction I’ve ever seen” She said between giggles “It's like destiny”

“So you guys know Blasty?” Kirishima spoke up, looking between the three of them.

“Why Blasty?” “So funny story…” Kaminari and Ashido started talking at the same time.

“Wait, you’re ugly photograph guy” Katsuki interrupted them, swiftly connecting all the dots. And immediately regretted his choice of words when he saw the hurt that flashed across Kirishima’s eyes.

“Well, fuck you too” This was not going the way Katsuki had expected, he needed to salvage this situation before he lost his chance to be with Kirishima.

“No, that’s not what I meant, I’m sorry Kirishima” He said, hoping to appease the red head a little.

“Well, I think Kaminari and me are going to get going, you two obviously need to talk” Ashido was officially on his good side, he would have to thank her later “I will cash in my told you so later” Ah never mind then.

“What?? Are you crazy?? I have known Bakugou since high school, this is the first time I heard him apologize and use a person name, I'm not missing this” Kaminari was getting his ass kicked later.

“Shut up idiot, let’s get going” The pair quickly made their exit with a wave and a “Text me later Ei, good luck Blasty!!” they were off.

Katsuki looked back to the red head, wincing when he saw the warded expression on the usually smiling man.

“So, unphotogenic huh?” Maybe he should just shove his entire foot up his mouth and never speak again.

But before he could proceed to embarrass himself further Kirishima busted up laughing, his booming laugh caused something to uncoil in the blonde’s chest, relief flooding him instantly knowing that the man wasn’t really angry anymore with his earlier words.

“Blasty, your face just now was priceless” Kirishima said once he calmed down.

“You’re such a pretty bastard” Katsuki couldn’t help himself, he was tired of tiptoeing around his feelings and Kirishima was looking especially gorgeous right now, a red hue taking over his cheeks, ugly shirt fluttering with the soft night breeze and the most dazzling smile he has ever seen in his damn life.

“That’s really unfair Bakugou” He said, still smiling. Moving to stand right in front of him, calloused hands coming up to caress Katsuki bare arms, causing goosebumps to follow the path his fingers were tracing.

“That’s not really fair either Kirishima” His voice was barely above a whisper; his gaze was stuck on the man’s lips. They were so close, closer than ever before, but still so far away, still not enough.

“Who would have thought you were the prick Mina wanted me to meet” He keep tracing random things on his arms as he spoke “It’s always you Bakugou” His hands moved to grip his own tighly, like he never wanted to let go.

“I love you” Fuck, maybe his filter needed to come back “You’re the only one I’ll ever need. Call it whatever you want, coincidence, destiny, after this I’m surer than before, I only want you, Kirishima”

May as well go all in while he’s at it. Let it be known that Bakugou Katsuki was no quitter.

The smile Kirishima send his way felt like a punch to the gut, it took everything with it, his thoughts, his breath and his sanity. He surrendered everything of himself to the man standing mere inches away from him.

 “Can I kiss you Bakugou?” He could feel his breath on his lips. They were standing so close to each other that Katsuki couldn’t tell if the heartbeat he was feeling was his own or Kirishima’s.

“I’ll actually punch you if you don’t kiss me right this second Rocks for brains”

Kirishima  ducked his head down, finally removing the last few inches that remained between them.

His lips are a little chapped, was the only thing Katsuki could think before his head filled with static.

Maybe he should commemorate this moment with a photo.