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BNHA x Seme Male Reader

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Sorry guys, not a chapter yet but I would like to formally introduce you to the series. This is basically just a filthy series where you (the reader) gets to literally top the fuck out of everyone in the BNHA world. 

Most of the writings are done as either Male Reader or Futunari Reader. I will try to do some Female Reader which will probably be rare. Which is why I titled this series as just BNHA x Male Seme Reader to avoid confusion. 

Couldn't find any tags for male reader so I had to use these ones. I just wanted to warn people before they jump onto reading. 

There will be some chapters where it might be uncomfortable for some of you. Be warned, I will try to place some warnings within the summary portion of each chapter. 

Read at your own risk. 



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Chapter 2

“(Y/N).” Aizawa called out.

You looked up from your conversation with Midoriya, giving the older man a curious stare.

“Come meet me during lunch.”

You nodded your head, and Midoriya gave you a questioning look, “Did you do something?”

You shrugged your shoulders. You were pretty sure that you didn’t do anything. You stared at the clock just as Present Mic entered the classroom. You had another hour before you had to meet Aizawa-sensei. You doodled on your paper, waiting for the time to pass.

Finally, the bell rang and you got up, putting your stuff away. You walked towards the teacher’s lounge, knocking twice before you were pulled into the room, pinned to the wall by your sensei. His head tucked into the crack of your neck and shoulder, his hips rutting against yours.

You smiled when he shivered, your fingers running through his messy hair. You kissed his ears, purring, “My. Here I was thinking I was in trouble, hmm…Shouta?”

Aizawa desperately whimpered, his body trembling as your hand snuck around to grab two bubbly blobs of ass. You squeezed your favorite body part, kissing your older lover sweetly.

“Feeling horny today, Shouta?” You asked, biting and tugging on his lower lips.

He nodded, a pretty flush on his usually stoic face. He fumbled with your school pants, sinking to his kneels and nuzzled against your growing erection. You let out an approving sound at your submissive lover.

He innocently kissed the growing bulge, burying his nose to smell your lovely musky scent. He used his teeth to tug down your boxers down, lightly scrapping your abdomen.

You growled when your erection finally sprang up, slapping your teacher on the cheek and smearing your precum all over his cheeks. He gave a kitty lick around the foreskin, kissing your cock like it was his God. He treated your cock like it was the best gift you could give him. Though Aizawa believe that, if he could, he would have an alter just worshiping your cock.

He mewled softly as he licked and rolled down the foreskin using his tongue. The taste lingering on his tongue. He eagerly swallowed the head of your cock, using his tongue to tease the slit of your cock.

You grasp on his hair, pulling it and swore, “Fuck, Shouta…"

He smirked against your cock and slowly engulfed your cock like it was a fucking popsicle. You gritted your teeth, keeping your hips still so that you didn’t accidentally stab your lover to death with your cock. Aizawa suckled on your cock, his cheeks hollowing as he took you all the way to the base until his nose was buried in your pubic hair.

Aizawa inhaled deeply. Your teen musk invading his sense of smell. He drooled all over your thick cock. Feeling the membrane throb against his throat. He moaned, loving the reaction you had as your cock twitch inside his throat. He slid up and down, gently scraping his teeth on your sensitive cock.

Fuck…He couldn’t remember how this all started but he was just glad that you loved him back and fucked him stupid. Your heavy cock twitched on his tongue and he grinned, lapping at the precum escaping on your slit. 

“S-shouta…” You groaned out, your grip tightening and looking down at Aizawa who was giving the head of your cock little kitty licks. Licking the precum pouring out of the slit. “I’m going to cum.”

Aizawa smirked and bobbed down, limiting the amount of stimulation until you finally snapped and took control by shoving your teacher's head down. Forcing the older man to take your cock all the way until he was nearly gagging. Aizawa moaned as his throat tensed and constricted around your cock and you felt yourself quiver at the overwhelming pleasure, you groaned loudly and twitched, your cock violent spurting semen down your lover's throat.

Aizawa’s eyes rolled back, feeling the violent  on slaughter of warm cum down his throat. He eagerly swallowed down your cum without much problem—after all, he would have it both day and night. He should be used to it. In fact, this was probably his favourite drink of all time.

“Good boy.” Aizawa purred, a string of cum still connected to your cock and his lips. Your eyes darken and you shoved your teacher against the door, kissing him violently.

You bit on his lips until it started bleeding. He whimpered against you and you shoved your hands up his shirt, playing with his nipples. You swallowed his moans away in case someone heard you guys from the door.

You preferred to hear him especially when you ‘accidentally’ pinched and played with his nipples too bad—like so bad that he couldn’t wear a shirt without getting an erection. You were planning to abuse his nipples somewhere over the winter break, and probably planned to make him cum just from that.

“(Y-Y/N)…” Aizawa moaned out, frustration on his face. “We only have 15 minutes…”

“You’re right, Shouta. What should we do about this?” You asked, smirking and rubbing his erection. His hips jerked in your hand. You kissed him on the ears, “Do you want to cum from your ass or from my mouth?”

Aizawa whimpered—he wanted both.

“Time is ticking my love…” You peppered little kisses all over his face, pinching his right nipple really hard to earn a throaty moan. “Or would you prefer to stay erect until the end of the day? You do like that, don’t you, Shouta?”

Aizawa shivered, his cheeks burning up. It was true. He did like that. Fuck. He was so fucked.

Chapter Text

You entered the apartment, taking off your suit. Annoyance rising up as you took off your sweaty suit. It was way too goddamn hot to be wearing a suit in this weather.

You slipped off your shoes, walking into your living room, pausing to see your lover sleeping on the couch. You bit your lips as you approach a half-naked Mirio where he was lying down on his stomach—his cute butt in the air.

Even your taller fiancée felt hot, sporting nothing but his yellow boxer.

You sighed happily, looking at your fiancée with loving eyes before a sly smirk came onto your face and you skipped off to your shared room. You pulled out your secret stash, a row of flavourful lube. You hummed, staring at the list of flavours before landing on a light brown lube.

Chocolate. You had only recently gotten it and it was from your favourite company, they never ever disappointed you with their list of flavoured lubes.

You walked back to the couch, sitting yourself behind Mirio who was still draped over the couch, presenting his butt to you. You hesitantly touched his thighs, feeling the intense amount of muscles.

Compare to you, Mirio had a huge ratio of muscles but then again, it was to be expected since he was a pro hero. Ever since you got engaged to your boyfriend, you started having a little kinky side for his muscles.

You had nothing but bare muscles. Your job didn’t really allow you to have much exercise so the only exercise you ever got was working out with Mirio…In the bedroom. Your cheeks flamed up.

You got on your kneels, gently sliding your hands up and down Mirio’s back muscles. You were starting to be a little jealous with how defined Mirio’s back muscles were. Even in his sleep. The muscles twitched under your touch, you continued to massage his soft flesh. You finally gave up on his back muscles and went down to his thighs—you groaned loudly. His glorious thighs was probably your favourite. You rubbed soothing circles on his large thighs and it subconsciously contracted, his muscles popping at you.

You smirk seeing the growing bulge in between your lover’s legs. You squeezed and massaged his thighs before moving up to slid down his boxers. Your breath hitched, being greeted by his glorious big ass.

The two cheeks hypnotizing you as your hands sank into his ass. You squeezed his ass in your hands, getting a little too excited when his flesh responded so nicely to your motions. You spread his ass cheeks, staring at his puckered hole. You licked your lips, mouth salivating at the sight of your favourite hole.

You jerked off Mirio’s cock until it was nice and erect—It was easier to find his prostate this way. You poured the chocolate lube down his crack, and pressed the pads of your fingers on his puckered hole.

Feeling his hole give way to your fingers, you rubbed and teased the area. After a few minutes, you finally fell into temptation and pushed your index finger inside, loving the way his walls clench down on your finger.

You moaned softly, pulling out your finger and watched his hole get dragged along the way. You licked your lips, using both your hands to spread his ass, which in turn made his hole gap a little. You licked a stripe on his ass, the burst taste of chocolate on your tongue and you continued to give his hole little kitty licks.

You plunge your tongue into his hole, enjoying the way his walls clench down on your tongue, his things trembling as you assaulted his ass. You pumped his cock as your sucked and pressed your tongue in and out of his sweet ass.

“(Y-Y/N)?” A groggy Mirio glanced back at you. Sleep still in his eyes.

“Good morning, sleeping beauty.” You responded, kissing his hole sweetly.

Mirio whimpered when you re-inserted your fingers into his hole, plunging until it hit your knuckles. You added a second finger, listening to his breath hitched as you scissor against and stretched his inside.

“S-someone came home excited…” Mirio mumbled, thrusting his hips back to meet your fingers.

You grinned prevertedly, kissing his thighs. “Only cause I saw how your ass was inviting me.”

Mirio was about to respond before he let out a high pitched whine, you pressed on that bundle of nerves, watching as Mirio’s whole body quivered. You continued to assault the area until he create a pool of cum on your couch.

He slump down on your couch and you pressed kisses all over his body. Loving the hard mass of muscles that contracted whenever you left traces of hickies behind.

He probably wasn’t going to be happy with all the hickies you left behind, most specifically his ass and thighs—but that was one of your favourite places. His thighs were basically muscle heaven for you and obviously your favourite position was either doggy or missionary where you got the chance to really hold onto his thighs and feel the way they contracted every time you hit the right places.

You laughed when Mirio turned around, putting his arms around your neck to pull you down to a kiss—“You taste like chocolate.”

You lifted up the chocolate lube, “We might have to stack up on this. It's a limited edition after all."

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Chapter 4


You licked your lips, looking at your lover’s pearly, cum-spattered chest as it heaved with the aftershock of orgasm. You felt his ass clenching down too tightly around your cock. You gave your little purple haired lover a couple of seconds, your hard cock still waiting for Shinsou to ride out his orgasm. You kissed Shinsou, his hands loosening the grip on the bed sheets—he was slowly losing his strength. He mumbled something.

“What was that?” You softly called out loud and clear, fondly looking at your lover.

“I.” His lilac eyes fluttering to meet your eyes. “I don’t know why I agree to this...”

You laugh, probably not the best time to do so. Your cock brushed against his prostate and he yelped. He reached one hand out, gently pushing at your chest. You leaned down to press a sweet kiss to his lips, “I’m going to milk this for all I can. You are going back to school in two days.”

Shinsou rolled his tired eyes. He only accepted your advance after you threw you puppy dog eyes at him and begged him so prettily.

You couldn’t hold back a pleasure moan as you slid out with an obscene, slippery sound, hissing and pinching yourself at the base to make sure you didn’t suddenly orgasm. You looked at your tired lover, he came over to your apartment as soon as the long break started.

You haven’t seen your lover sleep at all. No matter how many times you tried to get him to sleep. You decided to make him physically tired—hoping that he would pass out some time soon but you guys have been at this for two hours and he hasn’t shown any signs of fainting yet.

You stared at his fair skin now, a beautiful flush colour.

His lithe body quivering with excitement from his ears down to his chest, and his own fluids marking his chest, ears, and you were pretty sure it landed on his face too. God, he was such a pretty sight.

“That’s a real mess you’ve made,” You smirked down at him, “You know, I can’t decide whether to clean you up, or make you cum on your own cum.”

Shinsou whined softly, looking so putty and adorable surrounded by your pillow, and smelling so strongly of sex. “P-please, daddy…”

You bit your lips, your cock stirring in his ass. “Please what, baby? Tell daddy what you want?”

Move! Damn it…” Shinsou hisses when you chuckled, moving your hips so that only the head of your cock caught at his entrance.

He sobbed at the feeling of his oversensitive hole being teased by your still hard cock. You snapped your hips back in, going at an aggressive rate, pleased to hear Shinsou’s little sweet moans filling up your apartment.

Shinsou weakly wrapped his legs around you, tugging you closely as you came inside his ass—probably for like the fifth time. Not that you were counting but it was pretty impressive for someone your age to have so much stamina.

Your cock twitched, spurting violently inside of your lover. Shinsou moaned, his walls clenching down at the warmth filling up his ass. His legs slid off your waist, and you pulled out.

Eyes zoning in on his wrecked asshole, it was bubbling, the cum that you had stuffed inside earlier were all rushing out.

“Hitoshi?” You called out, surprise in your eyes when you found your little lover had gotten so tired that he fainted from orgasming. You sweetly brushed his hair aside, kissing his ears and got to work in cleaning your lover up.






You looked at Shinsou, satisfied that you cleaned up as much as you could. It took a lot longer than you expected. Shinsou had been sleeping for the past two hours since he had fainted from his orgasm and he was likely to start waking up soon—ah speak of the devil.

His tired eyes slit open to give you a view of his pretty lilac eyes.

“Good morning, baby.” You kissed your lover. He easily wrapped his arms around your neck and probe his tongue, shoving it into your mouth. You gladly allowed him to lead your kiss. You finally parted with a loud naughty sound. “Ready for round 2?”

“R-round 2?” Shinsou repeated weakly.

You grinned and leaned down to bite hard on his chest, enough to elicit a gasp from your little lover. You apologize to his chest by kissing it and suckling lightly on his already swollen nipples. He whined softly but didn’t push you away. Then you moved to his other nipple, giving the same amount of attention to his hardening nipples.

Shinsou winched, his breathing becoming more erratic, watching in horror as your hands landed on his growing erection. “(Y-Y/N).” He whined.

You clicked your tongue, biting down hard on his nipple. Shinsou quickly corrected himself, "I-I mean daddy!”

You pressed a pleased kiss on the nipple you bit. You peppered little kisses all the way down, until you were facing his erect cock. You kissed the tip, giving teasing licks on the head of his cock.

Shinsou’s eyes rolled back when you engulf his cock until it was hitting the back of your throat. His cries echoing as his sensitive cock was being embraced by the contraction of your throat.

You hollowed your cheeks, moving your head up and down, his grip tighten on your hair and you finished him off by pumping his cock. His release messily marking his own body and your bed.

You picked up a thin line of cum, and let out a please sound as you swallowed his cum.


You laughed, “I don’t see you complaining when you swallow my cum.”

Shinsou’s head snapped up, “But yours is different.”

You gave him a dangerous smirk that made his heart thump loudly. You picked up your beloved lube, motioning for him to present his ass to you. He turned around and his thighs helplessly whined at him but the excitement of getting fucked stupid was enough for him to get on his knees and arch his back.

You rubbed the lube between your fingers before you stuck a finger inside him causing your baby boy to let out a loud gasp. He tremble underneath you, feeling overtly sensitive and sore. His ass was straining but welcoming your fingers without much problem but his body was aching with too much pleasure that it was starting to feel like pain.

You started pump your finger in and out, and listening to Shinsou’s breathing grow erratic. Soon, more pleasurable noises started escaping his mouth. You slid in another finger and started scissoring against it.

His hole easily working to please you but then again, you did go at it like horny rabbits.

“Daddy…” Shinsou huffed out.

You smiled innocently, kissing his ass cheeks, “Yes, baby?”

“Don’t you want to come in already?”

“Is that an order or an invitation?”

Shinsou whined, and you laughed, pumping your cock in your free hand. You lined the head of your cock against his swollen hole, pushing until it caught on. You rubbed soothing circles on his hips, and then snapped your hips forward, causing your purple haired lover to bury his face into the pillows.

 “I’m going to make you come so hard, Hitoshi that you’ll sleep until tomorrow.” You grunted out, slamming your hips and keeping Shinsou pinned down so that all he could do was take it.

You flinched, feeling your lover clench down on your cock. You reached around to pump his cock—there was no way you were going to cum without making him orgasm twice. His walls clench down on you and he slipped all over your hands before you buried yourself as deep as possible and spilled inside him.

Shinsou spasm underneath you as you pulled out of his sensitive hole. You flipped your lover around, his lilac eyes watching you as you pump your cock in your hand, ready for another round.

“You monster…” Shinsou whined softly when you started lining your cock against his sore hole again. He was too tired for this.

You grinned, pushing your cock into his messy hole, “Oh baby boy. If you can’t handle this, how do you think you’ll manage in the hero course?”

Shinsou shudder, clenching his teeth when your cock pressed against his prostate, his vision going white, toes curling “I-I think I-I’ll manage.”

You flick his abused nipples, suckling on them gently, “You think so? Well, how about I help you train your stamina?”

Shinsou sobbed, shaking his head. For someone who was nearly twice his age, you had an insane amount of energy that it was almost monstrous. He was already tuckered out whenever you guys did activities like this.

Often, he would have gone the blowjob route so that he could last the two rounds with you but this was borderline almost like you were trying to kill him by fucking him to death.

“Going to cum for me, baby?” You groaned out, thrusting your hips erratically.

Shinsou messily moaned into the pillow, and nodded, his head swimming in pleasure.

He yelped, and you growled lowly, “Pay attention to me, Hitoshi.”

Shinsou cried, feeling his who knows how many orgasm at this point coming on again. You pinned his hips down, snapping yours without a single care and then you buried yourself.

Shinsou’s toes curled, feeling you filled his inside up with your hot liquid. He slump, closing his tired eyes—there was no way he could keep up with this again.






Shinsou woke up feeling something wet around his chest. He opened his eyes and saw you suckling on his nipples—“A-again?” He hoarsely asked, clenching down on your cock.

Yup. There was definitely a cock there.

“Sorry, baby. I think we’re going to be here a while. You’re going back to school in two days.” You explained, removing your mouth from his nipples. “I thought I should enjoy this as much as possible.”

Shinsou shook his head, he couldn’t do this anymore. This was already out of his limits and his limbs were aching too much and he knew that he wouldn’t been able to walk tomorrow without limping and he surely wouldn’t be able to sit.

“N-no more, daddy.” He wrapped his arms around your neck, burying his face in.

“Alright, just give me one more orgasm okay? Can you do that for me, baby?”

Shinsou could do that. He could definitely do that. He was like a leaking faucet now. He could definitely give you the one orgasm that you wanted. Your hands went down to his angry cock, pumping it in your hands and he wasn’t surprise that his cum was nothing but a thin water substance.

You moved your hips until only the head of cock was caught on and Shinsou looked at you with an expression look on his face.

“Daddy!” He yelped when you slowly sank yourself back into his heat. “Y-you said one orgasm!”

You smiled, “I never said who’s orgasm, right baby is? Now be good, and milk me one more time and then we’ll be done for the night.”

Shinsou sobbed, he didn’t fight you as you thrust into his heat. You were one hell of snake. His eyelids felt heavy, he could feel sleep slowly overtaking him. His mind wandering but he was sure that your cock spurted inside his ass for the last time—hopefully that night before he drifted off to sleep.






Shinsou woke up overwhelmingly satisfied with his sleep, his ass throb, his chest was nagging at him to remove his top but most of all, and he was being embraced by you. You were reading your book with one hand before you noticed your lover staring at you.

Shinsou leaned up to passionately kiss you on the lips for a minute.

“Good morning, baby.” You huffed out as soon as you parted, licking your lips. “Slept a long time, didn’t you?”

Shinsou looked at you with a puzzled expression then he turned over to the alarm—his eyes widening in surprise—he just missed his first day of class.

“Don’t worry, I told them that you were going to be late. Come on, go get showered, I’ll make breakfast.”

Shinsou nodded his head, stumbling out of the bed, his legs growing weak under his weight. You easily caught him, giving the boy a naughty grin, “Looks like I might have to train you the next time you come around.”

Shinsou’s face flared up but he didn’t deny that he had the time of his life. And probably the sleep of his life. He kissed you as you carried him into the bathroom.

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Chapter 5 


You really appreciated your big brothers, Tensei and Tenya but more so with Tenya since he was the closest to you both socially and age wise.

So when you began training,  for a lack of better words, your big brother to become sort of a personal lover even though he didn’t know it yet. Big brother Tenya had been very eager to help you out.

He trembled in your lap, despite being physically smaller than him, you like to have your big brother at your mercy.

You were pretty manipulative and exploitative so you really took advantage of your big brother’s kindness.

“(Y-Y/N)?” Tenya stuttered out, squirming in your lap.

You hummed, looking over his shoulders and tweaked his nipple really hard. Tenya bit his lips, his breathing becoming more laboured.

“Yes big brother?” You purred into his ear.

“D-do you understand?” Tenya asks, turning around to look at you but your hands didn’t stop playing with his nipples.

“I guess.” To be honest, you weren’t even paying attention. You already knew all this but pretended like you needed help.

“S-so,” His breath hitched when you pinched a little too hard, “Can you solve this?”

You hummed, removing your right hand to pick up a pencil and look at the question, “Do I get a reward if I get this right?”


“Come on, big brother.” You pouted, “Tutors need to reward their students, you know.”

Tenya squirmed, sighed defeated, “Alright, I’ll do one request of yours if you get this right.”

You smiled, kissing your big brother, he reeled back, “(Y/N)! We can’t keep kissing, it’s highly inappropriate now.”

You made a sad face, “Big brother hates me?”

“N-no!” Tenya was quick to defuse the situation, “It’s just…never mind.”

You smiled, “Kiss me, big brother?”

Tenya turned his head around and captured you into a kiss, which obviously turned into something more when you probe your tongue into his mouth. He refused to open it until you tweaked his nipples harshly. He gasped and you took that opportunity to explore his mouth, naughtily rubbing your tongue against his sensitive mouth.

You finally parted with a loud obscene sound.

“O-okay. C-can you solve this now?” Tenya muttered hotly against your lips, looking like he got ravished apart.

“Okay!” You chirped happily, easily solving it in two seconds.

Tenya stared at the paper, “Uhm…correct.”

“Can I get my reward now?” You asked, leaning over to grab something from underneath your bed.

Tenya nodded his head.

“Bend over my bed, big brother.” You demanded, Tenya hesitated but did as he was told, and you pulled down his pants. Tenya made a strangling noise, and you quickly shushed him, “Big brother, you promised me, didn’t you?”

“Alright but we’ll have to get back to work.” Tenya said firmly.


You poured lubed on your fingers, warming the liquid up between your fingers and pressed against the entrance of your big brother’s hole. The first time you did this, he had lectured you about safety and hygiene for two hours and the next day, you cleaned his inside and started all over again.

Of course, it took a lot of manipulation for your big brother to agree but you got him to bend over your toilet while you thoroughly cleaned him. You even managed to work him open for your three fingers.

He came all over your toilet seat, flustered and apologized for making a ‘mess’.

Ever since, you have been fingering him for about five months now, and you were finally ready to move up a knot. You scissor your fingers, spreading his pliable hole, your mouth watering.

You took out the small pink vibrating dildo, and thoroughly lubed the toy up and pressed it against his hole.

Tenya’s thighs trembled, drooling onto your blanket as he forced his body to relax and accommodate the object that was definitely larger than your three fingers.

You kissed his ass as he finally bottomed out on the toy and you pulled up his pants. You returned back to the table and patted your lap. Tenya reluctantly sat down, winching and trying to find a comfortable position to stop the dildo from pressing all in the right places.

You sighed, wrapping your arms around his waist, and pretended to listen. Your fingers playing with the pink remote in your hand. You finally grew bored of just letting the toy sit inside of Tenya’s ass and decided to dial up the remote to one.

Tenya jerked forward but you held him back and grinded your growing erection between his ass.

“Fuck…(Y-Y/N)!” He moaned out, head slipping on top of your table. He grinds his ass down to meet yours and whines softly.

“Yes, big brother?” You feign innocent, blinking your pretty eyes at him.

“N-nothing. Shall we move on to the next chapter?” He corrected himself, trying to ignore the buzzing sound coming from inside of him.

“Alright.” You agreed, and watching your big brother explain to you the next chapter. Which to be frank was literally children’s work. Not that you were going to tell your dear big brother. You dialed up the vibrator to max, watching intensely as Tenya shook in your lap.

His pretty eyes tearing up and he curled onto himself, you snaked your hand down inside his pants and felt his wet boxers.

“Oh, dear…” You clicked your tongue, “Did you wet yourself, big brother?”

“T-that’s n-not…I-I didn’t…” Tenya’s cheeks burnt in embarrassment.

You smiled sadistically, “It’s okay, big brother. I won’t tell anymore. Go bend over my bed and let me clean you up.”

Tenya stood on his shaky legs, listening obediently to you and presented his wet ass to you. You pulled down his pants, and saw the string of cum connecting his boxers to his cock.

You pump the vibrating dildo in and out of his ass, you must have gotten too into it because Tenya’s yelps and sweet moans pull you back out and his cock is spurting all over your bed.

You clicked your tongue in annoyance, knowing you were going to have to clean it up yourself.

“Bad big brother…” You scolded, hitting his ass lightly.

Tenya squirmed, feeling overwhelming turned on by his dominating younger brother. But even coming twice wasn’t enough for him. He moaned when you pulled out the vibrator, tossing it into the trashcan, and strangely, he felt empty.

He glanced back at you with teary blue eyes, thrusting his hips towards you, “(Y/N)…”

“Yes, big brother?”

“Fuck me, please. Fuck me hard, (Y/N)!”

You grinned, already taking off your pants and jerking your cock to a full erection, “Are you sure, big brother? Isn’t this highly inappropriate?”

“Please?” Tenya begs so pretty and who were you to refuse him?

You lubed up your cock and lined the head of your cock to his entrance, his ass puckering like it was giving your cock kisses as a welcome. You rammed in all at once, Tenya releasing a loud shout as he was stretched by your cock.

You grunted, pistoling into your brother’s ass. His warm walls clenching down on you, you finally did it. You finally fucked your sweet older brother.

Tenya gripped onto your blanket, holding onto dear life as you erratically rammed into his ass. His vision going wild, his toes curling when you brushed against his prostate. “So pretty, big brother.” You huffed out, jerking your big brother, in time for when you felt your own orgasm coming.

You rammed inside one more time, painting his insides white while Tenya bit onto your blanket, his walls squeezing and milking your cock.

You slipped your cock out, watching the mixture of cum and lube slipped out of his ass. You turned your big brother’s head to the side and captured him into a kiss.

“Love you, Tenya-niichan.” You whispered sweetly, exchanging tongues with your brother-lover, “Come back tomorrow to teach me, okay?”

Tenya gave a lazy nod, loving the way you wrapped your arms around his body and pulled him into the warmth of your hold.

Chapter Text

Chapter 6



“Say you lost.” You pressed Bakugou down, his chest rising up and down. You sat on top of him, using your knees to press his shoulders down, your quirk pinning down his hands. Ever since you two met, Bakugou has done nothing but harass you for a spar.

Today was the day you decided to spar with him. Which to be honest, you were a little surprise to see him keep up with you. You finally used your quirk at full power and easily pinned him down but the boy was stubborn.

He growled. You sighed, grabbing a handful of blond hair, “Say you fucking lost, Bakugou.”

“No.” He snarled.

You stared at him, grabbing his hair even harder and a moan slipped out of his mouth. You blinked your eyes, his cheeks blazing in embarrassment.

“You’re getting off this?” You lowly asked, voice dripping with something dark.

Bakugou shivered, “N-no!”

You chuckled, moving your hand back and of course, you found his tent pitching. “Really? Surely, this is not an erection I’m feeling?”

“Fuck you!” He spat out.

You laughed, moving your ass down, until you were able to grind down on his erection. He gritted his teeth, refusing to moan. You shook your head, he was really stubborn. “No, I think it’ll be the other way around. I’m going to fuck you, Katsuki.”

Bakugou licked his lips. He couldn’t deny the fact that you were one of the most handsome person in the school. Even he knew he’d be an idiot if he refused your advances—not that he was pinning for you or anything.

His eyes widen, you started removing the belt of your pants, “If you don’t want this, you tell me right now and I’ll release you. We’ll pretend like this never happened.”


“Katsuki?” You softly called out.

“Fucking get on with it, pretty face.”

You smiled, “I prefer if my partners give me verbal consent.”

“Well, fuck me already.”

You shook your head, “No. I’m going to make you beg me to fuck you, Katsuki. I’m going to play with you and then I’m going to fuck that stubbornness out of you.”

Bakugou stared at you, but you felt his cock twitch, and you let a grin stretch spread on your face, “You like that, don’t you? Like when people take control and talk down to you, right?”

“S-shut up!” He growled, trying to jerk his hand away from your quirk.

“You just need someone to put you in place right, Katsuki?” You purred, freeing his angry cock and teasing the slit with your tongue, “Am I enough? Can I fulfill your need to be dominated?”

Bakugou took a sharp breath, red eyes watching you engulf his cock like it was candy. You hummed, sending pleasurable motions on his cock that was twitching inside your throat. You had enough practice with your toys to know not to gag.

“Fuck.” Bakugou moaned out, “I-I’m going to c-c—”

You lifted your head away from Bakugou’s cock, grinning when he started to swear at you. You ignored his cock in favour of naturally lubing up his ass with your spit. You glanced up, ignoring his cursing, “Katsuki, this is going to hurt. I have no lube but you have to tell me if this is your first time.”

He said something under his breath. You rolled your eyes, “What was that?”

“I said I should still be loose from this morning.”

You blinked your eyes, “Uhm…do you have a boyfriend? If so, I apologize.”


Everything clicked in your head, and you smiled, pressing your fingers into his ass and sure enough, it was still loose.

“You slut. Were you expecting to be fucked by me?” You cruelly thurst your fingers, stretching his hole before you slipped out of your pants.

His cheeks flamed up seeing your cock, he gulped, and pretended not to be effected as you lined your cock up against his entrance. His stomach curling in excitement.

“Ready?” You asked the stubborn boy.

“Do your fucking best.” He spat out.

“With pleasure.” You rammed your cock in one go, and his mouth fell open, a strangled mixture of moan and curses followed. Despite that, you didn’t slow back one bit. You felt like you needed to prove yourself to him.

“(Y-Y/N), s-slow d-down…” He cried out, curling his hands. He wanted so desperately to hold onto anything.

You grinned, sealing your lips together. He growled, aggressively fighting you with his tongue. It was a whole mess, saliva slipping down to the ground.

Your hips continued to thrust roughly and Bakugou took it like a champion. Bakugou wasn’t going to moan—he wasn’t to let you get what you wanted. But he was getting dizzy with the overwhelming smell of sex plus the abuse his prostate was going through.

Your fingers dug into his hips, something spurting against your eyes and forced you to close them. You clenched your teeth, pulling out and spurting your cum all over Bakugou.

“Y-you little…”

“You marked me.” You cut him off, “It’s only fair that I mark you back, right?”

He closed his eyes as you continued to pump your cock, feeling drops of your cum landing on his chest and face. He licked his lips and tasted your cum. Gross.

He opened one eyes and saw the dark expression on your face. You removed your quirk on his hands and dragged him by the hair to place a bruising kiss and you swirling your tongue around his mouth.

Pulling back to his reddened lips, you licked your lips, “Come find me if you need another sparring session.”

You left the exhausted explosive boy in the middle of the sparring room. You headed to the shower to clean yourself out. You picked up the cum on your cheek and sucked on it. He didn’t taste so bad.

Maybe you should spar him with him more.






“Fucking spar with me, pretty face!” Bakugou slammed his hand on your desk and you looked up from your conversation with Midoriya.

“Kacchan?! Again?” Midoriya shouted, “You guys just sparred yesterday.”

“Shut up, Deku!” He growled.

You smirked, “Don’t worry, Midoriya. I’ll handle this. He just needs someone to fuck with him.” Literally but you didn’t need to say that out loud for Bakugou to understand before he stormed out, shouting at you to meet him at seven.

Chapter Text

Chapter 7



You released the hold you had on Endeavor, looking at the painfully larger submissive Alpha on his knees. There’s a string of saliva where it connects from the mark you made on his shoulder blades to your bloody mouth.

Endeavor growls, flexing in an attempt to throw you off. He dared a glance back and found your (E/C) eyes glowing. He shivered, feeling your hands running down his thighs and covers his face with his arms because he’s so fucked.

Despite being at least twice your size, you were still a dominant Alpha compare to his submissive Alpha.

He hated that. He hated that fact that despite you being a dominant Alpha, you weren’t even around his size and yet you could push him around—the number 2 superhero.

Endeavor breathe hitches when he feels your breath near his ass, and has to bite into his own knuckles to stop the moans from escaping his mouth.

Your fat tongues slide in, working the muscles of his ass roughly and Endeavor feels like his own quirk is burning his own body.

Endeavor whines when you remove your tongue from his hole, he clenches down and his ears pick up on the amount of saliva acting like slick. It starts to drips down his thighs and makes the frothiest sounds on his skin.

Endeavor grunts, chocking a little when he feels you pressed firmly into the crease of his ass. On average, Endeavor knows he’s bigger than the average Alpha but the feeling of a hot flesh in between his ass makes his mind flat line.

“(Y/N), you have to stop!” Endeavor hisses out, and uncontrollably clenches his hole.

Of course, you don’t listen because the next moment, you are already spreading his ass apart and pushing the head of your cock against his wet hole. His involuntary wet hole that you had lapped at for at least twenty minutes.

Endeavor moaned, feeling himself being speared by your cock inch by inch. Your hips roll back and you begin to push again, this time deeper, wider. Endeavor feels his lungs running out of air and he can’t do anything but take it. His fists clenched, is about to try to roll over, because this is more than he can take

He’s a fucking Alpha, submissive or dominant. He wasn’t fucking meant to take a large ass cock up his ass. A cock that is meant to knot.

He panics, clenching down on you.

You let out a pleased howl, too lost in your lust and starts to rock your hips in momentum with Endeavor’s hips. You stabbed your cock back inside, the lewd squishing sound of your spit and his ass juice.

Three rough thrusts into his hole drives Endeavor over the edge and has his back arching and his breath stuttering in his throat, spilling all over the ground.

Stop, just stop!” Endeavor starts to wails, gripping your hands that is likely going to leave bruises. His inside aches painfully and he knows that you’re not even fully sheathed inside but he was going to go crazy if this continued.

Endeavor refuses to look at his cock. He refuses to believe that the thick flesh pressing into his stomach isn’t his own. He doesn’t believe he could get off on being ‘raped’ by his own sidekick.

You pushed his head to the side so you can mark his other shoulder blade, and he cries painfully as your teeth sank in. His biology telling him to fight back. He slumps in your hold and you continued to push the rest of your cock inside.

He feels dizzy with the smell blood and cum, and from the corner of his eyes. Endeavor hisses, his eyes growing, something—he shudders, heaves—

Endeavor finally breaks and sobs because his ass is clenching down on a growing knot and it fucking hurts.

He breaks into a cold sweat.

Endeavor bits into his fist, feeling the burn of his insides as your cock starts to expand and forcefully move his insides around. Endeavor begins to whine at some point because there’s a monster cock in his ass and now a baseball size knot growing inside.

When you finally stop moving, Endeavor tries to get his mind back in place but his pelvic bones groan and his hole stretching too wide that he’s a little afraid to even look at it after all this.

The knot inside starts to pulsing.

The first spurt is violent and Endeavor can almost feel his organs being attacked by the first round of cum shoving itself inside his ass. The worst part is that there’s nowhere for the cum to stay.

Unlike Omegas, he can’t get pregnant.

At some point, Endeavor begins to lost hope that he’ll never get away from the knot stuck in his ass. It’s already been at least twenty minutes, and you were still on your first round of spilling, his stomach is growing uncomfortably bigger.

“(Y/N)…” Endeavor whispers, hoarse and high. “You— you have to stop, I can’t. Please, you can’t keep cumming inside…”

You stilled, your glowing eyes finally settling down, “S-shit.”

Fuck!” Endeavor whimpers, feeling a second assault of cum painting his insides.

You kissed the marks you left on his neck, “Sorry about that, Endeavor…I didn’t think I would hit my rut today.”

Endeavor glares at you through his watery turquoise eyes. “Bullsh—”

You lick the bite mark on his neck and rocked your hips lightly, “I marked you. Are your kids accepting of a new dad?”

Endeavor moans weakly, clenches around your knot, and his hole is sensitive, the muscles tired and stretched beyond use. He squeezes his eyes shut, hiccuping because he’s been turned into a fucking cunt, an omega.

“Think we can give Shouto a pretty little sibling?” You asked, rocking your hips gently and Endeavor yelps.

But your rut made you stupid and surely enough, he wasn’t going to get away from you until you had fill. 

He doesn't want to think of it. Doesn't believe it will only take 5 days of your rut. He closes his eyes and refuses to believe that you marked his neck. It's there. He can feel it tingling and it almost makes him bare his neck even more to you.

You teasingly let Endeavor's hole tug on your knot to test if you could start thrusting again and Endeavor yelped as you started making little shallow thrusts. 

Endeavor's sweet moans fills your ears and you start back up again. Snarling like an animal.

The last thing Endeavor remembers is telling himself to make a mental note to send flowers to his wife, and to call off of work for five days and maybe to introduce you to his family as his second mate.

Chapter Text

Chapter 8



See, this wouldn’t have happened if Kacchan just shut his mouth but no…Kacchan just had go ahead and push doubts onto him.

Midoriya glanced over to you shyly and he still couldn’t believe that he was going out with the hottest boy in school. It made him feel giddy and accomplished.

You laced your fingers together, and Midoriya stuttered, “I-I need to use the washroom really quick…”

You smiled, “Alright. I’ll be waiting here.”


Midoriya walked towards the washroom and you pulled out your phone, texting Katsuki about your plans for the date today.

Of course, he had belittled you for going on a date in an amusement park but he was just jealous that he was grounded for fighting with one of the older kids.


You tucked your phone away, hearing Midoriya’s call, you turned around, reaching out your hand to grab his—err…only to be holding some girl who looked eerily like Midoriya.

“Oh, sorry…” You quickly pulled back your hand, “I thought you were…”

“We should probably enter.” The girl says and you were starting to lose it because this was Midoriya’s voice and looks but definitely wasn’t wearing the same outfit.

The girl had a short skirt and a blouse button up.

“I-I have a boyfriend. I’m sorry.”

Her cheeks flushed up, and she tugged on your wrist, and she whispered, “It’s me…Midoriya.”

You blinked your eyes, stepping back to look at your boyfriend…err…girlfriend? You weren’t even sure what this was about.

“Uhm…I don’t know if it’s our anniversary or something but I didn’t prepare anything for you.” You mumbled, kissing your boyfriend on the cheek.

Midoriya smiled, “No. I thought I would surprise you. Come on, we have to at least get into the train if we want to get anywhere.”

You nodded, entangling your fingers together. You managed to push through the crowd, all the way to the other side of the train doors which you know won’t open until at least 30 stops over. You caged Midoriya in front of you, chest to chest, you buried your face into his hair, inhaling his shampoo.

You pinned your boyfriend to the door when the train stepped on the break too hard, and Midoriya groaned sweetly.

You paused. Perhaps a little too sweetly, and you glanced down to see his flushed face. Hmm...Midoriya in female clothes, Midoriya acting a little weird…You were starting to piece things together.

Perhaps Katsuki said something again. The boy really have to insert some filter into his mouth.

You wrapped your arms around Midoriya’s waist who squeaked, and you placed your chin on his shoulder, your hands getting dangerously close to the end of his skirt.

“Did you wear this for me?” You hotly whispered into his ears, and you squeezed his inner thigh to earn a sweet breathless moan, “Without expecting me to jump on you?”


“Come on, baby girl.” You kissed his ears, most of the passengers were busy on their phones while you were here fondling up your boyfriend. “Tell me. Tell me what you want.”

“P-please, (Y/N). I want to do it here.”

Your cock stirred, lust driving you into a corner, “What a naughty little girl you are. Wanting to do it in public? What would everyone think? Two U.A students doing it in public?”

Midoriya whimpered, fluttering his pretty lashes at you, and you smirked, going to grab two asses in your hands. You squeezed them, pushing and pulling them apart and Midoriya bit on your shirt.

“Wearing a thong too?” You growled softly, “Where did you get them, baby girl?”

“A-ah…” Midoriya felt your fingers circling around his hole which instinctively clenched down in anticipation, “I-I went out last week with Uraraka…”

“Such a naughty girl. The cashier didn’t say anything?” You hummed, pushing in one finger. You were surprised to feel it wet. “You bad girl. You even prepped yourself in the bathroom? Here I was wondering why you were taking so long.”

His breath ragged harshly, arousal and shame filling him. You pump your finger in and out, pushing a second finger. Midoriya clearly worked himself really well in the bathroom.

You looked at the map of the train, you at least had twenty more minutes before you both had to get off of the train. “Turn around for me, baby girl. Spread yourself.”

Midoriya blushed and did as he was told. He presented his ass to you, his hole winking at you. You licked your lips, quickly working to take your painfully hard cock and slowly entered Midoriya.

You bit your tongue and Midoriya’s high pitched voice echoed in the train. Everyone looked up, and you hissed, your entire cock stuffed into Midoriya’s ass and was being clenched painfully and sweetly.

“A-are you two okay?” A passenger asked behind you.

You grunted, your body still pinned Midoriya against the glass door, your cock still snugly stuffed inside his ass.

“Yes. The sudden break was a little too much.” You explained.

“Oh alright. The train at this point is always bad.” The passenger sighed, and as if to emphasize, the train jerked again and your hips forced your cock even deeper, and Midoriya was losing himself.

“Is your girlfriend alright?” The passenger asked.

You hissed, feeling Midoriya clench down on you and immediately you knew that he came all over himself. You looked at the glass door and sure enough, Midoriya’s cum was sticking on the glass door.

A sick idea went through your head, and you moved your hips back a little to pull your cock out, and you hummed, “Are you okay, Izu-chan?”

Through the glass mirror, you could see Midoriya shake his head, begging you not to ask him. Tears gathering around his emerald eyes, and you grinned, thrusting back inside. His mouth gaped open, trying to coherently think.

Your eyes darken, drinking in your boyfriend’s appearance, his fucked out expression, cock standing up proud and spreading cum all over the glass mirror. Lube running down his thighs, overall he just looked obscene and sexy.

You pinned Midoriya to the door, giving shallow thrusts as to not give away what you two were doing.

“Izu-chan?” You harshly asked, “A kind person is asking if you’re alright.”

Midoriya looked over your shoulder, blinking his pretty eyes, “Y-yes…T-thank you.”

The passenger didn’t seem to notice anything weird from Midoriya’s voice. You leaned down, wrapping your arms around Midoriya’s waist, and gave one final thrust, pushing yourself deeply and spilling inside.

“Arriving at XXX station.”

A string of people left the train and Midoriya huffed, shame filling him when he noticed his string of cum attached to the glass door. You pulled out, looking through your pockets for tissue. Thankfully, no one seem to pay you two any mind as you both cleaned the mess you made.

“Arriving at YYY station.”

You grabbed Midoriya and headed out of the train, Midoriya pressing his thighs together and clenching his ass.

That was oddly hot and Midoriya was a little afraid that he would get addicted to this. But first, he really needed to change his clothes otherwise he was going to be a walking cum dumpster.

Exclusively for (Y/N), of course.

Not that he minded. 





“I had sex with (Y/N) in the train.” Midoriya whispered as he passed by Bakugou.

Bakugou chocked, shcok on his face before throwing his bread at Midoriya and shouting vulgarity towards his childhood friend.

You slipped up behind Bakugou, smirking at him, “Thanks, Katsuki.”

“Fuck you two nerds!” He shouted, face red.

You chuckled, going over to wrap your arm around Midoriya’s waist.



Chapter Text

Chapter 9



You were a good person. At times. Really, you tried to be a good sensei, especially since this was your first time being a teacher. At a renowned Hero high school, nonetheless. You’re not exactly the best licensed hero but you weren’t certainly the worst.

So when one of your best students, Yoarashi Inasa slams your door open and marches in, you were expecting your student to beat you into a bloody mess. The boy is overly enthusiastic but he was almost nearly twice your size and he could properly snap your neck in half.

The bell rings and he’s standing there so you sighed, removing your glasses.

“Yes, Yoarashi?”

“Sensei, I need help!” He yells out.

Your ears rings, “A little less loud, please. What do you need help with?”

“I want to learn how to blowjob.”

You dropped your pen, mouth open, your cheeks flared up, “W-what?!”

“Camie said I look like a person who would do very well giving blowjobs!” Inasa insisted. “I want to practice.”

Camie. You mind runs down a list of students before you come across one very familiar Camie Utsushimi. You took a long deep breath, did the boy even know what he was saying? You brushed your hair back, loosening your necktie. You really didn’t get paid much dealing with your class’s antics. “Do you even know what a blowjob is?”

He nods his head, walking over to you and dropping onto his knees in front of your crotch.

You hissed, “This is highly inappropriate, Yoarashi!”

He blinked his eyes, tilting his head, “Camie said my first time should be with someone I trust. I trust you, sensei!”

You could feel your soul leaving your body, “Yoarashi…This is…something you should do with someone you love.”

“But I love you sensei!” Inasa insisted.

You were starting to lose your mind. You made a mental note to scold Utsushimi for planting weird ideas into Yoarashi’s head.

“Please, sensei?” Yoarashi looked like a sad puppy despite his large built.


"Sensei! Please!" Yoarashi bows his head towards you and you groaned. Knowing Yoarashi, he wasn't going to give until he got what he wanted. 

You sighed, “Fine but you don’t get to tell anyone about this, okay?”

He beamed, immediately getting to work with your pants. You stopped him before he got any further. You placed your hand on his, “Yoarashi, you have set the mood. Come here.”

You pulled up the younger boy to your lap, letting his weight sit on your lap, and he immediately relaxed in your hands. He was almost like a natural. You swallowed hard, and peppered little kisses on his face. He squirmed on your lap.

You were seriously going to get arrested if this got out.

Sensei,” Yoarashi moans out between kisses you trace all over his face, there’s an urgency to his tone, but really you aren’t in a rush, the bell already rang and no one else was going to be in the office since everyone already went home. You finally pressed a kiss onto his lips, nibbling lightly, he follows your lead, giving kitty licks. You could easily tell that he didn't have much experience. You nipped his lower lips before he hesitantly opens his mouth and you entered his mouth, marking his inside.

He gripped on your button up shirt, wrinkling your usually ironed shirt. You parted from his lips, and he gave a soft whine, his fingers gripping your hair and trying to return back to the kiss. Your hands land on his hips, making sensual circular motions with your fingers that caused the larger Pro Hero boy to buck his hips, essentially grinding his clothed cock on yours. 

Yoarashi and you both hissed, and you stared at his face, he looked positively wrecked just from a simple foreplay.

You pressed one chaste kiss onto his lips before Yoarashi slides down to his knees again and uses his teeth to catch the zipper in between his teeth. His eyes widen at the stain on your boxers, and he could see the large bulge forming. 

His mouth watered, and he noses at the dampening spot. Inhaling deeply. 

Yoarashi lifts your shirt up a little to place light kisses on your abdominal muscles and he begins to kiss downwards until his teeth lands on the edge of your boxers. Your breath hitches as Yoarashi works with pulling your boxer down to your ankle and he’s greeted by the sight of your angry red erect cock. You play with Yoarashi’s ears, encouraging the boy to take his time.

His eyes dilate and he licks his lips eagerly. 

“Are you sure you want this?” You spoke quietly, touching his cheek to get his attention away from your cock.

Yoarashi desperately nods his head, nuzzling against your cock and smearing the precum all over his cheeks, “Please, sensei. I'll do my best."

 Your cock twitched, your fingers digging into his cheeks, "Alright, first give it a taste."

His pink tongue darts out to lick the precum collecting on your slit. He savours the taste inside his mouth and gives a pleased grunt. Without your instruction, he licks from the base of your cock all the way to the top. His hands played with your heavy balls, massaging and rolling the flesh in his hands.

You hissed as Yoarashi’s mouth lands on the tip of your cock. Your toes curl, and you looked down at Yoarashi’s reaction and he looks like he’s straight out of a porno. He suckles and nibbles on the head of your cock, his mouth hollowing and trying to suck out all the precum. 

"Yoarashi, take me deeper." You growled out.

Your hips twitch desperate for more action. Fuck. Your number student was a fucking slut. You groaned, holding back your moans.

Yoarashi grins around your cock, slowly inching your thick cock down his throat. He hums and slowly descends down, and he can feel the way your cock twitched his throat. His legs squirmed together, his own cock twitching at how filthy he was being. 

You were tempted to rush the situation and just shove his head down. Even though, Yoarashi is clumsy with cock sucking. Even if he was clumsy, you noted, he doubled with effort. Yoarashi's eyes rolled back when he finally bottomed out, your whole cock resting inside his mouth. 

There's precum and saliva smeared all over his face and it starts to drip down your pubic hair which makes it matted. But his expression which sort of resembles intoxication and it nearly makes you cum right there and then. You held back a grunt, and Yoarashi groans, feeling your cock twitch violently in his throat. He bops his head up and down, and his gag reflex seems to have disappeared.

He removes his mouth from your cock, a copious mixture of saliva and precum connects his swollen lips with your red cock. He flicks his tongue on your slit before engulfing your cock once again. Yoarashi accidentally scraps his teeth against your cock and it twitches heavily on his tongue so he does it again and you let out a string of curses.

Yoarashi pulls back and gives a loud hard suck on the tip of your cock before taking you back in, until his nose is pressed to the base of your hips, sniffing your wet pubic hair. His eyes rolled back and you were really tempted to just fuck his mouth. Yoarashi continued to devour your cock until it hits the sensitive spot in the back of his throat, and his cock twitches, and he cums all over his school pants. Your toes curled because you can feel his throat tightening around your cock. 

You hand crunches down on the pen, effectively breaking it and spilling ink everywhere. You spasms, shoving Yoarashi’s head down as spots dance in your eyes and you end up spilling down his throat.

Yoarashi squirms on the floor and feels your cum running down his throat. He can feel the warmness filling up his stomach. He presses a hand on his stomach and loves the feeling of being filled up. It takes you a moment to realize that you still haven't removed your hand from Yoarashi's head.

The younger boy slowly removes his mouth from your cock, and opens his mouth to you, showing you the copious amount of cum that you just spurted out.

"Good boy." You mumbled, your fingers pressing at his lips.

He gives you a pleased moan and you watch his Adam's apple bop as he swallows the rest of your cum.

Yoarashi licked his lips, “Was I good, sensei?”

You huffed, taking out your wet tissues to wipe his mouth and your cock clean. “You were. But you probably shouldn’t be going around sucking people off.”

He smiled, “Don’t worry sensei! I will only suck your cock!”

“T-that’s not what I meant!” You shouted after your enthusiastic student. You brushed your hair back and tucked your cock back inside.

You weren’t going to lie, that was probably some of the best and sexiest blowjob you’ve ever had.

Clearly, Yoarashi was made for sucking cock.