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Demon Among The Ranks (Overwatch x Demon!Reader)

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One day you decided to go out for a walk at night since you couldn't sleep. It was around 1AM but it didn't matter to you. You were coming up to a alley and you being the dumb pessimist you are thought

What if someone grabbed me when I walked pass?

And that's exactly what happened. You were grabbed by multiple men and they put a bag over your head and pushed you into a van. One of them held a gun up to your head and told you to shut up which you did. The ride was quiet and terrifying

Once the car came to a halt. They led you into some kind of building. Once inside they took the bag off your head. You saw alot more guys but they were in robes and they all circled around a pentagram. There were dead animals, blood, and bones. They pushed you down onto the middle of the pentagram. Other guys held your arms and legs down as one was saying something in italian. The one that was speaking pulled out a knife and put it to your throat and slit it. The pain was unbearable your words became gurgles. You started to feel tired and cold so you closed your eyes for the last time

But you woke up and shot up you put your hands around you neck but it was perfectly fine. You were still in the building but all of the men were dead each and every limb was ripped apart. You heard someone move behind you and turned around

It was a man with a suit (classic demon look) he had horns and his eyes were a bright red

"I hate it when they do this" he said kicking a corpse

"Oh you're up. Sorry about all this, the sacrifices were just getting tedious so I brought you back"

Still in shock all you could do was look at the presumed demon

"Oh yeah you're probably wondering what or who I am. The names Lucifer but you guys up here know me as Satan"

Still you didn't reply

"Riiight. Anyway I didn't bring you back for anything you got a job to do. I need you to sign off ten million souls to hell. Here"

His hand turned into some kind of claw and slashed your chest leaving three deep cuts. They healed nearly immediately and left a scar. But within the scarred tissue seemed to be some other language

"And just like that you're more powerful than 90 percent of the demons in hell. Now to 'sign off' souls you have to complete two steps. First shake someones hand easy right? Second kill them got it?"


"You're immortal in every sense. You don't age and you go as as far as to get a limb cut off it'll grow back in seconds so take as long as you need. You have alot of powers and it'll take too long to explain them but just think of something and it will happen with exceptions. DONT disappoint me" he said

The man was engulfed in flames then he was gone. You were still in awe at what just happened you looked at the palm of your hand it a pentagram was on it with other designs on it

Great now everyone is gonna think I'm some edgy bastard

You decided to test your powers

Just think about it and it'll happen

You thought of some kind of portal to go back home. And sure enough it happened you went through and you were at home. You laid down on the couch trying to go over what just happened. Now you had to kill people just to not piss off a demon. You were grateful you were at least alive though

You went to the bathroom to shower off your own blood of yourself. But when you passed the mirror you knew something was off. You went back to it and saw you had horns are your eyes were a bright red just like the man's. You wondered how you were going to hide this and nothing came to mind.

But you did have a half assed way to hide the fact you're a demon now. You had a all red jacket in your closet. You put it on and slung the hoodie over the horns which hurt. You pulled it down on the horns making holes for them if anyone asked you could just say that they were part of the hoodie

While showering you felt something move pass you feet you turned around and looked down but nothing. You felt it again and turned around again. But at that point you guessed what it was. It was a tail and just like a cartoon it was red and the end was spade shape. You focused on controlling it and wrapped it around your waist

My life is fucked

It's been two weeks since your resurrection and you finally built up the courage to kill someone. You used your powers to make a weapon. A hole opened  up in the ground and you could hear screams coming from it. A knife floated out of it and once you grabbed it the hole closed. The knife was of course red with an Italian quote etched into it which said "Spill the blood of many". You never studied or even tried to learn Italian but you could read it now. The edge of the blade was ridged and it seemed worn but the tip was as sharp as ever.

You went outside and looked for a victim. You had to think of some lie to get them to shake your hand. You decided to go to a bar you sat by some random guy. You introduced yourself and held your hand with the pentagram out. He shook it and you felt your hand burn a bit so you looked at it. The pentagram was a bright red nearly glowing which probably meant you could kill him. You looked around to see if anyone was looking and the second all the eyes averted you stabbed him in the neck. He fell to the ground and you stabbed him a few more times then ran out. Another man chased after you. You ran into a alley and stood up against a wall waiting for him. Once he turned down it you rammed your head into his stomach impaling him with your horns. You pulled them out and finished the job with the knife. Once he was dead you realized you should've shook his hand.

Back at home you realized your other hand has the number one on the back of it. You looked back at the knife and the quote changed "Cut yourself". You cut your wrist but the second you drew blood the knife liquified and entered your body. You bit the tip of your finger and blood spilled instead of instantly healing. The blood on the floor formed the knife. It didn't have anything written on it anymore.

Well that's handy

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A year after your resurrection
-Jack Morrison POV-
"Ok team we finally have the whereabouts of the 'Greeting' serial killer" I said

"Why do they call him that again?" Mcree asked

"Because he always shakes his victims hands before he kills them. Listen next time" Lena said

"What are we looking for?" Genji asked

"He wears a red sweat jacket that has horns on them. He was a tattoo of a pentagram on his hand was well" I said

"He is young but don't let that fool you he is very dangerous. Be very cautious" I added

"He only uses a knife correct? Did we really have to be called in? The police could have handled this" Angela said

"Apparently every officer that tried to pursue him met gruesome deaths. We have to handle this" I said

"Do not worry! It's six against one we can surely win!" Reinhardt said

The dropship landed and we quickly made our way through the city to a secluded store house. We had a spy watch him for the past two weeks and he always comes back here. And on cue he pulled into the parking lot. The second he got out of his car we rushed him

"FREEZE!" I yelled

He put his hands up but slowly brought his hand to his mouth

"I would put me hand back up partner" Mcree said

He didn't listen so Mcree shot him in the shoulder. He fell down and yelled in agony

"That was easy" Lena said

But in the blink of a eye he got up and started running. Reinhardt charged at him and hit his side with his hammer and he fell to the ground again surely breaking some bones

"Damn it! Fine! I'll go with you guys. To think Overwatch came after me" he said

Lena went to cuff him

"Whoa" she said

"What?" I asked

"His eyes are...mesmerizing" she said

We walked back to the dropship in silence until Mcree decided to ask the killer questions once we were inside

"So what's your name partner?" he asked

He didn't answer him

He was up against the wall and his hands were cuffed behind his back but he brought his hand up to pull his hoodie down more. Everyone noticed and drew their weapons

"My bad it's just uncomfortable having my hands behind my back" he said

He held out his hands and the other one had the cuffs on it. I put it back on him but let him have his hands in front of him.

"Y/N nice to meet you" he said holding his hand out

His attitude completely changed and the sinister smile in his face said he had a ulterior motive. Mcree's dumbass went to shake his hand but he snatched his hand back laughing

"If you shook my hand I would have to kill you" he said

That's when I had a sudden realization. How the hell is he fine? He was shot and hit by Reinhardt's hammer and I don't remember Mercy healing him

"Mercy did you heal him?" I asked

"I've been wondering the same thing how is he still even conscious?" she said

"Weird I don't know either maybe the big guy held back" he said

I tried to look at his shoulder but he covered it up

Once we landed we lead him into the base and put him in a cell with a few other high profile criminals. It was late so I decided to go to my room

"Of course I got caught" I said aloud

"What they get you for?" some guy in another cell asked me

I looked at my hand to see the number 32. I killed more than that but these are the only ones whose hands I shook

"I killed 32 people" I said bluntly

"Damn I killed two" he said

I could've killed them and easily escaped but it's Overwatch I've always looked up to them. But to think I'm one of their targets. I decided to get some sleep and worry about my imprisonment in the morning

Next Day
I woke up and immediately remembered I was caught. I decided to why not play with these guys. I made a portal that would take me to the bases cafeteria. I went through and looked around it was kind of early so no one was in yet plus I was still tired. I sat down on a bench and dozed off

An hour passed and I was woken up by the sound of a load bang and a sharp pain in my gut. I fell to the ground and held my stomach. Even though it would heal in an instant the pain was still there. The pain slowly started to go away and I stood up. I looked over at the cafeterias entrance and there were a bunch of people standing there with their weapons drawn but it looks like the cowboy was the one that shot. I sat back down on the bench

"So what's for breakfast?" I asked

That's when each one of them fired. I felt bullets go through every part of me including my face and one even broke one of my horns which hurt like a bitch. I fell to the ground due to the firepower and decided to act dead. I stopped my healing for the time being. I closed my eyes but had one cracked as all of them gathered around me

"How did he get out?"

"Why did he stay? What an idiot"

"What's up with these horns? They seem real"

I couldn't help but crack a small smile and resume my healing

"What the fuck?!" a few of them said

I sat up

"You guys didn't have to d-" I was cut off by the cowboy punching me

"I'm starting to think you have something against me" I said standing up

Once I got up some guy held my arms behind my back and lifted me up. I turned my head back to him and saw a man with a scar over his eye making it white. His hair was slicked back and he had a beard which was also white. My heart stuttered at his appearance

"Go get Jack" he said with a thick German accent

I was admiring his looks until he broke my left arm

"AHHH! Damn it! Are you serious?" I asked

I've been practicing my powers with my own shadow so I thought why not to use it here. I had my shadow break his shadows arm resulting in his breaking. He let out a yell similar to a lions roar as he let me go. My arm healed and I dusted myself off from the series of events. But that's when I felt someone grab and yank on one of my horns making me yelp

"This is who you've all been fighting with? It's a fucking kid" a man with a beanie said

"He's a murderer. A serial killer at that, Reyes. And something weird has been going on with him" the girl with the British accent said

I froze at the fact that this man had his hand on my horn and he gave off a mad dad kind of vibe

"And he managed to break Rein's arm of all people" the cowboy said

I could see the gigantic man still holding onto his arm. I snapped my fingers quietly and fixed it for him. I tried not to move so the man wouldn't find out my horns were real but he still held onto them

"Really? He looks like he couldn't hurt a fly" Reyes said

"Nope that's who we caught last night. The Greeting serial killer. How the hell did he get out?" The guy from last night said (Jack)

The man that gripped my horns harder and started moving them around which hurt

"Is that true?" he asked

"Whaaaat? Nooo of course not" I said obviously nervous

"Hmmm...I want him on my team" Reyes said

"What?!" Everyone said

"You can't be serious Gabe. He's not even supposed to be here right now. He's on death row for his crimes" Morrison said

I tried to ease out of the Reyes grasp but he snatched me back. I bit my thumb and bled into my hand making the knife. The second it formed I knocked Reyes off his feet and sat on top of him as I held the knife up to his neck

"Stop with the horns" I said

Before he could reply I was shot in the chest again and my blood splattered all over Reyes face

"Y-you know that's not working right?" I asked the cowboy

He shot me in the face this time. I acted dead again and stopped my healing

"Ugh Jesse! What did you do that for?!" Reyes said

"He was going to kill you dumbass" Jesse said

"You two calm down we gotta clean this up. Rein go see Mercy"

"Ich weiß nicht wie aber my arm is fine" Reinhardt said

"I thought he broke it" the cowboy said

"Anyway someone cover him up. What a way to start the day" Morrison said

After a few minutes someone came back with a blanket and covered me with it but that's when they noticed something

"Hmm what's this?" they said picking up my knife

The voice was pretty deep not to mention each step they took made the ground shake. They left the cafeteria with the knife making the room empty. I resumed my healing and got up off the ground

"Fuck that cowboy" I whispered

"Hey go figure out who took the knife" I told my shadow

It put up a thumbs up then quickly left the room. After a few minutes it came back. It said a monkey of all things had it and that it was in a lab. I didn't fully understand what it meant by monkey but it was in the lab. I made a portal and went through. It was a lab but it was pretty messy with papers everywhere, banana peels, and empty peanut butter jars. And that's when I saw him. It was a gorilla sitting in front of a computer. He was examining the knife but he put it down to type something on the computer. I told my shadow to go grab it and it did but the second it took it the monkey tried to grab it again. My shadow brought it back to me and I made a portal back to the cafeteria.

Luckily no one was there. I made a fake body that looked like me before the whole demon thing. I made it have the same wounds from before so they can have something to bury. I made a portal to the nearest city and sure enough people were talking about my arrest. I looked back at the number on my hand

Still have a long way to go

"Hello ma'am how are you" I said holding my hand out

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Two months after OW escape
"Aaaand there" I said as I made the last stab

I looked at my hand and the number changed from 99 to 100. Once the number changed it started to burn alot more than usual. The burning subsided but I felt a sharp pain in my back and it was followed by a loud crack. I fell to the ground in pain and just felt my back crack over and over. After a few minutes of the unbearable pain it subsided. But I had a new addition to the whole demon look. Wings and they were huge too. But they were stuffed into my jacket which was uncomfortable. I got up and dusted myself off

"He is not making this easy. Atleast I'm in a alley so I don't think anyone saw"

The second I said that multiple lights were flashed at me


'No...' was all I thought

The knife was still in my hand and I had blood all over me. I couldn't see who was all there due to the lights but I noticed one thing. The huge man in the armor, Reinhardt. He walked over to me

"Drop the weapon and get on the ground!" he yelled

"Anything for you cutie" I said with a wink

I dropped the knife and slid it to him. I got down on the ground and the second I did two other guys came and cuffed me but they dug their knees into my back while they did. But they didn't seem to notice the wings

"If I didn't know any better I'd think you guys were trying to hurt me" I said

After they cuffed me they both pulled me up and escorted me out of the alley. That's when I saw their faces. It was Reyes and Morrison. And just like last time we walked for awhile for until we got to their dropship. I walked in and they pushed me to a seat that would cuff my legs

"Is this really necessary? I promise I won't run"

"How the hell are you alive? We buried you" the cowboy said

"Umm maybe you buried a omnic?" I asked

"Can I kill him?" the cowboy asked Reyes

"Anyway where are we going? Back to you guys base?" I asked

"Yup and you even have a audience waiting for you" Reyes said

"Really? Why?" I asked

I pretty much knew the answer but wanted to hear them say it

"Yup the families of your victims wanna see you die. We are immediately putting you to death via lethal injection" Morrison said

Fuck they're going to find out

"Didn't you already kill the Greeting serial killer? I'm just his brother" I said getting desperate

"Y/N L/N parents are M/N and F/N no other siblings" Morrison said reading off of a folder

"We don't know how you lived but we won't make any mistakes this time" he added


We landed at their base and there was a pretty big crowd there. They all boo'd at me and asked me how I sleep at night. I was taken to a cell for a last meal but I had a different request

"Instead of a last meal is it okay if I just keep my current clothes on during the execution?"

"Umm I dunno let me go ask" the British girl said

It took her a few minutes but she came back

"Yeah that's fine but that means we got to go now" she said with Reyes and Morrison behind her

They grabbed me and took me outside in front of the huge crowd. I sat in a chair on a stage and they hooked the needle up to my wrist. I looked at the crowd and that's when I noticed my parents were there. My mom was crying her eyes out while my dad held her and gave me the most disappointed and sad look I ever seen.

"Any last words?" Morrison asked raising a microphone to me

"I just wanna say that I...regret absolutely nothing"

The crowd started screaming and throwing trash on stage. Reyes didn't hesitate at all as he let the substance flow into my arm. A whole minute passed and people were starting to get concerned as I showed no sign of dying

"You sure you did it right?" I whispered to Reyes

"His jacket must be stopping it somehow cut open the sleeves" Morrison suggested

Reyes ripped the sleeves of my jacket with his bare hands revealing incantations that looked like they were cut into my skin. Another minute passed and still nothing. The crowd started to yell again thinking this was some kind of sick joke.

"Reyes what the hell is going on?" Morrison asked

"I don't know it has to be the ja-"

He was cut off by the sound of a gunshot that went straight into my stomach. Someone from the crowd did it and ran away

"Why do I always get shot when I'm with you guys?"

I decided to fake my death once again. Around a hour passed and every asshole who came to watch me die was gone

"Ok we should probably move the body" Reyes said

"It's fine I got it. I need to go home for a new jacket anyway. Mind taking these cuffs off?" I asked

Morrison and Reyes looked at me in shock

"You're...not human are you?" Morrison asked

"Well I like to think I still have some humanity left"

"Can I leave?"

"No we need to run test on you to see what the hell is happening to you. Reyes inject him with the anesthetic. See if that works" Morrison said

"W...wait... atleast

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I opened my eyes only to instantly shut them due to some blinding light. I tried to cover my eyes with my hand but they were chained down. I immediately woke myself all the way up once I remembered what happened. I noticed I was in a gown and in some kind of infirmary. My horns, wings, and tail was out for everyone to see. I needed to leave immediately

"Shadow! Cut these"

It wasted no time and cut them. I got up and looked for my clothes. I found them and put them on my jacket was still torn so I used my powers to fix it. Now all I needed to do was find my knife. I walked out of the room into a hallway

"Go find the knife. Don't grab it just figure out where it's at. Make sure no one notices you" I told my shadow

It went left as I went right. I couldn't tell where I was but after walking for a few minutes I heard talking. It was coming from a closed door. I placed my ear on it to listen closer

"Do you think he's a demon? That would explain everything" the British girl asked

"Dont be ridiculous Lena. He's obviously been genetically modified somehow" Angela said

"Then how do you explain the fact he won't die?" the cowboy asked

I was waiting to see how they would reply but I felt something horrific behind me. Everything in me told me to run and hide. I was afraid to turn around but I did. But what I saw wasn't terrifying

"Whoa. Who are you?" a little girl asked

Despite the fact that she was honestly adorable she still made me scared. I tried to pinpoint where this vibe was coming from and it was coming from her neck. She had a necklace with a cross on it

"You can't be serious" I whispered to myself

"Huh? Can I touch your tail?" the little girl said

"What? No. Get away from me"

"You're not even going to tell me your name?"

"No kid. Just go"

"Why?" she said pretty loud

"Ssshhh you're being too lo-

"Fareeha get away from him!" a woman said

Then everyone that was in the room came out to see what was happening

"Umm it's not what it looks like?"

The second I said that the cowboy shot me and Morrison and Reyes held me up against the wall. I noticed my shadow was back

"Mercy! The needle!" Morrison yelled

"Wherever the knife is bring it to where they take me" I told my shadow

"Like we'd ever let you have that"  Morrison said shoving a syringe into my neck

"I'll kill you" I said clearly before I passed out

I woke up again and it feels like I've been sleep for awhile. I tried to rub my face but again my arms and legs were cuffed to the bed.

"Good morning princess" the cowboy said

"You're the one watching me? Can we talk about how you just keep shooting me? Like I'm concerned. Are you okay?" I asked

"Well to be fair you are a serial killer" he said

"I guess. Why am I still here by the way"

"We're trying to figure why you're still alive after the countless times we shot you not to mention the lethal injection had no effect. Why not just tell me darlin?"

"I'm sorry but are you coming onto me? Ive always been bad at telling"

"You wish I was"

"Hey think you could let me free? I'll make it worth while" I said with a wink

His cheeks blushed a tiny bit

"S-so you want me to help a wanted criminal?"

Before I could say anything back the woman named Mercy came into the room. But she didn't say anything to me

"Ummm miss? When can I leave?"

"Well if I had to take I guess I'd say never. You're not even supposed to be alive anymore"

"Wait I have an idea. What if I tell you guys how I got like this and you let me go?"

"Intriguing but I doubt that will fly with the commanders" she said

"Speaking of the commanders can you tell them to stop manhandling me?" I said as a joke

"Don't know about that but let's talk about the whole telling us what made you like this" Reyes said

"Are anymore of you coming in here?" I asked

"Only if they want to watch" Angela said

"Watch what?" I asked

"Me testing your regeneration abilities"

"Torture huh?.....Shadow cut these chains again. Hand me my clothes too"

It cut the chains shadows breaking the real ones.

"I'd love to stay and all but someone is counting on me to do my job"

"Just as I thought! You can control your shadow right? This is truly fascinating" Angela said

"Yup" I said grabbing my clothes

"How'd you know" I said sarcastically

"He can...control his shadow?" the cowboy asked

"Angela, that can't be right. He must have some kind of weapon" Reyes said placing his hand on my chest pressing me down to the bed

"Oh Reyes if you wanted to touch me you only had to ask" I said

"Shut up!" he yelled

"But I just want to get dressed"

"Go ahead Y/N. There's a bathroom right there" Angela said

"Angela!" Reyes said

"He can't be trusted" the cowboy said

They continued to argue as I got up to change. The bathroom had no windows or any other way to escape from. Angela is testing me to see if I could leave from here. And she's right. I got dressed and made a portal to the cafeteria. They're were a few people in there and that's when I saw him, Morrison. No one seemed to notice me coming through the portal so I took this as a chance to surprise him. I ran over to him with my horns pointed at him. I impaled his back and pressed my horns as deep as I could. He let out a bloodcurdling yell and I pulled my horns out of him.

"That was for the syringe"

I snapped my fingers to heal him but right after I did I was tackled. It was Reinhardt and he was right on top of me and the impact definitely broke some bones.

"Youre crushing my win-" I was cut off by a punch

He punched me a few times until Morrison finally got up to stop him

"That's enough Rein" he said holding his shoulder

He got off of me and I got up too

"You could've held back" I said

"Why would I hold back for a murderer?" he asked coldly

"Point taken. Hey shadow can you cut holes in my jacket for my wings?"

It put up a thumbs up and did as I asked

"I should probably go impale that cowboy too. It's weird that Overwatch has a murderer just roaming it's halls" I said stretching my wings

I started to walk out until I was shot with a dart. I looked to see who shot it, it was a dark skinned woman with a tattoo under her eye

"I think I got a resistance to this now since you guys keep using it" I said pulling the dart out of my neck

She didn't say anything but instead fired three more

"Ok...ok...just stop, I'll listen"

She fired another two