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The fight

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Jason sat on the bleachers, he didn't like PE as people called him terrible at everything and always get hit with a ball or something. He has called it the nygaard luck, as he was just unlucky as his dad. His pa though, damn was he lucky, nothing bad ever happened to him!

"Hey fag!" He heard a kid, he looked and sighed, of course it was Spencer, that kid always loved to bully him.

"What do you want Spencer?" He really didn't wanna deal with this right now,

"Oh nothin', just wondering how the little fag is with his murderer dad's, shocking the havent killed you" Spencer smirked.

"Why would my dad's kill me, they obviously love me, unlike your dad who left you, yeah I heard." Spencer got pissed real quick and grabbed Jason by the shirt,

"take it back you peice of shit!" Jason smirked and said,

"Make me, or are you to-" before he could finish that sentence he was hit to the ground by a punch, "not too bad he thought and got up, he then punched Spencer and it turned into a full on fight, all students watching as we fought like animals for a mate.

A teacher soon ran in and broke us up,

"Both of you to the principles office, NOW" we both knew we couldn't just leave so we grabbed our bags and headed to the office.

We got to the office we both sat down and waited, they told us they called our parents and I realized, dad going to be pissed! He won't let him and Pa go hunting together anymore!

"What? Scared of your dad?" Spencer laughed and I gave him a "fuck off" look.


Lester sat at his desk when he got a call, Lester took his phone out of his pocket and see it was from the school,

He sighs, "what did the school want?" He thought as he picked the phone up.

"Hello Mr nygaard, your son, jason has been set to the office for getting into a fight with another kid." He froze, "why would Jason do that?"

The voice on the other line kept going "we need you to come by and have a meeting with him and the other kid"

Lester was freaking out now, he couldn't be there! He was too busy with work. But maybe he could ask his boyfriend to do it, he picked up the phone and called Lorne.

"Need to be picked up honey?" Lorne asks right away as he picks up

"No darling, it's just Jason got into a fight and I'm too busy, could you please do it?"

"Oh of course, I'll be there as soon as I can"


Lorne never awnsered his phone, not even if he was wasn't busy, but he only awnsered to his son and Lester. So when he got a call from Lester saying his son was in the office for a fight, he didn't know if he was proud or disappointed.

He got to the school and walked into the office, when he opened the door he saw Jason looking back as fast as he can, scared and worried. Though as soon as he saw it was me, he calmed down. I gave him a look of "you're still in big trouble sir". He looked and saw the other parent,

"Damn, I already know how this will go"


Jason turned back to see his pa, oh thank God
Though his pa gave him a look he still was relieved. His pa sat down next to him,

"Um exucse me but who are you? We asked for nygaard," the principle asked worryingly,

"I'm Lorne malvo, Lester's boyfriend and Jason's dad, though he calls me pa" pa stands up to shake her hand and she accepts

"Well nice to meet you Mr malvo, please sit down and I'll explain what happened"

The principal started "your son and Spencer got into a fight today" she sighed and continued, "we believe that your son is responsible for the fight as he was the one shown to have started it."

Jason couldn't believe what he was hearing! Spencer attacked him first not him!

"I can't believe my baby had been attacked by this animal!" Spencer's parent speaks,

He looks at his pa and see he's having none of it.

"And of course he's raised by fags! No wonder he got into a fight! He has no mom to tell him what's good and bad" the woman shouts, Jason looked up at his pa to see he that he now, was pissed, not just mad, the pissed when you want to kill something.


Lorne never heard a woman speak some bullshit, besides what Lester told about pearl.

He stood up and stared at the mother, the principal was now worried even more and tried to calm him down,

"Now Mrs sparkle, please don't say stuff like that as it can be offensive and make up a even bigger mess" Mrs sparkle was her name huh? Well I'll show her some sparkles.

Lorne didn't sit down, instead he walked over to Mrs sparkles and slapped her and gave her a disappointed face, he grabbed her shoulder and squeezed it.

"Now Mr malvo!" The principal cried,

"Don't speak to that way to me or my son again, I can kill you in many different ways and I'm not scared to do." Lorne looked at his son

"Let's go Jason, this was a waste of time, and yes I know, he's suspended, don't need to tell me" he glared at the principal, as he walked out.


When they got home Jason went straight to his room and hid, never in his life has he seen his pa angry to the point where he threaten someone.

He heard a knock on the door,

"Who is it?" He asked

"Jason get downstairs please," it was his dad, "we need to talk." even when he got into a fight his dad didn't seem mad or angry, he sounded sad, worried and exhausted.

He opened the door and walked to the living room to find his dad and pa sitting on the couch with a chair in front of them,

He sat down in the chair.

"Jason why did you get into the fight?" His pa asks first

"I-i, Spencer, he was making homophobic comments at me and I just wasn't in a mood so I talked back, he then punched me and yeah," pa looked like he understood while Dad just sat there looking depressed, damn he really felt bad, dad was trying his best here and he had to get into a fight.

Dad finally spoke to break the silence, "Jason I don't blame you, I would have gotten into the fight and hell, I wouldn't have fought back, I'm proud to know you can stand up for yourself, but we still need to ground you, so no hunting with Lorne until I say"

"Ok" I say

We sat in silence once more until pa spoke up

"So does that mean I'll have to buy dinner?" And we all chuckled...