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The Child and The Bone

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“Did you know that humans once harnessed the power of magic alongside monsters?”
“I do…”
“Of course, you do. You must know more about magic than any one of us in the laboratory. But I digress once we had magic just as strong as monsters. It is often recounted as something of a fairy tale but I know better. We know better.”

Frisk could see the woman better in this dream than she did before. The static was gone but every time she got a full view of her face it was as if she could never grasp on her face. At some point, however Frisk became vehemently aware of just who this woman was by her voice. Her last dream was vivid in her mind despite being pulled from it. The woman shifted her eyes over to the man who spoke to her and raised a eyebrow. "You are telling me something I already know. Why? We would not be in this laboratory day in and out if it wasn’t for the fact that we, indeed, know better. After all, if it wasn’t for the anomaly, we’ve detected we wouldn’t be any wiser.” The woman leaned back in her seat and looked at the man with exasperation. “The knowledge that there is a world or realm off of ours and a being with power there is enough to give some validation to the idea of humans once having magic. So instead of beating around the bush—what do you want?” Frisk couldn’t help but snort softly at the woman’s sass. It was completely different from how she interacted with her when she was a child in the dream. The man did not take kind to it.

“Must you always be so crass, woman?”
“Must you always waste my time when I am working? You never do this when I am free. Always when I am busy but you’re the one annoyed? If you have something to say Gabriel, say it or begone."

The man, she now knew as Gabriel, scowled but his own exasperation soon came over him and he relented. “While going over the data we continue to receive from the small connection we can make to the realm, I found myself pondering an idea. This anomaly, this realm and thing or being… what if it the bridge to bring back our innate ability to produce magic once more?”
“You came to me to propose a shower thought?” Frisk snickered under her breath but this time she stopped. Upon watching the woman, she swore that her eyes looked at her. But that’s…impossible… This was a dream. A memory. There was no way she could interact with her…right? Her thoughts were immediately interrupted when Gabriel threw up his hands.

“Will you take this seriously!? The being, the thing has already shown that, though weak, it has some control over this world! If we could somehow gain contact with it, control it or if it is sentient created an established connection between us and it think of how far we can go.” The woman looked up from her desk and turned to the man before narrowing her eyes. "We seek only to establish communication now to see what exactly is on that side but the anomaly's potential cannot be ignored. If it is the possible link to restoring such powers within us, we should proceed with the intention to make it so."

“Do you know how old my daughter is, Gabriel?”
Gabriel and Frisk both froze but only Gabriel responded. “I believe she is…four now?”
“Indeed. And do you know what my four year old little daughter reminded me, yesterday?” The man didn’t respond. “She reminded me of the fact that although we can mess with things, we should not. She reminded me of how men do not know when to stop pushing for greatness.” The woman frowned deeply.

"Magic was ours once upon a time but we lost it. We don’t know why we lost it or how but if there is a significant reason, we should not be pushing so quickly to get it back. Men can barely handle scientific advancements or political growth without losing their minds and you want to speed up the process in order to give them magic?” The woman shook her head. “No. I won’t hear of it. We will continue to monitor this situation and move forward at the appropriate speed.” Gabriel clutched his fist.

“You speak of your daughter but don’t you want her to grow up in a world with the advancements we seek?” The woman bristled.

“I want my daughter to grow up in a world that is safe. I want my daughter to grow up in a world that isn’t dominated by men who seek power over common sense. If that is too much for you to understand, you can always go to the chairman and request a grant in order to take over the project, Gabriel.”
"Madam An-"
"You are dismissed." 

Frisk could practically see the steam coming off of the man when she dismissed him and without further argument, the man left the room. Even as he walked out of the room however, Frisk couldn't help but think that it wasn't the end of it. She knew that look on his face. Although he didn't appear to hold her own brand of determination, Gabriel was not going to give up. Sighing, the little girl placed her hands on her hips and shook her head. "Adults... Sometimes I swear you all are more childish than I am."

"I would hope so. I did raise you with more common sense than that." 

Her heart stopped and Frisk had to will herself to look at the woman. In truth, Frisk expected the dream to end. It usually did after she watched what she was supposed to but instead, upon looking around, she was greeted with the sight of the woman looking at her. She wasn't looking past her, she wasn't looking at anything else; she was looking dead at her. And for the first time she could see the woman clearly and her voice got stuck in her voice. It was her.

“You’ve gotten so big... I can remember a time where you came above my waist.”  Frisk hadn't even realized that she had begun to move but her feet compelled her forward. She wasn't able to get close to her before the woman stopped her. She shook her head and held out her hand.
"Stay. You cannot cross into where I am.”
"Mom...?" She hated how her voice came out in a whisper. The woman before her smiled sadly and nodded just slightly, triggering her immediately. "What do you mean? Why can't I come to you? Where am I? Where are we?"

"We do not have a lot of time left. Be wary of his words.”
Frisk's confusion grew and she tried to reach out for her mother but found herself stuck in place. For a moment Frisk struggled but found her struggle to be fruitless. “Whose words? I don’t understand…” The woman narrowed her eyes.
“Gabriel’s. Do not trust him. The skeleton will protect you, Frisk. Stay close to him and do not leave his sight when Gabriel is near."
“Wait, please!" The little girl continued to fight viciously against the force holding her in place. Why wouldn’t she let her come to her?  She had so many questions, so many things she needed to know. Tears welled up in, Frisk's eyes and she fought harder to get to her. Her mother's resolve seemed to break at the sight and she moved towards the little girl. 

👎 ⚐❄ ✋☠❄☜☞☜

Her mother turned to an unseen forced and glared at it without restraint before looking back to her daughter. “Don’t cry, my frisky Frisk… I’m here.”

🕈☜   👌 ⚐❄☟   . 

She gasped and lurched forward. Unable to distinguish where she was at first, the child jumped out of her bed and looked around wildly. "Mom!" There was no one else in the room but herself and whereas it would be a comfort at times, now it only served to destroy her heart. She didn’t remember everything, not by a long shot, but she remembered her now. Her mother. The woman who loved her dearly. Frisk found herself sitting on the floor, fighting with her brain while trying to force up any little memory of her past. Her mother warned her about Gabriel but why? And who was he? Her hands soon found purchase within her hair and she gripped her locks tightly. Just a little memory to clue her in on more about her mother would have been enough but nothing came.

And the child who was strong and resilient, patient and calm, lost it.

She screamed and got up to her feet only to throw the pillows on her bed to the floor. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair. Finally, she got the chance to remember. Finally, she got the chance to see her mother and it was taken away from her! Frisk grabbed one of her pillows and threw it at her vanity, spilling its contents onto the floor. It wasn’t—!!

Her head snapped to the side, openly showing the tears she didn’t realize were falling down her face, the moment arms wrapped around her. “Jeez, kid… What happened?” Sans looked at the child with open concern, but it only grew when she turned and bit down upon her lip to quiet her sobs. "Frisk...?" She pressed her face to his chest and began to cry. He stiffened in surprise but quickly recovered though he was still just as confused. Picking, the little girl up, he brought her to the bed and sat down with her in his lap. “Bad dream…?” It was apparently the wrong thing to say, for his words quickly sent her into more tears. Dammit. The skeleton sighed softly and after deciding to keep his mouth shut, he continued to keep her close.

He really couldn't complain however. After the shit his own mind put him through, having her near was just as much of a comfort to her as it was to him. Seems like he wasn’t the only one with a nightmare that night but he was probably the only one out of them who understood who he was dealing with more.

✋🕯✞☜ ✌☹🕈✌✡💧 ⚐☹👎 ⚐🕆 ❄☟✌❄ ☟🕆💣✌☠💧 🕈☜ ☞✋👍😐☹☜ ❄☟✋☠☝💧.

The skeleton froze up before making a fist. Closing his eyes, he did his best to force himself awake but it was to no avail. He could feel a presence in front of his face but he refused to acknowledge it. To be honest, he was merely waiting for him to disappear. However, after saying his name and being ignored the being ignored the presence changed its tactics. “…Perhaps this language is more preferable. I do hope you have not lost the knowledge of Hands…” Sans snorted and clutched his fist tighter.

“Couldn’t if I tried. And trust me, I've tried."
“I suppose that is true seeing as through it all you are one of the few who continues to remember me.” Sans gritted his teeth but absolutely refused to turn towards the being as he felt it move. “This is just a dream."

“Dreams are often gate ways into other worlds. Other realms… Even the void.” Wrapping his arms around himself, the skeleton lowered his head. Sans did his best to focus on waking up but his focus was broken at its next words. “But that is neither here nor there. I came to speak of the child.” At this, Sans’s opened his eyes. “Watch her well. Least you lose her.” His eye glowed and instantly turned around. As he did, he summoned his blasters and growled.
“I won’t let you have her.” The being released a soft laughter and a pair of hands found themselves upon Sans’ shoulders. 

"Dearest boy, I am not the one who wishes to take your sunshine away."

It was the child's screams of frustration that finally woke him. After what he had just dealt with, he didn't hesitate to go to her. At first, he believed that he had actually managed to find a way to leave the void but he quickly realized that wasn't the case. He didn't take in the tantrum for long before stepping in and grabbing her in order to stop her from potentially hurting herself. And that how he ended up holding a hysterical nine year old at 2 am while contemplating the fact that his life was being over seen by a forgotten man with a new found interest in his charge.


He narrowed his eyes slightly while resting his chin upon Frisk's head and allowed her time to calm down as he fell into his thoughts. There was a lot about the void that Sans didn't understand but one thing he was fairly certain about was affecting their world from it took more effort than one would like. There was very little in his notes about the void interacting with different timelines but although it was rare it did happen upon occasion. 

Wing Ding Gaster was not a man who acted without a direct reason, even if he didn't always make those reasons known. "Watch her well. Least you lose her." A sniffle escaped Frisk as she began to settle and with a soft grin, he broke away from his thoughts and he pulled back to look down at her. 
"Hey..." The little girl sniffed and wiped her eyes. "You okay?" He expected a shake of her head or a sniffle. But the scowl she gave instead was a surprise.

"I saw my mother. I saw her." She gave a mirthful chuckle. "I thought it was just a memory... I've been getting some back when I sleep but it wasn't." The look she gave him begged the skeleton to believe her though she hardly believed it herself. "She looked dead at me, Sans. She told me to watch out for some man name Gabriel." He tightened his grin. "I tried to get her to stay and tell me more but she just told me she was there..." The little girl looked down and closed her eyes. "And there was someone else but I didn't understand anything they said." He did his best not to freeze up or give his anxiety away as the child spoke.

"It said'🕈☜ 👌 ⚐❄☟  ."
We both are...

Any doubt of Gaster's interference was gone and, in its place, came the overwhelming fear of not knowing what he was up too. And on top of that apparently, he wasn't the only one involved if Frisk's mother was responding to Gaster's words. How and why? He didn't know. But what he did know was this was neither the time nor place to investigate. Sans moved and placed the little girl on her feet. She looked at him confused as he placed a hand on her head. 

"There is little we can do about all of this now kid."
"No buts. Trust me, I want answers just as badly as you do." If not more. "But right now, we don't have a wing or a prayer to go on. For right now all we can do is calm down and come back to this with a calm mind." Frisk looked down and tried to find the determination to argue on but her tiredness quickly caught up to her and she deflated. He gave her a sympathetic look. "It’s late, kid. But somehow, I doubt you'll be going to bed any time soon, huh?" The utter deadpan look Frisk gave to him caused him to chuckle besides himself. "We've already been through enough for tonight. Might as well get some breakfast." He couldn't thank the heavens enough when the child's attention seemed to turn from the forgotten man and the thoughts of the woman.
"But Pap is asleep..."
"Guess that means we're cooking." Frisk snorted. 

"You can't cook."
"There's a first time for everything."
"We're gonna set the manor on fire."
"And we'll look good doing it." Frisk laughed softly and allowed Sans to put her on the floor before getting up himself. Without a word she grabbed his hand and smiled at him gently. They would have to talk about this later. Eventually he would have to open up and explain everything about the man who spoke that strange language and she would have to open up about what she learned about her mother. But until then they were going to do their best to enjoy what peace they could get before they were forced to face the day.

And forced to face Papyrus and Aimé because of a burnt down kitchen.

Annaliese glared at the back of her companion's head silently. He paid her no open mind but she knew very well he was aware of her rage. She didn't need him interfering with her time with her daughter. She didn't step in when he spoke to his son so he should have remained away. Frisk was already anxious about them interfering with her dreams... She didn't wish to stress her little one out more than she needed too. And yet instead of saying that to him, the former scientist defaulted to glaring holes into his back. For a woman of her degree, she knew very well that she was being childish. But that still didn't stop her from continuing on her silent tirade. Sighing, the monster shook his head and turned from the window he was looking at to watch over his son and her daughter and looked at her.

"I believe your daughter's comment about childishness comes into play here."

He wasn't even surprise when the woman took out her hair bow and snapped it directly at his chest. He had been on the end of the woman's fiery temper many times before for. Retaliation was expected. Still, at least she didn't attempt to shove him through the window this time... The monster made a face before sighing.

"Your displeasure is noted. However, you know as well as I that touching beings outside of the void is territory we have yet to explore. If you would have touched your daughter and had she suffered because of it, you would have been more distraught than anything else." She bristled but she knew that he was alright. She would never be able to forgive herself if something more happened to her little one... "We have been patience for what seemed to be years at this point. We can stand to be patient for a little while longer."

"And your reasoning for antagonizing your son?" The ridge above his eye raised up But Annaliese sighed at the lack of a answer. It was a unnecessary comment and she knew it. "I need to make sure that Gabriel does not manage to sway my daughter... God knows what he will do if he gets his hands on her and Frisk doesn't remember anything. A child is still that, a child. If he appeals to her sense of heroics—” 

"He will not. Sans was not going to let her out of his sight after realizing they were to meet in the first place. After my comments he will do all he can to make sure she is never alone with him. You may call it antagonizing but if it makes sure that Sans does not take a eye off of Frisk then it is worth it. Gabriel will not have the chance to plant his toxic thoughts into her mind." For the longest time, the two stared off. Annaliese gaze remained filled with anger and anxiety as Gaster's held an eternal calm. After a moment she took a breath and deflated.

"I do not want her to continue suffering for my mistakes." 
"She will not."

His gaze turned sympathetic and he moved towards her. The woman looked up as he held out his hand for her to take and without hesitation she placed her hand in his. She returned the smile he gave her and squeezed his hand gently. "No longer will our children suffer." Turning back to the window, he closed it and pulled the woman forward to venture through the void.

"This will all end here. This, I promise."

"After our last meeting I was rather surprise to hear you were willing to accept my offer to speak, little one." She twitched slightly at the nickname; however, it was better than 'child'. In the parlor room, Frisk sat upon a chair before Majerus, keeping a cool disposition with her skeleton companion behind her. "But I must admit that I didn't expect you to bring one of your monsters with you." 

Frisk held his gaze and remained stoic throughout. She had asked for Majerus' presence at the manor that Friday afternoon after taking all of Thursday to regroup from the warning her mother pushed upon her. To be honest, after calming down Frisk began to deem the entire situation as her mind fucking with her. At some point she had almost convinced herself that was what it was until Sans brought her Majerus' file to read over once more. Or should she say, Gabriel's file to read over?

From that moment on, she gave in into Sans' demands to be present whenever the man was around her. She believed in coincidences. She believed in irony. And yet all of this was way too much to write off. Sans made her recount every detail about the dream multiple times and yet each time they could not draw up exactly what Majerus was playing at in terms of needing Frisk. But they both knew that the only way to get answers was to hear it straight from his mouth.

"Where I go, he goes." Leaning forward, she picked her glass of water off of the table. "Whether it is here or before the ambassadors, if there is a reason for him to feel I might need his aid he will remind by my side." Majerus narrowed his eyes. "After all, Monsieur, it is very foolish to meet with a man who has been your enemy." Majerus frowned. 
"Is that how you see me, little one? As your enemy?"
"Monsieur Majerus, it is how you have projected yourself to not only myself but Aimé as well as my parents. But that is neither here nor there considering that we are here trying to clear the air, yes?" Crossing her legs, she leaned back. 

The man cleared his throat and did his best to keep his expression schooled. "Indeed. Tell me child, what do you know about magic?" Frisk remained silent but he seemed to expect as much. "No doubt you already have a fine grasp on how monsters rely on it, but did you know that humans also once held the innate ability to harness magic?" Her grip on her cup became brutal and though Majerus didn't notice it, Sans did. He squeezed her shoulder lightly in act of inaudible comfort and watched her loosen her grip. "Now days it is a fairy tale concept to think that humans were once as powerful as monsters. But I know that it is no myth." He smiled at her softly and she wanted nothing more than to wipe that look off of his face. But she had her part to play and she would play it well. Relaxing her gaze she raised a eyebrow.

"I am not sure I follow, Monsieur." Majerus smiled, she dared to say, fondly. 

"In my years of research, I have found that humans once held the same magical capabilities if not stronger than monsters. Can you imagine what the world would be like, what humans could achieve if we could once more access that power?" Frisk raised her eyebrow.
"Is this a theory... or something that you believe is a reality?"

"Believe? My dear child, this is more than what I believe. There is something that is truly keeping each human's magical abilities down for the exchange of something else. This leads me to my next question. What do you know about LOVE?" Keeping with the facade, Frisk masqueraded a expression of confusion prompting the man to continue. "LOVE, level of violence. By our very nature, humans have always been creatures to exploit violence and I have found that by each level that a human grows the closer they come to harnessing the magic locked away in their hearts, no, in their souls." 

Frisk looked down at her water before placing the glass back down upon the table. "I am... rather confused by all of this, Monsieur Majerus. Love. Levels. It sounds more like a game than reality." She sent a side eyed look at the skeleton behind her. "Though I suppose I am one to talk." Turning her eyes to the man once more she frowned. "However, I am still lost about what this has to do with you and myself."

"I, along with my associates, am so close to breaking the bonds that link LOVE with our innate ability to produce magic. However, there has always been a missing link. Never have we had a being that had truly been nurtured and raised around such a thing. Until now, until you. There is little doubt in my mind that the king and queen have allowed their magic to be absorbed within you in some way giving the fact that you are their adopted heir. If you were to help me along with my colleagues, together we can usher in a new era where humans are more than just their physical capabilities." He gave her a true smile but to Frisk it was nothing but evil. "Think, girl! Such a thing could push the human race forwards by decades!"

She had closed her eyes at some point when he was talking. After taking a deep breath, she rose up and stepped away from the two. Walking to the nearest window, she outwards though she focused on nothing. "And what about my monsters, Monsieur?" 
"Aye. My monsters. You talk about humans but never once have I heard about the effect this will have upon my people."
Majerus smiled but scoffed under his breath. "I hardly think it will affect them in the long run. Your monsters already have magic. They will not suffer from living in a world where humans possibly have it along sides them. Or are you implying that with this new grown power humans would act beastly, without rhythm or reason towards them?"
"I do not imply. I am stating fact." The smile faded off of his lips.
"And what evidence do you have to support this...'fact'?"

Frisk placed her thumb up to her mouth and bit down on the nail. "History." Releasing it, she placed her hand behind her to join with the other before turning to face Majerus. "Or should I say, my own, history." All false pretenses of camaraderie fell off of the man’s face and only a stony expression rested in its place.

"Explain yourself."

"You speak of bringing men more power but you have forgotten something very important. Power and emotions do not go hand in hand. Humans, our hearts, our souls, run on whatever emotions we feel. Yes, I cannot deny the headway we would make as a race if we had magic on our side." She frowned deeply. "But one cannot deny the amount of damage we will do if we possessed it either. I have seen hatred burning within the eyes of men." In her mind, she relived the looks of hatred her monsters received the moment they emerged from the underground. "I have witnessed the moment when my most talented mentor gave into anger and prejudice only to lose reason." She clutched her hands, remembering each lash that Helena delivered. 

"In our daily lives alone from the news, from the streets, from history I have seen how humans grow a chain of revenge driven only by hatred. I have experienced more than enough insane reactions against rationality." Despite his growing visible rage, Frisk continued on. "No matter how much humans modernize, no matter how tightly we attempt to hold on to the morals and ethics our individual cultures hold us to we are a race of senseless, mindless creatures. Our individual beliefs and the emotions attached to them will always win over whatever rationality you think they possess." Sighing, the little girl moved back to her seat and sat down.

"The moment you give our race magic is the moment you should prepare for war. There will be more than one nation that will come after my monsters and myself." Sans put his hand back on her shoulder and she reached up once more to place her hand back over his. "But the moment that war is over you open yourself up to World War III... And IV... And V. You want to give our race so much power but you have forgotten something important yourself, Gabriel." The rage that came over his face at his name almost made her want to smile however she held fast. "I maybe human by race and blood, but my heart is with my monsters. Anything that seeks to bring them harm is my enemy."

It took Majerus a short time to regain himself from showing his anger but when he did, he looked at her coldly. "...It is a pity, child. You could have helped ushered in a new age. You don't truly understand what you are getting yourself into upon rejecting my offer."
"On the contrary, I know exactly what I am signing up for."
He held her gaze. "I will give you until the end of the week to consider, child. Do not act so rashly." Frisk smiled and placed her hands on her knees before bowing her head apologetically.
"It is time that is unneeded. I believe our business here is done. Goodbye Monsieur." With one, last glare the man rose and moved to leave.

It wasn't until the man was completely out of the room that Frisk rose and dug her hands within her pockets. She pulled out her phone and after pushing a few numbers, held it to her ear. "...Undyne? Did you get everything?" She paused before smiling. "Good." Pulling it from her ear, the little girl hung up and turned to her companion who appeared next to her. 

"It's worse than we thought."
"Rather it’s just as bad as we thought it would be. Somehow I don't think Aimé will be amused when he realizes what Majerus is up to."

Frisk frowned and sighed. "Sans, I need you to go get your old notes from when you worked with Alphys."
"Something tells me we're going to need it..."