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The Child and The Bone

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“Sorry I can’t make it home this weekend, babe. Everything is going from zero to hundred over here and with Frisk remaining in the manor over the weekend I don’t feel comfortable going home.”

“No problem! I understand but wouldn’t Sans and Papyrus be sufficient enough to look after Frisk?”

“I don’t doubt the two bone heads, but considering what we heard during Frisk’s meeting with Majerus I am not going to leave anything up to chance.”

“That’s why you were the captain of the guard, no doubt Frisk will appreciate it.”

“You know it! The kid tried to get me to go but after a forceful negotiation I managed to get her to see things my way.”

“Hehe, be gentle with her, hun. I don’t want you and Sans to get into a fight because you accidently mishandled her.”

“She can take it. But that reminds me, did you ever finish up your project you were working on?”

“…Yes and no… I just need to do some field research before I can say it is a success or not…”

“You got this, hun! After all those hours you’re putting in you’ll have this pack down.”

“I hope so…”

“Shit…. I gotta run, Al. Talk to you later?”

“You know it!”



She looked at her phone with mixed feelings. There was little doubt in her mind that if what she really knew what she was doing her wife’s tone would be completely different. She didn’t like keeping it from her but it was the only way she could work in peace.

Determination was a funny thing.

Humans, no matter what their souls were colored, all had it to some degree and monsters did not. Except one. She knew that Undyne was getting suspicious and concerned over the amount of time she spent in her laboratory, especially when she was home. She managed to convince the woman that she was just excited about a break through that she had made however it was a half-truth. There was excitement over the breakthrough she had finally achieved but it wasn’t for the reasons she had relied to her wife.

Flowey was the product of injecting DT into a monster boss’ corpse. The DT injected was pulled out from multiple fallen humans but even in spite of that, upon forming Flowey managed to use it to produce his own. It was a ponder that she didn’t have time to explore further but it was one that helped her find a solution… Or at least, a solution she hoped would help…

Moving her hands away from the keyboard, Alphys sighed. Determination on the surface worked differently from than it did in the underground. It was as if in the underground played by its own rules in terms of it. Upon the surface, humans were plentiful. It was easy to think that it was hard to manipulate the world around you with determination when there was an entire race who could tap into it. But that wasn’t how it worked in the underground. Determination was so rare there that, when the original children fell, they had to move quickly to pull the DT from their souls. She was sure that if they had a black market in the underground, DT would be the most valuable resource, but she digressed.

When they were in the underground, Flowey was the biggest influence of determination until Frisk fell. He was the one who was able to change the time lines and overcome events as if it was an episode he could rewind and reset at will. But here, he was on the bottom of the totem pole before monsters. But if she could get him back into the underground… If she could get him back into the lab… Maybe she could use his determination to help revert the damage she had done to him. Alphys stared at the computer screen and frowned. That was where the problem lied… How in the world was she going to convince Flowey to let her bring him to the underground? After everything she put him through, she would be surprised if he allowed her to even walk near him without striking her down.

“You want to apologize?”
But she had to try…
“You want me to forgive you?”
She had to try to set things right.
“Then change me back.
She placed her hands back on her keyboard and began to type on vigorously. Her printer sounded off in the background and she sighed.

Looking to the side, she pursed her lips the moment her eyes locked on to a vile of red liquid that sat near her. It was hardly strange that she had a sample of almost every being she came into contact with. Afterall in the underground she was the next best thing to a doctor when need be. And yet, this route is what created Flowey in the first place. This route is what brought the Amalgamates to life. But… If this meant she could bring Flowey…Asriel back…

Alphys hesitated but soon grabbed the vile and rose. Moving to the printer she grabbed the paper she had printed out and held it close to her chest. She would sin once more and deal with the guilt crawling upon her back if it meant setting things right.

He wondered if he should see Frisk before he left.

Without a doubt, he was still sassy when it came to talking to the girl but they had been on good terms still. He had even let her hug him without squirming last time (or at least too much). Even though he remained outside for the most part in the park, humans didn’t know how to be quiet. He heard of how she was learning about how to be a good ambassador and she had even brought her entourage to help. No doubt if he tracked her down, the smiling trash bag would be present. But it would be okay if he could see her just for a bit.

A part of him wanted to say that he was lonely but he thought it was more than that. After that stupid lizard spoke to him, he couldn’t keep his mind off of the others. He wondered if Papyrus had made 100 friends yet. No doubt Frisk would have to explain to him that every human wasn’t a person to befriend if he hadn’t learned that already. He also laughed at the fleeting idea that maybe Sans’ had gotten an actual job. Ya, right. The flower frowned deeply and crossed his leaves in front of his stem.

He wanted to see them. He wanted to be near them. And that was the actually reason why he shouldn’t go to see her. Frisk didn’t force him to stay around the first time but if they had a moment to reunite, he knew his resolve to stay away would break. Remaining close to her would hurt them both. Remaining near his parents… Well that would be utter hell. And so, he didn’t go. He just remained. The memory of butterscotch cinnamon and the laughter he once shared with his family eluded him. However, the footsteps that approached him did not.


God knows, that he had done so much evil. He had killed multiple people. He had rested the world multiple times. He had messed with innocent people and he did it all just to get a feeling. Just to find a reason to push on. Even still, despite all of that, he found himself asking the universe why he was being kicked when he was already down by the reemergence of the stupid lizard. Glaring upwards, the flower scowled. “I swear to god you are really stupider than I thought.” She didn’t answer. “When I told you to piss off, I didn’t mean come back later, stupid bitch.” Again, there was no response from Alphys, not even fidgeting filled the silence.

He couldn’t say that he didn’t try right? That certainly would be his excuse when Frisk found her body anyway.

“I said…” The flower rose up and twisted his expression. His vines pulled up from the ground and shot forth. “FUCK OFF!” he would enjoy this. He would enjoy every single cry that came from her and every sound her body made as he ripped it apart. It wouldn’t solve his problems by he’d be damned if it didn’t lessen them—

“I can change you back!”

Alphys flinched just as the vines stopped in front of her face. The look upon Flowey’s face went from shocked before turning aback into rage.
“Fucking dirty liar!”
“I am not lying!”

Scrambling to straighten out her work she hesitated but spoke on. “I can fix what I did. I can change you back into how you were before I messed you up. Before you died… But I can’t do it here.” She swallowed. “We’d have to go back to the underground—” The sound of a slap rang out around them and her glasses found a new home on the ground as did she. Snarling demonically, Flowey gritted his teeth.

“How dare you…? How fucking dare, you ask me to go back there?! After everything I’ve been through, after all you’ve put me through there you want me to go back in that lab?!” Alphys released a soft whimper as she moved to pick herself up and placed a hand to the bleeding cut upon her face. “Why the hell should I go anywhere with you?! You are the one who did this to me! You—”

“I KNOW THAT! I KNOW WHAT I DID!” Tears fell from the woman but she rose in spite of it and picked up her glasses. “But I also know I am the only one who has any chance of turning you back. I have found a way to not only change you back but to sustain you’re form once we turn you back. No more fluctuating. No more turning into a flower. I finally found a way to change you back so you can go home.”

Home. The place he was just pinning about. The place where his mother and father still mourned him. He wanted nothing more than to go back home, there he fucking admitted it. But he also wanted nothing more than to kill the bitch before him. “How the fuck do I know you are telling the truth? Why should I trust you?”

“…You can’t.” Looking up, Alphys clutched the papers against her chest. “But if I am wrong, if I mess up, I will allow you to kill me without a fuss. I am willing to stake my life on changing you back. Even if you cannot trust me, at least you can trust the consequences that will come about if I fail…”

There was a uneasiness that passed between them. Tension didn’t quiet sum it up but they both knew that if he found any deception within her words, she would fall that night. He gritted his teeth and moved in close. “If… If I find out you are lying, if I find out you are deceiving me in anyway, I will not kill you. No killing would be a easy way out for you at that point.” The twisted look that came upon his face sent a chill through her soul but she remained in place. “No, instead I will make you experience the pain you have out everyone through first hand. I will make you inject your own soul with enough DT that even the Amalgamates will steer clear of you. And when that pretty little wife of yours rejects you for going back on your promise I will be more than happy to watch as you kill yourself in shame.”

Slowly, the flower pulled back though he kept up his height. “The underground. Now. I will meet you at the lab.” The lizard nodded her head and watched as Flowey receded into the ground and left her alone. It wasn’t until he was gone that she realized what she had signed herself up for. Hugging her research notes close, Alphys bit down on her lip. “I’m sorry, Undyne…”

It took some time for her to make it to the entrance of the underground. Ebott was some ways away from where the monsters had taken up residence upon the surface but she had expected it. After all, once they were freed, the monsters didn’t want to live so close to the home that once served as their prison. It made sense, but it didn’t make the task of making her way back to where the barrier fell any easier. She was grateful that she did not have to fall down Ebott now that the barrier was down. It would make the journey shorter than if she was forced to walk through the Ruins, Snowdin and the Hotlands to get to the True Lab. Unwilling to stay in the abandoned areas any more than she needed too, Alphys took rushed steps through New Home. She didn’t have to think much about where she was going. Flowey wasn’t a fool, he knew very well that what had to be done had to take place in the true lab.

Alphys found it hard to keep a strong resolve throughout her journey. At some points her steps would be rushed, anxious to meet Flowey and begin the process. At other points she found herself walking slower, questioning if she should even be there. If she should even be holding the vile of blood within her hands. Pausing, she looked at the item in her hand and sighed.

…Determination was a funny thing…

No matter how monsters attempted to harness it themselves they could never actually have the same grasp over it as humans did.

All except one.

There was never a doubt that out of all the monsters, Flowey was right up there with the strongest. Placing him in the underground ensured that his determination to preserve would not be over come by anyone else. But his determination would not be enough. In terms of everything his determination would always be second best to one person’s. One child’s determination. Using Frisk’s blood in such a manner was unprecedented and she knew that by venturing down this road even if the others could look past her deeds for the sake of the outcome, Sans would never trust her again.

Undyne would always question if she was telling the truth.

She blinked, realizing that she had stopped walking before taking a deep breath. It didn’t matter. None of that mattered. Right now, all that mattered was getting to the lab and making sure Flowey didn’t murder her before she finished her work.

Carrying on thoughtlessly, Alphys soon found herself trudging along her old lab. She smiled gently at the sight of some of her old things but did not linger. The True Lab was not that far away. A feeling of dread came over her as she entered the laboratory and she shuddered before calling out. “F-Flowey? A-Are you h-here?”
“Ugh are we back to the stuttering again?”
Alphys released a scream and turned around in fear. The flower looked at her with pure disinterest at her dramatics before rolling his eyes. “I honestly don’t understand how you haven’t killed yourself with the constant heart attacks you have on a daily.” She took a moment to compose herself before moving off to the side and turning on the lights.

“I-It’s going to take a moment to turn on everything. I need to make sure things are in working order still before we continue on. The good thing is we never actually shut down the Core before we went to the surface so the power supply down here is still running at full force. Based off of what I could gather remotely, aside from some digital maintenance, it should be fine.”
“Riveting. Now do you want to explain just how exactly you intend to change me back?”

She made her way to her desk and sat down as she flipped her computer on. Though she’d be hard pressed to admit it she really did miss working there. “Its quite simple really. You are perhaps the only monster so far with a grasp over determination. As you have seen, other monsters just melt or fall apart with DT injected into them. However, upon the surface your determination amounts to nothing. Its not because you are weak, but because the determination of the human race cancels yours out. Much like how Frisk’s determination canceled yours out when she fell into the underground. Its how she was able to take over the ability to reset.” The flower froze.

“How do you know about that?”
“Not to long after we came to the surface, about a year after, Frisk tried to kill herself to stop the threat of a reset stealing away what we had all worked for. Sans, thankfully, was there to stop her but in a attempt to make sure she wouldn’t do it again, he revealed everything to us.” His eyes grew wide.
“My parents…”
“They know… I believe Asgore has even asked Frisk where you were but I don’t think she told him. She respects your privacy and knows you don’t want to face them until you are ready.”

Flowey fell silent as his mind tried hard to process what she had told him. She didn’t try to engage with him further, giving him a moment to settle. “What does Frisk have to do with changing me back?”
“Here, in the underground, without humans nearby your determination reigns supreme without anyone present who could override you. This means that when you are able to focus on using it to force your form along with the extra DT I will administer into you.”
He snorted. “You mean to tell me that all I need to return back to how I was is will and a cup full of DT? Somehow, I doubt that.”

“Not at all, but it is one of the main components. If you will it with the extra amount of DT you might be able to revert back for just a microsecond. But your determination is nothing compared to a human. Even with the added DT it will do nothing but revert you back immediately. There is little we can do to stop that.”
“Then why the hell am I even here if I am just going to change back immediately?”

Alphys stopped typing and turned back to the flower with tired eyes. “Because I found a way to by pass that. Just like how Frisk overrode you before, if we use her to help your own DT persist you will be able to push past your limitations and reform your body on your own with out reverting back.” Flowey stared at her for a solid second before looking around wildly and turning his head upside down.

“Is she invisible?”
“Frisk. Is Frisk invisible?”
“N-no! Of course not!”
“Then how the fuck are we going to use her to help me if shes not here?!”

It was impossible to stop the headache that was growing within her but she sighed in exasperation and rubbed her temples. “Because I have her blood! There is enough of her in this vile to help you once we start the process. I am often the one who sees to her medical needs as well as the other monsters. I always have samples of her blood just in case she is ever sick or something goes wrong. It is…not something I am proud of but it is possibly the only way to turn you back.” She turned back to the computer and began to type once more. “Besides, I hardly think Frisk will care as long as she can have you by her side. She will understand.”

That he didn’t doubt for a moment. However, what he did question was how quickly she moved to throw away her promise not to revert back to her old ways in order to help change him back. But who was he to say any thing when in the end he was the one who would benefit from it all?

“Everything seems to be fine for the most part but it will take me some time to get everything set up. I don’t recommend going too far away in the meantime. When I am ready, I will call you.” The flower raised a eyebrow but didn’t say anything as he receded back into the ground. For once she was glad for the silence. She would need all the focus she could get in order to get everything up to par.

Hours went by but she hardly noticed it as she worked on. She looked over everything once, twice, hell even three times to make sure that absolutely nothing that she could control would go wrong. Even though she was certain it was fine, she even made her way to the Core to look over it as much as she could before an eerie feeling caused her to leave. After eight hours of hard work and no rest she was finally ready.

“Flowey! I’m ready.” Alphys moved to her desk and filled her syringes, one with DT and the other with Frisk’s blood. When she turned back around, the flower was present. Coming close to him, she kneeled down. “When I inject you with the DT you need to do everything you can to focus on your old form. The extra determination should help you to project it. Once it is up, I will inject Frisk’s blood in order to help you retain it.” He lurched back slightly when the needle was presented to him and she frowned. “I’m sorry I—”
“Stop apologizing damn it.” The flower folded his leaves in front of him. “Just… Get on with it.” Alphys hesitated before nodding.

“I’ll have to inject this into the back of your head.”


“Just remember, focus on your form.” She received a stiff nod from him before moving in.

There was a moment in between bringing the needle to him and injecting it where Alphys prayed to every Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Western and Monster folklore god that she knew that this would work. She didn’t want to die and more importantly she didn’t want to mess Flowey up any more than she already had. After slowly pushing the DT down the syringe and emptying it into him there was a pause. At first, her heart completely dropped as she believed that it didn’t work. Panic rose as she believed that her time was up. That panic soon went away when the flower began to react.

Seizure like spasms went through Flowey as his body reacted to the foreign DT and for the first time in a long time he truly felt fear. For a moment he thought, no, he knew he was going to die. This was it. He was going to die just as he came into this world. The pain increased until tears poured freely from his eyes. He didn’t want to die. He didn’t want to die.

He wanted to go home.

He wanted to be with his parents.

He wanted to talk shit with the smiling trash bag.

He wanted to see Frisk.

He wanted to live the life that was taking from him.

He didn’t want to die…







*As your life force faded away you held on to the thoughts and memories of those you loved.








*For a moment you moved to take your final breath…











*But you refused.




Alphys watched in horror as the flower began to give in to the seizures. This wasn’t right. This wasn’t right! He shouldn’t be dying he—

It started off as a spark. A small pink spark that hovered over his body. He wouldn’t die. He would live. He wouldn’t give up. He would preserve. He wanted his life back… And he would have it.

That was his determination.

Like a glitch, the flower’s appearance began to morph sporadically. The transformation was gruesome as she witnessed Flowey morph and seize upon the floor as his body sought to break and conform. However, there was never a feeling of relief like the one that came upon her when his form began to settle. Or so she though. He was only given a moments reprieve before pain shot through his body and using a voice that hadn’t been used in years he screamed out.


It snapped Alphys out of her daze and with haste she took the other syringe and stabbed it into his chest. The spark, now a deeper tint of pink, grew before the room became engulfed in its glow. He continued to scream while his body filled him with pain all and Alphys moved to shield her self from the residual effects. The screams died down with the light but when they stopped a soft glow from his chest did not. Alphys turned around hesitantly and looked on in utter awe at the sight in front of her.


Unconscious, ragged and twitching from the sensations his body had long forgotten rested the once dead prince of the underground. She paid no mind to the fact that he was as naked as a new born babe nor that his body still bore the marks from the attacks he had suffered long ago. All she knew what that she did it. They did it. Alphys dropped to her knees and smiled. He was finally home…

It was…a horrible joke.


To have a dream so real that he believed he was finally whole again. It was even more of a horrible joke when he tried to open his eyes and move his vines only realize that the joke was on him. Everything in the darken room was bright. It was as if a veil had been lifted from over his eyes and he could see clearer. And he fucking hated it. A groan left his lips and he grumbled before raising his leaf… Hand?


With little regard to the fact that his head was screaming at him to stop moving and that his body was retaliating by shooting pain through him, the goat man sat up and looked down at his body inspecting ever last part. He felt shock… He felt. …He. Felt. It was impossible. He was only supposed to regain his body there was no way that— There was no hesitation as he focused but unlike the multiples and failures to do so when he was a plant this time there was a reaction. In front of his chest, as if it had always been there, came a pink soul. His soul… His.

“Pink represents Tenacity. The quality or fact of being determined. I shouldn’t be surprised considering how we came to this result.” He jumped in place but turned and snarled at the presence he hadn’t detected before only to see the royal scientist standing next to him. Smiling warily, she held her hands up in surrender. “E-Easy, Asriel. Its okay…” The red eyed goat stared at her for some time before turning his head back to his soul. Alphys shuffled in place, wondering if she should continue to try to speak to him or give him time. He answered the question for her when he opened his mouth.

“…I’m… Back…” Alphys blinked and smiled softly.
“We did it… It was touch and go for the longest time. I honestly thought I was going to lose you there but it looks like we have Frisk to thank for that.” At the mention of the human he snapped his head over to her.
“I wan to see her…” Alphys moved away to grab a glass of water from her desk to hand over to him. He took it graciously and drank it greedily.  As a plant he never worried about a dry throat. The dirt had enough moisture at all times for him to absorb if he needed it. As a proper monster however it just felt like a desert that was being soothed with rain for the first time.

“I figured you would but we can’t move you just yet. I want to stay here for a few days with you so we can make sure you are absolutely stable. Not to mention you have gone so long without your limbs I would be surprised if you could walk without falling straight down. Not to mention…” She looked down at his soul and he followed her eyes. “I was sure that you would be able to rebuild a soul with your determination and Frisk’s blood. I didn’t think you would gain a colored soul. I don’t know of a monster who has ever had a colored soul. This is…unprecedented. I’m sure you’ll be fine with it but until we can make sure you don’t collapse on the spot we aren’t going anywhere.”

He moved to argue but instead had to steady himself as the world begin to spin. It seemed like his body was finally tired of his shit. He looked up when he picked up the sounds of rustling and watched as Alphys brought over a thicker blanket than the flimsy one that rested upon him. “There are still some things in the underground we can use until we can bring you to the others. Go lay down… When you wake up I’ll have some more things for you and we can see just how well we really did.” His mind wanted him to sass the woman, get up and walk the hell out.

But his body reacted first and soon he found himself laying back on a cot with the blanket covering him before he knew it. He kept his soul out. He could have returned it at any time but… He needed to keep it out. He needed to make sure it was real. Gently, he placed his hand over the soul and shivered at the sheer warmth it gave off. When he was a flower, he would have given anything to truly feel something. Now, he felt everything and he had forgotten just how exhausting it was.

To be honest, it really hadn't hit him that he was finally whole again. In his tired state, read exhausted, he could only focus on the fact that he had a soul once more. Even still, there was one thing he had to do.


The prince turned his head towards her and looked at her before closing his eyes and drifting off.


"I forgive you."