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Bad Blood

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When I  first  came to live with the Sakamaki's, I  had no idea what I was in for. I was a naive, clueless  little idiot with candy floss for a brain. A perfect sacrificial  offering. A perfect  sacrificial bride. Bride. HA! What idiot came up with  that job title? Just say "bloodbag" and be done with it. 

You're probably  wondering  why  I'm like this. Well, after living in this God-forsaken  house, you start to get a few  issues of your own. It's  not like I can talk like this. They'll snap my neck. Instantly. I can't  say no, I can't run away, I'm human. 

They're  strong.

I'm not. 

They're predator.

I'm prey.

They're psychotic bastards.

I'm- probably  psychotic too by now. 

My loathing if these bastard vampires  keeps me going. I  hide it well too, if they still  haven't noticed. If I was more of an idiot, I'd have felt sorry about their past. I'd have thought it explained  their attitude. But living  in this place.... It changed me. Past Yui Komori probably  would be horrified  at Present  Yui Komori.

Most days, I can get  away with faking  it. Concealing  my true feelings. It helps that ALL vampires  are arrogant  as all hell. They don't  bother looking. Shu is goo lazy to care. Reiji  has  problems  of his own. The triplets are too insane. ( I have to be very careful  with Kanato though. Talking with Kanato is like falling asleep  with a ticking  time bomb in the vicinity. e.g. : Suicidal. You just can't  win.)

Anyway, they're all  too in love with themselves to notice. I'd be drained dry of blood otherwise. 

You know, sometimes  I think  I'd welcome  it. Being killed. Ending this torturous  limbo. I'm trying, I really am. But living with the Sakamaki  brothers... They drain you. Of everything you've got. And then they leave you to rot. This situation  won't end well. No matter what. Because everyone in this house despises each other. 

That's  all there is to it.